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What are girls favorite flowers? This data is based off of one years worth of the most recent online flower orders. We separated each of the flower types into sections based off of what kind of flower was predominantly used in flower bouquets. We also used bouquets including only a specific type of flower for our women’s favorite flowers list. See below for our Send Flowers USA flower statistics and the best flowers to send a girl.

Flowers for Girlfriends, Wives and More

We speak with shoppers of every age and demographic who want to order flowers.

We know some of you have a hard time picking the perfect flowers for girlfriend, a wife or daughter, simply because of the amount available to choose from. That’s why we wanted to create this women’s top 10 favorite flowers list. Her favorite flower is easier to pick than you may think. Use this help guide to learn the best flowers to give a girl before you surprise her. When you know the data and static findings for what kind of flowers to get a girl, you can order with confidence.

What Flowers to Get a Girl

1. Pink Roses Photo courtesy of Creative Commons/Flickr/thomashawk

Pink Rose Lily Bouquet


Love Rose Bouquet


What A Treat Pink Roses


So what are the best flowers to get a girl? You may be surprised to find that the best flowers for girlfriends, wives, and other women in your life are pink, not red. For the best flowers to give to a girl, apparently pink roses are the optimal choice according to numerous buyers. For flowers girls love, a pink rose is the clear winner. Most women chose to order bright pink roses or light pink roses for flower delivery, no matter the location. The particular hue of pink didn’t seem to matter. While pink long stem roses delivery was favored, women also showed an almost equal love of mixed pink rose bouquets. If you want a premium bouquet then opt for 12 dozen long stem roses delivery, but if that’s a bit pricy for you, then go ahead and order a beautiful and inexpensive mixed bouquet with pink roses. Statistically speaking, in her eyes, they are equivalent. Number one at the most popular flowers to give a girl or woman in your life, are pink rose bouquets. If you feel overwhelmed asking yourself

what flowers should I get my girlfriend, just go with pink roses. So what are the other best flower types?

2. Red Roses

Red Romance Rose Bouquet


One Dozen Long Stem Red Roses


Full Of Love Bouquet


While no one was surprised to see red roses on our top 10 flowers to give a girl list, we were surprised to find that it ranked number two. Obviously holding at the second position of women’s favorite flowers to order, it’s not exactly in a shabby spot, but we were surprised that it wasn’t number one. When we first think of types of flowers to give her, a red rose immediately springs to mind. For a truly romantic rose delivery, red roses are definitely the most romantic flower. The pricing varies widely from premium rose bouquets to the cheapest rose bouquet delivery. In fact, the numbers were so spread out, that we really can’t say that a single rose delivery isn’t favored over a 24 long stem rose delivery. What we can see are that people purchasing anniversary roses tend to buy large rose bouquets, whereas numerous other rose deliveries range from single roses to various red rose mixed bouquets. The roses’ beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The only statement we can make without any doubt, is that it ranks number two on the popular flowers for girls scale.

3. Sunflowers Photo courtesy of Creative Commons/Flickr/skyseeker

Fall Garden Sunflower Arrangement


So Jaded Sunflower Bouquet


Sunny Sunflower Bouquet


For the best flowers for a girl, send sunflowers. There were many online flower orders for sunflower arrangements. For flowers girls like, don’t shy away from sending big sunflowers. The most ordered sunflower arrangements featured mostly just sunflowers, but mixed sunflower bouquets were ordered too. The ones you see here are examples of women’s preferred flowers, if you choose to order sunflowers online. They mostly feature large sunflowers and have some kind of filler flower to set the floral centerpiece’s mood. For example the bouquet of sunflowers on the right would look great in an office and the other two sunflower centerpieces would be great as flowers for a girlfriend or flowers for mom. On our what flowers do girls like list, sunflowers secured a very solid position at the third most requested flower for her. They’re such great flowers to give to girlfriend, wife or your mother. Happy, cheery and solid, the ladies love sunflower arrangements.

4. Daisies Photo courtesy of Creative Commons/Flickr/ArturoLee

West Wishes Daisy Bouquet


Pastel Daisies Bouquet


15 Fall Gerbera Daisy Bouquet


Bouquets of daisies are a very popular flower choice for girls.

For an affordable and quaint arrangement, they’re great types of flowers to buy for a girl of any age. Don’t ask us what color of daisies are the best from these popular favorite flowers though. There were too many daisy bouquets to make a definitive decision, and all these daisy arrangements were ordered equally. Pink, lavender, yellow, and white daisies are our office flower favorites, but as far as what color daisies are most popular? It’s hard to tell with our current statistics about flowers which are better. If you’re wondering what flowers to get your girlfriend or wife from the daisy section, pick what you like, or her favorite color. If we had to pick one from our online flower delivery statistics, traditional white daisies barely slide by in first. If you want to send someone daisies, you could opt for a mixed daisy bouquet with multiple colors or a traditional white daisy bouquet.

5. White Lilies Photo courtesy of Creative Commons/Flickr/Muffet

Winter Wonderland Rose Bouquet


Dinner Date White Lily Bouquet


Special Day Lily Bouquet


The white lily is such a beautiful flower.

We could joke that it’s hard to tell because of its popular icon Ella Fitzgerald putting a lily in her hair, but we think it’s just because it’s one of the most beautiful flowers. Though maybe one of the more common favorite flowers, it rests easy in position number five as one of the best flowers to give a woman. White lilies are also a favorite thank you flowers delivery amongst women. This regal white flower is one of the best flowers to buy a girl of any age, and for good reason. Women and young ladies of all ages order these white lilies online for delivery as thank you flowers, flowers for husbands, and even as flowers for mother in law. Whether it’s a white lily bouquet or a calla lily bouquet, you can’t seem to lose with this one. Women order these type of flowers, a lot.

6. Plant Delivery Photo courtesy of Creative Commons/Flickr/ArturoLee

Classic Plant Garden


Favorite Comfort Planter


Indoor Palm Plant


If you’re thinking of sending a girl flowers, don’t overlook plant delivery online. Some favorite flowers were plant deliveries, especially

green plant delivery. While we weren’t surprised to find popular plant deliveries on the list, we were surprised that women predominantly picked lush green plants. When we consider what flowers to buy a girl, even if we consider a plant, we would probably recommend a blooming version with flowers. These are called flowering plants, but women aren’t picking them. Online green plants are sent as flowers for men and flowers for women equally. If you want to send a girlfriend flowers, and she has a green thumb for growing things, choose from popular green plants instead. If you’re really determined to send flowers, but want to send your girlfriend a plant that will live longer, choose a rose bush delivery or pink hydrangea planter. House delivery plants are full of lush greens and flowers. Were you surprised to find that some women’s favorite types of flowers are actually plants? We were too.

