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Source wholesale jade rollers noise free beauty jade roller set for face rose quartz facial jade roller custom logo on m.alibaba.com

US $0.1 – 0.2 / Set

Min. Order 50.0 Sets

Supply Ability: 100000.0 Piece/Pieces per Month
Payment Terms: L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram
Packaging Details: opp bag/Custom wrapper
Place of Origin: Guangdong China
Brand Name: oem
Model Number: jade roller
Type: Facial Massager
Application: Face
After-sale Service: NONE
Properties: Massager
Product name: jade roller
Material: Natual Jade
Style: Fashionable
Size: 20/80/44mm
Color: Green
Usage: jade roller facial massager
Design: two roller
Feature: Colorful Designs
Package: opp bag/customized
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China Natural Jade Roller Suppliers, Manufacturers, Factory – Customized Natural Jade Roller Wholesale

Item name

Best Face Massager Roller


Home / office / travel / beauty

Set components

choose whichever you like(comb/face clean brush/clean sponge/jade eye mask/quartz mask)


1 unit for sample


custom logo, engraving, silk screen,hangtag,colorful labels. etc

ball type

rose quartz/jade/green flower jade/tiger eye/aventurine/black jade/obsidian/amethyst/Balmatin/Sodalite/Picasso/


15*4.5*2  CM

Service for Amazon

1.Item label sticker                  2.FBA carton label 
3.Professional HD pictures     4. Desginer package services 
5.Instruction ,Item label stickers ,Thank you card ,ODM Logo

Compensation Scheme For Defective Products

For fragile jade products:

1. The metal frame get rusted.

2.There are uneven cracks in the surface of stone massage roller caused a big failure influenced on use function.

3.The metal support is detached from the handle because the weak glue(Except when the ball falls off the frame,You can adjust the distance between the two sides of the frame and assemble yourself).

4.The surface of Gua sha scrapping board has gaps or cracks affect the use function(In addition to the edge surface, it is allowed to have a slight notch and crack less than 1. 5mm).

All of our products have been inspected,Customers may take pictures of defective products if they find any of the four situations mentioned above.

After Verified by our company, we will make corresponding compensation and replenishment for the defective products.

We use real natural stone material

fake 1 compensate 10 !!! quality is 1000% warrantied !

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WHOLESALE ZAQ Opalite Facial Roller + Gua Sha Board

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Leading Online Wholesale Jade Roller and Gua Sha Tools at Best Prices – JEOXI GEMS

Online Factory Direct Wholesale Crystal & Gemstone Beauty Products and Gemstone Jewelries

100% Natural Jade Stone and Fast Delivery

Know More


JEOXI is challenging the norm when it comes to finding high-quality crystal & gemstone products at wholesale pricing.

Across our site, you’ll discover an abundance of products with unrivaled prices. As an online wholesale crystal & gemstone products supplier, we supply both crystal & gemstone beauty products, gemstone jewelries and gemstone carving crafts in various of styles. There are more than 200 different of raw gemstone materials to meet your different needs. Take a look at our entire online wholesale crystal &gemstone products supply for yourself, and please let us know if you need assistance or have questions about any of our products.

Our Raw Materials

Our raw materials mainly include all kinds of natural jade, crystal, semi-precious stones, more than 200 kinds in total.

Ninety percent of them are imported from overseas. Such as: Brazil, Mozambique, Nigeria. The selection of raw materials is the first step in our quality assurance and the most important step.

To ensure the high quality, natural health and no pollution of raw materials is the principle and bottom line that we always adhere to.

We reject synthetic materials and and reject inferior raw materials. Try our best to bring nature to every consumer


As a direct manufacturer of almost all of our gemstone products,  JEOXI is able to control all aspects of our production. This means better quality control, consistent dye lots, re-order-ability and a large inventory


JEOXI provides extremely competitive pricing on its gemstone products while also catering to customers of all sizes. Whether you’re looking to purchase for OEM/ODM or personal use. we handle orders of all sizes. 


We stand by all of our products because, after all, we manufacture it! Our highly-trained customer service team provide you with the best help. For any problems, feel free to contact us.

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Natural Collagen Face Masks | Knesko Skin

“I started using these amazing masks about a year ago. I have the gold and the diamond. Love them both. I call this my mini face lift. If you are going somewhere special and you want to look really good, you need to have the Knesko masks on hand. True story…I had not seen my friend in a year, so of course I wanted to look as good as possible. At lunch he asked me if I had some work done! Much cheaper and no pain!”


