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About products and suppliers:
Browse through high-quality. tapestry wholesale on Alibaba.com. Purchase. tapestry wholesale from trusted suppliers, wholesalers, and manufacturers at amazing prices and discounts. Made with high-quality materials, they are easy to hang either with rods or pushpins. They are also a wonderful choice to use as centerpieces in large rooms and as table cloths to add glamor during events. 

tapestry wholesale sold on Alibaba.com are an ideal choice for both home and artistic purposes. These products are hung on the ceiling to create a canopy theme and give different dimensions to a room. They are also used as bedspreads to add color to beds, and when woven into pillowcases, they stylishly match the bedspreads. As they have elegant designs, they are hung as headboards to decorate the bedroom areas and make the rooms look more lively. As they are lightweight, they are a perfect choice to use as beach blankets as they dry fast. Used as gift wraps, they look unique with a perfect finish that is easy to hold in place with pins.

tapestry wholesale are a superb choice to use as couch blankets as they add patterns to couches, making them more elegant. These products are used as curtains to block out excess light, or as pieces of art to adorn rooms and hold jewelry. They roll easily hence artists use them for art as they are easy and convenient to transport. Consumers can have them customized for meditation or for spiritual purposes. Easy to clean, they are an excellent choice when used as bedspreads for pets. When used as tote bags, they are perfect for outdoor activities like picnics.

Get superb. tapestry wholesale options on Alibaba.com and enticing offers. Purchase these products from trusted suppliers, wholesalers, and manufacturers. Visit the website and get magnificent offers on bulk purchases.

Tapestry wholesale or distrubutor?

Spiritual wall hanging designs

If you’re searching for religious or spiritual tapestry for your customers, Eastern Trading Agencies wholesale is the place to be. With over more than 45 years of experience as spiritual wholesaler active in The Netherlands and Europe, we have competitive offers in different wall hangings. Why these tapestry are so popular at the moment? Read more below.

Buying spiritual tapestry of our wholesale

Tapestries are not exceptional meant for religious people, but also very sought-after as decoration among others, and for that reason also very salable. If you serve customers of your spiritual (web)shop or store you should definitely add some precious showpieces to your collection, in order to catch up. Besides, a tapestry can be used in many ways, for example as tablecloth, altar cloth, bed spread or as meditation accessory. As you see, the possibilities are never-ending and they are available in different sizes, lovely colors and all kinds of amazing prints.

It’s not just about spirituality or religiosity, it’s art as well. It gives your room an unique look with refined adornments. It fits neatly in the rooms of reborn our hipster-generation as tail-piece. It’s contemporary, yet traditional and therefore timeless. Isn’t that ironic? See for yourself. This tapestries are classics and are making their comeback right now.

Catch A glimpse of our assortment

Let us tell you something about our most wanted prints and motifs:

  • Chakra tapestry – gives a soothing appearance to every place, meant to emphasize the spiritual theme. We love this one for it’s very colorful and cheerful and suitable in any meditation room.
  • Mandala motives – contribute to a serene tranquility in your room.
  • Buddha, Ganesh imprint – to fortify the spiritual presence.

We only select topnotch items for you and your customers. Therefore all wall hangings are hand-made of 100% cotton.

Get your stock in tapestry – Eastern Trading Agencies

If you’re looking for spiritual or religious decoration as wall hangings to serve your customers, we offer you a broad collection of tapestry. You can choose from different sizes, images and patterns available. We have over more than 50 different types of cloths, which you find on this page. To see the prices, you just sign up in our online store. Questions about the tapestries can be asked by sending an e-mail to [email protected] or you can call us at  0031-(0)10-4518186.

Wholesale Custom Tapestry Wall Hanging from Direct Manufacturer

What culture are tapestries from?

Tapestry weaving has been known for hundreds of years in diverse cultures. Both ancient Egyptians and the Incas buried their dead in tapestry woven clothing.

Why are custom tapestries so popular?

They encourage reflective and tranquil moments, enlighten the human spirit and are great subjects of conversation. They also elevate our personal space, add charm and coziness to our homes and are balm for the soul. All of these qualities have made wall tapestries a popular choice amongst art lovers for centuries.

