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Where To Get Cute Stationery Supplies In Malaysia (+Local Brands)

Love chic and cute stationery but tired of paying a fortune online especially with the absurd shipping charges and conversion rates, well fret not little grasshopper, cause you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve listed below the best places you can get all those trendy little notebooks, colorful pens, and even irresistibly cute stickers right here in Malaysia.

1. Typo

Of course, none other than the famous hipster stationery store, Typo, takes the top of our list. From beautifully embroidered laptop cases to must-have desk calendars, cute diaries, and trendy room decorations, this store has it all.

Image Credit: Cotton On | Typo

You can get your items either from Typo’s physical store-that can be found in most shopping complexes or from their online store and have it delivered right to your doorstep.

*Delivery charges may apply

2. Pebble Paper Design

Created on May 2015, by Rachel Chew -a Malaysian, Pebble Paper Design offers aesthetically pleasing notebooks and phone cases. The brand has been featured in several magazines and blogs such as Her World, Harper’s Bazaar Malaysia, Says and Time Out KL.

Image Credit: Pebble Paper Design

They have a limited but beautiful range of design collections to choose from. For example, the Oriental floral collection, the Christmas Pack –a collaboration with the famous Pestle & Mortar Clothing and the Fruit Garden collection to name a few.

If any of this has piqued your interest, then don’t forget to fill up the order sheet on their website to purchase.

*Delivery charges may apply

3. Mossery

Mossery offers everyone a creative platform, in the form of cool and chic stationery where you can share your craziest thoughts and ideas. The Malaysia based brand currently sells their products in stores around Europe, North America, Cambodia, Australia and in Malaysia.

Image Credit: mossery.co

Mossery’s sketchbook, notebooks, pens, and stickers are irresistibly cute with little animal prints and simple yet trendy designs. The reason we fell in love with this brand, however, is the fact that you can customise the designs to your liking.

*Delivery charges may apply

4. PaperGeekCo

PaperGeek offers to-die-for adorable looking stationery, from vintage stickers to aesthetic washi tapes, cool and trendy traveler’s notebook and antique gold scissors.

Image Credit: Etsy | PaperGeekCo

The vintage journals are perfect for those who are a big fan of journaling. So spice up your crafting or journaling hobby a little by purchasing chic, adorable and hipster-looking stationery from PaperGeekCo.

*Delivery charges may apply

5. Tabiyo

Love all things Japanese? Then this shop is a must-visit for you. Although the Traveller’s Notebook is what Tabiyo’s mainly known for, they still offer various other stationery items such as envelopes, minimalistic pens, and adorable washi tapes.

Image Credit: Tabiyo

Get your cute little stationery from Tabiyo’s online store or head over to their physical store for a better stationery shopping experience!

*Delivery charges may apply

Address: 92 Jalan Dato Bandar Tunggal, 70000 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia.

6. Stickerrific

Similar to Mossery, Stickerrific also aims to provide a platform to users to put together their memories, thoughts, ideas, and dreams. They offer a diverse range of stationery products like washi tapes, calligraphy pens, charms, sketchbooks and rubber stamps.

Image Credit: Stickerrific | Facebook

If journaling and crafting is your thing, then Stickerrific is most certainly your haven. Located in a small section of a cafe, The Corner Shop, it is a perfect place for you to work on your journal while sipping on a drink, and maybe playing with their adorable little pet cats.

Address: Jaya One, F-85-3.1, 72A, Jalan Universiti, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor


Doesn’t this just seem all so irresistible? Well, head over to their online stores today to make a purchase. On the contrary, if you’re looking for a much cheaper option then check out Lazada’s cute range of stationery items.

Score amazing cashback when you shop through Shopback!

Here’re 9 Places To Buy A Planner For Your Bullet Journal Fix In Malaysia

If you’ve been looking for a way to organise your thoughts and life, then you might have heard about the latest trend in the planning community: bullet journaling.

Bullet journaling (or bu-jo for the tech-savvy) is a organisation system for those who may have too many goals and to-do lists for their own good.

It can be anything that you want it to be and is not restricted to just one style. It could be your to-do list, sketchbook, notebook, and diary, but most likely, it will be all of the above.

Image Credit: bohoberry.com and bulletjournal.com

You’re limited only by your imagination on how you want to plan out your day, set your goals, keep track of important tasks and so on and so forth.

So now that you’ve probably been sucked in by the beauty of bullet journaling, here are 9 places you can get journals that can kickstart the obsession with planning (we will not take responsibility for any new obsessions formed after reading this article).

1) B’nottee.com

B’Nottee have been making eco-friendly and hand-made stationery since 2015 and their use of a ‘make fresh and sell fresh’ concept has attracted various customers to their wide range of products. Their notebook inserts made with recyclable materials are handy for bullet journaling as some come with grids while some are just plain blank.

Image Credit: B’Nottee

The A5 size makes it pretty convenient as well in case you’re one to carry your journal around and keep those daily habits in check. There’re also different types and formats available that you can pick according to what your scheduling would be like.

Price Range: RM13–RM20

Website | Facebook | Instagram

2) JM Creations Image Credit: JM Creations

JM Creations sells a few items that are handmade and crafted with care. Their specialty lies in personalised cards as well as planners and calendars.

What is unique about their planners is they provide different sheets of inserts with some segments specifically catered towards the kind of table that you’d wish to bring out.

Image Credit: jmcreations.biz

Some of their pages also come with headers which is a nice touch if you’re not super creative and prefer having these instead of your own.

Price Range: RM55–RM78

Website | Facebook | Instagram

3) Paperdorable

Most likely if you’re getting into the bullet journal scene, it would be recommended for you to take a look at Paperdorable, and with reason too.

Their planners seem to have been designed just for bullet journaling and as a bonus, they come wrapped in custom designed packaging.

Image Credit: paperdorable

After you get over that beautiful covers, the inside comes with 100 GSM paper and a dotted grid layout.

Image Credit: paperdorable

Price Range: RM80–RM120

Website | Facebook | Instagram

4) Notbook-Notbuk

If you frequently visit bazaars that feature a lot of handmade crafts, most likely you would have bumped into Notbook-Notbuk before.

Their range of products include the usual stationery as well as notebooks and planners that have a wide range of designs for you to pick from. From florals to abstract shapes in pastel colours, this is where you might be able to find an aesthetic that pleases you.

Image Credit: notbooknotbuk.com

The sheets inside are already segmented into months in case you’re more comfortable with keeping your to-do lists separated that way.

