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Top 10 Waxing Salons in KL & Selangor

1) Bubble Gum Wax (The Waxing Expert)

They’ve been in existence since 2011, and their team of trained professionals will leave you at ease no matter what. Putting you at ease is at the top of their list, so don’t worry if you’ve never gone for a wax before. They offer a wide range of waxing services, and their prices are listed on their website too. It’s an equal opportunity waxing salon too – guys can also get waxed here.  They have a few branches throughout KL and Selangor.

bbgwax.com | FB: bbgwax | IG: @bubblegumwax_

2) Pink Parlour Malaysia

Pink Parlour originated in Singapore, but soon reached our shores and is a name synonymous with many awards in the grooming industry. Ladies and gentlemen can go in for a wax here, they have specific services targeted to certain body parts or you can opt for full body wax as well. Products used are from Australia. They are located at Sunway Putra Mall.

pinkparlour.com.my | FB: pinkparlourmy | IG: @pinkparlourmy

Sometimes all a girl needs to feel put together is a good brow wax. At Apronbay, you can get just that, along with other waxing services. This salon located on Jalan Telawi 4 and is open every day except for Mondays. Reviewers on Facebook have commended them on their relaxing ambience and plush chairs, so it sounds like a truly calming experience.

4) De Wax Haus

Using four formulations of wax manufactured in France, De Wax is able to target various hair and skin types when waxing. They also assure that no double-dipping occurs, which means you get a clean spatula used each time the wax touches your skin. Prices are listed on their website. Visit their salon at Taipan in Subang Jaya.

dewaxhaus.com | FB: dewaxhaus | IG: @dewaxhaus

5) Brazilian Pro-waxing Salon

Mont Kiara folks, this salon is right in your vicinity. They are open every day and offer a range of waxing services for clients. Whether it’s your face, body, hands or feet, they’ve got you covered. Also, their therapists are always wearing disposable latex gloves and masks, as well as disposable spatulas that are not double dipped and sterilized waxing equipment.

brazilian.com.my | FB: Brazilian Pro-waxing Salon

6) Furless Waxing

Be furry no more when you go to Furless Waxing at Jaya One. This unisex salon has already won awards from beauty magazines like CLEO, Women’s Weekly and Harper’s Bazaar for their services, which include waxing for face, body and intimate areas. Check their website to see what ongoing promotions and packages they have.

furlesswaxing.com | FB: befurless | IG: @furlesswaxing

7) Smooch Waxing Studio

An array of waxing services are available at Smooch’s Waxing Studios in Bandar Sunway and Jalan TAR. They also have both hard and soft wax options, and also offer threading services. What’s more, if you have ingrown hairs on your arms, legs or underarms, they have a treatment for that as well. Give either branch a call to find out pricing and other information.

smooch.com.my | FB: SmoochWaxingStudioMalaysia | IG: @smoochwaxingstudio

8) Strip Kuala Lumpur

Originating in Singapore, they’ve come a long way since. Strip has a presence beyond the island, and would be a familiar name to anyone who’s gone for a wax. They state that they were the first salon to introduce the “No Double Dipping” clause when it comes to waxing, and hygiene remains an important goal in all their interactions with clients. There are currently 7 Strip salons within KL and Selangor.

strip-my.com | FB: StripKL | IG: @stripmalaysia

9) Sommerset Nails & Waxing

Sommerset is located at Jalan Telawi 3, and they specialize in Brazilian and full body waxing. Besides this, they also offer manicures and pedicures at their salon. Follow them on Facebook or Instagram to find out more about their current promotions and other offers, or call them to find out more about pricing.

FB: sommersetmalaysia | IG: @sommersetkl

10) Wax Candy

Their professionally trained waxing specialists will be on hand to give you the best hair removal experience. They intend for your experience to be comfortable, quick, painless and want you to leave feeling satisfied, and if the reviews are anything to go by, they have succeeded on the customer service front. Visit this waxing bar at Taman Desa.

FB: waxcandythewaxbar | IG: @waxcandythewaxbar

That’s not all! More Top 10s in Malaysia are waiting to be discovered!

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10 Best Waxing Strips in Malaysia

When it comes to waxing, there are 2 methods that are often used: strip waxing and hot waxing. Each method has its own pros and cons, though most people are more familiar with strip waxing as it is much more practical and faster. Besides that, strip waxing also provides a longer-lasting option as your hair will grow back just after around 6 weeks later. With an extensive variety of waxing strips available in the market, which then is the best waxing strip in Malaysia? In our Best of Beauty series, we have curated the latest 10 Best Waxing Strips in Malaysia, providing quality recommendations to suit your lifestyle and budget. For ultimate beauty guides, also check our epilator, hair dryer, and facial cleanser recommendations!

This article was last updated on 21 August 2021

10 Best Waxing Strips in Malaysia

1. Veet Hair Removal Wax Strip Supreme Essence

A premium choice

If you are looking for a premium wax strip that works very well with all skin types, we suggest trying the Veet Hair Removal Wax Strip Supreme Essence. As an illustrious Veet product, this wax strip is proven to be effective in removing hairs as thin as 2mm. Another difference with this premium wax is that it contains a blend of velvet rose essential oil to your skin supple and soft up to 4 weeks after hair removal, while the EasyGrip™ removes hair from the root with just one simple move. 

Besides that, users also appreciate that it improves skin’s hydration levels after application. With just a little price difference than other series, the Veet Hair Removal Wax Strip Supreme Essence tops the benefits. 

Why buy this:

  • Premium wax strip with velvet rose essential oil
  • Effective in removing hair as thin as 2mm
  • Keep your skin supple and soft for 4 weeks

2. Veet Wax Strips Sensitive

Suitable for sensitive skin

People with sensitive skin often prefer to use the hot waxing method. However, hot waxing will take much longer than strip waxing. Besides, hot waxing is only effective in some areas and can not remove thin hair effectively. If you have sensitive skin and want to try strip waxing, we recommend using the Veet Wax Strips Sensitive.

This waxing strip can exfoliate and give your skin a smooth texture for up to 4 weeks after waxing. Furthermore, the wax also has a special formulation of aloe vera and vitamin E to maintain the moisture level of your skin and prevent inflammation or bruising. No perfect technique is needed, because it’s already designed to easily remove hair with an improved formula. It comes in a pack of 20. 

Why buy this:

  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Contains aloe vera and vitamin E

3. Veet Cold Wax Strip Dry Skin

Provide moisturizing effects to dry skin

Other than sensitive skin, dry skin also requires better care as it’s also more vulnerable to skin damage, due to the lack of moisture. A wax strip that never fails in removing hair while providing gentle care for your dry skin is the Veet Cold Wax Strip Dry Skin. 

This strip wax has a special easy-gel formula that will grab every thin hair on your skin surface while providing exfoliating and moisturizing effect to the skin with aloe vera ingredients. Users also love it cools feeling on the skin as it reduces the pain during the process. 

Why buy this:

  • Easy-gel formula to remove thin hair
  • Safe for your skin surface
  • Aloe vera to keep your skin nice and moist

4. Hair Removal Nonwoven Wax Strip

Non-woven material

Using a wax strip is really quick and will only take you around 1 minute, especially when you are using the Hair Removal Nonwoven Wax Strip. Made with paper, which is not a woven material, this wax strip is guaranteed to be clean and convenient to use.

Each roll contains 100 yards of wax strip, making this product very suitable for commercial use. However, do note that this product still requires additional wax for a smoother and painless result. But it’s an overall great thing to have in your toolkit!

