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Whether you’re planning a graduation party, a Hawaiian luau, or a baby shower for family and friends, our latex party balloons, foil helium balloons, and helium tank kits give you everything you need for a lighter-than-air celebration.

With one of the biggest and best selections of latex and foil balloons, and with plenty of balloon weights and accessories to match, we offer a balloon for every taste, budget, occasion, and party theme.

Are you looking to make a statement? Try a singing balloon to deliver your birthday message, or a giant gliding balloon that “walks” when pulled. These monster foil balloons stand up to 5 feet tall and are refillable like beach balls. They have tough plasticized hides and self-sealing valves that keep the loss of helium or air to a minimum.

Personalize your party with balloons that can be customized with a message or photo.  Custom foil  balloons can be given as thoughtful gifts or used as unique party decorations.

A Balloon for Every Occasion

Foil and latex balloons add a decorative touch to any event. Use pink and blue balloons for baby showers and gender reveal parties. Spice up your fiesta with Cinco de Mayo balloons. And celebrate every special moment with balloons that match your party theme, holiday gathering, or special occasion. Weddings, graduations, birthdays and baby showers – if there’s a special party, we offer the right balloons to brighten it up.

Sports fans will find their bliss at Party City, where we carry a huge selection of NFL, NBA, MLB, and even NHL balloons printed with your favorite team’s logo on both sides. The inventory includes most major league franchises, and given an occasional shot of helium, these durable foil balloons will remain aloft just as long as your fan support.

Buy Online, Pick Up at Your Local Party City Store

Every foil balloon you purchase online comes with the cost of helium included. Simply take the balloon and your receipt to local Party City for a helium fill at no extra charge. Even better, you can purchase balloons online and choose the option of picking them up at a store near you, already inflated.

How Much Does It Cost to Get Balloons Filled With Helium?

When you buy foil balloons from Party City, we fill them for free at the store. When you buy latex balloons from us, we can fill them in store for a small fee. And if you purchase your balloons from another store, your local Party City can fill those with helium, too! Prices vary by location and not all balloons can be filled with helium, so it’s a good idea to call ahead. If you prefer to fill balloons yourself, we also offer small and large helium tanks that are perfect for parties or events.

Blog – The Difference Between Helium and Air Filled Balloons

Even though most people know there is a difference between helium and air filled balloons, when asked what those differences mean, few companies explain. If you are interested in purchasing helium or air filled balloons for decorations and want to make sure that you get the right kind, the information provided will help.

The simple answer is that one type of balloon is filled with helium and the other air. The balloon itself is actually the same. However, as you can see from the information listed below, there are many additional differences.

  • Lasting Time – If you have decided on balloon decorations and get stuck on the question, “How long do latex helium balloons last?” you need to worry about that, since latex balloons filled with helium without the Hi-Float treatment inside will usually last about 8 to 10 hours. Helium-filled foil or Mylar balloons will stay afloat for about three to four days. In fact, there are certain balloon brands that will stay inflated up to three weeks. However, when taken outdoors, the float time can diminish greatly as the heat increases the rate at which the helium escapes. Balloons inflated with air can last much longer. This is because the helium molecule is very small and easily escapes the balloon material.
  • Cost – Typically, balloons filled with helium are more expensive than those filled with air, but considering they float, they are a worthwhile investment. Air-filled balloons do not float.
  • Messages, Graphics, and Designs – One similarity between the two types of balloons is that both can be can be enhanced with written messages, graphics, and designs. However, while Mylar (foil) balloons filled with helium come in unique shapes like dinosaurs, animals, characters, and so on, there are limitations to the shapes available for latex balloons. Especially for children’s parties, helium-filled Mylar balloons are a big hit.
  • Refilling – As long as you consider reusable items and hesitate in selecting mylar vs latex balloons, keep in mind balloons refilling functions. Latex balloons that are tied off and filled with air cannot be refilled. In comparison, helium Mylar balloons can be refilled with more helium once they start to deflate.
  • Substance – Unlike balloons filled with air, helium balloons are filled with an odorless, colorless, and tasteless natural gas.
  • Density – Because helium is lighter than air, balloons filled with this gas can float.

Helium and air balloons: pros and cons

Contrary to popular belief, the composition of inflatable balloons will be enjoyable not only for a child. A wide variety of shapes and colors allows you to use the balloon composition for decorating any event. Throwing a noisy party, organizers often doubt which ones to choose: helium balloons vs air balloons.

Balloons filled with helium are trendy today. We use them to decorate homes, street scenes, and for marketing event venues. You can make a beautiful bouquet for greeting a child or a declaration of love to a girl. The main disadvantage is their price, but several benefits can make you pick up helium balloons.

  • Helium is entirely harmless for humans and nature. This gas is non-toxic and non-explosive. Thus, parents may give balloons filled with it to children.
  • Unlike air-filled balloons, helium balloons can float for a day to weeks. The duration of the flight depends on the material. For example, latex gas percolates through faster, and foil models hold it inside longer.
  • Any balloon is suitable for helium filling: round and long latex, fancy foil balloons. They differ in size, shape, color, and texture. You can choose the best decor or gift for any celebration.
  • It’s not necessary to arrange a firework show to impress your guests. It’s much cheaper to release helium balloons into the sky. The ceremony is romantic and stunning. All people gathered will be spellbound as they look at the light balloons and make wishes.

There are situations when the balloons are not critical or unnecessary. For example, if you need to create an arch or a decorative composition of balloons. Then, it is enough to get a pump, filling the balloons with air.

Best ways to use helium balloons

Do you prefer to decorate the interior with helium balloons? No problem! There are a few ideas for you on how to decorate your night.

An excellent idea to brighten up your accommodation for St. Valentine’s Day or wedding anniversary, balloons on which your photos are pre-printed will do. This decor would be a good idea for celebrating a date together. You can make decorations with an element of romance and entertainment. Wrap the helium balloon in tulle, tie it with a satin ribbon or attach a live flower. You can leave a love message or an exciting task for your partner at the end of the braid.

A New Year’s Eve party has a unique atmosphere, which glittering balloons can emphasize. You will need some glue, glitter and helium balloons. In one container, pour the glitter, and in another, you need to pour the glue. Inflate the balloons, tie them with tape and drop them into the glue, then into the glitter and wait until they dry. Decorate the room with balloons, using a braid of different lengths.

Sometimes you feel a lack of time to create 3D figures. But you want to impress your guests. In that case, you should blow up balloons with helium and attach a weight to the end of the ribbon—place balloons around the room on different surfaces. Sweets or small gifts may be suitable as weights.

Where is it best to use air balloons?

It’s not so challenging to decorate a room with balloons. For example, you can just hang them up in a chaotic order. But you will hardly ever surprise guests with this decoration. Is it possible to repeat the designers’ work with your own hands? Let’s leave refined shapes to the professionals, but you can try to make a simple decor yourself.


You can make an arch without a frame, for example, by stringing a few helium balloons on a fishing line. But frame structures look much more spectacular.

