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5 Best Guillotine Paper Cutters for Card-Making [Reviews+Buyer’s Guide]

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Did you know that your run-of-the-mill paper cutter has a devious name, which adds many layers of characters and coolness to it?

The name, as the title suggests, is Guillotine. That’s right – such is the sharpness and possible danger of using this device, that it was named after the medieval instrument of delivering quick death.

More to the point, however, their sharpness and accuracy ensures that your projects, cards and other expressions of your creativity will turn out as good as possible. Normal garden-variety scissors can’t come close to the level of control you can exercise over the shape and depth of your cuts.

So today, we’re about to go through five of the best designs available on the market. They’re thoroughly reviewed, with their pros and cons explained. Further, there’s a small guide which outlines what to look for when you’re investing into a high quality cutter.

With the outline out of the way, let’s proceed with the reviews!

Best Guillotine Paper Cutters

  1. Fiskars Recycled 12-Inch Bypass Trimmer

With the global effort ongoing towards sustainability and eco-friendly development, you can now cut and design to your heart’s content while making sure you’ve done your bit to save the environment. This 12-inch bypass trimmer gives you clean cuts, comes with a self-sharpening blade, and multiple safety features to ensure there’s little chance of stray cuts.


Built from 100 percent recycled post consumer (after at least a single use) resins, this product stands tall in both quality and eco-friendliness. The other dimension of this product, which gives it immense value for money,  is the self-sharpening blade. This blade would not need to be replaced for any foreseeable amount of time, as reports suggest.

The side handle adds ergonomic value, and the safety lock gives you an extra sense of peace. While the lightness means it is very portable, the rubber feet ensure it doesn’t move around while you’re working. The blade can cut through a number of cardstock sheets at once and about a dozen or so sheets of paper at once. All in all, a wonderful product.


  • Comes with a safety lock to ensure only you can use it
  • Gives straight cuts with precise measurements regardless of thickness
  • Compact and lightweight, useful for classrooms where frequent cutting is required


  • May be a little tough to line up paper correctly due to the scale
  1. Swingline Guillotine Paper Trimmer – ClassicCut Lite

If you’re in the market for a dependable, useful paper cutter which can cut through hundreds of sheets of paper at once, you should probably consider the Swingline. It comes with an incredibly sharp blade which can deal with large scale projects like wedding invites and bulk cardstock with ease. Further, it’s lightweight, and attractively priced for all its cutting prowess.


With the best blade in business in your hands, you’re unlikely to go wrong. Hence, if you’re someone who deals with projects of a large scale and high frequency, but don’t like the heft that generic guillotine cutters have, this should be on your list of cutters to look out for. This cutter states a ten-sheet capacity, but users report much higher volumes.

The guardrail for protection purposes and the side lock for safety are appreciated, given the nature of the blade – rest assured, you can have a safe and comfortable experience. Whether it be multiple layers of cardstock or different varieties of paper, getting a perfect straight line takes minimal effort with this cutter. You can choose one out of three possible sizes as per usage.


  • Delivers a wonderful experience
  • Comes with a number of safety features to ensure your blade stays in the right hands
  • Flexibility in size of the base and blade as per your specific requirements


  • The blade has to be used very carefully in order to avoid injury
  1. ClassicCut Ingento Swingline Paper Trimmer

Catering to all sorts of users, Swingline has a version for those dealing with large sized and high volume projects – this one is recommended for most professional users. However, once you see it, you can probably guess its high-end nature. No plastic on this one – it’s made out of maple, and comes with an 18 (!) inch self-sharpening blade.


While you might be wondering why you’d need such a large cutter, consider the bells and whistles that come with the product – a latch hook, a guard for your fingers, and a printed grid to adjust the alignment of the object you’ll be cutting. It weighs in at a hefty 8 pounds, making it one of the most stable and hefty products on the market.

It can handle literally any job you can throw at it. You have the ruler which is above the surface, which means you can measure all your dimensions properly without the paper covering them up – very useful for a number of applications. The grid still stays, so your alignments are proper. This has been on the market for a while and lasts for years – go for it if you want the best.


  • Comes close to being the best overall guillotine cutter on the market, period
  • The heft from the exquisite maple construction gives a solid feel, lasts for years
  • Can handle large projects as well as cutting through tissue paper and small chits


  • Premium features and a premium look come at a not-inexpensive cost
  1. Westcott TrimAir Titanium Wood Guillotine Paper Trimmer, 15″

If the prospect of an old-school cutter doesn’t appeal to you, we present something equally sturdy and a part of our zeitgeist. It comes with a wood base, but the blades are finished in titanium – the stuff used in high end sports cars and space applications. Yes, a piece of premium and rare metal, used in your guillotine cutter!


With arguably the best material possible being used for the blade, the Westcott TrimAir gives serious competition to the best in business. Although it comes in heavy at around 7 pounds due to the wooden base, it does not feel unreasonably large due to the compact 15 inch blade. You can use it for labels, small or large papers, any size of greeting card or invitation.

The plastic guard will make sure your fingers stay safe, while the rubber grip handle for the blade makes cutting quick, clean and incredibly second-nature. Regardless of the material you’re using, you’ll find yourself making precise cuts in no time. The 30 sheet capacity makes for a truly versatile experience. Westcott has come up with an absolute joy of a machine here!


  • Daily driver guillotine paper cutter – rubber grip makes sure you don’t get tired easily
  • Clean, safe, quick and easy cuts with the titanium blade
  • Rough and uneven cuts are almost unheard of with this cutter


  • The guide is somewhat unclear on usage instructions
  1. Tonic Studios 808 8-1/2-Inch Guillotine Paper Trimmer

Let’s face it, a vast majority of the guillotine paper cutters and trimmers on the market range between 12 inches to 18 inches. This product from Tonic Studios, however, is an iconoclast. With an 8½ inch long blade, and a small base for cutting with embossed grid lines, this 1 pound heavy cutter can match the bigger models cut-for-cut.


The fact that this comes with a blade and a base with grid lines and still comes in at a pound means it’s a highly effective cutter for those who need to keep moving. The quality of cuts is as good as any blade on the market with durable high-end stainless steel materials. Further, you can easily chuck it into a drawer or a cupboard without needing a special workspace.

The fact remains, with very few quality competitors, the 808 is in a league of its own. Incredibly well priced, with a guiding base to boot, it can easily cut through cardstock and small sized papers. Another popular use case for this cutter is photos – a number of people report brilliant results after months of use. You will, however, need to keep it out of children’s hands.   


  • Lightweight and easy to carry around for other settings as desired
  • Bad cuts are very rare – unexpected from a cutter at this price point
  • Comes with a carrying handle for better ergonomics


  • Lack of safety guards or other locks, needs care and patience for safe use

Now that we’re done reviewing the top five guillotine paper cutters on the market,  we now come to the most important question: how do I decide which guillotine cutter is best for me?

Guillotine Paper Cutters Buyer’s Guide

Though our reviews might have given you some idea on how to choose one that’s best for you, we’re outlining the major criteria you should keep in mind when investing into a paper cutter. There are many other small factors, but the following should be on top of your mind while checking out possible cutters:

  • Price. While most would consider this an obvious point, here’s the catch. There are a large number of truly awful and issue-ridden paper cutters on sale today, and most of them are concentrated near the bottom of the price range. Hence, go in for something near the middle of the range – they offer good quality and value for money.
  • Durability. The durability of the cutter should also be a prime consideration. The cutter should not move around when you adjust angles and take measurements, and it should not also have a cheap finishing. The materials on offer include metal, wood, and plastic – metal and wood are definitely better.
  • Ease of Use. The presence of a guide and adjustable rulers can make a world of difference when it comes to cutting precisely and when margin of error is near nil. Even if not, most cutters don’t come with a scale or grid lines.
  • Sharpness of the blade. This is clearly another important point. You should be, at a minimum, be able to cut through 10 pages with complete ease. The dull blades of a number of shoddily manufactured cheap cutters tend to break or bend, or lose steam halfway. Hence, it should be able to cut a decent number of papers with ease.

This wraps up our list of considerations regarding buying a guillotine paper cutter. Whether it’s DIY projects involving cardstock, creating a number of custom labels, or designing custom wedding invitations – you are unlikely to go wrong if you buy any of the five products we’ve just covered.

