Wine bottle openers uk: Best corkscrew: Choose from stainless steel and wood designs


Best corkscrew: Choose from stainless steel and wood designs

The last thing you need is for your corkscrew to fail at the crucial moment and leave you bereft of rioja. We’ve all had our fair share of cheap and cheerful novelty wine openers that fall apart at the first hurdle, so it makes sense to shop around for something built to last, rather than hoping that one you once got in a Christmas cracker is up to this important job.

Anyone who’s ever worked in a bar or restaurant will know that the standard waiter’s friend is a perfectly reliable piece of kit: it is small and compact but strong and shouldn’t cost a lot for a quality version. Having said that, many of the uninitiated can struggle with wrangling a cork out of a bottle without a winged corkscrew at the very least; still more can only countenance an automatic opener.

So, whether you’re a pro who likes a no-nonsense waiter’s friend, you prefer wings to help the pull on troublesome stoppers, or if you’d like a corkscrew that does most of the hard work for you, we’ve tested a plethora of styles and materials. 

We tested all items on synthetic and natural corks, looking for something that felt sturdy, built to last and gave a clear-cut, smooth pull with a sharp, precise worm and minimal effort – no one wants to be sieving bits of disintegrated cork out of their 1999 St Emilion.

Have a read through our reviews and take your pick from stainless steel versions, non-slip plastics from reliable brands, lever-action models that make wine-opening a doddle and even a hi-tech piece of kit to keep your wine accessible and fresh for months – should it last that long. Here’s our round-up of the best openers to get those corks a-popping.

You can trust our independent reviews. We may earn commission from some of the retailers, but we never allow this to influence selections, which are formed from real-world testing and expert advice. This revenue helps to fund journalism across The Independent.

Stellar copper deluxe corkscrew

This black and copper corkscrew from kitchenware experts Stellar is a simple but effective piece of gadgetry. Using a very basic corkscrew system, the opener needs little effort and punctures through cork and plastic with ease and no awkward wrangling. 

The exterior is made from non-slip, soft-touch plastic that stays securely in your hands even if wet, while the screw is made from zinc and the handle is plated in copper-coloured chrome. It looks modern, understated and best of all it has a lifetime guarantee – not that you’re likely to need it. 

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CellarDine winged corkscrew

Winged corkscrews are often cheap, flimsy affairs, but this one from barware experts CellarDine has survived 15 years of heavy-duty use in our house: an impressive feat. This traditional corkscrew with arms is made from strong stainless steel across the body and worm, with non-slip, rubber-coated handles for a comfortable pull. The worm stays sharp and effective for years, while the body is robust and the bottle opener on the end makes this ideal for having out at parties. 

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Brabantia tasty+ pink corkscrew

This corkscrew from Brabantia is the least expensive to make it onto this list, and offers good value and quality at once. It’s guaranteed for five years and is reassuringly sturdy, so while it is cheap and cheerful – particularly with its rosy colour – it certainly does the job. Position the corkscrew over the bottle neck and it will quickly and smoothly uncork natural and synthetically corked wines via its extra-large turning handles. The Brabantia tasty collection also has many other kitchen goods to match your new pink corkscrew, should you desire. 

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Cactus bottle opener and corkscrew

This manual corkscrew features a bottle opener, corkscrew and foil cutter in one piece – and it is styled as a cactus, so what’s not to like? This novelty item is ideal for leaving out at parties and looks sweet on the worktop anytime. The worm is sharp and strong enough to make quick work of natural corks, though a bit of effort was required for synthetic ones. The cactus branches aren’t just for decoration, either, as they are handily placed to provide a bit of extra grip when opening more stubborn bottles. 

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CellarDine Flexicles bottle chiller and lever action corkscrew

For anyone who struggles with – or simply dislikes – opening wine using a turning or wing mechanism, this lever-action corkscrew may suit. Use the separate foil cutter provided, then angle the worm over the cork and let the lever do all the work: this opener requires very little strength or effort and no cork proved problematic, so you can keep your cool opening the goods at future dinner parties. It also comes with a spare worm and a bottle chiller to keep white wines cool for up to five hours. It’s a good-quality set from the CellarDine brand, all in 100 per cent recyclable packaging.

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Kikkerland stainless steel rose wood sparrow three in one corkscrew

A waiter’s-friend-style corkscrew is an essential piece of barware, and the Kikkerland models are all worthy of a look: strong, sturdy and well made. This is a rosewood and stainless steel version that’s subtly styled in the shape of a sparrow. It features the usual foil cutter, bottle opener and worm and just requires a bit of practice if you’ve never used one before. This is weighty, attractive and effective, and looks set to last and last through many bottles of wine.

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Le Creuset wine accessories original corkscrew

While researching this list, Le Creuset’s wares kept coming up time and time again in the recommendations. The brand’s waiter’s-friend-style corkscrew is a high quality, great option, but the strongest endorsements were for its original model. This simple piece of kit has lasted some over 20 years of happy, wine-soaked use, and it’s universally easy to use, self-pulling turn mechanism does most of the hard work for you. Arthritis sufferers have also reported that they find this model comfortable to use. There are a few variations in style, but this black reinforced plastic model with sharp worm will appeal to many. 

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Coravin model three

Not just a corkscrew, the clever people at Coravin have devised a way for you to pour a glass of wine without removing the cork – allowing the bottle to stay fresh to enjoy weeks, months or even years down the line. There are various models with all sorts of bells and whistles, but this basic version allows you to clamp the device onto any wine with a natural cork closure. It inserts a needle through the cork and pressurises the bottle with argon gas. When you’ve finished, the cork naturally reseals the bottle for another time. Yes, it’s expensive, but can you put a price on being able to dip into a great barolo vintage whenever you fancy?

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The verdict: Corkscrews

The Stellar copper deluxe corkscrew gets our vote: it’s a fuss-free, low-cost corkscrew that will last you several wine-fuelled decades. If you prefer the good old waiter’s friend model, then Kikkerland’s is up with the best of them and looks great too. Serious wine lovers might like to pop the Coravin on their Christmas list and hope they’ve been extremely good this year. 

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Best corkscrew 2021: Our pick of our favourite corkscrews to open any bottle

The best corkscrews are an essential item for any good dinner party host. A lot of the best wine is sealed with a cork, as it allows the wine to age naturally without becoming sour. To enjoy these naturally aged wines, however, you will of course need a good corkscrew – the last thing you want is to ruin your evening by shredding the cork into the wine below.

We’ve all owned a cheap and cheerful corkscrew, but if you’re looking to invest in something that’s going to last, it can be hard to know exactly what you’re looking for. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite corkscrews around, so whether you’re a connoisseur looking to open a vintage or just a recent graduate of screwtops who’s stuck, we’ve got the guide for you.

Corkscrews come in a wide variety of types with a lot of different styles and features, so have a read of our buying guide to find out which kind is best for you. With our help, you’ll be prepared for whatever bottle you might come across.

The best corkscrews: At a glance

  • The best budget corkscrew: Pulltap Wine Essentials Waiter’s Friend Double Lever Corkscrew | Buy now
  • The best lever corkscrew: OXO Steel Vertical Lever Corkscrew | Buy now
  • The best corkscrew for older bottles: Monopol Westmark Germany Ah-So Cork Puller | Buy now
  • The best electric corkscrew: Cuisinart cordless 4-in-1 opener | Buy now

How to choose the best corkscrew for you

What features do I need?

There are a couple of different features you can get depending on your needs. These will depend on your general dexterity – if you are older or suffer from joint problems, you should seek out corkscrews that don’t rely on a twisting mechanism., This is to consider in addition to what kind of bottles you are opening and how old the bottles, and therefore their corks, are. The following are the most common types of corkscrew; each one will suit different needs.

Waiter’s corkscrew: A lightweight corkscrew that’s characterised by its ability to fold up neatly and slip into a pocket. Originally used by waiters in bars, it will also have a foil cutter and a beer bottle opener in order to open most kinds of bottles. Even if you don’t work in a bar, however, you can appreciate this corkscrew’s versatility; it’s perfect for staying in or taking out if you fancy drinking alfresco style.

Who is it for? People who open a lot of different kinds of bottle, both at home and out and about.

Winged Corkscrew: This classic corkscrew design uses a pair of “wings” that raise as you twist the screw into the cork. Once the screw has a firm grasp, you simply push both wings downwards, and both screw and cork pop out. Generally very cheap but less compact than the waiter’s friend, this is an affordable at-home staple.

Who is it for? People on a budget, who otherwise have a tendency to lose things.

Continuous pull corkscrew: This is very similar to the winged corkscrew in terms of the method of opening, which involves puncturing the cork and twisting. The only difference is that they don’t have wings, so they tend to have a sleeker design. Good for a robust and more ergonomic option.

Who is it for? Those considering a winged corkscrew but value storage space.

Lever corkscrew: Perhaps the most straightforward to use, you slot the corkscrew in, push the lever down, and when you pull the lever back out, it takes the cork out with it. Very simple and requires little effort. While pricier than the winged and waiter corkscrews, this is excellent if twisting isn’t really feasible but you don’t want to splash out on an electric one.

Who is it for? People who have difficulty with twisting motions, but are also concerned about their environmental impact.

Electric corkscrew: As the name suggests, these wine openers are powered entirely by electricity, so are no effort at all to use. All they require is to align your bottle properly before pressing a button and voila, drinks for everyone. They are pricier than the others and will require charging, so you have to be prepared and are far less transportable than other options.

Who is it for? Those who need a bit of assistance removing stubborn corks from bottles and don’t mind paying a premium.

How much should I spend?

Corkscrews can vary wildly in price depending on the model and can be anywhere from £5 to £200. Manual varieties like winged and waiters tend to be towards the lower end of the spectrum, but if you want your corkscrew to last longer, it is worth investing a little more. For any of the manual varieties, if you have a bit of money to spend, we recommend spending around the £20 to £50 range for a more sturdy model, but if you’re looking at something that requires electricity or gas, expect to pay higher than that.

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The best corkscrews to buy from £6

1. Beneno Premium Wing Corkscrew: Best winged corkscrew

Price: £20 | Buy now from Amazon

If you’re looking for a great version of a classic, then the Beneno Premium Wing is an excellent fit. With a sturdier build than your average winged corkscrew, the Beneno also boasts not only a capped bottle opener, but wings that are fitted with a soft grip to make pulling them down that much easier. And best of all, if you have any problems with it, it comes with a lifetime warranty. Being a winged corkscrew, it isn’t as compact or pretty as some of the others, but if you want a reliable corkscrew that is far less easy to lose – this is a great choice.

