White and gold wedding suits: Off White and Gold Tuxedo Jacket with Fancy Pattern – Blazer – Prom – Wedding


Off White and Gold Tuxedo Jacket with Fancy Pattern – Blazer – Prom – Wedding

Mens off white and gold tuxedo jacket fancy pattern with white peak lapel. This fashionable tuxedo jacket is made of a luxurious rayon viscose/ dacron blend fabric that looks and feels like super 100 wool. Jacket has a one covered button front closure. Side vents. Jacket has two front pockets and one chest pocket. Jacket pockets are usable but come sewn shut. Gently cut open to use. Three interior pockets including cell phone pocket.  Fully lining. Interior Pic-Stitching. Interior French Facing. Very high quality and well constructed. This is a jacket only. Add on optional black dress pants or find tuxedo or dress pants here.

This jacket is from our exclusive Empire Collection, officially licensed and inspired by the hit Fox TV show, Empire.

Color Off White/Gold
Material Polyester/Rayon

Finding your coat size is fairly easy. If you own a coat or suit jacket you should be able to find your size just by looking at the tag inside your coat. If you don’t own one or have trouble finding your correct size, the best next option maybe going to your local tailor, tuxedo rental shop, or department store and ask to be measured. More often than not, they will give you all your measurements free of charge. However, if you would like to do it yourself all you need is a tape measure. If you don’t have one at home, you can print out your own here.

When measuring for your chest size, make sure your arms at your sides, measure around your upper body, under your armpits and over the fullest part of your chest and shoulder blades. You should put a flat hand between your chest and the tape measure to ensure a comfortable fit. You don’t want your jacket to be really tight.

This chart should be used as a general guide to our sizing. Although this chart is accurate forto most customers, we cannot guarantee it will work for everyone.  These are proportionate sizes and lengths relative to height and weight, for the “average built” man and can be used as a reliable guide.

Height Weight Chest Coat Length Sleeve Inseam Coat Size Waist Size Pants Outseam Pants Inseam Pants Rise
5’4″ 120 34 27 1/2 16 34 S 27 S 36 3/4 27 9 3/4
135 36 27 1/2 16 36 S 29 S 37 27 10
150 38 28 16 38 S 32 S 37 26 3/4 10 1/4
165 40 28 15 1/2 40 S 34 S 37 1/4 26 3/4 10 1/2
180 42 28 1/4 15 1/2 42 S 36 S 37 1/2 26 3/4 10 3/4
5’6″ 150 38 28 1/2 16 1/2 38 S 32 S 37 27 10
165 40 28 1/2 16 1/2 40 S 34 S 38 27 1/2 10 1/2
180 42 29 16 1/4 42 S 36 S 38 1/2 27 1/2 11
200 44 29 16 1/4 44 S 39 S 39 27 1/2 11 1/2
215 46 29 1/2 16 46 S 42 S 39 27 12
5’8″ 155 38 29 1/2 17 38 R 32 R 40 29 11
170 40 29 1/2 17 40 R 34 R 40 29 11
185 42 30 17 42 R 36 R 40 1/2 29 11 1/2
205 44 30 17 44 R 39 R 40 1/2 28 1/2 12
220 46 30 1/2 16 3/4 46 R 42 R 40 1/2 28 1/2 12
5’10” 160 38 30 1/2 17 1/2 38 R 32 R 41 29 1/2 11 1/2
175 40 30 1/2 17 1/2 40 R 34 R 41 29 1/2 11 1/2
190 42 31 17 1/2 42 R 36 R 41 29 12
208 44 31 17 1/2 44 R 39 R 41 29 12
225 46 31 1/2 17 1/4 46 R 42 R 41 28 1/2 12 1/2
6′ 162 38 31 1/2 18 38 R 32 R 42 30 1/2 11 1/2
180 40 31 1/2 18 40 R 34 R 42 30 1/2 11 1/2
195 42 32 18 42 R 36 R 42 30 12
212 44 32 18 44 R 39 R 42 30 12
230 46 32 1/2 18 46 R 42 R 42 1/2 30 12 1/2
245 48 32 3/4 17 3/4 48 R 44 R 42 1/2 30 12 1/2
6’2″ 166 38 32 1/2 19 38 L 32 L 43 1/2 31 1/2 12
182 40 32 1/2 19 40 L 34 L 43 1/2 31 1/2 12
198 42 33 19 42 L 36 L 43 1/2 31 1/2 12
216 44 33 19 44 L 39 L 44 31 13
236 46 33 1/2 19 46 L 42 L 44 31 13
246 48 33 1/2 18 1/2 48 L 44 L 44 31 13
6’4″ 170 38 33 1/2 19 1/2 38 XL 32 L 45 32 1/2 12 1/2
185 40 33 1/2 19 1/2 40 XL 34 L 45 32 1/2 12 1/2
205 42 33 1/2 19 1/4 42 XL 36 L 45 32 13
220 44 34 19 1/4 44 XL 39 L 45 32 13
235 46 34 19 1/4 46 XL 42 L 45 32 13
250 48 34 19 1/4 48 XL 44 L 45 31 1/2 13 1/2

Gold Suit – Black And Gold Suit

Gold Suits

Everyone loves gold suit outlets for wedding celebrations. It is perfect for all church functions and parties. A gold suit is not a correct option for daily wear.Gold suit mens looks very attractive and be the center of the crowd. Green suit sewings, buttons, edges, and linings steal everyone’s attention. A perfect green suit outfits showcase its elegant color. A gold suit is a decent men’s suit that can be worn for all parties. It gives a luxurious and loyal appearance.

Gold is a mature color that looks great when paired with green, orange, or red color. It is appropriate for any wedding celebration. Pairing a gold suit with lilac and pale blue also works well. Avoid a combination of green and blue shades in a gold suit.

Gold is a bright color. The color blue is not the right combination of a green suit. It is hard to match a tie and gold suit color. You should aware of color combinations and perfect fitting to look classy, elegant, and presentable. Suit color is the first thing everyone will notice before getting into its brand and cuts. Pairing a darker shade suit with a light color shirt is always the right combination. The tie should be warmer than the color of the shirt and gold suit. You should be careful while matching your gold suit with other colors.

Some of the colors like red are considered power colors. However, sometimes a red tie doesn’t give a good look. In this situation, you can go with a gold tie to show off your power. A gold tie indicates a management ability. If you are going for a job interview or any business meetings, then choose a gold tie that shows your confident power. It also gives a gentleman look. Sometimes gold ties are worn to show bold nature. A gold tie looks excellent for a white and blue colored shirt. Wearing a gold tie for a blue or white shirt is an eye-catching combination.

The Gold suit jacket shades are from the dark Olive Green to medium Olive Green to Olive Green. Olive Green suits are comfortable for the summer as well as winter seasons. It can be worn at day or night functions. Gold suits men look more professional and individual. Flannel fabric is the right choice for an olive green suit. While buying a gold suit we should know that the suit can be worn year-round. Always prefer lightweight worsted flatter gold suit than heavy wool.

Black and gold suit push you into a comfort zone. Black and gold suits made of different types of materials such as cotton, tweed, linen, etc. Pairing your black and gold suit with a black color shirt and gold color tie gives a fantastic look. You can also have a glimpse into a white color shirt and gold knotted tie with a black and gold suit jacket. Pairing a black suit gold tie with a white shirt also works well.

Pairing gold or a black and gold bow tie with your gold suit steals everyone’s attention. This combination works well in parties. Avoid wearing a bow tie. There is some difference between a bow tie and a regular tie. The gold bow tie is a perfect choice only for holiday parties and dinner parties. It doesn’t work well in day time celebrations.

Black and Gold suit looks that inspire everyone. The Black and gold suit jacket makes blue eyes stand out. A Black and gold suit is recommended only for dinner parties. Black and gold prom suits paired with a black pant give wonderful outlets. These combinations create a formal look. Matching black and gold prom suits with any color shirt will provide a classic look. To look more clean and polished, pick a gold prom suit in a velvet fabric.

Rose Gold is the hottest color. Rose gold suit gives a luxury and fashionable look. The rose gold prom suit is charming and has an everlasting impression. Rose gold mens suit can be paired with a black or white shirt for an elegant look.

Gold suit womens look more attractive and fabulous. The shininess of the gold suit reflects on their face too. Gold suit for women matches with any other color combination. Paring a gold suit with light color dresses looks great. Wearing a Gold bathing suit in summer days is like dazzling. Your skin glow more. Pairing your gold bathing suit with excellent footwear made a perfect choice. Gold Bathing Suit is ideal for any season. It can be worn at night or day times.
The white and gold suit is a choice for wedding celebrations. Pairing your white and gold color suit with a black shirt gives a complete look. You can also pair your white and gold color suit with white shite and a black bow tie. A white and gold suit is not considered formal. It gives a complete casual style. It is recommended to avoid wearing the white and gold color suit to the workplace or for client-facing.

Blue and gold suit make your style unique and rich. It completely shows you as a gentleman. The color of the blue and gold suit makes all heads turn into you. It gives a sharp and stylish look too. Pair your blue and gold suit with a white shirt. This combination works well in day and night parties. Choosing a gold tie along with these combinations give an extraordinary outfit.

The red and gold prom suit is an elegant color that fits all skin tones. Pick a light color shirt to get a match with the red and gold prom suit. Choosing a dark-colored shirt for a red-gold prom suit will break its fantastic outfits and also your boldness. Pairing a striped shirt with a red-gold prom suit is also not a good combination. A plaid shirt is a right choice for a gold suit. Pairing red gold prom suit with a black or white color shirt looks well.

Matching African Couple Suit | White & Gold African Wedding Couple Dress – Africa Blooms

Modern Ankara Couple Outfit | White & Gold African Wedding Couple Dress | Buy African Clothing

This White & Gold African Wedding Couple Dress is handmade with the finest materials and styled to make your stand out. This dashiki is an excellent choice for weddings, parties, celebrations, proms, festivals, engagements and special occasions. The style on the dashiki is hand crafted for a stunning feel and look for you & your partner.

Sizes:  White & Gold African Wedding Couple Dress

This mens dashiki comes in sizes small, medium, large, 1XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL,5XL and 6XL. The womens dashiki comes in all sizes. We also accept custom measurements and sizes. If you would like us to use a different measurement aside from the sizing parameters on the drop down size menu, please kindly provide these details below:

Dashiki Shirt:

  1. Chest size
  2. Shoulder to Shoulder size
  3. Sleeves length
  4. Bicep size
  5. Neck Size
  6. Shirt Length

Dashiki Pants

  1. Waist size
  2. Pants length – inseam
  3. Pants length – outer seam
  4. Full height e.g. 5 feet 8 inches

Color: White & Gold African Wedding Couple Dress

This dashiki is available in any color. If you would like the outfit in a different color, please include additional notes and comments in the Order notes column on the checkout page with the details of the color you would like the outfit in.

Also, in the order notes column, you can include any additional details such as custom size requests.

Shipping: White & Gold African Wedding Couple Dress

Each dashiki is made to order and processed once the order is received. Your outfit is ready for shipment within days depending on the shipping preference selected. Please see additional details below:

Basic Shipping:

  • Processing: 3 – 5 days
  • Estimated Shipping & Delivery: 10 – 14 business days

EXPRESS Shipping:

  • Processing: 1 – 3 days
  • Estimated Shipping & Delivery: 5 – 7  business days

For rush or urgent orders, you can click on the Ask A Question button to contact us. Thank you

Wedding Tips: Best African Wedding Dresses for Couple

General Inquiries

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Red And White Tuxedos

Partying with the higher officials or VIPs is an important occasion where hundreds of people will gather in a place and interact seriously with each other. Dressing neatly and tidily for the function is an important decision and decide not to choose ordinary dresses that you have stuffed in your dressing wardrobe and decide to make your presence more elegant in the evening party by wearing one of the tuxedos that has rich satin. These world class tuxedos come with bright colors and exotic fabrics. Tailored par excellence the suits and tuxedos that are shown here will blend perfectly on your body and make you a complete man. Priced cheaply these tuxedoes will be worth wearing for all the functions. You will look glossy and beautiful when you wear one of the high quality tuxedos that are stitched with great care. There are different types of budget friendly tuxedos that come in various sizes and colors are and they are highly durable. You will become more confident and bold in the party or conference when you wear these exotic wears. Try some of the hot selling red and white tuxedos that come with classic stitching. Wearing these master piece tuxedos will be more than a carnival. You will pride yourself when you wear these extraordinarily stitched suits and tuxedos.