All offer reliability, quality, durability and a certain peace of mind you get, and expect, from quality items. All have different uses and price points, however.  

If you need more tools for your creative endeavors in our review section you canl also find the Best Self Healing Cutting Mats and the Best Mat Cutters, check them out!

Hence, making sure you keep the points described above in mind, you’re highly likely to end up with a long lasting, high quality guillotine paper cutter. Have fun shopping!

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5 Best Guillotine Paper Cutter For Any DIY Projects

Did you know that the regular paper cutter is also known as a guillotine paper cutter? That’s right, it’s been given such a name because of its sharpness. If you’re someone that enjoys paper-related projects and creating cards, a normal pair of scissors wouldn’t be able to give you the control you need over the shape and depth of your cuts, and that’s where a guillotine paper cutter comes in!

If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to purchasing a guillotine paper cutter, this guide will have you covered. We’ve curated 5 of the best guillotine paper cutters to get you started. Before we delve into their details however, here are some features you should look out for when it comes to purchasing your guillotine paper cutter.

What to Look for in a Guillotine Paper Cutter

The first thing you’d need to consider is the price. While there are plenty of paper cutters out there, you shouldn’t opt for the cheapest option. After all, the quality of your paper cutter is key – more so than the price. It’s best to purchase something that’s near the middle of the price range as they offer good quality and are also great value for money.

The next thing to consider is durability. The cutter shouldn’t be moving around when you’re adjusting angles or taking measurements. You should opt for something that’s made of better quality and it should ideally be made with sturdier materials such as metal or wood. It should also be easy to use and come with either a guide or adjustable rulers that can make a whole lot of difference when it comes to cutting precisely.

Finally, and one of the most important points when it comes to a paper cutter is the sharpness of the blade. You should be minimally able to cut through at least 10 pages with ease. If the quality of your blades isn’t great, it might break or bend easily – which isn’t ideal in the long-term.

Top 5 Best Guillotine Paper Cutters

1. Swingline Paper Trimmer

View in gallery

This guillotine paper cutter comes with everything you need. To start, it’s made with durable construction to deliver dependable performance. It has a solid and strong maple base along with a die-cast metal arm and a self-sharpening steel blade. The cutting length also spans 18” – plenty of space to accommodate all of your creative projects. The trimmer can also cut up to 15 sheets of paper at a time and is great for cutting everything from delicate paper materials to photos and even heavy mat board.

The alignment grid will provide you with excellent precision and the dual scale ruler can help you make marks in either inches or centimetres. Safety is also key when it comes to a guillotine paper cutter and that’s why this particular model is made with a tension spring that’ll help with holding the cutter’s blade arm securely in place. The blade latch hook will also secure the arm when it’s not in use while the protective guard rail will help in keeping your fingers safely out of the way. This is a great all-round guillotine paper cutter that’ll provide you with a consistent cut and long-term high-quality performance.


  •  Durable construction
  • Trimmer can cut up to 15 sheets of paper at a time
  • Has an alignment grid
  • Plenty of safety features


  •   Some mentioned that it’s hard to get a straight cut

2. Premier 715 StackCut Heavy-Duty Trimmer

View in gallery

Another great guillotine paper cutter on the list, this particular heavy-duty paper trimmer is great at accurately cutting everything from cardboard to mat board and more. These hardened steel blades have a precision-angle and can slice up to 30 sheets at once. The base is also constructed with solid wood and comes with an alignment grid and dual imperial/metric rulers for precise cuts.

For your safety, this paper cutter also has an automatic blade latch that locks every time there’s a cutting motion. There’s also a finger guard that helps with protecting your fingers from the blade along with a torsion spring that prevents the blade from accidentally falling while it’s in use. The hand-operated clamp allows you to hold the item securely for accurate cutting, while the ergonomic design and soft hand grip add a touch of comfort. Those that have purchased this paper cutter have given it rave reviews and mentioned that it’s an excellent heavy-duty piece of equipment that’s worth the investment.


  • Precision-angle and can slice up to 30 sheets at once
  • Comes with an alignment grid and dual rulers
  • Hand-operated clamp
  • Automatic blade latch that locks with every cutting motion


  •   It’s heavier than some of the other paper cutters

3. Dahle 552 Professional Rolling Trimmer 20″ Cut Length

View in gallery

If you want a sturdy guillotine paper cutter that comes with guides, this is the perfect paper cutter for you. It’s got a 20” cutting length that’s specially designed for both precision and accuracy, and you won’t need to worry about replacing any dull blades as it comes with a self-sharpening blade to maintain a perfectly honed edge. With its solid metal base, you’ve got a foundation that’ll never crack while the screened inch, metric, and angled guides will help with aligning your cuts.

Other great features of this cutter include an automatic clamp that’ll help with securing your work for you. The clamping system also provides even pressure, so you don’t have to worry about your work shifting. Best of all, this German crafted cutter is extremely precise and great for trimming a range of items from papers to photographs. A professional artist that purchased this cutter gave it a fantastic review and mentioned that it provides incredibly precise cuts and smooth edges without any curling or shredding.


  • Self-sharpening blade
  • Solid metal base with screened inch, metric and angled guides
  • An automatic clamp that’ll secure the work for you
  • Ultra-precise


  •   Most of the measurements are only available in metric

4. CARL Heavy Duty Rotary Paper Trimmer 18inch

View in gallery

This heavy-duty paper cutter comes with a carbide blade, rail system, metal baseboard, and an adjustable magnetic paper guide – practically everything you need for your cutting needs. It’s a great cutter that’s used for a range of projects, and it comes with a patented locking rail system that’ll help with holding the paper in place while the blade makes an accurate cut.

In total, this cutter can cut through 36 sheets of standard paper and has an adjustable magnetic guide to hold down the materials on the board as you make your cut. As a bonus, this cutter also has a storage compartment for you to put your extra blades and cutting mats. With your purchase, you’ll also get some additional spare items which include a cutting mat, perforating blade, and more.


  • Has a patented locking rail system
  • Cuts through 36 sheets of standard paper
  • Has an adjustable magnetic guide
  • Comes with a storage compartment


  •   Not a super precise cutter

5. X-ACTO 26315 Heavy Duty Wood Guillotine Trimmer

View in gallery

This guillotine paper cutter is everything you need for trimming your items. It can cut up to 15 pages at a time both quickly and accurately and is designed for heavy-duty use. It’s made with a solid wooden base and has rubber feet to facilitate steady cutting. The hardened steel blade on the trimmer makes clean and straight cuts while the self-sharpening system ensures that your blade is properly sharpened after every use.

The cutter also has an adjustable guide for easy adjustment and orientation while helping you with making more accurate cuts, and the textured and over sized rubber grip will help provide relief after long periods of cutting. To make accurate cuts all you need to do is use a simple downward trimming motion. Safety features are also aplenty with this paper cutter so that’s not something you’d need to worry about. The safety guard will help in protecting your fingers while the safety latch will hold the guillotine arm in place.


  • Self-sharpening blade
  • Textured and over sized rubber grip for relief after long periods of cutting
  • Comes with a safety guard and safety latch
  • Sturdy with its solid wooden base and rubber feet


  •   Some have mentioned that the handle wiggles

The Bottom Line 

Guillotine paper cutters can be dangerous, especially when used at home around little kids.

So be sure, whatever model you choose to go with, to store it safely when not in use. Did you find what you were looking for on our list of awesome guillotine paper cutters? Let us know!

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Best Paper Cutter Reviews and Complete Buying Guide

Types of Paper Cutter

Guillotine Paper Cutters: These are considered some of the best paper cutter today. You can use this on standard paper, card stock and others. They have a long arm and cutting blade that you pull to cut paper.

Form Paper Cutters: Also known as paper slitters, they are used to feed paper automatically and cut them to the appropriate size. Form paper cutters give you the option to perforate, score and slit, making it one of the most effective paper cutters today. Form paper cutters come in different styles and can make several cuts at the same time.

Rotary Paper Cutters: Rotary paper cutters are known for their precision and ideal for cutting pictures. The most basic rotary cutter has a blade in the cutting head and relies on a back and forth motion to cut paper.

Stack Paper Cutters: Stack paper cutters are built for heavy duty use, handy when you’re cutting stacks of paper. These tools are often found in print shops and come in manual, semi and fully automatic variants. They’re often found in commercial and industrial services owing to their capacity.

