Unique jewellery singapore: 7 Homegrown Jewellery Brands to Support in Singapore

7 Homegrown Jewellery Brands to Support in Singapore

Jewellery pieces are always a flattering way to complete your everyday outfit — whether you are going out for dinner or working at home. Even just a simple pair of earrings can make you feel more put together and excited for the day to come. 

The pandemic has made it difficult for local brands to thrive, so supporting local businesses have never been more important. If you are looking for a new piece of jewellery to add to your collection, keep your eye out for some of these up-and-coming homegrown jewellery brands. 

Lucy & Mui 

© Lucy & Mui

Named after founder Rachael Kam’s maternal and paternal grandmothers, Lucy & Mui aims to provide shoppers with honest, handmade jewellery crafted by local artisans. This brand hopes to add femininity to modern aesthetics through wearable and intimate jewellery. 

While Lucy & Mui is widely known for its uniquely made engagement rings and wedding bands, it also offers everyday jewellery. Here, no two pieces are the same, so consumers will truly have a one-of-a-kind creation. If you have a jewellery idea, check out its bespoke page, where the team at Lucy & Mui will help create your very own customised jewellery piece. 

Website | Facebook

Amado Gudek 

© Amado Gudek

This local jewellery brand offers niche, unique, and sustainable jewellery made from renewable resources. These pieces are sourced from the waste of industrial processes such as wood pulp. These materials are then moulded, cast, sand, and polished right in Singapore. As each piece is made from scratch, no two pieces are alike. 

Do note you will need to make an appointment to visit its store to have a look at what pieces are currently available. 

Website | Facebook

Rina Lee

© Rina Lee Jewellery

Founder and designer, Rina Lee, creates contemporary and elegant jewellery pieces that tell a story. Full of determination and passion, Rina created this brand with a mission to heal and empower women to be their authentic selves.  

She also incorporates healing gemstones to her mindful and classy pieces, to remind us about our journey through life’s ups and downs. In addition to jewellery pieces, this boutique also sells healing crystals and gemstones. 

Website | Facebook


© 3125

 3125 has humble beginnings: the brand started out as a school project and now aims to inspire and empower people through thoughtful adornments. 3125’s jewellery pieces are made from raw gemstones and metals which are sourced from all over Southeast Asia. 

This jewellery store creates one-of-a-kind pieces, featuring various gemstones. Its designs are simple and minimalistic, with pieces that layer well with one another. Made with gold-plated stainless steel and sterling silver, the jewellery here will last long even with everyday wear. It also has an appointment-only showroom that allows shoppers to have a look at various pieces before purchasing. 

10% of sales go toward supporting charities and causes that benefit the marginalised communities in Singapore.  

Website | Facebook 

Thrifty Thieves 

© thriftythieves

Known for its unique and artsy jewellery, Thrifty Thieves offers pieces that can elevate your everyday look. Its collection is inspired by everything, and seen through their quirky yet classy pieces, such as their Abstract in Peach earrings. Its items are often presented on Pantone colour swatches, giving each creation an extra pop of colour. 

Thrifty Thieves’ products are available on its online store and on social media. However, it does host occasional pop-up stores all over the island. 

Website | Instagram 

Eden + Elie

© Eden+Elie

Eden + Elie creates contemporary pieces inspired by Singapore’s rich, cultural heritage. The brand uses hand-weaving techniques to create everyday pieces, incorporating both traditional and modern designs in its designs. 

Have a look at its modern Peranakan collections, which introduces pieces inspired by iconic motifs of the Nonya kebaya. One of our favourites is the modern Peranakan drop necklace, featuring a handcrafted Nonya-inspired pendant on a 24k gold-plated chain.  

Website | Facebook 

The Mindful Company 

© The Mindful Company

Hoping to promote mental wellbeing and kindness through its jewellery pieces, The Mindful Company returns with a new collection. Consumers will find minimalistic, simple, and dainty pieces that can be worn everyday at this shop. 

Its Reminder chain collection is a spin on its previous I AM collection. This line features bracelets with casted pendants held together by steel chains. The Mindful Company also offers personalised jewellery, allowing us to engrave personalised words and symbols onto each piece. 

Website | Facebook 

9 Best Local Jewellery Brands To Shop For Unique & Modern Pieces

9 Best Local Jewellery Brands To Shop For Unique & Modern Pieces

Pyar Tre Amanti Earrings, $220


Designed in Singapore and handmade by artisans in an ethical factory in Bali, Pyar works exclusively with certified recycled silver and brass. Their latest collection, Amanti, is a collaboration with Melody Tan of Ame Studio. The Tre Amanti earrings are actually orecchiette shapes cast in gold plated recycled bronze. The lightweight triple earring is set in place with a clip back style.

Ana Luisa Sia Earrings, $86


Ana Luisa offers a range of sustainably-crafted pieces and the Sia earrings are created with 100 per cent recycled sterling silver. Set in a darling paper clip detail, this 14k gold plated pair of earrings are sure to see you through your daily look.

Elara Model 43-01 Avant Garde Earrings, $575


Elara believes in creating timeless designs that are inspired by the modern movement, and every design is treated like a piece of sculpture. The Avant-Garde collection hopes to redefine the design of modern jewellery, and this piece is made to order in Singapore. Finished in 18k rose gold, the sleek and geometric lines of this design definitely deviate from your usual dangle earrings.

Monica Vinader Nura Shell and Pearl Necklace Set, $550


Growing up surrounded by arts and objects from her parents’ antique business, Monica Vinader immersed herself in the world of jewellery to create contemporary cuts. The Nura Shell and Pearl Necklace Set can be purchased separately, but we love how the two pair together. This collection takes inspiration from the sea and the shell is set in 18ct gold vermeil on sterling silver and paired with the baroque pearl pendant charm.

Eden + Elie Modern Peranakan Drop Pendant Necklace in Yellow, $167.11


Eden + Elie focuses on using handweaving techniques to create functional and contemporary pieces and their bestselling drop necklace features a handcrafted Nyonya-inspired pendant. Highlighted on a delicate 24k gold-plated chain, this necklace drapes gracefully at 18 inches to complement most necklines.

The Mindful Company Rose Gold Believe in Pewter, $58


Eight months after announcing its closure, The Mindful Company returns with a new collection. This rose gold bracelet is accented with its slate grey braid. Engraved on the front is a reminder to “believe”, a resounding hope that so as long as we believe, anything is possible. There’s also complimentary engraving available on the backside of the clasp, though there’s a limit of eight characters maximum.

Lucy & Mui Diamond Drift Earrings in Gold, $440 USD (596 SGD)


Founded by Rachel Kam, Lucy & Mui was named after her maternal and paternal grandmothers. Aside from its thoughtful designs, they also hope to celebrate the women in their community. Their Diamond Drift Earrings are an angled emerald-cut white sapphire framed by brilliant white diamonds. Beautiful and bold, this one’s for special occasions or whenever you feel like dressing up.

Ashepa Hammered Ring, $110


Ashepa celebrates the distinctive soulful crafts and wealth of artistry within Africa. Handcrafted in Kenya, this statement ring comes with a hammered effect that adds an element of texture and dimension that’s more than your typical ring.

Since it’s cast in brass, it’s recommended that you clean this with soapy water, lemon juice, or professional brass polish to keep its shine.

By Invite Only Gold Beryl Cubic Studs, $39


By Invite Only’s pieces are designed with the philosophy that jewellery is a form of self-expression and they create jewellery fit for every occasion. Gold Beryl Cubic Studs can be worn on the lobe, but they’ll make for an exceptional statement piece if you have a flat piercing. Crafted in 18k gold-plated brass, these earrings are decorated with dainty cubic zirconia crystals.

9 Affordable Artisan Jewellery Brands to Get Your Hands On

Looking for affordable jewellery in Singapore? If you are feeling the need to buy jewellery but looking for something unique, that’s easy on the pocket too, keep reading! We’ve rounded up some of the most beautifully crafted jewellery brands in Singapore that have us swooning over their collections.

If you’re after easy to wear and beautifully crafted jewellery in Singapore, Del Rio Jewels is well worth your time. Founded and creatively directed by Henna Advani, Del Rio Jewels is a collection of timeless and colourful jewellery handmade in Turkey for women to love and layer. A cancer researcher by training, and wildly inspired by a wide array of travel and cultures, Henna found the need to create a jewellery brand that was both versatile and affordable.

Made of 925 sterling silver, each piece by Del Rio Jewels is plated in 14K gold and adorned in Swarovski stones. The evil eye motif particularly resonates with Henna’s mystical personality and remains the centrepiece of many collections. The design of each piece is carefully thought-out, with each piece being multifunctional, aiding in a seamless transition from day to night. For example, many of the earrings in their collections can be taken apart and worn as pendants or even hair brooches. All of the pieces from the Tuyo Collection can be customised to showcase your unique style and personality.

Del Rio Jewels will also be incorporating a Fine Jewellery section, encompassing solid 14K gold and diamond pieces that you’ll never have to take off. Henna has curated this collection with a similar mindset allowing you to wear the pieces alone, layered with others or paired with other jewels from your existing collection.

Buying jewellery from Del Rio Jewels is also a fantastic way to support local businesses in Singapore. Evolved from a passion project, this growing, successful homegrown business is self-funded and creatively curated, sourced and modelled for by Henna, on her own. Our favourite pieces include the Suffiya Ring holder, Dil necklace, Zola Necklace and Tuyo Necklace(also customisable) and the Aventura or evil eye Collection. Need a real talking point for your mask? Buy one of their Mask/Sunglass chains that are multi-functional and can be worn as mask chains, sunglasses chains and even necklaces!

Want 15% off? Quote Vanilla15 at checkout and

get 15% off sitewide!

Fervor Montreal

French-Canadian jewellery brand Fervor Montreal was launched in 2000. Fervor Montreal has gained an international reputation for producing luxurious yet affordable fine and fashion jewellery created using the highest quality of materials such as Swarovski Crystal Elements, Pearls, Semi-Precious Stones and AAA grade brilliant Cubic Zirconia. Their silver and non-precious metals are plated up to 3 microns of 14k or 18k gold or platinum using the most advanced methods in their workshops.

Every single piece of Fervor Montreal jewellery is handcrafted by their highly skilled jewellers in their very own workshop which is why Fervor Montreal is able to deliver truly exceptional products at affordable prices and they guarantee all their pieces against manufacturing faults.

