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0_ When you want a pop of color in your outdoor living space, these pillow covers . hammock. Made from durable silicone, this set of eight coasters also comes with a wine bottle coaster, so you .

1_ The supportive pillow comes with a soft, machine-washable cover . up to six wine bottles at a time, or hang it in your bathroom to create storage space for six rolled-up towels. Made from .

2_ The protectors are made with breathable . Choose from colors like turquoise, black, and pink. Scrub baby bottles, sports bottles, wine decanters, and even flower vases with this bottle brush.

3_ The towels are made from a proprietary fabric called Aquitex that’s composed of ultra-fine fibers (finer than silk . from the personalized wine suggestions. Each bottle has extensive tasting .

4_ Earrings made . wine club — and we think it’s the best one you can belong to overall. Members take a wine palate profile quiz and then choose from the personalized wine suggestions. Each .

5_ as well as silk pillowcases – and there are even plans being made for a silk skincare and haircare collection. Cotton and synthetic pillowcases can create friction as you sleep, resulting in .

6_ This stunning wine and cheese board set is the perfect way to encourage your favorite doc to relax and enjoy life. The wine bottle shaped . This 10 x 14 inch sign is made of sturdy aluminum .

7_ You’ll find all you need here for curls, kinks, and waves. Within the hair care accessories range, is this mulberry silk pillowcase. The smooth surface reduces frizz commonly caused by friction.

8_ But true to the Memento Mori name, and its imploring to “remember to live,” he was told to bottle it and not . of top Napa vineyards. The wine is being made by Sam Kaplan, who has been .

9_ And as dedicated shopping experts, we made our list versatile . The design is classic and elegant, with black silk moire binding and a shimmering foil-stamped cover. A lovely Christmas gift .

handmade silk wine bottle covers

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Custom Bottle Koozies Wholesale Neoprene Bottle Sleeve

Custom Bottle Koozies

Custom Bottle koozies are the easiest modern and cost-effective way to show your ideas or brand. Your logo or design printed on neoprene bottle koozies will likely never get thrown away, but tend to be kept, collected and shared for many years by the people take them home.

Order Custom Neoprene koozies from Neoprener

1. Quantity: Generally, the quantity of each product is 1000. If the quantity of customer demand is lower than the initial quantity, the unit price will rise slightly.
2. Quotation: Please contact the salesman for quotation according to the demand. If it is the customer’s own style, it is better to provide physical samples so that we can calculate the exact price. If you only supply the picture, we can only estimate the approximate price. We can give you the final offer after you confirm the sample. 
3. Proofing: It will take 2-4 days for us to finish the sample after the artwork is confirmed.
4. Contract: Both parties confirm the style, quantity, unit price, color, material, LOGO manufacturing process and delivery time of the products ordered, and then sign the order contract. All matters shall be governed by the provisions of the contract.
5. Delivery: Generally, the delivery time of for big order is about 15 days. It will takes more time for special materials and colors. If there is an urgent demand for goods, we may try to make it in advance.
6. Packing: Single package is packed by OPP bag (transparent plastic bag). High quality and durable carton is selected to prevent product damage in transit.
7. Payment: 30% deposit is required when placing an order. Before delivery, we can inspect the goods at our factory and arrange delivery after paying 70% balance.

If you want to know more, please check custom neoprene koozies.

Wholesale Neoprene Bottle Koozies

As a manufacturer located in the Dongguang of china, where is the biggest base producing Neoprene Products.  We could wholesale neoprene bootle koozies at a cheap price. If you order them in bulk, we will give you a favorable discount.  Our company use high quality neoprene material and adopts advanced sewing printing equipment to produce first-class products.

Glass Bottles | Wholesale & Bulk

Protect your products with wholesale glass bottles that keep contents fresh and prevent contamination. Glass does not react with other chemicals, which makes it a good fit for a large variety of products, including food and beverages. Due to its rigidity, glass is easy to stack during shipping and storage. It’s a durable material that retains its strength over time and is not affected by repeated use or recycling. Glass is 100 percent reusable and has one of the fastest turnover times as it can be recycled within 30 days, making it a smart choice for the environmentally conscientious company. 