Why buy this:

  • Made with clean and convenient paper
  • Suitable for commercial use
  • Requires additional wax

5. SEVICH Hair Remover Strips

Quick and easy to use

Most waxing strips require to sit for at least 30 seconds before being pulled off. While 30 seconds is really quick when compared with hot waxing, you can wax even quicker by using the SEVICH Hair Remover Strips. It only takes three short seconds!

The SEVICH Hair Remover Strips is very fast and easy to use, but do not worry because the result will be effective for 6 weeks. Within the strip there is also a mixture of beeswax and plant extract which will reduce irritation and the pain. Moreover, it can also be used repeatably until the stickiness disappear. 

Why buy this:

  • Quick 3 seconds waxing that last for 6 weeks
  • Contains beeswax and plant extract to reduce irritation and pain

6. LANBENA Hair Removal Wax Strips Papers

Keeping your skin moist and healthy

The LANBENA Hair Removal Wax Strips Papers is one of the best waxing strips that relies on beeswax to remove your hair smoothly while nourishing it to prevent irritation, bruises, and inflammation. Beeswax is a key ingredient of this wax because it plays an important role in reducing the pain level after waxing. Better yet, it also contains mineral oil and jojoba seed oil to keep your skin moist and healthy. 

Why buy this:

  • Beeswax to nourish your skin
  • Prevent irritation, bruises, and inflammation
  • Mineral oil and jojoba seed oil to keep your skin moist and healthy

7. Silkia Face Wax Strips

Good for face application

Despite the different pain levels and side effects, most regular wax strips are effective at removing hair in common body hairs. However, waxing off facial hair is a harder challenge, as they are usually thinner and tend to be hard to reach. It is also important for you to use a safe waxing strip to prevent any bruises or inflammation on your face. 

One of the best waxing strips that can be safe for waxing facial hair is the Silkia Face Wax Strips. Made with a friendly formulation of sunflower and rose oil, this waxing strip will remove your facial hair effectively while leaving your skin unharmed. Besides that, its aloe vera ingredients help to soothe your skin post-waxing, reducing the chances of irritation. 

Why buy this:

  • Wax strip for facial hair
  • Formulation of sunflower and rose oil to keep your skin smooth and unharmed
  • Aloe-vera cream to soothe your skin

8. Silkia Bikini Wax Strips

For bikini area

The Silkia Bikini Wax Strips is another product by Silkia that is specially made for bikini waxing. This area of your body is one of the hardest parts to wax, and again Silkia provides you with the perfect solution. Made with their signature ingredients of sunflower and rose oil, you will also get an aloe vera cream to help relieve any slight pain that you might feel afterwards.

Why buy this:

  • Suitable for bikini waxing
  • Aloe-vera cream to relieve pain

9. Doll Hair Removal Waxing Strips

Friendly for all skin type

The Doll Hair Removal Waxing Strips is a waxing strip that relies on natural beeswax and plant essence to keep it friendly and safe for all types of skin. Waxing strips can actually prevent your hair from growing for a time that depends on the wax strips you are using. With natural beeswax, The Doll Hair Removal Waxing Strips can help to keep your skin soft and smooth for up to 4 weeks. 

Why buy this:

  • Friendly for all types of skin
  • Keep your skin soft and smooth for up to 4 weeks

10. WAWAWAX Waxing strips

Most affordable

Waxing strips are not expensive and there are many affordable choices available. One of the best deals that you can find on the market is the WAWAWAX Waxing strips, which contains 100 waxing strips in one package. As a regular waxing strip, you can use it to wax any part of your body. Not only is this waxing strip affordable, but you can also even reuse it by soaking the strip in water for just 5 minutes.

Why buy this:

  • Affordable choice
  • Versatile waxing
  • Reusable and washable waxing strip


Which is the best brand for waxing strips in Malaysia?

Easy to find in drugstores and supermarkets, Veet is considered a great brand of waxing strips in Malaysia. With a price affordable for many, Veet offers an effective hair-removal experience that won’t damage your skin.

Where to buy a waxing strip in Malaysia?

You used to only be able to buy a waxing strip in Malaysia in retail stores, but now you can purchase them online for the ultimate convenience and even enjoy discounted prices! Lazada and Shopee are my go-to for baby and nursing products. It is also a great place to compare the price of waxing strips in Malaysia. 


We hope that our guide on the 10 Best Waxing Strips in Malaysia will help you to buy the best waxing strip in Malaysia. Do also read our other buying guides too. Please do share this along with your friends if you have found this useful. Do look forward to more buying guides that we will be releasing soon!

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Ministry of Waxing celebrates 15 years of innovation in Malaysia

Not too long ago was the subject of hair removal considered awkward and taboo. It still is today, sort of. Whether one goes fully bare (aka Hollywood down there) or how often waxing appointments are scheduled, aren’t topics for the breakfast table.

Since launching in 2006, STRIP: Ministry of Waxing has done a lot in Malaysia to change the landscape (no pun intended) of hair removal — not just to promote the idea itself of hair removal, but also the importance of quality, speed and hygiene. They’re the pioneers of today’s commonly practiced ‘no double dipping’ rule, and have formulated in-house wax and post-wax care products.

Dare we say, they’ve even made waxing chic and cool? The brand uses fun and amusement so we can learn to laugh at what would be considered taboo or embarrassing — cute outlet decor that makes you feel at ease, mascot Orangutan dolls you can squeeze the heck out during your wax session, even a campaign with PETA to promote going furless.

Ms. Pua Lee Lan, the founder of STRIP: Ministry of Waxing in Malaysia.

The STRIP brand was brought to Malaysian shores from Singapore by Pua Lee Lan. Born in Sekinchan, Pua began her career in beauty as a facial therapist, when she was picked by STRIP’s founder Cynthia Chua to train as a waxing therapist for when the salon would first open in Singapore. In preparation for STRIP’s launch, Chua flew in top waxing professionals from New York to train her team on the art of hair removal, with an emphasis on Brazilian waxing.

Pua was a big part of the Research and Development team and helped to test the wax formulas and products, as well as developing pain-free techniques adhering to the high levels of cleanliness. Eventually, Pua climbed up the ranks from a therapist to trainer, and eventually as an area manager.

She took a bold leap of faith moving back to Malaysia and opening up the first local STRIP: Ministry of Waxing salon in Bangsar. What was the hair removal scene like, you wonder? Painful. Literally. There wasn’t much expertise at the time that led to customer confidence or innovation in hair removal techniques. Waxing was even more expensive and seen as an add-on treatment at spas. These days, there are hundreds of waxing salons in Malaysia. STRIP themselves have nine salons across the Klang Valley and Penang.

Let’s be real, if you’ve been trying your best (and given the fact that you’re no pro, your worst) to nip body hair in the bud (or should we say, follicle), then you’ll find some appreciation for your go-to wax specialist in this interview with Pua Lee Lan.

The treatment room at STRIP KLCC.

Let’s talk about body hair, and body hair removal as a taboo subject before. Was this the reason behind the formation of STRIP, and were there other reasons too?

The opportunity I had working in STRIP Singapore was priceless. It was the learning of a whole new idea of what hair removal as grooming can truly be. I was there from the point of STRIP’s beginning, when STRIP founder, Cynthia Chua, brought in experts to share skills, and the best techniques were created. This was vastly different from what was available then in Malaysia. Not only was the subject seen as taboo, but there was also poor consumer confidence in the whole idea of waxing due to the atrocious hygiene standards. There was room for major improvement, a vacant spot that needed filling, and STRIP Malaysia became that improvement. We made hair removal a serious personal grooming that one doesn’t have to shy away from.

