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Typo is Australia’s favourite gift and stationery brand. With everything from travel and tech accessories, home decor gifts and arts and crafts to novelty stationery and cards for every event, Typo has everything you could possibly want and things you never knew you had to have! Typo adds a twist to everyday items so you can always find something new and unexpected!

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10 Shops For People Who Are Totally Stationery Obsessed

There’s two types of people in this world. There’s those who keep their workspace minimal—a ball point pen and a refill pad and they’re good to go. Then there’s those like us who pimp their workspace with matching errythang—bedazzled to-do lists, day planners and overflowing pencil cases. Yep, we’ll forever be OTT. No matter which category you fall under, it doesn’t hurt to make sure your stationery is the very best. We like to think it improves efficiency in the workplace, ya know, the whole look good, feel good mindset.

To ensure you’re working to your very best, we’ve collated a list of the very best stationery stores in Auckland. Permission to spend this week’s pay check on an excessive amount of sticky notes and Hello Kitty pencils? Granted.

Frank Stationery

Exquisite stationery with a backstory to match, Frank brings all the positive vibes into our lives. After realising that modern day life is noticeably chaotic the owners decided organisation is one way to restore the balance back. A dull-sounding idea, until you see how cute they’ve made their line! From blush colours to clean sketchers and eco-friendly packs of pencils, Frank has all the goods. Wait until you hear our favourite part though—with every purchase made, a schoolbook is donated to a child in need! What a flipping fabulous excuse to indulge in a stationery haul, right?


This is stationery that screams #bossmode. MiGoals is perfect for those days that need a little oomph. With an entire range dedicated to ‘Get Shit Done’ slogans, there leaves no time for laziness. Pop one of these notebooks in your bag and remind yourself on the reg just how determined you are. Avoiding the gym yet again? Pop it in your Get Shit Done diary and you’ll transition into a living Just Do It slogan. Yep, you’ll be giving Nike a run for their money. That’s not all though, MiGoals has an extensive range of goodies, from planners to travel packs to desk pads—You can find these goods stocked in Superette too. 


If you haven’t heard of Kikki.K you must have been sleeping with Spongebob under a rock. Individually, each item is crafted to perfection making your daily doodles become masterpieces. What we love best are the extensive range of collections on offer, making all our matchy-matchy dreams a reality. There’s a huge range of styles available so whether it’s quirky patterns or sleek simplicity you’re after, you’re good to go. 


This one is for all you students who can barely afford McD’s let alone a $10 pen! Daiso is the game changer you need in your life, without question. We’re talking a measly $3.50 per item or $10 for three items! Push your skepticism aside because this store proves low price doesn’t have to mean low-qual. You’ll find the cutest items hiding here, from ya classic Hello Kitty pencil case to funky highlighters and the most envious Twink pens in town. With a strong influence on “kawaii” designs, you’ll get an authentic taste of Japanese culture with each visit. Pro tip: get yarning to the friendly staff behind the counter and they’ll show you this week’s must haves.

Iko Iko

Ponsonby’s favourite ‘bits-and-bobs’ store, Iko Iko is your go-to store for last minute gift shopping. From decadent chocolates to the finest loose leaf tea and of course, a whole lot of stationery—there’s everything your heart desires. Always dreamt of having a giant avocado eraser? Or how about a notebook with French Bulldog faces plastered on the front? Yep, they’ve thought of it all. Although it’s not technically stationery, it’d be rude not to mention the abundance of house decor on offer. So whether it be a desk makeover or a full-blown bedroom makeover, you’ve gotta pay the team at Iko Iko a visit.

Kate Spade

G-L-A-M at it’s finest, even Fergie would approve of a little Kate Spade stationery in her life! Yep, Mrs Spade has branched out of handbags and sunnies with a stationery range that encapsulates the essence of girlhood. It’s dreamy to say the least. Think Paris printed pencil cases and the finest planners on the market, everything is exquisitely designed. Our favourite pick? The matching gold rulers, scissors and mini hole punch—how #goals is our desk gonna be now. And for some extra organisation, how about the giant brass paper clip sculpture set to pin the most important of documents?

Matchbox Studios

Stationery shop from the comfort of your bed? Yes please. This store is based in Wellywood but lucky for us Aucklanders, online shopping is a very real thing. On that bed note—Matchbox Studios do a divine range of comfy socks worth checking out. Back to the stationery though, quirkiness would be the best way to describe this store. From a gold pencil case with #GirlBoss sketched on the front to a diary repping ‘badass’ slogans, get ready to rock an attitude of fiiire. We’ll let you in on a secret, there may even be a journal that has Ryan Gosling’s beautiful face staring back at ya. Oh, and a giant unicorn USB. We’ll leave it there.

Askew Design Store

Moleskine diaries have a cult-like connection. It seems once you purchase a Moleskine, nothing else will compare. Askew Design Store has picked up on this trend, boasting nearly nothing but these elegant Italian notebooks. Coming in a range of colours, you can’t go past the classic beige. A word of advice however, this is a book to treasure. It’s not one that’s gonna be thrown in your handbag and lugged around all day or it’ll quickly show wear and tear. Treat the Moleskine with a little respect and keep him on your desk, safe and sound from any spillage.

Rifle Paper Co.

On those days we need a little reminder of the pretty things in life—There’s Rifle Paper Co. An afternoon spent on this website will leave you wanting to drink tea in your rose petal bubble bath with a scented candle all evening long. We love those cosy feels. To accompany your bubble bath, we recommend purchasing one of the hand selected books to read from the site. Or perhaps do some doodling with one of the elegant pencils and notepad duos. Whatever you’re searching Rifle Paper Co. for, we promise you won’t be disappointed.