Corner Paper Cutters: Also known as corner rounders, these are used to cut a paper’s sharp edge and give it a rounded appearance. There are different types of corner paper cutters, and many are capable of cutting up to 100 sheets of paper. There are also various radius sizes to choose from.

Hydraulic Paper Cutters: Hydraulic paper cutters are durable and meant for heavy duty use. The design is similar to a stack cutter, and you can use it to cut paper the entire day. Hydraulic paper cutters are used in paper plants, print shops, factories and can cut thousands of papers.

Photo Paper Cutters: They’re specifically designed to trim pictures. These cutters have a light built in which illuminates the photo, simplifying the cutting process.

Basic Paper Cutters / Trimmers: These are simple cutters used to cut a few sheets of paper at a time. They have a wood base and cutting arm, and they’re often used in schools and homes. These are ideal for light and casual use.

Arm Cutters: These are designed like basic paper cutters, but they’re capable of cutting more paper sheets.

Digital Cutters: These are fully automated guillotine cutters made for cutting a large number of papers. What makes automatic cutters unique is they automate the cutting adjustments.

Choosing The Right Paper Cutter For Your Print Shop

Paper Cutter – The Office Workhorse

A good paper cutter is a must have a device for any print shop or office. There is always going to be times when you need to just cut one sheet, a couple of sheets, or stacks of paper. You can choose from manual, rotary, electric, or hydraulic paper cutters. Scissors and knives alone will not get the job done, you will need a paper cutter.

What are you cutting at the office?

Yes, I know someone has to cut the cake for the secretary’s birthday, but that’s not what I mean. It seems we all end up doing some sort of paper crafts once and a while. Trimming down those photos for the traveling exhibit, cutting out stacks of pamphlets to fill the marketing rack in the reception area, slicing up that spreadsheet that mistakenly printed on the ginormous paper in the bottom drawer.

Every office needs a paper cutter, the only question is, which one?

Paper cutters basically come in two flavors these days – Guillotine and Rotary. To figure out what you need, you need to consider volume and speed. But, you also need to take into consideration the safety of your staff and how accurate cuts need to be.

Guillotine paper cutters are commonly found in offices. They’re sharp, can cut through multiple sheets with ease, and there are some great measurement guides on the working surface. Multiple sheets at a time speak to the volume necessity, but often works against accuracy. The clamps and lockable gauges of the Kutrimmer tabletop paper cutter trimmer assist with accuracy, but its most impressive additions are safety features. Different models of guillotine cutters basically allow for larger sheets and more working space.

In addition to manual cutters, you will also find Guillotine cutters can be electric or hydraulic cutting stacks of paper at a time. In addition, all the new larger cutters can be programmed for common cuts you may be doing. This cuts down on production time and also helps with using low-skilled workers to complete the tasks that would have required some skill to complete.

The most accurate cuts will always be made with Rotary cutters. My personal fav is sold at Lloyd’s. The Roll-Blade rotary trimmer not only has great measurement guides and a self-sharpening tungsten blade, but it also cuts through cardboard and some plastic with just as much accuracy as it does with paper. And, unless you’re really trying, it’s virtually impossible to cut yourself with this rotary.

A good paper cutter can help you tackle any jobs that customers throw at you.


Great desktop paper cutter starting at $299.00


Great rotary paper cutter for straight cuts at $224.95


For bigger projects and large production, Triumph 5560 Programmable Hydraulic Paper Cutter at $16,999


The Best Paper Cutter Options for Paper Crafts

Photo: amazon.com

Paper cutters can significantly reduce the amount of time required to cut paper, photographs, and other items when scrapbooking, crafting, or completing other projects and tasks. They also are much more accurate and precise than trying to cut a straight line with a pair of scissors.

However, there are many different types of paper cutters on the market, which can make it a challenge to choose the one that will best suit your needs. This guide will explore these different types, cover the considerations to keep in mind as you shop, and review some of the best paper cutters for craft projects and other tasks.

  1. BEST OVERALL: X-ACTO 18×18 Commercial Grade Guillotine Trimmer
  2. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: CARL Professional Rotary Paper Trimmer
  3. BEST FOR TEACHERS: Dahle 18e Vantage Paper Trimmer
  4. BEST FOR ANGLES: Dahle 554 Professional Rolling Trimmer
  5. BEST PORTABLE: Fiskars 152490-1004 SureCut Deluxe Craft Paper
  6. BEST STACK: HFS (R) Heavy Duty Guillotine Paper Cutter
  7. BEST ROTARY: CARL Heavy Duty Rotary Paper Trimmer
  8. BEST GUILLOTINE: Swingline Paper Trimmer, Guillotine Paper Cutter
  9. BEST FOR SCRAPBOOKING: Firbon A4 Paper Cutter 12 Inch Titanium Paper Trimmer

Photo: amazon.com

Types of Paper Cutters

There are four main types of paper cutters: rotary, guillotine, stack, and electric. Each type offers different features and is best suited for different tasks. Understanding the uses and applications for each of these types can assist you in selecting the best paper cutter for your specific needs.


Rotary paper cutters are sometimes referred to as paper trimmers. These models feature a sliding blade that can cut through a few sheets of paper at a time. The cutting mat on a rotary paper cutter includes a grid design to help you accurately line up each sheet of paper for a precise cut. The grids on some rotary paper cutters also have guide lines extending from the blade at various angles to help with making more intricate cuts.

The biggest downside of a rotary cutter is that most can’t cut through as much paper at a time as a stack or a guillotine paper cutter. Some rotary paper cutters may be able to cut through up to 10 sheets at once but are most accurate when cutting only one sheet at a time.


Guillotine paper cutters are a popular choice for schools, offices, or individuals who need to quickly cut larger quantities of paper. The design features a long arm attached to a cutting blade that the user pulls down to slice through a single sheet or stack of paper. To prevent injuries or premature cutting, the blade is designed with a tension spring that keeps it in place until it is pulled down.

Guillotine paper cutters are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate situations ranging from cutting large sheets of stiff construction paper to just trimming thin copy paper. In these instances, they can cut up to approximately 30 sheets of paper at once. Another benefit of guillotine paper cutters is they can easily cut through thicker items, such as card stock or poster board.


Stack paper cutters offer one of the largest cutting capacities among the types. Many stack cutters can slice through an entire ream of paper—500 sheets—at one time. Rotary and guillotine paper cutters can generally only cut through up to 30 sheets of paper at once, so a stack paper cutter can save tremendous amounts of time for individuals who regularly need to cut through a massive amount of paper at once.

When selecting a stack paper cutter, it is important to look for a model with a high-quality and perfectly squared paper stop. The paper stop is an essential part of a stack paper cutter since it holds the paper in place while it is being cut. Without a sturdy and reliable paper stop, the paper will slide or move as the blade is coming down, creating uneven or partially cut pieces of paper.

Stack paper cutters work very similarly to guillotine paper cutters; they have a long arm, housing a cutting blade, that the user pulls down to slice through a stack of paper. However, stack paper cutters have a clamp to hold the paper in place and a sharper blade to cut through hundreds of sheets of paper with one pass.


Electric paper cutters are the most advanced—and the priciest—option to consider. These models feature an automatic motor that powers the paper cutter to slice through a stack of papers. The capacity of each electric paper cutter varies, but some options can cut over 500 sheets of paper at once.

Some electric paper cutters are also programmable. With these models, users can create and save different cuts for future use by programming a set of steps for the paper cutter to follow to create the finished product you desire.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Paper Cutter

In addition to the four types of paper cutters described above, it’s important to consider a variety of features before selecting the best paper cutter for your particular task or project. Paper cutters are available in different sizes, offer different cutting mechanisms, and include different safety features. Thinking about these features and deciding what suits your needs will help ensure you select the best paper cutter for you.


Paper cutters are available in a wide variety of sizes, ranging from very compact options only a few inches wide and about as long as a piece of paper to larger models designed to cut full sheets of construction paper or poster board.

When deciding on the best size of paper cutter for you, consider two main points. First, determine how you plan to use the paper cutter, such as the types and sizes of materials you’ll be cutting. Second, figure out how much space you have to store and use the paper cutter.