Key Specs – Material: Zinc; Accessories: beer bottle opener; Electric: no

2. Pulltap Wine Essentials Waiter’s Friend Double Lever Corkscrew: Best budget corkscrew

Price: £6 | Buy now from WineWare

The waiter’s friend is usually the most popular kind of corkscrew, and with this model, it’s not hard to see why. This nifty gadget is both extremely reliable and affordable – perfect if you need practicality on a budget. The double hinge means it can be used to pull out both short and longer corks, and the corkscrew has been coated in Teflon for less friction when pulling, which reduces potential cork breakages. You can get much fancier and more stylish versions of the waiter’s friend, but it will be tough to find any that can beat this little number on performance.

Key specs – Material: stainless steel; Accessories: bottle opener, foil cutter; Electric: no

Buy now from WineWare

3. Monopol Westmark Germany Ah-So Cork Puller: Best corkscrew for older bottles

Price: £19 | Buy now from Amazon

With older bottles, the corks can become fragile and crumbly, which means an average corkscrew won’t do. This is where the Monopol Cork Puller comes in. The two prongs are designed to straddle either side of the cork, meaning you can gently pull it out without risk of breaking. It’s deceptively basic: not only can the prongs also be used to recork bottles, but the top doubles up as a bottle opener. It can take a bit of practice to use and If you’re looking for a corkscrew that comes with lots of accessories, this isn’t the one for you. However, if you’re a fan of vintage bottles and want something stylish and reliable, this is a necessity.

Key specs – Material: Die-cast zinc, steel; Accessories: Protective cover, bottle opener; Electric: no

4. OXO Steel Vertical Lever Corkscrew: Best lever corkscrew

Price: £52 | Buy now from Amazon

If grappling with a twist-operated corkscrew isn’t an option for you, this is an excellent alternative. This lever corkscrew is not only very straightforward to use, but has soft non-slip grip to make sure it’s extra comfortable when handling, unlike a lot of the metal corkscrews on the market. The additional foil cutter neatly slots into the opener for convenient storage. This is a little pricier than the other kinds of manual corkscrew and the foil cutter can become a little loose when knocked. However, if you’re looking for an accessible and eco-friendly corkscrew, this is perfect for you.

Key specs – Material: alloy steel; Accessories: foil cutter, extra non-stick screw ; Electric: no

5. Le Creuset: Best continuous pull corkscrew

Price: £23 | Buy now from Amazon

Le Creuset is known for its reliable kitchenware and this corkscrew is no exception. Incredibly popular among customers, it’s very simple and easy to use, with its sleek form slotting neatly on the top of the bottle. Unfortunately, unlike other Le Creuset products, it is less chic, as it is only available in one colour, and it has a plastic body rather than the usual metal or ceramic which feels less robust to hold. It’s not too difficult to twist however, which is good news for those with joint problems. And having spent twenty years on shop shelves, it comes with an unofficial assurance of quality – and longevity.

Key specs – Material: nickel; Accessories: none; Electric: no

6. Cuisinart cordless 4-in-1 opener: Best electric corkscrew

Price: £80 | Buy now from Very

This impressive device from Cuisinart might be on the pricey side but it’s the perfect gift for the wine lover in your life – whether that’s yourself or a friend. It automatically detects and opens wine bottles once the head is placed over the cork, but it’s so much more than just a cordless, automatic opener. There’s also a pick to quickly and easily remove pesky foil lids, as well as an aerator and vacuum-sealed bottle stopper too.

It’s a bit tricky to get the hang of the first time you use it – you have to hold the device still as it’s drilling into the cork or it just spins around menacingly. Once you’ve got this down though, it works incredibly well and opens up to 50 bottles of wine on just one two-hour charge. What’s more, it’s not too bulky and the slick silver design looks fab in modern kitchens.

Key specs – Material: titanium; Accessories: foil cutter, aerator, dated bottle stop; Electric: yes, rechargeable

Buy now from Very

7. Coravin Timeless Three: Best luxury corkscrew

Price: £199 | Buy now from Coravin

Technically this is a corkscrew that doesn’t actually remove the cork, but it’s better than it sounds. The model uses a small needle to puncture the cork, allowing the wine to come out before using argon gas to prevent the remaining wine from oxidising. If you spend an extra £30, you can also get a unique Coravin aerator that aerates your wine as you pour.

While this is a great way to not only open but preserve your wine, the obvious downside is the price tag. It’s significantly more expensive than any entry on this list and on top of the initial expense you have to buy replacement argon canisters. If you’re looking for a slightly cheaper method of preservation, there is the Coravin Pivot, that instead of puncturing the cork, replaces it after removal with a stopper. It is £80 cheaper, but can only extend the wine by four weeks instead of months or years with the Timeless Three. If you’re looking for longevity, the Model Three is the way to go.

Overall, the Coravin Timeless Three is a great investment for those who are very, very serious about their wine.

Key specs – Material: stainless steel, fiberglass nylon; Accessories: needle clearing tool; Electric: no

Best wine openers of 2021

CNN —  

A reliable wine opener is a wine lover’s best friend, while a wonky one can ruin that special bottle of Bordeaux you’ve been saving for just the right occasion.

With that in mind, we tested eight top-rated wine openers in three different styles — traditional waiter’s corkscrews, labor-saving lever styles and rechargeable electric models.

Best waiter’s corkscrew

With a more comfortable grip and longer lever than the competition, the OXO Waiter’s Corkscrew is easy to use, store, and take anyplace you need to uncork a bottle.

Best lever corkscrew

The Rabbit is the most secure, easiest-to-use lever-style corkscrew we’ve tried, quickly and cleanly removing corks from any bottle with little effort.

Best electric corkscrew

The affordable, stable and rechargeable Ozeri Electric Wine Opener is easy to use, and opens any bottle at the press of a button.

Danielle St. Pierre

OXO Steel Double Lever Waiter’s Corkscrew

If you’re looking for a classic waiter’s corkscrew, we recommend this sturdy OXO Steel Double Lever Waiter’s Corkscrew. Compact and easy to store or carry with you anyplace (picnic, anyone?), this stainless steel corkscrew has a balanced hand feel and a comfortable, nonslip silicone grip. And it has a longer lever than the other waiter’s friend-style openers we looked at, giving you more leverage and an easier time opening tougher bottles.

During our testing, we found that the nonstick screw easily and snugly sunk into the cork, providing a stable base to begin the opening process. The elongated lever provides extra leverage to grip onto the edge of the bottle’s neck to provide the initial pull, and the shorter secondary lever finishes the job with a clean pop, retracting out of the way to give you a clear path for cork removal. This corkscrew can easily grab any cork, even those nested within longer-necked bottles.

Other user-friendly features of this wine opener that we appreciated during testing are its integrated built-in bottle opener, as well as a discrete foil cutting blade that tucks into the base of the opener. At its sub-$20 price point, we stand by this compact, durable wine opener.

Danielle St. Pierre

Rabbit Wine Corkscrew with Foil Cutter

The Rabbit Wine Corkscrew, a modern spin on the lever corkscrew style made popular by the original Rabbit, impressed us with its sheer ease of use. It’s easier to use than other lever-style openers and doesn’t require as much care in placement as “wing” style lever-operated cork pullers. Rabbit’s Wine Corkscrew makes easy work of dislodging a cork with a simple one-two punch mechanism — you lock the opener onto the bottle’s neck, pull the handle and that’s it. The dual levers adhere firmly to the bottle neck, with the longer lever dislodging the cork and the shorter lever effectively dismantling the cork to open the bottle in seconds. There was no setup or assembly required prior to use, and the silicone-lined exterior of this opener felt immediately comfortable in-hand upon unboxing.

Lever-style wine openers are meant to be stable and easy to use, and the Rabbit satisfies this most important requirement. During our testing, we found that the Rabbit effectively latched onto the bottle neck, allowing us to then pull the lever up and then down (in that order) to engage and then release the wine cork seamlessly and without any residual damage to the cork.

Also of note: The Rabbit got the cork out of our bottle in three seconds, as advertised.

If you’re looking for a foolproof lever-style wine opener without any manual stress or labor, consider the Rabbit. This also makes for one hell of a gift for that wine lover in your life.

Danielle St. Pierre

Ozeri Nouveaux II Electric Wine Opener

We tested several electric wine opener models and found the Ozeri Nouveaux II Electric Wine Opener to be the most stable, which let us open bottles more quickly and easily. Included with this model is a charging station, wine pourer, stopper and built-in foil cutter, but the opener itself is intuitive and easy to operate. Conversely, we found the Oster Electric Wine Opener to be a bit clunky, heavy and hard to grip firmly in the hand, which impacted our ability to properly vertically align and stabilize the opener above the bottle neck.

As the Ozeri owner’s manual indicates, all you need to do is position the opener directly above the bottle to make sure it’s centered on the cork. From there all we had to do was hit the LED-lit blue “down” button to activate the opening process and let this electric wine opener do its thing.

Once the cork was effectively dislodged, a simple push of the LED-lit “up” button released the cork back into its original condition. The entire process took around seven seconds, and this electric wine opener actually made opening a bottle of wine a bit more fun.

At under $20, we think the Ozeri Electric Wine Opener would make a great gift for the wine lover in your life, and we also think it deserves a spot in your home wine bar setup.

There are countless varieties of wine opening tools, with widely different designs and functionality. Which one you choose comes down to how much wine you drink (and thus how often you’re likely to use it), how comfortable and experienced you are with opening bottles and how easy it is to store. There are good options for any budget regardless of which type of opener you use.

Waiter’s friend-style wine keys or manual openers are compact and easy to store, can be easily transported and are the most budget-friendly option. For the everyday wine drinker, a manual wine opener will get the job done on a tighter budget, and they’re inexpensive enough to take along with you and not worry too much about. Using one accurately requires a little bit of work and experience, which someone in this category is likely to have. And for those really picky about their vintages, manual wine openers also provide the most intimate experience of opening a bottle of wine, since you’re in close contact with the cork and can immediately tell if it’s damaged or might require extra effort to remove.

