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Godfather Odin has chosen the Diggles to set out on a long and burdensome expedition to the center of the earth where the hound of hell, Fenris, spreads terror. Fenris was once Odin’s watchdog and ran away. Ever since he became aware of his growing power and strength he has been terrifying the underground world. Fenris must be disarmed and put on a chain. This task requires a very special chain, a chain that can only be forged by the Diggles…

Accomplishing this dangerous mission will take decades and involved many generations of dwarves. During their journey the dwarves have to pass through 4 different worlds and more than 100 different quests have to be solved. The player has to arrange a daily schedule for the dwarves by determining how much they work and what they do in their leisure time. The player has to teach them how to forge weapons, cook mushrooms, raise hamsters, produce tools and invent machines. Like people in real life, the dwarves also want to have some spare time in order to sleep, eat, play cards, go bowling or to a pub.

Male and female Diggles can even fall in love with each other and thus conceive their offspring, which ensures the survival of their clan and can transmit their learned attributes to their dwarf children. The player’s most important goal is to prepare the Diggles for the crucial fight with Fenris.

* Countless adventures

* Player has to teach the dwarves, provide them with food and care for them.

* Exceptional perspective: Dwarves can be seen from side view. Includes 3d scenery and objects.

* Complex, thrilling , non-linear story.

* Individual characters (that range from stubborn and nasty to hard-working and cuddly)

* Main campaign with four different, huge worlds includes more than 100 quest.

* Dynamic, non-level based underground world with cave system. Realistic cave structure based on physical laws.

* 5 different dwarf clans, 9 different characters

* More then 30 production facilities, 20 tools, 7 raw materials and numerous services

* 10 weapons and 4 fighting techniques, including karate and taekwondo

* Daily schedule of dwarves must be varied: Digging in the morning and cuddling at night

* 100 different work and leisure activities

* Journey through 5 historic ages

‎The Wiggles – Fun Time Faces on the App Store

The Wiggles – Fun Time with Faces is a whole lot of Wiggly fun for preschoolers. Sing-a-long with The Wiggles and play fun games dressed up as their favourite Wiggle.

All games are now FREE for 14 days!!

* Most Awarded Australian kids app for Innovation*

Interactive games and songs that provide:
*ENGAGING content curated for preschoolers
*AD-FREE and SECURE environment
*FUN ways to learn

4 houses/digital playgrounds nurture the curiosity and imagination of toddlers!

Sing Along! Kids become their favourite The Wiggles characters, then sing along with The Wiggles to all of their hits, including Hot Potato and Do The Propellor!

Fun immersive experiences where you get to become your favourite cartoon character with animated emoji-style 3D masks.

Dress-Ups! Become Wags, Dorothy, Emma or any one of The Wiggles and their friends and let the imagination run wild.

Watch! Kids can stream their favourite verified The Wiggles video clips directly from their device, absolutely ad-free.

What parenting platforms and media say about us:

“The Wiggles: Fun Time With Faces is a brand new way of telling stories and singing songs with interactive video and fun Augmented Reality faces.” – ABC Music

“Ground-breaking Wiggles app lets your child be the star” – kidspot

“Kids wiggle into songs and stories for some silly fun.” – Common Sense Media

“Innovative augmented reality (AR) App allows children to star in The Wiggles videos as their favourite characters… and so much more!” – female.com.au

“A new FREE Wiggles app just landed – and your kids can be IN it!” – babyology

“Snapchat & Instagram (type) face filters for kids – the Wiggles new app introduces AR Faces” – EFTM

“New Wiggles App Has Kids Starring In Their Own Show” – ellaslist

Why our fans love us:

“My daughter is loving this app! Whenever she gets “iPad time” she is on it, dancing, singing, laughing, making funny faces – having a great time! I highly recommend it to any little or big Wiggles fan!”

“This app got my kids moving! I don’t like them using anything else.

“Both my kids love this app!!! There is lots of singing and dancing from both as they enjoy their favourite songs and it’s even better getting to be a part of the action.”

“My little one is loving this app! So easy for her to use and hearing her laugh and sing along is the cutest!”

“The Christmas songs and faces are so much fun!”

“My grandkids are loving this and we can join in with them. Entertains for hours, user friendly and educational. More of the same please”

We are an Australian children’s app entertainment service that creates and develops mobile apps to connect families and their favourite childhood characters. We are known internationally for our signature state-of-the-art AR software linking music and movement.


*For best performance, we recommend iPad Air 2 and above, iPhone 6S and above

Feedback or questions? We’d love to hear from you!
Email us at [email protected]

*Get a FREE 7-DAY TRIAL at the time of signing up
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*Cancel your subscription at any time
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*Your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period
*Subscriptions may be managed by you and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to your phone’s Account Settings after purchase

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The Wiggles: Toys & Games

Simon, Anthony, Emma, Lachy are in the Wiggles house and ready to play! Playtime is fun with these Wiggles action figures

Play matching card games with the Wiggles games and educational toys that improve cognitive development and memory!

Emma and the Dance With Me Ballerina Doll

Mealtime Set, Cutlery Set and Wooden Play Fruit

Simon, Emma, Lachy and Anthony – Wiggles Stuffed Toys

Wiggles Coloring Page from ABC Kids, Coloured Pencils, Building Blocks and Cuddle Doll

Dress up costumes and clothing for pretend role play, concerts and fancy dress parties!

