Where can i go to get makeup done: Where to Get a Free Makeover


Where to Get a Free Makeover

Picture this: you’re investing in a day full of self-care, complete with a fitness class, a fresh manicure and a trip to a new lunch spot you’ve been dying to visit. Your responsibilities are on pause until further notice (it’s clearly the *perfect* day), so you decide to keep doin’ you. Our proposal? Sneak a mini makeover into the equation! And if you’re home, but still want a “makeover,” we’ve got virtual options for you to try, too. Ahead, find your guide to five complimentary makeup services you can test out for free.


Stop into Nordstrom to receive a free in-store beauty service or to be paired with a beauty stylist. Before heading in, check out the store’s list of complimentary beauty services to see if there’s something you’re interested in. Many brands offer mini beauty treatments such as a cat-eye session with Lancôme or a ten-minute makeover with Giorgio Armani Beauty.

For a more personalized service, request a Nordstrom Beauty Stylist who will help you find products that meet your preferences and goals.


Similar to the Nordstrom Beauty Stylist experience, Bloomingdale’s also has their own version of the role. You can book an appointment with an associate at an in-store beauty counter (like YSL, Lancôme, Armani and more) for everything from a 30-minute skincare consultation to a one-hour makeover. Appointments run all day, every day, which means the excuses to treat yourself are endless.

NYX Professional Makeup

If you’re home and want to partake in the beauty consultation experience in your PJs, head to nyxcosmetics.com to video chat with one of the brand’s beauty advisors. You can virtually try a foundation shade or get a lipstick recommendation. Plus, you’ll get feedback in real-time!

L’Oréal Paris Beauty Genius

Looking to update your look with a new hair color or lip color? The L’Oréal Paris Beauty Genius Virtual Try-On feature uses augmented reality technology to allow you to test out hair colors and makeup before you purchase them. Click here to try the Makeup Genius Virtual Try-On tool and here to try the Hair Color Genius Virtual Try-On feature.

Maybelline New York Virtual Makeup Try-On

Maybelline has its own virtual shade try-on technology that’s worth a whirl if you want to try before you buy. See how the new Maybelline New York SuperStay Ink Into the Zodiac collection will look on you before pressing “add to cart.” You can also compare between four different shades and share your selfie on social media to ask your friends what they think about your new style. Click here to use Maybelline’s Virtual Makeup try-on technology on your phone or computer now.

Makeup Bar Concept ‘Own Your Wonder’ is Bringing More Inclusive Beauty Services to Georgetown

Have you ever needed to get your makeup done in a pinch last-minute, but weren’t sure where to go? This was the problem that Kristina Han, a Harvard graduate and former Olympic swimmer, faced again and again when she wanted to get a sharp look for meetings and interviews. Han, who spent her professional life as a banker, consultant, and lawyer, spent the much of her time speaking directly with clients. She had always disliked applying makeup herself, plus she often wished her look was more polished than the go-to ‘BB-cream and eyeliner’ application she was comfortable with. The dilemma intensified after she had children and felt the pressure of juggling career and childcare—she felt like she had even less time to take care of herself.

“I always thought: there’s a hair or nail salon on every corner, why not makeup?” says Han. “It was exactly the service I wanted for myself—to have coffee and read my email while someone else did my makeup for me.”

After an exhaustive search, Han discovered her options were limited. She could teach herself via YouTube tutorials, hire bridal-style and in-home freelance services, or go to a department store makeup counter where attendants seemed more focused on pushing product than executing the right look (“I had a string of horrible experiences at Sephora and beauty counters,” Han recalls).

None of those really provided what she was looking for—namely, fast and affordable makeup application that was as easy as dropping into the salon for a blow-out: makeup services à la Drybar.

Han approached Robin Izsak, an acquaintance with experience in business marketing who had just transplanted from Los Angeles to DC, about joining her to help launch the concept. Izsak came on board as the Creative Director, and Own Your Wonder was born, a beauty bar with a focus on walk-ins and à la carte services and prices that start at just $15.

“We wanted to service those looking to have their makeup done for big events or special occasion drop-ins, as well as the everyday clients who might want a touch-up for a business meeting or date,” says Han.

Photograph courtesy of Own Your Wonder.


The duo launched a pop-up shop in November of 2017 in Georgetown and quickly realized that the concept had legs. After a search for the perfect location, a brick-and-mortar iteration of Own Your Wonder opened at 1659 Wisconsin Ave. , NW, a minimalist, clean-lined shop that’s in sync with the company’s tonal pink branding. The space isn’t set up like a traditional beauty salon limited to fixed stations, but rather feels more fluid; while seven chairs line a 700-square foot space, patrons can also have their makeup done seated at one of the community tables or velvet couches while sipping espresso (or, yes, champagne) and catching up on email.

On the walls you’ll find beauty inspiration from a range of icons—male and female— that have pushed beauty norms, including Naomi Campbell, Frida Kahlo, Halima Aden, Alice Ma, and David Bowie. Scroll the Instagram feed and you’ll spot men and women of all ages and skin tones smiling into the camera with a new coat of eyeshadow or a glossy lip. The ‘Drybar’ business concept may read as familiar, but Own Your Wonder’s boutique approach to inclusivity is still fresh in the beauty industry, even in a post-Fenty Beauty world where 40 shades of foundation feels like the new norm (designer after designer rolled out extended foundation shades following the buzz over Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty line release last year).

The approach was something that resonated with customers Raven Troupe, a 38-year old artist with a dark complexion, and her husband, Robert, a fair-skinned engineer who shares her enthusiasm for makeup. The Arlington couple have become loyal customers of Own Your Wonder after being disappointed in other makeup classes.

“I went to a makeup artist—a licensed makeup artist mind you— at a three-hour course elsewhere, and mentioned that I had issues with eye shadow showing up on my skin,” says Troupe. “Her reply was that I would look fantastic in gold. That was indicative of someone who was not paying attention or really listening.”

She and her husband dropped into one of the cat-eye tutorial sessions at Own Your Wonder and were impressed not only with the space but with the staff’s willingness to go over basics. “Many of the tutorials online are geared towards women, and the ones geared towards men lean towards high-glam and that is not what he is looking for,” says Troupe of her husband.  

Photographs courtesy of Tenneal Mcnair.


Troupe also liked another aspect of the makeup bar: that it doesn’t actually sell any makeup. In salon-speak, that means that corporate sponsors don’t factor into which brands the makeup artists use, and no one is trying to up-sell. Makeup artists can also mix and layer product in ways that are controlled at salons. The non-retail environment helps foster a pressure-free experience that made clients feel comfortable, something that both Izsak and Han were interested in from the outset.

“A lot of makeup within the beauty industry has been so retail-driven. There has always been that mainstream ‘look’ that hasn’t been very inclusive,” says Han, so “women of color are pretty under-represented. DC is obviously so diverse and we knew very early on that we really wanted to serve that community and let people know that was a big part of our message.”

Han and Izsak have developed their business accordingly, hiring makeup artists with a range of styles, experiences, and specialties—including artists who have trained in faraway locales such as Russia and Dubai.

 The salon also offers a private room for clients who, for instance, would prefer to remove their hijab for services or may not want to have their makeup done in sight of foot traffic on the street.

And while makeup shades that serve all skin tones is a given for Han and Izsak, they also press the importance of catering to all age groups and genders.

“We do see so much interest from kind of a millennial and even younger generation that has welcomed the idea of being gender-fluid,” says Izsak. “We want to serve people who are transgender, people learning to put makeup on, younger generations, teenagers,” emphasizes Han. “Makeup is ageless, it’s genderless, it’s for every skin tone.”

Own Your Wonder is located at 1659 Wisconsin Ave., NW; 202-298-8000.

Assistant Editor

Hayley is an Associate Editor at Washingtonian Weddings. Previously she was the the Style Editor at The Local Palate, a Southern food culture magazine based out of Charleston, South Carolina. You can follow her on instagram @wandertaste.

The Best London Makeup Artists To Book For A Glow-Up

We may know our own faces better than anyone else, but makeup artists know their craft like the back of their hand. They know how to bounce beautiful light across our features, they know how to create effortlessly groomed brows and they know how to coax our makeup into performing its best on camera.

But, alongside making us look good, they can make us feel good, too. Forty minutes of undivided attention – plus a fluffy highlighter brush glazing our cheekbones – can do wonders for the soul.

Just like finding your fashion groove, picking a makeup artist to match your aesthetic is important. So whether you want luxe-looking skin and barely-there eyeshadow, or an incredible Insta beat, we’ve found the best MUAs to know if you’re in London.

Tabby is one of Treatwell’s top-rated MUAs. The professional freelance makeup artist and manicurist is based in North London. She has over 13 years in the industry and has worked on magazine shoots alongside her private clients. You can book her services through Treatwell where a full-face makeup look starts from £80.

Charlotte Tilbury’s Global Pro Artist, London-based Kelechi is the queen of a sexy smoky eye. For private bookings, you can get in touch through Instagram.

Jaz is a talented MUA working on the Bobbi Brown counter at Selfridges, London. You can book a ‘Get Party Ready’ consultation where she’ll help you curate your perfect party look for £40, redeemable against products. Her signature is glowing skin, fluffy brows and a blown-out smoky eye.

Makeup artist, Nicola Fiveash worked with top models and magazines and celebrities before deciding to focus her attention on her private clients. “I love making-up the faces of models, actresses and celebrities, but I experience a different kind of joy with my private clients,” she says. “Seeing a client’s reaction to my tailored make up application is one of the most rewarding things about being a makeup artist. ” That’s why she set up Facebar, a professional makeup bar in London’s trendy Shoreditch, where a Fast Fix (eyes or complexion) costs £27, a Full Face costs £42 and a makeup tutorial costs £70.

Mahina has worked with the likes of Cardi B and Hailey Bieber and she’s the master of soft glam, fluttery lashes and pretty glass skin. A full face starts from £150.

