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Experience the new and exciting trend in activewear that seems to be taking center stage in street fashion, with street joggers as the go-to garb. More alternative fans are noticing how urban jogger pants are comfortable and can double down as casual wear or a work outfit when styled right. It is in this trend that streetwear style is becoming alive, with more reasons for choosing easy-going outfits and loosened-up vibes. Get your high-quality pants from RebelsMarket today and upgrade your closet.

With a style born on the streets, dominating the alleys and subways, the urban culture is evolving to become a fashion choice beyond the city. The origins of streetwear date back to the late 1970s, when urban brands borrowed heavily from the DIY aesthetic of new wave, punk culture, and heavy metal. It appears that the style is here to stay and is taking over haute couture, hip-hop fashion, and modern high fashion.

If urban joggers are dominating the alternative scene, then you need to stock a few pieces to be on-trend.

So what is the purpose of urban fashion joggers that make them such a versatile piece coveted by many? They were traditionally intended for exercise, but like so many other pieces that have joined the athleisure trend, they are now worn for several occasions. Fitting street joggers complemented with a two-tone urban polo shirt can make a cool semi-casual look with a touch of class. On the other hand, a cool pair styled with the right urban tee for men can be a casual go-to staple. It all depends on how it is dressed. 

Street-style joggers are originally sports pants that are comfortable, lightweight, and have an athletic appearance. They are wide at the top and fitting around the ankles and are either drawstring joggers or come with an elastic waist. They began as a form of sweatpants and are now distinguished from sweatpants by the weight of the material. Men’s urban sweatpants are designed to be thicker and warmer, ideal for cold climates, while joggers are made of a lightweight fabric to allow comfort.

How should joggers fit?

How men’s urban joggers should fit primarily depends on the activities you are wearing them for and the event you are planning to attend. A general rule of thumb, the more tapered and tailored the legs are, the less casual the pants. Conversely, legs that appear less tailored are more suitable for casual looks and chilling indoors.

A good pair of streetwear joggers should be narrow at the ankle and end above than over the shoes. Fitting pieces will leave room for some skin or socks to show. For a pair to be styled with urban fashion coats for guys, it should clearly display your silhouette and leave an allowance, but not too slim-fit. The pants are a perfect outfit for an effortless casual look.

Another thing to note is that the waistband of urban-style joggers should sit around the hip area. We have more high-waist pieces today, so if you purchase high-waists, they should sit at your natural waist. If you are styling an athleisure look, the crotch of the urban athletic pants can be dropped.  

What are the different types of men’s streetwear joggers?

Designers have come up with different style options due to their popularity. Find various designs to choose from to rock your preferred look.

Street-style joggers are the preferred options for a day-to-day look. These versatile pants are ideal from running errands with a men’s urban hoodie to a doctor’s appointment. Black urban joggers can still be stylish for a traveling look or a casual brunch with your friends, complemented with a graphic t-shirt and a pair of street-style men’s boots.

Casual urban sporty pants are classic pieces that still have the original style in them. While the originals were baggy pants made of thicker material, today’s pieces are more lightweight, flattering the figure, and still giving room for movement and workouts. Sporty pants are more ideal for sports because they contain technical fabrics that are odor-fighting and breathable, giving you a comfortable fit.

Once you have tank tops, a pair of men’s alternative casual shoes styled with urban camo joggers, your sporty look is ready to go.

If you are looking for a comfortable pair to hang out in while watching a game during the weekend, lounge joggers will work out for you. The pants have a more relaxed feel, with more focus on comfort than performance. Go for printed lace-up pants with an elastic waist if you are looking for details. You can also shop for zipper street joggers and find a multi-zipper piece with black webbing or a single zipper with drawstrings. If you are going for something more out-of-the-box, you can choose from our range of harem pants with cool drapes to be styled with men’s streetwear accessories like a graphic baseball cap or a beanie.

