Wedding tasks: 19 Simple Wedding Tasks For Friends & Family


19 Simple Wedding Tasks For Friends & Family

If you’ve been planning your wedding for a while, you’ve probably had friends and family members utter the immortal words, “If there’s anything I can do, just let me know…” Our instincts often tell us to do everything by ourselves, but there’s really no need when we have a circle of pals offering to help. In our experience, delegation is key to having a relaxed wedding day! That’s why, today, we’re bringing you a handy list of 19 wedding tasks that you can assign to willing wedding helpers! We’ve specifically focused on simple jobs that don’t require much experience, so you can hand them over regardless of who’s offering!

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1. Wedding Transport

If a friend or family member owns a car you love, you can ask them to drive you to the ceremony – this is a great way to cram in a bit of extra quality time with someone special. If you’re hiring transport on the day, either for yourself or your guests, the task of arranging it is also easily handed over to a pal.

2. Airport Pick Up

If you’ve got lots of guests coming from abroad, ask a friend or family member to pick them up from the airport for you and bring them to their accommodation or your wedding venue. This is a simple job, but so helpful – simply put the relevant people in contact with each other and forget about it!


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3. Collection Of Flowers, Wedding Dress, Dry Cleaning and Other Items

This is not the most exciting job, it has to be said, but having someone trustworthy to collect important items for you is invaluable in the run up to the wedding, and on the day itself. Just make sure to let your suppliers know who’ll be picking the item up, and when.

4.  Make Up & Hair

If a friend or relative is a beauty expert, there are a few ways to get them involved in your wedding. You’re probably going to be hiring a professional wedding makeup artist and hairstylist for the big day (you’ll be looking at the photos forever, remember, so it’s important to get it right!) but they might like to help with pre-wedding manicures, flower girl hair styling on the day, touch ups, or hair and makeup for your second-day celebrations.

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5. Perform At The Ceremony

If you’re lucky enough to have a musically-talented friend or family member, having them perform at your ceremony can be really special. Of course, if you have a specific song or style in mind, we advise hiring a professional ceremony musician, but your pal can still contribute their musical skills elsewhere! For example, you could ask them to lead a Day Two trad session or late-night singalong!

6. Ceremony Readings

This is something that any willing person can do, and is a particularly good way to get younger guests involved. Simply choose a ceremony reading for them and your work is done!

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7. Looking After Flower Girls and Page Boys

If you’re having flower girls and/or page boys on the day, it’s worth asking a friend or family member who’s good with kids to keep an eye on them during the ceremony. This might involve rounding them up for their big entrance, keeping them quiet during the ceremony or entertaining them while photos are being taken.

8. Going Unplugged

If you want to have an unplugged wedding,you can ask a friend or family member to remind guests of this just before the ceremony. Even if you’ve printed it on the invitations and on signage, guests can sometimes get so excited in the moment that they completely forget!

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9. Confetti Throwing

This is a really fun job! You can either source the confetti yourself and ask your volunteer to pass them out to guests just before the big moment, or ask them to arrange the whole thing, getting creative with a confetti bar if they’re really enthusiastic! If you go for the latter option, just make sure to alert them to any rules your ceremony venue has set in relation to confetti.

10. Handling On-The-Day Payments

Many suppliers will need to be paid on the day, but to minimise stress, you should ask a trusted friend to make the relevant payments. Simply prepare the payments in clearly-labelled envelopes and hand them over to your pal. It’s also a good idea to let the supplier know who’ll be handling their payment.

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11. Moving Flowers and Décor from Ceremony to Reception

If you’re reusing your ceremony décor and flowers for your reception, you’ll need some willing pals to help you move them! This is another job that almost anyone can take care of.

12. Baking Sweet Treats

If you’ve got high hopes for your wedding cake, it’s essential that you hire a professional – even the best home bakers struggle when it comes to transporting the cake and keeping it looking and tasting fresh! If you’re having a cake table and asking multiple guests to bring sweet treats, however, there’s less pressure. Don’t forget to assign a friend to get the table in order, too – they should receive the cakes from the guests, label the bakes, and liase with the venue to refrigerate anything that requires it. Get more tips for planning a DIY dessert table here.

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Your Own Personal DJ

You may be hiring a DJ to keep the dancefloor full, but there are plenty of other ways volunteers can contribute their DJing skills to your big day. Ask them to create a bespoke wedding morning playlist, drinks reception playlist or dinner music playlist, or to DJ the Day Two festivities!

14. Making Miles of Bunting

Bunting is such a quick way to add colour and atmosphere to a space, and although it’s fun to make your own, it can take a while! If you rope in a few friends, the experience will be quicker and more fun. This goes for lots of other DIY décor items, too.

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15. Collecting Décor

Need jam jars, gin bottles, antique candle holders or other items to dress your dining tables with? Ask friends to save any they have, and you’ll have your supply in no time. Crowdsourcing your décor can be more trouble than it’s worth, though, so if you are planning on doing this, make sure to appoint a friend to collect and return them, keeping track of who provided what!


Creating a DIY Cake Topper

If your friend is crafty, why not ask them to create a bespoke cake topper? This can be as simple or as elaborate as they like, and there are lots of helpful tutorials online (including this one!)

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17. Decking Your Venue Out in Fairy Lights

To effectively use festoon or fairy lights in your space, you need quite a lot of them, particularly if you’re working with large spaces. People generally have a few sets in their house, so it’s possible to borrow rather than buy. Again, delegate the job of arranging this if you can – untangling hundreds of fairy lights is the last thing you want to be doing the day after the wedding!

18. Instant Photo Guestbook

If one of your friends is particularly confident, why not give them the task of capturing each guest on a Polaroid-style pic? Simply source an Instax camera and film, and you’re done. It’s a good idea to give them a box or an album, too, to keep the photos safe!

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Moral Support

This is perhaps the most important job of all. Coming up to the wedding, you’ll naturally be feeling a little anxious, so book a few nice dates with pals who are guaranteed to make you laugh and keep your spirits up. These might even end up being some of your favourite memories from the engagement!

One Last Word of Advice:

When you’re doling out the wedding tasks, it’s a good idea to create a spreadsheet listing who’s doing what. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to forget these things when you’re in the throes of planning!

Oh, and make sure you listen to our podcast episode of how to get your friends involved in your big day!

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How to Plan a Wedding

You’re about to start planning a wedding! How exciting! When planning a wedding, it’s so handy to have a wedding planning checklist to help you make sure you remember everything and do it all in an order that makes sense.

We’ve put together a wedding planning checklist for you to download
and print so you can tick off all the wedding planning tasks on your to-do list
as you go!

Make sure you download our free wedding planning to-do list, and also check out our step-by-step guide to planning a wedding for even more wedding planning advice.

Your Free Wedding Planning Checklist

Here is your free wedding planning checklist, designed to
help you plan your wedding across the space of a year.

Print off this wedding planning checklist and tick off each
task as you go!

Wedding Planning Stages

Here are each of the stages of the wedding planning checklist
broken down by task, to make sure nothing is missed:

12-18 Months to Go

With 12-18 months to go before your preferred time to get married, there’s lots of stuff to tick off on your wedding planning checklist. On average, most couples start planning in earnest with a year and a half to go, but all of this can be done in the space of a year.

• Set the date
Start your wedding planning a year or more in advance to ensure you get to book the venues and suppliers of your choice at best prices. You could save money by booking a mid-week wedding instead of a Saturday.

• Where are you getting married?
Decide if you’re getting married at home or abroad. It’s a little easier to handle the planning yourself if you’re marrying in the UK, but planning a wedding abroad might require a specialist planner.

• Decide whether to plan your own wedding
Or enlist the help of a professional wedding planner. You could plan the wedding yourself and call on the expertise of a wedding planner or stylist their experience is often worth its weight in gold.

Read more: Our favourite wedding planners and books

• Attend a wedding show 
For all the wedding inspiration you need under one roof, book tickets to The National Wedding Show; not only is it a great place to find loads of unique wedding ideas, it’s a fun day out to celebrate your engagement with your nearest and dearest, complete with the latest fashion shows and interactive sessions.

• Send save-the-date cards
To make sure your guests don’t book their summer holiday and miss your special day.

• Set your budget
Make it realistic without going into debt whilst wedding planning and add in a contingency just in case. Here are 23 savvy ways to save on your wedding.

• Draw up your guest list(s)
Try to make it equal and keep both families happy. Have a separate evening reception guest list if you want some work colleagues or friends of the family to come but you don’t know them well enough to invite them to the ceremony and the wedding breakfast.

• Book your venue(s)
The sooner you book your venues, the easier everything else will be to plan. You’ll need to choose a venue for your ceremony (either a church, registry office or other licensed civil wedding venue) and a venue for your reception, for your wedding breakfast and party or other after-dinner entertainment.

Take into account seating capacity, room hire costs, catering options, indoor and outdoor settings for photographs. You could save thousands of pounds by booking out of season – many venues have fantastic winter wedding offers too.

• Appoint bridesmaids, a best man and ushers
This is a great way to let your friends be part of your special day. Here are the best ‘will you be my bridesmaid’ cards, and the best ways to ask ‘will you be my best man’.

 Book your photographer and videographer
Find a wedding photographer who offers the style of photos you are looking for (traditional, contemporary, reportage style or a combination), meet them personally, ask to see their portfolio and also a whole album from one wedding.

• Meet your minister/registrar
They’ll be able to answer all your questions about the ceremony, and help you find suitable readings and music.

• Book a DJ/band/entertainers
You might want to book a DJ to dance the night away, or hire a live band or classical musicians for your reception. We’ve got the most amazing ways to entertain your wedding guests here.

• Book caterers if needed
If the reception venue you have booked is not doing your catering then you’ll need to consider hiring outside caterers. Decide if you want unusual wedding catering, such as street food at your wedding, or if you want something more traditional.  

• Book your transport
Are you having wedding cars? You’ll need to book these now. Consider whether you need to organise transport for your guests too.

• Book your florist
Decide how many flowers you would like and where. If you want something different, consider embracing the trend for dried wedding flowers.

• Book a toastmaster
If you want to have a toastmaster at your wedding, now is the time to book one.

This is what a toastmaster does, but if it’s not right for you, you can always ask a friend to perform the role of ‘master of ceremonies’.

• Book your honeymoon
Make sure you book your honeymoon in the correct name – your name needs to match the one in your passport, so be mindful of that if you’re planning on changing your name.

• Take out wedding insurance
It’s not costly and could save you thousands if a supplier suddenly lets you down, or if anything happens to prevent your wedding from going ahead. It’s worth it just for peace of mind when wedding planning!

• Decide what kind of wedding dress you want
If you’re having a custom wedding dress made for you then you’ll need to start this process now. If you’re buying your wedding dress from a bridalwear shop, make sure you allow yourself at least six to eight months for it to arrive and be altered.

If you want to buy a vintage wedding dress or shop for one that is pre-loved, you need less time for alterations, but still be mindful of this when shopping.

• Start your well-being regime
You might decide to use your wedding as an opportunity to improve your health. You could try practising yoga and embarking on a healthy eating plan to ensure you’re feeling your best for your wedding day.

Six Months to Go

With six months to go until the big day, it’s time to focus
on details and to start any DIY you plan on doing.

• Order/make your wedding invitations
Don’t forget all the other wedding stationery including: orders of service, place cards and thank you cards

• Order the wedding cake
Now is the time to choose your wedding cake. Think about what flavours you’d like and what style of cake. If you’re not fans of sweet food, you could always have a cheese wedding cake.

• Buy your wedding shoes and accessories
Get your shoes in good time for your first dress fitting, and your veil in time for your make up and hair trial. Choose what jewellery and any other bridal accessories you will wear. Don’t forget to break your wedding shoes in – that’s not something to leave until the day before your wedding!

• Book your makeup artist and hairdresser
Speak to several to find the one that’s right for you, then book a hair and makeup trial complete with your tiara and veil if possible. It’s a good idea to time the trial with your hen do or engagement shoot so you can take advantage of having full hair and makeup!

• Buy your bridal party outfits
Get together with your bridal party to try on and buy their outfits. Be sure to be very clear about who is paying for them – it’s traditional for the couple to pay, but if you plan on asking your bridal party to foot the bill, make sure they get the final say in what they wear.

• Book the honeymoon suite
You might have already booked your honeymoon, but if not, now is the time to make sure you don’t miss out on securing the best bridal suite!

Three Months to Go

• Book your final dress fitting
Arrange with your bridal shop or seamstress for your final dress fitting

• Start a skincare regime
If you haven’t already, start making sure you’re drinking plenty of water and make sure you cleanse your face properly every day

• Buy your wedding rings
Make sure they are both the right size and that your wedding ring will sit comfortably alongside your engagement ring if you plan to wear them together.

• Send your wedding invitations
Traditionally they are sent out 6-12 weeks before the wedding, if you are sending save the dates, but if you’re not it’s best to send them sooner. Include information for your guests on overnight accommodation, transport, parking and any dress code if appropriate.

Include reply cards to ensure they all RSVP and ask your
guests if they have any specific dietary requirements.

• Order your venue décor and table decorations
If your florist is providing your centrepieces, order them along with your wedding flowers, but if you’re hiring props or making your own centrepieces, now is the time to start. Don’t forget to provide favours for your guests to show them your appreciation – even a cheap wedding favour will be greatly appreciated!

• Decide on a gift list
Make it available to all your wedding guests (through your invitations) and your wedding website if you have one. If you don’t want a gift list, here’s how to ask for cash instead of wedding gifts.

• Choose wedding music and readings
Your minister/registrar will be able to advise further.

• Buy gifts for the best man, ushers and bridesmaids
It’s important to thank those that have helped you with your wedding planning. Getting gifts for them is a great way to show your appreciation.

• Arrange to have any vaccinations done
If required for your honeymoon.

• Be ready for your hen and stag parties
Traditionally the maid of honour plans the hen do and the best man duties include planning the stag. Going on your hen or stag do with a month or two to go before your wedding allows you to let any bruises heal and may also allow you to get a better deal or weather, particularly if it takes place in a different season to your wedding.

One Month to Go

• Attend the final fitting of your wedding dress
And bring along your mum, sister or best friend too!

• Reconfirm the wedding arrangements with all your suppliers
Speak to them personally and make sure you have confirmation of dates, places and times in writing from them.

• Have your hen and stag do
If you haven’t already – now is the time!

• Finalise the seating plan
Leave this as late as you can without getting stressed to allow for any last minute changes!

• Arrange the wedding rehearsal
Not everyone has these – they’re more common if you’re having a church wedding. They allow you to know what will happen in what order. You could follow the American tradition and turn it into a proper event with a celebratory dinner with the bridal party, if you wanted.

• Contact any guests who have not replied to your invitation
This is so you can be absolutely sure of you final numbers before you give them to your wedding.

• Arrange a date to pick up any hired clothing
And make a note of when they need to be returned – this is a role the best man can carry out for you.

• Write the wedding speeches and vows
Whether you’ve got a groom’s speech or you’re planning on giving a bride’s speech, make sure it’s written and prepared with time to spare. Writing your own wedding vows also takes time.

• Have a facial
Treat yourself to a bit of pampering to make sure your skin is glowing – but have a patch test if you have sensitive skin!