Yellow Wiggles Doll

Let’s Dance Pink Lunch Bag

The Wiggles are an Australian children’s music group that have entertained children around the world with their funky dance moves, catchy songs and toys. It all started with the original band members – Greg Page, Anthony Field, Murray Cook and Jeff Fatt. Now the newest members of the band are still identified by their colourful skivvies, with

Emma Watkins in yellow, Simon Pryce in red, Lachlan Gillespie in purple and Anthony Field in blue.

The award winning children’s entertainment group has received many awards for their CDs, DVDs, music albums with ABC Music and live concerts and tours around the globe, with hits “Hot Potato”, “Wake Up Jeff”, “Can You (Point Your Finger and Do the Twist)” and “Toot Toot, Chugga Chugga, Big Red Car”, are just a few of their musical accomplishments.

Meet the Characters

Emma Watkins

Emma is the yellow Wiggle and is the first female member of the children’s music group, becoming an official Wiggle in 2012 to replace Greg Page. Emma loves dancing and playing many instruments, including the guitar and drums. With beautiful red hair that is often tied in pig tails, she loves wearing bows.

Anthony Field

Anthony is the blue Wiggle and has been a Wiggle since their debut in 1991 and was formally a band member of The Cockroaches. Anthony loves singing and dancing and plays many instruments, including the guitar, drums and trumpet and enjoys eating.

Simon Pryce

Simon is the red Wiggle and joined the Wiggles in 2002 for vocals on their CDs and later became an official Wiggle in 2013 to replace Murray Cook. Simon loves singing and dancing and playing the cowbell and enjoys listening to classical music.

Lachlan Gillespie

Lachlan is the purple Wiggle and joined the Wiggles tour in 2009 and later became an official member of the group in 2012 to replace Jeff Fatt. Lachy is married to yellow Wiggle, Emma Watkins, and plays the keyboard, along with the tambourine, guitar and accordion and loves to sleep.

Wags the Dog
Wags the Dog

Wags is a tall, brown, furry dog with a big nose, floppy ears and a happy face and has a ‘W’ on his chest. Wags the Dog loves to dance and enjoys eating bones and has several songs named after him, with “We’re Dancing with Wags the Dog”, “Who Got ‘Da Bones?” and “Wave to Wags”.

Dorothy the Dinosaur
Dorothy the Dinosaur

Dorothy the Dinosaur is a rososaurus, a green dinosaur with yellow spots. Dorothy wears a floppy hat and loves to eat roses and enjoys making her guests a rosy-posy tea. Dorothy loves to dance the ballet and her favourite colour is pink.

Henry the Octopus
Henry the Octopus

Henry is a fun-loving purple octopus with eight tentacles and wears eight shoes, plaid clothes and a black bowtie. Henry the Octopus directs an underwater band and enjoys swimming and loves to sing and dance with his eight legs. Henry has had several songs named after him with “Henry’s Dance”, “Henry Likes Water” and ‘Move Your Arms Like Henry”.

Captain Featherwsword
Captain Feathersword

Captain Feathersword is a friendly pirate and is the captain of The S. S Feathersword pirate ship. Captain Feathersword wears a pirate hat, patch over his eye, and wields a “feathersword” that he loves to tickle people with.

Toys to Wiggle and Learn

Ready, Steady, Wiggle! Emma, Lachy, Simon and Anthony, along with supporting characters Dorothy the Dinosaur, Henry the Octopus, Wags the Dog and Captain Feathersword have been educating children with their musical instruments and performances, using the art of song, stories and play in their numerous television series, music records and shows that have inspired a fun selection of toys, books, puzzles, games and activities for child play.

Singing, dancing and playing toy instruments stimulates your child’s creativity and imagination. Through interactive toys, such as musical toys and instruments like the guitar, keyboard and drum set, children can develop physical, mental and fine motor skills. The catchy and repetitive lyrics and melodies from the Wiggles assist in developing your child’s language skills, pronunciation, memory and allow children to connect music with emotions. Listening to Wiggles songs, and singing, dancing, playing with instruments and toys provide great learning opportunities for children that is both fun and educational.

The Myth of Fenris on Steam


89/100 – PC Games

8.5/10 – GameZone

7.2/10 – IGN

About This Game

DIG*GLE (n): an underground dwelling dwarf whose main function is to mine resources, harvest mushrooms and bat the enemies to survive. They are hardworking, but enjoy leisure time activities such as bowling, the disco, a trip to the pub and perpetuating the species. The Diggles dynasty has been chosen by Godfather Odin to rid the world of Fenris, the hound of hell.


Odin made sure no Diggle is the same. Develop each of them with a varied set of skills and combat techniques so you can grow your clan. Give Diggles some free time, make sure they are fed and entertained and soon your tunnels will be full of angry babies. But don’t get too comfortable – there are other unique clans down there.


Make sure your clan has everything it needs in your new colony. With over 50 production sites to master, you will be busy exploring the technology tree, crafting with 20 production tools, and gathering seven different resources.


Snarky Diggles always end up in some story. Watch for yourself – all quests are featuring hand-crafted cutscenes full of humor, dwarfy attitude, and their gnomish problems. There are many stories to be told in more than 40 quests. Digging into the mud was never this fun.


