What is the best pen: 100 Best Pens: Gel, Ballpoint, Rollerball, and More, 2021


The Best Pen | Reviews by Wirecutter

Our pick

Uni-ball Jetstream

Affordable, smooth, left-hand friendly, and filled with the best-performing ink, the Jetstream is a verified go-to pen.

Buying Options

*At the time of publishing, the price was $10.

For most people in most situations, the Uni-ball Jetstream is the best pen for the job. Its pigment-darkened ballpoint ink flows out smoothly and evenly, without skipping and with minimal pressure. The ink sinks into paper and dries quickly (which is great for lefties), and it rarely, if ever, feathers out from your lines or bleeds through good notebook paper. Available in a variety of tip widths and colors, the Jetstream is sold in office-supply stores and through online merchants. It felt reasonably good in our testers’ hands, and it has been a Wirecutter pick since 2013.

Tip width as tested: 0. 7 mm
Widths available: 0.38 mm, 0.5 mm, 0.7 mm, 1.0 mm
Style: ballpoint
Ink type: hybrid (low-viscosity ballpoint ink with pigments)

Also great

Pilot Precise V5 RT

This pen isn’t the smoothest writing, but that slight bit of friction and its dark ink make it great for fine lettering or drawing.

Buying Options

*At the time of publishing, the price was $20.

If you prefer a darker line than the Jetstream’s, if you write in smaller, tighter letters, or if you like a bit of resistance from the paper whether you’re writing or drawing, the Pilot Precise V5 RT is another affordable and widely available pen to consider. Some experts and testers liked that it wasn’t as smooth as the Jetstream, preferring the feel of its finer point. It has a slightly thicker grip than the Jetstream, and it has darker ink that doesn’t dry as quickly but performs well on most paper.

Tip width as tested: 0.5 mm
Widths available: 0.5 mm (V5), 0.7 mm (V7)
Style: rollerball
Ink type: liquid

Also great

Uni-ball Signo 307

The Signo 307 is a smooth, quick writing tool that lays down a thick line more reliably than other popular gel pens.

Buying Options

*At the time of publishing, the price was $10.

If you want broad lines and even more of a gliding stroke than the Jetstream offers, and you don’t mind some smudging, a bit of paper bleed-through, or the occasional feathering or ink pooling, the Uni-ball Signo 307 is a highly recommended gel pen. Experts and staff testers called it an upgrade in smoothness, grip, and legibility compared with the well-known Pilot G2.

Tip width as tested: 0.7 mm
Widths available: 0.38 mm, 0. 5 mm, 0.7 mm
Style: rollerball
Ink type: gel

Also great

If you love a pen but hate the commitment, an erasable pen is the way to go. The Pilot FriXion Clicker Erasable Retractable Gel Pen is our favorite because it’s satisfyingly inky, it comes in a variety of colors, and it erased just as cleanly in our testing on day five, after the ink had time to settle in, as it did on day one. Unlike with other pens, which left streaks behind when we erased their marks days later, with the Pilot FriXion you can come back and update your calendar the week after and still erase cleanly.

Tip width as tested: 0.7 mm
Widths available: 0.5, 0.7
Style: ballpoint
Ink type: erasable gel

Writing samples from our picks

The Uni-ball Jetstream on Field Notes paper. Writing sample: Lilly Bellman / Photo: Tim Barribeau

The Pilot Precise V5 RT on Field Notes paper. Writing sample: Lilly Bellman / Photo: Tim Barribeau

The Uni-ball Signo 307 on Field Notes paper. Writing sample: Lilly Bellman / Photo: Tim Barribeau

The Uni-ball Jetstream on Field Notes paper. Writing sample: Lilly Bellman / Photo: Tim Barribeau

The Best Pens for Exams

We know how much hard work you put into preparing for your exams. All that revision, missing out on socializing, getting stressed out, and sleepless nights. So the last thing you need is for anything to go wrong on the day, and that includes your stationery.

Do you know which color ink you can use in the exam? does it matter what type of pen it is? What are the best pens for exams? Read on to find the answer to all these questions so you are fully prepared, and we will even give you our top 10 recommendations for the best exam pens.

Which Color Pen is Best for Exams? 

The first thing that you must remember is that black ink is mandatory in secondary school level exams (GCSEs and similar), so don’t fall at the first hurdle and show up with your favorite green ink, blue or rainbow-colored pens – the examiners won’t be impressed with your color coordination, and you’ll be putting your qualification at risk.  

After all your hard work, you don’t want to ruin your exam papers with smearing, blotching, and spraying as you write. On this day of all days, you need a reliable, good-quality pen that won’t let you down. And finally, it needs to be comfortable. You’ll be in that high-pressure environment for a few hours, so an ergonomic pen is a real consideration.

Now for the good news. All you need from an exam pen is perfectly within your reach.

What are the Best Pens for Exams?

We recommend good quality ballpoint pens, preferably with a tip size of 0.7mm or 1.0mm. If you’ve been put off by cheap multipacks of ballpoint pens from the corner shop, we hope we can change your mind by showing you the difference a crafted ballpoint makes – and the price isn’t half as high as you think.

It’s also worth pointing out that gel pens are not allowed in exams in the UK. This is because many gel pens are unreadable by the scanners used by the invigilators, and being scanned is an essential part of the marking process.

Let’s have a look at our top choices that are the best pens for exams.

The 10 Best Pens for Exams

1. Fisher Cap-o-matic Space Pen

The Fisher Space Pen gets its name from the fact that is was used on the space program from 1968, thanks to its pressurized refill, designed for zero gravity. The Cap-o-Matic range gets its name from the fact that you push the metal end down to expose and retract the ballpoint nib. You might not need zero-G capabilities, but down here on earth, the pressure keeps the flow of ink smooth and consistent. meaning that it won’t let you down during your exam.  It’ll even write on greasy paper. Available in a range of barrel colors, there’s one available that’ll be just perfect for you – and you can have it engraved if it’s a special gift.

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

2. Uni–Ball Power Tank Ballpoint Pen

At the budget end of the spectrum, consider the Uni-Ball Power Tank. Again, it’s pressurized for optimum flow, but it’s a disposable version. We think it’s probably the best ball-point in the price range. It is definitely one that we recommend taking along with you, even if its a backup in case your main pen lets you down in the exam.

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

3. Pilot Acroball Ballpoint Pen

We also love the Pilot Acroball. This budget pen will give you great handwriting, partly thanks to its ergonomic grip that’s suitable for left-handed and right-handed people. Available in fine (0.7mm) and medium (1.0mm) nibs, they’re great for popping your exam bag.

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

4. Stabilo Exam Grade Ballpoint Pen

For the ultimate in reassurance, try the Stabilo Exam Grade Ballpoint Pen. Not only is it a fantastic 0.4mm writer, ideal for lengthy stints at the exam table – it also has a handy gauge on the side that will show you how many pages’ worth of ink you have left. Genius!

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

5. Parker Jotter Ballpoint Pen:


You already know the name, and if you’ve ever written with a Parker, you’ll also know it’s a great quality writing instrument. So do we need to go into details about the smooth, clean writing experience that comes when you click to open the Parker Jotter ballpoint pen? Probably not, but just know that this one comes with a choice of tip sizes and is completely refillable – you know the rest.

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

6. Pilot RexGrip Ballpoint Pen

Ergonomics is supremely important when you’re sitting in an exam for several hours and then repeating the process perhaps ten times over a few weeks. With the retractable Pilot Rexgrip, you’re in safe hands – it’s designed with an integrated grip that means you can hold the pen relatively lightly and it won’t slip when you’re writing. It’s made from more than 77% recycled material and the barrel is reusable thanks to the availability of refills.

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

7. Pilot Super Grip G Retractable Ballpoint Pen

One of the most popular retractable pens on the market, the Super Grip G has a great rubberized grip section that makes it a joy to hold over long periods. With its smooth and fast-drying ink, it all adds up to a perfect inclusion for the stationery bag during exam season. It gives a satisfyingly fine line, and best of all, you can get refills that prolong the lifetime of the pen.

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

8. Paper Mate Inkjoy 100M Ballpoint Pen

Decent ball-point pens don’t come much cheaper than the 1.0mm Paper Mate Inkjoy. No bells, no whistles, just pop off the cap and get writing. Perfect for everyday use and a nice smooth writer making a great backup pen for your exam.

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

9. Paper Mate FlexGrip Ultra Retractable Ballpoint Pen

If a pen was ever designed to look the part, this is it. Paper Mate are masters of combining the three basic needs of a pen – comfort, line quality, and durability – and put it all in a smart package that comes straight from the designer’s studio. Chrome effect finish on the tip encasement, architectural build, and handy retractor button finish the look of the Papermate FlexGrip, a pen you’ll be proud to pop open.

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

10. Parker IM Ballpoint Pen

If you want to push the boat out a little, or if you’re buying a pen as a good luck gift for the student in your life, how about the exquisite Parker IM range of ballpoint pens. Yes, they cost more than the disposable ones, but here you have a pen for life that will be refilled and refilled again and will forever remind the user of the time they first wrote with it. Many of them are laser engravable, too, for ultimate personalization. Take a careful look through the collection – there’s the perfect Parker pen for you.

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

It’s up to you!
If you think all pens are the same, we hope you’re now aware of the choices available. But when you’re confronted with so many options, all with great quality for the price, it often just comes down to personal preference. Once you get used to a pen, you’ll possibly use that model for years, so why not try a few out? One will be just perfect for your personal writing style, hand angle, and pressure.

Top 10 Budget Pens for Professionals

Last Updated on July 3, 2021

Sometimes, when we need to find a pen quickly, we may grab the one closest to hand. When this happens, we will probably find ourselves using one of the logo-branded, cheap freebies that are readily on offer today, with their short shelf life and poor reliability. These pens are certainly not examples of a quality writing tool.

However, when it comes to purchasing a pen for our own use, we face the dilemma of deciding which one will be the best for us. Quality may factor in our decision, especially if writing is a regular and repeated part of our everyday routine or job.

We may research the range of products on offer carefully before making a purchase. Personal preferences and the circumstances under which the pen will be used will dictate which is the most suitable.

Cheaper pens are often unreliable.  They dry up very quickly or leak, blob and bleed into the paper, all of which can be most inconvenient and annoying.   There is no guarantee that the quality of outcome will be satisfactory.

When making a personal purchase, it is far better to be prepared to increase the budget slightly and browse carefully through the different products, types and styles available, in order to find the right pen for the job.

Different types of pen include ballpoint, rollerball, ink jet and fountain pen. Though all meet the general requirements as a writing tool, some are more suitable than others, according to particular functions.

In the world of education, a teacher or lecturer needs a reliable pen for marking and writing comments and their students need to be best equipped for the tasks they are required to undertake.

An artist or architect may require a needle point for a fine and precise line when drawing and a solicitor needs a pen of quality ink in order to witness wills and other legal documents.

Some people are left handed and need to know that a pen will work well in any direction. Others need to find a pen which can be relied upon to function in a range of special circumstances such as under cabin pressure on board an aircraft or at different temperatures, such as in freezing or tropical conditions and all in between.

Under certain circumstances it is necessary to consider the quality of ink in order to ensure that it will not fade, is long-lasting, waterproof or even fraud proof. The different types of pens on offer lend themselves to the best appropriate choices on offer according to requirement.

