Weaving loom kit australia: Louet Weaving Looms – A Perfect Fit


Louet Weaving Looms – A Perfect Fit

Produce wonderful works on Louet looms

Louet looms are world-famous across weaving guilds and textile art communities. The quality, make, and variety produced by this specialised brand offers a whole host of options that cater to diverse weaving styles. We are proud to provide these options to weavers, knitters, and fibre artists throughout Australia, along with all the tools, yarn suppliers, and equipment that any hobbyist could need.

As an established hallmark of quality and affordability, these essentials are the ideal foundation for excellent weaving work. With one or more in your collection, you can easily produce works for production, presents, or your artistic pleasure. They also accommodate options for inkle weaving, table weaving, and all other wonderful varieties within the weaving spectrum with excellence and quality.

The question is; which of these options is right for you?

Express yourself with the help of Louet table looms

These designs are one of our most requested items for dedicated weavers. Ideal for medium to large works, they can be set up on a convenient surface and secured with clamps.

Often just one of the tools that are used for textile art, Louet is one of the most common makes of tabletop options across the globe.

Produced in an array of sizes and styles, there is a model to fit your vision. We recommend the Louet Jane as a go-to for most table weaving needs, suitable for experienced weavers and professionals.

These designs are ideal for travel, smaller spaces, and versatility. Combined with tools to suit your preferences and technique style – like a floor stand, should you wish – the frames are made to be durable and able to stand the wear and tear of frequent use.

In search of a Louet spring for sale?

Spring looms are one of Louet’s specialties. Crafted by weavers, for weavers, the spring system is a reliable, secure setup that maintains ideal tension between warp and weft as you work.

These frames require more technical knowledge when setting up and weaving, and are often purchased by experienced weavers, as a result.

The springs on these are designed to ensure a smooth, efficient workflow with ease. Automatically returning the rattle upon release of a pedal, large works stay even and balanced throughout the weaving process.

We appreciate this feature within spring tools, and are thrilled to supply our weavers with these models with Australia-wide delivery, and excellent prices.

Your trusted source in Australia

The fibres of Thread Collective’s work are woven with passion, dedication, and expertise. We infuse these qualities in all that we do, from sourcing the best tools, yarns, and equipment for textile art, to advising our customers on the best choices for their creative vision.

As a result, we’ve built up a reputation for excellence in the world of fibre arts,resonating with Louet’s own well-established work. If you’d like to experience weaving for yourself, consult our customer team or browse our range to find your perfect fit.

Beginners Lap Loom Weaving Kit – Home Vibes


The perfect creative Christmas gift!

Join thousands of students choosing Home Vibes tutorials to be part of their learning journey!

This kit Includes;
• Reusable Weaving Loom (30cm x 27cm)
• Printed Instruction Manual
• 40m of warp thread
• 2 x balls of wool roving (approx 25g each)
• Reassurance and support (you can do this!)

This lap loom kit has been designed for those who are looking for an intro to weaving, it’s fuss free, easy to use and you can weave wherever you please!
Learn how to warp your loom, how to secure your weave using clove hitch knots, as well as how to create texture and patterns in your piece. With these techniques under your belt you will enjoy the creative freedom of bringing your unique weave to life!
You will also learn how to detach the weave from the loom if you’d like to keep reusing it – otherwise just leave it in the frame and hang it up! The last photo is of a weave still on the loom (although I didn’t fill all the space so you can still see the top of the loom)

There is no experience needed for this kit, however it will take a beginner some time to complete.

Length of finished piece will depend on how long you cut your yarn for the fringing – its totally up to you!

Please let me know what colour roving you’d like in your kit by choosing from the available options here:

Kits are packaged in a gift bag and posted in a box.

If you have any questions please feel free to send me a message!

SIGN UP FOR A FREE WALL HANGING TUTORIAL HERE www.homevibes. com.au/workshop

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If you are interested in learning all about macrame and making more than one wall hanging, be sure to check out my Learn To Macrame Program (you get a discount when you purchase this kit!) where you learn to make lots of pieces under the guidance of online video tutorials.

Patricia Cantos Design Kits – Patricia Cantos Design

Limited edition yarn and weaving kits to make with the Marta’s Yarns collection of yarns.

Please note that the knitting and crochet kits do not include knitting needles or crochet hooks.

If you wish to buy only the pattern please see the Patterns page.

Weaving loom kit

The hardwood weaving loom frame has been designed and hand made by me and my artist partner Martin Hodge. Its construction allows for flexibility in the warp sett (the space allowance between each warp thread) – essential to obtaining an even surface in your tapestry weaving projects.

The kit comes with everything you need to start weaving, including an exclusive selection of three optional colorways from the Marta’s Yarns collection of yarns. Click on the thumbnail image above the see the three colourway choices. You also have a choice of skeins or centre-pull balls for the yarns (balls recommended for beginner crafters).