We are happy to bring back to life the story of Diggles (or Wiggles, or Гномы – depending on localization that is closer to your gamer’s heart). The game received its portion of technical care and now runs on modern operating systems without any extra shenanigans. The story, visuals, and gameplay are untouched – with all its charm and flaws. Enjoy playing the game on Windows 7 or later, without legacy DRM, no FPS lock, and with few extra DirectX11 settings.

© SNEG Ltd. All rights reserved.

the wiggles computer game

28 October 2001 | Worldwide. was being performed in Melbourne. File size 1.94 MB Mime type. Game Info The Australian music group The Wiggles brings Wiggle Bay to life with some of their most popular songs, including Zing Zang Wing Wang Wong, Wiggle Bay, and C’est Wags, C’est Bon. The Wiggles release date for PC: game language: English. Proudly created with Wix.com, © 2023 by My Siamese Dream. The Wiggles: Wiggly Party .Publisher : Disney Interactive StudiosDeveloper : Genre : EducationalRelease date . From here, you can click on any one of the 12 hot spots to play an interactive game. Includes hours of fun for fans of the Wiggles, with party activities, Wiggles video clips and songs, and printable Wiggles cards and party invitations. Description In Diggles, you manage a tribe of dwarves (“wiggles”) that dig deep below the earth to find Fenris, the fiery dog, on behalf of Odin. 45984 Free Online Games. More Buying Choices $19.98 (5 used & new offers) Ages: 12 months and up. Each game has an introductory segment in which one of The Wiggles or their friends explains the activity. : racing – barbie – shooting – parking – sonic – cooking – tanks – thing thing – bike – dragon ball z – games – recess. Home»Fixes»PC»Wiggles»Wiggles v1.0.844 GER Download Wiggles. University Games The Wiggles It’s a Wiggly Party Stick-Ons Game. 99. Play now 45984 Free Online Games and the best 11 wiggles Games on the largest games database. Basically, it’s the PC game equivalent of a cardboard cut-out. Games & Activities; News; Fan Club. Featuring beautiful 3D animation and plenty of adventure. History Talk (0) Wiggles games that are either CD-ROM, console, or flash games. Dataworks • Ages: 3 – 6 If you are a fan of the Wiggles as a lot of children are, the Wiggly Party is set to put you in the party mood. i.e. Play this game for free ! Game mode. … ISO Image of the 1998 game A Day With The Wiggles, if this violates copyright in anyway, then i’ll take it down. Der Titel erhielt eine. Wiggles: Test, Tipps, Videos, News, Release Termin. All the gang are there with all sorts of party games to play. It was published by Dataworks and developed by Plastic Wax and released on 24th November 1998 the day when the Toot Toot Show! Der Titel erhielt eine. Game Demos Download Images 12 Rate It! … Video Game – VERY GOOD 7 – The Sims: House Party Expansion Pack – PC – Video Game – VERY GOOD. shipping: + $14.25 shipping . Let your child take a trip with The Wiggles to Wiggle Bay to play with Dorothy the Dinosaur in eight different activities featuring favorite characters, voices and music from the hit show. Contents. The Wiggles: Wiggly Party – PC for PC & Mac, Windows, OSX, and Linux. I’m busy working on my blog posts. Featuring beautiful 3D animation and plenty of adventure. Samsung Galaxy Y Young Pc Suite Software Free Download, Game Booster For Windows Xp Sp2 Free Download, Sm56-Pci 56K V.90 Hsp Winmodem Driver Download, Opening Hours: C $10.52. With 12 fun games and lively songs and music, children will revisit the program time after time. 28 October 2001 | Worldwide. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. An Animated Adventure from 2003. FREE Shipping. Test PC 8 Wiggles – Inkl. Fri – Sat: 11 am – Midnight The Wiggles – Fun With The Wiggles – PC/MAC Game – Rare!! Fun and Games (The Wiggles video)/Gallery > > > > > Roblox Tours Media Fun, Games and More! Apply the official Wiggles v1.0.707 to v1.0.844 Patches. Have fun with The Wiggles. Made by Dataworks Australia Pty Limited and published by Dataworks Australia Pty Limited, this educational and puzzle game is available for free on this page. Apply the official Wiggles v1.0.707 to v1.0.844 Patches . $29.99 $ 29. My games. Finalist – Best Children’s Entrainment – ATOM Awards 1999, The Wiggles- A Day with The Wiggles (PC Game), The Wiggly Group dancing to “Get Ready to Wiggle”. Downloads of free Games, Game Demos, Game Patches and Trainers, Game Mods and Addons, Wallpapers. Game Cover ” Wiggly Party ” is the third Wiggles game published by Dataworks and developed by Plastic Wax and released on December 10, 2001. Game > Wiggle maker (Free Online Game). Save this search. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for The Wiggles: Wiggly Party (PC) at the best online prices at eBay! GAME SUMMARY. Proudly created with. Category page. FREE AUS POST!! This game won the Dataworks Award for Best Children’s Game in 1998. The activities address a variety of skills including memory building, following instructions, letter recognition, colour recognition, musical exploration and visual creativity. Register; Shop. An illustration of a computer application window Wayback Machine. 1 Gallery. 5.0 out of 5 stars 1. A Day with The Wiggles is sure to be a hit with Wiggles fans of all ages. Download this game from Microsoft Store for Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8. Resource Centre; About us. There is a good choice of activities including Tic Tac Toe, matching pictures to the sounds, making Captain Fea… Trending strategy games. History Talk (0) Comments Share. Fun & Games With The Wiggles! Emma, Lachy Simon and Anthony and their Wiggly friends, Captain Feathersword, Dorothy the Dinosaur, Wags the Dog, Henry the Octopus and Shirley Shawn the Unicorn. The featured games suffer from lack of originality, and once children cycle through the puzzles and the “spot the difference” pictures, they repeat the exact same puzzles if they want to continue. The Wiggles and Jeff Kennett at the CD-Rom Launch Party. Pre-Owned. To finish the game, click the Stop sign at the bottom right of the screen. It was developed by Plastic Wax with the assistance of the Multimedia 21 Fund – Cinemedia and published by Dataworks. See screenshots, read the latest customer reviews, and compare ratings for Wiggle. 100 results for the wiggles games. A Day with The Wiggles is sure to be a hit with Wiggles fans of all ages. Backup Instructions for PC & Console Games [http:// Mirrors. Free shipping for many products! Sing Along with The Wiggles: The Wiggles are showing song videos in their Wiggly theatre. Video An illustration of an audio speaker. $4.79. Mon – Thu: 11 am – 10 pm The Wiggles Shop; Parents. FREE AUS POST!! Register; Shop. Books. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The Wiggles Games ( 11 Followers ) Edit. Savings represents a discount off the List Price. The Wiggles – Fun With The Wiggles – PC/MAC Game – Rare!! Let me give you an example of how bad it is: You can choose to watch three little Wiggles video clips, well, the problem is when The Wiggles sing their mouths don’t match-up to the song being played – none of the three videos are in sync! Play more games. This is The Wiggles’ first interactive game software, not only that, this is the first time in Wiggly history to have cartoon sound effects from Hanna Barbera, however, TV Series 2 was The Wiggles first media content to have sound effects from Hanna Barbera. 45984 Free Online Games i.e. Wiggles games. Game mode. Wiggle maker. “A Day with the Wiggles” was the first Wiggles game to be made. Draw, colour, download and view photos and videos of … Fun, Games and More! Exit animations follow the completion of each activity. FREE AUS POST!! Click on a video picture to watch The Wiggles perform. $19.95. It was published by Disney Interactive in the USA in 2003, and again in the ” Fun & Skills Pack – Toddler ” set with Encore Software in 2004.

