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Official licensed Wiggles outfits in blue, yellow, red and purple are perfect for dressing up, role-play or everyday clothing!

Romp Bomp A Stomp! Dress up as ballerina Dorothy and have some rosy tea in the Dorothy the Dinosaur costume

Tickle everything that moves and everything you see in the Captain Feathersword costume with hat, shirt, pants and sash

Twirl around to the beat and dance with Emma in these fun Emma Wiggle outfits

Shake your hips, turn your head and groove along in the Wags the Dog costume

Lachy costume with black pants and purple skivvy

Simon costume with black pants and red skivvy

Anthony costume with black pants and blue skivvy

Wiggles costumes for girls and boys in toddler and child sizes

Emma costume with black pants and yellow shirt.

Great for a Wiggly Halloween! Dress up just like Emma, Lachy, Simon and Anthony with genuine costumes from Rubies that are an easy alternative to homemade or DIY options.

It’s party time! Little Wigglers would love a Wiggles party theme, complete with decorations, cake and all dressed up as their favourite Wiggle.

Girls and boys can look and feel just like Emma the yellow Wiggle, Anthony the blue Wiggle, Simon the red Wiggle or Lachy the purple Wiggle or even Wags the Dog, Dorothy the Dinosaur, the friendly pirate Captain Featherword or Henry the Octopus. Each costume is officially licensed from Rubie’s Deerfield and features the latest style in Wiggly fashion with the iconic coloured skivvies and black pants for the boys or Emma Watkins’ black skirt for the girls that are suitable for toddlers and children’s sizes, three to five.

The Wiggles are fun for the whole family, appealing to babies and preschoolers for entertainment through catchy song lyrics and dance moves and to their parents for their educational value. The previous generation of fans are now young adults that grew up with the original cast and encourage their children to share their affection for the musical group.

Kids can dress up and sing and dance just like Emma Watkins, Anthony Field, Lachlan Gillespie and Simon Pryce or for some nostalgia, dress up just like the original members of the group – Greg Page, Murray Cook, Jeff Fatt or Sam Moran.

We ship worldwide and offer express shipping for all the little Wiggly fans with tickets to a fun Wiggles show or concert from Down Under that’s touring the United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada, New Zealand, Europe and more.

Our Wiggles apparel is the perfect addition to any child’s wardrobe that adores the Australian children’s musical group and will make them feel just like one of the Wiggles as they sing, dance and wiggle around. The outfits are a must for children attending a Wiggles concert or show and great for pretend play and role playing to promote creativity, imagination and develop language skills.

They are perfect for a Wiggly themed birthday party or for simply playing with Wiggles toys and plushies dressing up and watching a video or DVD in front of the television, as they sing and dance along with the band and rock out to their favourite songs.

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This beautiful gift set includes a wiggly storybook and a sparkly Emma costume!Children can put on their beautiful Emma outfit and enjoy a favourite storybook adventure featuring their favourite dancing Wiggle.

The Wiggles Emma! Book and Costume Board book edition by The Wiggles

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A book might be showing as ‘out of stock’ for a number of reasons. It could be that it’s a really popular title and we’re simply waiting for the publisher to print and supply more stock. Sometimes, it may be the case that the book is no longer in publication.


However, there are a few other factors that are currently having an impact on product availability. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of our suppliers are reporting disruption because of staff shortages and transit limitations. And Brexit related restrictions / freight policy changes are causing further logistical delays.

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Emma ‘Wiggle’ Watkins always wears a wig while performing

If your kids are big fans of The Wiggles, and you find yourself watching hours of re-runs on the weekends or schlepping your whole family off to the group’s live shows, you might have found yourself pondering some deep thoughts about Emma ‘Wiggle’ Watkins’ glorious red hair.

Fans of the popular children’s entertainment group have been pestering the much-loved Yellow Wiggle for years about whether her famous pigtails are real or not.

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And now the 30-year-old has revealed the truth about her hair in a new viral YouTube video, filmed for US beauty website Allure.

“I’m about to confirm that I do wear a wig in The Wiggles show,” Emma explained in a video titled The Wiggles’ Emma Watkins’ Entire Routine, from Waking Up to Showtime, which has been viewed more than 1.4 million times online.

“There’s been lots of chat on all different forums about whether it’s my real hair or not. Initially at the beginning, I was using my own hair and that’s why it was quite confusing, especially when people were watching the first Wiggly series compared to the second Wiggly series. In this one I didn’t have a wig and that one I did.

“So yes, I do wear a wig. And I don’t just have one, I’ve got about four wigs now. Some for touring, some for filming overseas and one that I’ve got at home all the time, just in case.”

READ NEXT: Meet Emma Wiggle’s new boyfriend Oliver BrianEmma wears a red wig whenever she is performing with The Wiggles. GettyEmma has four wigs that she rotates when performing. Instagram

Emma’s hair is naturally super curly, but a twist of fate early on during her first experience with The Wiggles 10 years ago would set in stone the hairstyle she has now.

“When we found out we were becoming Wiggles, I was getting my hair dyed. We got a phone call saying you need to come back for prep. We didn’t have any time to let my hair dry naturally, so she [Emma’s hairdresser] blow-dried my hair, so when I came back for all my press photos, my hair looked like this and so I had to continue making my hair look like this,” Emma explained to Allure.

“But after about a year and a half, my hair started to fall out because I was parting it in the same place everyday, and that’s why I invested in a good wig. It’s so much easier to do a wig and it gives a sense of consistency to the character Emma Wiggle.”

Emma, who is a natural blonde, gets her own hair dyed red at the same time her four wigs get their colour refreshed.

She also sleeps on a silk pillowcase and when she travels, each wig is wrapped in a silk scarf, to ensure the hair is kept soft and shiny.

READ NEXT: Everything we know about Emma Wiggle, from her childhood to her early dance careerEmma’s hair is naturally super curly. InstagramEmma is a natural blonde and gets her hair dyed red regularly. InstagramEmma’s super-curly hair is popped under a wig cap for each performance. InstagramEmma’s natural hair in all its glory. Instagram

Emma has quickly become one of the most popular Wiggles stars, and alongside the interest in her work is a huge amount of investment in her personal life.

Her current boyfriend is is Oliver Brian, who plays the guitar and banjo for The Wiggles.In December 2019, Emma revealed the pair were officially an item. She confessed to Stellar magazine that she is indeed “in love” and that the two had worked together and were friends of four years before he asked her out on a dinner date.

“He’s very opposite to me,” Emma said.

“He’s a very calm and thoughtful person and I’ve always been interested in his mind and his take on life, and his morals. He loves talking about the environment and food production. It’s not very ‘Wiggly’, but it’s been nice for me to talk about things not just concerning ourselves, but people everywhere around the world.”

Emma also admitted that since she and Oliver started dating, she’s learned to relax a bit more and stress less about the little things.

“I’m a bit particular. I used to worry about being late or not getting my pirouette right, but he’s taught me not to worry and not to focus on myself, but to help other people. The last couple of months have been really eye-opening. I’ve relaxed a lot more,” she said.

WATCH BELOW: Emma explains why she split from husband Lachie. Story continues after video.

Meanwhile, Emma’s ex-husband and Purple Wiggle Lachlan Gillespie is also dating within the Wiggles family, having found love with ballet dancer Dana Stephensen.

But if you thought that would make things awkward between the pair, you’re wrong, with Emma insisting there is no bad blood between the exes.