Fill balloons with air and fix them to the base. You may choose one color, but two or three shades look better. Then, connect the balloons in a spiral or focus on one color, for example, white, and then dilute it with blue. To make your balloons hold their shape longer, fill them with air, not helium.


It is best to decorate with improvised fruit for children’s and themed celebrations. Instead of helium balloons, it is better to take air-filled balloons and hang them on a fishing line as a garland. For example, if you have a summer party outdoor, you may create fruit or vegetable garlands. If you want to make a watermelon, draw light lines on a green balloon.

For strawberries, red balloons will do with black dots painted in black. Besides, you need to attach leaves made from paper to the tail. Hang all the fruit in random order on a fishing line.


If you like balloon bouquets, you may create them for yourself, even at home. For example, for anniversaries, you can make a bouquet of hearts. You will need a set of balloons in the shape of tiny hearts, a bunch of twisting balloons, and a basket. Blow up hearts and stems, connect them, and put the bouquet in the basket.

Choosing the Perfect Helium or Air Filled Balloons for Decorations

Regardless of which type of balloon you like best, there are advantages and disadvantages of each. The good news is that both types of balloons come in an array of colors, sizes, and shapes, making them perfect for any special occasion. Whether used for a birthday party, anniversary party, housewarming, wedding reception, as a pick-me-up for someone in the hospital, the possibilities are endless.

Balloons.online is a premier choice for high-quality balloons, whether filled with helium or air.

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Foil or Mylar Balloons FAQ


What are foil balloons?

Foil balloons look like shiny silver metal when plain, although they are often printed. Unlike latex balloons, foil balloons are not porous, so air does not leak out of them easily, as long as they are properly sealed. Foil balloons are also not biodegradable, as they’re made from synthetic materials.

How long will a foil balloon remain floating when inflated with helium?

Our 17 inch foil balloons can float perfectly around 3-4 days before the balloon starts to deflate slightly. Our selection of 40 inch foil balloons will float perfectly around 10 days before the same process starts to happen. Both the 17 inch and 40 inch foil balloon will then last another 1-2 weeks in this condition and then progressively deflate further. Generally, 9 inch foil balloons are designed only to be inflated with air. 

How long will a foil balloon remain inflated when filled with air? 

When filled with air, the foil balloon will not float and will need a balloon cup and stick to hold the balloon up. The 17 inch and 40 inch foil balloons will remain inflated for approximately 1 month before it starts to deflate, while the mini 9 inch foil balloons can remain inflated for approximately 2 years. 

What size and types of foil balloons are available?

We sell small 9 inch, medium 14 inch and large 40 inch foil balloons for every occasion, including birthdays, baby showers, Valentine’s Day and more. See the complete range here.

What is a foil balloon made of? 

Foil balloons are made of nylon that is covered with a layer of aluminium. These materials are specially coated to give the balloon their foil-like appearance. They do not carry the risk of allergic reaction. 

How do I seal a foil balloon?

For self-sealing foil balloons, remove the nozzle from the foil balloon and press the valve flat to seal. For 9 inch foil balloons, a heat sealer is required. To ensure a tight seal, lay the tail of the foil balloon over the bar, making sure there are no creases in the material before application. A correctly inflated foil balloon should be tight with uniformly spaced creases along the seam.

Can I refill a foil balloon?

Foil balloons can be refilled if they have a self-sealing valve. Our 9 inch foil balloons do not have a self-sealing valve and needs to be heat sealed. Our 17 inch and 40 inch foil balloons can be refilled because they have a self-sealing valve. The 17 inch and 40 inch foil balloons can be re-inflated 2 or 3 times before the valve becomes unreliable.

How do I inflate a small sized foil balloon? 

All 9 inch foil balloons are designed exclusively for air inflation as they cannot hold enough helium to float. Small foil balloons are made with a valve inside the tail at the bottom of the balloon. The valve has to be opened to inflate or deflate the balloon. We suggest pushing a drinking straw gently up the stem until you feel resistance, that’s the valve. Push slightly past the valve to establish an airway. Use your fingers to seal the balloon around the straw. You can then inflate the balloon by blowing into the end of the straw. If you have a hand operated balloon air pump, you don’t need to use a straw. Insert the nozzle into the stem and again seal the balloon around it with your fingers. The pressure from an air pump will automatically open the valve as you inflate it.

Why do foil balloons look like they are deflating in the cold? 

The helium gas starts to contract around the temperature of 50-45 degrees and will decrease in volume. Once the balloon is in a warmer place the balloon will coming back to its normal size.



Do balloons come inflated?

How do I know when the balloon is inflated to the correct size?

Our latex balloons are designed to be 12 inches (approximately 30cm) in diameter when filled. Latex balloons that have been properly filled should have a rounded appearance instead of a light bulb or pear shape. 

How do I fill a balloon with helium?

How do I fill a balloon with air? 

You can use your lungs or a balloon specific air pump. When using an air pump, attach the opening of the balloon to the nozzle of the pump. Pull out the hand lever on your pump and start pumping. 

What else can I fill a balloon with?

How do you tie a ribbon to a latex and foil balloon? 

For latex balloons, tie the ribbon between the knot and the end of the balloon. Do not tie the ribbon around the valve of the balloon or a leak may occur. To tie a foil balloon, tie a ribbon around the neck of the balloon, just below the opening. You can flip the balloon upside down so the tail faces you if that’s easier.

Are your balloons of helium quality? 

Why do helium balloons deflate more quickly than air-filled ones?

Helium balloons deflate quicker than balloons filled with air because the helium particles are smaller than the air particles; thus, they escape more easily from the balloons. In other words, the larger air particles stay longer inside the balloons than the smaller helium particles. 

Why don’t my balloons float?

There are numerous reasons that cause a balloon not to float. Firstly, a balloon must be inflated with helium, making sure that the balloon is blown up to its full size.  

A common reason for a balloon not to float is when it is under inflated. Do not fill a balloon smaller than 9 inches with helium as they only float for a few hours. When the weight of the balloon exceeds the lift of the helium gas, the balloon will also not float. 

Why do balloons deflate?

Balloons are not perfectly air-tight and deflate over time. Air can slowly diffuse through the surface, or leak through the knot. This effect proceeds faster with helium inflated balloons.

How can you make a balloon float longer? 

First, be sure to tie a tight knot in the neck of the balloon. If you are attaching ribbons to the balloons, be sure to tie the ribbon below the knot.

You can use a gel called “Hi-Float,” which forms a coating inside latex balloons that reduces helium or air loss. It is similar to the glue on the back of postage stamps. This gel is non-toxic. Unfortunately, we do not currently sell this item.

Do I require ribbons and clips? 

Ribbons and clips are used for helium inflated balloons and sold separately. The balloon clip is fitted to the neck of the balloon. The ribbon attached is 1.2 metre long. The pre-cut ribbon and clips is sold as a unit and come in packs of 50 and are available in various colours. We also have helium tanks that includes a roll of ribbon. 

