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Top 12 Wholesale Designer Bags Suppliers from China

China is undoubtedly one of the top countries in the production bags and there are just so many wholesale bags suppliers from this region. Check out such locations as Guangzhou and Yiwu and you will be amazed at the wide range of suppliers of wholesale bags in China that distribute quality products at affordable prices to all locations around the world.

In this post, we will look at some of the best wholesale bags suppliers from China in addition to outlining some key issues about the wholesale business in this country the responses to the relevant FAQs. So stay awake as we begin by looking at the top 12 suppliers of wholesale bags from China.

Top 12 Wholesale Bags Suppliers from China

1. Alibaba

Alibaba is undoubtedly one of the leading online marketplaces in the world. With a variety of handbags from different suppliers on its catalog, this site can be a viable option when looking to venture into the handbags business as well as to expand your already established business.

Additionally, Alibaba makes it so easy to find your desired handbags from the site before placing your order. Now, here’s the best part, you will get a 100% refund if the products do not match your expectations in addition to getting exceptional customer service.

2. Chinabrands

Appearing last is in our list doesn’t mean that Chinabrands is not a viable option for your wholesale handbags purchasing needs as you will find out in a short while. In fact, it is among the best platforms. So why is this so? Well, what would you expect to get when quality products are combined with on-time delivery? I guess that’s an exceptional service. Interestingly, that’s exactly what Chinabrands offers.

With a wide range of wholesale handbags at the most affordable prices, Chinabrands is one of the best platforms to solve your wholesale handbags purchasing woes. Contrary to many stores, Chinabrands has a team of professionals that carry out quality checks on all their products to ascertain that they meet your expectations. And it never stops there because the products at Chinabrands are SEO optimized for easy uploading to your stores.

Best-Selling Bags Wholesale on Chinabrands

More >

3. Wholesale7.net

When you consider Wholesale7.net for your bulk bags purchasing needs then be sure to come across reliable suppliers offering cheap wholesale bags from China. This site is ideal for purchasing trendy handbags, backpacks, and wallets for men and women alike.

Now, the most interesting thing about Wholesale7.net is that you can always enjoy plenty of incentives when purchasing from the site such as taking 30% off the shipping fee. That said, some of the product categories at Wholesale7. net include shoulder bags, clutch bags, tote bags, wallets, handbags, messenger bags, and men backpacks among others. Best of all, you can also shop the new arrivals section as well the transparent bags.

4. DHgate

With as much as 6853 items under the bags category, DHgate provides the best platform to find a variety of wholesale China bags at the best prices. Just as important, DHgate provides a variety of bags under such categories as women’s bags, men’s bags, and other accessories at pocket-friendly prices.

Additionally, you can also find unique categories such as leather business bags, cosmetic bags, and cases and mini diamond bags all of which will be highly adored by fashion savvy individuals. Just like many wholesale websites from China, registration on this site is free and all you got to do is to create an account and place your order.

5. Chinabag888

Have you heard of Chinabag888 before? Well, this is a cheap China bags wholesale supplier that boasts exceptional services. This company stocks a variety of high-quality bags including single shoulder bags, backpacks, and school bags.

And did I mention the large number of cheap bags for females available at the website? In a nutshell, Chinabag888 primarily focuses on ladies’ handbags so it can be a suitable option when looking to stock quality products under such category.

6. Aliexpress

Launched in 2010, Aliexpress is a subsidiary company of Alibaba that is comprised of a variety of small businesses in China. One of the best things about Aliexpress is that it supplies a variety of products to online buyers across the globe at competitive prices. So if you need high-quality China ladies bags at wholesale prices then this site can be a suitable option.

Additionally, it also provides worldwide shipping on all its elegant collection of quality handbags. That said, you can never worry about buyer protection when making bulk purchases from Aliexpress because this is one of the exceptional services it provides exclusively.

Get a wide range of products at Aliexpress ranging from women bag sets to top-handle bags as well as elegant handbags and take your business to a whole new level.

7. Lox Handbag Factory

Now, Lox Handbag Factory focuses on the manufacture and supply of all kinds of bags at budget-friendly prices. With a wide collection of women’s handbags that your customers will equally adore, you can shop the trendy designer handbags online as well as the wholesale tote bags from China and make potential profits.

