What is a roller skate key: Do You Remember What This Interesting Object Is?

Do You Remember What This Interesting Object Is?

Take a look at the photo above. If you were born after 1970, you might be stumped. You might think it is a bottle opener or a very small wrench. But, nope it is neither of those things! Rack your brain and see if you can come up with the answer.

We love looking back at vintage items that many people may have long forgotten about. This little object was likely a big part of your social life if you were a teen in the ’60s and ’70s. Do you know what it is yet?

This item is a skate key!

Skate Key / eBay

Roller skating used to be a very popular social activity. This is when discos were all the rage. Before skates had laces, there were metal roller skates. They were actually strapped on over your shoes, instead of replacing them.

Metal roller skates / eBay

To make sure that they were tight enough to skate with, you had to tighten them using this skate key. Each pair of metal roller skates came with a key. The key fit into the loop near the top so that you could tighten the skates and be able to fit in them. Do you remember doing this now?

What happens if you lost that small key?

Vintage skate keys / eBay

While kids were skating around, most wore this key on a string around their neck so that they wouldn’t lose it and be unable to tighten the skates. If you lost the key, you would have to get new skates! Your parents likely made you keep that key handy because they wouldn’t buy you a new pair if you lost the skate key.

Rollfast ad / Facebook

Skates are so different these days and roller skating just isn’t that popular anymore. Skating rinks are going away slowly but surely. It is such a sad thought! Do you remember when you got your first metal skates and this skate key? Where did you go skating with your friends?

A child wearing metal roller skates / Facebook

Do you have any metal roller skate and a skate key lying around? Unfortunately, according to eBay, they aren’t worth much these days, coming up at only a few dollars. So, if you do still own them, it may be best to keep them around for nostalgic purposes!

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Watch the video below to check out this old film from the ’70s that features those metal roller skates… see if you remember the song!

11 “Modern Antiques” Kids Today Have Never Seen

Even though I’m fairly ancient, I’ve never seen a Model T outside of a classic auto show. So I realize that there are many things that have been obsolete since the elastic waistband was invented and would confound anyone under age 70. But what about some common items that have come and gone within the last 30 or so years? See how many of these you recognize, and how many of them would puzzle your kids or grandkids.


Seven-inch singles produced in the US had a large half-dollar size hole in the center, unlike the tiny hole punched in LPs that fit conveniently onto a turntable spindle. This large hole tradition was originally instituted in order to accommodate the mechanism inside a jukebox. Rather than making a separate version for home use, the simple solution was to sell adapters that popped into the center of a 45, making it playable on a standard record player. These gadgets were usually found in a bin near the checkout at every record store, a dozen or so for a dollar.


Those good ol’ fashioned metal roller skates that strapped onto your shoes were useless if you didn’t have a skate key on hand to adjust them. The hexagonal loop on top was used to turn the bolt that adjusted the length of the skate and the tubular end fit on the pin that tightened the toe grips. The long narrow hole in the middle? Why, that was for stringing a shoelace through so you could wear the key around your neck while skating.


Many a barbecue and tailgate party was ruined in the pre-pop top days when it was discovered that no one had remembered to bring a church key to the proceedings. The pointy end punctured beer (and soda pop) cans open – one hole for pouring, one for a vent. The rounded end was used to remove bottle caps – twist-off crown caps weren’t invented until the 1960s, and even then it took some years for breweries to start using them on their products. But then again, most veteran party animals of that era knew how to open a beer bottle on a car bumper or table edge in an emergency.


Household electronics have become as disposable as Pampers in recent years; if your flat screen television stops working, it’s usually just as cheap to buy a new one as to have the old one repaired. But 30-plus years ago when a TV went on the fritz you called the TV Repair Man. He was so ubiquitous that he made house calls, but his services were expensive (and today’s Cable Guy has taken the TV Repair Man’s vague “I’ll be there sometime between X and Y o’clock” promise to a new level). Since a good percentage of the TV malfunctions back then were due to malfunctioning vacuum tubes, DIY Dads started diagnosing and replacing the tubes on their own, saving both time and money. Almost every drugstore, hardware store, and even grocery store had a self-service tube testing machine stashed among the gumball and cigarette machines. Dad (or Mom or whoever) simply brought whichever tubes he thought suspect and tested them on the machine to see whether they were functional. If the tube in question was kaput, there was a wide selection of brand new tubes stocked in the cabinet underneath the machine available for purchase.


In between cans requiring a church key and today’s pop tops there were pull tab soda and beer cans. The convenience of not requiring an opener was revolutionary, but the innovation came with a downfall: a new type of litter. Instead of disposing of their pull tabs responsibly, many folks simply discarded them on the ground before chugging away. Walking barefoot on the beach in the 1960s and ’70s was often something of an obstacle course; those tabs weren’t always immediately visible, but they were razor-sharp, and savvy sunbathers included Band-Aids in their picnic baskets for the inevitable sliced toe.


The abandoned hut as shown in the right photo is still a frequent sight in the parking lots of older shopping malls across the country. Some of them were re-purposed for a while, but let’s face it – there’s not much you can do with a form-fitting booth situated miles from the nearest bathroom. Back when cameras still used actual film, and before drugstores offered one hour photo developing, Fotomat was the convenient method of getting your pictures back within 24 hours. You didn’t even have to get out of your car (this was at a time when fast-food drive-through windows were still few and far between).


