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Singapore’s Stationery Heavens (Favourite stores and guides) – Studyrella

So a bunch of haters aren’t going to stop me from posting here! I’m flattered that people always ask me about Stationery in Singapore. I wasn’t aware that we were stationery paradise (apart from Japan, of course), but I’m always happy to show them where the good spots are. If you’re not heading to Singapore? There are tons of online stores that ship to virtually anywhere, and some might even have free shipping!


If you want something cheap, but also want to make sure it has high quality, Daiso is your best bet. Everything is only $2 SGD, and the selection in Singapore is larger than most, I’m told. I’ve been to Daiso in Japan and Korea, and they are obviously stationery heavens, but in Singapore, you can even get souvenirs, and I think it comes close to Daiso there.

What to buy here:

1. Washi tapes

Washi tapes originate from Japan, so you’d get high quality tapes there. The designs are good too; one of my favourite ones to use came from Daiso!

2. Stickers

I do not kid you when I say that their stickers are adorable. I especially love the animal ones that they have lately. TOOO cute for words.

3. Letter sets.

Literally the cutest things alive. I definitely have to buy some for my pen pals soon.

4. Notebooks

If you’re into cute designs, but not so much looking at paper quality. The quality is alright, not as good as muji, but I don’t really use them. Grab some for children party bags though – my sister got a huge amount for her friends.

5. Everything else

You can buy almost everything there – from garden tools to kitchen utensils or even toys.


Another store originating from Japan (really, that’s the land of stationery). This one is slightly more expensive, but you can get many pen brands here, from Tombow to Pentel. I would recommend going here instead of popular (another book/stationery store I’d be introducing later) if you don’t have much time.

What to buy here:

1. Brush Pens and Stationery

You can find my previous post on what to use, and here you can get most of the brands listed. They also sell an assortment of brands, from

2. Washi tapes

Here, they have several gorgeous brands and designs – all for a price, of course. MT (Masking Tape) is one of the best tape brands around, and they can be found in most branches, if not all.

3. Notebooks

If you’re looking for high quality books, here’s the place. Most notebooks come from Japan too, so you definitely can’t miss out. Some brands include CAMPUS and Midori.

4. Others

It’s like a more expensive Daiso with higher quality goods, but you can get a great variety of beauty and skin care products here too.


Literally the best store to buy art supplies in Singapore. They have a guaranteed lowest price as well, and most of the brush pens I own come from here. The good thing is that they count GST (Goods and Services Tax) of 7% for your total bill, and that makes it cheaper. If you spend $30, you can become a member and get 10% off, or 20% during your birthday month. Sounds amazing? Well it is! They also ship worldwide, if you’re not based in Singapore.

What to buy here:

1. Brush Pens and Stationery

Most pens are a few cents cheaper than other stores. They also sell ZIG Brushables individually, so if you don’t want to buy the entire set, get it there! They sell a great variety too, such as KOI Colouring Brush, Sharpies, and more that you won’t normally get in the other places.

2. Rhodia Notepads

They sell the grid, dotted, plain ones, or ring notebooks, while stocks last. This brand is amazing for lettering – don’t let the thin pages fool you because they are smooth and great for practice. The dotted pads are always out of stock for months, so if you don’t rush down to get it, you may find yourself waiting for several months.

3. Art Supplies

I got my watercolour set from here, and I’ve been using it for over a month now. They sell lots of brushes and calligraphy nibs as well, and the staff are friendly enough to ask if you’re just starting out.

My only problem with overjoyed is that it’s location is noticeably more shady than shopping malls, and you might get lost quite a few times if you’re trying to locate it. My advice is to go via Rochor Station, and leave via the exit A heading to Short Street, and walk towards the orange building to your left when you’ve gotten out. No, not towards Sim Lim, but away from it, and you should also see LASELLE College. Cross the road to a Chinese restaurant usually filled with Chinese tourists, and that building is where Overjoyed is. Turn the corner, and there should be a stairs, otherwise a lift, leading to the basement, where the store is located.

Still lost? Google Maps should save you. Or ask around!

Also, because most art students go to Overjoyed for supplies (with the Laselle Art College just beside it), they can run out of stock pretty fast. While the staff try to stock up quickly, some stocks (Rhodia dotted pad, for example) can take months. This is not a big concern for me though, you can still get quite a lot of stationery there.

NBC Stationery

I love this store because it’s in malls I often go to: JEM, Raffles City, Bugis Junction. Other than stationery, they sell lots of cute, pretty gifts and stuffed toys as well, ranging from Hello Kitty to Gudetama or Pokemon. Do take a look at the cute stationery they have here!

What to buy here:

1. Brush pens and stationery

While it’s more accessible, it’s not as cheap at Overjoyed, so do take note that convenience comes with a price.

2. Letter sets/notebooks

While expensive, I love the character notebooks in this store. They are so adorable!

3. Gifts

Get some gifts for your friends and family here too, especially the character goods and stuffed animals! My sister is always trilled to shop there with me because she’d be preoccupied by the fluffy Pokemon toys.


I love going into Typo just to see the notebook designs. I admit I don’t buy much here, I usually get them during sales. While the designs are beautiful, I’m not a fan of the paper quality. Nevertheless, it is good to take a look at their selection of items here because everything is very aesthetic and it’s literally like a walking Tumblr store.

What to buy here:

1. To-Do Pads

They are usually colourful and aesthetic, so you might want to invest in one. I got mine from a sale, and it’s still surviving till today.

2. Planners/Notebooks

The designs are amazing, and they usually have things that appeal to teenagers, so they are perfect as gifts. I’m not wild about the paper quality, but the covers are worth the buy.

