Wedding suits for men cheap: 20 Affordable Men’s Suits for Weddings on Amazon


20 Affordable Men’s Suits for Weddings on Amazon

Looking for an affordable men’s suit for the groom or groomsmen? Check out this list of 20 stylish and savvy suits from Amazon!

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If you’re looking on the hunt for a beautiful, well-fitting suit for your groom to wear on your wedding day, look no further! After all, the groom deserves to look his best on the big day, too. But looking great doesn’t have to come at great expense thanks to the selection of stylish and savvy suits available from Amazon Fashion! 

We’ve rounded up a selection of 20 affordable wedding day suits and tuxedos to choose from. There are options for various color schemes, wedding themes, and more. No matter if you’re planning a casual backyard wedding or a formal ballroom affair, there’s an appropriate and affordable choice to consider!

Find a cheap wedding suit or tuxedo for your groom that he can wear on the wedding day or for other festive events going forward. Happy suit shopping!  

Cheap Suits for Weddings from Amazon

Affordable Men’s Suits and Tuxedos from Amazon


Style: Classic fit tuxedo

The timeless design of a classic fit tuxedo will not go out of style and will have you looking sharp for any formal event. Range of colors available.


Style: 3 piece classic or slim fit suit

This 3 piece vested suit is perfect for weddings and events where you need to look dashing and elegant. Choose between classic or slim fit.


Style: Slim Fit

This mid lightweight fabric offers a slim fit that will make any groom or groomsman look confident and on trend. Wide color pallet from which to choose.


Style: 2 Piece Casual

Perfect for a warm weather outdoor setting, this 2 piece suit will look sharp and fresh for your big day. Available in a range of light colors for spring or summer events.


Style: Linen 3 piece suit

Stay cool and stand out in this linen suit when you wear the vest which gives it a formal touch.

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Style: 3 piece classic fit

You can’t go wrong in a classic fit 3 piece suit designed to take you from work to formal or semi-formal events. This is your perfect all-occasion suit.


Style: Cotton, Seersucker Suit

This breathable, slim fitting seersucker suit in pink is the perfect choice for your spring or summer event.


Style: Classic, seersucker suit

This light cotton seersucker fabric will keep you cool and looking charming in this classic blue and white striped suit.


Style: Modern Fit 2 Piece

This single-breasted, notched lapel coat and flat front pants give you a classic yet modern fit to take you from boardroom to formal events. Comes in a range of classic colors.


Style: Double-breasted suit

This suit is a formalwear staple that gives you a classy look with its double-breasted jacket. Available in a range of colors.

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Style: 3 piece checked suit

Check all the right boxes in this plaid cotton blend gentleman’s 3 piece suit. All season wear suitable for any occasion.


Style: Slim fit 3 piece suit

Make a statement with this white 3 piece suit that goes from semi-formal to formal events with the addition of the vest. If you like this style, check out the other color options.


Style: Classic black and white tuxedo

This vintage formal tuxedo look sports the classic black pants and white tuxedo coat with vest that’s perfect for weddings, concerts and other formal events where you need to make a fashion statement.


Style: Formal, tuxedo with tailcoat

For your formal event, bring a touch of sophistication and refinement to your look with this 2-piece tuxedo with tailcoat.


Style: Formal, tuxedo with tailcoat

This tuxedo has a satin shawl lapel and brocade pattern to keep you looking sharp for that special occasion.


Style: 3 Piece Suit

Choose this 3 piece suit that includes a vest for a more formal look. Wide choice of colors available.


Style: Slim fit, suit, 3 piece

Choose this sleek formal suit in a light color for a polished and sophisticated look.


Style: 3 piece slim fit pinstripe

This classic pinstripe pattern goes modern with a slim fit. A great suit for your next formal event. Available in a range of classic colors.


Style: 3 piece slim fit

Sport this modern color when you choose this stylish, slim-fitted 3 piece suit, perfect for groom or groomsmen.


Style: Slim Fit Tuxedo

Wear this formal slim-fitted black tuxedo with an understated satin trim on the jacket and pants for a sharp and elegant finish.

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Wedding Suits For Men | MensUSA

Men’s Wedding Suits on Sale

Wedding suits for men is a memorable event that happens in our lives only once. On this occasion we are meant to wear wedding suits with respective to gender. Men would always prefer to wear suit on this day and it also traditional clothing that is followed in many countries. There are many styles adopted in accordance with dressing sense on wedding day. Wedding procedures and formalities changes with respective to religion, caste, countries and race. This is a day where the bride and bridegroom seem to be most happy because it is the start to their life with formalities done accordance to their religion to mark them as unified couple in love and commitment they have for each other. Wedding is not only a day termed as procedure to show ones commitment for love but also a important thing to show the society that they are going live together with smiles and happiness they are going to share in their life which doesn’t have a expiry date. Wedding is compulsory to prove ones identity to show the society that they are married to this person. Some people tend to live together without any formal wedding as they seem to believe they are unified through their hearts and wedding doesn’t have a much impact on them, but still they prefer to exchange rings and some formalities that include on wedding day.

Wedding Suits For Men for grooms:

There are multiple options for buying suits for grooms, but the most usually worn is with or without tie or bow tie. The suits are usually made to look shiny, so when it reflects light and look more attractive during marriage. There are four colors which are generally used for suits and they are Black, White, Red and Blue.

Colors of Wedding Suits For Men which gives grooms the appealing sense of look in them

Wedding suits is being worn from olden days and its meets certain areas with respective to culture and tradition in many countries. Most of the countries who don’t wear beach Wedding Suits For Men on marriage are adopting to wear this Wedding Suits For Men on this auspicious day. Wedding Suits are something that are made in accordance with culture and tradition. People in modern age haven’t changed much in this dressing style on wedding day as it is preferable clothing for them to wear on this day.

Wedding Suits For Men with printed designs:

men vests Wedding Suits with designs are rarely worn during wedding day and it does not have anything to do with culture of tradition. Men would like to print their fiancé name on their suit to make it look unique. They also print certain types of designs which are put up for marriage or some people even choose their own design like trees, couples hugging each other, couples exchanging rings, etc. Printed designs on Wedding Suits For Men do look very stylish and trendy in this modern era.

Wedding Suits For Men with and without ties:

Wedding Suits For Men can be worn with and without ties and both of them does equally seem to look good. Many people say that neck tie is unnecessary and impractical item worn in men’s wardrobe. casual Wedding For Men with ties are mostly worn during business meetings and for business purpose and can still be worn during wedding day. Wedding Suits For Men without ties are most preferable on marriage.

We at MensUSA home offer a wide range of suits, tuxedos along with striking accessories that will make you talk of the town. Providing you with multiple options with respective to brands and style that is set to modern trend. We are worth a try and we never rely on fake promises and slogans. We sell products that are of supreme quality. We have set a new trend in the fashion market and it is something people tend to trust and rely upon. Give a try and you will never regret for giving us a chance to prove our worth.

Cheap Priced Wedding Dress Suits Style For Men


Weddings are the most auspicious occasions in one’s life. Shopping for your own wedding suit can be a complex task. There are a lot of things to consider when you want to buy a wedding suit for yourself. As wedding is the time when you will be at the center of attraction and you want to look the best. Choosing a wedding suit depends on a lot of factors like the venue of the wedding, the time of the wedding and most importantly the dress of the bride. It has now been a long followed practice where the bride’s gown and the groom’s dress are matching or at least complimenting each other, And why not? The wedding day is the most memorable day in everyone’s life and hence they choose to look the best.

Buying wedding suits for men online:

Choosing to buy wedding suits online is a good option to consider. You will get multiple choice options to view before you actually buy them. With Suitusa around, you need not worry at all about buying a wedding suit. We have a whole category dedicated to sell wedding suits for men. If you are looking for a beach side wedding suit, we have some exclusive colors to offer like the sand beige, pure white, ivory cream and so on. Such light and subtle colors go extremely well with a day wedding at the beach. You need not worry if you are getting married the traditional way at the church. We have some amazing collections of suits for that too. You can go for bright and dark color options like dark grey, navy blue, black, brown and even burgundy. There are a lot of color options available for you to choose from.

You will also get to choose the fabric from many options that we have. You can go for a linen suits , a wool suit, velvet suit or a polyester suit. The fabric is completely your choice. You can find printed fabrics too like the pinstripe, seersucker and so on. Our wedding suits for men come in designer style. You can chose slim fit suits, modern fit suits or regular fit suits; we have them all in our designer wedding suits collection.

Whether you choose to wear a stylish double breasted suit or a simple two button suit, you can find the finest of these suits at Suitusa. We even sell amazing collection of men’s three piece suits. You have ample amount of choices in wedding suits for men. You can also consider wearing a stylish tuxedo for your wedding. Tuxedos are meant to grace formal auspicious occasions. You can browse through our category of wedding collection for men to find the best wedding suit or wedding tuxedo for yourself. You can also be lucky enough to buy wedding suits for men at discounted prices, along with free shipping facility. Shop from Suitusa and experience an amazing online shopping experience with us.

