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30 Brilliant Wedding Ideas To Make Your Special Day Unforgettable


30 Amazing Ideas For Your Wedding


Weddings are the time to rejoice as two families come together as one. The only feelings in the air are happiness, excitement and most importantly, love. It’s the day the bride has been looking forward to all her life and the day the groom becomes a real man. Everything needs to be perfect. 

But just because things have to be perfect doesn’t mean it has to be normal or boring. It’s a good time to bust out your creativity to help make your day a memorable one.

And that is why we’ve compiled 30 unique and cool ideas that you can use when you’re planning your wedding. If you’re going to be spending a fortune on your wedding, you might as well make the best of it and have it stand out. If done well, people will be talking for years about how awesome your special day was.

Whether you’re getting married tomorrow or in 10 years, this list will be a lifesaver.



Wedding Guest Book Alternatives


1. Guest Box Instead of Guest Book


My friends have told me that I can get quite demanding but seriously, if I don’t have this at my wedding, I might bawl. This is such a cool thing to have! Instead of having your guests write their well-wishes, you can ask them to record a video of them saying it instead. I think it’s much more sincere and especially fun for both the guests and the couple. 

2. Guest Book Tree


Ask your guests to write their well-wishes on a piece of paper and tie them to the branches of a potted plant using a ribbon. Not only is it cute, you now have your first piece of furniture for your future house!

3. Polaroid Guest Book


I am a big fan of Polaroid or instant pictures and I thought this was really adorable! Technically, it is still a guest book but you can add a personal touch by asking your guests to take a picture of themselves and pasting it next to their message!

10 years down the road, you can look back and laugh at all the awkward pictures of your loved ones.  

4. Advice Coasters


If you’re not into guest books and want something even more unique, you can hand out these advice coasters for your guests! You and your spouse can go through all the advice at the end of your wedding day and muse over the things that your guests have written.

I think this is a lovely idea and it’s definitely something I would keep in mind for the future. 

5. Wedding Wishes Box


This has the same concept as the guest book tree but instead of using a potted plant, you use a box with honeycomb-shape rings in it to store all the well-wishes. It’s compact and creative, perfect if you want to keep them from getting dusty before your 20th anniversary!

6. Guest Keys


This is also another great alternative to the usual guest book. It makes for a pretty house decoration too! Guests would write their well wishes on a tag that’s attached to a key and hang it on a faux tree trunk. If you can’t find a faux tree trunk, a cork board or any other nice surfaces would do. This would definitely make your reception an outstanding one.

7. Chalkboard


You can hardly find chalkboards in local schools these days but I honestly think they’re one of the greatest toys yet. Yes, I said toy because you can actually have so much fun writing on them.

They have such an old-school feel to them, whenever I see one, I can never resist picking up a chalk and just doodling all over it. So can you imagine a wedding with a chalkboard as a guest book? Everyone’s going to have so much fun! 

8. Chalkboard + Photobooth


If you’re not into a large scale chalkboard then, why not combine it with photobooth! Many weddings these days have a photobooth corner where guests can take pictures with props and come up with kickass pictures.

Guests can take pictures with their message written on mini chalkboards for you and your spouse to have a good laugh over at the end of the day!

Taking this one step further, why just have a static photobooth? A good photographer can project your photos immediately up to the screen and entertain your guests. They can also have it printed out as photocards for them to keep as wedding mementos.

If you’re in Singapore, is one of those companies that specialises in wireless photography, giving you live projection and instant photocards.

9. Jenga


If you can’t think of any post-wedding dinner games to play, then ask your guests to write your wishes on jenga blocks. That way you can read all the messages and have loads of fun. It’s a pretty unconventional thing to have but it’s still cool. 

10. Mad Lib Guest Book


I love these mad lib guest responses! They’re super fun to complete and you would have a great time reading all the responses! Display all of them at your wedding so other people can have a laugh too!


Cool Wedding Decorations


11. Fun Facts for Tables


Leave some fun facts about the bride and groom on each table so guests can get to know you better.

There’s probably some quirky little secrets that no one knows about! It’s personal and creative, a perfect addition to your centrepiece. 

12. Frames for Photo-taking


Your guests need an insta-worthy picture to post so what better way to help them than to hang up frames that they can use as props! Everyone’s going to rush for them straight away. I mean, I would so run to them even if I’m wearing heels. I’m sure I’m not the only one. 

13. DIY Paper Lanterns


If you’re into Do-It-Yourself stuff, then why not make lots of DIY lanterns for your wedding! They look so gorgeous, they’re definitely going to stand out at your wedding. It also helps you save on all those expensive decorations. But, you’ll need lots of time and patience to come up with them though it’ll all be worth it in the end.  

14. Signboard


C’mon, admit it. You refresh your Instagram feed every 10 minutes even if there’s no new picture. Instagram is slowly taking over Facebook and I assure you, this would be a great addition to your wedding. By asking your guests to use a specific hashtag, you can track all pictures taken at your wedding and have a blast going through it in future. 

15. Big Balloons


The only thing that’s better than helium balloons is BIG helium balloons! Decorate your wedding venue with huge balloons in different pastel colours. At the end of the day, release all of them into the sky. But not before you write all your wishes down on the balloons! It’s definitely a must-have at every wedding.

16. Ribbons and Fairy Lights


Add a whimsical touch to your wedding by decorating your venue with ribbons and fairy lights! This would look so pretty especially if your wedding is indoors. I personally love the idea of having fairy lights, they make everything seem so much more magical.


17. Hanging Lanterns


For your wedding dinner, why not add a romantic touch to it by hanging lanterns everywhere. This would be a beautiful addition to your wedding dinner especially if it’s outdoors. I am absolutely loving this idea and I can’t wait to add it to my future wedding planner. 

18. Ribbon Chair


Liven up the mood at your wedding by adding rainbow streamers to the chairs! When the wind blows, the scene would be spectacular. Of course you could have any other coloured streamers according to your wedding theme but a rainbow theme certainly exudes a sense of joy in everyone. 

19. Creative Centrepiece


If you’re not into the typical centrepieces that most weddings have, then why not opt for this beautiful arrangement instead! This ethereal floral runner dotted with moss and mushroom is super gorgeous and is certainly unique for your wedding.  

20. Upside Down Umbrellas


Show off your quirky side by using umbrellas to decorate your venue! Hang different umbrellas with pretty designs upside down and you’ll have a lovely piece of decoration. Now you know umbrellas are not only useful for when it rains, they’re also amazing pieces of decor. 


Other Wedding Ideas


21. Outdoor Wedding Picnic


When I saw this picture, I couldn’t contain my excitement. I love picnics and I think I would love to have this at my future wedding. If you’re having an outdoor wedding, this would be an awesome alternative to the usual tables. It’s fun and definitely not ordinary, your guests are pretty much going to have the best time of their lives at your wedding picnic. 

22. Bathroom Essentials


If you’ve ever found yourself wishing that a bottle of hairspray would magically appear at a wedding because your hair is so flat or for a packet of mints to appear before you because that cute guy is about to talk to you then you would think this is a genius idea.  

Be a dear and have all these available at your wedding so your guests can keep fresh and pamper themselves for the rest of the day.

23. Polaroid Wall


This is very similar to the Polaroid guest book. The only thing that’s different is that you hang the pictures up instead of sticking them inside a book. The best thing about this is that once the wedding is over, you can just bring the pictures home and use them as a form of decoration. 

24. Kids Table


Hey, don’t forget about the kids! Back when I was still young and innocent, I didn’t enjoy weddings because it’s all grown up talks and stuff I didn’t understand. If every wedding had a Kids Table full of arts and craft to do, I would have enjoyed weddings even more.

Plus, parents don’t have to keep chasing after their kids if they know that their children are safe at the Kids Table. 

25. Personalized Cups


What better way to let your guests know that you love and appreciate every single one of them by giving them their own personalized cups which they can keep! Their seat number comes with the cup so at least they know that even if there are 1000 other guests, you still appreciate their presence. 

26. Pie Station


The glutton in me is screaming, “Let me out! Let me out!” A pie station at a wedding is such an amazing alternative to the typical dessert bar. You can have a variety of cakes or pies for guests to choose from, displayed in a very cute manner. 

Beware of people like me who might hog the whole station and eat all the pies…nomnomnom!

27. Sealing Love Letters


At your wedding, seal all the love letters that you’ve sent to each other in a time capsule so you can open it on your 30th wedding anniversary. You can also seal other treasured items inside and bury the box in your backyard. If you don’t have a backyard then simply store it safe in your cupboard. 

It’s a very endearing activity and will remind you of your love for one another. 

28. Team Bride or Groom Badges


Wearing these badges isn’t about picking sides. After all, on your wedding day, two families become one, there is no side! However, it would be fun to know why the other person’s there or how they got to know the bride and groom. It’s a great conversation starter and will bond your guests even more. 

29. Wedit


Wedit is an enjoyable and easy way for you to capture, view and share your wedding memories. A few days before your wedding they’ll send you 5 HD cameras for you and your guests to record every single moment. You can then send it back to them so they can edit all the footage and make a mini movie out of it.  

Unfortunately, it’s only available in the U.S but if there’s any local company that does this too, please let me know. I need this. 

30. Bubbles In A Tin


You are never too old for bubbles. Trust me. Set aside for some bubble time and have contests for who can blow the biggest bubble! Your guests are going to have a great time and it makes for a memorable memory. 


Have more wedding ideas to add?


I can’t wait to add all these to my wedding planner in future. If you have more unique wedding ideas to share, leave them in the comments below! 

12 Things Bored Wedding Guests Wish You Would Do at Your Wedding

Singaporebrides | Inspirations

March 2020

By Tansey Tang

Showcase your personalities and give your wedding guests an all-new experience with these fun and unique wedding ideas!

When wedding guests reach that age when everyone seems to be getting married at the same time and attending four weddings a year becomes the norm, they don’t want the same experience over and over again. Your wedding is a celebration of you and your unique personalities and love journey! Take the opportunity to be creative when telling your story at your wedding, and keep your wedding guests entertained as a bonus.

We’ve rounded up some unique wedding ideas that guests would love to see at your big day, such as choosing a venue that is really you, injecting some personality into your wedding theme and décor, and raising the bar at your wedding with interactive stations your guests will love.

1. Choose a Wedding Venue that’s You

Gucci and Jacky’s Fun and Laid-Back Wedding at The Summerhouse by thegaleria Ariel and Johan’s Gorgeous Industrial Wedding at The Ahava by Andri Tei Photography

After attending countless hotel ballroom weddings, your guests would love it if you threw a celebration somewhere they’ve never been. Better yet, make it an intimate reception where they can actually talk to you instead of just admire your sparkly dress from afar. Have fun with a unique wedding like Gucci and Jacky did at The Summerhouse and Ariel and Johan at The Ahava, or check out our list of alternative wedding venues and their rates for inspiration.

