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Wedding Dress Sewing Patterns – The Sewing Rabbit

Finishing this week of love filled wedding DIYs, I thought it would be fun to round up some gorgeous wedding dress sewing patterns. Everyone loves to ‘ohh’ and ‘ahh’ over a gorgeous wedding dress. But when they are handmade? That takes it to a whole NOTHER level!!! Here are some absolutely stunning and inspirational wedding dresses for your big day…

Wedding Dress Patterns and DIYs that you will LOVE.

Wedding Dress Sewing Patterns.



1. Burdastyle Ruffle Wedding Dress 03/2012 #103

source via: Burdastyle

source via: Burdastyle


2. Butterick B5710

source via: Butterick patterns

source via: butterick patterns


3. Crochet Wedding Dress DIY

source via: Gia Canali Photography

source via: Gia Canali Photography



Bell Street Wedding Dress DIY

source via: Bell Street

source via: Bell Street


5. Dip Dye Wedding Dress DIY

source via: Want that Wedding

source via: Want that Wedding


6. Vogue Birdal V2842

source via: Vogue Patterns

source via: Vogue Patterns


7. Butterick B5779

source via: Butterick Patterns

source via: Butterick Patterns


8. Embroidered Lining

source via: Wonderful Life Photography via Romantic Country Living

source via: Wonderful Life Photography via Romantic Country Living


9. Tulle wedding skirt

source via: Coats & Clark

source via: Coats & Clark


10. The making of a wedding dress (video)

source via: Scared Stitchless


And for a little extra help on those dresses, there is a wedding dress fabric guide to help.

Wedding dress fabric guide

source via: Style me Pretty

source via: Style me Pretty


Thanks so much for stopping by, and until next time…

Happy sewing!

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FREE Wedding Dress Sewing Patterns

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You don’t have to spend a fortune for the wedding dress of your dream! In fact, you can get a better dress if you make it yourself.  It will be a perfect fit, exactly the style that you are looking for, and you will select the materials and every single detail that goes into the construction of your gown.  Below you’ll find free wedding dress sewing patterns and ideas in how you can sew your dress for that special day.

I hope you find these patterns useful!



1. Off the Shoulder Wedding Dress

There is beauty in simplicity! this gown is basically plain, what gives it that special touch is the belt.  To sew an off the shoulder wedding dress like this one, you can use the free wedding dress sewing pattern published in m-sewing.







2. Classic Wedding Dress

If you are looking for the perfect classic wedding dress, you can take this Corset Academy Class.  Corset Academy has several free videos to get you started, but you can also try their premium membership for free.






3. Strapless Wedding Dress

For a strapless wedding dress you can use M-Sewing  Sweetheart Pattern available  in small and medium. If you need a larger size you can grade it up to fit your size or you can draft your sweetheart bodice with this BurdaStyle Tutorial. You can complement your bodice a circle skirt or a gathered skirt.

Tulle skirts in wedding dresses are made with multiple layers.  I would use 4 layers: one satin layer, a second layer with a lace fabric, and two tulle layers. For the fullness of the skirt, you’ll need a skirt hoop.





4 Off the Shoulder Cross Front Wedding Dress

A flattering style is an off the shoulder cross front wedding dress.  This dress looks great in any figure type.  Yo can sew a dress like this one with another free pattern published in m-sewing.






5 Ruby Wedding Dress

Sew a lovely dress like this one with the Ruby Dress Pattern. It is a simple silhouette – just a high neck bodice and a circle skirt. Your options are unlimited with this pattern! There are a few different patterns for the same shape of dress.

For a look like this one:

  • Lengthen the skirt
  • The Circle Skirt Calculator post might be helpful to sew the skirt. (you can also use pleats)
  • Add a trim (similar to a hi-low skirt)






6. Mermaid Wedding Dress


This Evening Dress Pattern is for a long dress with a high neck, mermaid cut skirt and has some pretty lace details. This design was inspired by a dress designed by Tanik Ediz. The mermaid cut is a typical silhouette for his stunning designs. It is a great pattern for a wedding dress. This dress pattern is available in European sizes 44-54 (14-24 USA Sizes).






7. Wedding Dress with Bare Effect


If you want to make a statement on your special day, a bare effect with some stunning lace detail will definitively make your dress unforgettable. I saw one with gold/orange details and I never forgot that dress.  The bride sew it and it was stunning, unfortunately I couldn’t find the picture.  You can add these bare effects either on the back or front of your dress.  Learn how to sew bare effects in wedding dresses with this course from Corset Academy.

There is a fee for premium access, but you can try it for FREE.





FREE Wedding Veil Tutorial

To compliment your wedding gown, check this wedding veil tutorial. It is very simple and looks great!




For more wedding dresses inspiration, visit Brooks Ann Camper website.  She blogs about the process of making custom made wedding dresses.

Fabric Wholesale Direct also has 3 tutorials in how to make a Wedding Dress.

Happy Sewing,



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Pattern for Wedding Dress

Written by Ronja Ebeling,

The History of the Wedding Dress

“Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue and a lucky six-pence in your shoe” an English bride should wear on her wedding day. Something “old” from her previous life, something “new” for the new happiness in marriage, something “borrowed” to remember her family, something “blue” as a symbol of loyalty and the silver coin in the shoe that the couple should never run out of money.

This saying from Victorian England has been known worldwide since the marriage of the English heir to the throne Prince Charles to Lady Diana Spencer, who followed more than a billion people on screen or radio. “New” was the silk of Lady Di’s dress, old the lace, which came from the wedding dress of Queen Mary, the great-grandmother of her future husband. An embroidered blue forget-me-not adorned the waistband and a loan from her mother was the diamond earrings. Whether Diana’s shoe was a coin is not known. However, “for luck” a tiny golden horseshoe was hidden in the sweeping skirts of her wedding dress.