For those of you new to weaving, I have developed a series of free weaving lessons for beginners at my YouTube channel weavewithpat.

The kit includes:

1 x handmade Australian hardwood weaving loom frame 34.5 cm x 42 cm (13.5″ x 16.5″).
1 x Shed Stick (weaving sword)
1 x yarn needle
– Enough high quality Swedish cotton weaving warp for one weaving. (Linen warp in an oatmeal color is also available – please convo me if you prefer the linen warp).
– Enough yarn in one of three colorways – Brights, Naturals or Pastels – to complete your first weaving.

Happy weaving!

Pat xx

PS These looms are hand made to order so please allow 1 to 2 weeks for dispatch.
Available Qty: 1

Cave Mitts (Persian orange) – yarn and pattern kit

Includes full color pattern and 100gm ball of the Marta’s Yarns Retro wool blend knitting yarn in the Persian Orange shade to make your own cave mitts (35 cm long).

Care instructions: Hand wash in warm water using wool wash.
Available Qty: 20

About The Unusual Pear

Hey, I’m Rainie! I’m the one running things over here at The Unusual Pear. If you’re reading this, you’re obviously interested in what we’re all about, so I’ll share some of my favourite things about us! 


This is a small family business, run by my husband Beynon and I in Newcastle, Australia. We have two small children in tow, Poppy and Louis and two cats, Picasso and Monet.  


I have been obsessed with fibre art since 2014 when I was pregnant with my first child, Poppy. The therapeutic nature of weaving, spinning and dyeing yarn was a much needed creative outlet for me during my pregnancy and soon flourished into a wonderful daily ritual. I’m responsible for 100% of the business, I do everything from product design and manufacture to photography and website updates, packing and shipping orders and just about everything in between!


Beynon is a casual disability support worker and in his spare time is a potter and woodworker. Beynon makes most of the beautiful pottery in our store and
I occasionally throw in one or two pieces of my own. Beynon also makes and finishes a lot of our timber supplies like the looms and tools. 


We have a really strong passion for quality and sustainability and have very small environmental footprint with this business. All of our packaging is home compostable or recyclable and we choose carbon neutral parcel delivery. I make a lot of our yarns from recycled materials and only choose sustainably sourced, plant and animal fibres. All of our timber products are made from FSC certified timbers and sourced locally. We both work from our home – I have a small fibre art studio inside and Beynon has his pottery studio on our back porch. We are excited to be building our new studio at the back of our property where we will be able to work together and invite people in to see our pieces.


In the 7+ years of business, we have been featured in print, in some amazing publications including.. 

– Frankie Magazine

– The Etsy Blog

– Koel Magazine

– Mollie Makes

– Extra Curricular Magazine

– Better Homes and Gardens Magazine

– DIY Woven Art by Rachel Denbow

– Swell Magazine 

– Maryanne Moodie’s latest book

– The Newcastle Herald 

– ABC Brisbane Radio

– Ply Magazine


Other proud achievements include…

– Guest Artist 2016 at the Stitches and Craft Shows in Newcastle, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide

– Teaching a weaving workshop in New Jersey USA

– Featured Artist with Etsy’s famous textile week in Melbourne

– Guest Artist 2019 at the Stitches and Craft Show in Newcastle


My biggest most amazing achievement has to be writing my own book, The Woven Home which was published in December 2019.

Widest Selection of Weaving Looms & Supplies

Weaving Looms & Weaving Supplies

Are you interested in buying a loom? There are many considerations:

  • What do you want to weave?
  • How big of a piece do you intend to weave?
  • How much space do you have?
  • What is your level of weaving knowledge, skill and interest?
  • What weaving supplies and loom accessories do you need?
  • Is the loom for you or someone else?
  • What is your budget?

Our friendly and knowledgeable Customer Service Team is standing by to help you answer these and any other questions that you may have about selected a loom.

The Woolery carries the widest selection of looms from all the major manufacturers.

Ashford Handicrafts – Based in New Zealand, the Ashford family has been supplying the fiber arts community since 1934. The Ashford product line includes hand looms, rigid heddle looms, inkle looms, tapestry looms, table looms and floor looms. They also offer a full line of weaving supplies, loom accessories and weaving kits.

Glimakra – With a history that dates to 1926, Glimakra has been producing looms in Sweden since 1950. The Glimakra product line includes band looms, rigid heddle looms, table looms and floor looms. They also offer a full line of weaving supplies, loom accessories and weaving kits.

Harrisville Designs – Tracing its history as a woolen mill to 1794, the Colony family produces looms in Harrisville, New Hampshire. The Harrisville product line includes hand looms, rigid heddle looms, tapestry looms, and floor looms. They also offer a full line of weaving supplies and loom accessories.