Extendable Arm 

If you’re considering a stack or guillotine paper cutter, pay close attention to the arm design on each model. The arm on these paper cutters pull down to slice through the paper; however, quality products will be distinguished by featuring a tension mechanism that prevents the arm from coming down on its own before you are ready to cut. This is an important safety feature to consider because if the arm comes down while you are still positioning the paper, the blade could make a cut in the wrong spot or, even worse, injure you.

Cutting Mechanism 

Each paper cutter offers a different cutting mechanism, more commonly known as the blade. Stack and guillotine paper cutters feature an extendable arm with a blade that you pull down to cut through paper. You can adjust the amount of pressure you put on the blade to more easily slice through a larger stack of paper or even heavier items, like poster board.

Rotary paper cutters have a sliding blade. This type of blade is often preferred for more precise cutting needs, such as trimming photos for scrapbooking. Sliding blades don’t allow you to cut through as many sheets of paper at one time, so they are not as efficient.

Two metals are most commonly used to craft the blade: stainless steel and titanium. Stainless steel is very durable and inexpensive, however, in order to maintain the blade’s sharpness, it will need to be sharpened on a regular basis. Titanium blades are often self-sharpening and even more durable than stainless steel blades. They are also more expensive than stainless steel blades, so you’ll likely pay more to enjoy the benefits of a titanium blade.

Resting Position of Blade

Consider the blade’s resting position when the paper cutter is not in use. The blade on a guillotine paper cutter is located on one side of the base, so if you are interested in this type, look for one equipped with a latch that secures the blade to prevent accidental injuries.

The blade on a rotary paper cutter is underneath the sliding housing. Some blades are more exposed at the edge of the paper cutter, while others may be surrounded by the base of the paper cutter on both sides. If you have children doing craft projects whom you allow to move the paper cutter from one space to another, keep an eye out for a model with a more secure blade.

The blade on a stack paper cutter is generally located on the far side of the clamp to position the user farther away from it. Stack paper cutters are also designed with a guard to keep the exposed side of the blade covered.

Safety Features 

Paper cutters necessarily have very sharp blades that can cause serious injury if not used correctly. Selecting a model that includes a variety of safety features to prevent accidental injury to yourself or others in the home or workplace is essential. One primary safety feature to consider is a locking latch for the arm of a guillotine or stack paper cutter. This will keep young children and others from touching the blade and possibly being injured. Guillotine paper cutters should also have a tension spring, sometimes called a safety spring, that prevents the blade from coming down unless it is pulled.

Rotary paper cutters are sometimes designed with transparent cutting surfaces. This feature can improve your visibility when cutting and prevent mishaps. Rotary paper cutters have a smaller blade than guillotine paper cutters, but the blade is still very sharp. Look for a model that features a large housing for the blade that is easy to grip. The blade on some rotary paper cutters won’t work unless the housing is pressed down, which may be an important safety feature to consider.

Stack paper cutters have the potential to be very dangerous. Their sharp blades are designed to cut through a large stack of papers and could easily cause harm to children or adults. If you’re interested in a stack paper cutter, choose a model that keeps the slicing blade separate from the base of the cutter where you’ll be positioning your papers before cutting them. Finding a product that comes with a blade cover to prevent the exposed side of the blade from injuring someone is also important.

Regardless of the type of paper cutter you select, consider a model with finger guards. Finger guards will help prevent you from accidentally placing a finger in the path of the blade as you use it to slice through a stack of paper. Nonslip feet are another important feature to weigh in a paper cutter as they will keep a paper cutter from sliding around as you are cutting, hopefully preventing injury.


Gridlines with marked measurements are key for creating accurate and even cuts. Consider a paper cutter with a ruler along the top or side of the gridlines that will help you line up each cut. Be sure to identify whether the measurements are in inches, centimeters, or both so you’ll be familiar with the model you purchase. Some paper cutters also feature a fold-out, expandable ruler for additional accuracy and support.

Our Top Picks

The top picks provide a range of quality options from respected manufacturers intended to suit a variety of specific needs. Keep in mind the considerations identified in the previous section as you explore some of the best paper cutters on the market for craft projects and more.

Photo: amazon.com

This guillotine paper cutter from X-ACTO is an ideal option for cutting through a variety of items, including paper, photographs, film, and poster board. It includes several features to ensure that each cut is precise, from the measurement grid in both inches and centimeters to a hardened steel blade with a self-sharpening system that prevents uneven cuts.

To keep the guillotine arm secure when it isn’t in use, this model provides a safety latch. It also offers an additional safety guard to protect fingers from being cut by the blade. The .75-inch solid wood base is sturdy and prevents the paper cutter from sliding as you cut. At 18 inches by 18 inches, it is also generously sized for larger cutting projects and can reliably cut through at least 15 pieces of paper at once. Overall, this paper cutter is a high-quality product that will hold up well to frequent use.

Photo: amazon.com

Cut through up to 10 sheets of paper at once with this professional rotary paper trimmer from Carl. It boasts a sharp carbide blade that allows for clean and precise cuts every time. In addition to paper, this paper cutter can cut through plastic sheeting, mat board, and photographs. It boasts an 18-inch cut length.

For added stability, this paper cutter provides a sturdy, steel-calibrated base that also features grid markings and an inch and centimeter ruler to help you accurately line up the items you need to cut. The base measures 18 inches by 11 inches and is marked with measurements to help you correctly place and cut common items, such as letter-size paper, legal-size paper, 4-inch by 6-inch photos, and 5-inch by 7-inch photos. This model can be paired with 11 additional cutting blade patterns, which are available as a separate purchase from the manufacturer.

Photo: amazon.com

There are a number of reasons this guillotine paper cutter from Dahle is an excellent option for teachers. It features a ground cutting blade that is sharp enough to cut through up to 15 sheets of paper at a time. And the blade’s edge is precision graduated, allowing it to trim very thin strips of paper when precision is essential. A sturdy base, made from heavy-duty metal, helps keep the paper cutter from sliding around and adds to the durability and longevity of this item. The work surface measures a large 18 inches by 14 inches, providing an 18-inch cut length, which is suitable for a wide variety of cutting projects.

Teachers can quickly prepare materials for a large class of students with the automatic clamp that secures paper in the correct spot during cutting. With the adjustable alignment guide, it’s simple to continue adding new stacks of paper without having to line up everything again. The guillotine arm is designed with a tension spring to keep it from falling on its own and causing injury. It also features a safety lock for added protection if students will be around.

Photo: amazon.com

This rolling paper cutter, also from Dahle, features guides at various angles to assist with nonstandard cuts, in addition to a screen grid with inch and metric markings to ensure you find the correct position for each cut you make. It is designed to accurately cut through up to 20 sheets of paper at a time. Long and narrow, the cutter measures 36 inches by 14.13 inches and boasts a long 28.25-inch cutting length.

A sturdy metal base secures the paper cutter in place while you are cutting. For added precision, it also includes an automatic clamp to hold each piece of paper in the exact spot you need. The ground steel blade is self-sharpening and will cleanly and evenly slice through paper in both directions. It is also encased in a protective housing to protect your fingers as you cut.

Photo: amazon.com

Designed to deliver precise and accurate cuts no matter where you’re working, this paper cutter from Fiskars is lightweight at just 1.2 pounds and can easily fit in a crafting bag to bring to your next scrapbooking event. It measures 17.88 by 10.25 by 1.5 inches with a 6.25-inch-wide base. It also features an extendable ruler that allows you to measure up to 15 inches.

This paper cutter boasts a 12-inch cutting length and can cut up to 10 sheets of paper at a time. It is also optimal for cutting other items, such as heavy-stock scrapbook pages and photographs. It features the manufacturer’s patented TripleTrack System, which keeps the blade and rail locked together for accurate, straight cuts each time. For added precision, the proprietary SureCut wireline will help you envision exactly where the blade will cut.

Photo: amazon.com

This heavy-duty guillotine paper cutter from HFS is equipped to deliver precision and consistency when cutting large stacks of paper—up to 400 sheets at once. It is designed with a heavy-duty clamp that places an even amount of pressure on the entire stack of paper as you cut, ensuring the stack won’t shift and delivering clean cuts and even results. The cutter also features a movable fence to set your desired cut length, making it quick and easy to insert the next stack of papers and cut them to the exact size of the previous stack. This product measures 21 inches by 15 inches by 1.5 inches and provides a 12-inch cutting length.