Fervor Montreal releases a new collection of jewellery every 3 months, the latest being their “Pearls” collection of necklaces and earrings made with 925 sterling silver, with 18k gold plating. 

A must-shop collection from Fervor Montreal are their Divine Eye, Gemstones, Tarot Card and their best-selling Bella Bangles.

Fervor Montreal has recently launched a collection of fine jewellery which includes 14K Solid Gold necklaces, Queen of the Jungle collection that features Malachite gemstones, Stars of the Sea that is made with Lapis Lazuli.


Have you been searching for personalised jewellery in Singapore? LoveHesed was founded to make personalized pieces that are unique to the individual. Every piece is lovingly hand-stamped with a metal stamp and a hammer, drilled, polished and put together by the team in Singapore!

Due to this hand-stamped nature of LoveHesed jewellery, no two pieces are the same! 

Their pieces are made of gold-filled materials which is a thick layer of genuine gold permanently bonded with heat and pressure onto the base metal. That’s 100 times more gold than gold plated jewellery! It is extremely durable, won’t chip or flake and is tarnish-resistant. It also is a great alternative to expensive solid gold jewellery.

LoveHesed sources all their gold-filled materials from the USA and are high quality and will not tarnish in water – which means you can wear them to shower and exercise! These pieces are also hypoallergenic and perfect for sensitive skin.

Want some inspiration? LoveHesed has a wide collection of personalised jewellery – you can choose from initials, name, birth flowers, hearts or symbols. There’s even a mother and baby collection. 

With production times being 1-3 days, they also make for perfect last-minute personalised gifts for your loved ones.


Lustre specialises in gemstone jewellery that is handcrafted by gifted artisans around the world. Designer and founder, Anaita Thakkar’s brand is crafted in limited numbers to ensure your jewellery is truly one of a kind. Housing semi-precious gemstone jewellery that naturally come in various sizes, shapes and colour – no two pieces can ever be identical!

And an integral part of their designs is the ability for them to be worn singly or with pieces you already own. They embrace the need for colour, for versatility, for the artisanal. Since their pieces employ natural gemstones which are organic, clients are encouraged to embrace the idea of the “perfectly imperfect”, which is in itself a reflection of nature, and the world around us.

Thakkar, the founder-owner is a self-taught designer and doesn’t design anything unless it has a genuine personal connection to her, either symbolically or through her life experience. Thakkar works directly with the silversmiths and prides herself in embracing uncompromising quality. We love how versatile their earrings and bracelets are – everything from handcrafted gemstones to tassels and even the simplest of studs turned magnificent!

Rina Lee Jewellery

Shop the best contemporary-styled jewellery in Singapore, that is surprisingly affordable too. Modern classics that tell stories of self-love, strength and courage, Rina Lee’s Jewellery speaks to your soul.  

At its core, the brand advocated all things community, healing and empowering women to be their true authentic selves. By incorporating healing gemstones with mindful design, Rina Lee’s jewellery pieces are soul reminders and encouragements that journey with you through life’s ups and downs. 

We love the Origin collection that was inspired by the celestial bodies and our place in this vast Universe. The Sun, a symbol of Strength; and the Moon, feminine power; and the Stars, a symbol of Hope. Its meaningful design combined with healing gemstones work as a powerful reminder to Stay Strong and Optimistic despite obstacles.

Those looking for gemstones will enjoy the Kaleidoscope Gemstone Earrings Collection, an array of different coloured gemstone earrings. These delightful 5mm stud earrings are the perfect essential piece that will take you on your daily adventures, all while reaping the healing benefits of your charming crystals.

Citystate Beads

Minimalists will love homegrown jewellery label Citystate Beads, which makes quality design-focussed bead bracelets for both men and women. By ensuring that each piece is designed and made by human hands, Citystate Beads gives you consistency and strong detail that comes with quality craftsmanship. Based in Singapore, Citystate Beads was born out of respect for detailed craftsmanship, professionalism, and good service. 

As a result, their accessories are modern, honest, and affordable without compromising on quality. Citystate Beads’ materials are primarily semi-precious stones, metal charms, and elastic cords—all meticulously sourced from different parts of the world.  Stuck for a gift or seeking jewellery in Singapore for men? We love how gender-neutral Citystate Beads are and make for the perfect gift, no matter the recipient!

Capsule by Juliette

Meet Juliette, a true Parisian girl and a French fashion designer reaching out to all corners of the globe for conscious inspiration. A working mother of 2, she started Capsule by Juliette to help women like her look and feel their best, in their everyday lives.  

In addition to her signature jumpsuits and Parisian chic fashion for women, having a background in high jewellery made it natural for Juliette to offer a jewellery collection. Staying true to the concept of the brand, these delicate pieces are timeless and bring a touch of sophistication to any look. They are exquisitely handcrafted from 18K gold vermeil, and are the perfect accessories to Capsule by Juliette garments.

From the necklace to the bracelet, Capsule by Juliette offers the perfect jewel to wear every day and bring a little extra to your outfit! 

We especially love her collection of Bliss Rings, which have a smooth, flawless design, using mesmerising natural stones and high-quality gold vermeil – a work of art! These rings are crafted in a simple curve, and feature a lovely, carefully handpicked stone encased in a medallion. 

The Bliss Rings present themselves best when worn with other Bliss rings, and staggered with them. Available in pearl, turquoise, rhodochrosite, amazonite, pink opal, lapis lazuli and malachite.

Azen Jewelry

Azen Label showcases jewellery in Singapore that is designed to be modern, simple and unique to complement any outfit or style. Azen works with artisans closely to provide beautiful jewellery pieces and each of their pieces work on the concept of beauty that lies within each semi-precious stone. 

Think earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings, in 925 Silver, gold plated and with a semi-precious stone to match.

Azen Jewelry is also the exclusive distributor for Rockme Jewelry in Singapore, a handmade jewellery brand designed by Thanich. Rockme Jewelry design concept is inspired by the raw textures of tree barks as they outgrow and create beautiful patterns of nature.

Each of the jewellery pieces by Rockme is painstakingly crafted to ensure that the unique beauty of each unpolished gemstone is revealed.

Established in 2009, Whimsy and Magic are an affordable brand for jewellery in Singapore. Inspired by nature, and the flora and fauna around us, the brand meticulously handcrafts all of its pieces to produce comfortable, and easy to wear everyday jewellery. 

Using 925 sterling silver, gold-filled, 18k gold and semi-precious stones amongst other material; the brand ensures that what you get is top-notch quality for your money. These Boho earrings are delicately balanced with Green Aventurine stone – perfectly suited for that maxi dress!

The Singapore fashion jewellery brands to note for everyday designs

If it isn’t clear by now, we’re declaring our love of accessories.

While we remain fixated on high jewellery, we nurse a knack for fun, fashion jewellery, and there’s plenty of that here from our local labels. Join us in our support of homegrown names — check out this list of Singapore fashion jewellery brands that we constantly turn to for everyday wear.


Gold Meadow Opal necklace Gold necklace stack Silver Ellie Pearl necklace

By Invite Only
By Invite Only began eleven years ago when founder Trixie Khong saw a need for affordable jewellery that would suit sensitive and eczema-prone sensitive skin like hers. Over the years, By Invite Only has blossomed. Its jewellery is ethically made; factories under its umbrella implement strict labour practices that encompass fair wage and environmental protection. The brand also has its own carbon offset funds, where proceeds go towards the Jari Pará Forest Conservation Project run by Pachama. By Invite Only has recently acquired The Mindful Company, which is well known for its Reminder Cuffs of bands sporting encouraging engravings. Designs by the brand are typically delicate and dainty, with thin chains and feminine crystal, or horoscope-inspired pendants.

Shop online or at its stores in Vivo City, Wisma Atria and 313 Somerset. 

The Isla necklace The Tuyo necklace The Bandhan ring

Del Rio Jewels
If you like your jewellery bold and bright, look up fast-rising Del Rio Jewels. Founded by Henna Advani in 2019, the brand takes inspiration from her son’s name and her Spanish heritage. Del Rio Jewels was borne out of Advani’s and her husband’s travels to the marketplaces of Turkey. A scientist in cancer research by training, Advani had a passion for jewellery styling and enjoyed purchasing pieces abroad and selling them to friends. She wielded this love into a full-time company, and channelled her knack for detail into her designs. For instance, many of the earrings, such as the Micah one, are multifunctional. They can be detached and worn as assorted jewellery pieces like hair brooches and pendants. Advani tells us that her personal favourite design is the Tuyo — meaning ‘only you’ in Spanish — necklaces which are customisable and can feature the handwriting of a loved one, along with the chunky gold Bandhan rings. All pieces are 925 sterling silver and 14k gold plated, and incorporate Swarovski crystals. Del Rio Jewels designs also make a thoughtful gift. The hand assembled boxes are a product of the brand’s partnership with a packaging company in Jaipur, India to help women and children in need.

Shop Del Rio Jewels here

The Hydrangea Diamond neckace The Fairy Diamond ring

Lucy & Mui
Lucy & Mui was named after founder Rachael Kam’s maternal and paternal grandmothers who advocated perseverance and kindness. While Lucy & Mui is a favourite for engagement rings and wedding bands, it also offers a wealth of choices for everyday jewellery. No two pieces are the same here as the artisans mould, polish and set the pieces individually. The stones used range from conflict-free diamonds and mossanites to aquamarines and sapphires. If you have old jewellery that’s old, broken or inherited, Lucy & Mui can repurpose it. You can either rework a sentimental centre stone, or send in an old piece for recycling in exchange for store credit.

Shop Lucy & Mui here 

The Moon Dance earrings Kapok plant jewellery

Amado Gudek
For jewellery that’s niche and unique, look to Amado Gudek. The sustainable designs are created from eco-friendly bio resin that’s made from renewable resources sourced from waste of other industrial processes such as wood pulp. Each purchase is a labour of love as the processes of moulding, casting, sanding and polishing are all done by hand in the production studio in Singapore. Each design resembles an artpiece — its Moon Design earrings, for instance, feature iridescent moonstone gems and resembles a sparkling galaxy. The brand is, however, currently on hiatus. Follow them on Instagram for more updates.