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3 Wiggle-Reducing Movement Activities for Kids

As we move into the holiday season, students seem to have more wiggles than at almost any other time of year. Instead of lamenting the fact that your students cannot sit still for more than five minutes, embrace their energy and try one of the five activities below. Your students will be engaged, their energy will be expended and by the time the final bell rings you will still have your sanity.

Marvelous Movement Activities

1. Math Jump Ups

For this activity, students will need to stand behind their pushed in chairs and get ready to jump up. If your class is especially excitable, you may want to move this activity to the gymnasium or outside on the playground. The idea of the game is to reinforce basic math facts and get your students moving. You call out a math problem based on the operations that your class is studying, such as “3 x 4”, and students jump up and down counting out the answer. For the sample problem, students would jump up and down, counting out loud to 12. It is a simple game, but students love being able to jump and it is a great way to reinforce basic facts.

2. Literary Charades

Take that story that you are studying as a class and turn it into a game of charades. Have students act out different events, lessons, and characters in the story. If you have a very large class, divide students into small groups and create cards that tell them what to act out. Smaller groups will allow them all to have a chance to act out something and get their wiggles out in the process.

3. Movement Sequencing

Practice sequencing by using movements to help reinforce the skill. Using a series of actions and movements, students learn the sequence of events. For example, have them create a pattern using the following actions: clap, clap, foot stomp, foot stomp, clap, clap, arm wiggle, arm wiggle. Have them continue the pattern by paying careful attention to the sequence of the movements. You can also leave out a motion and ask them to fill in what is missing. They will be paying careful attention to the movements and burning energy at the same time.


Other movement activities can include turning on music and letting students dance or play music freeze where they must stop as soon as the music stops playing. What are some of your favorite ways to take the wiggles during the holiday season (and beyond!)? Leave a comment below and share your ideas with us. We would love to know what works for you!




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Wiggles 3D – Noble Knight Games

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90,000 TsMIT Prism.

With this post, we start our new category # list_the most
So, the 5 most useful types of games for child development in the preschool period:

SENSOR GAMES that develop the child’s sensory perception: THIS IS GAMES WITH WATER, SAND, CLAY, PAINTS, CRUPS AND ANY UNSTRUCTURED MATERIALS. These types of games are also called “dirty”, because in any of these games the child and the parent run the risk of getting dirty, so they are often ignored, and in vain – “dirty” games have an incredible effect on the emotional sphere, on the development of internal sensations, pleasure, and tranquility. , enjoyment.Such games and activities relieve psychological stress and help the child relax. The most important thing is not to be afraid of getting dirty for the parent himself. I understand that it can be difficult, but try it! And in order to reduce your own anxiety, come up with a way of doing activities that facilitates the subsequent cleaning process, for example, spread old wallpaper left over from repairs on the floor, paint in the bathroom (there are special paints and plasticine designed for this), such outdoor games are very useful ( on the grass in front of the house in the summer cottage). The main myth: “children will decide that getting dirty is great and will never learn to behave neatly.” Do not be afraid of this, but nobody canceled the rules and joint cleaning.