An alternative you can wear when styling a semi-casual look is smart joggers. They are modified with a little bit of tailoring, an added style, and a material change. Styles like urban cargo joggers are tapered around the legs, allowing you to create a flattering silhouette to show off your legs. A classic pair of pockets urban joggers can be styled with a button-down shirt and layered with a fitting urban jacket for guys to give it an official look. If you are going for daring designs, we have faux leather street pants you can complement with a leather detailed t-shirt and accessorize with street-inspired jewelry.

So whatever the pattern or fashion preference, joggers will remain a staple that can be rocked on several occasions without losing touch with your style. Grab your sweatpant joggers today and feel comfortable when you pull off an urban look. Your everyday outfit or an event look doesn’t have to be basic, incorporate a pair of joggers, and you will be seen as chill and stylish. Enjoy 10% OFF your first purchase when you shop at RebelsMarket, and remember, there are many ways to look at style, so be a trendsetter. We ship worldwide.  

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20 Best Jogger Pants For Men Of 2021

Athleisure — often referred to but rarely (if ever) defined, it’s essentially the convergence of active apparel and loungewear into one convoluted category wherein one is simultaneously primed for athletic performance yet also comfortable enough for general relaxation. If such a concept sounds counterintuitive, we’ll be the first to agree, but there’s no denying the influence that the movement has had on mainstream fashion. In fact, the term “athleisure” has been in use since the late 1980s, so it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Especially when you consider the effect that our pandemic-induced “new normal” has had on our daily wardrobe choices.

In any case, there are few pieces of clothing that embody the spirit of athleisure as well as do joggers. For though they were once little more than a slimmed-down version of sweats, they’ve since become a style of pants unto their own. Because let’s face it — these days, the market is rife with offerings consisting of technically-proficient materials, motion-maximizing constructions, and innovative storage solutions, all the while claiming to be stylish enough for everyday wear. When left to your own devices, it’d prove quite the tall order to pick the right pair for your needs. But thanks to our handy guide, you’ll be well on your way to finding the best joggers for men.

Adidas Adicolor Classics 3-Stripes Pants

If you’re looking for some legwear that’s quintessentially adidas in design, be sure to check out this fleece pair from the brand’s Originals line. Made from a combination of 70% cotton and 30% recycled polyester fleece, they come with a set of contrasting stripes and a trefoil insignia for a look that oozes classic cool. What’s more is that despite their heavier weight, they feature a slim cut that offers a more tailored fit. And thanks to their zipped side pockets, you can rest assured knowing your carry is safe and secure.

Purchase: $60

Everlane The Sport Jogger

As is the case with each of Everlane’s offerings, the Sport Jogger is one that perfectly strikes a balance between aesthetics and affordability. So, even though it comes in at less than $70, it features a high-quality ReTech recycled nylon construction that offers a comfortable 4-way stretch fit, superior moisture-wicking performance, and a stylish design that’s equally at home on and off the court. Oh, and because they’re a part of Everlane’s Uniform collection, they come with a 365-day guarantee in which they’ll be replaced in the off chance anything goes wrong.

Purchase: $68

Mack Weldon Ace Sweatpant

Those ratty old sweats you picked up back in college may remind you of the glory days, but let’s be honest here — they’re doing nothing for your sense of style. Instead, give yourself a much-needed upgrade with the Ace Sweatpant. First of all, Mack Weldon micro-sanded the French Terry cloth fabric in this pair of joggers to make it even softer. And since they’re cut with a slightly tapered fit, you better believe that they look as good as they feel on your legs.

Purchase: $78

Flint and Tinder French Terry Sweatpants

In a world of fast fashion, throwaway culture, and imported imitations, Flint and Tinder offers a callback to a time when things were built better with less fuss. And, in the case of their French Terry Sweatpants, you’ll find that this proves especially true. That’s because they were spun, dyed, and sewn from a soft midweight French terry fabric all within the Los Angeles area. They’ve also been finished with some flatlock stitching for a super clean, classic fit.