Follow Amado Gudek here 

The Droplets necklace in Jadeite Rainbow pearl necklace

3125 started out as a school project for Caroline Justine, who later turned it into a full-time project. Justine sources most of her raw materials from across Southeast Asia, and is dedicated to sustainability. 3125 is now shifting to a made-to-order model to reduce wastage and uses natural gemstones. It also typically sets aside 10 percent of sales for good causes; past causes it has supported are Tamar Village, a daytime restoration centre for former sex workers, and Smiles of Chiang Mai. Its current designs include one-of-a-kind fine jewellery rings and customisable signet ones; necklaces featuring pearls, beads, kadeite, shell and Swarovski pendants; and white jade bracelets.

Shop 3125 here 

Minimalist Accessories: 5 Brands In Singapore To Get From

Wearing accessories like earrings and necklaces is a great and easy way to instantly spruce up any outfit. Your choice of jewellery also reflects your personality and style.

If you prefer something simple, yet stylish and elegant at the same time, then here are five brands in Singapore to get minimalist accessories from.

Photo from Meg & Zoe

Meg & Zoe was founded by Alicia and Joanne, who are in their ’20s and ’40s respectively. The brand aims to provide women with statement pieces that can be worn by all ages. Fun fact: the brand name is inspired by Joanne’s two children – Meghan and Zoey. 

All accessories sold by Meg & Zoe are specially curated by the founders and these artisanal pieces are made using quality materials, including 925 Silver, which is hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive skin. There are limited pieces for each design, which means there is a lower chance of seeing someone wearing the exact same jewellery as you! 

Photo from Meg & Zoe

The accessories are plated with either 14k or 18k Gold, Rose Gold, Rhodium or Platinum, so you will surely find something you like regardless of your style. We love their minimalist designs that are also modern and classy. These designs will stand the test of time and can be easily paired with any outfit for everyday wear. 

Shop their wide range of bracelets, earrings, rings, necklaces at affordable prices ranging from $19 to $79. They even have a Little Princess Collection with accessories that are great for the kiddos in your life! 

Photo from Meg & Zoe

Shop online here and visit Meg & Zoe’s Facebook and Instagram pages to be the first to know about new launches!

#2 White Finches Jewelry 

Photo from White Finches Jewelry

If you’re a fan of jewelry with geometric shapes and architectural structures, then you need to know about White Finches Jewelry. The brand carries a careful curation of minimalistic accessories finished with semi-precious stones such as zirconia, freshwater pearls, emerald stones and chalcedony.

The stand-out, however, is the brand’s artisan-made range, created by in-house designer Ann. Her work is very distinct – she works with natural stones, freshwater pearls and wires to create clean yet interesting lines and shapes. The end result? Unique jewelry that looks more like pieces of modern art than accessories. And for conscious consumers, buying from the artisan-made range is also assurance that the pieces you’re wearing were created under ethical conditions. 

Photo from White Finches Jewelry

Bestsellers include the exquisite geometric lapis lazuli earrings, which exudes timeless sophistication and style. And here’s an interesting fact about natural stones: each piece of stone will carry different marbling and grains due to the environmental factors they were formed under, which means no two artisan-made jewelry from White Finches are exactly the same.

Photo from White Finches Jewelry

Another breathtaking piece is the pearl and half circle earrings. It features a dainty, hand-contoured gold wire with a freshwater pearl balanced on one end, almost as if it’s defying gravity. We love the versatility of this minimal pair of earrings too – it will go great with most outfits, from glamorous evening dresses to even a casual T-shirt and jeans combo for brunch! 

Shop White Finches online here. 

Photo from By Invite Only

By Invite Only started back in 2009 and focuses on creating “jewellery for every occasion, every invite” at its core. The brand aims to give customers the freedom to express their style with peace of mind that the accessories will not irritate sensitive skin.

Photo from @byinviteonlystore via Instagram

All of their pieces are made without the toxic 3: nickel, lead and cadmium, which are often culprits of skin irritation. Those with sensitive skin can go ahead and wear these accessories without worries!

Most of their jewellery come in gold or silver colours with the occasional burst of colour. Choose from necklaces, earrings, bracelets, anklets and rings.

Shop online here. Shop offline at Vivo City or Wisma Atria.

Photo from @afterall.studios via Instagram

One glance at the Afterall store and you already know the brand sells minimalist accessories for everyday wear with its simple white and wood decor.

Stepping into one of their stores is like stepping into the jewellery stores in Korea with rows and rows of earrings waiting for you to sift through.

Photo from @afterall.studios via Instagram

The accessories are kept simple so that they complement every outfit in your wardrobe but you will also find some in bold designs for days you want to dress up.

They have clip-on options for those without piercings too!

Shop online here. Shop offline at Wisma Atria and Paya Lebar Quarter Mall.

Photo from @theordinaryco via Instagram

The Ordinary Co. started in January 2014 and is a brand that believes in jewellery being a necessity and not an afterthought. Their accessories are designed for the simple yet sophisticated girl that is a little quirky at times.

Photo from @theordinaryco via Instagram

Their A Little Less collection consists of demi-fine accessories. These are made by mixing semi-precious materials such as 18K gold, 925 silver and freshwater pearls. You can now have a little piece of luxury without breaking the bank!

Photo from @akindooof via Instagram

A KIND OOOF was established in April 2019 and sells exquisitely handcrafted 925 Silver jewellery. Each piece is carefully selected, merchandised and designed for every modern day woman. Their jewellery pieces are all hypoallergenic too!

Photo from A KIND OOOF

The designs are chic and will look great with office outfits. This is where to shop if you are looking for accessories that are easy to match.

While you are here, check out our other accessories related articles:

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23 Cool Brands To Shop For Contemporary Jewellery

By now we’re all aware of how millennials are disrupting the fashion industry, but what about the jewellery business? Are diamonds still a girl’s best friend? The answer is yes and no. Yes, because millennials still romanticise about jewellery, after all, who could resist pretty little sparkly things? And no, because well, girls today aren’t waiting for a knight in shining armour to gift it to them—they buy it for themselves, #girlpower. The biggest considerations, however, motivating jewellery purchases among millennials are that it has to be modern, cool and unique.

So, if you’re a millennial and looking to buy beautiful contemporary jewellery, here’s our comprehensive list of 25 brands for your consideration.

Anissa Kermiche

It was her Paniers Dorés earrings, inspired by leftover fortune cookies, that put Anissa Kermiche and her namesake jewellery label on the map. Bold yet femininine are words we’d use to describe her brand. Apart from eye-catching and thought-provoking pieces to boot, the brand has got a cult following led by Leandra Medine. This tongue-in-cheek French for Goodnight Bracelet featuring freshwater pearls is what you need to make a statement.

Ashley Zhang

The brand describes itself as “something old meets something new” and we couldn’t agree more. As ironic as it sounds, the pieces from Ashley Zhang are contemporary yet vintage. They’ve got everything from 14k pieces to large-cut diamonds, but the one we’re fawning over is the Pink Tourmaline Heart Starlight Pendant—it has a quiet elegance to it that’s equal parts chic and nostalgic.

Bar Jewellery

London-based Bar Jewellery creates the most beautifully abstract pieces that electric and extremely wearable. Its Small Vega Earrings inspired by Frank Gehry‘s iconic ‘wiggle’ chairs and made from a lost wax casting method are our favourite.

Bonheur Jewelry

This NYC-based jeweller, best known for its modern yet understated designs, has been spotted on the likes of Karlie Kloss, Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry and Hunter Schafer. Launched in October of 2015 by sisters Ally and Albina Mataj, Bonheur Jewelry offers handcrafted, architecturally-inspired pieces that use reclaimed precious metals in a bid to maintain environmental responsibility. We’re loving the sleek Trendsetter Collection that will effortlessly take us from day to night.


Here’s another New York native jewellery brand for your consideration—Catbird. It is popularly known for its stackable rings, but we also love its intricate dainty details. The Paeonia Diamond Ring in beautifully rendered flower and the Demeter Ring akin to rosebuds are our favourites.

Curious Creatures

They’re a local jewellery brand inspired by the raw nature of semi-precious stones, geometric shapes and reimagining them with contemporary silhouettes. Pieces from their collections are dainty, a little eclectic and definitely one-of-a-kind. Hit up Curious Creatures for beautiful bespoke pieces (we love this one) that tell your story.

Edge of Ember

Edge of Ember is an affordable jewellery brand with a focus on ethical production and personalisation. It also emphasises that “smart, stylish and talented women who want quality fine jewellery” inspire its pieces. There’s something about the stackable Goddess Rings that caught our fancy.

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Hernán Herdez

New York-based Hernán Herdez is a season-less jewellery line by designer and art director Melissa Hernandez. Its unique selling point is that all pieces are made with recycled metals with help from local silversmiths. There’s something nostalgic yet contemporary about the brand as a whole and its pieces. Our favourite piece has to be its Caged Pearl Necklace which features a beautiful baroque pearl.

Jemma Wynne

New York-based Jenny Klatt and Stephanie Wynne Lalin teamed up to launched Jemma Wynne in 2008, marketing itself as a casual luxe fine jewellery brand. “The  juxtaposition of precious gemstones and “ready to wear” sensibility” offers the brand a truly millennial POV. Its handcrafted Prive Luxe Emerald and Diamond Shield Necklace featuring 18k white gold and Fine Zambian Emerald is a perfect example of understated sophistication with a twist.


Since it appeared on our radar, Los Angeles-based Katherine Kim’s fine jewellery label, KATKIM has been a favourite. Kim calls the likes of Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Kate Hudson and Taraji P. Henson her clients. And her jewellery feature clean lines and unique silhouettes. We’re currently loving this beautiful Anerise Diamond Ring.

Lisa Eldridge

Lisa Eldridge embodies the term ‘multi-hyphenate’. She’s the creative director of Lancome, a makeup artist, an author, owns her eponymous cosmetics line and is also a jewellery designer—which we bet many of you didn’t know—who specialises in coloured gemstones in silver and gold, reminiscent of old school Hollywood glamour but simpler and more modern. We’re loving The Kate Cushion Cut Prasiolite in 18-carat gold.

Maria Tash

American fine jewellery and body piercer, Maria Tash’s fondness for jewellery developed when she attended a jewellery designing workshop with her mom. She actualised her passion after college and since been creating jewellery for over two decades. Tash’s pieces focuses on reimagining Indian and Pakistani aesthetics in unique contemporary jewellery. Her Opal and Diamond Pave Ring is on our wishlist.

