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Wholesale Duffel Bags Large Small, Cheap Duffle Bags, Gym Duffle Bags

Whether you’re hitting the gym, heading out to play your favorite sport, or taking off for a trip that will last overnight or longer, one of our lightweight duffle bags can provide the storage and convenience you need to get your items where you need to go.

Buying cheap duffle bags doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on what you want. We offer a large selection of wholesale duffle bags with a variety of functions and options to suit any purpose.

Need something heavy-duty? We have canvas bags as well as bags that feature vinyl backing. Looking for bags that roll? Many of our bags come with wheels and extendable handles to make navigating terminals a breeze. Planning to customize your bags for a team or special event? Several of our bags offer a large area designed for printing. Environmentally conscious? We offer duffle bags made from 100% post-consumer recycled PET fabric. No matter what you’re looking for, one of our cheap duffle bags can get the job done.

Our duffle tote bags come in many colors, print options and kinds of fabrics to help your bag stand out from the crowd. We also have many different shapes, including cylindrical, foldable with square edges and rounded on top with defined corners at the base to keep its place once set down.

Our lightweight duffle bags come in many sizes, and the features vary depending on what you’re looking for. A small gym bag may have less space but more portability than one of our large duffle bags.

Be sure to check out each bag for its particular specifications. For example, here are some of the features you may find in a gym duffle bag:

  • Outside zippered pockets that offer storage for your keys, gym pass and any other accessories you want to be able to access easily.
  • Inside pockets that keep your valuables such as your phone, wallet and credit cards out of sight and secure.
  • A main compartment that offers storage ample enough for multiple gym outfits, towels and shower essentials.
  • A footwear compartment that allows you to keep your shoes separate, designed with a fabric that allows your shoes to air out while keeping other items in your smelling clean and fresh.

Once you’ve found your dream bag, whether it’s a small duffle bag or one of our large duffle bags, keep in mind that the more you buy, the more you save. Our prices for the purchase of a single item are already amazing, but they drop even further as you increase the quantity of your order. Buying our cheap duffle bags in bulk gives you the biggest bang for your buck! Whether you’re looking for wholesale duffle bags to outfit yourself, a team, a company or even a conference or convention, you can rest easy knowing you always receive the best value when you buy duffle bags from ToteBagFactory.com.

Wholesale Duffle Bags, Large Sports Duffle Bags in Bulk

Best Duffle Bags for the Lowest Prices

If you are looking for good quality duffle bags online, then consider your search over. We offer a wide range of wholesale duffle bags that come in various shapes and styles.

Duffel bags are part of every closet and every travel plan. They are easy to carry, spacious for their size, and lightweight. Perhaps that’s why they occupy the majority of the overhead bin spaces in airplanes. They are the most popular forms of carry-on luggage across the world. Large duffle bags are also handy for everyday use, for road trips and weekend getaways.

It can be confusing to choose from the many brands out there. We have made it easier for you to decide by listing in the categories so that you know the functionality of each bag. You will find it hard to find cheap duffle bags that are so durable and packed with features like ours.

Duffle Bags for Everyone

We offer different types of duffle bags to match various consumer needs. Whether you are looking for some chic options in women’s duffle bags or trendy ones to take with you on your frequent travels, we have them all. In fact, our large duffle bags for travel are among the best-selling products. They are designed to help users pack efficiently for all kinds of trips, with different types of compartments to aid in smart packing. If you are looking for kids’ duffle bags, we have a large selection of fun and colorful duffle bags that appeal to young travelers.

Sports Duffle Bags

We also offer a wide range of durable sports duffle bags that will be your all-weather best friend, whether you are tennis, football, or aficionado. If you are a coach or are responsible for a group of athletes, you can even opt for our team duffle bags. The size and portability of these bags have made them a big hit for large teams. The size makes it easy to fill them with gear, and the portability makes it easy to throw them over the shoulder on the way to the big game. The spacious and lightweight nature makes them the right choice if you are looking for dance duffle bags.