Tell us more about the early days of Strip.

First and foremost, we introduced ourselves as who we are, as waxing specialists. By this, we mean that we are dedicated to this grooming service – to hair removal, instead of merely tagging it onto a menu of treatments.

Along with this is our commitment to hygiene standards and comfortable experience, both of which are achieved by the processes we have in place, an intensive 8-week training from the STRIP Training School to equip our therapists with best techniques, and our formulation of products. 

Our mantra from the very beginning is HSQ – Hygiene, Speed, Quality. These remain our priorities at STRIP and are still relevant, more than ever.

Leg waxing at STRIP.

What kind of challenges has STRIP faced along the way?

While hair removal in general is increasingly appreciated, we do continue to educate on the joys of the Brazilian and Boyzilian treatments. Intimate care is a form of self-care and we continue to communicate the self-confidence, hygienic and refreshed benefits one enjoys from such personal grooming.

And then there’s the wrong perception that waxing will result in thicker hair growth. In truth, waxing removes hair from the root, keeping skin hair-free for a longer period of time, and the regrowth is finer. With frequent waxing, regrowth volume even decreases.

These challenges are not so much the Malaysian mindset as it is an uninformed mindset. The good news is, over the past fifteen years, with help from the Singapore team, our quirky and fun awareness campaigns have been successful in removing the embarrassment factor. Educating and creating awareness is our constant effort.

Our idea of having uniquely designed stylish outlets instead of a one-size-fits-all décor also appeals to many and demonstrates our commitment to being a specialist

Strip has launched many different types of treatments and fun new wax formulas. Which ones have been your favourite to launch? 

Guava Wax is my favourite. I loved the colour and the scent of it, and it was one of the first few seasonal wax that we launched. I enjoy the guava fruit very much, so this wax ‘flavour’ was personal to me. It was introduced in 2006, the year of STRIP Malaysia’s birth. It’s a perfect choice for us to start off with because this wax blend is smooth, minimises discomfort and gives a good grip of the hair to wax off. 

As for treatments, our Rosebud Vajuvenation is my absolute favourite. This facelift for the Brazilian, or the more fun term vajacial, was launched in Malaysia two years back, sparking positive curiosity in the intimate care scene. I particularly like it because it’s exceptional and defines self-care at the highest level.

Another favourite of mine is our Chocolate Berry Wax which quickly became a crowd favourite and is currently the in-house hard wax. It shares the same comforting characteristics that first-timers especially will appreciate. And that chocolatey scent — what’s not to love?

Part of the TWO L(I)PS range.

Tell us more about the hygiene standards that Strip has set. 

We advocated the No Double Dipping rule, which it seems common practice now, it wasn’t the case in the early days. Double Dipping is when the spatula is dunked in the communal wax pot repeatedly after contact with skin. STRIP’s No Double Dipping rule has in turn encouraged other waxing salons to follow suit, thus revolutionising the standard of waxing treatment.

STRIP’s Personal Hygiene Packs is used to advocate this rule. These brilliant sealed packs contain the one-time-use tools needed for Brazilian or Boyzilian waxing and AFT treatments, because the intimate area naturally requires the highest level of hygienic care.

In the current climate, STRIP has the advantage of sizeable treatment rooms that allow the therapist free movement, thus minimising proximity. Our rooms are equipped with spacious cabinets that are sanitised before and after use, so guests can have clean storage for belongings instead of these being left in the open. The treatment tools such as spatulas, cotton pads and relevant material are kept in cabinets to ensure proper care and cleanliness.

Aside from these, STRIP complies with the SOP outlined by the Ministry of Health. There’s the use of new face masks, gloves, disposable aprons, regularly sanitised face shield, temperature monitoring. All outlets and equipment within the premises – including treatment rooms, in-room cabinets and the tools within – are sanitised as well. Besides that, a limited number of guests are permitted in an outlet at any one time, by appointment only and for a limited time.

At STRIP, hygiene isn’t a new norm, it is a routine and at the core of STRIP’s practices from way back when we began.

Strip has also formulated its own wax and post-wax care products. What has the feedback been from customers? 

STRIP’s seasonal wax are something of anticipation. They’re formulated by the Research & Development team in Singapore with skin-loving ingredients that result in a comfortable waxing experience, and intriguing scents that are pleasing to the nostrils. Our Chocolate Berry wax is the most popular. The seasonal wax that we’ve presented are Vanilla Cupcake, Strawberry, Desert Rose, Gingerbread and Forest Wax. Our customers find these seasonal introductions to be delightful and refreshing.

Our post-treatment products result from listening to the needs of our customers. The TWO L(I)PS comprehensive range of products, such as ICE and BLACKOUT to name a few, provides care beyond the salon. These products not only meet women’s intimate care needs but are able to address their skincare woes too. Since we introduced the range two years back, the response has been highly positive.

Once again, it’s about tackling an almost impossible topic: intimate care.

AFT hair removal.

Given the pandemic, Strip has had to shut down its outlets many times presumably. How was this challenge faced? 

As with many industries, we are no less affected. The good news is; we’ve received many queries as to when we will be operating and on our TWO L(I)PS products. The eagerness for people to return to good grooming is apparent and is a positive sign. To meet these needs in part at least for now, STRIP Malaysia has decided to launch the range on Shopee and Lazada, so that our patrons can enjoy TWO L(I)PS while being at home.

The challenge is the huge impact on our revenue and having to sustain our overheads as well as retaining our staff. However, I understand how this pandemic affects our staff and do help our team of staff to the best of our capabilities. I wish to express my deep gratitude to all our employees, our customers, our partners and suppliers who have continued to support STRIP through this difficult time and to overcome it.

What plans does Strip have for the post-pandemic future? 

We celebrate our 15th year under trying circumstances. I think having achieved this far is a tremendous success given the hair removal scene back in 2006 with all the taboos and misconceptions and lack of confidence. STRIP has changed that landscape. With such an achievement to our credit, we certainly are confident and determined to succeed further, pandemic or not.

We are now intimate specialists with a wider repertoire of services – offering Waxing, AFT (Advanced Fluorescence Technology), Rosebud Vajuvenation and Thermal Shape. Our plans are to continue enhancing awareness on intimate care and make such premium care more accessible.

Visit STRIP’s Malaysia website for updates and appointment booking.