Jennifer’s makeup background is extensive, she’s worked with numerous brands including Clinique, Lancome and Bobbi Brown, she’s created commercial and editorial content for the likes of Jenny Packham and Vogue and she’s worked with everyone from Samantha Cameron to Gemma Chan. Whether you want help with your bridal look or a big night out, Jennifer offers versatility. General makeup looks can start from between £100 to £150 and bridal makeup starts from £250. You can enquire through her website.

Adeola has worked with Clarins, Lancome and Bobbi Brown as well as with Pat McGrath herself as the UK National Education and Artistry Manager. She’s a dab hand at statement eyes and lips but best of all, she has a knack for creating the freshest-looking skin. Her services start from £300.

Molly knows her way around a killer liner, on-fleek brows and ultra fresh skin. Her day rate starts from £250 and you can enquire at [email protected]

Joy Adenuga

With over a decade under her makeup tool-belt, award-winning MUA, Joy, has worked with some of the biggest brands, publishers and magazines in the business (among them Tom Ford, Smashbox and Lisa Eldridge). Joy has classic looks nailed, but she’s not afraid to experiment with colour. Her services start from £350 and you can book through her website.

Naoko’s celeb client list is lengthy. She’s worked with Jodie Comer, Sophie Turner, Charlize Theron, Lily James, Carey Mulligan, FKA Twigs and Florence Pugh to name a few. Her work has been seen on the front covers of magazines (including GLAMOUR’s) and on red carpets. You can enquire about working with her through her agent (£POA).

Hannah has worked with some of the most high-profile women in the world (she even has a couple of royal brides on her CV after helping the Duchess of Cambridge and Princess Eugenie with their wedding day makeup). Hannah is magic at ‘natural glam’ and enhancing features. You can get in touch with her for a quote through Instagram (£POA).

Lan’s a makeup veteran and with two books and a podcast under her belt, she knows what she’s talking about. She’s worked backstage on fashion shows, she’s led the creative for editorial shoots and she’s educated others with live masterclasses and demos. Her portfolio shows that she’s a chameleon when it comes to makeup looks – from abstract and edgy creations to timeless and understated beauty. You can get in touch with Lan over email at [email protected] (£POA).

For more from GLAMOUR’s Deputy Beauty Editor, Elle Turner follow her on Instagram @elleturneruk.

How to get your makeup done safely

Photo by Katie Lindgren Photography

Have you ever had your makeup done? Maybe for your wedding, or someone else’s, a photoshoot or class reunion.

If not, do you plan to get your makeup done in the future?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, you need to keep reading to find out how to get your makeup done safely. Your health depends on it.

An unhygienic makeup application can expose you to blood borne pathogens, Covid-19, Herpes Simplex 1, Staph or MRSA.

Here is what to look for, watch for and ask for to ensure you’re receiving a safe and enjoyable makeup application.


A disinfectant such as Lysol or Clorox wipes should be used to wipe down the makeup chair handles, side trays, the work surface and any tables.

I like using Lucas-cide to do this, a hospital-grade disinfectant that kills 99.999% of bacteria in 60 seconds.

It’s also a perk to see a clean towel placed on the work surface to minimize contact with a surface that may not be fully sanitized or could easily get decontaminated.

You should also see a container of 70% alcohol, used to sanitize tools, palettes and various other implements.

The alcohol should be 70%, not 50, 90 or 99%.


Hands should be washed right before the makeup application begins. This means that after your makeup artist washes their hands, they shouldn’t touch their phone, then your face. They’ve just contaminated all over again.

I prefer Hibiclens to wash my hands as it protects against germs, fungi, bacteria for up to 24 hours.

Throughout the application, hand sanitizer should be used. I especially like to sanitize before lash and lip color application, being that I’m working near mucous membranes.

I know this may not be a popular opinion but I believe a truly sanitary makeup artist cannot have super long nails, unless they are wearing gloves during the application.

To clean long nails, a nail brush needs to be used to scrub underneath and I don’t know many makeup artists that bring that in their kit.

Double dipping

This is one of the most important areas of precaution. Double dipping is what happens when someone dips into a product, touches the applicator to the client, then dips back into the product.

This applies to gel liners, cream concealers or foundations, cream shadow pots, lipstick palettes, any product in a gel or cream format.

A brush, finger, sponge, any instrument, should not enter these products’ container, touch your face, then dip back into the product again. This creates a dangerous transfer of bacteria and gel and cream products are great environments for bacteria to grow in.

To prevent double dipping, a makeup artist should use tools like what it shown above, stainless steel palettes and spatulas. The spatula should be used to depot the product and then apply it to the palette, off of which the artist will work from.


Under no circumstances should you see a makeup artist blowing on brushes, lashes, powder palettes, nothing! There should be no respiratory particles on anything that touches you. I know that seems obvious, but if I have to say it, you can assume I’ve probably seen it happen.


Eye, brow and lip pencils should be sprayed with 70% alcohol, sharpened, then sprayed again.

If the product is a retractable pencil, the product should be sprayed and the tip wiped away to remove the initial layer of product.

Felt tip and liquid liners, shown above, should not be used as it is not possible to sanitize them.

For gel liners, a spatula should be used to scoop out the product. Then, it should be applied to a palette which the artist will work from. A brush should never be dipped directly into a gel liner pot. Artists should be working from a palette, not the product container itself.



Makeup brushes should not appear, nor smell (I know; gag) used before they touch your face.

Brushes should be used on one client, then washed and dried properly before their next use. One brush set per client, even if the clients are related, no exceptions.

If a makeup artist drops a brush on the floor, the dropped brush should be put aside and not used again. Once the makeup service is complete, dirty brushes shouldn’t be stored alongside clean ones to prevent cross contamination.

Disposable Applicators

Below is a photo of what disposable makeup applicators look like, lip wands and spoolies. You should see these single use tools, and often, throughout the makeup application.

Mascara should never, ever be applied to your lashes, straight from the packaging’s wand, with 2 exceptions:

  • It is your personal mascara.
  • You watched the artist open a brand new tube that they intend to give you after the application.

Even so, a makeup artist shouldn’t be using your mascara, unless you specifically request it.

Lip Products

Lip gloss or liquid lipstick should never, ever, ever be applied to your mouth, straight from the packaging’s applicator wand or lipstick bullet. The “unless it’s yours” exception applies here too.

Even if a client prefers that I use one of their lip products, I usually just custom mix a color that matches it and they can touch up with their product later.

If using their product, I still sanitize it with 70% alcohol before use.

Powder Palettes

When it comes to powders products such as eyeshadow palettes, bronzers, blushes, contouring powders, etc. there are a few things to note.

While powder products like these do not tend to make for as bacteria-friendly environments, there are 3 ways for them to be used safely:

  1. The product can be scraped off onto a palette with a spatula or spoolie.
  2. The ghosting technique-a tissue is used to pick up product that the brush will then be dipped into and work from.
  3. A cosmetic sanitizing product like BeautySoClean can be sprayed on the palette after each use. This has been proven to kill Covid-19.


Sponges are one use only. Sponges cannot be fully/properly sanitized, though I do enjoy a damp beautyblender sponge.

The “unless you’re going home with it” rule applies here. If an artist prefers to work with sponges, it should be a brand new one, that either leaves with you, or enters the trash can after your application.


Strip lashes look best when they are trimmed to fit your eye shape. That trimming should be done before the lash is ever near your eye. Sharp scissors should never be near your eyeballs!

When glue is applied to the lash, it should be allowed to dry without any blowing on the lash. See aforementioned BLOWING section.

Lash tweezers and curlers should be sanitized with that 70% alcohol prior to use as well.

What if I see something unsafe?

You do not have to justify or explain, but simply make the request, just as you would ask for a smoky eye or a nude lip.

For example, if a makeup artist is using a mascara directly from the tube on you, ask, “do you have any disposable wands we could use?” If you’re concerned about dirty brushes, curiously ask, “how often do you wash your brushes?”

What should I look for when hiring a makeup artist?

Here are a few tips to ensure that you won’t even have to worry about any of the makeup artist sins above:

  • Check for the no-no’s I mentioned in behind-the-scenes photos. Photos never lie. Check their tagged photos on Facebook and Instagram for these types of photos.
  • Look for certifications that an artist has attained such as The Sanitation Conversation, training in Blood Borne Pathogens and infectious diseases.
  • Express your safety concerns prior to booking the appointment. Most artists are happy to make you feel more comfortable by explaining their sanitation procedures.
  • Scan reviews for key words like clean, professional or sanitary.

Want a video recap?

Click HERE or below to watch the video I filmed about this subject, early in the global pandemic.

TOP 20 Makeup Artists near you in Orlando, FL

Makeup Artists in Orlando

Do you need a serious change-up in your makeup routine? Have a big event coming up? Standing up in a wedding, or maybe even getting married yourself? These are all perfect occasions for you to find a makeup artist you love in Orlando! Any look can be made complete with a proper makeover from a professional.

What Can a Makeup Artist Do for You?

Whether you’re used to doing your own makeup or not, makeup artists in Orlando have a deep knowledge of not only what looks good but what’s good for you.

In a billion dollar, chemical-based industry, the research on makeup trends, past and present, is extensive. These professionals have learned what the best products are for your skin, taking into account personal preference, allergies, and more.

If you’re a resident of Orlando, surely you’ve experienced the struggle of sweating off your makeup or trying to find the best products that still offer UV protection. Makeup artists in Orlando can help you find the best long-lasting products that won’t harm your skin. They can also help with things like safe makeup removal and cosmetic health tips.

How Much Do Makeup Artists Cost in Orlando?

You’ll find it common for makeup artists in Orlando to charge by occasion (a wedding or special event), rather than how much or which products they’re using. You’ll typically be charged hourly for makeup services. Note that prices vary depending on artist or salon skills and experience. Below are average fees in the area:

  • Bridal Makeup $150
  • Bridal Trial $70
  • Special Occasion $60
  • Makeup Lesson $65
  • Airbrush Makeup $65

Where Can I Find a Makeup Artist in Orlando?