Kromski and Sons – The Kromski family traces its history in the fiber arts to 1918. Their rigid heddle looms are produced in Poland. They also offer a full line of rigid heddle weaving supplies and loom accessories.

Leclerc Looms – Tracing its history to 1874, Leclerc produces weaving looms in Canada. Their offering includes rigid heddle looms, table looms, floor looms and a several specialty looms. They also offer a full line of weaving supplies and loom accessories.

Louet – Established in 1974 and based in The Netherlands, the Louet product line includes tapestry looms, table looms, and floor looms. They also offer a full line of weaving supplies and loom accessories.

Mirrix – This mother /daughter run company produces a line of specialty tapestry and bead looms in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin.

Schacht Spindle Company – Established in 1969, Schacht produces looms in Boulder, Colorado. The Schacht product line includes hand looms, rigid heddle looms, inkle looms, tapestry looms, table looms and floor looms. They also offer a full line of weaving supplies and loom accessories.

Toika – Based in Finland, this family owned and operated business dates back to 1898. Toika produces floor looms as well as a full line of weaving supplies and floor loom accessories.

More information on loom selection.

What is a Loom?

A loom can be defined as any device used to weave thread or yarn into cloth, a rug or a tapestry. At its core, a loom holds one group of parallel threads under tension (the warp) while enabling the weaving of another set of parallel threads (the weft) perpendicular to the threads under tension. The pattern of the weave is typically determined by the manipulation or movement (up or down) of the warp threads.

Dating back to 6000BC, weaving is one of the world’s oldest and continuously practiced crafts. In fact, weaving is mentioned some nine times in the Old Testament.

By most accounts, flax was one of the popular weaving fibers in ancient Egypt, producing linen.

Complex weaving looms were widespread across Europe, Africa and Asia by the middle ages.

The development of the flying shuttle 1733 helped to automate the weaving process.

Wool, Linen and Hemp were the dominant yarns of choice until the advent of the cotton gin in 1793 which greatly reduced the cost and increased the availability of cotton fiber.

In 1801, Joseph Marie Jacquard invented a system using punched wooden cards to control the design of a loom. Jacquard based his system on the earlier loom automation work of Jacques de Vaucansan some 60 years earlier. In addition to playing an important role in the Industrial Revolution, the Jacquard Loom is credited as a precursor to the punch card systems used by early mainframe computers.

There are several types of looms that vary in both size and function.

  • Floor Loom – Floor looms are best used for producing longer lengths of fabric, for production work, designs that are more complex and for carpets and rugs. The loom must be solid and stable to accommodate the increased warp tension required for rug weaving.
  • Table Loom – These smaller, less expensive, portable looms are usually rising shed looms. Sometimes they have springs under the shafts to hold them down. Table looms are ideal for learning as they are portable enough to put into a car or even on a plane to take to a workshop.
  • Rigid Heddle Loom – Provide the equivalent of two-shaft weaving and can be adapted to function as a four-shaft loom by adding a second heddle set. 
  • Tapestry or Frame Loom – The tapestry frame loom is the simplest form of a weaving loom. The Navajo loom is a style of frame loom.
  • Inkle Loom – Typically a frame with a number of pegs, these looms are ideal for weaving belts, bands and straps.
  • Back Strap Loom – A simple loom comprising two sticks between which the warps are stretched. One bar is attached to a fixed object and the other to the weaver usually by means of a strap around the back.
  • Triangle Loom – As the name implies, this uniquely shaped loom uses a continuous weaving technique combining the warp and weft into a single, long strand.

Today, weaving looms can be found in all sizes, designs and configurations. For example, one of the largest looms can be found in Iran, producing 50m wide rugs. From the mountains of Afghanistan to the factories in Asia, weaving and weaving looms continue to play an important role in our daily lives.

Choose from our selection of small, medium and large weaving looms for sale!

If you don’t find exactly what you want, or would like a product recommendation, please call the shop directly at 800-441-9665 or contact us for assistance.

Shop Knitting Looms & Loom Kits Online

Can I purchase Looms from Spotlight?

Yes, you can. At Spotlight, we have a whole host of looms in a choice of widths and styles, and if you love to weave, then we are sure to have the perfect one for you. Whether you are looking to make pom poms, scarves, flowers, or pretty much anything else, we have everything that you need to do your favourite hobby. With such a wide choice available, plus our guaranteed low prices across the whole collection, make Spotlight your number one shopping destination for all your weaving needs.

What is included in this range?