GAMES FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF BODY CONTACT AND EMOTIONAL CONNECTION OF ADULT AND CHILD: these are any games in which there is bodily contact and the exchange of positive emotions. Pestushki songs, nursery rhymes, finger games, joke songs; rhythmic verses that can be accompanied by massage, gymnastics, movements, twisting; these are hug games, hug-swaying games, stroking games, lullabies; games where you need to hide behind your mother or where your mother has a “house” (for example, “Geese-Geese”, “Rain-Sun”, “Day-Night” and others).With the help of this type of games, you can easily teach your child how to dress or eat on their own. For example, there is such a nursery rhyme, the actions in the rhyme can be imagined by the mother on her own:

  • I am my own leg
  • I’m sending on the road,
  • A long tunnel – horror,
  • Do not collapse left-right.
  • I’m not afraid of the dark,
  • Well, you don’t shake your leg either.

In fact, even rocking with a child in an armchair to your favorite music in itself leads to rapprochement and harmony.

DIDACTIC AND Cognitive games: which introduce the child to the concepts of color, shape and size. Unfortunately, the games “Lotto” and “Domino”, “Mosaics” have now become unfashionable, but I recommend having these games in the arsenal of toys and teaching children to play these games. Cognitive games can also include “Sorting”, “Inserts”, “Puzzles”, games for constructing, collecting, decomposition into parts and whole, games for packaging on the basis.

IMPROVISATION GAMES, FINGER MINI-THEATER, HOME THEATER based on fairy tales, stories, events from life.Such games help the child to overcome psychological barriers, fears, worries on a topic, teach the processes of self-expression, the skill of self-presentation, and a positive response to negative emotions. With young children it is useful to play the stories of the fairy tales “Teremok”, “Kolobok”, “Chicken Ryaba” and others.

RELAXATION GAMES, which are necessary not only for the child, but also for the parent: evening bathing, bedtime stories, travel games to calm music (the child will come up with everything himself, you just need to direct him a little, for example, loves cars – let him tell you where he is rides, what his car looks like, who will he take with him, etc.etc.), self-massage and massage, meditative drawing, body swaying and relaxation games (for example, “Hammock” – parents take a blanket into which the child climbs and wiggle the baby).

Very often types of games can be intertwined in their functionality, but this always benefits the development of the baby and the self-improvement of the mother! Develop by playing!

90,000 h2Z1 leaves Early Access on PC in an armored vehicle, rocking the unicorn mask

The launch of h2Z1 today may have gone unnoticed by some of those who played the game before PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds came along, but it is now in its early stages of development with a few new additions to the tried and tested formula. There is a new Auto Royale game mode that is similar to what Grand Theft Auto Online has to offer and makes car racing with a few buddies a lot of fun.


h2Z1 already has arcade-like sports mechanics, and Daybreak has managed to master that and create a whole game mode around it. The goal of the game is up to 30 teams of four (120 players in total) to be the last car standing. The massive map contains bonuses, weapons, ammo, fuel and health to take out enemy teams more effectively.There are also two new sets of wheels for the ride – a sedan and an armored reconnaissance vehicle.

Clearly, this new mode is an attempt to bring players back to a game that has lost a significant chunk of its player base to competitor launches, namely PUBG and Fortnite. The new game mode is currently in beta, after a series of patches to further improve mechanics and gameplay balance. Speaking of which, the move away from Early Access also brings with it a number of improvements to the game.

Players who enter the game can now choose which area to spawn in, and the game will display a heat map of where others choose to start from. The airdrop system has been redesigned and a new mini-map can now be included to make it easier to navigate the terrain. And if you want to play a little bit of competition, the first competitive season kicks off with a new scoring algorithm that rewards everyone for consistent play and “aggression.”

This is just a taste of what’s going on at Daybreak Games, so if you haven’t checked h2Z1 for a while it might be worth downloading the game to see what has changed.

View on GMG (Steam)

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If you uninstall a preinstalled Apple app from iPhone, it is also uninstalled from Apple Watch.To restore a preinstalled Apple app, you can download it from the App Store on your iPhone or Apple Watch.

Manage apps installed on the watch using iPhone

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90,000 Colicides and fitball exercises – prevention of colic in babies!

Colic is a major problem for infants and parents in the first three months of life. Since colic causes severe pain in a child, parents are looking for all sorts of ways to get rid of it as soon as possible and prevent it from recurring. In this article, we will talk about exercises on fitball, which will bring not only benefits, but also a lot of pleasure, as well as prevent unpleasant colic in infants.

Benefits from training on fitball 90 100

As a rule, babies really like to play on a big ball, and they perceive this process as a game. Swinging on a fitball is a passive “swimming” that a child is accustomed to while in the womb. It is for this reason that exercises on a large ball bring pleasure and positive emotions to the child. This is only on hand for parents, because the baby will not be capricious and will begin to perceive physical activity normally.You can practice on the ball from the age of two weeks, if there are no contraindications (consult your pediatrician regarding this issue). If the doctor recommends putting the baby on his stomach, then training on the fitball will not do any harm.

Most parents use fitball to improve digestion and prevent colic in infants. This effect is achieved due to the fact that swinging in combination with pressure on the tummy allows you to relax the abdominal muscles as much as possible. But this is far from the only benefit of such activities.