Personalized Duffle Bags

If you don’t want your duffle bags to look like everyone else’s, then opt for our custom duffle bags. Get one designed and created that matches your personality and unique style. We have a wide selection of blank duffle bags that come in various sizes and styles. All you have to do is choose one, then share the design you have in mind with us, and soon, you will be sporting your unique look. These personalized duffle bags are not just a great hit with individual users, but for businesses and event planners as well.

Where to Buy Duffle Bags

If you are looking for the best duffle bags online, then we are right here to help you make a perfect choice. You can buy duffle bags in bulk or opt for custom duffle bags at wholesale prices. Enjoy superior quality bags at affordable prices with easy shipping. Here at BagzDepot, we have a 24/7 customer support system for all your queries, along with a hassle-free return and money-back guarantee.

Wholesale Totes & Carry Bags | Eros Wholesale

Almost everything you can think of evolves in time, and in addition to technology, one of the most exciting industries that is known for continually producing new, must-have items is the fashion industry.

Think about it — it’s something you incorporate every single day. Whether you’re getting ready for the gym, work, a lunch or dinner date, or even crawling into bed, you get dressed up in the appropriate attire for each experience. The best part is that no matter the time of year, or how the economy is doing, going shopping for fashion clothing and accessories is something we rarely stop doing. Fashion accessories, such as jewelry and bags, are two essentials that are often paired with an outfit — otherwise, it simply feels incomplete.

A staple fashion accessory in a woman’s wardrobe is her bags. Totes and carry bags, in particular, have made quite the statement and are highly prevalent among women’s fashion today. You can get add stylish totes and versatile carry bags to your collection by shopping at Eros Wholesale. Our online shop also carries an assortment of men’s bags, such as messenger bags and top-quality briefcases. All of the totes and carry bags on our website come in various colors, sizes, and styles, making them perfect for all occasions.

An Accessory for All Occasions

The totes and carry bags at Eros Wholesale are perfect for all types of occasions. Retailers will enjoy providing a large assortment of stylish bags of a variety of sizes and colors. When customers come to a storefront to shop for a bag for a specific occasion, you will have everything they need to complete their look! Whether they’re looking for a stylish clutch or functional briefcase, carry bags give customers the convenience of holding their bag right alongside them. People love variety, and giving them just that is what will drive them back to you time and again.

The Perfect Bag for All Your Needs

Men and women often have difficulty selecting the right bag for their outfit, whether it’s a fashionable bag or functional messenger bag. It’s usually because they either do not have enough options, or they have the wrong options. The totes and carry bags at Eros Wholesale come in endless color and design options, giving customers a broader assortment to choose from. You know your closet better than anyone else, and know which bags would make the perfect addition for you.

The totes and carry bags at Eros Wholesale are not only used for styling an outfit; they are also used for functional purposes as well. Our collection consists of men’s and women’s lunch bags that often give the appearance of a stylish carry bag to coincide with an attire. That’s what’s so special about our products — they’re stylish no matter what! Here are some popular styles you’ll find on our e-commerce website

  • Zip Wallet With Wristlet
  • Clutch Purses
  • Fanny Packs
  • Crossbody Purses
  • Sequin Clutches
  • Insulated Lunch Bag Totes
  • Handheld Coolers
  • Budweiser/Bud Light Can Coolers
  • Briefcase Messenger Bags
  • Full-Grain Leather Executive Portfolio Briefcase
  • Faux Leather Tote Bags
  • Cotton Tote Bags
  • Earth Friendly Tote Bags

Shop Our E-Commerce Website Today!

Eros Wholesale is a family-operated online retailer that is proud to be serving customers for nearly 60 years. Our extensive product assortment gives customers buying options for all of their needs. We continue to produce new and affordable products without compromising quality — and that’s what has set us apart.

Continue to browsing to view our assortment of totes and carry bags and place your bulk order today!