This range includes a whole host of different looms and weaver kits, with a wide range of different types available. At Spotlight, we have everything that you need to ensure that you can wave your way to success. Make fun pom poms, flowers, scarfs, and more, with looms to fit a whole host of different purposes. It also contains a selection of mesh bags if you are looking to weave your very own purse. Choose bright and vibrant colours, embellish with a crochet lower or feathers, and you have a bag that all your friends will be envious of. Whatever you plan on weaving, then find the loom that you need amongst this awesome collection.

How do I make a Pom Pom?

There is so much that you can do with pom poms, embellish your textile projects, and make a rug for the home, or stick just about anywhere really. Making a pom pom is faster and easier with one of our fabulous looms. The way in which you make your pom will depend on which of our pom-pom makers you have chosen, and we always recommend reading the individual manufacturer’s instructions prior to beginning your project.

Open the rings of your pom pom loom, and then tightly wrap one side with wool. You could use one shade, or mix it up for a multi-coloured effect, Then wrap the second half of your maker, before closing the two halves together. Ensure that the closure has been properly connected, before cutting open the pom pom along the outside gap. Finally, take a length of wool and tier it in a knot around the bundle, Remove the loom and trim your pom pom to the desired length. The smaller makers will make a tighter pom pom, whereas the larger ones will make a bigger one.

Do you have any tips for using a loom?

This range also includes weaving looms and kits, there are a few different types of looms available, and the one that you choose will depend on the finished project that you have in mind. There are so many different weaving techniques as well, and we definitely recommend getting one of our weaving kits if you are new to the looming world. When you have set up your loom and yarn, you will need to grow forwards and backwards using an over-under pattern.

It is important that you do not pull your yam too tight, or too lose, as this will mess up the overall design. Continue waving back and farther, pushing the woven section up with your fingers to tighten the effect. We recommend choosing one of our loom kits, particularly if you are new to the craft, as this contains easy to follow instructions as well as all the tools that you could possibly need to weave your way to success.

Saori Looms – c u r i o u s w e a v e r

Beautiful looms for weavers and crafters

Saori looms are very compact floor looms with an array of easy-to-use accessories.  Available as foldable or small “footprint’ space saving styles the looms fit into any home. They can be transported and moved around easily but are capable of weaving long lengths suited to clothing and interior textiles similar to much larger looms. With our busy, rushed lifestyles the Saori system of weaving lets you spend most of your creative energy at a loom weaving and relaxing rather than preparing to weave.

Fully imported from Sakaiseiki in Japan, a Saori loom is an investment in creativity that won’t devalue or become outdated over time. See how the loom works!

Curiousweaver Studio has all of the Saori looms available to see and try – WX60, SX60, WX90, Saori CH60 and Piccolo40.   All prices are Australian GST inclusive. See a comparison of all the looms.  We do not sell used looms. All looms are new and imported from Japan.

Extras and included support

All unassembled looms (WX90) purchased from Curiousweaver include Australian assembly instructions with video assembly support and a video tutorials on how to warp the loom with a Saori pre-wound warp. If you have previously purchased a loom from Curiousweaver and would like access to the video tutorial please contact Kaz.

SAORI WX60 Folding Loom

This beautifully designed wooden two shaft loom is a dream to weave on. Designed especially for weavers and crafters today who are busy and need to relax in comfort at the loom while creating unique textiles.

The WX60 loom is compact, folding and portable. Only 23cms in depth when folded. Perfect to stow away in an instant.

The loom is operated by two very lightweight foot pedals so there is no fiddling with levers to operate the loom, keeping your hands free to focus on colour, weaving and creating.

The WX60 loom is fully assembled.   The loom can be sent by freighter or picked up at Curiousweaver studio where you can learn to thread the loom too.

Main features:

  • Light weight wooden birch frame – 12.3 kg
  • Warp control system to wind on your weaving from the sitting position.
  • Long distance from breast beam to reed to see more of your weaving and designs as you go.
  • Harness cord stoppers are included on the loom.
  • Wide reed racer depth allowing a easier glide for the boat shuttle in weaving.
  • Also included is over $300.00 extras not normally included with other brand looms. The on-board bobbin winder, 15 plastic bobbins and a boat shuttle, 5dpc (12dpi) stainless steel reed, reed hook, heddle hook, built in shelf, 400 wire heddles on 2 shafts, foot controlled warp control lever/brake release and a 150 thread (30cms in width)  x 6 metre long pre-wound black cotton warp (this is threaded on the assembled unit).
  • A clipping rod is included with the loom. Attach your weaving threads F A S T.

The WX60 loom has additional optional features such as loom wheels to easily roll it around in the folded position and heighteners to add another 5cms or 10cms to the loom height if required. A four shaft conversion kit can also be added. 

For more details see here.