In addition to preventing colic, ball exercises can help reduce muscle hypertonia, which occurs in almost all babies. Swinging on the fitball develops the vestibular apparatus and coordination of movements of the child. The entire musculoskeletal system will develop rapidly if exercises are performed correctly on the ball. Even the simplest of them will strengthen the muscles of the press and back, which is the prevention of posture disorders. It should also be noted that the load on the respiratory and cardiovascular systems during exercise also contributes to the improvement of their work.Physical activity allows you to strengthen the body as a whole, increase its endurance and improve immunity.

How to choose a fitball for exercising with a baby?

To begin with, it should be noted that a fitball is a large colored ball, which was created back in the 50s of the XIX century. A physiologist from Sweden S. Kleinfogelbach developed and used such a ball for special gymnastics of patients with CNS disorders, as well as for spinal injuries. But just a couple of years later, fitball began to be successfully used in other industries, considering it one of the best simulators.In order for the exercises on the ball to be effective and beneficial, it is necessary to choose the right one.

Dia. To practice with a newborn, you will need a ball with a diameter of 75 cm (if it is larger, the child and parent will be uncomfortable with it). 75 cm is the optimal size of the ball, which, by the way, can be used by other family members for gymnastics. This will especially appeal to young mothers who are in a hurry to regain their former figure. For children, this size of the ball will be useful for classes from two weeks to 5 years.Including with him it will be possible to play, but under the supervision of adults.

Elasticity and plasticity. An important criterion for choosing a ball is its elasticity. If you push the ball lightly, you will feel a slight bounce and springiness, rather than a strong response pressure. Classes on a “hard” ball will not bring the desired effect and will not be so comfortable and pleasant for the baby. It is also worth paying attention to the plasticity of the ball. It should not lose its shape when repeatedly deflating-inflating or reusable.If it seemed that the ball was made of a very thin material, you can try to “pinch” it slightly – the presence of small folds after this procedure will mean that the product is of low quality.

Strength. It is recommended to use a fitball that can support at least 200 kg. This will allow not only to deal with the child, but also the adult to lean on, sit down and even work out on this ball. There are also balls with the ABS (anti-aging system) system, which are especially welcome when working with children.

On a high-quality fitball, the seams that form when the parts of the product are welded are almost invisible. It is also worth paying attention to the nipple, which should not interfere with the work, since it is ideally soldered inside, which will confirm the high quality of the product. The material for the production of fitball must be hypoallergenic – pay special attention to this, because you will be working on it with your child.

How to do gymnastics on a fitball correctly. Basic exercises

As already noted, exercises on fitball can be started from two to three weeks of age in the absence of contraindications.It is better to do it when the baby is in a good mood. Do not exercise immediately after eating – the child may vomit. Better to wait 30-40 minutes and only then start. Please note that the room where the classes will take place should not be hot, and it is better to dress the child in comfortable clothes. When exercising, you should always rely on how the child reacts and behaves.

The first lessons should not be long and difficult, it is better to start with simple exercises: swinging on the stomach and on the back:

Swinging on the stomach. We put the child on the fitball with his stomach down, while holding him behind his back. Let the baby lie down for a while and get used to the new position – 1-2 minutes. Then begin to lightly swing up and down, left and right. Add circular rotation over time.

Swaying on the back. After exercising on your stomach, you can move on to swinging on your back. This exercise does not have to be entered from the first lesson, you can enter it from the second or third. Swinging on your back is best done after exercising on your stomach.We put the child on the back and, holding him by the tummy and chest, perform light swinging up and down, left and right, in a circle.

These two exercises will help the child and parent get used to the ball itself and to the new sensations. Then you can move on to more complex and longer activities.

Today there are a huge variety of fitball exercises. Let’s consider the basic complex.
In any case, the first exercises of the complex will always be rocking on the stomach and on the back – this way we prepare the child’s body for more complex exercises.

Spring. We put the baby on the tummy and hold it by the ankles of the legs with one hand. With the other hand, we do light jerks (press) in the area of ​​the back and buttocks. The same can be done while lying on your back.

Push the ball. Place your child on a sofa or bed with the legs hanging down slightly.

After 6 months, you can add a more difficult exercise: move the ball to your feet, and have the baby push it with his feet (this usually happens instinctively).This exercise will help your feet get stronger and allow you to start walking faster.

Wiggle complex. Remains at the heart of the basic exercise with the addition of new components. Expanding the swinging amplitude. We learn to hold the child first by the knee joints, and then by the ankle joints. Do the swinging while lifting the baby’s legs. Add an upside-down hover element over time (briefly).

Jumping on the ball. Children love this exercise. We sit on the sofa and fix the ball between our legs. We put the baby on top of the ball and spring it – we make up and down movements.

The same can be done while standing on the ball.

Grab. We put bright and favorite toys of the child on the floor near the ball. Place the baby belly down on the ball. In the process of rocking, let the child grab the toy from the floor – let it stretch with the handles.

Wheelbarrow. Position lying on the ball with the stomach down. Raise the legs up and let the child balance on the fitball for a while (several minutes).And lower the legs.

Airplane. The child lies on the ball, belly down. Holding the baby by the shoulders and right shin, we swing. Then we do a similar exercise, holding the left shoulder and lower leg.

Rider. Supine position. We transfer the child to a sitting position and, holding by the shoulders, give the opportunity to balance on the ball for a while.

Then we put it back on the back.

Toad. The baby is lying on his back.We hold him by the shin and roll the ball towards us – the child bends his legs. Then we roll back the ball – the legs are unbent.

