Uniqlo winter wear: Enjoy Winter in Comfort! Types of Japanese Winter Wear Plus Great Value Picks from Uniqlo


Enjoy Winter in Comfort! Types of Japanese Winter Wear Plus Great Value Picks from Uniqlo

Types of Winter Clothes You Can Buy in Japan

If you visit Japan during winter, you might be surprised at the range of winter clothes and goods available to you. There are a lot of options on the market, including accessories like gloves and scarves or handy Japanese inventions like pocket warmers called “kairo”. Choosing the right outerwear really is key to achieving the best protection against the cold, but with so many types, designs, and colors to choose from, it can all be a bit overwhelming. That’s why, to help you shop, we’ll be introducing the three main types of winter outerwear that are most popular in Japan!


Down outerwear typically comes in the form of coats and jackets, but between those two types there are still a lot of designs and colors to choose from.

Down typically uses feathers, ideally the light and soft feathers found on the breasts of waterfowl rather than feathers from land birds like chickens. Goose feathers are most commonly used to make down garments thanks to their light weight and excellent thermal retention. Wearing a goose down coat or jacket allows you to enjoy the snow while keeping the cold at bay.

Boa Fleece

“Boa” fleece is a material that resembles animal fur. With its fluffy, soft texture, you just can’t keep your hands off it. Winter clothes made with boa fleece have a cute quality to them that brings to mind such cuddly creatures as sheep or poodles, making this outerwear particularly popular among people looking to soften up their look. Another great thing about this fabric is that while it looks big, it’s actually very light while being great at retaining heat thanks to its sturdy weave.

You’ll find a wide range of clothes made with boa fleece including coats, jackets, and vests. It’s also used in the lining of other types of coats and jackets, on children’s clothing, and on accessories like bags and scarves.

By the way, you may be wondering about the origin of the name “boa,” right? Well, it originally came from the Latin word for “snake” or “serpent,” and used to describe a type of long fur scarf often worn around the neck by fashionable women from South America. The theory goes that their color and length reminded people of boa snakes, and that’s how we got the name.


The appeal of knitwear that made it beloved around the world has to be its stretchability and comfort. Knit fabrics can be used for all types of winter wear goods, from coats and sweaters (both long and short sleeve) to innerwear, scarves, hats, and more.

Thing to Look Out for While Shopping for Winter Wear

When it comes to winter clothes, their color and style are of course important, but the following six criteria also can’t be overlooked.

By being aware of these, you’ll be able to pick the perfect cold weather gear for your travel needs.

Don’t Fear Cold Winds! The Importance of Windproof Clothes

The best cold weather gear is windproof. This is because we feel cold when the air passes through the material of our clothes and comes in contact with the skin. We tend to particularly feel the chill outside the city, near the water, and in wide open spaces like Disneyland. Tall buildings in cities like Tokyo can also create cold wind tunnels in the winter, so it’s important to wear windproof winter clothes that reduce the area of the body that’s directly exposed to the elements.

Surprisingly Important? How Water Resistance Impacts Comfort

Many people overlook water resistance when choosing winter wear. After all, most of us think it’s unlikely that we’ll be playing in the water during the colder seasons. However, this function is extremely important in areas that see a lot of snowfall because of all the water in the air. Think about it. When snow comes in contact with our warm bodies, it naturally melts into a liquid. Any snow on our clothes also melts as soon as we step into someplace warm. This is why it’s very important to choose an outer layer with a water-repelling fabric, like the one used to make umbrellas. With this kind of waterproof gear, even if you get covered in snow while taking pictures of winter sceneries, you’ll be able to continue your sightseeing without having to deal with the discomfort of damp clothes afterwards.

Pay Attention to the Seams for Trips to Snowy Regions!

When shopping for outerwear to be used in snowy regions, seamless is the way to go. Even if you have thick, waterproof clothing, it won’t mean much once the melted snow starts seeping in through the openings in the seams. So, if you’re planning to spend a lot of time in the snow, try to avoid seams as much as possible.

A Hood That Protects the Face and Head Can Make All the Difference!

We strongly recommend hooded winter wear, especially for all those who generally don’t like head coverings like knitted caps and earmuffs. Hoods can help prevent your head and ears from getting drenched by snow and to protect the body from rain, snow, as well as from cold air that can come in through the neck area, helping you maintain a comfortable temperature. It can be uncomfortable to wear clingy items like ski masks, but a hood typically doesn’t cause such issues.

Lightweight Evolution: Don’t Settle for Heavy Winter Wear!

If you’re like us and tend to have a camera and other bags on you while traveling, you may end up with shoulder, neck, and back aches once you add heavy winter gear to the mix. That’s why it’s important to always look for lightweight winter wear. These days, there is an impressive number of lightweight winter gear available on the market, including options from Uniqlo that can easily fit in the palm of your hand when packed down. Because these kinds of items can be carried in small backpacks or hung off travel bags, they are very easy to travel with.

Stay Warmer for Longer with Advanced Thermal Retention Technology!

Thermal retention in clothing refers to the ability for the clothes to maintain body heat. A lot of cold weather gear both protects against cold outside air and ensures that the body’s own heat doesn’t escape, helping you maintain a comfortable, warm temperature even in challenging conditions. There are also many thermal products on the market in Japan that help warm the body from within, including Uniqlo’s bestselling Heattech line made from a heat-generating material. These items are made using advanced textile technologies that help hold on to the body’s heat, making it possible for you to enjoy winters in comfort.

When in Doubt, Head on to Uniqlo, the Place That Has Everything You Need

If you’ve decided to buy winter wear in Japan but aren’t sure where to go, we recommend starting with Uniqlo. This chain is known all over the world and offers reliably high-quality cold weather clothes and accessories, including Heattech and Block Tech, a range of water-repellent, wind-blocking, and wicking garments. These features help you stay feeling fresh and comfortable, so Block Tech clothes are also great for the spring and winter seasons. Uniqlo’s clothes come in a wide range of colors and designs, from the season’s latest looks to classic staples, so you’ll always look sharp no matter what you pick.

Uniqlo’s biggest appeal, however, is that you can get all these features at super-affordable prices. You can save even more during their frequent sales or by taking advantage of multiple item discounts. By shopping in Japan, you’ll not only get these items cheaper than in your home country, you’ll even pay less than the locals do. How? At Uniqlo, if you exceed the minimum purchase amount, your purchases will all be duty free!