Do I require sticks and cups? 

Balloon sticks and cups are used for balloons inflated with air. The balloon cup fits on the neck of the balloon and the stick is inserted into the cup. Sticks and cups are an economical way of displaying your balloons effectively. We sell sticks and cups in packs of 50 suitable for all latex balloons, as well as 4 inch and 9 inch foil balloons. 

Can balloons be used outdoors?

If you consider using balloons for an outdoors event, we suggest using heavier weights.  However, we cannot guarantee the float time of balloons in unfavourable weather conditions.


Please be aware of the following: 

  • Store balloons out of light and away from heat to maintain their quality.  
  • Wind can cause balloons to tangle or pop when they are blown into a sharp object
  • Weighted down arrangements/objects are at risk of being dragged 
  • Direct sunlight can cause the colour to fade and ‘oxidise’
  • Heat may also cause helium in the balloon to expand and pop the balloon 
  • A foil balloon can appear deflated in cold air, but it will fill out when warmed up.
  • Leave them sealed in the packet until needed.

Disclaimer about releasing helium balloons

Koch & Co do not advise the release of foil balloons as they could have deadly effects on the environment and the wildlife. 

It is now illegal to release balloon in the wild in many Australian states. Please check the current rules and regulations with your local government. 


There are many alternatives to balloon release celebrations: 

  • Blowing bubbles
  • Plant trees and bulbs
  • Write in chalk
  • Light a candle
  • Scatter fresh flower petals

Inflated Balloons | BalloonShop.


Inflated balloons can be supplied in tradition latex or metallic foil. These can be collected from our shop or we also offer a delivery service.

Shown below is the range of balloons that we supply helium filled.

Helium Filled Latex Balloons

Helium filled latex balloons are available in a large range of colours and several finishes. We also stock a comprehensive range of printed messages suitable for most occasions. Helium filled balloons are supplied tied with a ribbon in the colour or your choice.





12″ Pastel Finish

£1. 75



12″ Pearl Finish




12″ Printed Message




14″ Pastel Finish




Giant Filled Latex Balloons




22″ Pastel Finish

£4. 95





3-Foot Plain and Pearl Finish



3-Foot “All-Round” Print



Helium Filled Metallic Foil Balloons

Metallic foil balloons can be supplied in round, heart or star shaped. These are available in a large range of colours. We also stock an extensive range of printed messages and children’s character designs.






Round, Heart & Star Shaped 18″ Balloons

£3. 99




Star Shaped 20″ Balloons





Message Printed 18″ Balloons




£3. 99

Character Printed 18″ Balloons





Shaped Foil Balloons – Standard Size





Jumbo 3-Foot Plain Round, Heart & Star Shaped


£10. 95



Jumbo 3-Foot Printed Round, Heart & Star Shaped





Numbers & Letters Large Shapes With Weights





What Types of Balloons Can You Fill with Helium? | by American Gas Products

Any type of balloon can be filled with helium. Balloons vary by material, shape, size and purpose — from small decorative balloons and toys to large parade balloons, weather balloons or airships. As long as the balloon is made of non-porous material it will hold helium. Whether to use helium depends on what you want to do with the balloon. If you are using small balloons to twist into animal shapes, you probably want to use air. If you want the balloon to float, then you should use helium. Weather balloons and airships need to float. The most common balloons that are filled with helium are latex and foil/Mylar party balloons. You want party balloons to float.

Balloons filled with helium floating in the air

To float, the volume of the inflated balloon must be large enough relative to its weight to hold enough helium to lift it. Size and shape determine whether the balloon will float and for how long. Round latex balloons inflated to 9 inches or larger will float with helium. For latex balloons, the float time is about 8–10 hours. Bubble balloons are similar to latex but standard sizes start at 20 inches and float time can be as long as 3–4 weeks. Foil is somewhat heavier than latex so it requires more helium and more room to hold the helium. Foil balloons generally come in more shapes and the minimum size that will float depends on the complexity of the shape. For round, heart-shaped, or square foil balloons the standard size is 18 inches. A slightly more complex star shape is usually about 20 inches. A more complicated shape, such as a hashtag, would need to be bigger and require more helium. Float time for foil balloons is usually about 3–4 days. Float times may vary depending on environmental conditions and other factors.

Where can you find helium to fill balloons? Small balloons can be filled with helium gas at most party stores. For large supplies of helium, you’ll need to go to a wholesale helium supplier or even a national helium supplier.

Is Filling Helium Balloons Yourself Cheaper?


Helium balloons are a great party decoration that adds pizzazz to an event. They come in specialty shapes and themes, numbers, letters, and of course the traditional round shape in every color imaginable. If you’ve ever purchased helium balloons for an event, you know the cost of this party favor can add up quickly. After buying the balloons you also have to pay to fill them with helium so they float fancifully for your guests. Faced with this expense recently for a party, I discovered a person can actually buy a helium tank from party supply stores, and even Walmart. But is filling helium balloons yourself cheaper?

Let’s compare the cost of paying to have a party supply store fill a helium balloon vs buying a helium tank and filling helium balloons yourself. For this example, I’m comparing the price of the helium only although it’s worth mentioning do-it-yourself tanks usually come with their own balloons, whereas having them pre-filled requires you to purchase the balloons as well.

Helium Balloons Filled At Store

I checked several stores including party supply stores and even a popular discount dollar store. The price of $1 to fill a common balloon was standard. Filling larger Mylar balloons usually cost more.

It would cost $50 to have 50 nine-inch balloons filled for me.

Helium Balloons Filled At Home

The best price I found for helium tanks was the Unique Helium Balloon Tank sold at Walmart. A tank that would fill 50 nine-inch balloons is priced at $34

Filling 50 nine-inch balloons myself would cost $34.

What Happens When The Balloons Get Bigger?

At first glance, it would appear that buying my own helium tank and filling the balloons myself would be cheaper. In the example of filling 50 nine-inch balloons, buying my own tank is $16 cheaper

But, if I wanted a little bigger balloon, the analysis begins to change. The helium tank from Walmart fills 50 nine-inch balloons, but only 26 twelve-inch balloons. To fill 50 balloons twelve inches in size, I would have to buy two tanks for a total cost of $68. The cost to have a store fill them remains the same, $50, as they charge the same to fill a twelve-inch balloon as a nine-inch balloon. In this case, having the store fill them is actually cheaper!

Commercial Tank Rental

Helium tanks are also available from rental places. Sizes range from tanks that will fill 30-50 twelve-inch balloons all the way up to one that vill 400. Below are some prices and sizes available from a rental shop in the Twin Cities:

  • 65 twelve-inch balloons:  $64
  • 130 twelve-inch balloons: $119
  • 250 twelve-inch balloons: $195
  • 400 twelve-inch balloons: $259

As you can see, as the tank gets larger, the price per balloon gets much less.  For the largest tank, the price per balloon dips to $0.63.

How Much is Your Time Worth?