Some older roadside accommodations still have a bottle opener mounted on the bathroom wall, but a lot of the guests in those cases are stumped enough to ask the front desk, “What the heck is that thing?” We refer you back to the bottle-opening end of the church key and further explain that pop machines (“soda machines” to you heathens) at most motels in the 1950s, ’60s, and ’70s dispensed pop the way God intended – ice cold in 10-ounce glass bottles with a small ring of ice floating in the neck. There was a bottle opener included on the machine, but a lot of folks preferred to wait until they returned to the sanctuary of their room before they popped the cap off and enjoyed that first refreshing sip. And then there were those (wink-wink) who eschewed the pop machine but traveled instead with a cooler full of beer. That’s why the opener was usually mounted in the bathroom – all that beverage spillage was easier to mop up off a tile floor rather than have it soak into the carpeted areas of the room.


Many suburban houses built prior to 1960 had a built-in pass-through door commonly referred to as a “milk chute.” This was to accommodate the neighborhood milkman, who still made daily runs door-to-door. The milk chute allowed him to leave his goods in a protected area, and Mom could also leave his money inside, freeing her up from having to wait at home for the milk delivery (see TV Repairman above) all day. And as any child who grew up in this era knows, the milk chute was a necessary means of ingress when either Mom or Dad forgot their house key; the smallest kid in the family had to shimmy through that opening and then go open the back door. (And even though it seemed funny at the time, parents were

not pleased when you playfully called out from inside, “What will you give me if I let you in?”)


At one time this small triangular window was standard equipment on every American automobile. Some folks called it the “no-draft” (its official name), some called it the “vent,” and others (including my Mom) called it the “wing.” Whatever the name, the purpose was the same: in those days when air conditioning was a very expensive option and opening the main driver side and passenger windows caused too much turbulence (not to mention noise) the no-draft provided quiet yet efficient air circulation while driving during warm weather.


TV-Holics certainly recall that first season episode of The Brady Bunch in which the kids were fighting over Checker Trading Stamps. When that episode was originally filmed, trading stamps were all the rage, and S&H Green Stamps led the pack. Pasting Green Stamps into books was how families spent their evenings before scratch-off lottery tickets were invented, and unlike the lottery, Green Stamp premiums were within reach if you purchased enough groceries or gasoline. The “We Give Green Stamps” enticement was a major boon for merchants; there were many consumers who decided “where to buy” solely on the basis of Green Stamp giveaway. And the rewards were great; your average Green Stamp redemption center had everything from home appliances to musical instruments to furniture available if you’d filled X amount (actually more like XXXX amount) of books.


 I recall a day, maybe a dozen years ago, when a young new hire at our office was browsing through the closet that contained various supplies (and which probably had not been thoroughly cleaned since the Carter Administration) and approached me asking, “What is this weird thing?” What she held in her hand was a typewriter eraser, a pencil-like device that had a gritty rubber eraser at one end and a brush at the other. Even after White-Out and correction tape were commonly available, neither worked well on onion skin (a type of very thin paper regularly used for multiple carbon copies…perhaps we need to add a twelfth item to this list…) and typewriter erasers were still a necessity. The abrasive end was used like a regular pencil eraser, and then the typist brushed away the resultant debris with the bristle end.

Moxi Roller Skates Vice Versa Skate Key trueyogaevergreen.com

Moxi Roller Skates Vice Versa Skate Key

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How to Choose the Right Roller Skate Maintenance Tool

There are many different types of skate tools on the market, so how do you know which tool will best suit your needs?  We will give you an overview of some of the most popular tools currently offered so you can find the right tool for you.  

Bones Bearing Press/Puller


This tool is handy if you need just a small tool to only removed and install bearings into your wheels and do not want a larger countertop model. This tool is only for removing and pressing bearings. The design of this tool is rather remarkable. With a push button at the top of the tool to control the ball in the stem of the tool, the ball can be pulled in for putting the tool inside the opening of the bearing, you then release the button and pull on the top of the tool to remove the bearing. Easy as can be! To install a bearing you simply reverse the process. It also has a hole in the top so that it can be put on a key chain or whatever helps you to keep track of this handy tool, this will only work on 8mm bearings.

DS Bearing press.


Also called the Snyder hand held bearing press, it is a small hand held two piece press. While only to be used for pressing bearings, not technically the removal, it can be used on both 7mm and 8mm bearings. You simply place a bearing on each side of the wheel on the stem, then use the other piece to press the bearings safely into the wheel. This press would be preferable for someone that needs an easy to transport model that is capable of 7mm and 8mm bearings.

Elephant Wrench


This is a tried and true, been around forever kind of tool. It has many great functions as well. It can be used to adjust truck locknuts, wheel locknuts, truck bolt and change non-adjustable toe stops. The wrench side for some truck bolts, then the flat other side of the wrench can be used like a screw driver for non-adjustable toe stops. The two different sockets for lock nuts on trucks and wheels.  Small compact and can do many jobs!

Relfex Tool

https://rollerskatenation. com/reflex-tool/9146/#.U5DBifldXMk

By far the most popular skate tool on the market currently, the reflex tool sometimes called the reflex utilitool or reflex universal tool, has so many tasks it can accomplish! It can be used to press or remove bearings with the one side that looks like a little knob protruding, super handy to have on the go! It has “sockets” are able to adjust the action nut, axle wheel nut and even the plate mounting nut. There is a screwdriver/hex nut that is set within the tool that can be removed and used for other applications as well. The final function is it can also be used to repair stripped threads on an 8mm axle. All other applications would work no matter your axle size.

