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Textiles including cushions and throws are a great and inexpensive way to re-decorate. They add a touch of style to any room or display and can help to bring any room together with complimenting colours and flattering textures. Make sure your store has plenty to offer to customers by enhancing your collection of wholesale cushions from CIMC Home.
Using textiles including throws, rugs and cushions can be a great way to add personal touches to lounges and bedrooms, whilst also being functional. Consider introducing a wide selection of textiles into your interior design plan to help personalize rooms. At CIMC Home we stock a huge range of wholesale cushions and throws that are available in many different sizes, colours and fabrics.

Comfortable Wholesale Cushions uk

CIMC Home has wholesale cushions uk with indulgently soft velvet material, as well as lighter options such as soft damask for delicate décor. Choose from an array of beautiful designs including glamorous diamante additions, soft faux fur, or trendy geometric patterns. With so many options, you can provide your customers with so many choices to select from that will help make their house a home. Our cushions are made for trade – buy from us and see how your customers get impressed with your exquisite collection. We carry both filled and unfilled wholesale cushions.
Having textiles available in your store that match your other furniture pieces is a great way to maximize your profit by encouraging multi-buys. Let customers mix and match with colours and collections or provide them with the entire selection for a perfectly themed home. You can also check out our Bling furniture wholesale collection, shabby chic wholesale suppliers, wholesale artificial flowers supplier from CIMCHOME today.

Trendy Wholesale Cushions from CIMC Home

We, at CIMC Home, curate products prom leading brands and designers. Our Business to Business trade solutions are designed to bring profit to your business. We solely believe that our success lies within your business’s success. Whether you are an interior designer, or a homeware seller, CIMC Home, will fill your inventory with amazing cushions and throws. We have built our reputation over the past 30 years by serving premium quality wholesale cushions to our customers – and aim at continuing to do so. Connect with us – give us an opportunity to work with you to find the best solution for what you need.

Whole Sale Cushions Features

At CIMC Home, we house an inventory that promises on delivering quality, variety, and affordability all at once. Once you grab our wholesale cushions uk, you will always find your way back to us. Here are a few features of the cushions we bring to you:

  • Wide range of products: CIMC Home can proudly say that we carry a vivid range of products. No matter what your requirement is, you will find it stacked under our roof.
  • Quality: Under the roof of CIMC Home, you will find only quality products made out of the softest materials. After all, cushions are there to provide comfort. If you are seeking quality products that are soft, and durable, we are your destination. Also, our cushions will add glory to your customer’s home for a long, long time.
  • Affordability: You can trust CIMC Home to bring affordable products for your retail home, hotels or interior decor business. With our wholesale cushions uk collection, you will get products that are brimming with quality, and not at all expensive. Our competitive wholesale rates are a great catch for you.
  • Design: Our wholesale cushions are trendy, fashionable and highly adaptable. We understand that cushions are an essential decor item. That is why we house cushions and throws that will complement any decor style in your customer’s home.

Buy Wholesale Cushions UK

Having wholesale cushions available in your store that match your other furniture pieces is a great way to maximize your profit by encouraging multi-buys. Let customers mix and match with colours and collections or provide them with the entire selection for a perfectly themed home. You can also check out our Bling furniture wholesale collection, shabby chic wholesale suppliers, wholesale artificial flowers supplier from CIMCHOME today.