In fact, Emma says she was the first to suggest Lachy and the mother-of-one Dana would be “perfect together.”

Emma and Lachy announced that they were divorcing in August 2018 and admitted that they naturally drifted apart during their marriage.

Emma and her ex-husband, fellow Wiggle Lachlan Gillespie. Instagram

Emma revealed on the ABC’s Australian Story program that it was a mutual decision to separate.

“The media does doubt our affection for each other and they won’t write about that,” Emma said.

“But we genuinely care about each other and we have been through all of this together. Out of everybody, the only person that really gets me is Lachy.

Watch The Wiggles’ Emma Watkins’ Entire Routine, from Waking Up to Showtime | Work It

Hi, I’m Emma Watkins, and this is how I work it.

[gentle chimes] I’m gonna take you through

24 hours of my wellness and beauty routine.

I’ve been with the Wiggles company for 10 years,

and for the last seven, I’ve been the yellow Wiggle.

We tour for about nine months during the year,

and throughout the year we perform

about 400 shows to about 1,000,000 children

all around the world.

The biggest challenge about being a Wiggle is traveling.

You’re in a different city every day.

The best part is being able to do so many different things.

Not only do we get to perform live,

but we’re able to record new music, and we’re able to film.

Bonjour, good morning, just woken up, it’s 7:00 a.m.

[bouncy string music] In America, our shows,

they’re in the afternoon and at night,

but I have probably never slept in in my life,

I’m just not that person, I always wake up really early.

We have got three shows today,

so I’ll quickly have a shower.

See you soon.

The first thing I do in the morning, lately,

has been making a bulletproof tea.

One of the most important things that’s happened

in my life is that I was diagnosed with endometriosis,

and I had a surgery over a year ago now,

but since then, I’ve really tried

to be on top of my body and my health.

While I’m trying to get ready,

I start steaming a whole pot of vegetables.

This is my hotel set-up,

where I can cook all the vegetables.

This is my electric hotplate,

[tapping] [laughing] which I pack in my suitcase.

I’ve got a tiny strainer,

and I put all the veggies in here.

I don’t know if I’m gonna get in trouble

for cooking in the hotel we’re in. [laughing]

In the morning, I have green vegetables,

Brussels sprouts, broccoli.

[Emma Voiceover] I steam them for a while,

have a shower, and then my vegetables are ready.

And then you just take it out, let the water out

in the bathroom, pop ’em on your plate,

water, oil, salt, done!

[Emma Voiceover] So the best things with those vegetables

is to put ghee on them, it’s a really good source of fat.

And I’ll eat them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner,

alongside other protein.

What I love is scrambled eggs.

[bouncy piano music] Well, the Wiggles are almost

30 years old, I used to watch the Wiggles growing up.

I actually started dancing from watching

Irish dancing on the Wiggles show.

Apparently, I said to my mum,

I just wanna do that, I just wanna do that.

Way back in 1996, they filmed a live show in Sydney.

They cut away to the audience, and there

you can see my sister and I dancing,

and I’m probably about seven at the time.

It’s so weird thinking about myself growing up

watching the Wiggles, and being such a big part

of my childhood, and now being a Wiggle.

You can’t really discount anyone

that’s in the audience that could

possibly be a Wiggle in the future.

So, I have breakfast, and then I might go and

I’ll see if there’s a yoga studio in town,

or a ballet class, or just go for a walk in the gardens.

Because my skin is so fair,

I use Zoe Foster’s Go-To sunscreen,

which is a zinc sunscreen.

And then I’ll come back to the room, and get ready.

I cleanse my face with Chlorella Organics facial cleanser,

and then I use Noni Glow.

Kora, the favorite.

It’s such a mild oil,

and I put in on with my rose quartz heart,

which makes your skin feel nice and cool.

You can put this in the fridge,

and so it’s even cooler, which is great for me.

My costume makes me really hot.

That’s it!

And if I do feel a bit hot and flustered,

I love using the Kora rose spray.

I wear makeup every single day.

If I feel that I haven’t got the makeup off

from the night before, I’ll use

a Go-To exfoliating swipe before I start again.

[wind rushing]

We’re here, we’re performing here tonight,

and we’re just about to do sound check, rehearsal,

then costume on, and then we’ll be ready for the show.

It’s freezing out here, come on!

[bouncy piano music] Once we arrive at the venue,

sound check is on, and then the show happens,

and then the next show happens, and the day just rolls on.

I’ll be honest, my makeup probably takes me 10 minutes.



Dressing Room E, for Emma, come on, come on!

This is my dressing room.

My tea, my hairpins, and my makeup.

I’ve had this forever.

I actually bought this in an art shop.

It’s easy to pack, and you do this,

it stands up, so that when you wash your brushes,

then you can put them in there, and they dry.

[bouncy chimes] So my first step is

putting concealer under my eyes.

This is Bare Minerals.

It’s light, it’s not sticky.

Sometimes we can have an emergency performance,

or someone will say, Actually, we’ve got

a meet-and-greet in 15 minutes.

My routine has adapted to work in an emergency situation.

This is my foundation, it’s Giorgio Armani.

It doesn’t feel like you’ve got a whole

cake on your face, especially once you’ve done one show,

and you sweat a lot, you don’t wanna have to

keep putting lots of layers on top.

I have eyelash extensions.

This has been the most helpful situation

when I have so many shows in a row,

it just saves so much time.

My philosophy, particularly with Emma Wiggle as a character,

I try and make myself look as doll-like as I possibly can.

[guitar strum] ♪ I open up my music box ♪

♪ And what do I see ♪

♪ A ballerina twirling ♪

♪ Dancing there for me ♪

[bouncy piano music] I tend to find that

the less makeup I have on, the more the children

feel like they can talk to me.

In terms of the colors that I use on my face,

they’re all very pale and it’s very bright and light.

That’s my foundation.

I only look a bit red there ’cause I’m a bit hot.

That’s normal.

[funky percussive music] Then I just use

a Studio pressed powder from MAC.

This color is a little bit darker

than my actual liquid foundation,

but this color seems to work onstage.

And translucent powder, it just

makes my skin not look so orange.

Lots of photos on social media,

families tag us from the show,

my face and the color of my shirt are so bright,

I tend to see my face straightaway.

I’ve got two of everything, because knowing me,

I either lose something, or I break something.

Even though I’m a dancer, I’m quite clumsy.


This is what I’ve been using for blush.

I don’t really use any bronzer, ’cause most of the time,

in the show, we get so hot that my face gets color anyway,

but then I feel like once I’ve done rehearsal,

once I’ve done sound check, it wears off,

and so then I tend to start using

a more matte color just before the show

to bring out that cherub cheek kind of vibe.

Children love consistency, and I think,

especially over the last three years,

I’ve been able to do my makeup

a lot more similar every time.

It’s good for them, and it’s actually so much easier for me.

The next Hourglass I use is Ambient,

and I don’t know why, but I, straightaway,

the first thing is I put it on the top of my nose?

Sometimes just a bit on the top of my lip,

and I just use the smaller brush for the inside

to highlight that area.

I’ve been using the cream base.

It lasts a lot longer, especially over the four shows.

I put the lighter one on the middle of my eye.

The dark one, I put it on the corners on the outside.

So that’s that, and then, Anastasia brow pomade.

I don’t really use much of this, it’s the blonde color,

because I used to be a blonde.