3. DIY kits

These range from cards to dreamcatchers or photo albums, and are also perfect for gifts.

The Paper Stone

Similar to Typo, with brighter notebook covers of meaningful quotes. One of my notebooks say: “Be Bold, Be Brave, Be You.” It’s a lot cheaper than Typo, and the quality is still poor, but do check out the sales, because that give you notebooks of $1 and below, and make great gifts for party bags.

What to buy here:

1. Notebooks

They have lined ones, but the ring ones with plain pages for doodling are my favourites.

2. Pens

They do have a selection of pens, just like Typo, super cute but not very nice to write with.


My favourite store to walk into and just look through the different stationery with a wide smile on my face. For such expensive stationery, they do offer minimalistic, cute and bold designs with good quality. If I wasn’t so broke half the time, I would have destroyed my wallet here.

What to buy here:

1. Planners

The designs can go from pastels to bold colours, and are good for everyone of all ages. They have them in many sizes too, so if you just want a tiny one, there’s one for that. Some even include stickers in, and each month is just filled with colourful, beautiful pages. If you don’t really use planners, you can get one during the mid year sales, that can go up to 50% or 75% off, but do note that half of the year (or usually up till April) has already passed and you’ll be getting a planner with half usable pages.

2. To-do pads

Someone gifted me before, and I still have it because I’m trying to save it up… forever. It’s cute and so, so functional.

3. Pens

I love the pens here, I’ve used them for years. Some might find them too inky, but I promise you, they are smooth and better than whatever Typo and The Paper Stone offer.

4. Stationery

This can be post-it pads, stickers, clips, tabs, anything really. They have themes just like the planner covers, so do check them out if you want to match.


If you’re more minimalistic and want quality over designs, Muji is everything and more. The quality for their paper is a new level of amazing, considering the price doesn’t hurt too badly. I get notebooks her for my lettering practice, because the brush pens don’t ghost too badly, or worse – leak to the next page.

What to buy here:

1. Notebooks

They offer various sizes – B6, A5, so on. I would recommend getting a pack of 5 lined books for notes (which I do for my customization of notebooks on Carousell), or getting a B6 sized notebook for beginners in lettering, because the small size is good for carrying around.

2. Pens and highlighters

The 0.5 ink pens are one of the best brands available – the Japanese really know what they are doing with them. The highlighters are convenient to use too, and you don’t have to worry about losing those caps.

3. Sweets and snacks

I love the tiny mints/lemon/peach flavoured sugar free tablets, they are so addictive and I have gone through packs of them while studying. The food selection in Muji is highly recommendable, from tea bags to chips.

4. Home appliances

They even sell fans, bed sheets and drawers here, so don’t forget to check them out.


Recently, I found out that they sold more brush pens at their Bras Basah Complex Branch, the biggest one in Singapore. The pricing is good too, not better than Overjoyed, but definitely a better choice than some other stores. You can get lots of stationery from all their branches, as well as books and schooling needs.

What to buy here:

1. Stationery

They stock up all the simple pens, the ones students use such as Unibal signo 0.38, Pilot gel pens, Pilot G2, and so on. Beyond that, they sell Mildliners separately and in a pack, and lots more highlighters like Pilot Frixtion, Stabilo, and more. I would recommend buying her because it’s more accessible and are in most shopping malls. However, the brush pens are only available in the bigger branches.

2. Gifts

They do sell quite a few gift selections as well. Recently, their brand Pop has scrapbook materials and some noteworthy items to check out.

3. Books

This is still a bookstore, although I would recommend getting books from Kinukoniya instead.


Besides Overjoyed, Artfriend offers a wide variety of art supplies. There are more branches, and it is more easily accessible than Overjoyed. Artfriend has a branch as Plaza Singapura, and that’s a very touristy area, so if you’re heading here you should check it out. I would say that they have a wider variety of art supplies, because the store is larger, but Overjoyed offers it at a lower price, and has a better brush pen selection. For example, Artfriend doesn’t sell Pentel Fude Touch, or Artline Stix.

What to buy here:

1. Art Supplies

They sell from huge canvas sets to small watercolour sketchbooks, so if you’re a novice at art, you should check this place out.

2. Stationery

Yes, they do sell ZIG Brushables individually here, as well as more pens and highlighters to choose from. Notably, they sell crayola markers, so you might want to get your hands on that.

Paper Market

A scrapbooking store that can also double up as a planner junkie/stationery addict one. I don’t usually buy from here, but I do love walking in and having a quick look. They are pretty accessible, usually in shopping malls, and you might want to pop in from time to time if you’re feeling fancy.

What to buy here:

1. Scrapbooking Materials

They have lots of paper sets here, from plain ones to intricate designs. Back when I had to do a project using a scrapbook, I bought lots of materials here. You can get embellishments that work well for planners/bullet journals as well. The scrapbooking stickers and paper sets may be pricey, but they can last long if you use them wisely.

2. Stationery

They have ZIG Clean Color Real Brush pens here, as well as beautiful notebooks and gel pens, so you might want to check that out as well! I wouldn’t buy from here, but it wouldn’t hurt to browse.

3. Others

You can get MT washi tape here, as well as embossing powder, and other miscellaneous items.


This is more of a bookstore, you can get all sorts of books here, English, Chinese, Japanese… And don’t forget, the largest branch at Takashimaya sells stationery too. This is my favourite place to get books, because you can find a greater variety, as well as more book covers than other stores. Don’t forget – this was the first place to sell that famously “rare” peach pack Mildliners in Singapore!