Price Range: RM11–RM50

Website | Facebook | Instagram

5) Mossery Stationery

Mossery is quite well-known in the planner scene, with their planners and mini-journals being a staple for the enthusiasts who have been doing this for a while.

This option is definitely for those who don’t mind investing into their planning hobby by getting a well-made journal. The outer cover is pretty nifty with its leather design and also intricate nature series. You could even customise it by getting your name embossed on the cover too.

Image Credit: mossery.com

The inside sheets are a mix of lines and grids, which gives the flexible option for those who might want a variety in their planning and not stick to one.

But then again, that’s the whole point behind bullet journaling because if there’s one thing that’s to be remembered is that it’s not meant to be super consistent in terms of layout.

Price Range: RM23–RM103

Website | Facebook | Instagram

6) Muji Malaysia

If you’re not really fussy about pretty covers and just want practicality, maybe a simpler option would suffice.

Muji is a famous Japanese franchise brought over to Malaysia with a variety of items ranging from homeware all the way to snacks and confectionary. They also have quite an extensive range of stationery including paper sheets of grid patterns to be put into a ring binder and even planners.

Image Credit: empfire.info

The simple layout and plain designs should appeal to the minimalists out there, and price-wise, they’re on the much lower range.

Price Range: RM9–RM40

Website | Facebook | Instagram

7) Typo Malaysia Image Credit: stickersandstationery.wordpress.com

Coming from Australia, everything about Typo just screams creativity and self expression. This includes their best-selling diaries and planners. Typo’s offerings are for fans of journals with ring binding and quirky quotes on covers.

Their sheer variety of covers and designs will probably not disappoint.

Price Range: RM67–RM88


8) Pebble Paper Design 

Pebble Paper Design are known for their nature-esque stationery and planners. Their product range consists of many types of notebooks and journals that can be tailored according to your desires.

Image Credit: Pebble Paper Design

In between the sheets, there are activity pages where you can either colour in an image that they have included (also revolving around the nature theme) or a blank page to design your own theme. It might just be the right put to spark the artist in you to new levels of creativity.

Price Range: RM50–RM70

Website | Facebook | Instagram

9) ThePaperKisses Image Credit: larrypost.com.au

One popular planner used in the bullet journaling community would be the Leuchtturm1917 A5 planner because of its layout and simple covers. It’s widely used internationally but unfortunately is not easily found in Malaysia.

However, ThePaperKisses specialises in importing various types of planners that are often spoken about by other planner enthusiasts, including the Leuchtturm1917 A5 planner.

So if this is the planner you’ve seen recommended that you really want to try out for yourself, this is where you can get your hands on it.

Price Range: RM59–RM80


Bonus: Make Your Own (DIY) Image Credit: Danica Tries Things @ Youtube

Alright, this option is for those with a creative mind and willing to put in more effort or are just looking to save some money.

There are various shops such as the ones listed in this article that offer a packet of these planner sheets individually or offer a wide range of binders to which you can store your sheets in. It will take more time and planning to figure out exactly which combinations are more cost effective, but you get the joy of customising exactly what you want in your planner.

Price Range: As much as your budget is worth.

Of course, these types of planners all boil down to personal preference and what you look for in a bullet journal. One of the strengths of this system is how it can be so easily adapted to the preferences of the user. It’s all about being inspired to try new

Feature Image: journalsanctuary.tumblr.com

Place: Typo (Pavilion) – Jessy The KL Chic

Good morning everyone! Feeling like a zombie this morning like me?! Seriously, I should learn to stop sleeping at 4am in the morning. Feel like my soul ain’t attach to my body right now. haha. Anyways it’s a new week and time for new adventures. Not sure if you know about this place but have ya’all heard about this awesome store call TYPO?

Front Entrance

This is seriously by far the coolest stationary store I ever been too. Don’t get me wrong, I know Typo has been in Malaysia for a while now but I rarely got the change to go there because of their store locations D:

Why are all of Typo stores so far? D’:

Anyways if you love hipster kind of designs on your stationary

Typo is the place to go to 😀

Went to their Pavilion outlet last Tuesday because it was a holiday and since we were in Pavilion why not check it out 😀

Typo have one of the most interesting designs for stationary. Lots of them are design creatively with some of the quirkiest quotes. I usually get my typo stuff when it’s sales time. The prices would be placed at an incredible discount. My friends got a stack of wrappers for only RM4. Crazy cheap right? And it was in a snoopy design. Super cute for those who wants a cute wrapper for their table or presents 😀

I usually go crazy for their notebooks.

Got a few of my notebooks before at RM5 from their store <3

Their cards are usually one of a kind

They even sell lanterns too

*Instant Room Decos*

There is even some items themed ready for CNY 😀

Dong dong dong chiang!

Some colourful quote picture frames and a world map 😀

They even got some useful accessories like

neck cushion and cute eye mask <3

Check out the notebook combo 😀


I seriously can’t survive a week without my planner next to me.

Plus they got a variety of pretty covers to choose from!

Check out the disco diva cover 😀

Eiffel Tower Scissors anyone? 😛

Alphabet Deco for sale! 😀

Scrabble fans would love this. hehe. 

They got chalks too. Can you spot the pokka dot chalk version? 😀

More stuff for scrapbook fanatics 

More deco items 😀

These cards caught my attention the most.

I fart you card for father’s day or your dad’s bithday?

And a really mean break up card?

So yeah. Hope this helps give you an idea what they have in Typo.

Check it out when you can.

I am already saving up for some stuff there <3




Lot No. : 4.01.03, Level 4

168 Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Tel. : 2141 3399

Website : www.typoshop.com.au


Other outlets that I know of is at Setia City Mall

If you do know of more outlets do share at the comment! 😀

Somehow or another every outlet got different items at different prices

Happy shopping everyone!


√ Apa Itu Typo? Pengguna Gadget Mesti Tahu Nih Artinya

Apa itu typo? Pernah nggak sih mendengar istilah ini?

Seperti yang kita ketahui, di internet itu ada banyak sekali istilah-istilah yang kadang-kadang bikin geleng-geleng kepala. Gimana nggak? Kebanyakan susah kita mengerti.

Misalnya nih repost yang biasa kita temuin di Facebook / Instagram, AFK, sampai istilah lama seperti suhu & mastah.

Typo ini termasuk salah satunya lho. Istilahnya sebenarnya sudah ada sejak dulu, kalau di luar negeri mungkin sudah sejak 2005an. Walau di Indonesia baru populer pada tahun 2012 lalu.

Lanjut kita ke topik utama, apa sih arti typo?

Apa Itu Typo? Apa Sih Artinya?

