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We told ourselves we did it for the next room

over in the natural history museum—the roped-

off one they’d been hammering on forever—but really

we did it for the money, for money’s machinations

that kept the boiling crude cold and deelish.

It was born a baby with our face. We sang to it

and as it grew into a whirligig of gas spouts, we

sang louder, splitting into harmonies like airshow jets,

doo-wopping on the corner with our waists cinched

in rubber bands to hit the inhumane high notes.

We laughed about it at Mama Cass’ backyard picnic

(we laughed about everything—it was that kind of picnic

[winks]—we were all really connected, you know?

talking about the next shapes the clouds would shift

into, back when the baby had our face, not our

absence’s, our unwinding).




A sudden spotlight floods the black

empty stage. How long have we been

sitting here? Are you, next to me, still

there? Still you? Funny how the dark

can make you feel alone—even though

people are all around you—and feel bad,

like you did something dumb. A person (?)

in a panda costume steps from the wings,

strolls center stage and pulls a cherry

from its pocket. “This is a paycheck,”

it declares, the voice within the head

muffled by thick fake fur. “Bullshit,”

you whisper in my ear—whisper because,

I can tell, you’re afraid the panda will

hear you. Maybe I should be afraid, too.

All I feel is alone—even though people

are around me—and bad because the panda

thinks I’m dumb enough to believe its lies.

But we’re not making a move to kill it—

you and I—as pandas are highly endangered

so maybe we are that dumb. Maybe it’s right.

Maybe we should try making babies with it.

I read somewhere that, next to diamonds,

pandas are the hardest things to make on earth.




Releasing 10,000 starlings into the park

won’t be the easiest way to get a street

named after myself, but something’s gotta

give: by force, accident, or accidental force.

You can quote me on that. Stuff the birds

in a crate tighter than a tube of biscuit dough!

We’re gonna need a buttload of spares! OK…

that’s 10,000 x $50 bucks per bird + the ship/

pirate crew that ferries them hither…Pirates…

where do they buy their blouses? At least

they have sleeves. All the summer tops

on the websites have spaghetti straps

and the zombies on the opposite side of this

nameless yet obviously venerable university campus

(check out all the laurel carved in the marble)

look more like bloody-falling-apart zombies

than the zombies on this side of campus

who (that?) look like regular students, but

richer and blonder, like Village of the Damned.

I’ve hidden all the non-zombie children I could find

in the car trunk and siphoned some gas into the tank

so…[peers out wavy glass window, starling

lands on a lamppost, sings a happy

alarm clock song] is this really

a zombie movie?


Typo, KY Weather 14 days

5 PM
UV Index
2 SPF: no
Wind – Average
7 mph
1012 hPa
28 mi
Feels Like
78 °F
Dew Point
43 °F
Wind – Gusts
20 mph
10171 ft
6 PM 75° Sunny interval
Feels Like 77°
South 6 – 19 mph 1 Low SPF: no
UV Index
1 SPF: no
Wind – Average
6 mph
1012 hPa
25 mi
Feels Like
77 °F
Dew Point
47 °F
Wind – Gusts
19 mph
10171 ft
7 PM 71° Sunny interval
Feels Like 71°
South 5 – 18 mph 1 Low SPF: no
UV Index
1 SPF: no
Wind – Average
5 mph
1011 hPa
25 mi
Feels Like
51 °F
Wind – Gusts
18 mph
10171 ft
8 PM 67° Sunny interval
Feels Like 67°
Southeast 6 – 17 mph 0 Low SPF: no
UV Index
0 SPF: no
Wind – Average
6 mph
1011 hPa
22 mi
Feels Like
67 °F
Dew Point
54 °F
Wind – Gusts
17 mph
10171 ft
9 PM 64° Partly cloudy
Feels Like 64°
Southeast 6 – 16 mph 0 Low SPF: no
UV Index
0 SPF: no
Wind – Average
6 mph
1012 hPa
22 mi
Feels Like
64 °F
Dew Point
53 °F
Wind – Gusts
16 mph
10171 ft
10 PM
UV Index
0 SPF: no
Wind – Average
6 mph
1012 hPa
22 mi
Feels Like
61 °F
Dew Point
50 °F
Wind – Gusts
14 mph
10171 ft
11 PM 59° Clear
Feels Like 59°
Southeast 7 – 13 mph 0 Low SPF: no
UV Index
0 SPF: no
Wind – Average
7 mph
1013 hPa
22 mi
Feels Like
59 °F
Dew Point
48 °F
Wind – Gusts
13 mph
10499 ft
12 AM 59° Clear
Feels Like 59°
South 7 – 14 mph 0 Low SPF: no
UV Index
0 SPF: no
Wind – Average
7 mph
1012 hPa
22 mi
Feels Like
49 °F
Wind – Gusts
14 mph
10499 ft

KNOX – How an innocent typo summoned Satan to Christmas parade – ArmchairMayor.ca

WILL EVERS raised $136 for the food bank by posing in a Satan costume. (Image: Will Evers, Times Colonist.)

OLD NICK SHOWED UP at the Comox Valley Christmas parade last Sunday.

No, not St. Nick. Old Nick. Beelzebub. Lucifer. Mephistopheles.


Courtenay Mayor Bob Wells saw at least four versions of the devil at Sunday’s festivities. “And then online I’ve seen a couple more.”

Jake Fernandes, a promotions guy with The Eagle radio station, attended with his face painted red. Then there was Skippy, the horned, face-painted fellow who photo-bombed Wells, Cumberland Mayor Leslie Baird and Comox Mayor Russ Arnott.