If you’re looking for a slightly smoother and simpler experience, a lever-style wine opener gives you more leverage and requires less hand and arm strength to use. Thus, a lever-style opener might suit someone who is starting to collect wine and open more than two bottles per week, or it might appeal to the infrequent wine drinker who doesn’t open bottles often and hasn’t developed the muscle memory to use a waiter’s friend accurately. A lever-style device does take a bit more storage space, so you’d want to factor that in, but it’s always ready to go, unlike an electric wine opener.

Electric wine openers take the guesswork out of opening a nicer bottle of wine. If you’re a collector or you’re gifting a wine collector, a more expensive yet reliable electric wine opener is the best option. While electric openers require a charge, a simple press of a button is all that’s required physically to uncork a nicer bottle you’ve been saving.

Some models include additional bells and whistles like foil cutters, pour spouts, vacuum stoppers and advanced wine preservation systems. In the manual wine corkscrew category, for example, there are single-lever as well as double-lever models, the latter commonly referred to as the classic waiter’s friend. As rechargeable batteries have made their way into tools in every category, the electric wine opener has become much more popular in recent years, with brands like Oster and Ozeri introducing more luxe models, which include charging stations, easy-to-read LED buttons and cordless functionality.

To ensure consistency in our testing, we used a case of white wines, in identical 750-milliliter glass bottles with natural corks. Over the course of one week of testing, we paired each bottle of wine with one wine opener, assessing the below factors.

In our test, we focused on three main criteria categories:

  • Ease of use: Is the model ergonomically sound? Does it feel comfortable in the hand? How difficult is the setup process?
  • Damage to cork: Did the wine opener damage the cork during the opening process?
  • Efficiency: How long does the wine opener take to effectively open a bottle of wine? How effectively did the opener work overall, considering effort and pressure involved?

During testing, we spent time with each wine opener individually, from initial setup, to hand feel, ergonomics and weight, through uncorking performance and efficiency. We scoured owner’s manuals and detailed instructions, we took time to charge any electric models before use and we cross-checked brand video tutorials when necessary to ensure we were operating each model correctly.

For initial impressions after unboxing, we paid close attention to simplicity of design as well as other included features, tools and accessories. Was there any assembly required before using the wine opener? For the manual corkscrews, was a built-in foil cutter tucked into the body of the opener? For the electric models, was a full charge required prior to use? We took note of any obstacles or setbacks during these initial setup steps.

Our frontrunners required little to no setup prior to use, and each model included additional helpful tools to aid with the opening process, like foil cutters or replacement corkscrews.

For hand feel, ergonomics and weight, we focused entirely on the physical experience of each wine opener in-hand. Did the model fit comfortably in our hands? If the model was slightly heavier, did the opener still feel balanced when used to open a bottle of wine? A key component to the efficiency of most electric wine openers, for example, is the angle at which the opener is held above the bottle neck. Thus, in our testing, we noted how easy or difficult it was to hold the electric wine opener at a perfectly straight angle above the bottle, assessing the opener’s overall stability. For the manual corkscrews, we also assessed stability through the lens of weight, balance and grip.

During the actual uncorking process, we noted how smoothly each wine opener worked to seamlessly dislodge the cork. While some manual or pronged wine keys required a bit of muscle to wedge the corkscrew into the cork, we found that a few lever-style and electric wine opener models also required an equal amount of muscle to operate, which we took into account.

Last, but certainly not least, we took into account the pleasure of use in addition to each opener’s efficiency. A few of these models dislodged the wine cork not just with ease but also with a satisfying pop, click or hiss, which enticed us to return to said model for the next bottle of wine we open.

Oster Cordless Electric Wine Bottle Opener ($24.99;

In comparison to the Ozeri Electric Wine Opener, we found the Oster Cordless Electric Wine Opener felt less stable in-hand. While we dug the cordless functionality, this electric wine opener rocked and rattled around a bit too much during initial positioning to provide a stable seal, which ultimately amounted to this wine opener ineffectively dislodging the cork.

Le Creuset Waiter’s Friend ($24.95;

With a household kitchen name like Le Creuset, we initially trusted this manual wine corkscrew to deliver. While this model worked to effectively dislodge the cork, we found the OXO Double Lever to be more comfortable and sturdy in-hand.

Slim in profile and easier to transport, the Le Creuset Waiter’s Friend certainly does the job, but we found the OXO model to work just a bit more efficiently and comfortably.

OXO Steel Vertical Lever Corkscrew With Removable Foil Cutter ($41.99;

Similar to the Rabbit model we previously reviewed, the OXO Steel Vertical Lever Corkscrew operates in the same lever-controlled style. During testing, we found this OXO model to not provide as tight a seal as the Rabbit model, which ultimately made for a slightly shaky foundation when aligning the opener above the bottle neck.

After attempting to align this unit with the bottle neck several times without a stable seal, we ultimately favored the Rabbit for its foolproof vertical alignment.

Beneno Wine Opener ($12.99;

This model has been highly praised among Amazon reviewers for its simplicity as an “oldie but a goodie.” While we agree this wine opener technically works at effectively uncorking a bottle of wine, we felt its fold-down wings and slightly more cumbersome profile actually made the wine opening process feel a bit too cumbersome in comparison to a simple wine key, which accomplishes the same task in less steps.

It’s an oldie, for sure, but not necessarily a goodie.

The Durand Pronged Wine Opener ($145;

The Durand is another model that has received rave reviews and appeared to stand the test of time, but in our experience using it, it was subpar. Upon initial insertion of the dual prongs into the cork, we found the Durand to be difficult to grip in order to effectively pull out the wine cork.

At $145, we just simply think your dollars could be more wisely spent on other wine openers and accessories that don’t require as much maneuvering.

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How To Open A Wine Bottle

So, you need to open a bottle of wine, but opening it has you all stressed. No shame, we’ve all been there! Wine openers can appear confusing and difficult to use, but once you have it down, it couldn’t be easier. Read on to learn about the two most common types of wine openers and how to use them.

1. Wine Key

Chelsea Lupkin

Also known as a waiter’s corkscrew, a wine key has three important parts: a foil cutter, a lever, and a “worm”. The foil cutter, which looks like a small knife, is simply used to remove the foil from the top of your wine bottle. Rest the foil cutter just above the first ridge at the top of the wine bottle and press lightly to pierce the foil. Turn the bottle in a circular motion so that the cutter drags all the way around the neck of the bottle. Remove the top of the foil. Insert the “worm” (aka corkscrew) into the center of your cork and twist in a clockwise motion until you the corkscrew is fully inserted in the cork. Rest the shorter notch on the lever (that’s the metal arm!) on the lip of the wine bottle, then pull up the handle to bring the cork out of the bottle. If needed, switch to the longer notch on the lever and continue to pull up until the cork is completely removed. Success!

2. Winged Corkscrew

Chelsea Lupkin

Starting similar to the wine key, remove the foil from the top of your wine bottle. Insert the corkscrew into the center of the cork and twist the top handle to insert the corkscrew farther into the cork. (Pro tip: that handle at the top you’re twisting doubles as a beer opener!) When the corkscrew is secured inside the cork, use both hands to press down on the “wings”, or levers, of the opener, downwards towards the center of the bottle. As the levers go down, the cork goes up! If it’s not out completely, twist the corkscrew a bit farther into the cork and press down on the wings again. Grab the bottom of the opener with one hand and the bottle with the other and gently wiggle out the rest of the cork.

That’s about it! Now that you’ve got your wine, put it to good use! This beef stew is enhanced with rich, red wine flavor—and there will be enough left over for a couple generously poured glasses. 😉 Cheers!

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17 Beautiful & Quirky Corkscrews

Are you still using the same corkscrew you’ve had since college? Maybe you haven’t graduated from the $3.00 purchase you made in that gas station? Or maybe you just need something else to make you smile when opening a bottle of wine (as if the wine alone wasn’t enough).

On this list, we’ve gathered some of the sleekest, silliest, and straight up stupid corkscrews for your perusing pleasure. Some are completely functional and may change your life, while others may just make your friends laugh on Wine Wednesday. Either way, take these corkscrews in, and make them a part of your family.

1. Design Toscano The Bishop’s Church Key Corkscrew and Bottle Opener

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Open bottles with great stealth using this Bishop’s key corkscrew. The little cover comes off to reveal the corkscrew, so you can always unlock the door to your favorite wine.

2. BOJ Professional Wall-mounted Corkscrew

While a little pricier, installing this on the wall of your home bar will take you from zero to 100 on the professional level. Its rustic look and ease of use will make you the shining star behind the bar.

3. Wild Eye Fashion Corkscrew

Some may say leopard print is tacky, however we say this corkscrew is ready for a party. Nothing screams, ‘I may drink from a glass, but I can do bad all by myself’ better than this corkscrew.

4. Suck UK Legless Corkscrew Pirate Bottle Opener

This bottle opener is not only perfect for your six-year old’s pirate-themed birthday party, but will also take you to the grapey-treasure you crave. X marks the spot, and so does wine.

5. Monopol Two-prong Cork Puller

This one may look intimidating, but it is definitely worth the effort to learn how it works. The corkscrew not only removes the cork without breaking it apart, but is also pocket-sized and will make your friends jealous of your bottle opening skills.

6. True by True Fabrications Penguin Shaped Corkscrew Wine Opener

The perfect gift for your favorite penguin-obsessed friend, this corkscrew is also ready to step up to the iceberg and open a bottle for you.

7. Oster Electric Wine Bottle Opener

In the span of electric corkscrews, a lot of them are really expensive. However this one is reasonably priced and using it is extremely effortless. It also claims to open about 30 bottles on one charge, which we rebuttal by saying ‘challenge accepted.’

8. Oxo Steel CorkPull Wine Opener/Corkscrew

Just like Kimmy Schmidt kept turning the crank, when using this corkscrew all you have to do is keep turning in the same direction to remove the cork. It’s so easy, even your aunt who has had a few glasses too many could figure it out.

9. Alessi Anna G.

More of a conversation piece than a corkscrew, this beauty is actually modeled after the designer’s girlfriend. While a bit on the pricey side, this will make everyone’s head turn as you pop open your favorite vino.

10. Engraved Wood Fish Corkscrew

Just like you don’t always have to drink white wine when eating fish, you can use this corkscrew on any bottle of wine you please. With different patterns available, gifting this would go just swimmingly.

11. Personalized Wooden Bottle Opener and Wine Corkscrew

Straight and to the point are the highlights of this corkscrew. It has all the tools you need, and is engraved for ultimate personalization.