7. Tulips

Blushing Tulips Bouquet


Pink Tulips & Rose Bouquet


Treasured Tulips Bouquet


Our online florists were so happy to see tulip delivery make the top 10 best flowers list. We weren’t able to decipher a favorite tulip color because it looks like floral customers just switch over their color tastes when the season changes. Depending on the season, tulips will be available in different colors. Girls love tulips, and the tulip bouquet delivery requests don’t stop. We would recommend for tulips online, that you order whatever the seasonal tulips are that are offered. That way you’ll get freshly cut flowers delivered and the best quality tulips a florist has available. If you’re determined to pick a girls favorite color tulip, then based off of our data, we would have to say pink or yellows tulips. It’s also pretty easy to find mixed tulip bouquets featuring both light pink tulips and canary yellow tulips together. Most shops will carry these mixed versions because, once again based off the shopping data, they’re very popular. At number seven on our what kind of flowers do girls like list, tulips have secured their spot in the sunlight.

8. Yellow Lilies

Bursts Of Joy Yellow Lily Bouquet


Yellow & Pink Lilies Orb


Lily Happy Birthday Bouquet


Classic white lilies may be more prized, but yellow lilies made the top 10 best flowers for girls list too. These beautiful yellow flowers are frequently requested in rose and lily bouquet orders. You know also that traditional white daisies made the list, so are you surprised to see these flowers featured here with bright yellow lilies? Probably not. Very few people order a bouquet of only yellow lily. Shoppers will order a white lily bouquet frequently, but these colorful yellow blooms are always ordered in mixed bouquets, typically with mixed rose bouquets. Women who love color, love these mixed yellow lily bouquets because they’re a great color blocking flower. For example the above bouquet with pink roses and purple flowers is a beautiful color block bouquet of vivid hues and saturated color. These are flowers to give a girl who loves color and prints. At number eight, these are the best types of flowers for the lady living life in full color. Send these beautiful flowers for a beautiful lady in your life.

9. Purple Roses Photo courtesy of Creative Commons/Flickr/thomashawk

Loving Lavender Wishes Bouquet


Lavish Purple Roses Bouquet


Color Your Day Bouquet


These purple roses made the top 10 best flowers for ladies list easily. This are great flowers for a girl you like too! Not quite traditional, surprising, and still lovely, she will love them. Purple flowers and lavender roses became very popular within the last two years. Flower orders for purple rose bouquets have been steadily increasing too. Some of the best kinds of flowers to give a girl, in a few more months we believe purple flower deliveries will sky rocket. If you like lilac roses yourself, but you’re timid about ordering flowers for her, consider the purple rose delivery with white lilies. A purple roses and white lily bouquet will feature two of the best online flowers from our top 10 list. She’s bound to enjoy them, flower purchasing statistics say so!

10. Teddy Bear Bouquets

Big Hug Bear Bouquet


Send A Hug Bear Your Heart Bouquet


Hugging Bear Delivery


Ranking 10th on our best selling flowers list for girls are teddy bears and flowers. We did consider not leaving out flowers and teddy bear delivery, but since it does technically get ordered more than the next best selling flower type, we thought we should leave it in. Women order teddy bears online for everyone from their mothers, sisters, boyfriends, and friends. They like teddy bear delivery, and it doesn’t seem to matter if it’s a small plush teddy bear or a big cuddly teddy bear, they like them all. Their favorite options are the long stem roses with teddy bear and purple flowers with teddy bears. These same day teddy bear delivery options do well every year While there are some other options for sending flowers and plush animals like dogs and cats, the teddy bears delivered always win the majority vote.

Bookmark this page and never worry about what types of flowers girls like again. Of course a girls favorite flower bouquet will be anything she receives from someone who loves her, but that goes without saying. Send flowers in bouquets of their top favorite flowers today with same day flower delivery from Send Flowers USA. Use our free flower delivery code.

    Free Flower Delivery Shipping Coupon Code: DELVFREE    

Best Flowers to Give a Girl



The best flowers to give to a girl are flowers that tell your girl exactly how you feel. Whether you want to express love, friendship or even help say “I’m sorry,” these flower varieties are some of the most romantic and the most popular blooms you can give her. These flower varieties are some of the most romantic and the most popular flowers you can give her.

Many factors must be considered before making your flower selection. Knowing the symbolism and connotation of each flower and its colors can help you choose the best bouquet for your girl. It also helps to know her likes and dislikes when it comes to flowers.

Back in the Victorian days, flowers were meant as a way to communicate a romantic language, with each flower having its own meaning, especially roses. You can never go wrong with roses, which are the flower symbol for love. Even in platonic situations yellow roses, which mean friendship, are still a great way to show her how much she means to you.

Tulips also signify love, as well as protection, while lilies and lilacs represent beauty.  In terms of popularity, carnations are at the top of the list (and easier on the wallet) compared to other varieties of flowers. Sunflowers, though not a traditional choice, can also brighten your girl’s day as they express adoration and loyalty.

On the more rare side of the spectrum, orchids stand for love, beauty, and seduction, but come with a sense of seriousness reserved for more developed relationships. Plus, they can cost a pretty penny.

Also, determine what type of arrangement to give her. This goes back to ensuring you know what flowers she likes and dislikes. Will it be a dozen red roses? How about two dozen tulips? Or, will you go for variety and get her an assortment of carnations, daisies, and more. 

Whichever flowers you decide to buy for your girl, make sure it is a surprise. Giving her flowers out of the blue is sure to score you points. For an extra special touch, add one of these love quotes on the card and you’ll go from Frankenstein to Frankenfine!

If you’re trying to impress a girl, sending flowers for an occasion or just letting her know you care, seek these flowers first before all the rest.



Dating & Flowers Guide – When to Buy Flowers

Many different flowers have romantic connotations, from roses to forget-me-nots. When you are in love or falling in love, few gifts seem quite as appropriate as flowers to express how you feel. But what is the etiquette behind dating and flowers? When should you give flowers? Which flowers should you give? What flower colors are best to convey what you are thinking? Read on to find the answers!


The answer to this question will vary depending on the couple and the date. Sometimes, picking your sweetheart up at the door for the first date with a bouquet in hand is a tender gesture that makes things special. On other occasions, it might come across as too formal or old-fashioned.

So which is it for you? You need to think about your relationship to find the answer. If you have known each other for a while or hung out a few times, but are just now going on an actual “first date,” flowers might be appropriate. If you met someone recently and asked them out — or if you are going on a blind date — you might want to hold the flowers for a date or two to avoid coming on too strong.

You should also consider the occasion’s formality. If you’ve planned a fancy dinner date, flowers match the cinematic romance of the situation. If you are doing something casual like meeting for coffee, flowers might feel a bit too over the top.

To let the other person know how much you care for them and advance your relationship development, plan to bring flowers on an early date. For casual or less well-acquainted couples, the third date is the perfect time to spring the bouquet surprise.








The tradition of gifting flowers to someone you’re dating has stood the test of time. Flowers send an affectionate, appreciative message to someone you care about.

Here are some reasons to buy a date flowers.

1. To Express Interest

Sending flowers to someone you’re dating conveys your interest in the relationship you’re building. Beautiful bouquets are a well-known sign of love or passion for the receiver, especially someone you’ve been dating.

2. Make a Good Impression

If you’re newly dating someone, you’ll want to put your best foot forward. Sending flowers to someone you enjoy getting to know and spend time with is an excellent way to make a good impression. You’re still establishing a connection and learning everything about this person, so presenting your best self can help show your interest as your connection deepens.

3. Gifting Flowers as Tradition

Sending flowers to someone special on specific holidays, like birthdays and Valentine’s Day, is a tradition many people enjoy. If you know one of these occasions is coming up, make sure you order and send flowers in time for them to arrive.