Meadowlark Jewellery

The artist and couple behind Meadowlark Jewellery is Claire Hammon and Greg Fromont. Their beautiful pieces are handcrafted in their New Zealand atelier from luxurious metals and semi-precious stones. Rihanna, FKA Twigs and Zoë Kravitz are among its list of clientele. Our favourite piece from the collection is the Petal Ring, which feature a single tear drop stone surrounded by seven diamond-set petals.


What’s cool about Monarc Jewellery is that its founder and creative director Ella Drake, was inspired to get into the trade from modelling jewellery. The brand emphasises on sustainability and its pieces are crafted by master goldsmiths and touts them to be luxurious and practical enough for everyday. We’re currently loving its Embrasé Diamond & Pearl Hoop Earrings in 9k yellow gold, and made with Keshi pearls which are pearls formed without a nucleus.

Origin 31

If fun and cool are two words often used to describe you, then Origin 31 is the jewellery brand for you. And its Rock Ring, featuring all the colours of the rainbow in your choice of 9k or 18k white or yellow gold, definitely embodies the brand’s spirit.

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State Property

Homegrown jewellery label State Property has a lot to tout—it is an award-winning jeweller inspired by the intersection of nature and science, and gets to call the likes of Michelle Obama, Charlize Theron and Lady Gaga as clients. The Blair Minor Earrings, worn by Theron, was inspired by Connie Blair, the protagonist in mystery novels written by Betsy Allen.

The Mindful Company

The Mindful Company is a homegrown jewellery label with the intention to spread love and positivity via its jewellery, which are also meant to be gentle reminders to be kind to one another. We’re really liking its range of charming bracelets that can be inscribed with a personal message or reminder.

The Last Line

Los Angeles-based jewellery brand The Last Line was founded by Shelly and Teddy Sanders. The jewellery business insiders created this label with the intention of cutting out the middleman to bring “well-priced jewellery staples every girl needs and wants”. The brand itself is a little tongue-in-cheek and very millennial, with a little ‘90s throwback. The Diamond Star Bombe Ring crafted with 14k yellow gold and white diamond is perfection.

Vanessa Mooney

Vanessa Mooney is the great-granddaughter of Harry Warner of Warner Bros., so expect old Hollywood glamour reimagined as modern jewellery pieces from her namesake label. We love its charm necklaces that are equal parts chic and edgy.


Lise Ferreira is the jewellery designer of Parisian-based handcrafted jewellery label, Vanrycke. The pieces from the the label are a return to simple sophistication of fine jewellery ranging from white, yellow and rose gold with precious diamond-pavé. The Coachella Ring in 18k rose gold with diamonds, is our current favourite, which may or may not have anything to do with its name.

Wendy Nichol

The New York-based designer of her eponymous jewellery label Wendy Nichol describes herself as a ‘witch’. Which is probably what intrigued us to check out her pieces and we have to admit, we love them. There’s something quite Morganian about it, especially these Briolette Emerald Cut Ghost Amethyst earrings.


WWAKE is the brainchild of New York-based designer Wing Yau, who is challenging what heirloom jewellery should be with her jewellery label. With a background in sculpture, Yau’s jewellery feature prominent shapes and interesting contours. These Unfinished Conversation Earrings made our hearts skip a beat.

Xiao Wang

Xiao Wang makes the daintiest, most opulent fine jewellery pieces for her namesake brand. The New York-based label feature recycled gold (A+ for sustainability efforts) and untreated colourful gems like tourmalines and emeralds. Her Galaxy Rare Diamond Ring is crafted from kite-shaped rosasite, cushion-shaped fossil dinosaur bone, triangle-shaped winchite, white round diamonds, natural colour mix shape diamonds and grey diamonds, is not only a great statement piece but also a worthy investment.

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7 Types Of Unique Handmade Jewellery In Singapore You Can Buy On Shopee

(Credit: Tamara Bellis / Unsplash)

Can’t resist a fine piece of jewellery? Then you definitely won’t be able to walk away from these unique pieces of jewellery handmade with love! In Singapore, handmade jewellery is hard to come by and art markets are not as common as we’d like them to be. If you’re thinking of alternative avenues to get your hands on some intricate handmade jewellery in Singapore, you’ll be pleased to know that Shopee has an extensive collection waiting for you! From earrings to necklaces, we’ve compiled a list of beautiful handmade jewellery you can buy online!

1. For your midnight hunger pangs

What’s better than fulfilling your supper cravings at midnight? Having your favourite snacks around permanently, of course! With these mouthwatering handmade jewellery in Singapore, you can now wear your favourite food around with pride! From oriental snacks such as pineapple tarts to our childhood favourite gummy bears, these delicate trinkets are created with such attention to details that they look better than the actual thing!

(Credit: Klay.sg, Miniland Singapore, fengyun.sg, Miniland Singapore)

2. For the animal lovers  

Are you a Stardew Valley game addict? If you’ve always dreamed of owning an animal farm, you can do so now with these endearing animal handmade jewellery in Singapore! From pig to crane earrings, you’re bound to receive compliments when you don these adorable pieces of jewellery! Don’t have your ears pierced? Fret not! You can still showcase your love for animals through some handmade animal necklaces!

(Credit: JOY Fashion, chink.sg, epoch.sg, withbetterdeal)

3. For the festive celebrations

There’s no better time to flaunt your attractive handmade jewellery in Singapore than during the festive season! During these joyous times, bring the holiday spirit everywhere with you through your accessories! Whether it’s Chinese New Year, Christmas or even Halloween, there’s always a statement piece that matches the occasion. Delicately crafted by hands, these pieces of handmade jewellery in Singapore make great gifts for loved ones too!

(Credit: yew.sg, smartgogogo, Starry sky.sg, helinyue.sg)

4. For your special someone

Why get your soul mate a generic gift when you can customise a piece of handmade jewellery in Singapore specially for him or her! There’s one and only one of every piece, making this an incredibly meaningful gift for your loved ones. Whether it’s a name, initials, or a short phrase that’s special to the both of you, you can now etch it in each other’s heart through customisable rings, bracelets and even necklaces!

(Credit: SOUFEEL JEWELRY, charm_mali_charm,charm_mali_charm,uncle.anthony)

5. For those with an exquisite taste

The outfits you wear and the accessories you don symbolise your unique personality and are part of your self-expression. Steer away from the mainstream and prepare to be blown away by these high quality and elegant pieces of handmade jewellery in Singapore! From glistering baroque pearls to stunning gold foils, you can be assured that these gems are yours and yours only! The exquisite workmanship, high quality materials and hours invested into creating each masterpiece make these pieces of handmade jewellery in Singapore worth their heftier price tags!

(Credit: Domestic Affairs, faacture, Lovetag, doreen.sg)

6. For the fashionable mummy

Mummies, you don’t have to sacrifice your style for parenting duties! Despite your hectic babysitting schedule, you deserve to look beautiful nonetheless! We understand that most jewellery wouldn’t be practical for mothers with young children as the little monsters may tug on or even attempt to devour your favourite accessories. That’s why we’ve found you these simple yet sophisticated pieces of handmade jewellery in Singapore that will complement your outfits and entertain your teething babies! Made from 100% food grade silicone teething beads, these bead necklaces and bracelets not only add a pop of colour to an otherwise basic outfit but are also safe for teething babies to chew on! Talk about killing two birds with one stone!

(Credit: rainbowgardenx, rainbowgardenx)

7. For the boho-chic

Longing to be a bohemian goddess? Then you can’t go without these pieces of bohemian-inspired handmade jewellery in Singapore! Express your boho-chic style freely by piling on multiple accessories! The essence of this style lies in its liberating, natural and candid characteristics. Pick handmade jewellery in Singapore that’s made out of natural materials such as wood, leather and rattan. Rock unconventional designs or patterns drawn from ethnic prints and avant garde accents!

(Credit: gao1908.sg, douya.sg, janelove.sg, wonderful.sg)


It takes a keen eye for details to truly appreciate the uniqueness of each and every piece of handmade jewellery in Singapore. The slight flaws and beautiful imperfections found in many of the pieces are what set handmade jewellery apart from mass-produced ones! Looking for other accessories to spice up your outfits? Why not get yourself a new pair of sunglasses or a stylish cap! Check out other dainty accessories that won’t break the bank!

New to Shopee? Get $7 off (min. spend $15) with code*: HANDMADE

* TNC Applies. Valid for new users from 22 Feb to 3 Mar only.

90,000 In Search of Your Perfect Diamond – Unique Singapore

M&B Private Jewelers is an international brand that has been known to customers for over 30 years. The brand’s boutiques are located in Singapore on Orchard Road and Hong Kong. But first things first.

The main difference of M&B Private Jewelers is the innovative concept of selling diamonds. The stone does not pass through the hands of numerous intermediaries, but goes directly from the mining company to the cutter M&B Private Jewelers.Thanks to this approach, the price that the company offers to the client does not differ from the purchase price. This business model is called “wholetail” (from the English wholesale – wholesale and retail – retail). In addition, the company issues a lifetime guarantee for the quality of the diamond. Another key point is the uniqueness of the products. By ordering a piece of jewelry from M&B Private Jewelers, you will go from choosing an uncut stone to choosing the perfect cut and jewelry design that suits you. In this exciting process, you will be accompanied by the company’s experts who will help you choose the stone and create a design that meets your unique request.

M&B Private Jewelers has a reputation as an expert on rare diamonds and unusual jewelry, with an established reputation among auction houses, royalty and industry professionals.

Director of M&B Private Jewelers, Mr. Yarden Morey, met us at a luxury boutique in Singapore and talked about the brand’s unique philosophy, current trends and diamond investments.

Yarden, you are a gemologist by profession and a recognized expert in the field of gemstones.Tell us briefly about the history of the business.

I come from a family where everyone was in one way or another connected with the gem industry. Some were involved in the sale of rough diamonds, others in the cutting and sale of polished diamonds. I grew up among diamonds, they have been in my life since early childhood. The city itself in Israel, where I come from, has been nicknamed the City of Diamonds, as most of the top cutters are located there. I graduated from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and have been working in Asia for 14 years.Four years ago, my partners and I opened the Singapore branch of M&B Private Jewelers, which follows the wholetail concept: we sell diamonds at wholesale prices in the retail environment.

Are there any difficulties in finding diamonds? How do you deal with this?

