When a man wants to settle down: 15 Signs He is Ready to Settle Down With You and take the plunge!


15 Signs He is Ready to Settle Down With You and take the plunge!

Are you in a relationship but clueless as to whether it is heading in a concrete direction? You wish to settle down but are totally unaware about your partner’s feelings. It is normal to feel anxious in a situation like this. Unfortunately, love is not the only thing that can make someone settle down. While you are in a relationship it is very important to use your rationality and define your expectations from the relationship. If you are in a relationship because you want to settle down, you must ensure your man also has similar ideas. In case he doesn’t, it would not make sense for you to waste your love, time and energy. So, how do you know when he’s ready to settle down? If you truly love your guy and want to take the relationship further, then you must always watch out for signs he wants to settle down with you. This will give you a fair idea of whether you both are ready to become seriously committed to each other or not.

What makes a man settle down?

How can you tell if a guy is ready to settle down? These days, everyone seems to have serious commitment issues be it, men or women. The fear of choosing the wrong person to settle down with, having seen broken marriages and relationships is one of the reasons why people are scared to commit. However, there are still some people who are willing to make commitments and be with the person they love forever. They aren’t afraid to settle down and give you their heart and soul.

Some of the reasons that make a man settle down are:

  • He reaches a stage in his life where he realises that he does not want to spend the rest of his life alone. He would rather use a strong partner by his side to support him through the highs and lows of life
  • Casual dating no longer interests him, he’s looking for something more. Meeting too many women who he isn’t really interested in has become a tiresome exercise
  • He starts disliking meaningless physical intimacy with different women
  • When he probably meets the ideal woman in his life
  • He craves for true love which is enriching, giving, caring and fulfilling
  • He becomes financially independent and personally competent, which makes him want to settle down with one woman once and for all
  • The insistence of family members and friends might make him settle down

15 Signs he wants to settle down with you

Ladies, if your man is serious about you and wants to move forward with you, he will keep dropping hints, knowingly or unknowingly. So you have to be smart enough to notice these subtle indications that he wants to settle down with you.

Here are the 15 signs that clearly indicate that he wants to settle down with you:

Will he settle down with me?

1. He exhibits the traits of responsibility

He acts responsibly and takes responsibility for his actions.

If this seems to define your man, congratulations, you have hit the jackpot! He tries his best to do nothing wrong and whenever he does, he owns up and takes responsibility for it. He avoids confrontations with you and tries to sort out issues with you like a mature person.

He exhibits signs of responsibility not only in his personal life but also his professional. You see him striving to be a person who is worthy of your love and affection. He becomes your pillar of support and helps you deal with your issues logically. This is a sign he is ready to settle down with you.

2. He respects your opinions, beliefs and decisions

When a man is ready for a serious commitment, he will be accommodating. He will not refute you but will respect your opinions, beliefs and decisions. Making room for your needs and desires will be his priority. He realises that his life now is not just about himself but also about you. For example, he will consult you before making any major life decisions; he will make plans after checking with you and so on. A man will only do this when he is ready to settle down with you.

he will consult you before making any major life decisions

3. He gets along with your family and friends

This is one of the foremost signs that he wants to settle down with you. Making an effort to meet and get along with your loved ones shows that he is not only ready to settle down with you but also ready to commit to your family and friends.
These people are the closest to you and if he takes the initiative to get along with them, then it means you are special to him. He also tries to get you acquainted with his family and friends.

4. His spending habits start changing

When you both started dating, did your man spend money recklessly? Does he do that even now? If not, then he is probably thinking about settling down with you. He will start saving up more and take your advice on how to spend money. In addition, he will be ready to spend money for your needs and keep letting you know that his money belongs to you as well. He would save so that he can settle down with you.

5. He keeps discussing the future with you

He will discuss the future with you in a very practical and real way. He wants to make sure that you both are on the same page and takes a straightforward approach when it comes to dealing with the issues of the future together.

If he keeps discussing the future with you

6. His true self is manifested around you

The awkwardness of the early stages of the relationship has disappeared and your guy exhibits his true self around you.
He is comfortable with you and knows that you will not censure him or judge him. Thus, he will be the most vulnerable when he is around you. He lays himself bare emotionally because he trusts you and is at ease around you. People don’t do that unless they see the other person in their life for a foreseeable future.

7. He does not mind if you leave things behind at his home

He will not pester you to take your things away from his home. He will not mind if you leave your toothbrush, clothing and other personal possessions behind at his place. In fact, he will insist that you leave a pair of pyjamas behind since you stay over often. This means he is happy to share his home space with you and eventually wants to share his life with you. He is ready to settle down with you.

8. He encourages you to become a better person

Whether it is professionally or personally, he tries to bring out the best in you. Instead of being superficially interested in you and your life goals, he will take a deeper interest in your life and try to understand you better.  

He will help you grow as a person and will want you to realise your full potential. He will push you just enough to reach your goals. It will feel like you have found your soulmate. 

9. Physical intimacy will not be his priority

He will give you time to open up.

Men who do not want to settle down generally are in a relationship for physical intimacy. But if a man is not desperate to be physically intimate with you and gives you enough time to get comfortable around him, it means he is serious about you. He’s not really in a rush because he knows he has plenty of time since he wants to settle down with you.

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10. He will be protective but in a reasonable way

Obviously, if you are an important person in his life, he will make sure that you are safe and sound at all times.
But that does not mean he will go overboard. He might get jealous but just because he loves you. He will genuinely care for you.

11. He expresses his love for you openly

Remember, if a guy loves you he won’t be afraid to express his love for you. He will be open and honest about his feelings towards you and won’t shy away from being expressive even in front of his friends and family.

12. As time goes by, he prefers spending time with you

Sitting at home and watching a movie with you; having dinner with you after a tiring day of work; going out with you during his free time – these are the things he will enjoy doing with you if he wants to settle down with you. He will love his time with you and might choose it over partying with friends or spending time alone.

13. He keeps in touch with you all through the day

He keeps in touch with you all through the day By either calling or texting, he ensures he keeps in touch with you all through the day. This means he misses you and loves you truly. However, he will also give you your personal space and time and won’t irritate you with irrelevant calls or messages. Especially if he knows you are busy.

14. He blindly trusts you

Your guy will probably share each and every moment of his life with you, whether good or bad. He will trust you with everything and will make you his ultimate confidant.

15. Relationship milestones do not scare him

Relationship milestones like your first date, your anniversary, and your first kiss and so on do not scare him. He does not feel awkward about them and celebrates these milestones with the same enthusiasm as you.

So girls, if you see your man in these signs, chances are, you have found your soulmate. So, embrace this man who genuinely wants to spend the rest of his life with you with his whole heart and soul.

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10 Telltale Signs He’s Ready to Settle Down

No one wants to waste their time when it comes to dating and relationships…. but sadly, most of us do. The reason is that we let our emotions overrun our common sense and reasoning. We cling to the vision of what could be rather than seeing and accepting what is.


I always know when a relationship is going to fail. It’s a very unfortunate superpower. I know the end just when things begin but I can’t really say anything, and even if I did, it would fall on deaf ears and that friend would probably stop talking to me. I always hope I’m wrong in these situations, maybe this time my Spidey Sense was a little off. But no, it’s usually spot on. (Recommended reading: 5 Signs He’ll Never Commit)

There are a few reasons why I can see so clearly: 1) I’m not in the situation and that makes it easier to be objective. 2) I write about relationships for a living so I know a thing or two and 3) There are certain obvious, telltale signs that a guy is ready to settle down.

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So what are the signs that he’s ready to settle down? I’m going to share them with you below. If your guy is showing at least a few of these signs, he is most likely ready to settle down with you.

Telltale Signs He’s Ready to Settle Down With You:

1. He Makes You a Priority

He puts you first. He puts your needs first, and he really, genuinely cares about meeting your needs. This doesn’t come naturally to most men so it’s a big deal when he reaches that place where he puts someone ahead of himself.

This is just one of those things that you kind of know. You know when you’re a man’s top priority, just like you know when his priority is his job or hanging out with his friends or anything else.

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When a man is serious about settling down with you, he prioritizes you. That means you come first. Yes, sometimes there will be an urgent work matter or a social event he has to go to, but he will always let you know that you matter, that your happiness matters, that you’re the person he wants to be with. So ask yourself: am I just an option or am I his priority?

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2. He Factors You In

He checks with you before making plans. He makes major life decisions with you, he doesn’t make them on his own and then come and tell you about it. You are a factor in his

You are a factor in his decision-making. He considers you and your needs, he isn’t only thinking about and living for himself. He has made room for you and he considers how things will affect you.

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Major life decisions don’t only mean huge things, like whether or not to take that job overseas, it can come in smaller forms like deciding to get a dog together. These are the sorts of things that really test your strength as a couple and determine how well you work as a team.

3. He Wants to Bring You Into His World (Like

Really Bring You In)

He wants to meet your family. He wants you to meet his family. He wants your families to meet each other! He doesn’t just want you to meet them, he wants you to know them.

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He wants you to form a friendship with his sister, to hang out with his crazy cousins, to really know what his family is all about.

And he wants the same with your family. He doesn’t just want to meet them, he wants to immerse himself into your world.