Look no further than the listings page above. Booksy offers you a vast array of makeup artist professionals in the Orlando area. Find an artist with availability that matches yours, a price within your budget, and the skills to give you a look you’ll love for any occasion. Happy booking!


Save Money On Prom Makeup With These Places & Apps That’ll Help You Get Your Face Done On The Cheap

Prom is one of the most expensive high school milestones, so you’ll likely be trying to conserve cash by any means possible. Saving money on prom makeup is one of the easiest ways to lower your budget. Sure, there’s a constant pressure to keep up with everyone else in your school, and that often means trying to look as flawless as a celebrity walking the red carpet. It’s unrealistic to expect a Rihanna-esque entourage of hairstylists, makeup artists, and stylists on a limited budget, but if you have a bit of creativity (and a few like-minded friends), the DIY aspect of prom is half of the fun.

When it coms to your makeup, apps and other affordable alternatives to the traditional professional makeup job can save you an impressive amount of money — or even cost you nothing at all. If your dream dress and that luxe limo that the rest of your group insisted on renting are already stretching your prom budget thin, you can save a bit on your makeup while still looking totally gorgeous.

There are a number of places to read about the latest makeup tips, browse glam looks that you can replicate at home or even get your makeup professionally done for a whole lot less than full price — provided that you know where to look. Read on to find out more about affordable prom makeup alternatives.

1. Makeup Genius App

The Makeup Genius app from L’Oreal Paris is… well, genius. It enables you to try out a number of different types of L’Oreal makeup virtually, which is perfect if you want to test a bold cat eye or bright red lips before investing in pricey new products. Just upload a selfie and the app will switch up your makeup right before your eyes.

2. Groupon

Scott Olson/Getty Images News/Getty Images

You likely already use the popular coupon site for great deals on dining and shopping, but you might not realize that Groupon also offers promotions at local beauty salons as well. Just search for makeup application in your area and be sure to read the salon’s reviews before making an appointment.

3. Department Store Makeup Counters

Gabriela Maj/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If getting your makeup done at a local salon is out of your price range but you still want a professional look, try making an appointment at one of the makeup counters at a local department store. Places like Macy’s and Nordstrom offer makeup applications at their individual brand counters, and many of them offer a minimum product purchase price in lieu of an actual application cost. Be sure to book in advance, however; these places are almost always swamped come prom season.

4. Ulta

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Most Ulta stores feature full salons in the back, and while you’ve likely noticed the whirr of the blow dryer, you might not have realized that they offer professional makeup application as well. For around $40 a pop, you can have your entire face powdered, contoured and glossed to perfection. Ulta even offers false eyelash application for just a bit extra.

5. YouTube

If all else fails and you truly can’t afford to schedule yet another prom prep beauty appointment, do your makeup yourself by using everyone’s go-to makeup guru: YouTube. Running a search for “prom makeup” yields thousands of results, so browse the videos with a few days to spare and maybe even run a test run before the big night. Best of all? It won’t cost you a dime.

Images: Getty Images; iTunes; YouTube

Glamsquad Is Booking Makeup Services Again in L.A. — These Are The Most Popular Looks

After rolling out on-demand haircuts earlier this summer, Glamsquad is back in full force. The Los Angeles-based beauty platform is once again offering makeup application appointments again alongside hair and nail services, all of which are bookable on the app and online.

Makeup services start at $85 for a 60-minute session or $150 for special occasion looks, while add-ons range from $15 for an Erno Laszlo eye mask to $25 for lashes or Temptu airbrush foundation. As far as safety, Glamsquad makeup artists will come equipped in their own PPE (including face masks and shields, disposable gloves, and aprons), and clients will need to wear a face mask until they’re ready to get pampered. Plus, beauty pros are now required to be certified in standard and Covid-19 barbicide protocols.

L.A. hair salons and barbershops earlier this month were allowed to reopen indoor services at 25% capacity (those located within indoor malls were exempt), and this week California nail salons were given the approval to open again indoors. The move is part of Gov. Gavin Newsom’s and the L.A. County Public Health’s tiered COVID-19 safety plans, which saw self-care businesses reopen, close, and reopen again outdoors over the summer.

How to combine office work and creative freelancing

Anna Bulinova

marketer in the afternoon, makeup artist in the evening

I worked as a marketer for three years, and then I wanted to do something more creative.

As a result, I decided to add a creative side job to the main activity. Since 2016, on weekdays from 9:00 to 18:00, I have been working as a marketer, and in the evenings and on weekends – as a makeup artist. In this article I will tell you how I got a new hobby and how it later turned into a second profession.

I work as a makeup artist at Moscow Fashion Week. I responded to the post of a designer who was looking for volunteers on Instagram. For work I was presented with a set of cosmetics

How the idea of ​​becoming a make-up artist appeared

My friends often praised my makeup and asked me to do the same. I liked the process, but the result was not always pleasing. I had a desire to learn how to do high-quality makeup. Friends supported my idea: everyone wanted to be friends with a makeup artist who will help them find their own style and create an image for a special occasion.

So I decided to take a professional make-up course. At that moment, I considered it a frivolous occupation, and I did not even think about the prospect of permanent earnings. It seemed that it would be unrealistic to combine the love of makeup with the main job. I was also afraid that because of the new hobby there would be no time for the usual fitness, learning German, traveling and chatting with friends.

After the course on make-up, I planned to do make-up to all the same friends for a symbolic 300 R. In reality, I wanted to recoup the time spent and 50 000 R, which I paid for the training.I’ll tell you about everything in order.

All about work and earnings

How to change profession, get more and earn on what. Twice a week in your mail

How I chose a makeup school

In 2016, there were already many training videos on YouTube. But they are difficult to figure out on their own, where to start, what cosmetics and brushes to use. In addition, it is impossible to place a hand from the video. I got the feeling that such videos are made for the sake of PR, and not to really teach newcomers, so the option with “YouTube” immediately disappeared.

Choosing a school was not easy due to the abundance of proposals. On request in Google, I found a lot of makeup schools: they all offered different programs and courses from two days to six months. I wanted to take a full course and not overpay for a pig in a poke. Therefore, I did not consider strange weekend intensives for 20,000 R and a course at a school with an international diploma for 75,000 RR.

When choosing a school of make-up, the following criteria were important for me:

  1. Opportunity to study on weekends, because I worked on weekdays.
  2. Training in several types of make-up at once: daytime, evening, wedding.
  3. Reviews of the school on forums and social networks from already working masters.
  4. Not the highest price: I was ready to pay for studies up to 40,000 R.
This is a suspicious proposal. In three days it is impossible to learn how to do makeup for photo shoots, both everyday and festive. This proposal also looks strange: here they teach only on the Internet. Such lessons are good not as a base, but as an advanced training

I considered courses for makeup artists at Ostankino, Mosmake, Iconface and Make Up House schools.I paid attention to the work of teachers and graduates. I checked if the program includes everything I wanted to learn, how many people are in the group and how many teachers control the practice.

In the end, I chose the Make Up House school: it fit my criteria, plus once I was already at the Make Up Days makeup festival, which was held by the school owner. The reputation of the school was not in doubt, because well-known manufacturers of cosmetics collaborated with it. Now, unfortunately, it no longer works.

50,000 R

I paid for the basic course for makeup artists

For the basic course at Make Up House, I paid 50,000 R. For a month they promised to make me a professional make-up artist: teach me how to choose and use brushes and cosmetics correctly, do all types of make-up, including creative for models. The training was aimed primarily at people who wanted to get a full-fledged profession and stay in it.

Later I took a refresher course at Iconface School.If I was looking for a basic course now, I would go there to learn the basics. I liked that each new topic is taught there by a separate teacher. And when I chose a school for the first time, my letter to Iconface simply did not respond.

Anyone who is thinking about such training, I advise you to look at the portfolios of makeup artists in your city and find out where they received their education. You can also reach out to the professional community on social media. In the “Cynical Makeup Artist” group, questions about where to go to study are published almost every day, and professionals give advice and share their experience.

A selection of courses for makeup artists

The “Cynical makeup artist” group in Vkontakte

The certificate confirms that I have completed the basic make-up artist course. It is needed for potential employment in a profession, as well as for receiving discounts from brands of cosmetics 90 130 Makeup training 90 131

I studied to be a makeup artist for two months. There were a total of 10 lessons per weekend, each of which lasted half a day.

I went to classes in the school studio, in a weekend group.I was lucky because there were only two of us in the group, and on weekdays there were 7 people. I studied with an experienced and respected makeup artist in the industry. She invited professional models and photographers to classes, selected examples of work that needed to be repeated in practice.

In 10 lessons, we covered the following topics:

  1. Face types.
  2. Workplace hygiene.
  3. Natural, aka nude, makeup.
  4. Day makeup.
  5. Smoky ice.
  6. Arrows and bright lips.
  7. Creative makeup.
  8. Fundamentals of photography on the phone.

The lesson plan was as follows: first we went through the theory, studied the anatomy of the face, made notes, took apart cosmetics. Then the teacher showed the model how to do makeup. After lunchtime, models came and we painted them under the supervision of a teacher.

All cosmetics and brushes for work were provided by the school. I took only consumables with me: cotton pads and sticks.

In the last lesson, I passed the exam: I made several models of the model for shooting with a professional photographer. These works were the first in my portfolio of a makeup artist. Thanks to this, I began to gain confidence: I already had something to show to potential future clients and put it on a page on the social network.

During training, I was saddened by the transfer of classes, because sometimes my plans suffered from this. Later I learned from other makeup artists that this happens often. But not every school helps students with portfolios and models, so I was pleased with my studies.The most valuable thing was that at school I believed in my potential and wanted to further develop in the profession of a make-up artist.