When cost comparing two options, one must always take time and effort into account. If you’ve ever tried blowing up and tying up dozens of balloons, you know this is a mundane and frustrating task. My personal success rate for tying a balloon without breaking it is much lower than 100%. 

The cost of filling helium balloons can add up quickly, so it’s natural for people to look for ways to save money. For the average party, even if the helium itself is cheaper than having it filled at a store, having someone fill it for you may be worth the expense. For a high quantity of balloons, you have to take into account how the tank will be used, and if you are willing to spend the time and energy.

How about you clever friends, have you ever filled your own helium balloons?

Read More

Check out additional articles on CleverDude:


90,000 Gel balls in the cold. Will the balls burst in the cold and cold.

Gel balloons are one of the most popular types of jewelry, as well as inexpensive universal gifts. The use of this flying miracle does not cause any trouble and difficulties if the weather conditions are quite comfortable – the air temperature does not reach negative marks, or, on the contrary, does not rise to too high. Gel balls in the cold or under the direct scorching sun can undergo serious metamorphosis, after which there is a high probability of product failure “out of order. “Fortunately, following certain rules will allow you to avoid disposing of balloons ahead of schedule.

Helium balloons in the cold: the main rule

Do you think gel balloons burst in the cold? This situation is not excluded. And if you expose latex products in an inflated state to a sharp temperature drop, then at all, this will happen without fail. Therefore, the main rule is to avoid large jumps in air temperature. If they inflated the balloon indoors, after a few minutes they took them out into the cold, and then went back with it again – it would seem that “tragedy” cannot be avoided.Only very high quality latex or foil specimens with the correct storage conditions and good shelf life can withstand such a “load”

Don’t want to risk it? Decorate airy helium installations and compositions in the place of their direct use. In order not to think about how foil balloons will behave in the cold or their “latex cousins” during an outdoor wedding ceremony in the autumn-winter period – inflate them right on the street. Then at the most crucial moment you can not be afraid that the balls will “let you down”.

How does cold affect treated helium balloons?

As you know, there is a special liquid – Hi Float, after processing which, the ball becomes stronger, and its flying properties are prolonged. It would seem that this is it – a salvation for latex products when used in the cold! But in fact, the opposite is true!

High Float after application dries up and forms a protective film on the surface of the ball, which does not allow helium to seep out.If you go out into the cold with such a ball, then due to the chemical properties of the gas, the product will decrease in size, and microcracks will form on the protective film. Upon returning to the room, the “shrunken” latex specimen will “straighten out” again, but the microcracks that will let the gas pass will not go anywhere.

It turns out that gel balls in the cold with treatment will behave the same as balls without it.

How to carry helium balloons in frost on foot:

In order to carry out transportation on foot, special bulky polyethylene bags are used

One such bag can hold up to 25 latex balloons 12 inches inflated, or two foil numbers and about 15 balls.

More details can be found here

Other dangers

How foil and latex balloons behave in the cold, and how to prevent them from “trouble” seems to be understandable. Is there anything else to be wary of?

Many experts will confirm that cold is not the main enemy of balls. In hot summer weather, indoor air structures hold up even worse than the same installations outdoors in winter. The point is high air humidity and active exposure to ultraviolet radiation.Because of the first reason, they become “heavy” and “unmanageable”, because of the second, they burn out, become thinner and burst faster.

Do gel beads burst in strong winds? This factor is no less dangerous than direct sunlight. Strong gusts can destroy structures, and when flying, balls can cling to tree branches, sharp corners of buildings, banners and other obstacles. Therefore, when planning a street event, you should definitely pay attention to the weather forecast, and with a windy day, carefully think over the air structures and methods of their fastening.

150.00 p.

V-Puh.rf balloons with helium with delivery 24 hours across St. Petersburg and the suburbs at an inexpensive price on the site “V-Puh.rf” +7 (812) 313-20-38

Bright balloons inflated with helium

Inflatable balloons with helium delivery are a creative and colorful way to make a sudden pleasant surprise to a loved one, friends, colleagues. On our portal you will find a large assortment of weightless joy with a variety of topics.We recommend combining classic, metallic, pastel colors with different forms of decor.

Ordering balloons with delivery across St.

Petersburg and the region: specifications

Helium is a non-toxic, non-flammable substance that is completely safe for health. Delivery of balloons around the clock is relevant for decorating a location for the holidays: birthday, wedding, discharge from the hospital, graduation, March 8.

It is possible to create a whole picture, a bouquet with a specific message, which will surprise those present.Wonderful mood and surprised smiles are guaranteed.

The entertainment market includes a wide variety of units. Helium balloons are presented in the catalog of the following types:

  • delicate matte shades;
  • metal textures with a slight gloss shimmering in the sun;
  • foil models – shiny, reflective, last longer than their latex counterparts.

The combinations are varied – fashionable sets for instagram backgrounds, for children, greeting cards with inscriptions, arches, garlands, etc.Balloons for the holiday with delivery 24 hours come in different shapes: hearts, stars, circles, fairy-tale characters.

Custom helium balloons – a lot of advantages:

  • inexpensive, attractive in appearance;
  • universally – will appeal to people of all ages;
  • An extraordinary way to decorate a room;
  • plus – play the role of a colorful photo zone;
  • help to show imagination.

Fountains, ball stands with a suitable image are well suited for decorating a ceremonial hall or stage.Aerodesigners will help to bring to life the impeccable atmosphere of any event, add a touch of fun.

The gas inside the product lets the ball into the air for 8-9 hours, depending on the diameter. Treatment with a special solution will extend the jewelry’s life hours.

Helium balloons in St. Petersburg: advantages of shop

It should be recalled: “V-Puh.rf” practices printing any picture, phrase for an individual client’s order. Our customers will experience the following benefits:

  • Home delivery of balloons with helium at an inexpensive price – available to everyone;
  • we will bring the goods at any time 24/7;
  • 90,067 verified manufacturers;

  • assistance in decorating a room, stage, banquet hall;
  • a large selection for every taste.

Now there is no need to wonder where to order helium balloons at an inexpensive price. It is important to note that before buying, it is advisable to pay attention to the dimensions of the accessory, the service life.

Ordering balloons with delivery means profitable purchase of a mandatory attribute of virtually any holiday. We suggest choosing a composition from ready-made options or collecting a personal one, according to your desires. A small child lives inside an adult personality – therefore, such an accessory is to everyone’s taste.

How to care for helium balloons ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

There are 7 secret methods to ensure the maximum flight time of the balloons.

To ensure the maximum flight duration, the balloons should be kept in a warm or air-conditioned room at a temperature of 22 ° to 26 ° C. If the inflated and processed balloons are stored outdoors, in a too warm or too cold room, the flight time may be slightly reduced.


It so happened that no one can guarantee that the ball flies by for a month or a week. If someone gives such a guarantee, he is a deceiver and a scoundrel. Although there were cases when the balls flew for more than a month.