We are a full-fledged player in the international rough diamond market. Finding the right diamond is part of our daily routine. We have a large assortment of our own, and we also maintain close partnerships with other companies in our industry.According to our agreement, we sell them rough diamonds and, if the need arises, we buy out the diamonds we need from them at “cost”. So so far we have never had an order that we could not cope with. Even when it comes to rare colored diamonds!

What jewelry trends should we know about?

I would like to point out two main trends. The first one is non-standard cut diamonds (“emerald”, “pear”, oval, cushion – everything that is not round).As well as colored diamonds. Everyone knows about pink and blue, their prices have gone up, and they are now at the peak of popularity. However, yellow and green diamonds are not yet that expensive, but at the same time they are very fashionable. If you decide to combine an unusual shape and color, you will get more for your money than you expected! In addition, such a stone can become your personal message to others and declare you in a way that a classic round diamond cannot.

How do you build customer relationships? Are they mostly new clients or are they still the majority who come back to you again and again?

We consider our clients to be our main value.Most of them are regular customers, as well as their family members and close friends. Our communication is more like not a club, but a big international family. Recently, a client of mine was on vacation with his wife in Bora Bora. He wrote to me that he needed an anniversary gift. And less than 24 hours later, his wife posted on Instagram a photo of her new ring. This is how far our concern for any “family member” can go!

The world is changing and people are increasingly shopping online. Therefore, we are active in social networks, our Instagram pages are very popular, and the site is regularly updated.Everyone can buy our jewelry online, and we will take care of all the hassle of delivering them anywhere in the world. In addition, we regularly hold educational events where we meet new people with whom we are happy to share our knowledge about diamonds.

Why do you think people like to wear M&B jewelry?

We live in a world where people are very well educated and have a lot of experience in buying jewelry. People want to know the origin of any item they buy, be it a cup of coffee or a diamond.Our jewels are timeless classics of the highest quality. Our clients are actively involved in the process, from the moment of choosing the stone to the design – we do everything together. Each stage is personalized and tailored to the character and unique preferences of the buyer. Besides quality, price is a very important element. The client wants to be sure that he is buying at the current market value, without hidden surcharges. Our unique concept is that the market allows us to sell directly – from production to the final customer.

Yarden, what advice can you give to people who want to invest in jewelry?

Buy only on the wholetail concept. Remember that you can have a beautiful stone, but if you bought it at 50% higher than the market price, it is a poor investment. My job is not only to provide the client with an up-to-date overview of the market at the time of purchase, but also to help predict which positions will rise in value in the near future as well as in the long term.

M&B Private Jewelers

304 Orchard Road # 02–05
Tel: +65 6684 4559


Purple Gold Singapore

In Singapore, I first saw purple gold , it is also called purple gold, lilac gold or even amethyst gold. It was invented by the Singaporean scientist Loh Peng Chum.The license for its production is only in Singapore, which is why purple gold cannot be bought anywhere else in the world.

The purple color is achieved by the addition of an aluminum-palladium alloy to common gold. 19 carat purple gold contains about 80% pure gold and 20% aluminum and other metals. For the first time this precious metal was put up for sale in 2003 and immediately gained interest from jewelers and luxury connoisseurs all over the world.

Purple gold is most often found in jewelry in tandem with white gold. This unique combination transforms jewelry into truly worthwhile, unique pieces that grab the consumer’s attention.


Purple gold prices are quite high in Singapore. For example, a small pendant, in which purple gold is presented as an insert in a piece of jewelry, costs from 500 Singapore dollars. A full-fledged, large piece of jewelry will cost 5-7 thousand Singapore dollars.

High-quality service, polite staff, coffee, comfortable armchairs – it is very difficult being in such luxury not to buy yourself at least a small pendant as a keepsake. Commissioned by a friend, I bought a small pendant for about 700 Singapore dollars. The thing is very small but elegant. It was sold for a stock, plus VAT can be refunded at the border.

Commodity Tax Refund (Tax Free, Tax Free)

All tourists in Singapore, leaving the country, have the opportunity to refund 7% of the cost of purchased goods (Tax Refund), subject to certain purchase rules.Refunds are made only for goods purchased in stores with a Global Refund Tax Free Shopping sign, subject to a correctly filled sales receipt with a seal, no later than two months after purchase. In the departure hall of Changi International Airport, VAT is returned to travelers in the form of cash or by transfer to a card. Tourists leaving Singapore via Seletar Airport, Marina Bay Cruise Center or the International Passenger Terminal at Harbor Front Center will have their money transferred to a card or issued a bank check.For tax refunds, the purchase amount must be at least $ 100.

Sales, discounts, promotions

Every year, grand sales in Singapore start in the last days of May and last until July inclusive. This event is called the Great Singapore Sale. For eight weeks of breathtaking and profitable shopping, residents and guests of the city are happy to sweep stale goods from store shelves at discounts. Products can be purchased with a 70% or even 90% discount.Christmas sales in Singapore do not differ in scale either: during this period, shopping centers and shops amaze visitors not only with discounts, but also with colorful exterior decoration.

Where can buy ?


Marina Square 6 Raffles Boulevard

200 Victoria Street,
# 01–23 Parco Bugis Junction

176 Orchard Road,
# 01-19 / 20 Centrepoint

1 Kim Seng Promenade,
# 01–55 / 56 Great World City

360 Orchard Road,
# 01–18 International Building

Love Atelier / Jewel Galleria
2 Orchard Turn,
# B2-65 ION Orchard

6 Raffles Boulevard,
# 02–279 Marina Square

68 Orchard Road,
# 01–30 Plaza Singapura

3 Temasek Boulevard,
# 01–340 Suntec City Mall

1 HarbourFront Walk,
# 01–79 VivoCity


55 Ubi Avenue 1 # 07–11 90 120 Ubi 55 Building

90,000 Shopping in Singapore.Let’s go shopping Singapore is a shopping paradise. It is under this motto that large shopping centers and small shops of the country work. It is almost impossible to find counterfeit products in Singapore. All attempts to smuggle counterfeit goods are strictly punished, so branded goods can be safely purchased at any store. Large shopping malls are located at the airport, hotels, and the center of Singapore. They are usually open from eight in the morning until eight in the evening. There are convenience stores that are open around the clock with a short break during the day.One of the most famous shopping centers in the country – “Centrepoint”, consisting of a number of brand stores Marks and Spencer, Geox Mikimoto, Swarovski, Gap, etc. You can shop and have lunch, have fun or relax right in the trading floor. Situated on several islands, the largest of which gave its name to the country, Singapore is in the top ten among Asian countries by …
Open Shopping complex “Suntec City” – brand stores, shopping malls, office halls and at the same time a recreation area.Here you can buy audio and video equipment, headsets, CDs and other goods at prices lower than European ones. The Vivo boutique chain is a great place for family shopping. All children’s clothing can be purchased here at affordable prices. Fashionistas will be able to pick up models from the latest collections of world famous couturiers. OG Group stores allow you to buy anything in one place. Children’s goods, household appliances, electronics, clothing and footwear, jewelry, including the unique purple Singapore gold – it is impossible to list the entire range of the center.The Far East Plaza shopping complex has become a cult place for Singaporean youth. A wide range of products at affordable prices is presented in small boutiques and outlets, of which there are more than a thousand in the center. Here you can buy expensive exclusive items and high-quality clothes from popular youth brands. Fashionable, cheerful and stylish will like the Raffles City store, which sells goods for the young population of the country – modern electronics, gadgets, branded clothing at affordable prices, accessories and footwear.Hundreds of customers shop there every day. Copyright www.orangesmile.com Singapore ranks first in the rankings of the safest countries with the lowest crime rates. That is why the nightlife in the country …
Open The Molla Forum shopping center is a cross between a market and a brand store. Retail outlets are located on four tiers, there are jewelry boutiques.Prices for items made of gold, platinum, silver are affordable. Clothing boutiques are designed more for couples, tourists are attracted by low prices and high quality goods. The Hilton Gallery of Stores is a collection of luxury boutiques for the wealthy and very wealthy. Together with her, the famous complex includes luxury hotels, concert halls and entertainment areas. The most expensive watches, jewelry, purple gold collections are presented both for review and for sale. Lau Pa Sat Market is a gourmet paradise filled with all kinds of Asian delicacies.Here you can not only buy any food, but also take part in gastronomic festivals or attend a presentation of culinary art. Numerous cafes are located along the shopping arcade and serve delicious traditional Singaporean cuisine. Women never pass by the Wisma Atria shopping center. It contains products for girls, young women and strict ladies. Here you can buy clothes from famous Asian designers and European fashion houses, perfumes and cosmetics, shoes, jewelry at affordable prices.Dressing rooms and quality service allow you not only to buy a quality item, but also to get a positive charge. 1. When planning a trip to Singapore, tourists will have to give up their usual gum. Chewing gum is prohibited from entering the country. 2. Singapore is not allowed …
Open Those looking for souvenirs should pay attention to the famous Palais Renaissance Shopping Center.Every day in the boutiques of the center, thousands of tourists from Europe and America buy trendy ultra-modern items. Souvenirs, authentic goods, beautiful dishes, folk art. Bugis Street sells truly unique souvenirs. Small shops and a huge market are located on both sides of the narrow street. Souvenirs and handicrafts are also sold at the Handicraft Center. The store offers a large assortment of hand-woven carpets, Chinese porcelain, souvenirs, wooden dishes and jewelry for every taste.Sale festivals are regularly held in Singapore. The most famous of these is the two-month Great Sale, which is attended by every store in the country. In this favorable period for shopaholics, discounts on all products reach 70%. Usually the dates of the event are announced in advance, most often at the beginning of summer. This article about Singapore shopping is protected by the copyright law. Its use is encouraged, but only on condition that the source is indicated with a direct link to www.orangesmile.com.

The most striking and unique places in Singapore

Henderson Wave Bridge

From the series “Unusual and Strange Bridges of the World” Several amazing bridges are located in Singapore, one of which bears the symbolic name “Henderson Waves” and is part of the Henderson Road. It is connected by a pedestrian bridge, which is 274 meters long, two unique parks – Telok Blanga Hill Park and Mount Faber Park.From a constructive point of view, the Henderson Bridge is nothing outstanding; its special design brought it world fame.