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Wholesale Leather Travel Bags – Vintage Leather Travel Bags for Men & Women

Buy Wholesale Leather Travel Bags


Geared up for an adventurous trip? Perhaps, you are searching for the Duffle bags! Isn’t it? Duffle bags, which were traditionally cylindrical bags, have gained the changes with the changing times. The Leather Travel Bags or Duffle Bags designed by the Shaista Handicrafts, serve various needs and demands of the traveling people. We believe that today’s Duffle bags are meant to serve more necessities of the life and thus the designs and patterns are changed and have attained far more drastic features going beyond the classic drawstring style. Now, including the various features and designed with the materials like Handmade Leather, Goat Leather, Vintage leather and genuine leathers, there is no dearth of options for the people looking for the Leather Travel Bag or Duffle Bags.

What makes our Leather Travel Bag or Duffle bags perfect options for you?

Evolving from the traditional designs, the Leather Travel Bags or Duffle Bags designed by us exhibits the modernistic designs and layouts to meet the needs and demands of the modern travelling. Providing versatility in the design and concept, the Leather Travel Bags or Duffle Bags have gained a lot ever since its inception.

Here are some aspects on why you should choose Leather Travel Bags or Duffle Bags designed by us:

  • The modern concept utilized in the designing allows the maximum versatility in packing u things within compartment
  • Made of Genuine leather and many other forms of leathers like Goat Leather, Handmade Leather and Vintage Leather allows buyers to choose from a range of options available
  • Various designs and styles makes the products by www. leatherjournalwholesalerindia.com, a perfect suited for you
  • Perfect for traveling and camping, you need not to worry about the spacing issue, at all
  • Rich made interiors and perfectly suited for handling huge demands of travelling
  • Availability of Several compartments, thus allowing packing handy items with much ease
  • Multi functional and ideal for both men and women
  • Light in weight
  • ‘Within budget’ products to meet your demands and needs
  • Option to customize according to your needs while travelling and thus bags look not too bulky while on travel

The Leather Travel Bags or Duffle Bags are the crucial part in any traveling scene and one must make a choice of the best available product, so that traveling never becomes a nightmare.

Why to Choose Shaista Handicrafts

An ideal company looking to innovate things, while in their manufacturing of items, is of the aim to bring premium quality products in the market within the budget. Allowing the use of the best materials like Genuine leather in the manufacturing of products like Leather Travel Bags or Duffle Bags, the Shaista Handicrafts looks to establish a clientele for the best business growth. Offering the range of Leather Travel Bags or Duffle Bags, the company exhibits the great options in front of the customers looking to buy these products.

Go for shopping with us for Low prices and Great savings at ‎ Leather Travel Bags or Duffle Bags, women leather handbags!

Buy Wholesale Travel Accessories, Wholesaler
– Mila Lifestyle Accessories

4 Useful Travel Accessories and Supplies you Didn’t Know you Needed

1. Luggage Scale

If you are the type that does not travel light, Luggage Scales can come in handy tool to avoid going over the maximum weight allowed on airplanes. This pack of 12 is suitable for travel companies, hotels, bed and breakfasts and anyone in the hospitality industry.

Help your guests prepare for their travels with this digital luggage scale by weighing their bags before their flight. This way they steer clear of surprises at the airport and won’t have to reorganize and repack their luggage in front of everyone waiting in line or have to spend additional money on overweight baggage.

2. Sport Pouch with LED Light

This bright colored sport pouch is water-resistant and travel-sized. Keep your phone handy with this pouch while traveling and avoid pickpockets. You can connect your headphones to listen to music and easily take calls due to the clear front cover. Plus, there is enough space to fit your credit cards and boarding pass.

If you own a biking company and do bike tours you can provide your clients with these sport pouches so they can have their GPS and phone handy in case they stray away from the group and get lost.

3. Sport Belt

This high-quality sport belt is like a slim fanny pack. It will keep your items in check and accessible as opposed to a handbag or backpack where you basically have to dive in amongst your things to find the one item you are looking for. This sport belt is ideal for hiking, running, walks, biking, traveling, and walking tours.

Secure your:

  • Chapstick
  • Phone charger
  • Pens and pencils
  • Band-aids
  • Phone
  • iPod
  • Headphones
  • Money
  • Medicine

You may also use your sport belt as a packing cube and insert it in your backpack for easy access to smaller items if you do not want to wear it around your waist.