Are Glass Bottles Suitable for Storing Alcoholic Beverages?

Due to their nonporous nature, which makes them impermeable, glass beverage bottles are commonly used to store alcohol because they preserve the taste and aroma of their contents. Glass protects the alcohol from outside contaminants, and glass bottles with corks prevent content alteration through exposure to air by creating a tight seal at the bottle’s neck. Darker colors such as amber and blue are best suited for packaging alcohol such as beer and wine, as they create a barrier between your product and light exposure.

Types of Reusable Glass Bottles

Glass bottles come in many shapes and sizes and can be paired with a variety of practical tops. Glass decanters that have fluted necks and a label panel are a good choice for sauces, coffees, and juices. Add aesthetic appeal to your packaging with frosted glass bottles that are chemically frosted to prevent the exterior from deterioration. Large glass bottles, such as growlers with finger loops, can be paired with screw caps and used to package beer or other beverages. No matter what you plan to fill our empty glass bottles with, we have the shape, size, and color to fit your needs.

Why Choose Berlin Packaging?

Berlin Packaging takes care of extra services such as label design and warehouse storage.

We also manage the supply chain for you, including tracking delivery and ensuring product quality. Our team of professionals will maintain your inventory levels and work with you to reduce costs.

Wholesaler of embroidery wine bottle covers, shoes’ holders, tea pot covers

Wholesaler of embroidery wine bottle covers, shoes’ holders, tea pot covers


wholesale of embroidery household linens and gifts 



Art. No. 9768     Art. No.9735

9732 Ecru cotton with batten lace wine  bottle jacket

  click on image for larger view and detail information

  Art. No. 9912B  


NO.F2930  wine bottle holder 

Art. No.888/101  tea pot cover

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  • Peking Handicraft Inc.

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  • Urban Barn Ltd.

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  • Gracious Living Corp.

    Water cooler water bottle cover

  • Avon Canada

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  • Boston Ware House Trading Corp.

    Metal hook,plastic photo frame,bottle cover

  • River Of Goods Inc.

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    2. Yoga block plastic box spray bottle cushion cover round patio set cover chaise lounge cover 3 person swing cover stacking chair cover
  • Imusa Uas Llc

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  • Wholesale Christmas Novelty Wine Bottle Covers

    Christmas Novelty Wine Bottle Cover

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    Christmas Novelty Wine Bottle Cover

    These fun Christmas Novelty Wine Bottle Covers are constructed from 100% polyester and will fit over most standard sized wine bottles.

    The novelty wine bottle covers are ideal for Christmas dinner or festive celebrations. 

    Price in GBP

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    • We’re sorry but this item is temporarily out of stock and can’t be ordered at present.

    Christmas Novelty Wine Bottle Cover

    All form fields are required.

    Each carton contains two assorted designs:

    ✉ This product is suitable for eBay/Amazon sellers

    • Packaged Dimensions: 32cm x 29cm x 1cm
    • Packaged Weight: 0. 026kg
    • Materials: Polyester
    • Packaging: Hanging backing card

    Bottle corks and funnels – ROZETKA

    Four hundred years ago, an invention appeared like bottle corks. They have always served as a special addition, and not just an object for closing containers. Their predecessors were old rags or wood. The aesthetic appearance of such bottles was clearly unpresentable. They allow you to preserve the taste of the drink without spoiling it. Now there are a lot of plugs, which are different in shape and size. If you were lucky enough to visit the bar, the shiny steel jewelry on the neck certainly attracted attention.Now, some options for bottle caps perform several functions at once, which is convenient in any area.