Another guy looked devilishly dapper in red shirt, black tie, black suit and, of course, horns. Still another, a big dude who looked like he could intimidate even without the extra adornment, painted his bare chest and bald head red, wore what looked like goat-hair pants, carried a skull-topped walking stick and somehow had horns stuck to his noggin. At least, we’ll assume they were stuck on and weren’t actually, you know, growing.

This all began with a typographical error in the Nov. 21 edition of the Comox Valley Record newspaper. An ad for the annual parade listed associated attractions, including a “Gnarly Christmas Craft Fair,” “Captain Thunderpants” (pause to consider how good a story must be when you skip right past the Captain Thunderpants part) and, ahem, “Pictures with Satan.”

It should have read Santa. It didn’t.

As you might expect, the typo created a kerfuffle. What you might not expect is how far it went, how fast. Wells says he heard about it from people in South Africa, where he used to live.

Late-night talk-show host Seth Meyers made fun of the Santa-to-Satan swap: As the screen showed a to-go coffee cup with the name Satan scrawled across it, Meyers fake-quoted Trump mouthpiece Kellyanne Conway as saying: “That’s so weird. The same thing happened to me at Starbucks.”

The New York Post ran a story, quoting the Record’s apologetic editorial. “We often chuckle about the typos we have caught, breathing sighs of relief when the L in ‘public’ or the B in ‘Hornby’ is added by the last set of eyes before going to print. Even those are not always caught,” the Record’s editorial read. “But when it happens in an ad, it becomes all that much more blatant. They are called ‘display ads’ for a reason. They are meant to stand out on the page. This one did that, for all the wrong reasons.”

These things happen. Working for a newspaper that once ran a picture of a farmer and his pig where a husband and wife were supposed to be (and which identified the wife as the pig). I will not make too big a deal about this. My own contribution this year was to somehow write “Shady Greek cemetery” instead of “Shady Creek cemetery” in a column. Pot, meet kettle.

The happy ending? The Satan fuss contributed to a terrific turnout on Sunday. “I would say this was one of our more well-attended Christmas parades,” Wells said.

It also led, indirectly, to some help for the hungry: “We raised $136 for the food bank,” says Will Evers.

Who’s Evers? He’s that intimidating-looking devil you just read about. After the typo became a cause celebre, it was his 14-year-old daughter Saphira Evers-Jamieson who said: “Let’s have some fun with it.”

Together, they fashioned the impressive Satan costume Evers wore Sunday. They made the goat legs out of some faux fur, an old foam roller and a couch cushion salvaged from the ReStore. The cushion also contributed to the horns, which were hot-glued to a latex bald cap.

“We whipped it together in about 24 hours,” Evers said. “It was a fun dad-daughter project.”

He estimates a couple of hundred people posed for photos with him on Sunday. That included Santa and Mrs. Claus, who emerged from their own photo session in the Native Sons Hall. Some paid Evers a loonie or two for the privilege, with all of it going to the food bank. Good cause. Good fun.

“We figured everyone would get a kick out of it,” he said.

Sometimes, when things go sideways, you just have to say what the hell and laugh.

[email protected]

© 2019 Copyright Times Colonist

Forgetting Where the Ys Are – Features

A broadsheet in progress.
Photo by Steve Davis

After these many solitary, thoughtful hours in the letterpress shop, I found an entirely new feeling toward the craft when I saw our broadsides in the hands of their authors, in the hands of this writing community. When writer Peter Orner came to campus for a Caxton reading in the fall, Nick printed a broadside to honor the event. When poet and translator Hai-Dang Phan read from his collection Reenactments for a recent reading, Nick and I collaborated on a broadside of Phan’s poem, “Osprey.” Since, we created another broadside for Professor of English Gina Franco’s reading, printing an excerpt from her new poetry collection, The Accidental. These prints are the first of a series made under the name Prairie Moon Press, a title dreamed up for the space by Robin Metz, co-founder of Knox’s Program in Creative Writing, who passed away in 2018.

My successes in the letterpress shop are products of the work of a community, lively and warm. Professors like Monica, Nick, and Mark take it upon themselves daily to include students in legitimate, meaningful work—to notice students, to ask that we take our work seriously together. And last fall, Hal donated yet another press, this one a self-inking machine called the Challenge. Its size—1,200 pounds—enables us to produce more prints and make a greater impact on our community with this craft.

Letterpress work often doesn’t make sense; it is slow, tedious, and yields few prints. But I believe there’s something in us still that loves the feeling of paper, the interface of reading from a made, physical object. 

At Hai-Dang Phan’s reading, I watched my friends, professors, classmates, and other attendees pick up the broadsides and understand them as a human-made, communal artifact. Letterpressed artifacts preserve the moment by acknowledging our comings-together as acts of community, acts of humanity. So my hope is that the letterpress shop can continue to be a space for people to disconnect from digital noise and look beyond it—to understand words as things we can hold, as things we can think about deeply even as we type them, letter by letter.

Fou No. 3

Fou is Brad Soucy, Cate Peebles, and David Sewell.

All images © Brad Soucy.


Special thanks to EZ Bardeguez.








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is the author of
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Thuggery & Grace.


Cynthia Arrieu-King is an
assistant professor of creative writing at Stockton College and an
echocardiographer. Her book People Are Tiny in Paintings of China
is forthcoming from Octopus Books in the fall of 2010. Poems are
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is the author of numerous books of poetry, most recently
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Christopher DeWeese was born in Port Townsend. Recent poems have
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and Zoland Poetry Annual. He
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most recent work can be found in Diode, Handsome,
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has lived in Wilmington,
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Noah Falck’s chapbooks include Homemade Engines
from a Dream, Measuring Tape for the Midwest,
and Life As a Crossword Puzzle, which won the 2009
Open Thread Chapbook Award and is out from

Encyclopeida Destructica. He lives in Dayton, Ohio.


