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After 15 years of styling Australia’s women and men, Wolfgang Muse founder, Kara Fuz found herself disillusioned by the lack of passion, care and craftsmanship in Australia’s retail industry. For Kara, there is simply no better feeling than making someone feel happy about the way they look and feel in clothes, no matter what shape or size they are. Devastated by the lack of quality women’s fashion made in larger sizes, Kara started to scribble down designs that would flatter any body shape and easily translate from day to night. With the ambition of bringing to Australian women the quality garments and retail experience they deserve, Wolfgang Muse was born. Committed to designing and making as many WGM pieces in Australia as possible, Kara and her team strive to create garments that are flattering for all shapes and sizes and will withstand the tests of time, in both quality and style. Wolfgang Muse is currently located in the Sutherland Shire, Sydney with the ambition and the drive to extend further, however initially we will be shipping only within Australia.

For all enquiries (including styling) please contact:

wolfgang.m[email protected]

Meet Brooke Brianna – a 100% muse – and a professionally qualified sydney-baseD makeup artist.

Offering a mobile makeup service for weddings, events and more, Brooke loves creating beautiful and unique looks – from flawlessly natural to full glam – and tailors every look to exactly what the client desires. 

SERVICES: bridal parties + bridal trials // formals + socials // special occasions // custom looks (Halloween or themed events) // Fashion (photoshoots + editorial) 

Explore some of Brooke’s looks below. 

For more information visit https://www.brookebrianna.com/ or to make an enquiry email [email protected]


Natural Glam

Full Glam



Wolfgang | Svoboda&Williams

Pop by the Brno store of the Wolfgang brand that offers comfy, stylish and timeless pieces of clothing and accessories designed for both women and men.

Designer clothing by Wolfgang is not all about materials and cuts – it embodies a particular style and direction, putting emphasis on the freedom of each individual, yet also the strength that lies in being a part of the pack. Established in Brno in 2012, the brand creates timeless unisex collections, the majority of which is produced in the Czech Republic. Clothing by Wolfgang is characterized by top-quality materials, sophisticated cuts and timeless, minimalistic design and is divided into three basic sections. The first one is called Lazy and includes cotton daily wear. The other collections are named Fine and Classy. The Fine line comprises variable pieces of clothing made of smooth, flowing materials and includes, for example, dresses that can be worn to an evening event as well as to work or anywhere else – as one of the layers of your daily outfit. The Classy collection, as the name suggests, mainly consists of classic leather, hand-sewn bags and smaller accessories, ranging from minimalistic leather clutches and purses to cross-body handbags, backpacks and large business bags.

The Wolfgang brand does not follow seasons and current fashion trends, but, on the contrary, produces simple and universal pieces of clothing, all of which are perfectly combinable. Thanks to that, you can layer them quite infinitely and thus create unique outfits and style you’ll feel comfortable and stylish living in daily. Search through the collections on the visually attractive website that was awarded in the prestigious Awwwards competition in 2018, or simply stop by the Brno flagship store. This lovely urban boutique will amaze you with a completely renovated interior featuring evocative black tile walls and many other elements that only deepen the authenticity of the unique style that this confident brand possesses. Join the wolf pack today!

Wolfgang fashion – timeless quality for reasonable prices

Top fashion companies do not need huge ads or expensive marketing campaigns with famous celebrities. The best feedback of their well-done job is the latest trend collections that can easily win the hearts of passionate fashion enthusiasts.

It is the design itself, the high-quality products and reasonable prices, thanks to which many brands are doing quite well and attract the attention of new customers without extensive marketing. This is also true fact to the representatives of the well-known fashion brand Wolfgang, who managed to become the best just by putting the emphasis on quality and originality of Wolfgang products.

Wolfgang always comes with its original products at the right time. Wolfgang‘s designers have always been known by an excellent attention to detail and the ability to reach the hearts of customers by chic products, well-made clothing design to tickle the senses of every latest fashion trends lover. Wolfgang designers pay attention to the increased emphasis on originality, which can then become the basis of incredible designs.
The result is a series of the latest collections always bringing attractive models with the traditional design of this brand, complemented by modern elements inspired by current world trends
Thanks to this approach, designers find the right ingredients for the timeless clothing collections, which with the quality materials used becomes a pillar of success.

Stylish ladies’ collections Wolfgang

It’s not just young ladies looking for Wolfgang stores. Designers designing for this company always come up with something new to make every single Wolfgang collection unique, which also attracts the attention of mature ladies so they can as well wear these models and look extra trendy. Stylish ladies’ collections from Wolfgang simply guarantee a unique design that fits different events in different environments. This flexibility meets the requirements for a diverse and widely available clothing assortment that helps every brand to make it on the catwalk. And the designers of the original Wolfgang women’s collections immediately grabbed it, allowing the company to expand its sales.

Americans love Wolfgang

[tmpl_field name=cf_znacka] has numerous groups of fans in different parts of America, and this is the main reason why Wolfgang‘s owners have decided to expand their business even further and the success came as well. Its shops have spread throughout America and today, Wolfgang has stores including online stores in several countries. New York, for example, is known for its rather demanding customers, but it seems that the offer of this progressive brand has quite pleased our consumers. Customers are interested in new products and stores located in New York shopping centers welcome increasing numbers of customers despite the massive competition of the most famous retailers.
It is even estimated that Wolfgang products are sold more than anywhere else in terms of population in our country.
This could be an excellent signal to try to open more stores and expand the Wolfgang US sales network again.

Wolfgang is not only the clothing company

It is the tradition with the best fashion brands that their stores offer more than just clothing. A wide range of collections is often complimented with various accessories that are a standard part of the sale and increase the overall quality offer range.