Ending the list of the best stationery stores Auckland has to offer is Cravehome. Although next year may seem like a lifetime away…it’s actually popping up in less than four months time! Hence why Cravehome has brought out a range of 2018 diaries and calendars and they are epic! Minimal and sleek, just how we like it. Or for something a little more fun, the botanical range looks like something out of Alice and Wonderland. It’s having us want to pop out from the rabbit hole and buy four in one sitting! Trust us, this store’s worth spending ya pay check on.

Want More: 

Many of New Zealand’s most popular websites use ‘dark patterns’ to manipulate users – is it time to regulate?

Credit: Shutterstock

More than half of the most popular New Zealand websites may be unfairly manipulating visitors, according to our latest research into the use of “dark patterns” in sites with a “co.nz” domain name.

While legal, dark patterns have been described as a type of online design employed to manipulate users into “making decisions that, if fully informed and capable of selecting alternatives, they might not make.”

They’re effective because they use insights about human psychology to undermine user autonomy or encourage users towards the least privacy-friendly options.

Common examples include the so-called “roach motel,” where it’s easy to get into an online situation but difficult to get out of it—such as signing up for and then trying to cancel a streaming subscription.

There are also disguised ads, which are presented as other kinds of content or navigation to encourage you to click. Some retail websites use dark patterns to nudge users to spend more.

Dark patterns have been widely criticized in the US and Europe. For instance, amendments to the California Consumer Privacy Act seek to ban “the use of dark patterns to subvert or impair the process for consumers to opt out of the sale of personal information.”

However, little research has been undertaken in Aotearoa New Zealand. The Commerce Commission ruled against Jetstar’s online opt-out pricing tactics in 2016, but dark patterns don’t appear to be on the government’s legislative radar.

How do I unsubscribe?

We found dark patterns are well and truly a feature of New Zealanders’ online experiences. Our list of the top 100 local sites (based on user traffic) included media, e-commerce, government, telecommunication, property and banking websites.

We simulated everyday use of the sites: arriving on a homepage, scrolling through and engaging with media content, purchasing a product, subscribing to and canceling a service.

A more complete picture was limited by our inability to fully access certain government or banking websites, but overall the results showed 54% of sites had one or more dark patterns. E-commerce sites were the biggest offenders, followed by media sites.

The research also reveals dark patterns tend to cluster around financial transactions, followed by homepage navigation, and when attempting to cancel a service or subscription.

Shopping and media

Online shoppers are most likely to experience a dark pattern when purchasing a product or service. Examples include a countdown timer to encourage immediate purchase, or activity notifications (such as when a user is made aware other customers are browsing the same item) to invoke the fear of missing out.

Are you sure? A typical example of the subscription cancellation – or ‘suspension’ – process. Screenshot, Author provided

Shoppers are also likely to encounter a dark pattern in the form of pop-up windows when first arriving on an e-commerce site. Many of these direct users to sign up for notifications or newsletters in exchange for a discounted price or early “VIP” notice of upcoming sales.

News consumers are especially likely to encounter dark patterns in the form of interface interference to boost engagement metrics and drive advertising revenue—for example, the auto-play function on embedded video content.

Subscribers to premium media services are most likely to encounter some form of obstruction when attempting to cancel a service, donation or subscription—the “roach motel” again.

Customer surveillance

Another common dark pattern we observed involved a form of customer surveillance—the requirement that online shoppers register their personal details to use a site, even when simply browsing items.

As well as enabling ongoing contact between the business and the potential customer, this provides the opportunity for the business to gather valuable behavioral data about consumer habits.

These types of dark patterns normalize the exchange of personal details for very little in return. Although consent may be implied when a user hands over their details, most users remain uninformed about how their data will be used.

Dark patterns also appear to be used to reduce business costs through interface design that discourages certain types of communication, such as speaking to a customer service representative, in favor of more cost-effective options like “frequently asked questions” pages, online forms or an automated web chat.

Many New Zealand websites are deliberately designed to triage customer queries and drive down business costs associated with dealing with them.

Regulation versus education

Lockdown culture is changing online spending habits. Time spent online is increasing rapidly, with New Zealanders now averaging six hours and 39 minutes on the internet daily.

Alongside these shifts in user behavior, artificial intelligence is increasingly being used to shape user experiences based on individual data profiles and behavior histories.

As a result, people are increasingly likely to be subjected to personalized, targeted manipulation as they conduct online activities—particularly online shopping.

Greater awareness of the dark arts of interface design may help users avoid this in their everyday online lives. But changes to relevant regulation, such as the Fair Trading Act and the Privacy Act, would also enhance New Zealanders’ consumer and privacy rights.

Dark patterns explained by online media expert

Provided by
The Conversation

This article is republished from The Conversation under a Creative Commons license. Read the original article.

Many of New Zealand’s most popular websites use ‘dark patterns’ to manipulate users – is it time to regulate? (2021, October 15)
retrieved 15 October 2021
from https://techxplore.com/news/2021-10-zealand-popular-websites-dark-patterns.html

This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no
part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.

90,000 Six people were injured in a terrorist attack in a supermarket in Oakland

In the New Lynn area in western New Zealand’s Auckland, on the afternoon of August 3 (approximately 2:40 pm local time), a gunman armed with a cold weapon attacked customers at Countdown Supermarket at Lynn Mall.