One Week to Go

• Have your hair trimmed and/or coloured
Make sure it’s looking fresh for the big day – but now is NOT the time to change the colour or style.

• Pack for your honeymoon
Pack now so you’re not cramming it in quickly after your wedding.

• Wear-in your wedding shoes
If you’ve not been doing this already, make sure you wear your shoes around the house a few times to break them in so they don’t hurt you on the big day.

• Create a wedding essentials kit
Include make up, a compact mirror and powder, lipstick, tissues and anything else you might need on your big day. One of your bridesmaids can look after it for you.

• Order your foreign currency for your honeymoon
Again – not something you want to be faffing around with at the last minute!

• Have your beauty treatments
Go for pre-wedding and honeymoon waxing or fake tanning in good time before the big day. Get eyebrows shaped and anything else that needs attention done the week before, not the day before.

 Find your ‘something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue’
If you haven’t already sorted this, now is the time. Why not have blue wedding shoes?

• Hand over the supplier list of contacts to a designated person
Give the list of all the wedding suppliers involved in your wedding day with their contact details and times they are meant to arrive, in case they need to be contacted, to your best man and/or chief bridesmaid – they can keep an eye on that for you.

One Day to Go

• Have the day off to relax
Book the day off work so you don’t have any extra stress – and read up on what to do the night before your wedding.

• Have your nails manicured
Leave this to the last possible moment so they stay fresh and will be good for your honeymoon too!

• Try to get an early night
Easier said than done, we know…

Wedding Planning FAQs

What are the steps to planning a wedding?

Our ultimate 11 step guide has everything you could need to know about planning a wedding. The steps are straightforward – simply follow our wedding checklist and you’ll have the steps to planning a wedding mastered.

How long before a wedding should you start planning?

Following the guidance of our wedding planning checklist, it’s
best to leave yourself at least 12 months to plan everything. However, that’s
not to say it can’t be done sooner. You just need to be super organised!

Make sure you give yourself a bit of time to just enjoy
being engaged too!

Why is wedding planning so hard?

It really doesn’t have to be! Wedding planning can and should be fun – if it all feels a bit much, read our guide to remaining calm whilst wedding planning. Don’t let it take over your life, simply follow the plan on the checklist and don’t put too much pressure on yourself. At the end of the day, as long as you get married, that’s all that matters.

Need more advice and ideas? Check out our guide to planning a wedding on a £10k budget.

10 Wedding Planning Tasks You Can and Should Delegate

With over 200 hours of planning involved for the average wedding, asking for help along the way just makes sense. However, wedding planning can also feel like a very personal experience, so you might feel anxious or uncomfortable when it comes to relinquishing control.

Truthfully though? Your loved ones are probably just as excited as you are about the big day, and would be more than happy to lend a helping hand. So while your initial instinct might be to plan it all alone, remember: when friends and family offer their assistance, they usually mean it!

When it comes to delegation, we’re not suggesting you hand your entire to-do list over to your bridal party, but there are definitely a few key tasks that can be easily outsourced.

Keep reading for 10 of the best wedding planning tasks you can (and should!) delegate for a stress-free wedding experience.

Photo by Paco and Betty

Researching Wedding Suppliers

Researching wedding suppliers is one of the first tasks you’ll want to tick off your list, but this can be pretty time-consuming when you consider just how many suppliers you actually need! Asking for some trusted recommendations from friends or family members has the potential to save you heaps of time as you narrow down your short-list.

If you have any loved ones with a special interest in a certain area, like hair and makeup, flowers, photography or food and drink, why not approach them for some guidance? Simply let them know your taste, style and approximate budget, and ask them to round up a couple of recommendations based on their knowledge.

Deliveries, Pickups and Errands

As the big day gets closer, you’ll probably have a bunch of errands to run, things to collect and items to deliver. These small jobs here and there can really start to take up a huge chunk of time – which makes them the perfect task to delegate to a trusted loved one!

Consider delegating those last-minute errands like:

  • Collecting your dress and/or suit
  • Delivering goods to the wedding venue before the day
  • Posting invitations
  • Picking up guests from the airport
  • Picking up goods from suppliers; eg decor, flowers, signage

Top tip: be sure to delegate these tasks to somebody reliable, and provide them with a time, address and contact number for each job.

Photo by Lauren Fair

Crafting and Assembling

Are you taking on any DIY elements for your day? By getting a group together to help, you’ll be able to knock out those crafty tasks in no time at all. From creating guest favours to putting welcome bags together and even stamping envelopes, why not blast some music, pop a bottle of champagne or binge watch your favourite tv series as you make a day of it!

Confirming Supplier Details

The week leading up to your wedding should be a time for rest and relaxation – the last thing you want to be dealing with is back and forth phone calls. After you’ve created your wedding day timeline, hand your run-sheet over to a trusted loved one who can give each supplier a quick call the day before the wedding to confirm everything is on track. This will give you peace of mind while also allowing you to switch off and de-stress before the day!

Venue Setup

Do you have access to your venue the day before the wedding? Rally some friends together as you begin setting up your reception tables, chairs and decor. Excitement will be buzzing, and with so many hands on deck, you’ll have your setup complete in record time. You can take advantage of the situation by organising your ceremony rehearsal on the same day, too.

Photo by Breanna McKendrick

Relocating Items on the Day

Throughout your wedding celebrations, you might be planning to repurpose certain items between your ceremony and reception, like flowers, decor and signage. Be sure to outline this in your wedding timeline (including what needs to be relocated and where), and simply hand this over to a trusted friend or family member. Top tip: be sure to delegate this task to somebody who won’t be in your bridal party or family photos immediately after the ceremony!

Making Final Payments

Are you making any final payments to your wedding suppliers on the day? Prepare any cash payments in individual envelopes with the supplier name and payment amount, and delegate this to a trusted loved one to hand over accordingly.

Creating Your Playlist

Putting your wedding playlist together is another wedding task that can definitely be crowdsourced! Ask your guests for song suggestions via your RSVPs or wedding website, and get a friend to curate all of these tracks into a playlist for your DJ. Need some additional songs to fill up your playlist? Check out our ultimate list of wedding songs here!

Photo by Oliver Fly

Rounding up Guests for Family Photos

After you say your I-dos, your photographer will want to start capturing some family photos. This is also a time when most of your guests will be mingling and might need to be wrangled together for their portraits! Ask a friend who is familiar with your family members to round up the people required for photos to make this experience super seamless.

Moral Support

Planning a wedding can be seriously exhausting, both physically and mentally. So don’t forget to reach out to your loved ones throughout the journey for some moral support when you need it! Whether you’re looking for advice and inspiration or simply need to vent, chatting to friends and family regularly will help you maintain your sanity along the way. Check out more suggestions for dealing with wedding stress and anxiety here.

One final tip? Don’t forget to show your gratitude with a thank you note, thoughtful gift or shout-out in your wedding speech. While your loved ones are happy to help, it’s important to share your appreciation too.

Photo by Freehope Photography

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

Anyone who has planned or been involved with a wedding understands what a big undertaking it is. You may be surprised to see how many of your family and friends would jump at the opportunity to help out! Don’t be shy or afraid to ask for help when you need it, planning the perfect wedding can sometimes take a village.

If you’re partner and bridal party are ready to help you knock out some of those tasks, you can use our project management platform to start assigning tasks, deadlines, and collaborate with each other to make sure your wedding goes off without a hitch!

Learn more about our suite of wedding planning tools to get started.

How to Help a Friend Getting Married: Wedding Tasks for the Bride’s BFFs

Your BFF just got engaged and the wedding planning has begun… Wondering how to help with all those wedding tasks, without making things more stressful for your friend? We’ve all said “Let me know if there’s anything I can do!” in an attempt to be helpful, but for a bride overwhelmed by the dozens, if not hundreds of wedding tasks on her plate as her special day approaches, actions speak louder than words. There are certain things any bride would be grateful for her friends to just take the reins!

As a general rule, certain tasks always defer to the maid of honor and/or matron of honor: wedding dress shopping, planning a bridal shower, planning the bachelorette party and general organizing of bridesmaid activities and tasks. If you don’t hold one of those titles, that doesn’t mean your help won’t be welcome! Just be cautious not to step on the MOH’s toes – offer your help to her as well, but trust her to handle the typical MOH duties.

If you’re eager to lend a helping hand, try jumping in to assist on some of the tasks below!

Photo: Stephanie Brazzle Photography

Help Your Engaged Friend by Assisting with These Wedding Tasks

We’re breaking it down by timeline – things a bride will need help with months before, the week of, and the day of the wedding. Ready to pitch in? Let’s get down to business!

Months Before

Bridal shower planning | Check out these blogs for the cutest bridal shower ideas! Offer to jot down a list of who gave which presents to help make the thank you note process easier, and stay to help clean up. These simple gestures can go a long way!

Bachelorette party planning | Whether you choose to host a bach bash in-person or virtually, pitch in with the MOH and make sure ALL the plans are taken care of so the bride’s ONLY job is to show up and enjoy herself!

Come up with hashtag ideas | Every couple needs a hashtag to aggregate social media posts in one easy-to-find place. We can walk you through how to create a great wedding hashtag!

Dress shopping | Wait for an invitation from the bride to go wedding dress shopping – this isn’t something you’ll want to invite yourself along for, as some brides want only family or MOHs to attend. But you can still help the bride find dresses for other events, too! Send her options or offer to go shopping with her to find dresses for all the showers and parties along the way.

Collecting decor | Is your bride BFF a DIY queen? Maybe she’s on the hunt for mercury glass, brass candlesticks or other decor items to use at the reception. Offer to help track these items down and hang onto them until the big day!

Honeymoon ideas | Are you a travel aficionado? Perhaps you went on a romantic getaway recently you know she and her fiancé would absolutely love. Send her a few ideas for resorts with rave reviews, or better yet, send the ideas to her fiancé to help plant a seed, as it’s common for the fiancé to plan this getaway.

Week-Of Tasks

Airport pickup | Does the bride have family coming in from out of town? Offer to transport those folks to and from the airport. It’s a super helpful and kind gesture and a great way to get to know your friend’s loved ones!

Playlist prep | Let the bride know you’ll take care of DJ-ing at the getting ready suite. Make a playlist with all of her favorite jams, bring a portable speaker and make the morning-of extra memorable!

Make a cute slideshow | Are you the tech-savvy friend? Ask the couple’s friends and family to send in any cute (not embarrassing) photos they have of the happy couple and make a slideshow to display at a shower, bridal luncheon or wedding reception.

Plan the pampering | Offer to handle the pre-wedding nail appointment for all the bridesmaids (and make sure the bride isn’t paying for her own). One more thing she can check off her list!

Take care of her fur babies | If you can take on the commitment, offer to pet sit the couples’ pets during the wedding and/or during the honeymoon. They’ll rest easy knowing their pets are in good hands!

Day-Of Tasks

Brunch or lunch | Offer to pick up food for everyone to enjoy in the bridal suite. Don’t forget to grab enough for her family members, too, and definitely don’t forget the champagne!

Record the memories | It can be hard for the photographer to capture every single guest. Offer to snap Polaroids or even use a disposable camera to get fun photos of as many guests as possible (without getting in the photographer’s way, of course) – the bride will surely be glad she has those additional memories!

The little things | Ask the bride a few weeks before the big day if she needs someone to man the guest book or cut/pass out the cake.

End-of-the-night tasks | Especially if the couple opts not to have a day-of coordinator or planner, there are always tasks at the end of the night that must be completed without worries from the couple – things like gathering cards and gifts to take home, bringing the top layer of cake home if they want to save it, handing out tips to vendors and more. Chip in where you can!

No matter what, your engaged BFF simply needs your moral support every step of the way. Give her helpful ideas from time to time, but don’t overwhelm her. Send encouraging texts to let her know you’re thinking of her, book her a massage, bring her coffee or take her out to a dinner where you DON’T discuss any wedding tasks. Whether you’re near or far, your support will mean the world!

Remember, if your BFF is in need of vendor recommendations or inspiration for a one-of-a-kind bash, Brides of North Texas has all the inspo you could ever need. Cheers to wonderful friends!

How to Plan a Wedding: The 25-Step Guide

8. Choose your wedding venue.

This often goes hand-in-hand with Tip No. 7 but since not all venues offer both ceremony and reception services, let’s dive a little deeper. Wedding Spot lets you explore venues by location, style, budget, number of guests, and services offered by the site. Popular wedding venue types include:

  • Barn/farm/ranch

  • Outdoor

  • Garden/park

  • Brewery/winery/vineyard

  • Rustic/vintage

  • Beach

  • Hotel/resort

Once you’ve settled on your top three or four venues, it’s time to find out if they’re available on your wedding date. If they are, the next step is a site visit, either with your wedding planner or with your partner — or both.

Pro tip: Narrow down your search by budget first, then aesthetic and scenery. Choose several related aesthetics and scenery such as outdoor, beach, and waterfront to get the most options for your chosen area. Also, use a tool such as Farmer’s Almanac to estimate what the weather will be like on your wedding day and let that influence your venue decision.

9. Decide on the wedding’s theme, decor, and details.

If you’re having a Justice of the Peace wedding, followed by a dinner for one or two dozen of your closest family and friends, you don’t necessarily need a theme — it’s already baked in. This is a celebration, and you simply need good food, drink, and loved-ones on hand.

But many couples like to dream up a theme that adds to the magic and fun for you and your guests. Here are a variety of popular themes, with decor and color ideas to match:

  • Romantic. Oversized floral arrangements, satin ribbons, soft lighting, and pink, white, and pastel hues.

  • Formal. Black tie and a traditional wedding gown. Formal weddings usually include the whole nine-yards: Paper invites, multi-course sit-down feast, string quartet, sumptuous setting.

  • Winter/holiday. A winter wedding with indoor pines, fairy lights, and red ribbons adds a sprinkle of seasonal magic to an already special day.

  • Rustic. Add country-chic elements to your wedding for a traditional wedding style with a laid-back vibe.

  • Nature-inspired. This overlaps with rustic, but goes further with the botanical elements. Many couples with a nature-inspired theme also make sure every aspect of their wedding is eco-friendly.

That’s just scratching the surface. There’s truly an endless amount of wedding themes out there. A library theme held in a historic library. A pets-welcome outdoor wedding. A fall, pumpkin patch wedding. A seaside or tropics-inspired wedding. Choose one that puts a smile on both of your faces and fits your personality, and you can’t go wrong.

Pro tip: Remember that your venue can do a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to bringing your theme to life. Use the architecture, wall colors, and layout to determine your key decor options. And keep in mind that while you don’t want to DIY every aspect of your wedding, themed decorations are a good area to invest in.

10. Create a wedding website and social media hashtags.

Like everything else, weddings have gone digital. Online options and social media are great ways to keep guests up to date on the wedding details. It also helps out-of-town guests stay oriented and connected to the big day.

Today, there are scores of easy-to-build wedding website templates. The wedding website builder With Joy lets you track guest RSVPs, share pictures of the wedding (before, during, and after), and offer transportation and hotel information for guests. Zola is another super popular option.

While you’re in the process of creating your website, consider creating a wedding hashtag for social media shares, too! It’s often a combination of your names, the year, and perhaps the location. A wedding hashtag generator makes it easy.