Featuring solid steel construction and rubber feet, this paper cutter will not shift around as you are trying to cut. This durable construction paired with the scratch-resistant coating on the grid surface also help ensure that it will hold up well for many years of use. The paper cutter comes preassembled, and the handle is removable for more compact storage. To prevent injuries, the manufacturer added a number of safety features, including a removable guard cover for the blade, a safety pin mechanism to keep the cutting arm elevated when not in use, and blade placement to the side of the clamp.

Photo: amazon.com

If you are looking for a high-capacity rotary paper cutter, consider this option by Carl. This paper cutter can slice through as many as 36 sheets of paper at one time using its premium carbide blade. This sharp blade, coupled with the alignment grid on the base, helps ensure precise and even cuts every time. The alignment grid also includes measurements for cutting common items, such as photographs and standard paper sizes.

The overall dimensions of this paper cutter are 25.25 inches by 14.25 inches by 3.5 inches, and it provides an 18-inch cutting length. A locking rail mechanism holds papers in place so they won’t slide or shift as you cut. A perforated blade, a straight blade, a storage compartment to hold extra blades, and a spare cutting mat are included with this paper cutter. Additional blades, including perforating and scoring blades, can be purchased separately from the manufacturer.

Photo: amazon.com

Cut through up to 15 sheets of paper at one time with this guillotine paper cutter from Swingline. It is suitable for a range of paper types, including heavier mat board and photo paper. This paper cutter features a solid maple base and nonslip feet that secure it in place as you are cutting. It is also generously sized and offers an 18-inch cutting length.

For accuracy and precision, the base provides an alignment grid and ruler with inch and centimeter markings. The extendable arm has a self-sharpening steel blade and includes a tension spring to keep it in an elevated position so it won’t drop or cut until you pull it down. The guard rail prevents accidental injuries.

Photo: amazon.com

This rotary paper cutter by Firbon is designed to cut through a variety of materials typically involved in scrapbooking projects, including paper, cards, scrapbooking mats, and laminated items. It can cut through up to 12 sheets of paper at a time. The base features grid lines with an inch/centimeter ruler to accurately align each item for a clean and straight cut and a host of angle lines to assist with more intricate cuts.

The portability of this paper cutter allows it to easily fit in a bag to bring to scrapbooking and other crafting events. The paper cutter is 15 inches by 6.1 inches by 1.4 inches and provides a 12-inch cutting length. It also includes a fold-out ruler that will extend the top to allow you to measure up to 13 inches. The spring-loaded blade system and sharp blade deliver precise and clean cuts each time you use it.

FAQs About Paper Cutters

Paper cutters are certainly very useful tools. They accurately and cleanly cut through multiple sheets of paper at once to assist with crafting needs and a variety of other tasks. If you still have questions about paper cutters, take a moment to read through these frequently asked questions and their corresponding answers.

Q. What are paper cutters called?

Paper cutters may also be called paper trimmers, paper guillotines, or guillotines.

Q. Who invented a paper cutter?

Guillaume Massiquot patented the first paper cutter in 1844; however, one of the first models was built in 1837 by Thirault. His paper cutter design featured a flat surface with a fixed blade.

Q. How do you cut straight with a paper cutter? 

If you want to cut a straight line with a paper cutter, using the gridlines on the cutting surface to line up your paper is essential. Lining up the paper with the ledge at the top or bottom of the paper cutter can also prevent it from sliding out of place as you cut. Once you’ve lined up the paper, either pull down the arm or slide the trimmer blade to make the cut, depending on the type of paper cutter.

Paper Cutters and Trimmers | Paper Cutting Machine

“You can buy an ordinary trimmer, or you can invest in a Rotatrim.”

At Rotatrim, we offer the best paper trimmers and cutters on the market. As well as cutting equipment and accessories. Our team is dedicated to supplying industry-leading cutting options. But what is a paper trimmer?

Here are some examples of the industry-leading paper trimmers we offer at Rotatrim. As well as some of the situations they are most useful in:

This series of precision paper trimmers include a variety of different sizes of cutting equipment. Like all of our paper trimmers, this range is designed and hand-built in the UK by highly skilled technicians. This means you are guaranteed the highest quality paper trimmer available.

The trimmers range from A4 to A0. A Mastercut MCA4 is the smallest option from this series we offer. It is able to cut materials up to 350mm in length and can comfortably fit an A4 landscape. It will also cut a wide range of flexible materials up to a thickness of 2mm.

Here are some benefits and characteristics of our Mastercut MC range:

·         Perfect for regular use when trimming classroom or office materials

·         Flexible two-way cutting options

·         Finest quality Sheffield Steel self-sharpening precision cutting blades

·         Single square chrome steel guide rail to remove head swivel

·         Transparent clamp strip for accurate work placement

·         Solid laminate gridded baseboard with aluminium side rule and cursor

Our range of pro paper trimmers are built for continuous use every day. This makes them ideal for industries where they are a big part of everyday functioning. We offer a broad range of sizes to suit as many people as possible.

From our Pro12 which can cut materials up to 305mm in length and 3mm in thickness. To our Pro54 trimmer which cuts a range of materials up to 1374mm in length and 1.5mm in thickness. For more information on what pro trimmer is right for you, get in touch with us today.

Benefits from our Pro paper trimmer range include:

·         Designed for every day continuous use

·         Overload protection feature

·         User option to enable two-way cutting

·         Finest quality Sheffield Steel self-sharpening precision blades

·         Twin stainless-steel guide rails to prevent head swivel as well as ensure a smooth gliding action

·         Solid 25mm laminate gridded baseboard with crosshair paper size markers

·         Squared aluminium side rule for precise 90-degree cuts

·         Adjustable cursor

·         Transparent clampstrip for accurate work placement

·         Metal end frames and head

Our Technical T Series of paper trimmers are ideal for stronger materials. It is a heavy-duty and precise paper cutting machine. But it is very adaptable and dynamic, it can cut anything from headboard to tissue paper without adjusting any settings.

This trimmer is ideal for a range of uses. From learning environments to industrial applications. Here are some of the features of this type of paper trimmer:

·        Strong structure with extra capacity for tougher materials

·         Self-lifting clamp mechanism which enables a single user to evenly cut large materials

·         Overload protection feature

·         Ultra-hard Sheffield D2 ‘tool steel’ self-sharpening, precision engineered blades

·         Large single square stainless-steel guide rail prevents head swivel

·         Aluminium baseboard, end frames, head and side rule

This paper trimmer is designed specifically for the large format printing industry. We ensure they are perfect for this type of industry with a strong design. Without sacrificing precision results. This range is able to cut materials as small as A2 all the way up to large 4A0 pieces of materials.

Here are some other exclusive benefits of this paper trimmer range:

·        Reduced spring pressure for a lighter cutting action

·        Cuts a range of flexible materials up to 2mm thick without any adjustment needed

·        Self-lifting clamp mechanism enables single users to position and cuts large materials easily

·        Large single square stainless-steel guide rail to prevent head swivel

·        All aluminium baseboard, end frames, head and side rule

This is a large paper cutter which is capable of cutting a range of different materials. In a variety of different sizes, from A2 all the way to 4A0. Here are some examples of the high-quality aspects of this trimmer range:

·        Geared head for increased cutting control and reliability 

·        Self-lifting clamp mechanism enables a single user to easily position and cut large materials

·        Ultra-strong Sheffield D2 ‘Tool Steel’ self-sharpening, precision engineered blades

 ·        Large single square stainless steel guide rail completely removes head swivel

·        All aluminium baseboard, end frames, head and side rule

This is a powered paper trimmer that has manual and electrical options. You can use this paper trimmer with a foot pedal operation. While it has two machine speed variants – normal: 0.5mm/sec and high: 1mm/sec.

The normal speed has more torque and is more effective at trimmer heavier, thicker materials. The high-speed option is more efficient at cutting lighter materials, typically up to 1mm. All PowerTech trimmers come with a foot-pedal and mains power cable. As well as a spare cutting wheel. To give you as many options as possible when using your professional trimmer. 

What is a Paper Trimmer?