On social media footage published by eyewitnesses, one can see how an attacker enters a supermarket, yells at people, after which shots are fired, and visitors run out into the street under the guards’ calls to leave the store and shout to those entering to return to the street.Judging by the comments of witnesses cited by Newshub, initially no one understood what happened – some, for example, thought that someone’s phone had been stolen.

Six people received stab and knife wounds, three are in critical condition. The offender was eliminated – a few minutes after the attack in the supermarket hall, a policeman shot him, firing at least five shots, the terrorist died before the ambulance arrived.

Emergency services remain in place and continue to work, authorities cordoned off nearby streets.Blocked, including the road leading to the Masjid and Bilal Mosque, which is located 5 km from the LynnMall Countdown, and where, according to Newshub, law enforcement officers are now conducting a search as part of an investigation into the incident. The authorities advise citizens to refrain from visiting the area.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern at a press conference called the New Lynn attack a “terrorist act.”

“This is a brutal and senseless attack. I am very sorry that this happened, ”she said.

The identity of a lone extremist is known – he is a citizen of Sri Lanka, a supporter of the ideology of the “Islamic State (the organization is banned in Russia)”. He arrived in New Zealand in 2011 and came to the attention of the national security services in 2016. Ardern added that in the past, the assailant was brought to trial, but in prison, according to the Prime Minister, “he could not be held.” However, he was under intense supervision of law enforcement officers – the criminal was liquidated by an undercover policeman who was tracking him that day.She did not disclose other details, citing an injunction.

“I understand that this situation raises questions about whether the police could have acted faster or done more. I am sure that within the framework of the law, we have done everything we could to follow it. The fact that we were able to respond within 60 seconds shows that, ”said New Zealand Police Commissioner Andrew Coster.

NZ Herald reports that the attacker allegedly planned a “lone wolf” attack earlier this year in Oakland.He could not be charged under counterterrorism laws because, under New Zealand law, preparing a terrorist attack does not in itself qualify as a terrorist attack. Instead, the extremist was prosecuted on less severe charges and placed on a terrorist watchlist.

A fourth isolation level continues to operate in Auckland – the highest in the country – due to an increase in the number of cases of COVID-19 infection. He suggests that people should stay at home and most shops are closed to the public.Supermarkets remain open as an essential service. As the New Zealand authorities said, against the background of what happened in LynnMall, the government does not plan to change quarantine measures.

Not the first attack

This attack was the second major attack on the Countdown network this year. On May 10, at exactly the same time as today, in a supermarket in downtown Dandin, a man stabbed four people, all of whom eventually survived. The investigation of this incident is ongoing, and the motive of the offender is unclear, but, as law enforcement officers and eyewitnesses indicate, the attacker was in an inadequate state during the attack, which may have been caused by the use of drugs.According to other sources, he could be mentally ill.

The attacker was a 42-year-old man who was described by authorities as “an accidental assailant.” The offender was detained approximately five to ten minutes after the incident. He was subsequently charged with attempted murder with stab wounds. The name of the offender was allowed to be concealed. He was taken into custody.

Ardern then assured the public that his act had nothing to do with terrorism.In the Countdown management, they announced their intention to provide employees with special devices that could protect them from being stabbed.

Seven people were injured in the terrorist attack in New Zealand Auckland


Seven people were injured in the terrorist attack in New Zealand Auckland

In the terrorist attack in New Zealand, Auckland seven people suffered 09/04/2021

Seven people were injured in the terrorist attack in New Zealand’s Auckland

Seven people were injured during the terrorist attack in New Zealand’s Auckland, three of them are in serious condition, said Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.RIA Novosti, 09/04/2021

2021-09-04T06: 58

2021-09-04T06: 58

2021-09-04T08: 59



jacinda ardern

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MOSCOW, September 4 – RIA Novosti. Seven people were injured during a terrorist attack in New Zealand’s Auckland, three of them are in serious condition, said Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.On the eve of a man attacked people in a local supermarket, the police managed to eliminate the intruder. The head of government called the attack a terrorist attack. The prime minister added that the attacker was known to the authorities and was under surveillance, but had not previously committed any criminal acts that would have allowed him to be imprisoned. Commissioner Andrew Koster said that there were no police officers among the victims, all of the injured were ordinary visitors to the store.



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RIA Novosti

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FSUE MIA “Russia Today”

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RIA Novosti

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FSUE MIA Russia Today

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in the world, Auckland, Jacinda Ardern

06:58 09/04/2021 (updated: 08:59 09/04/2021)

Seven people were injured in the terrorist attack in Auckland, New Zealand

MOSCOW, September 4 – RIA Novosti. Seven people were injured in a terrorist attack in New Zealand’s Auckland, three of them are in serious condition, said Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

The day before a man attacked people in a local supermarket, the police managed to eliminate the intruder. The head of government called the attack a terrorist attack.

“Seven people were injured yesterday. Five of them are in hospital, three are in serious condition,” Ardern said live. Her speech was broadcast on the New Zealand Herald’s YouTube channel.

The prime minister added that the attacker was known to the authorities and was under surveillance, but had not previously committed any criminal acts that would have allowed him to be imprisoned.

Commissioner Andrew Koster said that there are no police officers among the victims, all of the injured are ordinary visitors to the store.

September 3, 09:46 Around the world New Zealand authorities reported a terrorist attack in a supermarket 90,000 15 facts about “The Lord of the Rings” – Articles on KinoPoisk

Who The Beatles could have played, what Ian McKellen stole from filming and why Tolkien’s son hated the film adaptation: interesting facts dedicated to the 15th anniversary of The Lord of the Rings.