Lox Handbag factory comes in handy when you need fashion products and some of the categories of bags you are likely to find at this site include shopping bags, fashion bags, computer bags, and cosmetic bags just to mention a few.

At Lox Handbag Factory, the objective is always to make you happy and have a memorable experience every time you make your wholesale designer bags purchases.

8. Global Sources

I bet you have heard of Global Sources before…not so? Well, as its name suggests, Global Sources is well known to source some of the highest quality handbags that are supplied by verified and experienced manufacturers from China. As a leading B2B company connecting buyers to a variety of suppliers, Global Sources features a wide collection of quality bags in such categories as new nylon bags, large fashion handbags, and women handbags among others.

Ideally, this website has as much as 269 227 handbags from up to 15 454 verified suppliers. The best part of the Global Sources deals is that it accepts small orders in addition to providing videos on some of the bags available at the site.

9. Rosegal

If you need a reliable China ladies bags wholesale while enjoying free shipping at the same time then Rosegal is an ideal option. At Rosegal.com, you can make bulk purchases of the latest wholesale bags and fashion style wholesale bags from China at affordable prices.

One of the most interesting things about Rosegal is that they offer free shipping on select products and this can be so helpful when starting out your business. Besides, it is also advisable to check out the new arrival section at the Rosegal website since it is always updated on a daily basis.

10. JD Handbag Factory

As a subsidiary company of JD Leather Goods, JD Handbag factory is one of the leading manufacturers of handbags in China that specializes in producing a variety of high-quality fashionable handbags. As opposed to many wholesalers, JD Handbag Factory accepts your design in case you need a complex order that should be customized according to your customer’s wishes.

With over 20 years of experience in this industry, there are just plenty of reasons to trust this company for your wholesale handbags purchasing needs. That said, some of the categories of handbags supplied by this company include evening bags, bucket bags, diaper bags, handle bags, saddlebags, clutches, and backpacks among others. Besides, this site also features a wide selection of wholesale tote bags from China.

11. Shoespie

Shoespie is well known to provide fashion wholesale designer bags from a variety of suppliers at the best prices. As a trusted wholesale handbags supplier, Shoespie ensures you always have an exciting experience when shopping by offering discounts on their items and special offers.

You can also shop the new arrivals section to get a wide collection of trendy products without much hassle. Best of all, Shoespie provides free shipping on all the designer handbags site wide.

12. Made in China

Now, made in China is another cheap China bags wholesale supplier. If you need easy sourcing of high-quality ladies handbags at competitive prices then Made in China is one such wholesale supplier that you can rely on.

Since its inception in 1998, Made in China has been fundamental at satisfying the customers’ needs by delivering innovative and high-quality designer bags. With more than 33 000 items in the bags category, you can never miss out on your desired products from this site.

What’s more, some of the types of bags supplied by Made in China include tote bags, clutch bags, evening bags, handbags, backpacks, and sling bags among others. Registration, on the other hand, completely free and this makes the site even more convenient.

What to Know About Wholesaling Bags from China

1. Wholesalers may Offer Lower MOQs than Manufacturers

It is true that sometimes, wholesale suppliers in China can offer lower Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs) than manufacturers. On that note, some suppliers can go an extra mile to let you order a few pieces for every product. And you know that MOQs of between 300 to 500 pieces per products is a huge milestone for small businesses.

2. Many Chinese Wholesale Suppliers Lack Export Licenses

Another key factor to note is that many wholesale suppliers in China, save for well-established sites such as Chinabrands, have no export licenses. Thankfully, there are legal ways to export goods without such documents so this is never a real issue to worry about.

3. Wholesale Products in China are non-compliant with the US, EU, and other Overseas Product Regulations

Most of the products made for the Chinese domestic market do not comply with overseas such as the US and EU product regulations. In a nutshell, China has its own set of product regulations that do not necessarily correspond to those in other countries.

How to Import Wholesale Bags from China?

Now, this is a commonly asked question by customers looking to sources their products from some of the best wholesale suppliers in China. Well, importing bags from China through B2B portals is just so simple. As simple as ABC if you like. Simply find a trusted wholesale supplier such as Chinabrands. Then gather all the necessary details including material, quantity, and color among others.

