Unique dance group names: 480+ Good Dance Team Names (Funny, Cool, Hip Hop, Girls)


480+ Good Dance Team Names (Funny, Cool, Hip Hop, Girls)

A name is usually what is used in identifying each item, persons, groups or any elements. Now that you have finally created a group filled with beautiful dancers, don’t you think it’s time to go with a name that will be used to identify your team?

On this page, you will find lots of kickass names for your dance team. The names comprise of both kickass names for Hip Hop dance teams, church dance team, street dance team, as well as fun, cool dance team names, and dance team names for girls.

Whether your team is made up of ballet dancers, jazz dancers or hip-hop dancers, one of the reasons for adopting a name for your team is that it will help build love and unity among the team members. Below, you will find a list of over 500 great dance team names that you and your team can use for identification.

You will also find a section below at the end of this article that will show you how to create your own unique dance team name.

So, all you have to do is find the perfect name that best suits your team below or use the guide below to create your unique dance name for your team.

Names for Hip Hop Dance Team

Please be sure to pick any of the names listed below if your dance crew happens to specialize in grooving to Hip-Hop songs all the time.

Wicked Limbs.Hopping Robots.
Ignited Spirits.The Smoke.
The Plug.Star Girls.
The Stingers.Hip Controlla.
Twinkling Stars.The Wave.
Freaky Scorpions .Starlight.
The Tornados.Hip Hop Central.
Starstruck.Razzle Dazzle.
Hot Coals.Star Boyz.
The Legacy.The Wrecking Effect.
Twirl Factory.Flaming arrows.
Black Panthers.The Sizzlers.
The Oxygen. Spirit Dancers.
Shooting Stars.Heat Emitters.
Blazing Heat.Shimmering Stars.
The Pack.Bone Crushers.
Fiery Dancers.On Cloud 9.
The Heat.Hammered Movement.
Bunny Dancers.Orange Crush.
Fast Frequency.Rapid Rhythms
The Fit Dancers.The Hitmen.
The Flash.Revolution X.
Rolling Racket.Funky Feet.
The Fierce Kings.Sick Stunters.
Funky Fellas.The Flexers.
Extreme Moves.Party Animals.
Mighty Leapers.Crazy Cats.
Gizmos.Magic Feet.
Rugged Moves.Jack Attack.
Star Boyz.Intensified.
Fantastic Four.Scattermen.
Tempo Terrorists. Smoking Moves.
Beatz Crew.Crazy Crew.
Groovy Moovy.Banging Beats.
Dance Dynasty.Brothers in Arms.
Jazzy Wazzy.Heartbeats.
Banging Beats.Black Fire.
Hot Coals.Big Bang Buddies.
Athletic Apes.Electric Sparks.
Catching Fire.Sleek Sliders.
Black Fire
Body Breakers.
Bone crushers.
Dance-Hungry.Klassy Kats.

Church Dance Team Names

If you were able to create a dancing crew or team in your place of worship (church), then it’s time you find a perfect name that will suit your church dance team. Below are some of the Christian dance team name ideas that will help glorify the name of the lord.

Abundant Fire.Blasting for Jesus.
His Heritage. Soulful Movers.
Bloodline of Christ.Dancing Preachers.
Souled to Jesus.Bought Over.
Ablaze for Him.Chain-breakers.
Catching Fire.The Christ Factor.
Salt of The Earth.Candles On A Hill.
Amplified Moves.Soul Winners.
Blasting Souls.Christ Bearers.
Burning Hearts.Rooted in Him.
Consuming Fire.Dancing Crosses.
Rock City.Christ Chasers.
Redeemed to Dance.Solid Rockers.
LightHouse for Christ.Kingdom Flexers.
Refined Wine.Dance To Glorify.
Citizens Of Christendom.Kingdom Krew.
Purified Invasion.
Revived to Dance.
Dancing pillars.Christ-Connected.
Redefined. Rejoicing Feet.
Dance Divine.Dancing like David.
Path Lighters.Mountain Movers.
Purposeful Movers.Living springs.
Manifesting Christ.Paradise On Earth.
Orchard of Christ.
Made to Dance.
Molded to Glorify.Proclaiming Christ.
Occupied Souls.On Fire.
Radicals For Christ.Living Souls.
Outbursts For Christ.Occupied in Christ.
Propelled to Dance.Power Grooves.
His Vineyard.His Battalion.
Heirs of Heaven.His Vessels.
His Army.Full Of Fire.
Flaming Torchlights.Fueled for Christ.
Holy Feet.Kingdom Energizers.
Jesus filled.For the Cause.
Electrified for Christ.
Intense Capacity.
Jubilee Squad.Destined To Dance.
Rivers of LifeJoyful Jars.
Jump for Joy.Fishers of Men.
Dancing to Victory.Intentional Movers.
Imprinted in Him.Justified Spirits.
For The Culture.Jesus jukeboxes.

Names for Street Dance Team

How would you like a catchy kickass name for your street dance team? If that’s what you actually want, then check out the list of kickass street dance names for your team below.

Wreck Effect.Vicious Villains.
Toxic Energy.The Savages.
Good Gang.AfterDark.
The Flexers.Timebomb.
The Storm.Giant Feets.
Greezed Feet.Smooth Operators.
Step It Up. Beastful Boys.
The Wow Factor.Backyard Behavior.
The Hit Squad.Step Squad.
Beat Miners.Gravitated Spirits.
Hip Hoppers.The Rebels.
Bass bullies.Banging Machines.
Dirty Dancers.Infinite mob.
Groovy Gangstas.Black Panthers.
Funky Fellas.Royalty.
Infinity.The Effect.
Pop and Lock.Party Animals.
The Flash Mob.Dirty Dudes.
Raider Zone.In Sync.
Freaky Bears.The Fly Fellas.
Creative Crew.Revolution.
Outlaws.Sick Harmony.
Daze of Glory.Royal Squad.
Snipers.Heat Wave.
Hip-Hop Hustlers. Stereo Shakers.
Kings of Footwork.Rhythm Squad.
Solemn Sensation.Roller Riders.
Liquid Smoke.Ice Breakers.
Swag District.Insane Boyz.
Free Movement.MayDay.
Freedom Crew.Music Maniacs.
Room Shakers.Pythons.
Most Wanted.Jesterz.
Fire Starters.Monster Moves.
The Pack.The Tornados.
The Heat.Rhythmic Thunder.
Thunder and Lightning.Timebomb.
The Oxygen.Fear None.
Outlaws.Jungle Boys.

Funny Dance Team Names

Come over to this section if you have a great dancing team made up of cheerful and hilarious members. You can simply check the list below to pick a funny name for your hilarious dancing crew.

Boogie Bandits.Bomfunk.
Funky Monkeys.Boom Bang.
Dance Bugs.Heartbeaters.
Drunk-like movers.Boogie Dancers.
Boogie Down.
Dancing Clouds.
Groovy Gentlemen.Angry Birds.
Dancing Devils.Woozy Walkers.
Dance Blasters.Jiggy Jaguars.
Golden Groovers.Craze Clan.
Heavy Hitters.Feet Fever.
Howling Holligans.Catchy Chaos.
Demi-gods.Furious Frequency.
Jiggy Jumping.Jelly Jigglers.
Modern Mad Men.Mad for Music.
Sweet and Sweaty.Fantastic Four.
Electric.Mad movers.
Music Junkies. Spooky Steppers.
Rollers Regime.Roof Raisers.
Party Criminals.Music Maniacs.
Sharp Steppers.Sound Psychos.
Stereo Lunatics.Sizzled Shakers.
Room shakers.On Cloud 9.
Rocking Rangers.The Bombastics.
Sleek Sliders.Overdosed.
Woozy Men.Rhythm Riders.
Rattlers Society.Alien Moves.
Music Breathers.Powered Up.
Rocky Wreckers.Ice Breakers.
Rhythm Rebels.Robotics.
Dance Laboratory.Beat Blasters.
Moonwalkers.Dance Ninjas.
Lord Of The Rhythms.Mellow movers.
Bizarre Bodies.Daytime Crawlers.
Dancing Rockets.Illumination Steppers.
Funky Fusion. Dancing Dragons.
Star Formation.The Cruising Crew.
The Drillers.Freaky Disciples.
Feisty Falcons.The Elites.
Smooth Riders.The Art.
Funky Feet.Fatal Fellas.
The Central.The Cool Crew.
Funky Fire.The Fuse.

Cool Names for Dance Teams

Are you searching for a good dance name with a cool vibe? Worry no more because the list below contains lots of names with a cool vibe that you can use for your super cool dance team.

Rhythmic Ringers.Next Level Dance.
Twirling StarsAll-Stars.
Dance Factory.Blazing Stars
Dancing RocketsDance Elite.
Another World.Dazzling Stars
Ballet and B-Boys.Tomcats.
Armed with Moves.Elite Emeralds
Flash danceAnother Level.
Dancing Dynasty.Ghostbusters
Righteous Rebels.Blue Sapphires.
Boogie Down.Golden Tigers
Dance BugsDance & Drill.
Dance Nation.Happy Feet
Christian Chaos.Tapping Kings.
Liquid Gold.Keep Calm & Dance.
Spirit of Dance.Tempo Masters.
Leap of Faith.Moonwalkers
Sizzle and Stomp.Royal Heart Dance.
Spicy ShakersSleek Sliders.
Take A Leap.Silk and Smooth.
The Dazzlers.Jetsetters.
Sunny SideLevel Up.
Sweet Disasters.Monarchs.
Shake It Up.Soulful Shakers.
Sparks.Twinkle Toes
Dab Dancers.Tango Tots.
Dance & Drill.Gold Dust.
Evolve Dance.Tapping Tribe.
Sunny Moves.Hot Shots.
Illumination.Elite Movement.
Surreal Movements.Illusion.
Go-Go Getters.Tempo Masters.
In Sync Crew.Dynamite Daze.
Glowing Heat.Dancing Dolls.
Dancing Divas.Crazy Cats.
Elite Dance.Glowing Stars.
Crystal Queens.Dancing Queens.
Elite Feet.Thunderous Tappers.
Trailblazers.Elite Dance Crew.
Eight Counts.Xtreme Ideas.
Dangerous Divas.The Thrillers.
The State of Motion.Twisting Thugs.

Girl Dance Team Names

A good name for your girls’ dance team has the potentials of enhancing the unity among the team members as well as giving them a sense of belonging and pride. Feel free to choose any of the super cute girl dance team names below.

Dancing Angels.Dancing Queens.
Chill Chickas.Sparkling Sapphires.
EmpressDancing Divas.
Twirl Girls.Frequency Freaks.
Flaming Figures.Ballerina Bellas.
Twirling Dolls.Fancy Feet.
Flavourful.Sun Dolls.
Dancing Devils.Dancing Dolls.
Twirling Tigerettes.Fly’n Fiesty.
Banging Bottoms.Daring Dolls.
Dolled-Up Dynasty.Sparkling Jewels.
Daring Diamonds.Feisty Fairies.
Fiery Flamingos.Funkalicious.
Freaky Femmes.Shimmering Pearls.
Shimmering Dolls.
Beat Bakers.
Dancing Jewels.Dancing Crystals.
Dirty Divas.Daring Divas.
Shimmering Divas.Shimmering Sapphires.
Bey-sciousness.Girly Gangsters.
Shimmering Jewels.Darling Divas.
Delicious Dancers.Dazzling Jewels.
Darling Diamonds.Classy Cocos.
Candy Girls.Dazzling Dolls.
Rare Rubies.Bubble Butt Girls.
Booty Bouncers.Darling Dolls.
Dazzling Divas.Hair Whippers.
Mad Mistresses.
Red Rubies.
Hot Lava.Graceful Gliders.
Diamond Dynasty.Shimmering Diamonds.
Mesmerizers.Maidens Of Music.
Dazzle Factory.Diva Moves.
Golden Lionesses.Jazz Jigglers.
Killa Kitties.Dazzling Diamonds.
Jammin Jewels. Juicy Krew.
Glitter Garnets.Lady Movers.
Perfect Pearls.Fly Girls.
Fancy Jewels.Glitzy Girls.
Popping Princesses.Golden Glam.
Fluttering Butterflies.Pink Pearls.
Glowing Girls.Doll Dynasty.
Diva Dynasty.Flitter Girls.
Glitter Stars.Prancing Pearls.