Personal choice will be dictated by a range of factors. As well deciding which particular type of pen will suit our usage best, from ballpoint to fountain pen or rollerball to inkjet, there are also other matters to consider, such as dimensions of the pen, including weight, point size, retractable nib or detachable cap, pocket clip, comfort of grip and material of manufacture.

When purchasing a pen, though personal preferences are a deciding factor, the functionality and ergonomic design are likely to be of importance.   Availability of a range of colours, whether in terms of pen body or ink colour, may influence which type of pen is chosen, but ease of use and level of quality are likely to be crucial when deciding which pen to buy.

Jetstream Premier

The smart, no-nonsense Jetstream Premier roller-ball offers a slightly weightier pen with a soft, comfortable grip and pocket clip. With retractable nib and a bold point for a thicker line, this pen features an anti-fraud, non-smear, hybrid ink which is quick-drying, fade and water resistant ink.

Also suitable for left handers, this pen is the perfect choice for professionals who need a pen of quality they can rely on for excellent performance.


Pilot G2

The Pilot G2 retractable roller ball is a lighter weight pen which offers versatility of use. With a conical, fine point tip and a visible ink window, it delivers a clear continuous line which may suit more technical work.

Offering a rubber grip for a comfortable hold and a gel ink that lasts twice as long as any rival, this pen is the perfect choice for those who need a pen they can rely on to keep going. With no leaks or ink flow problems to worry about, the Pilot G2 is an easy to use pen which ensures smooth ink flow right to the tip.


uni-ball AlphaGel Jetstream

A pleasing all-round choice, the uni-ball AlphaGel Jetstream is the most popular of pens, with an easy to hold grip and solid feel. Suitable for a variety of different purposes, this pen is a quality, oil-based, inkjet ballpoint pen with continuous ink flow. With no need to worry about bleeds or smears whatever the paper type, its versatility makes this the preferred writing tool for many people.


uni-ball Vision Elite

Particularly popular with the frequent flyer, the uni-ball Vision Elite roller ball pen remains unaffected by changes in cabin pressure. With a uni-flow system which ensures a regulated flow to the tip, this lighter weight pen features anti-fraud ink and guarantees a clean, bleed-free line every time.  It is particularly suitable for professional use, whether in the office or on the go.


Lamy Safari Fountain Pen

For those who prefer a fountain pen, the Lamy Safari smart pen is an affordable, functional writing tool with a reputation for quality.  Featuring a charcoal black, solid and sturdy body, a comfortable grip and fine point, this unpretentious yet stylish pen is recommended for use through school, college and beyond.

A firm favourite that can be relied upon in all circumstances, this is a writing tool of fine reputation. Available to purchase separately, there is also the option of a cartridge converter.


The uni-ball Jetstream

The uni-ball Jetstream is a smear-resistant, retractable rollerball pen of an elegant design, complete with stylish pocket clip. This pen is the perfect choice for those who prefer a slightly heavier weight writing implement with a fine point and quick-drying ink, such as may be required in a more technical working environment. Recommended by many for the smoothness of ink flow and comfort of grip, this pen is both reliable and smart in appearance.


Zebra F-701 Stainless Steel

Manufactured from stainless-steel, the Zebra F-701 ballpoint pen is a firm favourite of those who seek a corrosion-free, solid and sturdy writing tool which has been built to last, such as may be beneficial in an industrial environment such as a laboratory.

With an easy-to-hold grip and click-free retractable point, this classy pen, with continuous flow and good weight distribution, has proved to be popular with users who prefer a ballpoint pen which delivers a line without skipping or blobbing.


Pilot Precise V5 Stick Rolling Ball Pen

The Pilot Precise V5 Stick Rolling Ball pen combines a comfortable rubber grip and extra fine needle point, especially suitable for those who require precision and reliability, such as perhaps is required by artists, architects and those employed in other technical roles.

With aeroplane-friendly, constant ink flow technology, this pen offers guaranteed functionality wherever you go and whatever you do, providing peace of mind for users who need to work in a range of different situations and conditions.


Fisher Space Bullet Space Pen

The Fisher Space Bullet is a quality pen that is delivered gift boxed and with a lifetime guarantee. Offering versatility in every way, this is a hard to beat buy in terms of value. Stylishly fashioned in matte black, with a tungsten carbide ball medium point tip.

This pen writes at every angle and in all circumstances, even at zero gravity, in any temperature zone from tropical climes to below freezing conditions.


JinHao 250 Stainless Steel Gold Trim Fountain Pen

The JinHao 250 stainless steel, gold trimmed fountain pen is stylishly impressive. This pen is crafted from quality materials, featuring a medium point nib and a sturdily constructed body.

Favourably rivalling other pens which are available at a higher price, this is no ordinary writing tool and is sure to attract admiring glances and compliments. It is a pen with panache that personifies smartness for its user both in terms of intelligence and design.


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The 7 Best Pens for Professionals Under $30 (2021)

The pen is a fine writing instrument, and they make amazing corporate gifts for hardworking employees.

While your preference may differ depending on function and hand grip, some standout pens make for trusty companions, allowing you to write with precision and accuracy  (like Robin Hood or Katniss Everdeen with their trusty bow and quivers!)

While top-of-the-line pens like the Cross Townsend Fountain Pen can catch quite the pretty penny, did you know you can write phenomenally with some pens for under $30 as well?

Let’s stroll down the list and go in-depth with these best pens at a friendly budget.

Deluxe Deluxe Woodmark Rosewood Pen and Pencil Set

Deluxe Woodmark Rosewood Pen & Pencil Set

Product Features:

  • Comes with a 0.9 mm pencil and a twist action black-ink ballpoint type pen 
  • Carved rosewood finish gold trim and meticulous scrolling
  • Personalized and customizable engraving can be black or gold
  • Bundled with a Dayspring Pens protection sleeve
  • A two-in-one package for less than $30, there’s no greater bargain you can find than this marvelous duo. The pen itself is comfortable, durable, and reliable, which makes it a great writing companion for daily use.

    Cross Click Midnight Blue Ballpoint Pens


    Product Features:

  • Click-action ballpoint tool with black ink
  • Midnight blue exterior 
  • Comes in a Cross packaged box
  • Personalized engravings with silver color
  • Cross gives it a Lifetime Warranty
  • The Cross Ballpoint uses a click assembly rather than the much-adored swivel-type pens. Great for people who habitually click pens. Affordable and unique, gift this Cross pen to your caffeine-loving friends!

    Cross Calais Ballpoint Pens

    Cross Calais Ballpoint Pen- Lustrous Chrome

    Product Features:

  • Twist action ballpoint pen with black writing ink
  • Gorgeous Lustrous Chrome sheen 
  • Packaged in a Cross gift box
  • Personalization coloring comes in light brass
  • Cross Lifetime Mechanical Warranty
  • The stunning luxurious shine from the Lustrous Chrome makes it hard to believe that this costs just under $30. But, trust us, this versatile, smooth pen hits the mark dead center, making it a worthy contender for the uni-ball for daily use.

    Monroe 18-Karat Gold Plated Pen

    Monroe 18 karat Gold Plated Pen and Pencil Set

    Product Features:

  • Click-action pen with black ink and a 0.7 mm pencil 
  • 18 kt gold-plated finish on the ballpoint
  • Comes in a customized Dayspring Pens gift box
  • Subtle personalized message lightly engraved on the sheen
  • Who says gold finish pens go for only over $100? This fine point pen blows your expectations out of the water. Aside from its gold finish, the Monroe comes with great grubber grips and a medium barrel, which creates a comfortable writing experience.

    Arizona Fountain Pens

    Arizona Fountain Pen – Blue

    Product Features:

  • Black ink pen with a stainless steel medium-sized nib
  • Two blank ink cartridges and an ink converter
  • Comes in a custom-made Dayspring Pens gift box
  • Personalized message engravings match the body exterior
  • The Arizona Fountain Pen comes with an adaptive nib that personalizes your writing right as your pen glides across the paper. This sapphire blue writing tool also comes with an ergonomic grip, making for a seamless writing experience the whole way through.

    Noble Fountain Pens

    Noble Fountain Pen

    Product Features:

  • Medium nib pen that writes black
  • Brushed metallic finish and golden appointments with ink converter and two black starter cartridges
  • Ships in a Dayspring Pens gift box
  • Custom engraving appears light brass
  • Say hello to this handsome pen. The classic finish of the Noble Pen makes it a charming pen to carry along inside leather suitcases and bags. Aside from unmatched quality and affordability, this beauty also has a smooth and easy flow and a nice light weight. An excellent pen for the white-collared professional.

    Parker Jotter Gel Ink Pen

    Parker Jotter Gel Pen Stainless Steel Gold Trim

    Product Features:

    • Click-action gel ink pen
    • Stainless steel body accented with iconic gold Parker appointments
    • Ships in a Parker gift box with black gel ink
    • Tone-on-tone colored monogramming
    • Two-year Parker mechanical warranty
    • Great set for men, women, corporate gifts, birthdays, and graduation

    The Parker Jotter is one of our Staff Favorites and one of our Best-Selling Pens. Its simple but solid construction paired with a satisfying click and smooth-as-silk writing experience makes this pen one of the best pens available in the price range.

    Arizona Rollerball Blue Pens

    Arizona Rollerball Pen – Blue

    Product Features:

  • Rolling ball pen comes with own cap and black ink
  • Carved blue lacquer with gold accents 
  • Comes packed in a Dayspring Pens gift box
  • Gold engraving personalization
  • The Arizona rollerball offers smooth, comfortable, and a proper writing experience. The pen distributes ink on the page at just the right touch, thanks to its liquid-based ink flow. With an ergonomic grip and a medium barrel, this pen is well-endowed with a fantastic tool kit for left  and right-handed people.

    Cross Coventry Ballpoint Type Pen

    Font sizes may be adjusted to ensure the best fit. Cross Coventry Ballpoint Pen Blue Lacquer

    Product Features:

  • Medium twist-action ballpoint with black ink
  • Polished chrome appointments on a black lacquer finish
  • Packaged in a two-piece Cross gift box 
  • Silver engraving available on pen cap
  • Cross Lifetime Mechanical Warranty
  • A modern and distinguished pen, the Cross Conventry’s best attributes lie in its reliability and quality. This graces the writer with the enamoring ooze of luxury as they glide their pen across paper. This model writes fantastically and will surely meet your needs.

    What Are the Pen Types That Go for Under $30?

    While many luxurious pens price themselves at a much higher rate, a $30 budget range is more than enough to snag yourself a fantastic pen.

    These pens may be a bit cheaper than many others in the market, but they don’t skimp on the quality at all (and are perfect for corporate gifting).

    Here are some pen types to give your employee, boss, or loved ones:

    Ballpoint Pens Works on any smooth surface; a versatile, day pen
    Fountain Pen Functional, luxurious; used for signing documents and cheques
    Rollerball Pen Contains a ballpoint mechanism with liquid-based ink
    Gel Pen Resembles the Rollerball but uses gel ink instead of liquid
    Felt Tip Pen The pen nib is made from porous fibers; these are your markers, highlighters, and Micron Pens
    Stylus Used on a digital screen; like a smartphone, tablet, or laptop screen

    Now here the question lies: are they all customizable?

    You’re in luck. With Dayspring Pens, you receive custom-engraved pens all within a day (except for the Deep Cut Color-Filled Engraving Style).