4. TSA Travel Lock

TSA approved travel locks are essential when traveling. Some foreign airports might conduct unauthorized searches of your bags! If you have a travel lock but it is not TSA approved some agents may break it open in order to check your bag if something shows up on their screen that may cause concern. Buy in bulk and save, provide locks for your family members or clients.

Shop Mila Wholesale Travel Goods and Accessories

Mila Wholesale provides you with the best quality products for travel organizing, on the go accessories, and best products for air travel. If you need help finding anything or would like to purchase gift cards as a present for your friend with a travel company contact us and our customer service team will assist you instantly. Our online platform has a pop-up chat messenger on every page to help you with any questions or comments.

Wholesale Travel Bags and Business Bags Special Design Wholesale Backpack for Travel

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Selling travel bags is an excellent way to make some extra cash. Travel bags are hot right now because they are both fashionable and fuctionable. In order to turn a profit when you are selling travel bags you need to get them at a good price. Buying wholesale travel bags can help you get the bags for a low unit price that you can make a profit when you sell the bags individually. In order to be successful selling wholesale travel bags you need to find a trust worthy wholesaler to purchase your lots from. Use the following information to choose a wholesaler that is worth your time.


To turn a profit selling wholesale travel bags you need to get a good value for your money. It can be costly to buy bags in large quantities. Prior to making your purchase you need to do research and find out what the going rate is for a lot of travel bags. When you are valuing a lot of travel bags you need to consider things like shipping and tax. You also need to consider any discounts that you might be eligible for when you buy more bags. All of these things factor into your bottom line.


Not all wholesalers sell travel bags that are high quality. In fact, it is not uncommon for wholesale travel bags to be made cheaply. For this reason you may want to start off buying a smaller lot of merchandise. With the lot being smaller you can test the quality of the merchandise. This way you won’t get stuck with a bunch of bags you can’t sell. You should also check the reputation of wholesaler. Do a Internet search to see if there is any negative comments about the wholesaler you are considering. If you can’t find any negative information about the seller it is probably safe to place an order with them.


To build a business you need to develop a solid customer base. In order to develop a solid customer base you need to get people to make multiple purchases from you. Having a variety of different travel bags will help you with this. Stock up on a variety of different travel bags. Consider buying bags made from a variety of textiles and having bags in different colors. You might consider buying wholesale lots of travel bags that are different instead of buying a lot with identical bags.


When you buy items wholesale the single most important thing you can do is read the wholesalers return policy prior to making a purchase. Read the wholesalers return policy carefully before you place your order. Most of the time a wholesaler will return your money minus and shipping costs. That being said, you don’t want to get stuck with a bunch of travel bags you can’t sell so doing your homework is essential. If a wholesaler has a stringent return policiy you want to be cautious placing orders with them.

Weekender Wholesale | Supply Leader — Wholesale Supply

Upload Weekender Photo to Find its Supply Terms.

Looking for another one Weekender? Specify more detailed name.

Travel bags wholesale

Nowadays business people more and more often cannot do without business trips. Moreover, often the news of an urgent trip to another city arises spontaneously. You have to throw your essentials into your bag and get ready for the trip. Therefore, it is very important that good travel bags are always at hand.

Buying a travel bag is not so difficult if you know a few important principles. First of all, it is better to pay attention to its quality – the bag should not let you down and fail right during an important trip.In addition, when choosing, you need to evaluate the capacity – large travel bags are much more practical on the road than decorative small ones.

Women’s travel bags are usually designed in such a way that no additional help is needed to move them – all things can easily fit in it, and even the most fragile girl can easily carry the bag from the car to the hotel. Men ́s travel bags sometimes have useful accessories for storing a tie and a suit in order to get them safely to the place.

Even if your profession does not imply a business trip, the bag will definitely not remain idle. With it you can go to nature or to the countryside – they are ideal for this. Travel bags are inexpensive , but they bring great benefits to their owner.

Travel bags in Moscow can be found easily, but the best value for money is offered by the online store. Travel bags in bulk can be purchased at extremely attractive prices.

Moreover, a pleasant surprise awaits buyers: the sale makes travel bags almost half the price. For a democratic price, you can buy a practical and beautiful thing that will facilitate any trip.

