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There are several types of cake boards on the market, but there is none that is as resistant and elegant as those made of MDF (medium density fibres). This type of board is obtained by compressing wood fibres and the result is a very resistant and easy to work product.

In this article we explain what are the advantages of working with MDF Cake Boards, and where you can find the best custom Cake Boards.

Advantages of working with MDF Cake Boards:

1- Resistance: A wooden cake board can hold up to 20 kilos, something that would be impossible with a cardboard cake board.

2- Safety: unlike chipboard, MDF is a heavy, stable and a safe material for transporting cakes.

3- Price: unlike solid wood, the cost is much more competitive.

4- Uniform surface: provides a clean feeling and does not have the porosity of a cardboard.

5- Customisable: MDF wood is easy to cut and does not produce splinters and can be carved or engraved in a similar way to solid wood.

MDF wood also offers additional advantages such as thermal and acoustic insulation, which is why it is often used as wall, furniture or door cladding. MDF boards are often compared to chipboard and many people wonder which of the two materials is better. In general, the two types of wood have a similar use, but it is interesting to highlight some additional aspects:

1- Bending

: MDF boards are much more resistant to bending forces than chipboard. There are several types of thickness depending on the weight they must support. For a Cake Board tray, it will be enough to choose between a thickness of 3 or 6 millimetres, depending on the size and weight of the cake.

2- Density: in general, MDF boards are more dense and therefore heavier, offering safety for the transport of cakes.

3- Finishing: the MDF is smooth and is perfect to decorate it with all kinds of finishes.

We have already seen the advantages offered by medium density fibres or MDF as a pastry base. Next week we will examine the different cake stand options and compare different materials like wooden, cardboard, plastic or aluminium Cake Boards.

Large Birch Reversible Cake Stand Wood Slab

Our beautiful natural wood tree slabs are made of Birch and are kiln dried. These tree slabs are ideal for woodcrafts including wood burning and carving. Alternatively, you can use these wood tree slabs as charger plates, food station displays, cake stands, and table mirror centerpieces. Our rustic tree slices have not been chemically treated and are cut and prepped in the USA. Each tree slice is unique in its natural beauty, no two are alike.

  • Approximately 12″ wide by 1 5/8″ thick (size will vary). Fits 12″ Round Cakes
  • These thick Birch round tree slabs are kiln dried and have not been chemically treated
  • Ideal for wood burning and carving signs, names, or dates
  • Great as a sturdy cake stand display or table centerpiece display
  • Best for medium sized cakes 12″
  • Wood slab tree slices and the bark edges shape and sizes vary depending on the tree.
    No two are the same


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How To Make A DIY Cake Stand out of Scrap Wood and A Furniture Bun Foot

When Adam and I got married, we had the most amazing wedding cake: amaretto cake with raspberry filling and a vanilla buttercream icing.

It was, hands down, the best cake I ever tasted. We knew we were supposed to wait a whole year to eat the topper, but we couldn’t wait that long. The entire cake was gone in a week! Don’t judge.

I searched high and low for the recipe, but haven’t been able to find it anywhere. This lemon amaretto cake recipe by Paula Deen was the closest thing I found, so I decided I’d give it a go! And what better excuse to make a DIY Cake Plate to display your beautiful and delicious cake? Instead of the meringue icing that goes with that recipe, I tried this Amaretto Buttercream recipe. It was so yummy, but it didn’t hold a candle to our life-changing wedding cake ten years ago. Oh, well. The search continues and I’m not mad about it!

Supplies for a DIY Cake Stand

I glued up some scrap wood to make it about 13 inches square, then cut out a 12-inch circle with a jigsaw. Can you believe this is poplar? It looks like black walnut! So drool-worthy.

I removed the hanger bolt from the bun foot with a pair of pliers. Just twist it until you back it out. And because the bun foot is pine (?), I used this stain to stain it to match the poplar. Close enough.

While the stain was drying, I set up my Inventables XCarve 3D carving machine and carved “Let Them Eat Cake” on the cake plate. Then, I applied some glue to the bun foot and centered it over the cake plate. I weighted it down with some heavy books and let the glue dry.

Finally, I finished the entire thing with a food-safe finish. This finish is my favorite.

That’s it! Easiest DIY cake plate ever, right?!

And now, let us eat cake!

*This post contains affiliate links. To read my full disclosure policy, please click here.