4. He Wants to Deepen the Relationship

He is not stalling for time, saying he likes things how they are and why change anything? He wants to take the next step and move things forward. This doesn’t mean he’s racing down the aisle, it means your relationship slowly and effortlessly evolves, it isn’t at a perpetual standstill.

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Not only are things moving forward, he’s happy about the direction things are going in. He doesn’t ask for space or say things are moving too fast and he feels pressured. He is happily on the same page as you.

5. He Openly Talks About the Future

He doesn’t talk about the future in an abstract airy-fairy way, he talks about it in a real, practical way.

This doesn’t look like, “We should go to Greece next summer, that would be amazing!” It’s more like, where would we want to live? How would we raise our kids? Will we live together before marriage?

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He takes future talk seriously and really wants to make sure you both want the same things and have the same vision for the future. He isn’t afraid to get real about commitment, he takes an honest, straighfoward approach.

6. He Prioritizes the Relationship

He wants it to work. It’s important to him, it matters, and he wants to see things through. When a guy isn’t ready to settle down, he has a take it or leave it attitude with his relationships. He doesn’t invest too much of himself. If things work out, great. If not, whatever, no big deal.

A guy who is ready to settle down is the opposite. He prioritizes the relationship and wants to make it better. He wants to meet your needs and be the man you deserve.

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Now, he may also prioritize other things like his career and such, but you will know that you matter to him.

7. He Discusses Finances

Money is a topic so intimate that even the best of girlfriends who share literally everything about their lives, may shy away. It’s just not something you openly discuss…until you’re in a very serious relationship, that is. When things are getting serious, money talk is inevitable. Life comes chock full of expenses…and how will you go about bearing that load?

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What sort of lifestyle will your combined incomes allow for? How much do you want to save, how much to invest, how much do you want to put away for retirement? And how about your future kids? How are you going to pay for them?

These are all important things to consider before getting married and if a man starts discussing it with you then it’s a definite sign he’s in it for the long haul.

8. He’s Done Sowing His Wild Oats

He’s been there done that with the wild party boy scene and he’s over it. He has no desire to sleep with loads of women, drink to the point of obliteration, and turn back into a frat boy on the weekends.The novelty of going out and picking up girls is wearing off, he’s much more content to stay in with someone he cares about.

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This doesn’t mean he never wants to go out and have fun, he may go out and go wild on occasion, and while it’s fun once in a while, staying in with you holds way more appeal and is what he genuinely prefers to do the majority of the time.

The abandoning of the party boy lifestyle is just a natural shift that occurs as a guy matures and really wants to settle down and enter a new phase of his life.

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9. He Can be His True Self With You

He can be his authentic, true self with you. He takes off the “mask” shows you hidden parts of himself, the sides he hides from everyone else, the sides that only a privileged few have access to. He can be real with you, no fronts and no facade. He opens up to you, confides in you, and trusts you fully.

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Guys know how rare and valuable it is to find a woman they can enjoy this kind of security with. It doesn’t come around every day so when it does, he will treasure it and hold it close.

10. You just know

And now for the clearest sign of all that he’s ready to settle down…you just know.

You just know he’s serious about you. You feel totally secure in the relationship. He cares about you and meeting your needs. You don’t have this underlying feeling of fear writhing in the pit of your stomach warning you that he’s just going to leave. You can relax and just be.

You know the feelings I’m talking about. They are the same feelings you’ve ignored and pushed to the side so many times before.

You thought maybe it’s just your insecurities flaring, or maybe things will be different as soon as he…calls you his girlfriend…tells you he loves you… asks you to move in. But it won’t be different, your gut is warning you that something is amiss. You just don’t want to listen because you really want things to work out even though deep down you know he isn’t on the same page.

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Bonus Signs

I’m including these as bonuses because they aren’t 100% guarantees, but they are still pretty strong indicators that he is ready to settle down.

Bonus Sign #1: His Friends Are “Settled”

I was once friends with a  group of guy friends who were all serial daters. These guys would tear through women like toilet paper. Then something happened. One of them met an amazing woman, a one-of-a-kind gem, the kind of woman you don’t just throw back into the sea. And soon enough they got engaged!

It was shocking! A few months later, one of the other guys started dating an amazing woman, and things started getting very serious…Meanwhile, another guy connected with a great girl who he casually knew for a while but didn’t really think of dating until he did…. and then another one met a girl by strange happenstance, he almost wasn’t going to pursue it but something in him nudged him to give it a shot…long story short, all those guys are now married to all those girls.

I think the reason this happens with guys is that seeing your buddy happy and settled causes you to adjust your mindset. It forces you to consider an alternate means of happiness, you realize that maybe dating and living the bachelor life isn’t all that fulfilling and maybe it’s time to take things more seriously and find someone to settle down with. I think it happens on a very subtle level, it’s not an outright mindset shift that forces a guy to marry the next woman he goes on a date with. It’s a slight shift in the way he sees things.

The point is… you are the company you keep. If his friends are hard-partying animals who think they’re still living in a frat house… chances are he’s not ready to get “wifed up” anytime soon. If he has at least some close friends who are married or at least in serious relationships, then chances are he is looking for that too. The more married friends he has, the higher the probability that he isn’t just dating for the sake of dating, but rather dating for the sake of dining someone to spend his life with.

** Caveat: this rule isn’t an absolute because.. well someone has to be the first in the group of friends to jump ship. This sign needs to be looked at in the context of the others that will be provided in this article. Also, there is often that one token single guy in every group of friends. The one who dates and dates and claims he really wants to settle down, but no one is ever good enough and he leaves a trail of broken hearts in his wake. Don’t date that guy!

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Bonus Sign #2: He Is Happy With His Career

Most men, not all men, but most, need to have their career before they will consider settling down. Careers are important to most men. Careers are important to women as well but most women won’t hold off on getting married until she establishes herself in a career (however, this is a reason a woman might hold off on having children once married, but separate topic!). Most men need to feel like winners, this is a concept we talk about a lot on A New Mode. A man needs to feel like he ’s pursuing his mission. This doesn’t always translate to having a successful career, but often it does.

If a man doesn’t feel like a winner, he won’t want to be “seen” and there is nowhere to hide in a serious relationship so chances are he won’t be ready to settle down until he gets his ducks in a row.

Most men want to be able to give their partner emotional and financial security and will hold off on marriage until they feel they are in this place.

I hope this article gave you a better understanding of how to know when a man is ready to settle down. But there is more you need to know if you want a committed relationship that lasts. At some point in your relationship, a guy will ask himself: Is this the woman I want to commit myself to? Do you know what inspires a man to truly commit? Do you know what makes him see a woman as “the one”? If not, read this next: The #1 Things Men Desire in a Woman


In summary…

These Are The Signs He’s Ready To Settle Down With You:

  1. He Makes You a Priority
  2.  He Factors You In
  3.  He Wants to Bring You Into His World(Like Really Bring You In)
  4. He Wants to Deepen the Relationship
  5. He Openly Talks About the Future
  6. He Prioritizes the Relationship
  7. He Discusses Finances…
  8. He’s Done Sowing His Wild Oats
  9. He Can be His True Self With You
  10. You just know


  1. His Friends Are Settled
  2. He is Happy With His Career

15 Signs He’s Ready To Settle Down

There’s nothing worse than wanting to move forward in your relationship but feeling like the guy you’re dating wants to stay put. The truth is, a man who wants to be serious won’t have to work towards being ready—he’ll make it clear he wants to take that leap of commitment by showing you these 15 signs:

He takes responsibility. 

He’s man enough to say he’s sorry when he upsets you even if he doesn’t agree with why you’re hurt. When things get crazy at work, he can take responsibility instead of blaming other people. If there’s drama, he faces it instead of trying to act like the victim. This is tied to him being a grown man, and that’s exactly the kind of man you need by your side.

He’s cool with you leaving things at his place. 

He doesn’t text you half an hour after you left his place to tell you that your earrings are on the bedside table. He invites you to leave your possessions, clothing, and personal hygiene items at his place because he wants to share his space—and life—with you.

He embraces relationship milestones. 

He doesn’t get weird when you tell him that you love him or remind him that your anniversary’s coming up. He’s the one who’ll show his love and remind you of important milestones because commitment doesn’t scare him.

He can get real. 

If your boyfriend can talk to you about serious life questions—moving somewhere new together, getting married, how you both feel about having kids—it means he’s thinking about those issues with you in his life. It’s a good sign that he’s ready to face the future.

He confides in you. 

If he’s talking to you about his problems and feelings instead of running to his friends to grab a beer and drown his issues in booze, he’s mature and sees you as his confidante as well as his life partner. He’s taking a journey with you instead of expecting you to tag along for his solo adventure.

He’s used his baggage to grow. 

He’s got some relationship baggage and issues—who doesn’t?—but they don’t interfere in your relationship. For instance, if you have an argument, he doesn’t compare what you’re saying to what his ex said and he won’t expect you to hurt him the way he’s been hurt in the past. He’s learned huge lessons in love and they’ve made him stronger and wiser. That’s what makes him ready to settle down.

He’s an open book. 

This doesn’t mean he’s boring. Hell no. It means that he’s not trying to be mysterious as a way to play games or keep you at a distance. He’s open and honest with you about his quirks, habits, pet hates and more. It’s part of moving towards greater intimacy.

He’s got big plans. 