Jessica Fjeld is the managing editor of jubilat. Her chapbook,
On animate life
, was selected for the Poetry Society of America
Chapbook Fellowship by Lyn Hejinian in 2006, and recent poems have
appeared or are forthcoming in GlitterPony,

, and Invisible Ear.

Alina Gregorian

holds an MFA from the New
School. Her poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Pax Americana,
and Juked. She blogs here: alinagregorian.blogspot.com


Richard Jones has a new
book, The Correct Spelling & Exact Meaning, forthcoming from
Copper Canyon Press in 2010.


Caroline Knox’s
sixth collection, Quaker Guns (Wave Books

2008–www.wavepoetry.com), has won a
MassachusettsCenter for the Book
Recommended Reading Award 2009. She has new work in Boston Review,
Denver Quarterly,
and Massachusetts Review.



Loudon lives
and writes in Seattle.
She is the author of

from Ravenna Press,

Navigate, Amelia Earhart’s Letters Home
from No Tell Books,
and, most recently,
, also from No Tell Books. She is a professional
musician and teaches violin to children.


lives in Brooklyn, New York. He has poems in or forthcoming from
Opium Magazine, Forklift Ohio, Washington
and The Agriculture Reader. His chapbook I Is to
won the Diagram/New Michigan Press 2009 chapbook contest.
He is editor of pax
He is also poetry editor of
LIT Magazine
and a contributing editor of the forthcoming ex machina.
Sometimes he


Alexis Orgera is the author of two chapbooks,
Illuminatrix (Forklift, Ink.) and Dear Friends, the Birds were
(Blue Hour Press). Recent poems have appeared or are
forthcoming in Forklift, Ohio; H_ngm_n; The Journal; jubilat; No Tell
Motel; Sixth Finch; SUB-LIT;
and The Tusculum Review. She lives in
southwest Florida
and edits New CollAge.


Tomaž Šalamun
has had books translated into most of the European
languages. He lives in Ljubljana, Slovenia,
and occasionally teaches in
the USA. His recent books translated into English are
Woods and Chalices (Harcourt,
Poker (Ugly Duckling Presse, 2008) and
There’s the Hand and There’s the Arid Chair
 (Counterpath Press, 2009). His
Blue Tower is due by Houghton
Mifflin Harcourt in 2010.


Morgan Lucas Schuldt is the author of the poetry
collection Verge (Parlor Press: Free Verse Editions, 2007) and two
chapbooks: L=u=N=G=U=A=G=E (Scantily Clad Press, 2009) and Otherhow
(Kitchen Press, 2007).  He lives in Tucson, where he edits the online literary
journal CUE and the chapbook series CUE Editions.


Peter Jay Shippy is the author of Thieves’

(University of Iowa Press), Alphaville (BlazeVOX
BOOKS) and How to Build the Ghost in Your Attic (Rose Metal
Press). He teaches literature and writing at
EmersonCollege in Boston. For more poems, try:



was born and raised in Vermont.
She currently lives in New York
and is a recent graduate of the NYU creative writing program in poetry.
She is a singer/songwriter, freelance illustrator, and cartoonist. Bianca
also runs The Ladder Poetry Reading Series, which couples
established writers with emerging writers, and showcases the wide
variety those young writers in the city through a chapbook called The
Whitman’s Poetry Sampler
. Her most recent poetry publications
include Two Review, The Patterson Literary Review, and


Allison Titus’s first book, Sum Of Every Lost Ship,
will be published by CSU Press, and new poems are forthcoming in A
Public Space
and MAKE Magazine.


Jack Knox: How an innocent typo summoned Satan to a Christmas parade

Old Nick showed up at the Comox Valley Christmas parade on Sunday.

No, not St. Nick. Old Nick. Beelzebub. Lucifer. Mephistopheles.


As advertised.

Courtenay Mayor Bob Wells saw at least four versions of the devil at Sunday’s festivities. “And then online I’ve seen a couple more.”

Jake Fernandes, a promotions guy with The Eagle radio station, attended with his face painted red. Then there was Skippy, the horned, face-painted fellow who photo-bombed Wells, Cumberland Mayor Leslie Baird and Comox Mayor Russ Arnott.

Another guy looked devilishly dapper in red shirt, black tie, black suit and, of course, horns. Still another, a big dude who looked like he could intimidate even without the extra adornment, painted his bare chest and bald head red, wore what looked like goat-hair pants, carried a skull-topped walking stick and somehow had horns stuck to his noggin. At least, we’ll assume they were stuck on and weren’t actually, you know, growing.

This all began with a typographical error in the Nov. 21 edition of the Comox Valley Record newspaper. An ad for the annual parade listed associated attractions, including a “Gnarly Christmas Craft Fair,” “Captain Thunderpants” (pause to consider how good a story must be when you skip right past the Captain Thunderpants part) and, ahem, “Pictures with Satan.”

It should have read Santa. It didn’t.

As you might expect, the typo created a kerfuffle. What you might not expect is how far it went, how fast. Wells says he heard about it from people in South Africa, where he used to live.

Late-night talk-show host Seth Meyers made fun of the Santa-to-Satan swap: As the screen showed a to-go coffee cup with the name Satan scrawled across it, Meyers fake-quoted Trump mouthpiece Kellyanne Conway as saying: “That’s so weird. The same thing happened to me at Starbucks.”