Stanley Kubrick refused to film The Beatles

Epic J.RR Tolkien was repeatedly tried to transfer to the big screen long before Peter Jackson. In 1969, the film company United Artists acquired the rights to film adaptation, and then began the story of one of the craziest film projects that never saw the light of day. The participants of The Beatles became interested in the film and even managed to distribute the roles among themselves. John Lennon was to play Gollum, Paul McCartney was to play Frodo, George Harrison was to play Gandalf, and Ringo Starr was to play Sam. In the director’s chair, the four wanted to see not just anyone, but Stanley Kubrick.Unfortunately (and perhaps fortunately), the director of “A Space Odyssey” found the adaptation overwhelming.

Vin Diesel and David Bowie could star in The Fellowship of the Ring

Members of The Beatles are far from the only stars who have been associated with the project at various times. Vin Diesel, Russell Crowe and Stuart Townsend were eyeing the role of Aragorn; Jake Gyllenhaal failed auditions for the role of Frodo and received not the most pleasant words from Peter Jackson; Warwick Davis could portray Gimli on the screen, and Sean Connery, Patrick Stewart and Christopher Plummer were offered to try on the image of Gandalf.Also among the actors who could be in the saga were Liam Neeson, Daniel Day-Lewis, Ethan Hawke, Uma Thurman, Lucy Lawless and David Bowie.

Christopher Lee – the main fan of Tolkien’s work

It is curious that Sir Christopher Lee could have played Gandalf, who eventually got the role of Saruman. Lee was the only member of the film crew to personally meet Tolkien, and is also arguably the biggest fan of his books. He first read the saga immediately after its publication in 1954, and later called it the highest literary achievement.Rumor has it that the legendary actor re-read The Lord of the Rings every year.

Sir Christopher Lee

The producers planned to make only one film

Many criticized the decision to turn the laconic Hobbit into a trilogy, but the opposite could have happened to The Lord of the Rings. Taking control of the project, Bob Weinstein, due to the high cost of the film, hoped to squeeze three novels into one two-hour film, cutting out many key characters and battles from it, including the battle for Helm’s Deep.When the rights passed from Miramax to New Line Cinema, the new studio agreed to finance the trilogy, guided, however, solely by financial motives – why take money from the viewer for one ticket, if you can for three? Peter Jackson took advantage of this and gained the creative freedom he needed so much. To cut production costs, all three parts were filmed in New Zealand at the same time, as a single film.

“The Lord of the Rings” – the record holder for the number of “Oscars”

It’s amazing that in the end the project managed to get out of the production hell and become one of the most successful series in history, not only financially, but also in terms of awards.In total, The Lord of the Rings has 475 wins and a total of 800 nominations for various film awards – a record for any franchise. Especially stand out are 17 Oscar statuettes, 11 of which are on the account of The Return of the King. No one else conquered, and only two films in history had the same number – Titanic and Ben-Hur.

Tolkien’s Son Hates Peter Jackson’s Movies

However, not everyone liked Jackson’s work. Christopher Tolkien, the youngest son of an English writer and the man who spent years refining his drafts, took the film adaptation without enthusiasm.And this is still poorly said. Here is what he said in an interview with Le Monde: “The gap between the beauty, the seriousness of my father’s books and what they have been turned into is overwhelming to me. In the pursuit of profit, the aesthetics of the works and their philosophical impact were simply destroyed. I see only one way out for myself: forget about these films forever. ”

Actors of The Lord of the Rings at the 2001 Cannes Film Festival

Jackson donated a cameo to almost the entire crew

Peter Jackson is known for his love of cameos in his own films, but for a split second, not only he, but also other members of the crew appeared in the frame.Jackson has come up with tiny roles for WETA visual effects specialists, decorators, artists, screenwriters, stunt doubles and their families. Many of them managed to play orcs, elves, people and to a greater extent feel like a part of the film.

Thousands of feet made for Hobbits

The WETA team, consisting of almost two hundred people, created more than 48 thousand different props for filming. Among them are 2 thousand weapons, 10 thousand arrows, 1 thousand suits and almost 2 thousand false legs for just five hobbits.The last number is explained by the fact that the legs quickly deteriorated and were disposable.

Sound shop had to show imagination

The world of Middle-earth is filled with amazing and often frightening creatures, but how did sound designers create their sound? They found an original way out. A number of fantastic creatures, including the Water Guardian and cave trolls, got their voice from an ordinary walrus. In the second case, he was completely crossed with a horse neighing. The vocal assistant was found in one of the theme parks in California, and later they resorted to his services when filming “The Hobbit” and several dozen other films.

Composer Howard Shore

Soundtrack of the trilogy named the best in history

An integral part of The Lord of the Rings is the original soundtrack composed by Howard Shore. And the work he did was truly titanic. By the time the third film was completed, he had to write seven minutes of music every day. This exhausting work was well rewarded. Shore won three Oscars, and in 2015, listeners voted the soundtrack the best in history.

Actors continued to act despite injuries

The actors also had to make great sacrifices, many of whom were often victims of incidents on the set. The worst hit Viggo Mortensen. During the filming of “The Two Towers” he had to kick the orc’s helmet with all his might, and at that moment he broke several fingers. “In most cases, the actors would have asked for help right away,” Jackson later recalled. “But Viggo made his pain part of the acting.”Elijah Wood also recalled that in one of the battle scenes, Mortensen broke his teeth, after which he simply glued them on and continued shooting.