So what can you do to make them fly longer:

1) Treat them with a special, safe water-based solution. The ball is treated with a solution from the inside, which allows the helium to remain inside the ball for as long as possible;

2) After inflating the balloons with a special solution, dry them.The faster the special solution dries, the faster the helium will stop leaving the balloon (the helium is too volatile).

3) Store balls out of direct sunlight. To our delight, the balls are a completely biodegradable organic product and are amazingly biodegradable in the sun. Let’s remove the balls from the sun faster – the balls delight us longer.

4) Eliminate possible drafts and wind. Due to the wind, the balls lose their shine and become thinner. No wind – the ball is bright and cool.

5) As soon as the ball starts to descend, cut off the ribbon. The large balloons, which the balloonists fly, have a special ballast – sandbags. When the balloon has insufficient thrust, the bags are dropped and it is easier for the balloon to rise. Likewise, with balloons – a seemingly weightless ribbon, but this is also a load, therefore, as soon as the balloons begin to descend a little, cut off the ballast!

6) Use large balloons. The more helium the balloon holds, the longer it will fly.Huge balls fly especially long, the diameter of which reaches 91 cm. The standard size of balls is 35 cm. There are also intermediate sizes of balls.

7) Use foil balloons. Foil keeps helium inside the balloon cooler than any solution and flies for a very long time – up to a month.

Now you know all the secrets, congratulations!

Where do the balloons fly away ?: kabzon – LiveJournal

Most people who at least once in their life launched a balloon inflated with gas into the sky, or saw how others do it, are interested in the question of how far the balloon flies, what happened to it will be, and where it will fall.Some even try to launch a balloon with a letter, which a person must find and send it to the addressee, so that one can find out how far the balloon launched into the sky has flown. But think about the probability that this ball will fall in the city, and that it will be found, and what is the probability that a person wants to send something to someone. Yes, the probability is very small, but we have heard real stories when balloons with a letter actually found and sent letters to the person who launched the balloon.


In this case, we are talking only about small balloons that are inflated with gas and launched into the sky, and do not consider large passenger balloons that can be flown. And so, in order to launch the balloon into the sky and find out how far it will fly, it needs to be inflated with gas. The lightest gas will be hydrogen, but since it is highly explosive, it is not used to inflate balloons. After hydrogen comes Helium gas, it does not explode, is not toxic and has a high lifting force, which allows it to be successfully used in inflating balloons.Of course, you can inflate a balloon with gas from a home stove, but the lifting force of such a balloon will be extremely small.


In this question, we will consider two types of balloon. The first balloon will be latex, inflated with helium and coated with HiFloat, which creates a film inside the balloon and prevents helium from penetrating through the latex. Without HiFloat, a latex balloon can fly for about 12-24 hours depending on the quality of the latex and the size of the balloon.The second balloon will be foil-clad and inflated with helium. According to preliminary estimates, such a balloon flies for about 14 days, since the foil does not allow helium to pass through and does not exert pressure on the gas, unlike a latex balloon, which inflates and creates pressure. To find out how long a balloon inflated with helium flies, we carried out tests, see the results below.

What is remarkable is that a balloon inflated with helium flies very far, one might say, into the stratosphere. Due to the difference in pressure at sea level (on land) and in the stratosphere, the gas inside the latex balloon begins to press and inflate the balloon with greater force, causing it to burst.The approximate time for a latex balloon to reach such a height at which it bursts is on average 2-3 hours from the moment of launch.



Helium gas

Foiled 18mm

days Width 16mm

1 day – 9 hours – 2.75 grams
1 day – 16 hours – 2.71 gram
1 day – 24 hours – 2.71 gram
2 day – 32 hours – 2.70 gram
2 day – 40 hours – 2.47 gram
3 day – 57 hours – 2.40 gram
3 day – 81 hours – 2.10 gram
4 day – 104 hours – 1.90 gram
5 day – 128 hours – 1.80 gram
6 day – 152 hours – 1.56 gram
7 day – 186 hours – 1.18 gram
8 day – 200 hours – 1.05 gram
9 day – 224 hours – 0.90 gram
10 days – 248 hours – 0.69 gram
11 days – 272 hours – 0.48 gram
12 day – 296 hours – 0.26 grams
13 days – 320 hours – 0.10 grams
14 days – 344 hours – 0.00 grams


14 inches

Height 34, Width 27, Depth 27 cm
(girth 86)
1 day – 0 hours – 5.57 grams
1 day – 9 hours – 4.59 grams
1 day – 16 hours – 4.29 grams
1 day – 24 hours – 4.05 gram
2 day – 32 hours – 3.70 gram
2 day – 40 hours – 2.76 gram
3 day – 57 hours – 2.20 gram
3 day – 81 hours – 1.44 gram
4 day – 104 hours – 0.60 gram
5 day – 128 hours – 0.15 gram
6 day – 152 hours – 0.00 gram


18 inches

Height 41, Width 40.7, Depth 40.7 cm (circumference 128 cm), 1 balloon – 24.51 gram
distant percentage just like 14 ” latex balloon


On average, the carrying capacity of one standard balloon inflated with helium will be 3-4 grams. To find out in practice, what is the carrying capacity of a balloon inflated with helium, we carried out tests, see the results above.


To answer the question: “How far will a balloon inflated with gas (helium) fly away?”, You need to know a lot of data. The balloon’s flight range will depend on how long it will fly and on the strength of the wind that will move the balloon.A lot depends on the weather conditions, in a calm place a balloon can fly for a whole month and fall at the place of its launch, and in a strong wind it can fly very far. And so, in order to understand how far a balloon inflated with gas will fly away, you need to know the time of flight of the balloon and the strength of the wind. Suppose that the wind force throughout the entire flight of the ball will be 3 meters per second, although, in fact, depending on the altitude and weather conditions during the flight of the ball, the wind strength will change both upward and downward.Now let’s calculate: 3m / s * 60 seconds = 180 meters the ball will fly in 1 minute. 180 meters * 60 minutes = 10800 meters (10.8 km) the balloon will fly in one hour. 10.8 km * 24 hours = 269 km the balloon will fly in a day. 269 ​​km * 14 days = 3766 km the balloon will fly by in two weeks. The calculation was made on the assumption that the wind will blow with a force of 3 m / s during the entire flight of the balloon, but since the weather conditions are always different, it is impossible to assume that the balloon will fly just that far. In practice, the ball can land a kilometer from the launch site, or it can go around the entire globe, because the wind force can be different.Below you will find our practical tests on how far a gas balloon travels.

Which direction will the gas-inflated balloon fly? Of course, the ball will fly where the wind is blowing, but since the wind blows in different directions in different areas and at different heights, it is impossible to predict in which direction the ball will fly away, one can only assume. See below for practical tests.


How do we test? To find out in practice how far a balloon inflated with helium will fly away, you need to launch it and control the flight of the balloon.The most difficult and expensive thing is to control where the ball is flying.


