Wedding in penang: Unique Wedding Venues in Penang That Will Be Guaranteed To Impress Your Guests


Unique Wedding Venues in Penang That Will Be Guaranteed To Impress Your Guests

Penang is one of the most affordable and underrated places to hold your wedding. Penang offers some of the most unique wedding venues to host a whimsical fairy tale wedding that is sure to impress your guests. If that is what you had in mind, then it is worth giving these locations a hard thought for your forthcoming nuptial.

1. Georgetown Wines

Credit: Georgetown Wines

The Barn at Georgetown Wines has played host to numerous weddings and events in the past. If you are organizing a small-scaled wedding party and have an eye for a rustic location, then Georgetown Wines may be the perfect venue for you. As their name suggests, they specialize in wine and are a casual dining restaurant. So you can rest assured wine and food should be taken care of, so you can focus on other essential stuff.

Credit: Georgetown Wines

Georgetown Wines
Address: 19-19A Lebuh Leith, George Town, Malaysia
Tel: 012-409 8026
Web: www.

2. The Skye Penang

Credit: My Love Momentz

Perched atop the Menara M Summit, The Skye Event Space in Georgetown Penang exudes class, elegance and glamour. Imagine having your reception at its amazing glass house with crystal chandeliers overlooking the city skyline. All enclosed within an air-conditioned environment with plenty of natural sunlight for breath-taking shots. Adjoining the glass house is the open-aired grass deck which is ideal for guest to mingle during cocktail hour with a glass of champagne and hors d’oeuvre served.

Credit: My Love Momentz

Moving indoors, the walls and ceiling are adorned with millions of artificial cherry blossoms, peonies, roses and orchids, as well as a generous scattering of glowing lights. Adaptable to host a multitude of exclusive events, it has the potential to be elegantly transformed in line with your dream or creative vision.

Credit: The Skye Penang

The Skye Penang
Address: Jalan Magazine Pinang, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
Tel: 019-456 3820
Web: www.

3. The Majestic Theatre Penang

Credit: The Majestic Penang

The tired, vacant Khoo Sian Ewe Hall most Penangites remember as the former Majestic Cinema has been restored and transformed to its former glory. The iconic building has been redesigned to feature generous spaces that are perfect for a myriad of diverse events. The large double-storey building, spread over 15,319 sq ft, may just be the ideal venue for your dream wedding. With professional wedding decoration and quality food caterers on offer, you will be assured of a show worthy of Hollywood that will galvanize your guests. The one downside is the limited parking space, so make sure proper logistic arrangements are made for the convenience of your guests.

Credit: The Majestic Penang

The Majestic Penang
Address: 31 Jalan Phee ChoonGeorge Town, Malaysia
Tel: 04-261 3457

4. Averie Hous

Credit: Averie Hous

Averie Hous is an elegant house set in a 22,000 sqft of beautiful gardens, conveniently located in a quiet street just minutes from Georgetown. Averie Hous has been meticulously restored retaining its original homely charm whilst providing today’s modern facilities. The house features antique furnishings, sweeping verandas and green house dining room with stunning garden views. Averie Hous has a beautiful space to hold your events and can caters for up to 200 guests. The house features access to courtyard and lawn areas, allowing guests to mingle outside and take in some fresh air.

Credit: Averie Hous

Averie Hous Penang
6, Lebuhraya Rose, George Town, Malaysia 10350
Tel: 016-438 8223

5. Seven Terraces

Credit: Seven Terraces

Seven Terraces is part of the Georgetown Heritage Hotels conglomerate. Built in the late 19th century, Seven Terraces is a contiguous row of Anglo-Chinese terrace houses located just behind the Goddess of Mercy Temple. The row of houses today is a sterling splendid example of an adaptive reuse of heritage buildings that is of low density and low impact.

The architecture of these shophouses, with classical decorative details imported from England, is similar to the traditional urban house models common in southern China.

If you’re looking to have a Peranakan-theme wedding, then Seven Terraces is the perfect location. You can have a wedding banquet in traditional tok panjang style or contemporary set up in their beautiful dining room. Then celebrate your special night in their elegant and authentic Nyonya wedding bed in their luxurious apartment suites.

Seven Terraces Penang
Address: Stewart Ln, Georgetown, 10200 George Town, Penang
Tel: 04-264 2333

6. The Habitat

Credit: The Habitat

The Habitat at Penang Hill is a nature trail with its impressive Curtis Crest Top Walk surrounded by tropical rain forest. This unique event space is designed to be multi-purpose and highly versatile and can be customised to the specific needs and requirements of any occasion. The Habitat is ideal for pre-wedding photoshoots and weddings of all shapes and sizes – from small intimate affairs to wedding parties of 200 pax or more. You and your guests will be treated to fresh natural air and enjoy uninterrupted breath-taking panoramic views of Penang.

Credit: The Habitat

The Habitat
Address: Penang Hill, Bukit Bendera, 11300 Penang, Malaysia.
Tel: +604 826 7677


Credit: MunKeat Photography 

With an intoxicating mix of culture, heritage as well as lovely sandy beaches and breathtaking hills, Penang surely takes the cake for an unforgettable wedding destination. History buffs, nature lovers, and adventure seekers alike can find a place to tie the knot in Penang — there is a spot for every wedding that fits your style and dreams. Here’s a sampling of contemporary weddings that highlight the state’s architecture, history, and diverse landscapes for a uniquely Penang modern wedding you will never forget.

Heritage Wedding in UNESCO Heritage City of George Town



If timeless elegance is what you’re after, then a classy, heritage-themed wedding in George Town is an illustrious option. The British-colonial buildings and well-preserved clan houses and mansions in the UNESCO World Heritage Site effortlessly bring old-world charm to a modern-day wedding.

Couple Yoon and Grange wanted something of heritage for their big day in Penang. Their wedding ceremony was held at Suffolk House, while the reception was done at the Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion, also known as the Blue Mansion. “For the decorations, we DIY-ed a lot of it as the venues we chose were already beautiful. Hence, we did not need many decorations,” says Yoon in an interview with Bridalgram.

Credit: MunKeat Photography

Another couple, Michael and Cathryn from the United States, picked Seven Terraces heritage boutique hotel for their big day.

The couple fell in love with Penang’s fantastic food and architecture after visiting the state a few years ago for a holiday. Seven Terraces is an old-world charmer that serves as a heritage boutique hotel and wedding venue. It is situated in the heart of George Town and is located nearby beautiful places of interest like Pinang Peranakan Mansion. Trishaws are easily available here too, which the couple splendidly incorporated into their wedding day.

“When hosting a wedding in George Town, try finding the balance between highlighting the grandeur of George Town iconic venues and creating contemporary vibes for your wedding,” says Amy Aw from Sugar & Spice Events, who planned for both couples’ destination weddings in Penang. “They’ve kept the theme simple and classy, and guests were amazed at how the blend of old and new can produce such a quintessential contemporary wedding in Penang,” she says.

Credit: MunKeat Photography

Credit: MunKeat Photography

Credit: MunKeat Photography

Credit: MunKeat Photography


Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion
Add: 14, Leith Street, 10200 Penang

Tel: +604 262 0006
Email: [email protected] com

Seven Terraces
Add: Stewart Lane, 10200 George Town, Penang
Tel: +604 261 8888
Email: [email protected]

Pinang Peranakan Mansion
Add: 29 Lebuh Gereja, George Town
Tel: +604 264 2929
Email: [email protected]

Nature-Inspired Weddings in Ancient Rainforest

Credit: David Brown’s Restaurant & Tea Terrace

Why settle for anything less than getting married 833 meters above sea level in a 130-million-year-old rainforest? Hidden between the lush greenery of Penang Hill, David Brown’s Restaurant & Tea Terrace and The Habitat Penang Hill are the perfect venues to create meaningful memories with your loved ones.

According to videographer Low Goet Imm of Digimax Video Productions, these venues on Penang Hill have spectacular views of every significant landmark on the island, in addition to the cold weather and the gorgeous landscaped flowers.

“Be sure to plan ahead as the only logistics up the hill is either via the jeep track or the funicular train. But I assure you that it will be worth it,” she says.

Rustic-themed wedding at Boulder Valley Glamping. Credit: Jackie Yong

If your heart is set on exchanging vows in a forest, then a ceremony in the glades of ancient rainforest in Teluk Bahang fits the bill nicely.  For Priscilla Chen from Kuang Yee Bridal Collection, Boulder Valley Glamping and Event Place is perfect for those wanting to walk down the aisle in a tropical forest concept wedding. “Nowhere else carries the theme ‘When love meets nature’ as well as Boulder Valley Glamping and Event Place. Giant ferns and elephant ears intersperse with huge boulders stacked atop one another like giant pebbles turn the site into an ethereal wedding venue. The size of the resort is big enough to host a wedding ceremony on the lawn, and not just do a pre-wedding photo shoot,” says Chen.

“We love greenery and nature. We found out that the architect who built this place built the villas without clearing the land and trees on the site, especially big trees. So you would see tree trunks in the middle of your tent or room just because they wanted to work around with nature without hurting it. We fell in love with this place then and there, and decided that it was the perfect wedding spot for us,” say Swiss and Aaron in an interview with Bridalgram. The couple chose to keep their wedding simple, with muted tones and neutral decor.

Credit: Jackie Yong Photography

Credit: Jackie Yong Photography

Credit: Jackie Yong Photography

Credit: Jackie Yong Photography

So bring in rustic, nature-based elements to the following venues for a memorable occasion your guests will not want to miss!

Boulder Valley Glamping
Add: 8 Jalan Teluk Bahang, 11050 Teluk Bahang, Penang
Tel: +6012 490 6882
Email: [email protected] com

David Brown’s Restaurant & Tea Terrace
Add: Bukit Bendera, 11300 Penang
Tel: +604 828 8337

The Habitat Penang Hill
Add: Bukit Bendera, 11300 Penang
Tel: +604 826 7677
Email: [email protected]

Tropical Spice Garden
Add: Lot 595 Mukim 2, Jalan Teluk Bahang, Teluk Bahang
Tel: +604 881 1797 / 881 1796 / 881 1795 / +60124307795
Email: [email protected]

Entopia by Penang Butterfly Farm
The World’s First Tropical Butterfly and Insect Sanctuary
Add: Jalan Teluk Bahang, 11050 Teluk Bahang, Penang
Tel: +604 888 8111
Email: [email protected] com

The Top Penang (Rainbow Skywalk)
The World’s First Tower Curved Skywalk
Add: Jalan Penang, 10000 George Town, Penang
Tel: +604 262 3800
Email: [email protected]

Beach Weddings

Credit: Zach Chin Photography/Bridalgram

Beach weddings are popular in Penang, thanks to the lavish beach resorts and seaside bars dotting the idyllic coastline of Tanjung Bungah and Batu Ferringhi. Here is where the sun sets on the island, ideal for couples looking to host a simple, sunset-soaked ceremony with swaying coconut and casuarina trees.

To treat your guests to a unique wedding experience that they can only find in Penang, try embracing local culture with Penang-themed catering options. “Curating a menu inspired by Penang’s iconic dishes but plated in a fine dining style highlights the qualities that make your wedding in Penang special,” suggests Amy.