Friends called for a picnic – it doesn’t matter. There is no need to take a few capacious bags from home and worry about them not tearing – the travel bag store will easily solve this problem. Travel bags you can buy inexpensively at once for the whole company, and then trips to nature will not turn into a difficult task.

A separate type is sports travel bags . In general, the majority of sports bags are steadfastly associated with the images of brutal athletes who cannot imagine their life without a gym. In fact, this is not the case.

So, women’s sports bags are specially adapted for storing uniforms for a fitness club and the required minimum – a bottle of water and changeable clothes. Men’s sports bags are arranged in about the same way.

Another thing – big sports bags.They can even carry basic dumbbells or a set of tennis rackets for training.
Buy an inexpensive sports bag and throw it in the back seat of your car – and then you can discharge in the gym at any time.

Sports shoulder bags are an ideal choice for a teenager who still attends several sections after school – both a uniform and, for example, a basketball, will easily fit there.

Sports bags online store offers at competitive prices for buyers, and wholesale sports bags leave in almost a couple of minutes.

Sports bags in Moscow are also valued because they can be used not only for their intended purpose. So, you can even go on a hike with them – both a tent and a sleeping bag will fit in it. Both fishermen and hunters often decide to buy a sports bag. And for the thrifty parents of a young athlete, a pleasant bonus will be that sports bags are inexpensive.

Travel bags of any complexity wholesale from the manufacturer!

Travel bag is the most widely used bag in the world.Every inhabitant of this planet has used such a bag at least once. It is impossible to imagine a vacation or long-distance business trip without a travel bag.

A travel bag is an irreplaceable thing for a person on the road and, accordingly, such a bag should be roomy, comfortable and reliable. In addition, every consumer wants the bag to be beautiful and fit the person according to his style.

Travel bags of our sewing company fully meet the criteria, reliability, quality, and the variety of models will probably satisfy anyone.But if suddenly you do not find the model that you need in the assortment of Sovik, our designers and technologists will develop a model for your needs in due time and make a signal (reference) sample for approval.

Travel bags wholesale is a minimum lot of 50 pieces. It is from this amount that we begin to work on the order. We can make one travel bag, but in this case the price of such a bag will be cosmic. Our garment factory is focused on wholesales and large editions.

If you need large wholesale travel bags – you’ve come to the right place. Our company is able to provide exclusive prices for travel bags purchased in large wholesale, the main thing is that the order is made in advance and we can fulfill it in a relaxed mode. We can make a large wholesale circulation of bags quickly, but then the price will not be so “tasty”.

Travel bags from the manufacturer are always a guarantee of quality and adequate price for this quality. Buying travel bags directly from the manufacturer, you bypass intermediaries, which means you get the best prices and minimum terms for the production of circulation, as well as full transparency of the process and all related documents.

And also when ordering travel bags in bulk from the manufacturer – you can add the details you need to the standard product, discuss the color of the bag, the fittings to be installed, and so on. And also when ordering bags in bulk – you can order branding of a batch of bags.
The cost will be calculated by the manager individually. It all depends on the complexity of your logo.

Travel bags, which are sewn by our company only in Russia, will be made of fabrics you have approved, with the use of accessories approved by the customer and clearly on time by qualified seamstresses with extensive experience.

Wholesale companies of travel bags operate throughout the country, and the Sovik company has its own office and warehouse in the capital and has the ability to quickly and inexpensively make bulk shipments of ordered products by transport companies to any regions of Russia and the CIS. Check out the delivery information on our website and, if you still have questions, ask the manager.

Purchase of travel bags in bulk from our company occurs with a minimum circulation of 50 pieces per model. The minimum time for making a print run, after all approvals, is usually ten working days.

Travel bags can be bought in bulk at our sewing company on an urgent basis – in this case, due to the urgency, the price may increase. If you have an interesting and urgent order – send us your terms of reference using the feedback form or directly to the manager’s mail (see the “Contacts” section).

Wholesale of travel bags in our company is sometimes in the form of a sale of leftovers from previously manufactured lots, which for some reason have not been paid up to the end and have not been taken away by the customers.We sell such bags at a “tasty” price, but we cannot make any changes to them.