Groom Attire Online Inspiration | Junebug Weddings

The Best Places to Shop for Wedding Suits and Tuxedos for Grooms Online

December 3, 2019 | nicole

photo by Hailey Pierce Photography

Shopping for wedding suits and tuxedos for the groom online? We’ve rounded up the 10 best places to shop for your stylish groom apparel — all without leaving the house! No matter if you’re balling on a budget or investing in the suit of your dreams to last you years to come, these menswear retailers represent the best at every price point. Shop classic, modern, trendy, and always stylish groom suits that fit your wedding vibe, your budget, and — of course — you, and have them delivered right to your door!

Find out why we love these 10 best places to buy wedding suits and tuxedos online:

  • ASOS
  • The Black Tux
  • Bonobos
  • Express
  • Generation Tux
  • Indochino
  • J.Crew
  • Men’s Wearhouse
  • Nordstrom
  • Suit Supply
  • Topman

Why we love them: ASOS is our first stop when it comes to unique and affordable menswear, so it’s no surprise we love them when shopping for wedding suits and tuxedos online! If you’re looking for colored or patterned suits, especially in skinny fit, ASOS is your shop. ASOS carries both its own namesake brand along with a large selection of other brands to make your shopping experience easy and thorough. ASOS also carries tall and plus sizes for men! Pro-tip: ASOS offers premier delivery and has an awesome return process so you can easily buy multiple sizes and return what doesn’t work!

Wedding Skinny Suit in Cotton in Forest Green 

River Island Big & Tall Suit in Navy

Twisted Tailor Super Skinny Suit in Dusky Pink Floral

Super Skinny Suit in Burnt Henna

Twisted Tailor Plus Skinny Suit in Heritage Brown Check 

Wedding Skinny Suit in Wine Crosshatch

Why we love them: The Black Tux has streamlined the groomswear process to be more simple and stylish than ever. Offering suits for both rental and purchase, The Black Tux allows grooms and groomsmen to fill out a questionnaire to nail down their sizes plus use their free home try-on to make sure it fits before they commit. Depending on where you live, you can also shop at one of their brick and mortar locations across the U.S. Whether you shop The Black Tux or not, be sure to check out their handy groom style guide for a better understanding of each piece involved in your wedding day look!

The Tyson Outfit

The Redding Outfit

The Peak Lapel Tuxedo 

The Thornhill Outfit 

The Steinbeck Outfit 

The Hemingway Outfit

Why we love them: If you’re a dude who isn’t familiar with Bonobos, welcome to your new favorite place to shop year ’round! But we’re here to talk about weddings, so let us direct you over to their wedding shop. This page makes it super easy to know what style is the right fit for your wedding as Bonobos breaks down their item recommendations by formality level — Black Tie, Creative Formal, Semi-Formal, and Casual. Find everything you need to look stellar on your big day in one place and get ready to feel more dapper than ever before! P.S. If you’re looking for cool ties or printed shirts, Bonobos is your spot!

Capstone Italian Wool Tuxedo

Jetsetter Stretch Dress Shirt

Jetsetter Italian Stretch Velvet Blazer

Silk Necktie

Jetsetter Stretch Italian Wool Suit

Jetsetter Stretch Wool Blazer

Why we love them: You’ve probably shopped at Express for your new clothes to wear to the office, but did you know they carry groom apparel as well? Whether you’re looking for trendy or timeless, Express is a great affordable option for your wedding suit needs! Mix and match pants and jackets plus choose from some of the best men’s accessories on the market including ties, belts, and shoes. Wanting to match your look with your groomsmen suits? Express’ price point and wide accessibility makes it easy for your best guys to get their suits too!

Extra Slim Blue Cotton-Blend Stretch Suit Pant 

Extra Slim Teal Stretch Cotton Blend Suit Jacket 

Silk Bow Tie

Extra Slim Charcoal Cotton Oxford Suit Pant

Narrow Floral Silk Tie 

Extra Slim Burgundy Cotton Sateen Stretch Suit Jacket 

Why we love them: The only rental-only option on our list, Generation Tux has perfected the process. A true online experience, Generation Tux allows you to design your look, take your look for a test drive two weeks prior to your event to make sure the fit is just right, and provides free and easy returns thanks to round-trip shipping. Worried about matching colors? You can have swatches shipped for free to ensure the best match. If you’re looking for a stress-free tuxedo rental, Generation Tux is the service you’ve been searching for!

Bright Blue Notch Lapel Suit 

Charcoal Gray Notch Lapel Tuxedo 

Black Notch Lapel Tuxedo 

Indigo Blue Notch Lapel Suit 

Light Gray Plaid Notch Lapel Suit 

Navy Blue Notch Lapel Suit 

Why we love them: Indochino elevates not only style (hello, gorgeous suits!) but also fit when it comes to menswear. Removing the tailor from the equation, Indochino’s fit process ensures that every piece fits. All you need is a friend and a tape measure and Indochino’s smart algorithm does the rest to predict your measurements. Every aspect of your suit is fully customizable and the company uses cutting-edge technology to craft beautiful, one-of-a-kind suits made just for you. Get your designed to deliver suit shipped for free in less than three weeks and if it doesn’t fit the way you dreamed, Indochino guarantees they’ll make it right.

Hampton Black Tuxedo 

Hemsworth Gray Suit 

Hampton Black and Ivory Tuxedo 

Hemsworth Deep Blue Suit 

Hampton Midnight Tuxedo 

Hereford Cavalry Twill Blue Suit 

Why we love them: If there’s one brand that’s synonymous with groom attire, it’s Men’s Wearhouse — but did you know you can rent or shop online? Suits are what Men’s Wearhouse is known for, so no matter the fit, style, color, or price point you’re trying to find, they really do cover the gamut and have everything you need for a stylish groom look. Choose from popular brands like Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Kenneth Cole, Perry Ellis and enjoy free shipping and returns!

Calvin Klein X-Fit Black Extreme Slim Fit Tuxedo Separates Jacket 

Calvin Klein X-Fit Light Blue Sharkskin Slim Fit Suit 

JOE Joseph Abboud Bright Blue Slim Fit Suit 

Kenneth Cole Reaction TECHNI-COLE Blue Slim Fit Suit 

Calvin Klein Black Modern Fit Tuxedo 

Why we love them: No online shopping list would be complete without Nordstrom! We love Nordstrom because they carry a wide selection of brands, from Ted Baker to Topman, meaning your style, size, and price needs are sure to be met. Plus Nordstrom offers free shipping and in-house tailoring at their many locations around the world, so your online shopping experience can easily transition to IRL for any updates you need made to the garment. Shopping for accessories? Nordstrom is one of our favorite places to find shoes, belts, ties, and pocket squares!

Brandon Cap Toe Oxford 

Topman Skinny Fit Suit Jacket 

Why we love them: Your wedding can be a great time to invest in a well-made, high-quality suit that will last you for years to come. Suit Supply is your source for a suit you’ll love to wear again and again. Whether you’re looking for a tuxedo, two or three-piece suit, or even just an incredible jacket to pair with your favorite shirt and slacks, Suit Supply’s quality won’t disappoint. Looking for something custom? Get a suit made to your measurements both online or in-store!

Havana Brown Suit 

Havana Light Grey Suit 

Havana Navy Tuxedo 

Lazio Burgundy Jacket 

Lazio Grey Suit 

Lazio Mid Blue Suit 

Why we love them: Balling on a budget for your wedding? Topman is offers stylish and affordable suiting (plus some of our favorite trendy menswear online!) perfect for your wedding without breaking the bank. Check out their two-piece suits for $200, shop by skinny, slim, and ultra skinny fit suits for an ultra-modern look, and be sure to peruse their cool collection of accessories from tie bars to cufflinks.

2 Piece Grey Stone Check Skinny Fit Suit With Peak Lapels 

Ginger Highlight Check Tie 

2 Piece Teal Slim Fit Suit With Peak Lapels 

Premium White Penny Collar Slim Shirt With Egyptian Cotton 

Burgundy Floral Tie Set

Tan Leather Ollie Brogues 

RELATED: Grab some inspiration from these 12 stylish grooms to copy for your wedding day look. Once you’ve got your groom attire squared away, be sure to check out these 60 mother-son dance songs that won’t leave a dry eye in the house!

photo by Hailey Pierce Photography

The Best Summer Wedding Suits for Men in 2020

Wedding season causes enough migraines as it is—booking flights and hotels, finding the right gifts, making sure nothing too nefarious happens at the bachelor parties—before you even start to consider what you’re going to wear. So how about we go ahead and strike that from your to-do list altogether? Below, we’ve rounded up eight superior lightweight suits that’ll help you to keep cool in the face of outdoor nuptial heat waves and late-night dance floor wildness. Tailored from breathable fabrics with minimal lining, all of these are neutral enough to handle a summer’s worth of fit combinations—from aloha shirts to vintage polos to good ol’ fashioned button-downs and ties—so they’ll never see you in the same thing twice. Oh, yeah, and did we mention they all clock in well under $1,000? Save your dough for the post-reception bar.