Enquire for the quote from your chosen supplier before placing your order. Arrange your cargo transport before finishing by tracking your order and ultimately preparing for its arrival.

Where can I find Cheap Bags from China Manufacturers?

Well, it is worthwhile to know that each bag manufacturer in China has unique features and products of specialty. For instance, Guangzhou is an ideal location to find some of the best handbag factories. When you need premium leather handbags, on the other hand, then Yiwu is your best bet. Other locations to find quality handbags at the best prices in China include Xiamen and Quanzhou.

Bottom Line

To wrap it up, it is clear that you can earn lots of profits if you venture into the wholesale bags business and play your cards right. Getting a reliable wholesale supplier is the first step towards propelling your business to greater heights. Fortunately, we have outlined some of the best wholesale bags suppliers in China to help you settle for what suits you best and accelerate the growth of your business. Choose a top Chinese wholesaler such as Chinabrands and let your business flourish faster than you ever anticipated.

Cheap Designer Bags Wholesale China​: Detailed Login Instructions| LoginNote

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Shop Wholesale Replica China AAA Handbags, Shoes, Clothes, Watches, Sunglasses

Buy luxury women handbag replicas,High fashion designer handbags are for the lady who has a passion and eye for beauty and incredible fashion sense. Most luxury women handbags are masterpieces and their style is made to last timelessly. It’s always important to set your sights on the next big thing and look for the prestige that comes along with a premium designer women handbag.

Well, it’s true that having the latest designer handbag straight off the runway can turn you into an instant fashionista at any glamorous events, but the truth is how many of us can justify owning at least one really expensive designer bag from luxury brands such as Birkin, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Christian Dior, Burberry, Prada, Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton, Coach, Michael Kors or Kate Spade.

Otherwise skip directly to check out the luxury women handbag replicas you are looking for

High Quality Cheap Women Replica Handbags in www.WholeSale.Pub

Well, WholeSale.Pub is well aware that there are many imitation products on the platform, especially for expensive luxury items, therefore many products and sellers last only for a while before being taken down. So these awesome sellers are not easy to come by and we do update our list regularly and promptly. Furthermore do remember that authentic luxury products usually do not get listed on WholeSale.Pub, thus if a seller indicates that their products are real, please take it with a pinch of salt.

At www.replicachina.cn, we are always sifting for the best value bargain where you can purchase the highest quality luxury women handbag replicas at the lowest price possible. If you are looking for a trustworthy seller stocking excellent fake luxury women handbag at WholeSale. Pub, look no further.

We have reviewed and work out a list of 5 Trusted Luxury Women Handbag Replicas Sellers and their top selling luxury women handbag replicas from WholeSale.Pub for you, the savvy buyer.
From a tote, shoulder bag, clutch and crossbody to handbag and purse, their unique mix of branded designers bags like Coach, Michael Kors and Furla and true statement pieces from Kate Spade, Pinko and Tumi definitely make it a go-to site.

This is one of the best deals – the made-in-China doppelganger purse is perfect, identical to the original, it is perfectly done to the finest details. What makes this bag very special, besides its unique shape, is the variation of colors.

Why do people buy fake branded handbags?

There is a plethora of reasons or excuses why people buy fake branded products especially handbags. The multi-million dollar black market offerings of these fake luxury products slip pass under noses of customs and border protection agents daily and continue to grow. Let’s briefly understand some of these reasons.

First, buying fake branded goods that are significantly cheaper than the real deal is one form of optimizing one’s resources i.e. saving a lot of money! At times, it’s not easy to justify splurging a few thousand dollars on one branded bag. That could blow one’s entire month’s salary.

Next since this purchase journey is actually rather risky, people has the thrill of an adventure and enjoyment when they succeed in obtaining the fake branded stuff that they want.

Third, if they can convince and fool others that the fake product is real, there is another sense of achievement. They are obviously clever, cunning and street-smart with a convincing fake that can fool even the eyes of a designer handbag expert. Well we don’t have to be embarrassed if we get caught, just be honest and tell them, yes, this is an exact replica! They might be genuinely curious and impressed at the quality of the made-in-China doppelganger.