Dance Team Names Ideas

To be sincere, creating a great dance team name on your own can be very hard some times, though it is not impossible. Sometimes when you finally think you have arrived with the perfect dance name for your team, then you might get destabilized by the rejection of the name by your team members.

Nevertheless, do you know you can still create that unique dance team name that will be accepted and approved by your team members as well as admired by spectators? What you have to do to create such an interesting name that will find favor both in the eyes of your team members and spectators, is to follow our steps below.

Thus, should in case you were not able to pick any of the dance team names listed above, then follow the steps below to see if you can try to come up with something unique and acceptable.

Tips to Create a Basketball Team Names

Just as we mentioned above, ensure that you follow the steps below if you really want to create that kick-ass name that will be accepted by all your team members. Below are all the factors that you need to put into consideration in the process of creating a good basketball team name.

#1. First of all, it is advisable that you have a fair knowledge of your team members. This is because you can possibly create a name that reflects the dormant character and personality of your team members. For instance, if your team is made up of weird and wild members, you might just want to go with the name “Craze Clan”.

#2. You can also use the residence of your team members to create a name that will be accepted by your team. For instance, if the majority of your team members happen to be from France, you can decide to go with the name “Sweet Move from France”.

#3. You can also decide to create a name for your team using their characteristics or personality. If your team happens to be made up of funny people, then you can use any of the hilarious names listed below. You can decide to use a name such as “Modern Mad Men” For a crew filled with sophisticated but weird dancers.

#4. You can also decide to play with words to see if you can come up with something unique and interesting for your team. An example of such a PUN can be Sweet and Sweaty this is especially for a team made up of individuals with nice moves.

#5. You can also try the combination of two or more already existing names to see if you can create something that can be appreciated by your team.

#6. You can decide to go out a little bit from your comfort zone to be a little bit creative. You can try other things that may not have been mentioned on this page.

#7. The last thing you are required to do after coming up with your desired team name is to send the name back to your team members for deliberation and eventually approval.

There you have it with the list of over 500 Good Dance Team Names (Funny, Cool, Hip Hop, Girls). Should in case you have any questions pertaining to this article, or maybe you have other nice dance team names that you want to suggest to us, then feel free to use the comment section below for that course.

300+ Dance Team Names [2021] Hip Hop, Majorette, Praise

Just like dancing, creating a “Dance Team Name” is also a hectic task. You have to consider numerous factors while selecting the perfect name for your dancing team. Besides, creating a fantastic team name needs considerable time, which most of the dance team don’t have as they need a lot of practice.

If you are worried about your dance team name then relax. No need to worry anymore. We have a huge collection of creative, stylish, cute, and unique dance team names. You can choose a cool name for your dance team that could impress the audience and as well as your opponents.

Dance Team Names Ideas

  • Go-Go Getters
  • Freaky Scorpions
  • Glitter Garnets
  • Dancing Divas
  • Rhythmic Thunder
  • Dancing Dynasty
  • Dangerous Divas
  • Heart and Soul
  • Candy Kickers
  • Heart Breakers
  • Silk and Smooth
  • Pirouette Champs
  • Dance Nation
  • Salsa Swings
  • Lost Dynasty
  • Rhythm Squad
  • Rebel Force
  • Funky Fellas
  • Wuzupers
  • Juicy Krew
  • The Flexers
  • Spirit of Dance
  • Electric Sparks
  • Funky Monkeys
  • Extreme Moves
  • Mighty Leapers
  • Fiery Flamingos
  • The Oxygen
  • Originals
  • Raging Roses
  • Silversteppers
  • Shake It Up
  • Ultimate Athletic
  • The Fit Dancers
  • Party Animals
  • Purified Invasion
  • Crewzincrew
  • Daring Diamonds

Hip Hop Dance Team Names

If your team has consisted of hip-hop dancers, your dance team should also be cool enough to match your style. Your dance team name should be as energetic as your dance. For most of the hip-hop dance teams, creating a unique name that suits their style is a tough job.

Don’t think about it too much. Just select one from the following hip-hop dance team names and show off your dance team.

  • Rhythm Rebels
  • Tapping KingsBoogie Dancers
  • Star Boyz
  • Orange Crush
  • Tango Tippers
  • Rhythmic Squad
  • Spirit Dancers
  • Gizmos
  • The Fly Fellas
  • Brothers in Arms
  • Hip-Hop Hustlers
  • Crazy Cats
  • Daring Dolls
  • Heat Wave
  • Beatz Crew
  • Freaky Bears
  • The Spirit Dancers
  • Fear None
  • Dazzling Stars
  • High Steppers
  • Twirling Queens
  • Sizzle and Stomp
  • Ice Breakers
  • Doll Dynasty
  • Snipers
  • Royal Heart Dance
  • Dab Dancers
  • Dizzydancers
  • Calamity Janes
  • Electricsliders
  • Bouncers
  • Freaky Femmes
  • Glowing Heat
  • The Heat
  • Scrambled Legs
  • Sweet and Sweaty
  • Tomcats
  • Dance Dynasty

Majorette Dance Team Names

Creating a perfect name for a majorette dance team needs a lot of creativity. Your majorette dance team name should be as attractive as your dance. For having a striking name for your team, you don’t need to think too much.

We have come up with some of the most striking names for majorette dance teams that can help you solve your problem. Just select one that you like from the following names and have the attention of the crowd.

  • In Sync Crew
  • Royal Heat Dance
  • Phresh Steppers
  • Dynamite Daze
  • Golden Groovers
  • Blue Sapphires
  • The Hip Hoppers
  • Bone-crushin’ Ballerinas
  • Dazzle Factory
  • Golden Sparklers
  • Poreotics
  • Gold Dust
  • Nitrous
  • Robotix
  • Sinful Synergy
  • Fanny Pak
  • Statik Moves
  • Evolve Dance
  • Roller Riders
  • Jalapeno Hotties
  • Catching Fire
  • Angel Feet
  • Dance To Glorify
  • Dance & Drill
  • Tribal Attackers
  • Royal Squad
  • Dancing Jewels
  • Fab and Fancy
  • Thundering Kidz
  • Dancing Crystals
  • Too Hip Hop
  • Gravitated Spirits
  • Jesterz
  • Dancing Angels
  • Dancing pillars
  • ReQuest Dance Crew
  • Boogie Woogie Ladies
  • Synergy

High School Dance Team Names

  • Soul Sisters
  • Hip Shaker Crew
  • Chill Chickas
  • Keep Calm & Dance
  • Diamond Dynasty
  • Another World
  • Fly Girls
  • Tempo Masters
  • Klassy Kats
  • Sparkling Jewels
  • Destined To Dance
  • Body Breakers
  • Revolution
  • Maidens Of Music
  • Justice Crew
  • Rolling Racket
  • Bop Til U Drop
  • Feisty Falcons
  • Royalty
  • Sparkle and Spunk
  • Ballet and B-Boys
  • Dancing Rockets
  • Femme Fandango
  • Hops Scotch
  • Blazing Heat
  • Blazing Stars
  • Freedom Crew
  • Crazycats
  • Free Movement
  • Elite Dance Crew
  • Tapping Kings
  • Dance Blasters
  • Monarchs
  • Moonwalkers
  • Destructive Divas
  • Athletic Apes
  • Funky Angels
  • Delicious Dancers

Cute Dance Team Names

  • Shake it Up
  • Funky Femmes
  • Elite Dance
  • Party Rockers
  • Dancers’ Dynasty
  • Prancing Pearls
  • Jazzy Wazzy
  • Dancers of the Ring
  • Royal Heat Squad
  • Black Illusion
  • Perfect Pearls
  • Room Shakers
  • Next Level Dance
  • Occupied Souls
  • Dance Elite
  • Consuming Fire
  • The Cougarettes
  • Zeecrew
  • Powered Up
  • Liquid Smoke
  • Leap of Faith
  • Doomsday Divas
  • Twisters Elite
  • 2crew4u
  • Wicked Limbs
  • Jumpinjuggalo
  • Outlaws
  • Elite Feet
  • Dance & Dazzle
  • Music Maniacs
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Dancing Clouds
  • Darling Divas
  • Poison
  • Shimmering Pearls
  • Jack Attack
  • Black Panthers

Praise Dance Team Names

After creating a perfect team of praise dancer, comes the step of selecting a perfect team name. It is not that difficult, but it’s also not a piece of cake. You need an elegant name for representing your praise dance team that not only feels attractive as well as impressive. Don’t hesitate and choose one for your team from the following praise dance team name.

  • The Pack
  • Party Poppers
  • Soulful Shakers
  • Gangstagroove
  • Boogie Down
  • Feisty Femmes
  • Kingdom Krew
  • Flowery Dancers
  • Glowing Stars
  • Doomsday Panthers
  • Liquid Gold
  • Naughty Moves
  • Hot Shots
  • Groovy Moovy
  • Kickinkidz
  • Dance-versity
  • Sweet’n’Sour
  • Diversity
  • Dance-Hungry
  • Bone Crushers
  • Fiery Dancers
  • Dream Team
  • Step Squad
  • Dance Factory
  • Spirit in Motion
  • Hotsteppers
  • The Blaze
  • Candy Girls
  • Funks & Monks
  • Heat Emitters
  • Divine Dancers
  • GangstaGroove
  • Bought Over
  • Fire Starters
  • Big Trouble
  • Lady Rebels
  • Swing Squad
  • Beat Bakers
  • Twerk Queens

Cute Dance Team Names

When it comes to cute dance team names, you need a name that sounds elegant and creative with a touch of sweetness. Your dance team name is the best and the easiest way to attract the crowd.

If you choose your dance team name sensibly, you can attract the crowd as well as inspire them. For having a cute dance team, you need a sweet, cute, and unique name from the following list.

  • MayDay
  • Eight Counts
  • Boogie Bouncers
  • Lady Movers
  • Step It Up
  • Dance Princesses
  • Dance Bugs
  • Pop and Lock
  • Sun Dolls
  • Soul City
  • The Eyeliners
  • Hot Coals
  • The Lionettes
  • Sparkle Crew
  • Rebel Angels
  • Sizzleandstomp
  • Victoria Secrets
  • The Polka Dots
  • Sugar Girls
  • Pythons
  • Rhythm Riders
  • Jetsetters
  • Bunny Dancers
  • Twirling Dolls
  • Bunny Feet
  • The Hot Devils Synergy
  • The Pursuit of Tappyness
  • Dancers Divine
  • Creative Crew
  • Shooting Stars
  • Rare Rubies
  • Hip Hop Hustlers
  • Music Breathers
  • Rhythmic Eagles
  • Heirs of Heaven
  • Sleek Sliders
  • Starstruck
  • Illumination
  • Daze of Glory
  • Mystical Melody

Girls Dance Team Names

Just like the girls, their dance team names should be beautiful, delicate, and stylish. If you have created a dance team of girls successfully, you need to have a name for your team. We have collected the best girls’ dance team names. You can select one from the list below and can make your team sounds stylish.

  • Raider Zone
  • Made to Dance
  • Top Gun All Stars
  • Super Sparklers
  • Sweet Disasters
  • Silver Steppers
  • Webringit
  • Jalapeño Hotties
  • Power Grooves
  • Groovy Guppies
  • Smooth Operators
  • Dancing Queens
  • All Stars
  • Elite Movement
  • Project Street Dance
  • The Rangerettes
  • Fluttering Butterflies
  • The Tornados
  • Soul Motion
  • Empire
  • Mystic Movers
  • The Dazzlers
  • Living Souls
  • Take A Leap
  • Gold Dusters
  • Magic Feet
  • Rollerrockers
  • Rise and Shine
  • Sparks
  • Fatal Fellas
  • Thunder and Lightning
  • Level Up
  • Illusion
  • Another Level
  • Rhythmic Ringers
  • Blitzdawgs
  • Tango Tribe

We have discussed all types of dance team names. If you are perplexed about how to create a striking dance team name, you can choose one for your team from the above lists. Choose one that suits your dancing style and have fun.

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Dance Team Names 2021: Best, Funny, Cool

Dance Team Names

Browse through team names to find funny team names and cool team names.

Check out our complete list of team names.

Are you looking for the best dance team name? Find the perfect funny name for your team.