The white dream

Royal and princely houses have always influenced bridal fashion. One of the richest heiresses of her time, the Florentine Maria de Medici, was the first bride to wear an eggshell-coloured dress in 1600. In 1613 the English princess Elisabeth Stuart chose a gleaming white and silver brocade dress and when some weddings of the European aristocracy took place in the 19th century, when the brides were dressed in white, the wedding fashion changed. In 1840 the English Queen Victoria, only 21 years old, married her German cousin Albert von Sachsen Coburg and Gotha in a white silk dress with precious lace and a short bridal veil. The marriage was arranged, as usual at that time, by the family, but the bride had already fallen in love with her future husband at the age of 17. In 1853 the French Emperor Napoleon III married the educated Spanish Countess Eugénie de Montijo, who wore a white velvet dress at the ceremony, out of love. Empress Eugénie’s beauty and elegance inspired generations of jewellers and fashion designers, including the Englishman Charles Frederick Worth, who worked in Paris. The Austrian Empress Elisabeth wears one of his creations on the famous portrait of Franz Xaver Winterthaler from the year 1865. When she was only sixteen years old, she had given the Austrian Emperor Franz Josef the affirmation in a “Dream of White” in front of 70 bishops and prelates in the Augustinian Church in Vienna in 1854.

Fashion drawing of a wedding dress with veil from the Rundschau archive, 1954. Fig. r.: Empress Sissi in the dress of Charles Frederick Worth (Franz Xaver Winterhalter, 1865)

But neither bourgeois women nor women from the lower classes could afford their own wedding dress until the 20th century. They were married in the “Sunday State”, the dress with which they went to church and which was mostly made of black cloth. Even the brides of the upper middle classes and the lower nobility only stepped before the altar in their “finest” dress. Only after the First World War did the white wedding dress assert itself in all strata of the population, and that at a time when women were emancipating themselves, began to attend universities, entered the work process and fought for the right to vote. For some, marriage is of religious significance, for some it may be the desire to be a radiant centre of life. But not many people know that the “white”, according to an old tradition, symbolizes the virginity of the bride before marriage, that the veil is a sign of chastity and that the length of the train used to indicate the social status of the bride.

Frequently copied

The great designers are ripping for orders for wedding dresses for prominent women, because advertising in the media is priceless. But as soon as the first pictures of the happily married couple have appeared, their outfits are already being copied in countless workshops worldwide. The respective hype usually only lasts until the next prominent bride decorates the front pages. Some fashion designers also draw their inspiration from the media. The ivory wedding dress by Alexander McQueen, designed by Sarah Burton and worn by Catharine Middelton for Prince William’s wedding in 2011, resembled that of Gracia Patricia in 1965 for her wedding to Prince Rainier III of Monaco. The dress designed by Sarah Burton for Kate’s “Maid of Honour”, her sister Philippa Charlotte, called “Pippa, which caused a scandal, was also copied millions of times. Thus she wore white, the colour reserved for the bride and the fi gurbetonte cut of the dress and her graceful walk earned her the doubtful fame of the “most beautiful back” of England.

The Wedding Dress is changing

The bride changes and with her the silhouette. Love will never go out of fashion. However, it is different with weddings in Germany. In the past decades, a social change can be observed in Germany: While the wedding ceremony in the registry office, followed by a church ceremony was still common in the 50s, the following years showed a strong downtrend, which reached its lowest point in the 2000s. At this time, the Federal Statistical Office noted that the number of marriages decreased by 50 percent in recent decades.

The low point of love? Not at all, because the exchange of rings in the house of God was simply no longer necessary for many couples. Men and women don’t have to carry the same surname, to start a family. However, the civil ceremony celebrates its comeback. In 2017, 407,466 couples officially got married in Germany. While 21 percent of the couples left it at a civil marriage, the majority, decided that a signature just for the sake of tradition wasn’t romantic enough. Couples are making a personal statement by celebrating this special day with family and friends, while the church is no longer necessary. As many couples create a unique wedding day, they choose free ceremonies at the beach, lake, forest or meadow, surrounded by nature.

Why is this development important for fashion designers? Quite simply: One of the characteristics of a successful fashion brand is to perceive and respond to these social currents. Anyone who still creates the same bridal dresses as in the 1950s can hardly be successful. Due to the growing popularity of free ceremonies, the wedding dress is also changing: shoulders no longer need to be covered, necklines are getting bigger and the veil is often replaced by a flower arrangement. Just a few generations ago, the perfect age to get married was at the tender 20s. Nowadays, the bride is on average 31 years old and would like to be a princess once in her life. For this dream to come true she willing to invest nearly 1,300 euros, by relying on the expertise of the consulting. Most of the time she has an idea of the dress, a long time before the bridal outfitters visit, often influenced by social networks, celebrities and leading trends.

The right silhouette for every bride

So the challenge for bridal designers and outfitters is to make sure that the bride doesn’t shake her head at the sight of her wedding dress and gets annoyed by it, even in 30 years. As with all garments, the bridal gown begins with a matching silhouette. Because if the basic shape does not fit, tulle, lace and sequins can’t save the robe.

Overview of bridal gown silhouettes


Many brides fall for the classic A-line. A-line wedding dresses are fitted to the waist and then flow naturally to the floor. This silhouette perfectly conceals problem areas such as hips, buttocks and thighs. A large bust can be stabilized by wide straps, strong arms can be covered by sleeves, if requested. This silhouette is changeable and varied, which is why it pleases most brides. In the case of many tulle layers, a short train should be bustled, if necessary. An over bustle, where the train is lifted and hooked over the top of the dress itself, can appear to magnify, so the backside of the bride could seem bulky, through the many layers of tulle. The French bustle, in which the train is tucked underneath and pinned to the fabric, is recommended for dresses with a soft skirt that flares gently from the hips. A midi- length is a good option for slim figures and petite brides who don’t want to be overpowered by their gowns. The hemline above the ankle gives the perfect illusion of height. Besides, the timeless cut is given a modern touch.

Princesses line/ Ball gown

She wants the wow-effect! If the bride is talking about a Sissi- dress and wants a fairytale wedding, then she probably dreams of the princess line. This silhouette is similar to the A-line and emphasizes the upper body, often by a corsage with a sweetheart neckline, accompanied by a wide, full skirt, often achieved by using hoop skirts or layers of tulle. This gives the silhouette its pompous look, but can also lead to complications on the day of the celebration: The bride is simply not as motion-free as she might wish. Therefore she should test the dress in all movements: sitting, arms up and even the hip swing to avoid frustration at the party. First and foremost, she needs to feel comfortable.