Typo merupakan singkatan dari typography error, atau kalau kita terjemahkan ke bahasa Indonesia, artinya salah ketik.

Untuk meyakinkan coba cek hasil Google Translate ini:

Maksudnya salah ketik gimana sih? Simpel loh. Contohnya saya mau nulis Leskompi terus salah ketik jadi “Yeskompi.”

Pengetikan yang BenarPengetikan Typo

Biasanya sih Typo ini gampang sekali kita temuin waktu orang-orang lagi chatting.

  • Facebook Message
  • Instagram DM
  • WhatsApp chat atau grup
  • Dan lainnya

Well, walau gitu istilah ini universal. Jadi nggak cuma chat. Pokoknya salah ketik = typo. Jadi mau di kertas, di komputer, di HP, di skripsi juga hehe..

Ini Loh Kata-Kata Istilah WA Yang Belum Banyak Diketahui

Penyebab Typo yang Perlu Diketahui

Apa penyebab terjadinya typo? Buat yang ingin tahu, berikut beberapa diantaranya:

1. Suka Ngetik Terburu-buru

Baik ngetik di HP atau di Laptop, kalau terburu-buru biasanya kemungkinan salah ketik lebih tinggi.

Saat kita ngetik cepat-cepat, penempatan jari kadang suka nggak pas di tempat yang seharusnya. Misalnya huruf Y dan T, itu kan bersebelahan?

Tapi kalau kita salah ketik antara kedua huruf tersebut, sudah pasti makna yang dihasilkan bakal berbeda.

2. Gadget Bermasalah

Misalnya HP rusak, atau keyboard Laptop rusak. Tentunya bisa saja membuat huruf-huruf yang diketik suka tertukar.

Saya sendiri kadang suka begini kalau ngetik. Keyboard yang saya pakai salah satu hurufnya susah ditekan.

Efeknya huruf tersebut kadang suka nggak terketik.

3. Fitur Auto Suggest Menyala

Auto Suggest adalah fitur yang biasanya banyak kita temukan di Smartphone. Fungsinya untuk menyarankan atau menyelesaikan kalimat tertentu yang sedang diketik (Auto Complete).

Fitur ini kalau sudah terbiasa memang bisa sangat membantu. Tapi sebaliknya, kalau nggak biasa justru malah hasil ketikan akan jadi typo.

Apalagi rata-rata fitur Auto Suggest secara default pengaturannya dalam bahasa Inggris.

4. Ukuran Tombol Keyboard Terlalu Kecil

Entah itu keyboard di HP atau keyboard di Laptop ukurannya memang berbeda-beda. Nah, ini ‘feel’-nya juga otomatis bakal berbeda.

Termasuk pada ukuran jari kita. Misal ukuran jari kita besar, tapi tombol keyboard terlalu kecil, otomatis kadang bisa suka salah pencet juga kan?

Kalau di HP bisa juga karena layar yang terlalu kecil.

Cara Menghindari Typo

Efek salah ketik itu.. Kalau nggak kita cepat-cepat betulin, kadang-kadang malah malu sendiri hehe.

Makanya kalau ingin meminimalisir Typo, ada beberapa saran yang bisa dicoba:

#1. Jangan Ngetik Cepat-cepat

Ambil tips yang simpel dulu saja.. Kalau nggak mau typo, coba ngetik secara perlahan. Mengetik perlahan otomatis kita juga bisa jadi lebih konsentrasi.

Begitu juga dengan penempatan jari, yang bakal jadi lebih tepat. Ditambah, setiap selesai ngetik kita bakal tahu kalimatnya sudah benar atau belum.

#2. Matikan Fitur Auto Suggest

Secara default, fitur auto suggest biasanya menyala. Seperti yang saya bilang tadi, karena Auto Suggest bisa menyebabkan typo, disarankan supaya pengaturannya dimatikan :

  1. Buka Setelan Android
  2. Lalu masuk ke Bahasa Dan Masukan (Silakan cari dulu)
  3. Selanjutnya buka pengaturan dari Keyboard yang dipakai
  4. Cari Auto Suggest atau Koreksi Kata. Kalau sudah ketemu, silakan nonaktifkan

Kalau sudah coba tes ngetik lagi. Kalau sudah benar nonaktif, harusnya nanti semua kalimat yang diketik akan hilang koreksi katanya.

#3. Pakai Gadget Yang Sesuai

Gadget yang sesuai, yang saya maksud disini ialah ukuran layarnya.

Berapa ukuran layar yang dibutuhkan? 4 inch, 5 atau 6 inch? Logikanya semakin kecil layar akan semakin susah juga waktu dipakai mengetik.

Namun kalau misalnya tangan kita kecil, maka memakai gadget ukuran besar tentu bakal nggak nyaman juga untuk dipegang.

Maka dari itu saya rekomendasikan pakai yang sesuai.

#4. Perbaiki Gadget Kalau Rusak

Kalau gadget rusak lebih baik cepat-cepat saja diperbaiki. Apalagi kalau sudah beberapa lama kalau ngetik sering typo. Pasti nggak enak juga.

Caranya kalau nggak mau perbaiki sendiri, bisa pakai jasa orang lain. Atau mau lebih pasti, bawa saja ke service center.

Asalkan masih garansi, biasanya gratis kok.


Kesimpulannya, typo adalah singkatan dari typography error. Kalau kita terjemahkan ke Bahasa Indonesia artinya salah ketik. Typo ini ada beberapa penyebabnya, entah dari gadgetnya atau karena kebiasaan waktu mengetik.

Untuk menghindari typo, kita bisa mengetik secara perlahan. Dan perhatikan juga Gadget untuk mengatasi faktor lainnya dari penyebab typo.


Sekarang udah jelaskan apa itu typo? Saya menjelaskannya karena istilah ini banyak dipakai oleh anak-anak muda. Terutama di Facebook, Instagram atau Aplikasi-aplikasi chat, kadang-kadang kata ‘typo’ suka disebut.

Penjelasan ini saya buat sesimpel mungkin. Kalau belum paham, tolong katakan saja di bagian mana (Pakai kolom komentar dibawah).

Semoga bermanfaat.

90,000 Ordering, unsubscribing and random typos

Well, another week has passed and we are in a hurry to please you with the fifth issue of Mobile Mondays! This time we’ll show you how to sort applications on your phone by folders, how to clean up unnecessary files and important documents, and how to unsubscribe.

iPhone tip. How do I create folders?

We were surprised to learn that many smartphone and tablet users do not know how to create folders with applications.As a result, hundreds of applications are scattered across dozens of screens, so finding something quickly becomes simply unrealistic. As if your belongings were evenly scattered across different parts of the room instead of being stacked in a closet on different shelves depending on the purpose.