4. Make Them Smile

If you know the person you’re dating had a bad day or has been busy at work all week, send them flowers to cheer them up. Flowers are the perfect gift that will put a smile on anyone’s face.

5. Just Because

You don’t need a specific reason to send flowers to someone you care about. If you find a lovely bouquet at the store or see one online that you think the person you’re dating would enjoy, send them a “just-because” gift.


Dates aren’t the only time you should consider giving flowers to your new flame. You might get more mileage out of sending flowers to your significant other’s home or workplace as a surprise. Birthdays, anniversaries, and Valentine’s Day are all obvious reasons to send or give flowers, but you might want to send flowers out of the blue after a few weeks or months of dating. Sending flowers on a whim can mean even more than sending them for a specific occasion, and can add a dash of surprise and romance to your relationship.

If you and your significant other get in a fight, you might also send a bouquet to apologize. However, don’t only show up with flowers after unhappy times. When used exclusively for apologies, flowers can start to seem more like a crutch than a romantic gesture. Giving a bouquet after a big blowout might help smooth things over, but try to keep your flower-giving habits linked to joyous occasions.









The wonderful thing about flowers is each type carries a different meaning and looks uniquely beautiful. If you’re searching for the perfect flower to give to your date, you have a large selection to choose from. You’ll find plenty of flowers to be a lovely date gift and put a smile on your date’s face.

Buying flowers is simple when you know which types are perfect for the occasion. Consider gifting one of these types of flowers when you go on a date.

  • Roses: A red rose is a staple gift if you’re looking to send a message of love and romance. If you’ve been on a few dates and want to show how much you care about this person, roses are an excellent option.
  • Orchids: Orchids will last a long time. These flowers are elegant and express love and beauty.
  • Lilies: You can find lilies in various colors and gift a vibrant bouquet to your date.
  • Tulips: A lovely alternative to a bouquet of roses is a bouquet of tulips. These springtime flowers are romantic and come in various colors.


The answer to this question depends a bit on the type of flower you are buying. For instance, red and pink roses symbolize romance. Red tulips also signify love, but tulips are symbols of “perfect love” regardless of their color. If you want to dig into color and symbolism, do some Googling to find out what particular flowers represent. Alternatively, learn your significant other’s favorite color and flower, then theme your bouquets accordingly.

Need help finding the right bouquet — whether for a first date or a special occasion? Call Ode à la Rose at (646) 660-5281 for assistance from our floral experts.


What the Flowers You Give Your Girlfriend Say About Your Relationship

Finding the perfect birthday gift for your girlfriend can be challenging, especially when you’re trying to impress her. You might consider spending a lot of money to buy her expensive jewelry or any other elaborate birthday present. However, in reality, most women adore any gift from their boyfriend that is sincere and heartfelt.

Every girlfriend in the world wishes to have a boyfriend that woos her with her favorite bouquet of flowers. Gifting flowers to your beloved is a simple gesture that is guaranteed to please and make her feel overwhelmed with love and affection.

So guys, if your girlfriend’s birthday is on the way, don’t miss the opportunity to impress her. Simply pick the right flower for the special occasion and write something special in the card.

She’s The One

If you think you’ve finally found “The One” you would want to spend your entire life with, then red roses would make the perfect birthday gift for her.

Red roses symbolizes eternal love and will surely leave a lasting impression on her. Plus, looking at these flowers promote relaxation.

You can also try sending her dahlias. These flowers proclaim that you are hers forever. Violets are also a great option as they symbolize faithfulness.

Say “I Love You”

If it’s too soon for you to know whether you’ll tie a knot in the future, simply let her know how much you love her. Gift her red tulips on her birthday to say “I Love You” in a simple yet bold way.

Red carnations can be gifted to express your friendship and love, too. Orchids, on the other hand, can be gifted to let her know that she’s beautiful and you truly love her.

A Budding Relationship

Gifting purple lilacs on her birthday reflect that a couple is just beginning to feel the first blush of love. They offer an intoxicating fragrance that is sure to please.

You can also gift yellow irises to indicate your feelings of passion. In case, you’re not yet ready to declare your feelings of love, then a safer bet would be to gift gardenias.

An Uncommitted Relationship

If your relationship has not progressed to exclusivity, then avoid gifting red roses or other flowers that are symbolic of fidelity. Opt for flowers such as pink roses to let her know she sparks your desire. Similarly, white orange lilies can be gifted to demonstrate your passion for her.

More Than Happy Birthday

You can also consider gifting other birthday flower options, such as those which are symbolic of each month. If you know her favorite flowers, then surprise her with a fresh bloom in a big bouquet along with a message to let her know how much you love her.

See Also: Top 6 Reasons to Buy Her Flowers, and What Every Man Should Know

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Author: Adam Jackson

Professional florist, and not only sells flowers for decoration, but also for the healing powers they have.

12 Best Flowers for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time of year to show the person you love how much you care. And, while you might use small gestures here and there throughout the rest of the year to tell them how you feel, Valentine’s Day is the one day you can go all out.

But if you’re clueless about bouquets, we’re here to help. These delightful and fragrant floral arrangements sure to put a smile on your Valentine’s face this year.

Long-Stemmed Roses

Getty Images

Buy Now $119.99

If you’re planning on sending flowers to a friend, try yellow roses, which symbolize friendship. For something a little more romantic, put together a bouquet of long-stemmed red roses, which express passionate love to your Valentine. For an extra touch, mix red with pink roses, which represent poetic love and admiration, according to ProFlowers.com.

Purple Orchids

Getty Images

SHOP NOW $49. 99

When you’re looking for flowers to give your loved one, roses are probably the first to come to mind. But they aren’t the only flower that symbolizes love. Delicate, exotic, and gorgeous, the orchid is a plant that represents luxury, delicate beauty, and strength. Purple orchids are an elegant and universal flower that carry a lot of emotional weight and represent delicate beauty. There’s no better gift to show that special someone how much they mean to you.


Courtesy Bouqs


Show your sweetheart how much you care with an arrangement of beautiful sunflowers. While they aren’t your typical romantic flowers, sunflowers are cheerful and uplifting. According to Teleflora.com, the wide, open faces of these yellow flowers symbolize the sun, happiness, adoration, and longevity, making an arrangement of these more romantic than you think. You can even get red sunflowers.

Stargazer Lilies

Getty Images

SHOP NOW $64. 99

Looking to celebrate your Valentine in an extra special way this year? Stargazer lilies can be used to honor the ambition of your loved one. For a more elevated look, try pairing the lilies with roses to make them feel like royalty. Similarly, tiger lilies are extra romantic because they symbolize passion.

Pink Tulips



A brilliant bouquet of pink tulips is the perfect gift to give to your true love. While every color of tulip has a different meaning, pink ones are adorable and filled with care and affection. They are an adorable way to express your love for your special someone.


Getty Images

SHOP NOW $49.99

Also known as the first wedding anniversary flower, the carnation is a popular and fragrant flower often given at weddings and on Mother’s Day. But this gorgeous floral arrangement is for more than just your mom. Depending on the colors you choose, a bouquet of carnations can represent purity and good luck (white), admiration (light red), as well as deep love and admiration (dark red), according to Teleflora.com.