The Leveled-Up Linen Suit

Todd Snyder linen “Sutton” suit

In the wrong hands, linen suits can be all kinds of terrible: baggy, sack-like, as unflattering as it gets. You know exactly the type we’re talking about, because your swagless cousin Dale probably got married in one at a resort somewhere in the Caribbean, and his wedding photos all look like this. Well, Todd Snyder has just about the surest hands in menswear, with a knack for making clothes that are reliably handsome and accessible, splitting the difference between of-the-moment and timeless. Applied to a linen suit, that means a trim two-button cut that’s structured enough to wear to work, while still embracing the texture and character of the fabric itself. If only Dale had copped one of these instead.

The Lived-In Chino Suit

Officine Generale Lightest jacket

Officine Generale “Pierre” pants

Here’s the thing about summer suits: it’s not only OK if they’re a little rumpled and imperfect—in some cases, it’s actually preferable. For the most part, these garments are made from textiles like cotton chino and linen, which tend to naturally crease and wrinkle and wear in. Learning to live with those wrinkles—to zen out about ’em because, hey, it’s gorgeous outside and you’re dressed to the nines—is all part of having real style. No suit on this list leans into that DGAF attitude more than this one, with an elegant Parisian silhouette contrasted by a beautiful garment-dyed fabric that appears like it’s been through a couple of spin cycles. It’s relaxed and lived-in, descriptors not often associated with tailored wear, and you’ll look all the more sophisticated and confident as a result.

The Italian Summer Suit

Suitsupply Havana navy suit

Ever been to Milan in the summertime and marvelled at all the perfectly sprezzed-out dudes whizzing by on Vespas without even a bead of sweat on their foreheads or a single hair out of place? This is the suit those guys are wearing: immaculately tailored from a luxe silk-cotton mix in timeless navy blue, with no padding to speak of and slightly wider-than-normal lapels. To go full Italiano, pair it with a crisp white shirt, a subtle tie, and a piping hot shot of espresso.

The Updated Khaki Suit

Mr P. cotton-twill blazer (was $500, 40% off)

Mr P. cotton-twill cropped trousers (was $225, 30% off)

For years, if a magazine like ours was writing about summer suits, that meant one thing and one thing only: a cotton khaki two-piece. They’re still as essential as ever (if you’re curious, here’s a video we made back in 2015 explaining why), but if you’ve been on the khaki suit train from the jump and are getting kind of bored of ’em, we don’t blame you. That’s where this Mr P. number comes in: a touch browner and more caramelly than your average yellowish-tan chino, it’s just enough of a change to feel fresh without losing any of the versatility you’ve come to love.

The Southern Prepster Suit

J.Crew Ludlow slim-fit unstructured blazer

J.Crew Ludlow slim-fit unstructured pant

The rare work-appropriate trousers that you won’t mind wearing on the muggiest days of August.

No warm weather suiting roundup would be complete without some seersucker, the puckered, ultra-light cotton that natty Southern lawyers and buttoned-up Ivy League kids have worn to keep cool for generations. And J.Crew’s take—an unlined, unstructured version of their classic Ludlow suit—is even breezier than normal. If you have any reservations about pulling off those blue-and-cream stripes (you absolutely can), the mind-boggling sub-$300 pricepoint should at least make it easier to take the leap.

Three More Suits We Love

Banana Republic slim core temp blazer

Banana Republic “Aiden” slim core temp pant

There’s no reason you can’t rock a black suit in the summertime—as long as it’s fashioned from a light, breathable cotton blend like this one, that is.

Theory Good Linen “Clinton” suit

Theory calls this fabric their “Good Linen,” meaning it’s got all the airy, crepe-y goodness you expect, only crisper and eco-friendlier with a bit of stretch for comfort.

PS by Paul Smith khaki cotton chore blazer

PS by Paul Smith khaki cotton pants

A workwear-inspired blazer and an elasticized waistband on the trousers make this a killer option for laidback weddings and non-dressy offices.

Best Affordable Suits for Men under $500

When we talk about affordable suits, we usually mean suits costing less than $500. But while we all love a bargain, nobody wants to end up looking cheap.

Any outfit is an investment, and I’m here to help you find a suit that’s good quality. Yet, still affordable.

One of the major differences between expensive and affordable suits is that cheaper suits are off-the-rack or made-to-measure.

Expensive suits are bespoke, which means that they are cut to fit your exact measurements. It’s because they need several fittings during the process, and of course, this all adds to the cost.

But don’t despair. If you’re an average-sized man with a limited budget, you can certainly find affordable suits, yet still high-quality. Besides, it can make you look good too.

Price Range & What to Expect

When we discuss affordable suits for men, we consider the price to be crucial in our selection. Therefore, I’ve classified the available options into three different categories:

Basic: Below 150$

Believe it or not, it is possible to find something that looks decent for this price. However, keep your expectations fairly low.

The main reason for a suit coming in at this price range is the fabric. They will usually be made of polyester. However, try to find one that’s at least a poly-viscose blend.

The viscose will immediately mean that it breathes better and has a bit of “give” to allow for better movement.

In this price range, the suit will be constructed by fusing rather than by being stitched together. Consequently, it means that after laundering it a few times, it will deteriorate.

Affordable suits that are under $150 will not come with an overly generous cut. They’re usually made with a younger, trend-following customer in mind.

Intermediate: 150$ – 300$

If you can increase your budget to this bracket, it will make a big difference to your suit’s quality.

And when you consider the difference, it is the cost of a dinner for two. So, it’s doable for most!

Many affordable suits in this price range will be made of better fabrics, such as wool blends. The cut will be more tailored than trendy, with more roominess.

At this price, not only does the fabric improve, but also the way it’s constructed. Expect a finer stitch count and better linings. There will be more detailing too.

Advanced: 300$ – 500$

At this price, you can expect to get a lot more bang for your buck. Investing in a suit in this price range will pay off if you plan on wearing it more often.

Plus, the design will be more generous and the proportions better. The cut can be more classic than trendy, and you’ll also be able to access better fabrics, such as pure wool.

Top 10 Best Affordable Suits

If you’re young and have just started working, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to afford a high-end suit. At least, not yet.

But you still want to look smart and professional, right?

Well, we’ve got some great news. Even if you’re getting your suits off the rack, there are some quality, affordable suits. Some of them are made-to-measure, too. You just need to know what to look for.

Check out the following suit reviews to help you choose from the ten of the best affordable suits, especially if you don’t have the time or money to waste.

Hockerty Royal Blue Perfect-Fit Suit

Hockerty offers the best customizable and made-to-measure suits online. You’ll be amazed when you check all the possible features you can design on your suit and compare the price with the quality.

Why the perfect fit label? Because they adjust their suits according to your exact measurements to ensure a perfect suit fit. Let’s take the royal blue wool blends suit as an example:

This suit’s design makes you look modern and sharp. It’s made of nice-quality wool-blend material (80% wool and 20% terylene), making it comfortable, soft, and smooth.

The jacket has one button closure and three flapped pockets, which makes you look very stylish. It has a notched lapel and a pretty slim cut on the shoulders. But keep in mind that all details are customizable, including the color, the pockets, and the lapel.

Pants are flat front and middle-waisted, characteristic of the slim-fit design. Thanks to their 3D customizer, you can customize the waist, as you can customize whether they can come with or without pant cuffs.

Hockerty offers a plethora of affordable suits perfect for all kinds of settings and meetings, including all types of formal events. They are the best price-per-quality deal for me.

Check Price

Tomasso Black Italian Wool Suit

The attention to every detail in the processing of making this suit made me nobly place it on top.

Produced of high-quality Italian wool (100% Merino wool), this blue suit looks utterly beautiful and high fashion.

The suit jacket is fully lined, comfortable to wear, and allows a wide range of motion. It features a two-button closure and a notch lapel.

The pants have a double-button closure with a zip fly. Also, they are not hemmed; this enables you to customize the length to your measurement easily.

The reason behind their allure is simple: high-quality material and luxurious design for an affordable price.

Also, it’s available in both slim and modern fit. The list of choices extends with color, as it’s available in black, navy, light grey, and charcoal.

The superb lining makes it great for all formal events, including weddings and business meetings.

Check Price

Calvin Klein X Slim Fit Suit

This suit has a distinguishable fabric (100% wool) for Calvin Klein, which allows high comfort and movement. If you want to take your office wear to the next level, this is one of the best suits for the job.

The jacket features a notch lapel and has a two-button closure. The fit makes it slim through the chest and shoulders.

The pants are straight and un-hemmed and can be tailored to your length. The waist is slimmed, too, just like the hips and thighs.

The suit fabric makes it ideal for an everyday suit, perfect for business and formal occasions. Wearing it as a wedding suit will guarantee elegance and distinction from the others.