He’s focused on the future with you and he’s taking huge steps to achieve your mutual goals, such as by buying a home or getting a pet together. Any decisions he’s keen to make that he includes you in and point to a life you’ll be sharing together mean he’s ready to settle down.

His friends are taken. 

He can think for himself, sure, but if he’s hanging out with single guys who hate the idea of marriage and want to mess around as much as possible, it could have an influence on where he’s at. Birds of a feather flock together, after all! On the other hand, if his friends are taking big steps in their relationships, getting married and thinking about the future, then they could be a reflection of where he is at this point in his life.

He’s not a party boy anymore. 

A guy who’s keen on partying hard, getting drunk, and living like a single guy will soon find himself single. On the other hand, if your boyfriend wants more out of life than waking up with a hangover from hell and finding himself locked out of his apartment, he’s grown up and ready for a relationship that’s serious and real.

He’s family-oriented. 

He doesn’t have to bond with his family every weekend, but it’s a good sign if he places them on his list of priorities. How he treats his loved ones can tell you a lot about how he’s going to treat his future wife. Then there are your loved ones. If he enjoys spending some time with them, it’s a good sign he’s making a real investment in your relationship.

He knows who he is. 

He has a clear idea of the type of person he is: what he wants, where he sees himself going in future, and what makes him happy. This is important because if he knows himself and what he wants, he’ll be a good communicator and won’t give you mixed messages about your relationship destination.

He puts your needs ahead of his. 

He’s not a selfish guy. He wants to make you happy more than he wants to win a fight or get what he wants. If he can put your needs ahead of his own, it’s a sign he really loves you and is committed to making a real relationship work. He’s also not just in the relationship when it’s convenient for him.

He sees settling down as a good thing. 

What are his views about marriage and settling down? Does he think the ideas are so old-fashioned they need to die? Or does he think settling down doesn’t have to be a scary or boring idea? Rather, it’s about choosing someone to spend your exciting and interesting life with? If he’s all about the latter, he’s a keeper.

He doesn’t run from trouble. 

When you hit some relationship obstacles, he doesn’t run for the hills. He stays and fights because he has something valuable to fight for and he’s so committed, he can’t imagine a life without you. If that’s the case, settling down isn’t about settling at all – it’s about choosing you every day for the rest of his life. Yes!

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Jessica Blake Jessica Blake is a writer who loves good books and good men, and realizes how difficult it is to find both.

Why Men Settle Down With One Woman And Not Another

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Ever had a man tell you he just wasn’t “ready” for a relationship and then watched him become serious with another woman after you? Here, Jason Stedman explains what’s really going on and how to keep this from happening to you again.

Some men aren’t able to commit to a woman because they’re not ready or the timing isn’t right. But often, even a committed bachelor will take the plunge when he meets a woman who embodies a certain mindset that creates what I call emotional attraction in him:

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She’s Not Looking To Him To Fill A Job Description

Want to know one of the biggest fears men have about relationships and commitment? That you only want us to fill a need – because you’re looking for a husband and to have children. We, just like you, want to be wanted for who we are and not just for what we can give. And so, the minute a man gets even a hint that you have an agenda other than getting to know him, he immediately shuts down and starts to feel less attracted to you.

It’s really tempting to think that your time is precious and that you need to let a man know right away whether or not he’s up for a lifelong commitment. But the danger comes in making this the primary focus of your early interactions with a man. Take your time in getting to know a man and letting him see that you enjoy being with him – that he’s not just a means to an end.

She Shows Him She’s Willing To Walk Away

When a man thinks you’ve centered your whole life around him and that you’ve already decided he’s the one before he talks about commitment, he’ll feel pressured. He’ll feel pressured to live up to your expectations, and he’ll also feel anxious about letting you down. He’ll also wonder why you’ve made up your mind about him so quickly.

Instead, you need to convey to a man that you are selective. Being selective means you let him know that while you like him and enjoy being with him, you are also a woman with options who is in control of what happens to her. How do you do this? By continuing to have a life outside of him – nurturing your hobbies, spending time with friends and family, improving your life and career. When you do this, he starts feeling lucky to have a place in your life, and he’ll fight to stay there.

His Life Is Much Better With Her In It Than Without

One of the biggest things I teach is about building a solid foundation for a lasting relationship with a man. And the way to do this is by creating POSITIVE EXPERIENCES with him. Men can’t be talked into relationships. The need for commitment arises from an emotional need deep inside a man. In order for a man to see you as a necessary part of his life, you need to create the right kind of experiences that serve to create emotional attraction in him.

A positive experience is anything that you both enjoy and that, above all, is fun. Fight the need to talk about the relationship, and instead turn your attention to creating great moments together. Do different things with him – play sports along with the usual dinners and movies. Spend time in groups of friends. Read the paper together and do spontaneous things without planning. Mix it up. All of these experiences show him that you are a woman who is easy and playful to be with, and that’s the kind of woman he’ll realize he’d be a fool to let go of.

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  • The ten fatal mistakes to avoid that most women make with men

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The seven signs your partner is ready to settle down. A checklist.

Is he financially ready to marry?

Money worries – fears he won’t be able to provide for you or potential children – is what stops a lot of men from popping the question.

Never mind that you earn more than him and can provide for yourself (and any potential children perfectly well, thank you), tradition kicks in when men think about marriage.

How’s his relationship with his parents?

Any child or teen who has been through an acrimonious divorce has a different view of marriage than those who come from parents who stayed happily together.

This is the guy who says marriage is ‘just a piece of paper’ and ‘means nothing’.

Lots of women agree with him.

This man is often very open to the commitment of living together and even having children – it’s just the institution of marriage is something he’s justifiably nervous of.

If you don’t care about the ceremony, go for it but be warned if you do.

Group therapy: “I don’t think the bloke I am seeing is a feminist, what do I do?” Post continues after audio. 

Are his friends married or single?

If any of his friends has married within the last year, he’ll be far more open to marrying himself within the next two years. Also look at his family: are his siblings single or married?

You have a much higher chance if they’ve tied the knot.

What’s his view on settling down?

Men say what they mean and will usually answer you honestly if you ask upfront.

If he says, ‘I don’t believe in marriage’ or ‘I don’t see myself settling down’, believe him!

If he’s adverse to commitment, he’ll also use phrases like ‘I like not having to answer to anyone’ and ‘I like doing what I please’.

What’s his relationship history?

He’s had a few serious relationships that have lasted longer than two years? (Or a year if he’s under 25?) This is your best bet.

If he’s over 40 and has never been in love or had a serious relationship, it doesn’t mean he won’t with you but there’s a hell of a lot of potty training needed there (and the stats aren’t in your favour).

This post originally appeared on TraceyCox.com and has been republished with full permission.

6 Signs He’s Ready to Settle Down

Author: Erin Elizabeth

Is he ready to settle down or is he going to end up blindsiding you, breaking your heart into a million pieces and abandoning you? Is he ready to settle down or is he toying with your mind and heart

It might sound cliché, but settling down is, and has always been, one of the scariest things for men. It’s probably right up there with skydiving and slaying a dragon. Why? Basically the same reason why girls are scared of settling down, too. It’s being with the same person till eternity. It’s saying goodbye to flings and even late night drinks with the boys. Considering the current divorce rate, we totally understand why more and more men are putting off marriage.

However, what’s funny is that if a guy is ready, he is ready! It’s like a light switch. If it’s on, it is absolutely on, especially if he’s found the one. Men are just like this. It’s like they say to themselves “Okay buddy, it’s time to cross over to the other side” and BAM. Just like that. Find out if your guy is indeed ready to settle down with you by spotting these signs:

Sign #1: You are his “official” girlfriend or partner

Well, this is kind of basic but I will just put this here for those who are being promised marriage but are not actually official girlfriends. If you’re not his girlfriend/partner and especially if he has a girlfriend (omg), then nope, the guy will never settle down with you all of a sudden. I just want to be blunt with you right now and tell you that even though your guy says he wants to settle down with you very soon, if you’re not official, that’s BS! In fact, it could be a sign that he’s a player. However, if you’re his official girlfriend and he’s introduced you to everyone as his girlfriend, (especially to his family) then yes, it’s a sign that your guy is ready. Of course, it has to be coupled with the other signs below.

Sign #2: He loves talking to you

Communication is indeed the most important element of marriage and guys know that. They want to be with someone they can talk endlessly with even in the most boring moments, even in the twilight years. Breasts sag, good looks fade, but honest, intellectual connection lasts a lifetime. What could be better than having coffee with your partner when you’re sixty and you don’t notice time pass because you talk about anything under the sun? Any guy would never let this kind of connection go.

Sign #3: He reveals personal things to you that he would not reveal to anyone else

If you both love talking to each other and you find him talking to you more and more about things he never reveals to anyone else, your guy must think you’re the one. Congratulations. That’s maybe because you’re not judgemental and you truly see through him. When your guy has broken down his walls and is willing to let you see his fragile inner self, he is definitely ready.

Sign #4: He Really Trusts you

Could he go to jail for things he has told you? Is there a chance you’d totally get turned off by the things he has revealed to you? Can you feel his nervousness but he tells you these things anyway? If you answer yes to all three, he basically views you as his partner-in-crime.