When you’re searching for a paper trimmer you may accidentally search for a paper guillotine. However, a paper guillotine uses a blade that drops down from a height. Clearly, not the most efficient or effective way of trimming paper.

A Rotatrim paper trimmer uses a circular blade that slides from side-to-side to cut the paper. At Rotatrim, we supply a range of high-quality paper cutting machine’s. Including our Mastercut MC, pro, technical, and straight edge series.

Paper trimmer machines come in various sizes. But it doesn’t have to be difficult to find the right paper cutter for your requirements. To find the right paper cutting machine for you, first, you have to know what a paper trimmer does:

What Does a Paper Trimmer do?

A good quality paper trimmer is a cutting device that allows you to trim the paper to your exact measurements. It does this by having a blade on a track that slides in a horizontal line. It is a tool ideal for use in offices, warehouses, and classrooms.

It is the perfect tool for cutting or trimming paper as well as card & other types of craft paper. To find the right paper trimmer for your requirements, give us a call today.

Our friendly and specialist team are experts in all forms of cutting equipment. They will be happy to go through all your options with you, to ensure you find the right paper trimmer for the job.

If you want more information on what paper cutting machine is right for you, give us a call today:

Get in Touch Today

If any of our paper cutters or other equipment like our cutting mats interest you, give us a call on 01234 224545 today. Alternatively, please feel free to fill in the enquiry form on our contact page for more information straight away.

How to choose a paper cutter and not make a mistake?

Paper cutters have gained widespread popularity in offices, mini printers and photo shops. Despite the obvious simplicity of the torch design, choosing the right model is also not always so easy. Improper selection can result in crookedly cut paper or rapid dullness of the cutter blades.

Cutters for everyday use in offices are most often presented in 2 types: disk and saber.

Disc cutters for paper , sometimes also called roller cutters. They consist of a base with a movable disc-shaped knife. The circular cutter moves along the guide. From the side of the base, the edge of the knife rests on a special rubber strip called a marzan.

The main advantage of the disc cutter is the high precision of the cutting line. Most often, these torches are purchased when accuracy is more important than performance.The number of cut sheets for basic models should not exceed 10 sheets, and for more advanced 20-30 sheets. Cutters can be presented to work in A5, A4, A3 formats. At the same time, a cutter of a larger A3 format can also cut smaller A4, A5, etc.

In day-to-day work, roller cutters are not used at full load. Usually, 1-2 sheets or photographs are cut, this ensures the best cut quality and optimal wear. At maximum load, the wear of the circular knife increases tenfold, it can become dull in a few days.If you plan to cut paper in stacks of 10 sheets, then it is better to immediately choose a knife with a maximum load of not 10 sheets, but at least 20. Such a cutter will be a little more expensive, but in the end it will even be possible to save money thanks to the longer resource of a more powerful cutter.

The design of disc cutters has not changed for many years. Most manufacturers produce models that differ only in design and name. The use of special technologies in cutters allows you to favorably distinguish yourself from competitors.Fellowes, for example, focuses on technology for maximum safety and usability.

Fellowes cutters use SafeCut Cartridge circular knives. The circular knife is placed in a special cartridge, which cannot be cut in the closed position. The knife extends only during cutting. SafeCut Cartridge’s safe design makes the cutter suitable for use not only in offices, but also in schools and children’s clubs. In addition, the cartridge can be quickly replaced in case of a blunt knife.

In addition to conventional straight cuts, Fellowes can be equipped with 3 additional cartridges for wave cutting, creasing and perforation. For easy storage The Fellowes Electron, Proton and Neutron cutters are equipped with cartridge storage slots.

Paper cutters (saber, guillotine and roller) in Togliatti and Samara

Paper cutter

Cutting a photo, paper documents before stitching or binding, making business cards or badges, trimming illustrations will help you with a cutter, this simple device.The paper cutter is gradually gaining popularity among office managers in Togliatti, Syzran and Samara.

If you decide to choose and buy a paper cutter in Togliatti , then our advice will be useful to you.

A roller or saber cutter is used in offices. Less commonly, a guillotine cutter.

Roller cutter

Roll paper cutter . With a roller cutter, cutting is carried out using a rotating knife – a roller. An important advantage of such a cutter is the ability to cut an edge less than 1 millimeter wide.But roller cutters are not designed to cut stacks of more than 5-10 sheets of paper. The presence of different roller blades allows you to use 4 different types of cutting (straight, wave, “creasing”, with perforation). There are also restrictions on the size of the cut paper. It should not extend beyond the cutting area of ​​the cutter. Roller cutters are available for cutting A4 and A3 paper. Roller knives can be purchased separately if replacement is required.

Reciprocating cutter

Reciprocating paper cutter in Togliatti is the most popular.Very reliable, easy to use. Depending on the model, it can cut up to 40 sheets of paper. Modern models are equipped with a metric ruler, a clamping bar and a safety guard. Some models even have a laser guide that shows you how the cut will go. Reciprocating cutter blades are self-sharpening.

Guillotine cutter

Guillotine paper cutter. The knife in this cutter works in the vertical plane. With great effort, the guillotine cutters can cut over 100 pages in a single cut.They are mainly used in specialized firms, printing houses.

You can order and buy a roller and saber paper cutter in Togliatti, Samara and Syzran, in the OfficeCom company.

Reciprocating and roller paper cutters in our online store in Togliatti.

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90,000 TOP 20 cutters for paper in scrapbooking

In scrapbooking, you cannot do without tools for cutting paper.In this article, we will look at the popular types of cutters, their purpose, pros and cons.

Roller cutter (trimmer or disc)

It is a metal or plastic base, on which markings of different formats and a ruler are applied for easy cutting. On one side of the cutter there is a transparent strip with a recess along which the roller knife, fixed in a cassette or a handle, moves. Paper is inserted under the transparent strip, then a roller knife cassette presses the paper and cuts it.The roller knife can move in both directions from left to right and vice versa. The cut line is visible through the transparent strip.

Pluses of roller cutters:

  • almost all models have a cutting line
  • has a self-sharpening knife or replaceable blades that are purchased separately
  • You can cut paper from 0.5 mm

Cons of roller cutters:

  • after a year of use, the cutter can move the paper and cut unevenly, the error is 0.5-2 mm.

I have a Hama ProCut 460 cutter model (made in Germany). I have been using it for about 10 years. The work surface is 46×15 cm (18 inches), the torch itself measures 56×20. 5 cm. Made of durable plastic. The knife is self-sharpening; when cutting, the blade is firmly pressed against the counter blade and sharpens it during the cutting process. The transparent plastic strip presses the paper as the knife moves. Cuts paper up to 300g / m2. Standard paper sizes are applied to the working surface, there is a ruler in centimeters and inches, lines with degrees 45, 30, 15.The manufacturer claims that it cuts 5 sheets of paper with a density of 80g / m2 in 1 pass. In fact, a cutter that has been used for a year or more takes no more than 3 sheets, and a new 4 sheets maximum.

After 3 years of use when cutting thick paper 300 g / m2, the knife began to jump off the transparent strip, you have to push it back in. Two years later, the cutter began to move the paper by 0.5-1mm. I found a way out – first I put dashes on both sides where I need to cut, and then I put it in the middle of the working surface, adjust it along the lines and cut.It turns out exactly. Also, the transparent bar has been loosened for 10 years, but this does not interfere with cutting, the cutter presses the paper tightly at the time of cutting.

Now let’s talk about common roller cutters.

The ProCision paper cutter from Fiskars is designed for cutting dense materials such as chipboard, beer and binding board, plywood, it also cuts paper and designer board the most dense. Thanks to the double rail system, it cuts the paper more precisely and does not allow the blade to “walk”.The cutter blade is self-sharpening and does not need to be replaced. Cutting depth 3 mm. Has centimeter and inch markings, protected from abrasion. Conveniently folds up for storage. There is a paper holder. The cutter itself is heavy.

Trimmer cutter

Available with straight cut, with replaceable shaped blades and a creasing line. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most famous brands of cutters – We R Memory Keepers, American Crafts and Fiskars.

Twist Trimmer Magnetic Combo Pack 16 from We R Memory Keepers . This cutter has 8 disc blades – straight, ragged, wave, postage stamp, zig-zag, scallop, perforation and creasing line. A nozzle with a blade is placed on the magnetic ruler, the ruler is placed on the mat, paper is placed under the ruler and cut off. The ruler is 39 cm long and has divisions in inches and centimeters. Attachments sold separately.