Getty Images


A symbol of devotion and friendship, the alstroemeria flower is a relative of the lily and possesses and subtle scent that your loved one will adore. Also known as the Peruvian lily, these beautiful flowers come in a wide variety of colors—including white, lavender, apricot, and yellow—and arrangements. Pair them with pink roses to express your love or order a bouquet of these gorgeous flowers all on their own.

White Daisies

Tim GrahamGetty Images

SHOP NOW $33.24

If your Valentine is someone who is cheerful, bright, and always puts a smile on your face, return the favor with a bouquet of yellow and white daisies. Although it is one of the most common flowers and often seen as simple, the daisy is a flower that represents innocence, happiness, and friendship. Give one of these brilliant bouquets to your significant other or to a friend to brighten their day.


Getty Images

SHOP NOW $59.99

Better known as mums, the chrysanthemum flower is a symbol of optimism and joy. The white chrysanthemum, in particular, often represents perfection, which is the perfect compliment to give your Valentine. Complete with beautiful, thin petals, mums hold heavy sentiment, expressing the desire to share (red) and even representing that someone has a secret admirer (yellow). Choose your colors carefully and your loved one will be overwhelmed by the beauty of this flower arrangement on Valentine’s Day.

Calla Lilies

FloortjeGetty Images

SHOP NOW $49.00

The chic and understated calla lily is a simple and modern choice for a bouquet—whether on Valentine’s Day or otherwise. With their unique and slender shape, they will catch the eye of any onlooker and and sophistication to any setting. Consider it the perfect compliment to pay to your beloved.



SHOP NOW $115.00

The anemone is a bright and peppy floral is not a traditional Valentine’s Day choice, but it’s certainly fresh. The plant is known to symbolize protection, and is a great way to subtly tell your loved one that you care. Peppy, delicate and unexpected, the subliminal messages will let them know that you think they are one of a kind.


Stefania D’AlessandroGetty Images

SHOP NOW $54.00

Known as an upscale flower that dazzles, ranunculus are a luxurious choice for your special someone. The bright, eye-catching flower represents attractiveness and charm and is a perfect way to tell someone they’ve caught your attention. Ranunculus are perfect for the person who lights up a room, since these flowers do the same.

Silk Flowers

If your special someone is allergic to flowers, don’t fret. Silk flowers can be used as a replacement in almost any floral arrangement, allowing you to deliver all the beauty and sentiment of real flowers without any of the sneezing.

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7 Romantic Flowers Other Than Roses To Impress Your Love

Red roses are the perfect Valentine’s Day flowers that go hand-in-hand as they are the best way to express love to your beloved on this special occasion. But isn’t it a little monotonous to give your valentine roses every year? If yes, red roses can definitely dull your game this year. To keep your love as fresh as the flowers you give to your valentine, this year say it differently with some unique and amazing flowers that are also a symbol of undying love and emotions and express the purest of sentiments on this special day. From purple orchids to bright yellow sunflowers, every flower expresses a different emotion, and it is important that you choose the perfect coloured flower to express your love. Ditch the typical red roses this Valentine’s day and consider these 10 romantic flowers as a love token for you beloved.


You can never go wrong with tulips on Valentine’s Day. These gorgeous red flowers hint at fantasy and are known to be aphrodisiacs. The best pick for sensitive individuals, these flowers will rhyme completely with your emotional girl. So, go ahead with these beautiful bunch of stunning tulips and impress your partner with your great taste.


Bright red or pink Geraniums make a great alternative to roses on Valentine’s Day and will surely bring a smile on your beloved’s face. Symbolizing a fresh start to your relationship, these vibrant and beautiful flowers say all about love. Impress your girl with these bright coloured flowers and make her Valentine’ Day different from the others.


A bold and dramatic choice, lilies are flowers that set the perfect background to express your love. Creating an atmosphere of love and romance, these flowers symbolise love, wealth and prosperity which are the things one would definitely wish for the love of their life. You can choose from Asiatic and Tiger lilies that come in myriad colors like pink, red, orange and red.


Find your way into your darling’s heart with exotic purple iris Valentine’s Day flowers. A spectacular gift for your beloved on Valentine’s Day, these flowers are a symbol of hope and faith that you put in your partner, all through these years of togetherness. Iris is also the Greek Goddess of love and represents elegance and sophistication with its uniqueness. Surprise your girl with these little beauties that will surely take her heart away.


The most beautiful and refined way of saying ‘I Love You’, these soft and delicate yellow spring flowers are the sweetest way to express your true love. These come in different colors and shapes seem as lively and cheerful as your girl. You can choose from an array of colors like white, pink and yellow and make your V-Day memorable.


These non-traditional yet exotic flowers represent luxury. Delicate orchids are one of the best flowers to dedicate to your loved one other than roses. This romantic flower will bloom the love between you evoke romance in its perfect sense. Orchids also symbolize luck, hope and love, and come in various varieties and colors and you have a lot of options to choose from.


Also known as ‘Peruvian Lily’ this is yet another bold flower that will make a statement. Though the flower has a friendship connotation, these can also be associated with devotion that will surely give a romantic angle to your amazing relationship. From pastel colored beautiful flowers to bright colored beauties, these flowers are an amazing gift that will surely delight your beloved.

Well, roses are not the only flowers that symbolize true emotions and love but there are a lot of Valentine’s Day flowers to express your feelings in the best way. This Valentine’s Day go a little different and present these little beauties that will delight your beloved completely and enhance the romance in your relationship.

Best Flowers to Give Your Girlfriend

Did you know that giving your girlfriend flowers occasionally can save you lots of money and she even won’t notice that you didn’t bring any flowers on Valentine’s Day? That’s the fact that none of the flower companies wants to reveal. Flowers are really cheap during the year, and if you give your girlfriend a bunch three times a year (occasionally, to say sorry and for her birthday), you will save more than giving her flowers just for Valentines Day only. But let it be our little secret.

Now let’s choose the best flowers to give your girlfriend. Here everything depends on what she really likes. If you know her favorite flower, then stick to it, because you know that she will appreciate the bouquet. But if your girl loves any flowers, then you can look at her behavior that will help you choose the right kind. If she puts her flowers on the windowsill when you give them, then impress your girl with any bright and big flowers, like sunflower, peony, gerberas and hydrogenas. But if she sticks her nose into flowers to smell them, then opt for stargazer lilies, which have amazing smell.

You can choose flowers to give your girlfriend according to the situation. If you’re going on a date, don’t take roses, especially red ones, because they are too cheesy. Leave roses for people in love, since these flowers are the very first symbol of love. However, if you’re old fashioned, then you can give one white rose, which means friendship. Pink roses are somewhere between the red and white roses in their color and meaning, too.

It’s better not to give your girl flowers on the first date. The problem is that they make you an ideal and très romantique in her eyes, and you’re definitely not that type of man. The third date is OK, and in-season bouquet of any flowers works well.

Giving flowers for birthday is actually optional, because there’s always cake. However, not a single lady will tell that her birthday was fine till that idiot appeared with flowers. Again, you don’t need roses, because irises, lilies, sunflowers, peonies and tulips will impress her more. Use roses only if you’ve forgotten about her birthday and now you want to say you’re sorry.