Purchase: $88

Outdoor Voices All Day Sweatpant

Outdoor Voices is a brand built upon the principle of getting people out and getting them active, so it goes without saying that the All Day Sweatpant would be made to move. Crafted using their proprietary CloudKnit fabric for an incredibly soft, relaxed-yet-tapered fit, they offer an ideal option for pretty much any occasion. Whether you’re kicking back on the couch, taking off on a jog, or even just heading out to the store, you can’t go wrong with these slick sweats.

Purchase: $88

Vuori Sunday Performance Jogger

At the intersection of style and comfort, you’ll find the Vuori Sunday Performance Jogger, a premium piece of activewear that rethinks what athleisure can be. Much more than some repurposed performance apparel, they offer a medium weight in a top-notch technical knit fabric, making them ideal for those who are after some pants that are as functional as they are well-fitting. Plus, the combination of a shorter inseam coupled with a set of tapered legs and ankle cuffs means that the look is on point.

Purchase: $89

Ten Thousand Recover Pant

When it comes to crafting no-nonsense performance-driven active apparel, you’d hard-pressed to find a brand more accomplished than Ten Thousand. Every item in their inventory goes through a rigorous field testing process, with both elite athletes and everyday consumers vetting them to make sure that they’re ready for production. As the ultimate post-workout piece, their Recover Pant comes well-equipped for relaxation, including such features as a comfortable double knit fabric construction, a permanent anti-odor treatment, and even an anti-pill finish for long-term durability without fading.

Purchase: $98

Nike Sportswear Tech Fleece Joggers

Over the years, Nike’s catalog has grown so expansive that it can be difficult to know where to begin. However, if you’re after some joggers that offer superior comfort, performance, and mobility, you can’t go wrong with this pair made from Tech Fleece. Because of the fabric’s double-sided smoothness, it offers a stylish aesthetic whilst still being plenty warm for colder weather. And because they feature a baggy fit through the thigh before tapering at the knee, they give you plenty of room to move without compromising their elevated aesthetics.

Purchase: $110

Outerknown Sur Sweatpants

Immerse yourself in eco-conscious coziness with Outerknown’s Sur Sweatpants. Made from a combination of 76% organic cotton and 24% hemp, these offer a characteristically sustainable spin on the classic jogger formula. And the thing is — it also makes these pants perfectly balanced in terms of their weight and feel, with the hemp giving them a slight heft and the cotton contributing a silky softness. Add to that a tapered leg, an elastic waistband, and a zippered back pocket, and the result is some legwear that looks the part and pays it forward.

Purchase: $118

Todd Snyder x Champion Midweight Slim Jogger Sweatpant

Todd Snyder’s top-notch clothing design meets the performance prowess of Champion’s athletic apparel in this pair of stylish collaborative sweatpants. Offering a slightly more tailored fit and a 100% cotton construction, they make for a versatile jogger that can be worn with everything from crewneck sweatshirts to casual suits. When you consider all that you’re getting — including garment-dyed colors, front slash pockets, elasticated cuffs, a herringbone drawstring, and some classic crimson chain stitching — the result is a value proposition that seems too good to be true.

Purchase: $118

lululemon ABC Jogger Warpstreme

Ever the purveyor of premium athleisure offerings, it should come as no surprise that lululemon has a horse in this race. When it comes to the ABC Jogger, you’ll find that they’re truly a cut above the rest, because they’re made from the brand’s state-of-the-art Warpstreme fabric. In practice, such an addition translates to unrivaled wrinkle resistance, shape retention, and moisture-wicking properties. And because they also make use of lululemon’s trademark ABC technology, they offer an accommodating four-way stretch fit with plenty of room through the legs to get moving.

Purchase: $128

Olivers Bradbury Jogger

When you’ve had your fill of flashy designs and over-the-top colorways, Olivers is one brand well worth your while. That’s because the California-based outfit has built its entire operation around providing essential athletic silhouettes with a simple, understated style. Just take the Bradbury Jogger, for instance. Water-repellent and moisture-wicking, they’re as soft on the skin as they are light on your legs. Sure, these might be marketed for active application, but that’s not to say they’re any less capable as a comfortable option for everyday wear.