It’s time to correct the annoying oversight and start the constant heading of mobile education. So, how to create folders on iOS, and what to do with them then:

  1. Touch and hold any application icon on the Home screen until it wiggles.
  2. Drag and drop it over another application that you also want to add to the folder.
  3. After adding all the applications you want, tap the folder name to change it.
  4. If you want to move a folder to another screen, tap and hold it until it starts swinging, then drag the folder to the screen you want.

If you have created a folder, for example, with instant messengers, there is no need to be afraid that some message will go unnoticed – the folder “shows” all push notifications and notifications of applications inside it.Like this:

Let’s add one more little life hack on our own: you can change the name of a folder not only by clicking on it, but also using 3D Touch on the folder itself. 🙂

Android tip. How do I create folders?

Here, too, everything is pretty simple. If you want to create a folder on Android, follow this instruction:

  1. Press and hold the desired icon until it “bounces” under your finger.
  2. Drag it over another icon and hold it until a folder appears.
  3. To rename a folder, touch its name.

Folders on Android, just like folders on iOS, display all alerts and notifications that come to applications inside.

ABBYY advice. How do I unsubscribe in apps?

Users often do not want to activate a subscription in applications, because they cannot figure out how to cancel it (yes, it happens). We will help you understand the complex rules of mobile stores using the instructions for disabling a subscription using the example of FineScanner.

There are two ways to turn off auto-renewing subscriptions – from your smartphone and from your computer. Let’s talk about the first method, from an Android smartphone:

  1. Launch the Google Play Market application.
  2. Click on the “Menu” button in the upper left corner and select “Account”.
  3. In the Subscriptions section, find the application you want.
  4. Click on the “Cancel” button and confirm the cancellation of the subscription by clicking on “Unsubscribe”.
  5. That’s it!

Cancellation of subscription from iOS smartphone:

  1. Go to the App Store application in the “Updates” section and click on the account icon (blue silhouette or your photo in a circle in the upper right corner).Log in to your account.
  2. Click on “Subscriptions”.
  3. Find the subscription we need and cancel it.

Detailed instructions can be found here.

Method number two – cancellation of a subscription from a computer.


  1. Go to play.google.com/store/account.
  2. Scroll down to the Subscriptions section.
  3. Select the required subscription and click “Unsubscribe” on the right side of the row.

Detailed instructions here.


  1. Open iTunes on your computer.
  2. If you’re not signed in, sign in with your Apple ID. If your Mac has a Touch ID sensor, you can sign in with it when prompted to authorize.
  3. From the menu bar at the top of your computer screen or iTunes window, choose Account -> View My Account.
  4. Enter your password or tap Touch ID, then press Enter or click View.
  5. Scroll down to the Settings section, click the Manage link to the right of the Subscriptions option.
  6. You can choose one of the subscription options or click the unsubscribe button to unsubscribe. If you cancel your subscription, it will expire at the end of the paid period.

Detailed instructions are available here.

IMPORTANT! Uninstalling the application does not automatically end the subscription . To terminate your subscription, you must cancel it in your account .If you uninstall the app but do not cancel your subscription, you will still be charged. This is how Google Play and the App Store work.

Application of the week. Clean Master – Free up space on your phone

Clean Master is an application for cleaning your smartphone from unnecessary things. You will be able to clear the program cache, uninstall applications and clear the search history from your phone. You can also stop running tasks, free up RAM to speed up your smartphone, and extend battery life without granting superuser rights.

Among the tools built into the application, there is a task manager that relieves the smartphone of background processes that slow down the device. Another very useful tool is the residual file collector. It allows you to free up additional space by erasing files left over from remote applications.

Clean Master is only available on Android, but here’s a great counterpart for iOS.

First hand. Advice from a colleague

Author of the rubric Mikhail Shubin, head of the marketing and sales group

Imagine a situation: you have prepared a layout of a leaflet, checked everything a hundred times, and send a print run of 100 thousand copies.copies. And … suddenly you realize that in the title, in the most conspicuous place … a letter is missing! Shock, horror, tears!

Sound familiar?

One of the reasons for the popularity of these kinds of errors is that when we read the text, our brain “thinks out” it a little, relying on the context. If a letter is missing somewhere, it is likely that we will feel that everything is in order (until we send the circulation to print, ha ha).

The recipe is simple: to get rid of the context, that is, to make sure that the words do not add up to some definite thought.To do this, as a rule, it is enough just to take and read the text one word at a time from the end, that is, backwards. With this way of reading, the brain sees each word separately, and it is much easier to find a typo.

If the circulation is very large and important, then you can use an additional tool – copy the text into a separate document, change the formatting of the text (for example, align to the center) and print. A different format of the text, as well as reading from paper, will help to “rebuild” the brain a little in order to start noticing mistakes in the text.

And of course, read the text again from the end and ask a colleague to do the same. “Measure seven times and cut once” – golden words!

That’s all, folks! See you next Monday! P.S Previous issue is here.

The access link is down or a 404 error is displayed

If your shared link doesn’t work or you get a 404 error, check the following:

Did you delete a file or folder?

The shared link will not work if the file or folder has been deleted.The access link will work again if you restore a deleted file or folder.

Have you disabled the link?

To check if your link is disabled:

  1. Sign in to your dropbox.com account.
  2. Click Shared in the left sidebar.
  3. Click tab References .
  4. Click “ (ellipsis) next to the link you are having problems with.
  5. Click Link Settings .
  6. Press Settings .
  7. Press Link for editing or Link for viewing depending on the type of link you want to view.
  8. Check if switch Disable download is turned on.

If the required link is not displayed in the list that opens, then you may have deleted it . You can create a new link to the desired file or folder.

Did the link expire?

Dropbox Professional and Dropbox Business users can set access links to expire , and may expire accordingly. In this case, you will need to create a new access link to a file or folder.

Is the file in a shared folder?

If you are a member of a Dropbox Business team and the file you want to share is in a shared folder, the owner of that folder may have changed the sharing settings so that the files are only available to team members.Your administrator can also prevent members from sharing links with non-team members.

Has your link been blocked?

Dropbox automatically blocks access links if they generate too much traffic or violate Acceptable Use Policy (for example, contain spam or malware). Learn more about blocked links here.

Did you rewind your Dropbox account?

If you’ve recently rewound your Dropbox account, your access link may not behave as expected.We recommend doing the following:

  1. Open your General Links page.
  2. Click “” (ellipsis) next to the link you are having problems with.
  3. Click Delete link .
  4. Create a new file link.