Cake stand, D 30 cm, brown_Candy Chef

Cake stand.

Material: wood.

Color: brown.

Table diameter: 30 cm.

Leg diameter: 20 cm.

Height: 16 cm.

Country of origin: Russia.

Wooden cake stands are not used for work. They will not spin like turntables, moving the cake to the right side of the pastry chef. Their purpose is completely different – demonstration.That is why such coasters can be contemplated on beautiful food photos.

Stand for a cake made of wood is a necessary inventory that every pastry chef should have if he wants to be recognizable and in demand. Agree, the client is unlikely to be impressed by a photo of a cake that was photographed on a simple plate, a plastic turntable or, even worse, on the floor. After all, the consumer has long been choosing with his eyes, and, therefore, not only the central figure in the photo, but also her surroundings.

Wooden cake holders with leg can be selected according to the color and diameter of the table top. For small desserts, stands 16-20 cm in diameter are suitable. On these, cakes, cupcakes or just a beautiful piece of cake in the appropriate entourage will look great. For whole cakes, it is good to choose a table top with a diameter of 24-30 cm.

Do not be confused by the seemingly too thin leg of such a cake stand . It can hold up to 10 kg. weight and is quite stable due to its expansion towards the bottom.

Remember that beautiful wooden cake bowl is aesthetic, not work-related. Therefore, try to use other, more comfortable tables rotating around their axis for work.

You can buy or order a beautiful wooden stand (cake maker) for cake inexpensively in Yekaterinburg with delivery in the store for a pastry chef Candy Chef .

90,000 types, main diameters, materials, how to make yourself

Currently, the stand with the rotating effect is an indispensable assistant in the kitchen at home and in the pastry shop. Many women like to bake cakes on their own, but decorating it is not always convenient. With its help, you can not only decorate and decorate pastries, but also effectively serve dessert to the festive table. It is ideal for buffets and special occasions.

Swivel cake stand is a must-have tool for pastry chefs, from beginners to true masters.

Why do you need a rotating cake stand

Everyone, even a novice pastry chef, should have a rotating cake stand in their arsenal.It is a smooth round or square tray with one or more legs, at the base of which there is a twisting element.

The turntable will help to smooth the creamy decoration. And the decorating process itself turns into a bewitchingly beautiful action.

Note several advantages of the stand:

  • Easy to use. No need to invent anything, easy to spin and clean.
  • Convenience. Allows you to easily cut the cake into equal parts and arrange on plates.
  • Aesthetics. Beautiful presentation, decorative part of the interior.
  • Speed. With such a stand, cake decorating will go much faster.
  • Versatility – suitable for holidays and as a kitchen tool.
  • Material. Almost all coasters are made from durable quality raw materials.
  • Stability. When decorating, your cake will not float or fall off the plate.

The design is arranged so that the tray (stand) rotates freely around the axis.

In addition, the dish helps:

  • Make a perfectly smooth creamy finish;
  • turn baked goods in different directions;
  • pour confectionery with an even layer of glaze;
  • adds sustainability to great desserts;
  • Draw patterns and drawings without stopping or bending over the plate;
  • Cover the cakes with mastic quickly and effortlessly.

Some versions are tilted, so it is assumed that the unit can be tilted at different angles.

Types of rotating stands

Today the confectionery market offers us a large selection of rotating stands. It resembles a pedestal on a leg, at the base of which a torque bearing is installed. It can be a round or square plate, oval or rectangular. It all depends on your preferences and the shape of the cake. The round stand is standard. It is based on a dish of various diameters, just like a square one, has sides of different lengths.

Such a stand allows you to create original decoration and form any decoration with maximum convenience.

Another version is a curly table designed for unusual presentations. This includes a popular type of stand – “Rubik’s cube”. It is a three-tier table with three square shelves, a base, a middle and a lid. Each shelf can rotate around its axis creating more than just a cubic shape. In addition, the structure is collapsible for easy cleaning.

The stand is often used for serving multi-colored cakes – hence the name.

A novelty in the culinary market is a turntable with a built-in electric motor, it independently turns the dish and can be tilted in different directions.

Only the choice of a high-quality model with a solid assembly makes it possible to quickly manage the decor of cakes of any complexity.

Most popular stand diameters

Like cakes, spinning coasters come in all possible diameters. When buying a table, you need to consider what size the cake cakes will be.The stock should be 2-3 centimeters, for convenient baking decoration. The most popular diameters are 25-30 centimeters, since the standard diameters of the cake are 20-25 centimeters.

