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Best Wedding Planner Book Ideas For 2022 To Plan A Big Day

If you’ve spent any time at all planning your wedding, it’s already obvious that you are going to need some help staying organized. It’s time to find a wedding planner book. This seems straightforward at first glance, but you will soon discover that the best wedding planner book can differ greatly from bride to bride.

Planner Book

Some brides have a lot of things under control and just need a little help staying within budget. Some have absolutely no idea where to start and need expert advice every step of the way. Others have hired a professional wedding planner and need some insight into what they are doing and how they are doing it.

Whatever your circumstance is, you’re sure to find a tailor-fit wedding planner book on this list.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a wedding planner book?

A wedding planner guidebook helps you plan your wedding budget and break the planning process down into manageable segments.

Most wedding planner books will also provide templates to help keep tasks organized and expert, real-world advice to help make decisions along the way.

Is a wedding planner book worth it?

Even the most expensive, best wedding planner organizer book is nothing compared to the costs of common wedding planning mistakes. For example, a good wedding planner book can help you avoid overpaying for vendors and venues, late fees, or paying a premium due to seasonal demand.

Where can I find a planner?

If you are wondering where to find wedding planner books, they’re pretty much anywhere. Popular websites like Amazon and Etsy have plenty to choose from. However, whenever possible, we recommend that you pay a visit to a brick and mortar location like Barnes and Noble, Chapters, or an independent bookstore.

How To Choose Wedding Planning Book

Choosing the best wedding planner book is as simple as writing down a few goals and prerequisites. You will need to know details like how large of a wedding you will be planning, how much time there is before the ceremony if it is a destination wedding, and the budget.

There are many generalized wedding planner books out there that apply to any situation. However, a lot of wedding planner books cater to specific circumstances and lifestyles. Being self-aware goes a long way to making the right choice.

The winning book should offer templates for your budget, guest list, registry, and other planning necessities. It should also provide you with access to vendors and suppliers, preferably with discounts. This is also true for digital options. There are many apps and online versions of wedding planner books that may offer you a little more convenience than physical books. Make sure to check out enough reviews to be certain that you won’t be missing out on any critical components.

If you have trouble finding a single book that encapsulates everything you need, there’s no reason why you have to choose just one.

Mix and match wedding planner books until you find the combo that suits you best.

Best Planning Books

Even wedding planners who have been working in the industry for decades investing in wedding planner books. Why? There’s just so much to be aware of and remember it’s physically impossible to do it all without a system.

Browse our list and keep your needs and personal style in mind to find the ideal wedding planner book for you.

This book is for the bride that needs help navigating the emotional aspects of wedding planning. From the guestlist to choosing the maid of honor, to sorting out your registry, there are plenty of opportunities to hurt someone’s feelings. Although you can’t please everyone, Bridechilla arms you with the best practices and insights you need to make cool, calm, decisions. 

The LGBTQ+ community is still a relatively new concept, and brides, grooms, and industry professionals are just starting to discover the unique challenges and solutions to creating the perfect wedding experience. Equally Wed provides the roadmap needed to navigate this previously unexplored territory.

Why does the bride change her last name? Why does the father of the bride ‘give her away? Many features of the traditional wedding don’t exactly align with modern feminist values. This wedding planner book confronts those topics in a hilarious fashion and teaches you a thing or two along the way.

This wedding planner book is for the no-nonsense bride. Skip the anecdotes and get straight to business with clear-as-day guidance and a few blank pages so that you can keep your notes in the same place as where you got the advice. The standout feature here is the sage advice about communicating with vendors.

This wedding planner book by An Organized Life is the swiss army knife of guides for brides that need a little bit of everything. Detailed checklists and templates are coupled with feedback from a pool of industry experts and real couples. This approach provides invaluable context which puts things into perspective and helps you make sense of it all.

This wedding planner book is for the financially focused bride and groom. Fix a budget and stick to it. This book helps you plan in advance, make compromises when needed, and successfully cope with surprises. It also provides on-point guidance on DIY projects and saving opportunities so that every penny goes that extra mile.

Do you really need a horse and carriage for the post-ceremony getaway? Although this wedding planner book addresses budget concerns like many other guides, the approach starts at the emotional base. Using logic and vantage points you may not have considered, helps brides determine what truly matters to them and what’s truly worthy of your wedding budget.

Kmart is known for inexpensive, quality products for the masses. It only makes sense that they would add wedding planner books for practical brides who want to forego the frills. However, the aesthetically pleasing design and well-structured guidance won’t feel like a bargain.

The unique approach of this wedding planner book caters to brides who want to focus on low-stress and how the experience will be remembered long after the wedding is over. Rather than fixate on venue and vendor management, although it addresses that as well, this book’s appeal is how it helps you plan your photoshoots and guest interaction.

This wedding planner book is for the bride who wants to know everything. The authors have seemingly asked every wedding planning-related question possible and have filtered through all of the answers leaving only the shiniest gems. With this wedding planner book, you have everything under control.

Simplicity is the defining aspect of this wedding planner book, making it ideal for brides who are just getting introduced to the world of wedding planning. This approach breaks the complicated world of wedding planning down into plain language, easily understood concepts that anyone can wrap their head around.