I only really dyed my hair red for fun about a month

before I was told that I was gonna be a Wiggle,

and then a month later, they asked me,

and I thought, Oh no, what color am I gonna be?

So then I ended up staying red,

and I feel like it’s more me,

I don’t see myself being any other color.

So that’s my eyebrows.

I mean, I’ll brush them if I’m being particular,

which I am today.

[bouncy guitar music] Stella.

[Emma Voiceover] I just do a really clean line,

nothing too fancy, and then fill it in.

Children love sparkles, and they love glitter,

they bring big posters with glitter,

and so I’ve always tried to make sure

that I put a little bit of glitter into my makeup,

just for that fairy tale kind of vibe,

and even my nails have a little bit of sparkles. [laughs]

Because so many children come to the show

with their nails painted in the Wiggly colors,

they always wanna show me, Look, I painted my nails!

They’re yellow, for you!

And so then I show them, and then we have

a little nail show-and-tell.

I have to shellac them now because my quick changes

are so ferocious, they get broken,

and so, that’s just always worked for me.

MAC sparkles, P is for pink.

Just a nice, basic color over the top.

I just put it everywhere. [laughs]

Does that make what’s underneath it irrelevant,

I’m not sure. Soar, MAC.

I use a lip pencil now over a lipstick

because it stays for longer,

and in the show, I add a lip color.

I would put this on over the lip pencil

so that it lasts a bit longer during the show.

And then Pawpaw, which I’ve used

for so many years. [laughs]

It’s great for everything, even if you have got a bite

or a rash or something, it just fixes it.

I use that over the top, and then I don’t feel like

my lips are dry during the show, and then I –

weirdly, I rub that on my hand

and that’s it, and that’s it!

[bouncy chime music] [pop]

So, I do my makeup, and then I’ve gotta go.

I’ve gotta get to sound check, I’ve gotta get to rehearsal.

[woman giggling] Sound check.

Once I’ve done rehearsal, once I’ve done sound check,

then I might have some food.

I like to cook my lunch here,

eggs, steamed veggies, berries, smoothie,

kettle for the tea.

I think I’ve always been interested in sign language.

I grew up with two deaf friends

that I’d point to different items in their house,

and they would teach me the sign language for those objects.

[bouncy guitar music] ♪ Hello, there ♪

♪ My name is Emma ♪

♪ It’s nice to see you today ♪

I feel like it’s a dance for your hands,

[bouncy chime music] and I think, being a dancer,

I’ve always been so visually focused.

The Wiggles have always tried to marry actions to words,

so for Rock-A-Bye Your Bear, for example,

Everybody clap. [clapping]

♪ Everybody sing ♪

♪ La la la la la ♪

All those actions are exactly what you’re singing,

so it has that sign language gestural feel to it.

♪ Rock-a-bye your bear ♪

♪ Bear’s now asleep ♪ Bear’s now asleep.

♪ Sh, sh, sh ♪ Sh, sh, sh

[bouncy chime music] The Wiggles meet children

from all over the world, with so many different abilities.

Here is a beautiful sign from Elouise.

It says, We love Emma.

Most of the time, if a child does have an additional need,

we’ll meet them before the show.

Sometimes crowds can just be too loud,

too many people, and so we’re able to have

some quiet time with those children.

The beauty of the Wiggles is the fact that

they’re being able to talk to children

in such a relaxed and casual manner.

I wonder what’s happening here.

[gentle piano music] Ah, you’re right!

It’s a tiny little black cat, meow!

[bouncy chime music] Generally, the pitch

of our voice doesn’t really change

from backstage to onstage.

Like, for example, Can you point your fingers,

can you do the twist, is exactly how

I would ask you in real life.

A little bit more energy, and a little bit more excited,

but the minute that you start to change

the register of your voice, children start to go,

Oh, hang on a second. [laughs] That’s not real.

So, the way that I would be talking to one child is the same

as the way we would be talking to a whole auditorium.

My costume is so hot.

I wear the shirt, long-sleeve,

a skirt, a petticoat, a belt, really thick black stockings.

Different skirts, different dresses.

Lots of different tutus.

Have you ever seen so many bows?

[Emma Voiceover] Shoes, which could change during a show,

I’ve got ballet shoes, tap shoes, Irish dancing shoes.

Lots of different shoes for every different occasion.

And then,

[drumroll] I’m about to confirm

that I do wear a wig in the Wiggles show.

[triumphant horn trill] [bells chiming]

[bouncy flute music] There’s been lots of chat

on all different forums about

whether it’s my real hair or not.

Initially, at the beginning, I was using my own hair,

and that’s why it was quite confusing, especially when

people were watching the first Wiggly series

compared to the second Wiggly series,

in this one, I didn’t have a wig, in this one, I did.

So, yes, I do wear a wig, and I don’t just have one,

I’ve got about four wigs now.

Some for touring, some for filming overseas,

and one that I’ve got at home all the time, just in case.

My hair is this curly.

When we all found out we were becoming Wiggles,

I was getting my hair dyed, we got a phone call saying,

Well, you need to come for press.

We didn’t have any time to let my hair dry naturally,

so she blow-dried it, and so when I came back

for all my press photos, my hair looked like this.

And so, I had to continue making my hair look like this,

and after about a year and a half,

my hair started to fall out,

because I was parting it in the same place every day,

and that’s why I invested in a good wig,

it’s so much easier to do a wig, and it gives a sense

of consistency to the character Emma Wiggle.

Even when we’re filming on greenscreen,

it’s better that my hair looks the same,

and that it’s flatter, so that it’s easier to cut around.

And the wigs and myself, we all get dyed together.

This is my wig.

She’s pretty cute.

[warm rhythmic music] When I wash my own hair

and when the wig gets washed, it’s only washed

in conditioner, no shampoo.

I’ll wash my hair three times in the shower,

and then I get out and put this product on called TCB.

It’s like a–it’s something that you put on

before you blowdry your hair.

And then I put another serum called pink oil,

and those two products are used on the wigs only.

That’s it, you can’t use anything else on the wig,

you can’t even have perfume and then touch the wig,

the wig is really particular about what goes near it.

I use this S-Curl, and another product called Miracle.

These products are really good for hydrating my hair.

[laughs] This is so funny.


[warm rhythmic music] I just vaguely part my hair,

and then I just do a spiral twist.

I only sleep on a silk pillowcase.

And that’s why all my wigs travel

with a silk scarf around them, so that they’re not being

rubbed up against plastic or other kinds of materials.

Okay, so that’s that.

[talking through her teeth] [music stops]


So it’s not a plait,

[warm rhythmic music] it’s just, like,

a really calm twist,

’cause you don’t wanna be too hard on your hair,

and then I have a wig cap.

Basically after the show, this is wet.

Because of the sweat.

So I tend to take one up with me,

and put it up the top here.

I’m trying to make it as flat as possible.

I’m gonna leave that wig there, I’m gonna put this wig on.

I travel with more than one wig.

I have my touring wig, and my filming wig,

and you can see the touring wig,

it’s done a few miles this tour already.

I just use one of these, I call them a dog brush.


Um, because it looks like a brush you would use on your dog.

But they’re, like, a scalp brush,

so I’ll show you, um, how I curl it.

[music stops] Sorry about this.

I’ll just do it quickly.

I don’t really curl them

[soft, bouncy chimes] in a modern curl,

it’s, like, an old-fashioned curl.