The New York Post ran a story, quoting the Record’s apologetic editorial. “We often chuckle about the typos we have caught, breathing sighs of relief when the L in ‘public’ or the B in ‘Hornby’ is added by the last set of eyes before going to print. Even those are not always caught,” the Record’s editorial read. “But when it happens in an ad, it becomes all that much more blatant. They are called ‘display ads’ for a reason. They are meant to stand out on the page. This one did that, for all the wrong reasons.

These things happen. Working for a newspaper that once ran a picture of a farmer and his pig where a husband and wife were supposed to be (and which identified the wife as the pig). I will not make too big a deal about this. My own contribution this year was to somehow write “Shady Greek cemetery” instead of “Shady Creek cemetery” in a column. Pot, meet kettle.

The happy ending? The Satan fuss contributed to a terrific turnout on Sunday. “I would say this was one of our more well-attended Christmas parades,” Wells said.

It also led, indirectly, to some help for the hungry: “We raised $136 for the food bank,” says Will Evers.

Who’s Evers? He’s that intimidating-looking devil you just read about. After the typo became a cause celebre, it was his 14-year-old daughter Saphira Evers-Jamieson who said: “Let’s have some fun with it.”

Together, they fashioned the impressive Satan costume Evers wore Sunday. They made the goat legs out of some faux fur, an old foam roller and a couch cushion salvaged from the ReStore. The cushion also contributed to the horns, which were hot-glued to a latex bald cap.

“We whipped it together in about 24 hours,” Evers said. “It was a fun dad-daughter project.”

He estimates a couple of hundred people posed for photos with him on Sunday. That included Santa and Mrs. Claus, who emerged from their own photo session in the Native Sons Hall. Some paid Evers a loonie or two for the privilege, with all of it going to the food bank. Good cause. Good fun.

“We figured everyone would get a kick out of it,” he said.

Sometimes, when things go sideways, you just have to say what the hell and laugh.

[email protected]

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Berthel ‘Typos’ Nielsen CS:GO Statistics

Berthel Nielsen

No team

21 years

Show player average


Total kills1926

Headshot %48. 7%

Total deaths2358

K/D Ratio0.82

Damage / Round65.5

Grenade dmg / Round2.8

Maps played124

Rounds played3270

Kills / round0.59

Assists / round0.11

Deaths / round0.72

Saved by teammate / round0.10

Saved teammates / round0.09

Rating 2.00.89

Featured ratings(Rating 2.0)

vs top 5 opponents

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vs top 20 opponents

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vs top 30 opponents

(5 maps)


vs top 50 opponents

(31 maps)

Form in filter

Sliding window of rating 1.0 for matches in the past 3 months – 1 day increments

Samsung KNOX 2.

0 Mobile Security Software Now Available for Galaxy S5

Samsung today announced the commercial launch of KNOX 2.0, a mobile security platform for enterprise environments. The solution provides support to IT departments of companies that are implementing a BYOD (Bring-Your-Own-Device) policy in enterprises.

The Samsung KNOX platform is currently represented not by one solution, but by a wide range of various products and services. The first Samsung KNOX solution, introduced back in 2013, which is the core of security and “container” for applications, has now been renamed KNOX Workspace. The KNOX 2.0 platform, presented in 2014 as part of the MWC, consists of the following solutions: KNOX Workspace, KNOX EMM services, KNOX Marketplace and KNOX Customization. At the moment, the KNOX Workspace solution is preinstalled on the flagship smartphones Galaxy S5, and can be activated by IT managers for further use.The KNOX 2.0 mobile security platform will be available in the coming months for other devices in the Samsung Galaxy family as soon as the OS is updated. The Mobile Device Management (MDM) system, which was used in the previous version of the KNOX 1.0 platform, is also fully compatible with KNOX 2.0. With the OS update, KNOX 1.0 users will automatically receive a new version of the KNOX 2.0 solution.

New and improved features of the KNOX 2.0 platform:

  • Core Platform Security.KNOX Workspace offers a range of security fundamentals to improve device security from kernel to application. These upgraded features include: TrustZone certificate management protection, KNOX keystore, real-time system integrity protection, TrustZone device encryption protection, two-factor biometric authentication, and overall KNOX improvements.
  • KNOX Workspace provides users with new opportunities, thanks to new functions for the “container” (secure environment for work, data storage), which makes the solution as flexible and scalable for implementation in the enterprise.
  • The KNOX “container” provides users with new functionalities such as support for all Android applications downloaded from the Google Play app store. This eliminates the need to install third-party applications.
  • Container support for third-party solutions and services provides better policy control than standard Android Secure Enhancement.
  • Split-Billing works with service providers to separate billing for personal and work apps and in turn calculates company billing for all corporate or professional applications.
  • Universal MDM Client and Samsung Enterprise Gateway (SEG) simplify the user enrollment process by pre-registering user profiles with SEG using MDM servers.
  • In addition to the core functionality of KNOX 2.0, users will also have access to two new core cloud services – KNOX EMM and KNOX Marketplace, as well as the KNOX Customization service. These services are designed specifically for small and medium businesses.
  • KNOX EMM service provides cloud-based mobile device management, identity and access management (single sign-on + Directory service) with a wide range of IT policies to implement the core principles of the company.
  • The KNOX Marketplace is a cloud store for SMB companies to find, buy and use KNOX and enterprise cloud applications in a unified environment.
  • The KNOX Customization Service offers an innovative way to create customized B2B solutions using off-the-shelf hardware by providing either an SDK or binary for system integrators.