Most importantly, the premium and the prestige that comes along with carrying a “branded bag” in the eyes of others will make us look and feel rich. Its good to reward ourselves something that we typically can’t afford or won’t want to buy. Since most of us will care about what our friends, colleagues or even strangers think, being savvy and stylish is what the current modern lifestyle is after.

If you’re new to the whole luxury handbag replica experience, Best Chinese Replica makes it easy to start exploring. We scour through Wholesale.Pub by size or style, with options including classic styles like speedy bags, saffiano bags and shoulder bags and more. You can find cheap luxury replica handbags that have vivid colours, design and rich fabrication and looks here that means you have found an incredible bargain.

How to Buy Wholesale Designer Handbags & Purses (2021)

A designer handbag, whether designed by Gucci, Fendi, Chanel or Prada, is the first step to great style.


For those boutique owners and bargain shoppers wishing to buy wholesale designer handbags (or start your own designer wholesale purse business), learn how to build a chic and well-designed designer purse collection in a few steps.


Whether used to add a pop of color to a monochromatic outfit or worn as the latest designer “it bag”, a designer purse—if bought at wholesale—combines style, bargain prices and function in one sleek package.



Choose Your Wholesale Designer Handbag Style

The types of designer purses vary by form and function.


Designer purse styles include:

  • hobo
  • clutch
  • drawstring
  • beach
  • tote
  • messenger
  • shoulder
  • framed
  • round handled


Select handbags that you can sell to your boutique or add to your own handbag collection. Determine the maximum wholesale amount you will spend for each bag and its profit margin for resale.


Investigate Current Retail Wholesale Handbag Prices

Visit the leading fashion publications and retail industry magazines for the costs of the purses.


Factor in the difference between the retail price and the wholesale price to determine the final cost of each wholesale handbag. The best prices should retail between 50 and 75 percent below retail prices.


Get Retail Licensing to Buy and Sell Goods in Your State

Offline and online designer purse wholesalers will require a copy of your current business license, and a state’s sales and use form to purchase designer purses wholesale. Call the Sales and Use Tax units of your state’s Revenue Department. Determine the costs and qualifications needed for these forms.


Peruse Trade Shows, Auctions, Online Retailers and Fashion Discounters for Wholesale Handbag Deals

Wholesale designer handbag and purse trade shows feature wholesale bags in bulk. Search online for “wholesale designer bags and purses” in your favorite search engines to obtain a list of online trade websites that feature the latest designer handbags for sale.


Websites like eBay.com and Alibaba.com sell wholesale purses and bags. Ask for pictures, product specifications and additional information about inventory before making a purchase.


Qualify for a Wholesale Buying Program

Before selecting wholesale purses, determine the criteria for making a purchase. Many online wholesalers demand a minimum order between 50 and 350 units for new customers looking for a wholesale process.


Before you fax or email your buyer’s order, call the sales representative for the wholesale handbag line for purchasing and unit requirements.


Place Orders for Your Wholesale Designer Purses

Identify the wholesale handbag minimums before purchase. Factor in shipping time and shipping costs to determine the total cost of the wholesale purses. Purchase all wholesale purses using a credit card with fraud and insurance protection.


More Tips for Buying Wholesale Designer Handbags

  • Expect to pay anywhere from 50%-80% off retail prices, depending on when and where you purchase your wholesale purses.
  • Ask the retailer if they sell sample packs of wholesale purses. Purchase these purse packs to examine the quality of the designer handbags before placing a larger order.
  • Develop relationships with purse representatives for each handbag line to get major price breaks on large orders.
  • Get on the mailing list for fashion shows to gain insider tips on future wholesale purse merchandise deals.
  • Verify the legitimacy of the wholesaler, before you buy a cheap designer handbag online by speaking to the sales representative and asking for a comprehensive list of business references.


