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Wolek mustaches, beards and wigs are professional quality, hand-crafted hair pieces that can be used for entertainment, as part of a costume or worn every day for a unique look. Only you’ll know it’s fake. Buy today.

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Human Hair

Fu Manchu!

Yak & Human Hair


Books On Sale !

Ron Wolek has authored three books for Santa Claus performers. Santa Claus Makeup is for all Santas who want to look good on camera. Become Santa Claus is about how to turn your real beard white! Must have for all Santa libraries.

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How to Grow a Mustache

For mustaches especially, get a trimmer with interchangeable heads—ones that allow for tiny, fine-tune detailing, bite-size buzzing (on any peripheral hairs that compromise your style) or squared-off edges. It’s this ability to customize and detail your mustache that makes a huge difference, as opposed to a one-size-fits-all trimmer.

The Best Mustache Trimmer

Philips Norelco “Multigroom” customizable trimmer

Mustache scissors: These tiny scissors are the easiest way to spot-check any strays, or to snip a straight line across your lip. Mustache scissors are low cost and highly helpful. Make sure they’re pointed at the tips, but also make sure not to point those tips directly towards your lips. (Ouch.)

The Best Mustache Scissors

Tweezerman mustache scissors

4. And buy the right products.

Just like you have a hair-care regimen separate from your styling regimen, you need to separate these two steps when it comes to mustache maintenance. It’s easy to wash your mustache by using a gentle cleanser, the same you use on your face. However, after you shower, your mustache needs some special attention.

Beard oil: Mustache hairs are thick and bristly, and when they get too dry, they start to irritate your skin—and anyone you plan on locking lips with. Do everyone a favor and keep your whiskers soft and supple, with a few drops of beard oil each morning. It’ll also help relax the hairs, so once the oil is absorbed, it’ll be easier to style the mustache into place.

The Best Beard Oil for Mustaches:

Beardbrand unscented beard oil

Mustache wax: This stuff gently “locks in” your desire style for the day. If your ‘stache is of maneuverable length, then stock up on a small tin of wax to keep it tame without weighing it down. Rub it between your finger and thumb, then massage it into the base of the mustache as you coach it into place.

The Best Mustache Wax

5. If all else fails, dye it.

This tip runs counter to our first step: Yes, so maybe your mustache is blonder than your hair, or maybe it’s a little gray and you’d rather match your (previous) natural color. For blonde whiskers on dark-haired guys, beard dye can make your mustache look instantly fuller, and can transform it from “Is he trying to grow a mustache? It’s so… precious!” to “Whoa, check out the guy with the mustache! It’s so… present!”

Just For Men is a reliable brand for this—with plenty of shades to match your own hair, and a recently reformulated recipe that is gentler on hairs. It’s best for enforcing a uniform color overall, so be sure to match your shade carefully, perhaps picking one tick lighter than you might suspect if it’s your first time.

Best beard dye for solid coloring:

Just for Men facial hair dye

True Sons is a subtler approach, particularly if you’re going gray. It dyes the hair more gradually, so nobody realizes that you changed it overnight.

Beast beard dye for subtle gray blending:

True Sons hair dye for gray hair

Either way, I’d be extra cautious if you’re dyeing red hairs, and bottom line, I’d also not shy away from the fact that you dyed it. If you want to change the color of your whiskers, much like the color of your hair, just say “Yes, I dyed it.” when asked. Nobody will question your confidence, even if it’s bolstered by some artificial coloring.

6. Be good to the rest of your face.

Since you’re likely shaving the rest of your face in order to spotlight the mustache, you need to spare yourself any agony (irritation, bumps, ingrown hairs, and so forth). So read up on the best shaving methods to keep the focus on your prized facial hair—and not on your subpar shaving technique.

How to Shave Your Face the Right Way 

Get cleaned up without bumps, cuts, or ingrown hairs. 

Beards & Facial Hair

Appropriate facial hair and beards from every era can be yours, from a Wild West mustache to one that looks like it came straight off Magnum, P.I. you are going to find that perfect facial hair accessory to accentuate or even to disguise. Can you imagine Santa Claus without a full white beard? Neither can we, so be sure to hit our selection of beards and facial hair to get exactly what you need for any occasion!

Santa beards, Pirate mustaches, Chinese mustaches and Biblical beards! Once a boy reaches manhood, he is able to grow hair on his chin, cheeks and neck. This facial hair is most commonly known as a beard and through the years has taken on many different styles and levels of importance according to the time in history. As far back as the days of Ancient Egypt, men were known to grow beards in various styles. Egyptian men confined their beard growth to just the chin area and let it grow from the chin to a substantial length. It was common for men of importance to dye their beards with henna and then interweave gold threads into the beard hairs as a form of adornment. Mesopotamian men were known to spend a good deal of time styling their beards as well, and would use oil as a pomade and curling irons to add curls for a nicely coifed look. In Ancient India, the longer your beard was the better because long beards were associated with great wisdom. The early Celts and Gaelic cultures grew full beards as well, as it was considered a dishonor amongst men to not be fully bearded. During the middle ages, a beard was symbolic of a man’s virility, manhood, and valiance.

Nowadays, the style of facial hair seen on a man can take many forms. Full beards, Goatee’s, Sideburns or just stubble – there are many ways a man can style his beard depending on the look or style he desires. Even stronger facial hair statements can be made with styles such as stashburns, soul patches and neckbeards. One of the obvious problems with growing facial hair is that sometimes you just don’t have it where you need it-or perhaps you just want it temporarily as in the case of dressing up in a costume for one night. In these instances, our selection and wide array of beards and facial hair is going to help you immensely where nature didn’t-so you can get that special look that you need to make your characterization complete.

Just For Men Brush-In Color Gel, Mustache & Beard, Dark Brown M-45, 1 kit

Just For Men Brush-In Color Gel, Mustache & Beard, Dark Brown M-45, 1 kit | Rite Aid

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From the Manufacturer


Item No. 0347841

Just For Men Mustache & Beard hair color brings out the best in your facial hair. Facial hair looks fuller, more even and well-groomed as you get rid of the scraggly look of gray facial hairs. The fast and easy brush-in gel works in 5 minutes – your gray hair will be gone until it grows back. This ammonia-free formula is made specifically to penetrate and condition coarse facial hair. Just For Men Mustache and Beard hair color contains protein, Vitamin E, aloe and chamomile that nourishes your hair while you color. It leaves your facial hair looking well groomed, conditioned and thicker after every application. Its ammonia free formula causes no damage to your hair. Can’t decide between two shades? Try the lighter one first. You can always go darker later. Made in the USA