2. Tell Your Story

Lyn and Ming Xian’s Exquisite Wedding at The Ritz-Carlton and Capella Singapore by Darren and Jade Photography Tina and Jacen’s Intimate Wedding at Emily Hill by 520 Library

Cookie-cutter weddings begone! These days, there are more and more opportunities for couples to tell their story and add personal touches to their weddings. Guests will be delighted to learn more about you and will enjoy interesting themes. Have fun with themes that reflect your personalities, such as Lyn and Ming Xian’s Old Shanghai and Roaring Twenties wedding, or Tina and Jacen did with their colourful outdoor wedding at Emily Hill.

3. Celebrate culture

Andrea and Samuel’s Mixed Culture Void Deck Wedding in Clementi by Just Like Magic Co. Ying Yi and Sebastian’s Cosy Wedding at The Gallery at Grand Hyatt Singapore by Tinydot Photography

Come from two different cultures? Celebrate your cultures and share them with your families and friends, as Andrea and Samuel did with their void deck wedding, with unique wedding ideas such as a lion dance, an ice cream uncle, and a chuppah to represent both Singaporean and Jewish cultures! You can also put a modern spin on Oriental style by pairing your traditional kun qua with retro round shades, or light up your wedding with a neon double happiness sign like Ying Yi and Sebastian did at their celebration.

4. Inject Some Colour

Moody Tropical Little Island Brewing Co Wedding Styled Shoot by Andri Tei Photography Zesty Modern Romance Styled Shoot at The Dempsey Cookhouse & Bar by Natalie Wong Photography

Forget blush and white weddings; inject some colour into your wedding guests’ experience with a bright and unusual colour palette. Take a leaf from our >oody Tropical Styled Shoot with dark jewelled tones, or go for bright yellow and greens like our Zesty Modern Romance Styled Shoot.

5. Install Edible Decor

Ting Ping and Edward’s Gorgeous Wedding in Capella Singapore by Antelope Studios

If there’s one thing your guests want, it’s for you to feed them! Dessert bars are a great way to inject colour and style to the whole wedding experience too. Set up a beautiful popcorn bar like Ting Ping and Edward did, so guests can snack during cocktail hour. Better yet, add a pretty donut wall with customised donuts in your wedding colours!

6. Get an Ice Cream Cart

Cara and Andy’s Ethereal, Blue-Hued Wedding at The St. Regis Singapore by Antelope Studios

Delight wedding guests young and old with an ice cream cart serving your favourite flavours like Cara and Andy did at their beautiful wedding!

7. Give Wedding Favours Guests Can Actually Use

Jocelyn and Marcus’ Gorgeous Succulent Wedding at The Rabbit Hole by Click! Photography Ting Ping and Edward’s Gorgeous Wedding in Capella Singapore by Antelope Studios

How many times have you gone to a traditional wedding and left the wedding favours behind? Nobody needs three sets of dove-shaped salt and pepper shakers! Do your guests and yourselves a favour by giving them something they’ll actually want, like these cute succulent pots at Jocelyn and Marcus’ wedding. They create a lovely display at your wedding too! Another great hit with guests is a DIY favour bar where they can create their own favours, such as a DIY floral tea bar, as Ting Ping and Edward had at their wedding.

8. Include Your Pets

Ellen and Andre’s Fun, Animal-Themed Wedding at The White Rabbit by Colossal Weddings

Cue the “Awww”s! If you’ve got a furry friend or three, and they’ve been part of your relationship almost as long as you have, it would be special indeed to involve them in your wedding, as Ellen and Andre did at their animal-themed celebration. You can be sure it will put a smile on your guests’ faces too!

9. March In to an Unusual Song

Alison and David’s Magical and Intimate Wedding at Tirtha Uluwatu Bali by Gusmank Photography.

A few years ago, all guests heard at wedding march-ins was “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri. Now, if it’s not Ed Sheeren’s “Perfect” or “Thinking Out Loud”, couples are playing “Beautiful in White” by Shane Filan. Get a little more creative and choose a song that represents the both of you! Check out our Spotify playlist for some inspiration.

10. Set Up a DIY Cocktail Bar

Michelle and William’s Beautiful and Intimate Botanico Wedding by The Beautiful Moment Photography

Get the party started with a DIY cocktail bar! Everybody loves alcohol at weddings, and a themed cocktail bar where guests can mix their own drinks adds a fun, interactive element. To share their love for Pimms, Michelle and William set up a Pimp Your Pimms bar so guests could garnish their cocktails with the fruits and herbs of their choice!

11. Host a Flower Bar

Shermaine and Kelvin’s Wild, Botanical Wedding at Chijmes by Nicolethen Studio

Who doesn’t love a good flower bar? It’s great entertainment, and looks so pretty as part of your wedding styling. Let your guests get creative at a floral bar at your wedding, which can double up as wedding favours! For inspiration, here are 13 flower bar providers in Singapore.

12. Be Eco-Conscious

Marina Bay Sands Launches New Harmony Package for the Eco-Conscious Couple

It’s not just your eco-conscious guests who will appreciate your efforts for sustainability, but also the earth! These days, it’s easier to cut down on wastage as more wedding vendors jump on board the green wagon. Start with simple things like cutting shark’s fin from your wedding menu, or repurposing your wedding solemnisation flowers and bridesmaid posies for your reception décor.

Feature image from Colours of Spring, A Romantically Vibrant Styled Shoot at The Summerhouse by La Belle Couture and Rosette Designs Co, by Multifolds Photography

All content from this article, including images, cannot be reproduced without credits or written permission from SingaporeBrides.

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10 Fun and Meaningful Activities To Entertain Your Wedding Guests

Singaporebrides | Essentials

October 2016

By Audrie Soh

Looking for ways to keep your guests occupied during your wedding? Take your pick from our list of fun and engaging activities to get your guests excited.

We know it is your wedding day but don’t forget to include your guests, both young and old, in your celebration by planning activities that they can enjoy during and throughout the wedding. Keep them entertained and engaged with these 10 brilliant activities throughout the night, from your reception all the way until the end of the celebration. Psst, some of these even double up as wedding favours or décor!

1. Photobooth

Tansey and Phil’s Elegant-Chic Wedding in Malaysia by Samimage Photography

Ever since its introduction, photobooths have become a staple at weddings islandwide and it’s easy to see why. It’s a great and fun way to keep guests of all ages busy and gift them a lovely momento of the wedding.

2. Motion Photobooth

But you know what’s even better than still images? Moving photos! Ubersnap takes photobooths to a whole new level by introducing the world’s first GIF printing service for some merry motion photobooth action. Not only are these instant Harry-Potter style prints a unique gift for your guests to take home, they can also download the app for a copy of their animated print to share on their social media.

3. DIY Tea Station

Constance and Jason’s Kaleidoscope Flower Field Hall Wedding At Gardens By The Bay by Samuel Goh Photography

A DIY bag-your-own-tea station is a cute way to give your guests something to do and talk about during your reception. Lay out a variety of tea leaves and pretty organza bags for them and leave them to pick their favourite or create their very own unique blend. Your guests can even get acquainted with each other as they pick out their tea. Plus, this doubles up as a wedding favour too. Talk about killing two (or more!) birds with one stone!

4. Food/Drink Truck

Maureen and Chuankai’s Vintage Carnival Wedding at UNA, One Rochester by Multifolds Photography

Keep your guests (and their stomachs) happy with some light refreshments as they mingle around at the reception. Instead of the usual presentation of waiters walking around with canapés in hand, hire a mini food or drink pushcart that your guests can visit for food and drinks.

5. Hire a Live Band/DJ

A Kewei and Alfred Love Duet by Tinydot Photography

Involve your guests by hiring a live band that accepts song requests so they can request for songs that they want to jive or slow dance to to keep things lively during your reception. Have your band belt out a playlist with a good mixture of oldies and trending tracks to keep both the old and young entertained in between song requests as well.

6. A Viewing Gallery

A Merry Love Story Marathon Styled Shoot by 520 Library

Give your guests something to look at with Artisan Prints’ high quality photo products, including premium soft-cover photobooks, art-gallery wall canvases and rustic wooden blocks and keepsake boxes. Create a mini photo gallery at your reception with your favourite moments assembled beautifully in one of their artisan photobooks or string the prints up on fairylights for a dreamy look.

You can even decorate your reception table with their lovely rustic wooden blocks and keepsake boxes by showcasing a handful of your most beloved moments from your pre-wedding photo session. The best part? You can take these home with you after the wedding and spruce up your new home with these lovely keepsakes of your love and wedding.

7. Message-in-a-Mason-Jar Guestbook

Jocelyn and Marcus’ Gorgeous Succulent Wedding at The Rabbit Hole by Click! Photography

Take a piece of your wedding and your guests’ well-wishes home with you after your big day by swopping the traditional guestbook for an adorable mason jar frame filled with small wooden hearts bearing happy words and blessings from your guests.

8. Caricature Drawing

Melissa and Gavin’s Cosy Wedding at Skyve Wine Bistro by Kok, freelance photographer from Seletar Broadway

An alternative way to gift guests with a ‘photo’ of themselves is to hire a caricaturist to draw their portraits while they mingle around during the reception. Go for a professional speed caricaturist who can churn out many drawings for events with a limited time like weddings to ensure that all your guests are able to have a turn at having their portraits drawn.

9. Interactive Cards

Tim and Sabrina – You Found Me by Chris Ling International Photographers

Keep your guests entertained while they’re seated at their tables in between dishes or programmes by providing them with interactive cards that can fill up with with marriage advice, baby name ideas or even romantic date-night suggestions.

10. Sandart Video

A Diving Love Story by Peeping Thom Photography

Opt for a unique sandart video in place of the usual video montage and watch your guests become enthralled as the fine grains of sand come together to tell the tale of how you met your husband and fell in love.

Credits: Feature Image from Jophia and Larry’s Mystical Origami Crane Wedding at The Joyden Hall by Caline Ng Photography // Unique Colours Creative Media

All content from this article, including images, cannot be reproduced without credits or written permission from SingaporeBrides.

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110 Wedding Entertainment Ideas To Wow Your Guests

From pimping up your prosecco to retro candy bars, comedians and circus tricks, these 110 wedding entertainment ideas are sure to wow your guests and create a party to remember.

110 Wedding Entertainment Ideas That Will WOW Your Guests

1. Fireworks

Everybody loves a dramatic display of fireworks – here’s how to plan yours.

2. Sparklers

Tone it down a notch and go for sparklers to get your guests involved! Buy your own sparklers here.  

Gather your guests around campfires or fire pits and enjoy these sweet treats. Whether a blast from the past or something new, s’mores are a winner every time.

4. Whisky bar

Curate a glamorous collection of Scotland’s finest whiskies, complete with ice, soda and glasses to serve.