Profile: Mallory Knox – Friends

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81-90 of 475

19-year-old Eric is transferred from a youngster to an adult prison, and he instantly gives out such a “Bronson” that even experienced prisoners slap themselves on the thighs in admiration. For a guy, there are no authorities, he is ready to kick Jesus Christ himself in the face. Fortunately (and maybe vice versa), Eric’s daddy is serving a life sentence in the same prison, who occupies a certain place in the prison hierarchy and wants to calm his son down by forcing him to attend group therapy sessions. But Eric did not go to jail to listen to his father’s teachings …

At first, Eric gives the impression of a cocky, tough, but a little deformed guy. There is no shyness inherent in the first movers, he is ready to fight, break anyone, no matter – a prisoner in front of him or a guard.An excellent scene at the beginning of the film – Eric gently (but bloody) bites the guard’s scrotum (the scene is in the trailer, not to be considered a spoiler). It has long been known that heroes always meet other heroes, and if you move at such a speed, you won’t live long in prison. And here the most interesting thing begins, the director unobtrusively explains why Eric is sitting, and his motivation becomes clear. He is not limitless, and his actions are aimed at achieving a specific goal. Which one? The answer is in the film.

So what is this wonderful film about? A film in which the heroes alternately smear beautifully flowing blood on their faces, and not very aesthetically pleasing crap.Where they are ready to kill for swearing at the mother, but they kill for a dose, where the guards look more disgusting than prisoners, and the real criminals wear suits and give orders over the radio. A film in which every second word is obscene, and every three minutes someone is cut or pressed – what is it about? This film is about love, or rather about the complex forms that love sometimes takes, and about the fact that most painfully we hurt people who are close to us. Director Mackenzie managed to tell a very personal, intimate love story of a father and son in a rough, prison language.The final scene makes you experience a real catharsis, it is the key, everything else is the scenery.

There are three key characters in the film. Eric (Jack O Connell), his father Neville (Ben Mendelssohn), and prison psychologist Oliver (Ruper Friend). It seems to me that after this film, O Connell will become a very popular actor, he is so good. Eric in his performance is violent, cruel, brutal, and all this is just a mask, the facade behind which hides a lonely, desperate boy who does not know parental care and love.Mendelssohn, usually playing sweaty drunks (The Place Beyond the Pines) and Criminals Losers (Casino Robbery), here looks like a really dangerous, filthy crime devoid of charm. Friend finally got rid of the image of an effeminate, rickety gigolo (Sheri), and in this film he convincingly plays a man, in places very similar.


A wonderful, masculine movie that leaves a sad but light aftertaste.

10 of 10

direct link

September 1, 2014 | 01:50

Sam is an ordinary astronaut, tenderly waiting for the moment when he can reunite with his beloved wife on earth and pat his little daughter on the head.It probably grows by leaps and bounds, while he sits here on the moon, fixes breakdowns, writes reports. Sam has little fun, he makes a layout, leafs through magazines torn to holes, neatly laid out by the bed, revises messages from the family and conducts conversations with the robot Gertie. A small lonely world full of sadness and homesickness, longing for people. And around – space, an all-embracing emptiness, sucking into itself, calling. And the only chance not to succumb to this call is to hold on to the usual activities, to the numbers, to count down the days before leaving home.Rather, it was until another person appeared in his world – a complete copy of himself …

After another discord in the family, many couples usually decide to take a break from their life together and understand themselves. But few husbands run to the moon. An effective way: rethinking in record time, but the rainbow dreams of reunification are quickly replaced by paranoia, bordering on schizophrenia. After all, if the way of life looks like a vicious circle, even a trifle can turn the mind over, and attempts to delve into one’s soul lead outward, to a surface dug by craters.

If you think about it, could the green debutant tell something new in the genre of space fiction that is well-known far and wide? When watching “The Moon”, somewhere in the fortieth minute, when the two Sam Rockwells begin to sort things out, you catch yourself thinking that yes. In the minimalism of the director’s decisions, one can see not only realism, but also a clear desire to put the main character in a framework in which space and futurism will not come to the fore, blocking from the viewer the throwing of Sam’s soul cut by the truth, trying to find the only correct solution.Break free, use the only chance, and take revenge on the soulless corporations that controlled him, keeping him like a pet hamster in a cage.

So what is the space station for the protagonist? Home, work, or maybe a personal hell, where everything is repeated over and over again, and even such a forgivable sin as curiosity brings you down to the penalty loop? But after all, if not for this curiosity, then everything would have gone as it should be according to the instructions, and Sam would not have realized that in this mechanism of the station he is just a small detail that can be easily replaced with a new one.And what is around? Frightening silence, in which you can hear everything, from fear to peace, and at the same time nothing. For where does paranoia come from if there is nothing to think about? Only emptiness will remain.

Sam himself built his world, in this universal vacuum, filled it with hopes, dreams, thoughts, created it in his own image and likeness, up to the humanization of the robot … And now what? Decomposing mentally, Sam sees his little world crumbling. With every minute of this beautiful performance by Rockwell, emphasized by Mansel’s harmonious, personal, and pure music, the viewer’s psychological tension grows.Who am I? I want to shout this question, as loudly as possible, but how? After all, no one in space will hear your cry.

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October 31, 2012 | 19:45

Ricky Gervais’s first full-length work turned out to be quite an interesting work in terms of the script, thanks in large part to the fact that Gervais did what the writers could have done for many years, he turned the usual trick with lies in an unexpectedly original way.After all, one has only to think about how simple the idea is, and how correctly it is implemented. But what if there were no lies in our world, and the one who lied would become the king of the world, because thanks to this, everything is available to him. Moreover, with such a gorgeous idea, it was impossible to pump up in other moments of the script, for example, a big plus that the characters in the tape are alive, not artificial, but the fact that the main character is not a genius, but a simple loser plays in favor, since this is a completely logical decision, which immediately comes to mind.