Weddings are a journey, and this wedding planner book is for brides that want to capture the experience. Yes, it contains all of the templates, checklists, and advice you would expect from a wedding guide. Beyond that, it’s a wedding planner journal book that allows you to customize it with gold foil names and wedding dates. 

This cute wedding planner book is for the bride that doesn’t need any advice. All she needs is a few blank pages to keep her thoughts organized. This cute and compact is highly transportable and features a built-in tassel bookmark. This allows brides on the go to document their thoughts the moment inspiration strikes, no matter where they are.

This tiny wedding planner book is for brides that need a particular balance between practical and emotional. This book addresses common situations like planning a budget and finding your dream dress. It also provides best practices for making your guests feel comfortable and handling bridal showers.

This is a gorgeous wedding planner book organizer for brides that understand project management. Check off your to-do list based on deadlines and dependencies. Stay organized with generous space and helpful stickers, all within a crisp and clean format.

There’s a wedding planner book out there for everyone. If we haven’t pointed out the one for you in this list, keep your needs and specific circumstances in mind, and keep on looking! You’re sure to find something that will keep you organized, on budget, and stress-free. 


The Best Wedding Planner Books and Organizers

Sure, you could plan your entire wedding online and with apps. But sometimes, you just want to write things down. Enter the wedding planner book.

There’s lots of options to choose from out there, so we’ve rounded up and reviewed some of the most popular choices to help you find the perfect one for you. We’ve included affiliate links in this review, which means we may receive a commission if you make a purchase, at no cost to you. But we’ve personally looked at each of these planners, so you can be assured that our opinions are our own.

Now it’s time to get planning.

Erin Condren Wedding Planner

You can’t talk about planners without talking about Erin Condren. She’s developed a cult following for her daily planners (#planneraddict, anyone?), and so we’re psyched that she has an option available just for brides, too.

The Basics: 

  • 7″ x 9″
  • Spiral bound
  • Your choice of 12- or 24-month calendar lengths (perfect for accommodating different engagement timelines)

Sections Included:

  • Tabbed monthly calendars (you can choose the starting month)
  • “I Do” List — Outside of the calendars, this is the only other tabbed section of the planner, and has everything from a wedding timeline to budget checklist to gift log.

You can take a look at the entire planner here:

Pros: There is a *lot* to love about this planner. To start, it’s all about customization, so you can make it completely your own. There are tons of different cover options, which you can personalize with your name, photos, wedding dates, and more. And if you get bored of your planner’s look halfway through the process, you can even swap it out for a brand-new interchangeable cover.

Erin Condren fans go all out on decorating their planners (seriously, check out #erincondren, #plannerjunkie, and #plannerspread on Instagram for some inspiration), which is a huge part of what makes them so darn fun. Your planner comes with a bunch of stickers to get you started, and you can get more directly from the Erin Condren website.

In terms of keeping your wedding on track, this planner has everything you need, including top 10 planning tips; a wedding planning timeline; must-have photo list; music playlist; vendor information; and even a page to note your wedding wines, cocktails and drinks (love this for weddings with a signature cocktail). There’s also blank lined and dot grid paper in the back of the planner that you can use for whatever you want; sketching ceremony and reception floor plans would be one great way to use this space.

The planner is also a bit of a scrapbook, with a memories section in the back for you to capture the most memorable moments of your planning process and big day—the perfect opportunity to break out the stickers and washi tape.

Finally, Erin Condren planners are known for their attention to the little details, and this one is no different. It’s very colorful with super quality paper that turns easily, and doesn’t bleed. For a planner containing so much information, it’s a nice compact size that’s easy to carry around with you or throw in a bag. And honestly, it’s just really fun to look at.

Cons: Starting at $55, this planner is the priciest one of the bunch. If you decide to add in customizations, stickers, and other accessories, you can expect to spend a good deal more. Also, keep in mind that even a basic version can take a few days to be prepared for shipping, so you won’t be able to receive this planner as quickly as the others. And, while there is a small folder included, the compact size of this book may make it tricky to store all of the wedding receipts, contracts and other paperwork you’ll end up accumulating during your planning process.

Get the Erin Condren Wedding Planner

Wedding Planner by Bloom Daily Planners

The creators of the super-popular Wedding Planner by Bloom Daily Planners took all of the tips and tricks they learned from planning their own weddings—as well as other brides—to create this awesome wedding resource.

The Basics: 

  • 9″ x 11″
  • Spiral bound
  • 18-month undated calendar

Sections Included:

  • Our Vision
  • The Basics
  • Guest Planning
  • Vendor Planning
  • Monthly Planning
  • The Big Day
  • Wedding Memories

See the entire planner here:

Pros: The very beginning of this planner is basically “Pinterest on paper. ” Here, you’ll find not only space to capture your overall vision for your wedding, but a number of different mini vision boards for your ideas on the ceremony, reception, bride’s attire, groom’s attire, bridal party attire, flowers, hair and makeup, photography, and a few additional blank ones so you can create your own categories.

The planning pages are pretty awesome, too. One of our favorites is the guest list section, where you can track their contact info, invitations, special notes (such as dietary restrictions), and wedding gifts all in a single chart—it’s super helpful not to have to flip through multiple pages and sections to get all of these crucial details. The seating arrangement pages are also great; there’s unlined space for you to create a seating plan for up to 22 tables, so you can add as many or as few guests to each as you want to.