Keep in mind that this is an extra-slim fit suit. If you are in-between numbers, you might want to choose the larger one.

Check Price

NOTE: Some options (size and color combination) might exceed 500$.

Perry Ellis Slim Fit Suit

The suit is worth every penny of it. The fabric (81% polyester, 17% rayon, and 2% spandex) is light-weighted and comfortable to wear.

Although it’s labeled as a slim fit, it looks more like a traditional classic suit.

The jacket features a two-button closure and a notch lapel. Pants are hemmed and fit well at the waist and seat.

This affordable suit brings comfort to your everyday office wear. Thus, you don’t have to be skinny to wear it.

Perfect for everyday purposes, work, business, or other formal events. It’s quite cheap, but it looks like an expensive bespoke suit.

Check Price

Tommy Hilfiger Modern Fit Suit

This iconically designed American suit is made of very particular fabric (52% wool, 46% polyester, and 2% spandex) for Tommy Hilfiger.

The modern fit is typical for the brand, positioning the suit somewhere between slim and classic fit. This suit has a stylish and modern appearance and is perfect for all seasons.

The two-button closure and notch lapels on the jacket are combined with the eased shoulder and chest modern fit.

The pants are upgraded with a gentle taper but are very comfortable and easy to wear. As I always recommend, visit a tailor to have your pants shortened and tapered perfectly for your size.

The fabric provides a lot of comfort and movement. Thus, it makes this suit perfect for various business occasions, long working hours, or other semi-formal events, like weddings.

The price is pretty affordable for a Tommy Hilfiger suit. As a result, you get an excellent price versus quality ratio deal.

Check Price

Salvatore Exte Classic Fit Suit

This suit deserves his place in the top 10 list. Its T/R fabric (rayon and polyester) makes it super-comfortable and durable. The set consists of a classic-fit jacket, vest, and flat-front pants.

The jacket is single-breasted with a two-button closure and a notch lapel. It has characteristic dual side vents, thus making it look serious and formal.

The flat front pants have an unfinished length and can be adjusted according to your preferences.

There are two choices for the waistcoat: the first is a five-button single-breasted vest with three pockets, and the second choice is an eight-button double-breasted vest with two pockets.

Whichever you choose will finish the three-piece set lovely.

Serving as an excellent example of a classic suit, it is great for business occasions and formal events.

Besides, the price is more than affordable for a three-piece suit. The deal and the quality this suit brings will amaze you.

Check Price

Salvatore Exte Modern Fit

This suit is an addition to the Salvatore Exte classic fit. The modern fit is considered to be something between the classic and the slim fit.

The jacket is still with a two-button closure and has a notch lapel. The difference is the center vent and the additional pocket.

The vest is breasted with seven buttons, with an adjustable belt to the back of the vest.

These changes give more power than the classic version, making it more suitable for meetings and business occasions.

I like this suit and strongly prefer a modern fit over a classic cut. However, it’s all up to the event and the image you want to present.

Check Price

Calvin Klein Slim Fit Wool Suit

It’s an excellent example of a two-button slim-fit wool suit. The suit jacket features a notch lapel, made-to-measure fit. It is one of the best cheap suits you can find in this price range.

The pants are not hemmed, which means that you have to have them tailored.

The suit is excellent for business meetings, interviews, or wedding-related events. You will receive plenty of compliments for the choice and will stand you out from the rest.

Keep in mind that the suit is slim-fitted and is preferable for slightly skinnier people.

Calvin Klein can (quite often) offer low-cost and affordable suits with exceptional quality. This one is no exception!

Check Price

Tommy Hilfiger Classic Stretch Suit

Tommy Hilfiger provides some of the best suits for men with exceptional quality. This classic fit suit is not an exception.

Its modern look and sophisticated design bring an aesthetic to the wearer. 

It’s made of high-quality fabric (52% wool, 45% polyester, and 3% spandex) and feels very comfortable and easy to wear.

The suit jacket has a notch lapel with a two-button front closure, with double vents at the sides.

The pants are flat-front with off-seam front pockets. Don’t forget to make them tailored to your length.

The suit itself appears much more expensive than the actual price, making you look sharp, elegant, and stylish.

Check Price

Kenneth Cole Reaction Slim Fit Suit

One of the best suits for men you can count on. Kenneth Cole’s Reaction slim fit suit is made of very smooth and comfortable material (75% polyester, 23% rayon, and 2% spandex).

The notch lapel jacket has two-button closure and double side vent.

Pants come in a drop of 7 inches until the jacket size of 46. Then comes a standard drop of 6 inches until a jacket size of 50.

Overall, it’s a great suit for the price. I recommend this suit for almost all formal events or as everyday job clothing.

I will rely on the suit for business meetings or semi-formal settings. However, I will not choose it for formal events, like weddings.

Check Price

Alain Dupetit Slim Fit Suit

Finally, one more stylish and highly sold suit online is available for as low as $49. Although its official label is a slim-fit suit, I classify it more as a modern fit.

The suit’s material (100% polyester) is highly breathable and lightweight. The cut is noticeable by the comfort it brings on the chest and waist, leaving plenty of room for flexibility.

The suit jacket exhibits a little bit of extra room in the front. It’s a standard two-button closure with a notch lapel.

The pants have no pleats, which makes them slimmer and modern-looking. They are not hemmed; additional alterations may be needed.

Bring comfort and style to your everyday tasks, formal business events, or job interview.

This is one of the most affordable suits on the market. Some set options (color and number) have a price tag below 50$, which is a real bargain.

Check Price

Best Affordable Suit Brands

Many retailers offer cheap suits. However, that doesn’t guarantee quality and satisfaction. In fact, it can lead to a real waste of money.

So, I have assembled a list of stores that provide the best cheap suits for men with exceptional quality:

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein, a top name in menswear, makes both classic and versatile suits. They can come below $500 yet look a lot more expensive.

Good for: This light grey suit works well at the office. It wouldn’t look out of place at a wedding, either.


Zara sells fast-fashion suits at a very affordable price.

Their ranges are sharp and fashionable, and the brand offers its products in a variety of colors. Zara suits are modern silhouettes and cut on the slim side.

Good for: Anyone looking for cheap but trendy suits who aren’t too worried if they don’t last that long.

Tomasso Black

Tomasso Black produces high-quality and luxurious suits at an extremely affordable price.

Their stylish two-buttoned slim fit suits are a real bargain. Amazingly, you can get an excellent quality suit made of 100% Italian wool for just under $300.

Good for: Men who pay special attention to the fabric’s quality and the overall opulent design. It will take you from the office to a formal evening dinner smoothly.


Suitsupply has produced an impressive collection that is divided into three pricing categories.

They have a red, purple, and blue line. The blue line has the most affordable suits at around $400. Despite this lower price, you’ll still be getting classic Italian fabrics and well-fitting garments.

Good for: Men looking for a classic look made from quality fabrics at an affordable price would do well to consider a suit from this brand.

Ted Baker

You’ll probably only find a Ted Baker suit for under $500 in the sales, but you might get lucky if you’re patient. These timeless, classy suits will give you the edge you’re looking for.

Ted Baker’s attire is usually manufactured from wool and other superior fabrics and is more than able to go the distance.

Good for: Classic dressers yearning for affordable quality should keep an eye open for these suits.


Nordstrom offers numerous affordable suits. It mainly produces a wool/spandex blended suit that’s highly affordable and wrinkle-free.

Its fully lined jacket and partially lined trousers offer exceptional comfort and a good fit.

Good for: When you need to look smart yet stay comfortable while traveling, these suits are perfect. You’ll arrive wrinkle-free, cool, and comfortable. And you’ll still have some cash to spend when you reach your destination.

Kenneth Cole

Kenneth Cole offers a line of “New York” slim fit suits that are surprisingly well finished for the price. They come in a whole range of colors, with fully lined jackets.

Good for: When you’re on a budget and need a selection of affordable suits for work, the Kenneth Cole range is the way to go.


Bonobos have a special “Jetsetter” line of suits that are more affordable than their usual lines.

For around $500, you’ll get a wool blend suit with just the right amount of stretch and created by an established brand.

Good for: Young and upwardly mobile executives looking for quality, stylish suits for the office will love Bonobos.

Perry Ellis

The Perry Ellis range has a Slim Fit Suit that is very well priced. It’s made from polyester, rayon, and spandex blend, so the fabric isn’t the best quality.

However, it does give the suit a more than adequate amount of stretch and offers reasonable comfort. Plus, it makes the suit crinkle-free, too.

Good for: If your budget is tight and you like a slim fit with a modern silhouette.


Haggar offers affordable suits for under $500 in a slim cut and classic cut that fits well. Their suits come in a range of classic colors, like grey, navy, brown, or black.

Haggar makes most of its attire from viscose and polyester blends. On top of that, they have an amazing overall build line. You will love them undoubtedly.

Good for: If you like a slim-fit suit at a fair price, you will most definitely appreciate Haggar’s suits.