A customized tapestry is a perfect way to personalize your home. Keep one for yourself, or send it as a gift to a friend in need, be it a birthday, a housewarming, or a sign of appreciation.This special design and customized cotton-poly tapestry printed with YOUR DESIGN would make a very fitting addition to any bedroom, library, office, or living room. Our tapestries can function as a very cute party decoration, or simply as a gift.

Custom tapestries from CNCAPS

We have two options of custom tapestries for your selection, you can choose to add your own unique elements on both colors, design, size etc.

Material A: Microfiber. Lightweight with no grommets so you can hang it on a wall or backdrop stand with pins, tacks, double tape, curtain clips, command strips, or clamps. With superior feel and texture, allowing for easy hanging

Material B: Cotton crochet. handmade craft. High-quality macrame cotton ropes. Durable beech wooden rod, pretty wood grain. Dip dyeing with eco-friendly dye. Quality hanging hardware included.

For the ultimate form of fabric cover, CNCAPS’s got you covered with high quality custom tapestries. That’s right. we said custom! You can create your own tapestry to make something that is truly unique and truly your style!

How to make a custom tapestry by CNCAPS

Material A: Printed custom tapestry

DIY Palmistry Tapestry (and How to Print on Fabric)

Iron the freezer paper to the fabric with waxy side touching the fabric

Cut your freezer paper and fabric to print size.

Feed into your printer’s paper tray and hit print!

Material B: Handmade custom tapestry

Hand weave/crochet with the material of wool fiber or cotton rope

Dip dyeing with eco-friendly dye into different design patterns

How do I customize a tapestry?

Customizing your own tapestry is easy-peasy with CNCAPS’s free and amazig design tool. You start off with one of our Create Your Own templates, upload your personal designs, images or text, and finally you apply it to the template with the said design tool. Also try out the many different fonts and color combinations, we are sure you will create a tapestry that truly resonates with your unique personality.

Q1: What are my design and personalization options?

A: Your design and personalization options are completely up to you. You can upload whatever you’d like – a photo, an inspiring quote, vintage graphics, memorable landmarks, and more.

Q2: Is there anyone else who can help me to handle the photo?

A: Don’t worry about your photos, our Photo Enhancement Team can help you out, crop the photo to fit the tapestry, remove the background massive, add text on photo. You don’t need to learn any skill to crop the photo, just leave us a message or email us via Email.

Q3: Can I place another order with a large size tapestry or backdrops?

A: Sure! please feel free to email us, we can offer you a special offer.

Where to put a tapestry? How to use(multi-function)

Tapestry, woven decorative fabric, the design of which is built up in the course of weaving. Broadly, the name has been used for almost any heavy material, handwoven, machine woven, or even embroidered, used to cover furniture, walls, or floors or for the decoration of clothing.A tapestry is a powerful way of decorating an empty room, covering entire walls, or draping from the ceiling. Complete a college dorm room, liven up your study or bedroom, cover your sofas or use it as a way to promote your company. Check out some great tapestries for design ideas and inspiration.

What sizes do CNCAPS custom tapestries come in?

There are five sizes to choose from, so think carefully about what you want to use it for and the your hanging space.

Also customized size as your request is also available.

S: 29” x 38” (73cm x 95cm)

M: 39” x59” (100cm x 150cm)

L: 51” x 59” (130cm x 150cm)

Square – 59” x 59” (150cm x 150cm)

XL: 59″x 78″ (150cm x 200cm)

Extra Extra-Large: 71” x 90” (180 x 230cm)

What material are CNCAPS tapestries made from?

Version A – lightweight microfibre(90/120/150gsm): CNCAPS uses premium polyester that’s both lightweight and soft to the touch, and hand sewn at the edges for a complete tapestry effect.

Version B – Bohemian Hand Dyed Macrame 100% Cotton Rope

How long will it take to receive my custom tapestry?

For our existing tapestry it will be shipped in 2-4days, while for custom design tapestries, we recommend purchasing your custom tapestry some time in advance to allow for production and shipping (check product page for more information.) Keep in mind that all our custom products are unique and made especially for you!

How to clean and care polyester printed custom tapestries?

To remove wrinkles use a steamer or iron the back. Machine wash separately in cold water, delicate cycle, mild detergent, and no bleach. Line Dry.