  • Just For Men Mustache & Beard is beard coloring that makes getting rid of gray facial hair easy. Unlike other dyes, this beard color is formulated specifically for coarser facial hair. Eliminates gray for a thicker and fuller look.
  • This men’s beard coloring product is easy to use. Simply mix the color base and developer, use the brush to apply mixture, wait five minutes, rinse the product out, shampoo your beard, and you’re done.
  • Choose from 10 different shades. When in doubt or unsure of which to choose, always go with the lighter shade. Brush included and is designed to distribute color with ease. Now formulated with biotin, aloe, and coconut oil!
  • Apply as often as your hair needs. We know every man is different so our gray hair coloring product is here when those gray hairs begin to grow back. Works well on any type of facial hair from beards and mustaches to soul patches or gotees.
  • For the best results, make sure to follow all instructions included in the package, perform a skin allergy test 48 hours before use, and always use the gloves provided to avoid staining


More Information
Product Name Just For Men Mustache & Beard Brush-In Color Gel, Dark Brown M-45
Sub Brand Mustache & Beard
Package Count 1
Container Type box
Form Gel
Color Specs Tab Dark Brown
Model 6114
Country of Manufacture United States
Ingredient Preference Made in the USA
Prop 65 No


For the best results, make sure to follow all instructions included in the package, perform a skin allergy test 48 hours before use, and always use the gloves provided to avoid staining.


Water, Coco Glucoside, Aminomethyl Propanol, Carbomer, Fragrance, Sodium Sulfite, Erythorbic Acid, Resorcinol, p-Phenylenediamine, Caramel, Trisodium EDTA, P-Aminophenol, M-Aminophenol, Cinnamidopropyltrimonium Chloride, Laurdimonium Hydroxypropyl Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, Panthenol, Tocopheryl Acetate, Aloe Vera Extract, Chamomile Extract. Color Developer: Water, Cetyl Alcohol, Hydrogen Peroxide, Glyceryl Stearate, Peg-100 Stearate


Do not use this product if: – You have already experienced any reaction to haircolor products. – You have an irritated, sensitive or damaged scalp. Haircolor products can cause allergic reactions which in rare cases can be severe. If you have a tattoo, the risks of an allergic reaction may be increased. Before using this product, you must perform a preliminary 48 hour skin allergy test according to accompanying directions. In rare cases, use of hair dye has been associated with skin depigmentation (skin lightening or loss of skin color), which may be temporary or permanent. If you notice any skin depigmentation or other allergic reaction such as discomfort or severe itching, discontinue use immediately. Do not use this product at all if you have depigmentation problems such as white patches on your skin (a condition called vitiligo) or if you have a family history of skin depigmentation problems, as an allergic reaction may cause temporary or permanent loss of skin pigment. Caution – This product contains ingredients which may cause skin irritation on certain individuals and a preliminary 48-hour patch test according to accompanying directions should be done first. This product must not be used for dying the eyelashes or eyebrows – to do so may cause blindness. Keep product out of reach of children. Not for use on children.



Just a moment while we apply your discounts.


The 8 Best Beard Trimmers You Can Buy in 2021


An electric beard trimmer is a necessity for maintaining facial hair. The best ones are intuitive and offer a range of settings for general hair trimming and precision touch-ups.

In recent years, advances in rechargeable batteries have allowed for cordless trimmers to run up to an hour or more. Many beard trimmers on the market also utilize blades that require very little upkeep — as a general rule: look for self-sharpening steel blades that don’t require oil before each use.

You’ll also want to consider how, and where, you’ll be using it. Have you maintained the same beard for years and just need a one-trick pony? Do you alternate between short and long styles and need a trimmer that offers a lot of variety? Will you take your trimmer on business trips or are you leaving it in a bathroom cabinet? Finally, what’s your budget?

No matter how you answered any of these questions, our picks have you covered.

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Best Overall Beard Trimmer

Wahl Model 9864SS Stainless Steel Beard Trimmer

Made in the America, this beard trimmer is housed in a durable stainless steel housing and utilizes rechargable Lithium Ion 2. 0 technology that can provide hours of trimming on one charge. The Model 9864 comes with four attachments and 12 T-Blade guide combs to achieve different length trims.

The self-sharpening blades stay sharp over years of use and the warranty is one of the longest you’ll find in the world of beard trimmers. The best feature, though? A one-minute charge will give you three minutes of trimming time — perfect for procrastinators everywhere.

Attachments: 4
Run Time: 6 hours
Warranty: 5 year

Best Upgrade Beard Trimmer

Beard Trimmer by Bevel

Bevel’s first trimmer received high praise for its build quality, cutting quality and precision. The brand’s second iteration is even better. Built to meet the demands of master barbers, the reprise is now cordless, providing up to an incredible 8 hours of cutting time. The Bevel Dial allows you to make adjustments with just the flick of a thumb for smooth fades the blade and the included t-blade makes achieving clean lines a breeze.

Attachments: 1
Run Time: 8 hours
Warranty: 1 year

Best Affordable Beard Trimmer

Philips Norelco MG3750 Multigroom Trimmer

We love the MG3750’s big brother, the MG7770. But for an incredulous price of just $20, we can’t say that we’d pick another beard trimmer for the money. Its measly run-time of just an hour may put some people off. But if your beard routine only involves a quick touch up (which is most people), that shouldn’t deter you. It comes with plenty of attachments for any precise cuts you need to take care of and the stainless steel guards are easy to detach and clean.

Attachments: 13
Run Time: 1 hour
Warranty: 2 year

Best Feature-Packed Beard Trimmer

Philips Norelco MG7770

This aluminum-body beard trimmer has two times as many blades for a more precise trim. Its Lithium-ion battery delivers a 6-hour runtime, and the MG7770 comes with six purpose-designed attachments and a range of trimming guards.

It comes with a rugged zipper case that has a contoured foam body to hold the trimmer and pouches to secure attachments. What’s more, the steeper price is justified by an industry-leading 10-year warranty.

Attachments: 6
Run Time: 6 hours
Warranty: 10 year

Best Washable Beard Trimmer

Panasonic Multigroom ER-GB80-S

This trimmer has 39 adjustable settings to fine-tune your grooming routine — a rubberized dial controls the settings in .5mm increments from .5mm to 20mm. The stainless steel blades are washable and a convenient water-drain allows quick cleaning after each use.

While the battery will last just shy of an hour, a LED charge indicator on the handle indicates the power level as to not leave you stranded in the middle of a trim. The attachments that come with the ER-GB80-S are designed for closer facial hair trimming, longer beard styles and precision body hair grooming. Panasonic also outfitted the trimmer with a rubberized handle that fits comfortably in bigger hands.

Attachments: 3
Runtime: 50 minutes
Warranty: 2 years

Best Travel Beard Trimmer

Braun Multi Grooming Kit MGK5280

This compact trimmer can keep up with the best. It comes with nine attachments and can trim beards from .5mm to 21 mm (in 2mm increments). The battery delivers one hour of runtime and a LED indicator on the handle displays the battery life. Thankfully, this trimmer is fully washable, making on-the-go cleanup a breeze. It’s also small enough to be packed into a Dopp kit without disturbing your current grooming products.