12. Alessi Parrot Sommelier-Style Corkscrew

The price tag may shock you, but this Alessi corkscrew is not only adorable with the parrot silhouette, but also extremely functional.

13. Refrigerator Magnet Waiters Corkscrew

The wine shape of this corkscrew is exceptionally cute, but the real selling feature is the magnet attached to the back that will save you from losing your corkscrew when you need it most.

14. Design Toscano Cat Bottle Opener with Corkscrew Tail

Contrary to popular belief, black cats are good luck. Especially when the cat’s tail opens up your favorite bottle of wine.

15. Fred and Friends ROBOTTLE Bottle Opener

Domo Arigato Mr. Robato. Reviews say you must be gentle with this little guy or he may snap, but he’s the perfect gift that will be sure to bring a smile to the recipient’s face.

16. Boston Warehouse Bluebird Corkscrew

Boston Warehouse is known for making zany products that are actually functional, and this corkscrew doesn’t stray away from that.

17. Sir Perky Wine Corkscrew

This corkscrew is definitely something… special. While we do not recommend using this to open a bottle of wine as it will most likely break, this is a perfect gift to have up your sleeve for ‘White Elephants’ and gift exchanges alike.

The Best Corkscrew UK 2017 – 6 Winning wine openers

People have needed a corkscrew ever since vintners and brewers started using cork plugs to close bottles. At its simplest, a corkscrew is a pointed metal helix (the “worm”) which is attached to a handle that can be used to drill the helix into the cork, and then pulled out again to remove the cork. There are many possible add-ons to this basic design that make it easier to drill the screw into the cork or to bring more force to bear in extracting difficult corks. Most household corkscrews fall into one of four categories:

Basic and Enhanced Basic Corkscrews

The basic ‘T’-design can be enhanced in various ways: With guides that fit over the top of the bottle and help centre the screw in the top of the cork; with geared keys that make it easier to turn the corkscrew into the cork, and by teflon-coated helixes that penetrate hard corks more easily, especially synthetic corks.

Waiter’s Corkscrew or Sommelier Knife

A waiter’s corkscrew has a corkscrew in a folding body, similar to a pocket knife. A hinged arm fits against the lip of the bottle for leverage when removing the cork. Often, there is also a small blade in the handle, that can be used for cutting and removing the foil over the bottle top. These are especially favoured by wine waiters in restaurants since they are small and can easily fit in a pocket.

Wing or Angel Corkscrew

Two levers are connected to the body via a rack and pinion assembly. The pinion is on the same shaft as the worm, and the levers extend outwards and upwards as the screw is turned into the cork. Pressing the levers back down towards the body lifts the cork from the bottle. Wing corkscrews are most common and convenient for household use.

Lever or ‘Rabbit’ Corkscrew

Hinged arms, like a nutcracker, are used to hold the neck of a bottle while a top-mounted lever drives the worm down into the cork. The lever is lifted to remove the cork. This design is much bulkier and usually more expensive but offers the benefit of quickness and relatively little effort.

Every home needs a corkscrew to open a bottle of wine. Something simple will be fine in most cases but homes that open a lot of wine bottles, or people that find the more effort-intensive methods difficult due to problems such as arthritis, may be prepared to pay more for interesting features or a clever design. There’s a huge variety of corkscrews available but we’ve made our picks of the best, including the basic designs.

Best Corkscrews

Brabantia Classic Corkscrew

The Brabantia Classic corkscrew is a basic design with useful enhancements. The flared capsule helps the user to seat the opener properly on top of the bottle and turning the ‘key’ drives the worm into the cork. Continuing to turn the key will then withdraw the cork from the bottle. The worm has a non-stick coating and there is a built-in foil cutter in the key. This corkscrew receives excellent reviews and is available in different colours and finishes. It earns our recommendation based on price and ease of use.

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Tong Wing Corkscrew

This Tong corkscrew is a sturdy ‘wing’-model manufactured from a zinc alloy with a rustproof stainless steel worm. A plastic washer allows the opener’s body to be comfortably located on the bottle top as the helix is screwed into the cork. To extend the corkscrew’s usefulness, the turning key has been designed to lift beer caps. A simple but useful tool in any home at an everyday price.

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Smaier Premium Waiter’s Corkscrew

Smaier’s corkscrew includes a sharp, serrated foil cutter and fold-out, beer-bottle opener. The body is constructed of stainless steel and the lever-arm that fits on the bottle-rim is double length for extra leverage. Unusually, the worm has a notch along its length that the manufacturer claims ‘reduces drag’ and makes it easier to penetrate a cork. This corkscrew is available with a rosewood handle or in an all-stainless steel version and is delivered in a presentation box that makes it suitable as an attractive gift for any wine drinker. The Smaier Premium Waiter’s Corkscrew is a sensibly-priced, solid choice of this design.

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Joseph Joseph BarWise Corkscrew

Joseph Joseph’s design adds useful features to a basic corkscrew: The ‘forked’ frame makes it easy to seat and hold the opener on the bottle top; the screw is non-stick coated; the helix is drilled down into the cork, and then lifted, by a continuous winding action; and a foil-cutter is included at the bottom end of each arm. The corkscrew is shipped in a presentation box. We like that this corkscrew does not require the user to have great skill or strength and believe its clever design justifies its slightly higher price.

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Popwinds Electric Wine Bottle Opener

The Popwinds Electric Wine Opener is powered by a lithium-ion battery, rechargeable via a USB cable supplied with the purchase. A small LED window indicates the battery level; a full charge is claimed to be sufficient to open 100 bottles. It features a Teflon-coated worm and a foil cutter in the cap. A transparent capsule helps seat the opener centrally on the bottle top, and it is illuminated in blue when the opener is in use. Pressing the power button rotates the worm, which continues to turn and withdraw the cork once it is tightly held. The Popwinds Electric Opener is available with a black, silver or red body. This is a great choice for anyone who has arthritic hands or, perhaps, simply wants an effortless way to open a bottle of wine.

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KitchenCraft Lever Arm Corkscrew

KitchenCraft’s Lever Corkscrew is delivered in an attractive presentation box with a foil cutter; bottle stopper; a black, metal stand; and a spare, non-stick-coated worm. It is manufactured from stainless steel. The outsides of the handles have cushion pads for a ‘soft-touch’ but otherwise this is an unrefined example of its type that can open a bottle in three seconds or less. It is a sturdy, bottle-opening opening machine that will be worth the extra cost to a regular wine drinker and should provide many years of good service.

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TOP-5 Best Electric Wine Openers in 2021 from £19 to £39 in the UK

If you are accustomed to using a manual corkscrew to open your favorite wine, chances are that sooner or later you may want to consider purchasing an electric wine bottle opener. Unlike a manual corkscrew, electric corkscrews can open a bottle of wine in seconds and require little to no hand strength, making them the ideal accessory for people who entertain frequently. Here, you’ll find the five best electric openers reviews from £19 to £39 worth buying.

What You Will Learn from This Guide:

Why do people choose an electric wine opener?

One important reason you might want to invest in an electric opener is that it can extract the cork from your wine bottle without shaking it. Shaking can stir up residue from the bottom of the bottle, causing an unpleasant taste. It can be difficult when you are using a manual opener to keep the bottle completely steady. Electric corkscrews allow you to place your bottle on a flat surface and remove the cork with less movement.

A second reason that many people decide to purchase an electric wine bottle opener is that they require minimal hand strength to operate. If you suffer from a condition like arthritis that affects your strength and dexterity, an electric opener can be your new best friend. Most of them can be operated with just a touch of a button and only require one hand to open a bottle within a few seconds.

What to look for when buying

  • The best wine openers have screws that are at least 1.75 inches long. This will ensure that the cork does not break. 
  • Make sure that the actual screw is a worm and not an auger. A worm looks like a coiled worm while an auger looks like a worm coiling around a nail. Augers tend to break the cork, leaving pieces of it floating around in your bottle.
  • Be sure to use the foil cutter first to remove the outer wrapping which will help to keep your appliance in tip-top shape.

Next, we are going to look at five of the best electric wine openers on the market and compare their features and benefits.

TOP-5 Best Electric Wine Openers

We’ve reviewed five different models which can open up to 45 bottles of wine on a single charge, from a simple one for $19 to a $39 electric opener with an air pump.

Secura SWO-3N Stainless Steel Electric Wine Opener Corkscrew Bottle Opener with Foil Cutter (Stainless Steel)

The Secura wine bottle opener is an attractive and useful household appliance that’s perfect for entertaining. The opener has a stainless-steel handle that fits comfortably into the palm of your hand and can remove a cork from your favorite wine in seconds. The built-in rechargeable battery can open up to 30 bottles of wine on one charge, and a handy foil cutter fits right on the base of the opener, so you will never misplace it. There is a transparent shell that surrounds the corkscrew which allows you to see when the cork has been removed from the bottle. The charging base features an eye-catching LED light that makes this appliance at home on the countertop or bar area.

Can you turn off the blue light?

Yes. You can unplug it when it is not charging.

How tall is this when it is sitting on the counter?

It stands about 10.5 Inches while charging in the base.

Will it work on large bottles of wine?

Yes. Provided the cork is standard size, which most are.

Is it noisy?

No. It is very quiet. It makes less noise than an electric can opener.

Does it work on plastic and rubber corks?

Yes. The opener can extract synthetic corks with no problem.


  • A one-year warranty
  • Easy push-button operation
  • asy to operate and doesn’t require much hand strength


  • Only for use within North America.
  • The rechargeable battery is not replaceable

Last update on 2021-10-03 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Secura: Check the current price

Oster Cordless Electric Wine Bottle Opener with Foil Cutter, FFP

The Oster cordless electric bottle opener can open up to 30 bottles of wine on one single charge, and its simple design allows you to remove a cork in seconds. The opener has a well-designed, soft-grip handle that fits comfortably in your hand and is simple to use. It can sit on the counter, a buffet or a bar without taking up much space. To fully recharge it, you should plan on six to eight hours after which point it should last for quite a while. An LED charging light on top and a power indicator light at the base will let you know once it has been fully charged. The opener comes in three stylish colors to match your home’s decor.

What colors can I get this in?

It comes in three finishes: Silver, Merlot or Champagne.

How tall is this when it is sitting on the counter?

It stands about 15 inches when sitting in its base.

Is the power adapter/charger dual voltage 110/220V?

UL approved for 110-120 voltage.

How long does it take to open a bottle of wine?

If you have already removed the foil, it takes about ten seconds.

Does it work on synthetic corks?