5. Cigar bar

Continue reading below…

Another way to continue the gentlemanly theme is to cater your wedding with cigars complete with vintage boxes and accessories.

6. Photo Booth

Can you really have a wedding reception without one? Provide your guests with all the photo booth props they need to create those Kodak moments. 

It’s a party essential – choose a playlist that spans as many decades as your guests for a full dance floor all night long.

8. Table Chefs

Nominate a guest to become the chef and carve the meat at the table. Not simply an excellent ice breaker, this is actually an efficient way to serve the food too.


 Advice Cards

Leave an advice card with each place setting and see what words of wisdom your guests extoll.

Ideal for entertaining younger guests during the wedding breakfast, a magician can also work the room with card tricks for your drinks reception.

11. Caricaturist

For a fun take on wedding favours!

12. Live Painter

Another way to capture the magic, which you can forever treasure when hung on your wall.

13. Dove Release

This tradition might be less prevalent than your something old and your something new, but it is tradition nonetheless, and a breathtaking one at that…

14. Butterfly Release

For similar style on a smaller scale!

15. Table Trivia

Stock up on trivia cards or host a Mr & Mrs quiz to entertain guests between courses.

16. Croquet

It’s a garden game classic that comes with easy instructions, easy set up and a whole lot of fun.

Kids will love to get involved with this one! Check out Sid & Olive for a gorgeously vintage range of garden games, from rustic ring toss to skittles and, of course, several sizes of Jenga. They also offer a beautiful range of decorations, signs and lighting to hire…

18. Pets at Weddings

Perhaps your dog will be your ring bearer, or maybe your new puppy will join you after the ceremony. Any which way, we’re sure your guests will love to cuddle furry friends on the day.

19. Giant Chess

Thanks to its size, this game is fun and functional, zoning the different outdoor spaces for drinks, photos and play.

20. Bouncy Castle

Embrace your inner child!

21. Space Hoppers

May we refer you to the previous point? Purchase some space hoppers and watch the madness unfold. 

22. Picnics

Embrace the trend for relaxed, rustic weddings and dine alfresco. Pack up hampers of charcuterie, freshly baked bread, cheese, salads and drinks to serve up a low-key feast.

23. Birds of Prey

For a more dramatic entertainment option, why not take to the skies? You don’t have to do this literally – simply enlist the help of your local birds of prey centre, and have a golden eagle soar or an owl swoop past.

24. Bake off

A budget friendly and interactive way to fill your dessert table for less! Guests will love to be involved. It’s a lovely touch to give out prizes, medals or awards for the best bakes at the end.

25. Awards Ceremony

Host one during your speeches and cover as many people as possible… from the best-dressed guest to the best man.

26. Couple’s Cocktails

Make your pitcher perfect with adorable paper straws, Mason Jar cups and garnishes galore.

27. Pimp Your Prosecco bar

Because there’s only one thing better than prosecco, and that’s prosecco with extras! Pimp your drinks with Popaball’s fruity bursting bubbles and drink shimmers. Simply add a spoon of fruity bubbles to your fizz, or watch your tipple transform with Popaball’s drink shimmers.

28. Ice Cream Stall

This one’s perfect for summer weddings. Having a vintage theme? Hire an old-school ice cream cart rather than a modern-day van to enhance the vibe.

Kerrie Mitchell Photography

29. Cake Buffet

Simply ask your nearest and dearest to bake and bring, to stock up a cake buffet fit for a king!

30. Sweet Cart

A sweet cart offers a satisfying finish to your evening buffet and can continue to be picked at throughout the night. Sweet bags can also double-up as your wedding favours that appeal to kids and adults alike. Opt for a family-run business like, Sweetheart Moments, as they’ll tailor the glassware, decor and sweets to your colour and wedding theme.

31. String Quartet

If your budget will stretch a little further, the enchanting notes of a string quartet such as Status Cymbal, will give your ceremony so much atmosphere. There’s nothing quite as romantic as your procession music played by a professional string quartet. 

One of the most romantic sounds of all time, harpists are perfect for ceremonies and sophisticated drinks receptions.

33. Opera Singers

One of our featured couples recently had opera singers as she walked down the aisle. We think they’d make a dramatic feature at a drinks reception, too.

34. Jazz Band

One of the easiest ways to ensure a packed dance floor is to choose a genre that people just can’t help but dance to. A live band like Oompah Brass are a sure-fire way of getting your guests up on their feet. Read our guide on how to choose a band for your wedding.

Oompah Brass

35. Casino

One for the grown-ups! You’ll find many hire options, from roulette wheels to cards tables and more.

36. Fancy Dress

Now we’re not saying fancy dress is the best wedding dress code, but it does make for great fun in a photo booth.

37. Comedian

Make your guests laugh with the help of a comedian, who can entertain you during the wedding breakfast.

38. Karaoke

Save this one for later in the night and you’re bound to get even more brilliant, hilarious and enthusiastic results!

39. Mr & Mrs Quiz

Just how well do your guests really know you? It’s time to find out with this wedding entertainment idea!


Ballroom Dancing

If you love all things grand but don’t want to be the star of the show, ask other couples to join you for a traditional waltz.

41. Ceilidh

Whether you’re Scottish or not, ceilidhs are one of the best wedding entertainment ideas to get all of your guests involved. Plus, they’re not something that everyone will have seen before.

42. Fire Breathers

While we absolutely love them, you might well have already attended a wedding with a fireworks display. Choose fire breathers, on the other hand, and you’re sure to stand out.

43. Circus Show

For wedding entertainment ideas that you don’t see every day, look to the circus. You could hire all manner of performers to put on your very own big day circus show.

44. Fairground Rides

Tying the knot in a venue with expansive, rolling grounds? You could hire a ferris wheel to make your guests smile and take some super cute snaps.

45. Singing Waiters

These are the go-to performers for a surprise during your wedding breakfast. You guessed it… one minute they’re serving Bellinis, the next they’re belting out a ballad! We recommend The Three Waiters. With 11,000 shows under their belt, they’re sure to make your wedding surprise go without a hitch.

46. Confetti Canons

Give your first dance the wow factor with a shower of colourful confetti. Give your guests the fun of setting them off with these confetti canons. 

47. Lights Show

If you’re including up-lighting in your venue decor, you could ask the lighting gurus to create a custom light show too, so that, come evening, your dancing gets a buzzing backdrop of colour.

48. Surprise Talents

Add an element of surprise to your entertainment ideas for your wedding. Maybe you’re a secret rock goddess? Or your husband has always dreamed of DJing… We’re taking inspiration from our featured couples on this one, who we’ve seen do everything from sing during the ceremony to play in the band at night and even a dressmaker who also DJs!


Flash mob

Not limited to dance routines (although they’re an ace option), your maid of honour could coordinate a surprise sing-a-long during the speeches, or your bridal party could join you for a surprise first dance routine.

50. Choreographed Routine

Dance lessons won’t just help you look great on the day, they’ll also help you to relax and enjoy your first dance. Take this quiz to find your first dance song.

51. Piñata

You could match it to your theme. Think a suitcase piñata for a travel-themed wedding, or a giant rose for a more traditional big day. Or you can opt for a classic wedding pinata like this one. 

52. Sack Races

These will only become more fun as the party progresses! Be sure to purchase adult sized hessian sacks. 

53. Welly Hurling

Tying the knot in a rural area? Embrace your countryside setting with a series of countryside games, starting with a Wellington boot throwing competition.


54. Hook-a-duck

Or, why not hire in fairground icons for a dash of nostalgic fun for all ages? You can’t go wrong with a classic like hook-a-duck.

55. Balloon Artists

Here’s one for the little ones! While you might have giant balloons for photo props, hire in a balloon artist to create equally exciting balloon entertainment for children at your wedding.

56. Face Paint

Another one for smaller guests. Create a dedicated face paint area to amuse the kids. Just make sure they know that under no circumstances can the face paint transfer onto anyone’s outfits, not least your dress.

57. Glitter bar

Festival weddings and glitter bars go hand in hand. Coordinate the colours to your bridal party outfits so everyone stays stylish, if you like. Try and be a little more conscious of the environment and opt for biodegradable glitter. 

58. Finger Print Guest Book

Interactive although a little messy, create a guest book that couldn’t be more personal.

59. Advice Cards and Predictions

An alternative to place names that will keep guests busy, why not invite them to share their words of wisdom for your marriage, or to guess when your next landmark moments might be.

60. Clay Pigeon Shooting

Who’d have thought this was even an option for wedding entertainment? One of our featured grooms recently proved us wrong, choosing this as his favourite entertainment option for the big day.

61. Afternoon tea

Mismatched crockery, bite-sized bakes and yet more bubbly – what’s not to love about an Afternoon Tea?

62. Pass the Parcel

Take a trip down memory lane as you revisit all those birthday parties of your earliest years. You could do a gift per table for a fun twist on favours.

64. Treasure Hunt

Another of our entertainment ideas with nostalgia! Leave clues around your venue’s grounds to keep guests busy. You could theme the treasure hunt around local myths, tales from your time together or even the venue’s history.

65. Disco With a Difference

Compile a playlist from family and friend’s requests – ask them to each RSVP with a song. While you’re at it, add these 10 party songs to your wedding mix tape too.

66. Video

Why not swap a traditional videographer for a package with Shoot It Yourself? Give your guests the camera and let them film your big day for you.

67. Dance-off Competition

This one’s for later in the night, and one for all ages!

68. Foodie Favours

All that dancing can be quite demanding. Help your guests refuel with cookie favours.

69. DIY Cocktails

Serve a range of spirits, mixers and garnishes to rival even the best-stocked bars, then let your guests get stuck in.

70. Chocolate Fountain

Gooey and delicious, serve strawberries, marshmallows and biscuits to coat in chocolate. Save this one for after the photographs though, just in case. Buy your own chocolate fountain here. 

71. Waffle Stand

A simple sweet treat that can be cooked in minutes and customised with toppings to your heart’s content.

72. Burrito bar

Spice up your evening buffet with a Mexican masterpiece and your food will be remembered.

73. Burger Station

Go for luxury, serving buffalo or steak burgers with sumptuous garnishes like stilton…

74. Gin bar

One of the trendiest tipples right now, ultra cool gin bars are popping up across the country. Will one appear at your wedding, too?

75. Live Band

Whatever genre you’re into, nothing beats the experience of music played live.

76. Confetti Balloons

Pop them as the night draws to a close and shower your final dance in confetti!

77. Animals

One of our favourite wedding venues, Gwel an Mor in Cornwall, has resident reindeer, foxes and birds! Give younger guests the chance to meet and greet animals for entertainment they’ll remember.

78. Coconut shy

This is super easy to set up and a game guests of all ages can enjoy.

79. Bouquet Throw

Or embrace tradition and throw your bouquet for a single lady to catch!