This strategy is also used by the management of Wolfgang, which, following the example of other brands, came with new fashion and cosmetic accessories. In their stores and at the Wolfgang online store, there are also accessories available. The reason for this business step was, of course, to encourage customers to buy everything needed to reach the perfect image in one store, for which Wolfgang fans love Wolfgang even more.

Womens winter Ecru Cardigan |Model Wolfgang

cardigan Wolfgang ‘; var delete_to_wishlist = ‘deleteDelete from wishlist’; var added_to_wishlist_btn = ”; var add_to_wishlist_btn = ”; var idDefaultWishlist = ‘0’; var wishlist_btn_icon_delete = ‘Wishlist’; var wishlist_btn_icon = ‘Wishlist’; var ps_ws_version = ‘advansedwishlistis17’; var wishlist_msg_delete = ‘Delete from wishlist’; Oversize knitted woolen sweater with a large collar and a removable belt.

This clothing item fits normally, take your usual size.

Composition: 58% cotton, 42% wool

Care instructions :
– Hand wash
– No drying machine
– Iron delicately

Odd Future Clothing | OFWGKTA

Starting as a hip hop collective out of Los Angeles, California, Odd Future or OFWGKTA is a group of rappers, musicians, artists, skateboarders and friends who have become synonymous with controversy all the while taking world by storm. OFWGKTA, which stands for Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All, was started in 2007 by founding member Tyler, The Creator and features members Hodgy Beats, Earl Sweatshirt, Domo Genesis and more. Known for their hip hop music they began by writing and self producing music posting all their content including songs and videos online, achieving recognition through their savvy networking skills. They gained national stardom after their debut TV performance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon in February of 2011 and has since founded their independent recording label Odd Future Records, created the show Loiter Squad aired on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim, and released the OFWGKTA street wear clothing line. Like most popular music groups OFWGKTA offers merchandise and apparel that feature the OF graphics and album artwork many of which include yearbook pictures, cats, dolphins and upside-down crosses. The majority of their graphics and merchandise were designed by Tyler, The Creator and can be seen on tee shirts, hats, sweatshirts, socks, stickers and more. Some of his famous designs include the OF Donut logo, It’s Us Cross, and the Free Earl graphic. The Free Earl logo, which features a hand drawn face with EARL written below, is a reference to when OFWGKTA member Earl Sweatshirt was sent to Samoa for boarding school. All of the OFWGKTA apparel is influenced by the styles and the members themselves like colorful print shirts and knee high socks that are frequently worn by Tyler, The Creator himself. Over the past several years the rappers and artists of Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All have built an empire with their unique style that goes against the grain of social norms, bringing their creative approach to everything they do including music, clothing, videos and more.

Myra Wolfgang | Jewish Historical Society of Michigan

Fiery labor leader who devoted her life to advancing the rights of all workers

Myra Komoroff Wolfgang was one of the nation’s first women union organizers. Brought to Detroit as a baby by her Eastern European-born parents, by age 23, she was leading strikes and directing organizing drives in Detroit’s hotels and restaurants.

After a career that began out of necessity, and as a secretary, in 1937, she walked into a Woolworth’s department store at Woodward and Grand River and blew a whistle. This was a pre-arranged signal to the women behind the counters, and resulted in a pink-collar, sit-down strike lasting eight days. The strike generated nationwide publicity, including a story in Life magazine.

An organizing drive at Detroit’s major hotels followed. After sit-down strikes at the Statler and Book Cadillac hotels, the members of the Detroit Hotel Association signed union contracts that brought 7,000 new members into the union local, resulting in better wages, better hours and the beginnings of fringe benefits. These were watershed moments in labor history – at that time, there were sit-down strikes at 15 Detroit automobile plants, sit-downs in department stores, clothing stores, shoe stores, trucking companies, storage companies, lumberyards, printing plants, meat-packing plants, bakeries, coal yards and warehouses. Newspapers estimated that perhaps 35,000 people took part in sit-down strikes and about 100,000 walked picket lines.

“You couldn’t be an observer back in the 1930s,” Myra said. “You had to be a participant.”

Myra rose to become an international vice president of her union, and was a go-to authority on wages, hours and women in the workforce. Hard bargaining and strategic strikes won significant benefits for union members. In the 30s, a waitress might earn $6 a week. By 1960, the union pay scale had risen to $66 a week, with benefits like a pension plan, and health, accident and life insurance. As a member of Michigan’s Wage Deviation Board and the Wayne County AFL-CIO executive board, Myra campaigned for a higher minimum wage, efforts which were ultimately successful.

Myra used her publicity and prestige on behalf of her members and all low-wage earners. “So long as one bean picker in Western Michigan or one bus boy on Woodward Avenue is getting a short deal, Mrs. Wolfgang is ready for the picket line or for an appearance before a legislative committee,” said Edwin A. Leahy, Chief of the Detroit Free Press’ Washington Bureau in 1966.

Myra was one of the founders of the Coalition of Labor Union Women, formed to help women become union leaders and give their issues greater weight during contract talks. She was presiding officer at the CLUW’s first conference, which attracted more than 3,000 women from 82 unions.

For more information, see the 2010 Michigan Jewish History Journal article, “Labor’s Champion: Myra Wolfgang,” http://michjewishhistory.org/journal/Michigan_Jewish_History_2010_09.pdf

(Mis)Understanding Photography – Werke und Manifeste, Museum Folkwang, Essen, Germany, 14 Jun – 17 Aug 2014


Forum on European Culture invites you to contribute to:

Eurolab – New ideas to communicate the EU

In the run-up to the European elections in May 2019 artists, writers and creatives who feel passionate about the European project come together during the Forum on European Culture in Amsterdam from May 31- June 3. During the 4-day Eurolab, they examine what has gone wrong in the communication of, and about the EU and how to make a new and powerful beginning.