The 9 Best Brazilian wax parlours in Kuala Lumpur

  • Bubble Gum Wax

    Self-proclaimed as ‘The Waxing Expert’, Bubble Gum Wax truly does live up to it’s name! Established in 2011, this salient waxing salon hits a new high in the Brazilian wax department!
    57, Jalan USJ 10/1A, Subang Jaya, 47620 Selangor, Subang Jaya
    Photo: Bubble Gum Wax (Facebook)

  • Pink Parlour

    Feast your eyes on the brazenly pink decor at The Pink Parlour! This Singapore-originated brand uses imported products from Australia, ensuring that customers receive nothing but the best at this spectacular establishment!
    Sunway Putra Mall
    Photo: The Pink Parlour

  • Brazilian Pro Waxing Salon

    They don’t call this place Brazilian Pro Waxing Salon for nothing! Located in the heart of Mount Kiara, this salon offers a multitude of services, however, it tends to specialise in delivering quality Brazilian Waxes (hence the name) that promise not to disappoint!
     No. 11 – 1, Jalan Solaris 3, Solaris Mont Kiara, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan
    Photo: Brazilian Pro Waxing Salon (Facebook)

  • Furless Waxing

    Widely raved by Beauty editors and bloggers alike, Furless has established itself as the paragon of Brazilian Waxes in KL! This salon favourite has wormed it’s way into the hearts of us all with it’s top-notch services!
    21-G, Block B, Jaya One, 72A Jalan Universiti Petaling Jaya
    Photo: Furless (Facebook)

  • Strip

    At Strip, hygiene has always been their number one priority, so don’t worry about double-dipping or used materials. One can expect a luxurious experience and a satisfactory Brazilian Wax at Strip!
    Strip Suria KLCC
    Unit 401A, Level 4
    Suria KLCC, Kuala Lumpur City Centre
    Photo: Strip (Facebook)

  • Sommerset Nails And Waxing

    Prepare for your breath to be taken away by the impeccable service at Somerset. If you’re a firs-timer, the calm atmosphere and chill vibes will definitely soothe those pre-Brazilian Wax nerves that afflict the best of us!
    19A 1st Floor, Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar Baru., 59100 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur
    Photo: Sommerset (Facebook)

  • Wax Candy Bar

    Reward yourself with a celebratory manicure after the dreaded Brazilian Wax at the Wax Candy Bar. At Wax Candy, your comfort is their utmost priority- Expect a quick and painless wax that will indeed assuage your worries that Brazilian Waxes aren’t as terrifying as they appear.
    Lot 115A 1st Floor podium block Faber Tower Taman Desa
    Photo: Wax Candy Bar (Facebook)

  • Zeta beauty salon

    At Zeta, expect nothing less than stellar services and quality waxes that are guaranteed to make you a regular at this quaint establishment!
    Kompleks Niaga Utama, No. 2-1-8, 1st Floor, Jalan Bangsar Utama 1, Wilayah Persekutuan, Bangsar Utama, 59000
    Photo: Zeta (Facebook)

  • Honeypot Wax Boutique

    Honeypot has dominated the Brazilian Wax game since the start of time with it’s lavish attention to detail and unique blend of specially concocted wax created by certified professionals from Australia. Indeed, the countless reviews can attest to the magnificent services offered at Honeypot!

    S119b, 2nd Floor, 1 Utama Shopping Centre, 1 Lebuh Bandar Utama

    Petaling Jaya

Made plans for an upcoming beach vacation but have a hairy situation down south to take care of? Well, we’ve all been there. We can’t count the number of times we’ve had to hurriedly make a wax appointment at the first parlour we see in the neighbourhood, only to leave sorely disappointed with the service – or worse, in pain.

If you want your intimate areas looking smooth and completely hairless, a Brazilian wax is the way to go. It is a fast and most effective hair removal method (a session won’t take you longer than 30 minutes!) that leaves you hair-free for at least a month. Brilliant, right?

However, choosing the right, professional salon is essential when it comes to getting a Brazilian wax. When done wrong, it can leave you with unsatisfactory results and in more serious cases, with a painful burn. As such, we’ve done the footwork to find the best Brazilian wax parlours in Kuala Lumpur that you can trust will leave you in good hands! But of course, do your research first to see if they’d be a right fit for you. Start browsing in the gallery above!

Ashley Anand 


Hair Removal 101: Which method should you use

The killer question: How to get rid of unwanted body hair?

Threading, Tweezing, Waxing: What’s the best way to deal with your eyebrows?

Waxing Service Malaysia | Waxing Salon Malaysia

Waxing is one of the best ways to remove unwanted hair temporarily, at the same time to achieve exfoliating effect. Waxing remove entire hair from the hair roots and also the dead skin. Therefore, waxed hair can revert back to original coarseness, or some to finer hair, and leaves you with smooth silky skin. At De Wax Haus we wax almost entire body except for the hair on your head. We’ll leave that job to your stylist. 🙂

It is more effective than shaving and epilating because it removes hair from the roots, not just from the skin’s surface. The result can last 3-8weeks depending on individual’s hair regrowth rate, and body parts. If waxed regularly over time, hair in waxed areas regrows lighter and sparser.

In De Wax Haus, all of our professionals are trained & undergo certified courses, internally & externally. Our precise techniques couple with our premium selected wax & products to ensure the optimal result, with minimal pain and irritation. We take care from your hair to your skin. For every single treatment part,  we sanitize, apply pre & post care on before and after treatment to ensure hygienic and provide you healthier skin in long run.

In De Wax Haus, we do not compromise hygiene. We strictly No double-dip of spatula, No reuse of bed sheets, towels, dress and ensure every tools has been sterilized before treatment.

Every single details before, during & after the treatment just to ensure an exclusive hair removal experience for you!

In general, hard wax also known as hot wax. Hard wax is gentler, because it wraps around the hair and pulls from the roots, instead of tugging at the skin.

Speed wax also known as strip wax, soft wax, or honey wax, which usually remove the wax with a strip paper. Speed wax is faster and usually recommended to be used in larger body areas, or less sensitive area. However, improper way of using speed wax will cause ingrown hair and increase the pain level.

If your hair is coarse, or your pain tolerance is low, we will suggest you to go for Hard Wax instead of speed wax.

In order to achieve healthy skin & longer lasting result with minimal pain, our professional team has been through a lot to select the best wax to cater for different skin & hair conditions.

In De Wax Haus, we are using 5 different wax from 2 premium brands from France, Fille Au Pluriel and Ceripil, to assist our professionals to ensure an exclusive waxing experience to you!

Our wax are generally low in temperature, able to grip body hair firmly, yet gentle to the skin, and using natural ingredients without Paraben, to ensure optimum waxing result! Generally, our waxing result can last 3-6 weeks with only one treatment!

The hair should be at least 1-2mm for best results. If you have coarse hair or had been shaving all these time it should be closer to 4-6mm for the first few waxes.

It may take up to 3 waxing treatments to achieve smooth skin due to the fact that hair grows in stages and all of your hair is never at the same stage after shaved. It is very important to avoid shaving between waxing appointments, as this will interrupt the process and stimulate the hair growth again. The good thing is, waxed hair can revert the coarseness cause by shaving.


7 Best Wax Strips for Hair Removal in Malaysia 2021

Going to the waxing parlour can be expensive and tedious. Imagine being able to achieve smooth and hairless skin, right in the comfort of your own home, and yes, it’s possible with wax strips. Whether it’s for tackling hair from the underarms, legs or upper lip, we’ve got you covered.

Enjoy having skin as smooth as a baby’s bum with Veet’s Cold Wax Strips. Formulated with shea butter and acai berries fragrance, this wax strip is moisturising and nourishing to the skin. Now you can rock that mini skirt with confidence.

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Ditch the razor and try the Veet Hair Removal Facial Wax Strip Sensitive. It is designed to tackle facial hair, including the upper lip, and is formulated with almond oil and vitamin E to avoid irritation; no more nicks and cuts too.

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Easily achieve eyebrows that are on fleek with Andmetics Brow Wax Strips. The wax strips are designed and shaped to create an ideal brow arch without any fail. No more bald spots or uneven brows.

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Flaunt your look in that sleeveless dress with smooth and hairless underarms. The Veet Sensitive Skin Wax Strips is specially formulated for sensitive skin, for a painless and non-irritating hair removal experience. Cut the wax strips down to your preferred size and wax away.