How to Get to Uniqlo Ginza, the Biggest Uniqlo Store in the World!

For this article, we visited Uniqlo Ginza. The most impressive thing about this outlet is that it’s the biggest Uniqlo store in the world! With 11 floors in total, this store features a surprisingly wide range of products, so you’re sure to find whatever you’re looking for in here. The Uniqlo Ginza also has multilingual staff to help you out, so communication will not be a problem.

Uniqlo Ginza is easily accessible from nearby train stations. Ginza itself is Japan’s leading shopping area full of luxury boutiques and department stores. It’s so popular with shoppers, in fact, that the main street closes to cars and turns into a pedestrian mall on weekends and holidays. Ginza Station is the closest station to Uniqlo Ginza, and is located just a two-minute ride from Tokyo Station on the Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line. Ginza Station is also served by the Tokyo Metro Ginza and Hibiya lines, so it’s easy to get to no matter where you’re coming from.

To get to Uniqlo Ginza, exit the ticket gates at Ginza Station and head on to the A2 Exit. Once you get to the surface, just go straight ahead and you’ll soon see the bright-red Uniqlo sign.

Inside, you’ll find a lineup so large it will make your head spin. If you’re into the Uniqlo style, everything you’d ever need is right here. You can put an entire outfit together at this location, from innerwear to coats and jackets, accessories like socks, gloves, knit caps, or scarves, and underwear. 

If you’re interested in clothes or accessories with Heattech technology, look for the orange and yellow packages with HEATTECH written on them in English.

Uniqlo Winter Wear

Let’s have a look at some examples of the cold weather gear you can find at Uniqlo. We’re confident there’s something here for everyone.

Ultra Light Down

The appeal of this line is that it combines amazing lightness and softness with unrestrictive thermal insulation. The Ultra Light Down line includes a range of coats, jackets, and vests that can also be worn as an inner layer. Each piece can be folded up into a complimentary storage pouch and carried on the go.

Seamless Down

The Seamless Down range is an ideal choice if you’re planning a little fun in the snow. Since this line is both water-repellent and windproof, you’ll be prepared for all possible weather conditions.
The women’s Seamless Down line includes coats in two different lengths, while the men’s line also includes a hooded parka.

These incredibly useful garments have been designed with the needs of their wearer in mind, with handy features like pockets for accessories and earphone loops included.

Hybrid Down

These down items include a detachable hood so users can enjoy two styles in one. You can attach the hood to achieve maximum protection against the cold and wind, or remove it for a more refined, stylish look that shows off your ensemble underneath. A coat and parka version are both available.

Down Jacket

This cute down jacket comes in a range of colors that can easily be worked into stylish outfits. If you wear it against a snow-white winter background, you’ll surely be able to take some amazing pictures.

Other Coats and Jackets

Uniqlo also has many other coats and jackets to choose from, including soft woolen sweaters and coats and jackets lined with boa fleece for extra warmth.

Boa Fleece Short Blouson Jacket

This boa-fleece blouson (a jacket with the sleeves and waist drawn tight) comes in a classic beige tone that’s easy to match to any outfit. It’s ideal for men who prefer more subdued tones, but if you prefer a sharper look, you can also get it in black. The jacket is lined with boa fleece, so it’s very warm.

Boa Sweat Full-Zip Parka

This ladies’ hooded jacket is also lined with boa fleece. It comes in a range of classic colors, including brown and off-white for the ladies’ version, and dark gray, gray, and navy for the men’s version.

Stay Warm During Winter in Japan

Uniqlo also sells many other types of cold weather accessories like hats, scarves, and gloves.

We hope that this article will come in handy for you during your next winter trip to Japan! Please stay warm and comfy and come back with many happy memories.


If you want to give feedback on any of our articles, you have an idea that you’d really like to see come to life, or you just have a question on Japan, hit us up on our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!

From winter coats to cozy basics, here are 9 must-have looks from Uniqlo’s Best of Sale section

Our team is dedicated to finding and telling you more about the products and deals we love. If you love them too and decide to purchase through the links below, we may receive a commission. Pricing and availability are subject to change. 

When it comes to quality casual wear, Uniqlo is one of the few brands that gets it right. No matter if you need looks for the office or to kick back with friends, the retailer prides itself on producing “simple, well-designed” clothes. And thanks to its massive sale section, you don’t need to break the bank to look good.

In fact, we spotted a ton of majorly discounted goodies hidden in its Best of Sale section. From cozy outerwear to basics to wear all year long, you can snag dozens of the brand’s top-rated styles for to up 50 percent off or more right now.

For example, we love this wool-blend long coat if you need something cozy to wear this fall. Originally priced at $149, this jacket is now up for grabs for $89. Or, for those extra chilly days, you can scoop up this chic Padded Parka for less than $100.

But that’s not all. There are also dozens of sweaters and stylish loungewear to help keep you warm and toasty this season. (Some of which are under $20). Case in point: this $15 pleated short-sleeve sweater which is a fan-favorite among shoppers.

And for true budget-friendly deals, you can also score tops for as low as $4, including this highly-rated jersey tunic.

Keep in mind that many items are final sale, so be sure to choose wisely. To help you navigate through the dozens of markdowns, I’ve scoped out some of the best and most popular looks on sale worth checking out.

1. 3D Knit Cotton Ballon-Sleeve Sweater, $29.90 (Orig. $39.90)
Credit: Uniqlo
2. Wool-Blend Doubled-Faced Coat, $89.90 (Orig. $149.90)
Credit: Uniqlo
3. U Padded Parka, $99.90 (Orig. $129)
Credit: Uniqlo
4. Linen Blended A-Lien Sleeveless Dress, $9.90 (Orig. $39.90)
Credit: Uniqlo
5. Crepe Jersey Stand Collar Short-Sleeve T-Shirt, $7.90 (Orig. $19.
90) Credit: Uniqlo
6. Lyocell Silk Relaxed Cardigan, $19.90 (Orig. $39.90)
Credit: Uniqlo
7. Chiffon Pleated Skirt Pants, $19.90 (Orig. $39.90)
Credit: Uniqlo
8. Velvet Jacket, $59.90 (Orig. $129.90)
Credit: Uniqlo
9. Drape Half-Sleeve Jersey Set, $19.90 (Orig. $29.90)
Credit: Uniqlo

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12 Fall and Winter Outfits from the latest Uniqlo U Collection | UNIQLO TODAY

The new 2020 Fall/Winter Uniqlo U Collection features this season’s exquisite lineup of classy colours and contemporary silhouettes, with tastefully simple designs. With high expectations and interest, lets check out 12 looks from the new Uniqlo U collection that you would want to include in your next wardrobe refresh.