Pro tip: Plan out what content you’ll share on your wedding website and social media ahead of time. If you don’t, you’ll run the risk of letting it sit untouched. Updates such as your finished wedding registry, engagement photos, and accommodations are all great things to share.

11. Pick your save-the-date cards.

Save-the-date cards aren’t necessary, but they’re a nice option to give guests a heads up, especially if your wedding date falls on a holiday or some other time that guests may be busy or out of town. Sending them 6-10 months before the big day is a good rule of thumb, but it can vary depending on the rest of your wedding timeline.

Pro tip: When wording your save-the-date messages, good things to include are the wedding date, location, hotel information, wedding website address, and an actionable next step with clear instructions on what to expect next.

12. Choose your wedding invitations.

Consider picking out your formal invitations while your save-the-dates are top of mind. You don’t have to send them until about 6-12 weeks before the wedding, but there’s no harm in getting them ordered early.

It’s traditional to send out cardstock invites, and it’s lovely to have a hardcopy invite to frame after the wedding. Visit a stationery store, or browse invite websites online. Select invites that reflect your wedding style and theme. The words you select will also set the tone for your wedding. For example, use traditional language for a classic wedding and opt for laid-back wording for casual, rustic, or beach weddings.

If you want to buck the traditional trend, there are many lovely digital options for invites as well, including Paperless Post, Greenvelope, and evite. These are perfectly acceptable, and (double-bonus!), they’re eco-friendly and usually more affordable. You can even give invitees a link to your wedding website and have them RSVP there.

Pro tip: As people RSVP, add them to a free wedding seating chart tool so you can begin to assign seats, add in dietary restrictions and meal choices, and make special notes for your catering team that they can reference as you plan your menu.

13. Research vendors.

How many vendors you need to hire for your wedding depends on a variety of factors, including style and location. All-inclusive wedding venues will manage most of the vendors if you want them to, but you’ll have to meet to discuss style and specific choices. If you have a wedding planner, they’ll also do most of the research based on your preferred style.

If you’re planning the wedding yourself, vendors you’ll likely consider include:

Pro tip: First, keep your budget front and center when researching your preferred vendors. Then, ask around for recommendations in your area, preferably from weddings you’ve attended yourself. Finally, prioritize your spending. Ask yourself which areas you’d like to splurge and which you’d like to save. For example, some couples may prefer to spend more on food than flowers, while others may want to go all out with their videographer but book the same DJ for both the ceremony and reception.

14. Figure out what you’re going to wear.

It’s your wedding, so the best ensemble is the one you feel best in. There’s no right or wrong option. Perhaps you’ll wear jeans and a casual jacket. You might go with a bow-tie. Maybe you’re going to honor your cultural heritage with a traditional look — colorfully-patterned clothes, a Saukele, a kilt, a kimono. Just make your selection early so you have time to get everything altered if you need to.

Pro tip: Schedule enough time for multiple alteration appointments if needed just in case something changes between the first fitting and the last. Anything from weight to shoe choice to personal preference can change in a matter of months, so it’s good to leave some buffer.

15. Choose the food and beverage for your wedding reception.

Whether you’re going with a third-party caterer and wedding cake designer or an all-inclusive venue that provides these services, you’ll have plenty of decisions to make around food and drink. When creating your menu, pick a wide variety of options so every guest has something they’ll enjoy (include vegan and vegetarian choices), and ask guests to share their dietary restrictions on the RSVP. Once you have some options narrowed down, schedule a wedding tasting so you can pick your favorite.

Pro tip: Keep in mind that you’re not limited to one formal meal and dessert. You can opt for a budget-friendly buffet-style dinner, a multi-course serving of heavy appetizers, a food truck wedding, or even a brunch if you prefer an earlier celebration.

16. Create your registry.

Don’t just start adding toasters, flatware sets, and crystal vases to your wedding registry. Look around every room in your home and take an inventory of what you have and what you want. If neither of you enjoys baking, do you really need an electric mixer? Probably not. What about fine china? It can feel like you have to register for china, but not every couple truly wants a set for their home. Honeymoon funds are growing in popularity, so that’s always an option, too.

Pro tip: Create a spread of options across different price points and take your guest list into consideration. For example, if you and your partner just graduated from college and plan to invite a large group of friends from school, plan to include enough options in the $100 or less range for them to choose from. Or, if the majority of your guest list is close friends and family who are financially comfortable, don’t be afraid to add in the pricier pillows or cookware items they can feel special about getting for you.

17. Plan the before and after events.

There’s often much more to a wedding than the big day itself, though you won’t necessarily do them all. As usual, the particulars depend on the size of your wedding, the logistics, and the complexity of the ceremony. These are the events you may prepare or need time for beyond the wedding:

  • Bachelor and bachelorette parties. This isn’t your responsibility, per se, but if your wedding party is throwing bachelor or bachelorette outings, you’ll have to fit them into your schedule.

  • Rehearsal dinner. This usually takes place the night before the wedding and involves you, the wedding party, family, and friends from out of town. To throw a memorable rehearsal dinner, consider reserving the event room at your favorite restaurant, an outstanding restaurant near the venue, or, depending on your budget, booking an entire venue just for the dinner itself.

  • Honeymoon. If you’re having your honeymoon right after the wedding, you’ll need to fit more planning into your schedule. Add honeymoon decisions and activities to your wedding planning checklist. A week before the wedding, invite friends over for a packing party so you have your suitcase and travel necessities ready to go. If going out of town right after the wedding isn’t for you, some couples decide to put off planning the honeymoon or take an easy weekend trip until they’ve had time to relax.

  • Wedding after-party. You may want to continue the celebration after the formal reception is over. Choose an after-hours bar or club and plan ahead with the likely headcount.

  • Next-morning brunch. This puts a relaxed finishing touch on the wedding, and is especially appreciated by out-of-town guests. If your wedding was in a hotel, they can often provide a set brunch. Otherwise, book a local restaurant.

Pro tip: You should also plan breaks for yourself and your partner into your schedule. This includes ten-minute breaks to catch your breath between activities to entire weekends off between events to recenter and relax. Do whatever makes you feel rested. It can be anything from booking a luxury massage to deep cleaning your storage closet to taking your dog on a hike. Just add in these non-negotiable breaks to your schedule to keep your sanity in check. Which brings us to our next tip …

18. Enjoy some non-wedding-related activities.

It’s easy to slip into nonstop wedding planning mode. To prevent this, put regular check-ins with your partner on your checklist. Are you enjoying the wedding planning process? Are you distracted by wedding “stuff” during dates, or when spending time with friends?

Renew your commitment to enjoying the process and keeping things in perspective. The most important thing is your relationship and your life together today and in the future — not whether you decide on a donut wall or a cupcake tower.

Spend a weekend doing zero wedding-related activities. Of course, you’ll probably talk about it (because that’s fun!), but don’t make phone calls or tick boxes off your to-do list. Go for a hike or to a museum or a live music event or dinner out — the stuff you two enjoy together. It’s a good breather, and a reminder of what matters.

Today, many people take advantage of couples therapy before marriage. If you’re finding the stress of planning is causing a strain, make an appointment with a therapist. It’s not a sign of weakness; it’s a sign of strength, honesty, and vulnerability.

Pro tip: Look for fun hobbies to do in your spare time on sites like SkillShare to take your mind off wedding planning and learn about photography, taking care of plants, therapeutic journaling, and so on. You may even enjoy MasterClass with topics such as the Art of Negotiation, which will likely heavily factor into your future married life.

19. Send out your invitations.

This is an exciting moment in the planning process. Once those invites are in the mail, or you pressed “send” on your digital invites, the big day starts to feel more real.

Pro tip: Artist and owner of Invitations by Dawn has this to say about wedding invitation etiquette on her blog:

  • “Tip 1. Everyone invited should receive an invitation. Don’t overlook people you know will be attending (parents, bridal party, ushers, etc.).

  • Tip 2. Clearly print the names of all invited on the inner envelope. This is your chance to state each person by name (this includes children).

  • Tip 3. Only one invitation per married couple.

  • Tip 4. Indicate a plus one is welcome by writing ‘and guest’ after the recipient’s name on the inner envelope.

  • Tip 5. Invitations to unmarried couples should be sent to the closest friend but each person’s name (first and last) should appear on the inner envelope.”

20. Get your marriage license.

You need a marriage license before you can officially get married. Usually, you’ll get the license from the city or county clerk, depending on where you live. Call your municipal or county clerk to find out the license requirements because they vary by state or local government. Things you and your partner may need to provide include:

  • Birth Certificate or passport

  • Driver’s license or other photo ID

  • Money

  • Witness

  • Certificate of divorce or death certificate (if previously married)

Pro tip: Something no one tells you about a wedding certificate is that, in most states, including California, it’s not a piece of paper you can grab from the office and fill out at home. We’ve heard stories of people swinging by on a lunch break with a friend who they definitely were not getting married to then having to explain to the court what was going on. Save your friend the embarrassment and only go to the office with your partner when you’re both ready to sign the paperwork.

21. Help out-of-town guests with accommodations.

For weddings where many guests are traveling from out of town, it’s traditional to help them find places to stay. Here are some tips to make it easier:

  • Talk to local family and friends about their ability and interest in hosting guests they know. Only suggest this option to people who love having (or being) houseguests.

  • Book a block of hotel rooms near, or at, the venue. Though you are reserving the room block, remember it is not your responsibility to pay.

  • Book rooms at multiple hotels if you are having a large wedding, or options are limited in the area.

  • Book rooms early, especially if your wedding is on-season in a popular vacation area.

Pro tip: Send multiple reminders to your out-of-town guests that prompt them to book their rooms by the required date the hotel gave you. Set up an auto-reminder using Google’s send later function or use an app like SMS Scheduler to text everyone at once.

22. Choose your wedding rings.

It’s possible you picked your wedding rings shortly after getting engaged. But if you didn’t, we recommend that you start looking a few months before the big day.

Select matching bands, or two distinct styles — they don’t have to be made with the same precious metal. Choose the one each of you prefers. The rings can be simple bands with a polished, hammered, or matte finish. Or, you may choose ornate bands with faceted gems and a combination of precious metals.

Pro tip: If you’re wondering whether or not a warranty is worth it, you’re not alone. There are a number of Reddit posts on the subject. Here are some reasons why you should at least consider it, according to one user:

“If the plan is lifetime and doesn’t have a maximum number of uses or total repair value AND you live close enough to have it checked twice a year it will likely save you a boatload. Ask exactly what they cover (does it cover the stones or just the setting?) and if there are any maximums.

Most common repairs are in no particular order:

  • Rhodium dips ($20-40) resizing ($50-70)

  • re-tipping and tightening prongs ($15+ each prong)

  • replacing the shank (bottom part of the ring) ($50-$200)

  • replacing lost side stones (varies)”

Another good rule of thumb is if you couldn’t replace it all today in cash and feel good about spending that amount of money, then it’s probably worth it to pay for a warranty.

23. Take a break and manage last-minute issues.

The hiatus before the hoopla. The breather before the big day. The calm before the celebration. However you want to think about it, this is the sweet spot between all the planning and the actual wedding. There will be things to manage and decisions to be made. But mostly, this is a time of anticipation and excitement. Enjoy it.

Pro tip: Assign someone to be your crisis manager during this time. They’ll handle incoming requests, take care of tasks that they don’t need you for, and can filter out anything that actually does deserve your attention. Wedding planners, maids of honor, and best men are all great for this role as long as you trust their judgment and feel they are reliable.

24. Touch base with the wedding team.

Check-in with all of the key people in your wedding. Talk to the wedding planner to see if there are any final details they need from you. Reach out to the venue and vendor teams so you know they’re all set. Give a call to family members and the wedding party to make sure everyone feels comfortable with the itinerary. And finally, prioritize a few relaxed evenings with each other before the wedding.

Pro tip: Create a “week before” checklist with everyone’s names, contact information, and key points to address with them. Make this in advance and keep updating it as you go along so you don’t miss anything. Have someone involved in the planning process review and edit it accordingly.

25. Start the festivities and enjoy!

You know what to do from here. Congratulations!

Pro tip: Remember that your wedding day is about you. It’s okay if you don’t have a full-blown conversation with everyone there. And it’s okay if it’s not the best day of their lives too. So remind yourself of that in the chaotic moments. Enjoy celebrating your successful planning, your love for each other, and your future together!

Now you know how to plan a wedding!

But remember, this guide doesn’t cover every aspect of wedding planning. There are tons of other little details that go into a wedding, like selecting wedding favors for guests, writing your vows, choosing escort cards, and so on. Be sure to stay up-to-date with our blog for all of the additional tips, tricks, and advice to help you along the way.

What Does a Wedding Planner Do? 16 Tasks Your Planner Will Handle

Planning Basics

What does a wedding planner actually do? Probably a lot more than you’d expect. Check out our list of wedding planner duties you might not be aware of.

We have included third party products to help you navigate and enjoy life’s biggest moments. Purchases made through links on this page may earn us a commission.

Golden Apple Weddings

A professional wedding coordinator is one of the most fundamental parts of having an amazing wedding day, but beyond day-of coordination, you may not even realize the full scope of wedding planner duties. Along with their expert wedding planning advice, guidance, and organization, a wedding planner can handle all—and we mean all— the little things you may need an extra hand to cover.

So what does a wedding planner do? We picked the brain of wedding planner Erin McLean of McLean Events in Raleigh, North Carolina to find out what exactly goes on before the day of the wedding. Below, she shares 16 things you probably had no idea your wedding planner could actually pull off. Check out this list of all of the wedding planner duties that can help make your own wedding an absolute breeze.

What does a wedding planner do? 

A wedding planner or event planner does more than keep the show running smoothly on your wedding day. Here’s a list of responsibilities that fall under the category of full-service planning. 

Develop design elements

Couples often hear “wedding planner” and immediately think logistics and coordination. But even more than that, most full-service wedding planner duties include design services to help couples select color palettes, create floor plans, choose decor, rentals, lighting, and curate an overall aesthetic that carries throughout the entire event. If your wedding planner doesn’t offer these services, they can easily connect you with an event stylist who will. 

Initiate family mediation

“Weddings can highlight family dynamics that cause heightened emotions,” says McLean. “Often times it’s my job to work on finding compromises and hold conversations that need to happen. Usually, a simple clarification needs to happen so that everyone gets on the same page!”

Manage wedding finances

Not only can a wedding planner help you develop and oversee your wedding budget by advising on pricing and estimates, but they can also keep track of when your deposits and other payments are due so no deadline ever gets missed.

Offer fashion input and expertise

Need an extra pair of eyes when deciding what your bridesmaids, groomsmen, family members, and other people in your wedding party? Leave it to your wedding planner to lend their expert advice. And if you want an objective opinion when shopping for your wedding dress, suit, tuxedo, or accessories, your planner can offer guidance on that, too. 

Schedule your wedding meetings

A good wedding planner is always two steps ahead, so they’ll likely take on the task of scheduling any vendor or wedding venue meetings leading up to the big day.

Set up your wedding website

We like to think setting up your wedding website is pretty seamless, but your planner can help take care of all the hard work and editing to ensure it looks and feels just right (not to mention outlining all of the important information for your guests, like accommodation and transportation details).

Send off wedding invitations

Not interested in twisting the arms of your bridesmaids or family members to help stuff, stamp, and send off all your invitations? That’s where wedding planner duties come in. They’ll take care of those time-consuming details so you can enjoy every second of engaged life.