Sure Grip Bearing Press / Puller


Ideal for situations where you have somewhere you can set up to do your skate maintenance the Press / puller works best when mounted to a surface using the slot in the middle. It can still be used for mobile skate maintenance, just takes up a little more space in the skate bag. It has a smooth approach for installing and removing your bearings while keeping all components safe in the process. This bearing press / puller is designed for 8mm bearings only.

These are just a few of the skate tools we carry, but can help guide you to the right tool for what you need! If you would like more information, contact our skate experts at [email protected] or give us a call at 888-98-SKATE.

Lopez v. Skate Key, Inc., 174 A.D.2d 534

June 27, 1991

Appeal from the Supreme Court, Bronx County (H. McGee, J.).

This personal injury action arises from an accident at a roller-skating rink operated by defendant-appellant Skate Key, Inc. Plaintiff-respondent Ivonne Lopez accompanied her daughter on a roller-skating trip sponsored by the Girl Scout Council of Greater New York. Approximately 200 girl scouts took part in the trip. While plaintiff was standing in the rink in a group of skaters waiting to exit from the rink, she was struck from behind by an out-of-control skater and fell breaking her wrist. The identity of the other skater is unknown.

The Motion Court denied the motions for summary judgment holding that factual issues are present, including “the manner in which the accident occurred, the supervision of the event as provided by the two defendants, and the alleged congestion caused by the close proximity of the rental office to the rink.” The Motion Court also granted that part of the motions which sought to dismiss the derivative claim of plaintiff’s husband.

While we agree with the Motion Court’s dismissal of the derivative claim, we disagree as to the existence of triable issues of fact.

Participants in sporting events are deemed as a matter of law to assume the known risks associated with the particular sport. (Turcotte v Fell, 68 N.Y.2d 432; Wertheim v United States Tennis Assn., 150 A.D.2d 157, lv denied 74 N.Y.2d 613.) Collisions between roller skaters on a rink are unquestionably a common occurrence.

Plaintiff argues that because she was standing in a group waiting to exit, she should be treated more as a spectator than a participant, and that a factual question is presented whether the defendants took adequate precautions to protect spectators. We hold that on this record there is insufficient evidence of the existence of a dangerous condition for a sufficient period of time to put defendant on notice, and that the collision was a result of the “`sudden and abrupt'” action of another skater (Taynor v Skate Grove, 150 A.D.2d 362), a risk assumed by plaintiff as a matter of law. (See, Diderou v Pinecrest Dunes, 34 A.D.2d 672.)

Concur — Murphy, P.J., Carro, Wallach and Rubin, JJ.

Roller Skate Key Necklace

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Roller Skate Key Necklace

Roller Skate Key Necklace

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Roller Skate Key Necklace

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Roller Skate Key Necklace

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Roller Skate Key Necklace

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Roller Skate Key Necklace, Roller Skate Key Necklace

Moxi Roller Skates Vice Versa Skate Key Roller Skates

Moxi Roller Skates Vice Versa Skate Key

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Moxi Roller Skates Vice Versa Skate Key

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90,000 ✓ Order high quality roller wrenches (hexagon and others) at a bargain price in Kiev

What are the keys for rollers

Roller skates, as attributes of outdoor activities, need timely technical inspection. This is an important point, and every skater should take it into account, ordering the keys for the rollers in advance. Those copies that often come with skates are recommended by professionals to replace high-quality samples, and the sale of such keys is carried out today on our website.L-shaped or T-shaped versions of hexagons, mini-type products – all this is presented in the catalog.

The online store “RollersPromo” will provide every skater in the country with everything necessary for safe and comfortable riding, and the price of merchandise and accessories, like keys, is always fixed and affordable. Prefer to choose from the assortment, listening to the recommendations of specialists, and then the prevention or repair of skates will be within your reach. If you are interested in the Powerslide videos – then we are waiting for you in the subsection of the same name!

Which keys for rollers to buy on rollerspromo.com.ua

In the context of the structure of the roller skate, there are small threaded connections that locate the bearings and wheels. Replacing the latter is necessary due to their wear and tear, but it also happens that the element is loose, or completely unscrewed during the ride. In any case, we recommend buying a key for the rollers for each roller – for prompt preventive maintenance and saving time, money (so as not to take it to the master). The best hexagons, and it is these keys that prevail in practice, are not necessarily expensive tools, but purchased at a specialized point of sale.Consider what beginners and professionals use today:

  1. L-shaped. This is the simplest type of key and is often found as standard. Traditionally, wrenches for one socket are 4 mm, but there are options for two. One of them is standard, under 4 mm, and the second is slightly smaller, designed for other work with a roller skate.
  2. T-shaped. If you choose from us, then inexpensive, but very universal keys. With their help, you can work with both bearing and frame fasteners and roller axles.Products are distinguished by a convenient tip, which will allow you to extract a part from any seat, as well as a handle.

So, how to choose the optimal key for your roller model and what to look for:

  • It should suit you structurally and be convenient;
  • The type of axle also plays an important role and largely depends on the roller model. For example, if you see that the catalog offers the keys to Seb or Rollerblade, then purchase them for the skates of the same name;
  • Low cost is acceptable only at a specialized point of sale, where a wide range of merchandise and accessories is presented.