Access link won’t open in your browser?

If the access link you clicked does not open, there may be a problem with your browser. To fix this error, must sign out of your Dropbox account and click the link again.

Is the link still broken?

If the problem with the shared link cannot be resolved, we recommend that you contact the user who created it, or contact support if you created the link.

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90,000 St. Petersburg prosecutor’s office against the “Death Note”. Pavel Matyazh – about why banning anime – News

Not that I was very surprised by this decision.Anime is banned from time to time not only in Russia. The leader in this direction is communist China, where about 80 anime are banned, including all cult classics such as Sailor Moon or Attack on Titans. Some are banned in Islamic Saudi Arabia and Malaysia, some in the United States, and some even in ultra-liberal France.

Beautiful warrior Sailor Moon. Drawn in 1992. Banned in China.

But before that we only banned “Girl-magician Illia” and some episodes of “Pokemon”, which is funny in itself. We are still very far from China. So why was the St. Petersburg prosecutor’s office suddenly so excited about anime? And do they not worry that by their actions they only create a scandalous reputation for the not particularly prominent tapes, turn them into a sweet forbidden fruit.

I do not want to say that “Tokyo Ghoul” or “Elven Song” is an uninteresting hack, I mean that the Japanese have been keen on filming animation for a long time.And over the years, they have drawn so many that it is physically impossible to revise them all. For the uninitiated, such an incredible array of data is scary in itself.

Well, a man is going to join the oriental culture and watch some anime. How to choose it, on what basis? And then voila – clear instructions, the prohibition of the St. Petersburg prosecutor’s office. So, good boots should be taken.

How did it happen? Option A – prosecutors and judges simply do not understand that by their decision they achieved the opposite effect, and instead of protecting children from “harmful” information, they drew their close attention to this information.But in this I refuse to believe that highly educated lawyers, the elite of Russian justice, could not come to such an elementary thought.

Therefore, there is option B – they understand everything, but they have a cunning plan. In fact, they really need every Russian child to watch these very animated films. What for? Let’s try to figure it out.

Death Note

Let’s start with the leader. It is the “Death Note” that most often appears in the headlines of articles, posts and videos dedicated to prohibitions.This is a mystical thriller. 37 25-minute episodes. It was drawn in 2006 at the Tokyo studio Madhouse.

The main character is a Japanese high school student and an excellent student, Light. At the beginning of the first episode, he finds a black book in the schoolyard, on the cover of which Death Note is written in English. Along the way, it turns out that this is not just some kind of joke or diary of a psychopath, but a real magical artifact, the property of the god of death. It is enough to know the person by sight and write his name in the diary – and in 40 seconds he will die of a heart attack.Although you can enter the cause of death yourself, and then the person will die from something else.

To check the diary, Light killed the bully who tried to rape the girl and for some reason introduced himself to her before he began to take off her panties. Then Light chose the man who took the teachers and children hostage at the school. His name and photo were shown on the news.

Everything worked, the scoundrels died, and the nerdy high school student immediately imagined himself an arbiter of justice and began right and left to punish those convicted or wanted.In a short time, he killed so many criminals that he attracted the attention of the police and the god of death himself. A little later, a love line appears, and much more.

But the main plot line is a confrontation between Light and an interpol investigator named L. In essence, this is a detective story.

Although there is a psychological moment – under the influence of a magical artifact, the personality of the protagonist changes greatly. Watching an ordinary nerd turn into a megalomaniac psychopath is very exciting.

There are also whole series devoted to arguments about how ethical it is to carry out such lynching. The writers of Death Note cannot be called nihilistic maniacs, they really offer viewers topics for reflection and analysis. There is no extreme cruelty or eroticism in Death Note. You could just as well ban the Shining and Clockwork Orange.

“Tokyo Ghoul”

12-episode series in the style of “dark fantasy”. It was drawn in 2014 at the Pierrot studio. In terms of bloodiness and eroticism, “Gul” is somewhat tougher than “Notebook”.Because here about vampires, well, or werewolves, I don’t know which term is closer.

The main character is again a Japanese high school student. His name is Kaneki and he is in love with a beautiful Japanese girl. However, the girl turned out to be a ghoul and wanted to devour Kaneki.

Japanese ghouls are not mindless zombies, as in Fallout or The Witcher, but practically invulnerable and very strong demonic creatures that lure people into clever traps to eat them. In addition to physical strength and agility, they also have magical abilities.In short, it is even more difficult to kill such a thing than a vampire or a werewolf.

However, this time everything went wrong, the ghoul girl died, and Kaneki ended up in the hospital. The mad doctor transplanted into the boy the organs of the deceased girl (internal organs, not what you thought). And they turned him into a ghoul, but somehow half, he, like other ghouls, wants to eat people, but he simultaneously realizes himself as a human and suffers severely. This is the film’s main moral dilemma, as is the case with most of the varied vampire movies.

Well, yes, here they often tear off heads, arms and legs, gut and turn out the guts. But the point is not this, but just the opposite, what it means to be human, to keep it in oneself, to fight the beast within oneself, and all that.

If you prohibit “Tokyo Ghoul”, then it is necessary to ban “Dracula” and “Interview with a Vampire”, and any “Day Watch” and “Twilight”. Well, they drink human blood there, damned inhumans.

The only thing that in terms of acting and emotionality “Gul” is more abruptly than films with live actors, more convincing.There, all these drawn Japanese suffer so inhumanly and worry, struggling with their own demonic nature, that it is impossible to look after that at the pathetic attempts of Konstantin Khabensky, Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, or God forbid Robert Pattinson, without laughter. Gary Oldman, perhaps, can only be compared with Kaneki from “Gulya” in terms of psychological reliability. Here Dracula suffered as it should.

“Elven Song”

The oldest TV series from the prosecutor’s list. Drawn it in 2004 at ARMS studio.There are 13 24-minute episodes in total. I must say right away that this has nothing to do with Tolkien and Celtic mythology. This is a melodrama, only fantastic, with elements of horror and etty (there is such an erotic subgenre of Japanese animation).

The main character of the series is a completely naked aunt with a split personality. Half the time her name is Lucy, she is Diclonius – a super-powerful telepathic mutant. Lucy was kept locked up by mad scientists, and now she takes revenge on them, literally ripping off the heads of men in military uniform, all sorts of guards and special forces.The second part of the naked woman’s personality is called Nu, she does not possess any superpowers, and in general she has the intelligence of a one-year-old child.