Still55 Photography

Track your RSVPs

Every couple who’s been through the planning process knows exactly how stressful managing those RSVPs can be. But with a wedding planner by your side? Consider that headache one more thing off your to-do list.

Vet potential wedding vendors

You’ve found your wedding planner, but what about the rest of the vendor crew? From caterers to florists, consult your planner to vet any potential hires and review vendor contracts to make sure you’re only working with truly reputable professionals.

Plan the guest experience

When it comes to the wedding weekend, it’s all about the experience and your wedding planner is going to make sure your guests get one to remember. They’ll coordinate details like travel, hotel room blocks, day-of transportation, and welcome bags while you sit back and enjoy the memories.

Offer etiquette advice

From seating chart dilemmas to wedding stationery wording to awkward “plus one” invites, a wedding planner is a couple’s go-to resource for all things proper etiquette.

Oversee sound checks

We’ve all been to an event where speaker systems go awry or the microphone is cracking, but your planner will ensure any sound setup goes off without a hitch.

Help style wedding photos

Rest assured that your planner will closely with both the photographer and videographer to stay on schedule, make sure they are present during all events, style your paper products, and make sure the bride doesn’t have a piece of hair dangling in her face that she’ll regret in the photos.

Ensure no moment gets missed

What does a wedding planner do on your wedding day? A planner will make sure your loved ones don’t accidentally miss out on key moments. From speeches to the wedding cake cutting to first dance, they’ll ensure your family is present every step of the way.

Manage unruly guests

The last thing a couple wants to deal with is a guest who has had a few too many and is causing a total scene. A great planner will make sure any overindulgent guests get some coffee and kindly move them out of the spotlight so the bride and groom never even notice.

Coordinate your grand exit

One of your wedding planner can be to make sure your getaway is as magical as the day itself. Bonus! They’ll also make sure any overnight bags or personal belongings arrive safely at their hotel.

10 Things On The Groom’s To Do List

Important wedding checklist tasks for your groom to do – at your peril!

These days, it’s not just the bride that gets involved in wedding planning. Today’s grooms are becoming involved in many more elements of the day – from helping with wedding DIY to choosing the wedding cake. However, even if your husband-to-be isn’t so enthusiastic about planning the finer elements of the day, there are still plenty of things for him to do…

You can download this as a PDF too so you can have it to look at any time you want. That way the groom will have no excuse for not getting any of these done! Simply click on the image above to get your copy now.

1. Help set the budget

No one wants to talk about finance and budgeting – especially when it comes to weddings – but you’ll certainly need a little help setting the budget. It’s important that the two of you come together to discuss saving and budgeting and allocate a certain proportion of funds to your wedding. It may be worth asking him to manage the Excel spreadsheet too – after all, he’ll probably prefer that task to wedding styling.

Image courtesy of Deer Pearl Flowers

2. Pick his best man

Although us girls would love to have a little input here, it is his best man – not yours. Allowing your husband-to-be responsibility to pick and look after his own grooms’ party is a great way to show your trust and respect for his choices.

Image courtesy of Leanne Murray Photography

3. Choose his attire

He may need a nudge in the right direction but ultimately your groom should choose his own attire. Some brides like to join their groom on a shopping spree, advising on colours to match the theme and style of the day. This is fine, but don’t dictate his whole look to him.

Image courtesy of Passion for Flowers

4. Support you during your meltdowns

One of the golden rules for a groom-to-be is to support his bride whole-heartedly, no matter how many bridezilla moments she might have. Whether there are dress dilemmas, bridal party feuds or budgetary woes, a groom should always offer a shoulder to cry on.

Image courtesy of You & Your Wedding

5. Write his speech

Many grooms may leave this until the last minute but his wedding speech is one of the most important wedding checklist items. Advise your groom to allow a few weeks for his wedding speech and cross your fingers he’s not scribbling down last minute notes on the day!

Image courtesy of Wedding Ideas Magazine

6. Look after the rings

During the wedding planning process, your home – or your parent’s home – is likely to turn into a wedding emporium. There’s the dress, the wedding décor and so much more – you’ve certainly got enough stuff to look after. You husband-to-be, on the other hand, has one major responsibility; looking after the wedding rings.

Image courtesy of BHLDN

7. Book the honeymoon

If your groom is looking for a few more tasks of his own, why not let him book the honeymoon? Planning a holiday and a wedding can be stressful, so it’s ideal if he can minimise the strain. You can either discuss your ideas and give him the responsibility of booking or give him free reign to book a surprise getaway.

Image courtesy of We Go Islands

8. Buy you a present

If your groom doesn’t already know, it may be worth reminding him that it’s a tradition to buy you a gift for the morning of the wedding. Get him to add this task to his wedding checklist and don’t forget that it’s totally acceptable to drop a few hints!

Image courtesy of JAG Studios

9. Make plans for a ‘man cave’

Let’s face it; weddings and wedding talk can be a little girly – so why not allow your man some freedom to design a ‘man cave’? This male-dominated reception area will be the perfect place for male guests to retreat to during the afternoon or evening’s celebration. Whether he wants whisky, wine or cigars – it’s his design.

Image courtesy of Paige Jones Photography

10. Be the perfect host

While it’s both of your responsibilities to welcome guests, it’s your groom and his party that will host your day. We’re expecting compliments for the bridal party and mother of the bride, welcoming guests to your ceremony and ensuring that everyone (including you) has an amazing time.

Image courtesy of Gert Huygaerts Photography


Have you downloaded our new guide, The Ultimate Wedding Checklist, yet? Well if you haven’t, it’s full of helpful hints and tips to make your wedding planning go a lot more smoothly. Take a look now and see the 10 things that brides and grooms mustn’t forget!

90,000 funny comic tasks to entertain guests

A wedding is an important event in the life of every couple in love. For proper preparation for the celebration, it is important to decide not only with the presenter, but also with the competitions. Recently, forfeits with various interesting tasks are becoming more and more popular. They will help diversify the atmosphere of the celebration, and guests will show imagination and ingenuity.

Interestingly, the word “Fant” is of German origin and in full translation means “Pledge”

Fants for wedding guests

To create a cheerful atmosphere, you need to come up with comic tasks for guests at the wedding table.After all, a meal should not mean boredom. A feature of the phantom is the ability to play both at the table and in a mobile version. The space is limited only by the imagination of the newlyweds.

“Guess the song” task

One of the most famous variants of a fant. Toastmaster thinks out excerpts from popular compositions. It is important to take into account that songs should be known to different generations of , despite the difference in musical preferences. The guests take turns guessing the excerpts from the songs.For those who are mistaken, you can additionally come up with funny penalties. Song numbers can be written on phantoms, and the participant guesses the composition he finds. It will be even more interesting if the younger generation gets a hit from the older one and vice versa.

Assignment “Continue the saying”

This competition is rather intellectual and aimed at guests at the wedding table. The toastmaster pronounces the name of the proverb, and the guest or the proverb itself, or its continuation. For a variety of competition, you can find sayings from different countries and cultures.The name is sometimes written on phantoms, sometimes the beginning or an excerpt from a proverb. Everything is at the discretion of the couple.

Forfeits “Question – Action”

In this variant of the phantom, the participants take turns pulling pieces of paper from the containers for assignments. You can divide forfeits into blocks of Truth and Action, or you can mix everything, it will turn out more interesting.

If the participant refuses to answer the previously selected question or perform an action, then he will have to do something more funny or extraordinary in the form of a fine

Tasks for forfeits to guests can be of this kind:

  • Tell a funny anecdote;
  • Say “I love you” in 5 or more languages;
  • Compliment the bride;
  • predict the future of the pair;
  • dance lezginka;
  • Sing a song on a wedding theme;
  • Drink a glass of champagne in one gulp;
  • hug / kiss your neighbor;
  • run a race;
  • Find an item of clothing from guests;
  • steal the bride.

Fanta “Get to know the guest better”

For this version of the competition, a lot of cards are prepared in advance. Unlike the previous version, only questions are written on the cards, but they can be both standard and beyond the usual ones, for example:

  1. Is it true that you often dream of a bride / groom at night?
  2. Do you often fly to Mars?
  3. How many times in your life have you changed your image?
  4. How often do you wake up in unfamiliar places?
  5. Have you ever had thoughts of global power?

Then the guests take turns drawing questions and answering them.The funnier the wording, the better. For those who refuse to answer, penalties are also invented.

Fants for guests

Tasks for the bride and groom at the wedding

At the wedding it is necessary to entertain both the guests and the couple. Contests and cool wedding forfeits for newlyweds will help with this. The game of forfeits for newlyweds can be both at the table and mobile.

Task “How well partners know each other”

The meaning of the fant task is that the bride’s partner must pull out a piece of paper with a question concerning the couple.For example:

  1. When did the first kiss happen?
  2. When is your mother-in-law’s birthday?
  3. Where did you and your partner travel for the first time?
  4. Name your partner’s hobbies.

The more correct answers, the better the couple knows each other. For each range of correct answers, you can come up with incentive prizes, both in traditional and comic form.

“Gift for the bride” task

A man is offered a choice of several forfeits.The phantoms are marked with items available. Moreover, both combined with each other and completely absurd. From these objects, the young must come up with a gift for his beloved. How many items will fall out, so many components of the gift. For example:

  • frying pan;
  • bits;
  • flowers;
  • piece of cake;
  • your feelings.

The more original the gift, the better. For example, a frying pan with a bat handle decorated with flowers.Fanta for young people may not be limited to traditional contests and be equated with the style of the wedding celebration or the nationality of the couple, faith and other important nuances.

Fants for the bride and groom

Wedding forfeits in verse

For especially romantic and poetic natures, you can diversify the wording of the forfeits, giving the atmosphere of the holiday a special lyricism. For example, poems in phantoms can radically change the attitude towards a particular task. Moreover, you can use both couplets and more complex options, for example:

  1. Come on, list them in order
    Rules of sweet family life!
  1. Answer us without cheating:
    What is the name of the bride’s mother?

When choosing forfeits for a celebration, you should consider a number of useful tips .Assignments should be suitable for all guests, regardless of age or social status, income or religion. Questions of faith and politics are also not suitable for such assignments. Unless, of course, the wedding is held in the Old Believers’ or other religious circle. It is best to start the fun with those tasks that will help guests get to know each other better and dilute the atmosphere. If you don’t have time to come up with questions for fantasies yourself, then you can buy ready-made options for the game in stores.

A set of forfeits for a wedding

Forfeits for a wedding celebration will be an excellent option for fun and will test the ingenuity, mobility and dexterity of guests and newlyweds.This is a great game, especially if the invitees don’t know each other very well. Fanta will help them to become free and thus make friends. Guests will remember this evening for a long time.

Fun for adults tasks. Tasks for playing forfeits

A wedding planner is an integral part of almost every preparation for this exciting and touching day. But before the bride becomes the wife of her chosen one, it is necessary to hold a party only for girls – in simple words, a bachelorette party.

The tradition of girls’ gatherings and entertainment before the wedding is very ancient and definitely “international”. There is such a custom in many countries. And today all traditions have mixed, and the result is a cheerful and perky holiday for the bride and her bridesmaids.

Let’s figure out how to organize a bachelorette party so that everything is at the highest level. One of the main features of this evening is contests for the bride and her girlfriends. We need them to fill the evening with fun, pleasant memories and wedding mood!

Fortune-telling on playing cards, their layouts and interpretations can be found in the publication of our website.

Ideas for games for a company of adults at the festive table are in this article.

From here you will find out what styles of elegant dresses are suitable for obese women.

Preparing contests: highlights

What should be considered when preparing for bachelorette party contests? It would seem nothing special. But for the bachelorette party to be great, you should think over all the details and pretty much prepare for the evening. What we pay attention to when choosing and preparing contests:

  1. Place for a bachelorette party.Whether it is a cafe, restaurant, sauna or apartment will affect how the contests should be. If there is enough space, you can safely plan mobile and active contests. In small spaces, it is better to have more relaxed or intellectual entertainment.
  2. Dress code and outfits. Often, girlfriends agree in advance about how they will look at the party. It can be one color or style, a certain element in clothes or a bright accent that immediately makes it clear that these girls are celebrating something extraordinary together today.There are a lot of ideas: denim, sea, pirate, mint, white, biker, floor-length dresses – any style will make the evening memorable, but in some outfits it is difficult to fulfill the conditions of active or active contests. Therefore, it is important to take into account the dress code during the preparation of the competitions.
  3. Tastes of the bride. A bachelorette party is a holiday where the bride is the main person. According to tradition, she does not even take part in the preparation of the party. Everything is done by her witness, her best friend. She must take into account the tastes of the bride: in music, food, drinks, entertainment.If the bride is a lover of extreme sports, you can safely come up with “crazy” contests.
  4. Distribution of duties. If the party is planned to be rich in contests, entertainment and surprises, distribute responsibilities with the bridesmaids: who prepares gifts, posters, treats, etc.

New contests for a bachelorette party for the bride

Traditionally, a bachelorette party should be fun and unforgettable. This evening, the girl says goodbye to girlhood and prepares to become a faithful wife to her husband.

This is the last evening when she can walk from the heart with her friends and have some great fun.

Girlfriends are preparing a lot of fun. It is especially interesting to watch how the bride desperately takes part in the contests.

So let’s look at what “tests” can be for a bride at a bachelorette party.


This is a universal competition for all times and peoples, holidays and parties. The only difference is to think over thematic tasks.What it can be:

  • Find three men in ties and take a photo with them;
  • Ask three guys for a phone number;
  • Exchange a little thing with a passer-by;
  • Get an autograph from a married man;
  • Collect wishes for the future husband from all guests of the restaurant (if a bachelorette party is held in such an institution).

Blitz survey

The competition is to see how well the bride knows her chosen one. Write a list of questions that the girl should answer in a certain amount of time.You can ask anything:

  • Favorite football team;
  • How many spoons of sugar to put in tea;
  • Shoes / socks / shirt size;

If the bride answers incorrectly, she gets a cool punishment. The more correct answers for the time specified for the competition, the more bonuses she receives. As bonuses, there can be sweets, boutonnieres, beads.

And I recognize a sweetheart from a thousand …

For this competition, you need to prepare a photo collage of pictures of different parts of the body of men.Among them should be a photo of the groom. A girl must recognize her future husband by some detail (eyes, lips, chin).

Almost Cinderella

Remember the tale of the beautiful Cinderella? As a girl tried on a crystal shoe, so the bride will wear graceful shoes. True, instead of a shoe, there will be the most incredible set of models:

  • Dad’s socks,
  • baby booties,
  • old man’s galoshes,
  • soldier’s boots,
  • studded sneakers.

For a bride to be called a true Cinderella, she needs to walk in her chosen shoes on an impromptu “catwalk”.

Goodbye Past Life!

One of the tasks for the bride may be a farewell ceremony with a past life. This will be a touching chord for the whole party. There can be many options for parting:

  • Ride a child’s bike;
  • Write “childhood” on the ball and let it go into the sky;
  • Take a swing.

When preparing contests for the bride, remember that the proposed options are the basis.Feel free to experiment.

Make the contests as interesting as possible, take into account the peculiarities of the character and tastes of the bride, as well as the general theme of the party.