You can control the flight of an inflated gas balloon using a mobile phone with the option to track the location of a mobile phone enabled. It turns out that in order to carry out tests that give an answer to the question of where and how far the balloon inflated with gas (helium) will fly away, it is necessary: ​​

– Mobile phone;

– Sim card with a positive balance;

– Connected service that determines the location of a mobile phone;

– Mobile coverage area;

– Packing for a mobile phone, so that it does not get wet in the rain

– The number of balls is sufficient to lift a mobile phone.


It is somewhat similar to option # 1, but instead of a mobile phone, a GPS tracker will be used with the ability to send SMS messages about its location in the presence of a GSM signal. This option is more expensive than the first option, but more accurate in indicating its location.

— === TEST RESULTS === —

TEST No. 1

dated March 20, 2015

Technical data: Mobile phone weighing 61 grams, 1 latex balloon 27 inches, two latex balloons 18 inches and 5 latex balloons 12 “.All balloons are inflated with “He” Helium gas and treated with HiFloat. Location requests were made every 10-20 minutes using the MTS “POISK” system. As you can see from the time and place data below, the balls were not always in touch, sometimes they did not get in touch and had to wait a tedious 2-3 hours until the next session. We assume that at this time they flew over the wilderness where there is no mobile coverage. The approximate flight height of the balls at the time of launch is 1-2 km above sea level.It was very important that the balloons did not fly away to a height of 10 km and higher, since the temperature there is 50 degrees and at this altitude the pressure is much less than at sea level, from which the latex balloons simply burst and the beacon freezes.

Launch site: Chuvash Republic, Cheboksary, Kalinina street, 109. Launch time 10:20 minutes. The weather is sunny, without clouds, wind 5-7 m / s SW (which means it blows to the NE).

10:20 – Subscriber “Sharik” is located at the Chuvash region. Cheboksary, intersection of st.Kalinin and st. Gagarina Y. within a radius of 1000 meters.

10:41 – The Sharik subscriber is located at the Chuvash region. Novocheboksarsk intersection of Shkolny ave. and st. Soviet within a radius of 1000 meters.

11:26 – Subscriber “Sharik” is located at the Republic of Mari El, Zvenigovsky district, from Kuzhmar, 48 km east of the center of Cheboksary within a radius of 1000 meters.

13:25 – Subscriber “Sharik” is located at the Republic of Mari El, Mari-Turek district, d Verkhny Turek, 109 km east of the city center.Yoshkar-Ola within a radius of 1000 meters.

16:24 – Subscriber “Sharik” is located at Udmurt Republic, Igrinsky district, d Komsomolets, 76 km north of the center of Izhevsk within a radius of 1000 meters

16:38 – Subscriber “Sharik” is located at Udmurst Republic, Igrinsky district, s. Menil, 87 km north of the center of Izhevsk within a radius of 1000 meters.

16:53 – Subscriber “Sharik” is located at the address Udmurt Republic, Igrinsky district, Chemoshur village, 62 km north of the city center.Izhevsk within a radius of 1000 meters.

17:22 – Subscriber “Sharik” is located at the Udmurt Republic, rp Kez, 118 km north of the center of Izhevsk within a radius of 1000 meters.

18:05 – Subscriber “Sharik” is located at the address Perm Territory, Ocherskiy district, d Nizovskaya, 91 km west of the center of Perm within a radius of 1000 meters.

19:49 – Subscriber “Sharik” is located at the address Perm Territory, Ocherskiy district, x Zimy, 93 km west of the center of Perm within a radius of 1000 meters.

20:27 – Subscriber “Sharik” is located at the following address: Perm Territory, Bolshesosinsky district, Yuzhny, 97 km south-west of the center of Perm within a radius of 300 meters.

23:00 – The “Sharik” subscriber is in the same place as at 20:27, that is, the balls have flown about 480 kilometers in 10 hours after launch.


TEST No. 2

dated April 07, 2015

Technical data: Mobile phone weighing 61 grams, 4 latex 18 inch balloons treated with HiFloat and inflated with “He” gas Helium. Location requests were made every 10-30 minutes using the MTS “POISK” system.If during the first test we inflated the number of balls from such a calculation so that the balls did not rise above 1-2 kilometers and did not burst due to the difference in pressure, then in this test we inflated 4 balls that lifted about 100 grams of weight, while lifting the mobile the phone had enough to inflate 3 balloons. That is, in this test, the balls flew over 10 kilometers in height. The test results are what we roughly expected. The balloons flew about 100 kilometers, from Ivanteevka, M.O., to the city of Yegoryevsk, M.O. Presumably the flight took shape as follows: see below. From the data received from the mobile phone, it can be assumed that initially the ball went up and forward rapidly in the wind, reaching a great height, communication with it was lost (from 06:26 to 08:00), reaching an even greater height, one or two balls burst ( strongly inflated) from the difference in pressure and the mobile phone began to go down. The phone got in touch at 08:00 in the area with. Gzhel, and ultimately, he fell in the area of ​​d.Badgers of the Yegoryevsky district of the Moscow region and all further inquiries about the location were issued from this area.

Place of launch: Moscow region, the city of Ivanteevka. Start time 06:00 minutes. The weather is cloudy, wind 3-4 m / s NW (which means it blows in the SE).

06:00 – Subscriber “Sharik” is located at Moscow Region, Ivanteevka, intersection of st. Pervomaiskaya and st. Greenhouse within a radius of 900 meters.

06:11 – Subscriber “Sharik” is located at the address Moscow region, Shchelkovsky district, p.Exemplary within a radius of 700 meters.

06:27 – Subscriber “Sharik” is located at the address Moscow region, Shchelkovo, intersection of st. Field and st. Kosmodemyanskaya within a radius of 450 meters.

– There was no connection with the ball for 1 hour and 30 minutes.

08:00 – Subscriber “Sharik” is located at the address Moscow region, Ramenskiy district, p. Gzhel within a radius of 1800 meters.

09:00 – Subscriber “Sharik” is located at the address Moscow region, Voskresensky district, d. Katunino, within a radius of 4300 meters.

10:05 – Subscriber “Sharik” is located at the address Moscow Region, Yegoryevsky District, Barsuki within a radius of 7600 meters.

17:00 – The “Sharik” subscriber is located in the same place where he was at 10:05.