But our most most most favorite part can be found in the monthly planning section, where each of the calendars is followed by both a lined notes page and blank to-do page that you can fill in yourself. This is a great way to quickly and easily compile all of your tasks for the month, and then schedule them in as time becomes available. It’s the little things, really.

And, like the Erin Condren planner, the Bloom planner has a dedicated memories section; however, this one takes a different approach, with dedicated pages for commemorating specific wedding events: engagement, bridal shower, bachelorette party, planning process, rehearsal dinner, morning of, ceremony, reception, and honeymoon, as well as overall reflections on the big day. If you like the idea of prompts to make sure you don’t miss any memories (and for inspiration), you may find this planner helpful.

Cons: Compared to the Erin Condren planner, this planner isn’t as customizable—what you see is really what you get. In addition, some of the planning pages could benefit from a little more flexibility. For example, the bridal party section is laid out with space for one maid of honor and best man, eight bridesmaids and groomsmen (each), one flower girl, and one ring bearer. If your bridal party is larger than this, non-traditional, or simply has a different number of people in each role, you’ll need to make some adjustments to how you use these pages.

Likewise, the budget tracker has all of the expense categories pre-populated without any extra space for new line items, so if you want to add any of your own, you’ll have to find an alternative method for tracking them. Finally, the finishing touches aren’t quite as nice as they are in the Erin Condren planner—the pages don’t turn as smoothly, and the paper is less thick. Also, the dividers are the same weight as the paper, so they aren’t as sturdy. However, keep in mind that’s merely a comparison—this planner is a great option.

Get the Wedding Planner by Bloom Daily Planners in Silver

Get the Wedding Planner by Bloom Daily Planners in Gold

All the Essentials Wedding Planner by Alison Hotchkiss

Event planner Alison Hotchkiss knows her stuff. Proof: Her work has been featured in publications from Vogue Magazine to Martha Stewart Weddings to Brides magazine, to name just a few. The All the Essentials Wedding Planner brings all of her expertise right to your fingertips.

The Basics: 

  • 10.8″ x 2″ x 11.8″
  • Three-ring binder
  • 18-month undated calendar

Sections Included: 

  • To-Do List and Calendar
  • Budget
  • Guest List
  • Venue
  • Inspiration
  • Guest Correspondence
  • Vendors
  • Accommodations
  • Ceremony
  • Reception
  • Attire
  • Timeline
  • Gift Registry
  • Contracts
  • Resources

Pros: If you love the idea of a planner with super detailed categories, this is the one for you. With 15 different tabbed sections, this planner makes it so easy to flip to exactly what you need, when you need it—much more so than the other planners reviewed here. In addition, with its binder format that allows you to hole punch and easily add whatever planning materials you want, the All the Essentials planner was designed very intentionally to create a one-stop, central planning location. And even with all of the sections you start out with right out of the gate, you should find that there’s still plenty of space for your binder to grow as your wedding planning progresses.

One really interesting element of this planner is that, while the out-of-the-box version contains a number of different planning pages to get you started, additional pages designed specifically for this planner are available online (instructions on how to access them are included in the book). AND, some of them, like the guest list, are editable PDFs that you can complete right on your computer and then pop into your binder.

Finally, this planner just looks really nice—it’s one of our favorite designs among all of the planners. There’s lots of nice color, and the planning pages themselves are really airy and clean, so all of your wedding details will stand out (use some brightly colored pens to make them pop even more). Each of the dividers has a different design, and they’re a good weight that seems like will stand up well to a year-plus of use. Also, the “All the Essentials” sleeve found on the front cover is adhered with tape, so you can remove it if you would prefer just the patterned cover.

Cons: It’s a binder, so it’s big. If you want something you can easily tote around, this may not be the one for you. It also can’t fold over for you to write, so if most of your planning is going to take place while you’re curled up on the couch and you don’t want the hassle of constantly taking out your papers to make changes, you should check out the spiral-bound Erin Condren and Bloom planners above. The spaces for the individual days in the month-at-a-glance calendars are quite small, so if you need to write more than one item per day, you’ll really have to squeeze them in.

Get the All the Essentials Wedding Planner

The Wedding Planner & Organizer by Mindy Weiss

Celebrity event planner Mindy Weiss knows just how to make sure a special event runs smoothly—and she’s sharing her expertise with brides in this bestselling wedding planner and organizer.

The Basics: 

  • 10.7″ x 1.8″ x 11.6″
  • Three-ring binder
  • No monthly calendars

Sections Included:

  • The Big Picture
  • Budget
  • Location
  • Guests and Invitations
  • The Dress
  • Menu and Flowers
  • Music, Photography and Videography
  • Rentals
  • Making It Official

Pros: To start, each of the nine tabbed section dividers has its own pocket folder, so you can easily keep track of materials in their relevant section. Yes, you read that right—you get *nine* different folders with this planner. And, there’s also a zip pouch in the back for even more storage. The budget spreadsheet is great for those who want to keep detailed track of their expenses; rather than lump all of your costs into a single amount for each category, there’s space to itemize each expense. For example, the flowers category alone includes line items for:

  • Ceremony flowers
  • Bride’s bouquet
  • Bridesmaids’ bouquets
  • Boutonnieres
  • Corsages for mothers
  • Wreaths and petals for flower girl
  • Cocktail flowers
  • Reception flowers
  • After-party flowers
  • Miscellaneous flowers
  • Chuppah flowers

Breaking down each of your costs in this way is a huge help in making sure you stick to your budget, and showing you where you might be overspending or need to make adjustments. In addition, we particularly love that this planner has customized planning timelines for both long and short engagements (with *lots* of details), so nearly any bride can find the information she needs to keep her wedding on track.