Wholesale Cushion Online – Wholesale Cushions UK

  • Jupiter Cushion Rust

  • Jupiter Cushion Yellow

  • Diamond Wool Cushion Aqua

  • Zig-zag Cushion Black

  • Loop Stripe Cushion Light Grey

  • Loop Stripe Cushion White

  • Loop Stripe Cushion Beige

  • Loop Stripe Cushion Blue

  • Jupiter Cushion Grey

  • Diamond Cushion Grey

  • Diamond Cushion Blue

  • Diamond Cushion Yellow

  • Diamond Cushion Rust

  • Ikat Cushion Blue

  • Ikat Cushion Grey

  • Ikat Cushion Yellow

  • Ikat Cushion Rust

  • Wool Cushion With Frindge Beige

  • Wool Cushion With Frindge Pink

  • Wool Cushion With Frindge Blue

  • Diamond Wool Cushion With Flandge Rust

  • Diamond Wool Cushion With Flandge Brown

  • Diamond Wool Cushion With Fringes Rust

  • Diamond Wool Cushion Blue

  • Diamond Wool Cushion Green

  • Geometrical Cushion Navy Natural

  • Star Cushion Navy Natural

  • Herring Bone Cushion Navy Natural

  • Cable Knit Cushion Navy

  • Cable Knit Cushion Yellow

  • Cable Knit Cushion White

  • Geometrical Cushion Grey Natural

  • Herring Bone Cushion Grey Natural

  • Braid Knit Cable Cushion Brown

  • Basket Weave Cushion Brown

  • Pearl Knit Cushion Navy

  • Pearl Knit Cushion Yellow

  • Box Cushion Velvet Purple

  • Stripe Cushion Velvet Yellow

  • Diamond Cushion Velvet Grey

  • Diamond Cushion Velvet Navy

  • Stripe Cushion Velvet Navy

  • Stripe Cushion Velvet Grey

  • Diamond Cushion Velvet Purple

  • Zig Zag Diamond Velvet Cushion Yellow

  • Velvet Cushion Grey

  • Velvet Cushion Purple

  • Velvet Cushion Green

  • Velvet Cushion Brown

  • Velvet Cushion Yellow

  • Velvet Cushion Navy

  • Wool Check Stag Head Cushion

  • Multi Colour Thread Work Cushion

  • Wool Cushion with Fringes Grey

  • Reinder Head Cushion Grey Natural

  • Geometrical Printed Black Natural Cushion

  • Geometrical Printed Multi Colour Cushion

  • Geometrical Printed Multi Colour Cushion

  • Gold Foil Cushion Grey Natural

  • Catterpillar Cushion Green

  • Quilted Diagonal Diamond Fawn

  • Quilted Square Cushion Fawn

  • Quilted Stripe Cushion Mehandi Green

  • Quilted Zig-Zag Diamond Mehandi Green

  • Wool Cable Cushion Mehandi Green

  • Check Wool Cushion Yellow Grey

  • Wool Cushion With Fringes Fawn

  • Knotted Wool Cushion Lt. Fawn

  • Diamond Wool Cushion Yellow Grey

  • Flower Cushion Fushia Natural

  • Hessina Cushion Multi Colour

  • Star Cushion Grey Natural

  • Solid Cushion With Self Fringes

  • Geometrical Flower Cushion Yellow Grey

  • Geometrical Cushion Yellow Grey

  • Texture Cushion Grey Natural

  • Texture Cushion Yellow Natural

  • Change Cushion Yellow Natural

  • Smiles Cushion Navy Natural

  • Smiles Cushion Grey Natural

  • Star Cushion Yellow Grey

  • Star Cushion Yellow Grey

  • Pom Pom Cushion Blue

  • Pom Pom Cushion Grey Yellow

  • Pom Pom Lace Cushion Blue

  • Pom Pom Lace Cushion Grey Yellow

  • Rangoli Design Cushion Yellow White

  • Hessina Cushion Multi Colour

  • Vertical Stripe Cushion Multi Colour

  • Vertical Stripe Cushion Multi Colour

  • Cushions @ wholesale price in Bangalore from wholesalers offer various types of Cushions.

    Glory Creation



    karnataka, india

    108-B,Jala Block,Aikya,Kalina Agrahara,Off Bannerghetta Road,Bengaluru,Karnataka,India.

    We are Glory Creations Wholesale Supplier of cushion covers,bed s

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    • Supplier of Bed Sheet
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    M Ju Sales Corporation



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    42, 1st Main Road, Hanumanthnagar, Ganesh Bhawan Bus Stop, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

    Our company has positioned a respectable position by manufacturin

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    • Travelling Bed Supplying Company
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    Mahalakshmi Enterprises



    karnataka, india

    No. 226, 2nd Cross, Kere Road Behind Vijaya Bank, T, Dasarahalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

    We are a sole Proprietorship Firm,Engaged Wholesaler and supplier

    • Double Bed Sheets Suppliers
    • Decorative Pillows Dealers
    • +91 8867813—
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    Wholesale Cushion Pads | Cushion Pads Supplier UK

    When looking for wholesale pillows at affordable rates, British Wholesales is the company to call. We stock a variety of fantastic pillows which are designed to meet any need and suit any budget. Sourced from leading suppliers and manufactured to the highest quality, our pillows are perfect for hotels and guest houses, beauty spas and salons, medical facilities and residential care homes. But which pillow should you buy? There are many choices to choose from, so it can be hard to know where to begin. This guide to pillow buying aims to guide you through the choices and help you come out with the right decision.