I let the curl sit on the table, the curl sets in cool air,

and then it lasts a lot longer.

Okay, so I’ll just get rid of that.

So we’ll just pretend that she’s curled.

She’s getting there.

I usually put the wig on in the ponytails,

I find that that’s easier to find where the center is.

And then I just try and brush through the wig a little bit,

just to separate the curl, and she starts

to become a little bit softer.

Usually, I put three U-pins on the left side,

and a bobby pin straight in here.

Oh, sorry.

And then I grab all the rest of the hair,

and put it together in a pony.

My trick is that I get a U-pin,

and get a little bit of the front hair

and pull it over the front hairline,

and soften the hairline as much as I can,

and that’s that side done.

The right side is underneath the fringe,

so it’s easier to pin.

I put two bobby pins on the right side,

and I just put one U-pin somewhere in the top here,

because a bow is gonna sit over that.

If I’m doing fouettes, which are a really quick ballet turn,

and at the moment I’m doing about eight fouettes

in one go, the wig starts to move,

so I pin it a little bit more.

It’s the reason why, in ballet, you have your hair in a bun,

so that when you are turning and you’re spotting your head,

you’re not being distracted, or the weight

isn’t being pulled out from your center of gravity.

We wanted something to look like it was stylish

but I still needed it to be together so I could dance.

In the show, when I pirouette, I get these in my face,

in the microphone, all the time.

And now I actually turn better with my hair in ponytails,

’cause I’m used to feeling the weight on my own head.

And now for the bow.

I make all my own bows, or my mum sometimes makes them.

This bow I’ve had for about three years,

they’ve all got their own personalities.

And so many children come to the show,

and they wear a bow in their hair, bowties,

it’s just bowtiful.

I use four bobby pins on the bow.

You shouldn’t do that with your teeth either.

And that’s the bow, my earrings,

and that is it, basically. [music ends]

Ta-da. [harp trill]

I’ve transformed.

This is me, just in a different form.

[rhythmic electric guitar] Okay.

I’m ready for the show.

I take this little bag.

I packed my water bottle, powder, Pawpaw.

Just about to go onstage.

Here we go!

[drum dance beat]

♪ Do the propeller, do the propeller ♪

♪ Do the propeller around and around ♪

Children are very earnest.

They’re very clear, and they know exactly what they like.

And one of the great things in the show

is that if the child is not engaged,

they’ll turn around, go and have a snack,

go and talk to mum and dad,

so you really have to catch them right from the get-go.

And they’ll tell you if they like it or not.

♪ We’re going down ♪

♪ Down, down, down, down ♪

♪ Down, down, down, down ♪

♪ And then we stop, freeze ♪

♪ Ahhh, whoo! ♪

♪ Do the propeller around and around ♪

[bouncy guitar music] Our show is about an hour,

and it’s jam packed, it’s full of lots of live music,

dancing, it’s interactive.

We all play the musical instruments ourself.

I play the drum.

[singing] [band playing]

[warm rhythmic music] The most amazing thing,

really, about being a Wiggle, is you get to play yourself.

You have your own name, you’re not playing a character.

Emma Wiggle dances like I danced,

I do sign language, I play the drums,

and they’re all interests that I would’ve already had,

even if I wasn’t Emma Wiggle.

And I think it makes you more relaxed

inside your Emma Wiggle character,

because you don’t have to do anything

that you’re not comfortable doing.

♪ Meow, meow! ♪

[accordion and banjo music]

♪ Meow, meow! ♪

[warm rhythmic music] I don’t do any warmup

for my voice, I never really trained as a singer.

Most of the show, for me,

is about storytelling through song.

♪ To the park we’ll go ♪

♪ Have you got your bow ♪

[warm rhythmic music] Most of the songs now

are in my storytelling range,

I don’t have to jump up to high or too low.

Sometimes before the show I’ll do a little bit

of a ballet barre warmup, just to get my body warm.

[vibrating hum] Warming up on the Viplate,

it’s, like, a vibration plate.

Gets all your muscles going.

Can you hear my voice, ahhh.

[warm rhythmic music] My body is so much better

when everything’s warm, but for me it doesn’t take long,

with this and the costume.

[bouncy chime music] In between shows,

in North America, there’s lots more time to relax.

And today, we have three shows, we’ve done two.

As you can see, my wigs.

I’ve just washed this one, so I’m ready to curl that one.

I touch up my makeup in between every show,

and really, it’s only a little bit of powder,

and maybe some of the glitter on my eyes

that has kind of sunk into the creases from the sweat.


♪ Emma ♪

♪ Time for Emma ♪

[electric guitar riff]

When the shows are done,

[warm, slow music] I finally get to

pack up my costume.

The most important part for me is packing my wig.

There we go.

The wig’s going a bit now.

[Emma Voiceover] Making sure that’s okay,

its curls are held up tight.

And she’s wrapped up like a present.

Now she goes into a suitcase.

Sometimes outside stage door,

there’ll be families waiting, and we’ll have some photos,

then I’ll take my makeup off.

I try and use a makeup wipe first,

and then I’ll wash my face.

Done, done, done-done-done.

And then, we’ll be traveling to the next venue,

and then as soon as I get to the hotel,

I check if there’s a bar, and then I try

and sit in the bar for about half an hour.

Tonight I’ve got steamed veggies, salmon, avocados,

and a bit of oil, and now I’m ready for dinner.

Bon appétit!

At night, I use the Kora Organics facial cleanser,

or sometimes, if I’ve still got a little bit of makeup,

I use the turmeric scrub, just to exfoliate

a little bit of that foundation off my face.

And then, noni oil, with my rose quartz hearts,

and then that’s it.

So, it’s 11 o’clock, little bit late.

So, I’m off to bed.


Blue Wiggle Anthony Field hopes for a more ‘diverse’ group as The Wiggles celebrate 30 years

After three decades as the Blue Wiggle, Anthony Field has started thinking about retirement.

The founding member of The Wiggles, Field says he “will hang the skivvy up sooner or later” and has already considered who he might pass it on to.

“When I hang up the skivvy I’d like to see someone from a different cultural background,” Field said.

His pick is Evie Ferris, a dancer of Aboriginal descent with The Australian Ballet and a performer on The Wiggles’ latest song, We’re All Fruit Salad!, which was released this week to mark the group’s 30th anniversary.

“I actually said to Evie, ‘Hey you would look great in blue’, and she said, ‘Well my favourite colour is blue’,” Field said.

“We do include music from around the world, but it would be good to include someone of diversity [in The Wiggles].”

Evie Ferris (right) dances with The Australian Ballet and has Wiggles potential, Field says.(

YouTube: The Wiggles


Field, 57, formed the Wiggles in 1991 and lined up the original band members Greg Page, Jeff Fatt and Murray Cook.

These days the band includes Field, Emma Watkins, Lachy Gillespie and Simon Pryce, who have been performing together since 2013.

‘Children haven’t changed’

For the past 30 years, The Wiggles have travelled around the world, entertaining and educating children through song and dance.

Field has been a constant throughout that time and has seen much change, particularly in the delivery of their music.

Field says The Wiggles has given him an “amazing life”.(

Facebook: The Wiggles


“We started putting it on records, if you believe it or not, then VHS tapes, then DVDs,” he said.

Recently The Wiggles reached over 1 billion music streams via services likes Spotify and Apple Music.

“The amount of [acceptable] screen time has changed,” Field said.