Remember, that every flower has got its meaning. Mostly we all know that roses stand for love, and that’s all what we remember from flower language. If you want to render some kind of message via your bouquet, then make sure that your girl knows what you want to say. And beware of the chrysanthemums, because in some countries they mean death.

Blog – What flowers to give a girl?

Eve March 8, February 14, other holidays – an exciting period for men. The main question: what flowers to give a girl? A bouquet can be a separate gift or an addition, a sign of attention. Bright or delicate buds tell about feelings, they make hints or confessions. It is better to choose flowers taking into account their symbolism. What rules should be remembered to make a girl happy with a gift?

Whom to give a bouquet to

  • If you know a woman recently, consider the type of appearance.On the first date, men may not know about the tastes of a lady of the heart. The rule will help: flowers should be combined with hair. Brunettes “suit” bright shades, saturated colors. The blonde can be presented with light, yellow or pastel buds. Compositions in a romantic style are good. Red-haired girls are given purple, blue, dark bouquets. Another rule concerns age. The younger the girl, the less pompous the flowers should be. Young ladies are presented with modest bouquets. For older women, baskets of burgundy roses are suitable.

  • It is better to give the beloved girl the flower that she likes. Here the language of the flora is not so important. You can move away from the rules of choice in appearance. The main task is to evoke pleasant emotions and a smile. Focus on the tastes of the girl herself and intuition. It’s easy to find out about your preferences. Start a conversation in advance on this topic or ask for advice, supposedly choosing a composition for your mother, colleague.

  • You can give your employees a beautiful flower basket from the team. A bouquet of three to five flowers is suitable as a personal present.Choose unusual types of plants, consider the beauty of the packaging.

What flowers to give a girl: the meaning of the bouquet

If you want to give a girl a composition for her birthday “with a hint”, remember the language of flowers.

  • Rose represents tender feelings, affection and passion. Much depends on the color shade. For Asians, yellow symbolizes joy, while for us it symbolizes separation and longing. Red – deep love, burgundy – sadness.Pink is tenderness, purity, white is purity.

  • Chrysanthemums talk about fun, love. They wish a good rest, a positive mood. These flowers last for a long time, they are practical and versatile. They can be presented to your girlfriend, colleague or neighbor.

  • Gerberas are a symbol of mystery and flirting. These flowers mean a riddle, a good mood. It is believed that a bouquet of gerberas causes fun, brings happiness. Sometimes the composition is interpreted as a wish for good luck.This is a compliment to girlish modesty.

  • Lilies are a sign of admiration, sincere interest and incipient passion. Tiger means prosperity, abundance. Reds are wealth and pride. Before giving lily compositions, find out if the girl is allergic to the smell of these flowers.

  • Carnations are a sign of fidelity to the word, honor. Give your beloved flowers in pastel shades. Small bush carnations are a good choice. Bright red buds are a symbol of success and leadership.

  • Orchids will tell you that you are dreaming about a lady. They will tell about admiration for female charm, romantic feelings. Flowers hint that you want to be with the chosen one, give the lady a special place in your life.

  • Irises – These spring flowers represent hope and trust. Mean wisdom, good mood.

  • Men in love sent pansies to their chosen ones as a sign of an air kiss.

  • Tulips symbolize happiness, deep and tender love.They can express admiration and warmth.

  • It is better to give chamomiles to young ladies. This is a sign of innocence, fun, carelessness and lightness. They emphasize the tenderness, warm feelings of the donor.

  • Decorative sunflowers are a symbol of care, happiness, mutual understanding. They show a good attitude towards the girl, the joy of meeting.

  • Peonies symbolize happiness and a strong financial position. It is better to give buds in rich shades.It is believed that these flowers have the strongest energy.

  • Hyacinths speak of loyalty, wisdom. They can be presented to hint the chosen one on her charm.

The number of flowers in a composition or bouquet is also important. On the first date, it is better to present one bud on a high stem. This will show that the girl comes first for you. If there are more than 12-15 flowers in a bouquet, their number can be paired. Small compositions are composed of an unpaired number of plants.

  • A bouquet of three flowers indicates that you are ready to go after a woman to the ends of the earth.

  • Five buds – a declaration of love.

  • It is better to give seven if you want to get engaged.

  • Composition of nine flowers – a symbol of respect.

Selection and design

A monobouquet of one type of flowers can be assembled by yourself. The main rule: the buds should be fresh, and the decor should be minimal.Satin ribbon or craft paper, mesh is enough.

Compositions of several types of flowers are best ordered from florists. They will choose plants that blend harmoniously. In such bouquets, flowers are decorated with bows or ribbons. They also use decorative mesh, craft paper. They are complemented with twigs, greens. Low flowers in a basket look charming. There is a sponge at the bottom. It is saturated with water and useful solutions. You don’t need to look for a vase for such flowers.

If you want to present a bouquet in frosty weather, think about transportation.Flowers need to be protected from the cold. Otherwise, they will quickly fade. It can be a layer of paper or cellophane. They are covered with buds, leaves and stems.

Do not buy exotic plants if the chosen one is allergic. Such a gift can cause an exacerbation of the disease.

Are you afraid to make a mistake? Call or email us. Florists of the company “Rosary” will make a beautiful composition, which will certainly please the girl.

90,000 What flowers are given to women of different ages: prejudice and reality

The present is a paradoxical mixture of the past and the future.The human genome has been deciphered, an expedition to Mars is approaching, and bouquets for women are still offered to be selected with an eye to age, as if outside the window is the Gallant Age, when the basic rules of floral etiquette were formed. Traditions explain in detail what flowers are supposed to be given to young girls, adult ladies and ladies of venerable age, but in the third millennium the decisive word remains with the woman herself and her personal preferences.

Who and why invented floral etiquette?

Looking over rose-colored glasses, European floral etiquette of the 17th-19th centuries reveals a very unenviable position of a woman.The reputation of a faithful wife and chaste bride seemed like solid capital, which should be jealously guarded. Responsible gentlemen approached the choice of bouquets for ladies very carefully: excessively ardent confessions, expressed in the language of flowers, compromised the woman, and the judgment of the world was often not subject to appeal.

The youth drew information about the flower symbolism from the travel notes of the French traveler Aubrey de Mottray and the letters of Lady Montagu, the wife of the English ambassador to Turkey.Living in Istanbul, both authors learned the language of flowers “selam”, which the Sultan’s concubines used to arrange secret meetings with fans.

Having moved from the harem to high society salons, the flower alphabet ceased to be a cunning trick of lovers and turned into one of the conventions heaped up around the courtship ritual. For the sake of maintaining decency, the bouquets were composed in such a way as to emphasize the good intentions of the gentleman and the woman’s ability to look after herself. At the same time, the standards of behavior for ladies were revised depending on her age and marital status, so the bouquets for an unmarried lady and mother of the family looked different.

Bouquets for young girls: admiration for simplicity

Gallant gentlemen showed miracles of ingenuity to please the girl and not give rise to gossip. The basis of the composition was traditionally made up of flowers of light and pastel shades – white, cream, pale pink, blue, lilac or pale yellow. The discreet palette of the bouquet symbolized spiritual purity, modesty and tenderness – the basic set of characteristics of an enviable bride from a decent family.