What to buy here:

1. Books (Duh)

I get most of my books here – they have a better selection and you are more likely to find lesser known titles and beautiful book covers at the largest branch.

2. Stationery, gifts and notebooks

They sell most stationery here, such as Mildliners, Artline Stix, and more. There’s also a selection of Moleskine and those static Tesla post-it notes to check out. They sell nanoblocks here too, as well as cute Hello Kitty/Sanrio and more Japanese character themed items, if you would like to check it out.

Shopping Malls to check out:

Suntec City (Promenade/Esplanade station) – Typo, Tokyuhands, Kikki.K

Bugis Junction (Bugis Station) – Muji, NBC Stationery, The Paper Stone, Kinukoniya + able to walk to Overjoyed

Plaza Singapura (Dhouby Ghaut Station) – Muji (coming soon in May), Daiso, Times Bookstore, Artfriend, Paper Market, Spotlight

Bras Basah Complex (Bugis/Bras Basah Station) – Popular, Artfriend

Ion Orchard (Orchard Station) – Muji, Kikki.K, Daiso + walk to Kinukoniya @ Takashimaya

313 Somerset (Somerset Station) – Paper Market, Muji, Typo, Smiggle + walk to [email protected] Takashimaya

JEM + JCube + IMM + Westgate (Jurong East Station) – The Paper Stone, NBC Stationery, Muji, Kinukoniya, Popular, Daiso

I would recommend:

Plaza Singapura > Suntec City > Bugis Junction > Overjoyed > Bras Basah Complex (Via MRT and walking)

Plaza Singapura > 313 Somerset > Takashimaya (Kinukoniya) > Ion Orchard (All of walking distance)

Note: This one is more of a touristy route, because orchard is where all the shopping is.

I love scrolling through online shops because the selection is crazy, AND it’s so convenient to just stay at home and wait for it to ship over. I’m a sucker for free international shipping too, which is mostly too good to be true.


Ok I LIVE for this store. I’m always, always looking at cute post-its and stickers for my planner/bullet journal. They offer free global shipping, and the stuff there are fantastic for people who can’t find beautiful stationery in their country. Some people get pens from them too, but because Singapore is full of pens, I recommend you buy the pens/highlighters/markers only if you can’t find them. They do have muji pens, mildliners, Pilot Juice pens, Pilot Frixtion highlighters, so if you don’t have those in your country, hop in to find those deals!

The owner was kind enough to give me a code, STUDYRELLA10, for 10% off. Simple use it during checkout, and you’ll get a glorious 10% off your total bill. (Note: there are affiliates using this). I myself use the code because why not? Free shipping + discount? YES PLEASE.

Etsy Stores

I only discovered Etsy a few months back, and now I’m obsessed with the stickers sold on the site. My favourites are Paperkumaco, Itspaperco, Moonlume and recently, I’ve bought sheets from Paperietown. You can get DIY and customized art works here too, and I just love browsing here.


Here you can get discounts for used/new items that sellers don’t need anymore. Sometimes if they allow, you can get a negotiation for used items. Some stores sell stickers, washi tape, grab bags (I sell my own customization for notebooks and brush pen grab bags!)


This one is pretty convenient too, it’s almost like carousell, but way more sophisticated and safer. They also offer codes for sales from time to time, so I spend a lot of time waiting for them! You can grab more than stationery and art products, and get make-up, clothes, and more from official stores as well. I bought my heat tool here recently, and although it said up to 2-3 weeks of waiting, I got it in 5 days! The best part? It was under $10!

So there you have it. Where I love to window shop, buy my supplies, and get more items to satisfy my need for stationery. Let me know if you would like some advice on what shops to visit if you’re planning on visiting Singapore!


Like this:

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Typo – Singapore China Baijiu Pte Ltd


Typo is a one stop concept store filled with supercool gift ideas, fashionable

stationery, awesome room-bling and other irresistible products. Pens,

notebooks, gift wraps, wall arts, laptop bags, you name it.

It is a great place if you are looking to re-vamp your room or if you are looking to inspire yourself with pretty stationary. The best thing about Typo is that everything here is relatively affordable especially when there are sales on items when the seasons end. Plus their hilarious gift cards are something that you will not going to find at anywhere else.

Shop B1-54/61 Wisma Atria Shopping Centre, 435 Orchard Rd Singapore SG 238877
Phone (65) 6733 4761

Shop 01-18, 313 Orchard Road Somerset SG 238895
Phone (65) 6509 6951

Shop 01-04 Anchorpoint, 370 Alexandra Road Anchor point SG 159953
Phone (65) 6479 7564

Shop 02-21 Westgate Mall, 3 Gateway Dr Singapore SG 608532
Phone (65) 6465 9713

Shop 3-12 Clementi Mall, 3155 Commonwealth Avenue West Singapore SG 129588
Phone (65) 6570 5689

Shop 02-39 Vivo City, 1 Harbourfront Walk Singapore SG 98585
Phone (65) 6376 9520

Shop 01-53/53A Bugis Junction, 201 Victoria Street Singapore SG 188067
Phone (65) 6337 3101

01-53/54 Tampines 1 Mall, 10 Tampines Central Singapore SG 529536
Phone (65) 6509 1417

Unit 01-17 C&D Great World City, 1 Kim Seng Promenade Singapore SG 237994
Phone (65) 6235 1673

Unit 01-22 & 23 Parkway Parade Shopping Centre, Marina Parade Road Singapore SG 449269
Phone (65) 6247 7129

1-07 Waterway Point, 83 Punggol Central Singapore SG 828761

Shop B1-20/21 Ang Mo Kio, 53 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3 Ang Mo Kio SG 569933
Phone (65) 6483 6740

2-39/40 Junction 8 Shopping Centre, 9 Bishan Place Singapore SG 579837

02-30 Plaza Singapore, 68 Orchard Rd Singapore SG 238839

01-418, 3 Temasek Boulevard Suntec City Mall Singapore SG 38983
Phone (65) 6835 7962

10 Outlet Stores In Singapore For Cheap, Branded Goods

Shopping in branded stores can leave our bank accounts… looking somewhat deflated. Okay fine straight up empty. These brands do nothing but sell good-looking products and it’s just too hard to resist. It’s annoying how much power these brands have over us with their tiny logos.