This shirt jacket is new in the ever-popular fleece line. It’s made of a newly created fabric that looks and feels warm, with a brushed appearance. The voluminous sleeves taper toward the openings to create an airy, relaxed silhouette. It can be either a shirt or worn as light outerwear. Consider pairing it with this Merino wool turtleneck sweater and using similar tones for a more pronounced autumn look. Lastly, finish off with these light grey sweatpants that embody the signature laid-back silhouette of the Uniqlo U collection.

Recommended items:
Uniqlo U Fleece Long Sleeve Shirt Jacket
Uniqlo U Middle Gauge Fisherman Ribbed Turtleneck Long Sleeve Sweater
Uniqlo U Sweat Pants
Suede Chukka Boots

This new pullover fabric created for this season provides not only warmth, but also a sleek look from its mock neck design. It has a large cut all around, creating a contemporary appearance on the wearer. Fair this deep, dark brown top to a pair of selvedge jeans that retain their straight, masculine silhouette to produce a casual yet suave feel. Accent your outfit with the lustrous nylon tote bag, made to for convenience and protection against light rain with a water repellent feature.

Recommended items:
Uniqlo U Mock Neck Long Sleeve Pullover
Uniqlo U Selvedge Regular-fit Jeans
Uniqlo U Padded Shoulder Bag

A hoodie that embodies UNIQLO’s LifeWear concept, having qualities that clearly set the design apart from its sporty origins. It is designed with a wide silhouette and a silky texture, and its iconic voluminous hood plus front pockets are just as eye-catching. The light pink colour is now a colour that men can easily coordinate. Layer it over a similarly pink broadcloth striped shirt to look casual, using black pants to tighten the look. Complete the look and get ready to go out by adding this padded mini bag for carrying your smartphone and keys.

Recommended items:
Uniqlo U Sweat Long Sleeve Pullover Hoodie
Uniqlo U Broadcloth Striped Long-Sleeve Shirt
Uniqlo U Sweat Pants
Suede Chukka Boots
Uniqlo U Mini Bag

This work jacket is a handy outerwear item that’s easy to style and comfortable to wear. Made of 10-ounce Japanese denim, this item is lighter than it looks. Thanks to a wide torso and chunky sleeves, this item looks stylish and masculine. Enjoy superior convenience with three outside pockets and one inside, providing maximum carrying capacity without the need for bags. Clean, classy items tend to pair well with denim jackets, like this blue, broadcloth shirt as a base to your outfit. Then, coordinate with these relaxed tapered pants that creates contrast and produces better looking proportions.

Recommended items:
Uniqlo U Denim Work Jacket
Uniqlo U Broadcloth Striped Long-Sleeve Shirt
Uniqlo U Wide-fit Tapered Pants
Suede Chukka Boots

Let this coarsely knit, middle-gauge 100% wool sweater foster a stylishly retro feel in your looks. It may appear simple at first glance, but the wide ribbing, knitted pattern of the shoulders and hem, and other details bring chic nuances to your outfit. The item’s tastefully high mock neck accents layered look while helping to keep in the warmth. Pair the sweater to these elastic pants with a brushed texture for an easy-going appearance. Lastly, we suggest to coordinate earthy tones for a minimalist Fall look.

Recommended items:
Uniqlo U Middle Gauge Mock Neck Long-Sleeve Sweater
Uniqlo U Wool Jersey Blend Pants

Using items made of supple and wrinkle-resistant wool-like fabric, the dark grey coordination produces a trim, smart look that isn’t as heavy as black. The jacket’s relaxed fit feels light on the body and fits nicely in layered looks with a loose silhouette and generous width of the shoulders. These pants produce smart looking legs with its tapered silhouette and creases on the front and back. An elasticated waist and drawstrings add convenience to your mornings. For the top, try this merino wool polo sweater for its sophisticated impression, with a white tee peeking out from the V zone for a classier look!

Recommended items:
Uniqlo U Tailored Jacket
Uniqlo U Wide-fit Tapered Pants
Uniqlo U Merino Blend Long Sleeve Polo Sweater
Uniqlo U Crew Neck Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Make this oversized tee the centrepiece of your look. With comfortable AIRism on the inside and cotton on the outside, this tee is pleasantly cooling and silky to the touch. The best part about oversized tees, they fit into just about any look! The oversized nature and drop shoulder design produces a contemporary appearance, and this light brown colour keeps things simple. Pair the tee to these warm-look corduroy pants and their chunky wales. The dark grey pants balance out the relaxed look with its straight, laid-back silhouette. Balance sophistication and casual with this simple everyday look that anyone can easily pull off.

Recommended items:
Uniqlo U AIRism Cotton Crew Neck Oversized T-Shirt
Uniqlo U Corduroy Wide Fit Work Pants

You’ll love this ribbed crew neck sweater’s design for its tastefully simple appearance, yet the ribbed texture adds subtle detail. The sleeve’s and hem’s ribbing loosely trace body lines to maintain a comfortable, great looking natural drape. Regular fit jeans go great with this top with its basic silhouette, like these bold off-white pants that have a breezy, casual feel that suits sophisticated tastes. With these techniques, it’s easy to style conservatively coloured fall and winter looks in a cosmopolitan manner.

Recommended items:
Uniqlo U Fisherman Ribbed Crew Neck Long Sleeve Sweater
Uniqlo U Regular Fit Jeans
Uniqlo U Crew Neck Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Uniqlo U’s iconic T-Shirt gives the 100% cotton tee to give it a trendy oversized silhouette. Each of the T-Shirt’s details contributes to its excellent silhouette and feel, which includes a drop shoulder design and a lower breast pocket. The hem contains slits at the sides and the tee is longer at the back. Consider this natural colour tee for easy coordination, but wear it over these soft, wool-blended jersey pants for a stylish contrast.

Recommended items:
Uniqlo U Oversized Crew Neck Short-Sleeve T-Shirt
Uniqlo U Wool-Jersey Blend Pants

Uniqlo U studied the classic trench extensively and created this design perfect for modern times. The smooth yet crisp fabric mimics the feel of 1970’s rainwear. It’s large lapels and long A-line silhouette produces a commanding appearance. Pair it with a Merino wool turtleneck to make a suave statement with minimal fuzziness. Wear it with regular jeans to contrast the bold coat. By varying the fabrics, you can bring depth even to an all-black arrangement.