In an increasingly interconnected world voices that create division between people and peoples, have gathered momentum and try to unravel the achievements of cooperation and solidarity. Europeans in particular are challenged by nationalist and divisive language from outside and from within the EU. 

Eurolab is a fact-finding mission of what went well and what went wrong in the last 25 years of communicating Europe. In workshops and interview sessions we aim to compile a comprehensive toolbox of arguments, strategies, and ideas that can be applied to campaigns across different demographics and used by different professional groups (e.g. ‘Teachers for Europe’ ‘Scientists for Europe’ ‘Farmers for Europe’). Eurolab wants to collect ideas about how cooperation and solidarity can be spoken for in a fresh and compelling way to large audiences. How can the European Union be valued by its citizens and be recognized as a force for good, rather than as a faceless bureaucracy?

We understand that the EU is not perfect and that some of its problems are of its own making. However we are convinced that today’s Europe is the best there ever was, and that the European Project should be protected in these unstable times.

The brief for this open-call is to send us proposals for communicating the advantages of cooperation and friendship amongst people and nations. Please send drafts, designs, photos, poems, words and short film scripts that can be developed and contribute to a clear yet multi-faceted campaign. Across all media. We need messages, how the Union works and how life would be without it; – how it was without it. And we need ideas how to challenge the organisation itself, how to make it better. Alert us of the failings of the EU. Alert us of the successes of the EU. Also welcome are ideas that are not focused on the EU itself, but on its values, and how they play out amongst people in everyday life in non-political ways.

Each entry will be considered by a panel chaired by Rem Koolhaas and Wolfgang Tillmans, and will contribute to the pool of ideas to re-brand Europe. Eurolab operates on an open source model and we are not looking for one ‘winning’ idea. We don’t want to ‘sell’ anything. We believe the idea of the EU is good, and want to present it clear and openEurolab aims at building a network across the EU member nations from South to North, from East to West. We will stay in touch with you should your ideas be taken further.

We look forward to inviting a selected number of contributors to Amsterdam in June to investigate Europe’s potential and to find new language and visuals for it. The ambition of the workshop in Amsterdam is to further develop the proposals together with communication and media experts, and turn them into a real and effective campaign. 

We are looking forward receiving your contributions in our mailbox This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as soon as possible and no later than April 18. Please send files as PDF, maximum 15mB, with files named as ‘Surname_Name_Eurolab2018’. For more information on the Forum on European Culture, click here.

Eurolab respects the intellectual property rights on the contents of the submissions of the participants. You will retain the rights to it, however you agree that they will become part of larger body of work and broader community and not exclusively yours. At any stage you will be given opportunity to ensure you are correctly represented in the larger framework of the project.

About the Forum on European Culture:

After a successful edition in 2016, De Balie and DutchCulture organize the second edition of the Forum on European Culture from May 31st until the 3rd of June 2018. During this 4-day festival, leading international artists and philosophers will come together at various locations in Amsterdam to share their ideas about the future of Europe. The second edition of the Forum is titled ‘Act for Democracy!’ More info on www.cultureforum.eu. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.


90,000 📖JOOP!







Joop GmbH , branded JOOP! (pronounced [joːp] in German, roughly: yo ; known in English as dup) is a German luxury fashion house specializing in modern clothing and cosmetics.


The company was founded as a designer label by the German fashion designer Wolfgang Joop in Hamburg, Germany in 1986.Joop, who has been selling designer clothes under his last name since 1981, created a successful licensed business that ended up offering high-end womenswear, menswear, kidswear, accessories, and home articles. [1] To distinguish the brand from himself as an artist, he added an exclamation mark to the name. Recycled denim and sportswear, Jupe! Jeans , was established in 1988. [2] The company is best known for its extensive fragrance. The original line was released in 1987.In the mid-1990s, Joop! The fragrances were presented to the American market, and his fashion was presented at New York Fashion Week and sold by American retailers such as Saks Fifth Avenue. [3] [4] [5]

In 1998 Wolfgang Joop and his business partner sold 95% of their shares in Joop to an investor, while Joop remained the creative director of the brand. In 2001, Joop sold the remaining 5% and left the company. The conglomerate company, Wünsche AG from Hamburg, is heavily indebted itself and cannot turn Joop! brand into a global player as planned, filed for bankruptcy at the end of 2001.In 2003 Joop was sold to Wünsche AG liquidator by three former licensees in equal shares and business units (fashion, accessories / leather and perfumery / cosmetics). In 2006, fashion licensee, Swiss-founded Holy Fashion Group, paid off accessory / leather licensee, Egana Goldpfeil, and now owns Joop’s apparel and accessories business. The perfume and cosmetics business remains with Coty, Inc. New York. At Jupe! Jeans production of children’s clothing was discontinued in the late 2000s.The Holy Fashion Group, owned by the descendants and former owners of Hugo Boss, is based in Kreuzlingen, Switzerland.

Joop offers modern clothes for women and men under Jupe! Collection and Jupe! Casual labels , as well as shoes and accessories, underwear ( Jupe! Body clothes ), jewelry, watches ( Jupe! Time ), fragrances and home collection ( Jupe! Life ) at an average price level, in mainly in Germany, Austrian and Swiss markets.The company has retail stores in Hamburg and Dusseldorf, an online store and several retail outlets. In Germany Joop! famous brand; this brand awareness among the population reaches 82%.

In 2020 Joop! announced that it would expand its menswear collection in the UK to double its revenues. The brand will open a showroom at Wappng Wall Street in London. [6]


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ESCADA / Brands / Boutique Persona

Margaret Leigh served as Lead Designer until her death in 1992.Her death coincided with the incipient financial crisis, which led the firm to significant losses. The company was forced to sell a significant stake in St. John, as well as to reduce and relocate many production facilities. After some time, the Escada Beaute line was sold under license to the German company Wella AG, and the Laurel brand was separated from the Escada group.