This is a basic set of exercises that can be expanded, complicated and supplemented as the child grows up.

Exercises on fitball will help to quickly and easily go through such a difficult path of the formation of the gastrointestinal tract by reducing the manifestation of colic. To prevent colic, in addition to exercising on the ball, you can also do a special massage for newborns. Sport and movement are health, so teach your child to exercise almost from birth.This will help you learn to crawl and walk faster, and will also be an excellent prevention of almost all diseases.

Unfortunately, ball exercises and special massages for newborns are only part of the comprehensive prevention of colic. In order to completely rid the child of colic, it is worth using a special modern drug Colikid. Simethicone – the main active ingredient – reduces the surface tension of gas bubbles in the intestine and eliminates them.The released gases can be absorbed by the intestinal walls or released naturally, relieving the soreness of the baby. Remember that you cannot wait out colic, they need to be eliminated as soon as possible so that the child does not feel pain.

Taking Colikid during or after meals, as well as before bedtime (if necessary), the child will be less prone to colic. And in combination with exercises and massages, he can completely forget about them.

90,000 Why does not Torrent connect to peers and download

Why the Torrent client cannot find peers and download the file, what are the causes of this problem and how it can be solved.

Perhaps you are familiar with such a situation when you wanted to download your favorite game or an interesting movie via torrent, but when you add a file to the download, the download does not occur. And at this moment it is not known why the torrent does not connect to peers and does not download. In this article, we will definitely address this issue.

Reasons why Torrent does not connect to peers

If before this case you downloaded files and there were no problems connecting to peers, then the reasons may be as follows:

  • There is a problem with the server.ISP has problems with the Internet. In this case, your system, hardware, and the customer itself are not to blame. The reason lies in a problem on the server or provider side. It is possible that after fixing the problems, you can successfully download the required file. You can also contact the provider’s hotline and clarify the reason for the lack of the Internet and how long it will take to fix the problems.
  • There are no peers or seeds available. This happens often. The reason is simple – perhaps the file is not popular and does not have the necessary available particles for recoil.
  • Torrent client settings are incorrect. Let’s take a look at how to properly configure the client for normal operation.

Set up a torrent client for stable operation

To open the settings, select the “Settings” tab at the top of the program, and click on the “Program settings” item. You need to go through the setup procedure to fix the problem when the Torrent may not connect to peers and not download the necessary files.

Now in general there should be a checkmark on the items “Run minimized” and “Autocheck associations”.And also at the very bottom “Disable hibernation during boot”, the rest of the items are unchecked.

  • In the paragraph about interface languages, set Russian, if for some reason you have an English interface in the “Language” section.
  • The item “Run the client from the OS”, here you can set the settings at your discretion, if you have a good Internet and a powerful system, the computer will not be loaded with the running client.
  • “Install updates automatically” here it is better to uncheck the “Update to beta” checkbox, because they usually do not work stably.
  • “Associate” – this item will define torrent files and run if necessary. Better to leave it on.

What to do if the required peers are not available in the Torrent network?

Peers (peer) is a computer that has downloaded a file via a torrent client and is ready to give it to the next user using the same specific protocol. If you delete the downloaded file from the torrent client’s download lists, the program will no longer be able to share parts of it with other users in the peer-to-peer network.

For a better understanding, you need to briefly describe the download process using peer-to-peer file networks. In such networks, by and large, there are no servers from where you download the file. Both the client and the server are the user’s computers. After your computer has downloaded a certain package from a whole file to your hard drive, it notifies other computers on the network that it is ready to share it, which are also downloading the same file at that moment.

Thus, if the file does not download, and the program reports that there are no peers available, then you will not be able to download this file in the near future, try to find and install another file.Detailed instructions at http://sdelaicomp.ru/wi-fi/podklyuchenie-k-piram-torrent-ne-kachaet-chto-delat.html.

Solving the problem when the torrent does not connect to peers

Your ISP may be the reason why you cannot download the torrent. Some of these companies restrict Peer to Peer traffic, and in some cases even turn off the possibility of its use. It is possible to bypass this trick on the part of the provider. The screenshot shows how to do this.

Disabling the IP filter settings will allow you to connect more peers.This option will make it possible to take particles of torrent files from other networks and even from foreign nodes. This will make it possible to get the desired file as quickly as possible.

Restarting the client can help in some cases when you need to re-enter the network and reconnect. Do it in the program – click “File”, then “Exit”. Then, by a standard double-click on the icon, start the application.

Windows Firewall can block downloading of files. Open it, go to the settings and in the “Allow access” item specify your uTorrent program.Follow all the above steps and the problem with connections to peers in Torrent will be settled.

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90,000 5 ways to make play with your baby interesting and fun for his parents

You love making up stories

Once upon a time there was a writer Alan Milne. Milne had a problem: he didn’t really understand how to communicate with his child.Now, of course, he would rush to a child psychologist, but then no one could even think about it, so Milne began to compose stories in which the main characters were his son and his toys. This is how Winnie the Pooh appeared.

Many children’s books were originally stories for home use: Astrid Lindgren wrote Pippi Longstocking for her daughter, Judith Kerr invented Meuli for her son. And only then they got into publishing houses and became masterpieces of children’s literature.

How to play it .Buy your child several toys that will become the main characters of your fairy tales and will interest him: a singing elk, a learned puppy, a train with a funny face and animal figures. And make up stories about these toys.