Recommended items:
Uniqlo U Trench Coat
Uniqlo U Fisherman Ribbed Turtleneck Long-Sleeve Sweater
Uniqlo U Regular Fit Jeans

Inspired by traditional Scottish raincoats, this coat is made of a three-layer cotton fabric that dries quickly. Its large collar and storm flap provides additional protection from wind. The torso’s wide, square silhouette creates a contemporary look, amazingly classy when layered on top of a Merino wool-blended sweater. A playful mix of modern and retro elements results with the addition of these narrow-wale corduroy pants and their vintage feel.

Recommended items:
Uniqlo U Half Coat
Uniqlo U Merino Blend Mock Neck Long-Sleeve Sweater
Uniqlo U Corduroy Regular Fit Straight Pants

This stand collar shirt has a warm feel that is perfect for the colder days. Its 100% corduroy fabric has narrow wales and a washed look. Try the browns design for a tasteful yet mature feel, then add a cool element to it with these wide work pants with wide-wale corduroy fabric. Although both are corduroy, the differences in colour and texture takes the basic arrangement to a new level. Exude a vintage look with the distinct feel of corduroy.

Recommended items:
Uniqlo U Corduroy Stand Collar Long Sleeve Shirt
Uniqlo U Corduroy Wide Fit Work Pants
Uniqlo U Crew Neck Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Photographs: Kenta Sawada
Styling: Junichi Nishimata
Hair & Make-up: Masaki Takahashi
Models: Yoshiaki Takahashi(BE NATURAL)
Text:Hisamoto Chikaraishi

How Uniqlo Heattech Became This Writer’s Secret Weapon in Winter

PEER INTO MY apartment from the apartment across the street to catch me unaware, en dishabille, and you’ll find me in Uniqlo Heattech. From the months of October to May, I am blotted out from head-to-toe in Japan’s finest rayon/poly/acrylic long-johns, spidering from room to room like some middle-aged stagehand or deeply prosaic mime. Rising before the alarm, shucking off pajamas, counting out knee bends; toe touches, climbing into a sweatsuit, huddling into my house coat, breakfasting, attempting correspondences, shambling about my day and muttering to myself—all of this is done as a Heattech never-nude. The only time I am absent my protective sheath is for a desultory shower and the attendant ritual of observing an astonishing volume of emollient disappear into my body and face.

Hygge, Fair Isle, Qiviut, toddies. None of this holds any allure for me. I am bad at winter. I don’t like it. Admitting that may guarantee me the cool reception normally reserved for those who conspiratorially reveal that they’re no good at consequences or can’t abide waiting in line. But if the casual dude in shorts, flip flops and a Patagonia vest in subzero weather has taught me anything, it’s that I’m just not epigenetically built for this.

The first time I saw snow fall out of the sky I was 22. I grew up in balmy Hong Kong, where toilet paper in the morning is often wet to the touch. Then I moved to south-central Texas, where six months of the year are spent in triple-digit heat that spoils milk in the car ride home. Before moving to New York, I’d only known snow to be sprinkled into water and encased in glass globes. It seemed quixotic and purely cosmetic. It may as well have been glitter.

They say that trauma remains in the body. That your assigned meatsuit keeps score. My first winter in New York—the North American blizzard of 2003, also known as the Presidents Day Blizzard or PDII for meteorology enthusiasts—found me shuddering violently in waist-high snow in Red Hook, Brooklyn, waiting for a bus that never came. I wore a laughable jacket from Burlington Coat Factory and had nylon Nike Cortezes on my feet. Snow, I learned, was wet. By the time I’d hurled my ice-stiffened clothes onto the bathroom floor, scalding water needling my mottled, purpled gooseflesh, I’d also learned that sunk-cost fallacies, as they relate to New York transit, may well get you killed.

Retellings of this harrowing tale didn’t elicit the sympathy one would expect. I was chided by experienced, hardier folk—people who snowboard or “grew up in Chicago”—that I needed base layers. I went with the first kind that popped up on Google. Now, to protect myself against inhospitable climes, I conservatively need four pairs of Heattech in rotation, two on ice. Part of it is function but largely it’s pathology, and whenever I open a ruthlessly Kondo’d drawer to peer at the tender little bundles of lifesaving warmth, I’m struck with profound relief and gratitude. I’m partial to the regular weight for the leaf-changing months, but from Boxing Day onward it’s strictly “extra warm.” I machine wash cold and line dry since the extra warm has a propensity to pill. I prefer the men’s tops—the women’s seem cut exclusively for narrow, short-trunked bodies—and because I find the women’s overly scooped neckline unserious. I get mine all in black because I enjoy a matching pair as the only remaining sartorial consideration I’ll humor on any day without sunlight. And while it may not speak to the haberdashering aspirations of Steve Jobs in Issey Miyake turtlenecks or Zuck in Brunello Cucinelli T-shirts, decision fatigue is real. I may not be personally responsible for a ruinously ambitious tech behemoth, but I did recently switch from English muffins to steel-cut oats, which feels like enough resolutions until next quarter.

9 Cold Weather Essentials From Uniqlo That You Never Knew You Needed

With each day inching closer and closer to the start of the new season, the frigid temperatures are only imminent. And because you’ll have to go outside at some point, it’s important to solidify your collection of layering staples to keep you warm. Luckily, Uniqlo has plenty of chic cold weather essentials at an attainable price-point for that exact moment.

Whether you live in a place that gets all four seasons or you only experience true winter weather when you’re heading up the slopes, you’ve probably stocked up on some layering pieces from Uniqlo’s HEATTECH collection (which has been essential for anyone who ventures out into weather below 30 degrees). But just in case you haven’t, the $19.90 HEATTECH Extra Warm Ribbed High-Neck T-Shirt is sure to keep you warm through the coldest of temperatures.

Once you have your HEATTECH pieces, the Japanese brand also has plenty of other warm winter staples to fill your closet — and they’ll go with anything you wear. To start, opt for a heavier outer layer, like the Reversible Down Jacket, which was made in collaboration with J.W. Anderson and is now on sale for $129.90. Style this chic puffer jacket with everything, whether it’s a minimalist-approved long-sleeve dress or a cable-knit sweater and jeans. And if you want a more polished option to take on the winter winds, the Wool-Blend Wrap Coat is on sale for $59.90 and will feel especially elevated when it’s styled with a timeless turtleneck and a warm scarf.