Attachments: 9
Runtime: 100 minutes
Warranty: 2 years

Best Corded Beard Trimmer

Andis 04603 Professional Outliner II

If you need a precision trimmer to touch up your neck, beard and mustache, this is a solid option. Inside the heavy-duty housing, a quiet magnetic motor powers carbon-steel blades designed for years of use. Weighing in at 11.5 ounces, this trimmer is easy on the hands for extended use. The T-Outliner is ideal for dry shaving, but make sure to oil the blade before each use to ensure a good trim.

Attachments: 0
Runtime: Continuous
Warranty: 1 year

Best Beard Trimmer with a Vacuum

Remington HKVAC2000A Vacuum Haircut Kit

When cleaning up your beard, you’d better be prepared to cleanup the sink, too. That said, beard trimmers with integrated vacuums make the mess a bit (or a lot) less. Remington’s super popular HKVAC2000A boasts a dual-motor system that delivers high-powered suction to capture up to 90 percent of trimmed hair. The collection chamber is generous, too. It’s enough to collect a full session of trimming and the included attachments mean you can get the detail you’re after.

Attachments: 8
Runtime: Continuous
Warranty: 5 years

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The 4 Best Beard Trimmers of 2021

Our pick

The Philips Norelco MG7750 has almost everything we could ask for in a beard trimmer. Its motor offers just the right amount of power—enough to make quick work of thick hair, but not so much that a slight slip will remove a large section of a beard or mustache. Its design feels great in the hand, and it saves space because it can stand upright on a countertop or in a medicine cabinet. The MG7750 is an all-purpose beard, hair, and body trimmer; it includes 14 guide combs, trimmer heads in three widths, a small foil shaver head, and a nose hair trimmer. In our tests, it ran for five hours on one charge. The steel blades are designed to be self-sharpening, no oiling needed. The sole downside is that its stainless steel body makes it relatively heavy and thus less portable than the Philips Norelco MG3750, our budget pick.


Wahl Aqua Blade 9899

This sharp, powerful, and versatile cordless trimmer has all the power needed for heavy beards, with a comfortable grip that makes it easy to handle.

The Wahl Aqua Blade 9899 has the power and versatility of our previous runner-up pick, the Wahl Lithium Ion+ Stainless Steel Trimmer 9818, but with a larger, more secure grip that makes precise trimming easier and helps prevent slipups that can accidentally remove large chunks of a beard or mustache. That bigger grip also makes the Aqua Blade feel less buzzy in the hand. Like the Lithium Ion+, the Aqua Blade has a more powerful motor than most people need and also works as a hair and body trimmer. It comes with 12 guide combs, a detail trimmer head, a shaver head, and a nose hair trimmer. The fine-pitch steel blades with ground teeth require a couple of drops of oil every month. Unlike our top pick, the Aqua Blade can’t stand on its own, and the supplied stand is a little clumsy to use.

Also great

Wahl Peanut 8655

If you don’t mind a corded tool, the Wahl Peanut 8655 has cutting power that no cordless trimmer can match, with a durable, easy-to-maintain design.

If you want a reliable tool that can cut thick hair down to a stubble—and you don’t mind wrangling a power cord—we recommend the Wahl Peanut 8655. This less expensive yet powerful trimmer has been our corded pick for some time now, beating everything we’ve tested it against in terms of cutting power, durability, and closeness of trim. It’s stronger than any cordless trimmer we’ve tried, yet it’s lighter, smaller, more maneuverable, and easier to maintain than other pro trimmers and clippers, which tend toward tanklike construction.

Budget pick

If a low price is your highest priority, we like the power and versatility of the Philips Norelco MG3750, one of the most popular, well-reviewed trimmers on Amazon. It seems to trim about as well as our top pick, the same company’s MG7750, but its body is made mostly from plastic rather than stainless steel, so it’s lighter and therefore more practical for travel. It doesn’t feel as sturdy and stable as the MG7750, though, and it can’t stand on its own. Unlike other budget-priced trimmers we’ve used, the MG3750 can remove lots of hair quickly without pulling any in the process. And whereas most budget trimmers include only a single, adjustable guide comb, the MG3750 includes seven guide combs, a detail trimmer head, and a nose hair trimmer. Poor battery life is the biggest downside: You’ll probably have to charge it every week, particularly if you’re trimming a thick beard.

Best Stores To Get Beard Products (2021 Guide)

Where to buy beard oil may be just as important as which beard care products to get. While some men prefer to buy their beard oil and balm locally or in a store, most guys will find it online for convenience. Much of this has to do with the fact that some retailers don’t carry all the best brands or all-natural variations.

So if you’re trying to find a particular conditioner or balm, where to buy it is a concern. However, before we discuss the stores that sell beard oil, let’s review why beard oils are important to begin with and the top-rated products to try!

Why Use Beard Oil

With the facial hair trend continuing strong, some men see beard care products as unnecessary. But the truth is that beard oil is one of the most essential grooming products any man can own. Beard oil is easy to apply and inexpensive, but it can make a huge difference to the health and growth of your facial hair.

Think of beard oil as no different than shampoo and conditioner for your hair; yes, you can grow hair without it, but the quality and texture of your hair greatly improves when you use it. Beard maintenance is the same and can help keep your facial hair and skin healthy, clean and beautiful. Consider your purchase with the advice in this buying guide.

Beard Oil Benefits

To prove that you should use beard oil, here are just a few of the many benefits it will have on your beard and face. Choosing a high-quality beard oil is essential to getting the best growth without beard itch or dandruff (aka beardruff).

Overall, the top oils will improve the quality of your skin and facial hair for a healthy beard.

  • Balance your complexion – To dispel the rumors: beard oil is good for your complexion, and will not make your skin oily. In fact, it has the opposite effect. By adding a conditioning beard oil to your facial hair, your skin will not overcompensate by producing more oil. Beard oil is also the perfect tool to remove the itchiness from your beard by moisturizing dry skin.
  • Condition your facial hair – Applying beard oil will make your facial hair smooth and soft. Just like conditioner for the hair on your head, proper care is necessary to maintain a nice texture. The conditioning properties of beard oil and its ingredients will also add a healthy shine to your beard, instead of making it dull and lifeless.
  • Pleasant smell – If you wash your face every day, your beard will already be clean. Adding a good smelling balm will give it a nice scent as well as improving the texture and feel of your facial hair. Picking a beard oil with a fragrance that you enjoy is important for this reason.
  • Remove dandruff – The best beard care products get rid of dead skin and flakes.

To fully understand what beard oil does, try it. A simple one-week experiment will provide everything you need to know about the purpose of this essential men’s grooming product!