Bright red, variegated and burgundy flowers on long stems were perceived as a hint of an intimate relationship and compromised maidens for marriage.For the sake of exception, it was allowed to send a young lady one scarlet rose after a noisy ball – a sign of personal attention and an invitation to get to know each other better.

A bouquet for a girl under 25 should not be too lush. Instead of voluminous open flowers, they took buds, branches of flowering shrubs and half-open flowers, which were associated with youth and the awakening of femininity. The plants were collected in small neat bouquets; for wild flowers, a loose arrangement with a touch of negligence was allowed.

Too expensive and rare flowers in girls’ bouquets were also not welcomed – such a bouquet obliges a lot. Luxurious roses and exotic orchids were reserved for matchmaking or engagement, and the relationship was supposed to start with unassuming spring or garden flowers, such as snowdrops, tulips, lilies, peonies, primroses, lilies of the valley, crocuses, spray roses and levkoi. Daffodils were presented after a quarrel or a long quarrel, offering to renew their dates, and a flowering hawthorn branch replaced the applause of the tireless songstress.

In the summer it was not forbidden to present the young lady with a bouquet of wildflowers. Cornflowers, bells, daisies, daisies, wild carnations and forget-me-nots tune in a romantic mood and elegantly set off youthful liveliness and spontaneity.

But gladioli, red garden carnations, calla lilies and anthuriums for some reason were attributed to male flowers, the appearance of which in a girl’s bouquet was considered bad manners.

Pale pink and pale yellow roses – a symbol of youth and freshness

Wildflowers are the best decoration for a young peasant woman

A bouquet of white roses symbolizes the spiritual purity of a young girl

Luxurious white roses and modest daisies – an unexpected but stylish solution

A subtle selection of pink nuances in a flower basket with dahlias, asters and gerberas

White dream of the tropics: a luxurious bouquet of roses and orchids

Fresh tulips in buds highlight the charm of youth

Pink flowers are a graceful sign of attention for a maiden of marriageable age

The classic girlish bouquet is given by light pastel colors and a rounded shape.

Primroses in girlish bouquets conquer with tenderness and spontaneity

Cornflowers in a bouquet speak of deep trust in a girl.

Soft color contrasts in girlish bouquets: green hydrangeas set off the whiteness of roses and orchids

A drop-shaped bouquet of white roses and peonies with an accent on lavender hydrangea

A bouquet of multi-colored alstomeria on long stems looks natural and relaxed

Blue and purple accents bring an element of intrigue to a simple bouquet of white flowers

Purple roses in a bouquet play along with girlish dreams

Roses, tulips and hydrangea: all shades of pink in one bouquet

Bouquets for beautiful ladies

When arranging bouquets for mature women, florists strove for harmony and proportion, balancing deep juicy colors with calm light and pastel tones.For example, the combination of white with yellow or orange in a gift arrangement expressed joy, delight and pleasure from communication. The combination of white and blue praised the woman’s wisdom, and a bouquet of blue and yellow flowers thanked the zealous homemaker for her loyalty to her family and boundless patience. For the most solemn moments, compositions of white and red flowers, equivalent to royal honors, were intended.

Mono-bouquets – pink, yellow, pastel, blue and purple flowers.Moderately variegated colors were also allowed – for example, coral roses or hybrid tulips. Bright red and burgundy flowers were still the prerogative of the husband, groom or lover. Even Lieutenant Rzhevsky would have thought about it before handing over to an unfamiliar lady a bouquet of scarlet roses, tantamount to a confession of passionate love and lust.

The compositions intended for business women were distinguished by their laconic design and emphasized restrained colors. The only decoration of this elegant expensive packaging is a neat little bow, ribbon or postcard with a dedication.

The basis of the composition is medium-sized cultivated flowers, devoid of smell. Most often in business bouquets there are factory roses, gerberas, eustoma, alstomeria, delphinium. It is also allowed to use some “male” flowers – for example, garden carnations, anthuriums or calla lilies. It is not recommended to include spray roses, peonies, dahlias, asters, irises, daisies and wildflowers in the composition, since the role of a public figure excludes romantic associations. Blue and blue shades that stimulate the imagination were also banned.

An exquisite Flemish-style bouquet of tulips: rich palette and complex geometry

Delicate bouquet with white and pink roses – a compliment that is always appropriate

Country lyrical miniature: a languid cloud of pastels with red and green accents in a handmade wicker basket

A large bouquet of red roses – a declaration of passionate love

Classic business bouquet: discreet colors

White chrysanthemums and cotton with orange roses foreshadow joy

Cheerful bouquet-fan: yellow, orange and purple shades

Autumn sketch in coral tones: chrysanthemums and roses in bright splashes of viburnum berries

Asymmetrical bouquet with red and yellow roses in Flemish style

Flowers of pastel shades look graceful and unobtrusive

Red and white gerberas – elegant and solemn

White chrysanthemums with red roses – a classic combination for a romantic bouquet

It is customary to dilute red flowers in bouquets for married ladies with pink and white

White roses paired with blue hyacinths express admiration for female wisdom

Expressive contrast of textures: red terry peonies and variegated chiseled lilies

Dahlias, roses and peonies in powdery shades are all the rage

White calla lilies with a belt of scarlet roses – an unconventional bouquet for an emancipated woman

Red roses and orchids get along well with succulents in gift arrangements

Blue and yellow flowers – gratitude for the warmth, care and patience

Composition with orchids and succulents – a stylish gift for a business woman

Flowers for mom and grandmother: timeless beauty

Most of all prejudices in floristry are associated with bouquets for ladies of an elegant age.The funny thing is that the good advice of self-appointed experts often contradicts each other. One site advises buying orchids for your grandmother, while another says that old people are conservative and will hardly appreciate the peculiar beauty of exotic plants, which means that the ideal bouquet for an elderly lady should be composed as was customary in her younger years.

There is also an opinion that it is not worth giving cut flowers to elderly people at all – after all, the plants wither and remind of the transience of life.It is better to give a flower in a pot, and let the old woman have fun taking care of it, there is still nothing to do in retirement. At the same time, from the whole variety of potted plants, cyclamen is strongly recommended as a symbol of family ties – not otherwise than with a hint that you will have to nurse your grandchildren.

There was no consensus on the color scheme either. In one magazine, you are forbidden to give your grandmother yellow flowers, which are supposedly associated with autumn and wilting, while in another, on the contrary, they assure you that the golden color invigorates and distracts an elderly person from sad thoughts.Quite often, they campaign for garden flowers of bright and variegated colors, which tell an elderly woman that she is still feminine and attractive.

White garden roses, in turn, confirm services to society, and wildflowers should convince an elderly person of your affection, recalling memories of childhood in your grandmother’s dacha or in a village house. Journalistic fabrications flow in a ceaseless stream, but what does it have to do with your grandmother, her tastes and habits? Generalizations taken from the ceiling will not say anything about a specific person, and loved ones should be pleased and just like that, without hinting at anything.