Cons: The lack of monthly calendars is a biggie. If you want to have a single spot to plan all of your tasks and get an easy, at-a-glance view as to where your process stands at any moment in timer, this probably is not the planner for you. As another three-ring binder, it also has the same potential issues with ease of use as the All the Essentials planner described above. Finally, the overall look and feel of this planner is a bit dated, especially compared to the others shown here; however, like the All the Essentials planner, the front cover sleeve is removable, leaving you with a very simple and pretty dotted pattern.

Get The Wedding Planner and Organizer by Mindy Weiss

Super excited for planning now? (As if you weren’t already). Keep on track with what’s most important by checking out  The Very Best Wedding Planning Tips from the Pros Who Have Seen It All. 

Post updated January 7, 2019

10 Best Wedding Planning Books of 2021

6. Wedding Planning for the Busy Feminist by Amanda Pendolino

Why it’s a must-read: The perfect book for the modern bride, Wedding Planning for the Busy Feminist tackles issues like (potentially) outdated traditions, social media hashtags, and dealing with family.

What’s unique about it: This book is written through a comedic lens that helps you laugh during a potentially stressful timeline.

Topics covered include: Stories from married couples; tips from vendors; advice to make your wedding uniquely you.

7. Emily Post’s Wedding Etiquette by Anna and Lizzie Post

Why it’s a must-read: Written by etiquette experts Anna and Lizzie Post (the great-great-granddaughters of the late, great Emily Post), this book will help you to answer all the questions you have on wedding protocol and manners, which is especially helpful if you’re having a traditional wedding.

What’s unique about it: A lot of wedding books talk largely about logistics and merely skim the surface on etiquette, but with this book, you’ll learn everything you need to know from the perspective of etiquette experts.

Topics covered include: Guest list etiquette; appropriate wording on invitations; how to handle uncomfortable family dynamics respectfully.

8. Stone Fox Bride by Molly Rosen Guy

Why it’s a must-read: Written by Stone Fox Bride founder Molly Rosen Guy, this book is for the wild child bride looking to exchange outdated traditions for authenticity.

What’s unique about it: This book is less about charts and timelines and instead combines storytelling, inspiring visuals and candid advice that encourages realness above all when it comes to wedding planning.

Topics covered include: Relatable wedding stories; personal essays on being yourself throughout the wedding process; real wedding photos.

9. Blush and Gold Invites Wedding Planner

Why it’s a must-read: It’s filled with detailed worksheets, mood boards, and even checklists for what to do starting 12-18 months before your wedding, up to the day-of.

What’s unique about it: This wedding planner is less a book and more of a journal. There isn’t much advice given, but it instead features a ton of interactive pages you fill in with details to help you create while staying organized.

Topics covered include: Mood boards; contact pages for vendors; seating charts.

10. The Conscious Bride by Sheryl Paul

Why it’s a must-read: Sheryl Paul is an expert bridal counselor who, for this book, interviewed a diverse group of women that share their intimate feelings on marriage and the process that goes behind planning.

What’s unique about it: The Conscious Bride is an incredible source of support for all brides, but it’s especially useful for those who feel anxiety over planning, are worried about what being married will affect, and everything in between.

Topics covered include: The psychology of getting married; acknowledgement of fears and doubts; support for the emotional rollercoaster that is the planning process.

Get the best wedding planning books money can buy!

There are so many books out there that can help both brides and grooms plan the wedding of their dreams. Instead of going with a generic wedding book, be sure to pick one that resonates with your needs and desires. From wanting to gain insight to the psychology of marriage to straightforward budget documents and checklists to stories of non-traditional brides, this curated list has something for everyone.

Now that you have your physical wedding planning resource to reference throughout the process, discover these 11 amazing wedding planning podcasts for when you’re on the go, but still want to continue planning for your big day.

Wedding Planner Book, Personalized Wedding Planner, Bridal Planner, Custom Wedding Planner

Weddings are often thought of as a beautiful celebration, “the happiest day of your life.” But as you grow older and more mature, you realize that a wedding can be a messy, stressful event as well. It doesn’t have to be, though! To help reduce the emotional and physical strain of planning a wedding, consider using a paper wedding planner to get organized! Our wedding planners here at Purple Trail include a customizable calendar and bright, color coded pages with a variety of headings, such as Budget, Research, Attire, and Honeymoon (to name a few), all with layouts perfect for making lists, doodling, or taking notes. Using a paper wedding planner will definitely help you and your life-partner-to-be create an anxiety-free, tensionless wedding day, but that’s not all you can do! Check out the list below for even more tips on producing a stress-free wedding.