Best Beard Oils Reviewed 2021

Now that you know why you should buy beard oil, here’s a rundown of the best beard oils on the market. These brands have been chosen for their excellent value and high-quality ingredients. Each of them is capable of maintaining a healthy beard and stimulating growth, but there are a few different features you will note in the summaries. Facial hair is a personal thing, so consider your own skin type and texture in order to choose the most effective product for your needs.

Honest Amish Beard Oil

As you might expect after centuries of growing full, long facial hair, Amish men know how to look after a beard. Honest Amish Classic Beard Oil is based on traditional Amish techniques and ingredients.

With all-natural ingredients and a great smell, it’s difficult pass up this affordable beard oil for a simple yet effective tonic. In terms of personal characteristics, this beard oil will work best if you have longer, unruly facial hair which you would like to get under control. It’s made to condition and tame even the wildest beard while taking care of itchiness, dandruff, and split ends.

Similarly, Honest Amish also makes an incredible Beard Balm and Leave-In Conditioner with all-natural, vegan-friendly organic oils and butters. With some of the best customer reviews in the industry, serious beardsmen should try this product out for strong, full beard growth!

Ingredients: Avocado oil, Pumpkin Seed oil, Sweet Almond oil, Apricot Kernel oil, Jojoba oil, Argan oil, and Kukui oil.

Gentlemen’s Beard Oil

For those who don’t like scented beard oils, this one is for you. The Gentlemen’s Beard Oil is a minimalist product that doesn’t add any synthetic or fragrant ingredients. But that doesn’t mean it’s basic or inferior in quality. This beard brand is made using only the finest ingredients – and there are only five of them, so you know exactly what you’re putting on your face.

It will moisturize and nourish your beard and condition your hairs to prevent itch, without adding much to your routine. If you’re a guy looking for an easy-to-use, unscented beard oil that will last a long time, this should be your number one choice.

Ingredients: Moroccan Argan oil, Jojoba, Evening Primrose, Sunflower Seed oil, and Vitamin E.

Leven Rose Beard Oil & Conditioner

Leven Rose is a top beard brand, and this top-selling beard oil lives up to the brand’s good name. One of the stand-out features of this product is the bottle’s size. You won’t need to restock on beard oil each week because this beard oil contains a massive two-month supply, even for seasoned experts using it daily. Plus, the oil is so powerful that just a few drops can quickly restore shine and moisture to dry, coarse and unruly beard hair.

With no fragrance and just two ingredients, the Leven Rose Fragrance-Free Beard Oil and Conditioner is another top choice that will work well with most lifestyles, however much effort you’re prepared to put into maintaining your beard.

Ingredients: Organic Jojoba oil and Organic Moroccan Argan oil.

Smooth Viking Beard Oil

As a beard oil specifically made to help dry facial hair, this product is great at conditioning to prevent beard itch and flakiness. The Smooth Viking Beard Oil is a moisturizing, growth-promoting oil that can keep your beard’s texture smooth while also helping it to grow long and full.

If you tend to get itchy skin around your facial hair or suffer from beard dandruff, choose this beard oil with balm and conditioner to alleviate that dryness and get rid of flaky skin.

Ingredients: Shea Butter, Mango Butter, Beeswax, Avocado oil, Sweet Almond oil, Moroccan Argan oil, Castor oil, Pure Essential oil, Pumpkin Seed oil, Olive oil, Jojoba oil, and Vitamin E.

Mountaineer Brand Beard Oil

Lightly scented with Cedarwood for a woodsy yet clean smell, this beard oil by Mountaineer Brand strives to be the rugged man’s choice. Focused on hydrating skin and hair to avoid itching, flaking, and dandruff, this product will stimulate facial hair growth while maintaining your beard’s health.

Manufactured in the United States and highly-rated among users, use this conditioning oil daily for almost immediate results!

Ingredients: Grapeseed oil, Almond oil, Castor oil, Cedarwood oil, Fir Needle oil, and Eucalyptus Leaf oil.

Seven Potions Beard Oil – Woodland Harmony

Woodland Harmony by Seven Potions is one of the best on the market at taming wild, unkempt beards. With a husky, masculine scent fit for lumberjacks and all-natural ingredients, this beard care product is made for wearing in social settings. Your beard will gleam, nourished by the natural oils, while you smell great from the scented flavoring.

For a sophisticated, moisturizing beard oil that smells amazing while keeping your facial hair soft and shiny without looking greasy, Woodland Harmony is the way to go.

Ingredients: Apricot Kernel oil, Crambe Seed oil, Jojoba, Sweet Almond oil, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, Organic Sandalwood, Cedar Wood oil, and Essential oils.

Local Stores and Retailers That Sell Beard Oil

The unfortunate truth is that, while there are a ton of beard brands with great products, brick and mortar retailers have been slow to stock their oils. If you drive to your local Walmart or Target, you may be able to find one or two beard oils on the shelf, but will they be the best?

However, Walmart does carry some good beard products in their online store, including Smooth Viking and Leven Rose.

Nevertheless, this is why we highly recommend you get your beard oil from Amazon. With dozens of top-rated companies selling on the marketplace, coupled with free shipping and a convenient return policy, ordering online is the perfect option to save you money and trouble.

# Preview Product Rating Price
1 Honest Amish – Classic Beard Oil – 2 Ounce 20,597 Reviews $12.22 Buy Now
2 Cremo Forest Blend Revitalizing Beard Oil, Restores Moisture, Softens and Reduces Beard Itch for… 3,079 Reviews $7.27 Buy Now
3 Vanilla Beard Oil (Large 2 oz.) – 100% Natural Beard Conditioner with Organic Tea Tree, Argan, and… No ratings yet $9.82 Buy Now
4 Beard Kit for Men Grooming & Care W/Beard Wash/Shampoo,2 Packs Beard Growth Oil,Beard Balm Leave-in… 32,267 Reviews $22.91 Buy Now
5 Jack Black – Beard Oil with Kalahari Melon Oil & Vitamin E, 1 Fl Oz 1,937 Reviews $26.00 Buy Now

Buy The Best Beard Oil Online

Beard care is important, especially if you’re trying to grow a long beard. Whether you’re looking for a great smell or maximum moisturizing potential, the right beard oil and conditioner is out there. Choose one from this list for a high-quality product that will become an essential part of your morning routine.

Mustaches, beards :: Mustache – GRIMSHOP

You will receive exactly the product that you see in the photo! No “identical” copies: all products are in a single copy. Sandarac glue is used to glue false mustaches and beards. Isopropyl alcohol is used to remove dried glue from products. To clean the face from the glue, use alcohol, or a special mild alcohol-free wash.

Frequently asked questions:

Do you make mustache / beards / wigs to order?

We only sell finished products, which are given to us for sale.We do not accept orders for individual tailoring.

Are you renting? I need a beard for five minutes for a photo shoot.

No, we do not rent it even for 5 minutes!

What if I receive an order and the beard doesn’t suit me? Can I try it on when I receive it, and send it back if it doesn’t fit in size and color?