Some of Our Favorite Designer Handbags (Sometimes Available at Wholesale)



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China Customized Speaker Shoulder Bag Manufacturers, Suppliers – Factory Direct Wholesale

Product Information
Handle 914

Product Name

Speaker Shoulder Bag


Speaker Bag SPBG08


1680D Oxford Cloth


210D Nylon

9006 Handle 1 Shoulder

1 “Shoulder Strap


High Quality Zipper Pulley with 1 Front Bag

Available Measurement

SPBG08-1 Small Infusion ry Bag: 30 ’28’33cm

SPBG08-2 Medium Game Setting Bag: 47′ 29’36cm

SPBG08-3 Large Tincture Bag: 44 ’33’37cm


Zipper Closure


Can be customized according to your sample or design drawing


Can be customized by data request

. ..10 years of rich experience in manufacturing and exporting backpacks, very strong ability in OEM, ODM service.

2. We have a very strict quality control system, our employees and QC check every link in the production chain.

3. We have a very strong design team.

4. We have skilled workers and computer sewing machine.

5. Excellent after sales service.

Production Line

Questions and Answers

Q.Where is your factory located?

A: Our factory is located in Huizhou, Guangdong province.

Q. Do you accept OEM or ODM orders?

Answer: Yes, there is. And, we have experienced designers and sewers who can make custom bags too.

Q. What is your MOH (minimum order quantity)?

A: Our Ministry of Health, as usual, is 500 pieces.

Q. How do you ensure quality?

A: Attaching great importance to quality control, we check every step from raw materials to finished bags one by one to make sure the bags are of good quality.

Q. Can you accept customized logo?

A: Of course, custom logo can be made with silk screen printing, heating piping, rubber patch and metal plate. For large orders, custom logos can be made on the zipper puller or other accessories.

Contact us

If you have any interest, welcome to contact us as we have below,
Email: sales @ heightindustry.com
Whatsapp / skype: 86 138 2990 1556

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Shipping types from China

Business main The bulk is based on Chinese goods. Small shops selling electronics, textiles, consumer goods, large enterprises are being purchased in Asia. The latter purchase equipment and spare parts for it. In any case, the delivery of goods from China requires an understanding of logistics, clearance (customs clearance), and a warehouse for temporary storage.

Types of delivery from China

Shipping method from Asia is determined based on several factors. So, the options differ in terms of time, cost, weight restrictions, dimensions. It is one thing to bring things from China, like clothes made from inexpensive fabrics, and quite another when it comes to industrial machines, large-sized furniture. The following types of delivery from China are assessed separately – air, road, rail, sea. Multimodal delivery with reloading of goods from one type of transport to another is also practiced.

Air delivery of goods from China

Air freight from China is the fastest delivery option. It is designed to deliver exclusives when you want to keep ahead of your competitors. Or for the urgent receipt of the first batch, when the main cargo from China to Ukraine is sent in a different way. Air transport infrastructure is well developed in both countries.


Fast delivery from China to Ukraine – it’s just an airplane. Cargoes from 10 kg, oversized and corresponding to the list of permitted for carriage by air.

Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Dalian or Qingdao are common airports of departure. On the Ukrainian side, aircraft are accepted in Kiev, Odessa, Kharkov. Delivery time from China is 2-5 days depending on the flight. True, the prices for the services are relatively high. There are also restrictions on transported goods.

Road transport from China

Delivery of goods by road from China is considered a universal method. Terms start from 15 days, the cost is higher compared to sea and rail, but the car will freely travel to any locality.The greatest benefit from the carriage of goods by trucks when loaded from 300 kg, smaller consignments are better transported in prefabricated containers.


Delivery by road is the fastest land-based option for transporting goods from China in bulk (including time for customs clearance).

The absence of restrictions on the nature of the cargo is also considered an advantage. Liquids, brand replicas, bulky, heavy goods are accepted. The limits apply only to the carrying capacity of the vehicle.Otherwise, it is allowed to carry things from China without any restrictions (subject to the prohibitions under the current legislation of both countries).

Rail transport from China

Delivery of goods from China by railway transport is relevant in cases when it is planned to transport very large consignments of goods. One carriage is designed for 65 tons of useful weight or 138 cubic meters. m volume (depending on the nature of the product). The cost of delivery by rail is almost half the price of an automobile.