Things to Keep in Mind when Shopping for Affordable Suits

Let’s be honest and say that you’re not going to get a handmade suit for under $500. Your job is to find the right balance between quality and budget.

Look for a well-fitting suit made from good quality fabric. Even better, alter your suit. A made-to-measure suit will perform well on so many levels.

Have Your Suit Altered

Affordable suits might not come in the perfect cut for your body type. 

Look for a suit that fits as well as possible, then spend a little more on altering it for a perfect fit. Even if you’re going to buy a ready-to-wear suit, you should always be properly measured by a tailor.

You can then take these measurements to the store with you. Buy something as close to the perfect fit as you can, then let a tailor make the final adjustments.

The fit is critical, especially in the shoulders, as they are pretty hard (or impossible) to alter. The suit jacket should skim over your body without being baggy or feeling tight.

Try hugging yourself. If you can feel the jacket pulling around the back, then it’s too tight. Also, check for lines at the front when the jacket is buttoned. If the lines appear, it is a sign that the jacket it’s too narrow for you.

The trouser waist can always be made tighter, but make sure that the waistband is comfortable sitting down.

Have the hem adjusted so that the break falls just above your shoes.

It’s All About the Details

A good fit will always compensate for less expensive fabric and the lack of superior stitching and decadent detailing. In any case, if you do have a cheap suit, go for the best you can afford.

That’s because cheap suits are almost always off-the-rack, and they neglect almost everything crucial to your suit, like the fit.

The next best option is a custom-made-to-measure suit. That way, you can customize the size and all the other suit details like the suit color, the lapel, the number of buttons, or pocket styles.

If you still have something left in the kitty, take your store-bought suit to a tailor. Have them make the necessary alterations, like taking in the sleeves, for example.

This creates a nicely tapered sleeve that hugs your arms and allows for a good range of motion. You can also replace the plastic buttons with a few genuine horns.

For the trousers, ask your tailor to make a slim, tapered leg and a clean trouser break. Or you can add a cuff at the bottom. It’s a small but effective detail, not often found in cheap suits.

Know the Occasion

Identify the dress code and the occasion you’re going to be wearing the suit the most. Is it for work, a wedding, or other one-off formal events?

If it’s for work, dry-clean your suit regularly. The best suits for business occasions are made-to-measure, made of quality fabric that can withstand wear and tear.

Something for a one-off occasion will seldom need cleaning. Then, for the rest of the year, it will hang in the closet. In that case, the fabric quality isn’t quite as crucial.

Decide the Color

Decide on the color and pattern you’re looking for before you go shopping. Besides, this will help narrow your options down.

Very formal occasions will usually require a dark color like black or charcoal. Everyday work suits can be navy or lighter greys.

It also helps to know which season you are going to wear it. That will enable you to decide on the correct fabric for the weather.

For instance, a summer suit will need to be cotton or linen, whereas a winter suit should be wool or tweed.

Take your time to try it on properly. It might be affordable; however, it’s still a big purchase and should not be bought in a rush.

Keep your focus on quality fabrics and a good fit. It’s these two criteria that will make your suit look more expensive.

To Conclude

Let’s be clear here. I would never recommend you go out and buy the cheapest suit you can find. It’s my goal to help you look for the best suits at the lowest possible price tag.

Remember, affordable doesn’t necessarily mean you have to sacrifice quality and fit to save a few bucks. Of the two, the fit is most important. You could get away with wearing a suit made from lesser fabrics.

Very few people will even notice unless they are an expert. A poorly fitting suit, however, will stick out like a sore thumb. Combine both in one outfit, and you won’t only look sub-par, you’ll feel it, too.

No one can tell you how much you should spend on your suit. But like everything else in life, the more you invest in an item, the better quality you get. Suits are no different.

Author: Alexander Stoicoff

Hi, I’m Alex, and I’ve studied and specialized in style in Rome. Through my writing, I want to help men dress well and learn the purpose and significance of suits and other formal attire. My final goal is to make men more confident in their wardrobe choice and life in general.

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90,000 Men’s suits for a wedding for the groom, prices for wedding suits in Moscow

Men’s suits for a wedding

Not only the bride wants to be perfect on such an important day as the wedding. The groom should not lag behind his beloved. Be trendy and look impeccably masculine and elegant. To do this, he should choose a suitable wedding suit for the groom.

One of the main conditions that you need to adhere to when buying a wedding suit is its harmonious combination with the bride’s dress.Indeed, throughout the entire celebration, this couple will not part for a minute. And it will be captured in many photographs.

By giving preference to a classic men’s suit for a wedding, you will never go wrong. And now the three-piece suit is back in fashion. The combination of trousers, jacket and vest makes the man elegant and will be in harmony with any bride’s dress.

For a wedding in a classic style, the groom can dress up more impressively. When else, if not at your own wedding, will there be a reason to wear a tuxedo or tailcoat?

Capricious fashion also has an influence on men’s wedding suits.Slim-fit suits are in fashion now. They emphasize a masculine figure and athletic build, while leaving freedom of movement.

The groom’s wedding suit does not have to be black. All shades of blue lilac are in trend. Also in fashion are a suit that combines several colors, for example, trousers and a jacket of different colors. Or a suit with contrasting trim.

The choice of a suit for a wedding in Moscow is quite wide. And on this important day, a man will pay no less importance to his appearance than a girl.It is also difficult for the groom to make the right choice. Therefore, we advise you to take a closer look at the assortment before buying.

What do we offer?

Wedding marketplace has gathered in one place trendy suits for the groom from the salons of Moscow and the Moscow region. A man can make his choice online, find out about the availability of a product, his size, and only then go shopping.

We know that men love clear and quick action. Therefore, we made a convenient catalog filter.The groom immediately chooses:

– the color of the wedding suit;

– style;

– silhouette;

– the presence of a pattern on the material or the absence;

– purchase or lease;

– price.

The groom has the opportunity to compare prices for wedding suits in different salons in Moscow and the opportunity to get a discount.

You can trust us. After all, we work with 700 companies. We represent 140,000 wedding products and services. And we have more than 19,400 reviews from real customers.

Wedding suits for men at Super Prices. A present for you a stylish wedding shirt!

Men’s wedding suits for a special day in your life

Men’s wedding suits are designed for a special occasion. Such an event does not happen every day. A wedding is a joyous occasion. Therefore, some effort cannot be avoided to make this day unforgettable! Either you are the groom, or the guest – it’s time to buy men’s wedding suit or tuxedo. Make a great investment: the stylish men’s wedding suits can be worn after the wedding.Look amazing to match your festive mood – Men’s Wedding Suits are designed for just that!

Approach the choice of a wedding men’s suit seriously.

Men’s suits for a wedding are bought not often, and sometimes it is difficult to imagine exactly how you want to look. It depends on the well-chosen men’s suit for the wedding, how complete the image of the groom or the guest will turn out. Agree, when you go to the wedding – all the troubles and attention – to Her, first of all – to her dress, which everyone looks at with admiration.Somehow it is generally accepted that in preparation for a solemn event, more attention is paid to the bride’s outfit and attributes. What remains for you? A bit, but men’s wedding suit needs to be carefully selected in order to get the maximum appearance and mood from it.

Wedding suit C-grade – a great choice! Choose from classic gray to navy blue. The elegance of a well-fitting C grade will allow, leaving the jacket on the back of the chair, to look like a needle when you circle your bride in a dance.Modern casual style: men’s suits for weddings give the groom and the witnesses maximum space for freedom – from colored, checkered shirts, shirts with an open wide collar, where no tie is provided, to bow ties of different shapes and shades. Tuxedo – an element of sophistication, timeless and fashionable. A lightweight solution, since it does not require a strict combination of shirt and shoe colors. White shirt with pleated shelf, bow tie.Your goal is to stand out and be the center of attention that day. Wedding Suits will do the job for you.

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Sewing men’s wedding suits for the groom

The men’s suit is still the actual wedding dress for the groom. In addition to the elegant traditional look, the most top-end solutions today are models made in a strict formal or casual (casual, complemented by a vest) styles. Often, many consider tuxedos or tailcoats as a suit for the groom.

However, regardless of the styles and types of attire, an important selection criterion is the harmonious combination of the groom’s image with the bride’s dress. And since only typical options are presented in Moscow salons, many people choose custom tailoring of a wedding suit in such ateliers as Corzetti. Our craftsmen have many years of experience in the field of custom tailoring and use Italian patterns that are recognized as the benchmark all over the world.

A custom-made men’s suit for the groom’s wedding has a number of undeniable advantages over mass-produced items:

  • perfect fit;
  • consultation of a professional stylist, allowing you to choose the ideal color scheme and style, which will emphasize all the advantages of the figure and imperceptibly correct the flaws;
  • exclusivity of the design, in the creation of which you are directly involved;
  • a large selection of luxury fabrics and branded accessories;
  • elements of personalization: embroidery, monograms;
  • guaranteed high quality;
  • Time-saving: When sewing a suit in an atelier, there is no need to go shopping, trying on many things in search of the right model.