Jack Attack

Royal Heat Dance

Sun Dolls

Silver Steppers

Lost Dynasty

Rebel Force

Orange Crush


The Dazzlers

Funks & Monks

Gold Dusters

Twisters Elite



Dancing Dolls

Spirit in Motion

Keep Calm & Dance

Justice Crew

The Ladybirds

We Are Heroes


Dancing Angels

Dance N’ Beats

Black Illuminators

Kaba Modern


Diamond Dolls




Classical Mermaids

Purple Sky Dancers

Groovy Boyz


Step 1 Allstars


The Lionettes

Sweet Disasters

Klassy Kats

Thundering Kidz


Boogie Bouncers

Rhythmic Eagles


The Spirit Dancers

Salsa Swings





The Cougarettes

Jalapeño Hotties



Destructive Divas

Rhythmic Thunder


Top Gun All Stars


Dancing Queens

Lady Rebels

The Pursuit of Tappyness

The Hip Hoppers

Spirit Dancers

The Rangerettes

Statik Moves

Tapping Kings

Dancers’ Dynasty


Dance & Drill

Tribal Attackers

High Steppers


Doomsday Panthers

Phresh Steppers


Rhythmic Squad

Royal Heat Squad

Project Street Dance


Jumping Jacks

Fanny Pak

ReQuest Dance Crew


Rebel Angels


Bunny Dancers


Dangerous Divas

Lady Movers

Golden Sparklers

Bone-crushin’ Ballerinas

Black Illusion

Pirouette Champs


Shake it Up

Super Sparklers


The Hot Devils Synergy

Doomsday Divas


Dancers of the Ring


Mystic Movers

Fly Girls

Ultimate Athletic

Dancers Divine


400+ Best Dancer Names and Dance Names

Here we have shared some cool and catchy dance team names that will inspire you. All the dancer names and dance names that we have enlisted are free to use anywhere you want.

If you have ever wondered what your team name is going to be for an upcoming dance, the answer is that there is no set answer.

As you can imagine, there are a number of factors that go into a team name. Team names are also unique to each dance team and will vary depending on the theme of the dance.

Dance Team Names

Here are some cool and catchy dance team names that will inspire you:

  • Jubilee Squad
  • Silk Route
  • Crude Hood Machine
  • The Pursuit of Tappyness
  • Supreme Beings
  • Shooting Stars
  • Kaba Modern
  • Propelled to Dance
  • High Steppers
  • Next Level
  • Boogie Down
  • Fusion MC
  • Dancing Rockets
  • Boogie Woogie Ladies
  • Amazon
  • Eure Freshness Crew
  • Prancing Pearls
  • Souled to Jesus
  • Theory of Step
  • Heirs of Heaven
  • Revived to Dance
  • Expression Crew
  • Woozy Walkers
  • Project Street Dance
  • Sound Psychos
  • Blazing Heat
  • Boogie Bouncers

Dance Names

Here are some cool, catchy, creative, and funny dance names:

  • Super Sparklers
  • Candy Kickers
  • Mr Fresh and the Supreme Rockers
  • Dazzling Stars
  • Smooth Operators
  • Feisty Femmes
  • Lady Shufflers
  • Burning Hearts
  • Groove Ghetto
  • Style Elements
  • Robotics
  • Level Up
  • Ballet and B-Boys
  • Funky Monkeys
  • Popstars Dance Company
  • Flowing Water
  • Wookierockers
  • Elite Emeralds
  • Ablaze for Him
  • Doomsday Panthers
  • Jumping Jacks
  • The Rangerettes
  • Blasting for Jesus
  • Awestruck Machine
  • Stomp That
  • Dazzle Factory
  • Dynasty of Dance
  • Monster Moves
  • LA Breakers
  • Mighty Leapers
  • Occupied Souls
  • Fluttering Butterflies
  • Rhythm Ringers
  • All Stars
  • Diamond Dolls

Unique Dancer Names

Here are some creative and unique dancer names that will inspire you:

  • Dancing Dragons
  • Creative Crew
  • Shimmering Jewels
  • Hip Controlla
  • Swag District
  • Girly Gangsters
  • Spunk Munk Fever
  • Rhythmic Squad
  • Mermaid
  • Abundant Fire
  • Hot Shots
  • Spirit Shakers
  • Squadron
  • The Cougarettes
  • Wings like Eagles
  • Hip-Hop Hustlers
  • Classy Cocos
  • Fury Dancers
  • Amazonian Mermaids
  • In Sync
  • Wreck Effect
  • Soul Winners
  • Daytime Crawlers
  • Twinkling Stars
  • Happy Feet
  • Groovy Loompas

Street Dance Names

Following are the best street dance names that will inspire you:

  • Illusion
  • The Effect
  • Funky Fusion
  • Spicy Shakers
  • Killafornia
  • Shimmering Dolls
  • Powered Up
  • Heart and Soul
  • Sweet’n’Sour
  • Klass Attack
  • Purified Invasion
  • B B Crew
  • Oomph Factor
  • Chill City Angels
  • Twinkle Toes
  • Glitter Garnets
  • Smooth Riders
  • Redefined
  • D Code Tribe
  • Electric Sliders
  • Fusion Girls
  • Rhythm Riders
  • Squishy EFX
  • The Cool Crew
  • Crazycats
  • Spice Angels
  • Sizzled Shakers

Majorette Dance Teams Names

Below are some cool and creative majorette dance teams names:

  • The Fierce Kings
  • Soul Move Poets
  • Dazzling Diamonds
  • Single Ladies
  • Mindfunk Machine
  • Cash Money Millionaires
  • The Tornados
  • Illumination Steppers
  • The Dancin’ Dolls
  • The Rebels
  • Dance Blasters
  • Flooriorz
  • Last Alive Crew
  • Infinity
  • Dolls and Divas
  • His Army
  • No Limit
  • Sweet Disasters
  • Star Formation
  • Purposeful Movers
  • Move Bizarre
  • Electric Edge
  • The Hip Hoppers
  • King George
  • Vagabonds
  • Woozy Men
  • Jesus jukeboxes
  • Purple Sky Dancers
  • The Central
  • Tron Performance
  • Soul Sisters
  • Dancers’ Dynasty
  • Tapping KingsBoogie Dancers
  • Fantastic Four
  • Hybrid Cosmic Junkies
  • Feisty Fairies

Twerk Team Names

Here are some cool and catchy twerk team names for your inspiration:

  • Smashed
  • Bone Crushin’ Craft
  • IaMmE
  • Salsa Swings
  • Groovy Gangstas
  • Sugar Girls
  • Glitter Stars
  • Hot Lava
  • Maidens Of Music
  • Funk Fever Mesmerizes
  • Fear None
  • Twirling Tigerettes
  • Pokemons
  • Beat Miners
  • Groove n’ Glam
  • Lady Rebels
  • Art of Dazzle
  • Twirling Queens
  • Living Souls
  • Mountain Movers
  • Hotsteppers
  • The Blaze
  • Sun Dolls
  • The Wave
  • Dancing Angels
  • Boogie Thrill
  • Dance Factory
  • The Christ Factor
  • The Bombastics
  • Surreal Movements
  • Zeecrew
  • Starlight
  • Funky Fellas
  • Diversity
  • Royalty
  • For The Culture

Nicknames For Dancers

Here is the list of nicknames for dancers that you will like:

  • His Vessels
  • Will Power
  • Last For One
  • Kickincrew
  • Thunder and Lightning
  • Freaky Scorpions
  • Boogie Dancers
  • Jazz Jigglers
  • Tapping Kings
  • Dance & Dazzle
  • Boogie Babes
  • Athletic Apes
  • Step Rebels
  • Mad Mistresses
  • Dirty Divas
  • Flash dance
  • The Hot Devils
  • Funky Femmes
  • Imprinted in Him
  • Drifterz Crew
  • Blue Dancers
  • Rare Rubies
  • Go-Go Getters
  • The Homies
  • Dab Dancers
  • Good Gang
  • Eight Counts
  • Tango Tippers
  • The Eyeliners
  • UCLA’s Dance Team
  • Thunder Crew
  • OBC
  • Rug Cutters
  • Mad for Music
  • Christian Chaos
  • Sunny Side
  • Proclaiming Christ
  • Evolve Dance
  • The Oxygen
  • Pythons
  • Rhythm Rebels
  • Rebel Force
  • Too Hip Hop
  • Jelly Jigglers
  • Greezed Feet

Dance Party Names

Below are some cool and creative dance party names that you will like:

  • Feet Clan
  • Girls of the Galaxy
  • Dancing Divas
  • Wicked Limbs
  • Glowing Girls
  • Fueled for Christ
  • Top 9
  • Feet Fever
  • Radicals For Christ
  • Full Force
  • Woogie Tribe
  • LightHouse for Christ
  • Body Breakers
  • MayDay
  • Breakerholics
  • Doll Dynasty
  • Hip Hoppers
  • Battle Born
  • Fire Starters
  • Fanny Pak
  • Twerk Queens
  • Christ Bearers
  • Shimmering Diamonds
  • Screaming Divas
  • Killa Kings
  • The Fly Fellas
  • Soul Crusaders
  • Wakaka Crew
  • Illumination
  • Jumpin’ Jills
  • Dazzling Dolls
  • Dirty Dancers
  • Bizarre Bodies
  • Hood Brood Clan
  • ReQuest Dance Crew
  • Pink Pearls
  • The Flash
  • Rebel Angels
  • RuffNeck Attack
  • Shimmering Pearls
  • Sparkling Jewels
  • The Impactors
  • Rugged Moves
  • Pirouette Champs
  • Heartbeaters
  • Bouncers
  • Funky Fire
  • Rise and Shine
  • Outbursts For Christ
  • Next Level Dance
  • THE crew
  • Elite Dance

Funny Dancer Names

Here are some cute and funny dancer names that you will like:

  • Arcopom
  • Flaming arrows
  • Mindtrip Brigade
  • Angry Birds
  • Sunny Moves
  • Elite Movement
  • Les Twins
  • Alien Moves
  • Dance Laboratory
  • Funkalicious
  • Kickin’ Kidz
  • Feisty Falcons
  • Catchy Chaos
  • Fatal Fellas
  • Rock City Crew
  • Groovy Gentlemen
  • Heat Wave
  • Salt of The Earth
  • Beat Bakers
  • Sizzleandstomp
  • ultimate body breaker crew
  • Korean Girl Dance Crew
  • Timebomb
  • Victoria Secrets
  • Leap of Faith
  • Blasting Souls
  • Roller Riders
  • Blitzdawgs
  • Wavy Sunshine
  • Monarchs
  • Gravity Benders
  • Spirit in Motion
  • Mellow movers
  • Blazing Stars
  • Brothers in Arms
  • War Machine
  • Mystic Movers
  • Sparkle Crew
  • Keep Calm & Dance
  • The Thrillers
  • Hip Hop Central
  • Fresh Format
  • Bop Til U Drop

How to Name a Dance Team

Everyone likes to dance right. It is not only a big source of fun but also good exercise. Dance is a form of art, but for some people, it acts as a meditation. If you want to take a part in a dancing competition, you need to form a dancing team.

After you have to fill your team with beautiful dancers, you need to develop a cool and attractive name for your team. Name is a source of identification for a person, group, or team. It is also considered the backbone of any team or business.

Name is a source of motivation for and keeps it united for a long time. it also creates the identification and recognition of your team among the other competitors. keep in mind that it is a long-term asset of a team.

Either it is an event or a competition, choosing a perfect dance team name is of great importance. It carries the capacity to stand out from your team.

Keep in mind that a team is nothing without a fascinated name no matter how perfect a dancer you have in your team.

Here are some suggestions which can help you to generate an attractive name for your team.

Start with brainstorming

Brainstorming is considered the first step of the naming process. Take a pencil and paper, scratch your head, and starting writing all the random ideas and words popping up in your mind related to your dance team.

You can also involve your team members in this process, ask all of them to prepare a list of words and dance team names. It will give you a long list of related words that can help you to form a catchy dance team name.

After all the team members have prepared their lists, ask them to pick 1 or 2 interesting words or ideas to come up with a final name. you can also combine or smash two or more words to form a single creative team name.

Name is your identity

While designing a name for your dance team, you need to know that name is the only thing that reveals all about your team. It answers the question like who are you? Why you are here?

And how you are different from other dance teams. If you get successful in answering these questions in clear words, it means you have clearly described your objective.

For a dance team, it is also important to know who they are. Name is also the best source to make them know their mission. Without a good name, you can’t encourage your team to perform well in a competition.

Add some smile

Keep your dance team name short and add some smile to it. You can find a lot of short names that are working perfectly in their respective fields. The more your team name is simple and short the more it will be easy to remember and pronounce.