It is important to understand that the design of the rollers will depend and differ not only for each individual brand, but the skates also differ in the type of axles. Each roller contains 4 axes, and the most popular thickness is 6 and 8 mm. All of them can be divided according to the type of fixation into the following types:

  • Double-sided, which are clamped on both sides and firmly fixed with special 4 mm nuts;
  • One-sided, as well as two-sided, on one side they must be fixed with the same nut, and on the other – the fastening is carried out to the frame of the roller skate.

So, among all the offered assortment, Ukraine prefers to choose keys for rollers according to the following principle:

  1. Axle type. If you have one-sided, then one key will be enough, and vice versa, for a two-sided axis – two identical keys.
  2. Cost. It should be average and consistent with quality.
  3. Prefer a T-key over the L-shaped version. It is, after all, more versatile.

You did the right thing by visiting a specialized store in the city of Kiev, because we receive all the original roller products directly from the manufacturer.Wholesalers and retail clients are already accustomed to the fact that RollersPromo has everything you need for a comfortable and safe ride. We are waiting for you too! Interested in buying children’s videos – then click on the link.

Where is it better to order a hexagon for rollers

Agree, even a person who gets behind the wheel of his car for the first time has a couple of obligatory keys in the trunk. So, why not buy a hexagon for rollers – save on maintenance of your hobby, learn how to fix problems yourself and always know that personal safety while riding is only in your hands !? To order, and quite cheaply, we recommend the keys for rollers in the same place where you buy the skates themselves, because the responsible seller always has the main product and paraphernalia in stock.

The best store in our country, in Ukraine – so far there is only one, and we are leaders not in words:

  • Sales of products throughout the territory;
  • Low and stable cost;
  • A wide range of products for professionals and amateurs – the most demanding customers.

You are interested in children’s, men’s or women’s videos, then go to the links of the same name and choose the best that we have in the assortment!

5-in-1 multi-function roller skate wrench

LEJO (Great Britain) Used for 2 to 8 weeks
This is a solid and sturdy tool perfect for its use.But get rid of the bits it comes with and use CR-V steel 1/4 inch hex bits. When I used the bits it came with it, the 8mm Allen bit snapped under torsion after a month and put a scratch in my shiny new frames. Those bits have been since thrown away and replaced with what I recommend above. This is why I give it a 4 star, as other wise it’s a solid 5 !!
Audrey (France) Used for 1 week or less
l’outil est inutilisable pour les roller quad, l’extracteur de roulement est trop petit.Il serait judicieux de préciser que l’outil n’est destiné qu’aux rollers in-line.

Brand Review

Bonjour Madame,

merci d’avoir pris le temps de nous faire parvenir ce message.

Normalement les roulements que vous avez sur vos rollers Quads doivent être de dimensions standards. Comme 99.9% des roulements du marché roller en ligne, ou quad, il s’agit de roulement 608, ce qui veut dire que l’alésage (trou central) a un diamètre de 8mm, et qu’il ya 6mm d ‘ écart entre les parois des 2 cylindres externes.

Les Quads Oxelo sont tous équipés de roulements 608ZZ (ZZ signifiant que les 2 faces du roulement sont en acier).

Je reste a votre disposition si vous souhaitez de plus amples renseignements.


OLIVIER Equipe Oxelo

Co-créez avec nous vos produits de demain.

Annabelle (France) Used for 2 to 8 weeks ✓ Verified purchase What is a “Verified purchase”?

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utile a avoir absolument dans la trousse de secours d’un pratiquant de rollers
Patrick (France) Used for 1 week or less ✓ Verified purchase What is a “Verified purchase”?

Where review is marked as “Verified purchase” confirmed by Decathlon, this means that we could verify that the client who filed this opinion has purchased the product from us.

We publish testimonials from customers who have purchased and tested products on our site

If a review is not marked as “Verified purchase,” this does not mean that the author’s review has no experience with the product. They may have given their review directly on the site without unique identification, or the product has been offered or paid by someone else.

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Outil très pratique à l’usage. A emmener à chaque sortie.
Francois (France) Used for More than 1 year ✓ Verified purchase What is a “Verified purchase”?

Where review is marked as “Verified purchase” confirmed by Decathlon, this means that we could verify that the client who filed this opinion has purchased the product from us.

We publish testimonials from customers who have purchased and tested products on our site

If a review is not marked as “Verified purchase,” this does not mean that the author’s review has no experience with the product. They may have given their review directly on the site without unique identification, or the product has been offered or paid by someone else.

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Benoit (France) Used for 2 to 8 weeks ✓ Verified purchase What is a “Verified purchase”?

Where review is marked as “Verified purchase” confirmed by Decathlon, this means that we could verify that the client who filed this opinion has purchased the product from us.

We publish testimonials from customers who have purchased and tested products on our site

If a review is not marked as “Verified purchase,” this does not mean that the author’s review has no experience with the product. They may have given their review directly on the site without unique identification, or the product has been offered or paid by someone else.

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michel (France) Used for 3 to 6 months ✓ Verified purchase What is a “Verified purchase”?

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We publish testimonials from customers who have purchased and tested products on our site

If a review is not marked as “Verified purchase,” this does not mean that the author’s review has no experience with the product. They may have given their review directly on the site without unique identification, or the product has been offered or paid by someone else.