The WX60 unassembled loom can be shipped anywhere in Australia  This loom requires assembly and you will receive good Australian instructions and some assembly support videos.  You will also have access to threading tutorial videos and/or the loom can be  picked up at Curiousweaver Studio, Old Bar NSW.   $2264.00

The WX60 assembled loom can be shipped anywhere in Australia  (please contact for freight quote) This loom comes threaded and fully assembled. You will receive access to threading tutorial videos to assist you to thread the loom after weaving off the six metres warp included on the loom when you receive it.   $2373.00


Two looms in one for a fraction of the price

Saori looms are enriched with the  the addition of an optional ‘inside set’ consisting of two extra shafts, paper pipe, back rod and cord, clipping rod and a reed.  This really gives you two looms in one and saves so much energy and time!

A warp can be removed from the loom and another put on in its place at any time. You can share a loom  or just change over projects for a fresh change while preserving all the threading and set up of each project. See how to remove and re-attach an inside set.  Also available for the Piccolo/90 Series.

Inside Set for 60 series looms: $618.00 (with clipping rod option)




Saori WX90 – W I D E

The WX90 is now available for special order. The same beautiful two shaft counterbalanced system and folding style as the WX60 loom but wider at 90cms in weaving width. See my first warp up and weave with it. Comes with a 5dpc stainless steel reed, built in bobbin winder, shelf, two shafts each with 315 nickel plated wire heddles with large eyes, a clipping rod, warp control pedal with hand lever attachment, reed and heddle hooks,  boat shuttle, packet of 15 bobbins, tying rod and cords.  (note: a pre-wound warp or paper pipe is not included with this model).  The loom requires assembly and has good Australian instructions and some support video.  Assembly and Pick up available on request. 

Loom height extenders and wheels can also be added as options. This loom also has Kenzo’s new warping system available. Please inquire.

Also recommended as an additional accessory  – Winding lever for the cloth beam. This assists the winding on action given the wider and heavier warps possible. $39.00

Loom needs assembly. $3617.00.


SAORI CH60  Traditional Style


This beautiful and sturdy non-foldable traditional loom is perfect for that small loom space which doesn’t need to be stowed away or transported. The high quality birch wood two shaft loom arrives with an on-board bobbin winder, reed, reed hook, heddle hook, a built in shelf, boat shuttle, clipping rod, bobbins, 400 wire heddles with larger holes, a hand operated warp control lever (brake release) to wind on where you sit and a ready-to-go pre-wound warp (threaded on arrival).  Requires some assembly. An optional leg attachment is also available to raise the height of the loom by 5 cms. See here for more detail.  $2450.00



Piccolo 40 Loom

The Saori Piccolo 40 loom is the ultimate lightweight and travel floor loom.   It features a 2 shaft counterbalance loom with two floor pedals in a chrome plated metal finish. Easy to fold and weighing only 7 kilos. The on-board bobbin winder can be removed and used at a table too.  It’s the loom to take out and about. It’s the loom to spread weaving around. Has two adjustable heights – one suitable for a child the other for you! See more detail.

New model has  built-in shelf, clamp, bobbin winder, medium shuttle, a pack of plastic bobbins, reed and heddle hook, tying rod with cords, a threaded 100 thread x 6 metre pre wound warp and a  clipping rod.  

You will receive a complimentary Curiousweaver pattern for making a travelling Piccolo carry bag too. An inside set is also available. Loom is freighted fully assembled. $1691.00


Compare the looms

See Saori Loom Comparison chart for further specifications and information on the differences between the looms.

Postage/Shipping costs are not included in any prices. Australian 10% GST is included in all prices.  Please contact Curiousweaver or see How to Order. Note: Prices are subject to change at any time.

90,000 Looms – a huge selection at the best prices

Creating a Masterpiece With Weaving Looms

A weaving loom allows you to create a unique tapestry craft from scratch. Your tapestry is formed on the weaving loom with your chosen yarn or thread. Wooden weaving kits are available for use by children or adults for making handcrafted items, and you can find several different types on eBay.

What are the types of weaving looms?

Weavers are in the business of making tapestries or fabrics by hand on their chosen weaving loom type, such as:

  • Rigid heddle weaving loom
  • Wooden weaving loom
  • Frame weaving loom
  • Inkle weaving loom

What do you weave on a loom?

Yarn can be woven into fabrics and tapestries of every size. One thread is chosen for the warp and mingled at a 90-degree angle with the alternate filling thread on the wooden loom itself. This process creates the weave of the tapestry. The end product depends on the particular craft, kit, and experience level of the weaver. Typical projects for different skill levels include:

  • Beginners – Children may use a plastic loom for weaving potholders by hand with fabric bands.
  • Basic – Crafters may begin by weaving placemats, small mats, or coasters.
  • Experienced – Once you master the process of weaving, you can create your own rugs or wall hangings with intricate patterns.

How does a weaving shuttle work?