Sign #5: He has mentioned the future a lot

He has he been talking about what type of house he’s planning to buy and asking your opinion about? Has he mentioned about having kids, how he wants to retire, what kind of lifestyle he wants when he’s married? If he keeps talking about the future like it’s something he really wants, whether it’s so subtle or very blatant, then obviously the guy wants you in his life forever. This article gives more insight.

Sign #6: He has specifically said you are “Different”

You’re just having your usual lunch together on your usual busy day yet you catch him staring at you like he’s staring at a newborn puppy. Then he tells you how different you are from the rest of the girls. It could be the way you make him feel special, or the way you inspire him to be the best person he could be. It could be anything, really! If he keeps reminding you that you are not like the rest of them, then your guy is totally smitten and would do anything to keep you in his life.

If your boyfriend does these six things, be prepared for a relationship “level up.” I hope this is something that you really want. However, if you’re still unsure of his willingness to settle and you’ve been itching to know where your relationship is going, you got to try to calm down. I know it’s hard but the best things in life usually don’t happen fast. Allow your relationship to blossom some more and just enjoy your time together day by day. Enjoy this carefree phase because you’ll never get back to it once you tie the knot.

And don’t be angry at him or try to “fix” things. Things will progress naturally and if not, then you will leave yourself open for a man who does.






James Preece is the Dating Guru.

He is the UK’s leading Dating Coach and Relationship Expert, helping 1000s find love each year.

How to Know When He’s Ready To Settle Down With You

Here’s Your Man’s “Settling Down” Checklist

He Said:


One of the things that you can expect for him to do is to profess his ownership. Now there are multiple ways that he will do this.

First, he will give you a title. Why? Because he knows that other men use titles to categorize women. Yep! We don’t have to know your government name but we know what category to put you in. We use a title to let others know how we feel about you.

Next he will openly profess his feelings to others whether they ask for it or not using the title that he’s given you. It’s the difference between saying she and I are dating or “kickin’ it” and saying she’s my girlfriend/fiance/wife.


This particular action is shown before you guys get serious as a courting gesture. It can also be used as way of showing his wealth. When a man asks you out on a date and he pays for everything, he’s showing his ability to Provide for you. Now after you guys have been together for a while and he starts to pay for not just his bills but yours regularly also, he’s showing his willingness to provide for you two as a family. That’s what you want to look for. You two moving in together before marriage is also an example of this as long as he’s paying the bills or you guys are splitting them.


This third action is more primal and it’s what the previous two are derived from. It’s our innate need to protect what’s ours. Because it’s a man’s instinctual/selfish nature to protect what’s his, he lets others know that something belongs to him by giving it a title that others recognize. Then he provides to show it that he’s committed and wants it to last. And most of all, a man protects what is his.

Now, there are different levels of protection of course. And each is definitely noticeable. When he’s courting you, putting his hand on the small of your back and walking on the curb side of the street are examples of his protection. When he’s ready to settle down with you some examples of his protection are buying you a house or place to live in together, not letting you go to as many places alone, and sacrificing his needs to make sure that your needs and wants are met.

Did you notice the recurring similarity among all of the points that I made above? It was selfishness. We are naturally selfish beings, us men, so many of the things that we do are selfish but not all bad. It’s that selfish nature that our desire to marry you comes from. I talk about that more in the post about why You’ll Never Have His Unconditional Love. Click that title to read it.

She Said:

Single ladies, Divorced ladies, Engaged ladies, All ladies! This is some good insight when trying to determine if he’s the one. The problem is, you have to let him show you the signs.

For example, many women are capable of taking care of themselves financially and have been doing so for a while. Our independent nature often interferes with a man’s ability to show his desire to provide. This is the case more often than not with women who make more money than the man they’re dating.

Turn down the volume on your “I’m a strong woman taking care of business” station for a moment to hear what he’s saying and doing. And that’s my 2¢.

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90,000 8 signs that a man has walked up and is ready for a serious relationship

Psiho-logika.com is sure that 95% of success in a relationship depends on which men you choose. No amount of advice will save you if you choose those who are not on the same wavelength with you and who do not want the same as you.

It is very important to recognize the signs that indicate that a man is ready to settle down and wants a serious relationship. Then you will not waste your time.

And you will not come to a dead end when, having invested all your soul and heart in this man and in your relationship, after a few months you will find that you are not in the same boat with him.

Sometimes we cannot adequately assess the situation, because our feelings are too involved in it.

We want everything to turn out in a certain way, so we focus only on signs and clues that say that reality is exactly the way we want it to be.

But it will not do you any good and will not help you get the love you want. Here are signs that a man is ready for something more and that he is serious about you.

1. He strives for his growth

The worst people are people like “I am what I am”.Sometimes it’s okay. There are certain things that we cannot change.

But as far as problem areas are concerned, you must try to fix them or at least control them, and you need a person nearby who is ready to work on their weak spots.

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Nobody is perfect, everyone has flaws. And these flaws are not divided into black and white – usually a person’s greatest strength is a hint of his greatest weakness.

In relationships, a man’s behavior affects you (and vice versa), and sometimes his less developed traits will have a negative impact on you.

A growth-oriented man will want to strengthen his character and will work on it. A man who is not focused on growth will say that this is your problem, that he is like this and you need to come to terms with it.

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Maybe he is very harsh and straightforward, but sometimes you need more sympathy and gentleness.A man who wants to develop and grow will hear this and will work on it.

For a relationship to work, both partners must be flexible in certain areas to meet each other’s emotional needs.

2. You matter to him

The biggest sign that a man is ready to settle down is that he has made an important place for you in his life.

He consults with you before making plans.He makes important life decisions with you, he does not make them on his own and does not talk about it after the fact. You are a significant factor in his decisions. You are very important.

He takes into account you and your needs, and does not live only for himself. He has made room for you in his life and is considering how something might affect you.

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3.He wants to strengthen your bond

The surest sign that a man is serious about you is that he is consistent and committed to developing your relationship.

He does not waste time, saying that everything suits him the way it is now, and why change something? He wants to take the next step and move forward.

This does not mean that he pulls you to the altar, it means that your relationship is developing slowly and effortlessly, and not in constant stagnation.

He shares something with you, the relationship develops, you calmly talk about the future and even make plans. These things do not disgust him or scare him.

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4. He has arranged his life

A man will not want to settle down until he feels that he has arranged his life. Until he realizes that his life is moving in the direction he wants.

Maybe he doesn’t have as much money as he would like, maybe he does not work quite where he would like, but he is on the right track.He lives by his goals, he follows his passion, and overall he is emotionally healthy.

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If a man is confused, he will not want to take on commitments. Most women can always find a place for a relationship, no matter how distressful they are.

Men are not like that. If a man is not ready, then he is not ready. And most men will not want to get into a relationship if their lives are crumbling.

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Unfortunately, most women see this as an opportunity to play the role of a savior and help him heal. But it rarely has an effect, and it usually ends up with her broken heart.

If a man doesn’t feel like a winner, he doesn’t want to “be seen.” In a serious relationship, he has nowhere to hide, so the chances are high that he will not be ready to settle down until everything is in order.

5. He is ready to work on the relationship

A man who is not ready to commit himself is always looking for reasons to leave.

A man who wants to fight for a relationship is looking for a reason to stay. He wants everything to work. This is important for him, and he wants to see it through to the end.

When a man is not ready to settle down, he is not ready to invest too much in a relationship. If everything works out, great. If not, that’s okay.

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6.He went crazy

There was a time when he led a party-goer lifestyle, but he survived it. He has no desire to sleep with just anyone and spend time with his friends every weekend. He just feels over it.

Giving up partying is a natural shift that happens when a man grows up and really wants to settle down and enter a new phase in his life.

Women experience it too. At some point, we just feel that we are ready to move on, slow down and live with someone together.

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Also pay attention to the role of his friends in his life. If most of them settle down, chances are good that he too will soon want a serious relationship.

7. He really lets you in

He allows you to see his true self, the person behind the mask. We all wear masks in this world. But this mask rarely matches who we really are, this is how we want to be seen.

When a man is serious about you, he shows you his hidden sides, sides that he hides from everyone else, sides that only a select few have access to.

He can be real with you. He opens up to you and trusts you completely. When a man does this, he invests in you and associates himself with you.

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8.You just know it

And now for the clearest sign that he is ready to settle down … You just know that he is serious about you.

You feel completely safe in your relationship. He cares for you and meets your needs.

You do not have this hidden feeling of fear, originating somewhere in the depths of the abdomen and warning that he is about to leave. You can relax and just live.

You know what it is. These are the very feelings that you have ignored and thrown aside so many times.

People believe that relationships should be difficult. In a way, it’s true, relationships take work … but work isn’t about figuring out how he feels. This is the easiest part!

If this sounds like a struggle, and if you can’t tell where he is or how he is feeling, this is a clear sign that he is simply not on the same page with you.

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We hope this article helped you understand and identify the signs that a man is ready to settle down.

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90,000 Steve Harvey: three ages of men

If men are from Mars, then women are from Venus. This book will be useful to everyone who does not understand (and therefore, perhaps, dislikes) men.The author of the number one bestselling book on the relationship between men and women, according to The New York Times, which has gained popularity all over the world, including in Russia, one of the wittiest TV presenters in America, Steve Harvey continues to teach “Venusians” language.