When brides are planning a boho or vintage wedding, they often prefer an H- line wedding dress. This silhouette is suitable for petite women with slim figures. Delicate curves are often devoured by an A-line, while the H-line emphasizes the benefits of an androgynous type with a small bust perfectly. The choice of material usually falls on slightly shimmering taffeta or simply cotton. These fabrics fall straight and body-emphasized, but still, offer enough movement. In general, wedding dresses in H-line tend to be rather plain, as tulle and embellishments often overload the look. This silhouette is very well suited for women who fit a sporty or reserved type. Designers can break the simplicity of the dress through a high leg slit to bring a little sophistication to the gown.

Mermaid Line

The mermaid is known for being one of the most flirtatious wedding dress silhouettes. It’s perfect for brides who love to show their curves. The extravagant line is reminiscent of the contours of a mermaid. It’s extremely fitted throughout the bodice, waist, and hips and flares out in a ‘mermaids tail’ below the knees. The hem is often extended backwards with a train, for even more drama. For more freedom of movement, a dress with a removable train is recommended. The silhouette emphasizes every part of the body and therefore it’s perfect for women with a harmonious hourglass silhouette: a narrow waist, shapely buttocks and slim thighs. Otherwise, the wedding dress could quickly look unfavorable. The bride should also bring a certain height. Petite women are easy compressed by this silhouette.

Trumpet/ Fit and flare

Often confused with a mermaid silhouette, a trumpet silhouette has a straight-lined bodice that nicely flares above the knees. As a result, the hips and buttocks remain emphasized, while problem areas, such as thighs can still be concealed. The trumpet is also suitable for tall women with a slim figure. Designers often extend this silhouette with a court train that falls close to the back of the dress. With a length of approximately 60 centimeters, it is a medium in length train. It reflects the female physique in its round shape and gives the look a final touch. Ideally, this train can also be pinned up in a bustle.

Empire Line

While this silhouette goes back to ancient Rome, the term arose in the early 20th-century. The empire line was very fashionable all over Europe at the time of the Napoleonic Empire. This century-old cut celebrates a comeback, because many brides love the romantic feminine look. The Empire line directs the full attention to the cleavage. The significantly higher waist wanders below the chest, where it is emphasized with a cross seam. Modern accents can be set by asymmetrical cutouts. The skirt falls in light fabrics and looks almost inconspicuous. This simplicity perfectly conceals problem areas. Therefore, it’s also the choice of many pregnant women, because it’s not possible to estimate the size of the belly on the day of the wedding. In addition, a pregnant woman can wear support trousers underneath without getting noticed. Anyone who chooses a wedding dress in the Empire line, should disclaim a long veil. A large amount of material can seem overloaded, quickly. Matching hair accessories in the form of a flower wreath or individual beads are emphasizing this look.

Color and material

The choice of fabric is essential for the pattern to show off optimally. Many fashion designers use silk fabrics. The soft natural material is hypoallergenic, has high elasticity, cools in the heat and warms in the cold. If lace is used, it should be placed on high-quality material, otherwise, it may irritate the skin and cause an itching sensation. Satin is a heavy fabric that flatters seamlessly around the silhouette of the bride. Satin doesn’t wrinkle, feels soft and gives the bridal gown a beautiful shine. Organza, on the other hand, is transparent, thin and light, while it has an optimal tenacity. This material has a shimmering appearance and gives the bridal gown volume, such as tulle. Tulle is a stiff, transparent fabric that gives the dress more volume without weighing it down. However, chiffon is a transparent and delicate material, which is finer. It is often used in multiple layers as the outer fabric. To find the right shade of the substance, it is advisable to match the substances to the skin color, by daylight. After the cut and silhouette are determined, the bride should always wear the same brassiere and shoes during fitting appointments.

Drafting patterns for wedding dresses

Pattern Making for Wedding Dresses

In this E-Dossier you will find instructions on how to construct the pattern for these three floor-length wedding dresses with a feminine silhouette and interesting details such as deep back necklines, extraordinary sleeves and high collar.


Sewing Pattern for a Wedding dress in A-line


You can find many more pattern instructions and patterns for sewing dresses in our online shop.

Other articles for this subject

Two Dozen Free Wedding Dress Patterns and Tutorials • Crafting a Green World

Yes, you can DIY your wedding dress!

If you’re the crafty type, and you’ve got a good bit of ingenuity, you can find yourself walking down the aisle not in a mass-produced, factory-made wedding dress, but in your very own hand-sewn, custom-made original.

Whether you’re upcycling, remaking, or sewing your wedding dress from scratch, check out these free wedding dress patterns and tutorials to get you started.

1. The DIY wedding dress process. Regardless of the fabric or style or pattern of wedding dress that you choose, THIS is the basic process that you’ll follow. Yes, it’s time-consuming, and yes, it can be tedious, but if there was ever a time for precision and perfection, then it’s when you’re DIYing your wedding dress.

2. Ball gown. Depending on your colorway, this dress would work equally well as a wedding dress or bridesmaid’s dress.

3. Boatneck dress. You might want to lengthen the skirt on this dress–or you might not!

4. Boning for a strapless wedding dress. Sometimes the main difference between a standard dress and a wedding dress is the construction; here, a tutorial on adding boning to a strapless dress shows you how to add structure to a standard pattern.

5. Cocktail dress pattern. A wedding doesn’t have to be the biggest production ever–perhaps all you want is a party, and all you need is the perfect cocktail dress. Here you go!

6. Crepe and chiffon wedding gown. This is a versatile pattern that flatters a variety of body types and goes through a size 18.

7. Crinoline. Even if you don’t want to make your entire wedding dress from scratch, a crinoline is an easy way to add something you’ve sewn yourself to your garment.

8. Crochet wedding dress. If you can crochet, I REALLY think that you should crochet your wedding dress!

9. Dip-dyed wedding dress. Here’s a great way to remake a thrifted or upcycled wedding dress. Dip-dye it an interesting color!