There are several positive secondary characters around her, and all of them are confronted by villains from a secret military laboratory who want to catch and destroy all Diclonii. In general, this is such a misanthropic fantasy like Blade Runner or Out of the Machine. Well, and, perhaps, yes, there are no less naked boobs and severed heads than in “Game of Thrones”.Although, in my opinion, there is a difference. It’s still drawn boobs and drawn severed heads. And there is also an awesome introductory video, where this sexbomb main character is inscribed in the popular paintings of the famous artist Klimt.


11-episode anime series from the MAPPA studio. 2017 year. This is also a fantasy, here about cyborgs. Inuyashiki is the name of the protagonist. And how he got into this list of forbidden content is generally unclear. He’s not a nerdy high school student or a size 4 boobie.Inuyashiki is a 58-year-old Japanese grandfather dying of stomach cancer. He hugs a stray dog ​​and cries in self-pity when he falls victim to the crash of an alien ship.

Aliens transferred Inuyashiki’s consciousness into a cybernetic body. Outwardly, the robot is indistinguishable from the former Inuyashiki, but inside it is stuffed with a variety of weapons and explosives. The former office clerk turns into an invulnerable, almost immortal cyborg. Being by nature a conflict-free and timid man, he begins to fight various hooligans and villains.

Most of all this anime resembles the last 15 minutes of the movie “District 9”, which is shown in prime time on all channels without any cuts. Deny “District” first then.

In short, it is obvious that there is no real reason for such a stir around these animes. How these stories got on the same list and by what principle of selection is unclear. There are many films that are much more explicit in the sense of eroticism, cruel scenes and violence, which our prosecutors and judges do not pay any attention to.

Although there is, of course, one theme that unites the four series that we are talking about here. Naked women, cyborgs, ghouls and demons there are fighting various security forces, Japanese policemen, security officers. Somewhere, as in Death Note, representatives of the state are complex and ambiguous individuals, and somewhere, as in The Elven Song, they are single-celled maniacs and psychopaths.

It is this simple idea that cunning prosecutors and judges from the glorious city of St. Petersburg want to convey to us, sleeping agents inside the system, renegades who are slowly destroying it from within.That there is evil more terrible than demons and vampires. And, of course, we must fight with him.

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90,000 Alexander Frolov. Genesis Stitch – Dream


Today, crushed by crumb
setting I am a desert,
black notebook
step and , I am “no”
sand – monolith (matte lens;
through the word become Alien
in your (?) Language) smooth
lake: the reflection comes out of it
at the call, as hands hang down into the hole
– does not find me at the edge:
falls backhand (it
cannot find
about its color,
turning its on the floor
to the drawings like bodies) and o (t) it seems

with soil
thinking of me
bends in a curl,

winding around the wheel – dune covers
dune – strokes –
hand – silver:
spilled on the sheet lunar
steel makes
to talk
for several days in a row
fabric ribs: curved by repeating
of your last “to be”,
“here”, “in 5 am “, when another
is not talking about, but, at, somewhere, while –
lies with a pile of question marks without
leash to sounds and words – scream –
full-length – absolute

scream without a throat nomadic point –
is motionless
on the surface of a sphere: you
refuse to walk
through the stars, building
a route from the force of
wind and wave height, their
choruses are noise, that
of each finger,
like a spinning thread
refers to the fog (the crack,
splitting the ice, makes it sing
), preventing
from seeing the hurricane-cut paths,
rolled up by the shell.We are

should meet
in non-existent places,
simultaneously in several
(in silence; so many
of us – the centers of my (?)
body, scattered in the short-sighted
air), with you,
split between
forest and sun, sugar, moving
inside the rain, without touching it,
between the drops – heat,
drought, we,
twisted into a spiral
by a spiral staircase,
along which
the universe
rises to its now, flare up
sand vortices
the size of a chess boat.Wedge

crashes into the quartz vault, like
a mason’s sledgehammer into the layers of
rock, where
fossils are bookmarked – dormant forms
of the future: organs, sketches of
people (the stone lives,
to die (give birth) to become a
person), pulp
be going to, creating
strict order in the summer of
birds, plans to collect
of ourselves in a kind of unstable
time, as the belief that
placing snails in the coffin
of the deceased creates doors,
where the soul enters – into the staples of
death ( talked about birds,
eggs of which are made of ice) – palms
in coal dust, crumpling me,
as night
does not touch the sheet in your absence,
so that the feeling of “myself” grows

into something more,
than just warmth
comfortable apartments
clichés, code of laws,
according to which we move
in daily flows of
molecules, skirting sudden outbreaks of
chaos, blisters
in senses, breaks
in s tenach, wild foci
of the language, where the otherworldly appears
images – us, confident in the power of
logical reasons,

placed in a puncture
on a leaf of dawn are poppy dots,
that drift on a squirrel
apples, whose shadow is longer than
nights – a shadow of half a day, knowing
about which does not allow me
to fall asleep in this clam city
to the scream of flying turpan
in decayed sky, ashen shot,
covering the streets, knowledge


open your eyes from the inside
of the book, its dream about
of us sleeping at the beginning of
readings, pronounced
Alien, who is the soil of
refusal (occasionally resistance;
residence) from the linguistic skeleton
, so that it flowed
into anthracite pages
of the new land, ships are already burning,
scrolls cannot be saved –
let the smoke become
a memory of the day when we learned
to read



Woven string tin, speak:

– island, intervention, tea house …

Did you drink or write? The snake hisses the return water to the faucet. Hypothesis: you traded Alice for signs?

You have been looking for so long where corrosion has become a narrative, but you still have not realized that it is only from it – the idea of ​​growth.

– ridiculed the spots – they are: fifteen, Friday, black onion …

Speak, it’s not a windowsill anyway, it’s a half-rotted corner of a book, put it under your heel, under a pillow, put it on, a blackened palm – you will find a key to the lake, from the white negation …

You keep the service in yourself – no one can drink from it? In response – a weekly rag, an echo of a former goose, whose neck paints calm into the sunset … carved furniture of rocks, wheels of cheekbones …

Alice – purple, as in whiskey knots – did not open while the sky was lying, although December was already waking up on a good evening – what notes you gathered here, what not … face, face in the fire holds – she is a hematopoietic sister, a dumb phoneme of the ninth day – dharma balanced with analgin …

The Vistula hurts, Paris is the night of the liver, beyond the balance we knit a cotton window, sleep for three, for eight we add at the expense of reserve Fridays …

You know how to knit rivers, pour brooms

Fire – surface doctor, turned into raisins, and falls …

Well, sharp, well, the water is raised above the sleeves of a straw dress so that the faceted grapes do not look back and squeeze into the granite.