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Outil compact et bien pratique pour entretenir les rollers.
Ben (France) Used for 1 week or less ✓ Verified purchase What is a “Verified purchase”?

Where review is marked as “Verified purchase” confirmed by Decathlon, this means that we could verify that the client who filed this opinion has purchased the product from us.

We publish testimonials from customers who have purchased and tested products on our site

If a review is not marked as “Verified purchase,” this does not mean that the author’s review has no experience with the product. They may have given their review directly on the site without unique identification, or the product has been offered or paid by someone else.

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Outil de bonne qualité et très pratique pour l entretien des rollers
Marie-christine (France) Used for 1 week or less
Encombrement minimal pour une efficacité optimale
eddy (France) Used for 1 week or less ✓ Verified purchase What is a “Verified purchase”?

Where review is marked as “Verified purchase” confirmed by Decathlon, this means that we could verify that the client who filed this opinion has purchased the product from us.

We publish testimonials from customers who have purchased and tested products on our site

If a review is not marked as “Verified purchase,” this does not mean that the author’s review has no experience with the product. They may have given their review directly on the site without unique identification, or the product has been offered or paid by someone else.

The label “Verified purchase” let’s help you judge the reliability of a review.

petit outil pratique et utile tout en un pour l’usage du roller roller
90,000 Workshop. Hexagons.

Workshop. Hexagons.

9 November 2009

Views: 3274


Each roller, at least once, faced minor technical problems. Either the bearing made a noise, then the buckle broke, then the cafe cracked …
Almost everyone faces the problem of unscrewed or torn axles.For those who are “in the tank” axles are not bushings.

The axle secures the wheel to the frame, the bolt itself. And the bushing is inside the wheel between the bearings.

I would like to talk about hexagons.
For all the time of riding, I have never had to drill out “stuck” axles. This is such a terrible procedure when you need to unscrew the wheel, and the hexagon can no longer cope with this task, since the edges are lapped, or there is nothing to catch on in the axis itself. The procedure is not pleasant. You need a drill and care so as not to damage other parts and yourself naturally.

So, I have never drilled anything on any pair, because I constantly resort to elementary prevention and do not bring things to the point of drilling.

To do this you need:

1) Use good Allen keys, or those that fit your axle. Insert them all the way and only then twist.
2) Do not tighten the axles to the “shop nihto did not unscrew” condition and 2 times a month slightly loosen and tighten again to the normal state.That is, when tightened, there should always be a 1/4 turn margin before fully tightening.

Different models are equipped with different types of axles, which differ in such parameters as length, thickness (6mm or 8mm) and the material from which they are made. The axles can be one-sided (you need one key to unscrew) and double-sided (you need two hexagons to unscrew). As a rule, the axles are made for hex keys, but there are also an asterisk.

Hexagons can be of completely different shapes.Therefore, ideally, have 1 good professional key.

hexagon SALOMON

These keys are usually sold separately and are able to unscrew even a sticky axle. These wrenches feature a robust T-shaped handle and are very versatile, as they allow you to work with both axles and other parts. For example, tighten the frame mounting bolts, or pull the bearing out of the wheel with a special “pick”. Previously, such keys were produced by the SALOMON company, unfortunately they are no longer on sale.Such a key cost 10-15 dollars.

Now there are very similar ones. But the grip is not as strong and often breaks right in the palm of your hand. And the plastic “pick” is not at all “sharpened” for removing the bearing from the wheel seat. In other words, such a key is not worth buying. Powerslide and K2 are available. Sometimes they are equipped with Pro-level models. Although, in principle, for a couple of times, such a key is quite enough.

Powerslide (left)

From the series of mini T-shaped keys, I would like to highlight the keys of the Ultra wheels company that once produced roller skates.These keys can be used as key chains. Very convenient for unscrewing double-sided axles.

Hexagon Ultra Wheels

Ordinary L-shaped hexagons that you always find in boxes when buying casters can also differ in quality. As a rule, by its shape and material.

Such keys may look like this:

L-shaped hexagons

Where the first hexagon (from left to right) is irregular and can ruin the axles very quickly.But the second is the most successful, since it has a longer lever and is better fixed in the axis itself due to the shorter upper part. These keys are used to complete the FILA rollers.

The worst is the fourth. Very short. It is almost impossible for them to twist. Need to insert frequently and the axle gets damaged.

So, as Yu.V. Tymoshenko (Prime Minister of Ukraine) at the opening of Dream Town, “Rosemir is great value!” 🙂

There are also such keys, where on the one hand there is a usual 4mm hexagon, and on the other hand it is smaller for special screws that are used to attach a soulplate or buckle.

L-shaped for buckle

Any other types of keys can also be used. For example, a set of hexagons for a bicycle. But this is not always a good decision, since it is inconvenient to work with such a key.

led a set of keys

I can also advise you to look in hardware stores for a “T-shaped” hexagon for assembling furniture. By the way, with a metal pick. It seems the company “Topex” produces such.

And finally, you can make a key from scrap materials … (Eh! That was the crisis ….:)

Spinning can be no worse than the original SALOMON.

If you have a question regarding the repair, or you have any suspicions of a breakdown, please contact me, I will be glad to help.

Don’t break! 🙂

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Spare parts for roller skates, skateboards, scooters

Is the scooter, skateboard or roller skates broken?