Yes. The opener can extract corks of any material.


  • Ships in frustration free packaging
  • One year limited warranty
  • Can be operated with one hand


  • Only for use within North America.
  • The rechargeable battery is not replaceable.

Oster: Check the current price

Vremi Electric Wine Opener Set / Automatic Wine Bottle Opener

The Vremi electric wine opener is the ideal accessory for entertaining as well as everyday use. Constructed of high-quality stainless steel and ABS rubber, this sturdy opener is made to last. It features a soft grip handle and a transparent shell around the opener so you can easily see when the cork has been extracted. An LED light lets you know your battery level. This opener comes with an accessory set that includes a wine pourer, foil cutter, and the charging base.

Does the opener have a light?

Yes, the light is red when it is charging and green once it has fully charged.

How tall is this when it is sitting on the counter?

This model stands about 9.4 inches in its charging base.

Is the power adapter/charger dual voltage 110/220V?


I want to give this as a gift. Does it come in a box?

Yes. It comes in a sturdy box that is suitable for gift giving.

Does it work on synthetic corks?

Yes. This corkscrew can extract corks of any material.


  • Easy, push-button operation
  • One year limited warranty
  • Sleek black and silver design


  • There are complaints that it won’t hold a charge
  • The rechargeable battery is not replaceable 

Last update on 2021-10-03 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Vremi: Check the current price

Munion Electric Wine Opener Automatic Corkscrew Wine Opener with Foil Cutter

The Munion electric wine opener can open 45 bottles of wine on a single charge. It is constructed of FDA certified, environmentally friendly stainless steel. It can remove a cork in eight seconds and takes only four hours to charge fully. Sturdy and sophisticated, the Munion has a 100% lifetime guarantee and a 2-year warranty. A bright blue LED light reminds you when it’s time to charge the device.

Will it work with one hand?

Yes. The opener is easy enough to use with one hand.

How tall is this when it is sitting on the counter?

This model stands about 9.1 inches.

Is the power adapter/charger dual voltage 110/220V?

The specifications for the power adapter are 100-240V, DC 4.2V, 500mA, 50/60Hz.

Does this come with a charging base?

There is no charging base. There is an enclosed lightning charger that plugs into a hole in the back of the unit and can be plugged into any outlet.

Does it work on synthetic corks?

Yes. This corkscrew can extract plastic, synthetic, or regular corks.


  • Charges quicker than most other models
  • Full two-year warranty
  • Makes an ideal gift for wine lovers


  • There are some complaints that it needs recharging often
  • The rechargeable battery is not replaceable

Last update on 2021-10-03 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Munion: Check the current price

BFULL Electric Wine Opener

This electric corkscrew from BFULL includes not only the wine bottle opener, but an air pump wine opener, two vacuum bottle stoppers, a wine pourer, and a foil cutter. The sleek design takes just a few seconds to open a bottle of wine. The cordless design means there are no charging docks or cords to worry about. All you need are four AA batteries to operate this opener. It comes in a nice organized gift box so you can keep all the accessories together in one spot. Lightweight and portable, this opener comes with a lifetime warranty.

Will it work with one hand?

Yes. This charger is simple to operate with one hand.

How tall is this when it is sitting on the counter?

It stands about 11.2 inches on the counter.

Is the power adapter charger dual voltage?

There is no power adapter for this electric corkscrew. It uses four AAA batteries.

What does the lifetime warranty mean?

If you are not happy for any reason, you can send it back for a full refund or a replacement.

Does it work on synthetic corks?

Yes. It works on all types of corks.


  • No need to wait for it to charge
  • Opens up to 80 bottles before needing to replace batteries
  • Comes in a nice gift box, ideal for giving


  • May be less powerful than corded versions
  • Takes batteries, so you may want to invest in rechargeable batteries

BFULL: Check the current price

Comparison Table of Electric Wine Openers

Product Weight Dimensions Made in Includes accessories
1.2 lbs. 12 x 2.7 x 7.5 inches China Foil cutter

1 lbs. 5.5 x 15 x 5.3 inches China Foil cutter
1.2 lbs. 9.4 x 3.5 x 3.5 inches China Wine Pourer, Foil Cutter
1.34 lbs. 2 x 2 x 9.1 inches China Foil Cutter
1.65 lbs. 11.2 x 8.3 x 2.7 inches China Foil Cutter, pourer, two stoppers, and an air pressure opener.

An electric opener can save you time and aggravation the next time you reach for your favorite Vino. And if you host a lot of events that require you to open multiple bottles of wine, an electric opener will likely become your new favorite kitchen appliance and save you valuable time so that you can mingle with your guests. Cheers!

Vacuum wine corkscrew – TSUT


The pneumatic wine corkscrew is undoubtedly a well-deserved success among professionals and amateurs. The popularity is easy to explain. The Pneumatic Corkscrew is a unique opener that is easy to use and affordable.

Opening the bottle with a corkscrew is easy. To do this, using a knife mounted in the cap of the pneumatic corkscrew, cut off the protective film on the neck of the bottle.Remove the cap from the air pump wine corkscrew and ignite the bottle cap. Gently pump the pump several times until the cork comes out of the bottle by itself. Remove the plug from the pneumatic corkscrew needle. And pour your Cabernet, Saperavi, Mattress, Merlot into beautiful glasses.


The pumped-in air will not only push out the cork, but also saturate the wine with air, enriching the aroma of the contents. No supernatural effort is required to open the bottle.The wine corkscrew is specially designed for comfortable and quick opening of bottles. A pneumatic wine corkscrew is much easier to use than a traditional wine corkscrew. Minimum effort and your bottle is open. The plug, when opened with a corkscrew with a pneumatic pump, does not crumble or break. It remains in your hands safe and sound. The cork can be reused for short-term storage of wine. By using a unique opener like the pneumatic wine corkscrew, you can safely open the bottle !!! Your clothes, table or tablecloth will always be clean and the holiday will never be ruined.


No accessories required for pneumatic wine corkscrew

With moderate use of a pneumatic corkscrew, its service life is not limited. The corkscrew will delight your children and grandchildren as they grow up with its safety and ease of use.

Keep the corkscrew out of the reach of small children. Do not let children play or give the wine corkscrew to children. Only open traditional bottles with a wine corkscrew.Before opening, be sure to check the bottle for cracks and chips. Never use a unique wine opener (wine corkscrew) to open champagne and sparkling wines, or wine bottles sealed with plastic corks.

Pneumatic wine opener is a good gift for any occasion for men or women. They will appreciate the originality of your thought.

How to open a bottle of wine without a corkscrew? 10 easy ways, photos and videos.

What if you don’t have a corkscrew at hand, but you need to open a bottle of wine? There are different ways to solve this problem, I’ll tell you about them below:

Method number 1. The simplest, and quite effective. In order to open a bottle of wine without a corkscrew in this way, you just need to hold the bottle horizontally with one hand, and gently tap the bottom of the bottle with the palm of your other hand.
If possible, wrap the bottom of the bottle with a towel (otherwise the bottle may break!) , and lightly tap the wall.With a successful combination of circumstances, in minutes the wine can already be poured into glasses. It is extremely rare, but it happens that this method takes too long, so we move on to the next method. I warn you again! You do not need to apply excessive force and knock on the bottom of the bottle with hard objects, otherwise the bottle will break.

Be careful! The bottle might break!

Method No. 4. If there is no corkscrew at hand, but there is a knife with a thin blade, then instead of a corkscrew, you can use a knife. With a knife blade, you need to carefully pierce the cork, and gently rotating, remove the cork from the bottle. That’s it, a bottle of wine was opened without a corkscrew with a knife.
Instead of a corkscrew, you can use a knife
Method No. 5. Open a bottle of wine without a corkscrew using a screwdriver, screw and pliers. Screw the screw into the bottle cap (just not the very end!), And using pliers, pull the screw together with the cap.
This method works for sure!

There is a modification of this method. Instead of a screw – nails, instead of pliers – a hammer. Carefully hammer in a few nails in a row.

I personally have not tried this method, but it undoubtedly works

Next, with the “claws” on the hammer, we take out the nails, and with them the cork.

Pliers seem more reliable to me

Method No. 6. Open the bottle of wine with a paper clip or any other piece of stiff wire. Straighten the paperclip, make a hook like a fishing hook. Place the hook between the cork and the neck of the bottle, hook it up, and pull it towards you. Ready! The bottle is open. True, sometimes one paper clip is not enough, so we move on to one more method.

Large paper clip

Method No. 7. Similar to the previous method, only 2 wire hooks are used, and any object such as a pen or pencil in order to make the stubborn cork easier to pull out.

This method should work
Method # 8. To open a bottle without a corkscrew in this way, you need any sharp object, such as a screwdriver, string or a piece of thin strong rope. First you need to make a knot at the end of the lace, then push the knot inside the cork, pull out a screwdriver, and pull the knot. The bottle is open! And no corkscrew is needed.
Great too!
Method No. 9. The bottle of wine can be opened with a syringe or ball pump. The principle here is this: you need to pierce the cork with a syringe or pump needle and pump air into the bottle. The plug will pop out under air pressure. The syringe needle must be thick enough, otherwise it may break or become clogged with a plug. And do not try to create too much pressure in the bottle, otherwise it may burst, so wrap the bottle in a towel.

Method No. 10. Somewhat shocking.Suitable for alcoholics who have shaking hands and want to drink. In this video, the dude offers to wrap a bottle in a towel, and then break it into a bowl. Well, this is the fastest way.

And now I propose an interesting video, which tells about almost all the methods described above. So, we are watching a video on how to open a bottle without a corkscrew.

Alexander Demidov / Radio Mayak

KOVALEVSKY: Friends, it is with great pleasure that we introduce our today’s guest.This is Alexander Demidov – a member of the “Quartet I”, actor and musician. Hello Sasha.


KOVALEVSKY: Let’s go according to the plan, as we agreed. No humor today. Because these eternal attempts of artists to joke …

DEMIDOV: To joke, yes, that everything is good with us, optimism, positive, we love each other, all the artists.

KOVALEVSKY: Yes, that’s not necessary.

DEMIDOV: Of course not.

KOVALEVSKY: Yes, especially since we also represent you as a musician.And the musicians, they have no humor at all.

DEMIDOV: Well, of course.

KOVALEVSKY: We have several questions at once.

KUZMINA: “We have” – ​​this is yours, Maxim.