After the death of Margaret Leigh, Michael Stolzenburg became Creative Director, who brought a new plan to the company with a perspective of development towards youth and modernity.The brand’s design team, mostly trained in the UK and Germany, supported the new course. Escada has launched an unusual perfume campaign, launching “seasonal” fragrances. One of the first fragrances of this kind was the Chiffon Sorbet perfume, which was positioned as a “summer” fragrance and was sold only from May to August 1993. The unusual move made it possible to attract the attention of buyers.

In 1994 the company suffered another blow following the death of Michael Stolzenburg.After him, Todd Oldham was appointed to the post of creative director.

He proposed his vision for the development of the company and in the same 1994 the Escada Sport sports line was launched, which later became an independent label. Currently, the Escada Sport brand has its own collections of accessories, including bags and shoes. In addition, Escada Sport works with major partners such as Procter & Gamble.

In 1995, thanks to Aldam’s enthusiasm, Escada launched a knitwear line available in a wide variety of colors.

At the end of the 90s, a new collection of sunglasses, made under the license of the Airess company, appeared in the assortment of the company. A little later, Escada revamped its other accessory lines, including jewelry, underwear, shoes, scarves and ties. The release of new perfumes continued, both in the traditional and in the experimental “seasonal” line. In 1997, the Escada Sport trio trio of “sports” fragrances were released, including “Sport Spirit”, “Feeling Free” and “Country Weekend”.

Yorn – the first German to conquer fashionable Paris | Culture and Lifestyle in Germany and Europe | DW

To come from the German province to Paris, to achieve an audience with Christian Dior and in five minutes become an assistant to the legendary couturier – it turns out that this is possible.The autobiographical book “Gast im Glück” (can be translated as “The Guest Who Lucky”), published by the Swiss publishing house Diogenes, tells about this.

Yorn – Jürgen Michaelsen

Its author is a German couturier who was born and raised in Bremen, and now lives alternately in Paris, Provence and Monaco, one of Dior’s favorite students, Jürgen Michaelsen, known under the pseudonym and label Yorn. With humor, he talks about his life filled with bright events and amazing meetings, describes the atmosphere of Paris and the world of fashion, paints vivid portraits of such masters as Christian Dior, Yves Saint Laurent and the writer Françoise Sagan.

Secret hobby

1945. Post-war Bremen. The ruins left after the bombing are gradually being cleared away. The boys of that time had two main activities after school: playing football and hunting for ammunition.

Cover of the book “Gast im Glück”

But 10-year-old Jurgen Michaelsen was not interested in such fun. Unlike his peers, he preferred to spend his free time from school looking at the windows of the few miraculously survived clothing stores, which were now starting to reopen.True, the boy preferred not to talk about this: to his father, a respectable businessman, such a hobby could seem too frivolous. But the relatives still found out about Jurgen’s addiction – a year later.

In the summer of 1946, at the end of the school year, he was sent on vacation for three weeks to the village of friends of his parents – a family of butchers. Parents really wanted their puny son to eat properly, get stronger and breathe fresh air.

The family in which Jurgen was staying, in addition to a butcher’s shop, had a small shop selling various accessories such as hats, trouser belts and suspenders.But somehow, passing by, the boy suddenly found something out of the ordinary in the window: amazingly beautiful ladies’ underwear that had just arrived from Paris.

As a gift for mom

“I am standing rooted to the spot in front of the window. My gaze is fixed on an open golden cardboard box on which it is written in black letters in French:” The last squeak “. From Paris! Breath of the big world! And that’s all – at a reasonable price, affordable, albeit with difficulty, even for me “, – recalls in his book Yorn.

Without thinking twice, the boy gave the amazed seller all the money given to him by his parents during the holidays for pocket expenses. And now he has in his hands the coveted box, and in it – “small red panties, exquisitely trimmed with black lace, and a matching top, the deep neckline of which is also decorated with black lace. In my opinion, it all looks very elegant and very expensive. Present.” piece of art!” – the author of the book describes his impressions.

Jürgen had no doubt that this was the best gift you could give your mom.The boy imagined over and over again how he was giving her the “treasure” and how delighted she was with it. And when the day of his arrival in Bremen came and the relatives who met him on the station platform after the first hugs began to look inquiringly at the mysterious box under his arm, the boy was happy.

Spicy surprise

The solemn ceremony of presenting the gift took place during a family tea party at a festive table set in the garden. Seeing what exactly the boy had brought, the stunned mother, father, grandparents did not know at all how to react.

Models of the Yorn brand (1963)

For all the piquancy of the situation, it never occurred to anyone that this was the beginning of the boy’s journey into the fashion world – a “frivolous” world that was perceived with great skepticism in the Bremen conservative environment. In northern Germany, lawyers, dentists and businessmen were respected. But Jurgen was different. He constantly came up with new styles of dresses and sketched their sketches on paper. The guy dreamed of high fashion and France.

Getting to know the legend

Jurgen turned 21 when in September 1956 he had the opportunity to attend a fashion show of his idol Christian Dior in Paris.”Suddenly I found myself in a world that I knew only from fashion magazines. I am greeted by the scent of lilies of the valley in the air, although I have never seen a single, even the smallest bouquet. This Diorissimo perfume is generously sprayed around the hall by employees dressed in black,” recalls Jurgen Michaelsen.