When choosing a rotating cake platform, check if there are markings on it.

Swivel Cake Stand Materials

It is important that the stand is stable and sturdy. Manufacturers offer a wide selection of products from various materials, depending on which the price will differ: metal, plastic, wood, glass.

The metal stand is particularly robust and durable. Buying such a product, there is a chance that it will remain with you forever.

Metal structures are heavy, but they are designed for a longer service life.

Plastic trays are light weight and cheap. In addition, such a product quickly breaks down, starts to seize, and bends. It is suitable for rare uses, home teas. But it offers a wide range of models and colors.

This is the most affordable option. Thanks to the latter circumstance, it is also the most common.

Wooden is in demand – a natural and durable product, in addition to its environmental friendliness, it will fit into any interior. The downside is quick wear. Over time, the wooden surface darkens, wears off and softens, chips and scratches appear. This means that it acquires an unhygienic environment for the reproduction of microorganisms.

A wooden cake bowl made of natural material looks aesthetically pleasing.

Glass – the most common option. Strong, stable, durable, it will linger for a long time if it does not break.

Transparent with an addition in the form of a lid will become a real highlight in the design of the table.

How to make a spinning cake decorating stand

You can buy a stand in a store, or you can make it yourself. First you need to decide on the appearance, size, shape and material. Looking at your sketch, you can easily assemble a spinning cake stand.You will need two bearings, a wooden plate or a sheet of plywood, a plastic or metal tube 14-16 cm, a metal circle 30-40 cm, nails, screws.

Before making, decide on the shape of the cake, match it with a suitable diameter.

After you have decided on the initial data, proceed to the manufacture of the countertop. To do this, you need to draw a diagram. Next, you need to prepare the bearing, assemble one from 2x. Two circles of the same diameter, 15-20 cm, need to be cut out of wood.In one circle, cut a hole for the bearing and hammer into it with a hammer. Fasten the circles with nails.

Optimum diameter of timber structures – not less than 34 cm.

Install a pipe of the required height of 14-16 cm into the bearing. The pipe must stand firmly and rotate due to the mechanism. The metal circle must be welded to the tube using conventional or cold welding. Cold welding is similar to plasticine, it is convenient for it to work without experience. Fasten a circle of wood on top of the metal circle.The top can be decorated with self-adhesive tape in the appropriate color. The spinning tray for the cake is ready!

The film can be replaced as it wears out.

How to choose a quality cake stand

Before making a choice, it is necessary to accurately answer the question for what purposes and how often will the stand be used? If you rarely cook baked goods with your family, then there is no point in spending money on a professional one. Pay attention to glass or wooden coasters, they will last a long time, retain their stability and appearance.

The glass rotating cake tray looks elegant.

If you are a professional pastry chef or are going to become one, then your option is a metal stand. It is more expensive than the rest, but the most durable, never fails, does not break, does not bend or cut. In addition, it meets all sanitary standards in terms of hygiene.

They can withstand weighty cakes, do not deform over time.

In the case of plastic products, beware.They are more suitable for single use holidays. Such tables quickly warp and begin to seize, which will not allow you to make beautiful and even patterns on the dessert, as a result, it will be impossible to put cakes on it. The distinguishing feature is the low price.

The lineup is wide enough, from shape to color.

When choosing a stand, please note the following:

  1. Choose a stand with a larger diameter, so you can decorate products of any size, from small pancakes to oversized cakes.

    The swivel cake dish is often equipped with complementary accessories: it can be supplied with a spatula, lid, baking dish, pastry syringe, etc.

  2. Give preference to tables that are heavy in weight, they are more stable and can withstand heavier cakes.

    The stand must be of high quality, so when choosing it, focus on strength, as well as on the possible service life.

  3. When choosing multi-tiered stands, pay attention to the height of each stand, it should be at least 15 cm.

    The turntable is useful for banquet events and as a “showcase” for restaurants, cafes, pastry shops.

  4. Choose a model with a transparent lid, so you will protect the product from unwanted environmental effects (winding, insects).

    A decisive purchase condition for many is the presence of a transparent lid, which is suitable for serving purposes.

  5. Some tables come with a special grid for cutting the cake into perfectly straight pieces.

    The additional net is very popular, which is often included in the kit to the swivel stand.