Keep in mind that a lengthy or confusing name can create misconceptions or misinterpretations among the audience. So, to make a successful team you need a short and sweet name carrying the ability to send easily to the targeted audience.

Avoid an offensive name

While developing a name for your team, remember that the name you have developed is not offensive or carrying the capacity to frustrate the audience.

After you have finalized a team name, make sure it is not offending any team member, any individual from the audience, or group of people belonging to any other religion, race, or ethnic community.

Before finalizing a name for your dance team must consider the religion, caste, and ethnicity of your team members. If you have created a name that can hurt a person, change or replace it with another one.

Use an opposite name

Developing an opposite team name can be another best source to design a dance team name. You can also develop a name that can conquer the opposite team. Such dance team names are very creative. For example, if your rival team name is “The Angels”, your team name can be “The Devils”.

Find a common theme

Before you come up with a name for your dance team, you may think about the common characteristics of team members. For this purpose, you need to know all about your team members. After you get to know about that shared characteristics, you can name your team after them.

Don’t match it with other

After selecting the final name for your team, you need to search it on Google, Facebook, Twitter, or other sites. This will help you to know about any other team already taken your team name.

During this process, if you find any other team having the name you have selected. You need to think about any other name otherwise you can face legal action. Secondly, you can confuse your audience with another team.

Unique but not too…

Creating a unique name for your team is an important part of the naming process. Some people add non-alphabetic words or symbols like “+” and “&” in names to make them more unique.

Keep in mind that such symbols or characters make your team name confusing and difficult to remember and spell.

Secondly, such characters make it difficult for a fan to search your team on the internet. If you use such techniques, you are going to make the user lose interest in your team.

Remember, if your team name contains such symbols, it would be difficult for you to type. So, try to develop short, easy to spell and remember names.

Translate it

After you have designed a final for your dance team, there is another process you need to come up with. Make sure that your team name gives a name having some resemblance with the team.

If you have combined two words to form a final team name, then must use a translator to know that it has some relation with the team name.

I hope you have liked all the dance team names that we have enlisted.


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Famous Dance Group Names | Best Stage Names for Dancers & Studios

Choosing a stage name isn’t as common for dancers as it is for dance groups. We’ll guide you through choosing a name with some great examples famous dance group names across the world.

The best dance group names are empowering and project a sense of superiority. This helps them on stage when they are competing. It can also give their dance studio a better name and help inspire new dancers in their home town and country.

Choosing a name is hard and you need everyone to get on board with it. If you’re struggling to come up with one, have a look at some of the famous dance groups across the world and get inspired.  

Names of the best dance groups in the world

  • The Royal Family
  • Jabbawockeez
  • DM Nation
  • Diversity
  • Flawless
  • The Kings
  • Triplets Ghetto Kids 
  • Philippine All-Stars
  • ReQuest

Dance group names

Choosing a name for your dance group will help establish your identity. It should embody what you are about and help people understand you before watching you dance. As most dance groups compete in competitions, you’ll want to project a sense of superiority to establish that you’re the best. 

Stage names for dancers

You might want to choose a stage name if you’re a solo dancer. Most individual dancers tend to use their own names but there is nothing wrong with adding a bit of artistic flair, especially if your a break or street dancer. It could be a good idea to look at examples from recording artists that dance. This would be really useful if you’re a performer who sings and dances. 

Dance studio names

Choosing the name for a dance studio is just as challenging as choosing one for a group. It could be better to get your group name down first and then have your studio name as a spin-off. Alternatively, you could create your studio name first and then create multiple dance group names inspired by your studio.

Choosing a name

Take your time and get lots of ideas down. Look at other groups and studio for inspiration but don’t be too derivative. You could try using a name generator but don’t expect to get the best results. You should choose a name that is personal to you but helps you stand out amongst all the other groups and studios. Remember that you’re competing and you want to be the best.

Best dance groups

We’ve put together a list of some of the best dance groups in the world. Hopefully, this will inspire you to come up with a great stage name for your group and also give you some ideas for some new moves.

The Royal Family

The Royal Family are a massive New Zealand dance crew that conquered the World Hip Hop Dance Championships 3 times. They are one of the most successful and most watched dance groups in the world. Their performance below has over 132 million views on YouTube!

The group’s founder, Parris Goebel, created The Palace Dance Studio, which is where the group train and practice. Parris is also the choreographer and works with some of the biggest names in the world, including Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Justin Bieber and Little Mix.

The group’s name is all about royalty, establishing their status before they’ve even stepped on the stage. It fits in nicely with The Palace Dance Studio name, showing their nobility and greatness on the world stages of dance. The fact that the names are backed up by one of the most successful crews means they are more than living up to their name.

America’s Got Talent Dance Groups

America’s Got Talent hasn’t produced any winners who are dance groups. However, it has produced one of the most successful dance groups in the world, who also have one of the best names.


This successful dance group didn’t get very far in America’s Got Talent. However, they did end up winning America’s Best Dance Crew a year later. They have toured across the world, been on hit TV shows such as Master of None and regularly perform at the NBA finals. 

Little is known about their members because they all wear masks. The mystery only adds to the allure of the group and gives them a classic and recognisable image. 

Their unusual name is a take on the word Jabberwocky. This is the title of a famous nonsense poem from Lewis Carrol, the writer of Alice in Wonderland. It essentially describes a crazy monster, which is appropriate for the group’s surreal visual look.  

DM Nation

Another dance group that didn’t go all the way was DM Nation. Their name stands for District Mao, the dance studio that they practice in. Combining this with nation shows their united front and togetherness as a large dance crew. Although they didn’t have the same kind of success as JabbawockeeZ, they’re still competing in global competitions.

Britain’s Got Talent Dance Groups

Britain’s Got Talent has had many brilliant acts perform and amongst these are several dance groups. The final in 2009 hosted two of the best to ever grace the show, Flawless and the winners, Diversity.


The champions of Britain’s Got Talent’s third season are still touring and enjoying their success from the show. Their name is a great representation for the diversity of their group, as well as the diversity of the music that they dance to.


Although they didn’t win Britains Got Talent, they used it to launch their careers by touring after the competition. Their name sums up the visual aesthetic that they are going for with their well put together style. Combined with their precision dance moves, they really showed that they deserved the name Flawless.

Dance groups across the world

There are so many different styles of dance across the world. Despite coming from completely different backgrounds, people always to find a love for dancing. Check out some of the best dance groups around the world below.

Kings United

Kings United are set to become one of India’s most successful dance groups after winning 2019s World of Dance. They wowed judge Jenifer Lopez in their final filled with acrobatic stunts and are now set to tour the US. Their huge group of guys fits their name perfectly and after their win, they truly are kings of dance.

Triplets Ghetto Kids

Triplets Ghetto Kids are yet to compete internationally but they have become one of Africa’s best dance groups. They have over 100k subscribers on YouTube and regularly show their activity in the community. Their name reflects the difficult backgrounds that they come from and they have used dance to bring happiness to whoever they encounter. 

Philippine All-Stars

Manila’s underground hip-hop scene spawned one of Asia’s greatest dance crews. The Philippine All-Stars were the first team outside the US and Canada to win the World Hip-Hop Dance championships more than once. Without a doubt, they are representing the best of their country with their all-star name.


This is Parris Goebel’s original group that resulted in Palace Dance Studios. ReQuest was formed when she was only 16 years old alongside four other members but has significantly grown over the years. The all-female group went on to win multiple World Hip-Hip Dance championships. 

The name is brilliant because it shows the start of one of the world’s most successful choreographer’s journey. Her quest has resulted in an incredibly talented dance studio and put New Zealand on a global dance platform.

Name branding and marketing

What you may have noticed with these names is how relevant they are to their brands. The names completely represent everything that the dance groups are about and distinguish them from the others. 

When you choose a name, think about how it will look like in a logo. Palace dance studios use their name to sell a lot of merchandise and that’s the kind of attitude you need to have. When you feel proud to literally wear your name on your sleeve then you’ve probably found the right one.

Get feedback on your name

If you’re in a group then you have plenty of people to bounce ideas off of. You are far more likely to come up with a great name that you all love if you do it together. 

Stage names for dance

Hopefully, you’re now ready to come up with a brilliant name for your dance group or studio. Best of luck on your journey and maybe you’ll see your name on a trophy before you know it!

Dance Group Names Best 100+ Dance Team Names (2021)

Are you looking for the best dance group names or best dance team names?

There is no doubt dancing is very popular among all types of human no matter its a kid, younger or an old person and this is the reason why most of the people choose dance as a career.

Are you looking for the names of your dance group, then you are coming to the right place. Here you find the best dance group or dance team name ideas related to all types of dance.

Dance group names best dance team names Ideas list

1. Skywalkers

2.Blue Moon

3.Hot N Short

4.Rising stars

5.Orange crush

6.Truing beats

7.Extreme movers

8.The flywheel


10.Rugged moves

11.Scatter man

12.The flash

13.Oxygen moves

14.Amplified dancers

15.Magic feet

16.Blue lemon

17.Star girls

18.Sunny side


20.Tune tracker

21.Spot on the show

22.Crazy cats

23.Fantastic four

24.Flash dance

25.Golden walkers

26.Funky moves

27.Dazzling stars

28.Perfect pearls

29.Dance on wheels

30.Divas moves

31.Dancing gems

32.Rocket steps

33.Daring dolls

34.Diamonds of dance

35.Soulful movers

36.Solid rockers

37.Dancing flex

38.Time bomb

39.Set it up

40. The rolling jack

41.The wow movers

42.Bass bullies

43.Royal squad

44.Daze of glory

45.Freedom crew

46.Ice breakers

47.Fear None

48.Dancing bugs

49.Kick in crew

50.Dancing Crush

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51.The ladybirds

52.Dance & drill

53.High steppers

54.The ultimate hip-hoppers

55.Shake it up

56.Royal dance squad

57.Star stuck

58.Elite dancers

59.Sun dolls

60.Jack attack

61.Lady rebels

62.The blaze

63.Disco dancers

64.Groove machine

65.Tango tippers

66.The dancing slide

67.Dancing rhythm

68.Keep calm & dance

69.Awesome dancers

70.Funky angles

71.Cherry blossoms

72.Dancing tigers

73.Bumble bees

74.The dancing express

75.Soul city

76.The tornadoes

77.Dancing sizzlers

78.The heat dancers

79.Star boys

80. Funky fellas

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81.Dancing snipers

82.The wow starts

83.Angry birds

84.Beat blasters

85.Fantastic four

86.Lord of the rhythms

87.Smooth riders

88.Dancing thrillers point

89.The perfect track

90.Candy girls

91.Fancy feet

92.Naughty moves

93.Dance charmers

94.Wild cat

95.Dance n dazzle

96.Kid army

97.Mighty blasters

98.Shy steps

99.The zooming dancer

100.Little rockets

101.Flowery dancers

102.Naughty movers

103.The fuse move

104.Divine dancers

105.Funky fire

106.Dancing ninjas

107.Pro dancers

108.Woozy men

109.Boom bang

110. Dancing is awesome

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Dance Group Names for Girls That are All Shades of Awesome

Finding an accentuating name for your dance group can be a challenging task. It has to be unique and should suit your group in every way. So for a group of angels with wings that groove, the name that symbolizes their unity is equally important.

When it comes to a hobby and creative art like dance, many enthusiasts have their hearts registered for every learning step and beat on the floor. Most of the time, a group loses a striking element because of a not-so-impressive name. Your team name should not only be worth an identity, but should also describe the complete aura of your dance group.

Creating a Unique Name

To choose a unique name, make sure that you involve everybody from your group, take their inputs and thoughts on the type of name they would like to have. Dance is one of the most creative modes of expression. So, when it comes to the name, make sure it is expressive too. It can highlight certain aspects of your group. To name a few, the name can be based on the overall nature and dance form that you perform. It can be derived from a color, an alphabet, numbers, and even more. If your group was formed in a particular way, season or activity, include a part of it in the name.

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Let’s Work Together!

Combine nouns with unique verbs and adverbs, or simply add a prefix or suffix that complements the word to make it unique. Do not make long and boring names that will be like a brief introduction of your group. Keep it simple and short if possible.

Unique Names for Girls’ Dance Group

To help you get started, below is a list of some cool names. We have categorized the names under a certain characteristic or nature. Choose your category and glance through the names to get inspiration for an appropriate group name.

You may twist and tweak the name a little to get a unique creative name. So, get your brains racking and come up with a stunning name that will surely give your group an instantly recognizable identity each time you step on the dance floor!