Purchase: $128

Rhone Spar Jogger

By naming these joggers the ‘Spar,’ Rhone definitely set itself up to be competitive as far their performance is concerned. In practice, you’ll find that they haven’t just landed a hit, they’ve delivered a full-on knockout. Made from a blend of polyester, nylon, and spandex fabrics, they offer an unbeatable combination of softness, stretch, and durability. As it turns out, they’re also incredibly practical, because they feature a pair of built-in hand pockets at the front as well as a secure zippered stash compartment at the back.

Purchase: $128

Carhartt WIP Cargo Jogger

Carhartt originally launched its WIP project back in 1989 as an ongoing effort to transform its hard-hitting workwear into a line of street-wise staples. With the Cargo Jogger, this means that you get a design inspired by the brand’s classic Cargo Pants, a construction made from rugged 6.5oz ripstop fabric, and a fit that’s as comfortable as they come. Arguably more impressive, however, is the incredible utility these joggers provide. For in addition to their three zippered pockets front and rear, they also come with a set of expandable velcro-closure pouches.

Purchase: $155

Reigning Champ Coach’s Jogger

Honestly, you can’t go wrong with any of Reigning Champ’s offerings — they’re all worthy of adding to your activewear wardrobe. That being said, we liked the Coach’s Jogger in particular for its Primeflex 4-way stretch fabric, a remarkable material that repels water, holds its shape, and makes for an iron-clad defense against odor-causing bacteria. But that’s not all — they also come with tons of thoughtful details throughout, including a mesh phone sleeve, diamond gussetting, and a woven drawcord.

Purchase: $160

Satisfy Running Studio Pants

If you haven’t heard of Satisfy before, let us do you the favor of introducing them. Equal parts Parisian fashion label and performance running outfit, they’ve quickly made a name for themselves because of their stylish athletic offerings. As part of their training collection, these Studio Pants come well-equipped for indoor workouts, with a knitted Italian four-way stretch Micro Jersey construction and a detachable exterior care label. But thanks to their hidden pocket system, mini carabiner clip, and integrated reflective print, they’re also quite adept out on the street.

Purchase: $178

Saturdays NYC Chad Jogger Pant

Although Saturdays NYC started out as a small establishment on the streets of SoHo, it’s since become an international lifestyle brand whose reputation for classic style and quality craftsmanship knows no bounds. These Chad Joggers are a case in point, combining a stretchy nylon-spandex blend with a robust ripstop fabric for a pair of pants that manage to perfectly balance their athletic inspiration with their urban intent. Secured with a drawstring and a set of adjustable elastic cuffs, they feature two cargo pockets to keep your carry in check.

Purchase: $185

A.P.C. Item Jogger

The product of renowned French creative Jean Touitou, A.P.C. offers a welcome alternative to the extravagant design choices that dominate most of the mainstream fashion scene today. For instance, the Item Jogger offers a decidedly simple silhouette, with a fitted cut, tapered construction, and a selection of understated tonal colorways that include navy blue, back, and gray. At first glance, they might not look any different than your garden-variety department store sweats, but slip them on and their ultra-luxe 100% cotton fleece fabric will tell you all you need to know.

Purchase: $225

Stone Island Garment Dyed Pocket Jogger

There aren’t many clothing manufacturers that can toe the line between functional utility and fashionable appeal, but Stone Island is one brand that proves an exception to the rule. Taking inspiration from classic military outerwear, these joggers are made out of a garment-dyed loopback jersey material for a distressed aesthetic with a well-worn feel. Finished off with a front cargo pocket and a compass patch, they’re ready for anything your day might have in store.

Purchase: $298

Tom Ford Tapered Sweatpants

When nothing but the crème de la crème of the jogger world will do, these sweats from Tom Ford are the right pants for you. At $1,450 for a pair, they’re hardly what you’d call practical, but then again they don’t need to be. Rather, because of their premium blend of cotton, silk, and cashmere, you’ll always be lounging in luxury. Oh, and if you were wondering, the fit is first-rate thanks to a pair of tapered cuffs and an elasticated waistband.