Suitable for the informal gatherings

If you are scouting a suit for the upcoming wedding or other important function decide to purchase red and white tuxedos which will improve your beauty instantly. These attractive suits will not bite your fingers and will only enhance your beauty immaculately. You will be always in the limelight and become a show-stopper when you wear these supreme fabrics that are designed exclusively for functions, parties and formal meetings. When you wear these suits for the functions you will be flanked by lots of celebrities and affluent people. Take fashion to the next level and increase your fashion instincts by wearing these gorgeous fabrics for the upcoming occasion. These tuxedos have shiny satins and mind blowing tie which will add beauty to you. These Victorian era jackets will be your perfect fit for the evening tea party or dinner. Dress-up for the occasion and show your style in a different way. These suits will not be overly showy but will enrich your appearance during the party. You will be in the center stage when you wear this magnificent apparel for the function. These world class dinner jackets are famous throughout the world and prime show artists wear these types of tuxedos for the function.

Jackets that comes with pleasing colors

There are various colors like blue, black and white and you can select the best color that suits your requirements. You will look trim and fit when you wear these neatly stitched fabrics that come in variety of colors. You will regain the lost confidence and bounce back with much vigor when you wear these majestic clothes that have stuff and substances. Wear a white shirt and cover it with these high class jackets which have rich silky satin in it. Partying with the friends and colleagues will be a fiesta when you wear these jackets that have superior colors in it. You should wear black leather shoes, cummerbund and bow-tie after wearing these coats. It will leave you spellbound and make you a smart individual. There are different models of tuxedos will showcase you beautifully and take your time to pick the best model that will magnify your image and status in the society. These tuxedos comes both in loose and tight fitting. You can treat this tuxedo as casual wear and maintain dignity in the evening conference. You will walk and talk flamboyantly with the delegates in the meeting when you wear one of the cheaply priced tuxedoes. Kick start the function wearing these tuxedos and make it a very grand success. Thousands of eyes will watch your dress when you enter the party or conference.

Blazers that is ingrained with world class silky satin

Try these silky suits for the informal meetings and make friends easily. You will be able to socialize well and easily move with the affluent sections when you wear this marvelous apparel that is ingrained with spectacular fabrics and designs. These one buttoned tuxedos will transform your looks and make you a gorgeous person. You will carry a distinctive look when you wear these hot suits that have exemplary ingredients. You will feel cool and comfortable when you wear these suits which have striking colors, classic finish and aesthetic design. These apparels will caress your skin and the soul quickly and make you extremely happy. These men’s formal wear are fast moving and decide to purchase quickly before the stocks vanishes. You can wander with your date wearing one of these high class tuxedos and maintain a dignified relationship with her. You will not be able to differentiate this tuxedo with suits since they are stitched professionally and aesthetically by world class tailors. These semi-formal apparels will be the best fit for charity shows, meetings, promotions, wedding and parties. You will be able to control your expenses to a great extent when you purchase tuxedos.

Jackets that enhances the appearance

Try this world class apparel for the informal functions and celebrate it in a grand manner with others. You will not only look gorgeous but will look extremely dignified when you wear these fabrics. You will be the talk of the town when you wear black or blue tuxedoes. You will have lot of fan-followers and retinues when you wear these gorgeous tuxedoes that have rich silky satin. You will consider this as a relaxed outfit for the parties and show interest to purchase plenty of products here. These tuxedo shirts and pants with rich French cuffs will automatically change your appearance in a flash of a second. You will be invited for lots of photo shoots when you wear these extraordinary suits that are considered as premium wears by many customers. These tuxedoes are getting best ratings and reviews by the esteemed customers. Light up your life by wearing some of the premium wears that are showcased here.

Other Mens Suits Articles:

A white and gold wedding theme

As a bride to be, you probably spend quite a bit of your time just now looking at wedding blogs like this one and thinking about ideas.  

Particularly if you haven’t quite decided on a wedding theme just yet. 

Maybe you look at some of the adventurous themes out there (we’re thinking of Game of Thrones, Twilight, Frozen) and thinking that although they look amazing, they’re not quite for you. 

You’d like something a little more timeless. A little more subtle. A theme that’s not going to make you shudder when you look at your wedding photographs a few years down the line. 

Which is why a white and gold wedding theme might just be what you’re looking for.

White and gold are in fact neutrals.

If you’re a traditional sort of a bride you’ll be wearing a wedding dress in a pale shade – maybe a white or an ivory. And gold will go beautifully with it. 

  • Have a gold thread woven into your bodice
  • Wear golden wedding shoes 
  • Have golden ornaments in your hair

What about your bridesmaids? They could be on trend with sequinned dresses. Maybe in separates of white and gold or block colours. 

You could put them in long white gloves (see the picture above).

From left: Dessy Bridesmaid Dress 3011, After Six Bridesmaid style S1509

At your reception

As for your wedding tables, this is where a white and gold theme will really come into its own. Talk about the wow factor. 

  • We’re thinking clouds of white flowers on the tables. Delicate golden chairs. Maybe white chiffon sashes or mix it up with metallics. 
  • Have a wedding cake subtly brushed with gold leaf. Or up the glamor factor with shiny gold layers. 
  • Gold cutlery and white plates with gold detail. Talk to your caterer or wedding stylist about what is available. 

The thing is, you can be as bling or as low key as you want to me. You can make your reception look like the court of King Midas or just have a whisper of gold throughout a largely white theme.

Gold calligraphy on your wedding invitations. And gold edges.

Enjoy the planning! 

Preston Bailey Ivanka Trump Wedding 

Main image credits from top left: Preston Bailey Ivanka Trump wedding, gold temporary tattoo from Etsy, gold wedding cake via Pinterest, gold table setting by Elizabeth Anne Designs, gold nail art via Nenuno, other images via Dessy Facebook page. 






Wearing White to a Wedding: Cool or Not Cool?

When it comes to wedding guest attire, wearing white has always been considered the ultimate faux pas. But with changing traditions and brides making their own rules, is this still the case? We consulted with the experts to find out.

“Although many traditions are getting reinvented or excluded altogether, a constant is the bride is the only person at her wedding who is allowed to wear white,” says bridal consultant LauraLee Baird.

Off-white and neutrals are best left alone as well. “We see many brides opting for light blush, champagne, and ivory dresses,” adds Kirsten Gutowski of Willoughby Golf Club. “So it’s safer for a guest to just choose a colored dress of some sort.”

However, white is acceptable under a few circumstances…

  • If the bride wants her bridal party in white and you are a bridesmaid
  • If you’re attending an all-white wedding, which would be specified on the invitation
  • If your outfit has a pattern with subtle hints of white

Use the formality, venue, and season to gauge whether white incorporated into patterns and stripes would be acceptable.

“We had a yacht club wedding in June and one of the guests wore a maxi dress with nautical blue stripes,” explains Erica Simmons, owner of Elite Events. “It looked wonderful and was seasonally and venue appropriate. Being mindful of the occasion is going to be key here.”

What About Other Wedding-Related Events?

While the consensus is that white is a big no-no on the big day, does this rule stand for all wedding-related events like the bachelorette party, bridal shower, and rehearsal dinner?

While pairing a white top with a maxi skirt or donning a neutral dress to brunch might seem innocent, it can really throw the bride off. With so many other colors to choose from, leave anything white at home for all wedding events. “It’s almost a sign of respect to let the bride carry that tradition of white as her shade for every event leading up to the wedding,” says Revelry Marketing Director Alena Davis.

“Some of these events have friends and family of the groom who might not have been able to meet the bride yet and could lead to some confusion,” adds Baird. Avoid stepping on the bride’s toes and wear another shade. If you’re questioning it, ask a bridesmaid (never the bride) whether the look is acceptable.

complete guide on how to choose the right men’s wedding suit

She just said yes to the magical proposal and you are looking forward to a memorable wedding! The time has come to look for the attributes that are going to make this a dream wedding.

As the bride usually takes charge of planning the wedding with some of your help, you have the great opportunity to have all the time to yourself and focus on your presence at the wedding. The most important decision for the groom is to choose the wedding suit along with the accessories.

Before starting: things to consider

How long before to start the planning the wedding suit?

The process of planning the outfit should start 2/3 months before the wedding. Keeping in mind where your inspirations lie, also depends on are you certain what to wear or you would be needing a style advisor or some self-research.  Your outfit timeline should always be made considering the time of making and adjustments, unless you are opting for a rental one.

If you are going to get the suit or tuxedo made at a busy place and during the wedding season, it is always better to keep in mind that you might not get an appointment at the date you want, so keep your options open and start early. We promise you will have fun choosing the perfect look and fit for yourself which your lovely bride or groom will appreciate with all their heart.

Rental or purchase?

The experience of shopping completely personalised in the Lanieri Store.

Every groom to stumble upon this question as soon as the process of wedding picks start, don’t worry we are here to make that decision easy. Rental option for the suit or tuxedo for the wedding is more suitable when you are really on a very tight budget i.e somewhere near 250 – 300 Euro.

If you’re on a budget and you want a designer suit or tuxedo you can hire, but remember that you would not have it after the wedding and after spending a good amount of money we hope you would want to own that piece of clothing.

However, nothing says personal than a piece of clothing made just for you. And remember the wedding day just happens once in a lifetime, why not make it as special as possible.

The reason why buying is better than hiring when it comes to wedding suit: if you’ve always wanted a tailor-made suit and you know you’ll use it again after the wedding. We really believe another life for a wedding suit after the ceremony could be the best reason to invest in made-to-measure.

How to reuse the groom’s suit

If you’re not that kind of man (just like the bride) who wants to wear his wedding suit, just once in a lifetime and then pack it up forever. So, choose the wedding suit considering that how you could re-wear the same suit even after the wedding.

Go for a color that is suitable also for the other formal events or formal office meetings like midnight blue or charcoal grey. This suit will be suitable for interviews, cocktails, special dinners, professional events, ceremonies and business meetings. This suit should be simple to match with different shirts, ties and shoes.

When you are thinking about the fabric try to go for a 100% wool suit in a color that you prefer the most for your formal affairs, this way you will easily wear your all season wedding suit again. For the jacket of the suit try to opt for two side vents instead of one, which will be comfortable when you reuse it as a business suit.

While thinking about these options, remember if you want to get married in a tuxedo, it is an option which you cannot reuse after the wedding it is usually worn only on that special occasion.

What are the basic wedding etiquette for groom dressing

The three-piece suit is the most traditional choice for the groom for his wedding day.

The type of wedding: formal or informal, and the season or the venue, these details of the wedding help a lot in defining terms of the wedding outfit of the groom. As a type of the wedding attire, the groom-to-be has four classic choices: morning dress, tailcoat, tuxedo or a three-piece suit.

  • Morning dress is for very formal daytime weddings especially in the UK which comprises of a morning coat or half morning coat, waistcoat and trousers.
  • A tailcoat is an option which should be worn because your tradition strictly demands it. Morning coats are for the UK for the early day weddings. 
  • Tuxedo is a choice for who have planned an extremely formal wedding which would be happening after 18:00. The classic tuxedo with waistband and shawl or peaked lapels always accompanied by a silk bow tie. For more information, please read our tuxedo guide.
  • Above all, especially for a contemporary groom an option that finds its way between the style and the tradition is a fancy three-piece suit. A three-piece suit gives you a lot of choices when it comes to variations of colors and fabrics, according to the type of wedding or season.

How to choose the groom’s suit

Surely your style and your personal taste are very important when it comes to buying a suit, but to choose the right suit for your wedding you need to consider some factors such as season, time and place of the ceremony.

Choosing the fabric and the wedding suit according to the season

Autumn- winter

While the winter time is not the most popular time to get married in some countries, it is essential to know our options, isn’t it? A beautiful autumn wedding is something you can definitely see yourself in, there is a certain magic about fall colors which could compliment your wedding pictures.