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Esta – Cultural Center “Moskvorechye”

One day in the spring, back in 1975, a small collective, one might say, the School of Ballroom Dance under the direction of Kosherova Nina Nikolaevna began its activity as an Experimental Dance Studio of the Moscow Engineering Physics Institute, later called “ESTA” : “1975. MEPhI. According to a small announcement, 70 people came to the classes of the Ballroom Dance School – 50 boys and 20 girls: awkward, embarrassed … “(” Engineer-Physicist “N14-15 from 05.05.87)

The main emphasis in training was on folk dances, youth leisure, festive rituals, the study of folklore and Russian customs. Ballroom dancing has received much less attention than it is now.

For a long time, the collective was engaged in schools of the Southern Administrative District of Moscow, bringing up new champions in ballroom dancing.

In 1997, the collective under the leadership of Alla and Alexander Poreshin began its activities in the Moscow City State Budgetary Institution of Culture “TC“ Moskvorechye ”.

In recent years, the level of performing skills of the team members has significantly increased due to the enormous work of invited specialists: Irina Pogosyan, Andrey Fedin, Anna Churkina (Makeeva), Vitaly Pavlov, Elena Udalova, Roman and Yulia Sydykov, Alexey Maranin, Alexander Kuznetsov, etc.

From 2012 to the present, experienced specialists have been invited to work with the dancers: Elizaveta Shaposhnikova and Sergey Parakhin .

Many leading dancers? Ests? began to work successfully as leaders and trainers of dance groups in Moscow. For example:

  • STC “South-West”, hands. Julia Shvetsova and Konstantin Kurbatov;
  • STK “MZhK Butovo”, hands. Alexander Kovalenko;
  • STK “Iris” (Lytkarino) hands. Irina and Sergey Semenov;
  • STK “Caprice”, hands. Svetlana Bolokhova;
  • STK “Dance-Charm”, hands. Igor and Yulia Kazminy;
  • Youth dance group “Maximus”, hands. Maxim Lomakin;
  • Dance studio of the municipal development center “Personality”, hands. Vita Makarevich;
  • STK “S-Club”, hands. Kirill Khoptenko;
  • Studio of Contemporary Dance “Open Dance Studio”, director Maria Lokhanina;
  • STK “Arabesque”, hands. Yulia Sidorkina
  • STK “Mosaic”, Khimki, hands. Roman Sydykov and Yulia Sydykova (Popova).

Roman Sydykov is also the Secretary of the Presidium of the Moscow Sports Dance Federation.

In 2003, the title “ People’s ” was awarded for active work on raising children, high artistic level and performing skills.

ESTA collective – Multiple Laureate of district, city, interregional and international creative festivals. Winner of the Grand Prix of the Friends of Bulgaria international festival, multiple European WADF Champion in artistic dance, winner of the WADF World Cup in ballroom dancing, etc.

Dancing couples collectives – multiple finalists and prize-winners of tournaments, championships and championships in sports ballroom and Latin American dances .

The ESTA team is a constant and active participant in significant city and national festive events.

You will always find a place in our friendly team, because ESTA brings together children from 4 to 15 years old, youth from 16 to 25 years old, as well as adult dancers (no age limit).

Little reels are 40 years old. Musical folklore was presented by the dance ensemble “Ural”

On the stage of the Chelyabinsk State Philharmonic Society, the performance of the State Dance Ensemble “Ural” was successfully held. Chelyabinsk residents of the older generation remember very well the family ensemble Uralskaya Skomoroshina, which was popular back in the 70s.

The collective was a truly unique phenomenon, if only because six (!) Siblings danced in it at once: Gennady, Ivan, Vladimir, Victor, Vyacheslav and Leonid Karachintsevs.

And it was on the initiative of one of them, Vladimir Karachintsev, that the dance ensemble “Ural” was created in 1980. And now, after more than 40 years, the Chelyabinsk audience again meets the work of their beloved collective, which still carefully preserves many of its pearls in the repertoire. So, among the numbers shown, the famous “Sineglazovskie drumsticks” stood out. The ensemble presented this dance to Chelyabinsk citizens on the day of its 40th anniversary, which was celebrated in December last year.

Then the laureate of international competitions and festivals, who conquered half of the world with spectacular dances, presented his fellow countrymen with the best performances in the entire history of the collective.

Together with them, spectacular national dances of Africa, India, Brazil, a Chinese number with fans were shown on the stage of the Chelyabinsk drama. And Russia was represented by national dances of the peoples of the North. The work on the new program, which lasted almost two years, was not easy, since the artists had to master choreography that was unfamiliar to them, as well as an unusual plastic body language.

This time the program consisted exclusively of Russian and Ural dance numbers.And this is not surprising, since the Ural musical folklore has always remained the basis of many of the dance programs of the collective.

So, the artists of the ensemble showed the choreographic composition “Yula”, the dance sketch “Spoons”. And, of course, the hearts of the audience were conquered by the naughty dance “Sineglazovskie drums”. Even its name is no coincidence: beautiful girls were called barabushki, which is eloquently confirmed by the current members of the ensemble.

These dances were replaced by the graceful “Kasli chain” and the cheerful “Girl dance with ditties”, the choreographic sketch “The coachman” and the temperamental dance “Wide open”.The audience warmly greeted the soulful dance “Kumanek, visit me” and the real dance mini-performance “Matchmakers”, also known as “Boyfriends”.

The number from the half-forgotten Soviet past “The Wreath of Friendship” brought a special nostalgic note to the kaleidoscope of bright, incendiary and lyrical dances. It has intertwined such recognizable colors that distinguish the flavor of the national costumes of the fraternal peoples of the former USSR.

The lyrical Cossack Passage became a kind of “cherry on the cake”.As the press secretary of the Chelyabinsk Philharmonic Society Alexandra Tretyakov told the correspondent of “Yuzhnouralskaya Panorama”, this number was performed by the dancers of the very first composition of the ensemble in the 80s of the last century. Today, according to the surviving video recording and the recollections of the still living first performers, “Prokhodochka” has been restored. However, the dance reconstruction was not limited to purely technical dance moves. The beautiful costumes had to be completely restored: women’s white dresses embroidered with beads and rhinestones, and men’s camisoles and black astrakhan hats.

What is the name of the modern dance group?

1) Weightlessness;

2) First Dance School;

3) Maysa;

4) Movement;

5) Dance territory;

6) Art-Duns;

7) Boris Eifman Dance Academy;

8) In the whirlwind of music;

9) Disco-World;

10) Dance quarter;

11) Line of Dance;

12) Break Dance;

13) Dance a lot;

14) I dance;

15) I want to dance;

16) Gauri-Dance;

17) Dance flight;

18) Jump;

19) DancePole;

20) PlasticCity;

21) Dance world;

22) Children – dancers;

23) Not Easy Dancing;

24) Ovation;

25) Dance way;

26) our break dance;

27) Lada-Dance;

28) Danceland;

29) Applause;

30) Masters of Contemporary Choreography;

31) Not a day without a dance;

32) Baltic;

33) Galaxy-Dance;

34) Rosinka Dance Ensemble;

35) Fortedance;

36) Dance palette;

37) Kiwi Dance;

38) Sail;

39) Class;

40) Grand piano;

41) Status;

42) School-dance studio Malinka;

43) Marie-dance;

44) Unison;

45) Probalet;

46) EmotionDance;

47) Arabesque;

48) Dance Academy;

49) Dance Here;

50) Victoria-Dance;

51) Crown Dance;

52) Ultra-dance;

53) In flight;

54) Elegy;

55) Dance workshop;

56) Mystery of dance;

57) Dance Gallery;

58) Walk with us;

59) Dance Academy;

60) Step House;

61) Eureka;

62) Garn Batman;

63) Dance of your love;

64) Multidance;

65) Danceland;

66) Dance Master;

67) galactic dance;

68) Planet of Dance;

69) Harmonious movement;

70) Dance Angel;

71) Modern dance;

72) Dance studio;

73) Duncan;

74) Casablanca;

75) Cha-cha-cha;

76) Altera Dance;

77) Dance euphoria;

78) Kannon Dance;

79) Moth;

80) Keep the rhythm;

81) Point Dance studio;

82) Easy to soar;

83) Force of movement;

84) kaleidoscope;

85) Magic dance;

86) World of Dance;

87) ABC of dance;

88) Dance Residence;

89) Intisar Dance;

90) Mix Dance;

91) Constellation;

92) Attraction;

93) Contemporary rhythms;

94) Dance floor;

95) Dancemania;

96) Light moment;

97) Dancer;

98) Dance Base;

99) SportDance;

100) Time to dance !;

101) Trinity dance;

102) First step;

103) Sea of ​​dance;

104) Dance;

105) Step in unison;

106) Dance Line;

107) DanceClass;

108) Dance gamma;

109) Super-dance.

90,000 Musical groups

A special page in the development of Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University is associated precisely with music. From the first years of the existence of the Polytechnic, its musical traditions were laid. The first director of the institute, Andrei Grigorievich Gagarin, played an important role in this. It was he who laid the foundations for the musical and aesthetic education of polytechnics. A.G. Gagarin was a unique, versatile, educated person with a keen sense of art.This man, inclined towards technical sciences, harmoniously combined both a thirst for engineering and a strong passion for music. The creation of a musical circle and a symphony orchestra in the first years of the institute’s work is the merit of Andrei Grigorievich. In the early 1900s, the Polytechnic was already known for its unique musical evenings and a choir chapel.

In the 1950s, the student choir of the Polytechnic (directed by L.B. Rakovitsky, V.G. Chernina, T.G. Tomashevskaya), which received the high professional status of the “Academic Choir”.

The Polytechnic University continues the traditions laid down more than a century ago today, providing polytechnic students with unique opportunities to get involved in art and artistic creation.

Youth choir “Polyhymnia”

The Polyhymnia Youth Choir of the Student Club of the Department of Youth Creativity and Cultural Programs of Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University is one of the leading creative teams of SPbPU.In 2012, the choir celebrated its first decade. The musical group includes students and graduates of the Polytechnic University, most of whom do not have a secondary musical education. The youth choir “Polyhymnia” traditionally participates in the social life of the university. You can hear choral singing on Knowledge Day and on the birthday of your home university, and at the annual student ball.

The choir takes an active part in the cultural life of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region.In 2014, the ensemble had the honor to perform on the new stage of the Mariinsky Theater under the direction of maestro Valery Gergiev – in a specially created vocal and instrumental composition, consisting of Russian and Chinese musicians, the Polyhymnia choir took part in the opening ceremony of the year of youth exchanges between the Russian Federation and China. People’s Republic.

Thanks to the constant support of the administration and the Department of Youth Creativity and Cultural Programs of SPbPU, the choir successfully carries out creative trips to festivals and competitions in cities of Russia and countries of the near and far abroad.The return visit of the choir “Polyhymnia” in 2014 to the Technical University of Graz (Austria) is one vivid example of international cooperation between student groups of sister cities.

The choir’s collection of awards includes about 60 diplomas from various festivals and competitions. Among them, two of them take pride of place: the Silver diploma of the XXVII International Choir Competition “PRAGA-CANTAT” (2013) and the Gold and Silver diplomas of the IX International Festival of Christmas Music in St.Bratislava (2014).

The choir collective successfully combines a variety of genres in its repertoire: spiritual (liturgical), folk, popular music from different countries and eras. The main repertoire of the choir is very diverse not only with folk, spiritual and classical works, but also will pleasantly surprise the listener with the unusual author’s treatment of modern compositions and songs.

The head of the Polyhymnia choir is conductor Igor Soloviev, a professional musician, choir director of the courtyard of the Holy Trinity Zelenetsky Monastery.In 1994 he graduated from the Choral School named after I. M.I. Glinka at the St. Petersburg Academic Capella, in 1999 the University of Culture and Art, specializing in choral conducting. For his educational activities in the field of work with youth, he was repeatedly awarded with certificates and awards from secular and religious organizations. Choirmaster Victoria Belova, a 2014 graduate of the University of Culture and Arts, is a talented conductor who is taking her first steps in her professional career.

Youth choir “Polyhymnia” on the website of the student club

Chamber Choir

The Chamber Choir of the Student Club of the Department of Youth Creativity and Cultural Programs of the Polytechnic University is the youngest creative team of the university.The choir was created in October 2013 by first and second year students under the direction of conductor Alexandra Makarova.