Purchase: $1,450

The 20 Best Hoodies For Men

Joggers are one piece of essential athleisure, but we’d be remiss to suggest that they’re all you need. If you’re looking to complement these performance-inspired pants with a top to suit, head on over to our guide to the best hoodies for men.

Men’s jogger trousers – what to wear, who suits

If you follow fashion trends, you probably noticed that men’s joggers (as well as women’s trousers) are constantly present in fashion collections. They can be seen at Versace, Gucci and Balmain shows. The current 2020 fashion season is no exception.

The fact is that jogger pants are a versatile style that suits almost everyone, and can become your favorite, irreplaceable item of everyday city bow.

What are joggers?

Pants Joggers are pants that belong to a sporty style. They are worth buying if you are relaxed and active enough. The style was originally invented for sports. But, the guys liked him so much that he quickly went beyond pure training clothes.

Typical cut features:

  1. Soft comfort fabric. However, there are exceptions. For example, jeans are joggers.
  2. Elasticated wide cuff, gathering fabric at the waist and ankles.
  3. Low Rise.
  4. Groin free volume and low stride line.
  5. A silhouette proportionally similar to the outline of the body. The greatest width of the pants is at the hips. They taper towards the bottom.

Men’s joggers have become so diverse that some of the models can no longer be called sportswear. They have transformed and become a stylish item of men’s wardrobe.


Currently, designers offer a very diverse model of men’s joggers:

  1. With an abundance of fasteners, zippers, decorative inserts.
  2. Wide with large volume pockets.
  3. Minimalist designs in solid colors.
  4. Pants with bright contrasting inserts.
  5. Insulated models for winter.
  6. Jogger jeans.
  7. Shorts and breeches.

What type of figure are they suitable for?

Joggers can be chosen for almost any type of figure. After all, this style is very democratic and diverse.

If you want to look taller – pay attention to the shortened models.

Guys with narrow hips can safely wear pants with large pockets.

Stocky men with a dense build are better off buying classic joggers.

Tall and slender – almost anything is allowed!

What to wear with?

Joggers are predominantly youth fashion. Therefore, designers allow any, even the most daring, combinations of this item of clothing.

For colors, the main rule is that the shades are combined with each other. Khaki, camouflage, white, gray, black – all this is fashionable and relevant this season.

Pants can be worn with T-shirts, T-shirts, pits. To the place there will be a thin knitted hat on the head and sneakers or massive sneakers. For shoes, moccasins and broggies are also suitable.

You can even wear joggers with a shirt. An interesting outfit is obtained if you tuck it into your pants, and supplement it with a short vest on top.

To summarize, we can safely say that this is a universal style. Moreover, it is very comfortable and convenient.

What to wear with joggers for men and women. What joggers look like

Designers from all over the world delight us with annual novelties, drawing inspiration from familiar things. A creative approach to traditional sportswear allows you to replenish your everyday wardrobe with stylish Fashion look elements not only in Sport Style, but also in other fashion trends.

If you are open to experimentation, you should ask:

1. What do joggers look like?
2. Distinctive features of joggers.
3. Advantages of joggers over other models of trousers.
4. Varieties and models, fabric.
5. What can a woman wear with joggers?
6. What can a man wear with joggers?

What are joggers and what they look like

How to wear joggers, how to create casual Street Style ensembles, glamorous party looks and even smart casual suits with their help? Before asking such questions, it is worthwhile to understand: what are joggers, what types are there, to whom they are suitable.The name is of English origin, initially the model had an exclusively sports purpose and was not popular in urban fashion. The pants were intended for jogging (jogging), from which some of the design features of the trousers originate. Now joggers have occupied a niche in everyday ensembles of any style, while retaining some characteristic features.