In a new book entitled You Know Nothing About Men, the author focuses on the true motives of men’s actions. Amusing and instructive stories from the life of his own family helped to make this manual as clear as possible.

With the permission of the Eksmo publishing house, we publish a chapter from the book.


What men want to see in women at twenty, thirty, forty and older. Details about each decade of a man’s age

To help you better understand men, I will tell you what they think about relationships with women as they get older and at what point in their lives they are ready to get married.


At the age of twenty to thirty, a man tries to form an opinion about himself and his abilities.He makes mistakes and knows their value.

He does not know the real value of money yet; students are always broke and more often than not try to succeed in other areas, not in the financial sphere.

But when a man is twenty-seven or twenty-eight years old, he wants more serious achievements – to have a cool car, an enviable position and enough money. All this becomes important for him, but marriage is not on the list of desired achievements, since it does not in any way relate to goals related to career growth and financial independence.In addition, usually all the men around him, from his own father and brothers to work colleagues, constantly tell him that he needs to walk to his heart’s content and try to avoid long-term relationships with one woman for as long as possible.

What does this mean for relationships

Yes, of course, it is possible – to find worthy representatives of the stronger sex, who are capable of building a worthy career at the age of twenty to thirty years, earn enough money and achieve a level of success that allows them to settle down with wife and children.But, unfortunately, most men during this period simply do not consider relationships with women too serious a matter. However, you can assess the potential of a man in his early twenties, even if he is not thinking about marriage yet. The key assessment criterion is a man’s ability to do things.

A person with potential will not sit in his pants in front of the TV; he has a good life plan, he knows exactly what he wants and how to achieve it. An energetic man, already at a young age, gets on the rails, along which he later rolls to a happy future.

In addition to potential, you can assess the personal qualities of a person: how respectful he treats you, whether he will treat you the way you want, and, finally, is he a decent person or is inclined to break laws. It would also be good to find out if he is a supporter of monogamous relationships. It’s enough to see how he behaves with other women when you are together.

At one time the coach told me: as you train, so you perform. If a man does not seek monogamy when dating you, and his moral qualities do not tell him what is fair and what is not fair in relation to a woman, then how can that change when you marry him?

Let me be very frank: you have every right to call a man to an honest conversation.You need to tell him how you see your life beyond the threshold of thirty, and explain that the lifestyle with which you put up in your student days, when you were twenty years old, will not suit you at thirty-seven, when the physical ability to bear children practically runs out …

He must understand: there are only two acceptable models of behavior for him: either he marries you and takes full responsibility, or goes beyond the horizon, allowing you to focus on finding a partner who can give you what you need.


Usually at this age a man no longer builds a career – he strengthens it, trying to reach the desired level of income and achieve at least some of the goals outlined in his maximum program. The hectic lifestyle and pursuit of pleasures inherent in youth are becoming “what was.” We are also more relaxed about the fact that soon we will have to stop chasing every skirt, because, in fact, we have already received everything that can be obtained from this occupation, and the hunting passion gradually subsides.

A man has time to understand that he should look for a woman who will not turn his life together into a drama, but, on the contrary, will try to make it fun and easy. Such a woman will support in difficult times and will be faithful to him. If he finds her, he will want to take responsibility for her and the children.

Of course, a lot depends on at what age, in the opinion of a man, he became successful. If he is still about thirty, and success has already come, a man begins to think about marriage soon after his thirties.But if the thirty-year milestone has been reached, and success has not yet come, the man will not even think about getting married. The main thing for him will remain the observation of other people’s success and alignment with people whose welfare differs from his current position.

What does this mean for a relationship

The most important feature of a thirty-year-old man is responsibility. You can expect your partner to be committed to a long-term relationship.

However, you should not wait for him to take the initiative. There are many women in the world who have met men who decided at some point to have an intimate relationship with them and have been waiting for a marriage proposal for many years.They hoped to receive reciprocal love and devotion, and then discovered that their men were simply not interested in marriage.

No need to wait so long, you can ask a direct question and get the appropriate answer: “Are you thinking of marrying me?” Perhaps he will answer that he is not ready yet. I do not advise you to be satisfied with this answer, ask for more specificity. Ask how he feels about marriage in general. If a man answers that “he is not one of those who get married,” or says that “he didn’t plan this in the near future,” you should not just leave him – run as best you can.

Let him know that you want to have a family, even if not immediately, but after a while, and if he does not want to share these plans with you, he will have to look for someone else. Yes, it is difficult to say such things, I understand. You are afraid that he will leave, and you will have to cry for him, and then suffer, trying to find someone else, and even not just anyone, but such a person with whom you can make serious plans.

But I said it before and I will say it again: the white light has not converged on any wedge.The man you are breaking up with is not the last person on earth. Don’t get stuck, keep moving forward. You were wrong with the choice of a partner, but it doesn’t matter. Wipe away your tears and go ahead, in search of the person you deserve, a man who can appreciate what you are ready to give.


Forty years is the time to settle down. This is a great time in a man’s life. It is at this age that the best features appear in him, if, of course, they are.

If a man is single by the age of forty, then there are good reasons for that.Maybe he was unlucky in love. Maybe he has a job to which his whole life is subordinated. Or perhaps you are one of those eccentrics to whom the idea of ​​a family and children is, in principle, alien, even at such a mature age. There are such people – principled opponents of any bonds, including marriage.

Most likely, such a man feels quite comfortable living alone. He is able to provide for himself, in his life there is a place for women who behave in such a way as not to create unnecessary anxiety.Such a man needs a woman who can satisfy him in sex, and at the same time, just like him, who does not want to cross a certain line in a relationship.

If a forty-year-old man became lonely due to a divorce, most likely there will be no one next to him, because after a failed marriage he became a cautious person, but in him the hunting instinct plays stronger than in someone who is used to being single life. A suddenly freed man feels that he can afford to flirt without consequences, and, of course, he wants to slightly stretch out the pleasant minutes of his single life.

Moreover, it may take years before he starts thinking about entering into a long-term relationship with someone again, before the fear caused by the previous failure passes and the man feels the desire to restrict himself again. This is especially true for those who have recently divorced, because the feelings he continues to have for his ex-wife are still very fresh and complex.

What does this mean for relationships

To find a free forty-year-old man, and even more so to get one, you have to sweat thoroughly.He had already been there, he did it, the wasp waist, cutesy looks and long, half-down eyelashes no longer make him tremble. He knows perfectly well how to find a beauty in his twenties and spend a couple of nights with her, but, as a rule, he has done it so many times that the pursuit of a random skirt has lost its charm.

Remember that dating a 40-year-old divorced man is especially difficult when his marriage has just fallen apart. He may, for a variety of reasons, think that you are too much like the wife he spent years with and will try to stay away from you.

If he divorced no more than two years ago, you should not count on anything more than simple, non-binding sex. He will probably want to date someone else, and your personal beauty and attractiveness does not play the slightest role.

But sooner or later, any man ceases to experience the pain that tormented him after the divorce, and he becomes lonely. He sooner or later realizes that even having sex with a woman of his own age is more pleasant than with a twenty-five-year-old girl.He knows very well that physical perfection is not as important as it is commonly believed, and that partnerships, based on kinship of souls and similarities in life experience, are much more important.


At this age men begin to worry about health, because they feel the first signs of impending weakness. And of course, taking care of your health is much easier if you have a woman nearby. It is more difficult for a man to teach himself to live properly, eat and try not to expose the body to unnecessary stress if there is no woman nearby.

What does this mean for relationships

Any man in his mature years tends to think about his health and how to spend the last years of his life. This makes him a person from whom serious intentions can and should be expected. In this he differs from a thirty-year-old and even forty-year-old man. He is looking for a partner with whom he can grow old together, sees what is the downside of the hard work that he has to do throughout his life, and begins to think about how well it is to do what he has dreamed of all his life – to travel, or simply relax, calmly, day after day, in the company of a permanent partner.

An elderly man is pleased to know that there is a woman nearby who, like him, has solved all the important life problems for herself and has prepared to spend the rest of her days in peace and contentment.

Dear ladies, of course, there are no rules without exceptions. In this chapter, I have tried to paint only a general picture of what happens to men as they reach each new boundary of biological age. I will be happy if what I have shared with you will help you achieve love and respect from men and build the harmonious relationship that you undoubtedly deserve.

A man at forty…. You don’t know anything about men

A man at forty …

As a rule, this is the heyday for a man, especially if he is married, he has a family and children. He has built a career, gained influence and is reaping the rewards of efforts made in years gone by. But most importantly, he has a home where he goes in the evening. Family is the crown of courage.

It doesn’t matter whether he became a famous person or not, whether he achieved the level of well-being that he dreamed of in his youth.All this is irrelevant when a man comes home and embraces those he loves. Children are happy to see him, for them he is a hero. He is proud of the title “Daddy”. He has a wife who loves him, supports him in everything and makes him feel that his efforts are appreciated. This is important for a man, especially if, due to his age, he is wise enough to understand how necessary it is.

By the age of forty, a man wants to feel like a man of his word, who is respected, listened to and considered the head of the family.Some people for the time being do not want to admit it, but as soon as they get married and have children, awareness comes by itself.