“I have been using Knesko masks for 3years now. I fly frequently and Knesko masks are my go to for recovery. They are always in my travel case. They rehydrate my skin, plump and help recover from long travel that often causes dryness on my face. Knesko masks are also my go to for special events. I can’t say enough about this mask as it is my favorite beauty vice.”


“Knesko gold and diamond infused facial masks are amazing.  They are perfect for those who want the highest quality ingredients with exceptional results. They smell divine with floral hints of rose essential oil. They leave my skin super soft, hydrated, glowing and looking much younger than my 52 years. I would recommend these masks to anyone who is serious about looking their best.”


“Knesko Skin masks are truly results driven products. Who has time for inferior products especially when we are all so time poor? I always trust the Knesko Skin Nanogold mask to smooth, brighten and plump my skin before a special occasion. My makeup always looks flawless when I use a Knesko Skin mask first. Love it!!”


“As a skincare professional, I am impressed with the ingredient deck packed with so much anti-aging power repair. It’s an amazing result for every skin type, especially dehydrated and sun damaged, like that of our Las Vegas Resort clientele.”


“Knesko Skin Nanogold collagen mask is one of my favorite mask/ treatments I have ever tried. I worked in cosmetic industry for over the decade, and this product it’s like nothing else on the market. After the mask my skin looks hydrated, helps with my inflamed and red skin prone to rosacea, pores are much smaller and fine lines are gone. Must try!”


“We love using the Knesko Nanogold Mask after photofacials. It is perfect to calm down redness, to provide needed hydration and collagen. It is gentle enough to apply to even the most sensitive skins and the clients love it. We also use the Knesko Diamond Mask to our microdermabrasion treatments to get an even better exfoliation for our clients while also providing them with skin nourishment.”


10 homegrown businesses to support this month: Baréskin, The Gym Pod, GINLEE Studio, and more

The month of August is all about celebrating our little island country and letting our national flag fly high. There is so much to be proud of – we have a world-class education system, Singapore is one of the cleanest cities around the globe and we’re blessed with a wide array of delicious food that is available at any given time. Part of our success as a nation has to be attributed to the many local entrepreneurs who have dedicated their lives to their respective fields and are finding ways to constantly innovate and bring novelty and resources to our local market.

To celebrate their dedication, here are ten of our favourite local businesses to support this month:

1. GINLEE Studio

Founded in 2011 by designers Gin Lee and Tamir Niv, this fashion label aims to create garments that not only look good but are also environmentally friendly. With an on-demand ordering system, the brand is able to slow down its production and maintain the workmanship for every stitch and cut made on the clothing.

Shop with them here.

2. Coffee Break

As one of Amoy Street’s prized hawkers, workers from the business district flock to this small, but mighty, store to get their caffeine fixes throughout their busy day. The best part? You’ll never grow tired of Coffee Break, as their extensive menu of flavours ranging from the traditional Kopi-O to speciality flavours such as toffee nut, will be able to satisfy even the most pickiest of cravings.

Coffee Break, 7 Maxwell Road, #02-78, 069111

3. Hustle Hut

Clocking in a good workout can be a challenge due to the ever-changing restrictions in light of the pandemic. But why go to a gym when you can get the gym to come to you? Hustle Hut is a well-equipped gym-on-wheels with personal trainers who are ready to whip you into your ideal shape, right at your doorstep. All you would need to do is book a trial on their website and put on your workout gear. Easy peasy.

Book a session here.

4. Baréskin Singapore

Singapore’s tropical weather is perfect for a day out at the beach or a stroll down Orchard, but with the high humidity and blazing sun, it’s no wonder we can’t stop experiencing breakouts and all kinds of skin nasties. Enter Baréskin Singapore, a beauty brand that caters to our thirsty skin with a product range that hydrates, treats and keeps our skin looking radiant, all year long. We recommend getting your hands on one of their coveted jade rollers. Perfect for de-puffing and smoothening tired eyes.

Shop with them here.