Having carried out two tests on starting a mobile phone on latex balloons, the following conclusions can be drawn: if the latex balloons are inflated so that they do not rise more than 2 kilometers in height and treated with a special compound, then they will fly about 10-15 hours, and the flight range will depend on the strength and direction of the wind. The approximate range will vary from 300 to 600 kilometers.So you probably thought that everyone says that a latex balloon treated with a special compound can fly for up to two weeks, but here it is only 10-15 hours. Indeed, the balls fly for up to two weeks, the tests carried out above are proof of this, but they fly without load and only hold their own weight. If you attach a weight, then the ball will fly as long as it holds the weight of the load, calculate how much time will be spent on it based on the percentage of the ball’s flight time and the loss of lift (see.above). So if you inflate the balloons in such a way that they will lift a little more weight than the weight of a mobile phone, then they will not fly over 2 kilometers in height and will not burst, but fly by no more than 10-15 hours. And if the balloons are inflated so that they lift the weight of the load, at least 25 percent more than the weight of the load itself, so that the balloons fly longer, then they fly high and burst, which happened with our second test (the weight of the mobile phone is 61 grams, the lifting force of the ball is 100 grams). At the same time, not all the balloons burst, but only those that were inflated more strongly.After that, the remaining balls began to descend, so the mobile phone simply fell, but not much, since some of the balls supported it, and the descent rate was small. It also follows from this that all latex balls that you release into the air without a load fly over 10 kilometers in height, burst and fall.

dated May 14, 2015

Technical data: GSM tracker mini A8 weighing 19 grams (with moisture protection and 23 grams garters), five foil balls with a carrying capacity of 8 grams in each ball (40 grams total carrying capacity), gas “He “Helium.Location requests were made every 10-30 minutes using the MTS “POISK” system. With such data, the balls rise over five kilometers, which means that the safety margin of each ball should have been more than three times than on the ground. This is because the difference in atmospheric pressure on the ground and in the sky is different, which means that the force of gas pressure on the ball from the inside at a height will be greater. For details, see the pressure plate at different heights (see above). From the results obtained, it follows that the balls, having reached a certain height, began to experience gas pressure from the inside and the weakest ball burst, which led to the fact that the lifting force was no longer enough, and the tracker began to smoothly decrease and fell.

Place of launch: Moscow region, the city of Ivanteevka. Start time 22:00. The weather is cloudy, wind 3-4 m / s SE (which means it blows in the NW).

22:00 – Subscriber “Sharik” is located at the address Moscow region, Ivanteevka, intersection of st. Pervomaiskaya and st. Greenhouse within a radius of 900 meters.

22:17 – Subscriber “Sharik” is located at the address Moscow region, Pushkinsky district, Pravdinsky, 43 km north-east of the center of Moscow.

22:40 – Subscriber “Sharik” is located at the address Moscow region, Pushkinskiy district, d Nagornoye, 49 km north-east from the center of Moscow

22:50 – Subscriber “Sharik” is located at the address Moscow region , Sergiev Posad district, Repikhovo village, 62 km north-east of the center of Moscow

23:17 – Subscriber “Sharik” is located at Moscow region., Sergiev Posad, intersection of st. Shlyakova and st. Stakhanovskaya

23:35 – Subscriber “Sharik” is located at the address Moscow region, Krasnozavodsk, intersection of st. 40 years of October, etc. Parkovy

00:15 – Subscriber “Sharik” is located at the address Vladimirskaya obl., Aleksandrov, intersection of st. Bolshaya Petrovskaya and st. Baksheevskaya

00:39 – Subscriber “Sharik” is located at the address Yaroslavl region, Pereslavsky district, d Kriushkino, 110 km south-west of the center of Yaroslavl, 14.05.2015, 00:39

00:50 – Subscriber “Sharik” is located at the address Yaroslavl region, Rostov district, with Debolovskoye, 67 km south-west of the center of Yaroslavl

06:00 – Subscriber “Sharik” located at the address Yaroslavl region, Borisoglebsky district, d Nikifortsevo, 48 km south-west of the center of Yaroslavl flies much longer than a latex balloon, but at the same time has a very small margin of safety.That is, the latex balloon has the ability to expand, that is, to stretch, while the foil balloon does not. Therefore, when starting a foil balloon, the main task is to calculate the flight of the balloon’s height and inflate it in such a way that the balloon, having risen to a height, does not burst from the gas pressure from the inside. The risks in the launch are such that if you inflate the foil balloons so that they fly at a height of up to a kilometer, then their lift will be small enough and will most likely be driven to the ground by the wind.If the foil balloon is inflated so that it flies at a high altitude, then it is necessary to inflate the gas so much that the lifting force is there, and the margin of safety remains, so that the balloons do not burst due to the pressure difference at altitude.

How to keep balls in the heat

The sun is beautiful. Its rays delight us, and our skin receives the necessary vitamins. But it’s a sad time for balls. Foil balloons are heated in the sun and, accordingly, the gas inside the balloon expands.As a result, the ball bursts at the seam. What to do?

First, when transporting balloons in hot weather, load them only into a chilled machine. Therefore, park the machine only in the shade and ventilate the machine before loading. It is advisable, of course, to turn on the air conditioner first. Otherwise, there will be a sharp expansion of the gas and the balls will not survive.

Second, if you plan to place the balls outdoors, try to place them in the shade.

Thirdly, you can also keep the balls off a little, so that they have a margin for expansion.

Latex balloons inflated with helium or air are slightly better. They do not burst as dynamically in the sun as foil balloons, since they are more elastic and can expand slightly without threatening the balloon, unless of course it is overtaken. But they become cloudy in the sun, lose their shine, which reduces their festive effect. Plus, even in the sun, due to the expansion of latex, helium more dynamically passes through the walls of the balls, which significantly reduces their service life. Therefore, it is advisable to treat the balloon with a special gel to increase the balloon flight time.Processing is usually carried out inside the ball. Of course, you can process the balls from the outside, which will prevent them from clouding, but this is usually not practiced due to the high laboriousness of the process.

When loading latex balloons into the machine, exactly the same recommendations as for foil balloons. Plus, remember that if the ball touches the car body heated in the sun, it will burst. And remember that if you leave the balls in the suffocating machine, they will shrink in size right before your eyes.Therefore, it is better to take the balloons straight to their destination without any stops. If you had to pause in the route, then it is better to immediately take the balls out into fresh air in the shade or a cool room.

And lastly, the light colors of the balls last the longest in the sun. Elementary physics works here. Dark colors heat up faster with consequences for the ball. But, as they say, when you can’t, but really want to, you can. Let the dark colored ball delight you less in time than the light one, but the main thing is that all this for a shorter time, it will delight you.And this is the most important thing. The value of the moment is already here.

I hope my experience will be useful to you and will help you keep the joyful energy of the holiday.

With love for people and balls, Sergey Zaitsev.

90,000 Germany may ban balloons | Culture and Lifestyle in Germany and Europe | DW

Gütersloh in North Rhine-Westphalia became the first city in Germany to ban the launching of balloons into the sky. The ban took effect in early September. It all started with a complaint from a resident of the city.She applied to the Committee for the Protection of Nature with a request to prohibit the launch of balloons inflated with helium into the sky. The reason was the “Rainbowflash” campaign, during which 150 balloons were fired into the sky. The woman attached many photographs of birds and animals hit by balloons in recent years to her statement.

Why balloons are dangerous

Environmentalists have been sounding the alarm for a long time, as balloons and plastic cords return to the ground in the form of debris, which not only pollutes the environment, but also poses a danger to birds and animals.Some birds become entangled in cords and cannot free themselves, dying a painful death.

No more balloons in honor of newlyweds will fly to the sky in Gütersloh.