10. DIY bustle. You don’t necessarily have to build your entire wedding dress from scratch; you can save money and achieve the dress of your dreams simply by doing some of the refashioning yourself. Here, for instance, is a DIY method to bustle the train on your wedding dress.

11. DIY dress form. Custom clothing is most easily sewn–especially for yourself!–with a custom dress form on hand. Here’s how to make a duct tape dress form that’s custom-built just for you.

12. Elastic-waist evening dress. I LOVE how comfortable this dress looks, while still fitting into a formal theme. To make it even comfier, it’s secretly a two-piece garment.

13. Goddess gown. This beautiful dress has little structure and lots of drape, and as such, won’t work for everyone, but if it works for you, it’s a great way to sew a dress that you really CAN use over and over again–and honestly, that’s a far more traditional way to make a wedding dress than the current way.

14. How to hem a formal gown. Even doing your own hemming of your wedding dress can give you more custom options, as it allows you to use a thrifted or off-the-rack dress without shelling out for alterations. This method of hemming is accessible to an intermediate sewer.

15. Laced-back dress. Here’s a pro tip for those of you who are looking for even more free resources for wedding dress patterns and tutorials–search for prom dress patterns and tutorials, too! Lots of people DIY prom dresses, so there are a lot more tutorials to choose from, and often those tutorials are for dresses that are both thrifty and adventurous. This lace-up back dress, for example, was built to be a prom dress, but would make a beautiful and fairly easy to sew wedding dress, as well.

16. Lace maxi dress. The pattern and style of this dress are deceptively conservative; it’s the use of lace that makes it an over-the-top wedding dress! If you’re a seasoned thrifted, keep your eye out for antique lace tablecloths to make your dress even more special.

17. Linen wrap dress. One of the best circumstances in which you can sew your own wedding dress is if you’re looking for something simple and understated. In that case, you can often DIY the perfect dress using a pattern that isn’t wedding-themed at all. This linen wrap dress, for instance, would be perfect for an outdoor wedding.

18. Off-the-shoulder wedding dress. This downloadable pattern for a simple, off-the-shoulder wedding dress comes in sizes small through extra-large.

19. Off-the-shoulder ball gown. Here’s another free, downloadable pattern for a dress that’s similar to the previous one, but has a fuller skirt and a more structured bodice–it’s your fairy tale wedding gown!

20. Ruffle wedding dress. Burdastyle patterns are the BEST! This particular Burdastyle creation is light and fluttery, with ruffles at the spaghetti straps.

21. Satin belt. A sash or belt is another DIY way to add definition to a non-standard wedding dress.

22. Sweetheart dress with a bubble skirt. You have to imagine this dress in white, but think of how well the strapless bodice and bubble skirt will look as a wedding dress.

23. Tulle skirt. Add this tulle skirt to a suitable top or sew it to a fitted bodice.

24. Just add lights. This hack works with any of the tulle or lace dresses above–for an evening wedding, why not add twinkle lights to your skirt?

P.S. Want to skip the florist, as well? Check out these DIY, eco-friendly bouquets!


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Creating the Pattern & Muslin – This Blog Is Not For You

Soo, here we go with the next part of my wedding dress series!

Today it’s all about muslining and pattern making – I know some of you just want to see the final dress, but before I finished my dress I had to make a pattern and muslin. That’s just the logical order of things. Sorry, folks.

I didn’t use a ready made pattern. Instead I decided to base my dress on a Jenny Packham design and draft it myself.

I’m not a big fan of muslins, but since we’re talking wedding dresses it’s better safe than sorry. Also, as I created the pattern from scratch I had to muslin it for a good fit. Sorry for the mediocre photography, btw. This was done in a lot of late night sessions, and I was so focussed on getting the job done, I didn’t care much about the pics at that time.

I needed to make a muslin anyway, so I decided to drape my bodice instead of flat drafting with paper and pencil. I had a very precise vision in mind and draping gave me much more control over shapes and silhouette. My dressform is padded to my size (sort of) which also was pretty convenient for the task at hand.

I started by outlining the shape of the spaghetti top on my dressform. I used sticky florist’s tape for that. You can see it through the muslin/cotton fabric which helps a lot.

I cut a rectangle and aligned it with the centre front. Starting from there I smoothed the fabric over the bust and created darts by pinning away the excess fabric:I cut off most of the excess fabric, leaving a generous seam allowance. Using a sharpie I traced the lines of the florist’s tape to transfer all the markings and seamlines. I did the same for the back.Once I was happy with the first bodice piece, I used the same technique for the sheer layer on top. This one was a lot trickier as it’s supposed to sit loosely and therefore was harder to drape on the dressform.

I used polyester chiffon of which I had bought 10m on Goldhawk Road last summer. The sheer bodice and skirt took quite a few attempts to get shape and fit right, so 10m was just enough! Keep that in mind when shopping for your wedding dress. It’s always better to have a little fabric extra, just in case. Those long skirts eat up fabric like crazy!

This was probably the most frustrating part of the pattern. It took a lot of muslins to get the sheer top right. I alternated between draping, copying the pattern onto paper and cutting out another muslin. In between I made loads of adjustments and kept checking measurements.

The spaghetti top was a pretty good fit from the start. I just moved the darts slightly on my paper pattern, using my bust/apex aka “nipple” measurements.This was the last muslin before cutting out the whole dress again and sewing it together properly, finished seams and all, to get a glimpse at what it might look like.

Here’s a pic of the skirt – I changed it a bit later on to give it more fullness at the bottom and removed the train. I loved the train until I tried to walk (let alone dance) in it. Not possible! As this dress goes completely without petticoat, tulle or hoops, you really have to be careful not to get your feet tangled in all that flowy fabric. So, bye bye train it was!

(In retrospect: Best decision ever!)The skirt is based on the Sew Over It “Ultimate Pencil Skirt” pattern – one of my favourite patterns of all time, seriously. I have made a lot of pencil skirts from this pattern and it turned out to be a perfect base for my Jenny Packham copy.