Let’s face it. We all wish we could buy more stuff without feeling totally crappy and broke after a shopping spree. To help with this, I’ve made a list of 10 outlet stores in Singapore for you to check out so that you and your wallet, will no longer need to suffer. Amazing deals, and jaw-dropping discounts? I gotchu.


Of course, IMM’s outlet stores are on the list- it is the biggest outlet mall in Singapore. Out of the mall’s 248 retail stores, 90 of them are outlet stores. You could literally shop till you drop here. Travelling to a cold country and hate the thought of spending on jackets and outerwear you’ll never need again? There are even outlet stores in IMM that sell winter wear!

IMM: 2 Jurong East Street 21, Singapore 609601 | Website | Facebook | Instagram

1. Nike Factory Store

First on the list is Nike- a brand that we all know and love, with prices that make us feel sad af. IMM’s Nike store sells its apparel at up to 70% off all year round!

A pair of men’s sweatpants that typically retail at $239, can be bought at $69! The Nike store is full of apparel from running shoes and workout gear, to bags and jackets.

Nike Factory Store: IMM #02-50 | Tel: 68962602 |Opening hours: 10am – 10pm.

2. Kate Spade New York Outlet

If you’re in need of a new handbag, you can check out IMM’s Kate Spade outlet store to get good-quality bags at up to 50% off its retail price (additional 10% off for select prices) so you can finally buy that bag you’ve wanted for ages!

Kate Spade New York Outlet: IMM #01-109 | Tel: 62593070 | Opening hours: 10am – 10pm

3. Coach Outlet

IMM has two Coach outlet stores. On level 1, Coach bags are on sale at up to 50% off (additional 30% off for select styles).

The Coach Outlet store on level 2 has discounts of up to 60% off (additional 20% off for select styles). Definitely a steal, considering Coach bags can go up to over $1000. sheesh…

Coach Outlet: IMM #01-104, #02-08  | Tel: 65671057 | Opening hours: 10am – 10pm

4. Outlet by Club 21

High-end brand Club 21 outlet store sells past season pieces at up 60% off the normal retail price. Calvin Klein knit tops are on sale at 50% off.

Tops and bottoms from a variety of brands can be found at 60% off. Footwear is on sale for up 70% off – 80% off for last pairs.

Outlet by Club 21: IMM #01-123  | Tel: 6304 3580 | Opening hours: 10am – 10pm

–Anchorpoint Mall–

Anchorpoint mall may seem dwarfed by IMM but don’t let that fool you. Located directly opposite IKEA Alexandra, Anchorpoint’s stores sell past season or discontinued items at up to 70% off, and that’s pretty impressive for a little mall.

Anchorpoint: 370 Alexandra Rd, Singapore 159953 | Website | Facebook | Instagram

5. Cotton On Outlets

While it may not exactly be a brand that sells high end and exorbitantly priced items, its still great to buy Cotton On items at even LOWER prices (discounts of up 50% off). On top of that, Anchorpoint also has a Cotton On Kids Outlet store so your kids can shop too!

Cotton On Outlet: Anchorpoint #01-01/02 | Tel: 6476 2944

Cotton On Kids: Anchorpoint #01-24/25/26/27 | Tel: 6266 3114 | Opening hours: 10am-10pm

6. Charles & Keith Outlet

The Singaporean fashion footwear and accessories brand always has items on sale here and if you ever need new shoes or bags for work or formal events, be sure to check this place out!

This outlet store sells a variety of items from shoes, wallets, and bags, to belts and sunglasses.

Charles & Keith: Anchorpoint #01-30 | Tel: 6472 6937 | Opening hours: 10am-10pm

7. Typo The Outlet Store

It’s hard to miss the Typo Outlet Store with its numerous bright yellow flyers. Anything from regular Typo stores can be found here -including fairy lights, laptop cases, room decor, keychains, bags and cards.

Like the sign says, Anchorpoint’s Typo Outlet store ALWAYS has stuff for sale. You can finally buy their cute and quirky phone covers and planners without having to spend an unnecessary amount of money.

Typo The Outlet Store: Anchorpoint #01-03 | Tel: 6479 7564 | Opening hours: 10am-10pm

–Changi City Point–

For those who stay in the east, don’t worry, you won’t have to travel all the way to IMM or Anchorpoint for some affordable retail therapy. Changi City Point is located right next to Expo MRT and has several outlet stores for you to shop at as well!

Changi City Point: 5 Changi Business Park Central 1, Singapore 486038 Website | Facebook | Instagram

8. Fila Outlet

Among the several outlet stores located at Changi City Point is Italian sporting goods brand FILA. With storewide sales going up to 50% off, you can expect to leave the store feeling satisfied and happy with your purchase.

FILA Outlet: Changi City Point #01-09 | Tel: 6244 2690 | Opening hours: 10am-10pm

9. Branded Outlet Store

The Branded Outlet Store is no different when it comes to its discounts. This store sells shoes and apparel from a huge variety of brands including Birkenstock, Asics, OBEY, Nike, Onitsuka Tiger, and POLO Ralph Lauren.