Cleaning: It is recommended that a tapestry just be dusted with a soft cloth or vacuum gently. You can keep a tapestry clean for many years with just light dusting. If you choose to clean your tapestry with more than dusting, then we highly recommend you choose a dry cleaner with experience in cleaning tapestries.

How do you wash a 100% cotton tapestry?

Your tapestry can be machine washed separately on cool gentle and tumble dried unless otherwise stated. Hanging your tapestry to dry will help to retain the vibrancy of color longer.

How to hang a tapestry?

Step 1: Pre-measure distance between the slits.

Step 2: Hammer a nail into where you want the tapestry to hang.

Step 3: Clip the tapestry or bohemian rope cotton tapestry to hang on the nail.

Wholesale Wall Tapestry, Buy Cheap Tapestry Wall Hangings Online


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Tapestry, Wall Tapestries for Sale at Tapestries-tapestry.com

Tapestries-Tapestry is a leader in fine European Tapestries, Wall Decor, Wall Art and Wall Hangings. Tapestries-Tapestry offers an exhaustive collection of tapestry wall hangings to create a stylish home decor and design statement. All our beautiful tapestries are unique and possess extraordinary quality, thus giving the timeless quality and fine design detail of a family heirloom. So, improve your home design and get applauded for the same! You can explore


a consortium of tapestry wall hangings, tapestry table mats, tapestry handbags, tapestry cushion covers, and other tapestry wall hanging products. Wall tapestries are versatile and serve well to work in any home design or decor setting, including in offices, living rooms, bedrooms, hallways. As a matter of fact, tapestry wall hanging suits virtually any room in the home. We offer one of the best collections of tapestries at the most affordable prices, thus we are your reliable wholesale tapestry source.Since the medieval times, wall hanging tapestries have been in use for adorning the walls of different buildings, including castles, churches, mansions, amongst others.

Our wonderfully woven wall belgian tapestries are simply superb for exemplifying the look of your home decor. The wall hanging tapestry is one of the most enduring representations of creative art, created by some of the most talented artists of ancient times. Some of the popular wall tapestries available at tapestries-tapestry.com include Belgian tapestries, European tapestries, medieval tapestries, oriental tapestries, religious tapestries, Bayeux tapestries, and many more.

At tapestries-tapestry.com, you can choose from a variety of different themes and designs in your wall hanging tapestry, such as landscape, country, lifestyle, animals and wildlife, historical events, religion, love and romance, and many more. Our exquisitely designed European wall art tapestries are inspired by the outstanding works of famous artists like Dontalello Tintoretto, Leonardo Da Vinci, Michealangelo, Fra Angelica, and a number of other renowned artists. In addition to using our tapestry wall hangings as your wall decor items, you can also use them as an art heirloom for passing to next generations.

It doesn’t stop here, these exclusive masterpieces of fine art also serve well as a charming gift item for your near and dear ones.

You will find that a majority of original pieces of wall tapestries are kept in few of the most renowned museums of the world, and the ones that are available to you in the commercial markets are accurate reproductions of the original masterpieces. We provide a wide range of beautifully woven pieces of this exuberant wall hanging art that are recreated by talented and skilled craftsmen and artisans. Most of our tapestry wall hangings are created using machines and instruments that help reduce the production time to half. Hence, if you choose to shop for wall hanging tapestries with tapestries-tapestry.com, you will not only save your money, but also time and energy.

So, do not wait anymore and visit our online store to choose a suitable wall hanging tapestry according to your taste, requirement, and budget. You will be able to decorate your drab and dull walls with rich colors and amazing artistic grandeur through our beautiful wall art tapestries.

Along with tapestry wall hangings, we also offer a wide variety of tapestry products like tapestry cushion covers, pillow covers, table runners, tapestry rods, mats, throws, handbags, and a lot more at highly affordable prices.

You will not be able to deny the fact that the way you decorate your home interiors says a lot about your personality, your sense of style, and your choice of interior home decoration accessories. With our wonderful wall art tapestries and tapestry products, you will be able to offer a great visual treat to all your friends, family, and guests and earn lot of compliments in return!

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China Custom Fabric Wall Rugs For Manufacturers, Suppliers, Factory – Wholesale Price


Product Name

Bedroom Wall Mats


150D * TC + 5S / TC + 150D


158 * 53


320 g / sq. m


70% poly 30% cotton


Sofa / Furniture / Bag / Clothes / Upholstery

Model No.