1. Ask for help: Many couples feel as though they can do it all on their own, but on your wedding day you want to feel like a guest, and not part of the staff. Consider hiring a Day Of Coordinator, just to help the actual wedding day go smoothly, and so you can socialize without having a to-do list on your mind. You can also ask a close friend or a family member to be in charge of certain details of the day, such as getting people together for photos, or putting aside memento items for your scrap book – basically tasks you as the bride or groom won’t have time to do, or will easily forget.
2. Stay comfortable: If wearing traditional bride attire, pack at least three pairs of shoes to wear throughout the day, as well as insoles. In order to keep your skirt and veil in place, have weights sewn into the fabric, disguised as decorative embellishments like pearls or gems. If wearing a suit, pick a fabric that’s right for the season – wool or cashmere for colder weather and linen or seersucker for summer. Cotton suits are a great neutral for anytime of year.
3. You can’t control everything: There’s no need to continuously check the weather, or to get angry when the caterer serves arugula salad instead of kale. Go with the flow and focus on the positive. If you’re smiling and having a good time, your guests will be, too, so keep any negative energy out of sight!
4. Have some alone time with your new spouse: Whether it’s just 5 to 10 minutes, sneak away to talk with your partner after the ceremony, either in a dressing room or a predetermined secret spot. After all, this day is all about you two, and it’s important that you have time to reflect and talk about the wedding together uninterrupted, while it’s still fresh. It’s also a great way to get re-energized and excited about the reception!

Best Selling wholesale wedding planner books From All Leading Brands Customization Services

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15 Best Wedding Planner Books for 2021 Brides

Wedding planning might seem like a daunting and exhausting task. You’ll need to book a venue, hire a photographer, come up with your guest list, and much more before the big day. The best wedding planner books can help you stay organized through the planning process!

Need a hand with the planning and organizing? You can hire a wedding planner, but if you prefer to tackle your wedding day yourself, there are plenty of tools that you can use for a smooth planning process. There are numerous books, planners, and organizers that give you thoughtful tips and tricks from experienced professionals. 

15 Best Wedding Planner Books 

We’ve rounded up an assortment of wedding planner books that any bride or groom can take a note or two from. Even if you do hire a wedding planner, buying one of these planning books can also help to stay on top of your to-do list and store your information all in one handy place.

  1. The Bride’s Essential Wedding Planner
  2. The Knot Ultimate Wedding Planner and Organizer: Worksheets, Checklists, Etiquette, Calendars, and Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
  3. Martha Stewart Wedding Ideas & Inspiration
  4. The Wedding Book: An Expert’s Guide to Planning Your Perfect Day– Your Way
  5. A Practical Wedding Planner: A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating the Wedding You Want with the Budget You’ve Got (Without Losing Your Mind in the Process)
  6. Wedding Planning for the Busy Feminist
  7. Equally Wed: The Ultimate Guide to Planning Your LGBTQ+ Wedding
  8. Emily Post’s Wedding Etiquette
  9. Loverly Wedding Planner: The Modern Couple’s Guide
  10. Stone Fox Bride: Love, Lust, and Wedding Planning for the Wild at Heart
  11. 2Brides2Be: A Same-Sex Guide for the Modern Bride
  12. The Budget-Savvy Wedding Planner and Organizer: Checklists, Worksheets, and Essential Tools to Plan the Perfect Wedding on a Small Budget
  13. The Anti-Bride Guide: Hip Tips and Tools for Getting Hitched
  14. How to “I Do”: Planning the Ultimate Wedding in Six Weekends or Less
  15. The Groom’s Instruction Manual


The Bride’s Essential Wedding Planner

This wedding planner is written by Amy Nebens, who has extensive experience in the wedding industry. The Bride’s Essential Wedding Planner has checklists so you don’t forget any tasks, questions to ask potential vendors, tips for budgeting, and even smaller details like sample thank-you notes.

If you like to write things down, then this is the wedding planning book for you. You can fill in information like seating charts and guest lists all in the same place. With so many aspects of the wedding planning process, this book is an all-in-one guide to arranging your wedding festivities.  

Check Prices on Amazon



The Knot Ultimate Wedding Planner and Organizer: Worksheets, Checklists, Etiquette, Calendars, and Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

The Knot is well-known for wedding planning, so it’s no surprise that the company has a fantastic planner and organizer. This book was written by Carley Roney, one of the cofounders of The Knot. Like many other wedding planners, this one includes calendars and timelines as well as help with setting your wedding budget.

This wedding planning book also has more unique characteristics and tips, like color swatches to help you find the perfect color scheme for your ceremony and reception. If you have any questions about wedding planning, you’ll be able to find the answers in this book. 

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Martha Stewart Wedding Ideas & Inspiration

Martha Stewart is always here for inspiration when it comes to home cooking, decor, and more. In this case, it’s weddings! Martha Stewart’s wedding brand has been around for over 20 years, and this book is filled with glossy images that are sure to get those ideas flowing.

If you aren’t sure where to start with a wedding theme or need to find a gorgeous dress or perfectly tailored suit, then this book is a great place to start. This is one of our favorite wedding planning books because it includes 300 full-color photos, so it’s fun to flip through as you’re beginning the wedding planning process.  