Look at other wholesale companies for the sale of travel bags and send your terms of reference or just an order for the manufacture of a wholesale batch to us. Our company has been operating on the market since 1996 and during this time has accumulated an impressive baggage of ready-made patterns.

We are confident that we will offer reasonable prices better than different wholesale bases of travel bags and guarantee the quality of the bags and the delivery of the order on time.And also wholesale bases for the sale of travel bags will not be able to make a product for you according to those assignments – they only sell finished products, and we produce bags for them.

Wholesale travel bags stores that do not manufacture products themselves, which means they will not offer first-hand prices from the manufacturer! Our company offers only favorable conditions for its partners!

Like other wholesale bases of travel bags in Russia, we will send your order by transport companies to any region of Russia and the CIS.The main transport companies with which we work under the contract are Delovye Lines, Zheldorexpedition and PEC.

You do not need wholesale bases for the sale of travel bags – buy first-hand from the manufacturer! We are always glad to mutually beneficial cooperation and always make money for our partners.

Men’s travel bags in Moscow


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Show: 32326496128

Top material Textile
Backing Textile
Size (H * W) (cm) 28 * 60
Pockets (pcs) 5
Top material Textile
Washer Textile
Size (H * W) (cm) 23 * 50
Pockets (pcs) 5

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Men’s travel bags

The DE ESSE company sells wholesale quality travel and sports textile bags for men.

The main advantages of cooperation with our company:

  • Fashion item
  • Low wholesale prices
  • Cumulative system of discounts
  • Ease of ordering through the website
  • Continuous renewal of assortment

Travel bags of our brand are practical and convenient when transporting luggage. These products are spacious, easy to clean and moisture-proof.Features sturdy short handles and an optional shoulder strap. In addition, the textile bag is easy to store when folded.

In the DE ESSE range of travel accessories, you will find reliable bags for your holiday or business trip and bags for the gym. A men’s travel bag should be roomy, comfortable and light.

Product features of item DE ESSE:

  • High quality accessories
  • Wear resistance of the product
  • Low price

If you prefer to buy a men’s travel bag from the Manufacturer, you can choose a product on our website.We work without intermediaries and sell goods at low wholesale prices.

If you are looking for inexpensive men’s travel bags, then on the pages of our online store you will see a wide selection of quality products at low wholesale prices. DE ESSE travel bags are made from reliable modern materials:

  • Heavy waterproof polyester
  • Durable lining
  • Reliable metal fittings

Do you need a men’s travel bag in Moscow?

You can receive an order not only in Moscow, but also in other cities.We ship goods anywhere in Russia. Men’s textile travel bags are always in demand among Russians. Your travel needs to be comfortable, which is why DE ESSE designers create collections of comfortable, lightweight bags without wheels.

DE ESSE product will decorate your shop window and diversify the assortment of the store. We provide a wide selection of quality and liquid goods.



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Travel bags are always in demand, but out of hundreds of different model options, each client strives to choose the most spacious yet compact option, characterized by quality materials and uncompromising style.Such travel bags can be bought in bulk from us. We supply products from China and also do self-manufacturing.

Striking design and ergonomics

A travel bag should be comfortable, accommodate a lot of things, have an ergonomic shape for distributing everything you need in separate pockets and compartments, be easy to carry or transport, and at the same time be distinguished by an original style that can arouse the sympathy of customers.When selecting, as well as independently developing products for the catalog, we take into account all the listed requirements, thanks to which each of the presented models of travel bags will surely be in strong demand. A careful approach to quality contributes to the fact that we offer exclusively original products from reliable materials, with high quality workmanship, which also increases the level of respectability of the goods.