Forfeits for adults’ birthday

Forfeits in an absolutely adult company is a lot of fun! They can be lightly erotic or overtly sexual in nature. Most often, they try to attract the birthday person to the most active participation, or, on the contrary, for him the guests fulfill wishes, which can be, for example, the following:

  • Tell a poem, inserting after each word some one and the same strong expression.
  • Collect as many lipstick marks as possible on the face and other parts of the body.
  • Eat grapes on a platter without using your hands.
  • Depict famous paintings: “Deuce Again”, “Girl on a Ball”, “Three Heroes”, etc.
  • Stick your head out the window and shout 3 times: “Ku-ka-re-ku !!!”
  • Name 50 words per letter.
  • Dance a striptease.
  • Tell an anecdote, rhyme, tongue twister on the topic of the day, that is, on the theme of the name day.
  • Sing a birthday song.
  • Sitting astride a chair, portray Chapaev.
  • Tell a tale about “Turnip”, “Kolobok”, “Little Red Riding Hood” or any other in a new way.
  • Make the balloon between the man and the woman burst – they need to hug so tightly!
  • Go outside and shout loudly: “How beautiful I am, who am I going to get !?”
  • Advertise something for a guest to buy.
  • A man to make an unusual hairstyle for a lady.
  • To be able to confess love without words.
  • Kiss the neighbors on the table.
  • Depict an animal or bird during the mating season.

Good old forfeits for your birthday will not let you get bored under any circumstances! If you approach the preparation of the entertainment in advance and with due attention, then this very day can remain in the memory of the birthday man and his guests for a long time. Fanta is always a game without losing, in which friendship wins, and therefore only a great mood remains after it, plus pleasant memories of the time fun and carefree spent with friends!

Funny contests for bridesmaids for a bachelorette party

A “victim” of contests at a bachelorette party is not only the bride, but also her bridesmaids.In fact, this is real fun, which then everyone remembers with a smile on their face. The variety of fun bridesmaids’ bachelorette party contests is impressive.

Here you can go beyond and apply the whole arsenal of fantasy and inventions. For girlfriends, you can offer such entertainment.

Who am I?

We add a wedding mood to the traditional game for the company. Instead of animals, we write the attributes of the wedding on the leaves and guess who we are – a glass, a boutonniere, a bridal bouquet, etc.

While the match is on

The match is lit and transmitted in a circle. The girl with the match burned out in her hands answers a tricky question. The list of questions can be written in advance or improvised. You can tie questions to friendship and make the girl remember:

  • Where and how the girls met;
  • When we went on vacation together;
  • What “pisses me off” in the bride, etc.

The main thing is not to overdo it and ask questions that will not offend anyone, but, on the contrary, will amuse and unite the girlfriends.

Feed me!

Light, relaxed, and most importantly – a fun contest for girlfriends. At the festive table, the girls sit in pairs and blindfold. The task is to feed each other so that they can eat more and more accurately than others. The winner is the couple that managed to eat more and at the same time remained the cleanest.

Erotic gum

Bachelorette party is a merry and perky holiday. And sometimes without jokes in the style of 18+ in any way. One of the options for the competition is “erotic gum”.

What is the essence: a linen elastic is taken, cut into pieces and rings with a diameter of 20 cm are made.

Each of the girls puts on an elastic band around her waist and, dancing to the music, takes it off. For each of the participants of the competition – thunderous applause and standing ovation!

I blinded him from what was

Every girl has a dream boyfriend. Sometimes it is difficult to find it, but at a bachelorette party it can be “dazzled” from improvised means. A great option is balloons of different sizes and shapes:

  • Round;
  • Extruded;
  • Oval;
  • Heart-shaped, etc.

The balls can be fastened with ribbons, tape, threads and whatever comes to hand. Then you can dance a slow dance with your “ideal” boyfriend.

I recognize my girlfriends

Bridesmaids should bring their baby photos to the bachelorette party. The hero of the occasion guesses who is who in the photo.

“Like a chicken with a paw”

We bring to life the well-known phrase “Like a chicken wrote with a paw.” For the competition you need:

  • A4 sheets;
  • Markers;
  • Handles;
  • Pencils and anything you can write with.

The task is the following: it is necessary to write the word “chicken” on the sheet. It will be real fun!

Glory awaits the author of the best painting with his “foot” – her work of art can be hung on the wall until the end of the party. Another option is to arrange an auction and sell a painting painted with the bride’s foot for a big sum at the wedding.

Buy and Sell

For this competition you need to take a basket, decorate it with fabric and put as many items from the men’s arsenal there as possible:

  • Socks;
  • Beer bottle;
  • Cigarettes;
  • Lighter;
  • Flashlight;
  • Handle;
  • Shoe brush;
  • Shaving cream;
  • Batteries, etc.

All this needs to be sold to men. Whoever sells the most is the winner. So you can make money.


Competition for the knowledge of the “male” language. Each of the girls writes on a sheet of paper all the excuses that men say in different situations. The owner of the largest list receives a diploma of a qualified translator from male to normal.

As you can see, there are a lot of options for bridesmaids’ bachelorette party contests. Choose the ones that you think will make the party perky, fun and unforgettable for both the bride and bridesmaids.


The main thing is to build the game so that any player could get any task, including the one offered by him. Tasks for forfeits should not be: – Offensive – Physically heavy – Unaesthetic – Harmful to health

Should be: – Quickly doable (up to 5 minutes) – Sober, it would not be ashamed to remember – Ideally, tasks for forfeits should try to uncover human creativity.

The most common version of the game, known to us from films and fiction, is a game with the appointment of a host.

Each player, including the presenter, places an object (deposit) in a bag, an opaque bag, a hat (in general – in what is). In a strict version, it should be a fairly valuable item, but I do not recommend putting your mobile phone in, because you may need to answer the call, and deposits are not refunded until the assignment is completed. I heard that bills are signed and folded like pledges. But this is already a remake, in the classic game there is no such thing, and why spoil the bills, the State Sign spends days on their production.

The presenter turns away, one of the players takes things out of the bag with the words: “What should this phantom do?” The leader assigns a task to the phantom. After that, the player whose bail was obtained completes the task. After completing the task, the player is refunded the deposit. In the modern version of the game with bills, which I wrote about above, the player can refuse to complete the task, and then his bill will go either to a volunteer who will complete the task for him for this reward, or to the next phantom who honestly fulfills his task.

However, other variants of the game are also possible.

Option # 2

Players pre-determine the task for the phantom, but who this phantom will be is not yet clear, it will be decided by lot. Here is one of the draw options: players sit in a circle, light a match and pass it to each other. Whoever has the match goes out will be a phantom. Of course, this is a pretty tough draw for strong-minded men who are not afraid of pain. What if, for the game, not special forces soldiers gathered, but ordinary civilians? Since childhood, we have known less traumatic ways of identifying the “lucky one”, such as counting rhymes or “who can pull a short match.”

But one way or another, Fant is determined, and he will have to carry out the task, which the players approved before the start of the draw. After the Phantom has completed the task, a new one is assigned and the game continues.

The first thing that comes to mind in connection with this version of the game is the adventures of Prince Florizel, described in cycles of novels by RL Stevenson and filmed in our country in the early 80s of the last century. True, the characters of the famous literary work and the film did not call their game “Fanta”, but if you look at it, then its rules almost exactly coincide with those described above.

There are only two differences: first – the participants in the game assigned a task that was dangerous to health and life, which we agreed not to do, second – instead of one fantasy, two were chosen at once, each of which had its own task. But, from my point of view, two forfeits are even better than one, the number of possible interesting tasks in this case increases several times.

Let me remind you that Prince Florizel and other players determined who would carry out the next task using ordinary playing cards.Everyone would land around the table, and the Chairman would begin to deal one card at a time to everyone in turn until an ace of spades or clubs fell. The one who received this card did not participate in the further distribution, while the rest of the players continued to receive cards until one of them received the second ace.

Thus, two players were determined, the first with the ace of spades, the second with the ace of clubs. For each of them, a task was predetermined, which they had to perform. But these tasks were monotonous, uninteresting, and, most importantly, life-threatening.

I think that you and I will be able to define tasks for dummies with greater ingenuity and without risking our lives. Below in this article, I have given safe, from my point of view, tasks for forfeits, designed for one lucky person. But almost every one of them can be turned into an activity for two.

For example, “portray an animal.” Just imagine how many options you can make if there are two forfeits: a dog and a cat, a lion and a trainer, an elephant and a Pug, etc. And so on along the entire list, for the second fantasy there is a role in any situation.

As far as I know, such forfeits have never been described anywhere else, which means that I can rightfully give them a name, let them be called “Florizel’s forfeits”.

Option No. 3 (Fants with notes).

Players write tasks on pieces of paper, roll them up and put them in a bag, hat or box. Then they take turns taking out the notes and completing the assignment written on them. The sequence must be determined in advance, or a leader must be appointed who will take turns asking the players to try their luck.

I must say that this is the most adventurous version of the game. In the first option, everything depends on the will of the leader, choosing him, the players can guess to what limit his “creativity” can reach, and the guilty person, if the mission turns out to be impossible, here it is, at hand.

In the second variant, the players know before the start of the draw what task they will have to perform in case they are lucky enough to be a Phantom. In the third version, the uncertainty is brought to the limit: the players do not know what task will drop out, or who appointed it, and if the papers are not signed, then they will not know who to thank them.

Now about the tasks.

In order for the game to be more fun than adventurous, I recommend that you be more careful in assigning tasks. However, if in your company a party that did not end at the police station is considered a failure, then you can ignore my warning.

In the first version of the game for the Player, there is the possibility of “dismounting”, that is, refusal to complete the task with the loss of the collateral (maybe for this they came up with bills as collateral, so everyone can make an equal collateral, otherwise one will put a ring with a diamond , and the other is a bottle cork).

It seems to me that for the third version of the game, you can set the ceiling of the task in advance by imposing a fine for failure to complete it. The fine does not have to be monetary at all – it can be some kind of task that a phantom must complete, who refused to complete the task that was given to him. And then the player who had the chance to go to Colombia and seduce the wife of the leader of the local mafia can instead go to a nearby store for salt in a dressing gown and slippers.

If the fine is still monetary, it can be used to form a bank.The amount collected in the bank will be received either by a volunteer who will perform instead of Fanta the task he has inherited or the next Fant who honestly fulfilled his task.

Everything I wrote above is suitable if friends or at least good acquaintances who are close in age and interests have gathered for a party, in all other cases I do not recommend letting the game go by itself.

If you decide to play FANTY for a less cohesive company, you will have to take the trouble and organize the game:

1.Prepare tasks for forfeits in advance, based on who your players will be. Print tasks on separate cards.

2. Prepare props (paper, felt-tip pens, balloons, etc.)

3. Tell the guests that there will be forfeits, let them remember children’s poems, songs, etc.

4. To act as a presenter yourself, inviting guests to pull tasks in accordance with the principle of priority that is understandable only to you.

5. To sort out the situation in case of refusal (for example, with the help of compensation in order to find a volunteer who completed the task for a monetary reward).

6. In especially difficult cases, to carry out the task from which everyone refused.

Where better to spend a bachelorette party: exploring options

Ideas for a bachelorette party – thousands, given the unlimited girlish imagination. It can be a traditional cafe or an extravagant strip club idea. But you can pick up a completely unusual place for a bachelorette party, which will be remembered by everyone.

This could be:

  1. Rented apartment. All bachelorette party participants gather in one apartment and arrange a cozy evening.A great option is a pajama pillow party. You can forget about floor-length dresses and high heels and spend the evening in pajamas, with a bottle of good wine to a romantic movie. It’s easier to hold contests here – there are no restrictions on the volume and level of laughter!
  2. Night club. This is quite a traditional way to celebrate a bachelorette party – to get together in a club, light up to good music and try an original cocktail. This option will bring you a lot of positive emotions, dancing until dawn and a lot of great memories.
  3. SPA. Very original and unusual. And why not – every girl loves to devote time to herself and her body. Bridesmaids and the bride will be able to relax before the big day and get a portion of pleasure and beauty. After such relaxation, you can safely go to the club or arrange that same pajama party at the bride’s house. It’s time to move away from templates!

  4. Bath bachelorette party. This option is considered to be male, but girls also like to relax in a good bath. Moreover, such a bachelorette party can be decorated with various gifts, surprises, delicious dishes and fun contests.
  5. Limousine. The traditional option for a bachelorette party is to rent a limousine and ride it around the city all evening. Fun, stylish, unforgettable.
  6. Bachelorette party in nature. A great alternative to cafes, restaurants and clubs. Fresh air, plenty of space and a variety of entertainment.
  7. Karaoke bar. What could be better than a bachelorette party where you can show your talents and sing your favorite songs. You can agree on a list of songs and make a musical evening in a wedding mood.And you will have a rest, and have fun, and you will sing a wedding song!

There are a lot of options for holding a bachelorette party. The main thing is to coordinate everything with the bride and warn all those invited about where the party will be held. If you are planning to celebrate in some institution, we recommend booking a room or seats in advance so that there will be no unpleasant surprises on X-day.

Fun options

Let’s consider the most interesting ones.

Funny predictions

The host distributes sheets of paper and pens to everyone.They are invited to draw any drawing of their choice. After the task is completed, the organizer collects the sheets.
The predictions are carried out as follows: the toastmaster asks questions related to the future life of the newlyweds, and drawings serve as answers to them.

Examples of questions – below.

  1. How will the newlyweds’ honeymoon be?
  2. How will the life of the young people change after the wedding?
  3. What will the bride / groom’s parents give for their wedding anniversary?
  4. What income will the newlyweds have?
  5. What will happen to newlyweds in 10 years?

Wedding forfeits for guests: how to choose comic tasks for a wedding?

Fanta on a birthday is a fun and interesting game.In this variant, a presenter will be required for the game “Fanta”. He takes from the participants one thing, an accessory. It can be anything: a bracelet, wallet, ring, earrings, even a sock. The item should be small so that these forfeits can be folded into a small hat or bag.

Fants for Birthday for adults

Rules of the game of forfeits

A fant (German pledge, pawn) is the thing that the player lost, gave to the host, and then must redeem by completing the task.

“Whose phantom, what should he do?”, “What should this phantom do?” – the presenter asks the driving player, who comes up with another task.

Forfeits can be collected in different ways: just go around in a circle, taking from each of those present one little thing (watch, phone, ring, cufflink, belt, hairpin, etc.), and then give the owners of things tasks to buy them out; you can pre-play several games, the losers will have to give up a phantom to stay in the game; making riddles: if the player has not guessed, he pays for fun.

There are a lot of options – it all depends on imagination, mood, desire and company.

Now the presenter turns away, and the players take turns to get forfeits. The presenter, without looking at what item was taken out, says what the owner of this item should do. According to the rules of the game, the item cannot be returned until the task is completed. And tasks, by the way, can be long-playing. To make the game fun and rich, tasks for the forfeit must be thought out in advance. We offer a selection of such tasks.