“We’re more sophisticated now with TV and the live shows.

“You have to keep reinventing yourself.”

One of those reinvention strategies was the addition of Watkins as the Yellow Wiggle in 2012.

Until then, the only other female character was Dorothy the Dinosaur.

“Having children helped me with The Wiggles,” Field said.

“When I had two girls, I didn’t understand girls at all.

“Then [daughters] Lucia and Maria came along, and so Dorothy started ballet because they were doing ballet.

Dorothy the Dinosaur was the only female member of the original Wiggles band.(

Supplied: The Wiggles


What hasn’t changed over the past three decades is the audience and Field’s passion for making music and providing quality education.

“Children haven’t changed. Everything is new to them,” he said.

“It’s just how they get their music that’s different.”

‘We’re all fruit salads’

The Wiggles’ newly released song sends a strong message of unity, acceptance and respect.

It includes performers from around the world and from different ethnic backgrounds, including Filipino-American actor Lou Diamond Phillips, Ngunnawal artist Richie Allan playing the didgeridoo, and Robert Rakete, a New Zealander of Maori descent.

The original line-up of The Wiggles, from left, Greg Page, Anthony Field, Murray Cook and Jeff Fatt.(



The clip and sentiment in the song echo Field’s vision to diversify the band’s members.

“We’re all fruit salads — doesn’t matter where you’re from or the colour of your skin,” he said.

Last June, in the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement, the Daily Mail reported that American viewers had criticised the band for its lack of diversity.

While original Purple Wiggle Jeff Fatt is Chinese-Australian, when three of the initial line-up left in 2012, they were replaced with white artists — a move Field said “wasn’t a conscious decision”.

He noted they had improved other aspects of diversity, by increasing their female representation with Watkins and, he joked, he was providing “age diversity” in the group.

‘There have been crazy things’

Lasting three decades in the entertainment industry is no mean feat for a musician, let alone a band.

The motivation for Field has always been the children and the feeling of “responsibility” he has to provide a broad exposure to music genres.

He said the process of writing a song, deciding whether it’s one to dance to or sing to, still “makes me tick”, while the “buzz” of performing on stage is still as loud as ever.

The original Wiggles formed in 1991.(

Supplied: The Wiggles


His time in the spotlight though has not all been as positive as the music he plays.

Field has spoken previously about his battle with clinical depression and said he’s never quite been at ease with the media scrutiny.

“It’s been a learning experience — dealing with something that’s been written about me that isn’t true,” he said.

“There have been crazy things, like I got this watch from Paddy’s Market and I wore it on TV yesterday and someone wrote that I was wearing this million-dollar watch.

“But it was a knockoff that I got for $26. I just don’t like all that, I just like playing shows.”

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Back on the road

The band has only recently returned to the stage after the pandemic forced the cancellation of live shows last year.

The business lost 85 per cent of its revenue and had to let staff and cast members go, Field said.

The Wiggles will kickstart their 2021 tours in New Zealand in March, after first quarantining for two weeks.

Field said it would give him the opportunity to practice his banjo and bagpipes.

“Electric ones of course, so I can plug my headphones into them.”

90,000 Zeeland. Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Maelstrom read online by Anna Rouet (Page 7)

The water bus sailed between two massive metal chains marked with glowing balls. Even more of these water streets ran at different heights above each other, like floors. The bus floated along vertical branches to the upper and lower levels of the streets. Here and there heavy iron chains went deep.

Max lacked words. Even in his dreams he could not imagine that it is possible to live under water.But here people lived in a huge city – an underwater city.

The bus sailed past a long windowed facade, and passengers could look into the apartment and shops.

People in beautiful rubber suits, already familiar to Max and Emma, ​​swam in front of the houses, and on their arms and legs they had fins matching the color scheme. No suit was alike.

Max noticed on some swimmers helmets with two hoses, the ends of which were inserted into the tank on the back. Others wore only backpacks, from which also came out a thin hose attached to the mouthpiece.Somewhere the same pipes hung from the walls of the houses. Benches and chairs were fixed next to them, on which people sat. Periodically, they brought the hose to their mouths like a hookah and released air bubbles into the water.

Emma jabbed her index finger into the air.

– Shouldn’t their houses be filled with water?

Max also moved closer to the window.

– No, look over there.

In front of their eyes, a man opened the glass door of the house right in the water and entered the water-filled lock.Then he pressed the button as if he were standing in an elevator. The water instantly left the separation zone. When the room became dry, the second door opened and the man disappeared inside the house.

Other water buses swam near the bus on which the guys were traveling. In addition to the blue ones, there were also yellow, green and purple Anemone-yellow lines and Algae-green lines. In the water, not only buses, but also small cars rushed with a hiss. Some of them were so small that only one person could fit in there.Many passengers were peeping out of the windows of others.

The bus loudspeaker announced:

We arrive at Milmar’s main harbor. Terminus of the Ink Blue Line 265.

Soon their bus turned into a vertical water street and rushed up between the underwater skyscrapers. Before reaching the surface, he turned and headed for a building of impressive size. On the huge, ornate façade, the inscription burned in glowing red letters: Milmar Main Harbor.

The surface of the water sparkled above them. Emma and Max noticed many large holes in the wall of the building. A water bus went to one of these. Once in the harbor, the bus swam up. The higher they climbed, the louder the engine roared. It was seething and hissing outside the window. Two seats behind, a child was crying, and a young man was impatiently drumming his fingers on the newspaper next to him.

“Milmar Main Harbor,” the loudspeaker came to life again. – Please wait until the final stop.

Emma immediately jumped up and began to work her way through the crowd to the stairs leading to the exit. Max followed her, maneuvering between the people in the aisle.


A massive dome towered over the arrival hall. The floor swayed slightly under Max and Emma’s feet. Except for a couple who happily threw themselves into each other’s arms, and families with crying twins, Emma and Max stood there alone, their heads thrown back.

– It’s incredibly cool here! – announced Emma.

Artfully crafted metal props merged over their heads into a gleaming glass structure that plunged the arrival hall into a gray light. The ticket booths of polished metal stood against the wall opposite. The father pulled his twins toward the gate leading out onto the street. Max and Emma followed him, but constantly watched so as not to run into people scurrying back and forth.

Outside the walls of the harbor, tall buildings built close to each other seemed to grow straight out of the water and stretched into the sky.These were the same skyscrapers that the guys noticed through the window. They went both high into the sky and deep into the water. A network of wide passages and bridges linked them together.

Emma and Max walked slowly through the hurrying passengers along the wide road that led away from the harbor. Beneath the surface of the water were countless submarine-like vessels, some of which were moored.

Emma looked ahead. Lined up black cars with white stripes waited at the harbor. The drivers waved to the guys.

– Perhaps this is a taxi, what do you think? Max asked, but Emma just shook her head in disbelief.

The whole city swayed from side to side. Max knelt at the edge of the road and touched the edge of the cliff. Small waves rolled over him. Emma looked at him in surprise.

– What are you doing?

– I don’t understand how these houses were built. There is no foundation, that is, they would have to tip over, given their height.

Emma looked down, but only shrugged.

– Okay, Einstein, you better look at this. She ran alongside the moored vehicles and stopped beside one of them, with a gray polished metal finish. – Why, when necessary, there is no camera. Nobody will believe us just like that! She ran her hand over the cold metal.