Speaking of turtlenecks, Uniqlo’s $89.90 Cashmere Turtleneck Sweater is the perfect go-to piece when you aren’t sure what to wear this season. And if you want a style to layer underneath your other sweaters, like this $29. 90 3D Cotton Cocoon Sweater, add the Extra Fine Merino Ribbed Turtleneck Sweater, which also costs $29.90, into your cart.

Of course, you’re going to need something to wear with these new sweaters. In which case, style them with Uniqlo’s $29.90 Souffle Yarn Flare Skirt. And if you want to feel extra polished, get a color that matches your sweater for a monochromatic ensemble. Or, pair them with printed trousers, like the Ezy Brushed Ankle-Length Pants, $39.90.

If you’re looking for dresses, Uniqlo has you covered there, too. Layer your lightweight turtleneck under the $14.90 Corduroy Long-Sleeve Shirt Dress for a ‘70s-inspired look you can wear to the office. And if you want an especially cozy option, you won’t regret getting yourself the $49.90 3D Premium Lambswool Turtleneck Dress.

Scroll down to shop these chic winter essentials from Uniqlo below.

Check Out What Warm Wear UNIQLO Ginza Has Lined Up!

Date published: 27 January 2020
Last updated: 9 November 2020

UNIQLO is a very popular shopping destination thanks to its competitive prices and high-quality products. The UNIQLO Ginza shop, in particular, is very popular among tourists visiting Tokyo. Today we asked a UNIQLO spokeswoman what she would recommend buying to face cold winter days.

Inside UNIQLO Ginza


UNIQLO Ginza is the flagship of UNIQLO stores, being the largest branch in the world with its 12 floors. The store has a very large selection of items, and the staff are multi-lingual, ready to help customers from all over the world.

On the 5th floor, there’s a service called “MY UNIQLO,” where you can decorate UNIQLO products making them truly unique.

The 11th floor is dedicated to UNIQLO Y-shirts (“UT”), made in collaboration with other brands and famous characters, very popular also among foreigners. There are plenty of sizes available from XS to XXL, with some products and sizes that are only available at the Ginza store. The store also offers tax exemption for foreign travelers.

Ginza store floors

Welcome gate
An overview of everything that can be found in the store
2F Seasonal selection
Floor displaying seasonal items and combinations
3F Women’s casual floor
Floor with casual clothing for women
4F Women’s smart-casual floor
Floor with items like women’s jackets, stretch pants, shirts and blouses
5F Women’s bottom floor
Floor with women’s pants, skirts, and other lower-body clothing
6F Women’s under-clothing floor
Floor with functional items like Heat Tech and Air Rhythm
7F Kids and babies floor/nursing rooms/baby rooms
Floor centered on children and infants, boasting the world’s largest collection and space
8F Men’s casual floor
Floor with typical men’s items like sweatshirts and T-shirts
9F Men’s under-clothing floor
Floor with functional items for men like Air Rhythm and Heat Tech
10F Men’s smart-casual floor
Floor with many choices for men’s lower-body clothing
11F UT floor, one of the world’s largest UT specialty stores
Floor with collaboration items, characters, art, brands, and companies from around the world
12F UNIQLO Ginza special floor
Floor where various special events are held for a limited time

Especially for foreigners! What are some UNIQLO recommended items?

Ultra-Light Down (Men’s and Women’s 5,990 yen)

This is a very popular product in UNIQLO, although thin and light, it’s durable, water-resistant, and it can be worn as a jacket, or under another coat.

The jacket can be carried around easily in its compact pouch, making it a must-have item for traveling anywhere.

Heat Tech Inner (Men’s and Women’s 990 yen)

UNIQLO Heat Tech is synonymous with winter clothing. The cumulative sales for Heat Tech have reached more than 1 billion yen (as of a 2017 survey). Body perspiration is converted into heat, and even though it’s very warm, this kind of clothing is very thin and light, making it invaluable if you want to stay warm, but would rather not wear too many thick layers.

There is also an Extra Warm series, which is about 1.5 times warmer than the normal Heat Tech, and an Ultra Warm series, about 2.25 times warmer. These items, you will definitely want to get.

High quality, but reasonable prices. Recommended high-end items

Men’s Cashmere V-neck Sweater 9,990 yen/Women’s Cashmere Crew Neck Sweater 8,990 yen

A knit made from 100% cashmere fiber, also known as fiber jewel. It feels superb at the touch. Considering the quality, the price is reasonable. Both men and women’s choices come in a large variety of colors and sizes.

Hybrid Down Parka (Men’s and Women’s 9,990 yen)

This is UNIQLO new jacket selection. The inner layer is designed to keep you warm, while the outer layer absorbs moisture, converting it into heat, all wrapped in a comfortable design to allow easy movements and comfort. In addition to these features, this seasonal item comes in different sizes and colors.

The simple design makes it perfect for any environment and situation.

Check out all the must-have items at the well-stocked UNIQLO Ginza store

The items featured today are the particularly recommended ones from UNIQLO. Items that can help you beat the cold, and are exceptionally functional will surely be a great present! Enjoy the shopping at UNIQLO Ginza in Japan.

*All prices do not include tax
*All sizes are S, M, L, XL. XS, XXL, 3XL are sold at the Ginza Store only for some products
*Some products may be sold out.

  • UNIQLO Ginza Store


    • Address 6-9-5 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo ginza Komatsu East Building 1F-12F (Store pick-up:1F)
    • Phone Number 03-6252-5181
    • Open: 11:00am-09:00pm
      Closed: January 1

*This information is from the time of this article’s publication.
*Prices and options mentioned are subject to change.
*Unless stated otherwise, all prices include tax.

Uniqlo U Fall Winter 2020

You know what you need? A change in clothes. If you’re locked in a stupor, if you’ve been swept up by a wave of inexplicable anxiety, or if you’re just bored out of your mind dressed  in veryvery comfortable clothing that is not meant to be seen by others lest your reputation suffers, put on something new. Call it fashion feng shui or an old trick that may just lift the spirits of the rest of the year.


Louis Vuitton’s NBA Collection Will Make You Feel Like a Champ

In Dior, You’re Not Just a Regular Dad. You’re a Cool Dad

It’s also the most appropriate time for an update as the weather shifts from hot-as-hell to I-need-a-blanket. And, as luck would have it, we find the latest drop of Uniqlo U, the more refined line from the Japanese retailer’s cache of practical items, combining this need of warmth with the energy of European street culture.