Branded Outlet Store: Changi City Point #02-29/30 | Tel: 6636 1709 | Opening hours: 10am-10pm

10. New Balance Outlet

New Balance Outlet store sells its sports t-shirts, shorts and other apparel at up to 70% off the original retail price!

New Balance Outlet:#02-21/22/23 | Tel: 6604 6905 | Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm

You no longer need to wait until the annual Singapore Great Singapore Sale to buy things without going bankrupt. Thanks to these outlet stores, you can buy two or three branded items for the price of one.

I guess the only downside is that sizes are very much limited in outlet stores so just prepare yourself for that. If you’re not quite sure about which mall to go to first, my suggestion would be to just head straight to IMM. With its 90 outlet stores- you’re bound to find what you’re looking for there. I can’t wait to NOT spend over S$100 for a pair of Nike sweatpants.

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22 Singapore Stationery Brands With Cute Notebooks That Aren’t From Typo

Notebook Designs Singapore

For girls who get a kick out of being organised, here are 22 local stationery brands that sell cute notebooks.

1. The Paper Bunny


They offer customised stationery packages for weddings, parties, gifts, corporate events and more!

2. Actspressions


Commissions and customised works are available, just email [email protected]

3. Honey & Gazelle


Honey & Gazelle also offers custom services such as event styling, corporate branding and graphic design.

4. The Poetry Habit


Fun fact: all the poetry on the stationary sold is personally written by founder Ingrid Liew.

5. Epigram Books

Source, Source

Cleverly named “notbooks”, these notebooks are designed by publisher Epigram Books.

6. Xhundredfold


Xhundredfold gives back to underprivileged children with every purchase. For every #buildabag set bought, another is donated to a child in an underprivileged country. If you’re not keen on buying a full set, the proceeds from purchasing any of their products will go towards a #buildabag set.

7. Pigologist


Reminiscent of nostalgic cartoon styles of the past, Wu Chang Yu ensures her products are non-toxic and eco-friendly.

8. Ang Ku Kueh Girl and Friends


Ang Ku Kueh Girl and her friends are named after local snacks we all know and love, such as Kueh Lapis Girl and Curry Puff Boy. Besides stationery, they also sell storybooks that involve these characters.

9. Dottyprints


A one-woman show by Kai Xin Chun, each product is carved by hand and individually printed.

10. Gracesmiths


Gracesmiths’ is a Christian company that aims to share their love for God through handmade products.

11. Kala Pata


Temporarily satiate your wanderlust with the colourful and exotic prints on Kala Pata’s products.

12. Likeaawesome



These simple and intriguing print notebooks are designed by current Lasalle student, Dean Kum. He uses Likeaawesome as a platform to express himself through visuals.


Source, Source

With quirky products unique to Singaporeans, LOVE SG makes you see our red dot in a different light. They also make customised products.

14. Mahrker


Besides their simple notebooks, they offer customisable notebook services for corporate companies.

15. Murdoodles


Constantly sold out at Naiise outlets, Murdoodles produces quirky notebooks that capture the small moments in life and gives you a space to collect your own moments.

16. Ozzy & Lulu


A stationery brand started by sisters Fajrina and Hazirah, they produce products with simple but colourful prints.

17. Soule


A portion of Soule’s sales goes towards initiatives for children that are affected by natural disasters, as well as those who live under the poverty line.

18. The Farm Store

Source, Source, Source, Source

With vibrant products that perfectly capture Singapore’s culture, The Farm Store’s notebooks have common Singlish catchphrases and words printed on them.

19. The SPINK Studio 


A Muslim-owned stationery brand, The SPINK Studio incorporates their love for Allah into their work. They also do custom orders.

20. The Weave Co.

Source, Source, Source, Source

Utilising recycled traditional fabrics to create premium notebooks, The Weave Co. hopes to use their gorgeous products to connect different people and cultures together.

21. Wackymons


Wackymons is an adorable brand that consists of “wacky monsters with their own unique personalities”. Their stationery leans towards bold colours with positive messages emblazoned on the covers of their notebooks.



Hitting you right in the nostalgia, Wheniwasfour’s products brings you back to your childhood years, reminding people what life was like when things were simpler.

Local Stationery Brands

If you want to jazz up your mundane note-taking life, be sure to check out these local stationery brands!

Cover image: Source

Jing En Lim

Jing En is a feisty third culture kid with a restless spirit. Among other things, she enjoys red lipstick, stargazing, and tetris, and you’ll usually find her singing along to the Hamilton soundtrack.

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WE LOVE: TYPO – Living Loving

Kami tahu Typo sejak tahun lalu. Kebetulan saat itu saya dan suami saya sedang jalan-jalan di mal Somerset, Orchard Road, Singapore. Tujuan kami sebenarnya mampir ke toko musik HMV. Tapi…saat lewat toko yang satu ini, kami seperti dihipnotis untuk masuk ke dalam. Akhirnya sukses memborong banyak pernak-pernik di sana.

Jadi, awal bulan November ini kami kembali berlibur ke Singapore. Typo sudah jelas langsung masuk daftar wajib kunjung kami selain IKEA. Sebenarnya Typo sendiri masih satu grup dengan Cotton On department store yang juga punya cabang di Indonesia. Nah, biasanya Typo punya area di Cotton On. Sayangnya Cotton On di Jakarta tidak ada counter Typo. 🙁

OK, kembali ke Typo di Singapore. Saat masuk ke sana, rasanya ingin ambil semua barang yang menarik untuk dibawa pulang. Tapi…saya kan sudah berjanji untuk disiplin dengan dana yang sudah ditentukan. Jadi akhirnya saya lumayan bisa mengontrol diri. Hmmm meski akhirnya total belanja saya agak lebih sedikit dari yang ditentukan.