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Waxing your private area can get quite uncomfortable in a parlour. Luckily with Veet’s Hair Removal Wax Strip, you can remove unwanted hair at home. With shea butter and berries, it’s designed to easily remove hair from delicate areas.

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Become a smooth, hairless goddess in an instant with WAXKISS Depilatory Waxing Strip. It’s formulated with natural plant ingredients for a soothing effect after the hair removal step. Also, it comes with 20 pieces of wax strips; talk about value for money.

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For a smoother and better makeup application, try facial waxing. Gigi Hair Removal Strips is infused with lavender and vanilla for a relaxing and soothing hair removal experience. It also comes with a bottle of lavender oil to hydrate and smoothen your skin after waxing.

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Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected]uctnation.co. Thank you!


sight of my own body hair can be appalling to me at times – I think it’s just
my mindset that I could keep my hygiene better when I have less body hair.
Plus, I hate shaving. Yes, it’s quick and easy but I’ve also noticed that over
the years, my skin (where I shave with a razor) gets nicked, bruised and the
skin becomes darker and greyish. That’s when I was taught by my mother to
remove body hair (especially the pits) using a tweezer. This process takes too
long, and sometimes it makes me dizzy having to focus on tiny hair follicles
for too long. Waxing is another option, but as body hair grows pretty fast that
means having to spend time, and money to go every two weeks at the very least.
It’s not a feasible option to me, especially for someone who doesn’t even
bother going for a manicure and pedicure cause I feel like it takes up a chunk
of my time.  

comes IPL PowerPac from Strip Malaysia, a state-of-the-art Intense Pulsed Light
device for the comfiest Brazilian IPL treatment in the market. Strip Malaysia
assures a painless semi-permanent hair reduction solution using a customised
5cm applicator that efficiently weakens hair follicles with results that lasts
up to 2 years! It takes about 6 to 10 sessions depending on individuals to be
fuzz free for longer periods of time. 

here are my thoughts on this IPL Powerpac treatment after trying them for SIX sessions
on my underarm and lady parts:

What’s the
procedure like?

like Brazilian waxing, you’d have to strip down to your bare skin. If you’re
doing underarm, you’re advised to not use deodorant before the treatment. The
therapist will ask you to lie down on the treatment table, wipe the area clean
with sanitary wet wipes before assessing the length of your body hair. For IPL,
they will need to shave the hair (not waxed) and they’ll do it for you. Once
the hair have been shaven, the therapist will apply a cold gel on the area to
be treated and the procedure begins as the therapist moves the IPL device in
circular motion over the skin. Once it’s done, the therapist will cool the skin
down with some Ice Cream. Nope, not the ones you eat but it’s STRIP’s own
award-winning moisturiser that helps sooth and hydrate the skin from further

to Brazilian waxing, the IPL Powerpac treatment does not hurt. There’s a slight
tingly sensation as the IPL Powerpac machine is being applied over the skin as
it emits Intensed Pulsed Light that uses a gradual heating system so you would
feel like a warm sensation but that would also depend on your skin and your
tolerance to heat. For me, I’d say it’s only a 1 out of 10 in terms of pain.
Totally beats waxing on the pain scale any day. The Powerpac is more
comfortable and effective at reducing the risk of burns. Almost like getting a
hot stone massage at your private areas. It also comes with a special cooling
system that absorbs residual heat from the skin surface so you won’t get
after-burns and that pulsating after wax feeling. 

you compare waxing prices and IPL Powerpac, it is definitely slightly more
expensive but in the long-run you would actually save a lot more as the result
would last up to TWO years after you end your treatment cycle. STRIP is running
a trial promotion as per below:

·      Brazilian
xxxx IPL (Female) – RM288

·      Brazilian
xxxx IPL (Male) – RM388

·      Underarm
IPL (Female) – RM88

·      Underarm
IPL (Male)– RM188

The first few sessions, the hair will
still grow as per normal. However, I noticed about two to three weeks after the
session, my hair follicles will drop on its own. It’s advisable to not go for
waxing or shave on your own in between sessions. After a few sessions, the hair
growth is significantly lesser. That also means that I worry less whenever I
have to wear a swimsuit cause I won’t risk any humiliating surprises for the
world to see! Once the sixth session was done, I was waiting for the same
effect of hair growing and dropping naturally but it’s been over a month since
my last session and my body hair have yet to grow. Of course there will still
be some parts of the pubic hair that will still be there especially the ones
closer towards the inner part but that’s easily removed via waxing if I wanted
to. For now, I can actually go for a swim in the teeniest itty bitty bikini I
want and not having to worry about any hair getting exposed. 

So is this IPL Powerpac hair removal
treatment worth the time and money? Oh yes. I would totally recommend this to
people I know who are constantly going for waxing to remove their body hair. It
takes up as much time as a waxing treatment would, and in the long run you
would save money for not having to regularly wax. 

If you’re interested to find out more
about STRIP’s IPL Powerpac or any treatments that they offer click on the links
below! @Stripmalaysia is also giving away limited edition JTTPL tote bags
+ MALIN+GOETZ Ingrown Hair Cream to 6x winners a month via Strip’s
social media below:


Starting from 1st August – 30 November 2017 across all eight outlets in Kuala Lumpur and Penang, all new and existing customers will be given a Royalty Card to collect up to six stickers (each sticker can be redeemed after every RM100 spent). Once all six stickers have been collected, customers get to redeem either a complimentary Underarm IPL or Brazilian wax service. Each customer is entitled to only one card each throughout the whole campaign.

Also, Packages are sold at RM 500 and
RM 1000, which can be used for ala carte waxing treatments every time you go to the outlet. With
the RM 500 package, all waxing treatments will be discounted at 15%. For the RM 1000
package, all waxing treatments will be discounted at 20%. 

90,000 How to teach batik in Malaysia

Greetings to all admirers of fabric painting!

Today I present to you a photo-story of a blogger who visited Malaysia and dreams of learning two things in this country – the art of batik and ceramics.

We will not talk about the second science, but we will show the batik courses that he happened to attend at the famous Malaysian fashion and fabric designer – Azizi – we will show in pictures.

Malaysia has every right to teach everyone the art of traditional batik, because this country borders on Indonesia, and as we know from the history of fabric painting, it is Indonesia that is considered to be the birthplace of this type of decorative and applied art.

There are a lot of batik courses here. Our hero decided to meet Azizi. This is how, in the fresh air, courses are held in Malaysia (the traveler tried to capture each stage of his batik training in a photo).

As you can see from the photo, the Malaysians mostly prefer rather large sizes of finished products – scarves, fabric coupons, panels.

Just like us, the inhabitants of this warm country get their ideas for batik from anything. For example, from bright, colorful cards.

Our hero set to work with zeal.

And he’s good at it!

Here’s another job:

And batik masters, meanwhile, create their masterpieces:

Malaysians love to sew clothes from hand-painted fabrics. First, of course, you need to paint gigantic pieces of matter. One cannot cope with such “dimensions” – here the help of comrades is needed.

I wonder if I ask my husband for such an “easel” – where will we put it in our apartment?

Molten wax is boiling on the tile.Here it is necessary to observe the measure: the wax should not be too liquid, but not too “tight”, otherwise it will be bad to lie on the fabric. Oh, yes, I forgot to say – Malaysians paint fabrics for batik mainly natural – silk, cotton.

Well, with the help of chanting, you need to carefully (the key word here – carefully!) Trace the outline of the drawing with melted wax. The main thing is that the hand does not tremble.