That means boxy, oversized, and athletic shapes, as well as a color palette that will fit nicely on the feeds of moody OOTDers. As always, there will be overcoats, trench coats, and padded coats, as well as options with corduroy, fleece, and wool jersey for super warmth, which you may not need now. You can save these for later and elsewhere and just choose the appropriately warm selections from the collection. 

The set arrives in stores on October 16, and because we want you to spend less time digging (a pandemic precaution), we’ve run through the lineup and selected the best things you can wear on pesky Zoom calls or for those special moments when you’re braving the world. 


Airism Oversized Crew Neck T-shirt

A very soft T-shirt—what more can you ask for?

Oversized Crew Neck T-shirt

You’ll never know how handy a pocket is until you find yourself without one.

Long-sleeved Crew Neck T-shirt


Recommended Videos

Sometimes you want full coverage.


For morning runs or quick runs to the grocery (or staying indoors forever).

Corduroy Wide-Fit Shirt

Something pleasantly warm and new. Be brave.

Oxford Wide-Fit Striped Shirt


Because you can never have too many Oxford shirts.

Merino-blend Polo Sweater

The easy sleekness of this piece is for the impromptu video calls that bosses like.

Fisherman Turtleneck Sweater

It may not be applicable here… but that color and texture. Save for travels. 


Denim Work Jacket

The work jacket is a work staple because it works with anything.

Fleece Shirt Jacket

An easy layer of comfort that won’t lead to overheating.


Louis Vuitton’s NBA Collection Will Make You Feel Like a Champ


In Dior, You’re Not Just a Regular Dad. You’re a Cool Dad

Wool-blend Fleece Jacket

Bookmark this stylish coat for the future.

Milano Ribbed Jacket

If you must, choose soft and unstructured. 



90,000 how we dress better thanks to the Japanese brand

Maria Goncharova

editor and junk dealer

It seems to me that all my friends think that I am a brand ambassador, because my wardrobe consists of about 70 percent of UNIQLO clothes and only a percent at 30 it’s wild vintage and second hand. I don’t need anything else. Like mad, I keep track of all the new collections, all the collabs with all the designers, I feel sad when certain collections are not sold in Nizhny, and if I myself can’t get to Moscow quickly, I issue a task to my comrades to buy me something right there, while discerning Moscow buyers did not understand everything.So, for example, it happened with a backpack from the men’s collection with JW Anderson – this beige square backpack that can be turned out and turned into a bag is now my constant companion on all travels, it is very roomy, all my purchases from flea markets and with it fit in there. you don’t look like a tourist. I bought my first thin down jacket as soon as UNIQLO opened in Russia, that is, it is already ten years old and this, of course, is incredible, because over the years nothing happened to it and it is still in perfect condition, although I, seems to have traveled half the world in it.

One of my most successful purchases at UNIQLO, a thing that even the most fashionable women envy is the reversible trench coat again from the collaboration with JW Anderson. On the one hand, it is classic and beige, but if you turn it out, it becomes checkered and crazy, in Moscow these trench coats were sold out in about a day, that is, I did not have a single chance to snatch it. After a while, I went to Barcelona and in a huge modernist mansion store on Paseo de Gracia I saw a bunch of these trench coats on sale.True, large, but who is confused by oversize these days? Of course, she immediately grabbed him and ran to the cashier. After I bragged about my purchase on Instagram, I received requests to buy the same one from dozens of girlfriends and friends in a personal note, but I flew on a mini-vacation with carry-on luggage and had to refuse everyone, so I’m sure that only I have such a trench coat in Nizhny …

And a little comment about the shops themselves – have you noticed how the fitting room is arranged there? Just one detail, which, for example, is very appealing to me.The curtain has an eyelet that you can put on a hook and the curtain will not leave to the side while you try on the next turtleneck. Didn’t you notice? But pay attention, it is very convenient. The brand characterizes this well – all the power is in the little things!

Down jacket for men Uniqlo – rating 1.50 according to expert reviews ☑ Expertise of composition and manufacturer

Reviews for UNIQLO Down Jacket Men

In evaluating products, we exclusively use expert reviews, which are based on laboratory research.We do not collect user reviews as they are easy to manipulate. However, you can provide feedback on our research.

Down jacket for men under the UNIQLO trademark is made by the Uniclo KO company in China. The import of goods to Russia is carried out by LLC “Uniclo”. According to the results of laboratory tests, this product was recognized as potentially unsafe, since it revealed violations of the mandatory requirements of the law. The lining fabric in this product has low breathability. As for the product as a whole, the air permeability indicator is in full compliance with the recommendations for winter clothing set forth in GOST 25295 “Outerwear for coat and suit assortment. General technical conditions “. In addition, this product was recognized as a product in violation, since it revealed violations of the legal requirements for labeling. The manufacturer of this sample indicated 100% polyester in the composition of the upper fabric, but the study revealed a fabric with a film coating of 100% polyamide.At the same time, the product showed a high water-repellency. The distance between the down sections was no more than 15 cm, which ensures uniform distribution of the filler and prevents its migration.
This product is made from an appropriate type of bird down / feather. According to the value of the total thermal resistance, determined during laboratory tests, taking into account the value of air permeability, the jacket is suitable for use in a special climatic zone (more HERE), provided that the entire (except for the jacket) set of clothing of a person has the appropriate heat-shielding properties. Information about the revealed violations was transferred to the bodies exercising state control (supervision).

  • Manufacturer

    Uniclo KO

  • Manufacturer

    Uniclo KO

  • Roster

    90% DOWN, 10% FEATHER, UPPER: 100% POLYESTER. LINING 100% NYLON, ribbing: 87% polyester, 13% elastane

Uniqlo Down Parka Purchase History | Customer Reviews


I’ll tell you a little story about how I was going to “quickly” buy myself a down jacket at Uniqlo, and as a result I suffered 2 hours and am still tormented by doubts.In the post, a banal situation and harsh selfies from the fitting room. Nevertheless, I will try to draw some valuable conclusions

My task was to buy myself a down jacket at Uniqlo. My clothing style is forcedly indistinctly sporty, and my lifestyle requires comfortable clothes – here Uniqlo is what I need. Uniqlo down jackets are very lightweight, do not get wet, have a versatile cut and are available in a large color palette. I planned to enjoy it and easily choose a color for myself.