Exam paper number 1 – interpretation of the classic arrows in white. Clients often want accent arrows in evening make-up Exam paper # 2 – an experiment I never did again Exam paper No. 3. It was not so easy to completely cover the face with silver paint: I used a different product for the eyes, but I had to make an imperceptible transition

First clients

The school promoted the idea that a makeup artist should not work for free – you need to take at least 300 R to recoup the cost of cosmetics.After training, I firmly decided that my work should be paid. There will be no exceptions even for friends.

For the first order, I received only 200 R. I offered my services to the organizer of the photo sessions: I wrote a message on Vkontakte. I had to do my makeup for the photo shoot. The result of the work did not satisfy me at all: I took too little cosmetics, and, as it seemed to me, the selected shades did not quite suit the client. I tried not to show my doubts, especially since the client liked the makeup.

200 R

I received for the first order

In order to continue to receive clients, I told on social networks that I also work as a make-up artist. So they began to turn to me for makeup for corporate events, birthdays and weddings. Usually I took 1000 R. for my work. At first, I found 80% of clients among my friends, but orders were very rare.

At a friend’s wedding, I was both a guest and a make-up artist. The image of the bride was my gift. But not all my friends invited me to do wedding makeup: some called only as a guest

I decided to look for clients not only among my friends. I still didn’t have any specific financial goals.

I was looking for customers in thematic groups in “Vkontakte”. She offered her services to the participants, but no one agreed. People didn’t need creative makeup like the models from my portfolio, and the photos of my friends weren’t very high quality. Then I decided to collect more professional photos of natural and daytime makeup in my portfolio.

To find new clients outside the circle of acquaintances, I had to work for free on creative photo shoots, or TFP – Time for print.On them, a photographer, model, make-up artist, stylist, decorator and other creative people agree on a common idea and embody it, but no one pays anyone.

They are looking for a makeup artist for a model shooting. They won’t pay for the work, but they offer high-quality pictures for the portfolio They are looking for a whole team for a TFP photo session – this means that for the sake of the result and the photo in the portfolio everyone will work for free

I really liked the creative atmosphere of the photo studios, but sometimes it was difficult to work with the people I saw first. Sometimes the model didn’t like makeup, and sometimes the photographer gave me too much advice. It happened that someone was very late and complicated the process. I was late a couple of times too. Despite the fact that I did the makeup quickly and efficiently, the participants in those photo sessions did not offer me a job. And I understand them: no one wants to work with a makeup artist who is late.

For six months I took part in ten creative projects. Eight of them helped me get paid orders from models, photographers or their friends.I also found many like-minded people with whom I communicate not only as a makeup artist.

I did creative makeup for free for the sake of the idea and pleasure. Clients rarely ask to use unnatural colors and braid braids with threads I work for free on a creative photo session for the actress’s portfolio 90 130 Cosmetics expenses 90 131

The big temptation of a make-up artist is to constantly buy cosmetics. I also often spent on new products, although I already had a decent amount of makeup for about 10,000 R.

The first big purchase cost me 25,000 R. For this amount I bought three foundation creams, a contouring palette, an eyeshadow palette, powder, two eyeliners, a couple of lipsticks, a make-up base, mascara, seven brushes and a cleaner for them, spatula and palette, eyebrow pencils and concealer.

I did not face the agony of choosing from a million brands, because during my training I managed to work with cosmetics from different manufacturers and decide on my favorites. I have bought products from the brands Make-Up Atelier, Just, NYX Makeup, Manly Pro, Valeri-D, Embryolisse.

The cost of materials for one make-up is small, but a professional needs a lot of expensive products. Some make-up artists try to calculate how much the cosmetics cost for one particular make-up, but I didn’t.

The cost of cosmetics will pay off if you work hard. For example, the Yves Saint Laurent All in One Glow Foundation for 3500 R is enough for 126 makeup. Of course, one shade won’t be enough. Everyone’s skin is different, and you will need at least two shades to mix: the lightest and the darkest.

Me and excess makeup. The funds in the photo cost about RUR 20,000, and the brushes cost another RUR 9,000. Table with cosmetics at refresher courses. Here’s everything you might need to complete your colored makeup.

When I had accumulated too much cosmetics, I decided to sell the unnecessary ones. Suddenly, the demand for it turned out to be quite high – in a year I earned 17,000 R. I published the ads in the most famous group of makeup artists, the Cynical Makeup Artist.

When selling cosmetics, there is an unspoken rule: it should have been used only in accordance with the sanitary standards of makeup artists.For example, you can’t just paint the lips of a model with lipstick from a tube: you need to take it out of the package with a special spatula, transfer it to a palette and then apply it with a brush. In practice, it is difficult to check whether the makeup artist did this – you need to carefully consider the product when buying. It is also important to pay attention to the shelf life of cosmetics.

I not only sold, but also bought cosmetics in groups of makeup artists. I took something that definitely does not need thorough disinfection, for example, dry shadows, and only from professionals.

I really liked the Huda Beauty palette. If there was an active wedding season in 2020, then I would not let it out of the hands of

Makeup artist can get discounts and free cosmetics from brands that are interested in cooperation. For example, MAC Cosmetics and Urban Decay give a 30% discount, NYX Cosmetics – 20%, Inglot – 10%. To do this, you need to fill out a questionnaire on the brand’s website and attach a training certificate. You may also need publications in the press, portfolio, confirmation of official employment.

Once I bought for 3000 R and received a lip liner for 400 R as a gift. Another time I took part in a competition and won a set of Korean cosmetics from the K Beauty Club store. Gifts that I didn’t need I resold to makeup artists.

My complete set of cosmetics and hair products fits on a separate shelf. Together with curling irons and some of the brushes that were not shown in the photo, everything costs about 40,000 rubles. A bag on wheels for transporting cosmetics was presented to me for my birthday.It costs 12,700 R. This is not the most expensive professional bag: there are also 30,000 rubles. There are products that I have not bought for the first time and that I recommend to clients and colleagues. For example, such a base under the MAC shadow. This is my second or third tube, and I always have it in my case of MAC Refreshing Facial Mist. If you need to very quickly prepare your face for makeup, then this is the best tool.

What else can you earn and save on

In order to earn more, I decided to learn how to do hairstyles, eyebrow correction and coloring.These services are in great demand, and few materials are needed. I took hairstyling courses for 20,000 RUR at the Love and Diamond school, and eyebrows for 10,000 RUR at Make-up Religion.

30,000 R

I spent on courses on hairstyles, eyebrow correction and dyeing

Materials for hairstyles and eyebrow care were much cheaper: 5000 R for basic sets for each service. For hairstyles, combs, a curling iron, hair sprays and hairpins were needed, for eyebrows – paints, tweezers, disinfectants, a glasperlen sterilizer, eye patches for dyeing eyelashes, cotton pads, sticks, a thread to remove hairs.These services helped pay for the makeup, and were taken into account in my budget on an equal basis with it.

The demand for eyebrow shaping and coloring was high in comparison with makeup: in six months I received 15 orders. But the price tag was also low by the standards of Moscow: 600 R for complete care.

Hairstyles, as a rule, I did together with make-up. For them, I took 1000-2000 R, depending on the complexity.

I also managed to save money on professional development. For the sake of master classes, I went to Murom, where my mother lives. The prices are lower there than in Moscow, and the speakers are the same. For example, a master class on evening hairstyles can be taken in Moscow for 8000 RUR, and in Murom – for 5500 RUR

I invested money from the sale of perfumery or an old hair dryer in the development of my profession. For example, I sold two almost whole bottles of perfume for 3000 R each and paid for a course on weaving braids for 6000 R.

It looks like an extended set for hairstyles: curling iron, iron, corrugation, various varnishes and styling products. It’s better to bring everything to the bride’s hairstyle rehearsal Laying for a neighbor for 1500 R.This is the fastest and easiest way to work with hair. It seems that braiding such a braid is simple, but it took a lot of time to prepare the hair. Therefore, the price is higher: 1800 R Certificate of completion of a master class for advanced training. I paid 3500 RUR for it in 2017, and now for such a price you can only find courses on the Internet I work at the bride’s house – I will do my hair and makeup

How much do I make from makeup

After the first two orders, I decided to compare expenses and income. It turned out that I spent 75,000 R on training and cosmetics, and earned only 1200 R. This was in June 2016. The numbers upset me. I decided to keep the makeup artist’s budget and set myself a goal for the year: to earn 25,000 R to cover the cost of cosmetics.

I kept the makeup artist’s budget in the usual table in Excel. If I received 1000 R for makeup, then I did not forget to write down the cost of renting a dressing room in a photo studio. It cost from 150 R to 400 R per hour.

Now I do daytime makeup for 1600 R.For Moscow, this is not much, on average such a service costs 2000-4000 R. Since this is not my main occupation, I can dump in order to attract more clients and satisfy my thirst for creative work.

From June 2016 to June 2017, I overfulfilled the plan twice and earned 50,000 R. It turned out to recoup not only the materials, but also the training. And over time, I developed a rule: I spend only the money that I earn as a make-up artist, and not as a marketer, to develop myself as a makeup artist.

In 2019, I earned R 52 950 as a make-up artist, and spent R 15 950 on cosmetics. I spent another 9,000 rubles on participation in master classes.

My first plan / fact. I planned to earn 25,000 R in a year, but fulfilled my goal in six months. The first records of expenses three months after studying at a makeup school – I spent 23 140 R 90 130 in total. Balance with the main job

My fears that the work of the makeup artist would interfere with the main one did not come true.Make-up artist services on weekdays from 9:00 to 18:00 are not very in demand. Photo sessions are most often held in the evening or on weekends, and weddings are mostly on Saturdays. For four years, the only difficulties were with graduation: I had to agree on a late start to the working day in the office or take a vacation.

Some friends were worried that I would quit my main job and plunge headlong into creative freelancing with vague prospects. Others, on the contrary, were insanely happy for me, admired my courage and determination.