Forty years is the time to settle down. This is a great time in a man’s life. It is at this age that the best features appear in him, if, of course, they are. Having lived in the world for four decades, a man manages to accumulate as much love in his soul as can be in a person, and his family is the best object to which the accumulated good feelings can be poured out.A forty-year-old man will give all of himself to work so that the family does not need anything, he will gladly introduce his wife to everyone he knows, calling her a lady of the heart, will tell everyone he meets about the success of the children, and protect the family with the fury of a lion.

If a man is single by the age of forty, then there are good reasons for that. Maybe he was unlucky in love. Maybe he has a job that his whole life is subordinated to, and it is not easy for him to settle down for a number of reasons – long trips abroad, for example, or army service.Perhaps before you is one of those eccentrics to whom the idea of ​​a family and children is, in principle, alien, even at such a mature age. There are such people – principled opponents of any bonds, including marriage.

If a man is single by the age of forty, then there are good reasons for that.

Whatever the reason, if you are not a divorced man, it means that he has accustomed himself to the idea that in his life there may not be a wife and children, what is called a traditional family (or decided that he not necessary as a cause of excitement and irritation).Such a man feels quite comfortable living alone. If he has nephews and nieces or family friends, he feels great paying attention to other people’s children. It does not seem to him that something is missing in life. He is quite satisfied with his existence, like all those women who are not used to considering the absence of a ring on their finger and children as a sign of life’s disaster.

The life of such people is comfortable in its own way: they are able to provide for themselves, go the long-beaten path, live their usual life.They are not even alone, in their lives there is a place for women who behave in such a way as not to create unnecessary anxiety in the daily life of a single man.

By the way, it is extremely difficult to make a mess in the established life of a man over forty, for this you will have to make serious efforts. They are one hundred percent sure that their comfortable, beautiful and well-oiled way of life, allowing them to do what a man wants, when he wants it, to no one but himself, without reporting, will be hopelessly ruined by a long-term relationship With a woman.

No, the point is not that a forty-year-old bachelor is not able to meet a woman who will shake his whole little world and make him feel that there is no life without her. This may mean that the man perfectly understood what a relationship with the opposite sex is, and does not want to hunt for meaningless sex, as he did before, when he was twenty or thirty years old.

Naturally, when a man gets older, he no longer needs sex: he has extensive experience in relationships with numerous and different women, he feels that he has taken place as an attractive man, from the point of view of ladies, and he no longer wants chasing skirts for fun.He, as a rule, does not hang out in clubs and does not sit at the counter of a sports bar, waiting for young beauties.

He prefers someone with whom you can talk, who knows how to cook well and with whom it is pleasant to go out, go to a concert or some other entertainment event. Such a man needs a woman who can satisfy him in sex and at the same time, just like him, who does not want to cross a certain line in a relationship. Men are so comfortable, they want exactly this – comfort, peace and kind, but not too close relationships.A man of forty can and wants to give just that. This is how it works.

If a forty-year-old man became lonely due to a divorce, most likely there will be no one next to him, because after a failed marriage he became a cautious person, but in him the hunting instinct plays stronger than in someone who is used to being single life.

A forty-year-old bachelor no longer pursues sex as he did in his youth, now he wants comfort. Kind, calm, but not too close relationship.

A suddenly freed man feels that he has not participated in all these games associated with flirting and other delights that surround single people for a long time. He kind of looks around and notices all the women around him, whom he did not dare to look at those ten or more years while he was married. He feels that he can afford to flirt without consequences, and, of course, he wants to stretch out the pleasant minutes of single life a little.

Moreover, it may take years before he starts thinking about entering into a long-term relationship with someone again, before the fear caused by the previous failure passes and the man feels the desire to restrict himself again.This is especially true for those who have recently divorced, because the feelings he continues to have for his ex-wife are still very fresh and complex. And nevertheless, what rumor attributes to divorced men is true: if a person once decided to offer someone a hand and a heart, then it will not be so difficult to do it again. Of course, a man who has survived a divorce is no longer inclined to romanticize family relationships, but he remembers how pleasant they can be, and therefore, the idea of ​​a new marriage will not be so alien to him, especially when he has played enough of a bachelor.

If a person once decided to offer someone a hand and a heart, then it will not be so difficult to do it again.

What does this mean for relationships

To find a free forty-year-old man, and even more so to get one, you have to sweat thoroughly. He had already been there, he did it, the wasp waist, cutesy looks and long, half-down eyelashes no longer make him tremble. He knows perfectly well how to find a beauty in his twenties and spend a couple of nights with her, but, as a rule, he has done it so many times that the pursuit of a random skirt has lost its charm.

He knows that young girls, unlike him, have not been anywhere else and have not seen anything special in their lives. And, as a rule, they have no sexual experience. He likes women more, everyone who knows about everything, who has had or is going on something important, who are interested in issues that concern him, and what, from the point of view of a man, makes life more acceptable.

This means, among other things, that you have to get creative if you are going to find and captivate a man in his forties.They rarely show up in clubs, bars and gyms, the traditional places where young men and women go to get to know each other.

If there is a place of entertainment attended by a forty-year-old man, it is a jazz club where he listens to music. He can be found in the stadium while playing his favorite team, on the tennis court, on the football field or in the golf club. He is a lonely person, so he can afford to indulge in what he loves or play sports as much as he wants.He has no wife, so no one tells him that he behaves like an egoist and lives the way he wants.

Remember that dating a 40-year-old divorced man is especially difficult when his marriage has just fallen apart. He may, for a variety of reasons, think that you are too much like the wife he spent years with and will try to stay away from you.

If he divorced no more than two years ago, you should not count on anything more than simple, non-binding sex.He will probably want to date someone else, and your personal beauty and attractiveness does not play the slightest role.

The fact is that a forty-year-old man can no longer be lured with honey flowing speeches. When he was twenty years old, he was ready to believe everything that women say, when he turned thirty, he became a skeptic, and even in his fifties he was not at all inclined to trust the fair sex.

If he divorced no more than two years ago, you should not count on anything more than simple, non-binding sex.

All women cook well, love to clean up the house during the day and put on seductive underwear at night; not a single self-respecting girl will go beyond the threshold without doing beautiful makeup; all ladies love sex, enjoy watching football and basketball, they love the smell of cigar smoke, while they want to get the man they like. Those over forty have heard these fables many times and know that it is worth starting a long romance with one of the lovely ladies, and all this gilded tinsel disappears.

Anyone who has been married knows that most women respond in the same way to pressure, stress and difficult problems.Life can easily turn out so that the man will return to the point of departure, that is, the relationship with his new wife will come to the same impasse as in the case of the woman he left. Therefore, it is difficult to deceive a forty-year-old man by talking about how he will be happy with you. He may not believe it. It’s better to show it once than to tell it seven times.

Let’s say you go to a golf course and you like it there; or sit together in a sports bar and there you have a discussion with some notorious basketball fan about the advantages of the Lakers’ triangle attack tactics; or, for example, think like a connoisseur of how much more beautiful Coltrane’s classic solos are than Miles Davis’ parts.In this case, a forty-year-old man will believe that you share his interests, and decides that he has found, so to speak, “one in a million.”

Sooner or later, any man ceases to experience the pain that tormented him after a divorce, and he becomes lonely. He sooner or later realizes that even having sex with a woman of his own age is more pleasant than with a twenty-five-year-old girl. He knows very well that physical perfection is not as important as it is commonly believed, and that partnerships, based on soul kinship and similarities in life experience, are much more important.He understands that it is good with someone who has lived to the same age as he, he knows just as much about life, knows how to appreciate its positive aspects and stoically relate to difficulties.

Sooner or later, any man ceases to experience the pain that tormented him after a divorce, and he becomes lonely.

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Continuation for liters 90,000 9 signs that he is ready to settle down

I like to use the old whistle kettle, which makes noise throughout the apartment when the water boils.I love him for being so unambiguous: when the water is ready, he communicates it with unmistakable clarity.

It would be great if men had such a whistle too, right? In the early stages of a relationship, all mutual signals are fairly easy to read. But everything becomes much more complicated with time – a couple of months or years – and you can no longer say for sure whether his feelings have warmed up enough to make you an arrangement, and then live happily ever after, or he has cooled down for a long time, and everything that binds you Is a habit and a memory.To sort out this confusion, I suggest you use our article as a cheat sheet. And so, here are 9 signs that he is ready to settle down:

1. He first of all talks about problems to you

Emergencies are no joke. If you are the first to know about his injury, accident, dismissal, death of relatives, appreciate the trust shown and provide all possible support to your man. After all, otherwise, you would be a burden for him, which he will avoid until he can cope with everything on his own.

2. He contacts your parents on his own

Wait, how did he know your parents were planning a family holiday? And how did you guess your father’s favorite beer brand? Does he communicate with your relatives without your participation? Don’t be scared – this is a good sign. He begins to perceive your family as his own.

3. He wants to have a pet

Before deciding to have a baby, couples usually go through several steps, one of which is caring for and caring for a pet.

4. He spoke about the acquisition of joint housing

Even if it is a minor comment that he wants your house to have a garage for a car, this means that he is already thinking about such a possibility. Yes, this is not a decision that is made overnight, but your man is definitely thinking long term.

5. He shares confidential information with you

How much money is on his account, what is the PIN code on his phone, the password on his mailbox? It is not customary to ask such questions in any relationship.But if he himself shares confidential information with you, then you have definitely won his trust.