Direct routes of railroad transportation of goods go to Odessa or Kiev.
The advantage of this delivery method from Asia is complete independence from the weather. Trains run on schedule, which allows you to better meet the agreed delivery times. When transporting goods in containers, reloading onto vehicles without overloading is possible.

Sea shipping from China

Sea container shipping from China is an inexpensive way per 1 kg of cargo.There are no restrictions on weight, dimensions, but you have to put up with sea routes. They go through the Far East, the ports of the Baltic states, Finland.

Sea freight from China usually involves a multimodal delivery scheme, with reloading by rail or road.

The option for the delivery of goods from Asia by sea is suitable for the transportation of oversized goods, when on one of the sides the size exceeds 14 meters (length), 3.4 meters (width and height). In this case, they will not fit into standard containers. The same applies to the delivery of heavy goods. The ship is allowed to weigh up to 100 tons and more.

Groupage cargo from China

If you plan to deliver small loads, from 500 kg to 1-2 tons, it is unprofitable to rent a whole car. In such a situation, groupage cargo transportation from China can save money. The products of different customers are first brought to the consolidation warehouse. And only after filling the container, it is loaded onto transport and sent for delivery to Ukraine.
Advantages of groupage cargo transportation from China:

  1. You do not have to pay for empty container space.
  2. Transshipment when delivered by sea or by rail is carried out without overloading.
  3. Cargo from China is delivered to a single warehouse, from where it is distributed to customers.

The safety of the goods is ensured by the fact that before loading it is packed strictly according to the rules applicable to a certain type of product. Then the container is closed, sealed and neither moisture nor sunlight gets into it. The transport company is responsible for the groupage cargo from China up to unloading at the point of destination, regardless of the delivery time, storage period at the consolidation warehouse.

The disadvantages of groupage cargo from China include the unpredictability of the period of receipt of goods in Ukraine. It is easier to work in the hot season, the same type of goods is ordered by a large number of customers. And it’s easy to quickly fill up a full container. You should also take into account the restrictions on the type of download. For example, generalized cargo does not accept household chemicals, massive, bulky goods.
Which cargo from China is allowed to be transported

In the absence of experience in transportation from China, it is recommended to start with a detailed consultation with a specialist of the transport company. Usually, we are not talking about goods prohibited for circulation in Ukraine. It is important to discuss limits on volume (dimensions), weight and nature of the cargo. Here you need to be frank so that there are no questions when loading or customs clearance.

Model list of goods allowed for carriage:
  • electronics, including household appliances, computers;
  • spare parts, accessories for trucks, cars;
  • textiles, textile products, footwear;
  • mining and oil equipment;
  • machine tools for the metallurgical industry;
  • components for medicine;
  • goods for jewelry, chemical industry.

This is also worth adding an artificial stone, LED devices, toys, bags, magnets, household goods, stationery. The transportation of furniture, plumbing fixtures, chandeliers and other relatively fragile items is also ordered. You cannot export from China tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, representatives of the animal world, counterfeit products, honey products, batteries, plant seeds and a whole range of other products.

Air delivery from China is considered the most “fastidious”. Liquids such as perfumes, varnishes, bleaches are not allowed for carriage. The restriction also applies to magnets, Power Bank and other types of accumulators, batteries, flammable substances (even dry ones). If there is at least one “wrong” position in the consignment of cargo from China to Ukraine, you will have to choose a land or sea route.

How is the customs clearance of goods from China carried out

Regardless of the customer, the carriage of goods from China is being processed for “import for domestic consumption (import) and subsequent release for free circulation”.An exception is cargo delivery. A simplified customs clearance scheme is used for it.

There are two options in total:

  1. General. It is used when importing a wide range. It is carried out on site or at the border. The procedure is “flexible”, documents are submitted online, remotely.
  2. Simplified. It is in demand when the goods are imported to an individual, in small batches, for personal use.

The second method is simpler, faster, but carries certain risks.Still, a legal entity in this case does not receive any closing documents for accounting. If you refuse to carry any goods, the money will most likely be lost irretrievably. This partly compensates for the experience of the broker’s staff through which the delivery is made out. But it is preferable to work according to “white” schemes, when it is easier to track the fate of the cargo, to sort out controversial situations.