    So whatever price point you buy your pens, the message you engrave is absolutely priceless!

    How Does Engraving Pens Work?

    It’s a simple heating process. With metal and heat equipment, you incise through a material surface to imprint your message. Don’t worry; this is all safely handled by us.

    Once done, you get the final engraving, adding a touch of personality to your pens.

    The engraving process isn’t strictly limited to pens. You can personalize most gift items as well, from wooden clocks to wooden picture frames. Perfect for showing your appreciation and gratitude towards your coworkers!

    Elevate your pen to the next level at Dayspring Pens today.

    Be sure to let us know which is your favorite affordable, professional pen in the comments!

    Best Pens for Writing By Hand
    – Ink+Volt

    There comes a time when picking up a pack of cheap pens no longer satisfies our desire for an exemplary writing experience.

    Even in the age of taking notes on tablets and rarely needing to sign anything beyond a screen, we all still need pens. And why shouldn’t you have the very best pens for writing by hand? Handwriting can be a pleasure when you have the right tool for the job.

    (Plus, writing by hand actually makes your notes more effective and helps you remember more of what you write down.)

    Choosing the best pen sometimes happens by accident. This is usually the case when we discover there is a world beyond cheap, disposable pens or those with our dentist’s name monogrammed across the barrel. We come across a rollerball that glides effortlessly across the page. We borrow someone’s felt-tip and marvel at the inky beauty of its performance.

    So how can you find the best pens for you without trying every single one?

    The best pens for writing by hand cover a wide variety of types, and what works well for you always varies by person; however, your selection can be narrowed down to find the perfect one for you by a few specific differentiators.

    How you hold your pen matters

    How you hold your pen will determine almost immediately what pens will and will not offer a pleasurable writing experience.

    For those that are heavy-handed, holding the pen traditionally but angling the pen nearly perpendicular to the paper, a super fine-line felt tip pen will expire quickly and provide a scratchy, jagged drag.

    For those that are delicate with their pens, flourishing their letters with an angled barrel and gentle pressure, a ballpoint pen may barely make a mark on your paper.

    If you hold your pen in a nonstandard way, like between your pointer and middle fingers while resting your hand on the paper, a rollerball pen may leave you with an inky mess.

    And, of course, if you are a lefty, you know that ink, smudge, and drip are your worst enemies!

    Pay attention to your handwriting over the next few days. Notice if your hand becomes sore after writing or if you have ink smudges on your hand or sleeves.

    What do you write most often by hand?

    Taking notes in a lecture setting, writing poetry on your back porch, and writing thank you letters to guests at your bridal shower are three very different writing occasions, each benefiting from different pen choices.

    The best pens for writing in each of these will still vary according to your handwriting, but take into account your priorities for the result of your writing:

    • Legibility – How legible do you need the end result to be? Consider your audience and how easily you’d like what you’re writing to be reread in the future. If legibility isn’t a top priority, consider simplifying with a pen that flows quickly and doesn’t smear ink.
    • Style – How important is style and flair in your handwriting? For some (myself included), stylish handwriting is top priority always, so choosing a pen that fits your visual style will be more important than convenience or cost.
    • Environment – How much time and space do you have to capture what needs writing? If you’re in a lecture hall cramming as many notes as you possibly can, you’ll want a pen that flows quickly and easily, preventing your hand from tiring early. If you’re hand-addressing envelopes on a lazy Sunday morning, you might opt for something less functional but more beautiful.

    As you pay attention to your handwriting over the next few days, take note of your most frequent handwriting environments and functions.

    How often are you taking notes that no one needs to read? Would you like it if your journal were more stylish and legible? Keep these questions in mind and consider how you’d like your handwriting to evolve along your pen journey.

    What kind(s) of paper do you write on?

    When you’re searching for the best pen, matching that pen to the kind of paper you regularly use is an important consideration. I typically carry my journal with me everywhere, so when I’m browsing the pen section at my local art store – because you can typically test at an art store and buy singles, rather than packs – I can test a pen’s performance right in my journal.

    This is a list of the most common paper mediums and their complimentary pens:

    • Notebook Paper: Thin, bright blue-white, matte surface, sometimes in a notebook but sometimes as a single sheet. Ballpoint, gel.
    • Legal Pad: Thin, but not quite as thin as notebook paper, a bit of a sheen to the paper’s surface, typically yellow or white with red lines, usually still attached to its pad. Ballpoint, rollerball.
    • Letter (Printer) Paper: Thicker than the former two, bright white, similar sheen to the legal pad, typically standing alone or inside of a binder. Ballpoint, fine line/plastic nib, fountain pen.
    • Journal or Notebook paper: These vary widely, but will fall into a few noticeable categories:
      • Thin paper, ink may bleed through. Ballpoint, rollerball, or gel.
      • Thicker paper, may be more of an off-white, but have a sheen to the surface. Fountain pen, plastic nib, rollerball.
    • Stationery Cards – Thick cardstock, typically white or just off-white, smaller writing area, absorbs ink well. Fountain pen, fine line, plastic nib, felt tip, marker.

    Paper size, thickness, bleed, surface texture, color, and what’s under the paper (like more pages in a notebook, or a tabletop) will impact how a pen performs.

    We want to avoid blurring, spotting, smearing, smudging, spreading, bleeding, and wiping the ink delivered by our pen. Sometimes that’s unavoidable, but knowing your paper and your handwriting will diminish these issues considerably!

    A brief primer on how different pens deliver ink

    Pens rely on air, ink (in a reservoir within the pen), and the pressure of your stroke to deliver ink to your paper. However, each pen does it differently.

    Ballpoint: A small ball bearing in the tip of the pen rolls across the paper as you write, delivering oil-based ink from the cartridge, drying very quickly. These are the pens that, when they aren’t working, you scribble hard at the top of your paper in order to feed ink into the ball-bearing. Because the ball bearing delivers a lighter stream of ink than a fountain or gel pen, you may see more pressure-indent marks and a less prominent written result on your page.

    Rollerball: Similar to a ballpoint pen, rollerball pens dispense ink by means of a ball bearing, but the ink is water-based or gel-based, leading to a richer pigment but slower drying time. Depending on the porosity of your paper, the viscosity of rollerball ink can spread as it enters your paper, making for thicker lines and letters.

    Fountain: As you write, air flows upward through a small channel in the tip of the pen which causes the ink to flow out in a continuous stream. Thicker, more porous papers with a more matted surface texture will accept this ink well and dry quickly, whereas thinner or glossier papers may let the ink spread across its surface, creating a bit of a mess.

    Fine Line (Plastic Nib/Felt Tip): Most fine line pens use water-based ink, and some even offer archival ink (which has the longevity to guarantee ink lasting on legal documents) and an tip and wick ink delivery system. The pressed fibers of the tip allows for the wick to soak up as much ink in one go and put it out on paper before it evaporates, at the same time preventing the air from entering the reservoir for as long as possible. It is advised to keep a cap on on the felt tip pens because the ink will dry-up if it experiences too much air time.

    Gel: Gel pens use ink that is suspended in a water-based gel. Because the ink is thick and opaque, it shows up more clearly on dark or slick surfaces. Gel pens are often available in a variety of colors and appearances (see: glitter), but do not dry quickly on most surfaces, so can be subject to smearing.

    How to choose the best pen for writing by hand

    Even though this is the Ink+Volt blog, rest assured that I’m not biased when it comes to sourcing the best pens. While we do carry a stellar assortment of pens, a few on the following list are not sold by Ink + Volt, but are nonetheless worth your consideration.


    Best: Caran d’Ache 849

    An investment, but a worthy one. Fans love the Caran d’Ache 849 for its longevity (hundreds of pages) and for its extremely smooth, low-impact ink flow. The pen body is made from aluminum and painted with a thick lacquer, making for a sleek, chic appearance wherever you carry it.

    Runner Up: Schneider Slider Rave Retractable

    The grip alone on this pen’s barrel are enough to make it a top contender. Comfortable to write with with a smooth, richer-than-most ballpoint ink flow. Even though these have a plastic body, they don’t feel like an everyday “cheap” pen – they have a weighted balance to them that is easy on the stroke, even for heavy-handed writers.

    My aunt, who is a high school French teacher, could barely contain her enthusiasm when she put a Schneider Slider Edge XB in red to her graded papers. She claims she’ll never use another red pen!

    Roller Ball

    Best: Pentel Arts Hybrid Technica

    Before I embarked on this ‘best pens’ culmination, I wasn’t aware that I’d ever used a rollerball. The Pentel Hybrid Technica delivers ink like a fine tip or nib pen with the convenience and comfort of a rollerball, complete with a solid rubber grip. This pen offers the most style and flair of any rollerball I’ve ever tried, and it responds to a very light touch (good for any heavy-handed writers trying to give their hands a break!).

    Runner Up: Pilot Precise V5

    This was the first “nice” pen I ever used. It was the gateway to elegant ink dispersion and a smooth glide while scribbling never-ending notes in high school history class. The Pilot Precise V5 that helped my illegible scratch become slightly more decipherable, merely through line precision and ink clarity. If you’re a messy scribe or a quick writer, the Pilot Precise V5 is a great entry-level daily-use pen that’ll last for hundreds of pages.


    Best: Pilot Metropolitan

    Smooth, rich ink with a luscious delivery mark this pen, making for an elevated writing experience. The tip is forgiving and a bit thick, so finer-line writers may want to hold this pen lightly. The ink is refillable and fairly inexpensive, making this pen an accessible luxury that’s better for the environment.

    Runner Up: Kaweco AL Sport

    Kaweco’s pens are unique in that you can choose the fineness of your tip before purchasing and that when they are closed, they’re half the size of a typical pen. I typically write with a fine tip, making for thin lines and a smooth flow on lightly matted paper (glossier surfaces may experience smearing).

    Fine Line

    Best: Pigma Micron PN (Plastic Nib) Micron

    This pen is as daily-carry as a wallet, phone, and chapstick. Though this pen doesn’t love a heavy-handed writer, it performs tirelessly for well over a hundred pages. Letters are crisp, lines are smooth, and as long as you keep the cap on, you shouldn’t experience leakage or smudging.

    Runner Up: Pentel Stylo

    Forgiving, beautiful, rich, and variable – the Pentel Stylo has a flexible tip for fine lines and broad strokes. Because of the flexible tip, heavy-handed writers and lefties can feel confident the delivered ink will sink into the paper quickly and dry in time to keep from smearing.

    For a thinner line and doodle-friendly pen, my co-worker swears by the Le Pen, an instrument with a near cult following whose .3 mm tip makes for the crispest lines I’ve ever seen!


    Best: Pilot FriXion Erasable

    Skepticism abounds when it comes to erasable pens, because how could one actually work? Testing the Pilot FriXion pen in the Ink+Volt Planner and on the thinner, shinier paper inside the Leuttchurm 1917 Bullet Journal, I was shocked to find that there was barely an indent of the erased text left-behind. The pen itself is quite comfortable, and the only downfall is that placing the cap on the back of the pen while it is open covers the eraser.

    Runner Up: UniBall Signo 151 or 153

    The UniBall Signo 151 and 153, which come in a variety of colors, including metallics and white, can write on innumerable surfaces, leaving a luxuriously rich and glossy ink in their wake. Especially ideal for cardstock and thicker, more porous papers. These pens also last a really long time considering that they are gel pens, but can become messy or blurry if your pen angle is inconsistent.