The first year in the history of the choir has already demonstrated the creative potential of the young collective. The Chamber Choir of the Polytechnic University is an active participant in all-Russian festivals and the creative life of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region. Among them – the festival of youth choirs “Mirror of Time”, the festival of student choirs “April drops”. The choir performed on the stage of the White Hall of the Polytechnic University, the Academic Capella in the concert “Happy New Year, St. Petersburg”, in the Cathedral of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul as part of the international competition “Gatchina Rainbow”.

In May 2014, the Chamber Choir took part in the festival of amateur choirs “Paparats Kvetka” (Minsk, Belarus). In October 2014, the team won the first prize at the Petersburg Style competition (St. Petersburg). In March 2015, the choir won the third prize at the Fourth All-Russian Open Choir Festival “Young Classics” (Vologda).

Alexandra Makarova, artistic director and conductor of the Chamber Choir, graduated from the St. Petersburg State Conservatory with a degree in Conducting an Academic Choir (class of Professor B.G. Abalyan), is currently a postgraduate student at St. Petersburg State Conservatory. She is a laureate of international competitions for choral conductors in Moscow (2014, 1 prize) and in Riga (2009, 4 prizes), Laureate of the first All-Russian competition (Moscow, 2011, 3 prizes). Since 2008 she has directed the Festino chamber choir (St. Petersburg).

Chamber Choir on the student club site

Choir of Engineers and Scientists

The Chorus of Engineers and Scientists of the Leningrad Polytechnic Institute is the oldest choir (formed on May 26, 1959) of SPbPU.

The choir has well-deserved awards and honorary prizes, takes an active part in the life of the city and the university. The choir took part in the solemn celebration of the 110th anniversary of the Polytechnic University at the Oktyabrsky Concert Hall. The choir is always ready to accept all comers into its ranks.
Rehearsals of the choir are held on Mondays at 18.30 in the House of Scientists in Lesnoy.
Team leader – Victoria Andreevna Belova.

Club of the author’s song “Thursday”

The history of the creation of the club of author’s song “Thursday” of the Student Club of the Department of Youth Creativity and Cultural Programs dates back to 1992 with “Topos” – the traditional since the late 1960s polytech festival, the oldest festival of author’s songs in St. Petersburg.The club was founded by senior students of LPI Vladimir Rosenbaum and Alexey Dudin. Invaluable assistance in the formation of a new creative association was provided by the colleagues of Alexei and Vladimir in the club of the author’s song “Vaganty” – Anton Pulit, Alexey Bogoslovsky, Maria Bulat, Irina Piotrovskaya, Alexey Zhgarev, Maria Kugusheva, Alexander Balyasny, Lidia Sheinina, Nadezhda Trifiltseva and others.

In 1993-94. an extensive creative group from the city youth newspaper “Soroka” becomes the club members. During these years, well-known writers Anton Pervushin and Nikolai Bolshakov, translator Dmitry Starkov, actress Nadezhda Gosudareva, poets and performers Tatyana Surikova, Evgeny Karpov, Elena Khibenkova, Olga Zyablikova, Tatyana Karpova, Alexey Ilyin, Natalia Kopkina, Olga Karpova, Vladimir Egorov, Igor Reshetov and many others.

Festivals and concerts organized by the Thursday club are still popular not only in St. Petersburg, but also beyond its borders. They are attended by many famous songwriters – friends of the club: Nikolai Yakimov, Tatyana Aleshina, Evgeny Isakevich, Sofia Karabinskaya, Alfred Talkovsky, Vyacheslav Vakhratimov, Mikhail Treger, Olga Makeeva, Mikhail Bashakov, Olga Semenova, Vladimir Volkov-Kitain, Vyacheslav Kovalev , Natalia Gudkova-Sarpova, Maria Bulat, Yuri Yelsky and many others.

Today the Thursday club is a community of talented poets and musicians, artists and teachers.The creative workshops of Mikhail Treger, Dmitry Kolomensky and Alexei Dudin work here.

Club of the author’s song “Thursday” on the website of the student club

Studio of academic and pop vocal “Polivoks”

The studio of academic and pop vocal “Polivoks” of the Student Club of the Department of Youth Creativity and Cultural Programs is a creative association of students who love to sing and give people joy. The studio teaches classical and pop vocals, conducts master classes and teaches acting. The studio was founded in 2010 and over the years many of its participants have already become laureates of youth song festivals.

Heads of the studio: Honored Artist of Russia Olga Igorevna Kovaleva and laureate of international competitions Larisa Nikolaevna Seliverstova. The concertmaster of the studio is Dmitry Koshelev, laureate of international competitions.

Studio “Polivoks” on the website of the student club

Rock Studio

The Rock Studio of the Student Club of the Department of Youth Creativity and Cultural Programs, founded in 2010, is an association of like-minded students who know that life without rock sound is dull and monotonous.The rock studio conducts classes in the electric guitar class, which gives students the opportunity to discover their talents, learn to play and improvise, get the basics of musical literacy, and learn the specifics of this modern instrument.

The head of the studio is Mikhail Pavlovich Vasiliev.

Rock studio “Polirok” on the website of the student club


The new history of the student orchestra of the Polytechnic University began in December 2013 with the support of the Department of Youth Creativity and Cultural Programs of SPbPU.Today it is a chamber orchestra with about 15 members.

Orchestral instruments: violins, cello, clarinet, saxophone, guitars, piano, accordion, drums, tuba. As you can see from the list of instruments, the orchestra is waiting for everyone to join its ranks, regardless of the specifics of the instrument, since the arrangements are made by the conductor in accordance with the composition of the orchestra.

The conductor of the orchestra is a young, energetic, talented musician Dmitry Vladimirovich Misyura (head of the orchestra of the N.G. Kuznetsova).

Orchestra on the student club website

DJ Studio DC Sound

The DC Sound DJ studio was opened in 2014 on the basis of the Student Club of the Department of Youth Creativity and Cultural Programs of SPbPU.

D.C.SOUND is a studio that offers everyone to learn how to DJ business, namely:

  • Classifications of musical styles
  • Mixed Vinyl & CD
  • Theory of building mixes
  • pr and advertising yourself as an artist

Anyone who is well trained have the opportunity to perform not only in nightclubs, but also have their own airtime on Internet radio stations.

Head of the studio – Anton Chibalin, Deputy Director of the Student Club, DJ CHIBIS.

DJ Studio on the Student Club website

Dance group “The First Crew”

Home Collectives Dance group “The First Crew”

The First Crew dance group is organized on the basis of The First Dance Studio, a modern choreography school in Belgorod.For eight years, the team has been making great strides. During his activity, he became one of the most technically strong teams in the CIS, and also demonstrated his high skills at the world level. In 2014, The First Crew team went beyond the borders of Russia and Europe, since all major Russian and European competitions were won, and took part in the world’s largest competition among professional teams “Body Rock Dance Competition” (USA, California). The organizers select only 15 teams from around the world each year by reviewing video entries.The Belgorod team The First Crew successfully passed the selection and became the first in the history of the competition to represent our country at this event. In April 2015, The First Crew took part in the international competition World of Dance, which was held in Berlin, where it became the winner. Thus, having received the opportunity to reach the final, which was held in California in August of the same year. As travel was too expensive, the team postponed the trip and were unable to participate.The team has more than 50 victories in prestigious competitions. Participants conduct their own master classes. Under the auspices of the team, a dance festival called Beat Street is regularly held. At the moment, we have entered the 5 strongest collectives of the Russian Federation among all dance directions, and we are the most famous collective in the direction of modern choreography. The skill of the team was highly appreciated and we were invited as the best Russian team in our direction to participate in the show “Everybody dance” on the federal channel “Russia 1”.To participate in the project, 11 unique teams of different dance styles were selected from all Russian groups. Groups that are able to surprise and masterly speak the language of dance. The First Crew team became the leader and finalist of the TV show Everybody Dance, representing the city, the region and all of the Black Earth Region with dignity. In addition to improving and developing their own skills, representing the region and the city at Russian and international competition venues, the dance group “The First Crew” sets itself, among other things, solving social problems by popularizing and attracting talented young people to dance and lead a healthy lifestyle and is ready to cooperate with schools and secondary and higher educational institutions.Currently, the team is implementing a project to develop the school of modern choreography “The First Dance Studio”. For the formation of this direction, it is necessary to develop infrastructure and create branches in the city for the productive work of a dance studio, in which the best choreographers of the team will teach the younger generation. The activities of the dance collective fully comply with the Fundamentals of the State Youth Policy of the Russian Federation for the period up to 2025, the achievement of the goals of which is associated with the implementation of measures for: – involvement of young people in creative activities, support for young art workers, as well as talented young people who are engaged in modern types of creativity and do not have a special education; – popularization of people who have achieved outstanding success in their professional activities; – expanding the network of youth, physical culture and sports, military-patriotic and computer clubs, libraries, art circles and other organizations available to young people; – improvement of the system of encouragement and motivation of talented youth.Achievements of the team from 2009 to 2017: 2017 year: – winners in the “Deserved Triumph” nomination – Finalists of the TV show “All Dance” on the channel “Russia” 2016 year: – winners of the “Move Forward Dance Contest” (Moscow), – two-time winners of the Megapolis competition (Belgorod, Voronezh) 2015 year: – winners of the World Of Dance Germany competition (Berlin), – winners of the “Move Forward Dance Contest” (Moscow), – winners of the competition “Volga Champ” 2015 III in the BEST nomination SHOW JUNIORS, – silver medalists of the competition “Volga Champ” 2015 III in two nominations: BEST HIP-HOP SHOW and BEST JAZZ FUNK SHOW (Nizhny Novgorod), – winners of the competition “Volga Champ” 2015 IV in two nominations: BEST HIP-HOP SHOW and BEST JAZZ FUNK SHOW (Nizhny Novgorod), – winners of the “Moving Star” Dance Competition (Yaroslavl) year 2014: – finalists of the world’s largest competition among professional teams “Body Rock Dance Competition” (USA, California), – winners of the SHOW ME WATCH YOU GOT competition in two nominations (St. Petersburg).year 2013: – winners of the “Move Forward Dance Contest” (Moscow), – winners of the Project818 competition (Moscow), – – winners of the UDC OPEN CUP competition (Moscow), – winners of the Full Out Urban Festival (Moscow), – silver medalists of the Project 818 competition (Moscow), – silver medalists of the Tver Street Jam competition (Tver). year 2012: – Winners of the Grand Prix of the competition “HIP-HOP ON THE STAGE” (Moscow).2011: – winners of the Grand Prix of the competition “HIP-HOP ON THE STAGE” (Moscow), – winners of the competition UDS FEST 9 (Kharkiv) 2010 year: – winners of the competition UDS FEST 8 (Kharkiv). year 2009: – silver medalists of the UDS FEST 7 competition (Kharkiv).

90,000 Uzbek dance art in the past and present: in the wake of the Tashkent meetings

Uzbek dances have always evoked in me a feeling of deep admiration from my earliest childhood.Bright costumes of dancers, filigree-perfected movements to the sounds of fiery rhythms of doira, expressive facial expressions and the ability to embody in dance both lyrical sadness and dreams of love, and the pulsating energy of life simply mesmerized and did not let go of oneself. Now this admiration for Uzbek dances has only intensified. Considering traditional Uzbek dance in a wide world context, I am even more convinced of its extraordinary style and unique history, which deserves recognition of its special place in the multi-layered palette of dances of the peoples of the world.

As a result of a three-year (2011-2014) joint project between Uzbekistan and the International Information Joint Center for the Intangible Cultural Heritage of the Asia-Pacific Region under the auspices of UNESCO [1], Uzbek dance was included in the National List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Uzbekistan. It is important to note that folk dance was included in the list of state-protected cultural heritage along with such types of traditional singing and musical art of Uzbeks as doston , makom , bakhshichilik , katta ashula , etc.d.

My recent trip to Uzbekistan prompted me to delve deeper into the study of the history of Uzbek dance and its current state. I managed to meet people who are very actively involved in the development of Uzbek choreography and know firsthand everything that is connected with this unique art. So: where did the Uzbek dance begin?

Beginning and origins

It is a well-known fact that the territory of present-day Uzbekistan was one of the most important nodal points of the Great Silk Road, which led to the inevitable impact of numerous ancient cultures, languages, philosophies and religions, including the influence of the Greek, Persian, Arab, Mongolian, Indian, Chinese, Turkic and Russian cultures.Despite the influence of such diverse cultures, Uzbek dance has retained its individual style and a unique palette of unique movements, each of which has its own special meaning.