Table Charades

It’s a family favourite at Christmas and New Year, so why not your wedding party too?

81. Champagne on Wheels

Vintage vans, converted horse boxes, quaint carts… your fizz can be delivered in all kind of forms. We’re fans of them all, so long as it comes perfectly chilled.

82. Rocking Wedding Dance Routines

Whether your bridesmaids surprise you with a pre-planned number, or your guests hotfoot it onto the dance floor for the Cha Cha Slide, dance routines are always heaps of fun.

83. Drummers

Vibrant and rhythmic, people won’t be able to resist dancing to the beat of these drums.

84. Duck Racing

A Great British classic, perfect for countryside weddings.

85. Maypole Dancing

Charming and traditional, your guests will love to watch this dance.

86. Guess who?

Leave cards on each table to give guests a game to play between courses.

87. Vodka Luge

Impressive ice sculpture meets alcoholic beverage in statement style – this is definitely one of our favour catering and entertainment ideas for weddings.  

Like this? You’ll love…

88. Doughnut Tower

Delicious, decadent and easy for guests to grab between songs, doughnuts will always go down a treat.

89. Silent Disco

Worried about there not being enough variety in the music? Want to carry on the celebrations into the wee hours of the morning without prolonging the noise?!

Silent Noize has your problem solved! With 3 channels to choose from you can be sure to satisfy every taste from younger sibling to Nan and Granddad with their unique Silent Disco experience. Grab your headphones and keep dancing!

90. Steel Pans

Whether you’re getting married abroad or at home, give your wedding entertainment a destination flair, with the cheerful tunes of steel pans played live.

91. Wedding Crackers

A fun twist on the festive tradition!

92. Easy Origami

Your guests can get crafty creating pretty paper cranes.

93. Line Dancing

Great for getting all your guests involved and giving your party atmosphere.

94. Slideshows

Everyone is there for you two, so make them laugh with slideshows of photos, showing you at every age.

95. Silhouette Artist

A lovely keepsake to remember the day by, and great fun while they pose.

96. Pamper Packs

Leave a selection of products in baskets in each bathroom so your guests can feel fresh and fabulous.

97. Champagne Tower

Glamorous, sophisticated and totally decadent, this one’s perfect for budget-blowing brides.

98. Candyfloss Stand

Embrace the fun of the fair with spun sugar treats.

99. Father-Daughter Dance

A classic we’re borrowing from across the pond, fill your venue with ‘awws’ as you dance with your dad.

Credit: Shuttershock

More alternative wedding entertainment ideas

100. Juke box

Let your guests take control of the dance floor!

101. Celebrity Lookalikes

Who doesn’t want a bit of red carpet glamour for their big day?


Horse and Carriage

Traditional and still totally fun, enjoy your moment feeling like royalty with a ride in a horse drawn carriage.

103. Helicopter Arrival

Wow your guests by flying from ceremony to reception, so long as there’s space for you to land.

104. Boat Trip

Take your drinks reception to the water!

105. Wine Tasting

You’ve chosen wines for each course, so why not make an event of it, with waiters introducing each bottle?

106. Midnight Feast

A great twist on the evening buffet if you plan to tie the knot later in the day, or if you’ll be dancing ’til dawn.

107. Popcorn Stand

Because freshly popped popcorn is pretty hard to beat…

108. Hangover kit

While this may not be one of the most exciting entertainment ideas for weddings, you and your guests can party harder, safe in the knowledge that you’ll be well looked after in the morning. 

Buy your hangover kits here. 


Talent Show

Do your guests have any hidden talents that could enhance your entertainment? Create a line-up of acts and let them take centre stage so everyone has fun.

110. Tribute Band

If you’re serious super fans of a certain band, hire a tribute act for a party you’ll love. Here’s everything you need to know to book a band for your wedding.


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7 fun wedding reception entertainment ideas

Food, music and entertainment – the 3 main aspects that every wedding reception should have. However, if you’re looking to change things up by involving your guests in the entertainment instead of getting entertainment for them, here are some ideas that will have your guests laughing a little louder and leaving with more meaningful memories of your wedding.  

Song and dance
Instead of the usual table number assignments, give each table a song title. Throughout the reception, if the song gets played, everyone sitting at that table will have to stand up and dance. 

Not only will this keep everyone on their toes, but it will also allow them to show off their dance moves, and entertain your other guests. You can even offer prizes to the table with the most creative moves or to the table with the most team-spirit. It’ll definitely give your guests and you a wonderful memory! 

Instead of getting a band or any other sort of music entertainment, set up a karaoke system and keep each other entertained! There’s no better way to interact with your guests than with karaoke. Not only will this create a wonderful atmosphere, but it will also give your guests something more to look forward to. 

A tip to consider: include a song request slip together with your wedding invitations to gather song requests as well as inform guests that they have to participate! 

Fill-in-the-blanks Cards
Print fill-in-the-blank cards for advice from your guests on love and married life. For example: “My best advice: On your first anniversary, don’t forget to ____.” You can always customise the card however you want and replace the content with anything you want instead of advice. 

Throughout the reception, get your emcee to pick random guests to read off their cards for everyone to know what they said or get your guests to place their cards in a collection box and throughout the reception, either your spouse or you can pick out a random card to read from. 

Bride and Groom trivia 
Create a trivia based on both your spouse and yourself and get your emcee to select random guests to play along. To make things more interesting, ensure that only the groom’s side can answer questions about the bride and vice-versa. Create questions with levels of difficulties to include as many guests as possible. For example, come up with questions about your growing up years for your family members to play and another set of questions of your teenage years for both family and friends! 

Puzzle Menu
Just like ice-breaker games that we used to play in school, this can act as an ice-breaker game for your guests. Print out your menu and cut them up into puzzled shaped pieces. For your guests to know the full menu and its description, they will have to work together as a table to put these pieces together. To make things more interesting, you can even make it into a competition. 

I spy 
This activity has more benefit for your spouse and you rather than your guests. For this activity, you can place a list of items your guests should capture with their own camera and upload it and add your wedding hashtag. This will give you the chance to see your wedding from your guest’s point of view and it will also give them something exciting to look forward to. 

Examples of what you can include are, an adult and child dancing, a kiss, someone laughing, someone eating, etc. the list can go on and on. 

Usually, when the dance floor is opened, most guests might be too shy to start it off. In order to encourage them to have fun, start a dance off by gathering a group of friends to start or you can start the dance off as a couple. One way to make it interesting and to ensure everyone participates is to incorporate the rules of “catch” into this. For example, after the current dancer finishes, she/he will point to a person and the selected person will have to go up next to dance.

By: Veronica Francis

57 Wedding Venues in Singapore to Suit your Wedding Theme in 2021

Your perfect wedding day celebration starts with a dream wedding venue, setting the scene for your memorable once in a lifetime milestone. Our sunny island of Singapore may be a tiny red dot on the world map, but it houses plenty of beautiful and exquisite wedding venues to choose from. Scouring the island and internet for inspiration, we came up with a curated list of 57 Best Wedding Venues in Singapore for 2021, sorted by varying wedding themes for your convenience. Be it romantic beach wedding venues, tropical garden wedding venues, or rustic restaurant venues, we are pretty sure you will be able to find your dream wedding venue here.

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This article was last updated on 20 October 2021.

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53 Wedding Venues in Singapore to Suit your Wedding Theme in 2021

Unique Wedding Venues

1. Tipi Tent at Night Safari
Incredibly unique wildlife experience on your wedding day

The Tipi Tent at Night Safari, is the perfect venue for couples who are looking for a unique, fun, and meaningful place to exchange vows and tie the knot. In addition to your beloved family and friends, you will be surrounded by approximately 900 enchanting animals in the 35-hectare park on one of the most important days of your life. 

Your esteemed guests will be treated to a chartered tram ride to the Tipi Tent, and will be able to enjoy the lush flora and fauna in the massive park. With the help of Night Safari’s friendly animal presenters, they will be able to meet and take photos with the park’s enigmatic animals, truly experiencing an unforgettable night with wildlife.

Romantic 4-course Western dinner under the moonlit sky

A colonial-styled tent situated in the middle of the secret Night Safari lake campsite, the Tipi Tent feels like a dream for the true romantic. What we especially love about the setup is that the couple and guests would be welcomed by a fairy-lit pathway, leading into a magnificent courtyard where you can exchange vows, under the stars. 

It is even made better by the presence of your loved ones and the world’s most fascinating animals all around you. After the wedding ceremony, get ready to indulge in a sumptuous 4-course curated Western dinner, complete with dessert and free-flow wine

Your wedding comes with Conservation Included 

Mandai Wildlife Reserve is home to almost a thousand animal species — over a quarter of which are endangered. By holding your wedding at the Night Safari, you are also helping to protect wildlife and biodiversity. This is because a portion of the revenue goes into supporting wildlife conservation projects in Singapore and across Southeast Asia.

Wedding packages and rates:
  • Rates from S$5,888+ per package for 20 persons, limit to 40 guests
  • Package includes:
    • Complimentary “Wild Snaps” package for photo ops with the animals
    • Exclusive usage of Tipi Tent
    • 4-course Western set dinner menu
    • Complimentary free flow of house wine & soft drinks throughout dinner
    • Banquet set-up, logistics, and sound system
    • 20 minutes animal appearance
    • Chartered private tram for guests
    • Admission to Night Safari
  • Please contact Mandai Wildlife Group and quote “MWGWV21”  to know about the rates and full inclusions of their services.

2. Forest Lodge at Singapore Zoo
Intimate naturalistic lodge amidst lush rainforest

Nestled in the heart of Singapore Zoo, the gorgeous Forest Lodge offers the wonders of nature and wildlife on your special day. This inviting wedding venue is set in a rainforest environment and decked in warm shades of wood, providing a distinct convivial setting and resort-like vibe for your wedding. 

If you and your partner are looking for a venue surrounded by blooming flora and fauna, the Forest Lodge is the perfect venue for you. Nothing beats a fine dining experience amidst a lush rainforest

What’s great about the Forest Lodge is that it can accommodate up to 90 guests, making it much more spacious than the Tipi Tent. 

Wild gastronomic experience for you and your guests

The ultimate wildlife wedding experience at Forest Lodge is completed with exquisite gastronomic spreads from the renowned chefs in the area. Be it Western or Chinese cuisines, your palate will surely be satisfied with the palatable 4-course set menu included in the package. To add more enjoyment to your event, every wedding package comes with complimentary free-flow wine and soft drinks for everyone.

Your wedding comes with Conservation Included

Mandai Wildlife Reserve is home to almost a thousand animal species — over a quarter of which are endangered. By holding your wedding at the Singapore Zoo, you are also helping to protect wildlife and biodiversity. This is because a portion of the revenue goes into supporting wildlife conservation projects in Singapore and across Southeast Asia.