Another advantage: I made the skirt so often, the pattern is fitted to perfection by now which saved a lot of time. I simply lenghtened the skirt pattern to floor length and added fullness to the bottom at the back and side seams. All in all I had a hem line of around 3 metres – enough to walk and dance in.

You can see the adapted skirt pattern in the background:

Once I had my muslin ready it was time for the trial dress. I used the same sheer apricot chiffon and an ivory poly satin as lining.

This is what ironing 6m of fabric looks like!

Instead of lining the spaghetti top, I tried and finished the seams with bias binding. It didn’t work very well and stretched out quite a bit. I didn’t put too much effort into the trial dress and probably could’ve made this work somehow, but I didn’t want to gamble and fully lined the bodice on my actual silk wedding dress later on.

Handsewn bias binding on stay-stitched seams:

Both bodice layers attached at the waist seam.

Handrolled hem seam finish on the chiffon top:

I love the shape the open back. Having an almost backless dress created some issues finding a bra/suitable understructure. But more on that in one of the next posts.

This is the finished skirt pattern, cut out from poly satin. The hem on the top layer was still a bit too short and then again too long on the lining skirt. But since hemming is the VERY last thing to do when sewing a wedding dress, please simply ignore that.

I was quite happy at that stage. Obviously, it looked nothing like a wedding dress, especially in this bright orange colour. But the silhouette and fit were pretty good so far. 

Also, you always have to keep in mind, that all dresses looks very different depending on the wearer. I am not very tall and my, plus, I have a very short torso and wider hips. So an elegant long and narrow skirt appears a bit compressed on my body. If you look closely, a lot of models are standing on stools while posing with a wedding dress on, to give them the appearance of incredibly long legs. 

So far, so good! What do you think? Can you see a wedding dress taking shape?

Let me know what you think! Any questions? Leave a comment and I will answer as best I can 🙂



Happy sewing!


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    Design search always goes in many directions. Fresh ideas and inspiration are poured not only into extraordinary styles, interesting colors and decoration methods, but also into the use of non-standard materials. Many avant-garde fashion designers have turned their eyes to plain paper and presented entire collections from it.

    Beautiful dresses made of paper

    Whatever designers do to present us their creations from ordinary paper: paint it, knead it, glue it, master origami and quilling techniques.But the results are worth it, such collections always make a splash at fashion weeks and give their creators fame. Some stars have already appeared in public in such fantasies – paper dresses.

    Perhaps the most important reason why this material has gained such popularity is its easy availability and cheapness. Anyone, even a beginner fashion designer or designer, can try to create some kind of unusual art object out of paper. Everything goes into business: old newspapers, world maps, postcards.The most delicate and airy dresses are made from toilet paper. For example, the designers of the Cashemre company created a whole collection of white-pink and cream flying dresses from it to promote their product – the very same toilet paper. But dresses made of colored corrugated paper look very elegant and sophisticated. In these, you can even now go to an official reception, the main thing is not to break the outfit on the way.

    Wedding dresses made of paper

    The traditional color of this material is white, which could not but give rise to another idea: the creation of unique wedding dresses.Although it is unlikely that such creations are often used in real weddings, they exist as bold experiments and unusual art objects. This is exactly the area where fashion turns into art.

    Wedding dresses made of toilet paper can have absolutely any style and shade, and they are made in various material processing techniques. Numerous ruffles and pleats-corrugation, which are easy to create from paper material, as well as decorative roses and flounces, give special sophistication to such outfits.Wedding dresses made of paper should be handled with particular care, you should not take too wide steps, actively move and hug the groom strongly, as this material is rather fragile and pliable, it is easy to crumple, tear and stain.

    90,000 Toilet Paper Wedding Dress – New York City Designers Create Masterpieces – Style

    25 June 2018, 16:20

    New York Dress Competition

    Good, if not luxurious – not necessarily expensive.The organizers of the traditional competition, which took place in New York, are guided by this principle. Women at one time arranged the online sale of inexpensive wedding dresses. “It is impossible to imagine what luxurious outfits can be made from toilet paper,” they say. This is the fourteenth time such a competition has been held.

    Competition wedding dress made of toilet paper


    On exquisite silhouettes, designers imitate lace and embroidery, make trains and accessories – hats, veils, flowers and bags.All from toilet paper. Of course, with the use of glue, threads, hairpins and tapes.

    It is difficult to choose the best – there are many original and very skillful works. The winner gets a big prize – $ 10,000.

    Wedding dress made of toilet paper


    “You know, toilet paper is a delicate material, it tears easily. It needs to be fastened, arranged. Think over everything, as in architecture. Then you make a silhouette, decorate his.And if you don’t like the finished dress, then you start from the very beginning, “says the participant of the competition.

    Each dress requires at least 20 rolls of toilet paper and a lot of painstaking work – the craftsmen add. Then the dress is transferred to a special fund for brides who cannot afford a real wedding dress.

    Earlier we wrote about how to wear white in the summer – TOP-5 tips from celebrity fashionistas.

    And also talked about what is more expensive: to sew a dress to order or buy from catalog?

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    Read on Google News A source: Today 90,000 14 most unusual wedding dresses :: RateThemAll


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    Parachute wedding dress

    American military pilot Claude Hensingers invited his bride to sew a wedding dress from an old parachute, which in 1945 saved him from death in Japan.The unusual wedding dress turned out to be very beautiful and romantic: an open neckline, a skirt falling in soft waves, turning into a long train. The dress is currently housed in the National Museum of American History.


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    Toilet paper wedding dress

    Wedding outfit from… toilet paper can safely lay claim to the most unusual wedding dress in the world. To make it, the designers took 1000 rolls of toilet paper, a lot of thread, scotch tape and more than one liter of glue. It turned out to be something unimaginably airy and unrealistically beautiful. But can such a paper bride’s outfit last the entire wedding?


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    Cocoon dress

    The famous “white cocoon” of the famous fashion designer Yves-Saint Laurent has become one of the most unusual wedding dresses.The outfit is knitted entirely by hand and hides the bride’s entire body, except for the face, arms and legs. Sewn “white cocoon” at the end of the 60s, is now in the De Young Museum in Paris.