The rock carvings found in 1912 in the grottoes of the Zarautsay gorge in the west of the Surkhandarya region are evidence of the ancient history of Uzbek dance. These drawings date back to the XII-VIII millennia BC and depict the hunt of ancient people for bulls and mountain goats, as well as the ancient ritual rituals and group “dances” accompanying the hunt – the ancestors of the Uzbek dance.Researcher Irzaev B.Sh. writes that more than 40,000 drawings have been found in the Soymalitosh Cave near the Fergana Mountains, one of which contains an image of dancing people. [2] “These drawings reflect the harmony of man with nature, the primitive artist’s interpretation of divine services and man’s ascension of prayer,” Irzayev writes in his article on the history of Uzbek national dance. [3] According to the oldest representative of Uzbek choreography, Yusufjon Kizik Shakarzhonov and other masters dance, dance Katta yin , which owes its historical origin to the legend of Siyavush, has existed since the time of Alexander the Great.[4]

In the 10th and 11th centuries, the first information about the choreographic art of Uzbekistan appears, including a tambourine or doira. Irzaev points out that the dances of this period are largely based on movements imitating various animals and birds, which can be traced in the Khorezm dances and performances of the Khorezm maskharabozes during folk festivals.

Dance was also a means of displaying material culture, work and everyday life of people of that period.This explains the popularity of using such household items in dances as: jugs, spoons, castanets, teapots, bowls, knives, lagans, duchubs (sticks). Some of the dances depicted different types of human characters and contained a lot of humor or even sarcasm. [5]

There is no doubt that the basics and stylistics of movements and positions of hands, hands, legs, feet, body and facial expressions were formed, honed and passed down from generation to generation over the millennia, from ancient times to BC.Therefore, in a true Uzbek dance there are no simple movements – each movement has its own semantic message! By understanding the language of gestures and movements, you can read Uzbek dance like a book or a story!

Dances practiced in different regions required a certain style of clothing and accessories, by which one could guess about the regional affiliation of the dance. In the days of Islam, it was unthinkable for women to perform dances in front of an audience, especially men. Girls and women could dance only in Ichkari – half of the house, separated exclusively for women, and only in front of members of their immediate family.Despite the religiously motivated taboos, both during the Mughal Empire, and during the Kokand and Khiva Khanates and the Bukhara Emirate, the then rulers loved to entertain themselves with a high-class performance of musical, dance and poetic skills. Women’s dances were performed at that time bacchi – by boys in women’s clothes. Women were not admitted to such performances. There have been cases when talented women were forced to change into men’s attire on pain of death in order to gain access to participate in poetry or song festivals.

Real dancers were an integral part of the court surroundings at the imperial and khan’s courts. For example, the famous dancer Sadi Makhsum had a chance to serve under the last three Kokand khans for 6 years. Each region or city gave birth to its own dance experts who passed on the subtleties of this art from generation to generation. I will mention only a few such names: Yusufjon Kizik Shakarzhonov (1869-1959), Mahkam Khofiz (1868-30), as well as an outstanding dance collector and choreographer Usta Alim Kamilov (1875-1953).Research done by Irzaev and Avdeeva mentions a significantly larger number of dancers who have made an invaluable contribution to the development of Uzbek dance.

With the entry of Uzbekistan into the Russian Empire, interest in European culture, ballet, opera and dance increased, which had a fruitful effect on the development of the Uzbek national performing arts, including choreographic art. The first Russian choreographers and teachers began to come to Uzbekistan, which was then part of the Turkestan region, even before the revolution, bringing new trends in the development of local theater, opera and ballet.After the October Revolution, attention to the development of choreographic art increased, which also served as a kind of means of emancipating women. A true revolutionary in the development of female stage dance in Uzbekistan was Tamara Khanum (née Petrosyan), an Armenian by nationality, who in 1933 opened the first Uzbek ballet school in Tashkent.

Tamara Khanum

Tamara Khanum (1906-1991), originally from Margilan in the Fergana Valley, is a unique phenomenon in the post-revolutionary history of Uzbekistan.As Lyubov Avdeeva, the author and compiler of Tamara Khanum’s personal memoirs, writes, she was not only “a singer, dancer, but also an ethnographer, […] and a musicologist, a choreographer, a director, and a costume designer, and when the need arose – and dressmaker. ”[6] Young Tamara began dancing from early childhood in her native village Skobelevo, at first only in ichkari .
In 1920, 14-year-old Tamara moved to Tashkent, where she first plunged into the atmosphere of a local opera house, thanks to the assistance of the Russian sisters Karganovs, who were actively involved in the promotion of classical music, ballroom dance and ballet.

Over time, Tamara became a true star of the Uzbek stage art. In the mid-1920s, while studying in Moscow, she entered the circle of the Moscow theatrical and intellectual elite, including then Lunacharsky, Stanislavsky, Meyerhold, Nemirovich-Danchenko, Felix Kohn, Alice Koonen, Nezhdanova, Anri Barbusse and even Rabindranath Tagore! And in 1925, she ended up in Paris as part of the Soviet artistic delegation, where her performances together with Kari Yakubov were an overwhelming success!

A huge role in the professional development of the dancer was played by Usta [7] Alim Kamilov, the creator of all modern choreography in Uzbekistan.Together they created the later textbook Doira dare, which included all the basic dance movements performed to doira. Usta Alim belonged to the category usulchi , connoisseurs of “makoms” – musical and dance forms and rhythms. The role of usulchi was extremely important for the preservation and transmission of the national memory of folk art. For example, the dance with poppy seeds of the Fergana Valley Katta uyin had 60 rhythmic figures, the memory of which was passed down through generations thanks to usulchi .

Mukarram Turgunbaeva:
Dance “Katta Uyin”
Makarram Turgunbaeva:
Dance of throwing off the burqa

The merit of Tamara Khanum not only in the study and preservation of Uzbek folk dance, but also in its further development and adaptation to new trends of the time. Together with Usta Alim, she created the dances of a free Uzbek woman who went from a submissive and shy image to an image with a strong and strong-willed dynamic (adapted from Uzbek male dance), radiating confidence and joy of life.Accordingly, both dance costumes and paraphernalia have become lighter, not restricting the freedom of movement of the dancers. In 1935 Tamara Khanum and Usta Alim stunned the sophisticated British audience with their performances at the prestigious Albert Hall in London.

The first ballet school of Tamara Khanum

The first ballet school was opened in Tashkent in 1933 on the initiative and at the expense of Tamara Khanum herself. A huge role in the formation of the first ballet professional cadres was played by the teachers of the Leningrad Choreographic School – the current Academy of Russian Ballet named after A.Y. Vaganova in St. Petersburg. Tamara Khanum was personally assisted by Professor Vaganova herself and the famous ballerina Obukhova. Tamara herself was also closely involved in the creation of the first national ballets, which clearly show the influence of Uzbek classical and folk dance: for example, in the ballets “Shahida” and “Gulyandom”.

I was lucky to visit the Museum of Tamara Khanum, located in a cozy area of ​​Tashkent. This museum is the former home of the famous dancer, where all of her dance costumes, books, portraits of famous artists, photographs, awards and personal belongings are still kept.It was very exciting to sit in the kitchen and stand in the living room of the famous Tamara Khanum and plunge into her so brilliant, but at the same time so humble world!

In the hallway of Tamara Khanum
Dance costumes of Tamara Khanum
Tamara Khanum and ballerina Maya Plisetskaya

Many of Tamara Khanum’s first students were girls from families of the repressed, whose parents were imprisoned in camps for political prisoners or shot without trial on false accusations of Stalin’s “comrades-in-arms”.Girls from the so-called prosperous families were not allowed into ballet schools, considering this occupation shameful. The task of Tamara Khanum was not only to revive the Uzbek traditional dances, but also to break the old (formed over centuries) stereotypes about the alleged indecency of dance classes for girls, and to teach girls to dance with an open face. Without the burqa! It was a very risky endeavor, given the tragic stories of women who dared to dance in public with their faces open for the first time. Dancer Nurkhon Yuldashhodzhaeva was killed by her brother in 1929 at the age of only 16, and the talented singer and actress Tursunoy Saydazimova was killed by her husband in 1928 at the age of only 18, never reaching the peak of her extraordinary talent! Tamara Khanum herself has repeatedly been threatened and physically attacked for trying to involve talented Uzbek girls in her dance group.[8] Despite all these obstacles, Khanum managed to bring up a brilliant galaxy of Uzbek dancers.

One of her brightest students was Mukarram Turgunbaeva, the founder of the brilliant, world-famous folk dance ensemble “Bakhor”. Mukarram Turgunbaeva was a collector of Uzbek folklore and a director of famous ballet performances and dance compositions included in the treasury of Uzbek stage art: for example, the ballets Pakhta (Cotton), Shahida, the famous Fergana dance Tanovar and many other performances.In 1959, Turgunbaeva was awarded the title of People’s Artist of the USSR for her outstanding contribution to the development of Uzbek choreographic art and the training of a brilliant galaxy of Uzbek professional dancers. Many of her students subsequently performed on the stages of famous theaters in the world.

In Tashkent, I was lucky to meet a student of Mukarram Turgunbaeva, People’s Artist of Uzbekistan Gulnora Nizamovna Mavaeva, who was born in Samarkand in 1931.

Gulnora Mavaeva

It was a great honor for me to meet the legendary dancer Gulnora Mavaeva. Over a cup of tea, Gulnora Nizamovna shared her amazing story with me in her very cozy apartment in a green area of ​​Tashkent.

At 87 years old, Gulnora Nizamovna amazes with her active interest in new knowledge and communication, as well as her phenomenal memory for all the dates, names and events that made up her multifaceted creative career and personal life.Mavaeva is still aware of all the news of Uzbek choreography, since not a single day passes without being visited by her adoring former students and colleagues.

In the beginning, Mavaeva’s childhood was cloudless. According to her, she lived with her parents and sister on Obukhov Street in Samarkand, where the Uzbek intellectual elite and even the descendants of the Russian princes Romanovs exiled to Turkestan by Emperor Alexander lived at that time. They also taught little Gulnora the Russian alphabet and reading.All this happy childhood was destroyed overnight by the cruel and soulless machine of Stalin’s “apparatchiks” in 1937, when her father Nizomiddin Mavo, a responsible party worker of that time, left for work as usual, but never returned. Later, her mother, Sonia Rozybakieva, a lawyer by training, who was a relative of the famous Uyghur revolutionary Abdulla Rozybakiev, was also taken away. Six-year-old Gulnora and her three-year-old sister Elmar remained under the supervision of her Tatar nanny until the arrival of her grandmother, Khazhar Rozybakieva, who looked after the granddaughters, until Gulnora was sent to orphanage N20, and Elmar was taken to her by Uyghur relatives.Unfortunately, both of her parents damaged their health so badly during imprisonment that, years later, they died a year after being released from the camps.

Mukarram Turgunbaeva, Usta Alim Kamilov and Tamara Khanum played a key role in the development of Gulnora as a professional dancer and ballerina. Nizam Khaldarov, a close friend of Gulnora’s parents, found her in an orphanage in 1939 and assigned her to the Tamara Khanum Ballet School, where she studied the art of classical ballet with Russian teachers from the Mariinsky Theater (St. Petersburg).Together with Gulnora, eight orphanage girls from families of the repressed studied at the Tamara Khanum ballet school. Usta Alim and Mukarram Turgunbaeva were her Uzbek dance teachers, whom she still remembers with the greatest respect and love. Later, Turgunbaeva staged several Uzbek dances for Gulnora, which were included in her portfolio of the best dances. Young Gulnora was especially good at soft lyrical dances of the Fergana school.

Gulnora Mavaeva

In 1949, Gulnora was sent for advanced training at the Moscow Choreographic School at the Bolshoi Theater, where she had the opportunity to improve her skills with leading teachers and expand her knowledge of the theory and history of dance.Then her artistic dance career began at the Navoi Tashkent Opera and Ballet Theater, full of vigorous concert activities, amazing trips and tours around the world. Gulnora danced leading roles in the ballets Don Quixote, Fountain of Bakhchisarai, Masquerade, Ballerina, Coast of Happiness, The Sleeping Beauty, Esmeralda, Faust, Don Juan, Seven Beauties “And a number of concert numbers.