6. Almost all of his friends are already married

Very often the impulse that pushes us towards marriage is confined to external factors, and in particular to the phases of life. It is extremely difficult to cope with a situation when you are ready to settle down, and your loved one is still far from this decision. If you are unsure, take a closer look at his surroundings. As a rule, the life phases of us and our friends coincide.

7. He just wants to be with you

Because the only person he wants to see is already sitting next to him. Appreciate these moments!

8. There is already room for you in his long-term plans

Whether he is planning your vacation together next summer or asks if you will go to his friend’s wedding in six months, he is certainly thinking about your relationship in the future. Isn’t this the main signal?

9. He wants to introduce his parents to yours

Getting to know your parents is one of the most embarrassing situations for both of you.And no sane man wants to be surrounded by shameful childhood stories and inappropriate questions about relationships, unless he plans to build something more out of all this (namely your long and happy relationship).

90,000 What to expect from a relationship that is 5, 10, 15 and 20 years apart?

Benjamin Millepieu and Natalie Portman, age difference 4 years


As noted by most psychologists, most often women develop much faster than men (especially this can be observed in the last grades of school), so it is not surprising if you do not feel any age difference with your lover.In addition, you will have approximately equivalent life experience, which will make it easier for you to build a joint life.

Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis, age difference 10 years


Western scientists believe that 10 years is the ideal age difference between lovers, since by this time a man has already gained enough experience not to react to the whims of his other half. Plus, an adult and mature man knows how to compromise.The woman, in turn, begins to listen to the opinion of her lover, as she recognizes his authority.

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Camilla Alves and Matthew McConaughey, age difference 14


If a woman starts dating a man 15 years older than her, then first of all she is looking for stability.In addition, quite often for young girls this is an opportunity to gain invaluable experience that their peers are unlikely to give them. In addition, such a relationship is often built on the principle of “father-daughter”, when a girl relies on the fact that her lover will take full responsibility for solving all her problems.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Jason Statham, 20 years old


The main problem of relationships, where partners have such a large age difference, is the difficulty in finding common interests.Often a man by this time already wants to settle down and lead a measured lifestyle, while his other half, on the contrary, wants adventure. It is also quite difficult for them to find friends who will be equally interesting to both him and her. Not to mention the fact that after 50 men have a decline in sexual activity, while women over 30 have an increase in interest in the intimate side of life. True, in this union there are rarely conflicts and misunderstandings: all because, by virtue of experience, a man tries to smooth out all sharp corners.

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90,000 What Men Should Not Marry | Mikhail Baryshev

How can a woman choose her man, her future husband? How to make sure to avoid a fatal mistake? What qualities of a man should you pay special, more close attention to?

In other words, the problem that sooner or later faces every woman is the choice of her man, her future husband, the father of her future children.

Surely, every lady has her own set of certain qualities and those criteria of a man with whom she can enter into a relationship and start a family. They are earned by every woman as a result of her life experience, upbringing, education, advice from parents, girlfriends, etc. But it is one thing to advise someone, and quite another thing to make a choice for life.

Such experience helps someone, but there are quite a few of those who cannot do something, who, as it were, constantly step on “the same rake.”And now, as a result of many years of consulting experience, I have identified a number of male characteristics that should make women think before making their final choice.

The description of such psychotypes is not according to the degree of importance, but in a rather arbitrary and even random order.

1. For many women, an important quality of a man is whether he is smart or not, so you cannot marry a man who is known as a very narrow-minded person. Experience shows that it is very difficult for an intelligent woman to live with a stupid man.She will have to pretend all her life that she is dumber than she really is, because to make him smarter, she is powerless.

2. Of course, like many years ago, and now, more often than not, it makes no sense to build a relationship with a man who has a passion or addiction to cards, games, alcohol, drugs. As a rule, such addictions, even if temporarily do not appear in him, at a certain moment in his life flare up again. These men are “normal and healthy” exactly as long as their passion, which has subsided for a while, begins to prevail over them again, or they suddenly want to relax and remember the old.Then they can explain a lot and promise their woman that they broke off for the last time and this will not happen again, that what happened to them is pure coincidence. However, to the great regret of all the participants in such a conversation, these are only their good thoughts and intentions, their addiction in the overwhelming majority of cases is stronger than them.

3. Age of partners. Yes, there are cases when age for marriage does not matter, but still, a big difference in age is always serious, i.e.because people belong to different generations. A difference in the age of 10-15 years is a perfectly acceptable phenomenon, but if it is more than 20 years old, this may sooner or later create a problem for both spouses.

But whether a woman can overcome this difference between generations, accept and understand the worldview and values ​​of her chosen one is a matter of questions. And everyone should decide this issue for herself. You will be able to accept and understand his values ​​- great, but he, in turn, must do the same in relation to a woman.

4. It is very problematic to build long-term relationships with those men who are convinced that only they and always do everything perfectly, better than everyone else. In a life together, such a man will constantly make claims to his wife for everything! But to completely please such a person – almost never succeeds, at least, during my long consulting practice, I was not lucky enough to see this even once.

5. Women should always be extremely careful when they are going to marry famous, great men – great painters, artists, scientists, musicians, performers, writers, public figures, politicians.You should always remember well that for the most part, these are nervous people, completely immersed in their work, accustomed to admiration and worship.

Marriage with famous personalities undoubtedly increases a woman’s self-esteem, her importance in the eyes of others, but the question is: such a man will always unconsciously demand admiration and veneration from you, and you yourself agree to such a role for the rest of your life? If you agree and are convinced that you can handle it, then this is your man.

6. When choosing a future husband, take a close look at his behavior. If your chosen one cannot walk past the mirror without admiring himself in it, if he always talks, with everyone, only about himself beloved, this is a kind of symptom. Will such a man think and take care of you all his life, or will he remain true to himself and will always want to only hear admiring words from you and catch rapturous glances?

7. Probably a well-known fact is that a man cannot always take good care of his appearance and the impression that his appearance makes on others.But what he should be able to do is take care of his body and be a clean person. If he has not learned to be clean, if he grew up like that and was brought up like that, then we must remember that it is incredibly difficult to correct such a person. Think carefully, do you need it? Can you do it and at what cost?

8. One should probably not seriously consider the male type for marriage, popularly known as a womanizer, Don Juan, i.e. those who literally drag behind every skirt and change their lover every week or more.Such men are often unable to create a healthy family and maintain long-term relationships.

Men who are regular clients of prostitutes or regulars in brothels are dangerous for marriage. In ancient times, it was not without reason that such men were considered to have “a sick body and soul.” Although to this day many of these people, getting married, are absolutely sure that they are healthy. Nevertheless, one must remember that often in such a man terrible diseases can be hidden, which then destroy him, and you and your family.

Well, our time only confirms these old truths.

Liars can also be classified in this category of men. Remember, if a person lied to you even once, then, most likely, in the same or a similar situation, he will lie to you again. And if he lied twice or more, then he will always lie.

Even when over time such men calm down and want to settle down, women should remember the old saying: “The wolf sheds, but does not lose its whims and habits.”

9. Since a family, a family hearth, which should be founded by young spouses, is not a sanatorium, but a nest in which a new, healthy generation should be born, a woman should understand how problematic it is to marry a seriously ill man.

Of course, situations in life are different and ambiguous, but, you see, the probability of having children from healthy parents is always obviously higher than from sick ones.

10. It is very problematic, if not dangerous, to marry a man who is greedy.Very often such a man, giving outwardly reasoned arguments, most often about the lack of money in the family, has no desire or even purpose to please something, to give something to his wife, be it signs of attention and gifts, not to mention trips to rest, going to the theater, exhibitions and vernissages.

It is very problematic for a woman to build her life with a man who does not have the goal of earning a decent life for himself, for his wife, for his offspring, who does not even want to know and understand that his wife should be joyful and happy, but he should be something to do to please her.Such men often do not understand that the mood and health of his wife is the basis of well-being in family life.

11. It is dangerous to marry a man who has an unbalanced nature, who cannot sit still for 5 minutes. Even in ancient times, mothers taught their daughters to observe the man they liked: how he walks, how he does something, even how he eats. And if he is restless, eats on the go very quickly, swallowing food in pieces, then in bed he will always be too fast and too hasty.

12. Big problems in life together are to be expected from grumpy and impatient men. Previously, it was even said that if a man has a voice that resembles a dog barking or the sound of breaking glass, then this indicates his increased conflict and scandalousness.

13. And the last point in this publication, but not the last one at all. A woman should be very careful when starting a relationship with a man who is the only son in the family.In old Russia, it was believed that one child was given birth by mothers or those suffering from infantilism, or those who were deprived of the opportunity to give birth again.

In modern conditions, this old rule has somewhat lost its relevance, but, nevertheless, the only child in a family often grows up to be an egoist.

90,000 Women over 45 stopped agreeing to marriage: the world turned upside down

We decided to understand the causes of the phenomenon.

“I thought she was flirting or bargaining for something”

Valery 58, he is still an interesting man, takes care of himself, has the necessary basis – an apartment, a dacha and a car.So far he is making good money, but in two years he will have a pension. He has no special savings, but he will have enough for a quiet, well-fed life with a trip once a year to the sea. Valery is afraid of something else – loneliness. He, of course, had girlfriends all his life, but to this day he has not found the time and desire to have a legal wife and children.