Shuttles maintain tension in the material being shuttled across. Some wooden ones are open on the bottom, which makes them lighter to work with. Closed types are slightly heavier, but you may find them easier to use for passing the bobbin through your shed. They are essentially picking sticks made of wood that make weaving more efficient.

There are many types of flying wooden shuttles, and you need to choose the most appropriate one for the material you will be weaving with. Some shuttle options include:

  • Boat – This is usually used with a floor loom. A bobbin is inserted into the boat, which is then passed through the shed. One type is the end delivery boat, which uses a pern instead of a bobbin while weaving.
  • Stick – This type works well with smaller looms.There is even a stick that can be used by those who weave with rags.
  • Ski – For those working with yarns with exceptional bulk, this type is necessary.
  • Belt – These have notched ends in the wood, which are designed to press the weft yarn where it belongs.

Determine the profile of shuttle you prefer for your particular weaving project. To create a cohesive weave, the shuttle is an integral part of choosing a new or used weaving loom.Remember that those with a more slender height will be easier to pass through narrow sheds on the loom.

90,000 Manufacture of weaving machines in bulk for export. TOP 50 exporters of weaving machines

Products of the largest factories for the manufacture of looms: price comparison, preferred countries of export.

  1. where weaving machines are produced
  2. ⚓ Shipping to port (CIF / FOB)
  3. looms weaving price 07/16/2021
  4. 🇬🇧 Supplier’s weaving machines Russia

Countries where deliveries were made from Russia 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021

  • 🇲🇩 MOLDOVA, REPUBLIC (243)
  • 🇹🇷 TURKEY (233)
  • 🇮🇶 IRAQ (99)
  • 🇱🇹 LITHUANIA (79)
  • 🇺🇿 UZBEKISTAN (69)
  • 🇮🇳 INDIA (51)
  • 🇵🇰 PAKISTAN (29)
  • 🇲🇳 MONGOLIA (20)
  • 🇺🇦 UKRAINE (18)
  • 🇵🇱 POLAND (18)
  • 🇹🇲 TURKMENIA (16)
  • 🇱🇻 LATVIA (15)
  • 🇪🇪 ESTONIA (14)
  • 🇹🇯 TAJIKISTAN (12)
  • 🇰🇿 KAZAKHSTAN (8)

Choose weaving machines: check availability, prices and buy online

The largest exporters from Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Belarus, official contacts of the companies.Through our website, you can send a request to all representatives at once, if you want to buy
weaving machines.
🔥 Attention: the site contains all the largest Russian manufacturers of weaving machines, mainly production facilities are located in Russia. Due to the low cost price, the prices are lower than in the world market

Wholesale supply of weaving machines directly from the manufacturer (Russia)

The largest factories for the production of weaving machines

Plants for the manufacture or production of weaving machines are located in the central part of Russia.We have prepared for you a list of factories from Russia, so that you can work directly and easily buy weaving machines in bulk

parts and accessories for weaving machines and their accessories

Manufacturer Shuttleless weaving machines for making fabrics more than cm wide

Suppliers Parts and accessories for weaving machines or their accessories: reed

Major manufacturers Other auxiliary equipment for machines of heading

Exporters Spinning Textile Machines

Manufacturing companies Roving fabrics

Fabric Manufacturing

Manufacturer Conveyor belts or driving belts

Suppliers Revolution counters

Major manufacturers Pressed asbestos fiber sealing material in sheets or rolls

Exporters Drive Belts or Belting

Manufacturing companies screws and bolts

Spindle Manufacturing

weavings – Russian translation – Linguee

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and silver and gold artworks


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pottery, carving, painting


and jewelry making using silver and gold.


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Transfer of Ownership of Cultural

Property (1970), anc ie n t weavings f r om Coroma (Bolivia) and […]

pre-Columbian statues stolen


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For example, in the framework of the implementation of the 1970 UNESCO Convention.on measures aimed at prohibiting and preventing


illegal import, export and

transfer of ownership rights sti n a cultural tse n nose ty , ancient fabrics from […]

Koroma (Bolivia) and statuettes


of the pre-Columbian era, kidnapped near San Augustine (Colombia), were returned to their communities.


Even though most trained village guides are men, women benefit particularly from the production of handicrafts, such as bracelets a n d weavings .


Although the majority

village guides are men, women benefit from total t handicraft production, such as bracelets and woven and bldg .


Since turning my attention again to calligraphy in 2005, I have received bursaries to study with calligraphers such as Yves Leterme, Sue Hufton, Martin Jackson and Peter Thornton, published articles about the history of letters for journals, contributed to books, have had work published in Letter Arts Review a n d Weavings , a nd have taught and lectured in North America.


After returning to calligraphy in 2005, I received a scholarship and was able to study with calligraphers such as Yves Leterme, Sue Houghton, Martin Jackson and Peter Thornton. My articles on the history of writing have been published in magazines, I have contributed to the preparation of books, my work has been published in the Letter Arts Review and Weavings, and I have taught and lectured in North America.