Fanta for Birthday for a fun company of adults

All evening to name the hero of the occasion YOUR HIGHNESS any available material and do not wash them off during the evening; ∗∗∗ Depict a rocket and say in a squeaky voice: “Houston, we have a problem!” ∗∗∗ It is necessary to move a penny with the nose so that it falls from the table into a glass placed for this purpose; ∗∗∗ Go outside in your pajamas or nightgown, walk to the store, buy salt, and answer all the seller’s questions: “It is necessary.”An accompanying person can go with the participant so that the first one does not cheat. ∗∗∗ On your knees, reveal to those present five of your shortcomings. ∗∗∗ It is necessary to depict the sounds of a flying plane and run around the house, pronouncing them loudly; ∗∗∗ Each player must get a fant with a paper medal. Moreover, the merits for which the medal is awarded must be real. For example, the kindest, most hot-tempered, etc. ∗∗∗ Take a special photo that will capture all the guests. The “photographer” will need to arrange all the guests, give them unusual poses and everything in the same spirit.∗∗∗ You need to put on your pajamas and walk in them to the nearest store, buy a pack of salt there. If on the way passers-by ask questions, then they can only be answered: “It is necessary”; ∗∗∗ You must drink all the alcohol that is in the glasses at the moment; ∗∗∗ To get on your hands, of course, this can be done with support. Then come up in this position to the couple in love at the table and wish her happiness, good luck and all the best; ∗∗∗ Show, without using speech, what you do every day at work; ∗∗∗ Go out onto the balcony or just lean out the window and shout ten times with all his might: “People, I love you very much”; ∗∗∗ 15 minutes pretending to be a foreigner, be sure to make a toast in any other language; ∗∗∗ Have a brotherhood drink with the guest on the left.∗∗∗ To spoil the compiler of horoscopes and tell each of the other participants what awaits him during the next week. ∗∗∗ Open and eat banana without using hands; ∗∗∗ Go to the neighbors and bring a glass of salt or a bucket of water from them; ∗∗∗ Sincerely confess three of your past sins. You have to kneel; ∗∗∗ Turn to your neighbor on the left and make a scene as if he should marry you; ∗∗∗ In front of the mirror, say ten times: “Oh, how good I am.” The phrase must be pronounced in a new way every time; ∗∗∗ Drink a glass of any alcoholic beverages without using your hands; ∗∗∗ For guests to portray a pig in a pigsty.At the same time, crawl on the floor and be sure to grunt; ∗∗∗ Shouts to extinguish the candle. You cannot blow on the candle, you only need to use the voice or the power of thought; ∗∗∗ Sing any children’s song, and in the pauses beat on the belly to the beat; ∗∗∗ Show stripper. Then show the stripper who got drunk; ∗∗∗ You can ask a person to show any animal. The most successful options here are penguin, fur seal, snake, bear; ∗∗∗ Take three eggs and juggle them. Of course, the chances are high that the eggs will fall and break.So, you will have to clean up after yourself – this is also the task of the given fantasy; ∗∗∗ Give a compliment to each guest; ∗∗∗ Say cute nasty things about each guest; ∗∗∗ Name the three qualities of each guest that impressed the participant the most; ∗∗∗ Feed each guest at the table from a spoon; ∗∗∗ Give any of the guests a hand massage; ∗∗∗ Take a hair dryer, comb and gel to make yourself an unusual hairstyle; ∗∗∗ Predict the future for each guest. Not just like that, but pretend to be a real professional astrologer; ∗∗∗ Discover the secret of who you wanted to be as a child; ∗∗∗ Just to tell a joke, but to make the guests laugh; ∗∗∗ The presenter selects three participants whom the owner of the fantasy should hug, kiss and shake hands with; ∗∗∗ Draw a portrait of a neighbor to the left or to the right; ∗∗∗ Acknowledge any girl in love, but do not use words; ∗∗∗ Place the balloon between the two phantoms.Make them hug so tightly that the ball will burst; ∗∗∗ Show without words what you like to do in your free time ∗∗∗ Looking in the mirror and not laughing, say with enthusiasm 5 times the phrase: “I look the best today!” ∗∗∗ Try to bite yourself on the elbow, saying: “The elbow is near, but you won’t bite!” ∗∗∗ Pantomime an opening bottle of champagne ∗∗∗ Walk up to 5 other participants, shake hands with them and say: “I am the king. Very nice, I’m a king! ” ∗∗∗ Hide behind the back of a chair and shout loudly 3 times: “I’m fine!” ∗∗∗ Choose any of those present and initially confess your love to him ∗∗∗ Sing any song as if you are very drunk ∗∗∗ Cover your nose with your hand and say the phrase: “I have the most pleasant voice in the world!” ∗∗∗ You are lucky – the whole company is “blown away” for you: everyone comes up to you and expresses their admiration or says a compliment ∗∗∗ Say in a sexy voice: “Are you sad and lonely? Then call me … “Then it is no less tempting to dictate your phone number ∗∗∗” Saddle “a chair and” ride “on it, while shouting:” You must not be late for adventure! ” ∗∗∗ Come up with affectionate nicknames for 7 players (for example, “cutie”, “handsome” …) ∗∗∗ Looking in the mirror, give yourself compliments for a minute, without laughing ∗∗∗ For a few minutes be a “mirror” (copy the facial expressions and movements of everyone who wants to look in the “mirror”) ∗∗∗ For a minute, stroke yourself on the head and stomach at the same time, but in different directions. players, make a scary face and say: “Well, here we are!” ∗∗∗ Explain how to make scrambled eggs without saying a word. ∗ Talk about elephants for 1 minute ∗∗∗ Stand on a chair and tell about your life in five sentences ∗∗∗ Toast in “Chinese” mode ∗∗∗ Read any children’s poem with a Caucasian accent ∗∗ Show the guests how to eat a banana erotic them to depict the dance of the African tribe Mumba-Yumba ** and sit for 1 minute with a sad expression on your face (other players need to try to make you laugh) who is dissatisfied with dinner ∗∗∗ To freeze in a certain position, depicting a sculpture.You need to stand still for several minutes. Other players can walk up and change the sculpture’s pose. ∗∗∗ Take any item and try to sell it to someone from the player, touting and advertising its useful qualities photo: arrange the participants, choose the entourage ∗∗∗ Using pantomime to depict the scales ∗∗∗ Sing the song “Two Happy Geese”, while sending blowing kisses to everyone ∗∗∗ Call someone from your acquaintances and ask them to let you spend the night ∗∗ ∗ Depict a famous person for other players to guess) ∗∗∗ To depict 5 any emotions on the face so that other players guess them outfits, etc.) ∗∗∗ Depict the gait of a man walking barefoot on hot coals Without opening your lips, say the proverb: “The one who laughs last laughs well” ∗∗∗ Within three minutes, quickly answer the questions of other players, while you cannot say “yes”, “no”, “I don’t know”

Tasks for forfeits in verse

A wonderful path was traversed by the hero of the day, You can tell about this in the book.Come up with a title for a memoir that he could write. ∗∗∗ Not a difficult fantasy, you should know About this, do not go to a fortuneteller, And now name five things that are necessary for fishing ∗∗∗ Now you have to show how plastic you are, your fantasy is to dance with a chair Funny and erotic. ∗∗∗ Perhaps this role is a little unaccustomed to you Your fant – a ditty to sing now Of course, more decently ∗∗∗ Your fant is at first glance quite simple, But it will arouse everyone’s interest – Let us know the hero of the day, And also guess his weight.∗∗∗ You were lucky, got a simple phantom – You must stand on your right leg, And hold your left leg with your hand, Raise a toast in honor of our hero of the day. ∗∗∗ You must drink without a trace For the birthday girl, build a glass in order And dance the cancan together ∗∗∗ Your fant – to become a conductor for a short time, quickly organize all guests, To perform all the songs by the order of the hero of the day. ∗∗∗ Your fant: in the art of achievement Show your guests to everyone, Standing in the center of the hall, with the expression Tell a poem! ∗∗∗ As a sign of friendship and mutual respect To your neighbor or neighbor, Pour wine and loudly with expression, Read everything that is on the label.∗∗∗ Your fantasy is successful, let’s say, in secret – to organize a show of models, And to comment on the show, And to recruit models from the guests. ∗∗∗ You need to compose a composition From fruits on the table “He and she”, To it add your explanations And announce to whom it is dedicated. ∗∗∗ You should be applauded For the hero of the day, in her honor Compose a fax from the President In her name and read it. ∗∗∗ Ability to read words backwards Demonstrate your phantom gives. You Name Patronymic of the hostess of the celebration Should pronounce the opposite.∗∗∗ Such a duty, other than you, cannot be performed by anyone else. Your fant – on behalf of the guests now say “Thank you” to the Hostess of the celebration ∗∗∗ To make it more fun, Sing us a song as soon as possible! We give a promise that we will sing along to you. ∗∗∗ Your finest hour has come! We ask you to dance for us Incendiary and brave Sultry tango … with a mop! ∗∗∗ Charge everyone with positive things, Make something laugh, To make us have fun, To laugh heartily! ∗∗∗ A sleight of hand task is. Dare, praise and honor to you! With a knife and a fork, manage to unfold the candy and eat it! ∗∗∗ Amuse the honest people: Tell us an anecdote, To laugh until you drop.Remember more – we will be glad! ∗∗∗ You surprisingly got a simple phantom: For us, open Champagne without delay! ∗∗∗ Here is a test of accuracy! (The audience held their breath.) Throw this teabag so that it gets into the mug! ∗∗∗ Fant is simple: from different products Make a sandwich (light snack), So that it looks great, And tastes great! ∗∗∗ Try to entertain us a little, Amuse your friends and girlfriends And eat a banana without a fork, without a spoon, Without a knife and without using your hands. ∗∗∗ Fant you got this: Take a picture of all the guests.But with one simple caveat – To make it funnier! ∗∗∗ Cool, very cool For a whole minute Jump on one leg, Clapping your palms! ∗∗∗ Animal, what you want, Without words depict. The one who guesses, reward the Medal. ∗∗∗ You are very lucky. Rejoice, my dear: Pulling out a surprise ticket, you get a prize right away! ∗∗∗ Who doesn’t like compliments? The world does not know such. It falls out to everyone to say a compliment to Fant. ∗∗∗ You will please the Spectators with the dance of the little ducklings. Attract the guys to the dance – Dance until you drop! ∗∗∗ We have forgotten all the names of the Good and funny Fairy Tales.Complete one task – Help us remember them! ∗∗∗ You need to do sports! For you there is a task: Can you try very hard And sit down ten times? ∗∗∗ The cunning sorcerer Here he hid his treasure. Find him soon, Show the guys! ∗∗∗ There are many holidays in the world And children are delighted with them. Do not play in silence, Call them quickly! ∗∗∗ You are a physical education teacher. You’ll teach a lesson now. For health and shape: Squats, run, jump-bounce! ∗∗∗ Give us a riddle. Better even as many as three. Let’s solve it in order, let’s stretch our brains.∗∗∗ You have the right to choose your mate. To start dancing with her For the delight of the eyes. ∗∗∗ You take a piece of paper And turn it into a toy. And then you will give it to your mom As a sign of your great love! ∗∗∗ There are cats in many tales and poems. We want to ask you: What do you know? ∗∗∗ Your voice is wonderful We want to hear it. Sing, my friend, a song. Please our ears! ∗∗∗ Choose a client for yourself. Give him a hairstyle. Turn on your fantasy, don’t break the comb. ∗∗∗ Your task, friend: Beloved, remember your rhyme, And you tell us it – Perturbedly, loudly, from the heart! ∗∗∗ Favorite story Remember right now.We really want to know why you are fascinated by him.

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Fants for colleagues at a New Year’s corporate party

Colleagues holding a corporate party in public places or in offices, the presenter is most often invited. But if they get bored or the host will not be at the party, you can have fun and interesting to lead the time yourself.Hilarious forfeits for an adult audience will help you with this.

Kiss of the Boss

This player must kiss the boss, regardless of whether it is a man or a woman.


This person needs to repent of his sins before the boss, think carefully before deciding on such a step.


Tell all colleagues about some of your own, professional secret.


You need to give your boss or senior officer a back massage.


Working in the same office, people rarely hug and even exchange pleasantries. You have such a task: you need to hug each of those present with good words in the shortest possible time and say something good to everyone.


Confess your love to the most beautiful girl, woman (boyfriend, man) in the office and invite you on a date.


To depict for everyone the pig in all its glory in his pigsty, to show how she eats, how she walks in a puddle.


It is very sexy to eat a banana, without hands, you can squeeze it between the legs of the assistant or the assistant.

“Pop your booty”

The player needs to quickly inflate a ball, tie it and burst with his butt, having piled on with all his weight.


A man needs to collect as many kisses on his face as possible. If the order went to a woman, then she must collect as many little things as possible that every man keeps with him, such as lighters, cigarettes, keys.

“Work paints a person”

A person needs to collect all the dirty dishes from the table and take them to the kitchen, so to speak, to help the kitchen workers.


This phantom should go to the kitchen of the establishment (or the kitchen where the event is taking place) and bring (or organize) some yummy in two minutes. Guests should definitely try and appreciate the dish.


The player must make a compliment to everyone present, by which the character of a colleague will be recognizable.For example: you are the most modest, you are the most fashionable, you are the most discerning.


A girl or a guy is blindfolded and employees of the opposite sex are shown in front of him. He or she must guess who is standing in front of him by touch.


The one who draws out this phantom must dance a slow dance on a paper napkin with a neighbor or a neighbor on the table, regardless of his gender. You cannot get off the napkin during the dance.


Tell a funny joke, if the audience does not laugh, you will have to tell the second one.


In this activity you must apologize to those you recently offended. If there are none, due to your nature, apologize to your boss for different thoughts.


What are the shortcomings of the colleagues present at the New Year’s holiday?


Publicly praise your merits and make sure that every adjective comes with a question, and guests must confirm it.

“I am a wizard”

On New Year’s Eve, wishes come true.You must make a promise to any of your colleagues on the first day of work to help him with work.


Depict in a pose or in dynamics anyone present here, whose character is recognizable by everyone.

“New Year tree”

You need to decorate any participant like a New Year tree. Make toys with the help of materials at hand, for example: insert piles on legs between your fingers, and put napkins on snowflakes.

“Guess the melody”

Perform the verse and chorus of any song (or department anthem, if any) replacing the words in the verse with “yum-yum” and in the chorus with “oink-oink”.The rest have to guess what song is.

“Portrait of the boss”

Draw a portrait of the boss with your eyes closed and give it to him.

“Fairy Tale”

Tell the tale “Kolobok” replacing all the characters with employees, including the kolobok himself.

“Je ne mange pas six jours ..”

Pass with hat in hand and collect as much money as possible from those sitting at the table.


In one minute, collect as much as possible from guests on any item of clothing and put it on yourself.


Imagine that you are a toad and squatting around the hall, all the time croaking and eating flies.


Sing the song “I am a chocolate rabbit”, inviting the guests to try themselves.


What are the dates of births of those present, at least approximate?