Jadi ya..Susah sekali deh untuk menahan diri. Apalagi tema warna yang sedang mendominasi Typo bulan ini adalah mint, salah satu warna favorit. Apalagi banyak banyak pernak-pernik yang masih sulit dicari di Indonesia. Misalnya saja pajangan berbentuk huruf dari kayu dan kanvas ini. Untungnya saya sudah beli tahun lalu (saat kurs masih lebih bersahabat).

Supaya lebih jelas, ini dia beberapa pernak-pernik bertema mint yang saya lihat di Typo. Kalau ingin lihat lebih lengkap, bisa langsung ke webstore Typo (hati-hati menyesal karena lapar mata).

Nah, kalau mau mampir langsung ke tokonya. Lokasinya antara lain ada di Somerset dan Wisma Atria, Orchard Road. Saya sarankan cek dulu di webstore sebelum mampir ke sana, supaya saat sampai sana nggak terlalu kalap. Meski begitu, tetap siapkan cash lebih untuk antisipasi. Have a lovely thursday, lovely friends. Xx

Product Photos courtesy of Typo

A trip to Singapore is an opportunity to have a great rest and touch the ancient culture.

The Individual Tourism Studio “Svoi lyudi” invites you to visit Singapore. Vacationers are invited to visit not only historical sites, but also the world famous resorts of this exotic city-state.

Jewel Changi Airport

In 2019, the most beautiful airport in the world was opened in Singapore!
More details

Comfortable rest in Singapore

Relax in Singapore, enjoy the warm sea and beaches, as well as see the sights of this amazing city, is offered by the company “Svoi lyudi”.Currently, tourism in Singapore is constantly developing: new hotels, entertainment complexes are being built, infrastructure is being improved. Traveling to Singapore, you can easily visit Malaysia, Indonesia (Bali and Bintan), Brunei.


Singapore is a city of different cultures

The development of tourism in Singapore has left an imprint on its inhabitants. The atmosphere on the streets of the city is always friendly, cleanliness and order are maintained. Large spaces are reserved for green spaces.A large area of ​​relict tropical forest is located on the territory of the city.

For those who like to combine shopping and leisure, Singapore offers shops on the streets of Orchard, Marina Bay and VivoCity. Here you can find products of local craftsmen, as well as products from many well-known world manufacturers.

In Singapore, tourism also includes excursions to such ethnic quarters as Chinatown, Little India, Arab Street. Each of them is ready to offer their own national dishes and the opportunity to get acquainted with the culture of a particular people.

An exciting trip to Singapore will allow you to visit the monuments of the city’s colonial past. Tourists can visit the Rafffles Hotel and St. Andrew’s Cathedral, which blend perfectly with modern skyscrapers and luxury hotels.


Attractions and beach vacations

To diversify your vacation in Singapore, you can visit such famous places as the Zoo, Botanical, Chinese and Japanese gardens, as well as the Orchid Garden. By traveling to Singapore, you will be able to participate in festivals, concerts and shows.

Attracts tourists to Singapore and a beach holiday that can be spent on Sentosa Island. The weather is warm all year round, which attracts those who want to sunbathe by the sea.

Going to Singapore, you will remember your vacation on Sentosa Island for a long time. There are well-equipped beaches, a complex of entertainment attractions, fascinating underwater excursions are offered. A varied beach holiday in Singapore can be combined with traditional Chinese medicine and wellness treatments at the spa.

To ensure a high level of recreation in Singapore, modern medical centers have also been opened. They use advanced treatments developed by Western experts.

Sentosa Island, Singapore

Smolensk juice producer will start supplying goods to the USA – Economy

“Kral-canned” has passed the tasting selection in one of the largest American chains “Dollar Tree”

Smolensk, November 25. Smolensk juice production company “Kral-canned” continues to expand its sales markets around the world.In the near future, they will start supplying their goods to the markets of Romania, Canada and the United States.

The Governor of the Smolensk Region Alexei Ostrovsky told about the success of the local manufacturer on his page on the social network VKontakte.

He noted that for 11 years the Kral-canned company, which has localized its production facilities in the Vyazemsky region, has been producing fruit juices and nectars. Now export deliveries are carried out to 15 countries. Among them are Germany, Hungary, the Baltic countries, Greece, Israel, Australia, USA, Puerto Rico.

“Together with the regional Export Support Center, we provide the company with comprehensive assistance in expanding the geography of sales. Now the next step is to enter the markets of Canada and Romania. In February “Kral-canned” will take part in the prestigious international exhibition GULFOOD in Dubai, where it expects to find business partners in the Persian Gulf countries “, – Alexey Ostrovsky said.

Also this summer “Kral-canned” passed a tasting selection in one of the largest US chains “Dollar Tree”.For placement in their stores (and there are about 14 thousand in 48 states), the Americans chose fruit drink and pomegranate juice produced in the Smolensk region.

The company received the first order for 750 thousand bottles. The finished product will be heading to New York very soon. Further plans are no less ambitious – to reach monthly sales of up to 1 million bottles by the end of 2022.

“I would like to wish the Kral-canned company success in the implementation of its plans, as well as to thank for the jobs created (currently 70 Vyazma residents work here), tax deductions to regional and local budgets, socially oriented business and active participation in social projects of Vyazemsky region “, – the governor emphasized.