We do not send orders by cash on delivery, and do not allow trying on products. Treat it like trying on the finest underwear.Posters are not legally eligible for return. We make clear enough photos on a white plaster face so that we can estimate the color, style and size. If you need 100% match in color and size and the possibility of fitting, then everything should be ordered individually from the master-master.

I am in St. Petersburg and I can come myself and choose everything that I need on the spot.

This is possible only for a select few and by prior arrangement.We have no showroom or shop windows. No one will allow you to rummage through a box with curled companions. And while you are driving without an order, your beard may already be paid for, packaged and sent to another city. For self-pickup, read at the bottom of the site.

I have unwanted items for sale. How do I add them to your site?

Write and call us! Even if you are from another city, you can send us your products for sale. Contacts at the bottom of the site.

90,000 I am a Muslim and I don’t grow a beard.What to do?

Few people understand beards better than barber shop employees. In the wake of the beard fashion, at least five facial hair care establishments have opened in Bishkek in the past three years.

Akmaral works in one of them (she asked not to indicate the name) and says that, in addition to ultra-modern hipsters, ultra-conservative Muslims also come to them.

“They don’t sit with girls at all, they can’t – only a man should cut and shave them.We just remove the protruding hair and lubricate the beard. Religiously, you need your beard to look neat, ”explains Akmaral.

Of course, those who already have a beard turn to them. In general, in Kyrgyzstan, according to Akmaral’s observations, many men really have problems with the growth of facial hair.

“Mustaches grow in everyone’s chin area. On the cheeks it is more problematic. If they want to grow a [beard], then it grows in a thin line under the lower jaw, ”Akmaral shares his experience of observing clients.

In the barber shop, in which Akmaral works, the word “minoxidil” sounds for the first time – a tool that should stimulate the growth of a beard.

The barber shop sells it to customers, but none of the employees can explain how it works and what it contains. Maybe, after all, someone understands the growth of a beard even better?

Bishkek resident Azamat (name has been changed) is a man whose gender was determined at birth as female.Four years ago, he began the so-called “transition” – this is the name of the process of changing the human body with the help of hormone therapy and / or surgery.

Before the transition, Azamat had no facial hair at all, but today his chin and cheekbones are adorned with a luxurious dark beard.

She was not always like this – in the first time after the transition, the hair on her face grew in clumps. “I grew a little on the chin, on the tanks, and a mustache.I needed to connect where the cheeks are, ”he recalls.

Azamat also used minoxidil – just to connect the sideburns and chin. However, at the same time, Azamat began hormone therapy to increase testosterone levels in the body.

“Not all trans men grow a beard – it’s very individual. Depends on how hormonal drugs affect individually the body of each person.I took the very first injection [of testosterone] and after two weeks my chin hairs started to creep out, ”Azamat recalls and adds:“ I don’t know for sure whether the effect was from [minoxidil] or from hormonal drugs. ”

But is it possible to give a testosterone injection to a cisgender * man? And where will this lead?

Endocrinologist Zhypargul Amanalieva says that no self-respecting doctor will prescribe hormonal therapy for the sake of beard growth in a cisgender man.

“You have to understand that these are very serious drugs. Not only testosterone, but also other androgenic (male) hormones. Before the appointment, you need to conduct a very in-depth analysis. The hormones, blood and so on are being studied, ”the doctor explains.

She insists that injecting and taking hormones on your own to enhance beard growth is extremely irresponsible and can cause side effects.

“This can affect not only the patient’s hormonal background, but also his blood, behavior. Elevated testosterone levels in the blood can affect the nervous system. A person can become aggressive and hot-tempered, ”says Amanalieva.

The only nonprescription and relatively safe treatment for growing a beard is the aforementioned minoxidil.

Minoxidil is mainly used to combat hair loss.It is a vasodilator that brings oxygen, blood and nutrients to the hair follicles.

As a result, the follicles grow and begin to produce thicker and longer hair.

But you should carefully study the side effects of minoxidil (they range from itching and irritation to difficulty breathing and swelling) and in any case, be sure to consult your doctor.

It should also be borne in mind that minoxidil may not help beard growth. If this is the case, then the only way to grow a beard is to transplant hair follicles.

Dermatovenereologist Marina Shin says that the cost of transplanting one hair follicle costs 1 US dollar, and to build a full-fledged beard, you will have to transplant about 1000-1500 bulbs. Moreover, such operations are not performed in Bishkek.

“Such an operation is being performed in Almaty. Beard transplants are often done in Turkey, but in our country it is not so common, ”she says.

90,000 Common Cat Myths – Finding Out the Truth with Hill’s

People are fascinated by these mysterious creatures. It is not easy to understand what our darlings think or feel, but there are many myths that need to be debunked. Here are some stereotypical judgments about cats to watch out for.


Cats always land on their feet.

No, not always. Cats are flexible creatures, but the truth is, they can actually get crippled if they fall unsuccessfully. As noted at the Animal Medical Center, veterinarians use the term “fall syndrome” to describe the injuries that cats suffer from falls, including sprains, bone fractures, and even breathing problems. Contrary to popular belief, cats are more prone to injury when falling from a low altitude than from a high one, because in the first case, they do not have time to turn their body in space in the required position – for a safe landing.

To keep your cat safe, install window screens to support your cat. Make sure that your cat does not jump on shelves and countertops – these are not the best places to observe a person.


Cats must be given birth prior to sterilization.

According to the Society for the Protection of Animals, the opposite is true. Organizations such as the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) recommend that owners of cats who do not plan to raise offspring should resort to surgery before pregnancy to prevent an increase in the number of homeless animals.


Cats cannot be trained.

When you think of pets doing various tricks, a cat is not the animal that immediately comes to your mind, but cats can be trained nonetheless! For example, a cat named Tuna plays musical instruments in a band and tours the United States.

Training your pet can strengthen the bond between you. A positive attitude is important when training – even when training kittens to use the litter box.Some shelters offer free training for prospective pet owners, or you can ask your veterinarian or friends for advice.

A little patience and determination – and you and your pet could perform on stage!


It’s okay if the cat eats chocolate.

In fact, chocolate is dangerous for cats. Chocolate contains theobromine, an alkaloid that is toxic to cats and dogs. Dark chocolate is more dangerous than milk chocolate because it contains higher levels of theobromine, a substance found in cocoa.In addition, cats do not digest dairy products well, which can lead to intestinal problems or diarrhea. Don’t let your cat feast on chocolate, but save sweets for humans.


Domestic cat cannot catch diseases.

Just because your cat lives indoors does not mean that it is not susceptible to disease. All cats can get sick even if they don’t go outside. Any domestic cat must be vaccinated.Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) experts point out that domestic cats are most susceptible to germs that spread through the air or get on the cat owner’s clothing. If you have a dog that is regularly outside, it can also bring in unwanted microflora. Be aware that cats can get sick from swallowing disease-carrying insects, so talk to your veterinarian about preventive measures to keep your furry family members safe.And leave your outdoor shoes at the front door!