In addition to being really good in terms of the script, it presents us with more than just a movie with a good plot, it is filled with caustic satire. Gervais walks through everyday life, through offices, through the homeless, the importance of money in life, and most importantly, the atheist Gervais also goes through religion, and in such a way that you don’t feel that this is blasphemy. Of course, all this is not given to everyone to understand, and someone perceives “The Invention of Lies” as a comedy, an ordinary comedy, of which it is only partly, because I named the main plus above, and humor is of secondary importance here. And you guess about this on the second viewing, the first one last year ago, made you just think about a great idea, and on the second you notice subtle nuances. By the way, yes, about humor, it is not homerically funny here, but there are such funny moments, and truthful ones, as if written off from life.

But not everything is so smooth, there are also disadvantages, “Invention of Lies” is a very drawn-out movie, some moments could be cut short, but in general the first half is really powerful, but the ending is really drawn out, albeit true.It’s a shame that there was no atmosphere, but in such films it is of little importance. Otherwise, this film leaves a really pleasant impression, and leaves a moral that is different for everyone, but the most obvious, is that love always dispenses with lies, but otherwise the creators shout to us that a lie is not so too bad.

By the way, Jervais is a good director, and I judge not only by the series and this film, but also by his second directorial job. And of course he knows how to choose the cast, largely due to the fact that many actors agree because they like Jervais’ series.

In fact, The Invention of Lies turns out to be a film with a double bottom, which is not visible to everyone. Someone will perceive it as a comedy with meaning, but I think that this is more caustic satire, with meaning, and a great idea, seemingly simple, but surprisingly no one guessed about such a turn. Otherwise, this tape is kind, and quite bright, at least it will definitely remain in memory, and the actors are good.

PS. I read several reviews on this film, many complained that there was not enough humor, in fact, you just need to watch this film on the original, our dubbing spoils a good half of the humor.

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July 25, 2011 | 10:47

… and this story can get boring and you don’t have to listen to it. In the endless stream of parties shrouded in the tobacco haze of the night, you completely forget to keep track of the time. Unless you get stoned completely and a white rabbit will appear from the nearest corner, pointing to the clock.Girls’ tops are getting shorter, poses are more and more lustful. The camera moves slowly, capturing three characters from this crowd.

Sean with the gaze of a sociopath, drilling another nymph at the pool table, a dilemma, spit on everything and fuck her, or just spit on everything. Paul, deprived of nightlife due to the usual bout of homophobia from the side of a campy boy chosen from the crowd. On the couch, Laurent sits and puffs, disappointed by the licentiousness of the faithful Victor, and decided to carry out an act of defloration with another.Closer to dawn, she will be fucked by some local, in the morning she will limp to her room and everything will finally do not care. All this is a lie, that cynicism comes with age, it accumulates after a series of events that only bring pain. Solve the issue.

Love is evil, or rather not love, but attraction, it is just more convenient for someone to use a loud word, speaking about its component. Guys fall for beautiful or sophisticated. Inconspicuous gray mice take baths from their own blood. The razor slides through the veins.At first it doesn’t hurt, it stings a little no more, the eyelids get heavy, eternal sleep. The girls are sentimental, so a mournful and sad melody will play in the tape recorder. Life ended so early, and the music will continue to play, it is eternal. They listen to her in a binge, trying to turn the past back, she plays in the room when someone rhythmically asserts itself in bed. Rock’n’roll.

Body will be removed from campus in the morning. One of many, no one will care, except that the only friend will cry. Shards of a broken heart tore my hands to the bone.But we’re talking about something else now, right? This generation has not yet experienced the delights of silence. The scorched field of youth, beyond which the dense forest of adult life. From dusk to dusk. From party to party. Back and forth, down the memory corridors filled with cheap whiskey. Darkness, I don’t remember yesterday, and the day before yesterday, but is it necessary? Is it worth it? Solve the issue.

Someone will climb to the very top, put on a raincoat, take out an ax, and under the same music will dismember their new acquaintance, who has lost his guard after the fifth or sixth glass.But these are all lyrical digressions. Other story. We are talking about youth, elusive, full of hopes that have not yet been destroyed. In the end, we are often ourselves to blame for our problems or mistakes, they just drag someone to the bottom under their weight. But everyone lives in the moment, therefore, more important than the questions that the present asks, no longer exist. In addition, you can forget about all this by walking along the white path laid out on your table. Rock’n’roll.

Smell the anonymous letters soaked in her perfume, the bottle will still warm you.Someone really pulls to the bottom, but some like Sean give up on it and just leave problems in the previous habitat. The main thing is that the stock of blank sheets from which to start a new life does not end. Yes, reflection, tragedy, a lonely snowflake instead of a tear, because you don’t know how to cry. You understand – all this is an imitation, a placebo, many do not know how to love, they convince themselves that the feeling is real, but in the morning they forget. Rock’n’roll.

Well, what about the film, what is the film? A stream of emotions, thoughts. Just a time period, from countless episodes of student existence, saturated with booze and sex.Chaotic pieces, often reversed, slowly leading to a logical ending. At the edge of the cliff, you turn right, leaving a trail of motorcycle wheels in the snow. Uncertainty ahead, disappointment behind. The main feeling of freedom, fleeting, illusory. But only one thought will spin in my head …

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November 9, 2013 | 20:13

-Do you think Leslie Tiller ran into her secateurs?