Wedding packages and rates:
  • Rates from S$7,688+ per package for 40 persons, limit to 90 guests
  • Package includes:
    • Complimentary “Wild Snaps” package for photo ops with the animals
    • Exclusive usage of Forest Lodge
    • Choice of a sumptuous Western or Chinese set dinner menu
    • Complimentary free flow of house wine, beer & soft drinks throughout dinner
    • Banquet set-up, logistics, and audio-visual system
    • Admission to Singapore Zoo
  • Please contact Mandai Wildlife Group and quote “MWGWV21”  to know about the rates and full inclusions of their services.

For karaoke lovers, what better place to tie the knot than a KTV cafe to commemorate the lovely singing sessions with your partner? Moreover, the 7th Heaven KTV & Cafe offers high value for money packages, ensuring that you save more on your wedding expenses. What’s cost-effective is that your spending on their 8-course buffet package, alcohol, and decoration package goes towards the minimum spend required for the venue usage. Hence, you do not have to pay any venue booking fees at all! Should you be looking for a smaller venue, their VIP room is also up for booking with a seating capacity of 30 pax (current regulation restricted to 20 pax).

  • Minimum spend of $2,000 for afternoon session,
  • $2,500 for Sun to Thu night session,
  • $3,000 for Fri and Sat night session
  • Package includes 4-hour usage of venue, 8-course buffet, free flow soft drinks and hot tea, karaoke system (subject to government’s regulation), and pool table at $1 per game
  • Email them for more information

4. Ocean Gallery at S.E.A. Aquarium, for a unique ocean wonderland wedding with an incredible marine backdrop

With thousands of marine animals witnessing your wedding ceremony, you will definitely be the talk of the town holding your lavish wedding in the Ocean Gallery at S.E.A. Aquarium. A truly unique and one-of-a-kind in one of the best Singapore wedding venues, a true wedding of a lifetime indeed!

Other notable mentions include:

5. Universal Studios Singapore

6. Royal Albatross

7. The Ahava

Intimate Wedding Venues


Lloyd’s Inn, for a tranquil alfresco poolside celebration amidst nature

One of the latest additions to Singapore’s outdoor solemnisation venues, Lloyd’s Inn provides the ideal setting for a romantic minimalist, and nature-themed celebration. Surrounded by lush foliage and soothing sounds of nature, you can exchange your vows on a tranquil alfresco poolside deck. With intimate weddings now in trend, Lloyd’s Inn’s maximum capacity of 30 pax is perfect for couples seeking a private ceremony with closer family members and friends.

Partnering with experienced wedding stylist Keira Floral, you can expect your ceremony to look nothing short of stunning and gorgeous. Featuring botanical, burgundy and pastel colour themes with varying floral and tiffany chair options, you can even customise your theme to your heart’s desire.  Email Lloyd’s Inn for more information or check out their solemnisation packages here.

Have a foodie as your partner? You can even add on food bowls and cold-pressed juice by Masterchef Singapore finalist, Sharon Gonzago!

Quote “The Wedding Vow” to enjoy 10% off venue rental >

Restaurant Wedding Venues

Fresh, live seafood full of Asian flavours for a delectable reception meal

Ever since Red House Seafood first opened their restaurant doors in 1976, they have always focused on the provenance, freshness, and quality of ingredients, be it for just a simple meal or lavish full courses for weddings. Through the years, they have housed countless stunning celebrations and accumulated many regulars due to their delicious cuisine and attentive service.

What’s great about the Red House Seafood is that it showcases the best of Singaporean cuisine with time-honoured and well-loved signature favourites for a scrumptious meal for both locals and overseas guests. Each bite douses your tastebuds with freshness and rich, authentic Asian flavour. With fresh seafood sourced from sustainable suppliers, they whip up scrumptious dishes inspired by the taste of Nanyang flavours. Everything on their menu is mouthwatering; they have prawns, crabs, abalone, lobster, live marble goby, vegetable platters, desserts, and many more!

Stunning venues with intimate ambiance

The unique thing about Red House Seafood is that they offer three unique wedding venues. We love how they offer flexibility in choosing a venue, so you can pick one that perfectly fits your preferences. You can exchange your vows at the elegant Red House Seafood Grand Copthorne, revel among the bustle of Singapore River as you dine at the Red House Seafood Clarke Quay, or you can bask in the cosy storied shophouse at the Red House Seafood Prinsep Street. Whichever you pick, it will definitely be a memorable intimate moment with your loved ones.

Complete wedding packages and attentive services

Every wedding package offered features everything that you’d need to carry out a successful and merry reception. They offer fresh floral decorations, private rooms for tea ceremonies, and a model wedding cake for the cake-cutting ceremony. Moreover, they also provide a bottle of bubbly for the toasting ceremonyfree-flowing beverages (soft drinks & Chinese tea), and each table is guaranteed to have a bottle of house wine. They even provide a barrel of beer for your guests and offer a corkage waiver for all duty paid & sealed hard liquor!

Wedding packages and rates:
  • Rates from $988++ to $1288++ (per table of 10 guests)*
  • Venues:
    • Clarke Quay: for up to 200 persons
    • Grand Copthorne: for up to 100 persons
    • Prinsep Street: for up to 100 persons
  • Please contact Red House Seafood to know about the rates and full inclusions of their services.

*Rates are only valid for weddings confirmed by 30 June 2021. Weddings confirmed after 30 June 2021 are subjected to new menus and prices.

Red House Seafood Promotion:
Enjoy $56 nett off per table for new weddings to be held by 31 December 2021
  • This promotion is valid till 31 August 2021
  • Venue viewings are available at Red House Seafood Grand Copthorne on 9 August 2021, Monday, from 11 am to 4 pm.
  • For enquiries or to book an appointment for the viewing, please email Nicole at [email protected]

Aside from the celebration of love, what makes every wedding special is the convivial feast with the most important people in the couple’s lives. Should you wish to serve your family and friends with a guaranteed heartwarming feast, be sure to check out Yàn Cantonese Cuisine. True to its name – the Chinese word Yàn 宴, this dreamy, modern venue honours the love and togetherness of everyone, providing you with a meaningful space for your dream wedding.

Located on the fifth floor of the City Hall rooftop within the iconic National Gallery Singapore, your guests can enjoy both a wonderful view and a gratifying meal in this 2,700 square feet venue.

Lovingly crafted signature dishes

While their menu consists mostly of authentic Cantonese meals, Yàn Cantonese Cuisine also features other flavourful dishes made from diverse, premium ingredients. As they strongly believe in the core principles and discipline of traditional cooking, the provenance of the ingredients are highly considered. With this, you can expect that all dishes will not only tantalise your taste buds but also touch your hearts. Yàn Cantonese Cuisine offers plenty of packages to choose from based on your budget. You can freely customise the menu to your heart’s content.

Stylish cocktail bar Smoke & Mirrors for after-parties and photo-ops

What we absolutely love about Yàn is that they offer a sister venue, a stylish cocktail bar known as Smoke & Mirrors. It sits atop the sixth floor of the City Hall, just above Yàn, boasting a spectacular panoramic view of the Marina Bay city skyline, as well as some of Singapore’s most iconic sights. What’s great is that as part of your wedding arrangements with Yàn, you get an additional bonus for photo taking opportunities!

From a breezy alfresco solemnisation to an after-party celebration on the indoor lounge, the spacious and stylish Smoke & Mirrors bar allows for the most memorable celebration in your lifetime. You can treat your guests to a free-flow drink package that we all know everybody loves. At the same time, you can ask them to shake up a custom cocktail to toast with at Yàn or as a take-home wedding favour for all your guests. You definitely have to check this one out!

Wedding Packages and Rates:

Established all the way back in 1953, Straits Chinese Nonya Restaurant has had its secret recipes handed down through three generations, preserving the distinctive taste of authentic Peranakan cuisine. The oldest Nonya restaurant in Singapore, Straits Chinese Nonya Restaurant ensures that its high standards for food are consistently met by using only the freshest of ingredients and carefully selected spices. It has served many dignitaries and celebrities through its long history and is also featured in the Michelin Guide Singapore Edition for four consecutive years.

Boasting over 67 years of experience, we are pretty sure your wedding guests will find themselves revelling in the delectable Peranakan dishes, with their Ayam Buah Keluak, Ikan Assam Pedas, Pan Fried Dry Laksa and Nonya Otah Otah being highly recommended. Straits Chinese Nonya Restaurant features five wedding thematic packages, coupled with six to ten Nonya course menus. These packages include a complete layout with warmers, tables, tablecloths and skirting, a full set of disposable dining wares, and more. What more, their outlets can be transformed into a beautiful heritage Peranakan wedding venue for up to 300 pax as well.

Check out Straits Chinese Nonya Restaurant for your wedding >

12. Candlenut, for a contemporary, oriental wedding venueImage from Singapore Brides

Taking on a contemporary approach to Straits-Chinese cuisine, Candlenut is the world’s first Michelin-starred Peranakan restaurant. With the exquisite lighting decor adding a lovely touch to weddings, this wedding venue is definitely a big plus, especially for Peranakan food lovers!

13. Monti at 1-Pavilion, for a picturesque bayfront wedding venue

Image from The Beautiful Moment Photography

If your dream of a wedding dream is glamorous, stylish, and luxurious, Monti Pavilion has to be your choice. Monti Pavilion is a waterfront restaurant located in Marina Bay, with a view overlooking the stunning view of the city skyline. With its luxurious setting, saying “I do” witnessed by your guests will be an unforgettable experience. Afterwards, indulge your guests in gastronomic Italian-Tuscan fare by their top-notch chefs who use a detailed-orientated approach that capture the soul of Italy’s diverse culture. To cheer the night, throw up a glamorous after-party at its dazzling indoor lounge.

Image from Singapore Brides

Located in Dempsey Road, the Dempsey Cookhouse and Bar offers a perfect choice for special wedding day spice up with world-class cuisine. It’s the world-renowned Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s who led the restaurant with his legendary touch, pampering your guests with contemporary Asian-inspired European fare. The elegant and modern setting room can hold up to 100 guests, leaving a lasting impression for anyone who witnesses your sacred moment.

Other notable mentions include:

15. Sinfonia Ristorante

Read More: Top 10 Popular Restaurant Wedding Venues in Singapore >>

Hotel Wedding Venues

Colossal wedding venue for a grand, massive wedding

Experience the grand wedding of your dreams with the Orchard Hotel Singapore. At this wedding  venue, you do not have to worry about fitting all your guests in a cramped hall as its colossal pillarless Grand Ballroom boasts a total capacity of 100 tables that can accommodate up to 1,000 wedding guests. Add in the impressive orchid-inspired chandeliers and draping lights to the equation, coupled with floor-to-ceiling LED walls and HD audio-visual experience, and you can expect an elegant, visual feast for your guests. Should you have specific requests for your venue, do not hesitate to contact their team of experienced wedding consultants .