Where are her white legs now – rumors in the north do not give an accident to icebreakers, but then where the purple twilight of her blouse was hidden –

Oh, Madeleine, our tea Alice, finally show me the tail of the comet that you cooled down in Baikal;

Ice, stripes are hairs of gas on the other side of the mirror …

My you are a console, frosty Vatican, sugar dust, Alice, come to me, don’t look at the thorns and the strength of the tea, treat yourself to snow near the Paleolithic, simplify yourself to a few colored mosaic molecules.

Neither a hair, nor a ringing, nor a coin comes the fog, looks around and sleeps with all its chest.

Chains of valleys, off-road cities, underground ravines.

And what did you gain for her myopia? But don’t tell! The lines themselves will disperse into their forms – we should be silent after her, in memory of the sugar glance, when moon after moon passed in front of the tissue paper, like spectators in front of the screen or credits on them …

Come on, this time we take off our hats, and let the green death light up in the sheer interlinear, like an open door to every flower tomorrow, the first line, and the cut will subside at the end of December.


Marseille, remember Alice, her carousel wrists, her nomenclature grains, where black hurts at the crossroads,

Marcel, you are a negative swan, your sister indulges in a flowing cry, and you …

You ask, forgive her, like this, without looking back, at the ability to systematize dust,

She – seismology gingerbread bend – entails? Although the gaze is turned away, like the end of the tablecloth – we hid the coppers there, and ourselves … but the whirlwind, but the plasma does not remember the boundaries, the dead, whose stories surround us, while we are reading, the rustle of foliage, the ringing of a window from a thrown stone, or so is the last story of the century ending?

These are the black lions of Oorfene Deuce with out out lines, rubbed instinct – he hid them in the night, but white fangs and claws exposed her like a wall of ice with flashing lights inside …

Out of Scotland Daniel Home’s flight – the displacement of the anthropomorphic οἰκουμηνη – the step of the tibia Alice, the cross of the forehead denies her reed falsity, her malachite tide – she walks like a dial revolves around the hands frozen in a jelly of refusal, carrying with it a white shadow, this light hollow gram ;

what from her? It’s hoarfrost laughing at the weeds of former faces,

Sleepy port, you are Marseille, reclining becomes a dream about the tide, weaving it into the Adriatic braids …

Drunken thunder – I cannot dry its dampness, I cannot nourish the hysterical bursts of rays in the hollows of cotton wool …

How many acts, steps to quartz curtains, wooden bills?

Thoughts aloud, no, the road from salt and ash could not blink, this is a mouth that is from ear to ear …

In such a scatter, in such a heraldic blizzard, you are in your arms, Marseille, you carry out of all sorts of fabrics her body, which was used up by meanings …

Alice, my nervous tangle, anthill, dawn! I want to tear the sky to the leaves, paint your Chinese bells to the holes,

Fields within himself, fields of vision, fields that Elisha sows rice in the evenings, handful by handful along the sandalwood streams, where the Cheshire ulcer shook Humpty’s dislocation, along the skeleton of the planet, where Albion, covered in turbidity, carries morphine Carroll in its sleeve,

Charles, my baby sheet is wet with invented tears,

Pierrot, basement doll, bruises under the eyes, Pierrot, whose hand in hand with the Red Queen …

My heart chakra, Alice, she is your bone, shifting nets, fetters where silent movies dies down,

Where it is still impossible to find Humpty, where Altai is placed in a matchbox – these are ships made of foil and nutshell …

– What are you talking about? Drink wine and don’t remember …

Bedouin, general of magnetic fields, mustard mystic, deer, Siamese twin, Marseille, are you leading this spicy morning beyond the brackets of the rays, to the sounds of the ending boiling in a saucepan?

You are not capable, but have you learned to shift the stress by one syllable?

My cigarette doll, blueberry continent, Alice, how many sips until the next chapter of tea?

The Hatter rushes from corner to corner, from the Thames to Kamchatka, the bear is ruined, only the rim from the barrel and the crescent of the fifth wheel, and the axle – let it be a bridge from the Kuriles to bento, Pierrot’s awn in the next headdress of the madman …

Empty cups, but with shadows from tears – the Queen of Hearts opens the sky like a pink umbrella – it is raining alice – only their mouths are diagonally plowing the notebook virgin soil, and the noses again do not catch up with the porcelain gogols – go gol, Rolling General, and watch how the Albino Queen hides her silent and slow children in bird-colored meat, through which the world seems to be and not a broken saucer, like the Queen of the Dead spins bumblebees from glucose so that thunderstorms fall into your hands in drunken twilight, Marcel, your grown-up brother is not from here, lists yellowed with honey of decades what is left to find for a subcutaneous wife or sister, or spears are broken and the light of the country is worn down – a hunting blot crawls on the lumberjack’s forehead, the penguin minced meat swings along the burrowing undercorns and shudders – a mother, a wasp, a person and someone else cannot warm up cubic meters of raspberries , crawl through the ventilation gills …

It smells of soot, the air burnt by cards stripped and licked …

Chewed wind from Saturn squeezed an arrogant toad in his teeth …

Right here, in this – you, Marcel, wanted to find her again, your semolina memory, sister, bilingualism, wrist scars – well, pour more red-hot grammar on the foothills of the Caucasus – there the Albino’s hand grows, like ammonia in the nose, on wormy apple trees in the garden to be grown, where the stone is jelly, and copper is the light of the half-dead sun …

We go at random to tea drinking among bird and sweet cherries, play on the vocal cords of the Hatter, sing his name on three turns of the key, on five fields broken into crystal bedrooms …

Get some more sleep, if you can, you still can’t sleep, you can sleep, if more – more …

A typo at the bottom of the milk, there you burn your hands, there your head will subside, Marseille, there and …

… the chamber film continues to rotate not its own multi-colored rings.