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    Wedding cake dress

    Every bride wants to be original at her wedding and have a dress that no one else has.But choosing a wedding dress that you can eat is an idea for the most daring personalities. Surely such an unusual wedding dress from the artist Lucca Sigurdardottir will please the guests very much in terms of a delicious dessert, but by no means the groom, who will have to look for a solution for a long time on how to kiss his beloved if the guests decide to shout “Bitter!”


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    Egg and flour wedding dress

    Ukrainian pastry chef Valentin Stefano presented his bride for marriage with a gift in the form… the most unusual wedding dress made of caramel cream custard buns. It took so much flour, eggs and caramel to “sew” the sweet outfit that the dress turned out to be quite heavy – it weighed almost 20 kg.


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    Peacock Feather Wedding Dress

    Perhaps not a single bride will refuse to go down the aisle in a luxurious dress made of 2009 peacock feathers.However, you will have to leave this venture in your dreams – the cost of such a “peacock” outfit is one and a half million dollars. The luxurious wedding dress was presented at the Wedding Culture Expo in China. The work on the unusual outfit of the bride took 2 months, 8 designers worked on it.


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    Soluble wedding dress

    British scientists have solved the problem of brides – where to store an unnecessary outfit after the wedding.Their development is an unusual wedding dress that is completely capable of dissolving in water. The secret is that the wedding dress is made of a special fabric based on polyvinyl alcohol. It is a non-toxic polymer that dissolves in water without harm to the environment. But we can only guess what the brides, caught in the rain, will do.


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    Sheep wool wedding dress

    In Great Britain, 38-year-old Louise Fairburn, a sheep breeder, made a wedding dress for her wedding day from the wool of her beloved lamb Olivia of the English breed Lincoln Longwool.The unusual wedding dress took sixty-seven hours to complete. Its upper part is crocheted of threads, and the luxurious skirt is made of long strands of wool. It turned out very original.


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    Wedding dress with unusual cage veil

    And one more unusual wedding dress, complemented by a cage veil, more like an alien robe.Not every bride dares to wear such a wedding dress, except perhaps the shocking singer Lady Gaga, who has long been famous for her lover of shocking experiments.


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    Wedding dress made of rubber gloves.

    Even the most desperate bride will not be able to try on this unusual wedding dress made of rubber gloves, since it was made like a sculpture and is called “The Union of Fragility”.The author of such an unusual work is the artist and sculptor Suzy McMurray. It took her 1400 pairs of gloves to create the rubber dress.


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    Longest wedding dress

    This unusual wedding dress in 2012 is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the longest in the world.Ten Romanian tailors worked on the outfit for 3 months. As a result, the train of the dress turned out to be 2.75 km long, and it took 150 spools of thread and 1,857 sewing needles to make it.


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    Tragic wedding dress

    Artist Leslie Dill has a different take on weddings.She believes that for some brides this is not always joy and love. Therefore, the artist created in 1995 a tragic wedding dress called “The Poem of Dadaism”. An unusual exhibit is on display at the Orlando Museum of Art.


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    Balloon wedding dress

    Inspired by the luxurious wedding dress of the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, the craftswoman Thelma Levett decided to make a copy of the famous dress for her daughter’s wedding, but from balloons.As a result of a long work, something incredible came out. The corset of an unusual wedding dress is made of woven, not inflated balls, and the wide skirt is made of air-filled ones. The disadvantage of the outfit is that it is difficult to sit at the wedding table in it, and in general, sharp corners should be avoided, otherwise the dress will simply “deflate”.


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    Chocolate wedding dress

    The edible white chocolate wedding dress was created by Chantal Cody and Ian Stewart for Rococo in 2008.You just want to eat the whole wedding outfit, from graceful shoes to a fragrant hat. Surprisingly, how does the white chocolate not melt on the bride’s body?

    90,000 Photos of wedding dresses of the year: made of condoms and toilet paper

    Photos of wedding dresses of various types are presented in this article. We are used to the fact that the wedding dress should be white, and if the bride wants to stand out, she wears pink, blue, or at least red … Photos of wedding dresses: the cheapest dress of the year, wedding dresses made of condoms and toilet paper.All these are different dresses and the pattern for them is different. Introducing the most amazing wedding dresses.

    Photo of wedding dresses: made of toilet paper

    Who among the girls does not dream of the best and most beautiful wedding dress? Dreaming is good, but is it always possible to make dreams come true. The cost of a wedding dress is sometimes equated to the price of a car. Not every groom can afford a dress.

    Some brides sew fashionable wedding dresses from silk and brocade, chiffon and satin in expensive ateliers that offer photos of wedding dresses for hundreds and thousands of dollars.Others spend much more modest amounts on it – $ 20-30. And they assure that the newlyweds in their outfits look no less gorgeous – despite the fact that such dresses are made of .. toilet paper. However, outsiders, not knowing this secret, can hardly guess about it themselves.

    But the economy version of a wedding dress made of toilet paper is in no way inferior in beauty to expensive options. In my opinion, gorgeous. But where did they find such snow-white paper? I have it gray and with some splashes …

    Katrina Chalifoux from Knoxville, Illinois, USA created this wedding dress from toilet paper.The dress was made not only for a wedding, but also for a competition sponsored by Ripley’s Believe It or Not! In 2008, she already took first place, and this dress, which took second place in 2014 in the Tenth Annual Toilet Paper Dress Challenge, earned her a $ 5,000 honorable mention.

    Video of wedding dresses – winners of the annual competition for the cheapest wedding dress.

    For several years in a row, you can appreciate the beauty and original design of wedding dresses made of unusual materials on the Cheap-Chic-Weddings website.It is his administration that holds an annual competition not for photos of wedding dresses, dressed up brides. This annual competition, which brings together talented designers, showcases sometimes outstanding ideas. After all, the main prize for winning it is considerable – ten thousand dollars! And the most ordinary girl who bungled such a dress in the kitchen from improvised materials can win it.