– Somehow I lived calmly without it, – Valery admits. – Women loved me anyway. But over time, those who wanted to marry me realized that I was not going to marry, and found others for themselves.And those who were interested in my money disappeared when I left the business and began to live on a salary.

Three years ago, in an art gallery, Valery met a girl of his taste – tall, dark-haired. We met, drank at a buffet table, Katya was divorced, and they began to meet.

– When I found out that Katya was 52, I was just taken aback! – Valery shares. – But then I remembered that I myself have not been young for a long time, and everything is logical. Beauty technologies have stepped forward, and if a woman takes care of herself, then at 50 she looks like a girl.Katya’s children are adults, her work schedule is free – she is an artist, and my darling began to come to my country house every weekend, from Friday to Monday. We had the same tastes and temperament, we felt good together. Katya brought home comfort in my bachelor house, cooked deliciously and willingly accepted my friends.

Three whole years passed in this way. A couple of times we went to the sea together, sometimes on weekdays we went to the theater together. In the fourth year, Valery’s friends, mostly married couples, began to advise him to finally settle down and propose to Katya.

– It was difficult for me to make up my mind, because all my life I was a bachelor. Until the wife of one of my friends shared with me in secret that Katya was very worried that we were already together so much, and I still did not take any serious steps. Then I was scared that she would leave me, and decided. I bought a diamond ring, a bouquet and proposed to her. Katya thanked and … refused. At first I thought she was joking.

According to Valery, Katya explained to him that she was ready to meet with him as before, but not for an official marriage.Valery was confused:

– I thought she was flirting. Or bargaining for something. But I couldn’t figure out what. Since she complained to my friend’s wife that I was not showing serious intentions, then she wanted these intentions? Once three years met with me and was happy with everything, so there are some feelings? What’s the matter?

Katya, as if nothing had happened, tried to forget about the “unpleasant” conversation and return the previous relationship schedule. But Valery was offended and offered to leave. The woman did not even understand why, she hopes that he will cool down and their meetings will return to normal.

– I don’t understand why we need to meet further and how should I relate to her? – Valery is perplexed. – It turns out that she doesn’t need me in life?

Katya herself explained everything to the same friend’s wife, her confidante:

– Yes, everything was fine with us. Non-binding, open relationship. But I’m not ready to connect my life with Valery. He is already many years old, in two years he will retire and settle at home. Often men, after retirement, start to get sick, their character deteriorates, they grumble and complain.And if a friend can turn around and leave, if she doesn’t like something, then the legal wife is obliged to take care. And I still do not feel like an old woman, ready to sit next to such a husband. I love theaters, travel, entertainment and I’m not ready to give up on them for the sake of a stamp in my passport.

– But you wanted him to propose to you? – asked her interlocutor.

– Well, any woman wants it. It’s a shame when a man meets for three years and does not “calve”, self-esteem falls … I’m just a sober person and I understand that we will be able to communicate on equal terms for a maximum of two more years.And then it will be an old man and a girl. We have love, otherwise why would I come to him for three years ?! And I don’t understand why he decided to end our love just because I refused the stamp in my passport?

It turns out that he just decided to stake me out, so that later he could calmly turn into an old man? I am not ready to take responsibility for Valera and promise him that I will never leave him. For these three years I did not consider myself not free, but I have not met anyone better than Valera. Maybe I won’t.But if this happens, then I will leave. In the meantime, this has not happened, I am ready to meet with him further without obligations. In my opinion, this is fair. But for some reason he is offended.

Well, earlier men shirked legal marriage as a responsibility, even if they not only met a woman, but also lived together and had children in common. Even at 50, they were confident that the best was yet to come. Now the point of view of an old male bachelor was shared by 40+ ladies, who used to be in the ranks of brides extremely rarely and only because of great luck.What happened?

Start up – let go, stamp – no way!

Cyril left Lena when they were 29, and their daughter was eight.

– Early marriage by flight, – Kirill explains his decision 20 years ago. – When we were under 30, Lenka and I looked like a mother and son, although we are the same age. I had not really matured yet, I felt that I had not walked up. And she became so correct. Lena was a wonderful wife – she was engaged in housework, worked, cleaned, cooked as a daughter.But I perceived her as my mother, and I liked the girls more frivolous. I left Lenka not for someone specific, but simply for my parents. I thought: since she feels that I do not perceive her as a woman, then she also cannot be happy with me. I thought maybe he would meet someone else …

According to the photo taken 20 years ago, it is really noticeable that the plump Lena looks older than the stately, cheerful handsome Kirill. At their current 50, they look harmonious: Cyril has grown old and quieted down, and Lena, on the contrary, has put herself in order, since she has money for this.Over the years, Lena raised and married her daughter, made a career, but never got married.

“I’m not one of those who easily falls in love or can take a man-accessory for myself to go out with him,” Lena explains. – Of course, now that my daughter has gone to her husband, I feel lonely. But not critical. I have a job, hobbies and girlfriends – as free from worries about my husband as I am. We go to theaters, travel, attend lectures.

Today Lena looks more carefree than Kirill, who suddenly realized that most of his life is behind him, and was scared of a lonely old age:

“I was married twice, it didn’t work out,” he says.- I left everyone, I live again with my parents. And I look at them, although they are quite old, they have each other. They have common memories, friends. And I am alone as a finger. So I thought, why shouldn’t I come back to Lenka, since she still didn’t get married? We have a common daughter, I have no other children. Grandchildren will be. Lenka is also not getting younger, a man on the farm will come in handy for her to calmly meet old age. We have everything for two: Lenka has an apartment and a well-paid job, I have a dacha, a car and hands from the right place.Well, I suggested to her: they say, let’s get back together. Still, each other had the first, and this is not forgotten. And Lenka to me: it’s good, let me live, but no cliche! Something I did not understand …

For Lena, everything is as clear as daylight:

– It is stupid to refuse from a good-looking peer, a decent, decent person, and even the father of your own child. I see my friends: among them there are just dolls, they look for 30 years and are provided above the roof. But all the same, they cannot find a normal man, no matter how hard they try.To them, either young gigolos are glued, or grandfathers, who are terrified of the approaching decrepitude.

I have a good attitude to Kirill, all grievances have long been forgotten, and we really have everything for a quiet old age for two. Therefore, I am glad that everything turned out like this. But I don’t need any stamp anymore! I don’t want to think about it all the time, so as not to spoil my mood, but I perfectly understand that the child was raised alone, Kirill did not help me. This I will never forget. And for everything that I have, I have earned.Let him live in my health, while he tries to be useful to me. I will even feed and clothe him. But if he becomes a burden to me, I want to reserve the right to float him to his own dacha, without divorce, scandals and explanations.

Macho disappears at fifty dollars

“Even 10 years ago, most women’s publications taught how to attract, hook, win, keep a man,” says feminist psychologist Lada Meshchaninova.- Married women in the old fashioned way are glad that they were “hooked and kept”, while married men usually believe that there are two times less of them than women, and the competition for them is still high. But this situation began after the war and was smoothed out slowly.

However, three generations have been born since then, and gender parity has leveled off. Therefore, smart middle-aged bachelors are in a hurry to legally nest with a woman in order to calmly meet old age. Because life expectancy has increased in both sexes, but women in the second half of life are more resilient and better survive alone.

Indeed, in recent years, the average life expectancy has increased markedly. The WHO has even formally revised the age norms on which the science of gerontology (aging), health care and pension legislation is based. Today WHO defines our age as follows: 25–44 – young age; 44-60 – average age; 60–75 – old age; 75–90 – old age; from 90 – long-livers.

That is, a decade ago, people after 50 were considered elderly, and today we have an official average age of up to 60.At the same time, overseas scientists predict that soon the middle age bar will shift to 70, so some US states have already prepared bills to increase the retirement age to 70 for women and to 75 for men.

– In fact, old age is determined not by the numbers in the passport, but by a decrease in vital activity, – emphasizes psychologist Alina Kolesova. – All people, regardless of age, are susceptible to diseases that poison life. And the ability to cope with age-related changes in the body depends on the internal state of a person.At the same time, everyone, without exception, goes through a midlife crisis: both men and women. This is a subconscious summing up, a reassessment of values ​​and oneself as a person, determination of further strategies, plans and goals. To put it simply, a painful search for answers to the questions: why am I, who I am and how to live on.

This “transitional age” lasts from several months to several years, depending on the individual characteristics of the psyche, the person’s environment, his fulfillment, profession, family environment and relationship with a partner.According to doctors, this is a serious test for both women and men.

But for those who emerge victorious from this battle with themselves, the average age does not give way to aging. Alas, it also happens the other way around: formerly energetic and cheerful people emerge from a midlife crisis aged, faded and have lost interest in life, although they are not even 50. And next to them there are life-loving zips at 60, 70 and even 75. According to gerontologists, a man is successful who has gone through a midlife crisis and married after it will thereby increase the duration and quality of his life, since 50+ men are more likely to endure loneliness than women of the same age group.

A woman who married after a midlife crisis will live less, since she will take on additional responsibility.

It turns out that men and women in the second half of their lives really change their roles! Responsibility for the other spoils life for both – only men in the first half, and women – in the second. And a spoon for dinner, apparently, is received only by those who are able to escape from small calculations and just fall in love.


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