Alexey Ostrovsky expressed his readiness to provide the company with all-round support in the future.

text: Ivan of Nilsky

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Wallet Pay

How much does it cost to use Pay Wallet?

Payment for using the Pay Wallet service is not charged from clients.

Will Pay Wallet work if Samsung Pay / Google Pay is installed on my smartphone?

Pay wallet will work. To use the Pay Wallet as a default payment service, you need to select “Pay Wallet” as the main payment application in the smartphone settings.

Which cards can be added to the “Wallet”?

The following cards issued by JSSB Belarusbank can be added to the Pay Wallet service:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Maestro
  • co-badging cards Maestro

Can I add a card to the watch and pay for purchases using Pay Wallet?

This function is not available at this time.

Can I add a friend’s or relative’s card?

Based on the rules for using a payment card, the transfer of payment card details to third parties is prohibited.

How do I know if my phone is suitable for payment?

For contactless purchases, you need a phone based on Android OS or Harmony OS (Huawei / Honor) with an NFC module. For devices based on Android OS, the operating system version must be 5.0 and higher. The “Wallet” application must be installed from the official store of the manufacturer of the smartphone or mobile OS (Google Play Market, Huawei App Gallery).

Is payment available with Pay Wallet on iOS devices?

On iOS devices, payments using Pay Wallet are not supported.

Can I pay for purchases abroad?

Purchases can be paid in any trade (service) organizations that accept contactless payments, incl.hours abroad.

How to choose another card as the “main” one?

To set another added card as the main one, you need:

  • Open the map menu.
  • Set the switch “Set as default card”

Do I need an Internet connection to pay for purchases with Pay Wallet?

Pay wallet does not require an uninterrupted Internet connection and allows you to carry out transactions without an Internet connection.

How to remove a card from the “Wallet”?

To delete a card, you need to take the following steps: go to the card menu, select “Delete card” → “Delete card completely”. Confirm deletion. Please note that deleting a card is irreversible.

What will happen to the payment card after the data about it is deleted from the Wallet?

The payment card will continue to work. You can re-add your card to the “Wallet” at any time.

What happens if you disable the smartphone password, pattern, fingerprint?

Until the smartphone is protected, it will be impossible to pay for the purchase using Pay Wallet. The application will notify you of the need to enable smartphone protection. 90,000 Along the banks of the Golden Horn, or What to see in the new districts of Istanbul

Most often, to explore the largest city in Turkey, tourists choose hotels in the central regions of Sultanahmet, Aksaray, Eminonu or Laleli.Their location allows quick access to all historical sites. However, there are often disadvantages to such a choice, since you will have to live in the noisy center of a huge metropolis.

In recent years, the area along the Golden Horn has been actively developing in Istanbul. Its length is just over 8 km, the bay originates from the famous Galata Bridge. The bay has been called “Horn” since ancient times. The name “golden” is probably due to the good geographical position and beauty of the place.It seemed to the Greeks that in the light of the sunset the waters of the bay shimmered with pure gold. In Greek, the bay was called Chrysokeras, which literally means “golden horn”. Turks call the Golden Horn by the word Halich, which translates as “bay” or “bay”.

The first historical information about the bay appeared in the 7th century BC. At that time, the Byzantine colony was founded at the harbor at the mouth of the Golden Horn, around which Constantinople was subsequently formed. In late Byzantium on the northern coast of the Golden Horn there was a colony of the Genoese Republic, and in Ottoman times the territory housed the large shipyard “Khalich”.There was also a naval flotilla of the Ottoman Empire in the bay.

Travelers of the 19th century called the bay the most beautiful part of Istanbul, but in the middle of the 20th century, the area was spoiled by industrial enterprises, and along the coast, mostly poor migrants from Anatolia lived. Only from the mid-80s, the city authorities began to demolish industrial enterprises, old houses near the coast and build sewage treatment plants. In the second half of the 90s, the current President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan was involved in the development of the areas along the Gulf as mayor of Istanbul.The project “Environmental Protection of the Golden Horn” in 2002 received the first prize of the international organization Metropolis. The condition of the bay continues to improve every year.

Today, green parks are spread along the banks of the Golden Horn, comfortable embankments are equipped, and places for sports have been created. There are also many houses built in the Ottoman years, beautiful mosques, museums and other historical monuments.

On one of the embankments of the Golden Horn in the Beyoglu district, the five-star Lazzoni hotel is located.It is ideal for those who prefer to live and relax away from crowds and noisy streets, close to water and surrounded by greenery. In 2020, Lazzoni Hotel won the “Best Lifestyle Hotel in Turkey” category at the prestigious World Travel Awards.

The history of the Lazzoni brand consists of four generations of a family founded by the carpenter Laz Hasan, who at the end of the 19th century built wooden houses on the Black Sea coast of Turkey. In the middle of the 20th century, Lazzoni began to create luxury furniture and interiors.Now Lazzoni furniture boutiques are represented in the USA, Great Britain, Europe and Asia. The company’s store in New York was recently ranked second in Yelp’s ranking of the best furniture boutiques in the city.

In the Istanbul Lazzoni Hotel, the company’s designers have applied all their experience in creating interiors. The interior design of the hotel is made in the neo-classic style using natural marble. All rooms and public spaces are decorated in light pastel colors, and panoramic windows fill the rooms with natural light.

Guests have access to 126 rooms of various categories – from basic Superior rooms with an area of ​​26-35 sq. m to the Golden Horn Park Suite with an area of ​​110 sq. m with a large terrace. On the top floor of the hotel there are only five rooms that can be combined into one Royal Family Floor for a large family. Most of the hotel’s rooms offer beautiful views of the Golden Horn.