Exquisite Cantonese cuisine to tantalise your esteemed guests’ taste buds

Orchard Hotel Singapore provides delightful culinary setups that can cater to all palates and diet, including a Halal-certified spread. But what makes them simply one of the best is their selection of fine Cantonese dishes in the award-winning Hua Ting Restaurant.  Headed by Masterchef Lap Fai, their dedicated culinary team will provide you and your guests an 8-course set of familiar and authentic flavours for a true gastronomic experience.

Luxurious post-wedding experience

The grand experience does not end at the wedding reception alone. After all, newly wed couples deserve to relax and enjoy their first night being married. After the wedding, retreat in the luxurious bridal suite complete with a special bed set, turn down service, and other premium amenities.

2021 Wedding Packages and Rates:
  • Classic Lunch Package from S$1,338
  • Gold Dinner Package from S$1,338
  • Signature Dinner Package from S$1,588
  • For more enquiries, contact them here

Extensive resources available to cater to Chinese, Malay and Indian weddings

A place where contemporary and traditional merge into a seamless blend, the Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium offers extensive resources and experience in organising beautiful Chinese, Malay and Indian weddings. Home to 13 versatile ballrooms the hotel serves a wide variety of cuisines to serve your wedding guests true gastronomic pleasure.

Award-winning cuisine 

What’s great about having your dream wedding at the Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium is that they have experience in all sorts of cultural weddings. They offer halal-certified set menus, and also feature vegetarian and gala sets for classic Indian themed weddings. Moreover, their Xin Cuisine Chinese Restaurant offers an award-winning Cantonese spread that will satisfy you and your esteemed guests in every bite. With all these wedding dinner choices, it’s no surprise that this hotel has been awarded Best Wedding Dinner Menu (4-star) in 2018 and 2019, and Best Wedding Dinner Venue (4-star) in 2018 by Her World Brides.

Experienced wedding specialists at your service

Your wedding day marks the next chapter of your life, and every couple hopes to make it as magical as possible. The Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium boasts a dedicated team of weddings and solemnisation specialists to ensure that your wedding is one for the books. Invite your guests to a cultural delight by honouring traditional weddings  – choose from Chinese, Malay, and Indian themes and fully impress everyone. From venue designs to the delectable cuisine, their wedding team will transform your dream wedding into reality. Check out their wedding brochures for more information.

Wedding packages and rates:
  • Chinese set menu starts at $1098 nett per table for an 8-course meal
  • Western set menu starts at $88 per person
  • Halal-certified Malay wedding set menu starts from $58 per person
  • Full-course Indian vegetarian set menu starts at $78 per person
  • For more details, request for a proposal here

18. Oasia Hotel Novena, for intimate and idyllic weddings

With beautifully designed spaces that feature elements of nature, Oasia Hotel Novena offers an ideal setting for your outdoor solemnisation and intimate reception needs. Coupled with the hotel’s thoughtful and intuitive service, their dedicated team will make your wedding dreams come true.

Say ‘I Do’ at the Garden Gazebo for a sun-drenched daytime or candlelit sunset solemnisation or be surrounded by water features and a tree garden at The Fountain Foyer for a private solemnisation. Be immersed amid the calming serenity of The Courtyard for an intimate reception of up to 120 guests with pastel-hued florals amidst the natural greenery.

Value adding with themed and customisable wedding packages to suit various preferences, one can opt for Oasia Hotel Novena’s Rustic Chic or Vintage Glamour wedding themes. Each wedding package includes a choice of 4-course western set menu or a buffet, one complimentary bottle of wine per table, a complimentary 2D1n stay in a Bridal Suite with breakfast for two, up to 2 choices of wedding favours for guests and more. With a dedicated team of thoughtful wedding experts, we’re sure that your wedding will be a unique and enjoyable one!

Wedding Packages and Rates:

Check out Oasia Hotel Novena for your wedding >

Image from Bridestory

Having a significant number of guests is not a problem at W Singapore, its enchanting premier wedding hall the Great Room can hold up to 540 guests who’ll witness the big day. With the luxurious designs coupled with dazzling lights, the spacious hall offers various ranges of wedding themes to celebrate your wedding. Be it extravagant, glamour, fun, simple, or chic can be accommodated by their professional and innovative planner team. Want a post-wedding rejuvenation? Enjoy your relaxing day with your new wife/husband at the luxurious suite that redefines sensual sophistication and charming view of the Sentosa Cove.

Other notable mentions include:

20. Capella Singapore

21. Grand Hyatt Singapore

22. PARKROYAL on Pickering

23. The Fullerton Hotel

24. The Ritz Carlton Millenia Singapore

25. The St. Regis Singapore

26. Raffles Singapore

27. Andaz Singapore

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Poolside Wedding Venues

28. Mandarin Oriental, for a lush poolside wedding venueImage from Mandarin Oriental

Satisfy your luxurious lifestyle by having an extravagant wedding at the Mandarin Oriental, Singapore’s 5-star hotel in Marina Bay. Whether you prefer an intimate wedding or an unrivalled lavish wedding, the Mandarin Oriental has various rooms for you. Its pillarless Oriental Ballroom featuring stunning chandeliers and luxurious handcrafted fabrics décor couple with two pre-function rooms to welcome your guests can host up to 500 guests. For peace of mind planning your big day and relaxing honeymoon to savour after the wedding, get their Weddings and Honeymoon by Mandarin Oriental.

Other notable mentions include:

29. Cloud 9 Infinity Pool & Bar @ Naumi Hotels

30. Goodwood Park Hotel

31. Park Hotel Clarke Quay

Garden Wedding Venues

32. The Great Ballroom, for a sophisticated and modern wedding venue in the heart of the city

Begin your once in a lifetime and unforgettable journey at The Great Ballroom! Nestled next to the tranquil Pearl’s Hill City Park in Chinatown, The Great Ballroom is the ideal wedding venue providing great value for money, offering a gorgeous ballroom for your wedding lunch or dinner and a stunning garden exterior for your solemnisation.

Its enchanting, lush greenery garden exterior exudes warmth and elegance, contributing to a magical solemnisation experience. What’s great about The Great Ballroom is that it is one of the most versatile events venues in Singapore, as you can dress it up according to the theme of your wedding, or simply use its refined interiors for a simple and modest celebration. Check out the various wedding themes in their gallery.

What we like about The Great Ballroom is that it offers Chinese, Malay, and Indian wedding packages that will help make your wedding preparations a whole lot easier and more convenient. With rates from $788 (10 pax) to $1,588 (10 pax) for Chinese weddings, they definitely cater for couples with varying budgets. 

Packages include usage of LCD projector and projector screen, usage of stage, basic sound system and 2 wireless microphones, choice of decorations, printing of wedding invitation cards, wedding door gifts for the guests, complimentary room at Hotel Re with a bottle of complimentary champagne for the wedding couple.

Image from Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa

Amara Sanctuary Resort offers various wedding venues that are most desirable in Singapore. Apart from a plethora of choices, the Glass Pavilion, known as the Glass Chapel, is one of the best. Imagine marrying your lover in the luxurious venue surrounded by a tranquil 3.8-hectare lush tropical garden, couples with antique chapel bell and a calming waterfall view. Post-wedding rejuvenation after stressful planning days is granted as you can enjoy special days with your loved one in its 5-stars rooms.

34. The Halia, for a lush garden wedding venueImage from The Halia Garden

Saying the “I do” moment in The Halia located in amidst one-hectare Ginger Garden of the Singapore Botanic Garden can be a fresh start to your marriage. You can expect your guests to enjoy its tranquil ambience with stunning foliage, colourful flowers thrive, and decades-old majestic palm trees stand like sentries. After the solemnization at its beautiful garden, indulge your guests at its dining room decorated with full height glass window spices up with its award-winning cuisine.

Other notable mentions include:

35. Hotel Fort Canning

36. Gardens By The Bay – Flower Field Hall

37. Pollen

38. Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort & Spa

39. The White Rabbit

40. PS Cafe at Harding Road

41. Open Farm Community

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Colonial Wedding Venues

42. Wheeler’s Estate, for a colonial wedding venue with old-world charmImage from Wheeler’s Estate

Celebrate your big day intimately in a colonial building with nostalgic English façade, rustic ambience, and tranquil environment. Situated in a black and white restored colonial architecture, the Wheeler’s Estate blends the classic with a modern white-washed elegant interior. There is a plethora of choice to adopt various wedding themes as it features spacious veranda crafted by glass-façade seating alcoves, and bar with classic barstools and textured bistro tables.

You can choose to spend an extravagant wedding ceremony under the stars at its expansive 2 acres of lawn featuring enchanted mangrove, unique Bambi trailer, and beautiful garden setting. Further, satisfy your guests with delectable modern European cuisine from its top-notch The Verandah Restaurant complete with specialities such as grilled steak, beef short ribs, roasted suckling pig, and more. The Wheeler’s Estate might be a newcomer as it was just founded in 2017. Still, their professionalism and beautiful settings offered to every wedding gain themselves the award of Best New Wedding Venue and the honour of Most Romantic Wedding Setting in 2018.

Address: 2 Park Lane, Singapore 798386. Seletar Aerospace Park
Capacity: Up to 115 pax in Café & Garden, 60 pax in Grill House, 30 pax in Bambi (Airstream Trailer),
and 120 pax in Verandah
Contact: +65 6262 0001
Email: [email protected]

43. The Summerhouse, for an idyllic English countryside wedding venueImage from Summerhouse

Tucked away in the Seletar countryside, the Summerhouse offers unique wedding venue housed in charming heritage bungalow with an alluring garden. Its picturesque and Insta-worthy garden can accommodate up to 200 guests, perfect for commemorating your sacred solemnization while the indoor dining room and balcony space offer an additional 180 guests. Each room is design in a classic interior full in white couples with timberwork and fretwork, so you expect an elegant visual to be admired from your guests.

Thinking of a private room not far away from the venue? Its Private Bridal Room is located near the dining room added with direct access to the restroom, giving you beautiful space to relax in-between the event. As a venue with beautiful green surrounding and an edible garden, The Summerhouse’s focuses on nature-inspired cuisine using fresh season produces, giving you and your guests not only unrivalled freshness but also the culinary experience they’ll never forget.

44. Tamarind Hill, for an elegant colonial wedding venue

Image from Tamarind Hill

Enjoying your wedding day in a historical place like Tamarind Hill can be a one-of-a-kind experience to celebrate the start of your new life. Housed in a historic colonial Bungalow, Tamarind Hill redefines wedding experience with its beautiful setting infuses with its outstanding cuisine. The room is adorned with timeless interior and rustic-luxe décor, giving the sense of elegance when celebrating your sacred day.