A three-piece suit for a wedding remains a timeless trend. This is the most versatile set, which contains all possible combinations of a male image. It is suitable for any weather, because in the heat you can always take off your jacket and stay in the waistcoat while maintaining an elegant look.

With a tailor-made suit at the Corzetti atelier, you will always be on top. Our clothes will reflect your great taste and unique style.

Men’s suits in Vladimir at low prices

How to choose a groom’s suit and where to buy wedding suits for men in Vladimir.You can order an inexpensive suit on our website

Long gone are the days when at a wedding the bride must be in white and the groom in black. Today, young people are increasingly giving preference to unusual color compositions, and the formula for the classic combination has long changed. The groom’s brown suit and the bride’s champagne-colored dress are not classics?

Of course, people for whom tradition is not an empty phrase still consider the combination of two colors: black and white as a classic, but more and more often there are couples with a more original and extravagant view of this issue.So what should be the groom’s suit? Where do they sell men’s wedding suits in Vladimir? And how can the groom not get lost against the background of the elegant and modern wedding dress of his chosen one?

To begin with, let’s figure out what the groom’s outfit consists of and how to choose the right trousers, shirt, jacket, tie and shoes for him.


The ideal option is trousers, the length of which is no lower than the middle of the heel. Moreover, a prerequisite for choosing the optimal size of the leg is a small fold that forms above the heel in the ankle area.And, of course, they (trousers and men’s suits for a wedding in Vladimir) should not press at the waist or fall off.


When choosing a jacket, pay attention to the fact that there should be no folds on the shoulders or on the back. The sleeves of the shirt are a couple of centimeters longer than that of the jacket. Remember, there are two types of classic suits: single-breasted and double-breasted. The first option, traditionally, has two buttons and large cuffs. The second one is fastened with five buttons.You can buy a men’s suit in Vladimir or a classic jacket online on our website


Approach the choice of this accessory carefully, taking into account not only the external data of the groom, such as height or complexion, but also the color match with the bride’s suit. The main rule: no cheap fakes or artificial fabrics. When buying a shirt, pay attention to the fact that its shelf is not too narrow or, conversely, too wide.Only white shirts are worn under tuxedos or tailcoats. Shirts with cufflinks have a special charm.


When choosing a tie, several rules apply:

  1. It is always monochromatic.
  2. The taller a person is, the thinner he is, and vice versa.
  3. The color is always combined with a pocket square or boutonniere.
  4. A tie is by no means more expensive than a shirt.
  5. Use a clothespin or bar.

Well, and most importantly, in a tied state, the tie should not be lower than the level of the trouser belt. You can buy it or buy a three-piece suit for men in Vladimir on the website


Black shoes with square or round toes are ideal. Either plain or beige socks are worn under them, depending on the color scheme of the suit. Toe length – like a good golf.

Interested in additional information, men’s suits Vladimir prices for them and the possibility of free delivery around the city, contact our specialist by phone, indicated in the “Contacts”.

Groom’s suit by body type: the subtleties of the right choice

Funny wedding dresses

Not only the newlyweds want to dress stylishly for the wedding, but also the guests of the ceremony. Still, such holidays are rare, and everyone wants to look beautiful in photographs. Usually photo shoots are carried out by professionals, so it is better that the “suit fits” like a glove, so that in the end you will not be upset because of the photos in which you are the very person who spoils the pictures.

Stylish wedding dresses for the bride and groom

Here are the most popular wedding looks for 2020 to use as an idea for your entire event:

  1. Vintage. There is quite a lot of space here. You just have to choose your favorite era. These can be the low-key 30s or the funky 60s.
  2. Red and black. Usually, newlyweds rarely choose these colors as a basis. But if you want to stand out, or maybe you just love the gothic style, then this is the perfect option.
  3. Country style. He is very popular now. Wondering how to dress up for a wedding like this? Everything is very simple: cowboy boots on your feet, a flower wreath on your head and an unpretentious dress on your body, and you are the standard of beauty at the celebration! For a man, it is a wide-brimmed hat, stylish boots with small heels, a plaid shirt and a jacket.
  4. Bright strokes. Here the flight of imagination is not limited. If you do not want something too unusual and creative at your wedding, but still want to add zest, then you can add some small but bright touch, for example, to the bride’s outfit.It can be a bright pattern on a dress made of sequins. Or maybe your wedding is planned in one laconic color, but you want to add bright colors? Dilute delicate pastel tones with juicy red or sunny yellow in small details.
  5. Ombre. It turns out that now this coloring method is popular not only in hairstyles, but also in clothes. By the way, you can combine these 2 things and make the same palette both on the head and in the dress. Believe me, the guests will be in shock at first, but later they will like this idea.
  6. Pantsuit. Would you like a standard dress? Then stylish suits with trousers will come to your aid. It is much more comfortable.
  7. Tutu skirt. But the question immediately arises, with what to wear a tutu skirt for a wedding? It is unlikely that such an outfit can be called standard, so here you should no longer be shy and pick up a laconic top that slightly smooths out the seething and shocking bottom. For a particularly striking look, wear stockings with a color slightly darker than the skirt itself.
  8. Floral print.This outfit is perfect for a romantic outdoor wedding. Looks elegant, stylish, fashionable. But men’s wedding fashion did not provide for such motives, so the groom will have to limit himself to something more restrained. Two bright spots at the wedding – perhaps too much!
  9. Casual. This is a rather simple style, where sneakers, sneakers, stylish jeans, dresses of a simple cut are absolutely appropriate. All clothing is comfortable but looks good.

Country style at a wedding

Vintage style in clothes at a wedding

Of course, these are not all ideas for original wedding dresses that you can use for your holiday.Look at a few more in the photo below.

Boho style in wedding decoration and in the clothes of the bride and groom

Shabby Chic Wedding

Photos of unusual wedding images of the bride and groom at an eco wedding

How to choose a men’s wedding suit for the groom: common mistakes

How to dress a groom is not as simple as it seems at first glance. What mistakes can you make?

The height of the groom is not taken into account. A tall man is the dream of many women, but dressing such a groom is not easy.A tall groom needs to sew a suit to order and not save on a seamstress, otherwise, with the usual proportions of trousers, he will look as if he is wearing clothes for his older brother and has already grown a little of them. At the same time, there should be no vertical lines on the fabric, and it is better to refuse a tie in favor of a bow tie. But for men of short stature, it is better to choose fitted and tight-fitting suits in light colors with vertical stripes.

White suit in winter. In winter, it is not recommended for men to wear light-colored suits, this is a sign of bad taste.If you really want to get married in white, choose a warmer day and better in spring or summer. This, of course, does not apply to the bride. She has the right to wear white at any time of the year and in any weather.

Out-of-shape costume. Do not buy a suit if you are wearing it “as if it were someone else’s shoulder.” When choosing a wedding suit, you should not save money. Sometimes it seems to men who do not have knowledge of how to choose the right suit for the groom that there is nothing wrong with the fact that the jacket is a little too big (you can get better), that the trousers are a little too long.But from the outside it looks cheap, like an outfit bought “for growth.” Here the bride must intervene and prevent such a mistake.

The sleeves are too long. In no movie about special agents, you will not see a man in a jacket with sleeves to the middle of his fingers. It looks ridiculous and immediately strikes the eye. Even if the suit fits amazingly at the shoulders and waist, there shouldn’t be any long sleeves. The sleeve should slightly cover the wrist bone – this is the ideal length. The sleeve length of a jacket and a coat are not the same.A coat may have a longer sleeve.

Tie in a cage or strip. Even the smartest striped and checked tie is a work tie. It is not for special occasions. In wedding salons, there is a large selection of elegant ties, you can choose any by asking for help from a sales assistant if necessary.

Rhinestones and sequins on the suit. This applies to flamboyant and eccentric suitors. Concert costumes are out of place. A handsome man is a man in a strict expensive suit, but not in sequins

This option is possible in some cases of themed weddings, but here it is important not to overdo it.

Short socks. Not everyone even refers to this detail as a costume.

But in such an important event as a wedding, there are no trifles. Someone (and most likely many) will definitely notice that you have lowered socks, over which you can see your leg. This fact can nullify all efforts to dress stylishly. The correct toe length is mid-calf. They should not fall off and differ in color from trousers or shoes.

Pocket square and tie in the same fabric. Yes, such sets are sold by all men’s salons, but this does not mean that this is correct.According to experts, a tie and a pocket square should have common details: shades, patterns, but not be from the same fabric.


Most often, grooms hide their individuality behind classic black shoes. Finding them is obscenely simple, since all stores are literally overwhelmed with these models.

If you do not want to go the simple way, then you will have to work hard over the selection of the original model. At the wedding, it is not shameful to appear in boots, moccasins, loafers or sneakers, you just need to follow some rules:

Pointed noses visually lengthen the leg and become a real boon for a tall man with a small leg size.Blunt noses, on the contrary, conceal centimeters and visually make the foot a little smaller.