When choosing the textile for your suit make sure to pick heavy materials in 100% wool, wool-silk or wool mohair blend. We all know that the dark colors dominate during autumn and winter.

If you are opting for a tuxedo, it should always be black. But for a three-piece suit the colors blue, dark blue, midnight blue and charcoal grey are best in enhancing the personality of the groom.

Picked by Lanieri Style advisors

Blue Twill Suit

Fabric produced by Loro Piana

Imagine a blue suit and now imagine you can wear it all four seasons. The Blue Twill suit was designed thinking about you and your special events. Made with a durable Loro Piana wool fabric, it maintains its shape during the day and is breathable when required. In short: the definite suit.

Assoluto Blue Suit

Fabric produced by Carlo Barbera

The Absolute Blue tailored suit is elegant and high-performance. Made through a special carbon fibre combined with fine Australian wool fibres, this garment insulates its wearer from the cold, shelters him from the heat and protects him from magnetic fields. Patented by the Lanificio Carlo Barbera in the ’90s, the Absolute Blue is much more than a fabric.

Spring – summer

Middle of spring and summer are so wedding season, everyone is waiting for the rain of wedding invitations and plan their outfits. The groom being the star of the wedding needs all the style advice he can get.

Let’s divide the summer attire for groom-to-be in three major categories: the fabric (wool and silk blends), weight of the fabric (less than 250 g/m) and colours (blue or grey).

Picked by Lanieri Style advisors

Cobalt Blue Biella Suit

Fabric produced by Lanificio Ermenegildo Zegna

The classic blue suit with something a little bit more extraordinary. Ermenegildo Zegna fabric with a twill weave for an all-weather garment that is exceptionally versatile and synonymous to contemporary elegance. Our Cobalt Blue Biella suit is the perfect choice for weddings and ceremonies, ideal for all four seasons.

Blue Twill 150’s Suit

Fabric produced by Reda

A classic blue Twill office fabric, with an extra touch given by different features: bright, 150’s, smooth to the touch. In a word: precious. Its prestige makes the Blue Twill 150’s Suit versatile and suitable even for more formal occasions, throughout the whole year.

According to the style


A classic suit is known for its details, such as the peak lapels.

Three-piece suit in blue is the classic suit colour for most weddings, the blue has various variations in colour to choose from according to your personality.

The options are solid blue, cobalt blue, dark blue or midnight blue –  in wool or blend (wool & cotton or wool & silk). Go for a three buttons suit, single vent, four buttons on the sleeve, with jetted pockets.


If the wedding is going to happen on the beach or you want to ditch the classic look and go for something more fresh search for lighter colours in a three-piece. Colours like off-white, light grey, beige or light blue.

Fabric for this kind of wedding suit can be either wool and silk blend which adds a little shine to your look, or cotton and linen blend which is more for casual, relaxed wedding vibe – but remember always a three-piece otherwise it is too informal standing next to the perfectly dressed bride.

The suit should be a three buttoned suit with double vents, three buttons on the sleeve, with jetted or flap pockets. If you like experimenting go for a double-breasted jacket.

According to the venue and the time

Exotic & beach ceremonies

The time and place of the wedding are very important when going on a hunt for the perfect groom attire. If the answer is somewhere exotic, the joyous occasion demands lightweight, breathable fabrics, so remember to give your dark wool suits or tuxedos a miss!

For a beach wedding, it’s obviously important to stay cool while still looking smart, but you need to have the right balance. Fabrics play a very important role here as you want to be comfortable for the wedding while looking somewhat formal. Men’s linen blend with cotton, or wool and silk blend for a suit for a smart texture that makes it a good choice for formal wear.

In the City

Keeping the look smart as well as traditional is the perfect choice for a wedding in the city.

If you’re in the city and will likely be off somewhere in a church and a formal ceremony, so keep things smart and traditional in a dress suit with classic colours for the wedding at any time of the day.

Country Style

The country-themed weddings are becoming increasingly popular. While a typical navy or midnight blue suit would work just as well, the marginally more casual settings allow for a little more flexibility of colours.

The time of the wedding is just as important as the location, if it is in the evening, it may be a bit chillier, so you need to take this into consideration while planning what suit to buy and wool and silk in dark colours seem like the right choice.

And vice versa – if it is going to be held during the day, you will be facing the hottest hours of sunshine, so a lightweight suit is a must accompanied by accessories that make the look refreshed.

Choose the right jacket and trousers

Let’s get into more details of your wedding suit, after picking out the fabric and colour of your suit it is time to get it made. For the formal ceremonies go for the single-breasted suit jacket with three buttons.

The classic style with peak lapel would look perfect for your wedding environment. The edges of the peak lapel point upwards towards your shoulder area. Definitely to be worn when in a formal environment. If you are going for a too casual look you can opt for notch lapels, but make sure to run it by your bride-to-be.

Finally the pockets on your wedding suit jacket, we suggest the jetted pockets. A jetted pocket is a slit in the facing of the jacket, with the pouch hanging inside. On the other hand, for informal suit jacket, you can opt for flap pockets.

For trousers, the length must sit perfectly on your ankle. For the wedding suit the length of the trousers in little longer than usual. The trousers should be without cuffs because the ones with cuff are considered as too informal.

You can go for belt loops for casual weddings but for more formal setting it is advisable to have well fit trousers without belt loops. Pleated trousers may seem informal and do not really say wedding, the trousers would look better with no pleats.

Waistcoat or no waistcoat? Three-piece suit or two-piece?

For a three-piece suit, a waistcoat in contrast colour is an absolute essential.

Unless you’re going to wear a tuxedo at your wedding, waistcoat is essential! (you can read here our guide about the men’s vest). The three-piece suit with waistcoat has obvious merits. A groom is expected to be wearing something formal for the ceremony and two-piece suit does not do the justice for the star of the party.

The waistcoat can be either 3 buttons or 4 depending on your choice. If you like the formal and sober groom’s look get a waistcoat that is tone on tone with your suit.

The more polished look can also be achieved with an ivory, cream or a colour that compliments your suit. If you want to add a touch of ornamental elegance to your look ask for Mother of pearl button on your waistcoat.

What are the most suitable colours?

Blue wedding suit

The blue wedding suit: the perfect balance between traditional and versatile.

Blue is really the most common option when it comes to weddings. Blue especially in the shades of midnight blue, cobalt blue or solid blue, is said to be a charming colour, which gives an enduring impression of impressive formality to the men who wear it.

The blue colour finds a balance between the formality of ceremonies at the wedding and formality of rituals. This fact that colour is associated with highly respected services like navy, thereby, so it holds an equal craze amongst both young and old generations.

A three-piece is a great choice and always looks smart, a blue suit allows you to mix and match it with different styles or coloured waistcoats, perhaps a tone on tone waistcoat or maybe ivory waistcoat to match with the bride.

Grey wedding suit

The gray wedding suit: a good option for a formal touch.

A classic grey suit is a good option if you would be wearing a morning dress or just morning coat to your wedding. A charcoal grey suit is the second best option after blue for the formal weddings.

Light grey and its nuances in a lightweight fabric are making a trend for the casual destination wedding past few years, as it gives a very relaxed feeling but the colour might overshadow the bride. So be very careful while choosing the right shade for you and her.

Black wedding suit

The black wedding suit: the alternative only for the weddings with black tie dress code.

Black is a high-formality colour, but because of its associations with tuxedos and evening wear it may not actually be appropriate for a wedding setting. Wedding is a celebration, it is not some very strict formal event.

In most countries the black suit is put aside for funerals and black is not considered for weddings. If you like the dark grace of the colour black you can always go darkest on blue like midnight blue.

Mismatched wedding suit

Well, when it comes to the wedding the mismatched suit is a straight no-no. It does not matter the wedding is happening on the beach or in the church of the city, in all ways it is a somewhat formal affair.

A mismatched or broken suit is just too casual for a wedding. The groom needs to be sharply dressed for this special day and a three-piece, well made and perfectly fit suit is the right choice here.

Other variations

Prince of Wales or brown are some other sophisticated options for grooms looking for a bold look. For very summer weddings, off-white and light grey in a lightweight fabric are a creative choice.

How to choose a shirt for your wedding day suit

A wedding shirt can not be without cuffs that are made for cufflinks.

A man’s dress shirt is most important during a presentation. The shirt can play a supporting role by enhancing the suit or it can stand alone and be the centrepiece of the outfit. A made to measure is something you should not compromise on your wedding day. It will make sure you are comfortable and look your best in your wedding suit.

The colour and the fabric both should be kept in consideration when picking up the dress shirt for your wedding suit. White is the best option, as it makes the colour of the suit pop out and gives you a clean and crisp look matching the white dress of the bride.

For spring/summer weddings where the fabric can be lightweight something like 100% cotton poplin fabric plain or with very fine stripes in white of course.

For the weddings happening on the beach cotton and linen both are very good choices, linen shirts give you that very relaxed beach look whereas a cotton and linen blend can also enhance your suit and turn it into a summer suit.

For the autumn-winter weddings, the fabric should be a little heavy such as dobby, it will usually be a bit more wrinkle resistant, perfect when paired with a woollen suit.

The collar of your wedding shirt should most preferably be cutaway or straight pointed; cuff should be double (french) cuff.

You can read here our guide about the wedding shirt.

Accessories for the wedding suit

Which shoes to choose?

The basic features of your shoes should be black, leather and lace-up. When it comes to the soles, if possible, go for leather rather than rubber. You may think there isn’t a difference, but believe us, it’s a little thing that will make your shoe look more sophisticated.

A black shoe is considered preferable when wanting to create a formal look. Regardless of whether you’re wearing a suit, tuxedo or morning dress, if your formal wear is dark in colour (excluding midnight blue) you should wear black shoes. For navy blue suits, a medium-to-dark brown should be worn.

Other colour varieties are also available if you’re working this casual look, from burgundies to deep greens. Just because is you want to break some traditional rules!

The type of shoe can be either Oxford or Derby. Make sure you give your shoes a good polish for the wedding.

Pocket square or boutonnière?

We recommend wearing both the pocket square and the boutonniere for a real elegant effect.

We advise to wear both boutonniere and pocket square. First off, both are very essential part of the groom’s traditional attire and are a great way to add personality to what you’re wearing, helping you to stand out.

Pocket squares are a favourite among men wanting to add a pop of colour to their suits. Here you can read our guide about pocket square: it is important you choose your pocket square according to the wedding’s overall style. For example, a bright pattern would look out of place on formal evening wedding.

Your pocket square choice will depend on your suit colour, your wedding’s colour scheme (if any) and your personal choice! We would recommend a crisp white pocket square in cotton or silk for a black tie wedding or for a beach wedding go for a linen pocket square.

As for boutonniere, make sure they are real, fresh and compliment the type of wedding you are having.

Which tie?

A seven-fold tie is always the best choice, especially when it is made with the silk fabric.

There are a variety of different styles for the modern groom to complete the wedding look with a perfect wedding tie. The best colour options are blue, cream and ivory in silk. If you want to add the touch of luxury finesse, you can always go for a seven-fold tie.

The long and laborious process of creating a seven-fold tie means every piece is a work of art in itself. The groom deserves a little pampering of this kind after all he too is the main lead of the party. On the other hand, if you have decided to wear a tuxedo that day, you will need to give a bow tie, possibly black.

Belt or braces?

The belt is to be avoided. This small accessory detracts from the perfectly polished and well-fitted image you’re trying to project.

If for the wedding day you decide to wear the vest, the best solution is to wear suspenders; if instead you will wear the cummerbund, you will have to make sure you are wearing made to measure trousers: when you have tailored trousers you don’t need a belt as the trousers fit you perfectly.

Both the waistcoat or the cummerbund have been specially designed to cover the belt area and make your look very formal.


Yes, cufflinks are the accessory that completes your wedding look. The shirt should be with French cuffs, no buttons on the cuffs so that you can fasten them with cufflinks. For the big day opt for some decorative cufflinks, like gold or silver that compliment with your suit.

Get your custom wedding suit

It’s your turn now: create your wedding look. Browse our suits collection online and create your very own Made in Italy wedding suit.

Grooms who have chosen Lanieri


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90,000 Women’s wedding suit for the bride: how to choose and what are the advantages?