Yellow roses and orchids combined with white calla lilies are a sign of sophisticated taste

Red peonies and orange hydrangeas keep the warmth of summer

Austere bouquet with calla lilies and white roses – a tribute for services to society

Lush pink peonies are the pride of a pensioner-summer resident

Bright garden flowers in a wicker basket will cheer up grandma

It is pleasant to receive cheerful gerberas as a gift at any age!

Pink cyclamen – a symbol of family ties

A colorful basket with multi-colored roses and petunias touches to the core!

Blooming azalea bonsai – a welcome gift for an amateur gardener

Cream roses, red hydrangeas and decorative leaves – a composition that is always welcome!

Of course, ancient customs have their own charm, but do your family and friends want to play games three hundred years ago? Since the status of a woman has ceased to depend on salon gossip, the choice of colors is not subject to censorship, and age is just a figure that says nothing about personal preference.Choose those flowers that are liked by your beloved women, and not those that are supposed to be given.

What flowers to give a girl, how to choose the right bouquet

Do you want to tell a girl about your feelings, but do not know how to do it? Give her flowers. A correctly chosen bouquet will show your attitude towards the girl. It can be used to say what you hesitate to voice. Flowers will become a symbol of your emotions and desires. But all this is possible only if you know what flowers to give a girl.When choosing a bouquet, consider the importance of an important date or moment of gift, as well as the age and character of your chosen one.

First date

The first date is a crucial step, on which the development of further relationships often depends. I would like it not only to impress the girl, but also to remember her for a long time.

Of course, on a first date you can’t do without a bouquet. How to choose the right flowers for this exciting moment?

Florists pay attention to the fact that the age of your chosen one should be taken into account.So, for a young girl, a bouquet of white or pale pink flowers is best suited. The pink scale will be appropriate for a girl and an older woman. It is believed that the older the lady is, the brighter the color of the bouquet should be.

On the first date, don’t give a big bunch of flowers. The best option is 3 – 5 flowers or an elegant bouquet of small pieces.

Not everyone knows that there are flowers that are not customary to give on the first date. This is due to their significance.For example, daffodils are considered flowers to be given as an excuse, they are a symbol of the return of feelings. Also, discard a bunch of snowdrops that indicate a desire for reconciliation.

For your first date, choose a gift from the following colors:

  • Roses. If you want to tell about your feelings with the help of the queen of flowers, choose her color carefully. White – a symbol of eternal love, pale pink – indicates passion, light purple – love at first sight, tea – admiration for beauty.
  • Tulips. For the first date, ditch the yellow flowers. It is better to present pink or red tulips, which symbolize falling in love.
  • Callas. Choose them if you want to show your admiration for the chosen one.
  • Lilies. For the first date, present white flowers, which are considered a compliment.
  • Chamomile. The bouquet of these delicate flowers is a symbol of admiration.
  • Peonies. Such a bouquet will tell the girl that you are amazed at her tenderness and sophistication.

As a sign of love

Using the symbolism of flowers, you can express your love, show what feelings you have for the chosen one.

If you want to tell your woman that you love her dearly, give a bouquet of 13 or more flowers. This number is believed to indicate ardent love. A great option is flowers in a box. Such a gift looks out of the box, it will be a great surprise for any girl.

A bouquet of 11 flowers indicates that you consider a woman to be your soul mate.9 flowers – a symbol of ardor of feelings, 7 – a sign of adoration, 5 – a declaration of love.

Also pay attention to the type of flowers:

  • Red roses are a symbol of passionate love.
  • Scarlet or pink lilies are a sign of serious intentions.
  • Lilies of the valley – indicate that you will be loyal to the girl.
  • Daisies – symbolize true love.
  • Forget-me-nots – promise eternal love.
  • Pink and red chrysanthemums – a symbol of passionate feelings.
  • Sunflowers – the promise of happy and passionate love.
  • Irises – mean sincerity of feelings and fidelity.


To choose a bouquet for a girl’s birthday, be sure to consider several factors.

Try to find out what kind of flowers the birthday girl likes. If you could not hear this from a girl, remember what bouquets usually stand in her house, what colors she chooses for her laptop desktop or for social networks.

Then think about what you want to say to the girl with the language of flowers. If you have decided, then use the following description:

  • Pink or bright red roses indicate the ardor of feelings. White – purity of thoughts, burgundy – admiration for beauty, orange – a symbol of desire.
  • Eustomas symbolize tenderness and unusual beauty.
  • Tulips will help you to confess your love. Choose a bouquet of flowers with buds.It is believed that happiness lies in the buds. As they unfold, happiness comes out and remains in the house of the chosen one.
  • Orchids show genuine admiration.
  • Lilacs are best given to a girl who is your first love.

Try to choose a bouquet for the birthday girl depending on her zodiac sign:

  • Aries will like bright flowers, better roses or peonies.
  • Taurus will be happy with red roses, especially if you present them with a suitable vase.
  • Gemini can be surprised with a non-standard gift, for example, an alstroemeria or an orchid.
  • Cancers will be delighted with white roses or lilies.
  • Lions expect a grand bouquet of roses, gladioli or orchids.
  • Virgos will love a bouquet of hyacinths or carnations.
  • The scales will appreciate not so much the appearance of flowers as their original packaging, take a closer look at the flowers in the box.
  • Scorpios will be happy with daffodils and chrysanthemums.
  • Sagittarius prefer chamomile, violet and lavender.
  • Capricorns love flowers that stand in a vase for a long time (carnations, eustomas) or grow in a pot.
  • Aquarians prefer original flowers such as eringium.
  • Pisces will appreciate magnolias, orchids and lilies.

For Valentine’s Day

February 14 is the day when you can tell the girl about your feelings. And flowers will, of course, help you with this.

It is believed that the symbol of Valentine’s Day is roses. A bouquet of these flowers will best show the ardor of your feelings.

You can also present a bouquet of favorite plants of the darling. Find out in advance what flowers the girl prefers and make her a nice gift.

A great option is a heart-shaped bouquet. For him, you can choose several types of flowers in harmonious colors.

Don’t know what flowers to give your beloved one? Contact us – https: // sharonline.ru. We will help you choose a bouquet, taking into account all your wishes.

What flowers to give a girl | Bouquet for you!

Roses. Chamomile. Ranunculus. Lilies. Tulips. Gerberas. Peonies. Eustoma

Let’s take a closer look at the most popular flowers that are customary to give to girls.

Roses . Roses come with short and long stems, as well as bush. Shrub roses contain small buds, while stem roses are larger. The variety of the color palette is also striking – despite the fact that white, pink and scarlet roses are most often found, they also come in more rare colors, for example, yellow or blue.A variety of types allows you to choose your favorite roses, taking into account her preferences.

Chamomile . Beautiful and affordable seasonal flowers that are often chosen as a gift by lovers. Inexpensive in price, but at the same time they are not particularly stable (they do not stay fresh for long).

Ranunculus . A flower that looks like a rose, but more delicate and does not have thorns. Used both independently and in flower arrangements.

Lilies .Lilies are beautiful and delicate large flowers associated with purity and purity. They can be given both on holidays and without any reason. When choosing such flowers for a gift, it is necessary to take into account that they have a strongly pronounced smell, which in rare cases can cause allergic reactions. Therefore, if you know that the girl does not have them, you can safely choose a bouquet of lilies.