When it comes to the culinary, expect your guests to devour its epicurean dishes from the amalgamation of Asian and colonial influences. With the team led by the Executive Chief Thanyaphat Chadissarawis from the Kalasin province in Northern Thailand, the Tamarind Hill induce over 100 Thai and Burmese creations to combine with modern technology to its cuisine.

Other notable mentions include:

45. Boufé Boutique Cafe

46. The Alkaff Mansion

47. Corner House

Beach & Seaside Wedding Venues

48. Tanjong Beach Club, for a sophisticated beachfront wedding venue

Featured in Condé Nast Traveller as one of the world’s best beach clubs, Tanjong Beach Club provides a sophisticated beachfront wedding venue for couples who simply love sand, sun, and chilled vibes. From an intimate solemnisation ceremony on a reserved beachfront area to a lavish dinner for your guests, this is the idyllic setting to say “I do”.

Image from The Wedding Scoop

Celebrate your magical wedding in style and elegance at Shangri-La’s Rasa Sentosa Resort & Spa. With the sounds of the playful waves in the background and a beautiful sunset as the perfect backdrop, a Shangri-La wedding never disappoints. Not to forget the world-class Shangri-La hospitality standards, that is going to be tough to beat.

50. Coastes Singapore, for a charming, breezy beach wedding venue

Image from Coastes

Dreaming of celebrating your wedding at a beach venue? No need to go overseas, Coastes Singapore can fulfil your dream. Its location on Sentosa’s Siloso Beach makes it a perfect venue for a wedding. Say your “I do” moment in a place surrounded by the idyllic golden stretch of sandy beach, feeling the breezy air, and enjoy calming sunset view if you arrange your wedding in time. When it comes to food, their restaurant offers a wide selection of seafood, delicious pizzas, hearty ribs and tasty pasta. Check their menu here.

51. Panamericana, for an exclusive seaside lawn wedding venue

This doesn’t look like Singapore… except it is! Panamericana, one of the up-and-coming wedding venues in Singapore, boasts a beautiful lawn with a picturesque view of the sea. Fringed by a lush golf course on one side, Panamericana mimics the experience of a destination wedding well, without the need for a passport.

Read More: Top Beach Wedding Venues in Sentosa Singapore >>

Skyline Wedding Venues

52. Salt Grill Sky Bar, for a spectacular skyline wedding venue

Image from Singapore Brides

Dreaming to have an extraordinary wedding in ‘the sky’? Look no further! The Salt Grill Sky Bar offers you a chance to create your “I do” moment with the stunning backdrop of a panoramic view of the city and sea as it’s located at level 55 of ION Orchard, right in the heart of Singapore. With its elegant setting, skyline view combines with world-class cuisine, your big day will be a lasting moment to remember.

Indulge with Asian classics, premium Australian beef and abundant variants of wine selection including handcrafted cocktails served by top-notch Australian-born chef Jake Kowalewski. Let your guests dine with quality and have a good time to remember from your wedding.

Other notable mentions include:

53. CÉ LA VI

54. 1-Altitude

55. Marina Bay Sands

Chapel Wedding Venues

56. CHIJMES, for a classy chapel wedding venue

Image from Watabe Wedding

Built-in 1901, with its beautiful window added by a Belgian stained-glass artist Jules Dobbelaere in 1903, CHIJMES is one of the most remarkable landmarks to celebrate your big day in Singapore. Wedding at CHIJMES is more than a ceremony because the sacred feeling at the historic chapel is unimaginable. Further, it offers you the choice to have either classic, rustic, or vintage-inspired décor as 19th-century neo-gothic chapel features crystal chandeliers, gothic styled arches, high ceiling and filtered lights falling gentry through the most exquisite stained glass windows in the white-washed room, allowing you to create a remarkable wedding day to remember.

Other notable mentions include:

57. Novena Church, Church of St. Alphonsus

We hope this extensive list of wedding venues in Singapore helps you with your wedding planning. Did we miss out on any beautiful wedding venues in Singapore? Please do email us to let us know. All the best for your wedding folks!

Don’t miss our wedding guide here and our honeymoon guide here. If you need any help/services, email us at [email protected]. We’d be happy to help!

All opinions remain writer’s own. For more information, kindly refer to our copyright & disclosure policy.

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Our list of vendors is researched and curated by our editorial team. Using a number of criteria which includes, but not limited to, portfolio (extensive work and quality), value, style, branding, website, internet search visibility, social media visibility, awards, reviews, professionalism, service and more, our team strives to do our best to generate the best list we can using a combination of both quantitative and qualitative factors. We aim to include vendors who have that extra special something. To clarify, it is not necessarily that we include the biggest or most expensive vendors on our list. Instead, we focus on presenting vendors whom we believe can deliver a certain value to their customers. We invest a lot of time and effort curating for each list, with the aim to help couples who are looking for such services find them easily, and to also increase industry exposure.

However, we are not perfect and our research will not be 100% exhaustive nor accurate. We welcome kind feedback and reviews from readers, customers as well as vendors in the industry. Our team is committed to revising our list to ensure that it is updated with good result. Our list is subject to numbering extension if we find that more vendors could be included on the list. If you have any feedback, kindly send it to [email protected]. We appreciate your visit and kind understanding!

Wedding Venue Singapore | Wedding Reception | Wedding Banquet


In a conventional wedding, guests register at the entrance, then wait for the couple to march in before they enjoy dinner. After that, the couple will march in again with a change of attire and pop the champagne and cut the cake, then ending the night with a customary yuuuuuuuuuuuum seng!

However, more and more couples are hoping for a more interesting wedding to involve their guests more. If you are worried that your wedding banquet will be dry and boring with guests who are completely out of the situation, read on to see some suggestions to make your wedding banquet more interesting!


1) Ask your guests to tell you their favourite songs when RSVP-ing

When sending out your invites, consider asking your guests to RSVP along with their favourite songs and compile the more popular ones together for a wedding playlist.

Not only does a good wedding playlist hype up the atmosphere, it also serves as a great conversation starter for guests from both the bride and groom’s side to encourage mixing!

It is always good to appeal to your guests rather than to let them sit around in silence or even worse— poor music that makes them want to run out of the wedding!


2) Have a get-to-know-your-table game

Photo credits to Craft Weddings

Organizing some table games need not be too complicated. Even a simple game of Pictionary or some card games (if there are no kids at the table) can help the guests to get them to know one another.

This also helps to entertain the guests while the bride and groom are busy so that every table remains lively and fun throughout the banquet!


3) Have some fun with balloons during your march-in

Photo credits to Balloon Blasters

What else could grab the attention of your guests other than pretty floating coloured balls?

Other than leaving them on the aisle as you march-in to create a dreamy effect, you could also get your flower girl and boy to hold onto some pastel-coloured helium balloons to make your guests go “Awwww!”

If you have any other balloon ideas, go ahead with it! It can make your young guests more excited for the upcoming activities for the night as well


4) Organize a wedding lucky draw

Photo credits to Woody Wedding Favours

Coming up with some prizes to give away can help to wow the crowd for sure…

But if you have a smaller budget, you can consider making some handmade prizes to fit in with the wedding theme and show some appreciation for your guests.

After all, the prizes are secondary and the sincerity of the prizes may go a longer way than expensive ones in terms of creating that buzz from your audience.


5) Q & A session with the couple

Photo credits to Express-Oh Photography

Ultimately, the wedding is all about the couple. Guests from both sides would be likely to want to take the opportunity to find out more about the other side and the couple’s story.

An interesting Question & Answer (Q&A) session from the audience with the couple can allow greater interaction and also garner some interesting stories to liven up the atmosphere!

In contrast to dull wedding speeches, this will definitely up the fun factor and get the guests interested!


6)    Hire a magician

For the higher-budget weddings, you can consider getting a magician to dazzle your audience with some great performances for the night.

While on-stage performances are a must, the magician can also go down to the individual tables and perform some close up magic, and/or small tricks to create some laughs among the tables to help break the ice among the guests!

Let Tommy The Magician dazzle and entertain your guest 


7) Plan a surprise item for your husband/wife-to-be

Photo credits to Karafuru

To make your wedding truly memorable for your other half, you might want to put up a surprise item for him/her!

If you would like an elaborate one, maybe a boy band/girl band dance item with your friends/family can make your husband/wife-to-be laugh off the embarrassment and enjoy the spotlight.

But if you would like a simpler idea, you can also plan something small such as a song dedication to create music only for his/her ears.


8) Spice up your march-in

Photo credits to Framing Stills Photography

If a serious march-in is not the thing for you, loosen up the atmosphere! Like the incorporation of balloons above, you could further shake things up with a more interesting entrance.

Dancing or singing on your way in would definitely make it unforgettable, and your guests would love it as well!

Since you are likely to be nervous during your march-in, jazzing it up a little would help you feel better as your guests applaud and laugh as you enter instead of staring at you.


9) Ask guests to contribute to date night ideas for the couple

Photo credits to LulaWithLove

This is taking up the well wishes of the guests for the couple up a notch by getting them to write some date night suggestions and collecting them to actually get them to contribute to the couple’s great married life together!

This would be a great memento for the couple, and also have some practical value for them so why not do this?


10) Create a form for each of the guest to fill in 

Image credits to

Instead of the usual guestbook, why not create a form where the guest could have fun filling in the form while waiting for the banquet to start? It will be so fun to read the responses after the wedding, and what a great keepsake it will be!




Do these ideas excite you already? While it is difficult to involve all the guests during the wedding, these ideas could make it easier for the couple to juggle their busy night with their guests while having fun. With that, we hope to hear from you if you have any more interesting ideas, or used any of the ideas above (email to us at [email protected]).


With love,

Aiido team


Article was written by Denise Tan

American Style Wedding

There is something so beautiful about Americana, whether you are at home, Ukraine, America or Europe, the stars and stripes look fresh, fun and festive. YesYes has prepared for you a portion of inspiration and ideas on how to arrange an American style wedding.

Decor & Colors

When we talk about the United States of America, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Of course, the American flag is the famous bright symbol of freedom! And let your American style wedding be just as bright.If the idea of ​​hanging and placing American flags seems banal to you, we will only support you. The main thing that needs to be borrowed from the US attribute is the colors: red, white and blue. And then – the flight of your imagination!

The classic American wedding is an off-site ceremony, buffet and banquet. And since the American style wedding is celebrated most often in the summer, the ideal place is: nature, a blooming garden, a country house, a farm. White fresh flowers and an abundance of greenery are ideal for a wedding arch.Above banquet tables, you can hang paper pom-poms in red and blue, or glowing garlands.

Red tablecloths can be placed on tables, then blue or blue dishes and white flowers in vases together create an American color scheme. Details such as numbers on tables, gifts for guests, newlyweds in America often do it themselves. This adds a special flavor to the decor.