Modern wedding trends sometimes shock conservative people who are accustomed to the tradition of holding a celebration.However, despite this, many couples try to distinguish themselves from others, even in small things. One of these extravagant trends is the women’s wedding pantsuit for the bride.

This does not mean that traditional wedding dresses have lost their relevance. Nevertheless, for many brides, the choice in favor of a suit is quite justified. Let’s figure out in the article what advantages a suit has over a dress, what to wear with it and which model to choose.

Advantages of a wedding suit for women

Not all brides want pomp and pomp.Many people choose simpler and more comfortable clothes for their own wedding. These options include costumes.

According to statistics, elegant wedding suits are more often the choice of women who do not marry for the first time

Wedding suits for women have a lot of advantages:

  1. Comfort . The wedding dress is more demanding on the demeanor. The bride needs to carefully monitor her gestures and gait so as not to create a visually vulgar image.A woman feels freer in a suit.
  2. Convenience . The suit does not have a long train or puffy hem. It is much easier to wear and does not create any inconvenience.
  3. Independence from weather . If it rains on your wedding day, the costume is unlikely to be damaged.
  4. Savings . The costume is much cheaper than the traditional dress.
  5. Practical . The suit will not collect dust in the closet. It can be worn at other events as well.

It is enough to add accessories to a trouser or skirt suit to create a completely new look, far from a wedding one. Light shades will always be relevant , especially in spring and summer, so you won’t have to regret purchasing.

Photo of a bride in a wedding trouser suit

Besides, it is much easier to choose a suit that perfectly fits the figure than a dress. The flaws of the figure can be successfully “hidden” under a fitted jacket or trousers.

What wedding suits are there?

Bridal suits for girls are included in many current bridal collections.Designers create a huge variety of styles and models, various materials are used for manufacturing and decoration, and the costumes themselves are all sorts of combinations of clothing items.

Finding an interesting wedding suit is not difficult. Each bride will be able to satisfy her taste and choose an image according to her figure

There are several options for suits . The most common:

  • trouser suit;
  • elegant skirt suit;
  • skirt + top.

If a bride in trousers does not confuse anyone, then this option is considered the most comfortable and practical . Trousers do not restrict movement and a woman feels free in them. Moreover, sometimes trouser suits create worthy competition for a wedding dress and other wedding dresses.

Please note that trousers are not ideal for all body types. Slender women should stay on straight trousers, and ladies in the body on wide flared trousers. Owners of wide hips are advised to focus on the upper part of the suit, the neckline.

Trouser wedding suit

An elegant skirt suit will always be in trend . With it, you can create a classic look for a sophisticated lady.

A pencil skirt that suits almost everyone is especially relevant. Slender girls can opt for a flared skirt and fitted models, while curvy ladies should pay attention to a year-old skirt. If the bride can boast of gorgeous legs, a mini-skirt with a train will suit her.

Green skirt wedding suit

Another popular option is a white wedding suit for the bride from a top and a skirt.This choice is often made by young girls who have abandoned the banality and tradition of .

Here it is also worth considering the peculiarities of the figure. Girls with lush breasts should highlight the decollete area, and the owners of slender legs will do well with mini-skirts with a train.

White wedding suit from top and skirt

Coloring of wedding suits can be any to your taste. However, as a rule, women choose white or pastel colors: beige, light green, cream, pale pink.

Various fabrics are used for sewing wedding suits. They should be chosen based on the time of the year in which the celebration is planned. For warm seasons light materials are suitable – chiffon, silk, linen, lace. For winter and late autumn it is worth paying attention to knitwear and fur.

White wedding suit from top and trousers

What are wedding suits with?

It is important to think over your wedding image to the smallest detail. There are no unimportant nuances in this matter, so you need to take into account all additional accessories.

You should definitely choose a veil for a wedding suit. This will perfectly complement the look of the bride

Correctly choose shoes . For trouser suits, a high stiletto heel is suitable, but a wedge or flat sole visually make an elegant look heavier. Classic pumps with heels go well with a pencil skirt and straight trousers with an arrow. The color of the shoes is usually light.

Completing the look will help correctly selected accessories .It can be:

  • belt with an unusual buckle;
  • pearl jewelry;
  • gloves to match the suit;
  • hat with ribbons or veil.

A decorative wreath or fresh flowers braided into a hairdo will look gorgeous in summer and spring.

Lace wedding suit from top and skirt

The main thing is that you like your image. It is important that the suit and accessories indicate that you are the bride. A veil or a luxurious hat may well provide the desired effect.

Wedding suits for brides are an excellent choice not only for women who are getting married not for the first time, but also for young girls who are tired of banality and tradition. If you want to surprise and are against pomp, a suit is your salvation.

There are many available images. It depends on your taste and features of the figure what you will be dressed in on your wedding day – in an elegant skirt or trouser suit, or maybe in a feminine jumpsuit or a skirt with a top.In any case, the bride will not be left without attention and will not merge with the crowd of guests, despite such an extravagant choice.

Sri Lanka Weddings & Suits

There is so much to see on the roads of Sri Lanka: an elephant in a truck, and frightened deer, and a street carnival, and a Buddhist procession, and even a wedding. In general, during my short stay on this island, I happened to see three weddings and, interestingly, the wedding suits of brides and grooms were different for everyone.What fascinated me the most was the traditional Kandyan style groom suit. It is called “mule andum”, which means “costume of the old days”. These were once worn by Kandyan aristocrats at the court of the King of Kandy. Sewing such a suit is expensive and takes up to three months, and putting on it takes about an hour. First put on white trousers with ruffles. Next is the hardest part: a few meters of bright red and cream fabric should be wrapped around the torso in such a way as to form a skirt.The whole drapery is fastened at the waist with a belt, and on top of it the “knots” of the lower part of the suit should be visible: white, red and cream.
The upper part of the suit is a velvet jacket, richly decorated with gold or silver embroidery. The jacket can traditionally be cream, red or dark blue. The third part of the costume is a headdress, also decorated with embroidery and matching the color of the jacket. Decorations complement the groom’s outfit: rings, something like a pendant on a long chain and on a hat – a small crown in the form of a tree with five branches.Usually at weddings the gaze is attracted by the bride, but I confess that in this case I could not take my eyes off the groom.

In this photo Prema , the crown

is clearly visible

The traditional outfit of a Sri Lankan bride is a sari or osariya of gold, cream or red, embroidered with gold thread and adorned with pearls and beads. And of course, a lot of decorations. The most important of them is nalalpata, a hair ornament. It is worn only once in a lifetime on the wedding day and is represented by gold chains radiating from the middle on the sides.Images of the moon and the sun are attached to them, as symbols of eternal love and lasting marriage. Seven necklaces are usually worn around the neck, since seven is considered a lucky number.

photo Cohen Wligenhart

Here is another newlywed couple seen right on the beach from the restaurant window. We had dinner on the second floor and the first floor was reserved for wedding celebrations. It was quite staggering to see smart people in evening clothes on the beach. The bride is here in a red sari and jewelry as it should be.But the European-style groom has a suit, with a shirt that matches the color of the bride’s outfit.

And here are the third newlyweds. Have been spotted in Halle. The bride is in our usual white wedding dress, without a lot of jewelry. The groom is generally dressed in a simple way – a white cotton suit, complemented by a bright red scarf and a flower in a pocket. The bride was all blooming and glowing, but the groom was a little embarrassed.

Girls in Sri Lanka are married at about 25-26 years old, boys at about 30. In most cases, a couple is matched by their parents, love marriages are rare.The marriage ceremony is similar to the Indian one. The groom with his relatives arrives at the bride’s house. The bride’s brother (if there is no brother, then the cousin) must wash the groom’s feet before he crosses the threshold. Nowadays, washing is rather conditional – they just sprinkle water on their feet. Then the groom waits for the bride to appear, and when she arrives, they both sit in the so-called porch – a small canopy decorated with flowers and coconut trees. There are jugs of water at the corners of the porch; a white cloth is laid on the surface, on which coins and rice are scattered.Here the bride and groom exchange gifts (usually clothes), the groom puts a gold necklace around the bride’s neck, and several ceremonial ceremonies are performed with the participation of relatives of both parties. The ceremony is completed by tying the thumbs of the right hand of the bride and groom with a golden thread. The knot is poured with water and this is tantamount to our “declared husband and wife.” The coconut is broken for luck and everyone goes to the festive table. After the meal, the newlyweds leave either to the house of the groom’s parents, or on a honeymoon trip.

Groom’s suit and bride’s dress

Fashion is constantly changing, so it is useless to follow it all the time, but this does not apply to wedding dresses. For a long time, the combination of a black suit and a snow-white dress did not change. But in the modern world there are so many different styles and colors that many began to prefer a more original attire for the triumph of love. Choosing this option for your wedding, it is important to combine the groom’s suit and the bride’s dress correctly so that the outfits are not very catchy and intrusive.

Selection parameters

When choosing an outfit, you need to consider several criteria:

– it is necessary to choose an outfit for the groom after buying a dress, since girls often change their preferences;

– when the dress is purchased and it is not going to be returned, you can start choosing a suit for the groom. It is worth remembering that the clothes of your chosen one should favorably emphasize the dress;

– for example, a snow-white shirt is perfect for a white bride’s dress, but do not forget that this color has shades and you need to choose the right one;

is a bad option if the bride’s dress is ivory, and the groom chooses a dazzling white shirt, so the bride’s clothes will look worn against its background.To prevent such a mistake, the newlyweds need to go shopping together and choose outfits for the wedding;

– the main thing when choosing a wedding dress is to match the shades of the dress and suit.

Color selection

One of the most important tasks when preparing for a wedding is to choose the right colors for the groom’s suit and the bride’s dress, so that they match.


For example, the classic color and style of the dress will look harmonious with a strict black suit.A white dress will also well accentuate a blue or gray suit. There are no particular restrictions on this option. For a summer wedding, you can choose a white suit without shades or a vest, which will match a snow-white shirt and tie to match the ensemble or boutonniere, the main thing is to observe the style of the wedding itself.

Black and white color combination of wedding dresses can be diluted by adding a bright accessory to the ensemble. For example, the white dress of the bride is decorated with a turquoise or red wide belt, then the groom should have a tie of the same color.And if the dress is embroidered with gold patterns, then a light yellow tie will do.

Decorations also play an important role, which will correctly emphasize the image of the bride, if they are combined with each other.


Many couples prefer more modern wedding dresses: loose straight dresses or short cuts, and classic suits can be diluted with a hat in an ensemble with original shoes, trousers and a waistcoat in pastel shades. A slight negligence in the groom’s suit will also look stylish, for example, a shirt slightly unbuttoned on top and a slightly loose tie.

If the bride has chosen a beige dress, it is not necessary to choose the whole suit of the same color or darker, it is enough to choose a shirt to match. The suit is chosen so that it is in harmony with the shirt, for example, a dark gray or black suit will suit this range. And for the summer, you can buy a beige or light yellow jacket and trousers.

A bold choice

The most creative and daring newlyweds choose brighter outfits, deviating from the standards. If you are ready to surprise and attract the attention of guests with your unusual outfit and you have always been attracted by more intense colors in clothes, then the suit for the groom can have a rich blue color.

Another option is to dress the chosen one in a jacket and trousers of contrasting colors from different suits. If the bride chooses more fabulous colors, for example, a combination of beige, purple, orange and red, then a light lilac jacket in an ensemble with a small hat to match and a bright fuchsia vest is suitable for the chosen one. The main thing is that all the elements of the newlyweds’ outfits are combined with each other. See examples in the photo below.

Contraindications for the groom’s suit

The groom’s suit should not contain:

– many girls are crazy about different sequins and rhinestones, but it is better not to decorate a man’s clothes with them, this is too much;

– the suit should not be too short or too long, choose the size so that nothing dangles and there are no unnecessary folds;

– you cannot choose striped and plaid ties, they are not suitable for weddings;

– socks also play an important role, you should not wear sports short socks at the wedding, the groom will look ridiculous;

– no need to choose a tie and pocket square from the same material, so they will merge with each other.

The choice of the newlyweds’ outfits, as well as the organization of the entire wedding, must be approached very seriously and responsibly. It is important to observe the general style and theme of the wedding in clothing and decoration.