In 1963, Mamaeva began teaching at the Tashkent Choreographic School, and from 1968 to 1970 she completed a teaching internship at the Vaganov Choreographic School in Leningrad.Here she took the opportunity to study the archives of the Hermitage, revealing a more complete history of music and ballet. These archives later fueled her new ideas for dance performances. Becoming the artistic director of the Tashkent Choreographic School in 1975, Gulnara Nizamovna began to invite famous dance teachers, choreographers and choreographers both from Russia and from abroad to exchange experience and improve the level of teachers.

Left: author, in the middle – Gulnora Musaeva, on the right – People’s Artist of Uzbekistan Gulnora Mavaeva

Answering my question what was the main engine in her dance career, she mentioned the opportunity to dance with a soul.According to her, technique alone is not enough for a real dance. “There must be a soul in every movement,” she says.

She prescribes her success as a classical ballerina and an Uzbek dancer exclusively to her teachers, first of all to Mukarram Turgunbaeva, a famous performer and director of Uzbek dances.

What about the training of modern dance cadres in Uzbekistan today?

Tashkent State Higher School of National Dance and Choreography (TGVSHNTiH)

TGVSHNTiH was organized in 1997 on the basis of the Choreographic School and the “Choreography” department of the Institute of Culture.This initiative was carried out in accordance with the decree of Karimov (then President of Uzbekistan) “On the development of national dance and art of choreography in Uzbekistan.”

on the left: Shukhrat Tokhtasimov, rector of TGVSHNTiKh; right: Kadyr Muminov, People’s Artist of Uzbekistan

During this time, the School has graduated about 700 specialists, including such ballet stars as Galiya Izmailova, Bernard Kariev, Guli Khamraev, Mamura Ergashev, Kurkmas Sagatov, Valentin Proskurin and others.During my trip to Uzbekistan, I had the opportunity to hold a conversation with the rector of TGVSHNTiKh, Shukhrat Tokhtasimov and the teacher of the same School, Gulmira Madrakhimova.

The advantage of this School is that it provides a continuing education program: school, college, undergraduate, graduate. Preserving the existing primary and secondary special educational levels within the School allows students to receive education in classical or folk dance along with the general educational state program.

Education in a school with a dance profile is not up to everyone’s shoulder due to the heavy workload, including intense daily rehearsals. This explains the strict selection to the School, where many parameters are taken into account: health, coordination, step characteristics, eversion and lift of the foot, jump height, flexibility, a sense of musical rhythm, height and natural proportions. College students have the opportunity to acquire the qualifications of classical ballet dancers and folk dancers. The bachelor’s degree provides an opportunity to study in two directions, the first of which is “choreographic art” in the specialties of a teacher-choreographer, choreographer-director and leader of a choreographic collective (now 75 people are studying here).The second direction is the “art history of choreography” (which trains 25 people), which aims to train scientific researchers and theorists in the field of dance.

TGVSHNTiH continues to work in the best traditions of the Russian school of classical ballet, which stood at the origins of the School. It is not without reason that there are stands on the walls at the entrance to the School with photographs of the first teachers from the Vaganovo Choreographic School, who came in the 1930s to raise local ballet cadres. The school also honors the memory of outstanding masters of Uzbek dance, whose portraits and photographs are hung in the library.

The School is currently undergoing renovation and reconstruction of its historic building. I would like to believe that after the completion of the renovation, the School will enter a new period of its activity and open its doors for everyone who is interested in the Uzbek dance art.

I owe all these unique meetings and acquaintances to an amazing woman, professional dancer and teacher Gulmira Ulmaszhanovna Madrakhimova, whom I personally met in Tashkent within the walls of TGVSHNTiH.

Gulmira Madrakhimova

Gulmira Madrakhimova – Honored Artist of Uzbekistan, whom her daughter Dilorom Madrakhimova introduced me to in absentia. From the very first minutes, Gulmira is very conducive to the conversation with her soft voice and friendly kind smile.

Her love story for dance began from childhood in her hometown of Andijan. She grew up in a musical and theatrical family founded by her grandfather, Mirzazhon Tillyaev, a composer, professional musician and conductor of the Andijan Music and Drama Theater.Gulmira actually fulfilled the dream of her mother, who passionately loved dancing, but could not do them professionally due to the prejudices of the time. Gulmira, on the other hand, became a soloist of the Andijan Polka dance ensemble, and at the age of 13 she was admitted to the Tashkent Choreographic School. After graduating from college, Gulmira began to dance in the famous State Song and Dance Ensemble “Shodlik”, led by the famous Uzbek ballet master Kadyr Muminov. Here she worked for 20 years, received the title of Honored Artist and the Mukarram Turgunbaeva Prize.Subsequently, she became the choreographer of this ensemble.

Since 2016, Gulmira has taken on a new role as the chief choreographer of the “Navbahor” (“New Spring”) ensemble at the Uzbek State Philharmonic. The ensemble is still in its infancy, but already includes several musicians, singers and ballet dancers. Gulmira intends to train 24 dancers within the walls of TGVSHNTiH, where she also teaches folk dance. While they are still students, they are already taking part in concerts along with their studies.She hopes that in a couple of years the ensemble will be finally formed and acquire the wings of a leading dance ensemble in the best traditions of Uzbekistan.

Gulmira proudly says that the Tashkent Choreographic School was one of the five best choreographic schools of the former Soviet Union after Moscow, Leningrad (now St. Petersburg), Perm and Kiev. After the collapse of the Soviet Union and the subsequent economic recession, the restructuring of the governing bodies and the reassessment of priorities, the Uzbek dance temporarily fell out of the focus of attention of the relevant government agencies.Old ties have collapsed due to new trends; many good specialists felt unclaimed and went abroad in search of a better life; many leading figures of the Uzbek dance art have passed away – Tamara Khanum, Usta Alim, Mukarram Turganbaeva. Legendary stars of Uzbek dance – Gulnora Mavaeva, Viloyat Akilova, Gavkhar Matyakubova, Roziya Karimova – have left active concert activities, although they continue to generously share their knowledge and advice with the current generations of dancers and choreographers.

Gulmira wholeheartedly supports the preservation of the purity and uniqueness of Uzbek dance in the light of the best national traditions of the Fergana, Bukhara, Khorezm, Surkhandarya and Karakalpak schools of Uzbek folk dance. After all, each historically established school has its own style and character: smooth lyrical dances of Ferghanaians, peculiar, saturated with energy and virtuosity of sometimes acrobatic movements Khorezm clangs , rhythmic and aristocratic dances of Bukharians in gold-embroidered robes and absolutely special dances of the Karakandians and Karakandians.

Recently I watched an amazing documentary film, shot in 2017 at the Uzbekfilm studio (artistic director Shukhrat Makhmudov, director and cameraman Rustam Magadiev), dedicated to the history of Uzbek dance and clearly demonstrating the features of each dance school.

Due to the collapse of old systems (such as the Artistic Council) and foundations, control over the quality of performance and the authenticity of dance art was temporarily lost.At present, says Gulmira Ulmaszhanovna, the negative influence of Turkish and Arabic dances on Uzbek dance is being tested. Due to the forced commercialization of this art, dancers are asked to dance Uzbek dance to Arabic or Turkish music or a song in Uzbek, which is completely incompatible with a true Uzbek dance performed exclusively to the rhythms of the usul in doira. Greater freedom in the production of dances and the desire to please the customers of the performances is also reflected in the traditional dance costumes used, which historically have always differed in terms of tailoring and accessories according to regional characteristics.Costumes made somewhere in China are not able to reflect this unique specifics, and therefore the true essence of Uzbek dance. A small salary forces professional dancers to earn extra money at weddings and other family and corporate events, which does not always make desirable adjustments to the dance style at the request of customers.

Despite these negative tendencies, there are mechanisms that allow preserving the best traditions of Uzbek dance, in particular, the Mukarram Turgunbaeva Dance Art Competition, held annually within the walls of TGVSHNTiH.The competition has two rounds: compulsory dances in the style of Turgunbaeva, while maintaining the characteristics of the costumes, and free style, which allows demonstrating new trends in modern dance. The jury necessarily includes students of Turgunbaeva, who strictly monitor the preservation of her achievements. This competition provides a sustainable basis for the selection and promotion of the best young talents and at the same time helps to preserve the uniqueness and purity of Uzbek dance art.

Thanks to these competitions, it was possible to open several young promising stars, one of which is Gulmira’s daughter, Dilorom Madrakhimova, a graduate of TGVSHNTiH and a famous performer of national and folk dances.Now she is a master’s student of the ballet master department of the Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet.

Future Prospects?

Unfortunately, today there is a lack of serious research in the field of Uzbek, and indeed the entire Central Asian dance, despite the uniqueness of this art form. Much attention was paid to the serious study of Uzbek dance in the past by such scientists as Bakhta I.G., Zafari G., Irzaev B.Sh., Avdeeva A., Avdeeva L…. It is worth mentioning, however, that some of the early sources on the study of dance (Bakhta I. G., Zafari G.) [9] are in the Archives of the Institute of Art History. Hamza and are inaccessible to a wide range of readers and art critics, especially those who live outside of Uzbekistan. Other sources of local researchers were published in the earlier Soviet period in Russian or Uzbek, with the exception of a later textbook by L. Avdeeva (2001) intended for ballet master pedagogical faculties and published with the support of the Mukarram Turgunbaeva UZBEKRAKS National Dance Association.[10] These works are very difficult to find. I managed to buy one book by L. Avdeeva purely by chance at a book market in Tashkent from a merchant who, by some miracle, “fished out” this book from a blackened cardboard box in the basement. And I managed to get another book in the library for one day and make a copy of it.

Today, there is practically no systematic study of Uzbek dances at the scientific research level. But there must be the most valuable undiscovered treasures of information! My attempts to find in-depth research in English using Google also did not bring much results.

It is not at all my task to bring some kind of pessimism. Quite the opposite! My key goal is one: to induce the reader to look again at the uniqueness of the Uzbek dance art, which has its roots in the most ancient layers of history. This art has survived a lot: wars and invasions of great emperors, religious taboos and restrictions, the “melting pot” of the cultures and influences of the Great Silk Road, the role of the colonial appendage of the Russian Empire, the changes of the October Revolution and the policy of forming a “new Soviet man”, which eventually resulted in self-destructive restructuring, and national self-determination.

We are very pleased with the relatively recent initiative of the President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev to create a new state institution “Uzbekconcert” under the Ministry of Culture, which includes 2,500 creative teams and performers, including dance groups. The purpose of this association is to stimulate the strengthening and further development of the best traditions of Uzbek art. Now, when Uzbekistan is in such an exciting phase of the new “Uzbek Spring”, perhaps the moment has finally come when the country can take a fresh look at its ancient cultural heritage and give it a second wind.

The author expresses his deep gratitude to Mavaeva Gulnora Nizamovna, Madrakhimova Gulmira Ulmaszhanovna, Dilorom Madrakhimova, Tokhtasimov Shukhrat Makhmutovich and Gulnora Musaeva for the support, hospitality and valuable information for writing this article.

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This unique dance group combines folk, ballet and music hall in their work.And a special, partly dance-like creative direction in the collective’s activity is a costume. In the dance, the audience is shown not only the peculiarities of the choreographic culture of this or that region, but in the costume they convey the spirit and beauty of folk crafts, the fantasy and invention of craftsmen, their innate sense of beauty. Each concert is just a gala show of costumes in the style of Palekh, Zhostovo, Pavlo Posad patterns and, of course, Gzhel, which gave the name to the band. The dance theater was founded in 1988, to the 650th anniversary of the existence of one of the most famous and recognizable Russian crafts – “Gzhel”.

The relatively young Dance Theater quickly conquered its audience and firmly occupied its niche among many famous dance groups in Russia. The recognition of the public and colleagues in the choreographic workshop, the conquest of the world’s largest venues is a confirmation of the identity, high artistic level and performing skills.

The theater develops the traditions of Russian folk dance and choreography of other peoples, interpreting them in modern conditions. The highly professional troupe consists of graduates of the best Russian choreographic schools.Ballet dancers with a wide creative range captivate with their youth, bright emotionality, sincerity, and a variety of expressive means.

Theater “Gzhel” has visited more than 60 countries of the world – Austria and the USA, Germany and Brazil, Italy and Japan, China and Cuba, Mexico and Thailand – and met with an enthusiastic welcome everywhere.

For the Tallinn concert, a special program will be composed of dances of the peoples of the world, Slavic and the most famous Russian dances, as well as modern performances in the style of a music hall.

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