The hotel has one of the best in Istanbul, Onni Hamam & Spa with an area of ​​700 sq. m. The restaurant-terrace on the roof of the building offers a panoramic view of the bay and the famous hill of Pierre Loti.

The Lazzini Hotel has its own boat, which is available daily for guests at the pier 20 meters from the hotel. The captain of the ship, upon request, can deliver tourists to anywhere in Istanbul or conduct a sea excursion around the Golden Horn and the Bosphorus. Guests can also start the day with a traditional Turkish breakfast on board.

For tourists who prefer to get to know Istanbul with the help of a guide, the hotel offers the services of a partner company Aqua Travel Group, which also employs Russian-speaking employees.

Along the Golden Horn there are many very interesting, but so far few promoted places that deserve a visit by tourists no less than popular monuments in the very center of the city. A five-minute walk from the hotel, on the embankment of the bay, is the Miniaturk Park, where you can feel like a giant walking along the city streets. The park contains models of mosques, palaces, residential buildings not only in Istanbul, but throughout Turkey, as well as historical objects built by Turks outside the country.

There are more than 100 miniatures in the park, including the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, Suleymaniye Mosque, Topkapi and Dolmabahce palaces, the city walls of Constantinople and much more. Miniature models are made in 1/25 scale.

About 2 km from the hotel there is a very interesting technical museum named after Rahmi Koç, named after the famous Turkish businessman. He began collecting mechanical and industrial items as a child. The main exhibits of the museum are original vehicles and their copies, mechanisms and unique scientific instruments.In the museum you can see an old Istanbul tram from 1934, cars, historic steam locomotives, submarines, various engines, telegraphs, handmade toys, agricultural tools, pharmaceutical devices.

The museum was opened in 1994 on the site of the former Lengerhane anchor house, founded during the reign of Sultan Ahmed III in the 17th century. Two years later, there were so many exhibits that the Haskey shipyard, located right in front of the museum on the coast of the bay, was bought out.The shipyard was founded by the Ottoman Maritime Company in 1861 to maintain and repair their ships. 14 destroyed buildings were restored and rebuilt from ruins, forming a museum space.

Directly opposite the museum, on the other side of the Golden Horn, there is one of the best observation platforms in the city – the Pierre Loti hill, to the top of which there is a cable car (if you wish, you can also climb on foot). The hill was named after the French traveler and writer Louis Marie-Julien Vio.He wrote his works under the pseudonym Pierre Loti. The first novel “Asiada” told the love story of a French officer and a young Turkish woman. The work was based on the personal experience of the author. He began to write a novel in this place, admiring the views of Constantinople from a local cafe, which also bears his name. Now this cafe is very popular, first of all, among the Turks themselves. In 1920, Pierre Loti was awarded the title of “Honorary Resident of Istanbul”.

Near the lower station of the cable car, you can visit the Eyup Sultan Mosque.This is the first mosque in the city, built by the Ottoman Turks after the conquest of Constantinople in 1453. The standard-bearer of the Prophet Muhammad – Eyyup al-Ansari, who died in the siege of Istanbul, was buried on the territory. Some of the personal belongings of the Prophet Muhammad are kept in the tomb.

A few stops on the high-speed tram from the foot of the hill, one of the most beautiful districts of the city, Balat, stretches. Its popularity has skyrocketed in recent years, but many tourists do not know about it and still bypass it.

This is a former Jewish district, famous for its brightly colored houses, cozy and authentic cafes, numerous descents and ascents. Photographers and bloggers love to take spectacular shots here overlooking the Golden Horn.

At the end of the 15th century, Sultan Bayezid II allowed the Sephardic Jews who had been expelled from Spain to settle here. In the quarters of Balat and the neighboring Fener district, Jews built 12 synagogues and for almost four centuries lived peacefully side by side with Muslims, Armenians and Greeks, but then they gradually began to leave the city.In the 60s of the last century, after the conflict over Northern Cyprus, almost all Greeks left the area. Since that time, buildings in Balat began to decline, and the area with dilapidated buildings acquired the fame of the poorest in Istanbul.

In recent years, Balat has found a second life, but at the same time a crumbling house may stand next to a beautiful building. So it can be safely called an area of ​​contrasts.

A beautiful view of the buildings of Balat opens from the Golden Horn Bay. The Church of St. Stephen, belonging to the Bulgarian community of Istanbul, is entirely assembled from metal structures.It was originally built of wood, but it was destroyed by fire. In 1890, a decision was made to build a large iron temple. The author of the project is the famous architect of Armenian origin Hovsep Aznavour. Over the long history, the church changed hands several times, but in 2012 the city authorities decided to return it to the Bulgarian community.

Nearby, on a steep hill, stands the beautiful building of the “Great School of the Nation” – the oldest and most prestigious Greek Orthodox school in Istanbul.It was founded in 1454, a year after the fall of Constantinople. Many Ottoman ministers studied here, as well as Wallachian and Moldavian princes appointed by the Ottoman government. The current building in the spirit of eclecticism was built in 1881-1883, the locals call it the “Red Castle”.

Well, if you want to see the main and most famous sights of Istanbul, then only two kilometers from Balat are the Egyptian Bazaar, a little further – Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace, Archaeological Museum and much more.From the square in front of the Egyptian Bazaar, through the Galata Bridge, you can get to the other side of the Golden Horn, where the majestic Galata Tower stands, and soon after it begins the famous pedestrian Istiklal Street with shops and restaurants for every taste.

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