Why not emphasize the American style with a bright, typical for the United States, feature? Let it be a rented ice cream van or a barberyu area, a Pepsi-Cola fountain or a photo booth.The result is a two-in-one effect: entertainment for guests and authentic decor!

The image of the bride and groom in the American style

America is a country of free morals, so the bride can experiment with her image as her heart desires. But oddly enough, most often “American” brides choose dresses in a figure in a classic white color.

Styling – the legendary American wave. But again, pay attention: there are no rules, you can afford to be anyone! Neat, discreet makeup and invariably red lipstick – there is in this image something of Merlin Monroe herself.The American style bride is feminine, natural, self-sufficient.

American style groom looks bright and positive. A suit in blue would be the perfect choice. The highlight of the image is an unusual catchy bow tie or sneakers.


Florists use a lot of greenery and only fresh flowers to decorate a wedding event in the American style. When creating your bridal bouquet, you can choose anemones, roses, succulents and green filler. Let it be in light colors.

But bridesmaids will come in handy with bouquets with bright blue and red flowers, which will support the overall color scheme of your Ameri wedding.

Groom’s boutonniere – repeats the mood of your bouquet, it can even be a single white rose with greenery. Then the groom’s friends can be offered red roses – stylishly and harmoniously!


In America, it is customary to add two types of hot dishes to the banquet menu, giving guests the opportunity to choose between pork and poultry.

Candy bar – this is a field for imagination! Star-shaped cookies with white icing, red and blue cakes, and of course coca-cola in glass bottles with bright tubes – here are some ideas from YesYes . Homemade round pies decorated with strawberries and blueberries in red and blue colors will look very cool and American-style.

Traditional American cake is a white sponge cake with a white fondant or iced mask.

In the USA, couples sometimes pretend (or not!) And after the cake-cutting ceremony, when they feed each other, they smear each other’s faces with cream! It looks very funny.

Let your wedding be rock and roll, fun and unique!

90,000 No boring wedding: 10 ideas for entertaining guests

A wedding is not only a feast in the mountains, it is also emotions of a different order, impressions of the atmosphere. And in their creation, the entertainment program for the guests of the holiday plays an important role. If a large-scale wedding is planned with a large number of guests, then one toastmaster will not be enough. It is necessary to think over an interactive for guests, which will skillfully cover the entire wedding day – the period of the day’s walk, the photo session of the newlyweds, the time before and after the banquet, preventing anyone from being bored and languishing from idleness.

What kind of wedding entertainment is in vogue today? The leading informational Internet resource tells about the most popular ways how to entertain guests at a wedding in a fun and interesting way. Follow us!

10 fun ideas

1. Modern photo entertainment – Instagram photos, hashtags and photo booths

The universal craze for Instagram makes this type of photo entertainment, like Instagram photos, very popular.Renting a vending machine that allows you to upload and print photos from Instagram is very popular with wedding guests and allows newlyweds to create an online photo broadcast of their wedding events.

Photo zone is another way to add variety to the welcome-zone and fill the time of guests gathering for a festive dinner. A sign of the times and a tribute to social networks is the use of photo layouts with hashtags, invented specifically for the wedding.

Also, props in the style of a wedding and universal are selected for the photo zone – mustaches, hats, lips, pipes, picture frames, plates with the inscriptions and initials of the newlyweds.

Note : Photo booths and an instant Polaroid photo are welcome. The optimal time for such entertainment is before the banquet and at the second or third hour of the feast, when the guests have already relaxed and are tired of sitting at the table. In this case, the photos are more natural and relaxed.

2. Board games – mini and grand format

Board games of all ages are submissive, which makes this kind of entertainment universal.The main thing is to organize and think everything right.

5 Board Game Tricks
  • Board games for every age.

Chess, checkers, backgammon require more prepared and sophisticated players. But the game in loto or dominoes may well be played by beginners. Jenga, twister, crocodile, association, Danetki love funny and perky players who are prone to artistry and improvisation. Monopoly, uno, polymath have a wide army of admirers and are very popular both among young people and more mature age.

  • Each game has its own time .

The best time for board games is the period of gathering guests for a festive dinner and after the end of its official part, when you can play to your heart’s content without being afraid to miss something important from the evening’s program.

Note : so that guests can relax and unwind as much as possible, you need to ask the host to group congratulations and wishes in the first part of the evening.

  • Duration of the game and the number of participants.

In order for the game to become an easy and pleasant form of leisure at the holiday, you need to choose not too long options. This will allow the participants to change more often and not let them and the fans get bored of the monotony.

Advice: 30 minutes is the maximum duration of the game. And it is better to choose those options in which the maximum number of participants is involved. It’s more fun this way.

  • Suitable location.

We need a special play area equipped with everything you need – tables, inventory – cubes, chips, slate board or notebooks to record the current score.

Tip: prepared prizes will increase the intrigue and activity of the participants. As a prize for adult winners, original alcohol will be suitable, for children – sweets.

  • Various formats.

Some of the outdoor board games are becoming more spectacular, acquiring a gigantic format – chess, twister, jenga.

3. Active outdoor activities

This is a win-win entertainment for summer weddings that choose outdoor areas with lawns.

Active outdoor games are good because they capture a large number of participants, of different ages, into their halo and contribute to their rallying and fun together.

Cricket and petanque / boccia are good options for not fatiguing options. For gamblers – quests with solving clues and finding a prize.

Simple and exciting competition – “Who is in charge of the family?”, With a tug-of-war.

Note : It is important to discuss with the host in advance all outdoor games and the time of their holding – so that the guests are already cheerful, and their outfits are not threatened by crawling on the green grass and jumping in bags.

4. Wedding master classes

The most suitable for a wedding are: dance, floral, culinary master classes, as well as from the category of “hand-made”. It should be something lightweight and not very long, with a minimum of inventory, so that you can easily organize and equip the venue.

The laws of organizing wedding master classes include:

– the more guests, the easier the master class.Choose such that the participants can be divided into teams;

– each themed wedding has its own master class. So, for example, for an oriental-style wedding, a dance master class is selected with learning belly or Indian dance, for a Spanish wedding, you can choose a cigar-rolling master class, for an Italian one – for baking pizza;

– each master class has its own time. Floristic workshops are usually organized before the banquet, offering, for example, to collect a bouquet for the bride.The dance lesson is in the middle of the evening, after the end of the official part.

5. Entertainment shows

The most popular at weddings are performances: clowns, magicians, dancers, cover bands, caricatures, as well as – sand show, bubble show, fire show, bartender show.

Tip: the first number is put one hour after the start of the banquet, so that the guests have time to have a snack and make the first toasts. The performances are then distributed throughout the evening, increasing the frequency towards the end.

6.Live music

A separate type of entertainment program at a wedding. This is both filling in the musical breaks and accompanying the dance part of the evening. Suitable for any size and format of the wedding. Various musical compositions and performers are selected: solos, duets, cover bands, string quartets, jazz musical ensembles or those working in the disco, blues style.

Live music will decorate the welcome buffet, the wedding ceremony, and all stages of the wedding banquet.

7. Wedding Crosswords

A crossword puzzle, the theme of which is hobbies and interesting facts about the newlyweds, is good entertainment for guests, which, depending on the design, can become both a memorable gift about the event, and individual or group thematic entertainment.

The crossword puzzle can be designed and printed on separate sheets of small size, or in the format of a wedding newspaper, magazine issue, or as a wall newspaper / poster for guests to guess together.

Questions are often selected of a humorous nature and relate to the hobbies of the newlyweds, their zodiac signs, culinary preferences, place of acquaintance, first date.

Note: The welcome buffet area is well suited for this type of entertainment, which then turns into a relaxation area. Next to the crosswords, you need to put enough pens / pencils, and prepare a prize for the first person who guessed the entire crossword puzzle.

8. Video congratulations to newlyweds

Having a videographer will make the task easier, but it is not required.It can be replaced by a video camera with instructions located in the photo zone. Guests record small, 20-30-second video congratulations to the newlyweds, share their impressions of the event on camera.

Joint viewing of recordings can be organized at the end of the wedding evening, which will also be part of the entertainment program.

Tip: It is better to postpone the filming process until the middle of the banquet, when the guests are already relaxed and do not feel constrained in front of the camera.

9. Live or on-site quest

Quests are in trend today. They also did not escape the sphere of wedding entertainment. There are two types of quests, differing in scale and method of organization – live and on-site.

The first type is organized by professional firms specializing in this kind of entertainment. They will help you choose and conduct a quest suitable for the type of wedding venue.

The exit quest will arrive at the wedding in an equipped container in the form of a kind of room with a quest on wheels, which is also very convenient.

Note : This type of entertainment is suitable for cheerful youth weddings held in spacious countryside venues.

10. Open-air cinema

An excellent type of wedding entertainment for informal, family events, as well as those held in the format of a buffet table.

Lyric, romantic comedies with a cheerful, life-affirming ending are selected for viewing. The film program of the evening can be printed out in advance and distributed to guests in the welcome area.Between the screenings, you can insert wedding videos telling about the newlyweds, their love stories, as well as video congratulations to guests recorded at the wedding.

Tip: blankets, soft pillows, thermoses with hot drinks and a table with tea snacks – all this should be thought out and prepared in advance.

Your favorite movie under the stars will be the perfect end to a bright wedding day, its atmospheric final chord.

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90,000 Scary cute: 15 of the most original children’s Halloween costumes

Although Halloween is more popular in the United States, over time, this bright and mystical holiday has fallen in love with the inhabitants of other countries of the world. So maybe this selection of fun and creative kids’ costumes will inspire someone to celebrate Halloween this year as well and create their own spooky costume.

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The characters in which the children in these photos dress up are not always children, but it is simply impossible to take your eyes off them.

The girl was changed into a grandmother

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“My son Maverick was born at 25 weeks. He’s so strong all this time.”pups

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A costume that can only be worn on Halloween

It depicts a witch who is burned at the stake.

Photo imgur ItTakesTwoToMakeAThingGoRight

The twins were dressed as one big dachshund

Photo Reeddit AshRT

Spooky costume of the Plague Doctor Witness

Creepy Suit of the Plague Doctor

Creepy Suit of the Plague Doctor


things that are ideally disguised as the environment

The kid depicts the mandrake root from “Harry Potter”

Photo Reeddit StearnZ

Itt’s cousin costume from the movie “The Adams Family”

PhotosRedamdit R288 Medusa Gorgon outfit

Photo Reeddit photo instagram straycatstrutatl

Very cute Sandy from the animated series “SpongeBob SquarePants”

Photo Reeddit Nightwitcher played the heroes of the characters “The Secret of Coco”

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Recommended Bouquet of donuts for the bride: 10+ newlyweds who broke wedding stereotypes

The artist and his “living” paintings

Photo Reeddit

9 Costume for Colonel Sanders, founder of the KFC fast food chain

Photo by Reeddit P13R4T


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