Credit: Zach Chin Photography/Bridalgram

Credit: Zach Chin Photography/Bridalgram

Add: Lot 415, Jalan Batu Ferringhi, Penang
Tel: +604-885 1313
Email: [email protected]

Shangri-La’s Rasa Sayang Resort & Spa
Add: Batu Feringgi Beach, 11100,  Penang
Tel: +604 888 8888
Email: [email protected]

Hard Rock Hotel Penang
Add: Batu Ferringhi Beach, 11100, Penang
Tel: +604 881 1711
Email: [email protected]

Garden Weddings

Wedding at Karuna Hill. Credit: Snap by Three/Bridalgram

Wedding at Botanica Mansion. Credit: Vampches/Bridalgram

Whether you want a venue in a more subdued rural area, a historic mansion with a sprawling lawn, or a lavish beach resort with picturesque water views, Penang has a spot to suit any garden weddings of your dreams. Couples who prefer views of paddy fields, plantations, and traditional villages, a garden wedding in the rustic countryside of Balik Pulau is the best option. There are more than a few beautiful mansions, with lawns spacious enough for ceremonies and receptions such as the Botanica Mansion and Karuna Hills. If you time your wedding during the Penang durian season, which is sometime between April and September each year, your guests will be treated to views of fruit-bearing durian trees!

Suffolk House. Credit: Pixel Tree Studio

Suffolk House. Credit: Pixel Tree Studio

Another venue, Suffolk House, is a favourite among those searching for garden wedding venues closer to the city, with charming heritage architecture. Located outside of the heritage city of George Town, Suffolk House is a perfect venue for an unforgettable garden wedding. Built in the early 1800s, Suffolk House is notable for serving as the residence of Francis Light, the founder of Penang Island. It is a stunning example of an Anglo-Indian Garden House and Malaysia’s only surviving Georgian mansion.

Credit: Andrew of Munkeat Studio

Venue: Lone Pine Hotel. Credit: Andrew of Munkeat Studio

Venue: Shangri-La’s Rasa Sayang Resort & Spa. Credit: Zach Chin Photography

Venue: Shangri-La’s Rasa Sayang Resort & Spa. Credit: Zach Chin Photography

Venue: Shangri-La’s Rasa Sayang Resort & Spa. Credit: Zach Chin Photography

While there are quite a number of lavish hotels dotting the coastline of Batu Ferringhi, Lone Pine Hotel and Shangri-La’s Rasa Sayang Resort & Spa take the cake for couples searching for a beachside registration of marriage (ROM) and a garden big enough to host an exquisite wedding dinner. According to makeup artist Sabrina Hashim, the sound of the waves and the sea breeze set the tone to a romantic beachside ROM to be witnessed by close family and friends, while the casuarina trees on the big garden lend a hypnotising appeal when draped with LED lights.

“If getting married under the stars is your dream, then go for transparent Arabian canopies if you are hosting your wedding reception at these venues,” she says.

Karuna Hill
Add: 849 Bukit Kechil, Sungai Pinang, Balik Pulau
Tel: +6016 441 4488, +6016 441 0808
Email: [email protected]

Botanica Mansion
Add: 156 Jalan Sungai Air Putih, Balik Pulau
Tel: +604 866 3399

Lone Pine Hotel
Add: 97 Batu Ferringhi
Tel: +60 (4) 886 8686

Shangri-La’s Rasa Sayang Resort
Add: Jalan Batu Ferringhi, 11100 Batu Ferringhi
Tel: +604 888 8888

Suffolk House
Add: 250, Jalan Air Hitam, 10460 George Town, Penang
Tel: +604 228 3930
Email: [email protected]

Hidden Gems

England House. Credit: Twins Photography

When it comes to hidden gems, the venue is a space that reflects who you both are. Many of these non-traditional venues are often more unique and can be styled from the ground up to suit your personalities. Expert tip: To avoid disappointment, hire a wedding planner to style your big day. They’ve worked with many vendors and at various venues, so they can suggest the best venue and style that suits your personality!

England House. Credit: Twins Photography

Located in Seberang Perai, England House has a vintage vibe that will surely resonate with couples who appreciate the feeling of nostalgia. The adorable cottage, once abandoned, was rebuilt with old red brick walls, wooden doors and windows. Every nook and cranny inside the cottage is tastefully furnished with antiques (think old typewriter, television, and gramophones). Outside, vows are often exchanged near a babbling fountain on the well-manicured lawn that seats up to 300 guests.

Credit: The Skye

Looking for a garden wedding in the city? How about a rooftop garden wedding in a glasshouse in the heart of George Town? Located on the 20th floor of the M Summit Hotel, The Skye is such a remarkable location — it features a glasshouse and an open-air grassy deck overlooking George Town’s landmarks and cityscapes.  Style the occasion surrounding a garden romance and feathered florals, and let the breathtaking views of the heritage city of George Town charm your guests for a memorable wedding.

Credit: Hin Bus Depot

Penang is one of the world’s leading cities for incredible street art, so it’s no surprise that an outdoor wedding in the 7th Most Instagrammed City for Street Art In The World is on your radar. Surrounded by quirky murals, graffiti and sculptures at every turn, Hin Bus Depot in Jalan Gurdwara is the best spot for street art lovers looking to add colours to their special day. Coupled with a graffiti-themed wedding cake, along with artistic touches to the overall decor, your wedding at this former derelict bus depot ought to stand out from the rest!

England House
Add: 10 Lorong Belatok 9, Taman Belatok, Nibong Tebal, Seberang Perai, Penang
Tel: +6012 581 5333
Email: [email protected]

The Skye
Add: M Summit Hotel, Jalan Magazine, George Town
Tel: +6019 456 3820
Email: [email protected]

Hin Bus Depot
Add: 31A, Jalan Gurdwara, 10300 George Town
Email: [email protected]

Suggested Wedding Itinerary

Most destination weddings are multi-day events, lasting three to eight days. To help you plan your travels better, we speak to wedding planner Amy Aw from Sugar & Spice Events to come up with a suggested itinerary for your big day in Penang.

Note: Remember, each wedding itinerary is unique. If you have not done your dress fitting or your prewedding photography session, do consider to plan for more days. It is also best to hire a wedding planner for a stress-free wedding in Penang.

Day 1:

  • Welcome to Penang! Settle down and relax your mind after checking in to the hotel.
  • Walk around the hotel to familiarise yourself with the venue.

Day 2:

  • Meet with your wedding planner to go through the final details, such as the schedule of the wedding days, guest seating list, wine tasting, and other essential details.
  • Inspect the wedding venue and meet with the person-in-charge of the venue.
  • Have a trial make-up session to ensure a flawless bridal makeover on the big day.
  • You’re looking gorgeous from the trial make-up session. How about throwing a fun bachelorette party since you’re all dolled up?

Day 3 and day 4:

  • Meet up with photographer and cinematographer.
  • Wedding rehearsal can be conducted during these days, provided if the bridal party has arrived in Penang.
  • Host a welcome dinner. This is usually the official start of the celebration! Many times, couples choose local hawker fanfare for this welcome party or something casual for guests to mingle and get to know each other better. This is also a great time for the bridal entourage to break the ice if they do not know each other.

Day 5: Wedding reception and ceremony

Day 6: This is a day for fun and relaxation. Give guests a list of fun activities in the area.

Day 7:  How about visiting Penang’s many attractions, places further away from the hotel?

Day 8: Time to say your farewells.

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Top 8 Locations For An Outdoor Wedding In Penang

Planning a wedding itself can be a long and tedious process. Finding a venue for your wedding can be tricky as well so here is a list of venues that would help make your big day even more memorable. From beautiful gardens to colonial buildings, pick a venue from this list for your wedding according to your liking.

Outdoor Wedding Venues That You’ll Want To Check Out.

1. Averie Hous

Photo: @averiehous (Instagram)Photo: @averiehous (Instagram)

If you’re looking to have a whimsical themed wedding, Averie Hous has that covered for you because of it’s antique furnishings. Located on a 22,000 sqft garden in a quiet street, Averie Hous is a sophisticated house with a veranda, private rooms and a greenhouse dining room with a view of the garden.

Averie Hous is equipped with event facilities such as WiFi, projector and an AV system.

Max capacity: 200 pax




2. Hin Bus Depot

Photo: www.hinbusdepot.comPhoto: www.hinbusdepot.comPhoto:

This art venue will give your outdoor wedding a quirky and artistic ambiance. Hin Bus Depot was initially an abandoned building before it was turned into an art space that supports local artists. Minimal construction was done to this space to retain its original structure and rustic ambiance.

Hin Bus Depot is equipped with event facilities such as an AV system, WiFi and a projector.

Max capacity: 200 pax




3. Botanica Mansion

Photo: @botanicamansion (Facebook)Photo: @botanicamansion (Facebook)Photo: @botanicamansion (Facebook)

Formerly an English plantation house, this 150-year-old building was restored to a stunning mansion and is fit to host your magical wedding. With a hill in the background and nature surrounding the location, you’ll be able to capture tons of beautiful moments with breathtaking backgrounds.

Botanica Mansion is equipped with event facilities such as WiFi and a projector.

Max capacity: 150 pax



4. The Habitat Penang Hill


Host your wedding on the iconic Penang Hill and be surrounded by nature while you say your vows and celebrate your big day. All event spaces and venues at The Habitat are intended to be multi-purpose, highly adaptable and customizable to all specific needs and requests to ensure your big day is exactly how you envision it to be.

Capacity: 200 pax or more




5. Tropical Spice Garden

Photo: www.tropicalspicegarden.comPhoto:

Create a tropical fairy-tale wedding at the Water Garden or Bamboo Garden in Tropical Spice Garden. The Water Garden has wooden decking and as the name suggests, a lovely view of the pond with towering tree canopies. The Bamboo Garden is located in the heart of Tropical Spice Garden. With a tranquil ambiance, you’ll have a very relaxing wedding that is close to nature.

Tropical Spice Garden offers packages that include the basic event facilities that you’ll need for your big day such as AV system, tables, chairs, etc.

Max capacity: 60 pax (Water Garden), 100 pax (Bamboo Garden)




6. Suffolk House

Photo: @suffolkhousepenang (Instagram)Photo: @suffolkhousepenang (Instagram)Photo: @suffolkhousepenang (Instagram)

This Anglo-Indian garden house was built in the early 1800 and is the only surviving Georgian Mansion in Malaysia. Suffolk House is the winner of the 2008 Award of Distinction in the UNESCO Asia-Pacific Heritage Awards for Culture Heritage Conservation. Host your wedding at this historical location with a picturesque surrounding.

Max capacity: 150 pax (North Lawn), 250 pax (West Lawn)




7. David Brown’s Restaurant


Located on top of Penang Hill as well, this restaurant is a classic British colonial Restaurant and Tea Terrace which is also the highest restaurant in Penang. Host your vintage themed wedding here with the well-manicured garden and blissfull lily pond or the scenic view of Penang in the background. The air on top of the hill is fresh and cool so you can have a comfortable wedding.

Capacity: 50 pax or more



8. Thirty Two At The Mansion

Photo: @32mansion (Instagram)Photo: @32mansion (Instagram)

This restaurant was established in 2000 and is set in a 1920s Italianate villa by the sea. This venue has private rooms, a gazebo, a seaside deck, an outdoor terrace and many more. You can plan your wedding around these amenities to get a different ambiance for your wedding.

Thirty Two At The Mansion offers basic event facilities such as an AV system, WiFi and a projector.