The main decorative element is an undulating metal structure that forms seven cozy niches on the bridge. They were equipped with wonderful recreation areas with benches and tables; it will be difficult to find the best place for admiring the river and a memorable photo session in this area. Inside, the decorative structure has a very beautiful finish made of natural wood, and from its external … Read completely

Marina Bay Stadium

From the series “Stadiums with impressive design” One of the most unusual in the world can be safely called the Marina Bay floating stadium, located in Singapore.It was built in 1995 specifically for the Singapore national football team, and for almost ten years Marina Bay has retained the status of the world’s only floating stadium. The only tribune of the stadium, designed to accommodate 30,000 people, is located on land, and the playing field itself is completely located on the water. Especially for the foundation of the unique stadium in Marina Bay, a steel platform was built, the length of which was 120 meters and the width – 83 meters, respectively.

This platform is incredibly robust and can handle over 1,000 tons of cargo, which equates to 9,000 people.Since 2007, the original floating stadium has hosted not only sports events, but also concerts, … Read completely

All unique sightseeing Singapore 90,000 Spec. Lee Hwa Jewelery terms and conditions

As part of the Outstanding Shopping program, Svoi Lyudi customers are provided with exclusive service at the Lee Hwa Jewelery boutique in Singapore.

Spec. conditions of Lee Hwa Jewelery

Modern women and simply beauty lovers prefer exclusive jewelry more and more.The monotony of color and texture of jewelry sometimes bores even the beautiful half of humanity. To meet the highest demands, jewelers use science to create unique jewelery rich in color and design. Currently, jewelry made by combining several types of gold is becoming fashionable: yellow, white, pink, red and purple and other fantastic shades.

The tradition of making jewelry from gold of various shades is very old.It is known that this art was owned by jewelers of the times of the Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun. During the excavations, various jewelry items were found, such as pendants, metal items of clothing, head jewelry made of gold of various colors, and the date of their manufacture dates back to the third millennium BC.

Despite the long history of this art, it is still a new trend in the modern jewelry world. The technology of making gold of various shades was unknown for a long time, it was considered forgotten and lost forever.It took modern scientists a long time to rediscover ancient secrets and pass them on to jewelers.

Colored gold is actively used in their products by such famous jewelry houses as Boucheron and Jarretier. One of the leaders in this area is the Singaporean jewelry house Lee Hwa Jewelery. When creating jewelry, this jewelry house also uses precious stones of bright, saturated colors: sapphires, aquamarines, topazes, citrines and others.

In addition, Lee Hwa Jewelery has the exclusive right to sell unique Destinee diamonds in Singapore, which are distinguished by their extraordinary brilliance.Destinee diamonds are cut to maximize light penetration and brilliance reflection in Destinee diamonds. A diamond is sequentially cut in 57 facets instead of the usual 58 and takes five times longer to cut than a regular diamond. The quality of each Destinee diamond is confirmed by international certificates.

The Outstanding Shopping Program provides Svoi Lyudi customers with exclusive service at the Lee Hwa Jewelery boutique in Singapore.The Exclusive Service Program includes additional services such as a welcome cocktail, presentation of the collection and brand history, and special prices to make your shopping experience even more enjoyable. For the clients of the company “Svoi lyudi” the service is provided free of charge upon prior reservation.

In the Lee Hwa boutique in Singapore, you can buy both traditional and completely extraordinary, fabulous, exotic jewelry!

Special programs presented by Svoi Lyudi partner Global Blue Tax Free

What is shopping in Singapore?

There is a category of tourists who travel around the world solely for the sake of replenishing their own collection of souvenirs, updating their wardrobe and searching for unique exotic goods.A lot of interesting things on store shelves await guests of Singapore. Locals even joke that shopping is a national sport. This statement is due to the fact that the city has a huge number of shops and trade pavilions, and to get around them you will need truly Olympic stamina!

The first step is to do justice to the assortment of Singapore shops. The choice of goods here is so great that it will take more than one hour to decide on purchases. And the prices here are very attractive, designed for any wallet.And as additional bonuses for customers who have chosen their particular shopping pavilion, smiling merchants are ready to offer good discounts, participation in promotions and other methods of reducing the final cost of the goods they like.

Block: 1/5 | Number of characters: 967
Source: https://GuruTurizma.ru/shopping-v-singapure/

Shopping malls in Singapore

Centrepoint . Perhaps the most popular and interesting complex for recreation and shopping. Everything your heart desires is sold here – everyday clothes, household items, optics, sporting goods, oriental carpets, antiques, books and the most interesting (in the opinion of a European person) – exquisite objects of Asian culture.The pearl of this shopping complex is the sensational and widely known Robinsons & Co store, which is a laureate of the Tourism Awards 2002 (nomination – “Best Retail Store”) – an award given annually to the best retail outlets in the world! Robinsons & Co specializes in the items needed to create a cozy home atmosphere.

Delfi . A shopping center with shops with first class accessories and high quality clothing.But shoppers are attracted by something else – a huge selection of excellent crystal from the notorious Wedgwood China and Waterford Crystal.

Far East . In this shopping complex you can find various goods, but only 2 stores are of the main interest of buyers. One of them – House of Hung – specializes in the sale of jewelry made of precious metals and stones (especially diamonds) of the highest quality. The other, Kwok, is essentially a gallery featuring rare porcelain, antique ivory carvings and unusual jade sculptures.

Forum . In this shopping arcade you can find a fairly well-known toy supermarket under the unpretentious name “R”. The store offers a variety of toys for children of all ages that can make any child’s dream come true! Adults in Forum are highly recommended to visit boutiques of famous brands such as Max Mara, Calvin Klein, Song + Kelly 21.

Shopping gallery at the Hilton hotel. This is not only a hotel, but also a shopping gallery.Do you like clothes from famous designers? In this case, you are here! It has everything your fashionable soul desires – Paul Smith, Gucci, Valentino, Giorgio Armani and other trendy brands.

OG Orchard Point . It will appeal to everyone who leads an active, vibrant life. As the saying goes, “without leaving the checkout,” at OG Orchard Point you can buy household goods, toys, watches, cosmetics, jewelry, fashionable clothes and even groceries!

Suntec City Mall .This is a large-scale, slightly futuristic shopping complex, consisting of several strangely shaped towers and built with money from Hong Kong investors. The construction of the center was completed in 1997. It is a kind of mini-city on an area of ​​650,300 square meters. meters. The complex itself includes 5 office towers, a shopping mall, a congress center and an exhibition center – all these parts are connected to each other and look like a human brush. Also Suntec is divided into 4 thematic zones – Shopping Gallery, Tropics, Entertainment Center and Terrace with a fountain.As for the shops, the Shopping Gallery has plenty of them – from 7-Eleven to Carrefour, from Clarks to Red Wing, from Bossini to Lacoste. There are about 300 stores in total. In addition, the most interesting events are held here almost every day, so it is difficult to call Suntec just a shopping center.

Vivo City . It is one of the largest shopping centers in Singapore with 97,000 sq. meters of retail space. A distinctive feature of the complex is its large spacious premises and aisles, where not only dozens of shops and fashion boutiques are located, but also all kinds of shows, etc.as Vivo City also has an entertainment component. The nautical-inspired shopping complex was designed by renowned Japanese architect Toyo Ito, renowned for his desire to create buildings in the image of natural landscapes and a desire for large spaces. Located next to the port, the mall has a variety of trendy shops such as Ben Sherman, GAP, Levi’s, Tommy Hilfiger and Topshop. However, the matter is not limited only to clothes – there are a huge number of other shops, beauty salons, a huge cinema, etc.d.

Ngee Ann City . Located on Singapore’s famous Orchard Road, Ngee Ann City shopping center was opened in 1993 with the participation of the country’s Prime Minister Go Chok Tong. Residents of the city often call this shopping mall “Taka” – after the Japanese supermarket Takashimaya located here. The shopping center building consists of 7 levels, the total area is 110 450 sq. meters. In total, there are about 130 stores inside, among which there are status boutiques such as Louis Vuitton, Dior, Chanel, Burberry and many others.The area in front of the Takashimaya Supermarket often hosts wonderful fairs and events.

Raffles City Shopping Center . This shopping mall is located in downtown Singapore opposite the old Raffles Hotel, but in addition to shopping areas, the complex also includes two hotels, namely Swissotel The Stamford, a convention center and many restaurants and cafes. The Raffles project began in 1980 and was finally completed in 1986. On several levels, there are shops of various types, from boutiques with fashionable clothes and accessories to department stores, beauty salons, cafes, etc.d.

The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands

One of the largest shopping malls in Singapore, smoothly transitions into the Marina Bay Sands hotel, of which it is a part. The shopping center mainly houses premium brands and well-known world brands, so it’s not a paradise for lovers of budget shopping. There are some preferences for guests of the Marina Bay Sands hotel, and on sales days.

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Big Sale

In addition to everything, do not forget about seasonal sales, which delight all buyers, regardless of where they came from and whether they were going to spend money on purchases at all. There is even a special concept – the “Great Singapore Sale”, which falls on the first days of May and lasts until the last days of June. Rumor has it that the luckiest and most experienced “shop fans” manage to save up to 70% of the amount they were willing to spend on purchases during the sale! In addition, within the framework of the sale, you can take part in the drawing of valuable prizes and gifts.

As you can see, in Singapore you can not only buy the things you like, but also save a lot. So start making your shopping list and start saving money now!

Guests of the city should be prepared for the fact that a real hunt for discounts will unfold between tourists. Indeed, it is in May-June in Singapore that there is a real influx of lovers of shopping and profitable shopping. They try their best to combine an exotic vacation in a distant country with the prospect of great shopping.

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What to buy in Singapore?

Clothes and footwear

Local shopping centers are full of European brands, but it is pointless to buy them here – they are much more expensive in Singapore than in Russia and Europe. Better pay attention to the abundance of clothing from Asian designers – from Singapore, India, Malaysia, China, Korea, Thailand, Japan and other countries, most of which are not represented in Europe.Local authorities strongly support import substitution, so a lot of young couturiers of varying degrees of talent have recently appeared in Singapore.

Local brands Carrie K., Elohim by Sabrina Goh, The Mindful Company and Womb are quite worthy, there you can create a whole alien image for yourself or limit yourself to strange accessories.