The fact that I work for a corporation only benefited my creativity: my colleagues also became my clients, and sometimes I received large corporate orders from the employer. The proximity of my office to various business centers also played into the hands. During corporate events, I managed to quickly come to clients and paint several people at once. Also nearby were photographic studios where you could rent a place for a make-up artist.

What to do? 08/29/18

I work officially, but I also want to open LLC

My main job does not allow me to participate in shootings for brands and carry out corporate orders in other companies.It takes a whole day for this. I compared the cost of my working day as a marketer and the makeup artist’s fee for the project. If the second turned out to be more, then she took a vacation and worked as a make-up artist. But this did not happen often, only a couple of times a year.

Yet I don’t always take money for my work. In the photo I am doing makeup to the cheerleaders at the charity football match of the CF “Share the Warmth”


I still had no desire to work only as a make-up artist. Experience has shown that orders are often canceled, besides, agreements between the client and the makeup artist are rarely somehow fixed.Therefore, in the creative profession, you need a solid customer base or the desire and ability to constantly grow it.

During the coronavirus pandemic, I am glad that I did not completely change my activity and did not connect my life with the beauty industry. On the other hand, when it is over, there will be a boom in such services: everyone will start arranging and attending events, and the desire to look good will be stronger than ever. I hope that after the situation stabilizes, new orders and creativity await me.

Makeup in the center of Moscow inexpensive

Make-up in the center of Moscow is inexpensive and detailed consultation of a make-up artist in the form of a bonus

The make-up artist will not only perform make-up, but will also give you detailed advice – he will tell you about the peculiarities of the skin and face shape, tell you which shades you should pay attention to, and which ones will only highlight the flaws in your appearance.

Such consultations will be especially useful for young ladies who are just starting to use decorative cosmetics and still do not know how to emphasize the “bonuses” of their appearance or disguise flaws.

In addition, in our salons you can correct the natural shape of eyebrows, as well as undergo procedures for dyeing eyebrows and eyelashes – a master will help you choose the perfect shade that matches your color type!

What are the features of professional make-up at LUCK salon?

First of all, in its endurance! LUCK’s makeup artists use proven cosmetic products from world-renowned professional brands. Such makeup will not “float” and will not smear at the most crucial moment – you can dance all night long at a party without thinking about the state of tone or mascara.Professional cosmetics can withstand high humidity, spotlights or high temperatures much better. At the same time, due to its good composition, it feels comfortable on the skin and does not cause irritation.

Why it is worth doing make-up in the “LUCK” salon in Moscow:

Skillful face modeling

Using toning agents of different shades, the make-up artist will correct the shape of the face using the sculpting technique. Expressive cheekbones, chiseled chin and perfectly shaped forehead – all this can be created with the help of cosmetics and skillful hands!

Knowledge of trends

Our masters closely follow the trends in the field of make-up and cosmetic novelties – with our help you will always look stylish!

Wide range of colors and textures

Nude, matte, with mother-of-pearl or shimmer – in our work we use all possible means to implement even the most complex make-up!

Flawless Skill Level

Makeup artists of our salons are high-class professionals.With makeup from the LUCK team, you’ll hear tons of compliments and add a couple of selfies to Instagram for sure! Arrows smooth to a millimeter, an inconspicuous tone, perfectly accentuated lips – all this will say about you.

We are waiting for you in one of our studios near the Lubyanka, Chistye Prudy, Turgenevskaya, Park Kultury or Frunzenskaya metro stations! You can sign up or get answers to questions about the make-up service by phone: +7 (968) 825-85-03.

How to choose the right eye makeup

Hello, guests and regular readers of my blog!

You know that the correct eye makeup makes the face more beautiful, and the unsuccessful one can make a pretty girl a vulgar hedgehog grandma.So, in this post I am going to talk about how to choose eye makeup!

Each girl has a unique eye shape. In order to create the perfect visage that draws attention to the eyes, you should determine what kind of eyes you have and what color type they can be attributed to. The knowledge gained will help you easily create beautiful daytime or evening makeup.

How to do makeup to match your eye color?

To create a luxurious make-up for your individual eye color, you need to consider two nuances.

  1. If you apply a color that matches the shade of the iris to the lower eyelid, the effect will be amazing – the iris will be brighter!
  2. All professional makeup artists use the color wheel when combining shades of eyeshadow, and know how to combine eye color with a tint of the eye palette.

So, which shades are suitable for a particular eye shade:

  • For grays, the colors of steel, silver, as well as smoky, blue and yellow shades are excellent.
  • For blue – all shades of coffee, bronze, silver, lilac, gold, apricots, plum, swamp, lavender, rose, gold and rust.
  • For greens – the whole range of cream, brown, green, gold, lilac, red-brown, red-violet, burgundy, blue shades. It is best to choose dark shadows with a velvet effect.
  • For brown – all shades of blue, purple, green, peach, brown, pink, silver and gold.

For those with chameleon eyes, eg blue-gray, etc., you can combine the two colors to create one color of your choice. If you are choosing makeup for a dress, then I advise you to use the color wheel.

Types of eyes and make-up for them

Often girls do not like their type of eyes, which is given to them by nature, but in this case, I advise you not to get upset! After all, with the right makeup, you can easily visually correct the type of eyes. And, you can determine the shape of your eyes from your photo, it’s really simple. So, how to color different types of eyes correctly?

  • Eyes with downward corners. In this case, you draw the arrow at the edge of the eyelashes, and reaching the middle, where the eye begins to “fall”, pull the arrow slightly upward.Apply light shades under the eyebrow, and paint over the fold with dark shadows, and from it form a corner directed to the ends of the eyebrows. Only paint the upper eyelid with ink.

  • Puffy eyes. Shade the creases of the eyelids with dark and matte shadows along with the outer corner, and be sure to make a corner that stretches up to the tips of the eyebrows. It is recommended to apply lighter shadows under the eyebrow. This makeup is created without mascara.

  • Small eye shape.For the eyelids, gentle shades are suitable, they are painted dark from the center of the eyelid to the outer corner, after which they form a small line upward. With arrows drawn with a dark pencil at the edges of the eyes on the side of the upper eyelids, the eyes will visually become larger, the lower eyelid should be drawn in the shape of the eyes with a white pencil. In this case, it is better to do the makeup natural.

  • Wide-set eyes. With this type, juicy dark shades are used, which are applied to the eyes from the inside.It is best to paint over the middle of the eyes with ink.

  • Dropped eyelids. For girls with drooping eyelids, apply soft pastel shades under the eyebrow. Paint over the outer side of the eyelids with shadows of dark shades. Apply mascara to the upper eyelashes. It is best to draw the arrows with the eyes open in stages: first, the tail is formed, and then the line along the growth of the eyelashes, after which it all merges into one line.

  • Round eyes.For this type of eyes, light shades should be applied under the eyebrow, and the fold should be shaded with dark shades, paying attention to the outer corner of the eyes. Paint over the outer edge of the eyes with ink.

  • Close-set eyes. The corners of the eyes are painted over with dark shades, light – the inner corners and under the eyebrow. Draw the arrows outside the outer corner of the eyes, and paint over the lower eyelid with light shadows. To paint over extreme eyelashes with ink.

  • But for Asian eyes, there are other rules for makeup.Eyelashes should be curled with tweezers, and mascara is better for volume and length. The following are suitable for such girls: peach, cream, golden, creamy. Also, shadows of purple, dark blue and chocolate shades are applied to the edges of the eyes. But it is best to bring your eyes in light colors.

In order to prevent your make-up from “floating” in the heat, you should not rub in the cosmetic products, but rather pat them into the skin with patting movements. Replace the eyeliner with eyeliner or shadows; it is better to apply powder with a sponge, not a brush.I recommend doing a delicate pink eye makeup in the summer. And, of course, do not forget about the well-groomed and clean skin of the face!

How to learn to do makeup at home?

I’ll tell you right away, I’m not a make-up artist. I don’t know how you can learn how to do makeup on your own at home, I tried it on video lessons from YouTube, under various articles, but – I didn’t succeed very well. But recently, I can easily, quickly and competently do makeup for myself. In the article, I told you some of what I remembered from [urlspan] makeup courses [/ urlspan].Of course there is a lot more information and it is given in much more detail. I already wrote about them in more detail in the article “Is it worth taking make-up courses online” and I really liked them and made my life easier.

The main advantage of these courses is the low price of the courses, convenience and high quality of materials.

Many people know that on the Internet there is a lot of different information in the form of texts, photos and videos, by which you can learn. Video courses do not always allow you to study in more detail how to do makeup correctly step by step.This is due to the fact that each girl has an individual face structure and color type.

Therefore, training is best done with professional makeup artists, because this will save you time, nerves and money. It is best to do this online, when you have your own specialist who will carefully monitor how you do your homework and point out your own mistakes. And again, it really is much cheaper and saves time, but the result is simply gorgeous! And for this you do not need to go to school, stand in traffic jams, pay for parking and skip classes while traveling, since the training takes place at a distance level. Thus, you can really learn how to do beautiful makeup on yourself at home, and you will also know many different ideas on how to correct imperfections and emphasize the dignity of your face.

The best products to match your cosmetic bag

And now, I want to share with you about the decorative cosmetics that have been tested by me, and I added them with great pleasure to my cosmetic bag. Let me remind you that it is very important for me that cosmetics are not tested on animals and have, if possible, a safe composition.