Funny tasks for playing Fanta

  • Good old “Kukareku” – loudly, through an open window, 3 times
  • Sing a song with an olive in your teeth
  • To dance (maybe even in the style of striptease?)
  • To kiss everyone present
  • Drink 2 glasses of water in one fell swoop
  • Eat a lemon and smile all the time
  • Draw a presenter
  • Draw a mustache and walk with them all evening
  • Depict an airplane and at the same time ride everyone
  • Be an extravagant photographer : arrange the models to your taste, choose a strange entourage, tell everyone his facial expression
  • For an hour to be in charge of liquids, make sure that no one is tormented by thirst
  • Tell a true compliment to each of those present
  • Feed the neighbor on the right with a spoon
  • Show trick, but at least everyone knows with a torn off thumb
  • Prepare coffee For everyone who does not want coffee, persuade them to tea
  • Pretend to be a foreigner for 10 minutes and speak only a foreign language, you can use the famous Albanian
  • Draw 10 emotions on your face, and guests should try to guess them
  • Make a caricature map of the apartment , apply all strategic objects to it
  • Give the neighbor on the left a shoulder zone massage and what else he will ask
  • Push up on the floor, the more, the more respect and respect from those present
  • For an hour, keep track of the time and report “5 minutes have passed »
  • Tell the horoscope for each guest for the next year
  • Tell who you dreamed of becoming as a child and how it affected you
  • Tell an anecdote
  • Make a marriage proposal to the next phantom and explain why you are so good, what you need marry you
  • Draw a portrait of the person sitting opposite.Quickly, in a cartoon form
  • Show with gestures, without saying anything, what you are doing at work
  • Sit on a balloon so that it bursts
  • Convincingly explain why you intentionally forgot to put on your underwear today
  • Show a mirror (everyone maybe look at you, you need to copy facial expressions and movements)
  • call the hero of the occasion YOUR HIGHNESS all evening
  • every time publicly ask the hero of the occasion “permission to drink from a cup and dine from a plate”
  • after each toast, solemnly shout TRAM-PAM- PAM!
  • Blindfolded to find the hidden guest, guests change places beforehand, you cannot run away
  • All evening, if someone laughs, portray his laugh twice as loud.
  • Tell about your companion as if your task is to sell it, if you fail, you will be fired.
  • To read, without smiling, a poem:

I admire the Christmas ball, Tying the cords to it, In life I am not so beautiful, I don’t have such cheeks.

Fants for friends in the apartment

Guests in the apartment at the New Year’s feast will be happy if on New Year’s Eve you will please them not only with an excellent snack of the festive table, but also with entertainment events.For fun, you can play forfeits with them. Cool New Year’s forfeits will help cheer up any company.


In one minute, remember at least 50 authors writing books in any genre. These can be prose writers, lyricists, historians, novelists, detectives and even poets.


With the help of friends, who will be your “paint actors”, you need to paint a picture of a famous artist, for example, “Three Heroes”, if you want a picture “with peppercorns”, you can try to depict the scenes “Sodom and Gomorrah” …


For a minute you have to persuade at least three girls at the New Year’s table and put on them the dance “Kankan”, seconds for 20.

“Without memory”

Go out to the balcony and ask passers-by about what is the century, year and date.


To depict an animal during molting, how it loses its fur, how it reacts.


It is necessary to show the male lion during the hunt for some weak, but very fast animal and “eat” him.


You need to show a male gorilla during maturation with all the ensuing consequences. For example, how he looks at females, how he feels at the same time, etc.


Show guests Adriano Celentano trampling grapes in the movie “The Grunt”, but found manure instead of grapes under their feet.

“Summer resident”

The season of summer cottages will not come soon, but the images of ardent fans of this business are so vivid that they remain in the memory for a long time.Depict the summer resident himself, let the other guests guess what you are planting.

“Old” night butterfly “on the street” Red Lights “

Even if you have never seen this kind of picture, it will not be difficult to show you an old” night butterfly “offering itself on the street.

“Symbol of the coming year”

You will need to show the symbol of the New Year in all its glory, walk around the hall in this image, give out an accurate voice sound that would be recognizable.


In one or two minutes you have to compose a poem, stand on a stool and tell everyone loudly and with expression.


Raise any woman in your arms. (Choosing a woman, of course, is a light and thin one).


Organize a choir that will perform the chorus of the Russian folk song “Kalinka” (Kalinka-kalinka-kalinka mine, my raspberry-raspberry berry in the garden …) and the stretched New Year’s phantom must perform a squatting dance.

“Excellent singer”

For a minute, remember 10 songs about the New Year.

“I am a crow”

Shout out the window or from the balcony 5 times: “I am a crow, kar-kar!”

“Fairy Tale”

Organize a fairy tale “Turnip” from those around you.To make it more interesting, prepare costumes in advance, for more laughter you can mark the roles of men and women.


We must dress up as a gypsy and tell fortunes to the whole honest

Make a delicious cocktail from any three ingredients and give it to friends.

Phantom “Transition of the move”

You are free from the fulfillment of desires, but give a task to another person, and funnier.


Enter the image of a celebrity three times and show the guests who have to guess who you “created”.


Choose a partner and feed an apple without hands.


Ask guests 10 questions and get an answer in a minute. If you go wrong, drink one hundred grams without hands.


Eat slices of fruit laid out on a flat plate with your eyes closed and without hands.


Choose yourself an assistant and try to make you laugh, respectively, he should not laugh.


You must choose one or a group of people in silence, without a word, to create a sculpture out of them that will be recognizable.For example, Peter I on horseback.


This person must give a ride on all fours to someone from those present at the holiday, shouting “yoke”.


You are destined to be a toastmaster all evening at the New Year’s holiday, to play a couple of games, to make toasts. You can buy off only if someone at the table can voluntarily take on this role.

Game for assessing the teams “Balloon”

Information for the game participants:

Imagine that you are the crew of a scientific expedition that returns in a hot air balloon after completing scientific research.You have taken aerial photographs of uninhabited islands. All the work has been done successfully, and you are already preparing for a meeting with family and friends. You fly over the ocean to the nearest land area 500-550 km.

But the unexpected happened: in the envelope of the balloon, for unknown reasons, a hole was formed through which the gas escapes. The ball began to decline. You immediately threw overboard all the bags of ballast (sand) that were stored in the balloon gondola for this case. The fall slowed down for a while, but did not stop.After 5 minutes, the ball began to fall with the same, rather high, speed.

The entire crew gathered in the center of the gondola to discuss the situation. It is necessary to decide what and in what sequence to throw overboard in order to be able to land alive.

The following items remained in the gondola:

  1. Rope – 50 m.
  2. First aid kit with medicines – 5 kg.
  3. Hydraulic compass – 6 kg.
  4. Canned meat and fish – 20 kg.
  5. Sextant (device for locating by the stars) – 5 kg.
  6. Rifle with a telescopic sight and a stock of cartridges – 25 kg.
  7. Various candies – 20 kg.
  8. Sleeping bags (one for each crew member).
  9. Flare gun with a set of signal flares – 8 kg.
  10. 10-seater tent – 20 kg.
  11. Oxygen cylinder – 50 kg.
  12. Set of geographic maps – 25 kg.
  13. Drinking water canister – 20 l.
  14. Transistor receiver – 3 kg.
  15. Inflatable rubber boat – 25 kg.

Challenge: Decide what you should throw away and in what sequence. First, each participant in the game makes an individual decision. Then we divide the audience into teams of 5-7 people, and each team discusses the problem situation and develops a collective solution.

We voice the rules of the game:

o You cannot make a decision by voting.

o Interest cannot be calculated: how much is “for” and how much is “against”.

o You cannot “put pressure” on your partner (“do as I said!”).

o It is advisable to reach a consensus through negotiations, in case of a conflict of opinions – a compromise.

o Any member of the crew can express their opinion.

o The number of statements of one person is not limited.

o The decision is considered taken only when all crew members agree with it.

o If at least one crew member objects to the adoption of this decision, it is not accepted and the group must look for a new way out or new arguments and technologies of persuasion.

o Decisions must be made in relation to the entire list of objects and things.

o When determining the importance of objects and things, that is, the order with which you will get rid of them, you need to keep in mind that everything is thrown away, not part (for example, all candy or sleeping bags, not part of them).

The time available to the crew is unknown. How long the fall will continue largely depends on how quickly the participants in the game make a collective decision.

If the agreement fails, the crew will “perish”.

After decisions are made in groups, their presentation and justification begins, then during the discussion the most acceptable solution for the current extreme situation is developed (objects and things remain in the gondola to signal their distress and to support physical condition).

At the end of the discussion, the moderator sums up the results of the game. To determine the effectiveness of interaction, you should pay attention to the following characteristics:

What contributed to the success?

The level of competence of the participants in the game.Constructive interaction. A culture of controversy.

Common goals (individual and group).

Effective use of interaction strategies (compromise, concession, cooperation).

Clear organization of the discussion. Ability to listen to partners. Desire to win, etc.

What hindered the effective work of the team?

Weak competence in the significance and capabilities of the discussed subjects in the current situation.

Ineffective interaction strategies (rivalry, avoidance of dispute, concession to aggressive partners).

The prevalence of personal goals (to draw your own line, to show yourself) over group goals. Poor or no formal leadership of the discussion. Low culture of argument, poor command of verbalization.

Undeveloped emotional culture, etc.

Wedding forfeits in verse

For especially romantic and poetic natures, you can diversify the wording of the forfeit, giving the atmosphere of the holiday a special lyricism. For example, poems in phantoms can radically change the attitude towards a particular task.Moreover, you can use both couplets and more complex options, for example:

  1. Well, let’s list in order the Rules of sweet family life!
  1. Answer us without cheating: What is the name of the bride’s mother?

When choosing forfeits for a celebration, you should consider a number of useful tips . Assignments should be suitable for all guests, regardless of age or social status, income or religion. Questions of faith and politics are also not suitable for such assignments.Unless, of course, the wedding is held in the Old Believers’ or other religious circle. It is best to start the fun with those tasks that will help guests get to know each other better and dilute the atmosphere. If you don’t have time to come up with questions for fantasies yourself, then you can buy ready-made options for the game in stores.

A set of forfeits for a wedding

Forfeits for a wedding celebration will be an excellent option for fun and will test the ingenuity, mobility and dexterity of guests and newlyweds.This is a great game, especially if the invitees don’t know each other very well. Fanta will help them to become free and thus make friends. Guests will remember this evening for a long time.

Tasks for the bride and groom at the wedding

At the wedding it is necessary to entertain both the guests and the couple. Contests and cool wedding forfeits for newlyweds will help with this. The game of forfeits for newlyweds can be both at the table and mobile.

Task “How well partners know each other”

The meaning of the fant task is that the bride’s partner must pull out a piece of paper with a question concerning the couple.For example:

  1. When did the first kiss happen?
  2. When is your mother-in-law’s birthday?
  3. Where did you and your partner travel for the first time?
  4. Name your partner’s hobbies.

The more correct answers, the better the couple knows each other. For each range of correct answers, you can come up with incentive prizes, both in traditional and comic form.

“Gift for the bride” task

A man is offered a choice of several forfeits.The phantoms are marked with items available. Moreover, both combined with each other and completely absurd. From these objects, the young must come up with a gift for his beloved. How many items will fall out, so many components of the gift. For example:

  • frying pan;
  • bits;
  • flowers;
  • piece of cake;
  • your feelings.

The more original the gift, the better. For example, a frying pan with a bat handle decorated with flowers.Fanta for young people may not be limited to traditional contests and be equated with the style of the wedding celebration or the nationality of the couple, faith and other important nuances.

Fants for the bride and groom

Tasks for the redemption of the bride: funny and unusual

Any witness considers it her duty to come up with such tasks for the ransom of the bride so that the groom would leave a fortune on the first floor. This, of course, is not very difficult, but it will not work to entertain guests with hackneyed and boring contests.You need something new, unusual.

Competitions and tasks for the groom

“Moscow does not believe in tears” (or any other city)

Salt water is poured into half-liter, one-liter, two-liter and three-liter cans. A piece of paper with the bride’s name or a key to the room where she is located is placed at the bottom, depending on at what stage of the redemption the competition is held. The groom needs to determine which jar of “tears” his bride cried while she was waiting for him, and in a cool way to get what lies at the bottom – then the task for the ransom is considered completed.If the groom did not guess right the first time, he pays a fine and contests for the ransom of the bride continue.

“Compatibility Test”

While the groom will frantically memorize the dates of all significant events and all the sizes of the bride so as not to be trapped in the ransom, we have prepared a very unexpected task for him. The young man must give answers to the questions prepared in advance. His future wife has already answered them. His task is to answer in the same way as she did. The catch is that the questions have absolutely nothing to do with their life and their love story.

  • How many stars are there in the sky?
  • Which came first: an egg or a chicken?
  • Why do bears sleep in winter?
  • Who is the boss in the family?
  • How many seeds can fit in a three-liter jar?

If three or more answers coincide, the task is passed, otherwise – a penalty.


For the competition it is necessary to print 4 portraits in A4 format or larger.Portrait of Mona Lisa, male, witness and bride. The photographs are then cut into strips: forehead, eyes, nose, mouth, chin. The faces in the images must be the same size so that they can be compared. And the task for the groom on the ransom is that he needs to make a portrait of his beloved on the wrong side of the fragments. The pictures are turned over, and if in the end the portrait of the beloved did not turn out, then the subject can replace parts for a fee until he sees his favorite outlines.


This competition is similar to the old test with letters and affectionate words, however, it is a more modern competition for redemption and, importantly, not beaten.The groom’s task is to propose marriage to his beloved. All words in his speech should begin with the letters of the last message in the phone to her. For example, if the last message was “whole”, then his phrase should contain 5 words, and they will begin with the letters “ts”, “e”, “l”, “y”, “u”.

Coming up with tasks for the groom to buy the bride, do not forget that you need to entertain all the guests. They want to quickly get to the festive table, so they will try very hard to get the bride.The main contests, of course, fall on the future husband. And what to think of for the rest? The team of the portal has collected interesting riddles and questions for your event.

Funny riddles to buy the bride

The main task of this entertainment is not to answer the questions correctly. The funniest and most creative options are taken into account.

Funny Questions

  • Does he know everything and everyone? Horseradish.
  • What bird in its entire life has not laid a single egg, but hatched itself from it? Rooster.
  • Which hand should you stir the coffee with? It is better to do it with a spoon.
  • How many shoes does a girl need to be happy? One more pair than she has.
  • In the rain, doves sit on which tree? Wet.
  • Say “dry grass” without “p”? Hay.
  • What can a mathematician, hunter and drummer not do without? No fraction.

Comic Riddles

Such riddles on the bride’s ransom will be an amusing test for the groom and for the rest of the guests. The main thing is to read them quickly so that there is little time for thought – a stream of laughter is provided to you.

Crowing awake
Dear kind….



Long-legged and tall,
Inhabitant of our villages –
In the nest on the house
Settled …



Everything is dressed with snowy smooth surface,
So it has come …



Tweet, Tweet!
What kind of scream?
Don’t scold this baby,
Shouted …


Wedding Riddles

To tune everyone in the desired holiday mood, pick up wedding riddles for redemption.

What does a girl wear once?
It takes off with ease in the wind.
Her holy beauty cannot be contained in words.
On the bride’s head is white …



Everyone was having fun today, and passed out in the salad. Remember the wedding, since the hunt? This will help you …


Newlyweds are happy together,
And they shouted “bitterly” for them two hundred times.
However, the bed will not shine for them soon,
After all, the whole night will have to money …


The most cheerful friends of the newlyweds usually go to the ransom of the bride, so everyone present will be happy to take part in tasks in order to help the groom achieve his beloved. You can find even more funny contests for guests on the site

Of course, the ransom is not the main event on the day of the celebration. However, the holiday begins with it, so it is very important to set a cheerful mood for guests and newlyweds.