The video provides some tips on the topic:

90,000 Why is the wedding dress white? Where did this tradition come from?

Choosing a wedding dress color: basic rules

First of all, consider the traditional white dress.This is a common option, and if you are not very confident, you will feel comfortable in a traditional wedding dress.

But is a white wedding dress suitable for your wedding?

Will it beautify you by shading your skin color?

Will it not be fat?

Will it match the style and color of the wedding celebration?

These are the questions to ask yourself when choosing a wedding dress. If you adhere to traditions, but think that a snow-white dress will not decorate you or will be too boring, you can always choose not pure white color, but one of the light shades of yellow: cream, light beige, “champagne spray”, ivory, etc. …n. Try on dresses close to these tones: it is quite possible that some of them will most successfully set off your skin and emphasize the beauty of your face and hair.

Champagne dress (from Romona Keveza)

If you decide that you will get married in a colored wedding dress, you have two options.

The first way: pick a color for yourself

To do this, you need to go to a store that sells a large number of colorful dresses (not only wedding ones) and try on everything you can

Pay attention to how a particular color affects your appearance.After all, a lot depends on the color type of a woman: for example, a dark brown-haired woman, wearing a terracotta dress, can merge with it, but a soft green dress, on the contrary, will revive the girl’s appearance, emphasizing the color of her skin and eyes

If you don’t want to change clothes a hundred times, you can do differently: go to a fabric store and, standing in front of a mirror, apply fabrics of different colors and textures to your neck, shoulders and arms. When you find your color and your texture, you will immediately feel it. Having decided on these parameters, you can either buy the selected fabric and order tailoring of the dress, or purchase a small flap and take it with you, going to the bridal salon.Pick up dresses that are close in color and texture to the selected fabric – and go to the fitting.

The second way: match a dress to a pre-selected color

First you can decide on the color, and then start looking for the most suitable shade. After all, each of the colors has several dozen shades – from warm to cold. Not all of them can suit you. For example, not every woman can and will want to wear a fuchsia-colored dress, but many will like the soft peach dress.But both colors are shades of pink. Therefore, you can do the same as described above: go to a fabric store and choose the shade of the selected color that suits you best.

By the way, a wedding dress is the most important component of wedding decoration. Therefore, the color of the wedding dress should be in harmony and support the colors used in the wedding decoration. There are also two options here:

Choosing an evening dress by color!

Red seems to be special.It evokes many associations, it has shades for all types of appearance, and no one remains indifferent to red. Therefore, a red evening dress is a sure way to be in the spotlight.

Green is rich and mysterious in any of its shades. The variety of green tones allows you to combine it with any type of appearance, moreover, it always looks quite restrained, which means it is suitable for the most formal occasions.

Black evening dresses are classics of elegance; they are ideal for events of any size and adorn any type of appearance.

White evening dresses. Airy!
White color for an evening dress can be definitely called special

It grabs the attention of those around you at a party, it allows you to use the look for a wedding ceremony and fits perfectly into the relaxed atmosphere of a party on the beach.

The following types of wedding dresses can be distinguished:

Straight silhouette wedding dresses, also called a column dress or sheath dress, look especially sexy.They fit snugly around the figure, while revealing every curve of the bride’s body. Straight dresses also include outfits in the Empire style – a loose dress made of light fabric, with a high waist and a flowing skirt. This silhouette was common in ancient Greece. Later, this style came into fashion again during the time of the Emperor Napoleon, when imitation of antiquity was popular (in French “empire” means “empire”)

Probably not worth it in white. Although it depends on the dress. There are white with embroidery, white with patterns.White can be worn with a colorful rug. Here it rather depends on the bride’s TAR. There are those who will still think that it is you on purpose to “outshine” her so dressed up.

And black and scarlet – normal colors IMHO


23.06.2011, 12:33

Probably not worth it in white. Although it depends on the dress. There are white with embroidery, white with patterns. White can be worn with a colorful rug. Here it rather depends on the bride’s TAR. There are those who will still think that it is you on purpose to “outshine” her so dressed up.

And black and scarlet – normal colors IMHO

support: flower:

As an example of wedding attire in Russia, I will cite a quote from Alexei Tolstoy’s novel Peter I, which describes in detail what the bride was dressed in at the end of the 17th century: “Everything was according to the ancient order. The bride was brought to the palace in the morning and began to dress. The hay girls, washed in the bathhouse, in state crowns and padded jackets, sang without stopping. Under their songs, boyars and girlfriends put on the bride a light shirt and stockings, a long red silk shirt with pearl wrists, a Chinese silk summer shirt with spacious, floor-length sleeves, wonderfully embroidered with herbs and animals, trimmed with diamonds around the neck, beaver, on all shoulders, a necklace, their throat was so tight, – Evdokia almost died out.On top of the summer house there is a wide opal of cranberry cloth with one hundred and twenty enamel buttons, and on top of it there is a silver-lined mantle, heavily embroidered with pearls, on light fur. Fingers were humiliated with rings, ears were pulled back with ringing earrings. Her hair was combed so tightly that the bride could not blink her eyes, the braid was intertwined with many ribbons, and a high, in the form of a city, crown was placed on her head. ”

Petrov Igor, photographer Moscow and Balashikha, other cities of the Russian Federation.

What does the veil and other items of the bride’s wardrobe mean

A prerequisite is that you cannot take someone else’s veil or gloves to your celebration.

In ancient times, a mother protected her daughter from envious and evil people with a scarf embroidered with various symbols. It was customary to give such a charm to a young girl before her marriage. Today this custom is practically forgotten. Instead of a handkerchief, a hair clip is now increasingly used.

In England there is a tradition that at the wedding the bride must have something new, something alien and something blue.

In addition to the outfit, you should choose the right shoes.Give preference to closed shoes, they will help maintain family well-being. Avoid fasteners and laces. The availability of such accessories can contribute to poverty, and their absence will help an easy birth.

Having learned the folk signs about the bride’s wedding dress, you can safely marry without fear that some wardrobe item can interfere with family happiness.

Why the bride’s dress in Russia was not white

Among the ancient Slavs, the names of flowers were synonymous with words.So red was synonymous with the word “beautiful”. That is why brides married in Russia in a red, that is, a beautiful dress. At the wedding, as at other holidays, it was customary to wear all the best. Purity is what white symbolizes, and during the wedding ceremony it was believed that the bride dies and is reborn as a wife. For this reason, she could not be considered completely “clean” and wear white clothes. And many girls by the time they were called down the aisle already had children.It was not strongly condemned, but such a girl ceased to be considered “clean” and could not wear white.

In addition, another tradition is associated with white in Russia. Warriors, leaving for battle, put on a white shirt on a clean body, showing that they were ready to meet death. Based on this interpretation, the snow-white outfit was not the best choice for a girl preparing to get married and become a mother.

Wedding color: red

As you know, the word “beautiful” comes from the phrase “very red” or “very beautiful”.These words have the same root, which is why “red maiden” is a beauty, and “red day of the calendar” is a festive, special day. The red color has long been associated with beauty, light, warmth and fire: our ancestors called the solstice “kres”, and the verb “krestat” meant “cut down the fire.” In the divine language of symbols, red is the color of mercy and Divine love. This color symbolizes love in Western culture as well. In medieval Europe, brides wore red dresses at their weddings. In Buddhist tantric tradition, it is the color of passion.And in the countries of the East, red personifies joy and wealth. By choosing red for your wedding, you will express confidence in strong love and a desire to throw a feast for the whole world. Red wedding – to a beautiful life!

Attitude towards the color of the wedding dress at different times

The first mentions of white wedding dresses appear in Ancient Greece. The girls wore a white outfit for the wedding – peplos, the only decoration of which was two fasteners on the bride’s shoulders. The more elaborate and richer these fasteners were, the better the welfare of their owner was considered.To make the marriage of the girl happy, she was covered with a long golden cloth. In ancient Rome, ordinary tight-fitting clothes – kalaziris – were worn for the ceremony, and the bride was distinguished by the number and richness of accessories: tiaras, bracelets, necklaces, rings.

Paganism strongly influenced the wedding dress of the bride of Ancient Russia. As a rule, girls wore a bright red sundress. The scarlet shade symbolized protection from evil spirits, fire, joy. There was also another image: sometimes girls wore a shirt decorated with elegant embroidery, and a poneva decorated with a red and blue check (a woolen skirt made of pieces of fabric, the hem of which was magnificently decorated).As soon as the newlywed wore this old version of the skirt, she was considered bridged. The tradition of dressing in red for a wedding continued until the eighteenth century.

In the middle ages

In the Middle Ages in Europe, wedding clothes were not sewn in any particular color. The girl who was getting married preferred to wear her best dress, the richest and most elaborate. As a rule, the bride’s outfit was not new, but something that is worn on holidays. It has been customary to purchase separate clothes for the wedding day from the fifteenth century from wealthy families – the style of the dress, its decor was prepared according to the latest fashion.The dress was lavishly decorated with furs, expensive fabrics, and other decorations, and after the wedding it was worn more than once.

The shade of the outfit could be any, as a rule, the girls preferred dark or bright colors – purple, green, brown, pink, black. Medieval brides approached dressmaking from a practical point of view. Then the streets of the city were dusty and dirty, and therefore a dress of cream, sand, and even more so white, would simply get dirty. Washing such a dress was costly.Differences in wedding images manifested themselves depending on the region or country where the future spouse lived, the welfare of her family, and social status.

16-17 centuries

White dress at that time was worn by only one category of girls – “Christ’s Brides”, who went to the monastery and completely devoted themselves to serving God. Dark colors faded into the background in the 16-17th centuries, giving way to more pleasant pastel shades that brides still wear to this day – light blue or pink.The choice of a particular tone of wedding dress was largely associated with the beliefs and customs of different cultures, for example:

  • In France, brides often wore purple attire, because it promised them a loving husband for the rest of their lives.
  • In Ireland, girls generally wore a green dress on their wedding day. It was believed that this color brings happiness, harmony to the house, good luck.
  • In Russia, brides still preferred to wear dresses with a predominance of scarlet or orange – this is associated with the religion of paganism, the worship of fire.

In the neoclassical era

The turning point in the history of white dress was the era of neoclassicism. Then there was a tradition to wear light ivory-colored clothes, cream decorations and snow-white clothes. This is due to the archaeological excavations that were carried out at that time in Pompeii, Herculaneum. Samples of Roman art were found – sculptures made of delicate white marble, which became public. This led to the widespread use of the marble shade.Clothes of this color were worn on weekdays, worn during holidays or weddings.

During neoclassicism, not only the traditional colors of wedding dresses changed, but also their style. Girls began to abandon tight corsets and fluffy skirts more often, preferring light, airy outfits with flowing fabrics, delicate ruffles of sleeves and a high waist. This era made pearl, light shades popular, which logically led to the traditional white dress.

Wedding dresses at different times

Slavic Bride

It is believed that the first wedding dresses began to be used by the ancient Greeks – it was a white peplos, which was decorated with buckles on the shoulders. Brides were not supposed to be adorned, these clasps were the only accessories, they sought to decorate them exquisitely. The richer the bride’s family was, the more elaborate these decorations were. There were no fashionable dresses in Rome either – the girl was dressed in tight-fitting clothes, but she had more accessories, the bride had a lot of jewelry.In Russia, brides dressed up in accordance with pagan traditions. They were entitled to a red sundress, which was believed to drive away evil forces with its color. Another option involved an elegantly embroidered shirt and a red and blue plaid skirt.

The skirt was considered a symbol of engagement – if a girl started to wear it, then she was already married. Russian women tried to wear red clothes for weddings until the 18th century, only then the image of a snow-white dress gradually began to take root.

Two main versions – why the bride’s dress is white

Over the centuries of human existence, the white dress of the bride periodically appeared and disappeared.This phenomenon, as a rule, concerned only one country or region, but did not spread to the whole world. Now you can observe the widespread use of wedding snow-white clothes, even in those countries where their own marriage culture has been forming for millennia. For example, in China, the bride’s dress, according to custom, is red, but many girls began to refuse this color, preferring white, leaving only a few scarlet details.