Max capacity: 150 pax




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Top Wedding Venues in Penang 2019

Fine sandy beaches, warm tropical climate, lush tropical forests and majestic architecture, makes Penang an ideal destination to say “I do”. Penang offers more than just a wedding destination, it boasts multi-cultural traditions with Malay, Chinese, Indian, Peranakan and European influences co-exist. Hence, you can experience a wide range of themed weddings from modern to the traditional themes. Not to mention the breathtaking sunsets, panoramic views, and unique wedding venues makes Penang a dream wedding destination location for your once-in-a-lifetime experience.

From colonial architecture to beach weddings, Penang offers some of the most unique and luxurious wedding venues in Malaysia catering to wide-ranging budget. Here is our latest compilation of the top wedding venues in Penang based on our best knowledge for your reference. In no way are we affiliated to any of the venues mentioned here.

1. Shangri-La Rasa Sayang Resort Penang

Shangri-La’s Rasa Sayang Resort & Spa Penang is a 5-star property that exudes an elegant sense of history and tradition, nestling beneath a verdant canopy of century-old rainforest trees. The expansive tropical gardens, with a fantastic lagoon-style pool as the focal point, create a lovely setting for a perfect wedding ceremony. Even though the hotel is not among the newer ones, its facilities are relatively well-maintained and the resort still exudes class.

The hotel offers various wedding packages to cater for Chinese, Malay and Western-themed weddings. Couples can choose from the Wedding Ceremony Package, Rasa Eternity, Rasa Lotus, Rasa Camelia and Rasa Cinta. The packages are catered for 100 to 250 guests and couples could enjoy complimentary stays, complimentary treatment from their renowned Chi, the Spa, complimentary use of resort gardens for wedding photography, elegantly designed wedding invitation cards, special room rates for guests and plenty more.

Shangri-La’s Rasa Sayang Resort & Spa, Penang
Address: Batu Feringgi Beach, Penang 11100 Malaysia
Phone: (60 4) 888 8888
E-mail: [email protected]

2. Eastern & Oriental Hotel Penang (E&O)

Eastern & Oriental Hotel Penang is a testament to the grand elegance of the British colonial era and its name is synonymous with the magical island once known as The Pearl Of the Orient. It prides itself as the peerless venue for grandeur and prestige, with state-of-the-art technology and a professional team of event organizers.

E&O Hotel Penang is made up of the Heritage wing and the newer Victory Annexe, although the Heritage wing is currently undergoing extensive renovations and due to complete in December 2019. At the Victory Annexe, there is the 300-seating capacity Macalister Ballroom and five function suites that can be tailored to accommodate between 20 to 600 people. The wedding packages on offer are Wedding Vow Garden Rental, Duchess Chinese Set Menu, Imperial Chinese Set Menu, Elegance Western Set Menu, Duchess International Buffet Menu and Duchess Hidang Style Menu catering from 200 to 300 people. Some of the extras provided with the wedding packages are exclusive privilege for bridal photography sessions within the hotel premises, complimentary stays, complimentary bottle of wine or sparkling wine and special rates for wedding guests.

Eastern & Oriental Hotel
10, Lebuh Farquhar
10200 Penang
Tel: +(6) 04 222 2000
Fax: +(6) 04 261 6333
Email:[email protected]

3. Parkroyal Resort Penang

The newly renovated Parkroyal Resort Penang is one of the most sought-after wedding venues in Penang. It offers stylish and sophisticated event spaces for both the outdoor and indoor wedding venue. The outdoor garden wedding setup comfortably accommodates up to 200 guests for celebrations surrounded by lush greenery and Batu Ferringhi’s beautiful sunset views. Meanwhile, the elegant Andaman Grand Ballroom at Parkroyal Penang Resort can comfortably accommodate up to 250 of your guests with ample room area and 5m ceiling height.

The hotel offers highly customizable seating configurations and table layout to suit your wedding theme, be it a Chinese, Western, Malay or Indian-themed wedding. You can choose from the different wedding packages such as Ultimate Love Wedding Package (from RM1,588 per table), Blissful Love Wedding Package (from RM1,788 per table) and Heavenly Love Ceremony Package (from RM8,000). The packages come with special perks such as complimentary stays, special room rates for guests, decor and others. The RM55 million transformation in early 2018 has made Parkroyal Resort Penang much more competitive and stand out from the many aging hotels in Penang.

Penang Parkroyal Resort
Batu Ferringhi Beach, Penang 11100, Malaysia
Tel:+60 4 886 2288
Email:[email protected]

4. G Hotel and G Kelawai Penang

G Hotel Penang prides itself as the stylish venue to say “I do” catering to your every desire. From the high ceiling pillar-less ballroom to the BOSE sound system and LED lightings, from invitation cards to wedding cakes and floral creations, G Hotel Penang ensure your every needs will be taken care by their experienced team. Every detail bespoke, every moment planned to perfection.

G Hotel’s Grand Ballroom can host a banquet dinner accommodating up to 700 pax, making it one of the largest event spaces in Penang. Fancy celebrating your special occasion outdoors with plenty of sunshine and tropical breeze, G Hotel offers outdoor poolside solemnization ceremony to meet your requirements. G Hotel’s wedding packages are carefully designed and styled to suit the modern young generations. It packages are aptly named, Modern Wedding Package (RM1,688 per table), Stylish Wedding Package (RM1,888 per table), Passion Wedding Package (RM2,288 per table) and Intimate Wedding Package (RM1, 588 per table). Some of the extras provided for the couple and guests include complimentary pre-cocktail session, complimentary bottle of wine per table, hand-painted show plates for main table by award-winning artist Lim Hairong, complimentary photo booth, complimentary stay and special room rates for guests.

G Hotel Gurney
Address: 168A Persiaran Gurney, Penang Island 10250 Malaysia
Telephone: +604 238 0000
Email: [email protected]

G Hotel Kelawai
Address: 2, Persiaran Maktab, George Town, Penang Island 10250 Malaysia
Telephone: +604 219 0000
Email: [email protected]

5. Cheong Fatt Tze Blue Mansion Penang

Penang’s iconic Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion or The Blue Mansion was featured in the Crazy Rich Asians movie, having been the picturesque setting for one of the most pivotal scenes in the movie i.e. the mahjong scene in which Eleanor Young (Michelle Yeoh) and Rachel Chu (Constance Wu) enter a final showdown amid the clattering of mahjong tiles.

The Blue Mansion is available in its entirety for your wedding use, where you will be the kings and queens of the whole mansion. With the capacity to house up to 38 persons in 18 rooms and events of up to 250 people in a space complete with kitchens, bedrooms, halls and courtyard, the whole of Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion can be yours for a truly spectacular and private event.

The wedding package starts from RM16,000 for the wedding ceremony up to RM32,000 for the wedding ceremony. The packages include accommodation for you and your guests but does not include additional food and beverages. If you would like to indulge your guests with an unforgettable culinary experience, you may opt for their fine dining extravaganza at their award winning restaurant “The Indigo at the Blue Mansion” for an extra RM350 per pax (4-course menu) or RM400 per pax (5-course menu). Click here to view the full package.

Cheong Fatt Tze Blue Mansion
14, Leith Street
10200 Penang, Malaysia
T +604 262 0006
[email protected]

6. Seven Terraces Penang

Built in the late 19th century, Seven Terraces is a contiguous row of Anglo-Chinese terrace houses located just behind the Goddess of Mercy Temple. The row of houses today is a sterling splendid example of an adaptive reuse of heritage buildings that were of low density and low impact. When you walk into these terrace houses, a distinctive feature of traditional Chinese architecture that strikes your attention and welcomes you was the open courtyards and air wells in the center of the houses.

Converted from a row of seven terrace houses, Seven Terraces features 18 luxurious suites with modern amenities. It is designed to give its guests an experience that is evocative of George Town’s rich past without sacrificing any modern comforts, and successfully captures and celebrates the essence of George Town’s unique Baba Nyonya culture and sensibilities.

Not much information is available on its website with regards to its wedding packages. For more info, below are their contact details.

Seven Terraces Penang
Address : 14A, Stewart Lane, 10200 Georgetown, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
Email : [email protected]
Phone : +604-261 8888

If you would also like to contribute your two cents, please click on our Agoda affiliate link to book your stay in Penang. Thanks for your support!

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Unique Wedding Venues In Penang 2021

Unique Wedding Venues In Penang

Unique Wedding Venues In Penang

From special architectures enriched with the aid of the fusion of cultures from the East and West to lovely coastal view that will depart you in awe, Penang is now not solely the best vacation spot for an amazing holiday, it is additionally ‘the place’ to vow your everlasting love.

TagBooth Photobooth Penang has compiled a listing of 10 special wedding ceremony venues placed in the Pearl of the Orient in gain of all the lovebirds searching to locate their best wedding ceremony spot!

1. Shangri-La’s Rasa Sayang Resort & Spa

Unique Wedding Venues In Penang

This lodge presents lush green gardens surrounded with majestic rain timber and a breathtaking ocean view, which makes it the best region for a pleasant backyard and seaside wedding. The inn additionally obtained your guests’ tummy protected through imparting Chinese, Malay and Western delicacies in set menu and buffet fashion menu.

2. Tropical Spice Garden

Unique Wedding Venues In Penang

Tropical Spice Garden specializes in imparting you a memorable and intimate backyard wedding ceremony with their inspiring herbal surroundings and holistic and thorough strategy to wedding ceremony planning.

They provide three sorts of venue to pick out for your dream wedding ceremony which consists of the water garden, the bamboo garden and the pavilion. Have mom nature witness your everlasting love even as you loosen up and revel in your exclusive day with Tropical Spice Garden.

3. Seven Terraces

Unique Wedding Venues In Penang

The Seven Terraces is a row of unique and stunning Anglo-Chinese terrace homes that captures and celebrates the special essence of Baba Nyonya cultures.

Enjoy brilliant meals supplied through the Kebaya Dining Room, recognised for its revolutionary cooking strategies that contains ordinary Malaysian taste profiles with Vietnamese lightness, Thai spiciness, and usual French cooking styles, that will depart your style buds tingling for more.

4. Lone Pine Hotel

Unique Wedding Venues In Penang

Lone affords a magical surroundings for your wedding ceremony with tall and swish casuarina timber surrounding a luscious backyard with a stunning view of the glowing sea and settling sun.

While having wedding ceremony planners and dinner party experts to cater your each and every need, Lone Pine additionally furnish a broad resolution of wedding ceremony applications with a number of kind of delicacies and reception settings.

5. Macalister Mansion

Unique Wedding Venues In Penang

The notable Macalister Mansion is a restoration of an ancient colonial mansion constructed in the early 1900s, with the notion of an historic English mansion as a consequence resemble as proper domestic with up to eight uniquely designed rooms.

The attractive format of the mansion makes itself a piece of art. With the atmosphere of sophistication and elegance, the mansion makes a ideal venue for a fashionable but romantic wedding

6. Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion

Unique Wedding Venues In Penang

Also recognised as the Blue Mansion, this amazing residence used to be stimulated through the state-of-the-art plan of standard Chinese house.

The mansion whole with kitchens, bedrooms, halls and courtyard can be all yours for a variety of type of wedding ceremony activities. The roofless central courtyard presents an extraordinary journey of eating beneath the sparking starlight, an terrific spot for a romantic dinner reception.