Christian Dior (1950)

The young Bremenets firmly decided: there is no turning back, he remains in Paris. All night long, forgetting about sleep and not even touching the pillow, Jurgen worked on new models of clothes.The next day, by hook or by crook, he manages to get an audience with Christian Dior. “You have exactly five minutes!” – announced the couturier to Michaelsen. Wasting no time, Jurgen silently handed the maestro a folder with sketches. And the miracle happened: after looking at the sketches, the master invited Jurgen to become his assistant.

It was Christian Dior who came up with a new name for Michaelsen – Yorn. According to the couturier, pronouncing the German name Jurgen, the French will simply break their tongue. Only a few years have passed – and the neon letters Yorn flashed on the Champs Elysees: Jurgen Michaelsen opened his flagship boutique in the heart of Paris – and thus became the first German to conquer the French fashion world.And later the models of “clothes for everyone” developed by him (the designer did not gravitate towards creating an exclusive for the elite) went on sale in Germany.

Couturier, gourmet and storyteller

More than six decades have passed since then. Today Jurgen Michaelsen is 85. By the way, he got the idea to write a book when he was revising his rich collection of culinary recipes. The couturier loves to eat well and loves to cook. He is also a great storyteller. His old friend and housemate in Provence, the famous French cartoonist Jean-Jacques Sempe, has always admired Jurgen’s talent as a storyteller.And somehow he promised: “If you write a book, I will be its illustrator.” And now the book is written, and Sempe’s drawings adorn it. By the way, culinary recipes from the designer’s collection are presented at the end of the book.

Reading it, you are imbued with great sympathy for its author – a benevolent, charismatic person who, unlike many other celebrities from the world of fashion, did not contract star fever, but remained himself. Jurgen Michaelsen considers himself lucky. And happiness for him is by no means something that is associated with fame and material wealth.”Happiness is freedom, independence and the ability to manage your life yourself. My happiness is that my life has never depended on someone’s mood. Here fate protected me,” the German couturier admits.

See also:

  • Wolfgang Joop is 75 years old!

    Wolfgang Joop, together with Karl Lagerfeld and Jil Sander, are among the three most famous and influential German fashion designers.His specialization is luxury and originality.

  • Wolfgang Joop is 75 years old!

    Wolfgang Joop was born on 18 November 1944 into a peasant family. He spent his childhood in a large peasant courtyard near Potsdam, later the family moved to Braunschweig. But Wolfgang himself chose a different path: he studied psychology, pedagogy and art history at the university. From theory, he soon moved on to practice: after leaving school, he took up the restoration of paintings.

  • Wolfgang Joop is 75 years old!

    Around 1970, Wolfgang Joop decided that his path was fashion.He first worked as a fashion journalist. At the same time, he created his first works as a designer and fashion designer. In the early 1980s, Joop presented his first collection under the JOOP! Brand. She became a sensation. Under this brand, not only clothes were produced, but also accessories, jewelry, perfumes, and interior items.

  • Wolfgang Joop is 75 years old!

    In 1998 Joop made a surprise decision and sold his company to the Wünsche concern.Brand “JOOP!” is still one of the leading brands in the world of German fashion.

  • Wolfgang Joop is 75 years old!

    But, as expected, Wolfgang Joop did not manage to retire for a long time: in 2003 he returned to the world of haute couture: together with his life partner Edwin Lemberg he founded the Wunderkind label.

  • Wolfgang Joop is 75 years old!

    Wunderkind’s path to fashion was not only paved with roses: in 2011 the label found itself in dire financial straits.I even had to close several boutiques. However, in 2012, things started to improve: Wolfgang Joop is endowed with not only creative, but also entrepreneurial talent and perseverance.

  • Wolfgang Joop is 75 years old!

    Wolfgang Joop never limited himself to fashion. His graphic and painting works have been exhibited in a number of museums in Germany. 100 works are kept in the collection of the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe in Hamburg.

  • Wolfgang Joop is 75 years old!

    The designer has not lost his journalistic acumen: he regularly writes for such leading publications as the weekly Spiegel and Stern, and in 2003 he even published his first novel, In Wolf’s Skin, where he spoke about the mores of the world in a rather harsh manner. fashion. Joop presented his new autobiography this year.

  • Wolfgang Joop is 75 years old!

    Wolfgang Joop is no stranger to the screen either: in 2000, he starred in the comedy film “Suck my Dick” directed by Oskar Roehler.In 2014-2015 he hosted the television casting show “Germany’s next Topmodel” with Heidi Klum.

  • Wolfgang Joop is 75 years old!

    Recently Wolfgang Joop, presenting his new autobiography, injured his ankle and was forced to take a break. But the designer is not going to stop. At 75, he has more plans and tasks than at 35, he shared with Bild reporters. In a word, the hero of the day is not going to retire! True, Joop does not intend to widely celebrate his anniversary.