Tulips . It is customary to give tulips from early spring. These are traditional flowers given to girls on March 8th.They are distinguished by nobility, variety of color palette and affordability. All this ensures the high popularity of tulips until late autumn.

Gerberas . Flowers that resemble chamomile are distinguished by a rich color palette. Can stand in a vase for up to two weeks with proper care.

Peonies . Another seasonal flowers, beautiful and affordable at the same time. They symbolize tenderness and grace.

Eustoma . Such flowers are given, wishing happiness and prosperity.In autumn, eustomas remind of a bygone summer.

What flowers to give your girlfriend – Belrynok

A bouquet for a sweetheart is a traditional sign of attention from a caring man. Usually, true modern knights present their chosen one with beautiful flowers not only for a special occasion, but also just like that. But what compositions should you choose to pleasantly surprise your girlfriend?

Luxury roses

Delicate roses are the ideal solution.Compositions from such plants are a traditional option. But it can be beaten in a stylish and modern way. A present for a beloved will be especially romantic if it is an original design. Roses and flowers in a box look incredibly tender and cute. You can evaluate such versions on the Flory.by website, where possible design options for such compositions are presented.

When choosing roses, it is very important to think not only about the format of the bouquet. Do not forget about the meaning of the shade. It is not recommended to give yellow and burgundy flowers to your beloved.For the first date, it is recommended to give preference to bouquets of roses in the following colors:

  • pink;
  • coral;
  • cream etc.

If the relationship has already passed to a high stage and become serious, then you can please the darling with red roses.

Delicate tulips and bright gerberas

Bouquets of tulips will help to express tenderness and care.These fragile flowers are associated with warmth and lightness. You can present such a composition not only for a holiday or a significant date. They will certainly please your girlfriend for no reason.

If the chosen one has a light, cheerful disposition, then she will appreciate the bouquets of gerberas at their true worth. These flowers are a symbol of joy, happiness, prosperity. Therefore, such a present in any shade will be a wonderful solution on a cloudy day. The composition will cheer you up and will be a great reminder of your warm feelings.

Other original variants

Another version of the flower presentation can be viewed on the page https://flory.by/catalog/rozy/pionovidnye-rozy/, where mono-bouquets of peony roses are presented. Such compositions look expensive, prestigious and solid. They will be a wonderful gift for a significant event and will remind the girl of the sincerity of the feelings of her chosen one.

Decorative sunflowers will help to express care and love, and bouquets of chrysanthemums or daisies are good for no reason.

It is easy to choose a luxurious bouquet on the Flory.by website. The catalog of this online store contains many stylishly designed compositions that are made only from fresh plants. Therefore, every caring man can choose the ideal option for his beloved.

What flowers to give a girl on a first date? – Advertisers News Est!

The first date is always exciting.And most men decide to please the girl on this day with a bouquet of beautiful flowers. But what kind of flowers to give a girl on a first date? The specialists of Flowers.ua, which has been organizing the delivery of flowers and gifts across Ukraine and around the world for almost 20 years, decided to share their knowledge with our readers and suggest interesting options for bouquets for a first date.

Variants of interesting bouquets

Note white or multi-colored orchids.These delicate and sophisticated flowers will surely please every girl, and will also emphasize your exquisite taste.

Not everyone has heard about anthuriums, eustomas and alstroemerias. But these imported plants look very exotic and are associated with a sultry summer. A bouquet of alstromerias (flowers.ua/ru/alstromerii) is like an armful of fluttering butterflies. In addition, this variety of plants is absolutely hypoallergenic, so such flowers will be 100% a good option, because few people will know about all the features of the girl’s body before the first date.

A bouquet of roses is a timeless classic. However, it is better not to buy red roses right away, because your affection for the lady is probably not yet strong enough to scream about your feelings. Florists recommend to give preference to pink, cream, white roses or decorative roses of the Miss Piggy variety. As for the quantity, then lush bouquets of 101, 301, 555 or 1001 roses are best left for another occasion. For the first date, choose a small bouquet so that its dimensions do not cause discomfort to the lady.

Bouquet of flowers in a hat box. Stylish packaging will surely please your darling. In addition, flowers in a box are easy to carry, and they will retain their freshness much longer than ordinary bouquets.

Flowers in pots. A cache-pot is a modern container for packing flowers, which, like a box, prolongs the life of plants, and looks very cute and unusual.

Tulips. A bouquet of delicate tulips is a great gift option if your date takes place in the spring.All girls love these flowers, because they remind that the long-awaited warmth will come very soon, nature will bloom and delight with its fresh greens.

Order without leaving home

To place an order, you don’t even have to leave your own apartment. You just need to go to the Flowers.ua website, choose a bouquet, pay for it in any convenient way and pick up the phone when the call center manager calls you. You can also download a free branded application to your smartphone to make ordering flowers even easier.The application has a user-friendly interface and allows you not only to make purchases, but also to share your choice with friends in messengers, as well as to monitor the movement of the courier online. And do not forget to write in the application the words of greeting, which will be printed on the free corporate card attached to the bouquet. Flowers delivery from Flowers.ua is always prompt and timely.

To whom what flowers to give – Regional newspaper OGIRK.RU

It is known that the language of flowers appeared in the East, where it was customary to express your feelings for a dear person with the help of fresh flowers.Having picked the right bouquet, you can express your attitude towards a person by telling about feelings much better than the most gentle and romantic words. Such a flower alphabet is not particularly difficult, you just need to remember which flowers are given to whom and in what cases.

Choosing flowers for your girlfriend

It seems to many that the best choice of a bouquet for a loved one is exclusively roses. However, you can easily express your feelings with other flowers, choosing an original and unusual bouquet.

You can give your girlfriend the following flowers:

  • Tulips.
  • Lilac.
  • Mimosa.
  • Gloxinia.

Ideally, you should find out what flowers your beloved likes, only after that, you should contact flower delivery in Adler . A bouquet of classic roses will also be a great option, especially if you don’t know your lady’s preferences yet.

Flowers for birthday

You should choose flowers for the birthday of taking into account the status and age of the recipient.For example, you can give your girlfriend roses, lilacs, tulips or mimosa, but for a friend and just a loved one, asters, chrysanthemums or chamomile will be an excellent option. If the bouquet is chosen for the boss, then in such a case, gladioli or gerberas should be preferred. Children and adolescents can get a bouquet of daisies or wildflowers for their birthday, which are associated with youth and spring. For a birthday, mom or father can be presented with a bouquet of red roses, which will symbolize respect and unconditional love.

Bouquets for anniversary and celebration

On anniversaries or various other solemn events, you can give a man a bouquet of dark flowers in rich shades, such as chrysanthemums, carnations or burgundy roses. A win-win option for the woman of the hero of the day will be a bouquet of red roses, which can be picked up here . You can also pick up flower arrangements from orchids, gerberas, lilies or anthuriums. In this case, large-sized bouquets with a large number of flowers will be appropriate, which emphasize respect for the hero of the day, regardless of his age and gender.

What flowers do not give

When choosing a bouquet, remember that individual flowers, despite their beauty, are still not given to loved ones.

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