5. The Social Kitchen

Finding a job is tough during this economic climate, especially for those from disadvantaged communities. This social enterprise provides employment for individuals with disabilities, those from low-income families, single mothers and more. The Social Kitchen enables its workers through training workshops that hone their culinary skills and serve as a stepping stone towards a long-term career in the food and beverage industry. It’s do-good, feel-good and eat-good.

Support them here.

6. TUFT Club

Rug-making is suddenly all the rage on TikTok (who would’ve ever thought that could be a sentence?) and now, we too, can participate in this trend. Armed with a tufting gun, anyone can personalise and create their own rugs or wall tapestries from scratch in all sorts of shapes and colours available at this workshop. We recommend this a a perfect activity for a revitalized date night or just to relax and unwind any overworked brain cells!

Book a session here.

7. Eco.le

With scientists predicting we have less than 20 years to go before climate change begins to irreversibly damage our planet, carbon neutrality and converting to a zero-waste lifestyle seem top of mind for most businesses today. Eco.le is one such case, offering a zero-waste wholesale shop that provides refills for shampoos, candles, food items and much more, as long as you bring your own containers. The store also doubles up as an inclusive learning environment for anyone who is expanding their knowledge revolving around sustainability. We love a good creative idea that’s also good for the planet!

Visit them here.

8. The Gym Pod

Exercising is great but not all of us are confident and comfortable breaking a sweat next the perfectly toned bodies of the not-so-average-gym-hotties who we all aspire to be deep down. Well, with The Gym Pod, we no longer have to feel like we’re not quite sexy enough to work-out yet, by being able to book a private gym space right through your smartphone. This easy-to-use booking system ensures crowd-control 24/7 within the premises and the blinds installed on the walls will prevent passers-by from gawking at you during a rep. Also, say goodbye to pressurising gym memberships because The Gym Pod charges exclusively per session.

Book your slot here.

9. David’s Daughter

Eco-conscious clothing can often be associated with visions of burlap or loose, ill-fitting clothes that only spiritually-awakened beings can wear. But this local brand is working hard to prove otherwise. Known as a ‘slow-fashion’ label, they aim to empower young women to live and dress boldly whilst pledging to create sustainable statement pieces that are all handmade to avoid wastage. We always stan a conscious queen.

Shop with them here.

10. Photo Phactory

Looking to spruce up your home or wardrobe with some Singaporean flair? Well, you’re in luck because Photo Phactory has a wide variety of home décor items such as food trays, coasters, placemats, and more that are covered with Peranakan tile designs and graphics of olden day Singapore. Oh, did we forget to mention that they also have accessories such as scarves and clutches too? We love their take on renewing vintage with a flair of modern pop.

Shop with them here.

90,000 New – Stone Facial Massagers

Roller massagers for the face.

Our ancestors knew about the impact of natural gems on health. Now the bioenergetic effect of stones has been proven, and their useful properties are widely used in lithotherapy – a healing method of stone treatment.

Procedures for rejuvenating the skin of the face, relaxing the facial muscles, relieving puffiness can be carried out at home using a jade massager.It is convenient to use (there is an ergonomic handle), you can work with the face area while lying, standing or sitting.

The design of the device is simple: a polished jade ball or roller is used to work with leather. This part is attached to the handle by arms that allow the attachment to rotate, or by a rigid mount. The roller is also needle-shaped, this is used to stimulate blood circulation.

When using jade jewelry or jewelry, negative ions are generated.Thanks to them, blood circulation improves, hormonal balance is normalized, stress levels are reduced, and fatigue is relieved.

The effect of working with a stone ball or roller on the skin of the face is manifested in the following:

reduction and smoothing of wrinkles;

improving the condition of the skin and acquiring a healthy look;


On the skin, mimic wrinkles are smoothed out, the elasticity characteristic of youth returns to the skin.Blood circulation improves, the face looks fresh and rested. The jawline is lifted, and the oval of the face becomes more checkered.

If massage sessions are done regularly, the general condition of the body improves, which is reflected in a decrease in headaches and a decrease in the frequency of painful manifestations, improvement of vision, normalization of intracranial pressure, improvement of sleep quality, strengthening of immunity and psyche.

The use of a massager can replace a visit to a beauty salon, but it cannot completely cancel the use of medical, caring cosmetics.