The ban, which came into force in the German city, does not apply to individuals. We are talking only about city organizations, schools and other educational institutions, in which balloons are often released into the sky for various reasons and in large numbers. Now, at the city registry office, only pigeons are allowed to fly into the sky.The ban does not yet provide for fines for its violation, but the city administration hopes that residents will treat this initiative with understanding.

Christiane Heitmann, owner of a shop and a workshop for the production and design of Balloonia balloons in Gütersloh, disagrees with this decision of the city administration.

According to her, she and her colleagues are doing everything to ensure that the balloons of various shapes and types they sell, filled with helium, meet modern standards.“For balloons, we sell special cords made from corn cobs. True, they are much more expensive than plastic ones, but people buy them,” Christiane Heitman emphasizes in an interview with DW. And indeed: the difference in price is palpable. If a roll of regular cord costs 2.50 euros, then a similar product made from environmentally friendly cord will cost 32.50 euros. Not everyone dares to shell out such an amount.

In addition, according to the owner of the store, many balloons are made from natural rubber, which is an environmentally friendly material.Environmentalists disagree with her: despite the fact that more and more balloons are made from natural rubber, animals and birds still die from it, because their stomachs are not able to digest it.

Sentiment in Europe

Amsterdam adopted a ban on balloons in the sky back in 2015. It was distributed during children’s parties and weddings. If four years ago 18 communities followed the example of Amsterdam, today the ban is in effect in all four large cities and 60 communities in the Netherlands.

A stuffed duck that has fallen victim to plastic waste is on display at the Netherlands’ Museum of Flora and Fauna. “This duck died, entangled in cords from balloons. Many birds fall prey to plastic debris floating in the seas, they become entangled in it when they dive for fish. Some birds eat the bright remains, mistaking them for fish,” – emphasizes in an interview with radio station WDR 2 museum employee, biologist Ato Ostervan.

In 2017, environmentalists held a protest in Bielefeld, Germany.

Stickers prohibiting the release of balloons into the sky on traffic signs in parks in Bielefeld

Stickers depicting balloons floating in the air have appeared on prohibiting traffic signs. The city administration had to spend a lot of money to restore the road signs.

Other German cities may follow the example of Gütersloh, as environmentalists are actively fighting plastic waste. Already, the “greens” in the federal state of Lower Saxony have expressed their approval of the Gütersloh initiative.Anne Kura, head of the Soyuz-90 / Greens land party, said in an interview with dpa that this is not a complete ban, but only a ban on releasing balloons into the sky.

Anne Kure points out that even natural rubber takes two whole years to decompose. And during this time, many birds and animals manage to die.

As a reminder, the EU countries have already reached an agreement to ban disposable plastic plates, drinking straws, thin bags and other disposable products.Balloons are not banned anywhere yet, but city administrations sometimes restrict balloon launches.

See also:

  • Improper waste handling: fines in Germany

    Germany has a well-developed waste collection and disposal system. For improper waste management, fines are threatened, in each federal state – its own. Let’s take a look at the catalog of fines for North Rhine-Westphalia, the most populous federal state.

  • Improper waste handling: fines in Germany

    Household waste such as ashtrays, banana peels or burger packaging is subject to a fine of 10 to 25 euros.But individual cities are taking more stringent measures. In Mönchengladbach and Wuppertal, from the end of October, the fine rises to 100 euros. In Cologne, a cigarette butt thrown out in the wrong place can cost 50 euros, if we are talking about a playground or a park – 150 euros.

  • Wrong handling of waste: fines in Germany

    Of course, it is not so easy to monitor everything and find the violator. But if it is installed, for canisters, packaging and other similar “small” waste scattered in the forest, you can get a fine of up to 80 euros.In some cities, it will be charged immediately on the spot – in cash and by card. In others, for example in Paderborn, if an offender is caught for the first time, they will first issue a yellow card warning.

  • Improper waste handling: fines in Germany

    Illegal waste is primarily a problem in large cities such as Düsseldorf or Cologne. For their elimination in North Rhine-Westphalia alone, about 7 million euros are spent annually. It happens that garbage is thrown along the roads, as well as in parking lots.This is dangerous, in particular due to the risk of spreading African swine fever. For this, a fine of up to 500 euros is provided.

  • Incorrect handling of garbage: fines in Germany

    Thrown away cans with the remains of varnish, paint, white will cost the offender 25-80 euros (depending on the volume). If the paint contains synthetic components that pollute the environment and require special disposal conditions, the amount of the fine increases significantly.

  • Improper waste handling: fines in Germany

    Bulky waste, such as old furniture, is removed by a special service – usually free of charge. To do this, you only need to call it in advance. And those who just put such rubbish on the street in Germany face a fine of 50 to 150 euros for small items and from 100 to 300 euros for larger items.

  • Improper waste handling: fines in Germany

    Electrical appliances can be returned free of charge at a designated collection point.They are obliged to accept them in the store: small household appliances – free of charge, and if we are talking about large refrigerators or washing machines, then in exchange for the purchase of a new product. Trying to throw away the refrigerator in the forest costs between 100 and 300 euros. And up to 2,500 euros if the device contains hazardous substances such as asbestos.

  • Improper waste handling: fines in Germany

    Construction waste can be returned to a collection point for a fee.You can also contact the paid collection service. For used wallpaper, laminate, carpet, linoleum, tiles or bricks with a volume of up to 1 cubic meter, an offender caught red-handed will have to pay a fine ranging from 100 to 410 euros. Larger volumes will be charged up to € 5,000.

  • Improper waste handling: fines in Germany

    There are special containers for vegetable waste in small houses and in rural areas. But if there is a lot of “green” organic waste, then it is better to take it to a municipal collection point.Such waste is accepted free of charge. But for unauthorized disposal, a fine of up to 5 to 820 euros, depending on the volume, is threatened.

  • Improper waste handling: fines in Germany

    Anyone who is lazy to dispose of auto parts or tires properly will have to fork out too. A fine of 80 to 200 euros is charged for tires discarded “in nature”. If there are no more than five of them. For more discarded tires, a fine of up to 510 euros is imposed.

  • Incorrect handling of garbage: fines in Germany

    A broken bike thrown in the wrong place will cost its former owner 20 to 80 euros, and a broken motorcycle from 50 to 200 euros.

  • Improper handling of garbage: fines in Germany

    For large iron scrap, abandoned to the mercy of fate, there is a fine of 100 to 1500 euros. For multiple violations of the law or, for example, for the removal of several cars, the offender will have to pay up to 5,000 euros.

  • Incorrect handling of garbage: fines in Germany

    It is the responsibility of the owners to clean up the “heaps” after their pets while walking in a special plastic bag in Germany. A bag can be borrowed for free from vending machines in parks, squares or pedestrian areas. If you don’t, you have to pay from 10 to 100 euros, depending on the “crime scene”. In Cologne, for example, the fine is 35 euros, in Dusseldorf – 75 euros.

    Author: Inga Wanner

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