7. Parkroyal Penang Resort

Unique Wedding Venues In Penang

With superbly introduced indoor and outside spaces, Parkroyal Penang Resort presents a wedding ceremony trip that is custom-made to replicate your personality, preferences and style.

Besides their spacious ballroom, their lush backyard complemented through the beautiful view of the sky and sea makes a ideal venue for an incredible beachside wedding.

8. Pinang Peranakan Mansion

Unique Wedding Venues In Penang

The Pinang Peranakan Mansion is a museum that resembles the standard domestic of a prosperous Baba a century ago, recreated with over 1,000 portions of antiques and collectibles of the era.

With eclectic plan and architecture, this venue is so special and lovely that makes it one of the most famous spots for wedding ceremony photography, ceremony and reception.

9. Eastern & Oriental Hotel

Unique Wedding Venues In Penang

Established lower back in 1885, the century ancient E&O motel exudes an old-world allure and its sleek class makes itself a remarkable region for romantic wedding ceremony ceremony and grand wedding ceremony banquet.

The lodge gives a extensive preferences of wedding ceremony programs that consist of Chinese Set, Malay Hidang Style, International Buffet and Western Set menu options

10. Suffolk House

Unique Wedding Venues In Penang

This 209 years historic Georgian mansion that as soon as served as the dwelling of the Britain governors, refurnished with unique Anglo-Indian antiques makes an perfect region for couples to create records of their own.

Its stunning greenery, luscious timber and spaciousness makes it an best area for an outside wedding.

11. Averie Hous

Unique Wedding Venues In Penang

Feeling a little playful? Are each of you looking out for a house with a glimpse of cheekiness and class at the equal time? You will genuinely now not desire to omit considering Averie Hous! Tucked in a 22,000 rectangular foot backyard alongside a quiet avenue in Penang, Averie Hous presents couples with a blissful and engaging house to say “yes”.

Its veranda and non-public rooms absolutely complement the greenhouse backyard view eating area, imparting couples with a lovely romantic second to dance the night time away.

12. The Skye

Unique Wedding Venues In Penang

Dive into the class of celebrating your love at this rooftop glass house. Doubt no greater and see for your self a breathtaking view thru the lens of this lovely metaphorical kaleidoscope.

The Skye Event Space placed on the twentieth flooring of Menara M Summit is the cutting-edge buzz in town. Believe it or now not this 4,000 rectangular foot house is like a dream come proper for many couples.

The Skye aspects a glass residence with crystal chandeliers, and open-air deck overlooking the city, charmed with a smooth corridor proper subsequent to it. If you are a fan of flora and have an wonderful sense, you’ll love this place! The partitions and ceilings are protected with lots of cherry blossoms, roses, orchids, peonies and a beneficiant quantity of remarkable lights.


How to Plan a Beach Wedding Malaysia

For beach wedding, it is recommended to take the hotel packages as they have the facilities and resources to organize a complete beach wedding ceremony and reception.

1. Wedding Package

The wedding packages usually include beach wedding essentials like decorations for the ceremonial altar, petal aisle, welcome signage, pre-ceremony refreshments, wedding cake, romantic dinner for the couple and so on.

2. Wedding Planner

Beach resorts have their own wedding planners for the basic services, and customized services at additional cost. If you require additional decorations and services you can always hire an external wedding planner:

MY Wedding Planner | Services: Destination/ beach wedding planning, Assist in performing registration of marriage in Malaysia for example between two different nationalities, obtain the relevant endorsements, conduct a wedding ceremony with certification from JPN. 

Hanngevent Langkawi Wedding Planner | FB Page – Plan all kinds of beach weddings; grand, religious or fun.

Casa Amore | | FB Page – Wedding Planner in Penang

3. Officiant/ Celebrant

Selected resorts provide a Celebrant (not marriage registrar) to solemnize the wedding. For the JPN registrar representative to be present to conduct the registration of marriage, special arrangements have to be made (by yourself or a wedding planner).

4. Where?

The popular ones are:

  • Langkawi – West coast of Peninsular Malaysia, by flight or ferry from Kuala Kedah
  • Penang – West coast, beach resorts are located in Batu Ferringhi
  • Kota Kinabalu, Sabah – East Malaysia
  • Redang – East coast, ferry from Kuala Terengganu
  • Tioman – East coast, ferry from Mersing, Johor
  • Pangkor – West coast, by flight or ferry from Lumut, Perak
  • Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan 
Here are the venue options in Langkawi for beach weddings:

The Float, a magical venue stretching into the ocean, will provide you a memorable experience as the bride and groom walk towards the jetty, exchange their vows and receive blessings from everyone surrounded by the spectacular view of the Andaman Sea at Westin Langkawi. Photo by

Four Seasons Langkawi

Beach wedding at The St. Regis Langkawi. Photo: Hanngevent Langkawi Wedding Planner

Catering in Langkawi

Beach Resorts in Penang are located in Batu Ferringhi

Rasa Sayang Resort & Spa Penang – the most unique garden overlooking the beach with old rain trees and lush greenery. Wedding Packages: from RM1888 nett 

Golden Sands Resort Penang by Shangri-La – Wedding Packages 2020: from RM1288 nett per table. 

Lone Pine Hotel   | Capacity – Lawn: 350 pax. Indoor: 110 pax. The colonial-influenced design of this white architecture is great for photography. 

PARKROYAL Penang Resort | Website – Wedding Packages 2018: Beach wedding Ceremony from RM8000. Chinese Banquet from RM1488 per table.

Doubletree Resort By Hilton Penang (previously Hydro Hotel Penang) | Wedding Packages 2018 (Malay/ Chinese/ Indian): RM98 nett per pax 

Shangri-La’s Rasa Sayang Resort & Spa – Capacity: Ballroom: 300 pax. Outdoor marquee: 260 pax.

Golden Sands Resort Penang by Shangri-La features extensive manicured gardens and landscaped open spaces which are perfect for a romantic outdoor wedding with a breathtaking beach view as the backdrop. Photo by RC Studio.

The most beautiful garden wedding facing the beach with old rain trees and lush foliage at Rasa Sayang Penang. Photo: 

The colonial-influenced design of the white architecture of Lone Pine Penang is great for photography. Photo: Alex Tan

Outdoor platform that serves as the wedding ceremony altar and stage – for a garden beach wedding at PARKROYAL Penang Resort. Photo by RC Studio.

Beach Wedding cinematography by RC Studio

Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan

Avillion Port Dickson – Popular beach wedding resort in NS


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Relevant royalty free photos

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Penang Island – the pearl of the East

Penang has a rich history.After all, this is the oldest British settlement in Southeast Asia. British influence left its mark. Here East and West are surprisingly intertwined. Buddhist temples coexist with colonial Victorian buildings. Outside Malaysia, the island is famous for its beaches and … the electronics industry. However, first things first.

Captain Light

In Russian, you can find two spellings of this island – “Penang” and “Penang”.I don’t know how to do it right. It is known that the island got its name from the areca palm “penang”, which grew in abundance on the island.

Penang is one of the four Malaysian island provinces. More precisely, the state of Penang consists of the actual island of Penang and a strip of mainland land called Sebrang Prai. These two territories are connected by a 13.5 km long Penang Bridge, one of the longest in Asia. I arrived in Penang by sea from another famous Malaysian island – Langkawi.Pleasant speedboat ride for about two hours. A rare moment when the wild Malaysian heat is not felt.

And now high-rise buildings of the provincial capital and the main city on the island – Georgetown – appeared on the horizon. As it is already clear from the name, the city received its name in honor of King George III. The father of the founder of the settlement was the English naval officer Francis Light.

Monument to Francis Light

It was he who convinced Sultan Kedah to cede Palau Penang (as the island is called in Malay) to the British East India Company and founded an English trading settlement here in 1786.According to legend, having landed on the island, Light shot gold coins into the jungle so that the locals would clear the area for the future fort. The trick worked, and first a wooden and then a stone fort was built at the landing site. It was named after the Governor-General of Bengal, Charles Kornvalis.

Today, Fort Kornvalis is one of the main attractions of Georgetown and all of Penang. At the entrance to the fort stands a bronze sculpture by Sir Francis Light. Cannons are installed in the loopholes of the stone walls.And the most famous cannon of Fort Kornvalis stands on a separate pedestal.

The gun was made back in 1603 and donated by the Dutch to the Sultan of Johor. Then the cannon still wandered around Asia, until in 1871 it was eternally installed in the fort by the English who replaced the Dutch. Some believe in her “hereditary power”. For this reason, local women often lay flowers at the cannon. The fortress itself is now a museum that tells about the history of the fort itself and Penang. Many exhibits have survived from the time of the development of the island.There are tents and a large tent on the territory of the fort. There are constant interactive shows depicting the military action of the colonial era.

Coming out of the fort, we stumbled upon a wedding cortege, which was no different from ours. The same cars decorated with ribbons and flowers, the groom in a strict black suit and the bride in a fluffy white dress and with a veil, a cameraman and a photographer running around and numerous relatives. True, there was one curious difference – the bride and groom drive in different cars.As the locals explained to us, this is a Chinese wedding. That is, ethnic Chinese are getting married.

Not far from the fort there is another monument of the colonial era – St. George’s Church.

This is the oldest Anglican church in the country. A stately building with a high spire and marble floors. It was built by convicts in 1818. There is also a memorial plaque at the entrance to the church in memory of the founding father, Captain Francis Light.

Fort Cornvalis and St. George’s Church are the heart of historic Georgetown, reminiscent of colonial times when the British ruled the island.The government bans the demolition and rebuilding of Georgetown’s historic buildings, so modern high-rise buildings can be seen outside the city center.

Kongsi is cooler than the emperor

In Georgetown, at times you get the feeling that you are not in Malaysia, but in China. It is in Penang that the Chinese influence is most felt. There are a lot of Chinese here. The Chinese spirit is preserved here in everything from architecture to traditions. Old Chinese shops sell traditional goods, temples, coffee houses and markets are scattered here and there.

As in other countries in Asia, the Chinese heart of Georgetown is Chinatown. There are several Chinese and Hindu temples, as well as mosques. There is always something going on in the area, from temple ceremonies to morning and evening vegetable markets.

For me, the Khu Kongsi house-museum remains the symbol of Chinese Penang. The once noble and influential Khu family immigrated from southern China to Penang, establishing their new ancestral home on the island. The prefix “kongsi” used to be used to denote social status – this word was used to refer to the houses of wealthy Chinese.Thus, the kongsi were intended to showcase the luxury and wealth of their owner. The prototype for the construction of the Kongsi was often the palace of the Emperor of China. The Khu clan’s house began to be built around 1853, but in 1884, a fire completely destroyed the building. And as many believe, it is no coincidence – the house bore too much resemblance to the palace of the emperor. Moreover, it was rumored that Khu Kongsi’s house even surpassed the imperial apartments – an unheard-of audacity in those days.

In 1902, the house was rebuilt, but somewhat smaller than the previous one.The building, of course, amazes with the splendor and sophistication of wood carvings made by skilled Chinese craftsmen. The beautiful room inside is all decorated with skillful carvings and beams of amazing work from precious woods. They bear the hallmarks of a master from China. Inside, on the walls, there are plaques with the names of probably all members of the Khu clan, indicating even their regalia.