Viggo Mortensen defeats mentor Darth Vader

The performer of the role of Aragorn impressed the film crew with other skills. To train the actors, the legendary British Olympic swordsman Bob Anderson was hired, long before “The Lord of the Rings” trained the actors of the original “Star Wars” and even acted as an understudy for Darth Vader.But Mortensen had little use for his services. He was already good enough with a sword, which allowed him to get to work almost immediately, avoiding many hours of training. Anderson later called the actor the best swordsman he had ever worked with in a movie.

Sean Bean in The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

Sean Bean walked to the shooting

Sean Bean suffered from aerophobia, as the performers of the role of Mary and Pippin Billy Boyd and Dominic Monaghan found out. Apparently, having already entered their roles, they decided to play a trick on their colleague, who nevertheless agreed to the flight, and asked the pilot “to show what the helicopter is capable of.”Since then, Bean has traveled to remote locations on foot. To do this, he had to get up a few hours earlier than others and make his way through the mountains. Of course, already in armor and with Boromir’s weapons.

Movie stars got the same tattoos

The lengthy filming process really brought the leading actors closer together. To keep the memory of the work on the saga with them forever, the actors who played the members of the Fellowship of the Ring made the same tattoos with the word “nine” in the Elvish language.The idea belonged to Viggo Mortensen, who, having received the consent of his colleagues, contacted the tattoo artist and provided him with sketches. At the same time, Mortensen did not warn the tattoo artist that soon the stars of “The Lord of the Rings” in such a large cast would drop in to him, so one can imagine how happy he was.

Ian McKellen keeps filming props in his pub

Sir Ian McKellen did not only keep a tattoo after the shooting. Gandalf could not resist and stole several lovely souvenirs from the site.The actor kept Gandalf’s outfit and his weapons, and anyone can admire them: the items are exhibited in the London pub The Grapes, which is owned by McKellen. Sir Ian did not forget his kleptomaniac habits even on the site of The Hobbit. The actor also pocketed some coins from Smaug’s lair and the key to Bilbo Baggins’ house.

Of course, these are not all interesting facts related to the Lord of the Rings trilogy. You can find out even more in the dedicated section on the movie pages.

Believers of the Jedi Knights appeared in the Czech Republic

More than 15 thousand inhabitants of the Czech Republic profess the faith of the Jedi Knights from “Star Wars”. This is evidenced by the results of the official population census.

“Many people adhere to the moral values ​​of the Jedi Knights from the Star Wars saga,” says the Czech Statistical Office, which notes that the faith has also found its followers in countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United Kingdom. …

According to a representative of the Czech Statistical Bureau, 15 thousand 70 Czechs have registered themselves as Jedi Knights . This, however, does not constitute much competition for Catholics, whose number is 10 million 838 thousand 99 people, and persons who do not belong to any of the religions, who numbered 707 thousand 649.

“Fifteen thousand adherents of Jediism are a minor social phenomenon,” said Stanislav Drapal, deputy chief of statistics.

In Prague, by the way, there are 3 thousand registered977 Jedi Knights, representing 0.31% of the capital’s population, according to MIGNews.//////////////////////////////// //////////////////////////////////////////////// //////////////////////

Adherents of the new religion from the very beginning took up active propaganda work. For example, back in 2000, many Internet users received an email from anonymous authors. The message said that if during the upcoming census in Great Britain at least 10 thousand people define their religion as “Jediism”, then the authorities will be forced to recognize the new religion officially.The campaign was not in vain: the ten thousandth barrier was overcome at times – and the British Ministry of Justice, immediately after studying the preliminary results of the census, registered the new religion as Jedi Knight – “Jedi Knight”. /////////////// //////////////////////////////////////////////// //////////////////////////////////////////////// ////////////////////////////////

The young religion was assigned the code 8968. In February 2003, the final results of the census were summed up, as a result of which it was found that there are even more supporters of the new religion in Great Britain than Buddhists or Jews.According to updated data, 390,000 Jedi live there, 0.7% of the total population. As follows from these statistics, most of the Jedi live in large university centers: Brighton, Cambridge, Oxford. There are 70,000 adherents of Jedi in Australia. However, the local authorities preferred to consider the fans of the Force as citizens who found it difficult to answer the question about their religion, reports

Follower of Jediism from Omsk.

…………………………………………… ………………………………………….. ………………………………………….. ……………………………….

Founder of the International Church of Jediism complained of religious discrimination. As writes on Friday, September 18, The Daily Telegraph, a 23-year-old resident of the British town of Bangor, Daniel Jones, found the behavior of Tesco supermarket employees offending his religious feelings.According to him, when he came to the store to shop, the supermarket security behaved inappropriately: the young man was asked to leave the Tesco premises, since he refused to remove the hood, which almost completely covered his face. Jones tried to explain to the supermarket staff that wearing a hood is mandatory for anyone who adheres to Jediism, but the guards refused to accept such an argument and forced him to leave the store.

“Leaving the supermarket, I noticed a Muslim woman in a veil.Nobody kicked her out. The rule should apply to everyone. The fact that I was kicked out of the store is real discrimination. I was terribly upset, “said the offended Jones.