The rotating cake stand is a real find among kitchen utensils, it will become the main helpers in your culinary inventions. With its help, you can easily and quickly decorate pastries, as well as decorate the festive table. In a wide assortment, you can always find a stand according to your preferences and price status.

A device for decorating a cake is necessary due to the fact that it is the most convenient tool for presenting and decorating cakes today.

Laconic forms, classic and in style accents, will play up a solemn event. Bright and multi-colored will fit perfectly into a children’s matinee, and porcelain light shades will be a great addition to a wedding.

Weigh all the pros and cons and feel free to purchase a rotating cake stand!

VIDEO: Rotating cake stand.


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Wooden dishes and accessories for the kitchen

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90,000 Brand – in simplicity / A chef from Mari El shared the tricks of cooking a national drink of alcohol

Cooking the Mari national dish of alcohol is a creative task: it always tastes different for hostesses, although the ingredients can be used the same.I understood the intricacies of making the Mari El brand in the kitchen of the popular Teplaya Rechka tavern, collecting material for an article in Journalism and the Media Market magazine.

When my dad brought his beloved girl to meet his family, my grandmother immediately determined that she was a marie (then she admitted: she looked closely at her son’s chosen one and somehow immediately realized for herself that she would become his wife). Although, judging from a historical point of view, these people have always been distinguished by slightly slanting eyes with downward outer corners and dark blond hair.And my mother, well, does not fit this type at all: a small blonde with wide blue eyes, and how did the grandmother manage to guess?

It is not surprising that since childhood I have tried in my “50-50” blood to highlight the characteristics characteristic of the Mari and Russian people. Honestly, it didn’t work. Although the fact that fate ordered me to live not in the Kirov region, where I come from, but in the distinctive Republic of Mari El, also means something.

A large-scale acquaintance with the Mari culture did not take place at home, but after entering the local university – friendship with children who came from the districts, visiting attractions with a national bias, learning a new language for me, which is cherished here like the apple of my eye.In general, the Mari are very sensitive to the past and future of the people, you can take an example from them – I understood this immediately and was imbued with it. For tourists who come to the capital of the republic, which bears the beautiful name of Yoshkar-Ola (translated as “red city”), spectacular “first acquaintance” programs are always thought out here, which encourage them to come again.

They are especially interested in the national cuisine – what guest would not be surprised by the unusual names of the treats “Coman Melna” (multi-layered pancakes), “Sokta” (blood sausage), “Uyacha” (Koloboks), “Podkogilyo” (“Pie from a pot”)?

The last dish, despite the fact that I have been living in the Mari capital for more than seven years, I tried it myself relatively recently.It took place in the local tavern of my native cuisine “Warm River”, where I went to work, – an original corner where you can treat yourself and learn how to cook new dishes. Drinks (most often this is what they call this treat) have recently been declared a national brand of the Republic of Mari El, which is why the question “How do they differ from dumplings and dumplings” began to sound much more often. Irina, a familiar chef, laughs: as soon as the guest tastes the first bite, he finds the answer.

I often have to visit her work due to the duty of the pen – there cooks prepared 19-kilogram alcohol, which has no equal in size, opened a monument to this dish, made the largest cake in the shape of the Republic of Mari El and the world’s tallest stack of Com-Melna pancakes …The journalist’s paths are inscrutable – the management of the tavern always came up with something interesting, the father, armed with a camera and a dictaphone, had to run to the smithy of taste. Now, it turns out, for the recipe for the most delicious alcohol in the world.

Mom, by the way, does not know the secrets of the national Mari cuisine. Well, I think it will be “on me”, fortunately, the work of a journalist is an endless stream of trying something new. Moreover, alcoholic drinks became love from the first preparation – they are easy to do, and even the most demanding eater will be delighted. The main thing is to observe the proportions and not add unnecessary ingredients.

– The recipe has been preserved by many generations of the Mari. Cooking was considered a kind of special ritual with a cozy atmosphere: while the hostess was cooking, guests or family told stories, sang songs. Drinks during any celebration are on the table and are served with sour cream or melted butter, – said the cook of the tavern Irina. – The standard portion is 7 pieces, and if the mix is ​​8.It seems that it is not enough, but it is a very satisfying dish. The fillings are varied: the most “Mari” – potatoes with cottage cheese, men will appreciate more with elk and wild boar, duck, pike, you can do it with sauerkraut, potatoes and mushrooms. In the old days they even cooked with hedgehog and badger meat! But this is a matter of taste.