Trim and Score Board from We R Memory Keepers 2 in 1 cutter and scoring board.Available in two colors: black with mint and white with mint. Includes a spare blade, an envelope ruler and a creasing stick.

Pluses of the cutter:

  • Has a large surface for work of 30×30 cm and compactly folds in half
  • The ruler is located on both sides with one in inches, and on the other in centimeters
  • Cuts paper with a density of up to 250 g

Minuses of the cutter:

  • On the side of the centimeter ruler there is a place to store the scoring stick and because of this, part of the centimeter ruler is cut off
  • When cutting from the bottom up, it slightly looses the paper
  • Sometimes it cuts unevenly, shifting the paper to the side by 0 …5-1 mm

The Portable Cartridge cutter from American Crafts has three replaceable cartridges – a straight line, a comb and a creasing line, the rest of the knives can be purchased. A total of 7 designs were released. There are 6 trays for storing knives on the cutter.

Cutter working surface size 20×30.5cm. Cuts paper with a density of up to 400 g / m2 – scrap paper, photo paper, cardstock and design cardboard.

If you use a cartridge with a scoring line, we recommend that one side of the rubber plate, along which the knife moves, be used only for scoring.To do this, do not forget to turn it over each time and the fold line will always be even. Pluses of the cutter:

  • All cartridges are closed and very easy to change
  • Presses the paper tightly
  • Has a pull-out ruler

Minuses of the cutter:

  • Sometimes tears thin paper with a weight of 80 g / m2
  • Poorly presses the paper to the top edge of the cutter and because of this, the cut is sometimes obtained with an offset of 0.5-1 mm
  • You need to press down hard on the handle with a slider

SureCut paper cutter from Fiskars – this cutter is also called a rotary cutter …A nozzle with a blade is fixed on the folding ruler, a wire (string) is also stretched onto the ruler, it guides the blade when cutting. The nozzle travels up and down a special groove on the work surface and cuts the paper. Cuts up to 5 sheets of paper with a density of 80g / m2, design cardboard, cardstock, scrap paper. The set includes 2 replaceable blades and a creasing attachment. The working surface of the cutter is 16×31 cm, there is a retractable ruler up to 38 cm. The marking in inches and centimeters is applied to the working surface, as well as standard paper formats A5, A6, A7.The blades at the cutter are protected by a lock. There is a convenient transparent paper holder. Unfortunately, knives dull quickly with frequent use.

Reciprocating cutter

Reciprocating cutters are used to cut large volumes of paper up to 50 sheets at a time, have a small error of about 0.1 mm. The knife of this cutter is similar to a saber, on one side it has a handle, and on the other it is attached to the base and is closed for safety with a protective plastic casing (body).

Pluses of a saber cutter:

  • cuts beer and bookbinding from 1 to 4mm.
  • cuts a large stack of paper at a time from 3 to 50 sheets of 80 g / m2, depending on model and cost. Cutters at an average cost in the aisles of 1-3 thousand rubles cut no more than 10 sheets at a time. More expensive models for 15-20 thousand rubles cut up to 50 sheets. With cutters cutting up to 10 sheets at a time, it will not work to put more paper in, it will not give a clamping gap.
  • there is a limiter, which allows you to cut sheets of the same size
  • fixing device for pressing sheets
  • on the working surface there are markings for different paper sizes and a ruler in centimeters and inches for a more accurate cut
  • some cutters of this type have cutting illumination and blocking knife
  • when used correctly with saber cutters, the knife does not dull for a long time.

Disadvantages of a reciprocating cutter:

  • when cutting a large number of sheets has an error in cutting accuracy of 0.5-2 mm
  • due to the shape of the knife has difficulty in sharpening, expensive equipment is required for sharpening or replacing the blade (sold separately) … To sharpen the knife, you need to contact the printing house, because the knife is sharpened at a certain angle.
  • Not all models have the number of sheets declared from the manufacturer cuts at one time, sometimes the edge of the paper is moss
  • some models are noisy
  • for some models, when cutting beer or binding cardboard, the knives quickly become blunt, so it is not advisable to cut thick cardboard and plastic, it it will cut, but such a knife will not last long because of the strong pressure on the blades.

Next, consider the manufacturers.

KW-triO paper cutters

A wide range of KW-triO cutters. Let’s take a look at the most common ones.

KW-triO 13400 This cutter cuts up to 10 sheets at a time, up to 1mm stack thickness, i.e. if necessary, you can cut beer or bookbinding up to 1mm. When cutting, there is an error of 1-2mm. The working surface is made of durable plastic and is marked in mm, inches and for convenience, paper sizes from A4 to A6 are marked.There is a foot hold-down and blade fixation in the closed position. The protective shield is made of durable transparent plastic. Working surface size: 305x355mm.

KW-triO 13500 The torch of this series is slightly more expensive than the previous one. Cuts up to 20 sheets of 80 gsm paper. The maximum thickness is 2mm, if necessary, it can cut beer or bookbinding up to 2mm. There is a manual foot clamp, the base of the working surface is made of metal with a size of 305×355 mm.The working surface is marked in mm and inches, as well as the paper sizes A6-A4. There is a plastic stop bar, allows you to accurately cut a large amount of paper of the same size.

KW-triO 13040 and KW-triO 13042 these cutters differ from each other in length of cut for 13040, length 360 mm, and for 13042 – 460 mm, also differ in price and weight – for cutter 13040 it weighs 5.8 kg, and 13042 weighs significantly more than 9.8 kg. Both torches have a heavy metal cutting surface for stability when cutting.40 sheets with a density of 80g / m2 are cut at a time, the thickness of the stack is 4mm, i.e. if it is necessary to cut beer and bookbinding up to 4mm, then cut it. Both cutters have a stop and a protective shield. In the closed position, the knife is fixed, which eliminates injury. The working surface is printed with international paper sizes and there are markings in mm and inches.

Geleos there are two models A3 and A4 format. Outwardly, they are the same, both cut 12 sheets at a time, the thickness of the stack is 1.2 mm, i.e.That is, they can cut up to 1.2mm binding board. (remember that with frequent cutting of bookbinding or beer cardboard, the knife at the cutter becomes very dull), both cutters have a metal base, there is a paper clamp and a stopper, paper sizes and markings in mm and inches are applied. They differ in the size of the working surface and in the weight of the A3 format cutter, the cutting length is 460 mm, the weight is 3.3 kg, and the A4 cutting length is 300 mm, the weight is 1.8 kg.

Chester 07902 working surface 448 mm long, marked in mm and inches, as well as international formats.The blade of the cutter is replaceable, bolted, several re-sharpening is allowed, there is a paper clamp and a knife lock. Cuts A3 and smaller paper. The thickness of the pile is 1.5 mm, that is, beer and binding cardboard is cut up to 1.5 mm. The work surface is made of metal. Manufacturer Germany. At a time, cuts a stack of 20 sheets of paper with a density of 80 g / m2.

Tim Holtz Tonic Studios MAXI Guillotine Tonic Studios has jointly released a scrapbooking cutter under the Tim Holtz brand.Although the Americans called this cutter a guillotine, in fact it is a saber one. Designed to work with paper and cardstock. On the left side of the cutter there is a pull-out ruler that allows you to work with paper 30×30 cm. The size of the working surface is 19×47 cm. The blade is made of hardened stainless steel, the marking in cm and inches is applied on the working surface. Rubberized soft and comfortable handle. For storage, the handle and ruler can be easily removed and stowed away under the cutter in a designated area.There is a manual paper clamp in the form of a springy transparent strip, which on one side protects your hands from accidental cuts. Unfortunately, there is no limiter and paper clamp, you need to hold the transparent bar yourself, and this is not very convenient.