    Types of bottle caps

    Modern manufacturers produce a large number of bottle caps. The most popular at all times to this day are the following types:

    • Wine funnels. A convenient device, due to its shape, allows you to pour liquid into a glass, preventing drops from falling on clothes or a tablecloth. A good restaurant doesn’t go without a funnel.
    • Bottle stoppers. A product that does not allow water or other liquid to seep out. It can have different shapes, complemented by various decorative elements. There are some options with a dispenser.

    Whereas previously it took a long time to manufacture plugs, now the production of such products has been greatly simplified. You don’t have to wait ten years, you can just look at the bottle funnels in the store right away.

    Materials of manufacture

    As you know, bottle caps are different, both externally and in terms of the raw materials used for their production.They have their own characteristics. Only from the beginning it seems that everything is easy. In fact, there are many factors that affect their purpose and other points. The most common types are products from: peel, rubber, plastic, glass, synthetic materials. There are options in foil and metal. The latter type has enjoyed great popularity lately.

    Bottle corks are often designed for wine, but it is not uncommon to see them in some champagne containers.Containers with non-alcoholic liquids are often closed with plastic products. On the shelves of the store, you can see mineral water twisted with an iron stopper. Drug manufacturers use rubber products, which serve as the first layer to close the neck of the drug. All this is not a whim, these norms are established in an official manner.

    There are also synthetic bottle caps, perhaps they are more common than others. Their big plus is that they do not allow air and moisture to pass through.In order to open a bottle with such an element, you do not need to suffer for a long time, the corkscrew will cope quickly. Glass objects are interesting externally, they can be closed and opened easily. Even in old Soviet sets, all decanters were closed with them.

    Design features

    Bottle caps are micro granular screw caps and the most convenient is the drag cap. The first type is equipped with a uniform, even structure, elastic and resilient. Manufacturers have learned the technology of its manufacture relatively recently.Organic glue is added to granules less than a millimeter in size. Everything happens under a lot of pressure.

    The screw product has a low cost. Its disadvantage is insufficient strength. It is made from aluminum alloys, synthetic gaskets and additional additives. Bottles with this type of cork are often found on store shelves and are used in the cosmetic field.

    Square bottle funnels with drag caps are common. They are produced by a large number of manufacturers in order to preserve the original quality of the product.Not a new invention, suitable for storing dairy products, various spirits, oil and some household products. The structure may seem intricate only in appearance. It consists of a hood made of quality raw materials, a wire holder. More often it is plated with chrome, it looks attractive outwardly.

    Before choosing bottle caps, it is necessary to carefully study each type. This is especially true for homemade wine producers. The quality of product storage depends on them.You can read reviews, or consult with experts.

    Cork disease: how winemakers fight for wine quality

    • Emily McAuliffe
    • BBC, Lisbon

    Photo author, Jorge Sarmento

    Photo caption,

    The largest world supplier of natural cork – Portugal

    Every wine lover has come across a spoiled bottle a couple of times in his life, when the drink gives off musk and even mold.Winemakers call this the “disease” or “defect” of the cork.

    It is caused by the chemical compound trichloroanisole (TXA), which is produced by fungi that live on the surface of cork cork. By themselves, they are not dangerous, but they can spoil the taste of the wine or, conversely, completely deprive it.

    In the industry, disputes about how much wine was spoiled due to low-quality corks continues all the time, but in 2007 some statistics were brought out. The study found that every tenth bottle of wine suffers.

    Due to reputational and financial losses, winemaking companies are gradually abandoning natural cork in favor of screw caps. In the 1990s, 95% of wine bottles produced worldwide were corked, by 2009 only 62%.

    Photo author, APCOR

    Photo caption,

    Traditionally, corks are made by “squeezing” them out of a piece of cork bark.

    This is bad news, for example, for Portugal. Cork oak, which grows in the south of the country, produces more than half of the wine corks for the world market.

    Carlo De Gisus is the Marketing Director of Amorim, the largest cork manufacturer in Portugal. According to him, 13 years ago, the future of natural cork seemed very grim.