– Accident.(“Kind of cool cops”)

“Destination” has surprisingly turned into a franchise, the level of “Saws.” What surprises me most is how quietly everything happened, the previous parts are not heard, but over these 12 years since the release of the first part, “Paragraph” made a big name for itself. But the franchise has its own problems, in fact, each part duplicates the previous one, only the deaths are different, and the scene of action at the beginning. Already by the third part, “Paragraph” began to fizzle out, and the fourth part was completely mediocre.But the fifth turned out to be many times better than you might think, so much so that in the end you forget all the flaws of the previous scenarios.

While watching it, for some reason I remembered how as a child I watched the first “Destination”, then it seemed very original. But in the end, the fifth part turned out to be at the level, and there were a lot of emotions after watching. After all, how, in essence, it is easy to turn the opinion about the film by the ending. In this case, the finale was taken by surprise, but I guessed about such an outcome, but in reality everything turned out to be even cooler than I expected.

But back to the very beginning of the film. Initially, everything went as usual, the standard beginning, the vision of the protagonist, the funeral. But already on the stage of the funeral, I laughed like crazy. And everything turned out to be not as easy as it seems. Certainly someone will see a standard meat grinder with a plot. But I saw a little more, in fact, the scriptwriters of the film wrote a sincere banter over the previous parts. Not excluding a huge number of signs from the previous parts, references to subjects, and there are simply similar scenes.

I can say bravo to the writers, because they got a really cool result, thanks to which the film has a fair amount of self-irony. Yes, this is not a typo, deaths here are not as typical as it seems at first glance. Being so absurd that it brings a genuine smile to connoisseurs of black humor. The degree of blood in “accidents” has increased many times.

The writers draw on the plot tighter and tighter, proving their morality that everything should go on, but stop, the plot still has a trick about the fact that if you kill you will get the life of another person.Thanks to this, everything in the film seems excellent, the deaths are original and funny, the young actors are convincing, the director shoots it all with drive. Yes, even idiotic dialogues go into the background.

And such a fuse is enough almost until the final, and when you think everything. The fun is over … But the scriptwriters were just warming up the whole film, the most interesting is just beginning. And everything seems to be a subtly deduced point, which is put on the credits. Eh, if only so every time!

As a result, “Destination 5” is, partly banter, partly a standard slasher, with absurdly ridiculous deaths, and a lethal dose of self-irony.It’s all spiced up with a good soundtrack from Brian Tyler. And to my surprise with good direction from Stephen Quayle. If you like black humor, or a fan of the franchise, then this movie is definitely for you.

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August 25, 2011 | 14:28

“Foam of Days” is a simple, poignant story.Along with the characters on every page, in every scene, absurd little things play a huge role; a piano making cocktails, a water lily in the lung, like a metaphor for tuberculosis. Most of them were born mainly from wordplay. The novel was rarely taken off the shelf for the big screen; unsuccessfully in the 60s, then a minimalist Japanese version. The new film adaptation was entrusted to Michel Gondry – the main expert in the construction of sets with his own hands and, in general, there could be no other choice. The director flirts with filling the frame, constantly inventing something new, but otherwise it is impossible to film Vian.Heroes live in a world where everything is unreal.

Gondry truncates dialogue, but follows almost every scene in the novel. Therefore, analyzing the semantic load of a film is akin to analyzing the original work. The same young, infantile Colin, the same airy Chloe, yes, the actors are older than their heroes, but they play so inspired that you forget about everything. And most importantly, Gondri succeeded in what few succeed – the finale is known, but it is impossible to tear himself away from the screen, and in the last minutes it is difficult not to feel a lump in his throat.This feeling of inevitability haunts the heroes too. Vian wrote that the world should exist for the sake of beautiful girls and Duke Ellington’s music, but at one moment this carefree life ends, as if a car without brakes moves towards a brick wall.

You live in an idyll, and then a tragedy happens. White turns into black. This is life and no optimism will help. It remains to endure humiliation for the sake of money. To endure injustice, which I did not believe in before, everything in order to give yourself and your beloved a hint of hope.Sadness around, not only in your life. Here is your friend, a lover of the works of the hated Jean Sol Partra, dripping into his eyes a solution of his graphomania, drug addiction, a terrible thing. Someone dies for books, someone kills for them. And someone is left to endure adversity resigned.

This is where the irony lies – in a fantastic world, one cannot always live without troubles, the ship “Life” at some point will surely hit the stones. Therefore, the world grows dim and approaches complete blackness. You are like a hamster in a wheel trying to do anything, but deep down you understand that it’s all in vain.The nymphea cannot disappear without a trace, and you will only have to vent your anger on the flowers that live in the nearest swamp. From grief, it remains to plunge into it, so that the darkness swallows not only your body, but also your soul. The cat did not eat the mouse, maybe there is still hope for a bright one in our world, but sinking deeper and deeper to the bottom, it’s less and less to believe in it.

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August 2, 2013 | 18:52

I will advise you on a British melodrama.And I think you won’t be surprised why I chose her. It reveals the theme of human relations, in it “stars” appear before us as ordinary people, and not as some fictional characters from a fairy tale shot by Richard Curtis. Also, this film opens us a view of London, or rather one of its districts – Notting Hill. This area attracts at the same time with its beauty and … simplicity. There is nothing superfluous in it and there is no such feeling that something was missing. And the actors! Ah, much can be given for their views and insight.So, in “Notting Hill” such concepts as sincerity, understanding and, of course, love were put together.