“Let’s take a look at the map that Ziggy gave us,” Max suggested. “We have no idea where to go now.- Emma plunged into the elastopri card, and Max took an envelope from his pants pocket. “We need to get to Holdeener Pier, 71543, in the Emptern area and… wait… there’s something else on the envelope. It seems that something is squeezed out here. – Max found a small curved circle. Something indistinguishable was written in its center, and a year underneath it. “It must be some kind of seal. If so, then the envelope is almost thirty years old. I hope this address still exists.

Emma nodded thoughtfully and pointed to a small street:

– This is Holdeener pier.

– Okay, let’s go, – shouted Max, throwing a quick glance at the map and going to move on.

“Slow down, your orienteering genius,” Emma called out to him. “That way you won’t get to the Emptern area. I would first of all recommend that you read the map correctly. First you need to go there, and after two blocks turn to Holdeener pier. – Emma glanced smugly at Max, folded the map and proudly walked forward.

Max groaned.

– You know, if you turned out to be right as an exception, this does not mean that you need to puff out your cheeks like that.

A fresh breeze tugged at their hair. Due to the continuous rolling, the guys staggered all the time. Most of the roads led to squares, in the center of which, like springs, fountains gushed.

– Going this way, we will get to the Emptern area. Two more bridges, then to the right – and we will find ourselves at the Path of Thoughts, – explained Emma as they made their way through the crowd of locals in rubber suits.

However, when the guys finally arrived at Holdeener pier, no. 71543, an unpleasant surprise awaited them.They stared in confusion at the multi-story building in front of them. Broken doors dangled on hinges, and pitiful remnants of curtains hung in the openings of broken windows. The second floor was completely burned down, and the facade was covered with black soot.

Emma took a step forward to the broken door and peered inside.

– Are you sure the address is correct?

Without a word, Max slipped an envelope under her nose.

– How long do you think the house has been in this state? She asked as Max stared at the nameplate.

– Look, – he pulled Emma up to him. – Under G. Rourke and over the Tuller family it is written: Hickmans, Mortensen Hickmans! On the second floor.

Emma took three steps back and looked at the top of the house.

– The second floor burned down. There’s nothing there at all. Heck! She leaned her elbows on the doorframe and looked at the Holdeener dock.

Max swallowed hard. He tried his best to suppress the growing disappointment in him. He so hoped to meet his father here and get an explanation of what had happened.And now? How can they get home without the help of their father?

– Let’s ask in the next store. Perhaps they know what happened to the house.

Emma purposefully walked towards a small shop located two houses from them.

The girl opened the door and a strong smell of dried fish hit her nose. Unpretentious multi-colored lanterns flooded the room with dim light.

– Yes? – A young man with long hair appeared from behind the rack.- How can I help you?

Max cleared his throat.

– I would like to ask about the next house. Do you know where the people who lived there moved?

– This house has been empty for many years. All I know is that there was a fire in the laboratory.

– On the second floor? What kind of laboratory was it?

– Yes, on the second floor. And I have no idea what kind of laboratory it is. But why are you asking?

– We are looking for a person who lived there before.

The long-haired guy looked at them in confusion and advised them to ask about it at the nearest police station located nearby.

Coming out of the shop, Max and Emma were very surprised: the fog became even thicker. A strange haze hung in the air, just like when they left Eldena. In this fog, the whole city seemed colorless. Even the glowing letters above the store seemed dull and faded.

Keith Hewitt – Irresistible attraction »knigi-for.me: Electronic library of business and educational literature. We read online

Evaluation version. Available 5 of 25 pages.

Keith Hewitt

Irresistible attraction

Larenzo’s Christmas Baby © 2015 by Kate Hewitt

“Irresistible attraction” © Centerpoligraph, 2016

© Translated and published in Russian, Centerpoligraph, 2016

* * *

* * * the slammed car door echoed in the silence of the night.Surprised, Emma Leighton looked up from the book she was reading. Lorenzo was in Rome on business, and no one could come here just like that. Lorenzo Cavelli’s villa, where she served as housekeeper, was located too high in the mountains.

Emma heard someone walking quickly down the stone path that led to the huge wrought iron front door made of solid oak. She tensed, expecting a knock; the villa had a sophisticated security system, with a numerical code known only to her and Lorenzo. And the door was locked, as its owner always insisted on.

Holding her breath, Emma listened to the creak of the door opening, and then a beep sounded, indicating that the security system was deactivated. Her heart jumped sharply, and, throwing the book away, she got up from the chair. Lorenzo never returned so early and so unexpectedly. He always warned her about his return in advance to give her the opportunity to prepare for his arrival: make the bed with fresh, ironed sheets, cook dinner, heat the water in the pool to the required temperature … But if this is not Lorenzo, then who?

She heard footsteps approaching, and a tall, slender figure appeared in the doorway.

– Lorenzo. Emma pressed one hand to her chest and laughed uncertainly in relief. – You scared me. I didn’t expect to see you at this time. Don’t do that again.

– I myself did not expect to be here. He walked into the spacious living room, and when the light of the lamp fell on his face, Emma’s breath caught in her throat. He looked terrible – his skin had taken on an earthy tint, and bruises loomed under his eyes. The hair was tousled.

– Are you … are you okay?

Lorenzo grinned grimly:

– What is it? I look bad?

– No, not really.The girl tried to smile, hiding her dismay. In the past nine months that she worked for Lorenzo, Emma had never seen him like this. Not just tired and exhausted, his vitality, charisma and energy seemed to have dried up. – You are sick? Emma asked. “I can do …

“ No, I’m not sick, ”he chuckled,“ but I must look awful.

– Yes, it is.

– Thank you for your honesty.

– Sorry.

– Don’t. I hate lies. – Some new, wild note appeared in his voice.

Lorenzo crossed the living room and went to the bar. Emma watched as he poured himself a decent shot of whiskey and drank it in one gulp. He turned his back to her, and the fabric of his jacket tensed on his shoulders and muscular back – he was an attractive, handsome man. Blue-black hair and piercing gray eyes, a tall, powerful figure, dressed in an expensive suit.

Emma admired his article on how people admire Michelangelo’s David as a work of art. When Emma got the job, she immediately decided that there was no way she could fall in love with her boss.Lorenzo Cavelli was not her berry field, definitely. And if the tabloids are not lying, then every week there was a new woman in his bed.

“I was expecting you only at the end of the month,” she said.

– Plans have changed. He removed the cork from the crystal decanter and poured himself another shot of whiskey.

Emma did not ask him about business, despite the fact that during these nine months she and her boss developed a rather warm relationship. She couldn’t say that she really knew Lorenzo Cavelli.Since she started working here, he has been at the villa only three times, and no longer than a couple of days. He lived primarily in Rome, where he had an apartment, or traveled on business as CEO of Caveli Enterprises.

– Okay, – said the girl. – Will you stay for a long time?

He drained his glass again in one gulp.

– Probably not.

“Well, at least for the night,” she said cheerfully. Emma didn’t know what was happening to Lorenzo. Maybe a bad deal, maybe a problem with women, or something else.But she has to do her job.

– I have fresh linen in your bedroom. I’m going to turn on the heating of the water in the pool.

“Don’t worry,” Lorenzo said, forcefully setting his glass on the table. – Not necessary.

– It’s not difficult for me, – Emma protested, to which Lorenzo shrugged his shoulders:

– Good. Maybe I’ll take the last swim.