Sitting in the kitchen of a tavern, I try to find out from her the secret of the popularity of alcoholic drinks: it’s not for nothing that tourists buy this treat in packs to take it home to their homeland! The dough is darker than that of dumplings because of the rye flour in the composition, and, unlike them, a pigtail is molded into a crescent, although, by the way, it is correct to say that alcohol is not molded, but woven. She likes to cook the little ones more, although in the villages the grandmothers tend to make them larger – to eat a couple of them and gorge themselves!

For Irina, the profession of a cook has become a vocation: calmly, mentally and measuredly everything turns out, because the skills are honed inside and out. This is probably why the alcoholic drinks turned out to be so tasty that even I, who was skeptical of the “pride of the people”, had no doubts why exactly they became the visiting card of Mari El.It seems to me that I am allowed to look at the Mari national culture from the point of view of an ordinary person.

The recipe, by the way, turned out to be really simple, which I even doubted: and surely nothing else needs to be added? Irina, who manages to bungle about 1000 alcohol drinks per shift, smiles: this is because the dish was being prepared in a good mood.

Actually, the recipe itself (for 150 alcohol drinks, treat yourself like that)

For test:

  • Wheat flour, 1 kilogram,
  • Rye flour, 300 g,

  • Salt 20 g,

  • Egg, 2-3 pcs,

  • Sour cream, 200 g,

  • Water, 0.5 l.

  • For filling:

  • Pork – 0.5 kg,

  • Beef – 0.5 kg,

  • Bulb onions 250 g,

  • Salt and pepper to taste.

Mix all the ingredients for the dough (it is better to do this on a table sprinkled with flour, or on a large wooden board), knead it and leave to “rest” for 10-15 minutes (you can tie it in a bag).At this time, you need to make minced meat for the filling and put water in a saucepan – slightly salted (no bay leaves and black pepper!).

Then the process is similar to sculpting dumplings: roll out the dough, cut out into circles up to 3 mm in shape, stuff them with minced meat and make a pigtail from one corner to another with a crescent moon.

After throwing the alcohol into the water, they will need to be stirred several times, they are boiled for about 7 minutes. After surfacing upstairs, let them stay in the water for another 3 minutes (because of the filling).Put the finished dish on a plate and serve with sour cream or melted butter.

When I was writing down the recipe, I once again thought that the Mari are, after all, an interesting people. But this “interestingness” lies in their simplicity – so rare and therefore attractive. So it is with their brand – junk. You think that you will not learn anything new, you will not try, but no! This is probably why recently Yoshkar-Ola has become a place of influx of tourists – you don’t want pretentious pleasures, home would be.

Earlier, “Mariyskaya Pravda” reported that this year participants of the “ShangaFest” festival will be able to taste dishes of the national cuisine of Mari.

SWEETGO cake stands, 7 pcs, wooden board, cupcake trays, tableware, home decoration, storage racks, dessert little ones

Simply put, I laid hands extremely happily on SWEETGO cake stands, 7 pcs, wooden board , cupcake trays, tableware, home decoration, storage racks, dessert little .It’s not that easy to get a suitable piece of this kind even in a neighborhood store, so I praise the seller’s deed for offering us a really great quality item at such a tempting price.

Corporate responsibility is something that I am tailored to in a manufacturing company, and all my buying decisions are highly dependent on the manufacturer’s reputation. So prior to placing my order, I took it upon myself to locate the manufacturer and the corporation’s code of ethics.Indeed, I was pleased to learn that the company’s staff work in a safe working environment and that human rights are not violated during the production process. I am sad to say that more often than not this is not the case at all, and I, for example, reject the idea of ​​supporting a manufacturer who uses unlawful and illegal benefits for workers.

I believe you will also find it helpful to know that this item has been created as a result of ethical sourcing of raw materials as well as using environmentally friendly methods.As far as I can tell, this is a good reason to make a purchase, especially considering that the item does not cause allergies or any undesirable health conditions thanks to the high quality of the raw materials.

When my order was finally delivered, I got the opportunity to observe great quality SWEETGO cake stands, 7 pieces, wooden board, cupcake trays, tableware, home decoration, storage racks, dessert small one. I’ve tried this already and I’m happy with the performance, so it’s safe to say the product really deserves a positive review.

Laeacco Old Planks Wood Board Texture Kids Cake Smash Doll

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