Do not rush to throw them away or buy new ones!

Come to us – we will pick up spare parts and fix them.

You cannot come – send a photo of the breakdown, we have almost all the details and, most likely, we will be able to return your sports equipment to service.

Parts of scooters, skateboards and rollers such as wheels and bearings are more likely to be subject to wear, the so-called consumables. Their timely replacement, as well as control and maintenance, guarantee a long service life of the products. In our store you can always buy wheels and bearings for the most common models of scooters, roller skates and skateboards.Other spare parts available:

  • various mechanism springs,
  • clamps,
  • nuts,
  • bolts,
  • mounts;

from larger nodes:

  • decks,
  • plugs,
  • wings,
  • steering wheels,
  • suspension,
  • fixation elements.

All parts are checked by our service center and meet the manufacturer’s requirements.

If you have doubts about the compatibility of spare parts – our experienced consultants are at your disposal!

Tips for choosing roller skates

So, you finally decided to exchange your cherished savings for a sea of ​​pleasure, wind in your face, a feeling of flight, and bruises on different parts of your body.
Then listen carefully and take notes on the tips for choosing videos.
  • Decide what you need rollers for. If you just skate on the weekend, then you don’t need professional models.You will simply rub off your feet, because their manufacturers sacrifice comfort for the sake of sporting achievements. The rollers are getting too hard.
  • Rollers “for growth” are not accepted. They should fit perfectly with your foot. Each company has its own last – someone counts on a wider leg, someone has a lower rise.
  • Buy special sports socks that will be 1-2 cm higher than the roller boot. Cotton socks get wet too quickly and chafe your feet.
  • Don’t delay buying protection. The minimum set from “Sports Collection” (knees and wrists) will cost you $ 20. If you want to do tricks, then you need more serious protection.
  • Never let your skates roll. Some rollers – some legs. For all firms, the boot takes the exact shape of the leg (for this, “thermoforming” is used, or gel fillers inside the boot). And if you lose the tightness of your leg, you will feel worse on the asphalt, the transmission of motion to the roller will slow down.In addition, other users can “kill” your skates, rolling through dust, puddles, sand.
  • The best way to try on the video is as follows. Place the roller on the rear wheel and press firmly on it so that the heel is completely rested. Then lace it up and close the clips. Then place the roller on the toe (on the front wheel) and push it down. If the heel stays in place and does not “move”, then this model is the right size for you.
  • Ask the seller to show you how the rollers are fastened correctly, because sometimes you cannot immediately figure out how the fasteners and clips of the skates work, what should be on top and what is refueled inside.Regardless of the type of fastener (clips or laces), the shoes in the rollers should be tightened quite tightly, but so that it does not squeeze the foot. When buying rollers for AGGRESSIVE, boots must be half a size larger than usual – when landing, the foot “flattens” a little, so there must be free space in front.
  • Note the letters and numbers on the wheels. On any wheel there are two digits (this option “78 / 80A” is possible). The first number indicates the diameter of the wheel, and the second indicates the stiffness…. Those who had a bicycle in childhood know that the larger the wheel, the higher the speed. The vast majority of FITNESS skates have a stiffness ranging from 76A to 84A. One myth is connected with the softness of the wheels: “the softer the wheel, the faster it will wear off”. This is nonsense, the wheels are erased the same way. But to ride on soft wheels is much more comfortable, because it “takes over” small stones and cracks in uneven asphalt. The optimum wheel rigidity for fitness is 80A-82A.
  • The bearings also have letters.ABEC (American Bearing Engineering Council) stands for the western quality standard for bearing manufacturing. The higher the number next to this abbreviation (1,3,5,7), the easier the torsion of the bearings will be and, accordingly, the higher the speed.
  • When buying, you should also take a ride around the store and feel whether this pair is right for you or not. Ask the seller to help you. If you feel that somewhere in the boot you are under pressure, and you feel uncomfortable, do not hesitate, take another pair.
  • If you have a lot of ice skating experience, we recommend purchasing more advanced skates than the entry level skates.

And some more useful information: Always take an adhesive plaster with you, believe me, there is always a place that can be covered with them. Take hydrogen peroxide just in case. Remember, the one who does not ride does not fall.

The most important advice. When buying your first videos, do not assume that they will be perfect.Only after “skating” for some time, you can understand what you ultimately want from the videos. Therefore, do not take the most expensive and sophisticated ones as the first videos.

Inline Skate Care
The slogan “You love to skate, love and skate” does not work with roller skates. Skates need to be looked after! Most of all, the running gear of the rollers needs maintenance – bearings and wheels. We will begin our story with them.