Cats can involuntarily strangle a child.

Of all the myths about cats, this one borders on superstition, but it is a real problem for families with babies and young children. Want to know what the good news is? As confirmed by the Live Science website, this myth has been greatly exaggerated, but the basis of it is that many cats like to cuddle and lean on warm bodies. However, since many cats curl up near their owner’s head, neck, or chest, it is important to keep them away from sleeping babies and wait until your baby is older before allowing the cat to sleep in the same room.


Brushing your cat’s teeth? Do not make me laugh!

In fact, your cat will have the last laugh when your eyes start to water from his breath. Brushing your cat’s teeth regularly not only freshens their breath, it also reduces the risk of oral diseases and gives you the opportunity to notice that something unusual is happening to the teeth and gums. Do not neglect cleaning. It can make your darling more enjoyable and help prevent many serious health problems in the future.Contact your veterinarian for advice on how to properly brush your cat’s teeth.


Cats have nine lives. Do they really need regular visits to the veterinarian?

Cats have only one life. Therefore, it is important to visit your veterinarian regularly to ensure your cat’s long and healthy life. A visit to a veterinarian should not be limited to those cases when a pet is sick. Your cat needs yearly checkups, vaccinations, dental checkups and nutritional counseling… like the rest of us.

Cats can also carry rabies and must be vaccinated regularly in accordance with local regulations. Vaccinations are also effective in protecting your cat from infection.


The cat can be fed from the table. After all, my cat can eat the same as me, right?

Did you know that a 5 kg piece of cheese for a cat is like eating almost three full bars of chocolate? Table food is empty calories for cats. To stay healthy, they need precisely balanced nutrition for their specific stage of life and special needs.A cat food like Hill’s Science Plan gives cats exactly what they need – balanced minerals, antioxidants, the right balance of nutrients to keep your cat healthy.


My cat is wagging its tail, which means she is happy.

Possibly … But with cats, this is not certain. They usually wag or wag their tail when upset or in thought. Pets communicate using complex body language and vocal sounds, just like humans.Understanding what your cat is saying will play an important role in your relationship.


I do not need to keep my cat active.

You can and should keep your cat active! They need mental stimulation as well as physical activity. Cats should be kept indoors for their safety, but there are many games and toys to keep them active and at a healthy weight.


Are pregnant women avoiding cats because of toxoplasmosis?

This is not entirely true.Expectant mothers can come into contact with cats, but not with their litter box. Toxoplasmosis is spread through feces and cat litter. Cats, especially long-haired cats, carry litter particles throughout the house: it is necessary to clean not only the litter box, but also sofas, beds, carpets. As long as pregnant women avoid contact with the litter box and have someone else cleaning it, there should be no problem. Therefore, you can freely communicate with your pet while you are expecting a baby.


Does the cat lose its sense of balance without the whiskers?

It is difficult even to imagine how such an idea originated! Cats use their whiskers as sensors, but not for balance. The way a cat holds its whiskers can be an indicator of its mood. Never cut off or pull on the cat’s whiskers! The roots of a cat’s whiskers are located deep in tissues with many nerve endings.


Cats love milk.

A cute cat is quietly lapping milk from a saucer.What could be more natural? The truth is that milk contains so many dangers for such a small animal. Many cats develop diarrhea from milk, and too much milk can quickly worsen obesity. It is best to eat a balanced diet formulated specifically for cats. Save milk for your porridge.


If a cat eats grass, it means that she is sick.

What grass does a cat eat when it is sick? Interest Ask.While there are several theories about the consumption of grass by animals, veterinarians have no definitive answers! However, research shows an amazing thing: animals may just like the taste of the herb. So don’t panic if your cat eats grass from time to time, but if it turns into a daily feast, see your veterinarian. Some houseplants can be hazardous to the health of cats, so check which plants are safe for cats as well.


Putting garlic in your cat food will help rid your cat of parasites.

No way! Garlic can cause anemia in cats and should be avoided. It is better to visit a veterinarian to carry out the necessary procedures, primarily anthelmintic.

Once you understand where the facts are and where the fiction is, you will help the furry family member lead an active and healthy life. Don’t worry about cats losing their mystery – they will always be adorable!

Contributor Bio

Christine O’Brien

Christine O’Brien is a writer, mother and owner of two Russian blue mestizos.She writes not only about pets, but also about raising children. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter @brovelliobrien.

Optimal self-belay mustache – Risk.ru

General scheme

The original idea was to make a small internal instruction on your website for people who come to my school, but during the writing the volume of information grew so much that it turned out to be a whole article.All of the following is the subjective opinion of the author, including the adjective “optimal” in the title of the publication.

This configuration of the basic lanyard and the methods of its adjustment were calculated empirically. The range of application covers almost all the needs of a height enthusiast – from working on fixed ropes to difficult free climbing as a leader (very quickly and easily tied out of the gazebo, compactly assembled and hung on the back shelf, tied back in when changing roles or when starting rappels).

This configuration does not have the disadvantage of connecting the lanyard and the harness by means of a carabiner – there is no danger that the load will fall on the carabiner latch.

The lanyard mustache must be made of dynamic rope. It is convenient to use a thin rope with a diameter of no more than 10 mm.
Whiskers made of thin rope, with sufficient strength, give savings in weight and are compact when carrying the “assembled” lanyard on the back shelf of the gazebo. I prefer diameters up to 9.2 mm, I often use half rope 8.5 mm (a controversial point, but when assembled, the lanyard takes the size of an average male fist).

The knots at the ends of the whiskers can be different – figure eight, guide, barrel (reliable and compact knot, but after tightening it makes the process of releasing the whiskers of the self-belay from the carbines too complicated).
Due to its compactness, a conductor is used in this example as a “generalizing” node.

Depending on the diameter, stiffness of the rope, on the type of knots that will be tied, a different amount of rope will take to create a self-belay.When buying, you can tie the desired configuration of self-belay right in the store without tightening too much – after untiing it will be clear how much rope was involved, buy with a small margin.
After creating the lanyard, leave excess rope at the exit of the knot / knots at the end of the whiskers. After a certain period of use, complete tightening of the knots and additional adjustments, the excess can be cut off with peace of mind.

Sometimes you need to add a third mustache , which is tied into the center ring of the gazebo with a semi-catching knot.If such situations rarely occur, the third mustache can be made not from a dynamic rope, but from improvised means. Most often it is a loop of a sling 60 cm long.
Situations in my experience where two mustaches are missing:
1. While ascending in a “non-sled” way (not “chest-to-leg” with a crawl in the chest and a free short mustache) on a fixed SRT style handrail. In this case, the third mustache is used to snap into the rebelay points in order to reposition the clamps on the upper section of the railing without losing the belay by two “points” at the same time.
2. When approaching the station along the ropes, especially the hanging one. The third mustache is first clicked into the station. If it is made of dynamic rope and it is long enough, you can stay on it. If this is a “temporary” loop from a sling, you need to remove one of the clamps and click into the station with the main mustache of a self-belay from a dynamic rope (short or long, depending on the convenience of being at this particular station), and remove the temporary third mustache.
3. When climbing a fixed rope with clamps and removing belay points on a strong overhang or with a strong traverse.In this case, the third mustache is snapped into the guy at the point, which helps with further actions, but this is a different story.