KOVALEVSKY: Well, I am addressing myself with “you”.

DEMIDOV: Serious questions, of course.

KOVALEVSKY: Yes. Vera read me aloud, when we were preparing for the interview, Vera read that you …

DEMIDOV: That I am a woman. No?

KOVALEVSKY: That’s not the point.

DEMIDOV: Oh, not in this …

KOVALEVSKY: Yes. “Your shoulder strap fell …”

KUZMINA: No, we know that in theater productions you play women more often than others. But not about that now.

KOVALEVSKY: Not about that, no. I just don’t remember, as a child, right?

KUZMINA: As a child, as a child. And not only in childhood. It depends on what you want to ask, Max.

DEMIDOV: I had my childhood, by the way. It was very serious.

KOVALEVSKY: Not everyone was so lucky.And as a child you loved lying …

KUZMINA: It’s just a hobby, a hobby in general.

KOVALEVSKY: Oh, generally a hobby. So …

DEMIDOV: Just don’t talk about it.

KOVALEVSKY: No, I want to say something else.

DEMIDOV: Yes, I understand.

KOVALEVSKY: And this is a hobby, everyone has it, teenagers, so why be ashamed? So you, lying in the bath …

KUZMINA: You are giving an interview.

KOVALEVSKY: Anyway, we read this from Time magazine.

DEMIDOV: Yes, that’s right.

KOVALEVSKY: Lying in the bath, you give interviews, and you give interviews by others, not like you usually do with jokes, but you give serious, deep …

DEMIDOV: Of course, of course, this is very serious. And what incredible questions I ask myself!


DEMIDOV: Very deep, philosophical, very personal. I don’t know, in psychology it is believed that this is some kind of cleansing, relaxation.


DEMIDOV: Bath, yes.

KUZMINA: Do you have a combined bathroom?

DEMIDOV: I have several cases combined.

KOVALEVSKY: Actor-musician, bath-toilet.

DEMIDOV: In general, when we were not media and popular artists. I, I speak to myself.

KOVALEVSKY: You too, by the way, call yourself “you”.

DEMIDOV: I myself am “we”. We, that is, I, gave ourselves interviews, asked ourselves questions and answered them wonderfully. I just told the guys about it when we came up with plays and performances, and for some reason they got hooked on it, and they took everyone, bastards, and trumpeted.

KOVALEVSKY: And they trumpeted that you, lying in the bath, were giving an interview.

DEMIDOV: That I, lying in the bath, yes, I also do this – I give interviews. Here. This is indeed the case.

KOVALEVSKY: In what mood do you come to interviews?

KUZMINA: Which one?

KOVALEVSKY: What is what?

KUZMINA: What kind of interview are you talking about?

KOVALEVSKY: Well, what, this is the thousandth interview. Going to the next interview …

KUZMINA: And, going to this interview … Sorry, please, I can’t hear well.

DEMIDOV: Am I getting ready for him, am I taking a bath?

KOVALEVSKY: No, how do you tune in, that here’s another interview, now there will be some moronic questions, and what kind of presenters … Or is it “on the drum” at all? You turn on some kind of machine, turn on the engine …

DEMIDOV: Well, I turn on the motor, yes, the motor, the car. I don’t give a damn. But there is a danger that there will be moronic questions and a moronic presenter.


DEMIDOV: Of course.Very rarely is a person in the material, very rarely a person asks normal questions. Especially lately, the questions boil down to the following: your favorite incident in the bathhouse, or your favorite incident on tour.

KOVALEVSKY: Oh, well, that’s very interesting.

KUZMINA: No, here are the plans for the future …

DEMIDOV: Are you a musician? Favorite time you’ve ever written a song? And your favorite time, when you were on the subway or on the road …

KOVALEVSKY: Well, I see, I see.

DEMIDOV: And you start, that is …

KOVALEVSKY: Here’s about “being in the material.” Do I need to be in the material?

DEMIDOV: It is necessary.

KOVALEVSKY: You know, Nastya Zadorozhnaya came to us yesterday, I confused her altogether. With whom did I confuse her? .. With another singer in general. For me, Nastya Zadorozhnaya was a blank sheet. And we got a great interview, because we didn’t know anything about her at all.

KUZMINA: Because the whole thing was in Nastya Zadorozhnaya.

DEMIDOV: No, first of all, here it’s a matter of the personalities of both the hosts and the guest, probably, we will still count. That is, statistically speaking, the less I know a person, the better the interview will be …

KOVALEVSKY: Not a fact.

DEMIDOV: Not a fact, not a fact. Well, you just need to know who came to you.

KOVALEVSKY: Wait a second, who in our country does not know the member of the “Quartet I”, actor and musician Alexander Demidov?

DEMIDOV: Well, in general, it depends on what it affects.If you read the information about a person, and then your questions come down to actually why the quartet is called “Quartet I”, because I read that you are an artist of the theater “Quartet I”, why there are four of you, what year are you … Well, then it is difficult here …

KUZMINA: But today we still wanted to talk about music.

KOVALEVSKY: But not only.

DEMIDOV: But you started with the bathroom.

KUZMINA: Because we have a musical quest. And this means – in the second part of the program we will ask ten questions around music.

DEMIDOV: Yeah, then it will become clear how ignorant I am in music.

KOVALEVSKY: Well, Sasha, this is such a definite psychotest.

DEMIDOV: Let’s define ourselves. Actually, do you know something about me or not? Will we be able to have an interview today or not?

KOVALEVSKY: Well, for 10 minutes now we have been saying something, yes.

DEMIDOV: We say something, we even smile, despite the fact that we have said something.

KOVALEVSKY: Sometimes even jokes slip through.

DEMIDOV: Something is slipping, yes.

KOVALEVSKY: Do you know what interests me greatly? In general, four people are already a rather complex team, where there are all kinds of interactions.

DEMIDOV: Well, this is a group story.

KOVALEVSKY: Here I am, thinking about the “Quartet I” every time, I think how fortunate that the guys found each other, that this is how they coincide. The thing is that we also had a quartet, we worked at Mayak …

KUZMINA: Oh patient, I understand, we will wait.

KOVALEVSKY: I, Vera, will now tell the whole story. No, indeed, we have gathered a magnificent, as it seemed to us at first, a team. Four like-minded people, all different. We began to make a grandiose, great show of a great country.

KUZMINA: You didn’t have a curly hair, Max.

KOVALEVSKY: Well, it doesn’t matter. Then one fell off.

DEMIDOV: By the way, I would like to know: actually what – grandmothers, envy, who is in charge, women?

KOVALEVSKY: Well, some insults, some internal, you know, inconveniences.

DEMIDOV: Well, that is, they are not completely adapted.

KOVALEVSKY: Definitely not adapted. And every time I thought about you, that there is “Quartet I”, where four normal, young, nice guys found each other like that, found their theme, found some common ground, here is the line of humor. It took you a long time to get to where you came to?

DEMIDOV: Well, now we can talk about it: how they fit together, complement each other, how they found it … Just yesterday at the shooting some actors also told me about this.

KOVALEVSKY: Is that so? That is the question.

DEMIDOV: Is it really so? But in the process of how we found each other, found, adjusted or, on the contrary, argued, swore, no one had: we are looking for each other now, or we are trying to feel each other, or we are now crystallizing that humor or that atmosphere. This is now, when our theater will soon be 20 years old, and so 25 years as we know each other, because behind another five years of the institute in which we studied, it is already possible to draw some conclusions that we are such a team.And we all passed. We are like a family: we fought, we left each other.

KOVALEVSKY: It was, right?

DEMIDOV: Yes. That is, we had everything except sex. And how it all grew together, combined, lined up, it is impossible to give any one here … This happened because I listened to Slava, or there Slava swore and argued with Lesha, or Kamil from Volgograd, guys from Odessa, and I’m from Ryazan … Or is there multinational blood: Tatar, Jew and Russian. Or just short, shaggy, bald and oriental.Any conclusion that can be drawn here, it goes there. And on the other hand, this is not the main reason for this.

KOVALEVSKY: But there were situations when someone slammed the door and said: everything?

DEMIDOV: Yes, I left the theater two or three times, left and said: that’s it!

KOVALEVSKY: Are you hysterical?

DEMIDOV: I’m hysterical, yes.

KOVALEVSKY: And what brought you back then?

DEMIDOV: Guys. They said: well, don’t …

KOVALEVSKY: What are you hysterical …

DEMIDOV: Why are you hysterical, calm down! Calm down, we feel bad without you, you will be without us too.

KOVALEVSKY: So you are the most difficult in the team?

DEMIDOV: No, no. I just sometimes, three times was hysterical and left, that’s all. And the rest are complicated in something else.


DEMIDOV: Yes. No, we had a period when we just … Well, first of all, there are not four of us, but five, there is also a director – the main director of our theater, Seryozha Petreikov. The five of us went everywhere. So we did everything: costumes – together, to build scenery – together, to put up posters – together.And then we got tired of each other. Then there was a period when we became … We rested together. Then there was a period when we could not, just not rest together. “Where are you going?” – “I will not say”.

KUZMINA: God forbid to meet at the airport.

DEMIDOV: And as a result, we all meet in Egypt, all with our wives, practically in the same hotel.

KUZMINA: We pretend that we do not know them.

DEMIDOV: Yes. Therefore, we had many moments when … For example, someone was in charge.

KOVALEVSKY: This is also a good point.

DEMIDOV: Now I bring in more money, because I was selling “Quartet” in night clubs. 90s, we still cost $ 30. That is a nightmare, lack of money. Kamil sells trays, I do dock shelters for car tires, Lesha from Odessa sends chewing gum, which he bought from gypsies, he gives it to commercial tents. Seryozha Petreikov rents an apartment for Herzen for $ 700 to the American Embassy, ​​and we use this money to make costumes for ourselves.It was different. Someone took responsibility. Are we dying? No! Seryozha comes: “I have money, I rented out an apartment. Come on, we sew new costumes!” My wife sews, I iron them before the performance. And that’s all … Now, if you tell it, you can, of course, already write an interesting history of “Quartet I”, and there will be many tragedies.

KOVALEVSKY: Listen, well, that’s cool! Well this is for real!

DEMIDOV: And there will be canceled performances, there will be departures, there will be a lot of things.

KOVALEVSKY: As for the leader, do you have one? Or everyone, everyone tried it?