Xi fashion store (located in the Paragon shopping center) offers sophisticated cuts, a combination of Asian ethnic motives and modern design.For example, a shirt dress will cost around 200 SGD here. Prices on the page are as of August 2018

The Singaporean brand Raoul is also known outside the country, it is more laconic and strict clothing, but still with ethnic motives and unusual colors. The 77th Street boutique sells bright youth clothing, YSI sells oversized chiffon dresses and jackets that look like a man’s shoulder, and Coral Isle sells natural linen for women and men.

The most recognizable Singaporean brand in the world is CYC.These shirts and business suits are considered a symbol of success and respectability; they are bought not only by locals, but also by wealthy tourists.

From the less fashionable and more traditional – very high quality batik has been sold in Singapore for a long time and is still being sold. In the old days, only silk fabrics were painted using this technique, but today cotton and bamboo are used. You can buy batik in street markets and in some neighborhoods, for example, on Haji Lane – there is a lot of everything colorful Asian and ethnic, in some places on the verge of kitsch, especially when it comes to clothing and jewelry.

Traditional Chinese clothing is sold in the Chinatown market: tight-fitting cheongsam dresses and cotton shirts with embroidered Chinese characters “sarong kebaya” (elongated fitted blouses worn by Singapore Airlines flight attendants).


Singapore is famous for its golden orchids and purple gold. The first ones are produced by the jewelry company Risis: natural orchid flowers are treated with a special solution with copper, which helps to maintain the shape of the flower, and then coated with 24-carat gold.Prices for golden orchids start at 60 SGD.

Purple Gold is an absolute Singaporean exclusive, only two jewelry companies in the country have a patent for its production: Lee Hwa Jewelery and Goldheart, their branded boutiques are located in Ion Orchard, Vivo City and Suntec City Mall shopping centers. The purple hue is obtained by adding an aluminum-palladium alloy to gold; thus, finished 19 carat gold contains about 80% pure gold and about 20% aluminum and other metals.The prices for this exclusive jewelry in Singapore are significantly higher than for yellow and white gold. A small pendant will cost from 500 SGD, and a necklace from about 5000-7000 SGD.

Singapore makes very cute jewelry, for example Miniature Asian Chef makes decorations in the form of cakes, vegetables and other food. Prices start at 16 SGD for a ring or pair of earrings.


There are multi-brand cosmetic stores in Singapore’s shopping centers, where all popular world brands are represented – from mass market to luxury class: L’Oreal, Maybelline, Garnier, Olay, Chanel, Dior, etc.Prices are about the same as in Russia and Europe, but there are some nuances: it is in Singapore cosmetic boutiques that new items and limited collections appear first, and there is always a large selection of products with a whitening effect (this is a local trend), many of which do not reach Russia …

The most powerful sunscreens with SPF up to 150 can be found in beauty shops in Singapore.

There is a huge selection of various Asian cosmetic brands in Singapore, which is the most profitable to buy here.Stores of all kinds of Korean brands stand out, from the well-known in Russia Tony Moly and Holika Holika to the less popular Laneige, Innisfree, SkinFood, The Face Shop, Belif and Sulwhasoo. Look out for BB creams, snail mucus moisturizers and masks, disposable sheet masks, and makeup, especially lip glosses, blush and pastel shades.

A large selection of Asian cosmetics is available at BHG Department Store, The Face Shop, and for quick shopping, there are Watsons and Guardians on every corner.

Watsons must-haves are lavender sleep masks that heat up from contact with the skin.

Appliances and electronics

In Singapore, you can buy equipment profitably, but not all. First of all, here it is worth paying attention to Apple products – it is in Singapore that all new items appear first of all, and prices for new models of iPhones are falling rapidly. Official representatives of the company in the country are EpiCentre stores.

The research centers of Lenovo are located in Singapore, therefore new products of this brand at low prices also quickly go on sale, the same applies to Acer laptops and tablets.But the prices for cameras from official dealers are quite high; in the “gray” market, you need to be very careful: you may be sold an incomplete product. In general, there are many quite high-quality goods on the “gray” market, but you have to be able to choose it. If your knowledge of technology is enough to test the gadget before buying, there is a good chance that you will buy excellent working equipment at a price 50-70% below the market price.

Some equipment will not work in Russia: for example, in Singapore phones are sold that are incompatible with our SIM cards, and TVs that do not catch our frequencies.This information should be checked with the seller.

There is a large selection of smartphones and laptops in the Funan Digitalife Mall, but it is not recommended to buy cameras there – the prices are too high. Another popular appliance hypermarket is Best Denki; a large selection of Japanese electronics in the Ngee Ann City shopping center.

Gastronomic souvenirs

Spices are traditionally brought from Singapore to repeat the masterpieces of local cuisine at home. They are sold in markets and supermarkets, loose or already packed in sealed bags or cans, prices from 10 SGD.In local pharmacies or markets, you can buy Chinese medicinal herbs for various ailments – insomnia, nervous exhaustion, colds, etc. Before buying, it is better to consult a doctor or at least a pharmacist.

The most interesting Singaporean delicacies are smoked pork belly with coffee aroma, hot sauces (in particular, Chilli crab paste) and, of course, sweets. Almost every supermarket sells kaya coconut jam, which is made from coconut syrup, sugar, eggs and pandanus leaves, and depending on the amount of these leaves, the color of the jam can be green or brown.

Alcohol is unpopular in Singapore, but one national drink is known – the Singapore Sling cocktail. According to legend, for the first time it was prepared by a bartender from the Raffles Hotel Singapore 5 * for a girl who was treated by an officer. The cocktail contains gin, Cointreau and Benedictine liqueurs, cherry brandy, grenadine, pineapple and lime juice. Today this cocktail is not only served in bars, but also sold as bottled.

Tea is popular among non-alcoholic beverages, tea produced by TWG Tea 1837 is considered especially iconic.In total, the company produces more than 800 varieties of tea, among which there are rare and collection ones.

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Shopping areas in Singapore

But what to do if the plan of goods that can be purchased in shopping centers is overfulfilled, and the soul still wants something unusual with an oriental flavor? There is only one answer – you should visit small retail outlets overflowing with ethnic goods in the Indian (Little India) and Chinese (Chinatown) quarters of the city.And if in shopping centers prices are fixed, in private street shops bargaining is appropriate. But do not be zealous – traders do not overcharge their goods too much.

Chinatown is a clean, cozy place in Singapore, located not far from the modern skyscrapers of the business district and strikingly different from them. Here you can buy excellent souvenirs at the lowest prices – the Chinese in their original pre-war houses-shops will do literally everything to make the client leave happy! Moreover, on the shelves of the same store you can find both an exquisite product made of the finest silk and original jewelry, as well as ordinary T-shirts with the national symbols of Singapore and handicrafts.

It is quite interesting to visit the shops of Chinese medicine, where you can buy healing herbs and medicines for various ailments. Tea lovers should visit specialized tea shops, where you can find dozens of high quality teas at a reasonable price.

Indian Quarter is strikingly different from Chinatown and, unfortunately, not for the better. The streets are in chaos, and the quarter cannot boast of its cleanliness either. In addition, there is a tart, sugary and mixed smell of various spices and flowers in the air, which makes it almost unbearable for some tourists to be here.

However, a surprise awaits patient travelers – multi-colored national Indian clothes (saris), beautiful jewelry and all kinds of copper and silver products at a very low price from year to year delight crowds of shopping lovers. But the main feature of the Indian Quarter is the sale of specific and rare spices and seasonings that give food an excellent taste and exquisite aroma.

In addition, in Little India, tourists are advised to visit the largest grocery stores in Singapore – Mustafa and Tekka.All products are sold here at the lowest prices in the city!

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Appliances, electronics and souvenirs

Funan Digitalife Mall is recommended to visit for all those who wish to become the owner of high-quality and ultra-modern gadgets. Electronics, computers, new models of cameras and smartphones are presented here in a huge assortment.By the way, cameras are very expensive here, so it is not recommended to buy them in a shopping center.

When buying appliances and electronics in small shops and shops, be prepared for the fact that you can “run into” a fake or a marriage, which unscrupulous sellers strive to “sell” to gullible tourists. Especially tourists should bypass the shops in Chinatown, which has long earned the title of a fake quarter. At best, you will be sold used equipment, and at worst, a low-quality fake.

Well, if you are looking for souvenirs and gifts for friends and loved ones, then we recommend that you consider bright souvenirs in national themes, magnificent textiles, carpets and even spices. All this and more can be purchased in the Ethnic Quarters of Singapore.

Also recommend:

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Markets Singapore

  • Lau pa Sat Festival Market is the most popular market in the city, formerly known as Telok Ayer.It was built in 1825, when the market was entirely wooden and traded here mainly with fresh fish. Since then, the market has been rebuilt many times, in 1894 it became stone, and in 1973 it was recognized as a historical site. Today, the Lau pa Sat market is not only the largest food market in the city, but also a trendy food court where you can taste all the local delicacies. The market works around the clock and seven days a week.
  • Sungei Road Thieves is a flea market that sells used household appliances and second-hand clothing, as well as real rarities: antique silverware, 20th century books and magazines, rotary dial phones, vintage clothing, footwear and jewelry.The market is open from 9:00 am until sunset.
  • Clarke Quay is another flea market.In addition to antiques, you can buy handmade souvenirs here: homemade dolls, jewelry, etc.
  • Bugis Night Market is a colorful oriental night bazaar near the Arab quarter. On the shelves you can find exotic fruits and vegetables, inexpensive clothes, various exotic souvenirs and imitations of well-known brands (sometimes very skillful). People go here not so much for shopping as to hang out, have a beer and a snack, as well as watch the performances of snake charmers, jugglers and other street performers.
  • Tanglin is a traditional bazaar that opens every first and third Saturday of the month next to the Orchid Garden. They sell used ceramics and gold, shoes, bags and other second-hand goods.

Popular food markets in Singapore are local street food. In total, there are about 30 of them in the city, and the most famous is Newton, where they sell Chinese, Indian and Vietnamese food. Locals come here for an inexpensive snack, and for tourists this is an opportunity to get acquainted with all Asian cuisine in one place.

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Singapore Shopping Videos

On the official website of the TV show “Heads and Tails. Shopping »is available for viewing.

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Shopping centers and shops on the map of Singapore

Photo: flickr.com

Travel tips

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SINGAPORE Shopping 2019 | Reviews, discounts, outlets. Prices

Singapore is one of the most futuristic innovative cities on the planet, this city always comes up with something completely different, including shopping. It is the richest country in Southeast Asia with a wide variety of shopping centers, shops, hotels, restaurants and entertainment venues.