Butterflies fly butterflies

Although the Chinese influence is great, Georgetown and the entire Penang Island are a mixture of several cultures – Chinese, Malay and Indian.This is an amazing city in terms of color. Tourists are amazed by the abundance of temples of different faiths: Chinese and Hindu temples are located just a few steps from each other.

Kek Lok Si Temple is considered the largest and most beautiful Buddhist temple in Southeast Asia. It is located on a high hill in the center of the island.

Work on the construction of the temple began in 1890 and lasted for over 20 years. The temple combines elements of Chinese, Thai and Burmese architecture.

The octagonal base of the temple resembles a Chinese pagoda, the middle part is made in the traditions of Thai art, and the upper part, with a spiral dome, looks like a Burmese sanctuary.In front of the temple there is a wide area for prayers, and on the sides there are prayer halls and pagodas with sculptures of Buddha.

In the seven-story pagoda, a huge number of Buddha statues brought from different countries of the world are striking.

The main pride is the huge statue of the goddess of mercy Guanyin and the tortoiseshell decoration of the temple. According to Chinese belief, turtles are a symbol of longevity, and at the Kek Lok Si temple, visitors can “add” a couple of years to their lives by feeding live turtles that live in the local pond.

Sri Mariamman Temple is famous for numerous statues of Hindu deities, the most valuable of which is the statue of God Subramaniam, decorated with gold, silver, diamonds and emeralds. The statue is one of the most important ritual elements of the annual Taipusam festival, when it is transported in a silver chariot through the streets of the city.

But the most unusual and most visited temple in Penang is the Snake Temple. According to legend, this temple was once the home of a very religious man who gave shelter to poisonous snakes.There are indeed snakes everywhere, including venomous ones. They lie curled up in a ball and do not pay any attention to tourists taking pictures in front of them. They say that snakes are drugged with incense smoking in the temple and therefore are absolutely not dangerous. If at the Kek Locke See temple, visitors add longevity. Wisdom is gained in the temple of snakes. Indeed, in the East, the snake has always been considered a symbol of wisdom, peace and meditation.

For lovers of all kinds of reptiles, it will be interesting to visit the butterfly farm.The farm was opened in 1986 and is considered the first and largest in the world. More than 5 thousand butterflies of about 300 species live here in their natural environment.

The exposition is a huge mesh enclosure with an area of ​​almost a hectare, where several thousand butterflies of more than 300 species flutter. Also here you can see a huge bee hive, scorpions, tarantulas, giant centipedes, spiders and other insects. In general, the farm is more like a tropical park. The territory is equipped with artificial waterfalls, lily ponds, stone gardens.

The backbone of the economy is tourism and electronics

Penaneg Island is also a famous resort with sandy beaches and warm tropical sea. The most popular resort areas on the island are Tanjung Bungah and Batu Ferringhi in the north of the island. There are a large number of 5-star hotels, cafes, restaurants and nightclubs. During the day, tourists usually bask on the beach or by the pool, and in the evening they fill the many nightlife venues. But despite the kilometer-long sandy beaches, Penang cannot boast of perfect water purity.Affected by the proximity to the industrial part of mainland Malaysia. Nevertheless, Penang attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world all year round. Tourism is the backbone of the island’s economy. Most of the population is employed in the service sector. But along with tourism, the electronics industry is an important industry. Its development is encouraged by the creation of free economic zones through preferential taxation. Therefore, Penang is often called the second Silicon Valley. The enterprises of large international electronic corporations are located here: AMD, Intel, Motorola, Hitachi, Bosch and others.

Asian Flea Market

Penang is considered a shopping paradise. There is a wide selection of photographic equipment, electronic and electrical products, clothing, batik fabrics, souvenirs, antiques and all sorts of funny little things. At the same time, prices for cameras, watches, electrical goods are among the lowest in the world. And at the same time, bargaining is customary almost everywhere, except for department stores.

The main shopping street of the city is Jalan Penang, which is a continuous line of shops and shops.The most famous shopping center of the city is KOMTAR (Complex named after Tun Abdul Razak). The 65-storey complex contains offices, shops and restaurants. There is a revolving restaurant on the roof of the building, offering panoramic views of the island and the mainland.

There are also separate streets in Georgetown selling antiques, Indian jewelry, leather, jewelry. Penang is famous for its night bazaars, which offer a wide variety of different products. Bazaars are organized in places where tourists gather – in the area of ​​resorts, beaches, hotels.Merchants are located in the open air right on the sidewalks.

Actually, at night when the heat subsides, Georgetown comes to life. Tourists pour into the street, filling numerous bars. A special feature of Penang and a local landmark is the cheerfully decorated cycle rickshaw strollers. There are headlights, a horn, a siren, and a tape recorder with light music. The rickshaw is all hung with flags and flowers. An hour’s walk is not very expensive and therefore the owners of rickshaws rarely sit around.

This is interesting:

• Penang, thanks to its unique national cuisine, has received the nickname “Capital of Malaysia”.His catering was voted Best in Asia by Time magazine in 2004.

• The bridge connecting Penang Island and the mainland is the third longest bridge in the world. Its length is 13.5 kilometers. A race is organized on the Penang Bridge every year.

• Sailors from the Russian cruiser Zhemchug, sunk on October 15, 1914, as a result of an attack by the German cruiser Emden, are buried in Penang.



Fort Cornwallis. Built on the historic site where Captain Francis Light, the first British ruler of Penang, landed in 1786.

Penang Cultural Center . Ethnographic Museum, where folklore performances and tastings of national cuisine are held. Even a Malay wedding can be arranged upon request.

Bird park. More than 400 different species of birds from all1 planet live on an area of ​​2 hectares surrounded by a grid. In the park there are intricate streams, gardens, flower beds with orchids.

Butterfly Park. A picturesque tropical park with over 100 species of butterflies and insects.

Tropical Fruit Farm. Occupies 10 hectares, has 140 plant species.

Bukit Mertajam Recreation Park . Located at an altitude of 457 meters. This is a real tropical jungle with relict trees, wild flowers and thickets of ferns. For true nature lovers, the park has paths deep in the jungle.

Mount Penang (829 meters above sea level). You can climb the mountain by funicular.

Temple of Serpents. Poisonous snakes live here, which are drugged with the smell of incense. Reptiles lie peacefully in the temple, you can even take pictures with them (8 dollars).

Botanical Garden. Almost all Penang plants grow here, a waterfall is rustling and a large number of monkeys are found. Quiet and cool.

Wat Chaiyamangkalaram Temple. The third largest reclining Buddha statue in the world, 33 meters long, is located here. Within the walls of the temple there are niches with urns with the ashes of saints.

Kek Loh Si Temple. One of the most beautiful and significant Buddhist temples in Southeast Asia. The temple’s pagoda is 30 meters high and has seven floors, and the architecture is a mixture of Chinese, Burmese and Thai architectural styles.

St. George’s Church . One of the oldest monuments in the city of Georgetown.At the entrance there is a monument dedicated to Captain Francis Light.

Sri Mariamman Temple . Built in 1883, it is famous for its striking architecture and statues of Indian deities, of which the statue of God Subramaniam is the most famous. It is adorned with gold, silver, emeralds and diamonds and is one of the most important attributes of the annual celebration of the Hindu festival of Taipusam, when it is carried through the streets of the city in a silver chariot.

Penang Museum and Art Gallery .It contains collections of maps, paintings, old photographs and other historical relics. The museum was built in 1812, initially there was a school here.


Penang Island Tour

Duration 4 hours / Russian-speaking year is paid separately 57 $!

Includes all major attractions


1person 57 $

2people 37 $

3 people 31 $

4-9 people 25 $

Tour to Mount Penang with a visit to a Buddhist temple

Duration 4 hours / Russian-speaking guide is paid separately 57 $!


1person 57 $

2people 37 $

3 people 31 $

4-9 people 25 $

Georgetown City Tour – Capital of Penang

Duration 4 hours / Russian-speaking guide is paid separately 57 $!


1person 57 $

2people 37 $

3 people 31 $

4-9 people 25 $

Island Tour + Georgetown

Duration 8 hours / Russian-speaking guide is paid separately 84 $!


1person 82 $

2 people 52 $

3people 45 $

4-9 people 40 $

ATTENTION: Excursions for children 2-12 years old are provided with a 30% discount

Please book:

Indian Holiday Ukraine (Kiev): kiev @

Katerina Chudnenko – ICQ 163 672 181 (tel. 044/067 466 5 444)

Yaroslav Tretinichenko – ICQ 575 88 5595

Malaysia penang island: penang malaysia

Hello everyone from the Malaysian island of Penang!

Usually, after wintering in Thailand, we go for about a month to another Asian country: to see how people live there, and to prepare for returning home.The first time we went to Vietnam. Last year, we strengthened our fortitude in Sri Lanka with rehabilitation in the Maldives. We did not know where to go this year.

At first, they wanted to drive him to Chengdu (China), to the pandas. But the requirements for a Chinese visa in Bangkok are too harsh.

Then we met Lyova and Ksenia, who inspired us. They traveled a lot in Malaysia and, as far as we understood, were satisfied with the country. Our first acquaintance with Malaysia did not work out: Kuala Lumpur turned out to be a dirty and uncomfortable metropolis, to which we did not want to return.So we decided to rediscover Malaysia. In addition, as soon as we decided to fly to Penang, it suddenly turned out that AirAsia had another ticket sale. Is this not a sign of fate?

  • Flight to Penang and passport control
  • Penang Airport Taxi
  • Local residents
  • Traffic
  • Is it difficult to rent a bike in Penang?
  • Penang Public Transport
  • Accommodation in Penang
  • How to use sockets in Penang without an adapter
  • How much is food in Penang?
  • Internet in Penang
  • Conclusion

Flight to Penang and passport control

An hour before departure from Bangkok to Penang, a serious wind rose, heavy rain fell, but the worst thing was to watch lightning cut through the sky, aiming at planes rolling along the runway.

When we flew out of Bangkok, the clouds had already parted, and when we flew up to Penang, we admired the endless expanses of the sea in the sunset rays of the sun.

I didn’t think that passport control could surprise me with anything, but the Malaysians distinguished themselves. They don’t take pictures of you, they take your fingerprints! There is such a box with a scanner, you put your index fingers to it and that’s it, you are counted.

Malaysia is a visa-free country for Ukraine and the Russian Federation, so they put a stamp in our passports and were allowed to stomp for our suitcases.

I don’t remember that in Bangkok they inspected our things at the exit from the airport, but in Penang it was strict with this. Before our very eyes, the inspectors asked several people to unpack their suitcases. It’s good that our huge gray suitcase did not arouse suspicion.

Penang Airport Taxi

Taxis at the airport are prepaid only i.e. prepaid. You need to pay for the area of ​​the island you are going to. We settled in the northern part of the island, next to Batu Feringgi. The trip cost us 73 ringgit.It was cheaper to get there by bus, but tired after the whole day of traveling, we decided to take a taxi.

You know, taxi drivers are the same everywhere. Worldwide. You tell him where to go, he nods, he seems to understand, and he himself is lucky at random. But on Penang we came across an advanced taxi driver. He also nodded that he knew where to go. But I didn’t take it at random, but I got into my phone to google where to go. I even felt respect for him. Good guy. And the radio played good songs for him 🙂

Life in Penang: how we saw the island in the first week of life here

If we try to express our impressions in one sentence, then Penang is like Singapore, only cheaper and not so clean.