My permanent third mustache is made of a 7mm re-cord tied in a loop with a grapevine knot. The length of the loop is approximately 80 cm. A figure eight knot is tied on the loop. The total length with a tied figure eight is 60 cm. When the loop of the third mustache is tied into the central ring of the harness (with a semi-grasping knot), the figure eight knot does not allow the carabiner to “walk” along the loop, the carabiner is in the right place.If necessary, I can use the third whisker when creating chain hoists, during rescue operations, or in any other circumstance where a grappling knot of 7 mm re-routing needs to be tied on the main rope.

Tying the mustache into the arbor – thread the “self-belay loop for tying into the arbor” through the leg and waist loops of the arbor, then thread the mustache itself into the loop. You will get a semi-grasping knot.

The size of the “loop for tying into the gazebo” should be such that in the tied, but not tightened state, when the knot the conductor rests against the bend of the loop, the resulting loop of the semi-grasping knot was equal in size to the central ring of the harness, or slightly smaller.
During the loading of the lanyard mustache, for example, when lifting on clamps or at the hanging station, the semi-grabbing knot of the lanyard tied into the gazebo will pull the leg and waist loops together. But when not under load, the correct size of the harness loop allows the semi-gripping knot to relax and gain initial comfort. This problem can also be solved if the leg loops have adjustment buckles (or do not have, but the leg loops themselves are large), then you can make the leg loops large in size, in which case it will be comfortable even in the “collapsed” position of the leg and waist loops of the arbor …

The center ring of the pavilion itself remains free for use with belay / descender devices.

If it is not necessary to remove the lanyard from the harness, the basic configuration can be slightly changed. I have done this on a gazebo, which I only use when punching new routes. The loop for tying into the arbor has a size slightly larger than the central ring of the arbor, the loop is tied directly into the leg-belt loop of the arbor, without a semi-grabbing knot. In this case, the drawn-out generalizing knot interferes with quickly dismantling the self-belay, but the effect of collapse of the leg and waist loops of the arbor completely disappears, after the disappearance of the load, they automatically diverge.

The key point is the length of the short mustache . It should be such that when pulling the mustache upward with medium force, the tip of the carbine snapped into the mustache reaches the tip of the nose. A person should stand with a straight back, look forward, smile. The self-belay loop, tied into the gazebo with a semi-grabbing knot, should not be tightened – the leg and waist loops of the gazebo should not touch. It is not necessary to pull strongly, the self-belaying system simply should not have any slack.People have different heights, this method allows you to adjust the length of the short mustache “for yourself”. This is a basic fitting that works for 80% of people. There are always those who have their own specific preferences. Basically, the correct length of a short mustache is needed when lifting by the “hand-leg” method (the classic method with two clamps – most often with mechanical ones, when there is a zhumar on the short mustache, on the long one – a second zhumar with a ladder-pedal for the leg).

For my height 180-186 cm, the short mustache is 45 cm long (from the “generalizing knot” to the edge of the mustache).The length of the second mustache can be arbitrary – just longer than the short one, in my case the difference is 35 cm, I never needed it again – too long an unregulated mustache starts to get in the way, the mustache adjustment system – an increase in the complexity, weight and bulkiness of the entire system, not justified in sports mountaineering.

If it is necessary to drastically lengthen the lanyard, you can use a cordlet tied in a loop with a grapevine. The loop can be used in its original size, it can be folded in half, four times, and even more precise adjustment can be achieved by tying a parcel-prusik from a cordalet.

When rappelling , I often place a basket descender on a long lanyard bar, tying it in a knot in a stirrup. In this case, the loop of the re-cord for tying the grabbing knot is fixed with a carabiner on the central ring of the arbor. This is necessary, as everyone knows, for the separation of the trigger and the grasping unit at a certain distance from each other for the trigger system to work correctly.

The second variant of placing the basket with the help of the variants of self-belay described above is the third mustache of the self-belay folded in half (from a cords or from a loop from a sling), threaded through the central ring of the arbor.

If you noticed, I strive to use as versatile pieces of equipment as possible in order to save weight and not carry something specific with me all the time, this habit also helps when you forget the equipment you need – replace it with the existing one. As a result, it all boils down to the following set:
– Basic lanyard with two mustaches.
– The third mustache made of a repcord (pulley blocks, rescue operations, etc.) or loops from a sling 60 cm long (creating stations, guy wires, crawl support, collecting equipment when worn over the shoulder, emergency grabbing knot, and more).
– Cordalet 5-7 meters long with a diameter of 7 mm, for cardinal lengthening of the lanyard mustache. Cordalet is an extremely versatile piece.

Successful self-insurance to everyone!

Laser hair removal for men in Moscow at the VersuaClinic center, prices, reviews

Laser hair removal for beards and mustaches is in demand among men who are not indifferent to their own appearance.With this procedure, you can both completely get rid of excess facial hair, and simply correct their shape. At the same time, whatever goal you set, after completing the course of sessions on LightSheer DUET, you will achieve the desired result.

Indications for the procedure

Laser hair removal for men is carried out at the request of the patient. If you are tired of regular stubble, irritations and cuts on the skin, it is worth visiting our medical center just a few times. The result will be visible after the first session of hardware cosmetology.After a course of procedures, the skin will remain smooth for a long time. And in most cases, laser facial hair removal for men allows you to get rid of unwanted hair forever! This means you no longer have to handle the shaver and / or trimmer.

Technique for laser hair removal of the beard

The laser emits light waves of a certain length and intensity. The melanin of the hair that is in the growth stage absorbs them, heats up and breaks down.The hair shaft, together with the bulb, falls out, while the skin is not damaged.

Why is one session not enough?

Removal of facial hair in men requires a course therapy, since no more than 25% of follicles are in the growth stage at the same time. That is, at least 4 procedures are required. The exact amount depends on the type of hair and the intensity of its growth.

Laser hair removal for men: contraindications

Laser hair removal for men has only a number of relative limitations.In particular, it is not carried out if the skin is damaged in the area to be treated. That is, you will have to wait until the irritation passes, the cuts from shaving heal, etc.

Prices for laser facial hair removal for men

It’s so easy to emphasize charisma and sexuality! Our prices for laser hair removal on the face for men (mustache and beard correction) will not force you to limit yourself in your usual spending. Now imagine how much time will be saved on your daily shaving routine.And no skin irritation! That is why laser hair removal is in such high demand among men.