    Armed with knowledge of writing priorities and personal style, it’s up to you to choose the best pens for writing every little word you have to say. What’s your favorite pen?

    The Best Cheap Pens | Cool Material

    From Mini EDC pens and Kickstarter pens, to Tactical Pens and Space Pens, the pen has evolved to become more than a simple instrument capable of recording your thoughts. The packaging might have changed, but that same primary purpose of putting ideas to paper remains the same. Availability is going to depend on the quality of the stores in your neighborhood, but these are the best pens that are probably most widely available at stores around you.

    Pentel EnerGel Deluxe RTX Gel Ink Pens

    Pentel’s EnerGel Deluxe RTX Gel Ink Pens come in an assorted color multi-pack with more options than you probably care to admit you like, but the end result is the same–a quality pen with a 0.7mm stainless tip that creates perfect medium lines. What else separates the latex-free grip, retractable and refillable Pentel EnerGel from other options on the market? How about a liquid and gel ink combo for a super-smooth writing experience and a quick dry time that makes smears, smudges and globs a thing of the past? $9

    Zebra Sarasa JJS15 Push Clip Gel Ink Pen

    The Sebra Sarasa JJS15 Push Clip Gel Ink Pen is billed by the manufacturer as “good for student,” “good for children,” and “good for teen,” which are all true, but they missed the very important part of them also being good for business and good for notes. It’s a comfortable, medium-weight pen that lays down a fine point line with a durable cone tip, fluid writing experience and a highly-functional pocket clip. Whatever this pen lacks in fluidity compared to a rollerball it more than makes up for in ease of operation, line quality and the fact that it doesn’t leak. It’s a fantastic pen for closing tabs at the end of the night. $9

    Uni-Ball Jetstream Retractable Ball Point

    It bears the Uni-Ball name. It’s available in multi-packs. It comes in multiple different colors and both Bold Point and Fine Point styles. Most importantly, it’s a refill that—while being available as a refill option in much fancier pens—can be purchased with a barebones setup that’s far more affordable than comparable options. The Uni-Ball Jetstream Retractable Ball Point drops a respectable 0.7mm fine point line in whatever color you want while still being water, fade, fraud and smudge proof. What more could you ask for in a cheap pen? $9

    Pilot Razor Point Marker Stick Pens

    All things considered, the Pilot Razor Point Marker Stick Pens are more marker than they are pen, but any list of great, affordable pens would be incomplete without them. The gray body paired with the iconic yellow top and the basic pocket clip is something that’s immediately recognizable by anyone that’s ever used one as a sign of quality. Whether you’re sketching, signing important documents or just autographing your latest credit card for future use, this might just be the best affordable pen on the market. $11

    Sharpie Pen Fine Point

    Like Kleenex, Sharpie is a brand so iconic that their product has come to be associated with every other similar product on the market. In this case, it’s the permanent marker. When you want to write on something permanently with an archival-quality, acid-free ink that won’t bleed through paper and will last forever you reach for a Sharpie. If the fine or medium points aren’t quite detailed enough than you want a fine point Sharpie Pen to lay down all the important details. The Sharpie Pen is everything you love about the Sharpie marker with a tip shrunk to a fine or ultra-fine point for daily writing tasks. $12

    Pilot Juice Gel Ink 0.38

    0.38mm tip. More than ten different color options in one package. Bold ink application on everything from printer paper and coloring books to college notebooks and graph paper. Like everything else that Pilo produces, the Pilot Juice Gel Ink pen is a writing powerhouse that will lay down whatever color ink you want wherever you want it without having to worry about smears, smudges or hand-prints. This set just so happens to include quite a few bright colors in addition to the traditional red, blue and black (which are all refillable, btw) that you’re used to. $13

    Uni-ball Signo Dx 0.38

    Pen and pencil junkies alike agree, the Uni-ball Signo Dx Gel Ink Pen is one of the best affordable options out there. The smooth writing experience and superior ink application alone are reasons enough to leave a positive review, but it’s the finer point of the 0.38mm Uni-ball Signo that separates it from similar options on the list. Even though you’re detailing thoughts in a finer point than other affordable pens you get a buttery experience with a thinner line that will keep you coming back to this fine point marvel for as many pages as you have to complete. $14

    Pilot Hi-Tec-C

    If there was any single, affordable pen that blew all others out of the water in terms of functionality and cult-like following it would be the Pilot Hi-Tec-C. It comes in multiple sizes. It lays down a point so razor fine it can tear paper. It’s available in multiple colors. It fits in almost every Kickstarter pen ever. Why is it so special? Because this pen works for notes, high-end drafting, signing checks, microscopic art projects and anything else you could ever think to use it for. If you want a slim, fine point writing pen good for just about everything then you want a Pilot Hi-Tec-C. $64

    The Best Pens For Writing (2021): A Guide For Writers

    Are you looking to buy the best pens for writing?

    If you’re fond of writing with pens, you know they are a key part of the writing experience.

    Even in this age of tablets and phones, pens are irreplaceable, because they help writers think through their work in a way that’s not possible on screen.

    Buying the best pen is fun and it can help you enjoy handwriting more.

    Some people are lucky as they accidentally come across the right pen for themselves.

    For other writers, it’s a little harder to find the perfect pen. Many types of writing pens are for sale, including fountain pens, ballpoint pens (or biros), gel pens and more. 

    With thousands of pens to choose from, most writers lack the time or budget to try them all. 

    Generally, people prefer to buy cheaper pens in bulk, whereas the best pens for writing can cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars. 

    For this guide, I selected some affordable and more expensive options based on the different types of pens on sale today.

    If you are planning to buy a writing pen, first consider what type you want and then how you’ll use it.

    This post contains affiliate links, meaning I earn a small commission if you use one. I bought each of the pens in this guide and tested them before writing my review. 

    Popular Types of Best Pens for Writing

    The way a pen delivers ink depends on how you hold it, how much pressure you apply and the type of pen. Here are some of the most popular different types of pens.

    Ballpoint pen

    When you write with a ballpoint pen, the ball bearing in the tip of the pen rolls across the paper. Most ballpoint ink is oil-based and dries immediately. Biros are an example of popular, yet cheap, ballpoint pens. 

    Both ballpoint and rollerball pens tend to deliver lighter ink than fountain and gel pens. If your ballpoint doesn’t work, scribble on a piece of paper so the ink can move to the ball bearing and be delivered to the paper. 

    Rollerball pen

    Rollerball pens also use a ball bearing to deliver ink onto the paper, but the ink is water- or gel-based. This makes the ink richer and more prominent, but it takes a while to dry.

    But be careful. If your paper is too thin, the ink can spread or bleed through quickly. This pen is better for stationery cards or other thick papers. Personally, I prefer rollerball pens over ballpoints for writing notes on the go.

    Fountain pen

    The air in a fountain pen flows up to the top through a small vent in the tip and causes the ink to flow out. This is why fountain pens are best for thicker paper and cards. Even the best fountain pen ink dries slower than other pen types.

    To use the best fountain pens, you must change or fill the ink cartridges. Don’t worry, it’s (mostly) easy to change these. If you’re travelling or a week or two, bring pack with you.

    Since writing this guide, I have begun to use fountain pens a lot more to outline story and article ideas and for journal entry ideas and for checking grammar. These pens are pleasing and tactile to use.

     Felt tip pen

    A lot of felt tip pens use water-based ink, but some use archival ink, which means the ink lasts a long time. The tip’s pressed fibers allow the wick to soak up a lot of ink in just one go. 

    Make sure to cover your felt tip pen as soon as you’re finished using it, because the ink dries quickly. I’m not a huge fan of felt tip pens, as I’m a heavy-handed writer, and the ink smudges on paper and over my hands.

     Gel pen

    These pens use a thick, water-based gel ink that tends to show more clearly on dark and smooth surfaces. Gel pens are available in different colors.

    Gel pens take much longer to dry than ballpoint and rollerball pens, so try not to touch the paper right after using a gel pen on it.

    The best gel pens look nice, but I don’t use them often for the reasons mentioned above.

    How Do You Hold Your Pen?

    How you hold your pen matters quite a lot when choosing a pen. For example, if you’re heavy-handed, holding the pen perpendicular to the paper results in a dragged and scratchy experience. The tip of the pen expires faster.

    People who hold their pens delicately might prefer ballpoints because all they need is gentle pressure to write. 

    Writers who hold their pens between their pointer and middle fingers should avoid a rollerball pen, or their hands might get messy because of the ink. 

    Some left-handed writers complain about ink getting on their fingers more easily than right-handed writers.

    Before you choose an expensive writing pen, consider how you hold it. This way, you can buy one that’s within budget and doesn’t leave too many marks on your fingers.

    (An aside for writers on a budget: if you want to save money on writing apps and tools check out my Grammarly coupon)

    Why Do You Need a Pen?

    Although writing notes on phones and computers is common, many writers prefer the simplicity of pens. They don’t need a better computer, Wi-Fi password, or screen protector. 

    Perhaps you want a smooth writing experience or maybe you want to take notes fast? Consider your needs if the pen costs more than a few dollars.

    For example:

    If you’re in class taking notes during a lecture, you probably want a pen that’s comfortable and doesn’t smudge.

    A fine pen is ideal for writing a thank you note.

    And fountain pens are just fun to use. I use expensive pens and writing instruments at home and cheaper pens on the go in case I lose them. 

    Is Legibility Important?

    You can write a grocery list with almost any pen, but if you’re sending a personal invitation to someone, fancier penmanship is more pleasing to read. 

    If you’re writing for yourself, it’s okay if your handwriting is a little messy, whereas if you’re writing for someone else, make sure your handwriting is legible.

    What’s Your Writing Style?

    Buying the best writing pen depends on your style. 
    Do you prefer writing in cursive or simple handwriting?

    Do you take bullet point notes or write out longer sentences by hand? Do you like to draw multi-colored mind maps or simply record key phrases and ideas?

    Cheap pens are good for fast notes, while more expensive pens are ideal for drawings and entries you’ll reread. 

    If you plan to write lengthy notes, look for a heavier pen with a finger grip. That said, I talked to one writer who said she has smaller hands and finds heavy pens awkward and difficult to balance.

    What Impact Does Environment Play?

    If you’re in a room on a rainy day writing poetry, you might prefer a flowy gel pen or highlighter pens in different colors. 

    If you’re in class haphazardly taking notes, you might prefer a pen that flows easily without cramping your hand.

    If you’re in space, you might prefer a pen that works in zero gravity.

    What Type of Paper Do You Use?

    When searching for the right pen, you also need to know the kind of paper you will be writing on. Take your personal journal or notebook with you if you’re buying a pen from a shop so you can easily test the performance and flow of the pen. 

    The size of the paper, thickness, texture, color and what is under the paper will affect your pen’s performance.

    Here is a list of the most common paper media and the best pens for them:

    Notebook paper

    This thin paper has a matte surface. A ballpoint or gel pen is perfect for this type of paper.  You can also use a felt tip pen if you write with a light hand.

    Legal pad

    This padded paper is thin, but not as thin as notebook paper, with a sheen on the surface. It is usually yellow but is available in other colors.

    The cardboard backing can range from flexible to rigid. The best pen to use on this paper is a rollerball or ballpoint pen. Heavier ink and fountain pens tend to bleed through paper on a legal pad.