  • E.L.F. Cosmetics, [urlspan] Mineral-rich mascara, [/ urlspan] black. If you want to be cheap and cheerful, not tested on animals and suitable for use in daytime make-up, check out this tool. This is a really good mascara that you can get for an affordable price, and it makes your lashes look chic without clumps in just two coats. She has a silicone brush.
  • [urlspan] E.L.F. Cosmetics, Get The Look, Eye Makeup Collection [/ urlspan]. A great set at the right price to practice creating the perfect base makeup. The set includes lengthening mascara, but I didn’t really like it. Not a bad pencil, hard enough to trace the mucous membrane and draw arrows. Great primer for eyes and shadows. The eyeshadows for this price are just great, but they don’t hold on well without a makeup base. There are no complaints about the base. I really liked the matte shades and went up to my blue eyes, but the shimmery somehow didn’t “catch” me.But I’m generally not a fan of glitter eyeshadows. It seems to me that if you decide to learn how to create everyday makeup and collect your first cosmetic bag, then take this set – you will not regret it!
  • [urlspan] E.L.F. Cosmetics, Eyeshadow, 80 Piece Set [/ urlspan]. This eyeshadow palette contains as many as 80 shades! This is a budget eyeshadow palette for those looking to experiment with their looks or learn how to be a makeup artist. This palette has both pros and cons. On the downside, some shadows look very transparent without a proper base.With the base, the palette simply has no equal, especially for such a price! From the pros – a huge number of different colors that will suit all girls.

Girls, as soon as I find a camera, I will immediately take a photo of these products. I tried it on the phone, nothing is really visible and not clear.

If you are looking for more expensive products that are also not tested on animals, then pay attention to

  • [urlspan] Pacifica, Natural Minerals, Supernatural Eyeshadow Palette, Mystic [/ urlspan].Not cheap mineral eyeshadows, but they are natural and beautiful! This palette includes four colors. They do not crumble, satin. I did make-up with them for parties, and for every day. I liked that they do not create dust, and, by the way, it is still cool to apply them with a wet brush. The product is made from natural ingredients: coconut, mica, macrocystis. Great for vegetarians! I had these shadows, but I crumpled them during the trip. Unfortunately. I will not order new ones, since I have two palettes from E.L.F. and they will be enough for me for a very long time.
  • Brand products [urlspan] Make Up Forever [/ urlspan]. The manufacturer declares that the products are not tested on animals. However, I heard that it may contain substances that have been tested on animals, as well as animal products. Therefore, vegans and vegetarians need to be careful with it and check the composition. I have friends who think that this is the best cosmetics. To be honest, I’ve never used it, but I trust the girls.

Now you know where to order cosmetic products so that your make-up is not only beautiful, but also does not harm other living beings. And brands that make safe and ethical decorating don’t have to be expensive!

PS Girls, just in case, keep the discount code for [urlspan] iherb.com [/ urlspan] – MQG930, if you order something there, you can save $ 5 -10 $.

And with this I say goodbye to you! Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog and share my articles on social networks!

Kisses to everyone, bye!

With love,

blog author Zelenkova Maria

Cosmetic flash mob: NARS | Blogger mashilda_glam_bestofthebest at SPLETNIK.RU 24 November 2021

Before my long list of preferences from NARS, a few words must be said about the creator and history of the brand.

François Nars, a graduate of the famous Parisian make-up school Carita (Laura Mercier, for example), moved to New York in the 80s to pursue a career as a make-up artist, worked at shows for many years before earning a name for himself. The first launch of the personalized cosmetics was carried out in 1994 at the Barneys department store in New York, then the entire collection consisted of only 12 lipsticks.In 1999, being already a super-famous makeup artist, he convinced Shiseido to invest in the development of his ideas for a full-fledged makeup line named after him (in particular, he owns the patent for a multifunctional stick for lips, eyes and cheeks). And since 1999, NARS has existed in the cosmetics market, and has always occupied a separate place: they have never had aggressive promotion, high-profile advertising campaigns, television advertising, they do not fill up bloggers with PR mailings. François Nars has always preferred to stay away from PR and has built the brand policy in the same way.In addition to cosmetics, François Nars is fond of photography, arranges personal exhibitions and just 2 weeks ago presented to the public the second book-album of his photo project PERSONA, where famous models, actresses, athletes are portrayed against a strict black background. The book is sold at the stands of the brand.

The NARS brand in Russia is sold offline in Letual, online can be bought at Cultbeauty, Feel Unique, Ulta and other well-known online cosmetic stores.

Today I am proud that by the time I was 30 I had overcome my obsessive desire to buy all the beautiful new cosmetics right away as compensation for my lack of money and was able to streamline the amount of decorative items I buy.True, you can’t tell by the length of this post

In my subjective opinion, one of the best makeup brands. With NARS, there are no unpleasant surprises and disappointments, the eyeshadows will always be pigmented and perfectly shaded, lipsticks will hold, blush will refresh. For this, I prefer NARS to everyone else over the years, this is the reinforced concrete foundation of my day and evening make-up, I have a rich experience with them, I can sing odes to the brand for a long time, let’s move from lyrics to practice.

My first acquaintance with the brand began with the eyeshadow palette NARSissist LOADED 2018

This is the first cosmetic purchase of the suite, which immediately turned out to be a jackpot: it has never disappointed me with anything over the years of use. 16 shades from base nude to deep dark brown to deep black. It is precisely thick and dense in color, because in 90% of eye shadow palettes of any brands, black is always the most unfortunate color, it is dusty, bald and in fact dirty gray, not dense charcoal, and these, as they say, are two big differences.The eyeshadows are the best in my life, they are perfectly pigmented, they are well typed on the brush and easily give off color even on the bare eyelid without a primer, they are shaded in two strokes.

Plus sign: the body of the palette opens 180 degrees, it is convenient to do eye makeup, looking directly into the palette.

Verdict: I recommend it to everyone. It seems that the palette in the range as if red and fair-skinned will not work – this is not so, I am a very pale-faced northern woman, there are gray and light cream colors in the palette, which will give coldness to any of the red shades, if your skin tone needs it.

Eyeshadow palette NARSissist WANTED 2018

Another 16 palette, already from the summer collection, bright sparkling shades, there is 1 pure glitter for experimentation, there are bright red and copper shades and several basic ones. I won’t write about it for a long time, it’s just good for everyone – quality, color, shading.

Limited Edition Eyeshadow Palette NARS HYPED Studio 54

The Studio 54 collection was released for the New Year 2019-2020 and is made in the appropriate style of club parties.16 shades with a satin and shimmery finish will make you the star of any occasion. I will not be honest, fans of the brand (including myself) bought it exclusively for the sake of two completely new colors for the brand – the coral pink LADY MARMALADE and the wild fuchsia EXXXCESS (you will notice them in the picture right away). The shadows are naturally cool, bright, pigmented, velvety – a dream. The launch of the Studio 54 collection was frenetic, now the palette is not widely available.

Palette for face NARS OVERLUST

In this case, I didn’t need another palette of powdery textures for the face at all, but I bought into a luxurious package: the lid, repeating the relief of the flowing crumpled satin, bribed me with aesthetics.And inside was an excellent working product. The top row – three shades of highlighters, and not dry powdery at all, but semi-creamy satin textures, they give a noticeable shine. Bottom row – dry blush textures, standard working shades. I can also safely recommend this palette as a necessary thing if you regularly apply facial relief with blush and highlighter. Naturally, all these products work just as well for centuries, as always with NARS.

My favorite makeup collection NARS – collaboration with Charlotte Gainsbourg 2017

Charlotte, as an icon of French casual chic, opened a limited line of products for light makeup in the “style of a real Parisian”: minimal skin coverage without masking functions, but with additional hydration, translucent blush for morning freshness and always bright glossy lips in red or burgundy, plus Charlotte was Charlotte wouldn’t have if she hadn’t added a bit of rock around her eyes – infernal blue and marsh green shadows and liners.

The whole collection looks like this

She quickly became super popular, she was praised by Vogue, she was praised by make-up artists, later she, initially limited, was reissued every year in a small edition, and some especially stubborn fans of the collaboration (and your humble servant among them) managed to catch single products of this line until 2021 … However, all good things come to an end, this series will no longer be released. Therefore, I personally ran and immediately bought for the future use 2 cans of the following my favorite products from this collection:

Hydrating Glow Tint light tone with a radiant effect

With this foundation in 2017, I began the era of liquid and superfluid foundations and a fundamentally new look at makeup in my life.I realized that I no longer want to do my best to mask with primer-grout and a dense tone like Double-wear from Estee Lauder my enlarged pores on the nose, my always crimson from the vessels close to the skin of the cheeks. I realized that I like the uneven texture of my skin, and I love when it is visible, and not the total blur with the Photoshop effect. Since then, I have been practicing this approach to makeup to this day, and it was this tint from Charlotte that taught me to it.

By properties: liquid, delicate, easily spreads over the face with fingers or a brush, this tone is so light that it will not fall into any pores, it cannot be applied ugly or unevenly, it will settle down and adapt itself to the skin tone, while the finish is radiant not shimmer or glitter, but natural light diffusion.Tint has already been discontinued at the moment, although there may be a few unsold copies left somewhere. When my 3 cans of him run out, I will miss him.

Multiple tint multi-tint stick, 3 shades

Universal texture for lips, eyes, cheeks, translucent shades. These are the classic patented NARS sticks: back in 1994, François Nars presented his technique to the world, where he did all the model’s makeup with one lipstick.This idea revolutionized the world of make-up and formed the basis of the most recognizable product of NARS. My favorite is a stick in the classic red shade Alice, I advise everyone in general for all occasions, on any part of the face, it looks especially gentle on the eyelids, the best way out when there is no time or you don’t want any shadows, eyeliners, pencils, plus the stick is very convenient to use on the run, at work, during a break. Fear not, the effect of Bridget Jones at the legal advice dinner will definitely not be – this is a very light pigmentation, it is impossible to overdo it with it.If you share a makeup approach that is as light and invisible as possible, this tool will become your best friend.

2019 for NARS was marked by the 20th anniversary of the brand and its legendary Orgasm shade – that very girly pink with a light coral undertone and the smallest soft shimmer that made NARS famous all over the world and to this day remains the brand’s best-selling product in the world. All women’s magazines such as Allure, Harpers Bazaar, Marie Claire have called this shade the most universal shade of freshness on the face of any woman at any age for 20 years and from year to year recognize it as a must-have for every women’s cosmetic bag.And pushy marketing aside, the shade is good! Show me a woman he didn’t adorn, and you can throw a stone at me.