    Choosing the right pillow materials

    When selecting a pillow, don’t worry about what it looks like or what the packaging is like: consider the materials it is made from. If style is important to you too, you can always add a decorative pillow case to your new pillow. There are many different types of pillow, made from a variety of filling materials and outer case materials. Some offer softer or firmer sleep support, others are easy to clean and others still offer protection against allergens. Getting the right filling and cover is crucial if the pillow is to be comfortable to sleep on, so consider these factors closely.

    Different types of filling

    A common choice for pillow fillings, especially for hotel pillows or spa pillows, is polyester. Hollow fibre polyester is dense and provides firm support, ensuring that the pillow won’t sink when used. Some pillows also use memory foam to create a firm and strong base for the head and neck. If soft is your preference, then you can’t beat the luxury feel of goose down and feathers, or, you can get a springy, bouncy pillow with spiral synthetic fibres.

    Filling weights and what they mean

    For bedding products such as duvets and pillows, the density of the filling affects the overall performance and comfort of the finished product. The fill weight is a matter of preference. Heavier fill weights, or ‘tog ratings’, represent a more dense and firm pillow. Air will circulate less well in a more filled pillow, which can make it hot and uncomfortable. However, the head will sink less and the pillow will retain its shape and firmness for longer, increasing comfort.

    Different types of outer covers

    Just as the filling choice is important, so is the choice of the pillow cover. Our pillows are available with a range of outer covers, including wipe-clean waterproof covers for care and for beauty settings. These are hygienic and low maintenance, and perfect for kids or for those who are bedridden. Many of our pillows feature a 100% polypropylene cover – this breathable, light synthetic fabric is easy to clean and extremely soft. Our luxury pillows are covered in polycotton, which is also very soft and thick.

    A word about allergies

    When selecting pillows, you should always consider people with health conditions, people with allergies, and young children. Pillows are known to harbour tiny creatures known as dust mites, and these little bugs are responsible for a number of allergy symptoms in humans – including itching, a stuffy nose and even the onset of asthma attacks. Natural fillings like duck and goose down or feathers are more prone to collecting mites. Synthetic fillings, such as hollow point fibre and polyester, are allergen-free and far less likely to cause any irritation. Whether you are selecting pillows for a hotel, a care home, a spa or your own home, consider who will be using the pillows – and make sure you choose an appropriate anti-allergenic material for any vulnerable guests or residents.

    How to care for pillows

    When you invest in new pillows, you want that investment to last for a good long while. Our pillows are designed to be tough and durable. Whether you buy from the budget or luxury ends of our range, you can be sure that your new pillows are constructed from quality materials and stitched to last. However, even the best pillows do lose their shape and structure over time, and they also require regular cleaning to keep them fresh. Using pillow covers can help with the cleaning, but pillows should also be washed every couple of months. Pillows can be put into the washing machine on a normal low spin cycle, though this can speed up the rate that they get misshapen. For a more thorough clean or for large-scale pillow cleaning, a dry cleaning service is recommended.

    Buying wholesale pillows

    Our wholesale web service is designed to make bulk buying hotel pillows simple and affordable. We have an extensive web store filled with high-quality pillows, with prices starting at just £6.66 each (including VAT). Our amazing and luxurious pillows can be delivered to anywhere in the UK, and we guarantee to offer you incredible prices on all large orders. Buying bedding for your business or service industry has never been easier with British Wholesalers. Our products are trusted by and used by a number of the country’s top companies, from well-known holiday accommodation brands to leading beauty spas. We work closely with the travel and hospitality industries, as well as providing medical grade bedding products for care and treatment facilities. Our pillows are also ideal for residential premises, including student accommodation and social housing blocks.

    Contact British Wholesales today

    As premium wholesale suppliers for the UK, we provide a range of products for the hospitality, leisure and care industries. This includes high-quality wholesale pillows, designed to suit a range of uses and fit any setting. From waterproof easy-clean hospital pillows to luxurious down-filled hotel pillows, we have the right product for any public or commercial setting right here in our store. You can order online today for fast UK delivery, or you can contact us to discuss your needs. For more information on any of our products, or for help placing your order, call British Wholesales now on 01204 896 528. We are on hand to answer your questions, provide assistance and support and provide general information about any aspect of our products.