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The Wedding Book: An Expert’s Guide to Planning Your Perfect Day– Your Way 

Mindy Weiss, a celebrity wedding planner, wrote The Wedding Book: An Expert’s Guide to Planning your Perfect Day, so choose this planner to create an A-list wedding. Weiss teaches you how to negotiate contracts and how to use social media and online resources, like Pinterest and Etsy. Plus, you can learn more about using Uber as transportation for your wedding guests.

Although there are more niche topics, like using drones for photographer, The Wedding Book covers basic wedding topics like your cake or floral arrangements. For coverage and tips on handling nearly every situation and concern possible, this wedding planning guide is a top choice.

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A Practical Wedding Planner: A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating the Wedding You Want with the Budget You’ve Got (Without Losing Your Mind in the Process)

Everything about this wedding planner is in the name. This is the companion to Meg Keene’s A Practical Wedding. You can buy both books or stick with the planner. This planner is great for staying on task and keeping the important things in mind. It’s easy to get caught up in small details or want to throw yourself into DIY decorations.

A Practical Wedding Planner is the perfect tool to set a budget, choose a venue, hire vendors as well as rein in any less feasible desires. Even if you need to cut out some aspects of decor or the menu, you’ll still have so many memories of your special day!

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Wedding Planning for the Busy Feminist 

Written by Amanda Pendolino, Wedding Planning for the Busy Feminist is a fun, fresh read. Although this doesn’t come with extensive checklists, schedules, and sheets for budgeting, the book contains solid advice from married couples and wedding vendors.

This is especially encouraging for brides who want to balance traditions that may be outdated with the concept of their dream wedding. Additionally, this book is filled with great information about wedding dress and even includes designers and resale sites. This is one of the best wedding planning books for non-traditional brides!

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Equally Wed: The Ultimate Guide to Planning Your LGBTQ+ Wedding

Written by Kirsten Palladino, this wedding guide is an amazing resource for LGBTQ+ couples. This wedding planner book provides all the tools and information you’ll need for the wedding of your dreams, and it does this all without using heteronormative terms.

This planner works with a variety of different sample budgets, and you’ll get great fashion advice in addition to advice on hiring wedding vendors. Equally Wed is not just for LGBTQ+ couples however, and can help any couple plan the perfect wedding day for a fair and equal marriage! 

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Emily Post’s Wedding Etiquette

Wedding etiquette can be overlooked, but once you run into an awkward family situation, it becomes more essential than ever. This book by Anna Post and Lizzie Post helps you navigate wedding and family traditions, making your guest list, picking someone to officiate the wedding, and more.

Although this book is full of strong advice that can help in a tight pinch, keep in mind that this is focused on etiquette instead of planning. If you also want tips for budgeting or a place to record your vendors’ contact information, then you may want to buy another planner in addition to Emily Post’s Wedding Etiquette.

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Loverly Wedding Planner: The Modern Couple’s Guide

Wedding traditions are quickly changing, and if you’re going for a less traditional wedding, the Loverly Wedding Planner is an excellent tool to have in your back pocket. From topics like mixed-gender wedding parties to social media use at the wedding, this planner covers it all. This book also has plenty of photos that are sure to inspire you when it comes to the big day.

Loverly Wedding Planner is written by Kellee Khail, and she includes advice from married couples as well as budget breakdowns from newlyweds. You’ll see what a real-life wedding budget looks like from couples with different priorities and price points. Remember that setting priorities is one of the most important steps when creating your wedding budget!

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Stone Fox Bride: Love, Lust, and Wedding Planning for the Wild at Heart

After reading this book by Molly Rosen Guy, you’ll feel empowered to plan the wedding of your dreams, no matter what anyone else tells you. Stone Fox Bride is about wedding planning, but you’ll also get a taste of married life.

This book is deeply personal, so it’s a fun and engaging read that doesn’t focus purely on planning – it’s not your typical wedding planner organizer. In fact, if you’re stressed about booking venues or purchasing flowers, this can be a nice break from the list of to-dos that seem endless. Instead, soak up the beautiful photos and learn to stick to your wedding vision.

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2Brides 2Be: A Same-Sex Guide for the Modern Bride

Laura Leigh Abby draws on her own wedding experience in 2Brides 2Be, so this book and planner is personal, funny, and overall a delight to read. If you have any questions, you can bet that Abby addresses them in her book.

Not many wedding books focus on same-sex couples, so 2Brides 2Be is a great purchase to navigate wedding planning for you and your bride-to-be. Besides her experience, Abby also include advice from professionals in the wedding industry, so you’ll learn about wedding planning from both sides of the process. 

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The Budget-Savvy Wedding Planner and Organizer: Checklists, Worksheets, and Essential Tools to Plan the Perfect Wedding on a Small Budget


If sticking to a small budget is your first priority, then this is the wedding planner for you. Dip into your wedding budget to purchase this book. It’s sure to be worth your money. By keeping a close eye on your wallet and tracking your expenses, you’ll be more likely to stick to your budget.

With sample wedding budgets, you’ll get a clear idea of what exactly you can get for as low as $1,000. Jessica Bishop, the author of this planner, guides you in the right direction for your dream wedding on a thrifty budget. Learn how much to pay for wedding dresses, flowers, and keep track of your spending with her tips and organizer.