Three classic black packages of the first iconic NARS Orgasm products will be recognized by every girl, because either she has used them at least once, or she has definitely seen and dreamed of buying.

For the anniversary, NARS released a separate collection of the Orgasm shade in all possible guises at once:

Makeup collection NARS Orgasm 2019

– blush with shimmer (classic)

– oil-tint for lips (caring oil with a tint, there are many who have similar products, for example, Lip Comfort Oil Clarins, nothing special)

– liquid highlighter

– palette of cream products for face

The last two are my favorites in this collection.

Orgasm Liquid Highlighter

Very, very liquid, no wonder it is with a pipette. The most delicate water with the most delicate pink shine (lighter and more transparent than the classic version of Liquid Orgasm) that I have met, it is easily driven in where it needs to be. The shade will suit everyone in general. Don’t be afraid of super fluid textures in your makeup, they look much softer and more natural than powdery ones. The composition contains oils, so the texture peels off easily in a bottle, if not used every day, you need to shake well before applying.A clever latch lock in the bottle cap prevents self-opening and spills in the bag while traveling.

The closest analogue of this product is a liquid pink highlighter with a pipette from Lumene Invisible Illumination in the shade Rosy Dawn

Face Cream Palette Endless Orgasm

6 cream-gel textures, 6 degrees of Orgasm (judging by the names of each color): 2 with a soft satin shine, 2 with a fine shimmer, 2 with noticeable metallic sparkles.Luxurious packaging again – heavy and convex lid, like a rose quartz crystal.

Usually creamy textures in makeup are advised for dry skin or aging skin – they fit better, spread more easily than dry ones on dry skin. My skin is more oily, but the creamy and fluid textures are my favorites. I love them because they always leave the woman the right to make mistakes – there will never be dirt, you will never have to redo your makeup, I missed and applied too much – beat it with your fingers for 10 seconds.longer, and everything will settle down as if it had never happened, or brush it over with the remnants of concealer – this will not work with powdery textures, you have to be more sophisticated so as not to smudge everything into dirt.

Tip: do not apply this product with brushes or wet / dry sponges, only blur the surface of the refills and hardly transfer the shade. The cream-gel textures melt from the warmth of your fingers when immersed in the refill, you will feel it when you try, and only with warm fingers they are captured and transferred to the skin in maximum pigmentation.

This palette was later copied by many budget brands in subsequent years, even the shades and layout were repeated: there is a MakeUp Revolution highlighter blush palette, and Sleek has the same. I tested them, however, it’s not the same, “wrong coat”. Not such an ideal delicate texture, but some kind of rough, as if dried out, cream like for shoes, and even with a metallic inside. The quality of NARS is an order of magnitude higher (well, the price is several times higher).

The following are non-collectible products that I can recommend.

Matte Soft Matte Complete Foundation

A very popular matte tone of dense coverage without the effect of a greenhouse and a mask, almost 40 shades from the lightest shade Siberia, which is super popular among light Russians (if you, like me, are pale with a cold pink undertone, then the Oslo shade will be ideal). Does not slip off the face, with good uniform coverage and 4+ minimum coverage, an unmistakable foundation for those who prefer a face without shine.

Bronzer NARS Laguna

This is the second most legendary shade of NARS cosmetics after Orgasm, another “gold standard” of the brand. Just as in the case of Orgasm, NARS released it in many variations: dry, stick, cream and liquid, matte and very gold, single and double, dark options. Excellent bronzer, more or less versatile shade. However, completely white-skinned and pink-skinned, I would not recommend it, there is too much reddishness and gold, but for people with a neutral and warm skin tone, it is super.

NARS Tinted Glow Booster

One of my all-time favorite NARS products, find in 2019. For all very light-skinned people, like me, I recommend the lightest shade KALVOYA, there are 4 colors in total. However, I would deliberately not refer to this remedy as a “radiant tint” as the translation suggests. Despite the fact that in a glass bottle it looks like a foundation, in fact it has a minimal tint, almost transparent, and it does not transfer to the skin with color, but exists only as a flesh substrate for radiance.Very soft diffused shine, no shimmers or glitters. The booster gives a very wide range of methods of application: if you want to make your matte tone not quite matte – add to the foundation, if you want – apply with a concealer under the eyes to combat tired eyes, you can use it as a base for eyeshadow, as a highlighter on the protruding areas of the face, like a lipstick topper – in short, wherever and however you want.

NARS Super Radiant Booster Super Radiant Booster

Another shine booster, but with a different finish.It is a gel-cream with a lot of gold shimmer and a noticeable grind. It does not have a backing to match the skin tone, it is transparent, only a scatter of fine gold dust remains on the skin. NARS suggests mixing it into a day cream or foundation, too, but I don’t know who wants the gold dusting effect on face cream. Personally, I would refer this tool purely to highlighters – this is not a glow enhancer, it is a golden highlighter with sparkles for accent local application on the face, neckline, and even legs.For these purposes, it works much better than in a cream on the whole face.

Eyeliner Longwear Eyeliner in Mambo

I love to watch the make-ups of an Arab professional make-up artist from Dubai Hindash (who has not heard, search Hindash on YouTube, he has cool short useful videos without idle chatter, working techniques and make-up secrets). He is as much a NARS fan as I am and has often used the High-Pigmented Longwear Eyeliner in Mambo for his makeup.On a tip from Hindash, I ran and bought it, although the pencil in my makeup is a very rare guest. And it turned out to be an excellent persistent pencil of a rare beautiful clay-brown shade without unnecessary reddishness and shimmer. In 2018, Hindash and I were worried that our favorite pencil and unique shade were being removed from production, it would be a tragedy, I have never seen such a shade in other brands in my entire life. But, fortunately, the shades were not removed, they were re-released in a gel, slightly softer for a slimy formula, but with the same durability.

Mascara NARS Climax

This mascara in Russia causes a lot of smiles because of the name. If anything, Climax is not an age-related climax, but a culmination (in sex, well, like Orgasm shades, marketing is on the verge of decency). Ink volume + length, a synthetic brush of the usual form, separates and colors well. I must say right away that I have no problems with eyelashes, they are of normal density and, plus, have a natural sharp bend, so I do not need curling and special volume.But I wear contact lenses every day and have sensitive eyes, so I demand from any mascara: 1) no rubber and plastic on the brush 2) so that God forbid, God forbid, the lenses do not fall off.

Reviews of Climax mascara are very contradictory: half scolds for the lack of volume and curling, half considers it the best mascara in the world. I am from the second half – for me this is an ideal mascara, it does not crumble, does not make lumps, does not imprint, makes eyelashes a little better than natural ones. As beautiful as Chanel Le Volume de Revolution.But I realize I can’t recommend it to everyone: if you build up and are used to super volume and fans, Climax will disappoint you. Well, the abilities that twist it up are not great.

Summing up the conversation about NARS cosmetics, I would highlight 2 of its main advantages:

1) the most versatile products that do not require a special application technique and heaps of brushes / sponges that simplify everyday makeup. NARS kind of tell us: enough dancing with tambourines around the makeup, enough mountains of cans, wash your hands, take one product and apply it as you want, wherever you want, and here’s your makeup.

2) a wide range of “make-up without make-up” products. For those who do not want to paint a “new face” for themselves, but wants to proudly wear their own as it is, NARS offers a variety of products for easy highlighting, easy color alignment, light coverage, light tanning – anything that will not overshadow your own beauty. Choose from liquid radiance boosters, Orgasm and Lagoon illuminators, multi-functional sticks, they can form the base of your daily makeup.

And where without objective criticism.The main complaint is a rare renewal of the assortment, only one collection a year, and most often it is just new beautiful cases and old contents. Most of their seasonal palettes are the same shades of eyeshadow and blush / bronzer in different combinations, plus a new bright case – the same products are released year after year in doubles, then in fours, then in a large palette. Already on the third palette, you begin to understand that you paint with the same colors, just from different boxes. This, it seems to me, is both a plus and a minus of this brand – it is so constant that you always know what you will get with it.But it is not their method to surprise you with the frequent change of assortment in pursuit of mass popularity. NARS will never run after customers, they just are on the market, and it’s up to you whether to go to them.

It is impossible to end the conversation about NARS without mentioning that they also have a very small series of NARSSkin face care, which few have heard of, and in Russia the care line is not presented at all. The series is designed as minimalist as makeup, only in completely white color.

Among the products there is nothing unexpected: exfoliant, day, night and eye cream, toner, serum.No active compounds, acids, retinoids, nothing serious, just beautiful base jars for problem-free skin. Customer reviews for care seem to be quite positive, but I do not really believe them, since I can not imagine that there may be a person working on a face with such a composition. From the series I bought only Luminous Moisture Cream (pictured on the left), a regular cream, I didn’t make it worse, but better too. So far, I don’t see anything in NARSSkin that could attract a woman who cares about her skin, but in the price range of $ 60-80 per jar, you can find more decent care.

Sometime in 2008-2010. magazines like Cosmo had a regular column where stars were asked: “If you suddenly had to give up all your makeup and leave only 3 makeup products, what would you choose?” If this question were asked to me, I would not hesitate to name these products, and they would all be NARS and they were all in this post: this is a universal stick from the collaboration with Charlotte Gainsbourg in the shade Alice, this is a Tinted Glow shine booster in the shade Kalvoya as a highlighter, under-eye concealer and eyeliner shade and this is Climax mascara.

But in all honesty, these times would never have come, because I love my makeup, my table with jars, my wooden coffin with brushes. This is my little world of magic, my Narnia, or rather NARSnia, and I want her to stay with me forever.