    Printer paper

    This paper is much thicker than the first two and has a sheen like the legal pad. The best pen to write on this paper is a felt-tip or ballpoint pen. Fountain pens smudge easily on this paper.

    Stationery or index cards

    Stationery cards, or note cards, are thick and absorb ink really well. The best pens for stationery cards are felt tip, fountain pens and markers.

    Good index cards are usually heavy and absorb ink. The cards will smudge though. I use rollerball pens and fountain pens for these, as I file and refer to my index cards. I don’t use ballpoint pens or biro when writing on these for long. It causes my hand to cramp.

    How I Tested the Pens In This Guide

    I bought every pen in this guide and spent a few minutes writing with each one on index cards and paper. I considered factors like the pen’s weight, price, ease of use, looks and form. 

    I also checked to see if the ink smudged easily and considered if I’d want to write with this pen for a few weeks or months.

    I focused mostly on affordable and budget-friendly pens, assuming writers aren’t going to spend thousands to try a pen.

    Best Fountain Pens

    Fountain pens are pleasing to use, but it takes a little practice to avoid smudging and get comfortable writing with them.

    You will also have to refill these types of writing pens regularly or purchase replacement ink cartridges.

    Personally, I prefer cartridges as they are easier to change and I’m less likely to end up with black ink on my fingers.

    I use fountain pens for journaling and taking longer notes, whereas I use ballpoint and gel pens when in a hurry.

    Wordsworth & Black Fountain Pen

    This is one of the more expensive luxury pen brands in this guide and came in a faux leather box.

    I keep this pen at my desk rather than taking it out and about, as I was afraid I’d lose it.

    Billed as an executive pen, it’s heavier than other fountain pens in this guide. It feels solid, looks expensive and writes smoothly. 

    The pen comes with six free ink cartridges and a lifetime warranty. Writers can use it with a converter, which allows any bottled fountain pen ink for fountain pens.

    Writing by candlelight optional.

    This is my favourite writing pen in this guide.

    Pilot Metropolitan Fountain Pen

    The Pilot Metropolitan pen is a good fountain pen for beginners. It has a superior metal build for a comfortable grip. It also has an exceptionally smooth nib, which is perfect for beginners.

    This pen is available in a variety of color options. 

    It has three nib sizes—fine, medium and medium italic—and can be easily filled with ink using cartridges. 

    Most people prefer the medium nib version. It glides smoothly on paper and doesn’t make a mess on the paper or your hand. You can easily draw a fine line with it.

    If you’ve wondered how to use a fountain pen, start with this model, as it’s affordable and comes with a travel case.

    TWSBI ECO Fountain Pen

    The TWSBI ECO is a cool pen that looks futuristic and comes in a clear plastic case.

    Besides a high-quality piston filler, this fountain pen has a sleek, clear body that reveals how much ink remains in the pen. It writes exceptionally well and comes in different nib sizes ranging from extra fine to 1.1mm italic. 

    The TWSBI ECO fountain pen requires more time to master than other pens. I had to watch a 10-minute YouTube video to figure out how to fill and clean it. Refills require an ink bottle, so the pen is more suited for home use than on the go.

    This luxury pen would make a nice present for a writer.

    PARKER Vector Fountain Pen

    Parker makes nice, elegant pens that most people can afford. 

    This no-nonsense fountain pen is suitable for an office and is refillable. 

    It’s not quite as pleasing to write with as the fountain pens above, and the plastic barrel doesn’t feel as satisfying. Still, the “quick ink technology” produces a pleasant effect on the page, and it costs less.

    Best Fountain Pen for Beginners

    Lamy Safari Fountain Pen

    I bought this fountain pen from Amazon because Neil Gaiman recommended it in an interview with Tim Ferriss. I’ve used it for months without issue.

    It’s comparable to the Wordsworth & Black luxury pen, although it’s lighter and has a matte rather than a glossy coating. I write with this fountain pen a lot when taking notes on index cards.

    If you’re new to fountain pens start with this one. I like the look and feel of it, but another writer told me it’s ugly.

    Best Gel Pen

    Uni-ball Signo Gel Pen

    There are lots of affordable gel pens to choose from, but the Uni-ball Signo DX UM-151 is a good choice. 

    It glides on all types of paper, and it has a large 0.7mm nib size, which comes in metallic and pastel options. Nib sizes vary from 0.7mm to 0.28mm. As a heavy-handed writer, I prefer large nibs.

    If you prefer bold colors, go for the metallic option, but if you want something light, try pastel colors. Both ink types are vibrant.

    The Uni-ball Signo gel pen offers more than various nibs and colours. Its pigment-based formula is waterproof and unaffected by too much exposure to light. The ink smudged a little when I tested it on a Moleskine notebook, but that’s par for the course with gel pens.

    The pen includes a finger grip.

    Best Rollerball Pen

    Uni-ball Vision Elite Rollerball Pen

    The Uni-ball Vision Elite is a best-selling rollerball pen that you’ve probably used before. It glides smoothly on the paper and feels sturdy. Unlike fountain pens, you don’t need to worry about ink flow.

    This retractable pen comes with two tip options, 0.8mm and 0.5mm. The 0.8mm tip is silky smooth, and the 0.5mm option makes sure your pen never scratches the paper. 

    The Uni-ball Vision Elite pen is fraud-resistant, so you can use it to write checks and sign legal documents. 

    It comes in different variations of black, such as blue, black, brown black and purple black, which gives more choices.

    This pen doesn’t include a finger grip and is heavier than other Uni-ball pens in this guide.

    Best Ballpoint Pens

    Uni-ball Jetstream

    With the Uni-ball Jetstream ballpoint pen, you side-step the rollerball vs. ballpoint debate because of Uni’s proprietary ink.

    This pen provides all the benefits of writing with a ballpoint pen. Besides giving the user a smooth glide on all kinds of paper—whether a legal pad or stationery cards—the Uni-ball Jetstream ballpoint pen is available in several colours and tip sizes. You can simply choose your favorite one. 

    It also has a 0.38mm tip size.

    This is a good, lightweight pen to keep in your bag or use on the go. It’s also not so expensive that losing it will annoy you.

    Parker Jotter Ballpoint

    Parker is known for making luxury pens. 

    I’ve bought this ballpoint pen several times over the past few years, because it balances looks with affordability. The Jotter looks smart and isn’t too big or heavy. You can insert your ink cartridge of choice into the pen.

    This clickable stainless steel pen allows you to write fast and easily. 

    It’s never leaked on me either. The pen’s bottom comes in multiple colours (Red is my favourite.), although the paint on the case will scratch with heavy use.

    Best Quick-Drying Pen

    Zebra Sarasa Dry Gel Pen

    The Zebra Sarasa dry gel pen dries pretty quickly as compared to other gel pens. It has a large tip and is great for thick papers like stationery cards. It writes smoothly and comes in 0.4mm, 0.5mm and 0.7mm tip sizes. 

    The Zebra Sarasa also comes with a clip that lets you easily attach it to your notebooks or even your pocket.

    It’s another cheap, cheerful and affordable writing pen.

    Best Ergonomic Pen

    Uni-ball Signo Premier Gel Pen

    This is an ergonomic pen for heavy-handed writers like me and those worried about hand size or RSI. (I get repetitive strain injury when using smaller pens or devices like a mini-mouse for extended periods)

    The Uni-ball Signo 207 Premier gel pen bills itself as the best ergonomic pen on the market. It has free flowing ink, meaning you can hold the pen lightly or heavily, and it will still glide over your paper. 

    The pigmented ink is dark, no matter how much pressure you apply. 

    This pen is heavier than other models in this guide, but the large gel strip on the side means you won’t hurt your fingers. It’s ideal for writers who take notes in class or write a lot on paper in the office.

    Best Erasable Pen

    Pilot Frixon Gel Pen

    The Pilot FriXion gel pen is a fun erasable pen. It has a special thermo-sensitive ink, which disappears easily when you rub it with the eraser on top of the pen. 

    Don’t let the cheap packaging fool you; the pen works great.

    The Pilot FriXion gel pen comes in different colours, tip sizes and styles.

    Fun fact: The ink from this pen will disappear if the page gets too hot. If that happens, keep the paper or the notepad in the freezer with a temperature below 10 degrees.

    Best Felt Tip Pen

    Sakura Pigma Micron Pen

    Personally, I find felt tip pens difficult to write with, because I lean heavily on the page and my writing smudges easily.

    Sure they’re great for lettering but they are slower and harder to write with.

    That said, your writing style might vary.

    The Sakura Pigma felt tip pen is suitable for writing letters. The tip of the pen is gentle and allows the user to make precise markings. It is a good option if you want to experiment with drawing fonts. 

    The ink is pigment based, which means the color is very strong. It is also archival, so it will last for a long time. The ink is also waterproof. 

    The Sakura Pigma felt tip pen comes in 15 colours and different sizes, ranging from 0.15mm to 0.5mm. I bought the .25mm pack, which contained six pens. If I were buying this pen again, I’d opt for a larger nib.

    Best Pen for Note Taking

    Zebra Sarasa Mark On Gel Pen

    If you use pens to write or highlight notes, consider the Zebra Sarasa gel pen. This cheap and cheerful pen is water-resistant and rarely smears, unlike other gel pens.

    It comes with a clip, so you can easily attach it to your notebook or pocket. The Zebra Sarasa pen is great for people who write a lot.

    I bought a five-pack of these and received a bag of about twenty pens! They’re usually sold as packs of five.

    The ink dries quickly on both card and paper. The ink also looks heavier and more solid than other pens I tested in this guide. 

    The clickable pen is lightweight and ideal for note-taking, as it doesn’t smudge. The pen features a finger rest near the nib so you’re unlikely to get finger pain while writing quickly.

    Buying The Best Pens for Writing: Final Verdict

    Much like with writing desks, anyone looking to buy the best pen, a luxury pen or just an affordable pen has lots of options.

    No matter your budget or what you use pens for, there’s a choice available today that’s pleasing to use when you write. 

    What is the best pen for writing quickly on an exam?

    A Uni-Ball 0.8mm pen is ideal for an exam as it’s comfortable to hold, doesn’t smudge and is quick to write with. It also comes in a variety of colors. The Parker Jotter Ballpoint pens are also a good choice.

    What are the best gel pens for writing ?

    A Uni-Ball retractable gel pen is a good choice as it’s affordable, quick-drying and comfortable to hold. The Parker Jotter Ballpoint pens are also popular with writers.

    What are the best pens for writing notes?


    If you like to read and review your notes often, use a fountain pen. It’s fun to use and looks great on paper. The Pilot Metropolitan Fountain pen is a good choice.

    What are best pens for writing in books?

    A Parker Jotter Ballpoint pen is a good choice. I’d avoid a fountain pen as the ink will smudge on the page of your book.

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    How to choose a pen? We disassemble and understand – News and articles

    In this article we will consider the technical characteristics of promo-pens: designs, materials, coatings and rods. Let’s compare different methods of applying a logo. Let’s find out which pens are best and for what purposes: which pen to buy if you are planning a massive promotional distribution, and which one – as a personal gift.

    Designs of ballpoint pens

    Pens from the “Project 111” assortment can be disassembled, which allows replacing the refill if necessary.Parts of most models are threaded and easily untwisted. The threaded connection can be located both in the middle of the body and at the end: for some handles, the nose is unscrewed.