DEMIDOV: Everyone at one time was not exactly a leader, but he took on some part of the responsibility, without which the Quartet would not exist.For example, when we were not yet leading, as it is now fashionable, corporate parties, but we needed to survive, we began to conduct weddings. And we were really afraid. In addition to the fact that we had the only graduation performance where we were not afraid to go out yet: five years of the institute, you are an artist, you go out. And to have a wedding in the 90s was very scary. We were tongue-tied, we couldn’t connect two words, we were afraid because … well, we were just afraid. Our hands were shaking, we had to drink wine or something, and somehow then we had to drink with everyone at this wedding.That is some kind of nightmare! And Camille is the only one who … We bought him a tuxedo for $ 100, and he was leading weddings in this tuxedo. It was incredibly difficult.

KOVALEVSKY: And the money for the common fund?

DEMIDOV: In the common fund, yes, we have everything in the common fund.

KOVALEVSKY: Well, great!

DEMIDOV: Then they began to conduct together, then Slava and Lesha. But Camille was the first to rush to the embrasure.

KOVALEVSKY: And you had a moment when you sat down and so reasonably decided: there should be someone in charge in our team.Well, someone must be a leader, whom everyone must listen to, otherwise we will crawl …

DEMIDOV: We let each other feel that you are in charge. That is, I sometimes caught a “star”, honestly, and thought: well, without me there would be no “Quartet”. It’s just real, because I came up with the theater, I came to the theater with Lesha, and Lesha and I came to the course and said: let’s make a theater. If I had not offered to come up with this, to create a team, it would not exist. So it all started with me. Who came up with the letter “I”? I came up with the letter “I”.And that’s all, so I talk about it everywhere. So, if it weren’t for me … I just drove these founders. Then you can ask Slava, and he will say: sorry, but who keeps all the finances in his head and who negotiates with bank directors, travels to meetings, produces? Who is writing now? Previously, five people wrote. Seryozha, Slava and Lesha are writing now. And who led the weddings then, without which there would be no first money? And who … And so on, and so on. Everyone, it turns out, did something, without which this whole would not exist.

KUZMINA: A huge number of messages about ticket policy.

KOVALEVSKY: A fresh question, huh?

DEMIDOV: Yes, third place in Moscow in terms of ticket prices.

KUZMINA: In order to close this question, so that, apparently, now you can contact you with this question … In the 90s it was still possible to contact you.

DEMIDOV: In the 90s – yes, we had a lot of free seats.

KUZMINA: People are worried that it is very expensive, do not approach.

DEMIDOV: Well, do not approach, yes.

KUZMINA: Do you organize charity concerts?

DEMIDOV: We don’t.Here, in addition to talking about creativity, we can say that we are normal people and we earn money and are not ashamed of it. That is, when we are told: you made a film, you probably wanted to express … Yes, we wanted to express, but we also wanted to make money, that’s okay.

KOVALEVSKY: Absolutely.

DEMIDOV: And here it all goes right next to it. It is not that creativity comes first, or only money comes first; creativity, and money, and popularity, and success come first.

KOVALEVSKY: Well, that’s okay.

DEMIDOV: No, but they still talk about it somehow: you know, I’m investing in this now, I played this role almost for free, because there was a good team there … Now it’s very fashionable to say: I’ve been filming in shit in anything, but here I am … And we are engaged in creativity and earn money. Therefore, tickets are expensive, the tickets are sold by speculators. We have 600 seats in the hall, and the hall is always full, at all performances. And we are not raising it on purpose.Well, demand creates supply.

KUZMINA: Maybe the hall has more than 600 seats?

DEMIDOV: Maybe on tour. We at the BKZ in St. Petersburg collect 2.5 thousand, in the Gorky Palace of Culture on Narvskaya – 1800-2000 thousand.

KUZMINA: And the ticket price does not depend on the hall? That is, for 600 seats or 2.5 thousand?

DEMIDOV: Of course it depends. That is, for example, in the case of the tour there, it is clear that in the 1800-seat auditorium there is an opportunity for more democratic politics and a wider one.

KUZMINA: Friends, everything is very simple: we buy tickets for the Moscow – Taganrog train …

DEMIDOV: St. Petersburg, Samara, Volgograd, Chelyabinsk.

KUZMINA: And it will come out cheaper for you than going to Moscow. Fine!

DEMIDOV: Yes, yes.

KOVALEVSKY: Sash, are we going okay for now?

DEMIDOV: So far we are going normally. Where are we going?

KUZMINA: Tell us about “Bobrov” …

KOVALEVSKY: Wait, we have to listen to the song.

KUZMINA: Already? What’s the song this time?

DEMIDOV: Philosophy. The song is called “Ivan the Fool”. About Ivan the Fool.

KUZMINA: A real man with a masculine character, Alexander Demidov.

DEMIDOV: Yes, it’s me!

KUZMINA: Actor, screenwriter, cameraman, musician …

DEMIDOV: Why am I an operator? So I would like to tell a funny story …

KUZMINA: Do you want to tell us about your camera work?

DEMIDOV: Well, I can tell you about it myself.Sometimes they say to me: now in our studio there is a guest cameraman Alexander Demidov. I think: from where? Then it turns out: there is some kind of encyclopedia of theatrical …

KUZMINA: Theater operators.

DEMIDOV: In short, the information is as follows. So how was the Quartet I theater created? Already formed artists Leonid Barats and Rostislav Hait from Odessa in 1992 met the already formed operator Alexander Demidov and created the theater “Quartet I” … operator.That is, the maximum that I filmed is my naked son a year. Lord, what did I just say? Now they will think too … A naked son a year … Well, he just swam.

KUZMINA: Do you want more information? As a cameraman, Demidov participated in the 2007 film “Bear Hunt”.

DEMIDOV: Stunned!

KUZMINA: This is a quote from your interview.

DEMIDOV: Cool, cool! Here it is – honey bears, their whole excursion, an expedition to the Altai mountains, I remember it … My friends, I have never filmed any “Bear Hunt” or “Jerboa Escape” there, never! I am not a cameraman, I am an artist.I’m not even a musician, I just sing.

KUZMINA: So, friends, let’s move on to the musical quest. Today Sasha Demidov performs with us as a musician.

DEMIDOV: Yes, now I will play the banjo for you.

KUZMINA: Yes, and by the way, you write: whoever sings, I cannot find the song that was sounded before the news. So who sang this song, Alexander?


KUZMINA: Together with the “Beavers”?


KOVALEVSKY: Here the question is: where to find her?

DEMIDOV: On my website: ADEMIDOV.RU.

KUZMINA: You can easily download it.

KOVALEVSKY: Free download?

DEMIDOV: Of course. And, there is also a clip, seven thousand people watched, “Ivan the Fool” on the Internet, on YouTube.

KOVALEVSKY: Sasha, I’m thinking, really, I swear, I don’t understand …

DEMIDOV: How could I become an operator? Let’s talk about it. Well, I understand: a musician, well, an artist, well, a person makes some jokes, but as an operator, “Bear Hunt” … I went on a bear hunt.

KOVALEVSKY: Maybe just a DVR in the car? No, I swear I don’t understand. Do you have a holiday today, now, in the coming days – yesterday, today, tomorrow?

DEMIDOV: No, I was filming tonight until 6 in the morning. In general, we have a holiday, yes. We have now parted ways until May 16, we will not have any performances.

KOVALEVSKY: Do you have a holiday apart?

DEMIDOV: A holiday apart, yes. Although Slava and Lesha, they studied at school for ten years and are still resting together, now they flew somewhere to Spain to play football, watch football.

KOVALEVSKY: When is your holiday? You have just mentioned, let’s once again for the radio listeners that you are planning a concert tour in Siberia.

DEMIDOV: Yes, yes. Omsk, Tomsk, Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk, Tyumen.

KOVALEVSKY: When is this?

DEMIDOV: This is from around May 24, five cities.

KOVALEVSKY: Oh, well, that is, just about.

KUZMINA: Why did you decide that this is a holiday?

KOVALEVSKY: Yes, I’m failing right now. So a tour.

DEMIDOV: Yes, personal, creative, personal, with the musicians of the “Beavers” group.

KOVALEVSKY: Personal, separate from the Quartet.

DEMIDOV: The repertoire in the theater is about 10 out of 12 performances per month.

KOVALEVSKY: Here, and now we come: when is the holiday in life?

DEMIDOV: But I don’t know what a rest is. Now I’m not pretending to be some incredible workaholic, gifted with different talents (although this is so). I’m just real … Soon my family and I will go on vacation, with my son and my wife, literally for May.And really, I will be there to study my son, I will not rest. I will study my son, strum the guitar, compose, invent something. That is, such a special rest … I do not know how to rest.

KOVALEVSKY: Well, do you have a dacha there?

DEMIDOV: Dacha, yes, dacha. But at the dacha, there has been mainly construction for the last 15 years, this is also not a vacation. I changed the sixth superintendent.

KUZMINA: Listen, maybe you don’t get tired?

DEMIDOV: I’m tired, tired.

KOVALEVSKY: What is the source of energy?

DEMIDOV: Before, it was constant communication with the Quartet, practically around the clock, all holidays and all weekdays – all together.Then we began to try less to see each other. This is a gym, a bathhouse, these are all the summer cottages – buy a new lawn mower, change the foreman, make this tile, then this one … I still build and build everything, I just can’t finish it.

KUZMINA: And then, if you recall the interviews in the bathroom, they should be interspersed somehow …

DEMIDOV: Interviews in the bathroom, by the way, really help. Both in the toilet and in the bathroom – I have expanded these boundaries.

KUZMINA: Do you give interviews to different people here and there?

DEMIDOV: Different, yes, different.
KUZMINA: It seems to me that we need to move on to the musical quest.

DEMIDOV: Yes, by the way, and music, of course, music. I rented my studio, where I am recording my second album and I get incredible, colossal pleasure.

KUZMINA: Demidov studio?

DEMIDOV: Well, yes. Not a studio, just a producer

KOVALEVSKY: No, that’s why I asked? Because I understand perfectly well, I am exactly the same in character. Well, what is rest? What is this – a bulldozing? It’s not about anything.

DEMIDOV: I don’t understand rest in a primitive sense. Like, for example, I envy my wife, for whom rest is to go shopping. Or there is a rest – lying on the beach with glasses.

KOVALEVSKY: Yes, yes. You can go crazy!

DEMIDOV: Or lying on the beach wearing different glasses. Or, for example, drink juice for a long time.

KUZMINA: I envy, because she can find in this …

DEMIDOV: Or choose salads.