90,000 The ruble exchange rate ended another day with an increase of

Galina : harlowbutler (01:34), he also made a discovery for me) Jews grind me all the way that looks like) and Jewish women were always hung on my dad too)
Galina : both in school and at work they whispered, that probably a Jewess, since she thinks so quickly and works)
many do not understand that Jews are not the smartest people in the world) but rather capable of surviving by any means)
harlowbutler : I have some kind of satellite channels working, as many as 4 pieces) and there is only cinema, either Russian or American.and show them for some reason very good. long, the same. Well, sometimes I watch a picture, there is some kind of movie they show about the Second World War, there is some kind of sniper, some kind of sniper duel, but this is not the point, which I paid attention to, the heroes of the film often do not correspond to the moment, that is there is little sense in actions, in Soviet cinema (60s-80s), on the contrary, in the actions of the heroes there were probably too much meaningful actions, but on the other hand, films of the 40-50s about the war, some kind of solid grotesque…turns out that it is more interesting for me to watch films where the actions of the heroes are more meaningful, perhaps, not if they are shooting films where there is basically some kind of flickering, what does it mean? most of them are more interested in something … the question is, of course, rhetorical ..
Cfnc : harlowbutler (01:35), I have an idiotic passion for eight-blades since childhood. My grandfather wore, his father scolded everything, my father wore a hat, considered it unintelligent) and since I spent a lot of time with my grandfather, then … I remember, at one resort, where, in principle, there could not be very many Russians like that – at Bondi Beach in Sydney… I just put on a Rip Curl alcoholic T-shirt, which I bought just in New Zealand for her faded color of faded satin panties … and a Stetson eight-piece cap … I was smoking at that moment and with a cigarette in my teeth I was lying on the sand I got up, I watch the children surf … then I hear a voice nearby … the woman speaks Russian to her husband, look, like a spitting alcoholic like from a movie … she used some other word, but the meaning is …
harlowbutler : Galina (01:43), so how would you like that the Jews mistake you for theirs? why are you chasing them chuchundra, you Californian?
Galina : Gvozdika (01:44), nonsense) just a grandmaster with the classic appearance of ancient Greeks) Jewish women melted from one sight))
Cfnc : harlowbutler (01:46), it’s more interesting for me to watch old films, where the actors even replay, I often watch the Roaring Twenties with James Cagney, Adjutant of his excellence, Tass is authorized very often, it seems to me that the class there is fundamentally higher
harlowbutler : Cfnc (01:48), ahaha)) do you have a tattoo on your hand for this occasion? like a sunrise from the sea?)
Cfnc : Galina (01:50), so I don’t like tanya for sho, Galya?)
Galina : harlowbutler (01:48), which is nice here) is displaced that Primazazza want my antiquity and Sirianism)
harlowbutler : Cfnc (01:51), in my opinion the class there is incomparably higher, after the high-quality Soviet films of which there were, let’s say, quite a few, it is impossible to watch Russian cinema, some kind of abyss…
Cfnc : harlowbutler (01:51), no, no, but the chain was a finger thick
harlowbutler : Galina (01:52), antiquity … googluha antique, Sirian)
Galina : Cfnc (01:51), for the same – because Satanists hate Orthodox Christians, and Tatiana is the embodiment of Orthodoxy, you can say
harlowbutler : Cfnc (01:53), well, the chain automatically transferred you to the category of a new Russian, even in an alcoholic T-shirt)
Galina : harlowbutler (01:53), yeah.the appearance is antique – and the mind is not your own – but from space. from Sirius most likely))
ForexGuru : 01:51 Cfnc: he didn’t love her for something no one should know for)
ForexGuru : 01:53 Cfnc: ahhaha) heavy legacy of 90 ty?)
Galina : Gvozdika (01:55), vooot is a typical fake – Greeks cannot be grandmasters) by the way, Armenians are stronger than Jews in science and inventions)
Cfnc : harlowbutler (01:53), yes. In the American, by the way, the same, I understand that he was poisoned from childhood by the University of Cinema and the frequent viewing of movie classics.I have 5 huge panels. and a bunch of satellite channels. and I am the same character who does not watch TV at all in the sense that only football and rugby. I can not watch any modern shows or movies. I have a direct reaction of rejection. The compromise is Scandinavian and English serials.
But if you recall, for example, even the children’s guest from Budkshchy and the actors’ play, directing music, etc., then …
harlowbutler : Galina (01:56), googling, in your appearance there is only an antique nose, from your own words)
Cfnc : ForexGuru (01:57), yes.)
Cfnc : Galina (01:53), call Tatiana the embodiment of Orthodoxy, Galya, perhaps only you can.
With your dense ideas about life
Galina : right now I’ll find someone I look like in profile – I recently saw a fresco
Galina : harlowbutler (01:58), nose just not quite straight) up a little)
Cfnc : Galina (01:58), teye didn’t hate to divide people by nauirionality, huh?) Are you finally in LA or where?)
harlowbutler : Cfnc (01:58), I think that modern television, for various reasons, has become less watched not only by intellectuals and aesthetes… in general, as it is observed the decline of the era of television … k.m.k.
Cfnc : harlowbutler (01:54), no. Alcoholic’s shirt with low armpit cutouts and this color just clogs everything.) And the cap finally added) as the Germans say-Hinguker. In English Eiketcher. Attracts attention

harlowbutler : Galina (02:02), so what about your antique look? no priests, but what luxurious priests do antique statues have? a? there are no hips either, and sisi from your words, only for owners of small palms…what remains, only the neck? well, this is still not enough for antiquity …