His words swirled in her head as she walked through the spacious, empty rooms of the villa to the back door that led to the pool terrace with mountain views.The last swim. Is he planning to leave? Or sell a villa?

The girl looked at the mountains and shivered slightly – the air was cool.

Everything was quiet around, only the trees rustled barely audibly with leaves and swayed in the wind. Villa Lorenzo was secluded miles from the nearest town of Troina; and during the day Emma could see the rooftops of houses and shops located below in the valley. She went there several times a week to shop and socialize. She even made some friends among the Sicilian shopkeepers and matrons.

If Lorenzo plans to sell the villa, she will miss living here. Emma hasn’t stayed anywhere for long, and perhaps she will start to feel uneasy in a few months, but … She looked once more at the night valley, at the rocky hill on which the villa was located. She loved living here.

But maybe Lorenzo meant that he was going to swim before leaving for Rome? She turned on the heating and was about to go inside, but when she turned, an indistinct shadow loomed over her, making her gasp.She must have swayed, but Lorenzo restrained her with his hands on her shoulders.

As they stood in the doorway, his hands on her shoulders, Emma could feel the warmth of his palms through the thin fabric of her T-shirt, her heart pounding in her chest.

She moved to one side, and he to the other. It felt like some kind of awkward dance or strange struggle. Then Lorenzo removed his hands and stepped back.

“Sorry,” he muttered in Italian.

“It’s my fault,” the girl replied, her heart still pounding.Walking quickly through the kitchen, she turned on the light. “So,” she turned to him. – Are you hungry? I can cook something.

Lorenzo shrugged his shoulders:

– Why not? I’ll change while you cook.

– What would you like for dinner?

The boss froze in thought.

– Whatever you cook, it will do.

She watched him go and pursed her lips, frowning.

Emma had never seen him like this. Not that they talked a lot, mainly discussing the maintenance of the pool and the renovation of the villa.But even when it came to such mundane things, Lorenzo Cavelli radiated charisma, energy, life itself. He was a man who attracted all eyes as soon as he entered the room. And now she felt uneasy seeing the loss of it all.

Emma frowned harder as she opened the refrigerator and stared at the nearly empty shelves. She had always bought groceries before Lorenzo arrived, but now there was a piece of cheese, eggs and a few slices of pancetta in front of her. Sighing, Emma took out the ingredients and decided to make a cheese and bacon omelet.

The girl was just putting the omelet on the plate when Lorenzo came downstairs, dressed in faded jeans and a gray T-shirt. His hair was damp and tousled after a shower. She had seen him casually dressed many times before, but now, perhaps because something strange was happening to him and he did not look like his former self, she felt her heart beat faster. Obviously, he has not completely lost his charisma and vitality …

– Unfortunately, it’s just an omelet.Tomorrow I will go shopping.

– This will not be necessary.

– But …

– You are not going to join me? He interrupted, nodding at the plate of food, which she had placed on the table.

On his visits to the villa, Lorenzo had never before invited her to dine with him. And she herself would be embarrassed to sit on the terrace with her boss, so Emma dined in the kitchen in splendid isolation.

– Uh-uh … I’ve already eaten, – she answered after a second pause.

– Then have a glass of wine. I don’t want to be alone.

Emma shrugged. She didn’t mind drinking wine, and perhaps over a glass, Lorenzo would explain to her what was going on.

“Okay,” she said as Lorenzo pulled out a bottle of red wine from the bar.

Lorenzo took a plate and a bottle and went out onto the terrace, while Emma went into the living room to put on a warm sweater. The moon was full and moonlight illuminated the Nebrodi mountain range and Mount Soro. The stars were spread all over the celestial veil.Lorenzo was already seated at a table on the terrace overlooking the pool, and the water glimmered softly in the moonlight. He got to his feet when Emma entered, took his glasses and poured wine.

Evaluation version. Available 5 of 25 p. 90,000 Linda Lael Miller – Emma and the Stranger – CHAPTER 14 – Part 1

Finding himself in his room in the hotel, Macon Fairfax immediately closed and locked the door, sank down exhausted on the edge of the messy bed and ran his hands through his hair. Hatred and bitterness gnawed at him like rats.Stephen was enjoying himself with this beautiful red-haired woman, he saw it in her eyes, and the thought made Macon sick. Dirk and Mary rot in their graves, and Cyrus Fairfax’s illegitimate grandson continues to live and enjoy the luxury of Miss Emma Chalmers.

Macon reassured himself as usual – he imagined that his half-blood brother was swinging on a rope with a blue swollen face. God, how he wished for Stephen’s death.

Macon took a deep breath and stood up. He was in his forties – too much to chase a criminal around the country.No, gentlemen, he should have been at home, having fun in bed with his mistress or even his wife Lucy.

He was desperate for a drink, but the silver flask he carried in his inner pocket was empty. Remembering Emma Chalmers and how she lied to him, he smiled and unlocked the door.

A few minutes later Macon entered Stardust’s doors for the second time that day. On his first visit, he heard about Miss Chalmers’ relationship with Stephen from a good-natured whore named Kelly Visco.He paid her for bed talk after she turned him inside out.

The saloon was thriving – a chic place with hardwood floors and ‘Don’t Spit’ signs. The tables were covered with green cloth, and the walls were flashy but enticing. A piano clanked somewhere, the air smelled of tobacco smoke.

Looking around, Macon noticed a tall, fair-haired man sitting by the window. On the table in front of him was a half-drunk bottle of whiskey. The fellow looked as if he was overwhelmed with self-pity, and Macon had long ago realized that self-pity untied tongues.He walked over to the table and smiled at the man, holding out his hand.

– Macon Fairfax, – he introduced himself.

– Fairfax?

The name was not to the taste of the dandy, and Macon congratulated himself on his luck.

– Can I? He asked, pushing back a chair.

– Of course, – the drinker answered gloomily, pouring himself more whiskey. He wore a striped suit and a top hat ridiculously pushed to the back of his head.

– What is your name?

– Fulton Whitney.

Macon signaled for another bottle and put a gold coin on the table so that Whitney knew he was not just a bouncer passing by – you look like a miserable man, Mr. Whitney.

Whitney sighed melodramatically. He was clearly drunk, but he poured himself another glass and knocked it over into himself.

– She is the prettiest baby in town and I lost her.

A prostitute in a short purple dress brought Macon whiskey and a glass, and when he paid no attention to her, she walked away, pouting.

– Who is this? Macon asked. Whitney hiccupped.

– You don’t know her because you don’t live here. She is the librarian, Miss Emma Chalmers. – He looked at Macon again, with a visible effort trying to peer.- You said your name was Fairfax?

Macon nodded. Emma, ​​the cocky little girl that Kelly Visco had told him about and whom he followed to the lake. He smiled as he remembered watching her as she undressed and entered the water.

“Yes,” he didn’t immediately answer, “Macon Fairfax. I’m from Louisiana and I’m looking for my brother Stephen.

He saw how Whitney’s face changed at the mention of his brother’s name.

– Wanted for two murders. I would like to try to persuade him to return home.

Whitney slammed his fist on the table, causing both bottles to rattle.

– I am a shawl. I told Emma that he was a criminal, but she didn’t believe me.

“My half-blooded brother knows how to get along with women,” Macon admitted regretfully. “He must have horned half of the men in New Orleans.

Whitney hiccupped again.

Expedition to Chukotka – Provideniya Bay and Beringia National Park

Day 1 Arrival in Anadyr

You will be met at the airport and taken to your hotel in Anadyr.The road will pass through the Anadyr estuary of the Bering Sea of ​​the Pacific Ocean.