This is not one of the photographs of Singapore. This is what Penang, a small island in the Strait of Malacia looks like! The number of skyscrapers on the island is amazing. How amazing it is:

Or, a tired local resident lay down to rest:

Local residents

People in Penang are smiling. I remember it was completely different in Kuala Lumpur. They all walked around looking gloomy. Women in black burqa from head to toe were especially alarming. They will go so into the subway and swarm about something under the veil, as if the wires on the belt are connected.It was then that we saw that they were poking around in mobiles.

The locals speak amazingly good English. It doesn’t matter who: the Malays, the Chinese, and the Indians. In addition, they also speak Malaysian, and the Chinese, in addition, speak Chinese.


They drive here more calmly than in Thailand. There are no such virtuoso chess permutations on the road. I started driving along the second lane – so go along it to the last. Locals even keep a distance between cars.Yes, it was a stone in the Thai garden.

Cars on Penang are either completely unpretentious, from Malaysian manufacturers unknown to us, or immediately expensive Porsches, BMWs and Ferrari.

My favorite road sign in Penang is “Pizza”

Roads, although they can boast of good markings, cannot shine with quality. Sometimes, as you run into an inconspicuous pothole about five centimeters deep, already … uuuh.

And Georgetown is a special conversation. There are so many one-way streets that you can drive in circles forever.I don’t know how the locals navigate there, but we find the right path only thanks to the navigator in google maps.

Is it difficult to rent a bike in Penang?

Finding a good bike for rent is not so easy. There are a lot of bikes with a manual gearbox.

We got used to a Thai choice for every taste, we went looking for a PCX, but it costs crazy money. For a month you can take it for 1500 RM. It’s $ 417. And you can rent a car for a month for 1200 RM. What is the point of taking a bike then?

Honestly, we did not expect such prices a little.On Koh Samui, we took a PCX for 6500 baht ($ 200) per month, and in Hua Hin for a total of 2200 baht ($ 65) for 20 days. This is the difference in the price of renting a bike in Malaysia and Thailand. That is why the locals either ride on cheap bikes, or immediately go by cars.

For lovers of vintage and Vesp special prices:

As a result, we rented a Honda with an automatic transmission. After the PCX, it was very dumb to drive. Although we used to ride similar bikes without any problems.

It is interesting that the locals attach such baskets to bikes:

Yes, more about bikes.Renting a bike without a license will not work. This is the second stone in the garden of Thais, who rent bikes to everyone in a row, just to pay.

Public transport in Penang

What, what, and public transport is the pride of Penang. Yes, and this is another stone in the Thai garden. Buses in Penang run all over the island. Nice, new air-conditioned buses. Not tuk-tuk without windows and doors.

But there is a tricky trap on local buses. As in Singapore, on Penang buses do not give change.If the fare is 1.4 RM, and you only have 5 RM in one bill, then alas, you will have to part with it.

You have to pay the fare at the entrance. Money is thrown into a box near the driver, he controls this matter and presses the button that prints the ticket.

Buses run as well as in Singapore. Particularly thrilling when the driver rushes along the serpentine.

There are open top tourist double-decker buses in Penang. Called Hop On Hop Off. These buses run on two special routes: attractions and the beach route.

Accommodation in Penang

There are many guesthouses in Penang in Georgetown. The main backpacking street is Chulia Street. Hotels and beach holidays on the other side of the island – in the Batu Feringgi area.

A selection of guesthouses and hotels in Penang

We found a place to live in Penang on airbnb, and we have a very strong experience with that place. More details in a separate post (this post), but for now … imagine what it is like to wake up and see the sea, dine on the balcony, enjoying the sunset, and sleep with the windows open, not turning on the air conditioner!

There is a forest near our house where monkeys live.Wild monkeys! In the evenings, they come to the parking lot. Working out in the gym, you can watch the cute tailed beasts.

And at night – this is such a beauty!

On airbnb you can see what kind of apartments there is on the island of Penang. Don’t forget to take the $ 20 bonus on your first booking!

P You can find a good hotel in Penang. We also made a selection of cheap hotels in Penang, take a look.

How to use sockets in Penang without an adapter

Sockets in Malaysia are the same as in Singapore and Sri Lanka – with a fuse.They hack the same way: with a pen. Or you can even use a toothpick. In this article, a detailed photo-instruction on how to overcome fused sockets. But it is better to buy an adapter and not suffer.

This is how the adapters look: on the left for 6 ringgit, on the right – free (we found it in the apartment):

How much is food in Penang?

The food here, as in Tae, is inexpensive. You can also eat at public catering establishments such as KFC, Subway, MacDonalds, and locals. In the Indian quarter, we dined for two for 17 ringit ($ 4.7 or 160 baht).I couldn’t even finish my portion.

And in the Tesco Lotus canteen, lunch for two cost 12 ringgit (about $ 3.5). Quite normal prices. We expected everything to be more expensive.

Internet in Penang

The apartments we rent do not have wired internet. The owners bought a Celcom Wi-Fi modem, paid for a 4 GB package for 60 ringgit. Celcom has some pretty good packages, but there are some restrictions everywhere. The biggest problem is the one-year contract. If you conclude a contract, then you can use 4g Internet quite inexpensively.

Upon arrival in Penang, right at the airport, we bought a Digi LTE SIM card with a 6.5 GB Internet package. It cost us 104 ringgit ($ 29) with all taxes, fees and charges. And that’s a good option. For example, the operator Celcom has 6 GB of Internet already 98 ringgit.

How to buy a SIM card with the Internet in Malaysia with a discount →

4 GB of Internet for a month is, of course, ridiculous. Therefore, we use this life hack: on the Nexus 5 phone, we turn on the wi-fi access point and distribute the Internet to ourselves.Nexus 5 supports LTE networks, so fast internet is always with you 🙂 We were already getting out of this in Sri Lanka and at home, in Crimea, when the Ukrainian provider Kyivstar helped to leave Crimea.

No unlimited 4g packages! Local businessmen tried to sell us an “unlimited” hotlink for 30 ringgit. In fact, this package costs only 15 ringgit and has a quota of several hundred free megabytes.

So far, I like living in Penang very much. There is also the sea, the jungle and all the benefits of civilization.The biggest drawbacks that we saw in Penang are so-so roads (as Igor joked “in Penang, the roads are bad, but better than good houses”) and a low density of 7/11 with makashnits. After Thailand, where there are pockets at every turn, it was a little hard.

We were so inspired by Penang that we googled the terms of the Malaysia – My Second Home program again. And that, quite normal conditions, if it is not necessary to obtain a passport.

In the following posts, we will tell you how to entertain yourself on Penang Island, and how a trip to a butterfly farm turned into a 10-kilometer walk in the jungle.

Stay with us!

My name is Tatiana, and I am glad to see you on the blog “Life is unpredictable!”.
I love traveling, and on my blog I share my impressions, tips and other useful notes.

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Malaysia is very similar to Thailand, only calmer, richer and higher standard of living.Among the tourists are dominated by Germans, British and Scandinavians, and there are practically no Russians (for some it will seem a minus, but for someone a plus). It seems that on the entire 300 square kilometers of the island, we were the only Russians.
Now a few words about Penang Island (also used Penang). In the 18th century, the Sultanate of Kedah profitably, as it seemed then, bargained for the British overgrown wild island in exchange for protection from Siam and Burma. When Siam did attack four years later, and the British army was unable to protect it, the sultan tried to take the island back.The British, who killed hundreds of settlers at that time, resisted (Europeans were dying of malaria, cutting down tropical thickets). The Sultan was forced to compromise. He left Penang to the British, but assigned an annual lease of 10,000 Spanish dollars. Until now, after more than two centuries, the state of Kedah receives 10 thousand Malaysian ringgits annually (a little less than three thousand dollars). True, not from Great Britain, but from the federal government of Malaysia.
The symbol of the city is a cable-stayed bridge connecting the island with the mainland.Its length is 13.5 km, this is about the same as from Sokolniki to the University in a straight line …
The bridge was built in three years: work began in 1982, and the first public transport went in 1985. Construction costs amounted to 800 million ringgit (about 175 million euros ):

On both sides of the coast, the bridge runs low above the water. And only to the middle it rises higher to ensure the passage of ships. The pylons of the cable-stayed bridge resemble the minarets of mosques:

The old town looks colorful and pretty.More photos of Georgetown in the last post about Malaysian Banksy:

The new city is much more modern, but at the same time faceless – continuous skyscrapers of glass and concrete:

Despite the hellish heat (under + 40 C), laundry dries slowly due to high humidity:

Due to the equatorial location, all satellite dishes are pointing up. It looks unusual, in our band all antennas look almost to the horizon:

Balconies are rare, instead of them there is some strange decorative resemblance: you seem to look – a balcony, but you look closely, you understand that ordinary windows:

There is a port, but not as large and convenient as in Singapore:

Malaysia has a pronounced ebb and flow.The water recedes very far, and most of the time there is such a picture. Only five hours a day the water is at its highest point:

This mud appeared here after the last tsunami. The city was not particularly affected, but tons of silt and mud were brought to the tidal part. All this stinks terribly and almost does not wash out:

They even created some kind of long-term program to clean up the territory, but I don’t understand how all this can be removed:


However, the embankment is well done:

And at night slimy and smelly silt plays brightly in the rays of illumination:

In fact, there are decent beaches on Penang and a separate post will be devoted to them:

Beach weddings are very popular:

About transport: the city, of course, is a traffic jam.It seemed to me that the road infrastructure is even worse than in Moscow. Leaving for short distances, you need to lay an hour or two on the road:

But there are many rickshaws on the streets, day and night:

And this is a Malaysian life hack for driving in the heat. Usually the wind blows in the chest and the back sweats. The Malaysians have come up with a simple solution to this problem – they put on the jacket backwards:

It turns out that the arms and chest are covered with a jacket, and the back is ventilated:

A famous landmark in Penang is the Temple of Serpents, built in 1850 in honor of a Buddhist monk-healer.According to legend, the snakes themselves crawled after the death of the monk and settled on the territory of the temple. Now, hundreds of poisonous creatures can be observed on the walls, roof and tree branches. It is believed that the snakes are rendered harmless by the sacred smoke, but, for safety, poison is also “milked” from them (although the poisonous teeth and glands are left behind):

There is also a mountain on the island, where the oldest funicular, built according to a Swiss project in 1923, leads. Some amazing orchids are growing at the top: 90,075

And this is my nightmare Wall of Love.Castles are for sale right next door. I’ll tell you more about this in the next post:

Since the heat is unbearable during the day, an active life comes at night:

Shops, night markets, cafes, etc. In the daytime, the streets are calm and quiet, and by the evening there are already trade pavilions:

You can not only go shopping, but just walk between the rows:

Cool Flashlights:


Lunch break:

In some places, the concentration of merchants is so great that traffic jams are formed:

Gucci, Prada, Chanel – an island of luxury and wealth at very affordable prices, almost by weight:

Well, of course, delicious.There are a lot of juicy and delicate fruits. Everything is already washed, sliced, packaged and ready to eat:

Malaysian cuisine is a separate topic altogether. Wait for the next posts. Stay Tuned!
= Malaysia 2015 =

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Penang Island is located off the northwest coast of Malacca.The majority of the island’s population is Chinese, there are also Indians and Malays. The territory of Penang is covered with tropical vegetation. The climate here is hot and humid, with minor fluctuations in water and air temperature. The capital of Penang is Georgetown, built in the late 18th century by European settlers. Among the sights of the island are Buddhist and Hindu temples, a mosque designed for 5 thousand worshipers, a state museum. There are also parks where you can see rare species of birds and insects in their natural environment.The island is famous for its beautiful golden sandy beaches and good conditions for water sports.