Stage One
I ran into Uniqlo with the confidence that in 5 minutes I would make a choice. I took into the fitting room all the colors of the down jacket of the model I needed with a hood. After trying on, I was (to my great surprise) not satisfied with any of the options – none of them decorated me, so to speak.
Stage Two
I decided to use the “Call a Friend” and sent a selfie from the fitting room to my main life advisor. Moreover, each photo was accompanied by a comment that the color rendition was distorted.At the same time, the main difficulty consisted just in finding a shade that would decorate me. Of course, in this situation, they could not advise me anything.

Here, in fact, are some photos from the fitting room (which I did not plan to put on the court of demanding commentators Cosmetists, if anything ) + promo photos of models + my comments.

I was tempted to buy this option, because there was a big discount on it. And it’s clear why.The color is extremely impractical and, in general, I myself always feel people in a white coat, down jacket during the autumn-winter period on the streets of St. Petersburg as something strange. It may be very beautiful, but it is … so dazzling … and even somehow inappropriate. Perhaps you understand what I mean. In short, I would not have pulled such a mission.
The color on my photo and on the promo does not match what you see in the store. I seriously thought to buy this color, although it completely clogs my appearance. Manila discount plus my daughter would be happy! But still, this is not what I wanted.
I was sure I would choose this color. A dull red (as I think) paints me. But this variation turned out to have such an unpleasant, dirty note that on me it was beginning to dominate the redness. In my photo, the red turned into … raspberries?
But I really liked this blue one. As a result, I chose between him and the one that I chose The color was conveyed reliably on the promo photo.

Stage three
After wandering around in the store for 2 hours, I left for a meeting and then returned to Uniqlo again, i.e.Because the choice became a matter of principle for me. Like, why can’t I even buy a jacket for myself? This is not a wedding dress! During this pause, I once again analyzed my wardrobe and decided to choose between dark gray (graphite, as it seemed to me) and deep blue (sea). The fact is that most often I wear jeans (a blue parka is a good match for them), but subconsciously I always reach for a dull gray. So the circle has narrowed.
Stage Four
However, when I returned to the store, I measured everything again.The fact is that the selected blue seemed to me not quite blue, and the gray also seemed to change its shade while I was away. Here a nervous tic was already starting to creep through me. And I decided to use the “Hall Help”. Just in the hall, two women of about 50 years old were choosing clothes. They told me in unison that life is already a dull gray spot and now, they say, how old are you? thirty and you want gray ?! look at my canary vest, red bag, lime-colored pants. In short, they definitely advised me to go for pink or white.Okay, since you have small children, don’t take the white one. I, in principle, agree with them that clothing should add bright colors to the environment. I myself wear, for example, a pink backpack or boots. But the down jacket is too big a stain. By the age of 50, yes, I too (most likely) will dress the same, but still a little young for such a bright palette.
Stage Five
In the end, I decided to “be myself and not apologize for that” and chose my favorite gray color. I was happy.
Stage Six
Later, in natural light, I discovered that my new down jacket was not a deep graphite color, but just a dark gray.I was disappointed.
Stage seven
Also at home it turned out that now we will have the so-called. family look, because my new gray down jacket was not the only gray down jacket in our family. And there was absolutely nothing funny about it. I decided to change my down jacket to blue, which I also love (color in the sense), because 90% of my summer wardrobe is just blue. But it became clear that if I did it, it would not be easier for anyone.
Stage eight
Of course, now the new down jacket has become a part of my everyday life.I do not dispute his comfort, but the color still haunts me. Although, thanks to this purchase, I blew the dust off my black Zara pencil skirt and added a little femininity to my daily look.
Uniqlo color palette. For myself, I concluded that the Uniqlo color palette – with all its apparent variety – is sharpened mainly for cold color types. And if warm, then with high contrast. (I’m so-so in color types, but you get what I mean).I began to pay attention to the models of the brand and only confirmed my guess. Japanese with snow-white skin and black hair, bright and hot African-Americans, cold, but again bright “Scandinavian” types. And even if a mild summer (like the girl in the top photo) can pick up something for itself, it will be something extremely nondescript. I tried on this color (the down jacket in the promo in the top photo) and it is mousey in every sense, too gray even for a gray fan like me. The good news is that every season the colors of the basic models change and you can choose something relatively suitable.

The lighting in the fitting rooms and the Uniqlo store greatly distorts the real color of things. In the photo, you see a triple distortion: fitting room light, my phone, your monitor. But, for example, when choosing lipstick or shadows, we have already been taught by our own and other people’s experience – we smeared it and ran into the street to look at the daylight. But what about clothes? She can’t be taken out into the street and looked at. You can, of course, buy and return – but this is not pleasant.
In general, the topic of lighting in store fitting rooms seems to me to be poorly lit.I hope someone will write about this separately

For me personally, this purchase was still a disappointment. I can’t really regret it, because there is no color in the assortment for which I would like to change my down jacket. I was disappointed not that it is gray, but that it is not as gray as I saw it in the store. However, after this story, I bought four more Uniqlo items that I am happy with. Although … I chose the color of only one of them myself

I wish you all a pleasant and successful shopping!

Down jackets Uniclo (30 photos): female models, how to choose

Japanese fashion is known all over the world for its provocation and extravagance.Perhaps this is why Japanese brands are not particularly popular in more conservative Europe. However, there are also happy exceptions. Uniqlo is one of the few companies from the land of the rising sun, whose products were able to win the love of fashionistas from almost all over the world.

Our today’s article is dedicated to women’s down jackets from Uniqlo. We will tell you about the history of the company and the features of its products.

Find out about the best Uniqlo down jackets and get expert advice on the selection and care of down jackets.

Brand Features

The history of Uniqlo began in the middle of the 20th century with the opening of a men’s clothing store in the Japanese city of Yamaguchi.35 years later, the owners of the shop decided to expand the circle of customers, and created a network of outlets selling casual clothes in unisex style. The new brand was named Unique Clothing Warehouse, but soon it was shortened to Uniqlo.

The company began to grow rapidly, and by the early 90s there were about a hundred Uniqlo branded stores in Japan. Today, almost 1,500 boutiques of this brand operate in 16 countries around the world.

There are several reasons for the popularity of Uniqlo products. First, the company produces items from a basic wardrobe that can be easily combined with each other and with clothing from other brands.