    “In 2003-2004, some markets almost gave up on natural cork. This mainly affected Australia and New Zealand,” explains De Jesus.

    In 2004, Taylors Wines was the first major Australian winemaker to switch to screw caps. The head of the company, Mitchell Taylor, is sure that they are unlikely to return to the traditional traffic jam.

    “We found that 10-15% of the bottles have problems with trichloroanisole or oxidation. We solved them in one go,” he says.

    However, De Gisus explains that in his production, the difficulties with TXA were solved thanks to new technologies. Amorim uses a special NDTech sensor that rejects low-quality plugs.

    Each plug is checked individually. De Gisus explains that the analysis takes “not even minutes, but seconds.

    Photo author, APcor

    Photo caption,

    12 billion natural corks are produced worldwide annually.

    Despite the fact that winemakers in Australia and New Zealand are really switching to screw caps en masse, cork production is not decreasing.12 billion plugs are produced annually in the world (4.4 billion of them are made by the Portuguese company Amorim).

    At the same time, screw caps account for only 4.7 billion bottles a year, and another 1.8 billion are sealed with plastic corks.

    Traditional cork is still considered a sign of good quality, especially in Europe and America. In addition, unlike the lid, the cork allows a small amount of oxygen to pass through, which is necessary for the wine to mature.

    Photo author, Taylors

    Photo caption,

    Almost all Australian winemakers have switched to screw caps, including the largest company Taylors Wines

    The American company Grgich does not use clos at all. Instead, 30% of the bottles are sealed with innovative Diam closures.

    The technology was invented in France in the company of the same name. Conventional corks are first crushed into special granules and treated with carbon dioxide to avoid fungal contamination. The granules are then compressed and the cork is made again. This technology quickly became popular, especially among French winemakers.

    Today, trichloroanisole contains only 3-5 bottles out of a thousand, and not out of 100, as it was before, explains Ivo Jeramaz, vice president of Grgich.He is sure that natural cork is a standard for expensive wine, and the plastic cap will not be replaced soon.

    British wine expert Mark Pardo also believes that natural cork is still the best for aged wine.

    “Improving the production of natural cork means that winemakers will be able to guarantee the quality of each bottle. And although many producers of expensive wines are experimenting with different packaging, nothing better than cork has not yet been invented,” the expert concluded.

    What is the difference between screw and natural wine cork?

    About 17 billion bottles of wine are produced in the world every year. In addition to natural cork and plastic stoppers, the increasingly popular screw caps are used to seal them. What’s the best way to bottle wine?

    A few years ago, it was inconceivable for wine connoisseurs to drink their favorite drink without the obligatory ceremony of opening the bottle with the removal of the cork.For a long time, the practical screw cap has been used to seal more modest wines. That is why there is a misconception that this type of cork is only suitable for inexpensive wines. In fact, this is not the case: for quite some time now, a significant number of premium wines have been produced with a screw cap. The reasons for this were the following factors: firstly, the ability to avoid the appearance of “cork disease” (unpleasant odor due to spoiled cork) and, secondly, the invariable taste of the wine. Due to the absence of the risk of oxidation, the drink remains exactly as the winemaker intended: without any changes during the bottling process. And, of course, a bottle of wine with a screw cap is much easier to open.

    The screw stopper is gradually losing its association with cheap wine. This is proved by the choice of the well-known Australian manufacturer Penfolds. For many of the iconic wines of this prestigious brand from the “land on the other side of the equator”, screw caps are used.

    Certainly, some wine connoisseurs doubt whether a screw stopper can ensure that the wine is fully matured during storage.For the optimal development of wine in a bottle, the slightest gas exchange is required, which is supposedly possible through a natural cork and is absent in a bottle of wine, hermetically sealed with a screw cap. However, this myth was also refuted in the course of scientific research. Back in 2001, the famous Australian Wine Research Institute published a work in which it dispelled all doubts that the use of screw caps is unfavorable for storing wine.

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