The island was discovered by the famous Chinese navigator of the 15th century Zheng He. At the end of the 18th century, it fell into the hands of Europeans, who founded the city of Georgetown, which became the main city of Penang. Until 1946 Penang was a colony of the British Empire, then became part of Malaysia.


Penang Island is located off the northwest coast of the Malacca Peninsula.The capital of Penang is Georgetown. The island’s territory is covered with hills overgrown with tropical vegetation. The area of ​​the island is 285 sq. km. The main population is Chinese, Malays and people from India also live here. You can get to Penang by plane from Kuala Lumpur in 50 minutes or by ferry from the town of Buttervoorh. The international airport is located 16 km south of Georgetown.


The climate on the island is hot and humid, fluctuations in air temperature throughout the year from + 27 to +30 degrees Celsius, water – from +22 to +24 degrees.Wet seasons run from October to November and April to May.


Snake Temple (She-Miao) – Chinese Buddhist temple, built in 1850, where numerous snakes actually live.

Guanyin Temple is a Buddhist temple built in 1800 by Chinese settlers in honor of the Bodhisattva of Mercy Guanyin.

Wat Chaiyamangkalaram is another Buddhist temple famous for its statue of the reclining Buddha, the third largest in the world.

Sri Marimman – Hindu temple with many images of deities.

State Mosque – one of the most beautiful mosques in Malaysia, was built in 1980 and is designed for 5 thousand worshipers.

State Museum – historical artifacts and works of national art are kept here. The museum has an art gallery.


Butterfly Park – 3 thousand butterflies and several dozen other species of insects live here.

Bird Park – 400 rare bird species can be seen here in their natural environment. The park is also known for its diverse flora.

Mount Penang is a mountain 830 meters high and offers a panoramic view of the island. You can climb the mountain by funicular.


Diwali (Deepavali) – the most famous of the Hindu holidays, symbolizing the victory of good over evil. At this time, lanterns and candles are lit everywhere, fireworks are arranged. Usually the holiday falls on the end of October – beginning of November.


The most famous beaches of Penang are located on the north coast. The sand on the island is golden.

Teluk Bahang is a beach in the northwest of the island with lush tropical vegetation and secluded coves, farthest from Georgetown.

Batu Ferringhi – the beach is located west of Teluk Bahang. There are numerous hotels, as well as many restaurants and souvenir shops. Not far from the beach are the islands of Bitan, Tedur, Song Song with excellent conditions for scuba diving and fishing.

Tanjung Bungah – the beach is located in the northeast of the island, not far from Georgetown. It is known for its landscapes – overhanging rocks, abundant vegetation, giant reefs.

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Capital, major cities: Kuala Lumpur. The main resorts are: Langkawi Island, Penang Island, Pangkor Island, Sabah and Sarawak States (Borneo Island).Diving Resorts: Sipadan Island, Tioman Island, Redang Island.

Individual tours

Hardy and wealthy travelers, who first pay and then patiently sit out a long and expensive “indirect” flight, Malaysia will reward a hundredfold. Complete absence of visa formalities, excellent service in quality hotels, spectacular underwater world and many natural attractions. In general, one hundred percent exotic is guaranteed.


There is no direct flight from Moscow to Kuala Lumpur, but charters fly from Moscow, as well as Yekaterinburg and Novosibirsk to the capital of Malaysia on peak dates (May holidays and New Years). It is more convenient to fly with Qatar Airways through Doha, Emirates Airlines through Dubai, Air China with a transfer in Beijing, Uzbek Airlines through Tashkent (there are flights not only from Moscow, but also from Yekaterinburg and Chelyabinsk – the full list of cities must be checked with the airline).

It is also possible to fly on Thai Airways and Singapore Airlines with a connection in Bangkok and Singapore, respectively.Finally, Malaysia can be reached by choosing a flight through any European capital. Its duration, depending on the option chosen, is from 12.5 to 24 hours, taking into account connections.

There are no direct flights from Kiev to Kuala Lumpur either: you can get there via Bangkok with the Aerosvit company. KLM, Lufthansa and Air France also fly from Kiev with connections in Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Paris. Plus – Emirates Airlines operates a flight through Dubai.

KLM (via Amsterdam), Air Astana (via Dubai) and Uzbek Airlines (via Tashkent) fly here from Kazakhstan.


Russian citizens do not need a visa if the period of stay in the country does not exceed 30 days (the passport must be valid for at least 6 months after the end of the trip). You must have round-trip tickets (with a closed date) and sufficient funds for the entire period of stay in the country, but not less than 500 USD. Permission to enter and stay in the country is one of the copies of the immigration card that tourists fill out on the plane before boarding (this card must be kept before departure from the country!)

The same conditions apply to citizens of Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus.No consular fee is charged upon entry into the country, no marks are put in the passport. Usually, airport tax is already included in the cost of tickets for regular flights, and in the case of a charter flight, it is paid separately (~ 12 USD).


Declared amounts of more than 1000 MYR, duty-free is allowed to import a liter of spirits, a liter of wine or liqueurs, 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 225 grams of tobacco, perfumes and cosmetics in the amount of not more than 200 MYR, souvenirs in the amount of not more than 200 MYR.It is prohibited to import goods from Israel, pornography, radios, meat, mushrooms, seeds, primates, gold items weighing over 100 grams, weapons of any kind (including toys that resemble military ones). You must have an official permission to export expensive antiques. It is forbidden to export some species of animals and plants from the country.

The punishment for the import and export of drugs is the death penalty.

Where to call, if anything

  • Malaysian Embassy in Moscow: st.Mosfilmovskaya, 50; tel .: (495) 147-15-14, 147-15-12, 147-15-23
  • Russian Embassy in Malaysia: st. Ampang, 263; tel .: (03) 425-600-09, fax: (03) 425-760-09
  • Police: 999 (nationwide), rescue service: 994 (nationwide), Tourist Police Center in Kuala Lumpur – 296-590
  • Codes of some cities and regions: Langkawi Island – 4, Kota Kinabalu – 88, Kuala Lumpur – 3, Kuching – 82, Penang – 4.

What to ride

Public transport in the capital of Malaysia – buses, monorail and elevated metro (most convenient for tourists).Taxis are relatively inexpensive and easy to call or simply “catch” on the street. Almost all taxis are equipped with meters, so when boarding, you should make sure that the driver “accidentally” does not forget to turn it on. Intercity taxis often do not have a meter, so the cost of a trip for them must be negotiated in advance.

In addition, you can use the services of a bicycle or auto rickshaw, the latter are more suitable for long trips.

Traffic in the country is left-hand, local drivers are weakly observing traffic rules.In addition to international road signs, local “letter” signs in Malay are widespread on the country’s roads.

Be vigilant

Malaysia is one of the safest countries for tourists in Southeast Asia. The tap water is drinkable here, but it is better to drink boiled or bottled water. You can buy food from street vendors almost without fear for its freshness and quality.

Topless sunbathing is not accepted in the country. When visiting mosques or Malay villages, you should not wear shorts, short T-shirts or skirts.Before entering someone’s house or temple, you must take off your shoes. You cannot take food with your left hand, and giving it to an aboriginal person means to insult him greatly. As in Thailand, in Malaysia you should not pat anyone on the head, not even small children.

Weather Forecast

The climate is hot and humid, with practically no seasonal changes. The coldest time is considered to be from November to January, when the thermometer drops to + 26 ° C. Heavy, but short-term rains go all the year round. The rainy season on the east coast of Malacca (West Malaysia), west Sarawak and northeast Sabah usually lasts from October-November to February.On the western coast of the country (the islands of Langkawi, Penang, Pangkor), the rainy seasons last from April to May and from October to December, but the rains there are short-lived, so the holiday season lasts all year round.

It is better not to send older people, especially those with heart problems, to Malaysia: because of the very warm and humid climate, they may feel uncomfortable there.

Where to stay

Everywhere there are 3, 4 × 5 “stars” hotels, the only thing is that there are practically no bungalow-type hotels in Penang.In Borneo, the hotel base is smaller, but it is mainly dominated by “fives”. They are much cheaper than the “five-star” Langkawi and Penang, and are the same in terms of level and comfort.

Mains voltage 220-240 V. Plugs “English” (three pins), the adapter can be bought in any store or taken at the “reception” in the hotel.


Currency can be exchanged at the airport, banks, shopping centers, hotels, etc. The most favorable rate is at private exchange offices (no commission).Credit cards American Express, Visa, Dinners Club, JBL are accepted almost everywhere in major cities and tourist centers. Traveler’s checks are accepted in hotels and exchange offices.

Giving is not accepted in Malaysia: as a rule, in hotels and restaurants 10% of the service charge is already included in the bill.

What to buy

From Malaysia, they usually bring pewter and silver items, batik, wicker and wood-carved things from the island of Borneo, gold jewelry with spectacular designs.

Shops are open from 9:30 am to 7:00 pm and supermarkets are open from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm. Large shopping malls are also open on Sundays. Duty free is available in Labuan, Langkawi, Kuala Lumpur, Penang International Airport and other places. When buying gold items, you should definitely require a receipt, which indicates the gold content and weight of the item.

National Parks

Taman Negara is considered the most popular nature reserve in the country. People come here to fish, the benefit of fish in local waters – as many as 200 species.Some rocks have caves that are visited by speleologists. Endau Rompin is a wild forest area, the only place in Malaysia where rhinos live. To visit the reserve, you must obtain a pass from the State Security Council. In Kinabalu (Sabah) there is one of the highest points of Southeast Asia – Mount Kinabalu (4093 m). A permit is required to visit the reserve. The Niah Nature Reserve (Sarawak) was created to preserve the Niah Caves, where the first settlements of primitive people were discovered. Gunung Mulu is the largest nature reserve in Sarawak with an extremely varied landscape, from peat bogs to jungle-covered hills, where about 1,500 species of flowers bloom and smell.In addition to visiting the caves, various excursions to the reserve and climbing the mountains Gunung Mulu (2376 m) and Gunung Api (1750 m) are offered. Bako (Sarawak) Nature Reserve is famous for its quaint cliffs, bays and plains.

Western nat. parks

Taman Negara is considered the most popular nature reserve in the country. People come here to fish (the best months for this are February, March, July, August), since there are as many as 200 species of fish in local waters. Some rocks have caves that are visited by speleologists.Taman Negara can be reached from Kuala Lumpur by highway or rail to Kuala Tembeling, then 60 km by river by boat (3-4 hours) to the Reserve Office in Kuala Tahan. Boats leave at 9:00 and 15:00 (on Fridays at 14:30), cost ~ MYR 20. In addition, boats leave from Kuala Tembeling at 10:30 and 13:30 (travel time is about 45 minutes), seats are booked in advance.

Endau-Rompin is a wild forest area, the only place in Malaysia where rhinos live. To visit the reserve, you must obtain a pass from the State Security Council.The easiest way to get to the reserve is along the Kluang-Mersing highway, at Kluang – the turn to Kahang. There, tourists are offered jeeps to get to Kampung Peta through the jungle (~ 56 km).