    Chair Cushions Manufacturer wholesale and Suppliers


    As one professional chair cushions manufacturer, we producing kinds of chair cushions to match difference chairs. Let
    us show you difference cushions as following:

    How many models of your chair cushions?

    1. Soft chair cushions made of sponge and fabric indifference color
    ( Model A)

    In fact, we can produce almost of colors for soft cushions as well.

    The cushion shown in the picture below will have some light coming out. This is the more popular style this year.
    For the same reason, we can also produce different colors.

    For the same reason, these cushions can be equipped with different chairs. Generally speaking, metal chiavari
    chairs and wooden chiavari chairs are both possible.

    Regarding the chair foam, we use nice quality of then, the sponge will be no powder gain, and all native
    sponge, 30 A or 36 D density for you choose – very strong. The high-strength sponge is not easily deformed after
    repeated use. So you can stand them more than 24 hours, and then, they will come back to the original shape
    as well.

    Regarding the Fabric material, we use min 60000 cycles abrasion resistance durable, then all of the fabric
    will easy to be washed, and they always keep the shapes after washing (without shrinking), the weight of
    fabric is 210 g/ m2 or 235 g/m2,  and we always use 100% polyester. Sometimes we use the fabric mixed 65%
    polyester and 35% cotton.

    These chairs cushions can be used on wooden Chiavari chairs, resin Chiavari chairs, wood napoleon chairs
    and so on. Ok, let us show you the zippers as well, we only accept high-quality zippers, they are very strong,
    and so easy to open/close with many times, also using sand washing with the cushion cover and velcro straps.
    Then you can see they are very accurate and strong seams chair cushions

    Of course, you can choose the colors from our color swatches, or we can offer the cushion colors depend on
    the chair cushion color that you offered, then choose the same color to matches the chair. You can see the
    mass production of our cushions from the bottom videos and pictures.

    we producing child chiavari chairs cushion

    2. Wood base panel chair cushions provide a high-end
    upholstered look to your chair. We are vinyl wood base
    cushions manufacturer named Qingdao Blossom Furni-
    things limited.
    (Model B)

    Double-sided Velcro secures the cushion to the chair seat with peel-away self-adhesive.
    High-Density Foam
    Material: Vinyl
    Fits all size Chiavari chairs/phoenix chair/napoleon chair.
    Custom colors available
    More than 35% customers choose IVORY PADS as well

    Which chairs can match with hard cushion or hard pads? Normally, all kinds of chiavari chairs and resin chairs can
    be matched with hard pads as well.

    The following photo show difference colors of pads for white resin tiffany chairs as well.

    (Model C)

    Modified model C-2 as well

    3. Fireproof pads (Model D)

    Velvet cushion, Most European customers like it very much. Especially for UK customers, the cushions
    need fireproof and will be more Safety. More than 75% of British customers requesting fireproof pads.

    4.  Burlap cushions for vineyard cross back chairs

    (Model E)

    About the cushions for cross back chairs, we have 2 cartons for you choose from.
    The cushions are very light and thin but it does not affect quality.
    One material is Polyester and one material is burlap.they are all Very retro.

    We have very suitable cushions for wooden x back chairs as the photos

    So now you can see the photos of cushions for lime washed cross back chairs as well

    Also fabric material as well

    We also producing linen cushions for child cross back chairs

    5. Customized cushion, depending on your chair design

    Chair cushions for Bella chairs


    6. Cushions for bamboo folding chairs as following:

    Do you have pads for wooden thonet chairs?

    Yes, we have special cushions for bentwood chairs. They are round and very suitable. I took a photo. In my office,
    you can see that the cushions match the chair very well. Of course, we will provide a variety of colors.

    In addition, with regard to ghost chairs, cross chairs, including all kinds of chairs we produce, we can provide
    corresponding cushions.

    Do you have hard pads to match wooden phoenix chairs? Yep……

    We also have cushion covers made of spandex as following:

    Details as well

    We have 60 kinds of colors for your choice as well

    Rattan seats for crossback chairs

    pads for metal chairs

    Hard fabric cushions

    How to pack the chair cushion?

    All cushions are finished then we will pack into individual OPP bags to avoid getting dirty.