At the hotel you will have a little rest after the flight, have lunch, and then go for a walk around the city. Only 14 thousand people live here, but it is the largest settlement in Chukotka and the most eastern city in Russia. They will also take you on a guided tour of the local history museum. In the evening you will have dinner and rest at the hotel.

If the flight is delayed, the city tour will be postponed to another day, and on this day you will only visit the local history museum.

Day 2 Flight to Provideniya village

After breakfast you will be taken to Anadyr airport, from where you will fly to Provideniya village, located on the coast of the bay of the same name.

Upon arrival, you will meet the staff of the Berengia National Park and transfer to the village. You will drive around Emma Bay, and on the way you will be given a short sightseeing tour, they will tell you about the history of the Provideniya village and the life of local residents.

You will check into the dormitory of the technical school and have lunch in the canteen. After that, you will visit the Beringian Heritage Museum, where you will get acquainted with the history of the development of Providence Bay. The bay was discovered in 1660 by the Russian expedition of Kurbat Ivanov.However, after that it remained unnamed for another 2 centuries, until in 1848-1849 the British ship Plover under the command of Captain Thomas Moore spent the winter here. In honor of the first successful wintering in the Bering Sea region, he gave the name to the bay – Providence. You will walk around the village and visit the monument of Vitus Bering’s 1st Kamchatka Expedition.

In the evening, you will have dinner in the cafeteria of the technical school and discuss the upcoming route.

Day 3 Excursion to the ancient Eskimo settlement

On this day, you will get acquainted with the traditions and life of the indigenous population of Chukotka.You will visit the ancient Eskimo settlement of Avan. Today, here you can see the remains of Eskimo dwellings, traditional meat pits – storage of a year’s supply of meat for residents, as well as observation posts.

In good weather, you will be able to watch walruses, sea lions and seals, as well as gray whales, which often pass by Avan in whole flocks. In the evening you will return to the dormitory of the technical school, have dinner and relax.

Day 4 Whale Alley and Gilmimyl Bay

In the morning, after breakfast, you will first be transported by TRECOL all-terrain vehicles to Rumilet Bay, and from there – a sea voyage along the Senyavin Strait to Gilmimyl Bay.During a boat trip, you can see walrus rookeries and large bird colonies of cormorants, guillemots, ducks, and if you are lucky, you will meet whales.

After lunch in the afternoon, you will take a guided tour of the Whale Alley. This is a unique monument of ancient Eskimo culture on the island of Yttygran, which is a structure of two rows of huge bones of bowhead whales, dug into the ground near the coast.

In the evening you will arrive at the guest house in the Gilmimil Bay, where you will live for the next few days, and have dinner.

On this day, if you wish, you will be given an excursion along the mouth of the Klyuchevaya River together with a guide and an inspector. During the walk you will visit the monument of the whaling flotilla “Aleut”, the mouth of the Klyuchevaya river, as well as the natural monument “Klyuchevoy”, better known as the Senyavinsky hot springs. If you’re lucky, you will be able to observe Canadian cranes and representatives of the hawk family: the buzzard (sarych) and the gyrfalcon (subspecies of the Red Book). Duration of the excursion – up to 4 hours

Day 5 Humpback Whale Watching in Penkigney Bay

Today, after breakfast, you will go on a boat trip and, together with your guide and inspector, will reach the Merkinkan and Achinkinkan Islands in Penkigney Bay.The coastal cliffs of the islands have been chosen by hundreds of hatchets and Ipatoks. You will be able to capture stunning close-up shots of seabirds. Penkigney Bay is also a feeding place for humpback whales. Therefore, the likelihood of meeting these sea giants here, as well as funny seals, is very high.

You will disembark on Merkinkan Island and have a bite to eat. After that, another sea voyage along the Penkegney Bay awaits you: you will disembark at the mouth of the Pestsovaya River and walk to the old abandoned reindeer herders’ camp.

In the evening you will return to the guest house in the Gilmimil Bay, have dinner and relax. If desired, together with a guide, you can walk to the hot springs and swim.

Day 6 Boat trip to the islands of Nuneangan and Arakamchechen

In the morning after breakfast you will plunge into boats and make a sea voyage along the Senyavinsky Strait with a guide and an inspector of the Beringia National Park.If you’re lucky, you can spot gray whales and humpback whales from a safe distance.

First, you will go to Nuneangan Island, where walruses are often held, and then you will go to Glazenapa Bay on the southwestern tip of Arakamchechen Island. Here you will visit the grave of the sailor Yegor Purin from the Gaidamak clipper, buried in 1875.

A hiking lunch in the tundra awaits you, after which you will return to the guest house for dinner and rest.If you wish, you can walk with a guide to the hot springs and take a dip.

Day 7 Aboleshev Bay, Cape Chaplin or trekking in Provideniya Bay

In good weather, on this day you will make a sea voyage to Aboleshev Bay, where you can watch akiba (ringed seal) and seal seal (variegated seal), as well as humpback and gray whales.

If the weather conditions do not allow you to go out to sea, you will be offered to go on all-terrain vehicles TREKOL to Cape Chaplin or make a small ascent to the top of one of the hills surrounding Provideniya Bay. From above, you will see a magnificent panorama of the coast of the bay with picturesque capes.

Day 8 Return to Provideniya village

In the morning after breakfast you will leave the Gilmimyl Bay and make the return voyage along the Senyavin Strait to the Rumilet Bay.

After disembarking, you will change to the TRECOL all-terrain vehicles and move to Provideniya settlement. If time permits, on the way from the bay you will stop by the Eskimo village of Novoye Chaplino. It is located on the northern shore of Tkachen Bay. In the course of the program to enlarge the Chukchi villages in 1958, residents of the old Eskimo settlement Eskim were resettled here.

In the village of Provideniya, you will check into the dormitory of the technical school and have lunch in the canteen.After that, everyone will be able to go to the bathhouse (paid additionally). In the evening, a farewell dinner, dinner and relaxation awaits you.

Day 9 Flight to Anadyr

On this day you will leave the village of Provideniya and fly back to Anadyr.At the airport you will be met and taken to your hotel in the city, after which you will have free time. Dinner will be held at the hotel restaurant.

Day 10 Excursion to the abandoned military base Gudym

After breakfast, you will cross the Anadyr Bay and visit Gudym – a former Soviet and Russian base of strategic missile forces with an accompanying military town.They will take you on a guided tour and tell you about the history of this place.

The Gudym military base had full anti-nuclear protection and was a complex of autonomous underground structures exactly 996 meters long with many separate, deaf branches that did not have other exits. Inside, they were divided into parts according to the levels of access for personnel. Transportation of goods through the base was carried out by electric cars on a narrow-gauge underground railway. In 2002, the base was finally abandoned by the military, and the population of the military town was relocated to other cities.

After the excursion you will return to Anadyr and rest at the hotel.

Day 11 Walking along the coast and fishing

You will have breakfast at the hotel and go to a fishing camp on the fishing line.There you can walk along the coast, and everyone can go fishing. For lunch you will find a fish soup made of freshly caught fish, and for dinner you will return to your hotel in Anadyr.

Day 12 Return home

After breakfast you will pack your things and check out of the hotel.You will have time to walk around the city and buy souvenirs, after which you will be transferred to the airport for your day flight.


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