The Desert Mob MarketPlace is a large indoor-outdoor market with stalls selling affordable Aboriginal art, crafts and products including wood carvings, bush medicine a n d weavings a n n n n d weavings a n d refreshments.


The Desert Mob Festival hosts a large fair – indoor and outdoor you can at a bargain price to buy Aboriginal art and handicrafts, including carved wooden figurines, medicines bush, wicker and drinks.


This included: (i) research by the National Museum of Rwanda on various craft techniques and their relevance today, (ii) the national consultation meeting to discuss a strategy for


the further development of the craft sector, and (iii) the

preparation f or a weaving t r ai ning at Kigali […]

Central Prison.


These included: (i) research conducted by the National Museum of Rwanda on the technology of various crafts and their relevance to the present, (ii) a national consultation meeting for


discussion of strategy further

development of the sector rem e s l, and (iii) n o d got s ka training […]

weaving in Kigali Central Prison.


An economic model for

Bedouin women in t h e weaving , n ee dlework and food […]

fields was formulated, where the women market their


products in special fairs and abroad.


An economic

was developed for Bedouin women.
model in such about b la st i x, like shopping mall a th st in , sewing clothes […]

and food production,


allowing women to sell their products at special fairs and abroad.


I am thinking of a program sponsored by UNESCO, in the Ratanakiri region


of Cambodia, which has helped

to revive the traditi on a l weaving t e ch nique, forgotten by […]

the indigenous communities during


the Khmer Rouge period, and which today is ensuring them employment and a better lifestyle.


I mean the UNESCO sponsored program,


carried out in the province

Ratanakiri in Cambodia, to from helped sp IT traditional […]

weaving methods forgotten by local

90,004 communities during the Khmer Rouge in the history of this country, which today help its inhabitants to provide employment and a better way of life.


Building on traditional Turkmen crafts, rural women have engaged with


particular interest in creating small

businesses for ca rp e t weaving , t ra ditional […]

clothes and ornaments trade and everyday services.


Continuing the traditions of the Turkmen people, from


rural women created special interest

small enterprises and in accordance with in quality, […]

sewing national clothes, making national


jewelry, trade and various types of household services.


The Turkish professor, President of the First International Congress on Turkic carpets Nejet Diyarbekerli wrote about those who kept the view that Pazyryk carpets were of Iranian origin: “It is evident


that these art critics

were not aware of the art of ca rp e t weaving o f T urkic tribes that once lived […]

in the region of Anatoly and Eastern Turkistan.


Turkish professor, President of the I International Congress on Turkic Carpets, Nejat Diyarbekirli writes about the supporter of the Iranian origin of the Pazyryk carpet: “Absolutely


it is obvious that these

art critics were not familiar m s art to weaving, ra widespread among […]

Turkic steppe communities.


in regions from Anatolia to East Turkestan.


UNI-PORT is used

to carry the completely drawn-in harness for intermediate storage as well as for reliable transport bet we e n weaving p r ep aration and t h e weaving s h ed .


UNI-PORT system is used for transferring heald frames after


completion of interim storage, and

also to ensure uninterrupted transportation of the harnesses x pa m between s ist ym preparation and automatics s az ii tse ss a and weaving shop.


Or if they succee d i n weaving a ro be of selfrighteousness, and in thus concealing for a time their deformities, the moment they are brought into the presence of God, the robe itself appears in the light of His holiness as nothing but filthy rags.


Or, when they manage to sew themselves a robe of self-righteousness and in this way hide their shortcomings for a while, the moment they appear before God, these garments in the light of His holiness turn into nothing more than filthy rags.


Over the past eight years, the equipment in the hairdressing salons and sewing workshops in penal colonies for women and men and in the open prison in Zangiata province has been


upgraded, and inmates have been given training in

basic needlework, be a d weaving , h ai dressing and confectionery-making.


Over the past 8 years, the material base of hairdressing and sewing workshops of the colonies for serving women, men and the colony-settlement of Zangiata region has been strengthened,


trained convicts on the following

directions: os n s s sewing de la , beading, […]

hairdressing, confectionery.


Our UNI-LINK system for process optimization between warp beam stock a n d weaving m a ch ine assures quick style changes, short down times for t h e weaving m a ch ines, and a rational sequence in production.


The UNI-LINK system we make is for

optimization of the technological process between nav and fabric ck with a machine, provides a quick change of fabric pattern, reduced time e no downtime weaving cc production cycle.


Prisoners have been provided the opportunity to participate in


rehabilitation programs such as training, and other

activities such as growing vegetab le s , weaving , k ni tting and so on


prisoners were given the opportunity to take part in such rehabilitation programs,


as training sessions, and engage in such

other types of activity from t , to to to growing ov to to t, t quality, knitting […]

, etc.