90,000 How to take the perfect selfie

At the words “editor of a fashion publication”, shots from the film “The Devil Wears Prada” immediately pop up in front of my eyes.However, once in his place, you understand that reality is significantly different from expectations. Especially the rules of the game have changed with the advent of social networks. The pace of life has accelerated, there is much more information, and news travels in seconds. Every day we not only follow the news in the world and fashion bloggers, flipping through the feed on Instagram, but we ourselves share interesting events from our lives. Despite busy everyday life, there is always time for photos, because the creation of high-quality content for social networks and a website is no less important than for gloss.Therefore, having a smartphone with a high-quality camera at hand 24/7 is a must. Testing the Vivo V21 phone, I was once again convinced of this.


I wake up at 7:00, and, oddly enough, my morning begins with a scroll of the tape. You can call it addiction, but I consider this habit a “cost of the profession.” Then I begin my morning rituals. The first thing I do is prepare breakfast and, as soon as a masterpiece turns out, I immediately take pictures. Photo of dishes is another weakness of mine.While breakfast is cooling down and the photos are waiting for processing, I take a shower and take care of my skin using a roller, and apply creams and serums.

I can brighten up this routine process when I imagine myself as a model. I turn on my favorite music and take a few photos. In the morning, I may not look very presentable in the pictures, but after finding the “Beauty” function in the Vivo V21 smartphone, I finally breathed out a sigh of relief. I especially liked the naturalness of the effect.I smoothed my skin tone a bit and added some shine to my eyes. I used to use masks on Instagram, but more often I looked like a plastic doll than a living person.

After that I get down to make-up, hairstyle and image selection. At the same time, I watch topical interviews, programs or shows to keep abreast of all events in the world. I try on different looks and take selfies. To avoid monotony, I turn to the “Double Exposure” function. I combine my favorite floral background with my bright image – and the result is obvious: an original photo that will definitely attract the attention of my subscribers.It also lets you capture incredible scenery with vivid colors and high-quality detail and combine it with your portrait photography.

I take a few selfies before leaving, and now I’m ready to head to the office.


On the way to the office, I don’t let go of my phone – it not only helps me to capture the beauty of a melancholic autumn day, but also serves as a stylish addition to my look.The smartphone is very thin and light, with unusual beautiful colors that resemble a sunset. It shimmers with blue, yellow and red hues.

The day continues with the office routine. The team and I discuss ideas for new creative projects and finalize the editorial plan. Until the evening I am actively involved in writing materials and answering letters. Taking a break for rest, I manage to take photos of office plants that are in our office. On that day, the light of the setting sun fell on them impossibly beautifully.It’s hard to resist not capturing such beauty, right?


My evening often ends not with quiet reading of a book or watching a TV series, on the contrary – loudly, cheerfully and fussy. Events are an important part of our work. Glossy editors are regularly invited to various exhibitions, film premieres, awards ceremonies, press conferences, screenings and presentations. This week was no exception.Two outstanding events took place in Kiev at once – BFA and EDIDA. When going to such celebrations, it is important to pay attention to your appearance – to choose an outfit, jewelry, make up and hair.

Between gatherings, I quickly finish work and fly into a taxi with a bullet. I remember that I didn’t even have time to take a photo of my beautiful image before going out. It’s completely dark in the car, but I still decide to try my luck. It’s good that the Vivo V21 (“the king of selfies” as I later came to call it) has a 44MP OIS front-facing camera with dual illumination.It simulates studio lighting and makes my photos very bright. I had a choice between soft-light Aura mode and selfie flash on the left and right. I settled on the second option, as I needed heavy artillery. And thanks to high-quality optical image stabilization, my photo turned out to be clear, despite the fact that it was shaking in the car while driving on Kiev roads. You will see for yourself by looking at the photo.

Note that Vivo V21 is the only smartphone on the market equipped with optical image stabilization on a selfie camera.In addition, the smartphone quickly responded to all my momentary desires to use it. This is the merit of the MTK 800U eight-core processor (7 nm), which operates at speeds up to 2.4 GHz. This provided a very smooth multitasking experience.

You can never guess at events with photo lighting either. Often it is muted, which subsequently creates unwanted shadows in the pictures. But now I am calm. Vivo V21 with a 64MP main camera and optical image stabilization, as well as artificial intelligence, quickly copes with the lack of light and makes photos vivid, emphasizing details.

Returning home after midnight, I was surprised that my smartphone was almost empty, considering how often I used it.

All frames for this article were taken with the Vivo V21 smartphone.

90,000 Differences between wedding makeup and evening makeup: klepachsv – LiveJournal I’ve been carrying this article for a long time, so get ready, there will be a lot of letters)))

Quite often, clients ask me how wedding makeup differs from evening makeup (colleagues also often talk about such questions of clients , and some are even at a loss as to how to answer them).The fact is that the client is not interested in fundamental differences, but in why the price of wedding makeup is higher than that of evening makeup. So I decided to talk about the differences that affect, among other things, the price.



First, I’ll tell you the fundamental differences, and then I’ll tell you how I work and why the price is different for me.

1. It is believed that wedding makeup should be more durable and resistant than evening makeup, it must withstand everything: tears, laughter, kisses, weather surprises, heat, dancing until the morning.An evening make, as a rule, should last only a few hours. However, if an evening make-up is made to a guest invited to a wedding, then the durability and stamina should be the same as that of the wedding one.

My experience: I often do evening make-up no less lasting than wedding make-up. True, there are clients who ask not to apply a foundation, but to make only a correction, or ask to apply a light foundation, albeit less persistent. Well, here, as they say, the client’s desire is the law.I tell you what such makeup will withstand and what will not, and only upon obtaining the client’s consent do I make makeup less resistant.

2. Wedding makeup is often more delicate than evening makeup . However, this rule also does not always apply. Now themed weddings are in vogue, which require a themed make-up, sometimes quite bright and rich (for example, for retro or gangster weddings), or there are simply brave and creative brides (some even ask to draw something on their face).
But if the client does not ask for a bright make-up, then it is better not to experiment, because most classic brides prefer a gentle and light make-up for their wedding.
Evening make-up, often more intense.

My experience: although fundamental differences are indicated in this paragraph, they practically do not affect the price of makeup.

3. Point 3 is the most painful topic for many makeup artists. I’ll tell you in more detail.
Most often, makeup artists do evening make-up on their territory, and if you need to leave, then it is paid separately.But not every makeup artist will agree to go to the evening make-up. Wedding make-up involves going out. Well, here it is clear that on such an exciting day, when every minute counts, the bride has no time to go to the makeup artist and hairdresser herself. Consequently, many makeup artists include departure in the cost of wedding makeup, though not all, some take it separately for departure, in addition to the price for a make-up.
In addition to the departure as such and the costs of the makeup artist for a taxi or gasoline, the makeup artist spends time on the way back and forth, at this time it was possible to take another client (I know makeup artists who charge a double fare for leaving for this very reason, and rightly so, if you think logically).In addition, going to the bride is often a very early departure, and who is comfortable getting up so early and going somewhere with a suitcase at the ready? Hence, again, the margin.
We must not forget that it is more comfortable for any makeup artist to work in his specially equipped office, where there are comfortable mirrors, certain lighting, a chair with adjustable height (which, well, sooo saves the back of the makeup artist). And what about the bride’s house? Running, bustle, some kind of panic, working conditions are “field”: there is always a problem with the mirror, I generally keep quiet about lighting.

My experience: this point for me is the main one in increasing the price (but not the only one). Of course, it’s more convenient for me to do makeup in my office. In fact, it doesn’t matter to me whether it will be evening or wedding makeup (it happens that the brides themselves come to me, but this is not as often as I would like), more important is comfort at work.

4. This is also a very important point affecting the price.
To begin with, there are different types of makeup: daytime, evening, wedding, photomakeup, competition, catwalk, creative, etc.
The fact is that evening make-up is just evening, and wedding make-up is several types in one (this is day, evening, and photo make-up). That is, it should look good in daylight, while not getting lost in artificial light (registry office, banquet hall), and be sure to look good in photos and videos. Agree that this is not an easy task. It is quite simple to make any of these make-ups separately, but all together … Yet they are too different, but in execution they are practically opposite.“But nothing is impossible” – I will say, as a professional in my field))

My experience: is a really difficult task, that is why the light in my office is equipped so that it is possible to see the make-up under different lighting conditions and even, if desired, take a photo and see how it looks in the photo. That is why I don’t go out for trial makeup, I go out only on the wedding day. At least on a test make-up, I want to see how certain textures will look on the bride under different lighting conditions, and this I can only do in my office (or in another specially equipped place).

PS: maybe a little off topic, but I want to add about the obligatory trial makeup for brides (rehearsal of wedding makeup) . This is not something to skimp on when preparing for your wedding. With the same success, in pursuit of savings, you can generally put on makeup yourself. The wedding day is too nervous to experiment anymore. It is better to choose an image in advance (including experimenting). In addition, during the rehearsal process, the makeup artist will tell you what to buy in order to touch up or refresh your makeup during the day (for example, where to buy a matched lip gloss, etc.).etc.).
If the bride decides not to rehearse her wedding makeup, then there is a risk that on the wedding day the master will do the wrong makeup that the bride had in mind (elementary, just the peculiarities of the bride’s presentation of thoughts and the peculiarities of the makeup artist’s perception of information can play a cruel joke). In addition, the perception of a person does not always coincide with how it looks in reality on a particular person. Therefore, it is better to save the wedding day from experimentation.
Make-up rehearsal is a standalone service that is paid for separately (it often costs like evening make-up).Different masters do test makeup in different ways. For example, I do a complete makeup test, preferably in the morning, so that the bride has the opportunity to walk around with the makeup all day and see how it looks and holds up. Trial make-up does not oblige the bride to invite this particular master on her wedding day to do her make-up. You can try to make make-ups from different masters and choose the one you like best. After all, here, often, there are no good or bad masters (although anything can happen), there is simply “your master” and “not your master”.I heard how well-known and highly paid makeup artists were criticized and beginners were praised, this happens sometimes simply because the tastes of the bride and the master simply did not coincide.

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