KUZMINA: No, well, she is resting like that.

DEMIDOV: So I’m talking about this, I say: I envy, I sincerely envy. I’m not saying that this is stupidity and idiocy there …

KUZMINA: Because you cannot find your own kind of rest to rest?

DEMIDOV: Well, it turns out that my type of recreation is active: a gym, a sauna, communication, music. Now I’m actively shaking my hands.

KOVALEVSKY: Sasha, you can’t see the gym at all.

DEMIDOV: Not visible, right?

KOVALEVSKY: I apologize for such a revelation, but …

DEMIDOV: Well, again, there is no certain fanaticism to be seen.For tone, for tone. Friends, you know how I look now if they told me: the gym is not visible at all. You can’t see the gym at all …

KUZMINA: Max, Max, there is a special attachment on the stomach that makes cubes. You remove it for a few minutes – the cubes remain.

KOVALEVSKY: Is that so?

DEMIDOV: We apparently have one cube with him – a cube.

KOVALEVSKY: Now the picture goes on the Internet like this: a guy is standing, photographed, he has glass jars here, and here are plastic cubes …

KUZMINA: Musical quest, friends, we won’t make it in time.

KOVALEVSKY: Okay, come on your quest, come on.

KUZMINA: So, question number 1. Translated from Latin, the name of this musical mode means “small”.

DEMIDOV: I don’t know what “small” is.

KUZMINA: One of two frets along with the major harmonic key.


KUZMINA: Along with the major, one of the two …



DEMIDOV: Oh, these are simple questions, right?

KOVALEVSKY: The questions are simple.What were you thinking?

DEMIDOV: No, well, I thought that I would win the car after all.

KOVALEVSKY: Alexander, the questions are simple, the rules of the game are complicated. Look, you get five dollars for the correct answer.

DEMIDOV: And for a wrong one you get five dollars.

KOVALEVSKY: No, no, pay 50 for the wrong one.

DEMIDOV: Oh, 50, I get it.

KOVALEVSKY: Usually 100. Do you feel how we respect you?

DEMIDOV: I feel.

KUZMINA: In 1975 …

DEMIDOV: When I was five years old …

KUZMINA: When the bathroom was still separate, ninth-graders of secondary school No. 36 formed the “Spots” group. At first the guys played the songs “Credence”, “T Rex” and “Rolling Stones” at the dances. And after graduating from school, the whole ensemble entered the Sverdlovsk Construction College.

DEMIDOV: And I became the Chaif ​​group.


DEMIDOV: These are my fellow countrymen. I moved from Yekaterinburg to Ryazan, so that later it was closer to moving to Moscow.

KUZMINA: Do you also call Yekaterinburg Yoburg?

DEMIDOV: Yes, Eburg.

KUZMINA: The great Beethoven had a strange habit, which eventually turned into a whole ritual. Before sitting down to compose, each time he (there are three possible answers): he drank a bottle of white wine from Tuscany, ate rotten apples, or dipped his head into a basin of ice water.



DEMIDOV: Water. That is the head.What, did he eat rotten apples?

KUZMINA: He really lowered his head into a basin of ice water.

DEMIDOV: Seizing apples and washing down with wine.

KOVALEVSKY: The best and most witty people in our country live in Yekaterinburg.

DEMIDOV: I’m not really a native of Yekaterinburg. I lived there until I was seven, then moved to Ryazan. I say it again as a joke: to move closer it was to Moscow.

KOVALEVSKY: But all the same, but the roots, roots …

DEMIDOV: Yekaterinburg roots, yes.

KOVALEVSKY: I have a wife from there.

DEMIDOV: That’s it. And that’s why I’m here, that’s why I’m here.

KUZMINA: Which of the following instruments does not have pedals: physical harmony, harp, timpani, mandolin?

DEMIDOV: Pedals? Well, there are several of them. The mandolin, in my opinion, has no pedals.


DEMIDOV: The point is that I worked on a mandolin. I’m kidding.

KUZMINA: When the operator, at the same moment.

DEMIDOV: When I was the operator of “Bear Hunt”, there I play an expressionist mandolinist.

KUZMINA: And I shoot at the same time.

DEMIDOV: Next question!

KUZMINA: On February 26, 2011 this group won the right to represent their country at the Eurovision Song Contest with the song So Lucky. The composition went to the finals and took 12th place in it, scored 97 points. What is this group?

DEMIDOV: I don’t remember.

KUZMINA: Moldavian.

DEMIDOV: Moldavian? Zdob Si Zdub.


DEMIDOV: These are my friends, they were at my concert in one club, they sang.Great guys! And we flew with them from Yekaterinburg and nearly crashed on the plane.

KOVALEVSKY: Listen, Sasha, wait, you will have time for the next question. But I’m curious. Well, it has grown together with the “I Quartet”. Is it important with musicians that this also grows together?

DEMIDOV: Yes, it is important. Here are the guys from “Bobrov”, we also fought with them, and I did not behave very well several times, and so did they. I’m talking about the bad moments of creativity and life. But then I thought: now we are going to break up with them, the first album was behind our shoulders, and I think: now I will recruit removable musicians.Everyone tells me: what are you talking about, but spit on them, well, no need, let’s recruit musicians, that’s enough! At thirty or fifty dollars. I began to recruit musicians. Not that!

KOVALEVSKY: Doesn’t work, right?

DEMIDOV: Doesn’t work! I understand that Seryozha and Volodya are coming, and no one better than them, after a certain intensity of passions and disputes, will write these tales. Again, I’m talking about my work, not very incredible. But in my narrow understanding of this work and creativity, we work with them.And no matter who I recruited, and did not arrange castings, and no matter how advised or recommended, it turned out badly. Either the person is trapped on stage, or he sings not so well, or he is not creative. That is, there must be some kind of chemistry. It happened in the Quartet and it still exists today.

KOVALEVSKY: Yes, yes. But on the other hand, after all, there are moments in life when even in our already old age, pre-retirement, there are such meetings when you meet a person and coincide with him – either in work or in the human sense.

DEMIDOV: It happens, yes, it happens.

KOVALEVSKY: Didn’t it happen with the musicians?

DEMIDOV: Yes, we got along with the “Beavers”, that’s it.

KOVALEVSKY: Did you bring the disc as a gift in principle?

DEMIDOV: Of course.

KOVALEVSKY: We would like to present it to the listeners. No, let’s really give it. Do you still have it?

DEMIDOV: Of course, I left 17 more albums on the street.

KOVALEVSKY: Are they lying in the jeep?

DEMIDOV: Yes, in the jeep.Yesterday, on the set, one guy asked for this disc for a long time, because the exclusive edition, only a little bit left. I brought it to him. So, there are actors sitting there and saying: do you have only one such disc? I say: can you imagine, right? Of course not. And I take out my suitcase and start distributing it to everyone.

KUZMINA: You know, there are comrades who appear here and immediately throw away baseball caps, T-shirts with their …

DEMIDOV: Yes, yes, openers.

KOVALEVSKY: Really, the pictures are all drawn with a ballpoint pen, right?

DEMIDOV: No, they seem to be drawn.These are sketches in the fields, when a little boy is there at school, he draws.

KUZMINA: By the way, she draws well.

DEMIDOV: Yes, women, cars, pistols, gangsters.

KOVALEVSKY: Well, whoever sends the first SMS: “I want a disc” will receive the disc.

DEMIDOV: Oh, that’s it! Cool! Good quiz! “I want a disk …”

KUZMINA: Friends, let’s get even quickly with the musical quest. So what do we have left here? The group made its first attempt to make an album in 1998.In the sailors’ club of Sevastopol they recorded the collection “Everything will pass, dear” of nine songs, with a circulation of 300 copies. The cassettes had to be sold by hand. What group are we talking about?

DEMIDOV: Underwood.

KUZMINA: And then you have to say: these are my friends …

DEMIDOV: These are my friends, they were at my concert on October 22, the guys are wonderful. Now they have written one beautiful song for me. These are wonderful guys!

KUZMINA: Do you feel how the interview is going?

DEMIDOV: Of course.

KUZMINA: We know what you will answer: these are my friends.

DEMIDOV: I understand, yes. But you knew that my favorite band is “Underwood” and the mandolin.

KUZMINA: Whose blood … The smile changed … Whose blood was used to print comics?

DEMIDOV: Whose blood? Are there any answer options? Human, animal?

KUZMINA: To promote the first comic about themselves, this group donated blood and mixed it with red ink at the publishing house of the comic.

DEMIDOV: Well, I’m at a loss, it’s something …

KUZMINA: Members of the Kiss group.

DEMIDOV: Yes, I wanted to say, but I forgot.

KUZMINA: No, well, we’ll know, it’s really interesting.

DEMIDOV: Interesting.

KUZMINA: Max, what song are words? Let’s!


KUZMINA: Well, quote the words so that Sasha can guess the song.

KOVALEVSKY: Ah-ah … “Bells ring as loudly at a gallop, white snow beckons into the distance. I love to ring the reins to the beat. How great it is to roll on light sledges!”

DEMIDOV: Nekrasov.

KUZMINA: “Jingle Bans” is written in Russian.

DEMIDOV: “Accident”? “B2”?

KUZMINA: Alexey Kortnev, Bells.

DEMIDOV: Alexey Kortnev, Bells.

KOVALEVSKY: Isn’t that your friend by chance?

DEMIDOV: My friend, yes, Lesha Kortnev. This is the person who told me: “Sasha, let’s sing. You write complete nonsense, but I like one song,” he said. And I began to sing.

KUZMINA: By the way, do you follow how, for example, Nonna sings in the main role in musicals? Been somewhere, no?

DEMIDOV: Yes, I was with her.In general, she recorded one song with me. She takes an active part in all my musical actions.

KUZMINA: We are now talking about Nonna Grishaeva.

DEMIDOV: About Nonna Grishaeva, yes. A wonderful singer. By the way, she has released a disc of her songs.

KOVALEVSKY: Also a phenomenon for me Nonna. How she manages everything, I do not understand!

DEMIDOV: Young husband.

KUZMINA: A-a-a … Semyon Semyonitch …

KOVALEVSKY: Everything is clear …

KUZMINA: Will we hear the second song from you today? What’s the song?

DEMIDOV: Song “What Men Talk About”.Naturally, it is already clear for those who watched the first film or sequel what this song is about.

KUZMINA: Will there be a sequel? Is the most popular question.

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