How the cutter works can be seen in the video

Tonic Studios – Trimmers – 12 Maxi Wide Base Guillotine suitable for paper and cardstock (cardboard). At a time, it can cut up to 5 sheets of paper with a density of 80 g / m2, photographs, cardstock and paper up to 350 g / m2.Has a working surface of 31×31 cm. Rubberized comfortable handle, which can be easily detached and stowed away in the recessed compartment at the bottom of the cutter. The blade is hidden inside the imitation knife under the saber, and when it comes into contact with the paper, it cuts it like scissors. The cutter has a comfortable grip that can be used to grip the cutter and carry it around. Convenient engraved markings in inches and cm are applied, with frequent contact with paper the markings will not be erased. The surface is made of durable plastic and is marked with squares that represent inches.The squares are marked with grooves and if you really need to, you can punch scrap paper along them with a scoring stick. It has a manual paper clamp in the form of a transparent springy strip attached to two screws. To cut the paper, hold the transparent strip with two fingers and lower the cutter handle with the other hand.


  • It is not very convenient to use the ruler because of the groove between the ruler and the working surface
  • when cutting there is an error of 1 mm with an accidental shift to the side, so you need to firmly press the transparent bar with your hand
  • there is no limiter for fast cutting paper of the same size

Mini Guillotine Cutter by We R Memory working surface 21.5×14.5 cm, blade length 23.5 cm, overall cutter size 28.5×20 cm.Can cut 4 sheets at a time, also cuts: cork, burlap, leather, vinyl, fabric, cardstock, foamiran, felt, scrap paper, design paper. The work surface is marked with markings in cm and inches and an inch grid. Equipped with a manual paper clamp – a transparent strip on which you need to press your fingers, and with the other hand lower the handle at the cutter.

Martha Stewart Crafts HeavyDuty Paper Trimmer cuts up to 8 sheets of 80 g / m2 paper at a time, cuts thin paper, cardstock and design cardboard, photo paper, foil and binding cardboard up to 1.5 mm (when cutting beer cardboard, you need to be careful, because the knife will quickly become dull).The work surface is made of durable plastic and has markings and standard paper sizes in inches. There is a paper clamp in the form of a plastic lever that goes down with the blade and presses the paper on one side, but so that the cutter does not move the paper, it is better to still hold the plastic bar with your hand. There is a paper stopper with which you can cut many paper of the same size. Convenient shape of the handle, which has a built-in knife for cutting paper, the hand does not get tired with a large volume of cutting, the handle is fixed in any position and does not fall.The size of the cutter is 35.5×39 cm, its height is 2.5 cm, the size of the working surface is 32.5×32 cm. It has an additional compartment for storing small items. There are rubberized feet that prevent the cutter from sliding during operation. There is a knife lock (lock) that helps protect children’s hands from accidental cuts. The cutter is lightweight and easy to store upright.

Guillotine cutter

It is mainly used in printing houses and in the printing industry. The principle of operation of the guillotine cutter in a vertical-horizontal cut, i.e.That is, it cuts simultaneously in two planes – the knife cuts from top to bottom and obliquely along the cutting line, thus cuts from 50 to 800 sheets of paper at a time. These cutters are mechanical (manual), semi-automatic and automatic. With many models, the knife can be removed and sharpened several times, and then changed. Many cutter models are equipped with an optical ruler and vernier, which allows you to accurately cut the paper. The cutting mechanism is protected by a casing, the large guillotines are equipped with LEDs that activate the electronic braking system when a foreign object hits.

KW-Trio 3948

Semi-professional cutter mainly used in offices. Cutter size 508×503 mm. The minimum cutting length is 35 mm, the maximum is 360 mm. Easily cuts plastic and photo paper up to 50 sheets at a time, also cuts any stack of paper up to 5 mm high. Very compact and easy to use.


  • automatic paper clamping
  • Knife drive type: mechanical
  • Knife lock
  • on the side Convenient iron handle for carrying the cutter
  • plastic stopper with which you can cut paper of the same size
  • mechanical backgauge (back)
  • markings in mm and inches, standard paper sizes are also applied
  • storage compartment
  • equipped with a steel handle
  • in the kit there are tools for those.Maintenance and spare blade
  • Impact-resistant plastic shield guarantees safe use. When the screen is opened, the blade goes up and remains there until the screen is lowered.
  • the knife must not be re-sharpened
  • no illumination of the cutting line
  • torch weight 6.7 kg

Steiger M-3715

Small guillotine cutter measuring 475×475 mm, with a cutting length of 370 mm. Cuts up to 150 sheets of paper, stack height 15 mm. The knife is made of high quality steel.


  • when the toggle switch is pressed, the cutting line is illuminated
  • knife drive mechanical
  • backstop drive manual
  • no creasing, perforation, undulating line
  • quick-acting clamp
  • knife is replaceable and can be sharpened once on each side
  • the backgauge is controlled by the handle
  • cutting narrow strips
  • markings in mm and inches, standard paper sizes are also marked
  • plastic stopper
  • body made of metal
  • durable plastic screen guarantees safe use.When the screen is opened, the knife goes up and remains there until the protective screen is lowered.
  • weight 22.5 kg

Today I talked about common models of cutters, but in fact there are a lot of them and to choose your own, you need to read reviews and characteristics of cutters of the type you need, watch a video on its work, choose storage space for the cutter, read about safety, see if the knife is sharpened or changed and how much it costs to replace it.

I wish you to find the very cutter that would satisfy you in everything and help you in your work. I wish you inspiration and creative success!

Paper cutters – ROZETKA

Today, a wide range of paper cutters are presented, which is very convenient to use. When choosing and buying a product, it is worth considering the purpose of this product. It is worth deciding on what format the work will take place, what material will be cut, the accuracy of the cut, what volume, what pricing policy is acceptable.

How to choose the right paper cutter

How to choose a really high-quality and durable product is a frequently asked question. The presence of markings in degrees will only provide convenience – 45, 60 degrees, etc. Note the elevation of the desktop. In addition to the photographic format, there are also standardized paper formats. These commonly used sizes are distinguished:

It is necessary to treat such products with care and follow safety measures.Knives should be in a sheath, finger restraints for unwanted cuts or injuries. The safest are roller devices, in which the disc blade is hidden by a case and cuts only when pressed. Children should not be allowed to approach such constructions.

Types and characteristics

The use is popular with everyone. Products can be classified according to the type of paper cutter, application area. There are the following types of products:

  • Paper guillotine.Used for large quantities of paper, stacks of sheets, alignment of book blocks. Performs a stop cut with a height of up to five to eight centimeters. They have great power thanks to the knife drive lever system. They work according to the following mechanism: the blade moves not only from top to bottom, but also obliquely. Cut exactly to the millimeters. Some models boast optical illumination. If the blades are dull, sharpen them. One of the main advantages is noiselessness. There is no fixed test knife.
  • Roll paper cutter. The knife works like a slider in the direction of a ruler or rod. Also called disk and three-dimensional. Presented in the form of a rectangle. The cutting mechanism is made of a sharp metal disc hidden in a protective shell. When cutting, the paper is between the roller cutter knife and the test knife. In some models, the direction of the knife may not go along the working surface, but along a certain marzan. It is not a disc that can act as a cutting tool, but a sharpened knife protected from above.The length of the cut directly depends on the length of the bar along which the cutting mechanism moves.
  • Reciprocating paper cutter. It can be called universal due to the large coverage of cutting materials. Used for photographic paper, known as photo cutters and cardboard shredders. In comparison with other types, they stand out in power, are designed for large volumes of paper – they are able to cut up to 50 sheets at a time. When applied, it is similar to using conventional scissors. A well-sharpened blade is attached on one side, which is often covered with a protective sheath to eliminate unwanted injuries, and on the other side is the handle.There is a control knife, except for small models. Has disadvantages: quite noisy at work. They have an affordable pricing policy, are easy to operate and do not take up much space.
  • Multifunctional. These products are represented by such manufacturers: KW-Trio, Dahle, DSB, Agent, Fellowes, etc. Such products accommodate the characteristics of all the above mentioned models.

Depending on the area of ​​operation, there are office, specialized, electric and professional paper cutters.The former are suitable for the implementation of standard operations in offices, as well as suitable for home use. They include mainly roller types and some models of saber devices. Available in pricing, low performance.

Specialized are used when it is necessary to work with large volumes and formats. Roller varieties often come to the rescue. Used in advertising agencies and similar enterprises for the production of large format posters, etc.They include universal models of saber products for cutting various materials.

Professional designed for printing houses. All types of products are included. They stand out for their high quality blades, which provide a perfect cut, reliability and durability. When choosing a paper guillotine, it is worth reading and listening to reviews, advice from experienced or already using such products.


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