    Author: Anastasia Butsko

Style from a bright horse – Money – Kommersant

Wolfgang Lai: I believe in a Russian customer
– The new Moscow Escada store occupies 300 square meters. Is this the usual format?
– This is a completely new type of store with a new concept, new equipment. It is intended for new customers of Escada, customers of a slightly different type – young people.Therefore, there will be more sexy things here. As for square meters, it happened. We have a store with an area and two thousand meters. But this boutique by no means repeats our other stores.
– There are already enough fashion brands in Moscow, including those aimed at young people. Can you suggest something fundamentally new?
– Moscow is a very dynamic city with a huge buying potential.And our collection is so large (there are about 200 thousand units) that even such a large store as Escada on Tverskaya is not able to present it in its entirety. Therefore, we wanted to create a new concept, which, I am sure, will be of interest to young customers. High fashion brands mainly offer collections that are 90% accessories and only 10% clothing. It’s the opposite with us. And if I was afraid of competition, I could not have brought the brand to the level at which we are in 20 years today in the high fashion segment.
I think Moscow is one of the three most wonderful cities in the world. No other city (except Shanghai) has shown such progress in the past four years. I believe in the Russian market. And I believe in a Russian customer. She is not only good-looking, she is independent and has great taste. And our collection is so diverse that it gives a woman of any age an opportunity to find something suitable for herself. Do you know what is the reason for our success? We are focused on a customer with a higher education, standing firm on her feet, independently managing her wallet.
– Margareta Lai has come up with the brand’s signature colors, which move from collection to collection. Are you not going to change anything?
– She had an extraordinary sense of colors, colors. Maybe because she is Swedish – she was born in the north, where there is little sun. The stylistics of our colors don’t really change. For the rest – we are always in search, every season we come up with new color combinations. At the same time, our things, released, say, two seasons ago, are perfectly combined with clothes from the new collection.Using these basic colors, you can create a basic wardrobe. Plus black, which complements and neutralizes. And every season we replenish the collection with fifteen new colors.
– Is it harder to work in the fashion industry today than when Escada was born 25 years ago?
– 30 years ago, when I was just starting to do business, my then boss told me: “It is more difficult to do business today than 20 years ago.” And of course, the market situation is completely different today than 20 or even 10 years ago.My recipe is simple – be yourself and try to keep up with the times. Then everything will be all right.

Brian Rennie: I know what a woman wants
– How is the new store fundamentally different from other Escada branded boutiques?
– Our new lines are presented in the new Moscow boutique – Escada Collection, Escada Couture, Escada Accessoires, Escada Sport. They have become noticeably younger and are intended for younger customers. In general, this store will take its rightful place among the boutiques that we call young.There are already such ones in London, Paris, New York. And we believe that with new collections, a new concept, a new approach, we will be able to win the heart of young people.
– You have been with Escada since 1986. Didn’t you want to try your hand at another fashion house?
– I worked with Margaret Lai for a long time and learned a lot from her. She was very well versed in color, material and detail combinations. In the 80s, new names appeared in the fashion industry. But now many designers who have been on

the peak in the 80s, it just doesn’t exist.Today there is a certain turn towards youth style. We take this into account. I think fashion houses that are in the business of casual clothing are more sustainable. Houses that create haute couture do things sometimes a little crazy, they are much more difficult to apply, adapt to life. It is more difficult for them to fit into the business. We behave differently. Some stability is needed. For example, Escada has corporate colors. We transfer them from collection to collection.
– Are you flattered when a woman is fully dressed in Escada?
– This has a good effect on sales.But most of all I love when there is a mixture of brands. When a person knows how to compile them, he creates his own style. This is interesting to me as a designer.
– What annoys you about modern clothes?
– I hate vulgarity. I don’t like clothes that are too tight. And the worst thing for me is, of course, cheap accessories and shoes.
– Who among the celebrities who chose Escada do you think dresses tastefully?
– I really like Angela Basforth – we made her a wedding dress.Halle Barry – She has always looked very good thanks to her unique style. I can name a few more names: Kim Basinger, Britney Spears, for whom we made collections.
– At one time, Margareta Lai asked herself a few questions before creating a new collection. For example, what does a woman want from fashionable clothes today? I would like to hear your answer.
– Margareta in this matter was easier than me. When she thought what a woman wants from fashionable clothes, she thought about herself, what she wants.This is a woman’s flair.
– How do you get out of this situation?
– I need to know what a woman needs for the money she pays if, for example, she is going to dinner. When I worked with Margareta, she sent me all over the world – to America, Bangkok, Singapore, Jakarta. Margaretha was a modest woman and preferred that I work with customers. And trust me, after four to five years of working with women who spend $ 200,000 on an outfit, you know exactly what they want.
– Another question from Margaret Lai. How does Escada differ from other brands?
– Quality and vibrant colors. And of course, femininity. The latest collection adds youth and sexuality. In general, how fashionable to dress is today not a question of money, but of one’s own style. You need to know your body – its pros and cons and assess your capabilities. Stylish accessories can work wonders – you can learn to look like a million dollars by spending very little money on your wardrobe.

Wolfgang | Svoboda & Williams

Visit the Wolfgang brand store in Brno, which brings comfortable, stylish and timeless clothing and accessories for men and women.

Wolfgang clothing is not only about material and cut – it embodies style and direction, and also emphasizes the freedom of every person. Founded in Brno in 2012, the brand produces its own unisex collection. It consists of a wide range of clothing and accessories, which are mainly produced in the Czech Republic and are characterized by high quality workmanship and materials, as well as timeless, minimalist designs.The Wolfgang brand offer is divided into three sections. The first section, titled “Lazy”, includes cotton, comfortable items for everyday wear. This is followed by the Fine and Classy collections. While the “Fine” line offers things that “float” with smooth materials and hanging cuts, for example, dresses that can be worn not only at evening events, but also “layered” on top of each other in everyday outfit, in the third section “Classy »Dominated by leather, handmade bags and accessories.It includes minimalist leather clutches, cross body bags, backpacks and tote bags. Wolfgang does not divide its collections into seasons, but rather brings simple, non-trendy pieces of clothing that perfectly match each other. So they can be worn in layers, creating endless combinations and outfits that make you feel comfortable and stylish. Check out individual collections and models on the visually interesting website, which won the prestigious Awwwards competition in 2018, or visit the Brno boutique.The latter has undergone extensive renovation, which has turned it into a very distinctive space. The black tiles, laid all the way to the ceiling, further deepen the authenticity of the entire style that this self-confident brand holds onto. Join her today!