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90,000 Chinese brands, suppliers and online sites.

Trade with China is gaining more and more popularity among Russian businessmen.Here, the system of production of goods is perfectly debugged, and unlike Russian sites, it is much more profitable to buy wholesale clothes from the factory from China. Moreover, in terms of quality, it is in no way inferior to that produced in Russia. Moreover, millions of companies around the world, when ordering such wholesale deliveries, choose direct cooperation and loyal delivery terms for both small and large batches.

The best Chinese brands, wholesale Internet sites and suppliers, as well as interesting promotions and discounts from them – everything in this article.

What is the difference between branded clothing from China and “consumer goods”

The similarity of high-quality branded clothing and “consumer goods” is that both are produced in the Celestial Empire. Demand creates supply, so there are buyers who give more preference to the quantity over the quality of the things they buy. Those who love quality know that it cannot be rated low, so they choose trusted manufacturers. Their work is distinguished by the use of the finest materials in sewing, skilled labor and the use of modern equipment.

Excellent quality factory-made clothing from China is divided into 2 categories: copies of global brands and own Chinese brands. Legislation is fighting against the production of copies of world brands, so their export is fraught with some difficulties. But there are no problems with the transportation of products of the second category abroad.

Interesting! Despite the risk of getting a fine for transporting copies of world brands across the border, Russian businessmen still order them.And all because there are many buyers. After all, they exactly repeat their branded prototype.

The best Chinese clothing brands

To choose a decent range of clothes for your store in Russia, you should get acquainted with reliable suppliers of branded clothing wholesale from China – the best manufacturers on the market. These brands have gained worldwide popularity due to their high quality products and reliable cooperation. Among them:

  1. Sprandi.The company was founded in 1994 in Hong Kong. Since 2002, the brand has been producing and successfully selling clothing and footwear for sports and outdoor activities all over the world. Sprandi products are always available on the marketplace: s.taobao.com

  1. Bosideng. The brand was founded in 1990. A member of a trading holding in China and a recognizable trademark in the European market. For about 30 years it has been producing stylish and comfortable outerwear. Buy Bosideng products here: bosideng.ru.aliexpress.com

Curious! Bosideng is in the top 10 clothing brands from China. He is a participant New York Fashion Week, in 2018

  1. Artka. Founded in 2005, Artka is a young brand of women’s and youth clothing in the Chinese market. Popular with fashion connoisseurs for its unique boho-chic style that combines Victorian, Gothic and ethnic styles.Purchase Artka products here: artka.ru.aliexpress.com

  1. Saint Angelo. The brand was founded in 1996, and after 2 years it gained popularity in the Middle Kingdom. This is a youth clothing that combines modern European fashion and Chinese ethnicity. Saint Angelo Marketplace: s.taobao.com

  1. Romon. Formal clothing and accessories for business people. The brand, founded in 1984, is distinguished by perfect design and high quality, at a low cost.Romon products are purchased on the marketplace: s.taobao.com

Pay attention! The cost of Chinese branded items is usually higher than the average price, but it fully justifies the high quality.

How to buy wholesale clothing from China

It is equally important to find a reliable supplier in addition to the selection of quality brands. If the business is just starting to develop and there are no useful contacts, the ideal option would be a personal acquaintance with it and its products in China.At the meeting, it is possible to agree on a lower price for the goods, or even to make an agreement on half of the payment at the beginning and the second part upon the sale of things.

Note! There are several ways to find a large wholesale supplier: on special Internet forums, through Chinese acquaintances, at seminars and exhibitions in Russia, at presentations in China, through online sellers’ databases.

But this practice is popular among those entrepreneurs who create their own brand and sew products in the Middle Kingdom.

For bulk purchases of things from Chinese brands, you should try to cooperate with a supplier remotely. Fortunately, today there are dozens of opportunities to communicate with him and review the product. In the past few years, it has become popular to buy clothes from China in bulk from the manufacturer from sellers on trading floors. Such portals guarantee the safety of transactions and adherence to the rules for delivery times.

However, there is a risk of falling into the hands of an unscrupulous supplier who sells low-quality products or does not comply with the terms of cooperation.