Wholesale – we have the best prices and discounts

Offering our customers the opportunity to purchase wholesale products, we create individual conditions for cooperation with the possibility of convenient payment and savings due to additional personal discounts.The sale of travel bags is carried out in any quantities, with the possibility of prompt implementation of the order, regardless of the batch size. We work with clients in all regions of the Russian Federation and are ready to offer the most attractive terms of cooperation for you. Just call us or place an order on the website in order to get high-quality and inexpensive products

Travel bags wholesale from the manufacturer

Are you going on a business trip, on vacation, traveling and do not know what is better to take, what to choose: a travel bag, a suitcase or a backpack? Of course, each accessory has its own advantages and disadvantages.As our long-term practice shows, as a manufacturer of these products, travel bags are more popular and in demand . We offer all buyers from Kiev, Kharkov and Ukrainian cities a wide range of models:

  • comfortable
  • reliable
  • modern

products intended for road and travel. Trading organizations, online stores, specialized stores will be able to wholesale any model from us at the best price.

For travel and travel.

Since we are manufacturers of travel bags in Ukraine, we can afford to wholesale sewing both women’s and men’s products. Our clients independently choose: size, design, style, color. You can also order the production of products not in one color, but in a combination of colors. As for fabrics and materials, we only use in production:

  • quality
  • solid
  • wear resistant

Nylon is the most suitable material for wholesale travel bags.All nylon models will serve you for many years, while keeping their shape and color palette well. All products in bulk are completed with reliable fittings, it is reliable, it works without failures. The fittings will not let you down at a crucial moment, will not break or seize. Since for many of our customers from Kiev, Kharkov and other regions it is important to create a wide range of textile products in their store, we, as manufacturers, made a minimum order of thirty units.

Functional, roomy, durable.

All orders for sewing travel bags in bulk, regardless of volume, we, as manufacturers, carry out efficiently and within a clearly specified time frame. We also offer services for applying a logo to any model for travel and travel. The customer chooses the application technique at his own discretion . Products with a logo and other information in most cases are used during pro-actions, conferences, seminars. They are also presented to company employees, clients and partners

Travel bags wholesale from the manufacturer you can order and buy from us at a bargain price.We will send any order to Kiev, Kharkov and any other city of Ukraine.

Travel bags wholesale. Wholesale bags.

Sort by price:
Cheaper at firstMost expensive at first

Number of products per page:

Article: 1059/2110 blue

Article: 1059/2110 bordo

Article: 5617 black

Article: 5617 dark blue

Article: 5617 leaves

Article: 5617 navy bird

Article: 5617 purple

Article: 302 beige hat

Article: 206 beige bear

Article: 301 beige hat dor tk

Article: 301 beige map dor kz

Article: 9966/189 black

Article: 9966/189 blue.AVAILABLE 1 pc.

Article: 9966/189 purple

Article: 9966/189 red

Article: 281 brown

Article: 281 green

Article: 169 purple

Article: 8990 sapphire blue

Article: 6830 black

Article: YC 397 / YC 346 orange

Article: 6032 black

Article: YC 347 blue

Article: FA 2022-01 black

Article: FA 2022-03 black.AVAILABLE 1 pc.

Article: 2882 brown. AVAILABLE 1 pc.

Article: 5341/06062 gray

Article: 5915/819 brown

Article: 502 camouflage

Article: 2325 black

Article: 2325 gray map

Article: 3219 coffee

Article: 1687/9033 black

Article: 1687/9033 brown

Article: 2322 brown

Article: 2325 coffee

Article: 2882-1 blue

Article: 3396 gray

Article: 3130 brown

Article: 2328-1 brown

Article: FA 2778-15 / FA2538-29 black

Article: FA 2778-15 / FA2538-29 gray

Article: FA 2118-05 A black

Article: FA 2118-05 A purple.AVAILABLE 1 pc.

Article: TB 0192-3 black. AVAILABLE 1 pc.

Article: TB 0192-3 glue black

Article: 88723 gray

Article: CM 3795 black.AVAILABLE 1 pc.

Article: 88723 A black krok

We offer travel bags wholesale .
A convenient travel bag is an indispensable item on your trip.
This section presents travel bags of the Borgo Antico and Royal Mint brands.
By purchasing travel bags in bulk you get inexpensive high-quality models of various sizes.
They are spacious, compact and lightweight.
In this section, we also offer to buy bags in bulk.
The functional travel bag will become your reliable companion on a business trip. You will find favorable prices for wholesale bags .


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