    Non-threaded models – with a tapered connection or with clamps of various designs – are more difficult to disassemble. At the attachment point, you need to forcefully pull or turn the part. We do not recommend disassembling such handles: putting them back together can be problematic.

    There are also indelible exceptions: these are inexpensive ballpoint pens, the price of which is comparable to the price of a new refill.Such pens are optimal for promotional distribution, replacing the paste for them is simply impractical.

    And there are also handles that consist of several functional elements. The construction of the Construction pens from the German brand Troika includes a stylus, a ruler, a level and two screwdrivers, while the eponymous pencil is equipped with a ruler with two scales and a pencil sharpener.

    Handle engaging mechanisms: push and turn

    It is believed that the number of parts is directly proportional to the frequency of breakdowns.It is a myth. Rotary and push mechanisms are equally reliable, and their use depends only on the designer’s idea.

    Body material

    Plastic ballpoint pens

    There are four types of finishes: glossy opaque (solid), matt transparent (frost), glossy transparent (transparent) and matt opaque (matt solid). Each effect is achieved by the cross use of two types of plastic (transparent and opaque) and two types of molds (polished – for glossy and specially “sanded” – for matte).In addition to the four main types, we also highlight plastic with a soft-touch coating and plastic with a metallic effect.

    Metallized powder spraying is applied to the white plastic to obtain a “metallic” effect (satinated).

    A special, pleasant to the touch, “warm” soft-touch coating is achieved by applying a thin layer of elastic rubber-like material based on polyurethane on the plastic. If dark areas appear on such a pen, clean them with warm water and soap, or simply erase with an eraser.

    The contrast rule also works for pens, so designers often combine different types of surfaces in one model.

    Glossy transparent clip and matte transparent body

    Glossy transparent clip and glossy opaque body

    Glossy transparent clip and soft touch case

    Metal ballpoint pens

    In production of ballpoint pens aluminum, brass and stainless steel are used.The metal is often coated with paint or varnish. As with plastic handles, it is common to combine different surfaces within the same model. For example, soft-touch and polished metal coatings.

    Each metal and type of coating has its own peculiarities of engraving. Read about them below.

    In addition to the usual materials, metal and plastic, wood can be used in the manufacture of handles. The handles in the case of maple, walnut, rosewood, oak and beech combined in a set are an unusual status gift.


    In the Project 111 catalog, the pens with paste are only the most demanded – blue. To order, you can make rods that write in red, green or black.

    Most manufacturers use standard bar lengths and diameters. Therefore, the rod of one brand will fit the handle of another. But the match may not be perfect: the standardization does not concern the thickness of the rod spout. A new stem that matches the length may be thicker than the hole in the body.And do not fit. Or, on the contrary, thinner – which looks ugly.

    Metal handles last longer than plastic ones, therefore they are equipped with larger capacity rods.

    The thickness of the writing line

    There is a writing unit (tip) at the end of the ink rod. It consists of a metal tube and a small metal ball. Thanks to the small gap between them, the ball rotates easily and transfers ink to the paper. The diameter of the ball determines the thickness of the writing line.

    As a rule, European manufacturers use a ball diameter of 1.0–1.2 mm, Asian ones – 0.5–0.7 mm.But this rule is not always respected, and the manufacturer can change this parameter at its discretion. Even for one pen model, the thickness varies from batch to batch. In addition, we all write in different ways: someone writes letters with pressure, and someone writes, barely touching the paper.

    Information for thought:
    • balls with a diameter of 0.3 mm and less do not exist;
    • balls with a diameter of 0.4 mm are extremely rare, such rods are much more expensive than conventional ones, since they require the use of lower viscosity ink;
    • most people cannot determine by eye the difference between the 0.5 and 0.7 mm lines;
    • If this parameter is so important for you or your customer, you can order samples and take measurements yourself.However, keep in mind that the line thickness of the letter may be different in the next batch.

    Rollerballs differ from conventional inks by using lower viscosity inks. The line left by the roller is like a fountain pen mark. Ink absorbs better and dries faster.

    The disadvantage of roller rods is the lack of standardization. Finding the perfect replacement for your old bar can be difficult. Another disadvantage is that the liquid paste dries quickly not only on paper, but also in the core itself, which significantly limits the shelf life of such pens.

    The fountain pens themselves, which rollerballs chase after, have long become an element of the image. And among them there are both bright, conventionally youth, models, and strict classic premium writing instruments. Which pens are best depends only on the purpose of the donation.

    The alternative to pens and ink – pencils. Lightweight and inexpensive, they seem to invite you to play. Application combined with simple yet creative packaging transforms the subject matter and takes communication to the next level.

    Simple wooden pencil with eraser


    Expensive pens are always equipped with a case. Gift wrapping provides additional space for personalization, including if application to the item itself is not possible or desirable.

    Each Rezolution handle comes with a velor pouch.

    The packaging turns a mid-priced pen into a personalized gift.

    The duo of a ballpoint pen and a mechanical pencil is a time-tested solution that has gained popularity in the last century.Manufacturers make the bodies of these pens almost completely identical. Forming a gift set, it is easy to collect paired models of pens and pencils and find a case for them, or choose a ready-made set.

    Drawing pictures on pens

    Which pen to buy depends, among other things, on what design you want to print on it.

    Common ways of applying a logo on plastic pens:

    Silk screen printing is also used, but very rarely.

    Methods for branding metal handles:

    Aluminum handles are lightweight and inexpensive. The body is usually coated with paint that is well engraved with any type of laser. When engraving, a light matte silver color of the metal appears. To add weight and “solidity” to the aluminum handles, manufacturers can place weights inside the case.

    Handles with brass bodies are often painted with colored lacquer. The varnish looks impressive and expensive, but whimsical to engraving.If a logo with too small details is applied to the handle, small jagged chips may appear.

    The “natural” color of brass is matt yellow, visible during engraving, it is ideally combined with the golden details of the handle (clip, spout, rings, other decorative elements). If the parts are chrome-plated, the brass body undergoes a special treatment before applying varnish or paint, which creates a silvery resistant coating. The laser does not “take” it, so the color of the body after engraving corresponds to the color of the parts.

    Stainless steel handles look impressive and brutal. As a rule, they are not covered with anything: steel does not take on both paint and varnish poorly. When engraved, it gives the natural color of the metal – dark gray with a small admixture of a shade of yellow.

    The golden rule when preparing a layout for drawing on a pen is: the fewer small details, the better! Large, laconic images are not only better printed or engraved, they look more effective on a small object.

    The recommended line thickness for pad printing is 0.3 mm or more, the minimum is 0.1 mm. For dark colored pens, pad printing requires an additional backing layer. Otherwise, the dark color of the case will break through the light ink of the print.

    UV direct printing produces bright, full color images with the finest lines (up to 0.05 mm). Printing is possible both on metal handles and on plastic, including soft-touch coated.

    The recommended minimum line thickness for engraving differs for different materials: unpainted surfaces – 0.12 mm (for inversions – 0.25 mm), painted and varnished – 0.2 mm and 0.3 mm, respectively.It should be remembered that different equipment will give different results, so we recommend that you always order a test copy.

    Technical savvy and knowledge of the “hardware” is a noticeable advantage if you are choosing a pen for your brand or helping to determine the choice for a customer. And although price and circulation sometimes come to the fore, design does matter. Remember that the look and quality of a promotional pen sometimes speaks more about a brand than the slogan printed on it.

    Which fountain pen should I choose?

    Over the past 100 years, fountain pens have achieved technical and aesthetic excellence. Pen writing is relaxing, enjoyable, trendy and quite modern. Most of the purchases in our store (and not the first year) have been in fountain pens and ink. People choose them for a reason, as the pen has several obvious advantages:

    1. Fountain pen improves handwriting
    2. The fountain pen writes softer and requires less effort.
    3. You can find almost any ink color for every taste.

    If you love writing instruments, if you keep daily notes, a diary or notes, write by hand at work – be sure to try writing with a fountain pen, maybe this is the zest that will make everyday life a little brighter and add comfort to them.

    Now in our store there are more than 300 fountain pens, it is easy to get lost in such an assortment. Choosing a fountain pen is a very individual and painstaking business, but we will try to make your choice a little easier and tell you about the most popular fountain pens that are most often bought in our store.

    TOP-5 sales by fountain pens shop getpen.ru

    Pilot Vpen. Inexpensive fountain pen, it is disposable, it is not a pity to lose it or lend it. At the same time, she writes no worse than her more expensive counterparts. The Pilot Vpen does not have to be refilled, so you don’t have to understand refueling systems, cartridges and converters. This is a great option to try the pen without spending a lot of money on it.
    Lamy Safari.Impeccable German quality, durable materials, comfortable triangular grip with indentations for the fingers. For a very reasonable price, you get a pen that will last you for many years. It can be refilled with Lamy T10 cartridges (Lamy has its own standard) or using the Lamy Z24 converter with fountain pen ink from bottles. This pen is loved by everyone – schoolchildren, students and respectable adults.
    Kaweco Classic Sport. Kaweco is a German brand with a century of history.The pens have an unusual appearance and soft, uniform writing. If Lamy is modern and minimalistic design, then Kaweco is tradition and vintage. Kaweco Classic Sport is a relatively inexpensive pen with an excellent nib, octagonal screw cap and an unusual layout.
    Platinum Century # 3776. Pen with a beautiful gold nib that will write even softer and lighter than Pilot Vpen or Lamy Safari nibs. The handle looks solid and even luxurious.Gold-plated decor, classic cigar body and patented cap that reliably prevents the feather from drying out. A great gift for yourself or for someone who is well versed in writing instruments.
    Pilot Capless. The pen attracts primarily with its mechanism, which blurs the line between an automatic ballpoint pen and a nib. The nib retracts into the body when the pen is not in use, and extends at the push of a button.It attracts attention with its unusual mechanism, but the main value of this pen is in its excellent nib. The soft, pliable, stable nib writes very cleanly and evenly. The only contraindication when buying the Pilot Capless is the unusual location of the clip – it is on the grip, which we grasp with our fingers. Before buying, be sure to try to write something with it – if you hold the pen tight enough, you may experience discomfort when writing.

    3D pen is the best gift!

    New Year is on the doorstep! How to be original and what to give the child so that the gift does not get bored in two days? If your son or daughter is inclined to creativity, they like to tinker with their hands, then as a gift you can buy a 3D pen with delivery, and this will be a good decision.

    Indeed, there are many considerations in favor of this, but at least:

    · 3D pen is not expensive. Much cheaper than a Lego set, which may collect dust on the shelf after being assembled;

    · 3D pen – develops imagination and spatial thinking, eye and accuracy.

    · 3D pen – will entertain not only children, but also parents.

    There are many more reasons to buy a 3d pen with delivery immediately, but we will not do that.The following is much more important: the 3d pen is the result of the development of the latest and most promising 3d printing technologies, which will play an important role in the world in the future. And it is not at all superfluous to make the child understand how it works. Who knows, if you do this in childhood, maybe this is the first step to something more.

    Production technologies do not stand still, and if a few years ago a pen was a small bulky “log” to work with which was problematic and simply not convenient, the new 3D pens are a very elegant product.

    The leader among pens bought today is the Myriwell RP400A 3d pen.