SF- L-003

Place of origin

Shaoxing, China

1.New collection of fabric design offered every month.

2. It ‘is commonly used to cover bus or car seat, sofa, home textiles and furniture with popular design, good color fastness and stretch.

3. OEM accepted. We can arrange production sample according to your design.

4. The fabric is one of our popular products, which we wholesale to America, the Middle East, Europe, Russia, Central Asia, etc.

5. We will control the quality of our fabric with mature technology, and sincerely provide our services.


Bedroom wall coverings are made from 100% cotton.

Plain tapestry fabric will bring the beauty of life to your home;

This simple tapestry fabric used for sofa covers can also be used for window treatments and other decorative applications.

Simple colors and simple designs are undoubtedly the easiest choices to achieve a Nordic style.

Plain tapestry fabric suitable for all seasons. Cold in summer, warm in winter.

This simple tapestry fabric is available in many colors.


This simple tapestry fabric is so soft that even babies will love it ..

Product display

Our advantages 1.0007

popular products we wholesale to America, the Middle East, Europe, Russia, Central Asia, etc.

2. It’s commonly used to cover bus or car seat, sofa, home textiles and popular design furniture. good color fastness and stretch.

3. We will control the quality of our fabric with mature technology, and provide our services sincerely.

4. New collection of fabrics offered monthly.

5. OEM accepted. We can arrange production sample according to your design.

Hot Tags: fabric tapestry for bedroom, China, manufacturers, suppliers, factory, custom, wholesale, price, cheap, sale

Witchcraft Tarot tapestry psychedelic wall hangings polyester fabric hippie boho India decor gypsy mandala budha blankets

  • Style : INS, Scandinavian, Decoration, Contemporary
  • Service Shoes : Drop Shipping, Wholesale
  • Cleaning Type : Machine Washable
  • Brand
  • Type
  • Opener Pattern : stage
  • pattern : PRINTED
  • Technique : Woven
  • Model number : 0180062
  • Origin : CNUB (origin)
  • US Design
  • Material : Matte fabric
  • Size : 75x73cm, 150x130cm, 200x150cm, 230x180cm
  • Shape : Rectangle
  • Applicable Scene : Study Room, Bedroom, Room, Room, Bathroom
  • Sale of Carpets : 1 pcs.
  • Use : Beach Towel, Wall Tapestry, Tablecloth, Decorate

Wash Style: Power Wash, Hand Wash

Material: Matte Cloth

Applicable Scene: Living Room, Bedroom, Study, Dining Room, Corridor, Bathroom, Hotel, Beach

Usage: Beach Towel, Wall Tapestry, Tablecloth, Decoration, Bedspread, Blanket

95x73cm (37.40×28.74in)

150x130cm (59.06×51.18in)

200x150cm (78.74×59.06in)

230x180cm (90.55×70.87in) 1. Color: all pictures are taken by professional operator. As the shooting light, display angle and color, physical and pictures, there may be some differences! Please take the material object as.

2.Size: The size may have 1-3cm differs due to manual measurement. Please note when you measure.

3. Clean: can wash by hands or machine, will not fade and shrink; wash under 30 degrees, do not bleach, low temperature drying; please avoid washing with dark colored ones as well.

Heavenly Tapestry, Hippie, Wall Hanging, Dorm Decor, Psychedelic Tapestry, White, Black, Sun, Moon, Mandala, Wall Tapestry, Hanging .

.. Heavenly Tapestry, Hippie, Wall Hangings, Dorm Decor, Psychedelic Tapestry, White , black, sun, moon, mandala, wall tapestry, hanging … – www9.flygstadensbil.se
  1. Home
  2. Shop
  3. Heavenly tapestry, hippies, wall hangings, dorm decor, Psychedelic tapestry, white, black, sun, moon, mandala, wall tapestry, hanging. ..


Detail product

Brand Name:
Carpet Sales:
Cleaning Type:
Cleaning Type:
Model Number:
Pattern Type:
1 Piece
Hand Wash
Machine Washable
GT8222 Sun Moon Tapestry
Model number:
Cleaning type:
Polyester / Cotton
GT8222 Sun Moon Tapestry
Pattern type:
Carpet sales:

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