    Most interesting: each of the “paper” wedding dresses is completely wearable. Of course, designers do not recommend doing exercises in them or going for a run, making excessively sharp and wide movements.But for a wedding ceremony or wedding in the municipality, they are quite suitable – which is checked every year by hundreds of brides who choose an economy wedding option and talk about it on the Cheap-Chic-Weddings website. Only those models that have been “run in” at a real wedding ceremony are admitted to the competition.

    Wedding Dress Photo: Emotional Mood Sensitive Dress

    Developers from Philips have looked into the distant (if not very) future, what it will look like in terms of fashion.An emotional dress made it possible to do this. This masterpiece was developed by Philips. The concept of an unusual dress from Philips allows you to look into the future of the fashion industry, when clothes will not only protect the body, but also become a progressive form of communication, reflecting human emotions. If you are stressed or angry, your dress will turn red. And if you calm down, it will turn green.

    The dress consists of two layers: the inner layer detects your emotions by changing body temperature and sweating, thanks to biometric sensors that capture human emotions.Electrical impulses are then sent to the outer layer, which projects the person’s emotions into a color change in the dress. Putting on such a dress, a lady need not worry that she will not be dressed in accordance with the occasion. After all, the color of the dress changes depending on the mood of the person. We – people, are not devoid of emotions, and they are not always positive. If we could implement it, perhaps we would begin to control our emotions – for the benefit of ourselves and those around us?

    Photo of wedding dresses: from condoms

    In the photo – an extravagant white wedding dress made of condoms.World Sex Day is celebrated on November 23rd. And the condom is the first “guest” at this celebration of life. Back to basics! To nature. Out of clothes – just a fig leaf. In any case, the Chinese are sure of this again. Only the role of a fig leaf is played by a condom. A condom is not only a means of protection and a contraceptive, it is also a multifunctional thing. For example, many people manage to create designer clothes from condoms. The inhabitants of the Celestial Empire sewed a dark darkness of dresses (and even wedding ones) from this item No. 2.As you can imagine, the idea of ​​putting everyone “in a condom” appeared for a reason: birth control in China is the main difficulty. Using condoms of all shapes and sizes, the designers “sewed” dresses, suits, hats, handbags and other accessories for the Beijing show.

    A condom garment was first shown during a fashion show at the 4th Products Expo in Beijing, China in 2007. Created by Brazilian designer Adriana Bertini, the dress is made up of thousands of uncontrolled condoms.These costumes were featured in Dress Up Against AIDS: Condom Couture at the UCLA Fowler Museum.

    By the way, such original clothes are becoming more and more popular all over the world. This unusual kind of clothing, completely made of condoms, not only entertains, but also reminds that good sex is protected sex. For example, in the Canadian city of Toronto, you can even buy clothes made from condoms in several stores. In Japan, the production of dresses from condoms is on stream.And in China, these original clothes are snapped up.

    Photos of wedding dresses: the most revealing

    Bridal fashion designers are constantly coming up with something new. But for some of them, the desire to stand out is so important that they create models that shock the public and generate a lot of discussion in newspapers, on television and on the Internet. Not everyone can create divine outfits like Vera Wang or Marchesa. Someone likes something original. For example, Lady Gaga would definitely love this strange wedding dress from German designers.

    This piece is one of the most revealing wedding dresses in the world, presented at Berlin Fashion Week 2012 by Kaviar Gauche. Even then, this most revealing couture wedding dress in the world caused a storm of emotions. Many people think that it is better to hide this outfit for the wedding night, but definitely not to be shown in it in front of the guests. The audience was shocked by such courage of designers (Alexandra Fischer-Röhler and Johanna Kühl), considering this model the most revealing wedding dress in the history of world fashion.

    The model consists only of a transparent veil, under which are “hidden” a white bra and thong, connected together with a thin strip of fabric – a kind of monokini image. And all this splendor is covered with a transparent white veil, which makes the bride look like a cocoon. There are less fabrics on the “dress” than on the swimsuit.

    But along with the terrifying comments about the outfit, popularity came to him at the same time. As they say, black PR is also PR. Undoubtedly, this model of an amazing wedding dress will head the lists of unusual outfits for a long time as the most revealing wedding dress.Although the cut will hardly take root …

    Photos of wedding dresses: the most vulgar

    This dress would undoubtedly have won first place in the Wedding Dress Photo Contest! it is not known only in what category. the most vulgar wedding dress of the year? Or the most shameless wedding dress of the year? Yes, sometimes brides, making a compromise between traditions and the desire to demonstrate themselves in all their glory, dress up in transforming dresses, but there are those who want to shock the audience from the beginning to the end of the ceremony.Fashion designers simply have no right not to take advantage of the potential of the variety of wedding dresses. If earlier everything was very strict, closed and unnecessarily formal, now this framework has been expanded to incredible solutions bordering on outright eroticism.

    The beauty of such dresses is that they barely hide the girl’s charms, but at the same time they do not put them on public display. For a long time, wedding dresses have allowed to reveal various parts of the body, to emphasize the strengths of the girl’s figure, to focus on her charms.In general, this dress can be called a wedding or wedding dress only with a big stretch. In general, surprise – surprised!

    Toilet paper dresses

    A wedding is a significant event that requires a solid financial investment. But even if all expenses for holding a wedding are minimized, in order for this solemn event to take place, you will need to set a delicious table, and, of course, purchase an original wedding dress. However, the latter, as it turned out, does not always have a fabulous price.

    The idea of ​​making an inexpensive wedding dress formed the basis for the eighth contest of toilet paper wedding dresses, held by the portal with the symbolic name “Cheap Chic Weddings”. Well, the Charmin company, which sponsored the competition, provided the participants of the competition with a large amount of white paper.

    In addition to the Charmin paper, the participants of the unusual competition could use threads, needles, glue, scotch tape and straps.Contestants were asked to post a photo of the wedding dress made on the above site. The dresses presented for the competition were evaluated according to criteria such as creativity, originality, beauty and technology of using toilet paper. The best wedding dresses were determined by the visitors of the resource.

    The grand prize went to a dress presented by Susan Brennan from Michigan. Susan Calls Her Bohemian Cupcake Dress The 26-year-old designer spent over 10 rolls of paper on her masterpiece and won no less than $ 2,012.According to Brennan herself, she decided to take part in the competition not because of money, but to demonstrate and develop her design skills. By the way, in last year’s competition, the girl was the owner of the Grand Prix, so now she has every right to be called the best fashion designer of original paper outfits.