    Myriwell engineers have tried and now the design of this handle is very ergonomic. This handle fits perfectly even in a child’s hand. If you are left-handed and buying equipment sometimes causes inconvenience, then the Myriwell RP400A 3d pen will not upset you for a minute. It is well thought out, the buttons are located taking into account the convenience of both right and left hand.

    If you didn’t have experience and it seems to you that buying a 3d pen is easy, but you heard that it’s hard to work with it, then this is a myth.The Myriwell RP400A 3d pen can be easily dealt with by both adults and children. Just a few buttons: Plastic feeding and ejecting, buttons for adjusting the heating temperature, and buttons for adjusting the speed of plastic feeding. It’s all! A small screen will show all the parameters that you have set.

    Here are some examples of working with a 3d pen that we have prepared for you and periodically post on our channel in youtube and rutube .

    When buying a 3d pen for a child, children’s coloring books are given a second life. The child simply traces the contours of the coloring with plastic, then paints it over with colored plastic. And the veil! Your favorite drawing is in colorful plastic and you can put it on the table, attach it to the wall and save it as a small work of art.

    So: buying a 3d pen is fun! This is at least more original than the next toy set.Zd pen is suitable for both boys and girls. The pens are sold in five different colors. In our catalog you can choose a suitable color for the 3d pen body. And don’t forget to order the multi-colored plastic and accessories.

    Successful creativity and new 3d discoveries in the New Year!

    90,000 Seven Fountain Pen Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

    The worst fountain pen mistakes by writing experts – The Goulet Pen Company

    # 1.Write with a fountain pen with strong pressure. Perhaps the most remarkable quality of a fountain pen is that it does not require pressure when writing – it can write literally under its own weight. Still, people who are accustomed to using ballpoint pens often continue to press on the nibbler when switching to fountain pens. Excessive pressure can cause the nibs to come apart and deteriorate. Do not try to paint a dry fountain pen by pressing or tapping on a hard surface, as you risk ruining it.Better hold it under running water – the handle will “come to life”.

    Tip: Just relax and enjoy writing without pressure and without the effects of tired fingers.

    No. 2. Quite a common mistake: carry the pen together with other metal objects: keys, key chains, a folding knife, etc. The body of your pen can be scratched, be it plastic, lacquered or anodized metal.

    Tip: Always carry your pen separately from these items: in another pocket, in a pencil case, or place your pen in a pouch or case.

    No. 3. Use special calligraphic ink in your fountain pen with markings such as: India Ink, Lawyer’s Ink, Pigmented Ink, etc. This ink is designed for nib pens. Some of these inks are formulated specifically for use in fountain pens, but most are not. Calligraphy ink contains shellac, a resin that, when dried, completely blocks the ink passages in your pen. This ink will only dissolve with alcohol, which can also ruin your writing instrument.

    When a fountain pen needs to be refilled with waterproof ink, such as ink + watercolor sketching, pigmented inks — special for fountain pens such as Platinum Carbon Ink, are commonly used. Remember that when using this ink, the pen will need to be rinsed more often.

    Tip: When buying ink, make sure it is the type that fits with fountain pens.

    No. 4. This mistake is often made by more experienced users: do not take care of the fountain pen.Caring for the pen is quite simple: the pen must be periodically rinsed with water at room temperature. Sometimes it is enough to hold the nibble under running water. If a pen filled with ink has been left unused for a long time, and the ink has dried in it, place the nib for a while in a glass of water. If you are using a converter, then it is enough to fill the handle with water and empty it, repeating this several times until the water becomes light. By the way, with constant use of the converter, the pen requires less maintenance – the piston ink intake system automatically flushes the pen.

    * Blog The Goulet Pen Company also recommends a syringe as a handy tool for flushing the pen nib. As they say, everyone has their own rituals, choose the one that you like best.

    If you are using ink of the same color, the pen can be washed once a month. If you are changing ink, rinse it out before every new refill.

    No. 5. This is not a mistake, but rather a death sentence for your fountain pen: rinse it with alcohol or acetone.Acetone dissolves plastic, and alcohol is quite aggressive to both the external and internal parts of the handle.

    Tip: Use water to rinse the fountain pen – there is enough water for this task.

    No. 6. This error can be fatal to your pen: drop the fountain pen when it has no cap on it. According to the law of a sandwich, she will fall down with a feather. If the surface is hard, it will bend and usually the feather cannot be repaired after that.In premium pens, nib replacement repairs can cost an entire pen. You will be more fortunate if you own a Lamy pen or a couple of other brands in which you can change the nibs yourself.

    Tip: When you have finished writing, put the cap on the pen immediately.

    No. 7. The biggest mistake is not writing with a fountain pen! This is a wonderful writing instrument, and not writing with it is cheating yourself. Sometimes people who have fountain pens, donated by someone or bought “to be,” often do not know where to write with them.A fountain pen can be a real fad if you take inspiration from the experiences of people like fountain pens like Liz Steel (lizsteel.com) or our artist Ksenia Rein https://www.instagram.com/septembrenell/. Kara from www.bohoberry.com masterfully owns the system of keeping diaries and gliders, and does it very contagiously, and in the blogs http://www.penmania.ru/ and http://www.leighreyes.com/ they publish interesting reviews of fountain pens … And if you do not plan to start any new hobbies, then just write letters and postcards to your friends and loved ones (it is not necessary to wait for the New Year, the reason may be a desire to thank for something, share thoughts or confess your love!), Start a diary, write shopping and to-do lists, writing reminders, practicing your handwriting by rewriting (or writing yourself) poetry or stories – there are many ways to make your daily life more enjoyable and interesting by adding pleasant writing habits.

    Hope this information was helpful. If we have forgotten something, write to us and we will add to our list to help future generations of fountain pen users. 90,030 90,000 TOP-10 best models of 3D pens: reviews + tips, 3D pen: which one to choose

    Everyone in childhood dreams of an object that can be drawn in the air like a magic wand. Today this is possible thanks to the 3D pen – a tool that appeared not so long ago, but has already won the love of children and adults.

    Compared to earlier periods, today’s 3D pens are less expensive, which means they are available to everyone.

    In this article we will tell you everything about 3D pens: which one to choose, what types there are and consider models that are interesting to buy.

    3D pen: which one to choose

    Rating of the best 3D pens

    Pro Best 3D Pens

    3D pens today are a trend both among adults who make money selling products and children who want to have fun and develop.For all of them, we will present the most high-quality and interesting models of these pens below, and you, dear readers, comparing the pros and cons, prices and characteristics, will choose the most suitable 3D pen for you.

    No. 10. MyRiwell RP100A

    MyRiwell RP100A

    Our rating opens the first generation of 3D pens from a well-known company in China. The low price of the device does not affect the high quality of the assembly of the instrument, which helps children and adults to give shape, moreover, three-dimensional, to their fantasies. Two LED indicators let you know when the device is working and when not.The maximum heating temperature is 230 degrees.

    Let’s consider the main parameters:

    • Material to use: ABS;
    • thread thickness: 1.75 mm;
    • nozzle diameter: 0.7 mm;
    • material delivery speed: customizable;
    • voltage: 12 V, 3 A.


    1. Striking design.
    2. Low cost.
    3. ABS plastic is easy to buy.
    4. Easy to use.
    5. Quality build.


    1. Noises during operation.
    2. No display.
    3. Plastic does not feed at low feed rate.

    MyRiwell RP100A 3D Pen

    No. 9. MyRiwell RP100B

    MyRiwell RP100B

    This model is the same 3D pen as the previous model, but of the second generation. A lot has changed, for example, the weight and dimensions – the second generation pen is more comfortable. Due to the simplicity of settings and high-quality assembly of the structure, this device can be considered by all those who are just beginning to manifest themselves in the art of drawing with this type of pens.

    Starting with the second generation, the RP series of models has an LCD display, albeit monochrome, but with it it is already easier to understand what and how. In addition, this generation is able to work with the second type of plastic – PLA, and not only with ABS, like the RP100A. The maximum heating temperature is 230 degrees. The ability to work with two plastics makes this model more considered as a purchase option, and relatively budgetary.

    Let’s consider the main parameters:

    • Material for use: ABS, PLA;
    • thread thickness: 1.75 mm;
    • nozzle diameter: 0.7 mm;
    • material delivery speed: customizable;
    • voltage: 12 V, 3 A.


    1. Convenient regulation of heating and material feed rate.
    2. Ergonomics at a high level.
    3. After inactivity, it can turn itself off.
    4. Working with two types of plastic.
    5. Light weight and dimensions.
    6. Affordable price.


    1. The case gets very hot during operation.
    2. If you set a low heating temperature, then the plastic does not melt well.
    3. Makes a loud noise during operation.
    Reviews & Prices MyRiwell RP100B

    No. 8. MyRiwell RP100C

    MyRiwell RP100C

    An elegant design model from the Chinese company MyRiwell has an aluminum casing that does not heat up during operation, as well as a protective cap for safety. In the third generation of this model, the nozzle efficiently removes plastic that has melted inside the handle for its subsequent use.

    On the top panel there are buttons for adjusting the flow rate of the molten plastic and the melting temperature. It is important to note that this pen is capable of working with both ABS plastic and PLA plastic, just each of them has its own heating temperature. The first one – 170 degrees, the second – 210. The maximum possible heating of the device is up to 215 degrees.

    Let’s consider the main parameters:

    • Material for use: ABS, PLA;
    • thread thickness: 1.75 mm;
    • nozzle diameter: 0.6 mm;
    • material delivery speed: customizable;
    • voltage: 2 A


    1. Easy to operate.
    2. Monochrome display.
    3. Light weight and dimensions.
    4. Both the temperature and the feed rate of the molten plastic can be adjusted.
    5. High safety when using the tool by children.


    1. No AC adapter included. You need to buy separately or connect to your smartphone.
    2. Small length USB cable.

    MyRiwell RP100C

    No. 7. BAPASCO RP-100A


    Outwardly – the simplest model, it can even be confused with MyRiwell RP100A or MyRiwell RP100B. This model has low power, there is no display (instead, there are two indicators), but at the same time it is reliable enough and the price for it is not too high, and therefore it is well suited for beginners. The thread is fed smoothly, you can set up automatic feed.Its simplicity and convenience will be appreciated by everyone – both beginners and more experienced users. The maximum heating temperature is 230 degrees. Let’s consider the main parameters:

    • Material for use: ABS, PLA;
    • thread thickness: 1.75 mm;
    • nozzle diameter: 0.7 mm;
    • material delivery speed: customizable;
    • voltage: 5 V, 2 A.


    1. The plastic feed rate and temperature can be steplessly adjusted.
    2. Simple, robust design.
    3. Convenience in work.
    4. Reasonable price.


    1. Small functionality.
    2. Weak in power;
    3. Noises during operation.


    No. 6. Funtastique One

    Funtastique One

    This 3D pen model looks quite interesting in terms of design and functionality. With it, it is quite easy to create both simple and more complex objects of a three-dimensional shape.The difference between this model and others is the ability to bend a plastic thread under its own weight.

    There are only two buttons. One of them is responsible for the feed rate of the melted material, the other for the temperature. Supports the use of ABS and PLA plastics.

    Let’s consider the main parameters:

    • Material for use: ABS, PLA;
    • thread thickness: 1.75 mm;
    • nozzle diameter: 0.5 mm;
    • material delivery speed: customizable;
    • voltage: 12 V, 2 A.