How did it happen that the white color, which was not particularly popular for thousands of years, spread throughout the world, affecting even the most remote corners of it? It happened in the 17-19 centuries, the exact date is unknown, but there are two versions of the emergence of a fashion for a snow-white dress.Both of them belong to the European queens, walking down the aisle in a white wedding dress.

First version

This story is associated with Anna of Austria, a Spanish princess who married the French king Louis in 1615. At the wedding, the girl appeared in a snow-white image, which surprised and amazed those present so much that French ladies began to imitate her style. According to some sources, the French women considered it to be like a “cake”. It looked so cute that in France the white dress began to be used everywhere, and then the tradition spread to other European countries – Spain, England, Portugal.

Second version

News of the wedding of the reigning Queen Victoria quickly spread throughout England, and in 1840 she and Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha were married. The young bride wanted to look new and gorgeous, and therefore decided not to wear the heavy silver brocade, traditional for the royal family, choosing for her own wedding a new color for all – white. Her clothes were sewn from dense satin, and to decorate sleeves, veils, necklines (the so-called lace “bertha”), about half a meter of material was used, which lacemakers from the village of Bir, led by Jane Bidney, made for six months.

After the wedding of Queen Victoria, all lace patterns were destroyed so that no one else could repeat the exquisite pattern on her dress, and the dress itself is kept on the territory of Kensington Palace, where exhibitions are held. Victoria’s only adornment during the wedding was a sapphire brooch presented by Albert. She subsequently became a family heirloom and is inherited by members of the royal family. The decoration of the young queen amazed those present so much that the white dress became traditional for weddings in England, and then all over the world.

What were the wedding dresses in Russia

In ancient times, weddings among the Slavs were held in accordance with many traditions. And one of them was that the bride was obliged to sew her own wedding dress. Most often it was a colored sundress and shirt, richly decorated with hand embroidery. And the bride in Russia had to work a lot, because she had to sew as many as three outfits.

Before the wedding itself, during a bachelorette party, the future wife was to be dressed in a “girl’s” sundress.It was usually blue, pink, yellow or green in color and had a simple cut. A wedding sundress was usually sewn from very expensive fabrics, embroidered with stones, gold threads and pearls, and also decorated with fur. Such a sundress was made from fabrics of all shades of red: crimson, burgundy, crimson, crimson. Having adorned herself with jewelry presented by the groom, the bride went down the aisle in a red dress.

On the day following the wedding celebration, the Slavic brides appeared already in the form of a married woman.Traditionally, these outfits were gold, brown or red. In addition to the ceremonial dress, the wife wore a traditional headdress, and a wide belt adorned her waist. Occasionally one could see a black sundress on married women on the second wedding day. At that time, this color was not mourning, but symbolized the color of the earth, which the Slavs worshiped.

Wedding dress color: meaning, symbolism, associations

The color of clothes can not only decorate or, on the contrary, “eat” all the attractiveness of a person.The color of things can create an impression, speaking about the character of its owner, because each color has certain symbols that cause different associations. And often this happens unconsciously.

For example, brides in champagne, beige or ivory wedding dresses are perceived by those around them as friendly, soft, calm and trustworthy people.

Beige dress by Manuel Mota

The white color of a wedding dress will not tell others about anything, as it is chosen by the majority.But the style will be of decisive importance.

A bride in a light blue wedding dress is perceived as a gentle and innocent girl. Dressed in a blue wedding dress, the bride will give the impression of a person of a calm, serene and contented life. In general, the blue color of a wedding dress means innocence.

Wedding dress from bellantuono

The bride in red is perceived as a passionate person and a strong personality. The red color of the wedding dress symbolizes the flame of passion, power, aggression.

A bride in such a dress will be in the spotlight even in a crowd of hundreds of brides.

Yellow is associated with the sun. The same applies to orange. Therefore, brides in yellow and orange wedding dresses are perceived as very cheerful, positive people. If this is a golden color, then another association is added – with wealth, prosperity. The bride in a gold wedding dress looks like the queen of life in the eyes of those around her.

“Gold” wedding dress from Mori Lee

Yellow wedding dress

Pink color of a wedding dress can be different.If this is a classic girlish pink color, then the bride will evoke associations with an innocent and, alas, dimwitted child. At the same time, a complex pastel shade of pink will endow the bride with such qualities as tenderness and femininity – of course, on an associative level.

Mori Lee

Green is the color of youth, activity and freshness. In a green wedding dress, the bride will appear younger. Of course, the color should be very pleasant, delicate. Then the bride will give the impression of a balanced, stable, self-confident person, distinguished by irrepressible energy and thirst for life.

Dress from Mori Lee

Olive color dress by Mori Lee

Will a bride in a gray wedding dress be perceived as a gray mouse? Not at all! Although, of course, it all depends on the shade. If this is a pearl shade of luxurious fabric, then the bride will give the impression of a kind of Turgenev young lady – honest, kind, decent, innocent and loyal, but at the same time proud and knowing her own worth. The same can be said for the bride in a silver wedding dress.

Silver wedding dress

Wedding dress by Vera Wong

A rare bride will choose a purple or lilac wedding dress.However, girls in such wedding dresses look majestic, royally. Depending on the shade, the bride can be associated with a wonderful flower. At the same time, the choice of the bride in favor of a purple wedding dress may indicate her infantilism and fragility.

Think about what impression you want to make in your wedding dress?

Why is the wedding dress white?

Traditionally, a wedding dress is associated with white. But this was not always the case …

In the 16th-17th centuries, only the “bride of Christ” could wear a white wedding dress, i.e.e. a girl who went to a monastery to devote herself to God. Or a very brave girl, or … crazy. Usually, brides went down the aisle in blue or pink dresses. Dark tones were also considered unsuitable. Only in the south of France, a bride, if she was afraid of her mother-in-law’s annoyance, could sew a purple wedding dress, and if she wanted her husband to go crazy with passion for her until the end of his days, she put on a burgundy dress. And Irish brides walked down the aisle only in a green dress and a cap with green ribbons, for in this country green was considered the happiest color.

And in Russia? Russian wedding dresses were predominantly red or orange. Most likely these are echoes of paganism. Despite the fact that the white color, according to ancient beliefs, personified purity, and the “maiden of marriageable age” should have been such, the color of red and its shades was still chosen for the wedding dress. For example, rural brides literally until the middle of the twentieth century wore national costumes for weddings – blouses and sundresses. “Do not wear me, mother, a red sundress,” the song says.That is, the wedding dress of a young woman consisted of a brocade sundress, colored shoes, red or blue …

The neoclassic era brought the fashion for light – ivory, cream, but not yet white – dresses. As a result of excavations in Pompeii and Herculaneum, many examples of Roman art – sculpture made of light marble – have become public knowledge. This had a very strong influence on fashion in general and the color of wedding dresses in particular. Marble-colored dresses have become popular, gradually leading us to white dresses.

There are two more or less plausible versions of the origin of the tradition of choosing white for a wedding dress.

First version. Queen Victoria wore a white wedding dress for her wedding in the mid-17th century. And, naturally, everyone began to repeat after her.

Second version. Silently earlier, the fashion for white wedding dresses was introduced by Anna of Austria. Her dress was so beautiful that the entire female high society of France began to imitate Anna. And later this fashion came to Spain, England and Portugal.

The situation is different for oriental beauties. After all, there white is considered a mourning color, the color of sorrow. Therefore, young people never wear anything white for a wedding. Their costumes are always in yellow-gold or red tones, as in India and China; young Japanese women wear light blue, blue or navy blue kimonos, hoping that their chosen color matches the color of the groom’s cloak. Such a coincidence promised a prosperous marriage. And since it was not supposed to see the bride’s kimono before the wedding, the groom’s relatives sometimes bribed future relatives in order to find out the color of the wedding kimono.

What is the strength of white?

White color symbolizes a holiday, solemnity, elegance, beauty. When applied to the bride, he expresses the purity, intactness, openness, lightness and tenderness of the girl – the image that all men dream of.

Psychology explains the massive popularity of white in wedding themes by the peculiarities of the human psyche and color perception of the world. White carries the characteristics of perfection and completeness, expresses complete freedom for possibilities, means the adoption of an absolute and final decision.All these signs are inherent in a wedding, which means that a white wedding dress very clearly conveys the meaning of the event. In addition, white in clothes marks the beginning, which is also appropriate to characterize a wedding that is the beginning of a new life. They trust the white color – remember at least the snow-white wig of a judge or a doctor’s robe, they believe him – it is not without reason that it is used in Christianity.

Peach Wedding

In ancient Rome, the peach blossom symbolized a large marriage.According to modern psychology, the peach blossom is believed to have a positive effect on mood and cause joy. Therefore, it is perfect for a romantic and touching wedding celebration, both in a classical and thematic style, the Les Noces portal is sure.ws

As you can see, all the shades described above have their own unique meanings. Which color should you choose? It all depends on what kind of atmosphere you want to create at a wedding celebration: if mysterious and mystical – choose purple, harmonious – turquoise, delicate and dreamy – pink.

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Wedding color: green

Green is traditionally considered the color of life, nature, nature. In China, this color symbolizes luxurious life and youth, in India – peace and hope. In Islam, he personifies the green gardens of paradise. Since ancient times, green has been associated with youth, with life opportunities, with the birth of something new. Fans of green are balanced and calm people. They are not afraid of everyday problems and playfully cope with them.If these words are about your couple, arrange a holiday in green and open a green corridor for yourself to a happy future. Green wedding – to the eternal freshness of feelings!

Wedding color: blue

For lovers of blue, there is nothing more important than a sense of peace. They are not prone to adventures, they value family comfort and trust. Traditionally, blue is associated with eternal values, height, depth and perfection of the world. In Christianity, blue symbolizes sincerity, prudence and piety.In Western culture, it is the color of nobility and stability. In India, blue is the color of wisdom: it enhances intuition and tune in to contemplation. For many peoples, blue was used to protect against the forces of evil. Newlyweds who choose shades of blue for their wedding will be devoted to family values ​​throughout their lives. Despite the external restraint, they subtly feel and respect each other. Blue wedding – to peace in the house!

The color of purity and death

In many pagan civilizations, white symbolized death.In India, where most of the population is Hindu, white remains the color of mourning. Until now, Indian women who have lost loved ones wear a snow-white sari.

In the culture of any nation, the symbolism of the color of a person’s clothing has always played an important role. So it was with the Russians. For example, in ancient times in the Slavic language the word “red” was synonymous with the beautiful, and “white” also meant pure. In the pantheon of Slavic pagan gods, Belobog was present as the personification of light forces.

The peasants called Shrovetide days “White Week”.Russian heroes put on a white shirt under chain mail before an important battle, and merchants put on it after a bath, before a difficult and dangerous road. And they did this in case they had to accept death: you need to meet it “clean”, end your life prepared. And in this sense, a white dress for a bride at a Slavic, Russian wedding was the most inappropriate choice.

Two main versions – why the bride’s dress is white

Over the centuries of human existence, the white dress of the bride periodically appeared and disappeared.This phenomenon, as a rule, concerned only one country or region, but did not spread to the whole world. Now you can observe the widespread use of wedding snow-white clothes, even in those countries where their own marriage culture has been forming for millennia. For example, in China, the bride’s dress, according to custom, is red, but many girls began to refuse this color, preferring white, leaving only a few scarlet details.

  • The bride and groom must spend the last night before the wedding separately.
  • When the groom picks up the bride from the parental home, he should never look back.
  • The bride should not allow her friends to stand in front of her in front of the mirror, so that they do not take her beloved away.
  • To present a photo before the wedding – to parting.
  • Sweep off the table with your hand – the husband (wife) will be bald (oh).
  • A husband has a lot of sleep before the wedding – to sleep his cross-eyed wife.
  • Sitting on the corner of the table – not getting married for seven years.
  • To knit any clothes for a lover before the wedding – to betrayal and parting.
  • For a bride to look in the mirror in a wedding dress – to little trouble.
  • To cross the threshold, cross the path to the bride and groom – to trouble and a quarrel between the spouses.
  • Who (the groom or the bride) crosses the threshold of the house first, he will be the head of the family.
  • To wash the threshold in the house after the departure of the bride – to the soon return of the bride to her parents (the breakup of the marriage).
  • If the groom cuts his hair on the eve of a wedding or wedding, the children will be sick.
  • You cannot marry in a leap year.