Writer Wolfgang Plath: “I critically assess cultural life in Novgorod” (1979): philologist – LiveJournal

Wolfgang Plath is a German writer, publicist, documentary filmmaker.Born in 1923 in Hamburg, after graduating from high school he was drafted into the army, took part in hostilities on the Volkhov front. In 1942 he was taken prisoner, who was serving in Novgorod. After the end of the war, he studied history and jurisprudence. In 1979, Plat spent three weeks in Novgorod; he described his impressions of the trip in the book “Visiting Novgorodians”. Reprinted from: Plat. W. Bei den Leuten von Nowgorod. Moskau, 1982. Translated by L.M. Nikolaeva. Here the text is given according to the publication: G. Kovalenko, Veliky Novgorod in foreign works.XV – early XX century / Gennady Kovalenko. – M.: Lomonosov, 2016.

May Day demonstration. Victory Square (Sofiyskaya) 1979 Veliky Novgorod. okultureno.ru

Shopping in the Russian city

I visited several stores: I went to a store selling lamps, then to an electrical goods store. There I photographed refrigerators, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, electric shavers. In a clothing store I photographed coats and denim suits.Then I visited a hairdresser, filmed men and women with beautiful hairstyles. I also visited an urgent dry cleaning atelier, a laundry, a fish store, several supermarkets, and also watched the Sunday pandemonium in the central market. I also wrote down the prices of some goods and services. I visited more than a dozen shops and consumer services, went, alone without accompanying, all the shops located in the area of ​​the hotel. And I think that it would not be so easy to show the Potemkin villages to a person who has his own eyes.

And I must say that none of my Novgorod interlocutors ever tried to do this. Of course, I am sure that I was shown in Novgorod well-equipped and exemplary functioning enterprises. But in Hamburg, the official guest would not have been shown the backyard. This is quite understandable. The most interesting was the visit to the central market. This is where life boils! A real crowd! I could spend the whole day here with my camera. For Western tourists, this market is interesting because you can observe private trade here.Basically, local peasants offer products of their own production here. The whole city seems to have gathered here on Saturday to buy meat, potatoes, cucumbers, spices, flowers, ties, slippers and a thousand other items. Meat products are presented in a wide range, but mainly pork.


In Volkhov, in the immediate vicinity of the city outskirts, you can swim. On a wide coastal area, white sand. Since a lot of cargo and pleasure boats pass along the river, as well as fishing boats, the area intended for swimming is fenced with buoys.On weekdays it is deserted, but on weekends it is very lively, the sandy beach is dotted with people “roasting” in the sun. People are resting. Someone is reading or listening to music from a transistor receiver, someone is eating ice cream or playing ball. Couples in love are courteous, but they try to do it imperceptibly, since the sun is shining and it is still light. What caught my eye? Not much, I must say. I would twist my heart if I said that on this hot Sunday day on the Volkhov beach everything happened completely differently from ours.But I did pay attention to two points. People look pretty plump, too much. The doctors I spoke with were right when they said that it would be useful to have “socialist fast days” several times a month. And another thing that caught my attention: even small children wore swimming trunks. And a girl of about ten was wearing a bra (“bust holder”), although there was not even a hint of what is called a bust in it.

Only a one-year-old child, a fair-haired boy, absolutely naked, was stomping not far from us.But the lack of swimming trunks on the child turned into a “embarrassment”, the baby wrote to dad on his back, which caused a violent cheerful reaction from the girls lying nearby. This was the only “indecent incident” I noticed on the beach. Everything looked very respectable, and I do not know if it is worth being ironic about this. I myself am not scrupulous and have swam on nudist beaches more than once. But if Novgorodians have their own opinion on this, why not! Someday they will also understand that swimming without a beach suit is more pleasant and useful.

Novgorod Park is a park of culture. Here you can not only walk, but you can play chess, which people are happy to do. In one of the pavilions one can read newspapers and magazines, but this Sunday there were not many people interested. There was only one elderly man in the pavilion and he was bored. Children can rent a toy car or enjoy carousel rides. There are also carousels for adults, where the seats are always full. There is a music pavilion, which are usually found in resorts. Today a brass band from a small Norwegian town is performing here – a friendship concert.There is not a single free space in front of the pavilion. What else is there in the park? There is a dance floor surrounded by a fence, and it seems that this dance floor is a headache for the city. The lady in charge of culture in the city makes a worried face. Why? “There are problems with young people.” I noticed this too – during the dances in front of the entrance there is always a police car. It’s a mystery to me how she gets here, because only footpaths lead to the dance floors. It amuses me, but my translator is uncomfortable.Why? What’s so terrible going on here? The reader will read in this book my conversations with teachers. These conversations were the only thing that caused me obvious annoyance. I am against abstract moralizing, I am allergic to this ever-raised forefinger of teachers, this endless reminder of order, cleanliness, diligence, etc. this happens to many of our young people. But I am opposed to teachers demanding from young people something that, thank God, is not really typical for them.But back to the dance floor. As the day draws to a close and twilight falls over the park (the reader will agree that you can’t put it more poetically), young people begin to have fun. First, 16-18-year-olds gather in groups, girls and boys stand separately or sit on benches. They smoke, peel seeds and flirt. And these are, of course, not obedient 14-year-old children who march in formation and cheerfully greet the teachers. These young people have confident faces: we want to have fun. And I don’t see anything wrong with that.They dance, some calmly, some with passion, some – separately from each other, others – embracing.