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The Anti-Bride Planner: Hip Tips and Tools for Getting Hitched

Not a fan of the frills of wedding planning? It’s okay, you’re not alone! The Anti-Bride Guide is the right resource for modern brides who want a smooth, easy wedding planning process and are planning a less traditional wedding. This is the companion planner to the book The Anti-Bride Guide.

You’ll find much of the same information as other wedding planners, like budgeting tips and checklists to help to keep track of your tasks. This planner just delivers a little extra sass and personality. This planner is written by Carolyn Gerin, Kathleen Hughes, and Amy Glynn Hornick.

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How to “I Do”: Planning the Ultimate Wedding in Six Weekends or Less

If you’re planning a last-minute wedding, this is the best guide to ensure that everything gets done before the big day. Many wedding planning books have a longer timeline, but this book is perfect for planning a wedding on short notice.

Wedding planners Holly Lefevre and Christine Cudanes walk you through what needs to be done each weekend. It starts with the guest list, location, and caterer, and it ends with the final dress fitting and rehearsal dinner.

The book also comes with sheets for planning and tips on how to set your budget. Planning a wedding is already difficult enough, but it gets even harder with a time crunch. Thankfully, this wedding planner helps you make the most of a tight schedule.  

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The Groom’s Instruction Manual

Yes, brides often take up more when it comes to wedding planning. However, grooms should pitch in and do their part as well! Grooms can assist in selecting a venue, hiring vendors, and more. Just like brides, grooms also have concerns about wedding planning and may not know what to expect.

This is where Shandon Fowler comes in: to answer questions grooms may have during the planning process. The Groom’s Instruction Manual is a great resource, and there’s also a companion version for brides by Carrie Denny called The Bride’s Instruction Manual

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Final Thoughts on Planning Your Own Wedding

These phenomenal books and organizers are the perfect asset to help you get started and finish strong when it comes to planning your special day. With these best wedding planners, any questions you have will be answered. Don’t forget to check out Yeah Weddings to learn more about planning your ceremony and reception and to find inspiration on all things fashion.

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16 of the Best Wedding Planners

Wedding Wisdom

16 of the Best Wedding Planners


Whatever your style or budget, and whatever you have in mind for your big day – or small celebration – don’t underestimate the planning that will be involved. Even an elopement requires planning! And these planners, organisers and journals contain everything you need to plan your dream wedding…..

Today’s wedding planners, as well as being super stylish, offer something for every couple. Whatever your wedding vision, these 16 wedding planning books will help you avoid big day anxiety and keep you organized every step of the way.

Whilst you can, and many do, plan your wedding using Excel, or Evernote or some other online software, there is still a place for the traditional wedding planner.

Because the best wedding planning books are more than a pretty place to file information; they are journals to capture your thoughts and ideas, and after your day they become a keepsake and memento of one of the most exciting times of your life.

Rose Gold Wedding Planner

Black Wedding Planner

I Do Wedding Journal

Minimalist Wedding Planner

Hardcover Coil Bound Wedding Planner

Personalised Wedding Planner Book

The Budget Savvy Wedding Planner

Some Kind of Wonderful Wedding Planner

Wedding Planner Folder

Blush & Gold Foil Wedding Planner

Romantic Floral Wedding Planner

Luxury Navy Wedding Planner

Kraft Wedding Planner

Shit Just Got Real Wedding Planner

Luxury White Wedding Planner

Floral Personalised Wedding Planner

If you haven’t already, be sure to read these top 10 to dos after getting engaged before going any further. Or if you are ready to start your wedding planning journey you may want to start thinking about your vows – it is never too early to start!

Well congratulations again on your engagement, I hope to see you here again soon!


90,000 wedding organizer with pictures book Previous Next 1 /50 90,000 Everything is according to plan.Why you need a wedding planner | Marry me!

In preparation for the wedding, a whirlwind of excitement and emotion can simply overwhelm, and this period will be incredibly tiring and stressful. But we don’t want that, do we? What are we thinking at this time? How do you get started? What to do first? How to organize and assemble the different elements and time each event?

Photo: Freepik

Photo: Freepik

You can use one useful life hack: buy or make your own special wedding planner-organizer. It will be a real guide for simple and effective wedding planning.

Photo: Freepik

Photo: Freepik

Ready-made wedding planners cover everything from guest lists to flower suppliers, even the smallest idea can be added there. You can choose the organizer so that it looks great with you at pre-wedding events, parties, meetings with loved ones, or even on your coffee table. Don’t forget to use a pencil and use a pencil to make it easier to proofread your notes.

Photo: Freepik

Photo: Freepik

What should be inside a wedding planner?
  • Priority Cases
  • Budget Planning
  • Finding Registration Date
  • Style Planning
  • Guest List
  • Finding a Banquet Hall or Location
  • Brainstorming Ideas
  • Supplier / Contractor List
  • Wedding Day Timig
  • Financial Control
  • Table Layout
  • Invitation & Printing Design
  • Seating Planning
  • Dress Code for Guests
  • Wedding Playlist
  • Photographers and Videographers
  • Wedding Route
  • Service Order
  • Full Wedding Schedule Management
  • Calendar

And much more …

Simply put, planning can be quite a complex process, depending on the type and scale of the wedding you want, of course.A wedding planning book means you can be completely organized and have a lot less stress and more fun with your planning.