Shoes with heels make your gait more confident and slightly increase your height.

Shoes should match the belt in color and texture. Choose both of these details either lacquered or matte.

Buy only comfortable shoes if you do not want to spoil your mood on a holiday. In order not to be mistaken with the choice, shop in the evening when your legs are a little swollen.

Harmonious combination of outfits

The costume is bought after the bride chooses a dress for herself, because it is the outfit of the future wife that creates the atmosphere of celebration.Harmoniously matched attire of the newlyweds, a guarantee of beautiful photographs.

In the event that a girl is afraid of signs: that the groom cannot see his bride’s outfit before the wedding, otherwise the married life will not work out. Then a young woman, after having bought herself an outfit, will be able to help her narrowed one acquire a harmonious suit.

Diverse selection

Three-piece suit made in classic style is perfect for all young people. The vest should be chosen so that the back is closed, when the back is open, there are lapels there, and a loop is formed.When the groom is wearing a vest with an open back, the jacket is not removed.

You can constantly follow fashion trends that change regularly, which almost does not affect wedding dresses. For many centuries it has remained relevant: the groom is in a black suit, and the brides are in a white dress.

In order to stand out, newlyweds are increasingly choosing non-standard outfits for themselves. The main thing here is not to overdo it, so that the wedding does not turn into ridiculous kitsch. Wedding gowns should be nicely echoed without intrusiveness.

There are 5 main types of figures


Body type – hourglass

FEATURES: The width of the shoulders is visually equal to the volume of the hips. The waist is narrow, well defined.

The hourglass figure looks very feminine, and therefore many styles are suitable for brides with such proportions – almost everything. You can emphasize the waist with a contrasting belt. Dresses that fit tightly to the chest and hips will look good.When choosing a dress, in addition to the type of figure, the following features should be taken into account:

GROWTH. Dresses with a high waist visually increase height, while dresses with a low waist and a fluffy skirt reduce it.

WEIGHT. If you are overweight, then choose A-line dresses that hide lush hips, but emphasize the chest.

BREAST VOLUME. Techniques for a visual increase in the volume of the chest – V-neckline, drapery “waterfall” and “swing”, bodice, lavishly decorated with folds and other details (embroidery, beads).If you want to make the chest appear smaller, choose the most simple and sleek bodice without a V-neckline.


Shape type – rectangle

FEATURES: the width of the shoulders is visually equal to the volume of the waist and hips. There are no well-defined curves. This figure is also called sports.

The task of girls with such a figure is to give it softer, but at the same time, clear outlines, i.e. highlight the waist, hips and chest. You need to choose dresses with corsets, fluffy skirts and models of the A-line silhouette.

GROWTH. If you are tall, you can afford a low-waisted dress. It will highlight shapes beautifully. On a bride of short stature, this style will look heavy.

WEIGHT. Overweight girls should choose semi-tight bodices. Slender girls should not be afraid of the chic trim of the bodice and skirt. All kinds of beads, ruffles, laces, frills and other interesting details will give the figure the necessary seductive volume.


Body type – pear

FEATURES: fragile shoulders and at the same time wide hips.

The task is to visually reduce the bottom of the figure, while giving more volume to the chest.

WHAT WILL FIT: dresses with boat cutouts, straps that are wide apart or pulled down on the shoulder, lantern sleeves, horizontal bodice trim. In general, all the details that visually increase the width of the shoulders.

In order for the skirt of the dress to conceal the extra volume of the hips, it must be made of soft flowing fabric. Fluffy tight skirts should be abandoned.

To divert attention from the hip line, you can choose a dress with bright inserts at the waist, or even give preference to a colored wedding dress in rich colors.four


Shape type – apple

FEATURES: large breasts, almost invisible waist, and often slender legs.

WE DO ACCENT ON THE ADVANTAGES: we highlight the chest, legs, distracting attention from the problematic waist. This will help the empire silhouette dresses made of soft fabric with a deep neckline (of course, within reason, after all, you are a bride)

The bodice can be decorated, but the main thing is not to overdo it, otherwise you may end up with an image too overloaded with details.A-line dresses with a corset that will simulate the waist

are also suitable

This will help empire-style dresses made of soft fabric with a deep neckline (of course, within reason, after all, you are a bride). The bodice can be decorated, but the main thing is not to overdo it, otherwise an image that is too overloaded with details may turn out. A-line dresses with a corset that will simulate the waist are also suitable.


Body Type – Inverted Triangle

FEATURES: shoulders that are much wider than hips

To distract attention from wide shoulders, you should keep the bodice trim to a minimum, and also refuse models with bare shoulders.

Dresses with a V-neck, corset and full skirt will look good.If you want a dress with sleeves, then they should be no less than 3/4 length

Short, especially puffy sleeves will draw attention to the shoulders

Carefully evaluate the selected model during fitting

Please note that there should be enough light in the fitting room. It’s even better if you can try on the dress in daylight.

Ask your friends or relatives, whose taste you trust, to accompany you on the fitting. From the outside, much is much better.

Choose your dress in advance, in a relaxed atmosphere and in a good mood. And then you will undoubtedly be the most beautiful and feminine bride!

Which color is better

First you need to decide on the range of shades that suit the type of appearance of the groom. It is necessary to build on the following recommendations:

  1. A muted type of appearance – hair is light or brown, eyes are gray, blue, green or light brown, skin is pastel or dark.So you can choose a suit and different shades of green, brown and gray, brick, classic black and olive colors will do. It is undesirable to use bright colors.
  2. Bright type of appearance – hair is dark brown or black, eyes of any bright color, light or beige skin. Pure saturated shades of green, blue, purple, yellow and red are suitable, for example, classic black. It is undesirable to use dirty or light colors.
  3. Light type of appearance – light brown hair, gray, green or blue eyes, pale or pink skin.Any pastel colors will do, but it is best to stick to blue or beige. Bright shades are not recommended.
  4. Dark type of appearance – brown or black hair, dark brown or dark green eyes, bronze, dark or dark skin. Dark blue, brown, dark green and all their shades are suitable, black is also acceptable.

Once the approximate range is selected, you need to determine those options that fit the style of the wedding. In each case, the answer to the question of which suit color to choose for a wedding depends on a number of factors.

For a classic celebration, black, gray or blue suits are suitable, the shirt should be monochromatic, preferably white. If a three-piece suit is chosen, then all elements should be of the same shade.

For a wedding in Provence, rustic or boho style, the groom can choose a suit in beige, milky, olive or light gray, depending on the color of the bride’s dress. In these cases, the elements of the image can be of different shades, most often a jacket is chosen brighter than trousers and a vest.

If the celebration is in the Tiffany style, then a man can choose a suit in black, blue or gray. The turquoise accent, typical for such a celebration, can be done on the bow tie and boutonniere. A three-piece suit is also allowed, in which the trousers and jacket are black, the shirt is white, and the vest is turquoise.

For a wedding stylized as a dandy or for a celebration in the Russian style, bright colors are suitable – yellow, red, orange. When choosing a nautical theme, the groom can wear a bright blue, light blue or turquoise suit.For a retro style, a bright accent can be present in a shirt.

How to choose a suit depending on your physique

Before going shopping, you should stand in front of a mirror and adequately assess your figure in order to choose a suit for the groom not only under the dress, but also in accordance with its features, highlighting the advantages and hiding the disadvantages.

The ideal male figure (wide shoulders and narrow hips) will be emphasized by a classic tuxedo or a fitted jacket, which will complement trousers with arrows.
Men of short stature and normal build should pay attention to straight-cut jackets up to mid-thigh length with a pinstripe and refuse tailcoats.
Skinny guys should choose a suit in a light shade, while trousers should not be tight or wide.
High growth requires the purchase of an elongated jacket.
Well-fed men should abandon double-breasted and fitted jackets and tailcoats, and pay attention to a dark-colored straight suit and choose a wide tie for it.A three-piece suit, which includes a vest, will look advantageous .. Before choosing a suit for the groom, you need to determine your real size and immediately voice it to the consultant

The suit should fit perfectly, not restrict movement and should not be loose

Before choosing a suit for the groom, you need to determine your real size and immediately announce it to the consultant. The suit should fit perfectly, not hinder movement and not be loose.

The length of the jacket should be 5 cm below the hip line, and when the arm is bent at the elbow, the cuffs of the shirt should appear halfway.With a non-standard figure, the choice of the groom’s suit is very limited, so it is best to contact the atelier and order its individual tailoring. A good suit will serve faithfully for many years: you can wear it to any event, so it makes no sense to save on such a purchase.

Fashionable shades for the groom’s outfits

If we talk about the popular colors of wedding menswear, then such shades as white, blue, lilac / violet are now coming to the fore.

White is perfect for tanned grooms

But it is important that the color of the bride’s outfit is in harmony with the shade of the bride’s dress.You should not choose a snow-white suit if the bride has chosen an ivory dress for herself, because then her outfit will look dirty

But with a cold pink and blue women’s outfit, this image of the groom will look great not only in the photo, but also in reality.