In my opinion, our hero is engaged in this business with rapture! The most beautiful moment is when your work blooms with colors! It will not work out badly – NEVER! That’s why I love batik!

Future handkerchiefs, kerchiefs, panels – dry in the fresh air.

A novice batich painter will take away from Malaysia several beautiful works as a keepsake.

As some artist said:

Batik is for life!

Haven’t read it yet? Click on links:

Women’s looks Orestes Bouzon

Catwoman by Galla Abdel Fattah

90,000 Suppliers, Distributors of Soy Wax Flakes at a Good Price – Free Sample


Soy wax is a vegetable wax derived from soybean oil that is mainly used in candles.It is a renewable natural alternative to traditional paraffin wax. Soy wax has a cleaner burning and a luxurious creamy color. The disadvantage of this wax is that the odor is not as strong as in paraffin and absorption can be difficult in large containers.


It is widely used in candle making, especially for container candles, tea lanterns. But it is also popular for making melted wax and tarts.This type of 100% soy wax is not suitable for pillar candles. Other ingredients, such as paraffin wax or stearic acid, must be added to make a solid wax for votive candles.


SW 42

Packaging: cardboard box or 20 kg bag.

Country of origin: China

Port of loading: Shanghai

Storage: in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and heat.

Expiry date: one year


1.What’s the MOQ? -One container

2.Can I request free samples? -Yes, we are happy to provide you with free samples. The cost of the freight is borne by the customer.

3.Can you request neutral packing with our label? -Yes, we can arrange for you.

4. How many downloads? -12-18mts / 20ft GP

5. What’s your payment term? -30% TT in advance and balance against the copy of Bl or LC in the form of

6. What is the delivery time? -14 working days after confirmation of prepayment

7.Why is soy wax better than paraffin wax? – Soy wax contains nothing artificial, making it a better alternative. Scented candles are traditionally made from paraffin wax, which is made from petroleum and can release harmful toxins into the air when it burns or melts. Soy wax also burns cleaner than traditional wax. Because wax is made from petroleum, it tends to form black soot when it burns, which can stain carpets and curtains.

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Malaysia – Countries – AkfaTour Travel Company

Features of Malaysia
Charming Malaysia beckons everyone: the experienced traveler and the novice who wants to discover its vast expanses and unforgettable nature.The land of tropical paradise opens its doors to you at Kuala Lumpur International Airport, which is one of the best and most modern airports in the world. Once you get here, you will immediately feel the level of development of the country, its economic achievements and a well-developed structure.

Malaysia, with its generosity of smiles and striking contrasts, enchants guests with a wealth and variety of experiences. A captivating, mesmerizing land of friendliness and warmth, this small country will give you a sense of all of Asia at once.It’s a breathtaking kaleidoscope of interesting, vibrant landscapes, stunning resorts, costumes, festivals, artwork and amazing local Malaysian cuisine.
Malaysia has everything you want – the world’s tallest skyscrapers, superb shops, exotic cuisine, white sandy beaches, beautiful parks, impenetrable virgin jungle and beautiful “underwater gardens” for diving.

Kuala Lumpur.

This is a modern metropolis with a bustling life and sparkling skyscrapers, which harmoniously intertwine with quiet corners and streets buried in greenery, ancient temples.Kuala Lumpur is a thriving capital of Malaysia. Due to the numerous parks located in Kuala Lumpur, this city is sometimes called the “garden city”. The famous Bird Park is home to over 5,000 bird species. You can also visit the Butterfly Park, where more than 120 species of them are presented, and the blooming Orchid Park, with more than 3,000 species of these exotic plants. Kuala Lumpur has many beautiful and diverse architectural structures, both modern and old, built in various styles, the famous 88-storey Twin Towers, 452 meters high, were built here.

Langkawi Island
The most popular resort in Malaysia among Russian tourists today – the Langkawi archipelago – consists of about a hundred islands and is located off the northwestern coast of the Strait of Malacca, near the border with Thailand. The main island where tourists come is also called Langkawi. It has preserved the landscapes of pristine nature and will become a real boon for tourists who want a calm, secluded vacation in comfortable conditions.There are mainly four-five-star hotels on the island, there are also several “three”. Flight duration from Kuala Lumpur is 55 minutes. Langkawi is famous for its beaches with soft white sand and clear blue waters. Since 1987, the island has been declared a duty-free zone, and goods are much cheaper here than in the rest of Malaysia.

Penang Island

A unique place, unlike other island resorts in Asia. Thanks to the great variety of nightclubs and entertainment venues, Penang is much more lively than in Langkawi: there is no feeling of primordiality and detachment.Most of the hotels are located in the Batu Ferringhi resort area, where dozens of restaurants, shops, various shops, markets and night bazaars are open. In the island’s capital, Georgetown, bars and discos are open at night. You can get to the island by plane from Kuala Lumpur (40 minutes flight). The most famous, golden sandy beaches of Penang, extremely popular with tourists, are located in the north of the island, in the resort town of Ferringhi (25 minutes from Georgetown). The bulk of the hotels is also concentrated here.Only a couple of hotels are located a little further from this resort. Swimming in the Penang coastal area is difficult due to the abundance of jellyfish.

Borneo Island

This is the third largest island in the world, located in the eastern part of Malaysia. Borneo is an island of majestic rivers, mighty mountains, mysterious caves, which are associated with numerous legends about pirates and skull hunters. The island has magnificent sandy beaches and rich nature.Interesting distinctive ethnic tribes with their age-old traditions and culture live here. It is here that Mount Kinabalu is located, the highest mountain in Southeast Asia, about which there are many legends. Excursions to it are very popular among tourists. On the eastern slope of the mountain, hot springs gush out of the ground. The state capital, Kota Kinabalu, is a modern capital with skyscrapers. The favorite place for walks of its residents is the central embankment.

Currency exchange
The monetary unit is the Malaysian ringgit.1 US dollar = 3.71 Malaysian ringgit. Cash can be exchanged at the airport, banks, shopping centers, hotels, but it is most beneficial to buy local currency at private exchange offices, where they do not charge commission.

Minus 3 hours from Khabarovsk

There are almost no seasonal climate changes in Malaysia, but the coolest time is considered to be from November to January, when the thermometer drops to 26 degrees.However, the climate of Malaysia is different depending on which region you are in. In the south of Malacca and Kalimantan, the climate is equatorial, hot and humid, to the north – subequatorial monsoon. On the plains, the average temperatures throughout the year are between 25 and 32 ° C, but in mountainous areas the temperature drops to 15 ° at night. Monsoon winds blow in the southwest from April to October, and from October to February in the northeast of the country. At other times, strong winds are rare.
Heavy but intermittent rains are present throughout the year, so there is no rainy season as such in Malaysia.On the west coast of Malaysia (the islands of Langkawi, Penang, Pangkor), the rainy season is practically not pronounced and falls on May – September; Thunderstorms hit the western coast of the peninsula in April, May and October.
The water temperature off the coast of Malaysia is high all year round (between + 27 ° C and + 29 ° C).