Secondly, the choice of models for men, women and children is very large. And finally, this manufacturer offers high quality and stylish clothing at a relatively low price.


Uniqlo down jackets are in great demand among Russian buyers, for whom not only a beautiful appearance is important in winter clothes, but also the ability to warm even in the most severe frosts.

Among the main advantages of down jackets and coats from this manufacturer are:

  • High degree of thermal insulation, which is achieved due to the filling, consisting of down and feathers of waterfowl.
  • Relatively low price. The company has developed several techniques that can reduce the cost of products (for example, abandoning two-layer insulated pockets). It is important that such methods of saving do not affect the quality of products in any way.

Ultra lightness is another great quality. In a down-feather mixture, 90% of down is taken up, so Uniqlo down jackets weigh practically nothing. The products are so thin and light that they fit into a compact case that you can carry with you in your bag.


We bring to your attention a selection of the most interesting models of women’s down jackets from the latest Uniqlo collection. The item you like can be purchased in a company boutique or ordered with delivery in one of the online stores.

White down vest with colored lining.With its elongated silhouette and high stand-up collar, this model is suitable for inclement, windy weather. Vests are also available in dark pink and navy blue.

Bright downy parka jacket with a hood will reliably protect you from rain and piercing wind. The model range includes 8 color options.

Down jacket in a beautiful, golden-beige color.With a round neckline, fur and buttons and tapered sleeves, this model looks very elegant. Several more colors are available, including black and white.

Long down coat in light brown color is a great option for cold winter days. Additional advantages of this ultra-light model include a large elasticated hood and a high collar.

Quilted vest with a deep wine shade down looks very sophisticated.It is also incredibly warm and compact, as it can be easily folded into a small bag-case.

Selection tips

Choosing a down jacket in which you can comfortably go through the whole winter, and maybe even more than one, is not an easy task. First you need to decide on the desired style and length, then – with the brand, and only then choose a specific model.We hope that our recommendations will help you make the right decision.

  • The weight of the down jacket depends, first of all, on the composition of the filler. Pay attention to the percentage of feather to down. The more down, the lighter and thinner the product will be.
  • Quilted down jackets are good because in the areas divided into small segments, the filler is evenly distributed, so there are no bald spots vulnerable to the cold.
  • The most practical down jackets are those that can be modified depending on the weather, for example, unfasten the hood and fur trim, tuck the sleeves or even change the length of the down jacket.Take a closer look at the two-sided models that can be worn inside out, because they are, in fact, two things in one.


  • It is strictly not recommended to wash down coats and jackets with ordinary detergents. Dry clean, or machine wash on a delicate cycle using a lint detergent is preferred.
  • Lightweight Uniqlo down jackets dry very quickly, within hours. It is better to dry them by hanging them on a hanger or spreading them out on a dryer, and first fluff the filler with your hands.
  • If you notice feathers sticking out of the seams, do not pull them out, otherwise the tiny holes will enlarge and the feather will climb even more. Try to gently pull the feathers back with a fine needle or hook.

In a well-ventilated area, the garment will dry faster.Open the window in the room where you are drying the jacket

Uniqlo Women’s Clothing # 2 Fall-Winter 2016-2017 – 4shopping v3.0

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Art. 162844_09_376n180a_a1


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Art. 163145_23_246n242a_a1


Art. 163206_01_246n040a_a1_s


Art. 169523_09_226n040a_a1_s


Art. 169523_32_226n040a_a1_s


Art. 170961_01_226h219g_a1_s


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Art. 171443_41_276n294g_a1


Art. 171624_09_276f130a_a1_s


Art. 171626_09_276f054c_a1


Art. 171626_32_276f054c_a1


Art. 171646_09_276f257a_a1

Launch of men’s Plus and Tall sections Confident step


Art. 172127_76_296n024c_a1


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Art. 172163_69_276f003f_a1


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Art. 172180_69_276f022a_a1


Art. 172181_09_276f024a_a1


Art. 172183_08_276f019b_a1


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Art. 172186_91_276f170b_a1


Art. 172186_92_276f170b_a1


Art. 172187_00_276f172b_a1


Art. 172187_09_276f172b_a1


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Art. 172187_91_276f172b_a1


Art. 172200_08_276f266a_a1


Art. 172200_36_276f266a_a1


Art. 172266_00_246f001a_a1_s


Art. 172266_09_246f001a_a1_s


Art. 172266_19_246f001a_a1_s


Art. 172266_57_246f001a_a1_s


Art. 172266_69_246f001a_a1_s


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Art. 172267_18_246f014a_a1_s


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Art. 172267_58_246f014a_a1_s


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Art. 172269_68_246f028a_a1_s


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Art. 172273_55_246f016a_a1_s


Art. 172286_12_246f020b_a1


Art. 172286_50_246f020b_a1


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Art. 173265_09_236f021a_a1_s


Art. 173273_00_236f008a_a1


Art. 173273_09_236f008a_a1


Art. 173273_19_236f008a_a1


Art. 173273_69_236f008a_a1


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Art. 173346_01_216f008a_a1


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Art. 173346_63_216f008a_a1


Art. 173349_56_216f002a_a1_s


Art. 215f001c_163170_63_a1_s


Features of branded men’s jeans – Telegraf.by

The daily life of a large number of men is inextricably linked with jeans. These trousers are not suitable only for formal receptions or for offices where there are strict dress code requirements.But choosing the perfect jeans is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. There are many points in this process.

Jeans features

Cotton fabric is used for the manufacture of men’s jeans. Denim material can be processed or not. Dark blue (indigo) for those trousers that did not wear off before they were sold. These jeans are best washed less as they can fade. Many sellers wash them themselves before selling them. This uses a special powder and softener.Sometimes pebbles are used to create unique patterns.

The most famous brands

Among the most popular denim trousers are: Levi’s, Carhart, Uniqlo, Armani, Billionaire, Brioni, Calvin Klein, Dolce & Gabbana.

All branded jeans are evaluated by both experts and customers. Consumer assessment is more important for the manufacturer, since only the buyer will be able to show how much a particular product is in demand on the market.

Benefits of branded items

Branded items from the beginning of the XXI century are very popular. Their manufacturers are highly trusted by the population. Well-known clothing brands have advantages:

    • Material – the fabric is developed by designers for a specific purpose. As a result, jeans are not made of cheap material and do not stretch after being washed for the first time.
    • Quality – perfect execution.
    • Appearance – even when worn for a long time, the jeans remain in good shape.

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