Positive changes are noticeable after the first sessions. To consolidate them and get the maximum effect, it is recommended to undergo a full course of massage, which is about 20 procedures. You need to spend three to four ten-minute sessions a week. Time can be selected

China Hand Massage Tools Jade Roller Wholesale

Product category Jade roller , we are specialized manufacturers from China, Jade roller , Jade roller wholesale suppliers / factory, wholesales high quality products Jade roller spray R&D and manufacturing, we have perfect after-sales service and technical support.Look forward to your cooperation!

View as:

    Soothing Facial Massage Roller with Rose Quartz Wholesale

    • Unit price: USD 3. 5 – 3.9 / Piece / Pieces

    • Packing Details: One piece in one Opp bag, carton outside

    • Model: JR19072

    • Transport: Air

    • Application: Home

    • Portable : Portable

    Soothing Rose Quartz Facial Massage Roller Wholesale This rose quartz roller, made of two natural stone rose quartz heads, is becoming more and more popular with young women.Because it has many benefits, such as improving blood circulation, eliminating dark …

    Wholesale Roller Jade Facial Skin Roller

    • Unit price: USD 3. 5 – 3.9 / Piece / Pieces

    • Packing Details: One piece in one Opp bag, carton outside

    • Model: JR19071

    • Transport: Air

    • Application: Home

    • Portable : Portable

    Wholesale Facial Skin Jade Roller Jade Roller is a portable massage tool mainly used for facial massage.It is also called skin jade roller. It can be used alone or in combination with your regular under eye creams. It consists of one or two …

China Jade Roller Suppliers

Around April 2017, our gem supplier gave us a rose quartz roller (hand massage tool) and told us that this cosmetic product is called a jade roller and it has a huge market. He invited us to develop such products. Since then, we have developed a new line of jade rolls. Now we have our own factory, we can offer high quality jade roller to global customers at wholesale price.

Jade Roller Benefits:

  • Helps maintain the lymphatic system and detoxify the lymph nodes.
  • Supports lymphatic drainage, reducing puffiness and wrinkles

Our product advantage:

  • High quality and wholesale price $ 3.5
  • Factory direct sale
  • Small MOQ as 16 pieces
  • Support for individual packing
90,000 6144) from 16.4 rubles from a warehouse in Minsk

What is a massage gift set 2 in 1 Jade Roller jade: Guasha scraper + massage roller

Buy Massage set jade scraper Guasha + massage roller (Set 2 in 1) on our website can be WHOLESALE from 20 pcs.or at least 5 if you buy other goods from us (collective order).

Jade is a mineral known to mankind since ancient times. He enjoyed particular love in ancient China, where he was called the “stone of life”, and in our time it is considered the national symbol of this country. Most often, jewelry is made from this mineral of all shades of green, but folk beliefs and some research by scientists also speak of its medicinal value. This property has led to the fact that jade is widely used in many types of massagers.

Roller massager made of jade – the device is a handle on which a rod is attached perpendicularly – a mount for a roller made of jade. Moreover, the mineral can be located both on one side and on two.

Double Sided Jade Massager with Smooth Roller

The main tasks of such a massager are to relax muscles, improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. On the face, this effect is provided by gentle pressure on the skin while the device is being passed along the massage lines.The simultaneous action of mechanical pressure and infrared radiation should ideally relieve puffiness, improve complexion and even remove fine wrinkles. The massager is used not only on the face, but also on the limbs, back and buttocks, although, of course, you will have to resort to outside help during the procedure. In these areas, the muscles are warmed up and relaxed using the same kneading and exposure to infrared rays.

For this reason, massage with jade is indicated for people leading an active lifestyle, for example, athletes, and vice versa – by being in one position for a long time.The use of the massager is also recommended for those suffering from chronic diseases and deficiency of immunity, who have problems with the nervous system. However, such a gadget cannot be used in the groin area, and for women – on the chest, since heating these zones can cause the appearance of neoplasms, including malignant ones.

Jade scraper for Guasha massage in the shape of a heart

Guasha is the oldest type of Chinese massage using jade plates.Such massage is not done locally – point by point, but the entire surface is treated at once (for example, the back), after having applied massage or medicinal oil.

Massage with a scraper removes stagnation well, improves blood circulation, promotes healing and rejuvenation of the body.

Gua “in translation means – to scrape in one direction, and” Sha “- evil, negative, filth, toxins, poisons. In other words, by smoothing the skin in one direction with polished crystals, you can rid the body not only of decay products and accumulated toxins, but also of negative energy, the consequences of stressful situations and negative emotional states, clearing the way for the flow of healing Qi energy.