What can only be bought in Singapore?

Singaporean shopping for tourists is a reason to buy a real exclusive. There are a lot of unique products that you will not find anywhere else in the world.

– Only in Singapore can connoisseurs of jewelry buy purple gold – it is this country that has a monopoly in the production of this jewelry. The United Arab Emirates have been trying to unsuccessfully buy the patent for the production of purple gold jewelry for many years. More than 10 years ago, the Singaporean metallurgist Lo Peng Cham invented a unique alloy of gold, palladium and aluminum, obtaining gold with a lilac hue.Jewelry made from this incredible metal can be found in many jewelry stores in Singapore, including Lee Hwa Jewelery, which is 16 pieces on the island. One is at Changi airport in terminal # 2, the rest are scattered around the shopping centers and streets of the city. But it should be borne in mind that if you wanted a purple gold souvenir, you will have to fork out, since 1 gram of this alloy costs twice as much as ordinary gold.

– Traditional Singaporean souvenirs are Merlion, the city’s symbol, and are sold only in Singapore.It is depicted on fridge magnets, dishes, key chains, etc.

– Golden tea. Singapore is a former British colony, so the tradition of afternoon tea is still preserved here. Only here they drink not British, but their own – golden tea. The prices for it are such that it really can be called “golden” – 100 grams of such a tea will cost $ 1,700. It is composed of rose petals, a collection of herbs and gold pollen.

– Dessert Ya Kun Kaya is a jam made from coconut milk, the fragrant pandanus plant, and an egg.Served with toast, the dessert tastes like soft waffles.

– T-shirt with a penalty. There are a number of strict prohibitions on the island, which are printed on T-shirts as a reminder: you cannot chew gum, eat on the street and in transport, smoke, etc. Such a souvenir will remind you of the funny oddities of Singapore.

– Paintings from precious stones and semi-precious stones. These unusual works of art are quite expensive, each such painting is unique and is sold in a single copy.

– Antique, originally from Singapore. The Heritage Shop, located on Jalan Sultan Street, sells traditional Singaporean antiques.

Shopping areas

In order not to waste time looking for shopping places at random, we advise you to go to the most famous shopping places. Popular districts and neighborhoods:

Orchard Road

Orchard Road is home to the most interesting branded clothing stores, shopping malls and fashion boutiques.


A great place for lovers of antiques, handicrafts, interior decoration products.

Little India

The area is famous for a variety of shops selling souvenirs, jewelry, unique crafts and carved wood furnishings, saris and religious art.

The most famous place in Little India is Mustafa Center, a shopping center where you can buy everything from things and cars to real estate.


A fascinating market where you can buy a lot of useful and beautiful things, much cheaper than in shopping centers. This is not a market in the conventional sense – it is a complex of thousands of stores.

Bugis is the oldest quarter in Singapore, named after the Indonesian sailors – the Bugis – who lived in the area several centuries ago and traded with local merchants.

Shopping centers in Singapore

Vivo City is a shopping and entertainment center with a mass of shops, boutiques, beauty salons, cafes, and a cinema.Various show programs are often held here. And from the second floor of the shopping center on the monorail you can get to the island of Sentosa.

Raffles City Shopping Center – shopping area next to the Raffles hotel, where you can buy all sorts of accessories, clothing, as well as snacks and go to the beauty salon.

Sim Lim Square is a large electronics shopping center where you can buy the latest novelties: mobile phones, gadgets, laptops, etc.

The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands is a shopping center that is part of the most famous Marina Bay Sands hotel in Singapore.It sells products from well-known brands and brands.

Centrepoint is a popular entertainment and shopping complex. A lot of interesting and practical goods are sold here: clothes, antiques, jewelry, household goods, books, etc.

You can also visit shops of famous world brands in shopping centers Ngee Ann City, Delfi, Far East, Forum and Suntec City Mall.

How to save on purchases:


On the territory of the Bugis market there is a discount rule – the more units of goods you take, the greater the discount.This system allows you to save money on souvenirs, jewelry, clothing and other small items. It is often possible to buy 2-3 units of a product for the price of one.


Sales in Singapore are very frequent, they are held for any reason: when the seasons change, on holidays, weekends. Quite big discounts are observed on the eve of the European and Chinese New Years. From May to July, the city hosts a discount festival that lasts 8 weeks, and most shopping centers and malls participate in it.During these two months, you can stumble upon discounts of up to 80% and save on shopping.

90,000 Can jewelry really be sustainable

Researchers estimate that the jewelry industry should have reached $ 480.5 billion by 2025. But this is before the sudden outbreak of coronavirus – over the past year, the jewelry industry has faced a significant share of problems due to the closure of thousands of stores, exhibitions and events. But during this period, the level of creativity of jewelry designers and their collections has sharply increased.So, for example, sustainable development is firmly on the agenda, and craftsmen have finally taken responsibility for finding suppliers, materials and stones.

The CEO of Pandora said the brand, which uses hundreds of tons of silver a year for its iconic charms, is set to move entirely to recycled precious metals by 2025. And the Bvlgari CEO assures that the pursuit of maximum profit does not interfere with behaving responsibly in a wide variety of activities – whether it is looking for ethical suppliers or avoiding plastic in production and in stores.At this time, De Beers is actively developing blockchain technology that tracks the path of stones from mine to market, and also supports ethical small-scale mining. It would seem that we are on the right track.

Nadya Mendelevich, creator of Mendelevich jewelry atelier, curator of private jewelry collections, gemologist, is sure that the trend for sustainability in the world of jewelry in the current cultural drift originated with hippies. “Traditions of treasure mining, harmless to nature, were at different times in almost all cultures, they sit quite deeply in the collective unconscious of a person, therefore, they are developing now in the technogenic world.”But not everything is as rosy as it might seem.

Nadia adds: “To be honest, a lot of gold and stones have been recycled for a long time. Now, many have made a trick and a new idea out of this. Imagine a Parisian or Florentine workshop that contracts for large stamps from the Place Vendome. More than 50 percent of their gold was already in products. Now let’s go to a Moscow jewelry studio with the issuance of 50 pieces a month – more than 80 percent of the gold, most likely, was already in the pieces.“Unethical” freshly mined gold will replenish the market and simply come to an eco-fashionable jewelry brand after spending several years in a simple ring that will go from store to buy, and then suddenly become “green”.

But how, in this case, to check what is really stable, and what is only skillfully disguised under this concept? Nadya Mendelevich notes that lawyers advise you to acquire confirmation certificates if you want to focus on ethics.“To use this as a cool case, you need to build new structures for meanings and a material tracing system that will appeal to lawyers looking at the brand’s advertising communications. After all, most often recycled gold is just an image bubble that parasitizes on real attempts to make gold mining less toxic in every sense, ”says our expert.

This is confirmed by the words of Laurent Cartier, senior gemologist at the Swiss Gemological Institute, that the main thing for any conscious buyer is to go beyond marketing statements and demand reliable figures to confirm them.”If people are going to use terms such as sustainability or responsibility, they must acknowledge the beneficial impact that their methods have.” Cartier cites the example of Kamoka Pearls, a small family pearl farm in Tahiti that combines sustainable farming practices with direct sales that benefit not only the quality of the pearls, but also the local economy and the marine environment.

We found one of such independent sustainable brands on Instagram and decided to find out about the process of creating jewelry personally from its founder.Polish designer Antonina Paulo created her own brand, Antonina Poppy, inspired by Italian fashion and her Slavic roots. After studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw and the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, as well as internships at fashion houses from Alexander Wang to Iris van Herpen, Antonina began creating her first collections inspired by the folk crafts of Eastern Europe and her experience with the Italian brand. Vivetta in Florence. This is how handmade jewelry was born, consisting of vintage pearls, recycled metal and crosses.

“During the creation process we use vintage chains and clasps, old pearls in different shades and recycled metal. Crosses are a separate story, inspired by traditional Slavic jewelry – they have become the hallmark of my brand. Even at the university, constantly working on a huge number of collections, I had to buy a lot of crosses. Years later, when I started experimenting with jewelry, all the unused fittings came in handy in the studio and became the basis for my first necklaces.The next step was to use recycled metal to smelt the new shape of the crosses. I think this story shows how far my young brand and I have come in just a few years while maintaining our commitment to sustainability and sustainability. ”

A unique piece of jewelry, hand-assembled literally bit by bit and unparalleled, is what really gives a sense of exclusivity and is probably one of the main reasons for the rise in popularity of sustainable brands. Antonina confirms this hypothesis: “My jewelry is eco-friendly, asexual and unique.And some necklaces and earrings exist only in two or three copies, they are assembled by hand in the Antonina Poppy workshop. This approach is very intimate, and a truly beautiful story is formed from it – from obtaining vintage pearls to assembling the product by hand and then shipping it to the other side of the world to a person who shares the same values ​​and aesthetics. We also offer a lifetime repair and warranty because we want the product to last longer. ”

The designer brought this desire to make her jewelry eternal from childhood: “I remember my grandmother had a velvet jewelry box.I have always been fascinated by the treasures passed down from generation to generation – Baltic amber necklaces, strands of pearls, diamond earrings. How can this be compared to how we go to the store today for hoops, and when they lose color, we immediately buy new ones? ”

Antonina Paulo always refers to her roots and childhood memories when talking about the necklaces themselves, in which it is impossible not to fall in love, and inspiration. “Sometimes I think about Madonna in the 1990s, and sometimes about a Slavic girl living in the mountains.I am fascinated by the unexplored and mysterious corners of Eastern Europe and the wide range of Slavic crafts and folk art. As for Russia, it has always seemed to me very mysterious and culturally close. I don’t know why, but this country seems to me feminine, like a strong Slavic goddess. I got some inspiration for pearl necklaces in my time from the beautiful dance scene of Sokurov’s “Russian Ark”. I am planning to visit you in order to study the archives of museums and, in the future, enter the Russian market. “

To be even more environmentally friendly, not to waste materials and not to fill up warehouses for the future, the brand manufactures all products individually to order and really listens to customers – for example, you can choose the shade, length and color of the pendant by writing to the studio’s mail. This approach is expensive, and most importantly, it is really honest, it is still allowed by the small scale of production.

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