It’s easy enough to understand that something is wrong with bearings.They will make noise and pop. You should not despair, there is always a way out. Sometimes it is enough to remove the bearings, clean them and, after having lubricated them, put them back in place. There is one caveat in using grease. It is not recommended to use liquid oils, as they quickly flow out, and the bearing will lose its original properties without lubrication. A good option is to use the Sport Collection lubricant. It is not so liquid, and gives a good roll of the rollers. Of course, you can buy waterproof bearings, but this is more for extreme sportsmen who like to ride in the rain.No special skills are required to remove the bearings. Remember just one thing: do not apply lubricant to a damp surface. Give the parts time to dry. It is also very important to put the bearing correctly in place and to secure it correctly: not too tight, but at the same time not too loose. These round creatures have an unpleasant property to grind. There is nothing wrong with that, all good things come to an end sometime (unless, of course, you immediately bought good videos). Either way, just rearrange the wheels, this simple operation will extend the life of the wheels.All maneuvers for rearranging the wheels in the skate frame are carried out using special tools or using a hexagon socket wrench with a hexagon size of 4 mm. Replacement scheme: wheel # 1 of the left roller changes with wheel # 3 of the right roller, wheel # 2 of the left roller changes to wheel # 4 of the right roller, and therefore wheel # 1 of the right roller changes to wheel # 3 of the left roller, etc. or a boot, whichever you prefer, needs to be washed from time to time. Not that it was a mandatory procedure, but it won’t get any worse.You can only wash it with your hands with lukewarm water. Whether you rub with your toothbrush or nylon sponge is not that important. Just remember to use as little water as possible when washing. Another not unimportant point. Today’s boots, as a rule, have the technology of “remembering the shape of the leg”, so try not to break it. And remember to remove the wheels and bearings before “bathing” the rollers. Do you have to lift the toe too high to achieve a complete stop? This means that the brake (standard brake) has worn out.If this part of the skate wears out, just replace it. A child can cope with a brake change. Remove the bolt, replace the brake rubber and fix it.

One last tip – the best experience is your own. And the best way to experience roller sport from the inside is to join it.

How to choose the right roller skates

Initially for yourself:
1. You need to decide what style the person will be skating in: aggressive (jumps, tricks) or leisure / fitness (regular skating).
2. Directly choose a model, first of all, paying attention to the following 4 parameters: boot, frame, wheels, bearings.

In general terms, entry-level and mid-range models use cheaper materials, fewer technologies, wheels and bearings of other parameters. All this does not affect the comfort. But since a person does not subject roller skates to heavy loads, this is enough for normal long-term use.

If a person intends to progress and ride powerfully, in a sporty way in the future, then it makes sense to purchase rollers of a higher level that have technologies for adjusting the boot to a person’s foot (thermoforming), frames with a more accurate and quick reaction, again wheels and bearings certain parameters.

The main rule when buying roller skates is personal fitting and fitting again. Even if you have already tried something, rented skates, formed your addictions to this or that model, be sure to try again, without haste, with due attention to every little thing. Remember the main thing: if your feet are not comfortable and easy, you will never get pleasure from riding.

It is absolutely necessary to try on roller skates in the socks in which you are going to skate.And if your hand does not rise even before buying skates to buy special “roller” socks, choose terry cotton socks. No wool or synthetics.

Sit back and pull on your socks. Wear skates that you like and that are the right size. (see “How to choose the right size of roller skates”) Now you need to carefully and carefully lace up and fasten everything. There may be more or less retainers, but each one needs to give a little of your attention. Take a closer look at the design: is it comfortable, will it withstand repeated use? As a result, is the boot firmly fixed on the foot?

Be sure to try to get up in rollers, if the area of ​​the store allows, ride a couple of steps.If at the same time the heel begins to move freely up and down, it is possible that you have not tightened the heel strap enough. Or it’s not boots at all under your feet. Not scary. In the modern variety of models, there is sure to be something more suitable for you. In any case, a long fitting and selection is much more pleasant than the process of treating worn legs and sprained ligaments.

Only after you make sure that your legs feel comfortable, the rollers sit tight, do not dangle, but do not pinch your legs, feel free to pay for your purchase.

Your size: Feeling in a properly fitted boot – put your heel on the roller so that it clearly goes back into the heel of the boot. Lace up and fasten the clip on the casters. Sit like this for 15 minutes – let your leg get used to it a little. Now bend forward a little to simulate a rolling pose. The anatomy of the human foot is such that, under load, the toes move slightly forward. In addition, the leg is slightly steamed when skating, so in a shoe of your size, there should be some distance in front of the toes in the boot – but not more than 1 cm.

Beat Roller Skates Review

The fashion for 3-wheel skates has not bypassed Micro, and having pampered skaters last season with cute Fire frames, this season the manufacturer decided to offer ready-made solutions, 3 at once, in different price categories, and for skaters with different levels of training.
2 models (MT3 and D3LTA) are assembled on the basis of boots already familiar to rollers: FSK-shnyh MT-Plus and slalom Delta F, with the replacement of the running gear, but the constructors and designers of the company decided to pay more attention to the third model, probably inspired by ideas ” urban “shoe, peeped from colleagues and business competitors.

The videos are called Beat.

As a whole, the new boot looks elegant and rather compact, especially for the model with a removable liner, because if you look closely, you can easily see that the boot from the SR model is taken as a basis, but they thoroughly worked on it, leaving only the “power” part of the original – the plastic one the bottom of the boot and the cafe. The plastic protection of the toe, the removable slider, the Velcro on the toe, the heel buckle have disappeared, the fixation system has become classic, like on fitness rollers: lacing, heel velcro, and a buckle in a cafe.The overboot is now made not of synthetic leather, but completely leatherette, which, on the one hand, makes it easier to care for the rollers (easier to wash), and on the other, it completely deprives it of even passive ventilation and the ability to remove moisture from the boot.
Yes, the plastic on the rollers has become less, but some protection has been provided, for example, a corrugated rubber bumper is sewn across the entire front part of the boot from the sides to the toe, which can protect the rollers in case of accidental contact with urban terrain such as curbs, steps, and possibly even with falls:

At the same time, other elements emphasize that the rollers are not intended for extreme use, for example, the heel strap is sewn to the boot, that is, its easy replacement is not provided:

The lacing is high, goes from the shell to the top of the liner, the laces are standard “Sebovskie”, wide and reliable, do not stretch.The top buckle is the same as on SR and FR1, with a metal lever, a “PULL” -type latch (to open it, pull it back, not push it). The buckle and latch are fixed to the cafe with screws:

However, this useful detail went to the Beats along with the SR cafe, as well as the 4-position “Sebovsky” eccentric fixing it, which allows you to adjust the position and / or inclination of the cafe. Kaf has a large and easy forward movement, no details of the shell prevent him from bending over:

From the inside, the shell is completely sheathed with a strong synthetic fabric that hides the cafe nuts, the frame attachment area, and protects the liner from friction against them, and the large mesh texture of the fabric helps the liner to adhere more tightly to the shell and not crawl:

The inner Beat seems to have been developed specifically for this model – the top of its rear part clearly shows that despite the “slalom” V-cut cafe, these are walking rollers, and are not intended for any toy elements, and certainly do not take into account the anatomical structure of women legs – the back of the felt boot is high, its edge is hard and straight:

Since there is no ventilation in the shell, the liner is sewn from windproof materials, the only exception is the tongue, it blows through the lacing perfectly, and apparently nothing would interfere with this, the tongue does not have any tight insert inside that distributes pressure from the lacing or heel belt.
The entire rear part of the felt boot is very dense, even rigid, from the outside, with the exception of the lacing eyelets, it is trimmed with velor, and a stretching elastic element is sewn into the heel. From the ankles forward, the sidewall material becomes softer and very thin, literally a couple of millimeters. The edges of the sidewalls and the top of the felt boot are trimmed with piping, and I will still remember about it:

The sole is thin, not glued, the seams are not protected, so walking like in shoes in a felt boot will not work. The toe is sewn from the sides and bottom of the elastic stretch material (like in the heel), and this allows it to adapt to the size and width of the wearer’s foot.
The size was done in an original way – it is not fixed in Beat, but is presented as a range, for example, 39-40 or 41-42, etc .:

Thus, with 5 sizes, the manufacturer covers almost the entire adult size range:

  • XS: 35-36
  • S: 37-38
  • M: 39-40
  • L: 41-42
  • XL: 43-44

A removable foam anti-shock is attached under the heel of the felt boot with Velcro, and inside the boot there is a simple foam anatomical insole of medium thickness (6mm under the heel and 3mm under the toes):

From the inside, the lining of the felt boot also looks like velor, it is pleasant to the touch, and in the area of ​​the Achilles tendon, behind the ankles, under the lining of the sides, there are soft anatomical inserts, judging by the location – to improve fixation of the heel:

As in the Micro SR, the Beat outsole has 2 metal pads for attaching the frame, although they do not have 7 holes, but only 3 holes.The thread is cut in all holes, it is inch, for “Sebov” screws 5/16 “. Screws with a 3/16” hexagon hole (red key). The front deck has wheel recesses. The breakdown of the boot is universal – 130-195mm with a standard pitch of 15mm:

The undercarriage is presented in 2 versions: rollers of sizes up to and including 40 are equipped with a frame 235mm long with wheels 3x100mm, and starting from size 41 and larger they are supplied with a frame of 243mm and wheels 3x110mm.
The frames are stylized under the letter / \ / \, they look simple, but they are made with high quality and neat, extruded, from 6000 series aluminum, with bridges, the thickness of the walls and mounting pads is 3mm. One-piece steel axles 8mm (standard “sebovskie”), 4mm hexagon (black key), the key hole is deep. Bearing protrusions are neat, milled, round (will not rub, scratch or tear anthers). Breakdown of frames 150-180mm, with the ability to shift sideways:

The only characteristic printed on the wheels is their diameter.On the manufacturer’s website, no additional information could be found, and outwardly the wheels look exactly like Street Kings from FR Skates. The hub diameter of 110 wheels is 70mm, so there is a lot of “meat” – 20mm. Bearings – unnamed 608ZZ, conditionally maintenance-free (anthers pressed in), high accuracy class (ABEC9), lubricated with gel grease. Turned aluminum bushings:

Some data on weight (boot size 41-42):

– compared to the Micro SR, the Beat boot has “lost” more than 150 grams – the size 40 SR buds weigh 1050 grams.

Unfortunately, I could not test the new thing in business – the shoe did not fit. It turned out to be normal in length and width, but when the laces and heel strap were tightened, it painfully pressed the sides in the lacing area. I checked everything, and whether the “wings” on the sides of the tongue were jammed, and even tried to completely remove the laces (there was a version that they crumple and press from below, coming out of the eyelet holes), but in the end, the reason turned out to be the edged edges of the boots’ sidewalls under the lacing. Perhaps the owners of a lower rise will not encounter this trouble, nevertheless, when trying on, I advise everyone to pay attention to the sensations under the eyelets.
The rest of the fitting did not reveal any obvious inconveniences, the protrusions fixing the heel fell into place, the harsh material of the felt boot in the ankle area did not press into the knuckles (although I expected the opposite), the thin shin in the cafe predictably felt free, since the felt boot was not plump.

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