In fact, self-massage of the face and body with a roller or plate stimulates the movement of blood and lymph, accelerates cell regeneration and activates the restoration of dermal protective barriers. The skin acquires the ability not only to resist ailments, but also returns its former beauty and youth.

But, if we talk about versatility, then gouache plates are a more multifunctional device. Firstly, its shape allows you to regulate the pressure and intensity of action on the skin. That is, not only to “smooth” the skin, but also to work out the deeper muscles of the face, relaxing them and affecting the acupuncture points.And secondly, the various sizes of the plates determine their use not only for massage of the face, but also for the whole body, thus obtaining a “two-in-one effect”.


Firstly, to get the desired result, you need to massage your face daily. It does not take much time – just a couple of minutes in the morning and / or in the evening to achieve visible changes.

Secondly, in no case should you randomly drive a roller or plate over your skin.A chain of lymph nodes is located from the chin and up along the contour of the face. The purpose of the massage is to go through all these zones so as to stimulate the outflow of fluid, along with which toxins accumulated there will come out to the surface of the skin. All movements should be performed smoothly, upward, at least 4-5 times for each massage line.

Having mastered, you can increase the pressure on the crystal, but so that it does not cause discomfort, and even more so does not leave obvious red stripes on the skin.

Thirdly, you must first prepare your face for the massage: cleanse (remove the remnants of makeup and other impurities), moisturize or apply an oil suitable for your skin type or personal preferences.So the massage crystals will glide more easily along the epithelium without stretching it.

It is recommended to use the gua sha plate before applying special cosmetics. The edges of the plate perfectly remove dead skin cells, thereby cleansing the skin so that subsequent care is more effective.

After each use, the massager is washed in warm water with soap and / or disinfected.

Massagers based on jade should be used for at least 15 minutes, since in the first 5 minutes they accumulate heat and only then convert it into IR rays and begin their healing effect.

The scraper is made by hand from natural jade stone, has a unique color and pattern.

Jade stone symbolizes cosmic energy, perfection, strength, power, incorruptibility, immortality. According to Chinese canons, jade embodies a number of virtues: moral purity, justice, sincerity, courage, harmony, devotion and benevolence.


Double Jade Smooth Roller Massager:

Applications: face, neck, limbs, back and buttocks

Length: 14 cm.

Wide roller width – 4 cm

Narrow roller width – 2 cm.

Weight: 150 grams


Heart-shaped guasha scraper: Applications: face, limbs, back and buttocks, palms, feet

Length: 10 cm.

Wide width – 5 cm

Weight: 100 grams

Complete set:

Roller-massager for face double-sided with smooth rollers – 1 piece;

Gua-sha scraper plate for face and body – 1pc;

Branded box.

Product material natural jade stone

Country of origin: China

Packing: gift box

Package dimensions: 20. 50×12.00×3.00 cm

PRODUCT DISTRIBUTION: the product has traces of glue, irregularities on the handle, a defect in the box (does not affect the functional characteristics of the product). The defect percentage is not more than 10%. Non-refundable!

Why buy Massage gift set 2 in 1Jade Roller jade: Guasha scraper + massage roller wholesale is profitable with us

  • Low price guarantee, direct from the manufacturer
  • Shipment of goods from a warehouse in Minsk within 1-7 working days
  • Promotions, discounts and gifts for regular customers
  • Two-level check of each item for scrap
  • Replacement of illiquid assets within 14 days,
  • Delivery by Belpochta, EMS, courier, self-pickup, transport company.
  • Payment by ERIP, electronic money, bank card, cash and to the current account!
  • Uploading to the site with a link – more than 3000 positions, with a photo and description to your site with support for the relevance of availability
  • We provide live product photos
  • Guaranteed replacement of defect

China Customized Green Jade Facial Massage Roller Suppliers – Wholesale Green Jade Facial Massage Roller

Green Jade Facial Massage Roller




As Picture



One size


T / T, Western Union, MoneyGram

sample policy


High quality


ODM / OEM orders are welcome


1 OPP bag / pcs

Delivery time

about 5 ~ 10 days after order confirmation
Record Coating, color can be made as customers’ requirement

About the product:


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