Musical bride price

Modern newlyweds are in no hurry to completely abandon the bride ransom, but strive to diversify it, for example, to make it musical.This option already compares favorably with everything standard and boring!


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  • Unusual Bride Ransom Scenario

    The scenario of an unusual bride price with contests should be interesting, but not very long, so as not to delay the newlyweds and guests before registration. At the same time, the ransom must be modern so that no one present is bored.


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  • Forfeits game for a wedding, anniversary, corporate ▶ ️Fanta game rules …

    Forfeits game for a wedding, anniversary, corporate

    ▶ ️Fanta rules

    Each participant (and ALL guests must be participants!) for example, it can be a watch, a handkerchief, a bracelet, a lighter – these personal items are called Fants. The host puts all the forfeits into one bag, basket, hat, and the game begins.

    Now some original action is being invented, the implementation of which will require the participant to exert effort or courage. It can be invented on the go by all together, or the action will be assigned by the presenter.

    You can also prepare cards with assignments in advance, or you can distribute leaves and pens, everyone writes their own assignment and throws them into the general basket. The main thing to remember is the principle: “Do not dig a hole for another”, how not to get there yourself later 😉

    ▶ ️Funny tasks for playing Fanta

    1.Good old “Kukareku” – loudly, through the open window, 3 times.

    2. Sing a song with an olive in your teeth.

    3. Dance (maybe even in the style of “striptease”?).

    4. Kiss everyone present.

    5. Drink 2 glasses of water in one fell swoop.

    6. Eat a lemon and smile all the time.

    7. Draw the leader.

    8. Draw yourself a mustache and walk with them all evening

    9. Draw an airplane and at the same time ride everyone.

    10. Be an extravagant photographer: arrange the models to your liking, choose a strange environment, tell everyone his facial expression.

    11. For an hour to be in charge of liquids, make sure that no one is tormented by thirst.

    12. Give a true compliment to each of those present.

    13. Feed the neighbor on the right with a spoon.

    14. Show focus, but at least everyone knows with a torn off thumb.

    15. Prepare coffee for everyone who does not want coffee, persuade it for tea.

    16. Pretend to be a foreigner for 10 minutes and speak only a foreign language, you can use the famous Albanian.

    17. To depict 10 emotions on the face, and the guests should try to guess them.

    18. Draw up a caricature map of the apartment, plot all strategic objects on it.

    19. Give your neighbor on the left shoulder area massage and what else he asks for.

    20. Push up on the floor, the more, the more respect and respect from those present.

    21.Within an hour, keep track of the time and report “5 minutes have passed”.

    22. Tell each guest’s horoscope for the next year.

    23. Tell who you dreamed of becoming as a child and how it affected you.

    24. Tell an anecdote.

    25. Make a marriage proposal to the next phantom and explain why you are so good that you need to marry you.

    26. Draw a portrait of the person sitting opposite. Fast, cartoonish.

    27. Show by gestures, without saying anything, what you are doing at work.

    28. Sit on the balloon so that it bursts.

    29. Convincingly explain why you intentionally forgot to put on your underwear today.

    30. Depict a mirror (everyone can look at you, you need to copy facial expressions and movements).

    31. All evening to call the hero of the occasion YOUR HIGHNESS.

    32. Every time publicly ask the hero of the occasion “permission to drink from a cup and dine from a plate.”

    33. After each toast, solemnly shout TRAM-PAM-PAM!

    34.Blindfolded to find the hidden guest, the guests change places beforehand, you cannot run away.

    35. All evening, if anyone laughs, make him laugh twice as loud.

    36. Tell about your companion as if your task is to sell it, if you fail, you will be fired.

    37. To read, without smiling, a poem:
    I admire the Christmas ball,
    Tying the cords to it,
    I am not so beautiful in life,
    I don’t have such cheeks.

    ▶ ️How we play

    The presenter says: “This phantom will sing us a song about a vehicle” and, having defined the task, at random takes a little thing out of the bag. The owner of the thing must complete the task. And the audience should support him, laugh and pat him generously. Do not forget that you will soon find yourself in the speaker’s place 😉

    ▶ ️Checked:

    The game is fun even in an unfamiliar team, people are liberated and become more friendly.
    The evening will be remembered for a long time.
    The video recording is unsuccessfully trying to buy out the participants, so that it is not made public 😛

    Wedding contests. 1250 competitions in 2021

    Don’t know how to diversify your wedding program? How to entertain guests? Portal for newlyweds is pleased to offer ready-made wedding contests. An original and fun wedding script with up-to-date games will become the basis for an unforgettable wedding celebration.

    We also offer interesting competitions for toastmaster. This will be especially true for newlyweds, who are not satisfied with the entire entertainment program of the presenter.By adjusting and diluting the script, future spouses can be sure that the event will be held at the highest level. Another

    Why do you need entertainment for guests?

    Recently, more and more often the question has arisen: is there really a need for contests at wedding events? After all, weddings without contests are regularly held all over the world. However, it should be understood that such a scenario is more suitable for small weddings, where everyone knows each other and will feel “at ease”.

    And yet, we are FOR the entertainment program at the wedding, and here’s why:

    1. Introducing guests from both sides.As a rule, most of those invited from the side of the bride and groom do not know each other. General contests promote the unification and acquaintance of strangers to each other. The main thing is to avoid games like “team of the bride versus team of the groom”;
    2. Cheerful and colorful wedding. If you approach the choice of entertainment responsibly, avoiding well-known and boring games, the entertainment program will surprise you with its richness and freshness. All guests will definitely want to take part in the new entertainment;
    3. Funny wedding games – a way to defuse the atmosphere and really enjoy what is happening;
    4. Contests for newlyweds help each of the couple to open up, show themselves in new conditions.Lovers get to know each other even more, discovering new emotions and abilities of the chosen one.

    When planning your dream wedding, it’s up to you, the newlyweds, to decide whether century-old traditions and a fun entertainment program will be included or you will succumb to a new round – a wedding without entertainment and a host.

    Wedding contests 2021: for guests and toastmaster

    The world of wedding trends is constantly changing. And these changes have not spared wedding scenarios.Fortunately, hackneyed and trivial games are gradually fading into oblivion, and new wedding competitions for toastmaster delight newlyweds and invited guests. It’s so nice when you don’t know what to expect from the upcoming games and entertainment!

    When choosing wedding fun for guests, consider:

    • Invited status ;
    • Age category , because a number of contests for a young audience may simply be unacceptable for the older generation;
    • Religious views .For example, if Muslims are present at the wedding, it is better to abandon the traditional striptease of the bystander and 2021 wedding contests with intimate overtones. Remember, every wedding guest should feel comfortable and fun;
    • Competitions for Wedding Party should entertain, not tire, participants. Consider the physical fitness of the guests;
    • Little guests . If the presence of children is planned at the wedding, then select several contests at the wedding day just for them.For younger children, you can choose games with parents so that the little guests are not afraid and also have fun celebrating your holiday.

    When planning and discussing a wedding program with a toastmaster, find out all the details as carefully as possible: an entertainment program for guests, a scenario of the bride’s redemption, fun for the bride and groom, etc. So you can protect yourself from unpleasant surprises.

    Funny Wedding Games

    Include wedding games in the festive program, and you will see that each guest still has a small child who is interested in everything new, funny and unusual.

    For your attention right now we are ready to offer some of them, which:

    • They will test the ability of young people and guests to deal with children;
    • Introduce funny ditties for a wedding;
    • Will reveal artistic ability;
    • Experience the sharpness of the mind and intellect;
    • Will help to reveal acting skills;
    • Demonstrate the physical fitness of a strong half of humanity;
    • And… many more wedding games are already waiting for you in themed materials!

    Active and passive games will always come in handy at weddings.You don’t want your wedding to be remembered for an exceptionally luxurious table and an abundance of alcoholic drinks? A truly interesting and addictive entertainment program is exactly what you need for a perfect evening.

    Competitions at the wedding table

    Too active and energetic games can tire those present at the holiday. Who needs tired guests? We suggest paying attention to an alternative program, namely, wedding entertainment at the table.

    Why passive games are needed:

    • As a rule, every guest participates in the drinking contests.This makes it possible to attract even shy participants in the celebration to the general fun. And once again the opportunity is given to get to know the guests from both sides;
    • Guests will be able to take a break after active competition, anticipating the upcoming entertainment program;
    • Table games give those present an opportunity to take a break from pronouncing toasts and congratulations, and young people – from the endless “Bitter!”

    Games at the wedding table will certainly amuse everyone present.The abundance of modern entertainment allows each couple to choose contests that match the style and theme of the wedding, taking into account life principles and tastes.

    Table games will also be relevant at wedding anniversaries. Interesting wedding anniversary contests are here!

    How to entertain guests without leaving the table:

    1. In passive games, the emphasis is almost always on intellectual entertainment : a variety of quizzes, charades and puzzles will not only test the wit of the participants, but also amuse those present;
    2. Conducting auctions is no less relevant in table games;
    3. Interesting wedding contests cannot do without fortune-telling for a happy family life;
    4. Why not sing? You will find funny ditties on the pages of Guests will definitely appreciate the semblance of the famous game “Guess the melody” or clippings of phrases from popular cartoons and movies.

    Choosing games and contests, you fill the celebration with positive and positive emotions. Do not be afraid to give preference to new and unknown contests, because they will help to make the celebration original and unique!

    Hide description

    You can’t do without drinking contests at a wedding, so the presenter is simply obliged to prepare some interesting and cool ideas.In addition, such contests are ideal for a chamber format or wedding without a presenter.


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    The second day wedding contests that you will find in this article are geared towards contemporary interests. There are no outdated rituals and disguises here. This is a free format with a minimum amount of requisites.

    At the bachelorette party, the bride and her girlfriends should have a lot of fun – that goes without saying.And funny, interesting and even slightly vulgar contests for the holiday will create a special cheerful and relaxed atmosphere.


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    The scenario of a modern wedding implies not only traditions and a show program, but also funny contests. Such entertainment is quite simple and interesting. The main thing is to find really interesting games that will be appropriate for a modern wedding.


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    Music contests for a wedding can be intended for both newlyweds and guests. With the help of them, you can definitely cheer and entertain everyone present at the holiday.

    Standard wedding contests have become boring. They are of little interest to guests. Therefore, it is important to come up with unusual games in which all your family and friends will want to participate!


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    When choosing contests and games for a wedding, think about what they should be.At a wedding celebration, you should definitely not organize vulgar, alcoholic and too active contests. But there are also a couple of games that are in no way suitable for a wedding.

    If a lot of modern and creative people will be present at your wedding, then instead of annoying contests, arrange for them a contest for the best selfie. A game with such an interesting task will definitely appeal to them!

    Wedding contests with colorful balloons are always fun and amusing.But many contests are already so beaten that you will not surprise guests with them. Let’s add some variety to these games and make them modern.

    A fairy tale for a wedding is a great way to liberate guests, introduce them better, and also give the participants an opportunity to show their talents. All your guests will surely appreciate this uncommon entertainment!


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    90,000 Scenario of the bride’s redemption # 1-Cool contests for redemption, tasks for the groom and the witness in the redemption of the bride

    If you decide to arrange a wedding ransom for the bride, do not delay it too much, 10-15 minutes is the best option.

    Thinking through contests for ransom, think about whether your chosen one is able to complete this or that task (do not mock him too much so that the wedding is not spoiled by his bad mood).

    Need help organizing? Contact us!

    “Organization of weddings”

    We offer you tasks for the groom and the witness, from which you can choose those that will appeal to both you and the groom.

    1. Different letters are written on the steps, the groom must go up the steps to say affectionate words to the bride beginning with this letter.

    2. Plates with questions about the bride and her family are laid out on the steps. In order to rise to the next step, the groom must answer the question correctly or pay a fine.

    3. The witness is given an apple with matches, he must, pulling out matches, list the positive qualities of the groom.

    4. Variation on the theme of the previous competition. The groom is given an apple studded with matches. One of the matches should be short. The groom should pull out one match at a time until he pulls out a short one and with each long match he should somehow affectionately, without hesitation, name his beloved.

    5. Several hearts are made (just on the flight of stairs), and on each is written the reason for the marriage: “by calculation”, “by flight”, etc. The inscription “for love” is placed on the very top step. The groom must get to the top heart without stepping on the steps on which the wrong answers lie, without using the railing. The witness must guess to carry the groom upstairs in his arms.

    6. On the stairs, lay out daisies of two colors. Stepped on the red one – say a kind word about the bride, stepped on the blue one – tell me how you will scold.And if you don’t want to scold, pay.

    7. Freeze the apartment key in an ice cube. You can freeze a few more cubes with “fake” keys.

    8. Papers are put into the inflated balloons. One of them bears the inscription “key”. The groom must burst the chosen balloon, if he guesses, he is given a key to the apartment, if he is wrong, a fine. A variant of this task is possible when the name of the bride and the names of guests (including men) are written on pieces of paper.

    9. The groom is greeted with a glass of water, and he must throw so many coins there so that the water overflows.

    10. In three glasses, you need to put what rustles, what rings and what splashes.

    11. The groom is offered three glasses (with salty, sour and sweet water). With what face to drink – with such a bride to live.

    12. The doors to the apartment and the apartment are all closed. There is a task on each door. The groom chooses the door behind which he thinks the bride is in a wedding dress and answers the question. Answers correctly – the door opens, did not guess – choose another door or pay the ransom.At the same time, in any of the rooms there may be a person disguised as a bride, it is better if a man.

    13. The groom should write the name of the bride with money on a tray or table.

    14. The groom must identify the bride from children’s photographs. Photos can be hung on strings, then the groom has to jump up and kiss the bride’s photo.

    15. There is a dartboard hanging on the door, the inscriptions “for love”, “by calculation”, “friends advised”, “stupid…”, “how do I know?” Are glued to it? etc.n. The groom must throw darts at them, thus explaining the reason for the marriage. You can shoot with a champagne cork.

    16. From the deck, where funny pictures (photos from “Playboy”, cartoons) and a photo of the bride are previously pasted on the cards, choose your betrothed. An unsuccessful attempt and decision to take a new card is paid.

    17. The groom should read poetry dedicated to the bride or sing a love song with friends.

    18. Make the groom with friends perform the dance of little swans to your own accompaniment or dance a gypsy.

    19. Ask the groom to draw a bride (you can save some grandmother in advance and then give her away as the one most similar to the drawing).

    20. On a sheet of paper, all the women present leave an imprint of their lipstick. The groom must guess the lips of the bride.

    21. Identify the bride by the finger on which she is going to put on the ring. They pull on the sheet and several girls show one finger.

    22. The groom makes his way into the room for a long time, and there a false bride awaits him — a man or an old woman in a veil.

    23. Invite the groom to put something for the soul in the basin. The groom must guess to get up there himself.

    24. When the groom has come to the bride’s room, he must say magic words for the door to open. The groom must guess that these words – “I love you!”

    25. You can glue wallpaper on the entrance to the bride’s room. And pretend that there are no more rooms. And when the groom breaks through the wallpaper, take a ransom for the damage done to the apartment.

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