In Kinabalu (Sabah) there is one of the highest points of Southeast Asia – Mount Kinabalu (4093 m). A permit is required to visit the reserve. How to get there: from Kota Kinabalu by bus to Ranau (departure at 8:00 and 12:00, travel time 2 hours), cost ~ 10 MYR. The return bus leaves at 9:00 and 13:30. The Niah Nature Reserve (Sarawak) was created to preserve the Niah Caves, where the first settlements of primitive people were discovered.How to get there: from Miri (about 2 hours) or Bintulu (about 3 hours) by car to Batu Niach. Further, the road to the main entrance to the cave goes along a wooden deck 4 km long (about 45 minutes).

Gunung Mulu is the largest nature reserve in Sarawak with an extremely varied landscape – from peat bogs to jungle-covered hills, where about 1,500 species of flowers bloom and smell. In addition to visiting the caves, various excursions to the reserve and climbing the mountains Gunung Mulu (2376 m) and Gunung Api (1750 m) are offered.You can get to the reserve by plane from Miri, Limbang or Marudi.

Bako Nature Reserve (Sarawak) is famous for its bizarre rocks, coves and fields. How to get there: from Kuching 30 minutes by bus to Kampung Bako, then by boat to the reserve.


The main center of nightlife in Malaysia is the capital of Kuala Lumpur. At nightfall, many bars and discos open there, open until midnight or longer. Nightclubs in the country are divided into “Chinese” and “European”.Most of the first visitors (surprise surprise!) Are Chinese, there is always a noisy and relaxed atmosphere. But in the “European” clubs it is more and more formal: they come there to dine in a relaxed atmosphere and dance a little. Wealthy tourists can visit a variety show or a casino. The casino is located an hour’s drive from Kuala Lumpur and is open 24 hours a day. There are several variety shows, they usually work late and offer guests gourmet cuisine and colorful pop performances.

There are karaoke rooms in almost all cities of the country, which are very popular in Malaysia, as well as almost everywhere in East Asia.

Penang Island

Taiping Zoo Full Day Tour

Taiping Zoo Full Day Tour

You are given the opportunity to see animals in all their natural grandeur. The zoo covers an area of ​​13.6 hectares, covered with rivers, lakes and lush vegetation. It is also home to more than 180 species of animals with a total of 1300 inhabitants, including: tigers, lions, elephants, hippos, giraffes, orangutans and others.
Average duration is 8 hours.

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Excursion to the island of Orang Utan

Excursion to the island of Orang Utan

A must-see at Bukit Merah is the Orang Utan Nature Reserve in the Malaysian Peninsula, which is home to 11 orangutans of varying ages, brought from the island of Borneo. These orangutans live and breed on the island, which is part of the program for the conservation and protection of this species of obzyan. Do not miss the chance to observe the behavior of these primates from a very close distance to better understand them.
Average duration is 8 hours.

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Excursion with diving

Excursion with diving

Diving in Paulo Payar is popular with those looking for underwater adventure. The marine park showcases an incredible diversity of the underwater world, including 92 invertebrate species, 45 fish species and 36 coral species. An ideal retreat in calm ocean waters with unrivaled visibility.
Average duration is 11 hours.

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Excursion with snorkeling

Excursion with snorkeling

The Poilu Payar Marine Park is almost 2 km long and 250 m wide, and is famous for a variety of marine life.The water here is so crystal clear that you can see the myriad of corals that adorn the seabed from above.
Average duration is 11 hours.

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Excursion to Taman Negara Nature Reserve

Excursion to Taman Negara Nature Reserve

Taman Negara is a small nature reserve with a varied landscape, including coastal green hills, mangroves, beaches and rocky shores. Explore a variety of habitats, from sandy and rocky beaches to muddy coasts, a meromictic lake (where layers of fresh and seawater never mix) and rainforest.
Among the attractions: Monkey Beach, Pantai Kerachut Meromicic Lake with a picnic stop with lunch and swimming, transfer from Pantai Kerachut Beach to Pasir Pandak (2 hours hilly area). Rates include round-trip transfers, one-way mangrove boat transfer and lunch package.
Average duration – 7 hours.

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Night Tour Georgetown

Night Tour Georgetown

This evening, discover Georgetown like you never imagined it and enjoy a meal at Penang’s one and only restaurant with breathtaking views of Georgetown’s nightlife.
Attractions include the Bayview Georgetown Revolving Restaurant and the Penang Road trishaw ride. Rickshaw ride and dinner included.
Average duration – 4 hours.

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Penang Heritage & Rickshaw Tour

Penang Heritage & Rickshaw Tour

On this day, you can enjoy a romantic bike rickshaw ride and a leisurely stroll through Georgetown. Look at what harmony a people with such a diverse culture can live in.
Attractions include: Rickshaw ride to Fort Cornwallis (viewed from outside), Weld Embankment (Chew Pier), Khu Kong Si, Harmony Street, Little India (Mahamariamman Temple), Pinang Peranakan Mansion Museum.
Average duration – 4 hours.

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Penang Gardens Tour

Penang Gardens Tour

After passing Batu Ferringhi, you will head towards Teluk Bahang to enjoy the Penang Gardens. Here you can see tropical plants – from grasses to garden plants and trees, an endless variety of fluttering butterflies and more than 250 types of tropical and subtropical fruits.

Attractions include Tropical Spice Garden, Tropical Fruit Farm and Butterfly Garden.

Average duration – 5 hours.

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Fruits and Spices Penang

Fruits and Spices Penang

After passing Batu Ferringhi, you will head towards Teluk Bahang, where you will visit the Tropical Spice Garden and then the Tropical Fruit Farm.
Drive past Batu Ferringhi and towards Teluk Bahang where you will find the Tropical Spice Garden and further on, the Tropical Fruit Farm.
Attractions include Batu Ferringhi, Tropical Spice Garden and Tropical Fruit Farm.
Average duration – 4 hours.

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Excursion to Mount Penang with a visit to the temple

Excursion to Mount Penang with a visit to the temple

The Penang Hill Funicular, opened in 1923, has been providing connections to Penang Hill for many years. The most recent renovation of the funicular has increased the number of passengers carried and the speed of the train.
Then you will visit one of the largest temples in Southeast Asia, the Kek Lok Si Temple and the nearby turtle pond.

Attractions include the Kek Lok Si Temple (including the inclined elevator ride to the Goddess of Mercy statue) and Turtle Pond, Penang Hill (including the funicular ride to the top of the mountain).

Average duration – 4 hours.

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Penang Island Tour

Penang Island Tour

Discover Penang, the “Pearl of the Orient” – from its sandy beaches to colorful villages and nostalgic Georgetown.The capital combines the best of the East and West, reflected in a charming collection of exquisite old buildings, each bearing a stamp of country influence and rich history.

Attractions include: Batu Ferringhi (passing), Teluk Bahang (passing), Fishing Village, Fruit Market (passing), Malay Village, Snake Temple, Penang Bridge (passing) and Georgetown (passing). If time permits, a visit to a local grocery outlet may be included.Average duration is 4 hours.

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Penang Cultural Center

Penang Cultural Center

This is a kind of ethnographic museum, where you can get acquainted with the rich cultural heritage of Malaysia. Here you will learn about the life and culture of various nationalities living in Malaysia. Folklore ensembles will perform ancient dances and songs of various tribes for you. After the show, you can walk through the bazaar in search of exotic wonders and souvenirs.There is also a restaurant in the cultural center offering various dishes of national cuisine. By prior arrangement, the Culture Center can organize various national ceremonies for tourists, for example, weddings and weddings. These are very colorful procedures in which all employees of the Center take part.

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Penang Temple Tour

Penang Temple Tour

Penang is famous for its Buddhist and Hindu temples.

In the Buddhist Temple Wat Chayamangkalaram , built by a Thai architect, you can see the world’s third largest statue of the reclining Buddha, which is 33 meters long.

The famous Kek Lok Si Temple – considered one of the largest temples in Southeast Asia and is a mixture of Chinese, Burmese and Thai architectural styles. Above the temple, built in 1890, rises a seven-tiered pagoda 30m long, called Ban Po Tar.

Temple of the Goddess of Mercy is considered the oldest temple in Penang. It was erected in 1800 and is a classic example of Chinese architecture at the time.

Snake Temple was built in honor of the Buddhist monk Chor Su Kong. Poisonous snakes lie quietly around the altar and other objects in the temple, intoxicated by the smell of incense, and do not attack people. Vipers can be picked up, photographed as a keepsake.

Sri Marriamman Temple was built in 1883 and is famous for numerous statues of Indian deities, the most valuable of which is the statue of the god Subramaniam, adorned with gold, silver and precious stones.

Duration of the excursion – 4-5 hours, you should enter the temples without shoes

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Tour of Georgetown

Tour of Georgetown

The excursion starts from the historical site – Fort Kornvallis. Francis Light landed here in 1786. Originally wooden, in 1804 -05 it was rebuilt and replaced with stone buildings. And today the fort rises majestically over the sea, as if protecting the island from enemy attacks.Near the fort is the City Hall, built at the end of the 19th century.

Next you will follow to the one built in 1821. Here you will find old photographs, ancient maps and other relics related to Penang’s past. Nearby is the Church of St. George, which was built in 1818. The main attraction of the cathedral is the painted dome dedicated to the memory of Francis Light.

Next, you will see 2 mosques: the Captain Keling Mosque and the Achin Street Mosque. The Captain Keling Mosque is named after an Indian merchant and was built by the local ruler Mohouddin in the early 19th century.The Achin Street Mosque was built on land donated to the local ruler, Syed Haid of Aceh.

Duration of the excursion – 4 hours, walking part 1 km.

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Andrey Yanovich – Guides Malaysia about. Penang

Biography, work experience:

The first question that almost all tourists ask me sounds like this: “How did you get to Penang, Malaysia?”

I answer!

As the French say: Cherchez la femme – look for a woman.When we started dating my wife, she had already signed a contract to work in Malaysia. Do you know this feeling when you are sure that you are ready to live with this person all your life? If yes, then you understand that in such a situation, no moving is scary. In principle, it could not scare me. After all, by such a course of events, fate gave me an opportunity, which I often dreamed of, but did not know that it was being realized this way – to live in an Asian country. By this time, I had already traveled enough in Europe, and I realized that fresh impressions should be looked for in another part of the world map.We got married and two weeks later I took my wife on a plane. In three months I finished all my business at home, packed a big backpack, and here I am. I flew to Penang Island, which I now dare to call the Heart of Asia, in 2013. You can only imagine how I felt here. The first weeks I walked the streets, and just stared at everything around – people, trees, mopeds, monkeys. I won’t say that even now I feel at home here, but I am inclined to think that in the first three months I got to know the country better than some foreigners – expats in several years.I avoid “European” restaurants, shopping malls are not very interesting to me, and the bicycle has become the main means of transportation. Together with my wife, we drove around the island around the perimeter. After that, they embarked on a daring goal – to move bicycles to the mainland of Malaysia from west to east. We made it happen!

Continuing to study local life, I always come across the feeling of “I know that I know nothing.” But, at the same time, I already have a story to tell about Penang and Malaysia. I will be glad to share everything I know with you.

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