National cuisine
Rendang dish – it takes several hours to cook, all this time the meat with spices is simmered over low heat in coconut milk. Before that, according to our tradition, it is worth trying the “first”, for example “ekor” – a spicy, thick soup made from buffalo tails with numerous additives and spices, or “soto ayam” – a spicy chicken soup with rice and vegetables.On the third, you can try the traditional Malay pancakes “roti chanay” or “roti jala”, puff pastries “murtabak”. Desserts deserve attention too. What is just “melaka”, which is made from sago with coconut milk and palm sugar syrup, or “ice kachang” – a multi-colored mixture of jelly cubes, red beans, corn in cream and peanuts, sprinkled with small crumbs of ice and poured with pink syrup.
Malaysia is a true paradise for exotic fruit lovers. Try durian, for example, a strange, soccer-ball-sized fruit covered in sharp thorns.It costs quite a lot, and its value is very ambiguous. “It smells like hell, but it tastes like heaven” is the classic description of durian. It smells really disgusting, but nevertheless remains one of the favorite Malay fruits.
Strong drinks are not commonly consumed in Malaysia. Most often, Malaysians drink local beer, which is allowed even for Muslims. Coconut milk is sold every step of the way.

Visa and Customs Control
For citizens of the Russian Federation arriving in Malaysia for tourist purposes, you must have a foreign passport valid for at least 6 months from the date of entry; the period of stay in the country in this case is limited to 30 days.When passing through passport control, they may also be required to present evidence of the availability of funds for living in the country (cash, credit cards, etc.), as well as a valid return ticket with a confirmed date of departure.
Certain types of goods are subject to duties when imported into the country; these are carpets, clothing, jewelry, chocolates, handbags, alcoholic beverages, tobacco and cigarettes. When importing such goods, you must pay a certain amount for “temporary import”, which will be returned to you upon departure, if you present the goods along with a receipt for payment.Cameras, watches, pens, lighters, perfumes and cosmetics are not subject to customs duties. The average tourist rarely has to deal with taxes. You can carry 225 g of tobacco or cigars (or 200 cigarettes), as well as one liter of alcohol, duty-free. Personal items are usually exempt from duty.
It is prohibited to import goods, coins or banknotes from Israel, pornography, clothing with texts from the Koran printed on it; radios, meat, mushrooms, seeds, primates and gold over 100 g.The export of wild birds and animals, plants, hevea seeds, antiques, military uniforms, gold over 100g is prohibited.

Shops and souvenirs in Malaysia
Shops are open from 9:30 to 19:00, and supermarkets from 10:00 to 22:00. Large shopping malls are also open on Sundays. Langkawi and Labuan islands, some shops in Kuala Lumpur have been declared duty-free zones. Malaysia also has original illuminated night markets that are a pleasure to visit.Of particular interest in Malaysia are batik, a multicolor hand-painted fabric patterned with wax, and shawls or evening dresses made from kain songket, a luxurious hand-woven silk material with gold and silver threads. Also among the traditional local crafts are items made of silver and tin, from which vases, beer mugs, jugs, trays, and tea sets are made.
Buying exclusive goods will not be difficult, they are also widely represented here: clothes, shoes, leather goods and accessories of famous designers are sold in large shopping centers in Kuala Lumpur and leading hotels.On these products you will see the names of Chanel, Gucci, Karl Lagerfeld, Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, Gianni Versace, Hugo Boss and others.


90,000 What to bring from Malaysia

Each of us, while on vacation, thinks about what kind of souvenir to bring home so that it would be a pleasant reminder of the rest. Fortunately, Malaysia pleasantly surprises with a variety of nice things that will perfectly cope with this “task”.

It remains only to decide what exactly to bring from Malaysia, because among the traditional souvenirs there are options for every taste and budget.

The best souvenirs from Malaysia

If you want to bring a truly memorable souvenir from Malaysia for yourself or loved ones, consider these options:

  • Black honey made by stingless bees, honey can be sour, sweet, sweet and sour and even bitter, depending on the habitat of the bees;
  • Dried tropical fruits – tasty, healthy and affordable;
  • Local coffee beans and instant coffee for men and women;
  • Malaysian tea of ​​the BOH brand – there is nothing unusual in this tea, delicious tea, there is black and green with different flavors, the main thing in this tea is that it is from Malaysia;
  • Malaysian condensed milk;
  • Chocolate with Durian is not for everybody’s taste, of course, I have not yet come to this taste, I think this is a kind of gift for those who need to bring something to someone, but do not really want to;
  • Silk batik.It is a piece of silk hand-applied with original wax drawings. In Malaysia, it is sold in cuts, the standard width is 4 meters. However, the price of a souvenir is quite high – from 200 ringgit;
  • Cotton batik. Of course, in beauty such material is slightly inferior to silk, but the price for it is much lower – only about 10 ringgit per flap;
  • Gamat. It is considered a unique medicine for any disease. Gamat is created on the basis of sea cucumber, which is famous for its unique properties.According to local residents, hamat is able to cure various serious diseases with prolonged use;
  • Wooden shoes. They are traditional Malaysian shoes, so they make a great souvenir. The sole of these shoes is made of hardwood, and the “top” is made of red plastic straps;
  • Embroidered shoes. These shoes are made only in the city of Malacca. It represents shoes with small heels, the top of which is skillfully embroidered with beads.Usually shoes are decorated with images of birds, butterflies and flowers. There is a large selection in Malacca;
  • Pearl products: brooches, bracelets, necklaces and earrings. You can choose jewelry for every taste, especially since pearls come in different shades. More choice on the island of Borneo;
  • National Rungus beads. They are quite inexpensive, although they are created by hand. Such a souvenir is sold in virtually any souvenir shop or workshop. More on the island of Borneo .;
  • Bamboo products: boxes, boxes.Please note: Multicolored bamboo products with ethnic designs are common in Malaysia

Few people know that “Labu sayong” – a pumpkin-shaped jug can become a memorable and original souvenir from Malaysia. Local residents assure that water, settled in such a jug, has powerful healing properties.

The list of all this can go on for a long time, there are different products for different budgets, and what exactly to bring is up to you in any case.

90,000 International transportation and delivery of goods and goods from Malaysia to Russia

Foreign trade is of great importance to the Malaysian economy. The company “Universal Cargo Solutions” is pleased to provide its services to customers interested in delivery of goods from Malaysia . This direction is one of the most promising for us. The territory of the Russian Federation is supplied with Malaysian agricultural and natural resources, seafood and palm oil, electrical equipment and products of information and communication technologies.Furniture is not the last among the goods exported from Malaysia. The Russians celebrate its high quality and interesting design.

Delivery from Malaysia to Russia and from Russia to Malaysia

We carry out fast and reliable transportation from Malaysia to one of the many warehouses in Russia. Upon arrival in the country, the goods can be delivered either by air or by road (depending on the distance of the customer). Universal Cargo Solutions also delivers cargo to Malaysia from Russia.

Delivery of goods from Malaysia to Russia or from Russia to Malaysia

The company “Universal Freight Solutions” is ready to offer its customers such a range of services. Among them:

From Malaysia to Russia:

From Russia to Malaysia:

If you are interested in a reliable and responsible carrier and want to save money, please contact us! We deliver groupage cargo from Malaysia on schedule.

Delivery methods from Malaysia:

Customs clearance from / to Malaysia of cargo and goods

Our company “Universal Freight Solutions” provides services for customs clearance in Russia of goods from Malaysia.We are ready to carry out prompt customs clearance of goods from Malaysia upon import or prompt customs clearance upon export. Our specialists work with all customs posts and temporary storage warehouses in Russia and are ready to carry out customs clearance of goods in any city in the country. We work with perishable, bulk, groupage and other types of cargo from Malaysia, as well as customs clearance of Russian goods when sending goods to this country. More information >>>

Prices for the services of a customs broker (representative) in our company are minimal!