Cadence. Cotton wool lays down slowly on the edge,
As the hands in the eye socket of the evening bloom.
For a small eye pear hears. You ask about him. About what?
True flame always if. North of Colony
Ink. Your frivolity – I revised it
In reverse order: what depends on several –
Torn shawl. Who crossed out this matte rock?
Marble forehead? Clay Trout
Right is peeling over the weightless contours of the dough.Blind?
Self-immolation. Voluntary gouging. Needle
Washes in acupuncture wool bangs. Size
C blue, where the fetus is given by the pupil – exchange it for
Non-articulated knowledge about the roots at the end of the sound, that
Like tentacles, paralyze the spontaneous rise of
Chernozem from explosive [n] and [b], from a boulder that became
Eagle’s neck, a strand of parsley, mercury, which
The palmist collects from the palms of sculptures at the graves, when
The rains are stripped to the A minor cobweb over that white
A boat that seems to us an eggshell, a pseudopod,
Octopus, draped on a sphere like a lantern type cloudy frosty silver on the black lens filling;
A crater is a story about the days that were husked to a pearl at the bottom
D, at the bottom of days, day by day, day-constellation-pattern-yarn: Poincaré squirrel,
D, where smoke grows from memory, and the old cone turns out to be
A cap or a fire bucket on ping-pong ball, not
A pyramid without corners, because the last pharaoh is a pheasant, a faun,
Flajolette – F … F … F – three fake beetles, split falsetto,
Three yachts with fists of the wind in sails from the eyes of the one looking after –
Whose names are their boards? – past present, present
Incomplete, future in the past – whose modalities
Seal carcasses on the coast of the Anthropocene? Melos roars
In the drawings of the waterfall, although there are not even strings on the halberds yet,
Hairless children, the snake sheds its skin like rings Saturn
Dissolves light on the tubers on the frescoes in monasteries that
Have long been a mycelium, herbarium, graphite chips,
Sailboats after manual palpation, she boomed, Bucephalus,
Having lost his mane, jumping from cage to cage, like a girl
Tramples motley numbers so as not to fall from rainbow eyebrows
Empyrean, where in the center the wadded Eve becomes Malvina, Malvoy,
Malaysia, stuttering, for … for … for and have not yet looked, for the “and” we
We hid all the clothes, as a voice is not born in a doll,
We do not recognize a spring tied to a knot in a blot, do not go to code
In such a thick-voiced haze: sleepy herons stand knee-deep
In cloudy curd and wait until someone gets a shot
From brown sedge pile; we steal a couple of dust particles from the powder –
Future satellites of the divorced planet, riders
of Caramel Cod, and now amber makes our only
Snapshot, while a little today is silent a little longer about what.


Are you leafing through the world? Page, the second – heavy beams are falling – a sauropod cage. Then – the Odessa staircase, its straight spine did not feel our worn out soles. You compared the painted over inscriptions on the concrete fences to the scars on your hands – the steps of pain with which the sun descends, smearing the sky with the brush of its collapse. Fiery pile (comb). His hairs (teeth) rewrote (combed) the field (after) the gray field. I pull the knitting needles out of the water, and the steel sheet of calm turns out to be a piece of silk, the spring of which is compressed by the wind, so that the fabric speaks, like a fur with a white crystal in the hands of a blacksmith, which scatters on the sides with billiard balls to flow from shape to shape until the clock becomes.Until the ellipsis becomes us. On my way? Who will prove our presence in houses with clogged windows? White panther and black rabbit at the footless bed. Who will take the first step, come up to him and show his legs pierced by glass? Sharpness in every movement. We have learned not to pay attention to your barbs. Your index and ring fingers, as a sign of acceptance opposite each petrified griffin. Is this the blind man at the city gates talking about? A porcelain pearl under the nutmeg tongue. Nutty casualness.The crown of the case asks for the matte stains of an unseeing voice. Modal seedlings. I ask for one more fertilization time. For the approval of those days when there are so many steps up and down for the sake of … there is no opposite of our shelter … no behind and reached the shoulders, but short – not … beeps, ice, crackers – then – on the 19th, going down to …, after – graying ridges – you leaf through, tear off the lakes of the lakes, throw them into the lists of names, numbering so that their gray arcs stretched like a bow, the relationship of two sides from the third unfinished triangle, or an awkwardly stretched awning over the place where Odessa in the green light of crickets pulls up the streets, trellises of pavements , on the cobblestones of which vines of streams branch, and in the same cobbled curls “sho” and “g” the bottom crackles a dry forest of words in the quiet bonfires of conversations, clumps of dust in the rays of the laminar sun burn with a cascade of peacock tails, and everything is as it is, without masks – empty skeletons of concepts that were there long before the rustle of your notebooks, where you tried to mount a certain ending, which you could reach with the tentacle of thought, like a train pierces the neck of a mountain like an arrow and the coughing of a torn tape of time subsides, whose perforation is echoed by a clatter that fades away in the depths of interpretations, attempts to live this day, how to listen to the recording in reverse order, or consider each gap as a negative of matter, where we peer in the evenings, finding it in the windows crossed out by cobalt, the questions chipped out by the eyes of the ceiling and walls, abandoned niches novels, where in one of them we once dispersed into different handwritings – pieces of glass confused by a kaleidoscope, and you leaf through the book of the world to find a body for your reflection, while the Potemkin accordion, as it exhales, carries us new to the bay and the green of the crickets is wider than the southern sky.

Whale per Billion | Tom Wright’s

Bestselling Billion Dollar Whale Sprint Short description:

In the book “The Billion Dollar Whale. The man who cheated Wall Street, Hollywood and the whole world “(” Billion Dollar Whale “, 2018, not published in Russian) journalists Tom Wright and Bradley Hope talk about financial fraudster Joe Lowe, his scams and talent to manipulate people, before which turned out to be powerless to everyone who came across it – investment bankers, politicians, Hollywood stars.

This book is recommended by Bill Gates. Also, the book entered the top 3 bestsellers in the sections of Amazon “Banks”, “White Collar Crimes”.

In this sprint, we’ll share the key messages of the bestselling Billion Dollar Whale.

For whom?

– for everyone who loves non-fictional stories about the adventures of swindlers;
– for those who want to learn how to soberly evaluate people and not become a victim of scammers who show themselves off.

Why should you read it?

To learn about the gripping story of a swindler who has been able to defraud Wall Street, major banks, high-ranking government officials and Hollywood for a long time.

Who is the author of the book?

Tom Wright is a journalist and writer, a Pulitzer Prize finalist. Best known for his coverage of the operation to eliminate Osama bin Laden in 2013. In 2016, he was named Journalist of the Year by the Publishers Society of Asia.
Bradley Hope is a Wall Street Journalist, Pulitzer Prize finalist and Loeb winner. For several years he worked as a correspondent in the Middle East, covering the events of the Arab spring.

Sprint AuthorOlga Afanasyeva

Many years of experience in publishing (proofreader, editor, leading editor).
Author of many non-fiction books (psychology, medicine, biographies, travel guides with a historical bias, etc.).
Published in AST, EKSMO, Vektore, Sova, Trigone.
In 1995-1998. worked as an editor at the Vi-Ratio consulting agency (Moscow).
Author of analytical reports at ROMIR Gallup Media (Moscow).

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