    When we loading goods.we will loading all cushions for one preparation bag, or put them into cartons directly.
    And also, put the cushions into chairs cartons together so that they can save the space. Save space meaning you
    can save more ocean freight. Please see more pictures as below as well.

    Is there any good feedback about your chairs pads and cushions?
    Yes, our American customer is very happy about the quality and purchasing from us:

    How to Produce Chair Cushion?

    Pillows in bulk from Ivanovo from the manufacturer Elegy

    The company “Elegy”, Ivanovo, invites you to cooperation and offers wholesale pillows from the manufacturer in assortment. All our products meet the established quality standards, have a modern design and a large selection of colors. The variety of fillings will satisfy the tastes of the most demanding customers.

    Quality fabrics and a wide range of sizes

    We offer pillows from the manufacturer in several sizes:

    • 40 * 40 cm
    • 40 * 60 cm
    • 50 * 50 cm
    • 50 * 70 cm
    • 60 * 60cm
    • 70 * 70 cm

    Covers on all products are sewn from natural and environmentally friendly fabrics: calico, teak.They perfectly let the air through and do not retain foreign odors, touching them causes exceptionally pleasant sensations, and caring for such covers does not cause any difficulties.

    Natural and high-quality synthetic materials are used as filler in pillows from the Elegy manufacturing company:

    • down-feather
    • bamboo
    • holofiber
    • polyester fiber

    Each of them has its own characteristics and advantages. Therefore, you can buy wholesale products from us that will fully meet your requirements.

    Down-feather pillows

    The unique combination of lightness, elasticity and softness makes them one of the ideal options for a comfortable sleep. Natural filler down-feather does not cake and has optimal hygroscopicity for home conditions, has a relatively low weight for all its bulk. Regular airing and careful cleaning are necessary for the care of the product, thanks to which down-feather pillows from the Elegy manufacturer will serve for many years.

    Pillows with bamboo filling

    Bamboo fiber, due to its natural origin, is not capable of causing allergies. It has excellent hygroscopicity and antibacterial properties. Products with bamboo filling are soft, they do not retain moisture, staying always fresh and pleasant to use. In addition, pathogenic bacteria and microorganisms will never start in them.

    Holofiber pillows

    They contain an artificial hypoallergenic filler, consisting of bulky small balls. Due to its flowability, it is possible to obtain lightweight products from it, which quickly take the shape of the head, providing the most comfortable sleeping position. Holofiber pillows from the Elegy manufacturing company are suitable for children from three years old and for those who suffer from allergies.

    Polyester fiber pillows

    Being a synthetic material, polyester does not absorb foreign odors, durable, practical in use. Such products are soft, after compression they quickly restore their shape and perfectly tolerate washing even in an automatic machine.

    It is pleasant and profitable to make purchases here!

    For those who are interested in buying Ivanovo pillows in bulk from the manufacturer, the Elegy company offers not only a wide selection of products, but also beneficial cooperation. We regularly monitor market trends and study consumer demand, and therefore we try to promptly replenish our catalog with up-to-date models, popular sizes and new products that will be in demand.

    We value every client, so we try to do everything to make it pleasant for you to purchase products from us!

    Pillows wholesale from 160 rubles

    Our company offers pillows in bulk for hotels, with various fillers – holofiber, artificial swan’s down, synthetic winterizer, twisted siliconized fiber, cotton wool, feather-down, bamboo fiber.The weight of the filler and the top of the pillow are at the request of the customer.

    Pillow top options: satin, teak, ultrastep (thermal stitch), calico, chintz, polycotton, polyester. Colors in assortment.

    Sizes: 40 * 40; 50 * 50; 50 * 70; 60 * 40; 60 * 60; 70 * 70

    Pillow holofiber Pillow holofiber “Hotel economy” “Hotel light”

    top-polyester from 190 rubles top-microfiber from 200 rubles

    Quilted pillow with piping twisted fiber Quilted artificial swan down pillow

    “Standard hotel” two-chamber “Comfort hotel” two-chamber

    top – quilted microfiber from 240 rubles quilted microfiber top from 350 rubles

    Pillow artificial swan down Pillow artificial swan down quilted

    “Hotel luxury” upper teak from 400 rubles “Hotel luxury” upper teak quilted from 430 rubles