They are no longer permitted to use the wetland’s thatch grass,

which they use for roofing and ba sk e t weaving ( S te p 2).


They are no longer allowed to pick reeds in the swamp, which they

used for the construction of i cr lys and n le te ni i baskets ( stage 2).


For long, culture has produced a rich selection of unique

handicrafts, like exqui si t e weaving a n d consummate mastery of embroidery, […]

fine painting and


woodcarving, precise currying and skillful jewelry.


From time immemorial, culture brought


rich harvest of unique

handicrafts, such as sup t yo zn o weaving and n en re at beauty […]

embroidery, fine painting and


woodcarving, meticulous leather work and exquisite jewelery work.


We have 35 sets GRS1300 model metal wire mesh machines


imported from Japan, 50 sets P7100 and

P7150 polyester me s h weaving l o om s imported from […]

Switzerland and 30 sets of other machines


including high vacuum melting furnace, automatic warp arranging machine, automatic warp arranging machine for metal mesh and test facilities.


We have 35 sets of GRS1300 model metal wire mesh


machines imported from Japan, 50

sets P7100 and P 7150 polyester ce tk and looms, […]

imported from Switzerland


and 30 sets of other machines, including high vacuum melting furnace, automatic organizing bases machine, automatic organizing bases machine for metal mesh and testing equipment.


It also participated in the Asia Pacific NGO Forum on

Beijing + 15 on the them e Weaving w i sd om, confronting crises […]

and forging the future ”(2009).


She also participated


in operation Asia-Pacific

Forum NPO “Beijing + 15″ n a topic “ y m knife ae m wisdom, […]

we overcome crises and build the future ”(2009).


c.Multi-directional, multi-dimensi on a l weaving m a ch ines or interlacing machines, including adapters and modification kits f weaving , i nt erlacing or braiding fibers to manufacture composite structures


c . weaving st an ki or machines d for weaving, at stars for t ka th weaving, weaving or interlacing of fibers for the purpose of making composite structures


Forests offer multiple services, including timber and non-timber forest


products, and are the main sources of food, medicine and raw

materials for building a n d weaving a n d for employment […]



Forests offer numerous services, including wood and non-wood forest products, and


are the main power supplies,

medicinal media s tv and raw materials for s tr residences and […]

weaving, as well as for job creation.


For the clothing sector,

DORNIER shows an air -j e t weaving m a ch ine with dobby machine […]

in 200 cm nominal width that weaves


finest wool fabric with wool / Elastan filling at 900 ppm.


For the production of clothing fabrics DORNIER

offers pneumatic e sk weaving s t ano to 200 cm wide […]

with a hedge-lifting carriage, on which


at a speed of 900 rpm, a fine woolen fabric with a wool and elastane weft is produced.


For example, two ra pi e r weaving m a ch ines and one airjet d ob b weaving m a ch ine are fitted […]

with the patented PSL pneumatic shaft lock.


So, for example, two rapiers x x weaving machines and nka and one pneumatic in the […]

with heald carriages equipped with the patented


pneumatic couplings PSL.


Not only is it the world’s fastest accelerating production motorcycle, but superb handling and balanced performance (care of advanced technology and numerous comfort features) ensure riders are equally at home carving up twisty roads in the hills, heading across the border for a multi-day trip or de ft l y weaving t h ro ugh city traffic.


It is not only the fastest production motorcycle in the world, but also excellent handling – thanks to modern technology, numerous additional functions and balanced characteristics, it behaves equally confidently both on the mountain serpentine and in busy city traffic.


This project utilises simple

tools and traditi on a l weaving t e ch niques to recycle […]

plastic packaging.



simple tools t s and traditional t weaving techniques […]

plastic packaging is recycled and used for


production of bags, sandals, hats, phone cases, etc. The project is being implemented in India, USA, Japan and Europe.


Azer-Ilme LLC preserves the traditions and develops the

art of Azerbaijani ca rp e t weaving , a nd propagates it through […]

carpet sales organized worldwide.


Azer-Ilme Company retains

traditions azerbaijani to og about carpet weaving , from to from there is development […]

carpet weaving arts, and distributes


Azerbaijani carpets all over the world.


By importing wool from England a n d weaving i t i nto fine cloth for sale on the continent, the Flemish cities became exceedingly wealthy, populous, and powerful …


By importing wool from England and making fine cloth from it for sale on the continent, Flemish cities grew richer, more populous, and more powerful.


Weaving s e ct ions: It is recommended th a t weaving s c should be enough to be long c allow movements to be effected in complete safety.


Intersections and Intersections: It is recommended that intersection sections be long enough to ensure complete road safety.



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