Pants-joggers: design features

What to wear for women or men joggers is a secondary question, first it is worth understanding what their peculiarity is. You can often hear from fashion reviewers comparing this model with pants – a classic element of men’s underwear. There is definitely something in common between them, but the differences are even greater, not to mention the large range of modern joggers.

Design features:

  • fit: straight or tapered to the bottom;
  • Loose hips;
  • soft belt (elastic) with additional reinforcement with a fixing cord;
  • Elastic band on the bottom of trousers or stitched cuffs from knitted jersey, can be of any width and different degrees of fit;
  • trousers height: the standard fit at the waist is more often used, but there may be a lowered line, but not more, by 10 cm;
  • spline: the step seam can be lowered from 5 to 15 cm;
  • fastener: not excluded, but rarely used;
  • pockets were initially absent, but now there are no clear rules on this matter, it all depends on the designer’s flight of imagination and the personal preferences of the buyer of fashionable pants.

From the above, the conclusion suggests itself: the only prerequisite is the presence of an elastic band at the bottom, which sets the general style of everyday or sports trousers.

Why choose joggers: the advantages of model

Decided to change your style or replenish your wardrobe with a novelty – pay attention to the d, in which now they are no longer only running in the park. Young people who prefer Streetwear, roller-skating and skateboarding, dancing hip-hop have long appreciated the merits of joggers, try to try them on too.If you lead a dynamic life, this model is very comfortable and practical:

  • elastic at the bottom of the legs will provide comfort to those who are used to riding bicycles;
  • Free cut in the hips – the need to sit down or bend over will not cause incidents in the form of split seams;
  • regularly experiment with diets – in this model you can safely lose kilograms, and if they come back, joggers will not sit on you any worse.

Types of joggers: fabric and style

The classic fabric for this model is jersey of different density and composition.The best solution is a cotton footer, and it comes in different thicknesses: you can choose pants for any season, even for a snowy winter. With what to wear sports joggers, it is clear from their definition. If you prefer blouses, shirts, longsleeves, turtlenecks to T-shirts and T-shirts, there is a large selection of fashionable joggers in different styles for you.

First of all, the general style is set by the fabric from which the clothes are made. Everyday models are sewn from pliable, soft, well-draped materials:

  • light denim,
  • cotton and linen,
  • natural silk,
  • fine leather and suede,
  • corduroy (anything from “rib” to “cord »),
  • velor and velvet,
  • fine wool.

The choice of material determines what the joggers can be worn with. The main condition is that the fabrics of the shoulder and waist clothing must match, according to the traditional rules for creating ensembles. The same factor influences what kind of shoes to wear joggers with. The rougher the fabric, the more massive the sole and heels should be.

Most often these trousers are one-color, but in sports ensembles there are “stars” and “zigzags”, in boho-chic – ethnic ornaments and floral motifs.You can often find contrasting decorative elements or prints and embroidery of logos and emblems in designer collections.

Choosing joggers: tips from stylists

The only drawback of fashionable comfortable trousers is that they do not fit any type of figure, although there is practically no 100% ban – you can always try to experiment with length, volume, fabric, pattern and stylish combinations.

Who can not worry about choosing a style – tall slender guys and girls, women and older men who have retained a good figure.There are no restrictions on fit, or on the location of the crotch, or on the length.

Small, stalwart people should refuse this model – they will seem even lower and more overweight in it. The rest can try to find their “own” style:

  • trousers with a low waistline can suit the “apple”, and the “pear” should stay on the classics;
  • for short guys and girls with an excellent physique, classic models made of dense cotton fabric of a single color or vertical pattern are suitable;
  • for long-legged ones it is better to choose a low waistline, a bright color scheme, “khaki” looks good, a camouflage pattern, floral and ethnic prints;
  • For owners of very narrow hips, a model resembling a cargo with patch pockets is suitable;
  • Thumbelina can experiment with length – cropped trousers can add a few centimeters of height;
  • You should be careful about choosing trousers for people with a loose or embossed figure, pronounced muscles in the hips and calves can ruin the overall look: if you still don’t want to give up your dream, buy trousers made of dense fabric, slightly tapering to the bottom and with thin rubber band.