    Pillow 60 * 60 Moisture-proof cover for pillow

    bamboo fiber Aquastop from 140 rubles, top terry cloth

    top teak with waterproof membrane

    View Blankets Click Blankets

    Orthopedic pillows wholesale

    Orthopedic pillow is an indispensable attribute of everyone who wants to sleep well and comfortably. Following the contours of the head and neck, adapting to any change in position, the pillow gently supports the neck and head during sleep, thereby ensuring their physiologically correct position and giving a feeling of comfort and “weightlessness”. In addition, the pillow relieves muscle tension and prevents pain. Thanks to the special shape, the blood supply to the head improves, as well as the pressure in the intervertebral discs. An orthopedic pillow is indispensable for disorders of the musculoskeletal system, neurological and vascular diseases, headaches, migraines and dizziness, cervical osteochondrosis, pain in rheumatism, snoring and many other sleep problems.It has no contraindications. Can be used by both adults and children over one year old. The orthopedic pillow is easy to clean. In the presence of contamination, it is enough to simply treat the place with soapy water and dry it in a ventilated room away from heating appliances and direct sunlight, and simply wash the existing pillowcase in a washing machine.

    Reutov Prosthetics Experimental Plant is the largest manufacturer of orthopedic pillows in our country.For the manufacture of products, only high-quality materials of European production and modern equipment are used. Many years of experience made it possible to establish itself among buyers, as well as to become one of the leading manufacturers of rehabilitation and orthopedics in the domestic market. Control at all stages of production allows us to guarantee the durability of each product.

    High quality of goods is confirmed by registration certificates for medical devices and Declarations of Conformity.

    Many medical centers and orthopedic shops have joined cooperation with us. All of them are satisfied with the quality of our products and an individual approach to each client, therefore they constantly turn to buy orthopedic goods in bulk. A flexible system of discounts and fast delivery are an undeniable bonus in cooperation with our company. Shipment of products is carried out by any transport company convenient for you in accordance with your wishes. Delivery of products to the terminal of the transport company in Moscow is carried out at the expense of the “Reutovsky EZSP” branch of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise “Moscow PrOP” of the Ministry of Labor of Russia.

    Orthopedic pillows wholesale, directly from the manufacturer

    We are a manufacturer of orthopedic pillows of the BRENER trademark and are looking for dealers for long-term cooperation. We offer wholesale orthopedic memory foam pillows, latex and polyurethane foam, at one of the best prices on the market.

    Pillows from the manufacturer – BRENER

    You buy pillows directly from the manufacturer. No intermediaries or representatives. Moreover, you yourself have the opportunity to become a dealer and sell products through other stores.

    We have a large production capacity, we can produce up to 10,000 pillows per month. This makes it possible to produce even large orders in the shortest possible time.

    Quality that you are not ashamed of. All materials are safe and comply with international standards, which is confirmed by appropriate certificates.

    Also, our pillows are cleaned after foam production, which sets us apart from many competitors.

    High margin, “average minus” price segment and high quality for this segment – make our product unique in the subject matter.

    What do you need to start cooperation?

    1. Introduce yourself . Briefly describe the activities of the company, send a link to your website (if any), company card
    2. Conclude an agreement .We send you a template for a wholesale contract and terms of work. After signing, we exchange scans and you can already place the first order, original documents can be exchanged at the first delivery
    3. Start Sales! The very next day (in Moscow or a few days in Russia) after placing the order, you will receive the delivery and you can easily sell the goods!

    Working conditions

    • Delivery in 1 day (including in TC)
    • Delivery to any city in Russia
    • Ability to send any TC
    • No minimum order amount
    • Full package of documents
    • Possible postponement and shipment for implementation
    • Goods in stock, always in sufficient quantity

    If you still have any doubts, we suggest that you use the “ Easy Start ” and get started with the dropshipping system. In this case, you absolutely do not risk anything and you can start selling today.

    Orthopedic pillows wholesale for hotels, hotels and state. institutions

    More and more often in hotels, hotels and even more so in sanatoriums, anatomical pillows with memory effect are used. They are gradually replacing conventional feathers, as the service life is much longer and a completely different level of comfort.

    We are ready to help you convert your berths.To do this, we will offer you very attractive prices, and we can also make unique pillows especially for you, according to your specification. Branding of pillows or fabrics is also possible.

    We provide the entire package of documents in a timely manner so that there are no problems with reporting.

    We are sure that if you try to work with us once, we will become long-term partners!


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