Cfnc : harlowbutler (02:04), very likely. It’s just that there is a reason and there is a consequence. So I think that the degradation came from an irrepressible desire to sell more products, followed by rejection from another story about a cleaning lady with amnesia and an oligarch
ForexGuru : update by positions – a call option EUR / USD 1830 was bought to the existing short dollar / yen, a short was opened at dow 22 880
Cfnc : blazedot (02:06), in Tauranga, by the way, I bought an alcoholic
blazedot : Cfnc (02:08), great choice;)

Lissa : blazedot (02:06), Kostya will soon please with the appearance?
Hello, to the best people of the planet!
blazedot : Lissa (02:11), we are waiting :)) hello!
Cfnc : harlowbutler (02:10), there is simply a difference in a piece product, a product like the Pokrovskih Adjutant, the irony of the fate of the carnival night, beware of the car and Christmas trees, the irony of fate 2, im from the future…between the First time on the stage of Irakli Andronnikov and our rush or urgant
ForexGuru : 01:59 Cfnc: never wore chains, seals, bracelets, even in the 90s) there was also not a single raspberry or green jacket)
blazedot : the best clothes are handmade clothes 🙂
Cfnc : blazedot (02:09), what is great? Did you go to watch the fireflies?
Galina : harlowbutler (02:07), the neck is also of no small importance – here I am in the Bronze Age – https: // phys.org / news / 2017-08-civilizations-greece-revealing-stories-science.html
brunet only))
harlowbutler : Galina (02:17), are you blonde?)
blazedot : Cfnc (02:17) sounded like a compliment 🙂
Cfnc : ForexGuru (02:16), nuuu … firstly you were extremely young)
secondly … neither rings nor seals nor jackets, I didn’t wear)
And thirdly, I have a unique chain, I have it I ordered it for Gold S ** e in Dubai and made adjustments, I am very proud of it, but right now I rarely wear it, but I did wear it in Australia)
ForexGuru : I saw a gorgeous nickname – “crypto-Buddhist”))
Cfnc : blazedot (02:20), fireflies?

Cfnc : Gold Suuk
Cfnc : Waitomo
Lissa : Galina (02:17), I also want to ask, Galya, what suit are you?
blonde, brown-haired, red..? 🙂
Lissa : ForexGuru (02:21), Teddy bear is naughty 🙂
ForexGuru : 02:20 Cfnc: oh well, extremely) at 91, 2nd year of the institute
Lissa : No, not enough brains
Cfnc : https://goo.gl/images/v5JhRt
This photo was taken by a great specialist, apparently and pulled out the colors so as it turned out in the movies.
In fact, it looks much dimmer, but it looks much more real like a starry sky
Cfnc : ForexGuru (02:24), so I’m talking, boy.what kind of jacket is there.

ForexGuru : in 91, I already had a right-handed sports car with opening headlights, red, Nissan) I was already fully involved in the whole movement of modern times) and in 92 I already had a gelding from Germany 2.3-liter automatic, gray)
Galina : http://www.wikiwand.com/en/Wall_Paintings_of_Thera
and here I collect saffron in Santorini) my eyes are painted – earrings are fashionable already then) the hat is blue) and the ponytail from the slipper is closer to my hair color)
ForexGuru : 02:25 Cfnc: well, well, we would have met then, I would have looked at your “boy”))
ForexGuru : 02:25 Cfnc: everyone wore chains and crimson green jackets, but I didn’t, basically)
Galina : Lissa (02:23), dark blond sometimes fade to light blond)
Cfnc : harlowbutler (02:26), incredibly beautiful.Incredible. One of the most powerful impressions in life. In the sense of nature. A lot of different emotions after the fact … like some kind of natural trick
Cfnc : ForexGuru (02:28), ForexGuru (02:27), of course boy 2nd year. What are you talking about) the green jacket looked on the uncles)
Galina : Gvozdika (02:14), this is envy of the Greeks on your part) like all your BGayton entourage, by the way) you hate my favorite Jamie Daimon for being a Greek) and you constantly write him down as Jews)
harlowbutler : I am ForexGuru, these are my loved ones. Cfnc : ForexGuru (02:26), did I see?)))
Cfnc : Galina (02:32), pest, just a pest in cha’s head
Lissa : you need to be able to demonstrate beauty 🙂
ForexGuru : 02:31 Cfnc: I already had a wife and a child was born, by definition I couldn’t be a boy anymore) the family had to be fed.
Galina : Tom Hanks, by the way, recently said that there are no better wives than Greek women in nature))
Galina : Cfnc (02:34), yes I know you would also like to be Greek))
Galina : Cfnc (02:34), by the way your beloved Sadrelli also looks like these murals in profile.and in general, we clearly have the same roots. it is a fact that Italians and Greeks are very much displaced
Cfnc : Galina (02:36), I sleep and see
Cfnc : Galina (02:38), not Sardelli but Sandrelli
Galina : here is one to one)
Galina : Cfnc (02:41), I was glad that there was a typo)
Galina : Gvozdika (02:41), this is because you need to train your memory – I grilled a hundred times that they are very similar to a football player
harlowbutler : Galina (02:46), I’m googling, so you already show yourself then, what for me to slip some outside aunts?)
Galina : Gvozdika (02:41), and the fact that you were not accepted as a Jew means that you have nothing interesting for Jews)
Galina : harlowbutler (02:50), are you not tired of getting tired of me yet?)
harlowbutler : Galina (02:53), I’m not googling, I’m not tired, you are quite tolerable in homeopathic doses)
ForexGuru : another market
Moscow.October 13. INTERFAX.RU – A shopping center in Chekhov near Moscow is on fire across the entire area, an emergency source told Interfax.