Wedding signs associated with the registry office:

  • It’s a bad omen – to walk before going to the registry office.
  • After the ransom and before the registry office, no one should pass between the bride and groom, so their clothes are fastened with a pin.
  • The parents of the bride and groom must not be present at the registry office.
  • The more intricate the road that young people travel, the happier their family life will be. In ancient times, “wedding trains” took the most winding paths to the church.

Wedding omens associated with witnesses:

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At the bachelorette party on the eve of the wedding, the Russian bride appeared in her best girlish dress. Depending on the area, it was a shirt with a skirt or a bright-colored sundress (red, crimson, pink, green). The outfit was complemented by multi-colored ribbons flowing down the back and developing at the slightest movement of the girl.The ribbons were sewn to the neck decoration – “winding and to a special headband called” beauty “or” volushka “. “Beauty” was a symbol of a girl’s life. In different regions of Russia, “beauty” was treated differently: either it was given to the groom, or it was handed over to the younger sister or best friend, or it was torn to pieces and divided among all the bridesmaids.

On the day of the wedding, the bride wore a special dress, usually red. In some areas, the bride was required to wear two shirts, one of which was intended for the deathbed.On the morning of the wedding day, the groom, through a matchmaker or his aunt, sent the bride a “groom’s box” with gifts and wedding accessories (veil, wedding rings, wedding candles, perfume, pins, etc.).

In the photo there is a beautiful wedding dress, which will perfectly suit lovely young, naive girls, emphasize their beauty and purity. Everything is simple and ingenious.

The girl in the photo is dressed in a simply very beautiful wedding dress with intricate shoulders, fine rhinestone trimmings, an unusual waist and a fluffy, but not excessive, hem.

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Tatar national costumes

Tatar folk clothes | Tatar national costumes

History of the Tatar national dress.

At one time, Tatars, men and women wore long, wide tunic-like shirts and long open-top outerwear with a solid frame.

In women, this monumentality was emphasized by massive chest, bow and wrist ornaments and complex, usually combined with large bedspreads, headdresses.

The lower headdress of a Muslim was a four-wedge, hemispherical skullcap. When leaving the house in the cold season, men put on a hemispherical fur hat or a quilted hat with a fur band over their skullcaps, and women over their veils.

Men’s cloth sashes and traditional leather shoes were ubiquitous: ichigi and shoes with soft and hard soles. Work shoes in the village were bast shoes. They were worn with white cloth or knitted stockings.

In the middle of the XIX century. among the Tatars, traditional clothing still prevailed – Tatar costumes .

This is evidenced by museum collections, literary and archival information, materials of ethnographic expeditions. Numerous ethno-territorial, ethno-confessional, and within them age, social and other costume complexes continued to exist.

An important role in the formation of ethno-territorial complexes of folk clothing, along with the peculiarities of ethnic history and the uneven socio-economic development of ethnic groups, natural living conditions, ethnic environment and confessional affiliation, was played by the territorial dispersion of the Tatars, due to the complex history of the people as a whole.

So, the territorial remoteness of the Mishars of the Oka-Sursk interfluve, the Kasimov, Astrakhan, Siberian and other groups of Tatars from the Kazan Tatars contributed to the formation of their, along with the general ethnic, and local features of the costume.

This mainly concerned women’s clothing, which is explained by their more withdrawn lifestyle and greater adherence to traditional moral and ethical standards.

The basis of male and female traditional Tatar costume is a shirt (kulmek) and trousers (yyshtan), made of relatively light fabrics.

Until the middle of the 19th century. an ancient tunic-like shirt (made of a straight, bent across the cloth, without a seam on the shoulders, with gussets, with wide inserted side wedges, with a central chest cut) was widespread.

A shirt with a stand-up collar prevailed among the Tatars, especially the Kazan ones. The turn-down collar was more often found on the ritual wedding shirts of men (kiyau kulmege). Among the Kryashens, a shirt with a lateral chest cut has become somewhat widespread.Unlike the Russian blouse, the incision was made on the right side of the chest. The Tatar shirt differed from the tunic-like shirts of neighboring peoples – Russians, Mari, Udmurts – in length and width.

She was sewn very loose, knee-length, with wide and long sleeves and never belted (“Without a cross and a belt, like a Tatar”). White homespun shirts were decorated with embroidery, ornamental or multi-colored homespun braid.

Women’s tunic-like shirt is identical to men’s, which is generally typical for ancient forms of clothing.Women’s shirts were sewn long, almost to the ankles. In the middle of the XIX century. among Tatar women from wealthy strata of society, shirts were sewn from expensive purchased “Chinese” fabrics (light silk, wool, cotton fabric and thin brocade).

The decoration of such shirts was mainly reduced to the use of flounces, multi-colored silk and satin ribbons and lace, gimped tassels and braids. For Kazan Tatars and Kryashenoks, a shirt with an upper flounce was characteristic.

For bears – with the bottom.The shirt of the Sergach Mishars was distinguished by the colorful appliqué – the presence of bright multi-colored fabric stripes on the chest, shoulders, and hem. An integral part of the old women’s shirt was the lower bib (kukrekche, tesheldrek).

It was worn downward under a shirt with a traditionally deep (without sewing) chest slit in order to hide the gap on the chest that opened when moving.

In the second half of the 19th century. both men and women use shirts of modern cut – made of factory fabric with beveled shoulders and round armholes, usually with a turn-down collar.In decorative design, small frills (bala Itek) are becoming very popular.

Often, the entire hem of a women’s shirt was decorated with horizontal rows of frills. At the beginning of the XX century. shirts of this cut prevailed throughout the territory of the Tatars.

Pants (yyshtan) in cut represent a well-known waist-length garment of the Turkic-speaking peoples, which is called “pants with a wide step” in ethnographic literature.

Men’s trousers were usually sewn from striped fabric (motley), women preferred plain ones.

Festive and wedding pants for the groom (kiyau yyshtany) were sewn from homespun fabric with small and bright branded patterns.

A very remarkable clothing item in the late 19th – early 20th centuries. there were aprons (al’yapkych, alchuprak). Muslim women wore patterned homespun or embroidered aprons with a polychrome, often carpet, vestibule over their shirts, and young Kryashen women also wore them with outerwear. For men, unadorned aprons were more often included in a set of work clothes.

Among the Perm Tatars, aprons, richly decorated with a vestibule, were part of the bride’s dowry and were used as a festive element in the groom’s attire.

Outerwear was exclusively swing-open with sleeves or with armholes for hand threading. Depending on the purpose, it was made from factory (cotton, woolen) fabric, from canvas, broadcloth, homemade semi-cloth, from fur (sheepskin, fox, etc.).

Tatars, regardless of age and gender, predominantly wore double-breasted clothes with a right-sided (Turkic) smell, with a one-piece fitted back (chabuli cue), with wedges on the sides below the waist.It was usually sewn with a tightly closed collar, with cut-out shoulders.

Such clothes include: camisole – a type of home clothes, bishmet – winter clothes insulated with cotton wool or sheep wool, chabuli chikmen – work clothes made of homemade cloth, chabula tun – fur, often covered with fabric, a fur coat.

One of the most archaic types of such clothing is choba – light homespun made of pure white or a small strip of linen or hemp for men and multicolored for women.Back at the beginning of the XX century. she was among the dowry of the bride among the Tatars of the Predkamye, Perm and Ufa Urals. Outerwear with a straight back (round cue) is wide and long, of a tunic-like cut, as a rule, it did not have fasteners.

It was worn loose or belted with a sash: chapan – men’s clothing for visiting a mosque; Chikman tours – demi-season work and travel clothing; crowds, tours tun – winter road clothes.

The Kryashens had a significant distribution, like the Russians, had outerwear with a cut-off at the waist line and a gathered back (ribbed).A belt (bilbau) is an obligatory attribute of the traditional outerwear of a Tatar.

Mainly cloth belts were used: self-woven, sewn from factory fabric, less often knitted woolen belts. Among the museum collections there are wide gimped, carpet, velvet, and also from silver plates connected by hinges, belts with massive, richly decorated silver buckles. They fell out of use early among the Kazan Tatars.

However, in Tatars’ costume Astrakhan and Siberian, as well as Crimean ones, belts with buckles and metal overlays were widespread in both men’s and women’s suits.

Women’s outerwear differed from men’s only in some decorative details: additional trimming with fur, braid, embroidery, artistic stitching, etc.

Camisoles worn over a shirt were the most typical type of light home and leisure clothing for Tatar women.

To make the back of the camisole more tight-fitting, it was often cut from two halves (with a vertical axial seam), widening from the waist to the hips using side gussets.The central and two side wedges formed folds in a three-seam camisole (och bill).

Young women sewed camisoles with five seams (biche billet). The use of a variety of purchased fabrics, fittings, and accessories for sewing camisoles contributed to the receptivity to innovation, the formation of an extraordinary variety of variations.

Camisoles were sewn long to the knees or short to the thighs, with sleeves short to the elbows or without sleeves, with high sides or with a deep chest cut, with a wrap in front or odorless (“butt”).The edges of the sides, hem, armholes of the sleeves were decorated with stripes of braid, braid, fluffy bird feathers or fur.

In the eastern regions of the region, over time, it becomes traditional to decorate camisoles with coins, but not as abundantly as among the Bashkirs. Coins were sewn onto the decoration of camisoles – braid (uka).

Tatar shoes.

Traditional men’s and women’s shoes differed only in some nuances (features of decorative design, sizes of tops, heel height).

Tatars wore cloth and knitted stockings of woolen threads on their bare feet.

Cloth stockings (tula oek) represent the most original, ancient and at the same time widespread variety of stockings. They were made from homemade cloth, usually white, and worn in combination with everyday bast or leather shoes.

Greaves (ayakchu, ayak cholgau) represent a very original type of lower footwear among the Kazan Tatars. They were used to wrap the shins and were worn with ichig or woolen stockings.The antiquity of this element is evidenced by the presence of ritual ayakchu. The bride gave the groom a kiyau ayakchu with ornamented ends.

Of the outer shoes, the most common were leather, bast and felted. Leather shoes were widely used in the city among the wealthy part of the villagers and the clergy. High knee-high boots made of soft leather with soft soles (chitek) were made of yuft, chrome and morocco.

Plain black ichigi were worn mainly by men. Women also wore them, only their boots were shorter and without cuffs.The festive version of women’s shoes was patterned kayuli chitek, made in the traditional technique of leather mosaic.

If the monochromatic ichigi were not very original and were typical for the majority of the Turkic-Mongol peoples, then the mosaic footwear, of course, is the ethnospecificity of the Tatar footwear. When leaving the house, the ichigi wore short leather shoes with hard soles, and in winter, half-clogs. Ichigi were more like leather stockings, but were more versatile. They especially suited the older generation.There were also boots with solid soles (Itek).

Among the Tatars of the Trans-Urals, as well as among the Bashkirs, boots (saryk) made of specially cut rawhide boots with a white cloth bootleg were widely used. Women’s saryk were distinguished by special appliqué and embroidery. The ornamentation was based on a complex pattern of an arched composition located on the backdrop. Close to saryk are tsaryk of the West Siberian Tatars, made entirely of raw horse or cow leather.

From low leather footwear, galoshes (kovesh, kata) were more common and everyday.Shoes (shoe) were considered the day off footwear. Women also had patterned ones, often with a heel. Shoes with a pointed and slightly raised toe were considered the most traditional. Women’s shoes were also made of velvet, richly embroidered with gold and silver thread, beads, river pearls.

Bast shoes, especially bast shoes (chabata), represented among the Tatars work shoes as the lightest and most comfortable for field work. Bast shoes with a “face” of straight and slanting soles (Tatar chabatasy) prevailed.

In winter, felt boots (kiez ittek, pima, puima) were worn everywhere, short and high. Colored “Kukmor” felt boots were especially popular with wealthy Tatars.

Tatar headdresses.

Men’s hats are divided into home (lower) and weekend (upper).

The lower one is the skullcap, which is a small cap worn on the top of the head, over which all kinds of cloth and fur hats (burek), felt hats (tula eshlepe), ritual headdresses (turban) were worn.