    Second place and $ 1,000 went to 50-year-old Katrina Chalifoux. As a bridesmaid, Katrina Schalifo, who works as a radio mechanic in Tennessee, is a long time ago, but she loves to create unusual wardrobe items.That is why Katrina took part in the wedding dress making competition. To make the wedding dress, Katrina used 28 rolls of paper, tape, glue, threads and needles.

    In third place with a $ 500 prize was competition debutant Jennifer Henry, a 31-year-old designer and stylist based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Jennifer Henry took part in such an event for the first time in her life, although by the nature of her profession she repeatedly had to sew dresses from not entirely traditional materials.It took Jennifer 36 rolls of Charmin to make the wedding dress, and she worked without a needle and thread. She collected her dress with packing tape and double-sided tape.

    The contest for the best wedding dress made of toilet paper was held by the Cheap Chic Weddings portal for the eighth time. The originality and beauty of the finished products makes it doubtful that these luxurious wedding dresses are made from plain white paper rolls. It is unlikely that in such an interesting way talented and creative women offer newlyweds to save on wedding dresses.However, it is difficult to disagree with the fact that an inexpensive wedding dress will allow the bride to significantly save money and spend her savings on things that are more necessary for her.

    90,000 Mongolian Wedding Dresses: Luxury Paper Gowns

    Mongolian wedding dresses from the artist Asya Kozina

    At one look at wedding dresses created by the artist from Russia Asya Kozina, is breathtaking. Collection of traditional Mongolian outfits from plain white paper is amazing.

    National Mongolian wedding dress. Designer Asya Kozina

    Thinking on the creation of an unusual collection of wedding dresses, Asya Kozina was guided by the fact that in recent decades, vintage wedding traditions are gradually forgotten, and brides in ethnic dresses can see only in the photographs. The artist’s works are luxurious and distinctive, and the models look like real prom queens in them.

    Original paper wedding dresses

    Original paper wedding dresses

    By the way, we note that the idea of ​​creating wedding dresses from paper is not new: designer Gary Harvey became famous for festive dresses from newspapers, and the website “Cheap Chic Weddings” has been holding competition of budget wedding dresses made of toilet paper for several years now.So, as practice shows, breathtaking outfits do not have to be made of silk and satin.

    Original paper wedding dresses

    Original paper wedding dresses

    Dresses from Asya Kozina will certainly interest brides, because everyone wants look irresistible on your holiday. The author chose such an unusual material for translating your ideas, since it is paper that allows work out the smallest details, create a multi-layer structure.Besides in addition, white makes it possible to concentrate on diversity shapes, although the wedding dress can be in bolder colors.

    Mongolian wedding dresses from the artist Asya Kozina

    I wonder what they believe in Mongolia: if the wedding ceremony is carried out in compliance with all rules, then the couple will certainly live a long and happy family life. Perhaps the choice of dress in this case can be extremely important.

    Mongolian wedding dresses from the artist Asya Kozina

    90,000 This is interesting: paper dress

    Today, paper is still the most common wrapping material.Inexpensive, multifunctional, it finds application in trade and service. But wrapping paper turns out to be good for more than just packing goods! Its use for crafts and jewelry has been known for a long time. A little imagination – and the wrapping paper can be turned into beautiful flowers or an original dress. A dress made of paper is not a new idea; “paper” fashion began in the 20th century.

    Distant Sixties

    The American company Scott Paper Company began to create paper masterpieces; as an advertisement for their company, they made an original dress from a wrapping material.For just one dollar, you could get a brown paper outfit and get a discount on the firm’s products. Here’s a truly outstanding ad campaign! The dress was shapeless, unattractive, and, to put it bluntly, ugly – but customers bought half a million of them in a year. The baton was picked up by singer Niko, who showed off an original outfit, thereby pushing creative-minded people to new ideas. P. Rabanne, a famous fashion designer, in 1966 created an amazing collection of wrapping paper dresses.The story of the paper dress does not end there.

    Cheap clothes for promoters are produced from paper. Designers create unusual wedding and evening dresses that are popular. Women love dresses that can be easily tailored and thrown away. Manufacturers are experimenting with material, trying to create durable waterproof kraft paper. Suits and raincoats are made from it. Outfits are made both with a printed pattern, and clean, making it possible to paint the dress to your liking.Kraft paper clothing has become a sensational discovery, unique, cheap, it is becoming popular. But the paper, despite the efforts of the manufacturers, quickly torn and easily ignited, so the fashion for paper clothes did not become widespread, but from time to time designers return to the theme of dresses made of Kraft wrapping paper.

    Masterpieces from packaging

    The famous Danish fashion designer Annette Mayer has released an extraordinary series of wrapping paper clothes. The collection contains fashionable suits and wedding dresses from packaging, which she buys in all countries of the world.Its customers are advertising agencies that need to draw attention to their projects.

    The ICON Dressed collection attracted the sharpened attention, in which the author shows images of women’s fashion over the past two centuries. The outfits are made of wrapping paper and each dress has a repeating print, traditional 17th century Danish porcelain painting. These works of the designer were successful and were presented at exhibitions in Japan, the Netherlands, Sweden, USA, Greece.

    The imagination of designers knows no boundaries, for shopping lovers, designers have created a unique wedding dress made of paper craft bags, lush, bright, light.In such a bride will not remain unnoticed.

    The famous artist Z. Bradley makes works of art from paper. Her things combine elements of theater, fashion, sculpture. The collection of paper clothes in the style of futurism was created by the young designer Amila Khrustich.

    Kraft paper as a material for clothing is loved by designers. In the USA, in Denver, the eighth fashion show was held in the spring, in which unusual clothes made of paper were presented. More than 50 teams showed their dresses and suits.

    The largest show, which shows clothes made from wrapping paper, always attracts a lot of viewers.

    Bought a product in paper packaging – look at it carefully, perhaps you will see an elegant handbag or a luxurious bow for an evening dress in it.

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