How to find a reliable supplier

What you should pay attention to when working with sellers via Internet sites:

  1. User rating. Indicated at the top of the seller’s page (for example, Aliexpress). An indicator of more than 95% confirms that the products correspond to the quality and the supplier is recommended for cooperation.
  2. Hours of operation. If the site lists several years, then most likely the brand is considered reliable.

  1. Reviews.A rather subjective way of assessing a seller, but still, if the number of positive reviews exceeds negative, then this supplier is trusted.

Important! When evaluating reviews, you need to pay attention to their content. Perhaps it will tell you about the details that are not acceptable for cooperation with the merchant.

Other Important Features:

  • Similarity in design and style of the item to personal preference;
  • Whether the material used matches the desired one.

The main criteria for choosing a wholesale supplier of clothing from China, through personal or remote cooperation:

  • minimum price for delivery;
  • payment via PayPal;
  • favorable wholesale price, allowing for a competitive retail price;
  • availability of information on the conditions for the return of defective goods;
  • ordering products in small wholesale;
  • Possibility to get a sample of the product.

The best online sites for suppliers

The sites presented have proven to be reliable for cooperation.They receive full information about the product, terms of payment and delivery. And also, directly contact the seller and discuss important details of the purchase.

  1. volumerates.com is an online hypermarket of goods from China, where you can find items at wholesale prices. Free worldwide shipping will be a nice addition.

  1. ru.aliexpress.com – a russified site of a huge online trading platform for a variety of goods — there is anything you want. It is possible to arrange both small and large wholesale.One of the most famous online hypermarkets, with a reputation for being reliable and easy to use.

  1. tidebuy.com is an online wholesale / retail platform. A unique resource created by Chinese representatives of American designers of things. Here they buy things, accessories and footwear for women and men of high quality and at reasonable prices.

  1. russian.alibaba.com – russified, the largest online hypermarket of Chinese goods, among which you can find a wide range of wholesale products.Transactions are carried out taking into account all security requirements, bargaining is possible.

  1. world.taobao.com – an online hypermarket of goods, was one of the first to appear on the Internet. Here you can buy absolutely everything, and the assortment of things is simply huge. The disadvantages are that the site is completely in Chinese and bargaining is impossible.

  1. hktdc.com – a convenient navigator and online database of all Chinese companies. Here you can find suppliers selling both large and small wholesale.

Help from intermediaries

Another option for cooperation with Chinese wholesale factories is through intermediaries. Large representatives have their own sites, where you can, like on trading floors, select the product of interest and order delivery. Their advantages are expedited delivery, which guarantees the safety of the goods. In addition, the quality of the products is controlled personally by them, which helps to avoid unpleasant surprises upon receipt of the goods. However, they charge a small commission for their services, so the total cost of the item turns out to be higher.

Promotions, discounts and sales from Chinese suppliers

Entrepreneurs who order goods in bulk from China make profitable cooperation, because prices for many things are understated, which helps in their profitable resale in Russia. But you can further reduce the cost of each wholesale unit if you have up-to-date information about discounts and promotions held by Chinese suppliers.

Known to everyone and the most beloved day of the year for all shopaholics in the world – November 11, World Shopping Day.It is on this day that prohibitive trading activity is observed, because the prices of some goods fall by more than half of their value. Wholesale suppliers of Chinese things on this day delight their customers with unrealistic discounts – they can reach 80-90%.

Worth noting! On the day of world shopping, many trade items are sold out very quickly. In order not to miss a profitable offer, you should take a closer look at the desired goods in advance, and when the sale starts, you should quickly navigate the selection.

Promotions for a selected group of goods are presented daily on online platforms, which is regularly updated. If you follow the news of these resources, you can find very lucrative offers. On the main page of any online trading platform, a slide panorama shows special offers for goods from different categories. Here you can see the best prices for the most popular products.

It is profitable and easy to buy wholesale clothing from China even for a novice entrepreneur who decides to open his own business in Russia.It is worthwhile to allocate enough time to study the Chinese clothing brands existing on the market and determine the priority ones. You should first calculate the budget and draw up a marketing plan in order to clearly understand which goal to go to. Study competitors and organize cooperation with trusted suppliers so that the business is successful.

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