Certification of cargo and goods from / to Malaysia

If necessary, promotes certification and insurance of goods imported from Malaysia.

Reference information on the delivery and transportation of goods and goods from / to Malaysia

Today Malaysia is a rapidly developing country with a diversified economy. Despite the fact that the country’s authorities are trying to reduce the export dependence of the economy, it is exports that are the driving force of the economic sector.

Oil, mineral wax, ferrous metals and fertilizers, equipment, boilers, electrical machines, paper, tobacco and rubber are supplied from Russia to Malaysia.

The following Malaysian groups of goods are imported to Russia: sound recording equipment, cocoa, animal and vegetable oils, equipment for cinematography and photography, furniture and mattresses.

Turning to our company, you choose the most favorable conditions for delivery from Malaysia . Experts develop the ideal route and discuss the details of the transportation with the customer. All accompanying documentation and payment of taxes (fees and duties) is carried out under our strict guidance.

Scheme of delivery of your cargo from Malaysia

  1. We are negotiating with the client regarding the dispatch of the goods;
  2. We control the safety of the goods before they are sent;
  3. We pack, weigh, sort the cargo;
  4. We send the goods;
  5. We certify, declare cargo, pay duties and fees;
  6. We carry out delivery to any place convenient for the customer.

Benefits of working with us

  • We work 7 days a week 365 days a year
  • Highly qualified specialists with extensive experience
  • We take full responsibility for the clearance of goods at customs
  • We process any goods at any customs in Russia

Terms and cost of international transportation of goods and goods from / to Malaysia

The term and cost of services for international transportation and delivery of goods from Malaysia to Russia or from Russia to Malaysia in our company is the lowest and is calculated individually depending on: route, type of transport, weight and dimensions of the cargo!

Find out the cost of international shipping to / from Malaysia

Natural Palm Wax – Loose Candles

Natural palm wax

Palm oil itself is an essential oil distillate.Most palm plantations use traditional farming methods. However, there is a growing interest in organic farming and we source certified organic natural palm wax from Indonesia.

The main types of palm wax are produced by cooling the oil and pressing it to separate the high melting point wax. In order to obtain a complex crystalline wax, the oil is hydrogenated (as in the production of margarine).

Soy wax is most often a mixture of several types of wax (soy, palm, and beeswax), which may contain only 25% soybean oil.All soy wax is distilled with synthetic additives and mainly from GMO seeds. Even hydrogenated soy wax remains oily and greasy, so it can only be used in glass. We are collecting articles from independent environmentalists to show that palm wax is more sustainable than soy wax.

Do palm and soy wax contain toxic additives?

An alternative way to assess the naturalness and purity of candles is to look at how the wax burns and melts, whether the color of the candle or the scent will contain synthetic and possibly harmful petroleum products.Paraffin wax and GMO soy wax are refined with petrochemical solvents such as hexane.

Therefore, soy candles cannot be classified as organic. Only a very small percentage of all “soy candles” are actually made from 100% soy wax. Soy wax is almost always a mixture of waxes that contains chemical additives.

Palm oil is distilled without the use of chemicals. In the case of conventional palm wax, the oil is hydrogenated into wax, the process itself does not require harmful chemicals.Certified organic palm wax is obtained by distillation and then cooling and oil separation, this process also does not require any inorganic substances.

Where do you get palm wax?

The palm wax we use is made from edible palm oil. We only work with palm oil from plantations, with certified farming methods. We are currently selling palm wax from Indonesia. Malaysia is also a major producer of palm oil and palm wax, but due to uncertainty as to what type of plantation they use, we do not use Malaysian palm wax for candles.

Unfortunately, there are still agricultural companies in Malaysia that are destroying rainforests. This, in our opinion, is completely unnecessary, since there are large tracts of land (previously cut by logging companies) that can be turned into palm oil plantations. We obtain palm wax from Indonesia on the basis of certified organic farming. On plantations that are grown in places depleted of conventional crops, especially arable and fodder crops for cattle.

What are the benefits of palm wax?

Palm oil is a renewable resource and, unlike soybean oil and soybean plantations, does not require a lot of manual labor to maintain palm orchards and provides jobs for many farmers in third world countries. Palm wax is very hard, smooth and dry. It can withstand the summer heat without issue and is not greasy to the touch.

Why is your palm wax in the form of granules?

This is the natural form of palm wax, when melted it is passed through a granulator.At the exit, when cooled, small shiny granules, similar to pearls, are obtained. In this form, it looks good, it is convenient to use and transport it.

Where did palm wax come from?

In fact, palm plantations are concentrated in Indonesia and other countries of Southeast Asia. This ancient culture originally came from Africa. The palm tree produces several types of fruit known as palm fruit. These fruits are sent to creameries where they are sterilized.This is done in order to remove all traces of germs and bacteria. After that, they undergo several purifications, after which oil is obtained using specialized equipment in factories. This oil is then graded based on shade, color, texture and viscosity. Then, at the final stage of production, palm oil is finally refined, where the required oil composition is achieved using various methods.

Is palm wax better than others?

Yes and no.All types of wax can do their job well and the candle will burn clean and safe if it is of good quality. Most candle manufacturers choose wax, or a mixture of waxes, based on their suitability for specific candle types, or their own candle making designs. Most of the paraffin candles these days come from factories in China, and our experience shows that it is getting harder and harder to get the quality you want. Candles imported from China are usually of very poor quality: cheap paraffin wax, bad wicks, and cheap synthetic scents.Consequently, they burn poorly (with soot and odor), and, as a rule, burn out rather quickly.

How well do palm wax candles burn?

Bulk palm wax candles not only burn clean, which means they do not smoke, they also have the distinct advantage of long burning times. Palm wax is very hard, which means it won’t melt in your hands in warm weather. Our customers say the flames are brighter than paraffin wax and soy candles.I especially like the shape of the granules and their shine.

Bulk candles look a little simple compared to other candles. Why?

One of the best compliments we received was from a client at the exhibition, he came and said: “Great! I love your candles – you made clean candles without inscriptions or ornaments. ” We invest in better quality pure and natural ingredients, not packaging and labeling. Yes, it is in simplicity that all beauty is!

Natural palm wax for loose candles can be bought in our shop.


Batik Factory in Malaysia – All about batik. All about batik. – LiveJournal

As a child, I read somewhere about batik, an ancient technique of hand-painting fabrics using hot wax. For a long time I imagined how hundreds of years ago craftswomen applied bright drawings and intricate designs on silk, and how beauties from distant countries walked through the marble halls in clothes made of this fabric. I don’t even remember why I was so interested in batik then, but since then I really wanted to see how the drawing is applied to the fabric with the help of wax.

And in Malaysia I was able to see it. We drove through the state of Terengganu on the east coast of the peninsula, and not far from the city of Kuantan we stopped at an old building – a batik factory.

Everything was as I imagined. Diligent young women slowly, methodically painted canvases of fabric stretched on special frames.

One of them, seeing me and her husband, immediately left her job and arranged a small tour for us, telling us in broken English about the stages of making this fabric.The main thing is wax, which is applied to silk or cotton as a contour.

Wax is applied both with the help of special tools that allow you to draw patterns by hand, and with the help of stamps, thanks to which you can speed up the process. This batik is cheaper.

After the wax outlines have been applied, you can begin to dye the fabric. Here are the paints.

Each color is applied by hand, one after the other.

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