    1. Fine adjustment of the temperature.
    2. Bright display.
    3. Interesting appearance.
    4. Easy to use.
    5. Low cost.


    1. No, plastic is fed automatically, only manually.
    2. No additional attachments available.

    Funtastique One

    No. 5. Dewang DW-X4

    Dewang DW-X4

    This 3D handle features a cleverly designed aluminum case that can be quickly opened if desired and the mechanism that needs to be cleaned can be pulled out.This model also has several operating modes and fine-tuning the temperature. For the safety of the user, especially the child, a safety system in the form of a shirt on the nozzle is thought out in the design – it is made so that the child cannot get burned. Also, if the OLED screen, which shows all the necessary data. The maximum heating is 230 degrees.

    Let’s consider the main parameters:

    • Material for use: ABS, PLA;
    • thread thickness: 1.75 mm;
    • nozzle diameter: 0.6 mm;
    • material delivery speed: customizable;
    • voltage: 5 V, 2 A.


    1. USB connection possible (voltage should be around 5V).
    2. Easy cleaning thanks to the collapsible housing allows for quick troubleshooting.
    3. Ease of use.
    4. High level of safety for children.
    5. Safe for children.


    1. The price is somewhat high for the budget segment.

    Dewang DW-X4

    No. 4. Dewang D11 Multi-Filament

    Dewang D11 Multi-Filament

    This 3D pen is certainly not in the budget segment, but it offers a lot of possibilities. The Dewang D11 is considered a hugely popular model with a lot of positive feedback from people.

    The design is quite futuristic, as if “out of this world”. The possibility of smooth adjustment of speeds, a relatively high heating bar (up to 210 degrees), as well as the presence of a small display and stand make this device extremely convenient to work with.

    The only thing to note is the need to read the instructions before use, as you can get confused in setting up this 3D pen. Let’s consider the main parameters:

    • Material for use: ABS, PLA;
    • thread thickness: 1.75 mm;
    • nozzle diameter: 0.6 mm;
    • material delivery speed: customizable;
    • voltage: 5 V, 2 A.


    1. Light weight.
    2. Multifunctionality.
    3. Good heating of plastic.
    4. Interesting design.
    5. Shirt on the nozzle – with it, the use of the pen by children will be safe.


    1. Inconvenient stand-holder.

    Dewang D11 Multi-Filament

    No. 3. MyRiwell RP400A

    MyRiwell RP400A

    This lightweight, ergonomic handle has a sleek design and great functionality. It is equipped with buttons that allow you to control the speed of feeding the plastic and the temperature of its heating, which is necessary to control the thickness of the supplied thread.This pen has an OLED display showing temperature, speed and the type of material used (ABS and PLA).

    Let’s consider the main parameters:

    • Material for use: ABS, PLA;
    • thread thickness: 1.75 mm;
    • nozzle diameter: 0.5 mm;
    • material delivery speed: customizable;
    • voltage: 12 V, 3 A.


    1. Convenient housing.
    2. Nice design.
    3. Low price.
    4. Easy adjustment of the plastic feed rate.
    5. Rapid heating to desired temperature.


    1. No instructions in Russian.

    MyRiwell RP400A

    No. 2. 3Doodler Create Pen

    3Doodler Create Pen

    3Doodler Create is the ultimate hot 3D pen that lets you quickly and easily create whatever comes to your mind. The device does not require long training – taking it in hand, you already intuitively understand what to do and how to do it.High-quality assembly and design are the basis for the fact that you can work with such a handle for a long time and not think about any problems.

    The possibilities with this 3D pen are endless. Any surface is suitable for you to create three-dimensional shapes of various types. And its shape allows you to continue your favorite work tirelessly. limitless. Beginners will appreciate this pen for its ability to create anything, anywhere. Professionals will like it due to the speed of work and the ease of creating various kinds of structures.

    Let’s consider the main parameters:

    • Material for use: ABS, PLA;
    • thread thickness: 1.75 mm;
    • nozzle diameter: 0.7 mm;
    • material delivery speed: customizable;
    • voltage: 12 V, 3 A.

    Advantages of


    1. Striking design.
    2. Quality build.
    3. Best speed of any 3D hot pen.
    4. Easy to set up.


    1. Somewhat heavy.

    3Doodler Create Pen Rose Gold

    No. 1. Creopop Pen

    Creopop Pen

    The best 3D pen of our rating was a domestic development, which has different pens from all previously considered by us. It should be noted right away that this pen belongs to the cold type, which means that it creates shapes according to a different principle. This handle is based on three high power UV light bulbs that make the plastic harden.

    Since this pen does not have a heating element, the work is done not with simple plastic, but with photopolymer, which is just exposed to the best UV. Thanks to this, children can be completely safe, because nothing can burn them.

    Another good thing is the built-in battery, which means that Creopop can be carried with you almost anywhere. And the main thing to note is that only this pen forgives mistakes and allows you to correct a plastic model before it can be irradiated with UV rays.

    An example of working with a 3D pen Creopop

    With all the advantages, we only note that it is quite expensive, but having bought it, you will not regret it.

    Let’s consider the main parameters:

    • Material to use: SLA;
    • thread thickness: 1.75 mm;
    • nozzle diameter: 6-1.75 mm;
    • material delivery speed: customizable;
    • power supply – Li-On battery.


    1. Safe for children.
    2. Quality build.
    3. LCD display.
    4. Auto power off after a few minutes of inactivity.
    5. Can be carried with you thanks to the built-in
    6. battery


    1. High price.
    2. Required to purchase only branded consumables.

    3d Creopop handle

    What are 3D pens

    Now, having identified good 3D pens, you should move on to the theoretical part and understand better what they can be, what is the difference between them, and replenish your knowledge of such a wonderful tool.

    Two types of 3D pens are currently offered for purchase.

    Type Description
    “Hot” 3D pens Common view. It looks like a large 3D printer. The principle of operation is similar to that of a glue gun. According to the general concept, plastic is heated inside such a device, and already molten material comes out through the nozzle, which can be given the desired shape.
    “Cold” 3D pens A rare, but no less interesting option.Photopolymers in the form of inks are used. This “ink” dries under the influence of UV rays, which are given by UV lamps in the construction of these pens.

    Each of the two types of 3D pens has its own characteristics

    Advantages and disadvantages of types of 3D pens

    Each of the two types has its pros and cons. Considering them, you might think which type of handle would be more preferable.

    To make things a little easier, we’ll start by looking at the pros and cons of 3D hot pens.

    Advantages of hot 3D pens .

    1. Variety of models. Today it is easy to find exactly the hot 3D pen you need.
    2. Ease of use. Modern models are made to be comfortable to hold in your hands for a long time. In addition, the buttons are positioned for easy access. Even a left-handed person can safely use the device.
    3. Readily available 3D plastic. 3D pens and 3D printers share a common material – plastic filaments.This speaks of the ability to buy easily and simply the material you need.
    4. Reasonable prices. The boom on 3D pens has been sleeping for a long time, which means that you can find an option that will not “bite” at its cost.
    5. Easily disassembled housing. The ability to clean the handle simply by disassembling it is very important if you frequently encounter jamming or blockages.

    Disadvantages Hot 3D Pens .

    1. Strong heating of the nozzle during operation.When it is hot, it is quite easy for them to burn themselves. The reason for this is the heating element and the need to maintain the same temperature in different parts of the handle. But there is no other way.
    2. Short battery life. Operation via 220 V or USB imposes a large number of different restrictions.

    Hot 3D pens are common, so it’s easier to determine their pros and cons.

    Now let’s look at cold 3D pens, their pros and cons.

    Advantages of 3D cold pens

    1. Heating element missing.Since the principle of operation is based on the illumination of plastic with ultraviolet lamps, there is no need for a heating element. In addition, its absence increases the safety of use many times over. With a cold 3D pen, there is no reason to burn, making it ideal for children to use.
    2. Bright and pleasant appearance. All cool 3D pens look stylish and bright. At the same time, there is a large number of buttons, which all do not spoil the design of cold 3D pens.
    3. Long battery life. Thanks to the built-in battery, cold options bypass hot ones many times over. The possibility of autonomous work for several hours allows you to work inseparably on your “masterpiece”. A child in kindergarten can also do this. In this case, the battery is charged in the same way as always – via a 220 V network or via USB.
    4. A wide range of photopolymers. Due to the availability of this kind of “ink”, every owner of a cold 3D pen can safely buy consumables with a variety of properties.

    Disadvantages of cold 3D pens

    1. High cost. The design and operation of cold 3D pens is the main reason that they are much more expensive than hot ones.
    2. Large sizes. Their dimensions become larger due to the presence of a capacity for a cartridge, a built-in battery and LEDs. Although they are comfortable to hold in your hands, so the drawback is not critical.

    Cold 3D pens are less common, but they can attract a potential buyer just as much as hot ones.

    About selection criteria

    Before making a purchase decision, you need to understand what to look for when buying a 3D pen in the future.We decided to help you by presenting a number of criteria that affect the assessment and subsequent selection.

    Technical features.

    1. Dimensions. “Cold” pens are larger (due to the use of a cartridge instead of filament) than “hot” ones.
    2. Weight. The lighter the 3D pen is, the more comfortable it will be to hold it, and the hand will be less tired.
    3. Display. It makes the work more convenient, because with it you can easily track the temperature and feed rate. They put a bright OLED display or a more budgetary option – LED.
    4. Plastic feed rate. The more options for setting the speed, the more detailed the model will be. The minimum is one speed, the maximum is nine.
    5. Handle nozzle. They are made of ceramic or metal, the latter being more durable.
    6. Nozzle diameter. It can range from 0.4 to 1 mm.
    7. Auto power off. If there is such a function, then the device will be able to turn off itself after a short amount of time – up to five minutes without activity.
    8. The supply and removal of plastic by the device itself.These functions make it easier to work with the 3D pen. If they are not there, everything will need to be done manually.
    9. Power type: from USB, built-in battery, from a regular outlet. The built-in battery or Power Bank makes it possible not to depend on unnecessary wires. The drawing process becomes much more convenient.

    Knowledge of the technical features will greatly facilitate future choices.

    Other criteria are also important.

    1. Material . It is imperative to look at what kind of material can be used with your future 3D pen.As a rule, today everyone knows how to work with ABS plastic, as well as with PLA plastic. “Cold” ones require the use of SLA-plastic.

      It is necessary to evaluate how safe it is for the child to use the 3D pen

    2. Price . A cheap pen doesn’t mean bad. And not everyone needs expensive models.
    3. Manufacturer . Popular ones include MyRiwell, Dewang, 3Doodler and the most expensive version of our top – Creopop.

    Important! You need to buy this kind of pens only in proven places.

    1. Reviews . The most important parameter after the technical parameters. The experience of the people who have used the device will provide more insight than photos and videos.

    Reviews – a real opportunity without buying to understand whether it is worth taking or not


    The large number of different 3D pens gives you room to choose, as there are so many things to consider. If you want to start doing 3D modeling with a pen, it’s best to look at the early generations – they are inexpensive and provide everything you need.If you are already “seasoned” in this regard, then it is better to look at the options from the third generation and above. Their maximum functionality and subtlety of settings will allow you to make a masterpiece without any difficulties.

    Video – Myriwell 3D pens.

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