The building in which the Atak supermarket and the auto parts store are located is on fire over the entire area of ​​3 thousand square meters. m.

Galina : Gvozdika (02:58), check your head, go gru) with which enemy?
the footballer looks like the Greek Jamie Daimon) to whom the Jews of Zaryatsts should write down in theirs) because he is better than all the bankers there))
Galina : the trumpet calls
Lissa : ForexGuru (02:58), Perun is naughty…

Faithful assassin angered¡

tradeun : 03:08 Galina: the best Greek banker – Kolya Valuev. His Jews, if anything, will subscribe from their own 🙂
Lissa : Gvozdika (04:28), stomping makes you happy 🙁
Lissa : Gvozdika (04:28), The idea of ​​pissing on the sacred Fire visits the topato-like ones;
tradeun : I always knew that girls are the biggest entertainers 🙂
Lissa : Gvozdika (04:40), no one has the right to piss on Fire.
And your patronage to the actions of the assassin additionally testifies to d.with. cubed *
Lissa : Gvozdika (04:40), the ball with brains is in order.
Lissa : Gvozdika (04:40), especially the taste, what is valuable and tasty, learn the material part;
Lissa : … and what’s wrong with high spirituality? ¿
Lissa : ¿¿?? ¿¿?? ¿¿?? ¿¿?? ¿¿?? ¿¿??
endm : that nikkei sho bitcoin one core is pinned in one pipe 🙂
endm : the Japanese currency remains to be substituted to bring it into logical correspondence 🙂
Lissa : Gvozdika (06:24), did the tama come at all?!…
with double standards
endm : give fuy 150. until we get to another dead end on Brexit)
frog : 01:54 harlowbutler: Cfnc (01:53), well, the chain automatically transferred you to the category of a new Russian, even in an alcoholic T-shirt)

Thank you. Already Woke up =))

endm : unesco got lost 🙂
frog : 02:28 ForexGuru: 02:25 Cfnc: everyone wore chains and crimson-green jackets, but I didn’t, basically)
Remnants of decent education and upbringing?

Lissa : New Russian or Old Jew…
frog : 07:32 endm: unesco was lost 🙂
Who did it help? Come to Odessa, see what the state is doing with architectural monuments.
And where is UNESCO?
endm : frog (07:46), yab gladly came. times right now are not very.
Yes, these organizations suck money 🙂
tree frog : 08:17 endm: tree frog (07:46)
O times! About morals!

Zasranetc_ko : Shalom Muslims! ))))))))))))
90,000 Travel from UK to EU for third country nationals

New UK visa renewal: EU citizens will not be able to travel to UK | Study in the UK student visa 2021

British citizens can certainly travel to the European Union without ever being quarantined.But if a citizen of a country that is not on the list of permitted travelers from third countries has been in the UK for a long time on a long-term tourist visa or visa-free passport, but without a residence permit, will he be denied entry to the EU? Or will they be accepted? Will there be any documents that they will have to provide?

  • There are two just yes no questions to be answered: 1) Do you fulfill the immigration conditions for entering the Schengen area? 2) In the past 14 days, have you been in a low-risk country where health and safety measures are comparable to the EU? If both answers are yes then you can login, otherwise no.Currently no one can figure out if 1) can be answered with yes based on the information you provided.
  • 1 By conditions of immigration, I assume you mean the normal conditions of entry into the European Union with no pandemic restrictions? Also I thought that the specific amount of 14 days was US law. It doesn’t seem to be mentioned in the EU docs I’ve seen, so my question is.
  • Yes, now that nonessential travel is allowed again, it has generally returned to its previous state.It is generally believed that the first symptoms become noticeable within 14 days.

It depends on the EU country. As you can see at https://reopen.europa.eu/en and https://www.iatatravelcentre.com/international-travel-document-news/1580226297.htm, each EU country has its own policy. For example, based on my understanding of current politics, as a person who has been in the UK for a long time on a long-term tourist visa or visa-free passport, but without a residence permit in the UK, can go to Croatia as a tourist (see.IATA “passengers traveling as tourists with booking confirmation”) and France, regardless of your intention (see https://reopen.europa.eu/en/map/FRA: “voluntary quarantine for travelers from the UK.”; Not gotta be a tourist.)

  • These two sites seem to disagree because one talks about residency and the other about travelers coming from the country.
  • 1 @ Obie2.0 yes sometimes contradictory. sets the rules for air travel only.reopen.europa.eu/en has rules for air travel and other transportation. Therefore, make sure you are comparing the rules for the same vehicle.
  • When will the traveler be rejected? At the airport or through passport control?
  • 1 @ Obie2.0 Rules vary from country to country. Many do not impose restrictions on entry from the UK or EU / Schengen countries. Where do you want to go?
  • 1 @ Obie2.0 For your information. During the COVID-19 pandemic, are airlines still using the same information as on the IATA website, or do they have access to more up-to-date and comprehensive information? What a mess.A good way to restart the tourism industry.

According to TIMATIC, you can enter Spain in the following cases:

  • If you are arriving from the EU / Schengen / UK
  • If you reside in the EU / Schengen / UK, Andorra, Australia, Canada, Georgia, Japan, Monaco , Montenegro, New Zealand, Rwanda, San Marino, Serbia, Thailand, Tunisia, Uruguay or the Vatican.
  • If you have a Schengen visa D
  • If you are eligible for a family member’s residence card under Article 10/20


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