Create a successful image using the offer of the Swiss rejuvenation center VERSUA Clinic. We will be glad to see you at any time. You can sign up for the procedure by phone or by leaving an online application.

90,000 Mustache and tail our documents

How I was looking for a rented apartment with a cat

It so happened that I entered the university, which was quite far from my main place of residence.The prospect of spending more than 3 hours on the road in one direction every day did not suit me at all, and therefore at the next family council it was decided to rent an apartment closer to my future place of study. The parents promised to help financially, but set a condition: I do the search and all the attendant troubles on my own and take the cat with me, which I found on the street shortly before leaving.

You can’t get an optimist

The mood was optimistic, the long-awaited freedom loomed on the horizon, a life without constant control, a student get-together and new acquaintances.Inspired by these thoughts, I began to diligently study the rental market.

The first thing I got into were large ad aggregator sites like Cyan, Avito, Yandex.Realty and others. Eyes ran away from a large number of offers, even when I set up filters “welcome with animals” and “offers from the owner.”

Disappointment came as soon as I started ringing ads. It turned out that almost all of them are filled with realtors, who put marks on all parameters, so there are more chances to rent an apartment faster.The owners themselves merged as soon as they found out about the cat: “Oh, are you a student? With a cat? No, we rent only to families without animals ”- this is how most of my awkward attempts to find a common language with landlords ended. It was a shame for the time spent, so the first tip:

When communicating with the owner, immediately indicate the fact that you have a pet. This will help save both the strength and the nerves of both sides.

Of the most useful sites and groups for finding housing without intermediaries (where the owners really rent), I can single out the following:

True, they did not help me, they did not like the price, then the location.As a result, I realized that I would have to seek professional help. I was embarrassed by the fact that you will have to leave not only the amount for the last month, but also pay a decent commission.

Word of mouth

I did not lose my optimism and decided to search my friends. He wrote on Facebook that a handsome young student with a cat really hopes to find housing in Moscow for a long time. They say that the mustache and tail are our documents, we behave decently, we do not spoil the furniture.

Seals rule the world, a photo of my pet caused a violent reaction from friends.Some gave advice on the content, others were indignant at my shortsightedness and only one girl wrote that just now a room in a two-room apartment was vacated and the hostess was not against animals. I really liked the girl, no apartment. It was quite far from the metro, so this option did not work at all.

Realtor’s help

As a result, I still had to contact a broker. Together we quickly found a suitable apartment. Already before the very meeting with the owner, the agency employee gave me some useful recommendations regarding the cat.Here they are:

  • Take a picture of your animal. This is a good psychological move. Let the owner see that you are not trying to hide anything.
  • Explain that your pet is polite, litter box, and does not spoil things. If something happens, then you will readily compensate for all the losses.
  • If the animal has claws, purchase anti-scratches for it. This will increase your chances of success, and the owner will be calm about his property.
  • When drawing up the contract, write in it not only yourself, but also your pet.This measure will protect the animal from forced eviction if the owner suddenly changes his mind.

The meeting with the owner of the apartment was successful, we drew up an acceptance certificate, in which we indicated the already existing damage to furniture and other things (so that later we did not have to pay for them), and the realtor helped with the execution of the contract. I showed the photo of the cat and told the story of how I took this homeless man in and that he is terribly afraid of everyone except me.

It is important to explain to the owners of the apartment that the animal is calm and behaves decently.You can offer (and write it down in the contract) to pay for the general cleaning of the apartment when you check out.

By the way, if you still have to leave the apartment in the future, ask the owner to write a letter of recommendation, this will help you find new options.

How to Grow the Perfect Mustache? – Federal network of barbershops BORODACH

Step one. The form.

The first advice for those who decided to grow a mustache sounds very simple – you need to choose the desired shape of the mustache and let it grow.Have patience for two to three months and start growing. If you only want a mustache, no beard, then continue to shave regularly, just leave the mustache intact, and if you want a luxurious mustache complete with a beard, welcome to this exciting journey.

Over time, when the mustache begins to grow back, you will get to know them. Pay attention to how high the upper hairline is, how densely it grows, if there are places where hair grows less often. It is important to observe this in order to choose the right mustache shape.Everything is simple here: you chose the shape of the mustache that you like and began to grow it. If you feel that everything is working out, there is enough hair density, they keep their shape, the growth line is right, then everything is fine. Go ahead and enjoy the process.

But things don’t always go as planned. For example, if you want a horseshoe-shaped mustache that goes down the corners of your mouth, and your hair doesn’t grow in the right place, I think it’s worth reconsidering your desires. Or, if you want a thick mustache like Stalin’s and your hair grows very low on your upper lip, then you might want to consider a pencil-style mustache, for example.It is important that the mustache on your face looks beautiful, concise, appropriate. For this, it is also important to take good care of your facial skin.

Step two. Time.

The next important question is how long they need to grow. The answer is very simple: from two months. And in order not to turn into an overgrown grandfather Mazai, follow a few simple rules. When you start to grow a mustache, hair very quickly begins to hang over the upper lip, crawl into the mouth and constantly get dirty with food. A good half of Mom’s soup will be on your lips.Therefore, when you grow a mustache, we recommend going to a barbershop and aligning it along the upper lip line. How often you ask to go, yes, as soon as your hair starts to get into your mouth, so immediately go to cut it. If you do not do this, then your thickets will definitely prick the lips and face of your other half.

Step three. Direction.

Set the direction of the mustache. If you want them to grow to the sides and plan to curl the tips up, then feel free to take a comb or beard brush and comb them to the sides, and then set the direction with your fingers.And twist slightly. If you want them to hang down in an arc around the lips, no problem. Comb down, then shape with your fingers: done. You can comb it at least ten, at least twenty times a day. Brushing your beard and mustache will only look better. With a comb, you remove weak hair, remove flaking skin particles and massage the skin. All this contributes to good hair growth. At the same time, the hair on the mustache also remembers the direction of growth well, as well as on the head. By combing your hair, you will gradually train it to grow where it needs to be.But we do not recommend touching constantly with your hands and fiddling with a mustache and beard. Remember that your hands are huge amounts of dirt and bacteria. And if you constantly fiddle with your mustache with your hands, then you will get a greasy mustache, and you will also start a breeding ground for bacteria.

Step four. Length.

The next important question is how long the mustache should be. The answer, as always, is very simple: to make their length look appropriate on your face. Too much mustache on a clean-shaven face will look very comical.They will distract the interlocutor from you, from your gaze. You yourself understand that a confidential conversation and a productive dialogue is possible only when you have established eye contact with the interlocutor. But if you have a beard, then there is such a pattern: the larger your beard, the more you can afford a mustache. By and large, this is also the rule of proportionality.

In short, there are many nuances, but only one video. Rather watch and grow your gorgeous mustache.

Or not to grow, but be sure to like it.


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