The earliest and most widespread type of skullcap was cut from four wedges and had a hemispherical shape. To maintain its shape and for hygienic reasons (ventilation method), the skullcap was quilted, laying a twisted horsehair or cord between the lines. The use of a variety of fabrics and ornamentation techniques in sewing made it possible for artisans to create an infinite number of their variations.

Bright embroidered skullcaps were intended for young people, and more modest ones for old people.

A later type with a flat top and a hard band – originally spread among the urban Kazan Tatars, probably under the influence of Turkish-Islamic traditions (fez).

The upper headdresses were round “Tatar”, cone-shaped hats, cut from 4 wedges with a fur band (kamala burek), which were also worn by the Russians, in particular in the Kazan province. The townspeople had cylindrical caps with a flat top and a solid band made of black astrakhan (kara burek), from the gray Bukhara merlushka (danadar burek).

Age differentiation is clearly seen in women’s headdresses, especially of the early period. Girls’ headwear had a cap-like or kalfak-like shape. The braids were located on the back and remained open or covered with a special decoration (chach tenkese).

The earliest of them were caps with an open top (taika) and hats with a closed top (takya, blunt), characteristic of some groups of the Oka-Sursk Mishars, which were found in the northeast of the Volga-Ural region.Early girls ‘hats, including terminologically – takya – have something in common with traditional girls’ attire of other Turkic-speaking peoples of Eurasia.

The most popular girl’s attire was kalfak. It was worn on the head complete with a special ornamental bandage (uka-chachak), and the tapered end with a tassel was folded back (or to one side). Knitted from white cotton threads (ak kalfak) was especially widespread. It was more common among rural girls, especially among the Kryashens.In cities (Kazan, Ufa, Kasimov, etc.), “urban” kalfachki knitted from multi-colored silk threads with transverse stripes have become widespread. Among them there are absolutely unique items, richly ornamented with embroidery, chenille, as well as appliqué made in the “ear” technique.

Traditional Tatar headdresses for married women are more varied and complex.

Unlike girls, they covered not only the woman’s head, but also her neck, shoulders, and back.

With all the diversity of territorial differences in forms, decorative details, the headdress of a Tatar woman always included three mandatory components.

These are underwear, basic and upper garments. The lower headdresses (hairs) were designed to collect and cover the hair, and therefore their shape is largely associated with the hairstyle.

Muslim women braided their hair in two braids that went down the back, so their hair bands often consisted of a cap (or cover) and a braid.

The Kryashenkos also braided their hair in two braids, but did not pull them down along the back, but fit, like in Russian women, around their heads under a cap. Basic attire – “bedspreads” – were especially characteristic of older women, in whom they were distinguished by a mass of all kinds of details, explained both by the peculiarities of their age and by the more zealous attitude of the elderly to their traditions.

They represent the most diverse in shape (towel-shaped, triangular, square), territorial affiliation and time of use of the headdress.Their names (tastar, yaulyk, kyekcha) are obviously associated with certain ancient cultural traditions. (The term Tastar, for example, is of Iranian origin; yaulyk, kyekcha – Turkic.)

Outerwear was worn (tied) over the covers, firmly holding them on the head-scarves (short and long towels tastmal, yaulyk, ak yaulyk, quadrangular wedding bedspreads kryashen – tugerek yaulyk) and hats.


Among the jewelry, both men and women are known.Men in the upper class had precious rings, signet rings and belt buckles. The assortment of women’s jewelry was much wider, which is associated with the general Muslim tradition, when the wealth of a man was determined by the wealth of garments and the amount of precious jewelry his women had.

Among the head adornments, perhaps, the most widespread among all ethno-territorial, age and social groups of women were headwear. They were extremely diverse in shape, material and manufacturing technique, in the features of decorative and artistic design and methods of wearing.In addition to the numerous variations of coin plaques, plaques in the form of curly plaques, predominantly lobed, were widely used.

Earrings are one of the most archaic and at the same time persistent elements in the costume of Tatar women. For the first time they were worn by girls at the age of three or four and worn to a ripe old age. Almond-shaped skewered earrings with pendants (Tatar syrgasy) represent an ethnospecific element of the Kazan Tatars’ costume, although they existed almost everywhere.In addition to their traditional ones, Tatar women also wore earrings borrowed from the Russians, the peoples of the Caucasus, Central Asia and Kazakhstan. In the past, Astrakhan Tatars used ring, usually three-bead earrings, and nose rings as a face decoration.

Tatar women’s neck and breast adornments, in addition to their decorative function, played a utilitarian role: they fastened or covered the traditionally deep section of a woman’s shirt with their decorative details.

These are, first of all, cloth bibs differing in shape and decoration.So, among the Kazan Tatars, bibs decorated with braid and jewelry overhead plaques prevailed, among the Sergach Mishars, Kryashens, Siberian Tatars – embroidered with coins in scales, among the Kuznetsk-Khvalynian Mishars – richly embroidered with gold satin stitch, among the Trans-Ural Tatar towers and decorated with corals and beads, etc. In the old days, among the Kazan, Siberian, Astrakhan Tatars in the upper class, probably close to the khan’s entourage, there were precious jewelry analogues of such adornments.They were made of chased gilded plates in the shape of a lunar (aichyk), inlaid with precious stones and semi-precious stones.

Another specific chest decoration, usually on a cloth basis, was a sling. By virtue of its originality, this decoration is noted by all authors who, at least in passing, touched the Tatar costume “Meshcheryaks … wear like a ribbon over their shoulders, wide with silver and local sets laid out, twisted around,” wrote IG Georgi. For Muslim women, the sling was usually equipped with a special pocket, where the “protective” texts from the Koran were hidden.Among the Kryashens and those groups of Tatars who did not differ in particular adherence to Islamic canons, the role of amulet-amulet, like among other peoples of the region, was often played by cowrie shells. The initial donning of the sling is often associated with the entry of the young into the husband’s house. The ceremony was associated with the protection of a woman from evil forces and meant a wish for her fertility and wealth. Despite the general “protective” nature of these adornments, they, like bibs, differed noticeably in shape, decor, and names.

A collar fastener with pendants (yaka chylbyry) was a particularly spectacular and original neck-chest decoration of Kazan Tatars, which in the 19th century was widespread among other groups of the ethnic group.

Hand jewelry – bracelets, rings, rings – an obligatory attribute of a Tatar costume in the past. They have deep roots in the jewelry creation of the people since the times of the Volga Bulgaria and the Golden Horde. Tatar women wore bracelets all the time: one on each hand, which was a means of maintaining good relations between husband and wife. This explains the huge variety of their types and methods of decoration: the finest gilded filigree inlaid with precious stones in the upper class and simple engraved bracelets of low-grade silver among the lower strata.The same goes for the rings. “When she was going to visit, she used them to humiliate almost every finger,” wrote K. Fuchs, a well-known researcher of the life of the Kazan Tatars.
“Ethnography of the Tatar people”, Kazan: Magarif, 2004

90,000 Book Free Alpha, Chapter Chapter 1, Page 1 read online

Chapter 1

– What were you doing there, Sonya? – Vyacheslav was advancing on me, frowning, – You are forbidden to leave the territory and you know very well about it!

– I know! Nothing special, I was walking.- I looked down, I do not know how to lie.

– Excellent! He clapped his hands. – Now you are under flock control. Not a step out of the shelter! Walked already!

I exhaled and watched the departing alpha. Life in the pack began one hundred and seventeen years ago. Today is my hundredth birthday in the world of beastmen, as my mother called them in childhood. Only, I was not allowed to mark him, as well as to cross the line – to escape with Victor into a free life. Become free. Total control of the alpha and his henchmen, my own uncle.Which, after becoming, gave me immortality. Which I didn’t ask!

In despair, she kicked a stone. It struck a metal barrel with a sound, striking a spark. In an instant, lying nearby, a piece of Styrofoam burst into flames. I knocked over a bucket of rainwater and spat. Everything in this hole, kept on snot, also me, shelter! From one spark, almost a fire broke out. She covered her eyes with her hands, holding back tears. I don’t want to be here anymore! Tired of it!

– Hey, little girl, what did you do again ?! – A tall wiry guy, emerged from behind a tree.- Do you want to burn the base ?! He grinned at his wit. “You won’t run away anyway, don’t even think. And in general, I will see you next to Victor, I will cut off the tail. To others for edification. Play tricks only with members of your group!

– Yes, fuck you! Uncle will bite your head off, just touch it. I will want and run away! – She stuck out her tongue and slammed the door in front of the guard’s nose.

A pointer was found, how they got it all! Descending deep down, after several flights, I found myself in my room.A small room, about three by four meters. Bunk bed, peach rug. My favorite brown bear with curls remained in memory of my parents. They are in a better world now, free as the wind. So I calmed myself. Better this way than experiencing the hell she went through, holding the remains of the bodies in her arms. I shook my head and hugged the stuffed toy, chasing away the memories.

By the standards of the converts, I have come of age. A hundred years in the guise of a wolf, a hundred years in a pack. At first I liked frolicking in long runs, feeling the wind ruffle my fur.Feel the soft grass under your paws and see at night. To look at the stars, surrounded by others like me, to know that we are the strongest on this planet. The top of the food chain is the alpha pack. One unit. One for all and all for one. But now.

It’s all depressing. Former joy and puppy delight disappeared, along with the advent of puberty. I was depressed. For six months now, nothing interests me – Especially the flock. Native people have become strangers, disgusting. I am not like everyone else, my uncle understood this immediately.Understood and exiled to the lower levels, away from relatives. He knows I’m alpha. The first convert who absorbed the leader’s blood, without birth, through a bite. Knows and instead of giving freedom just got rid of. I removed it from my eyes. Two alphas cannot live in the same pack – the law of nature.

Today I wanted to run away with my beloved. My Victor. Fate brought us together four years ago. Our group was hunting when I smelled a stranger. If I were an ordinary wolf I would have given a calling signal to my fellow tribesmen.But the alpha instincts worked differently. I began to hunt down. Sniffed and searched. Found it. A wounded, thin, with shabby hair, brown wolf. A piercing blue gaze begged for mercy. For him, at that moment, I was death itself. The wolf was not afraid, he just wanted to live. I gave him such a chance – I gave him a lick of my blood, from a bitten paw. This has remained our secret. Vyacheslav, I still don’t know. That I have my own omega. Not just a wolf, loner. Connected. Chosen one, by me.My life and the life of Victor, four years ago, were linked in one thread.

For me, it was a gesture of goodwill. I didn’t know where it would lead. I didn’t know the responsibility. Victor told me when we met at the same place, two years later.

– Hey little girl! – A crash at the door, ripped from memories. – Go upstairs, there is a case.

Ilya, I once liked him. Arrogant, brave, strong. Takes a leading position in the pack. Now, it turns me away from him. The wolf is unfinished! I combed my black straight hair, up to my shoulders.She smiled at her reflection to take on the image of a good girl. Green eyes glittered. But not for joy. From recently shed tears I tinted plump lips with light pink lipstick. She changed her jeans and a T-shirt into a dress with a fluffy skirt and a halter neckline. The black color emphasized the pallor of the face. I sprinkled sweet perfume to bring down my scent. There are too many free wolves in the pack, no need to provoke them on the eve of puberty. She hugged the bear and left.

The whole flock has gathered in the central hall.Thirty-seven young and seasoned wolves, not counting the children. They laid a large table and invited the musicians. A celebration in my honor. Why is it when Victor is not around! I smiled, accepted congratulations. I was even able to distract myself for a while. The varied dishes were quickly consumed. Conversations and laughter did not stop until Vyacheslav demanded silence. A speech from my uncle. Hid a contemptuous look.

– Sonya, today is your hundredth birthday. – Heavy brown eyes. – It’s time for a change.It’s time to grow up. As a member of the pack, it is now your responsibility to train the young.

– Marina, why are they two nannies doing this ?!

– Marina, from tomorrow, joins the hunters. Her role as educator ended. Time will pass and you will be replaced. – He spoke in complete silence. No one dared to object that they did not want to leave the children to me. They, like me, have no choice.

– I want to hunt! – Stubbornly looked at others.

– Enough! You were on the hunt! A stranger has followed you! Instead of killing him, you … You…. – Vyacheslav’s face turned purple with anger.


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