Learned Puppy was smart, but he was not taken to school because he was very small. And then he decided to record a video with his lessons and tell kids all over the world about various interesting things.

Or take singing elk : he decided to become a star.But what to do, because he is afraid to perform on stage! How can a baby help him? Maybe teach him to dance? If you touch the elk’s head, it will begin to sway to the beat of the song.

Curious hedgehog went to a nearby forest to find new friends. He came to the clearing and began to sing songs, and the animals began to gather to listen to him. Singing moose offered to sing a duet with him, they became friends and went on tour.

As you will see, the child will very quickly begin to participate in the creation of the plot.These games develop vocabulary and train your imagination. But most importantly, they are also useful for parents: Judith Kerr, author of “The Tiger Who Came to Drink Tea” and “Miauli”, admitted that these stories helped her not only to escape from boredom, but also to keep her brain in good shape.

Musical Elk will introduce the kid to numbers and colors by arranging an educational show with songs, lights and movements.

At the touch, the Smart Puppy starts talking and singing, which helps the child to remember more than 100 words, body parts, flowers, shapes and much more!

Hedgehog’s songs and phrases will introduce your child to shapes, numbers and colors

Do you like to dance and play sports

Can you find at least one child who doesn’t like to jump and dance? Another question is how to make sure that the baby does not play sports in your arms.

How to play it. Some mothers are helped by dancing robotic toys. You explain to your child that the robot will be your coach: he does the exercises, you repeat after him, and then you dance as you like.

Dancing Sloth claps his hands and shakes his head in time to the music, encouraging the baby to move

You love music

Now is the time to pass your love on to your baby. The best way is to buy him a baby piano.Both children and adults love to play children’s pianos, and they have much more opportunities than those instruments that were in our childhood. Do you want to learn notes with your baby? – please! Composing a melody together is no problem, and it doesn’t matter that you didn’t notice the composer’s talent in yourself before.

Today’s pianos for children can play – for example, the game “guess the beast”. You push a button and the piano hums and grunts like real ducks and cows. And after the piano, let the kid and the parents try to portray animals – there will be no end to the fun!

The children’s piano plays real notes, animal sounds and plays funny educational songs

Do you like role-playing games

Play with your child in the Doctor set.What child would refuse to try out their new medical supplies on their parents: stethoscope, syringe, thermometer, tweezers? To put on the patient’s apron on mom and consider in detail how we are arranged inside? Play doctor and patient? And mom will probably be interested in such a pastime – we all managed to forget the anatomy after school.

Having got used to the instruments, the child will gradually cease to be afraid of doctors, because they play such interesting games! And the positive attitude of children towards doctors, as you know, greatly contributes to the preservation of nerve cells in their parents.

The doctor’s bag contains a stethoscope, syringe, thermometer, tweezers and a reflex hammer

You want to return your own childhood

There was probably some activity that you loved most as a child. Your little one is like you – rest assured they will love your games too, and this is a good way to strengthen your emotional connection. Play dice if you love building. Sew Barbie dresses if you love sewing. Have you dreamed of becoming a businessman but became an artist? With the play set Businessman, you may be able to raise a business person out of your kid, and playing as a farmer, you can instill a love for plants and animals.

The set includes a fabric wallet, a toy smartphone, a wrist watch, a keychain with a pull-out key and three toy plastic cards.

Includes 21 farm-themed items and gift wrapping.

Today it is easy to find any toys that you did not have in childhood, but really wanted to have them. The toy manufacturer Fisher Price, which has been making children around the world happy for over 90 years, also encourages adults to “Play like children!”.Choose what you like and play for fun, and your child will definitely support you in this.

Skyrim problems and solutions: 1.Stim downloads the game instead of installing from disk: Open Steam and go to the LibraryRight …: Snaytt | Pub

Skyrim problems and their solutions:
1.Stim downloads the game instead of installing from disk:
Open Steam and go to the Library
Right click on the game, select – delete local content. Confirm
Insert the first disc with the game
Exit Steam (Steam> Exit)
Press the Windows key + R to open the Command Prompt
Write C: \ Program Files \ Steam \ Steam.exe “-install E
Replace E: CD / DVD drive from where the installation is
Replace the path C: \ Program Files \ Steam if you have otherwise
Click Ok. Steam will start and ask to log in if the password and login are not saved.
Installation will continue on automatic machine
1. Install the English version
2. Switch the language to Russian in Steam
3. Transfer Steam offline
4. Download the official rusik 1.5 GB from the tracker. in five minutes it swayed.
5. Install Rusik in the Skurima pack.
6. Translate Steam online.
7. Profit. Update 100% The game starts with rusik.
In the Steam settings ALSO, try changing the download region to any other.
From the English version, copy the Skyrim – Voices.bsa and Skyrim – VoicesExtra.bsa files located in the Data folder in the game directory. Then change the language in the game properties to Russian and replace the localization files with those that were copied from the original.
1. Go to the Data \ Interface folder
2. Open the fontconfig.txt file with notepad
3. Change the line map “$ ConsoleFont” = “Arial” Normal to map “$ ConsoleFont” = “FuturaTCYLigCon” Normal.
Control Panel -> Sound -> Look for your playback device on the “Playback” tab ->
“Properties” item -> In the window that opens, on the ” Improvements “scroll the list and check the box next to
” Loudness “

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