The color blue is found in all trends of everyday, evening and wedding fashion. It is featured almost every year in the trendy Pantone color scheme. This option is considered a classic, because the choice of blue suits in stores is extremely wide.

As for purple and lilac, the use of this color in the image of the groom was a big surprise for many fashionistas. It is not so easy to find a suit of such shades on sale, but an outfit can always be made to order or found in the latest collections of fashion houses.

Such classic wedding tones as:

The black. A universal option for a suit, which can later be used for evening outings and for the office.

Gray. It cannot be called ultra-popular, but such giant brands as Hermes and Tom Ford never forget about it. True, in future seasons, in order to look stylish and modern, you should give preference to lighter colors.

Brown. Another versatile color that never goes out of style

In the coming seasons, stylists recommend paying attention to chocolate shades.

Groom prints

Since we have talked in detail about colors, it is also worth considering fashionable prints.The main trend of men’s wedding fashion is the plaid – both the classic tartan and the black and white tartan. Small, medium, large, a combination of muted and bright colors – any man can always choose an option according to his taste, creating a stylish image of the groom.

Whether the groom’s image will be successful depends largely on how neat and stylish his outfit will look. You should not buy a suit made of low-quality materials, it is better to spend extra money and buy an outfit made of wool, silk or cotton.

Wedding portal told you about fashion trends regarding the image of the modern groom. We are always happy to provide you with interesting and useful information about the world of wedding fashion, so that you are aware of the latest trends and trends of the global fashion community.

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Types of suits

Before making a choice, you need to decide on its type.

  1. Tuxedo.The name of the clothes comes from the addiction of the same name, since it was created specifically for smoking men. The subtlety lies in the fact that the lapels of the jacket are covered with silk, while the jacket itself is sewn exclusively from black fabric. This is done so that if ash gets on the jacket, it can be easily shaken off.
  2. Tailcoat. The jacket, elongated at the back, looks very impressive on tall men. A matching vest, shirt and bow tie are selected for him. A groom in a tailcoat looks very elegant and festive, while in a restaurant he can simply be taken off and remain in a classic waistcoat, while maintaining a solemn look.
  3. Classic two-piece suit. Consists of a jacket and straight trousers, on which the arrows are ironed. The jacket usually has from two to four buttons, it can be straight or fitted. At the same time, the variety of colors and materials of such a suit allows you to choose any of its performances.
  4. Classic three-piece suit. Choosing a suit with a vest is a very convenient option, well suited for summer weddings, when a man has the opportunity to take off his jacket, but not lose his elegance.However, it should be borne in mind that this option looks more formal and strict than a two.

How to choose a suit by color

If a tuxedo and tailcoat should be classic black, then when buying or sewing a classic suit there is plenty to choose from. Traditionally, for a summer wedding, a light suit of a silver or beige shade is selected, and for a winter one – black or brown.

There are other nuances of choice:

The blue suit is quite versatile: it can look both festive and casual, depending on the combination with a shirt and tie.
When choosing a gray color, you need to pay attention to its shade: a silver or charcoal suit looks the most expensive and elegant.
Vanilla, sand, green and warm brown can be considered relatively unsuccessful colors for a wedding suit.
If you decide to give preference to brown, choose a shade of chocolate or taupe.
A black suit always looks festive and bright.
A wedding suit may well have a thin strip.

Do not forget to consult with your chosen one, because the color combination of the suit with the bride’s dress should be perfect.

Completing the suit: shirts

The color and texture of the shirt should ideally match the chosen suit, you can use the following recommendations:

  • white, blue and pink shirts are suitable for a gray suit;
  • it is best to choose a boiling white shirt for a blue suit;
  • a brown suit will be complemented by a white, beige and light pink shirt;
  • green suit – ivory shirt;
  • A white shirt is ideal for a black suit.

It is difficult to make a mistake when buying a shirt in the color of the bride’s dress, that is, white or milky.

Also, when choosing, you need to pay attention to her collar: the higher the neck, the larger it should be. The quality of the cut of the shirt determines how it will sit and how comfortable the groom will feel in it

The easiest way is to choose a shirt in the same place where you will buy a suit for the groom, in order to immediately appreciate their combination.

How to find the perfect tie

Depending on the type of wedding dress, there are some rules:

  • The perfect complement to the tuxedo is a white shirt and a black bow tie;
  • tailcoat is complemented by a vest and a white bow tie;
  • frock coat allows you to pick up any accessories.

And the following principles are true for the classic dress of the groom:

The larger the collar of the shirt, the wider the tie should be.
If a pattern is already present on the shirt, then the tie should be plain and vice versa.
In the classic version, the tie should be lighter than the suit, but darker than the shirt.
Light tie will match a dark suit and shirt.
For a black suit with a white shirt, it is worth picking up a tie in a small pattern.
If the suit is lighter than the shirt, then the tie should match the suit.
If the suit has a vest, you can pay attention to wide ties with a large knot.
It is quite possible to choose a bright tie for a light suit and shirt.
A green, blue and gray tie will suit a blue suit.
When choosing a colored shirt, you can purchase a tie of the same color, but slightly darker.

How to choose the groom’s suit for the bride’s dress: recommendations

When men hear that the groom’s suit and the bride’s dress should be combined, they imagine identical outfits of the same color, style, or the classic “bride in white, groom in black.”However, for the harmony of outfits, you can choose completely different options.

Usually, the bride chooses a dress for herself first, and then the groom buys a suit. This was conceived for a reason. Girls are changeable natures, they can dream of a fluffy dress, and then go to the store and buy a tight retro dress. Therefore, it is easier for the groom to choose the details in accordance with the bride’s dress.

Of course, the bride should be the most beautiful, but nevertheless, one must take into account the taste of the groom, because it is for him that the future wife most often tries.If the groom doesn’t like fluffy dresses that look like a meringue cake, find a compromise, buy something simpler. Then the groom’s taste regarding his suit will most likely coincide with the chosen dress.
Almost any costume color can be combined with a white dress: black, gray, blue, etc. Just remember that it is undesirable to combine a completely white bride’s dress with a cream-colored costume. Then the dress will look dazzlingly white, and the suit will look yellow.

Accessories can also match: the color of the bride’s belt and the groom’s tie, the color of the bride’s bouquet and the groom’s pocket square, even the pattern and color of the lace on the dress can be combined with any detail of the suit.The groom’s boutonniere should also be in harmony with the bride’s bouquet and flowers in her hair.

With thematic weddings, everything is clear: costumes should be from the same era, one fairy tale or one novel.

The style of attire of the newlyweds should not be very different. So, for example, the groom cannot put on a solemn tailcoat if the bride has chosen a short, simple white dress. Or you shouldn’t wear a simple shirt and trousers if the bride is wearing lush lace and wearing a crown on her head.

Men’s wedding shirts for the groom

White wedding shirts for men have already become a classic for the groom’s look.But do not miss the opportunity to look a little brighter and, accordingly, more interesting. To choose the right color for the shirt, you need to build on the color of the bride’s outfit, wedding decor or shoes.

In order not to be mistaken with the shade of the shirt, you also need to pay attention to the color of the suit – they should not merge. What shirt to wear if the suit:

What shirt to wear if a suit:

  • dark gray – the best color for the shirt would be white, mint or light peach;
  • light blue or blue – only pure white is possible;
  • gray – the shirt can be chosen in blue, white, peach or ivory;
  • sand shade – it will look interesting with a light blue shirt;
  • classic black – the shirt can only be white;
  • light brown – a shirt of a tobacco shade, white or pink would be an excellent solution;
  • saturated brown – an ivory, peach or white shirt is suitable;
  • snow-white – the shirt should be of a darker shade or any bright one.

Red shirt will be a bright accent in the image of the groom in a white suit. You can wear a black shirt for a wedding with this look, but such a bold look is only suitable for dark-skinned brunettes.

The image of a groom in a blue suit will become chic if you add to it a light shirt with some pattern and a bright accent in the form of a tie or scarf. This outfit will look especially beautiful and unusual on red-haired men.

Men’s wedding look

If the wedding is scheduled for a warm season or will be held in a hot country, then it is quite possible to afford to wear a shirt with short sleeves.Some people think that such a shirt cannot be suitable for a celebration, but this is a misconception.

Shirts selection rules

A wedding is a special occasion, therefore there is a specific dress code for it. There are some general recommendations on how to choose the right shirt for the groom:

  • the size must fit, no more and no less;
  • The groom should be comfortable in a shirt;
  • The ideal size is one that leaves a free space of 1 cm between the neck and the collar;
  • the collar should be high, but not too wide, then it will be easier to pick up a tie;
  • shirt cuffs should be visible from under the jacket for a couple of centimeters;
  • The shirt material must not be creased;
  • it is desirable that the shade of the shirt echoes the color accents in the bride’s image;
  • The

  • shirt must not be the same color as the suit.

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