After you have made sure that the fashionable trousers are suitable for you, it remains to decide: what to wear joggers under?

What to wear with joggers: stylish bows

We made a successful shopping trip and joggers appeared in the wardrobe – we are looking for solutions with what to wear them. How to combine them correctly in ensembles with other things depends on the styles, the season and the tasks. We will offer you several topical bows, then you can fantasize yourself and decide what to wear with joggers for a man and a woman, what images are suitable for girls and guys.

Pants joggers for women: what to wear

Representatives of the weaker sex can create versatile ensembles with comfortable trousers. Here it is important to know not only what kind of shoulder clothes to wear, but also what kind of shoes to wear with joggers.

  • One-colored model in light wool or heavy jersey with a blouse intercepted by a wide belt or with a long sleeve, turtleneck and blazer – an elegant Smart Casual. Shoes: shoes with steady heels, platform ankle boots or comfortable pumps.
  • Khaki trousers made of thick cotton, a T-shirt and a shirt with patch pockets, topsides or slip-ons are the current Street Casual trend.
  • Practical footer and T-shirt made of cooler and bomber jacket, sneakers – Sport Casual.
  • Silk trousers, open top, stiletto sandals and silver clutch bag – Glamor Style.

What to wear with women’s denim joggers depends on the look you want to create. Casual urban style – sweatshirts, fishnet sweaters and comfortable moccasins, a cozy cape with ethnic patterns and Cossack boots – boho-chic.

Men’s jogger trousers: what to wear

How to wear men’s joggers:

  • with T-shirts, T-shirts, sweaters with pictures, emblems plus sneakers – Sport Casual;
  • T-shirt or sweatshirt, sneakers and knitted hat pulled over the eyes – Streetwear.

If you have jogger jeans in your wardrobe and have wondered what to wear with them, City Casual men’s ensembles can turn out to be very expressive. Wear them with a form-fitting tank top and a loose tweed jacket or plaid blazer for a sleek, modern look.Men’s joggers are well combined with a shirt tucked into trousers and a loose vest. Shoes – boat shoes, moccasins, broggies – if you want to add a touch of formality to the ensemble.

With what you can wear men’s joggers, the choice is great, the only limitation is classic shirts and jackets, not the most successful combination – jackets made of genuine leather and suede. When choosing shoes to wear with joggers, avoid the frank classics of glossy and patent leather.

new trend of men’s fashion ALREADY IN VLADIVOSTOK!

Originally joggers are jogging trousers (from the English.”jog” – “jogging”). They feature elastic cuffs and elastic bands around the ankles.
In modern collections, joggers are no longer clothing only for sports and outdoor activities. Now they are sewn from blended fabrics, from jacquard, decorated with sequins and used for going out looks!

Men’s joggers today are very popular among those who love sports, outdoor activities, tourism and travel.
The advantage of fashionable trousers is that they are very comfortable.There are elasticated cuffs at the waist and ankles, thanks to which they will not slip while walking or playing sports. With the right choice of model and color, trousers visually lengthen, stretch your silhouette and make you slimmer.

How to wear joggers: rules and recommendations of stylists

Modern fashion offers men joggers in classic colors – gray, white, black, dark blue. From the decor – a maximum of stripes and decorative stitching. The fabric, even if soft and light, is necessarily textured – dense knitwear, cotton, denim, crepe.
Men can combine joggers with T-shirts, preferably elongated ones, T-shirts, polo shirts, etc. Joggers with shirts with three-quarter sleeves look great.

Sports shoes or those with such styling are the main option with which you can wear men’s joggers. No classic shoes!
The main places where you can go in joggers are club parties, home atmosphere, friendships, city walks.
For such cases, the most suitable “partners” for joggers will be T-shirts, sweatshirts, loose jumpers.Jackets, club and sports jackets are suitable as outerwear.

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