Here comes a young man who, for courage, took 100 grams of vodka. Then it becomes a lot of fun, and the police have a job. And of course, young people begin to be nice to each other, it is clear that they will not play chess or the mill in the dark, like we did when we were 17 years old. “We’re in a lot of trouble with this dance floor,” says the lady from the city’s culture department, sighing.I laugh. The reader has already noticed that I am critical of the cultural life in Novgorod. Perhaps there are wonderful high-level events held here, I have not seen them, they have not been shown to me. I visited one of the houses of culture, there are many of them in Novgorod. All of them are well equipped, and whoever wants can find something interesting to do here. Everything was very nice, there was no special preparation for my visit, so, fortunately, I saw the usual normal work going on here: a rehearsal of a youth orchestra was going on here, a rehearsal chorus of pensioners was rehearsing there, and here several young women were making drawings from plaster busts.I also visited the theater. I watched Strauss’ operettas twice: “The Bat” and “The Gypsy Baron”.

It’s funny: a resident of Hamburg comes to Novgorod and watches two Austrian operettas staged by the Saratov Operetta Theater. The production of both operettas was excellent, the parts were performed by professional artists with good voices and a good orchestra, the composition of which (16 people) could hardly sit in a very small orchestra pit. The audience perceived what was happening on the stage without any irony.Depending on the plot, the audience, along with the heroes, was either jubilant or indignant. But on stage everything ends well, and the audience is happy.

It all reminded me of a naive provincial theater around 1880. The reader will understand my surprise if I confess that to some extent I know not only the achievements of Moscow theaters, but I also have a certain idea of ​​the revolution in art, architecture, theater, painting, cinema and poetry that was caused by the October Revolution.I saw nothing of the kind here, and this is in stark contrast to the truly great transformations in cultural life. But what I noticed here is boredom. Therefore, it is not surprising that young people are trying to bring something alive and new. The fact that so little of the upsurge and inspiration of the new time is reflected in the everyday cultural life of Novgorod made me think.

The people with whom I spoke in Novgorod belong to the people who lost 20 million of their loved ones in the war.Over 6 million buildings were destroyed and tens of millions of people lost their homes. 65,000 kilometers of railway tracks were destroyed, as well as 40,000 hospitals, 8,400 educational and scientific institutions, 32,000 industrial enterprises and more than 100,000 agricultural enterprises. I simply do not know if my compatriots are capable of assessing what kind of horrific disaster is behind these dry numbers. Today it seems that this scourge has been overcome. But the scars remained from him. But, be that as it may, a huge country, the Soviet Union, is our close neighbor, and we must find a way of peaceful coexistence.My book on meetings with Novgorodians should make its modest contribution to this. Go there, take a look, talk to each other, understand … I was twice on Novgorod land: in 1943 with a weapon and in 1979 – without a weapon. I know what I’m talking about and I know which of these meetings is the best.

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Salzkammergut, about. Wolfgang See

Resort description

Wolfgang See is a mountain lake among the gentle slopes of the Salzkammergut, covered with forests. A stylized antique steamer “Kaiser Franz Joseph I” and a modern boat “Wolfgang-Amadeus” cruise along the lake.Many tourists who come on an excursion to St. Wolfgang take a boat trip to St. Gilgen. There is a wonderful fish restaurant next to the pier.

Main resorts

In St. Wolfgang there is a famous Gothic cathedral with an equally famous 15th century altar. On the steep streets of the town there are many shops with a huge selection of Austrian national clothes for children and adults. Local Benedictine monks sculpt amusing soap figures at their leisure.Soap flowers, animals, fruits, little people are very original souvenirs. Here you can calmly relax by the water, ride a boat, climb the mountains by cable car, take walks along the winding mountain paths.
Holidays in St. Gilgen are loved by those who want to enjoy peace and at the same time learn something new. For example, to visit the house where Mozart’s mother was born, baroque cathedrals, to climb on a lift to a height of 1521 m, from where a magnificent view of the Alps opens.
Strobl is located on the eastern shore of the lake and boasts the best beaches in all of Salzburg.There is a funicular to the Zwelferhorn and Schafberg peaks, many cafes, restaurants and pastry shops, and, of course, plenty of opportunities for water sports.


To Vienna or Munich, then a domestic flight or train transfer to Salzburg, and from Salzburg – either by taxi or by a rental car to the selected resort.

Sea and sun

There are no beaches in the usual sense on the lakes. Most often these are soft grassy lawns with an entrance to the water along wooden piers.

Where to stay

Hotels on the lakes do not always correspond to their category. As a rule, they belong to families, hence the particularly hospitable attitude towards tourists with children. Most of the hotels are located on the coast and have their own beaches. If the hotel has its own beach, then most often sun loungers and umbrellas on it are provided free of charge, if the beach is municipal, then the entrance to it will be paid (~ 5 EUR). In hotels, meals are usually half board, breakfasts – buffet, dinner – à la carte, in private boarding houses – only breakfasts.The quality of the buffet depends on the level of the hotel: the higher it is, the closer the buffet is to the concept of “buffet”. Most hotels – with restaurants, bars, gyms, saunas, many with swimming pools.


Bad Ischl is the largest spa resort. Treatment here is based on the use of salt, sulfur and mineral springs, as well as mineral mud. All treatments are taken at Kaisertherme, a state-of-the-art medical center.
The resort specializes in the treatment of diseases of the respiratory tract, musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular system, diseases of the urinary tract and childhood diseases (chronic bronchitis, asthma, age-related diseases).

What to see

In St. Wolfgang it is worth visiting the famous Gothic cathedral with its equally famous altars from the 15th century, the Fountain of Europe and the Fountain of Pilgrims, the Puppet Museum and the famous hotel “Weises-Ressl”. On the steep streets of the town there are many shops with a huge selection of Austrian national clothes for children and adults. In the city, at the foot of the Zwelferhorn mountain, there is the house where Mozart’s mother was born. And not far from Strobl is one of the most beautiful mountain plateaus of the Eastern Alps, Postalm.


Museum of dolls and the famous hotel “Weisses-Ressl” in St. Wolfgang, the Zwelferhorn mountain in St.

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