Everything you need is here in one place. That is, wherever you go, all your wedding information is with you, neat and compact. Keeping track of your budget becomes easier, you can take a planner to meetings with suppliers and contractors so you don’t forget a single detail. It will also help you remember in time various elements and aspects of your wedding day that you might forget.

It is also a good idea to separate your wedding planning from the other activities in your life, such as in your diary or calendar. All of this will help you to collect, calm down and be sure that everything is going according to plan!

Photo: Freepik

Photo: Freepik

Review of wedding mobile applications – wedding article, 01 March 2013

We have already written that a wedding requires an almost scientific approach and clear planning. Today we offer you a selection of mobile wedding planner apps.

Wedding planner in the format of a mobile application is convenient and useful. You don’t need to carry an extra notepad with you, you can easily share information using the mobile Internet, and get inspiration from dresses, rings and room décor options with built-in photo galleries. So, what other opportunities have the developers prepared for the newlyweds?
For iPhone

Brides Perfect wedding.

Rating: 4 points
Design: in white and pink colors, as simple and convenient as possible.One of the most beautiful wedding apps from an aesthetic point of view
Advantages: Wandering through the main menu of the app, you can find really interesting tips, wonderful wedding dresses and accessories, the most unusual places for the ceremony. Since Vogue and Brides employees are working on the application, everything is very professional and tasteful.
Additional features:

  • Possibility to create a wish-list.
  • Shows wedding date countdown

Disadvantages: works only when connected to the Internet, so the application can not always be used.


Score: 4 points.
Design : Nice, clean design in gray-pink tones.
Advantages of : You can add a guest in a matter of seconds.
Additional features:

  • When adding a guest to the list, you can additionally indicate special explanations about it (for example, “vegetarian”, “nursing mother”, etc.), indicate exactly who the invitee is (friend of the bride, friend of the groom, mutual friend, etc.) T.a special checkbox will allow you to control whether the wedding invitation has been sent and whether it has been accepted.
  • In the “Summary” menu, it is convenient to keep track of general statistics on the list: how many people are invited, how many of them are from the bride’s side, how many are from the groom’s side. The ratio of women to men is also visible.
  • The “Gifts” menu provides an opportunity to record gifts and indicate which of the guests will give it. A bit Western, but in Russian reality it can be useful.
  • Guests can be added to the list directly from the address book of your smartphone
Disadvantages: The application is too narrowly focused and, in fact, only deals with the list of guests and gifts. For those looking to have a comprehensive app with a complete to-do list, this is not an option.

Wedding Planning Complete

Score: 3.5 points.
Design: very bright, in the “candy” style, with hearts and other elements that are cute to a girl’s heart.
Advantages: The app is based on the western bestseller, The Ultimate Wedding. Accordingly, it takes into account many trends and provides useful practical advice.
Additional features:

  • You can select the color scheme of the application. Your choice – candy pink, pastel green, pale lilac
  • You can broadcast all the news about your wedding directly from the application to Twitter, Facebook and email]
Disadvantages: The application cannot be fully used without registering on the WedSpace English version only.

For Android

Bridal Checklist

Score : 4 points
Design : ultra-minimalistic. There are practically no graphs; the application resembles a business planner rather than a wedding organizer.
Advantages: A detailed list of tasks for the bride and groom. In this case, the tasks are grouped by the time remaining until the date of the wedding.
Additional features:
  • You can prioritize tasks.
  • There is a countdown to the wedding date.

Disadvantages: too detailed a to-do list is also a disadvantage – many of the proposed tasks are irrelevant for traditional Russian weddings, you have to read and choose on your own what is important and what is not. English version only.

Our Wedding

Convenience : 4.5 points
Design: Stylish icons, minimal design in pearl gray tones, no distracting hearts or glitter
Pluses : When installed, the application will ask for the date of your proposed wedding and offer an organization plan adapted for the remaining time period before the event.The to-do list contains only the essentials, which makes it more versatile than, for example, the Bridal Checklist application. The menu is minimalistic and intuitive. The application works quickly, does not freeze.
Additional features:
  • You can add notes opposite the names of guests (table number, menu features, etc.)
  • Shows the percentage of completed tasks, closed tasks can be “crossed out” with a swipe of your finger
Disadvantages : the wedding budget is proposed to be calculated in dollars, the choice of currency is not provided.English only.

Wedding Planner

Rating: 3.5 points
Design: Without exaggeration, terrible, icons are drawn in the best traditions of the standard Word image gallery Advantages of : There is synchronization with other devices, which allows you to quickly exchange information with the groom or those who help you organize the wedding. Active tasks are clearly displayed in the calendar.
Additional features : available only in the paid version of the application
Disadvantages: narrow functionality of the free version.Budget in USD only

Wedding Plandroid

Score: 5 points
Design: Unassuming, cute and minimalistic

Advantages: You can search for wedding service providers and call them from a separate address book directly from the application.
Additional features:

  • The application allows you to track the status of the sent wedding invitation
  • Reminds of overdue tasks
  • You can enter more detailed information about guests

Disadvantages: traditional – only English, only dollars, no widget for “countdown” to the wedding day


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