Taking full responsibility of this decision, I want to advise you not only to watch this film, but completely, no matter how long it takes, to immerse yourself in its atmosphere. To be honest, the most “real” and “smart” film critics will give this film 7-8 points, but they cannot deny that this is the best British melodrama, at least at that time (and the film was shot in 1999) for sure.Why do they give such ratings? I’ll explain it to you. After all, this film is based on a genre called melodrama, and in translation from Greek “meloz” means a song, and drama, I think, is already clear what it means. Have you noticed before that there is always great music in all melodramas? It is always so well chosen that it can touch the innermost strings of the human soul. Music is, of course, good, and it is naturally one of the distinguishing features of this genre, but there are also disadvantages – often, in melodrama, there is always a similar plot structure, and most often melodrama implies a good ending.Therefore, already in the middle of the film, an experienced viewer (and an inexperienced one too) realizes that “like this” it should have ended. But I cannot call this melodrama completely predictable or insincere, after all, this plot is different from other “similar” films. Most importantly, I want to believe this film. And, oddly enough, we believe. We believe every word, every thought, every phrase. And that means a lot.

Popularity is like youth: it passes away and never returns (c)

And love … It is everywhere, it is always, it is eternal.We can forget how famous a man was, how he was respected and praised. But this person can never be forgotten by those whose heart beat faster when communicating with him. Those who loved him not for money or fame, but because he was just with them. Fans grow quickly, autographs run out, money flies. What will be left? Just three words: “I love you.”

Now I will say a little about acting. I can’t help but mention how I believed in Julia Roberts’s smile and dimples. How I, along with her heroine, Anna Scott, experienced how I felt this strong woman.Through this heroine, I tried to recognize the actress herself. And indeed all the actors. See – what they really are, how they live there, on the other side of the screen. I want to be sure that Julia is actually exactly the same as in this film. Anna Scott is acting strange. It is like a sandstorm – it seems completely calm, but at one point it throws dust in your eyes. The heroine of Julia Robert is an actress, everything is allowed to her, she is used to disappearing, she is used to doing as she decided for herself, until … she fell in love, until she fell for her own bait.

And Hugh Grant … This is just an inimitable actor. It seems to me that if I write that this is one of his best roles, I will voice the opinion of the majority. He revealed his character. He played a kind of “shy”, quiet monogamous William Tucker. Hugh Grant’s character is initially in love with a dream. The heroine of Julia Roberts put it well: “A man falls asleep with his dream and doesn’t really like waking up with a real woman.” But, the more he communicates with this woman, the more affection the hero has, and then the most true love.

Aside from advice about watching a movie, I advise you to … believe. Believe in true, pure love. She is not a fairy tale. She’s not a movie. She’s not a book. She is a butterfly. I wish you to catch your butterfly, but if the butterfly does not want to fly with you, do not hold it (this is so, wishes for the New Year)

10 of 10

I am in love with this film.

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January 1, 2010 | 20:26

Section “Q” is littered with unsolved cases, but Karl Merck’s attention is drawn to a case twenty years ago about the murder of two students of a prestigious, private school.The case was closed because a silly drug addict confessed to the crime. However, the father of the murdered (former investigator) is convinced that the true culprit has not been found and asks Merck to investigate the case again … … As in the first part, it will be about revenge here. The proverb about a cold dish, imposed in the teeth, is not appropriate here, since twenty years have passed since the crime was committed and the dish has not only cooled down, it has noticeably rotten. The creators make no secret of who the criminal is, the intrigue is whether Merc and Assad will be able to expose the villains. Equalizing everyone in the face of the law results in some becoming so even that they simply cannot be held accountable.

This film could not have been released if Nyorgor had been filming with the money of our Ministry of Culture. The director carries out a simple idea – the rich bastard goes to private schools, has expensive lawyers, and sits in prison with all the conveniences.Ay – ay, what a politically incorrect film, falls under the article on inciting social hatred. Rich criminals – who would have thought this was possible? This only happens in rotten Denmark (and in general in the West).

The director skillfully alternates between modernity and flashbacks telling about the past, and as the plot develops, the attitude towards one of the heroes changes. The film posing as a detective ends up being a tragic, passionate love story. A knot of intricately intertwined human destinies, where it is sometimes difficult to distinguish – where is the killer, and where is his victim.

The plot is non-trivial, tense narration, the denouement will satisfy the most bloodthirsty. In previous films, Nyorgor was not shy about physiology, but here he brought the technique of highly artistic snot to perfection – the heroes vomit, smear snot on dirty faces, generously sprinkle the interiors with blood, and how could it be otherwise – the past does not let anyone go without pain.

Assad will reveal new facets of his versatile personality, a new member will appear in the department (well, not quite a member, let’s call her a colleague), and … we will wait for the third part.

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January 17, 2015 | 22:00

My name is Kelvin. After my debut novel, critics christened me the new Salinger, and the fame heaped a burden of responsibility, because the second book cannot be a failure. The problem is that inspiration does not happen on demand, and inspiration still does not come and does not come.The typewriter, which previously served as an altar, causes fear, and makes you take the dog for a walk, just to get away. At the zenith of fame, I am unsociable and lonely. And then she came to me, stuck into my consciousness, like a sharp needle. Dreams became a refuge, and a psychologist convinced me to write about her. The writing desk again became the most beloved place, and the typewriter became an instrument of sacred rite. And everything was fine until Ruby (as I called her) appeared in the flesh. Real, alive, as if someone super-strong made a hole in my imagination and released it to freedom …

How to reject nascent feelings, how to protect yourself from waves of love and lust? It’s hard to resist, almost impossible.Imagine – a beautiful, experienced, as if descended from pictures, where girls of the times of the French Revolution are captured (it’s not for nothing that Ruby speaks French for the sake of experiment), a creative person, an artist, a woman with a difficult fate. They write books about such people, they worship such people, they worship such people. Not like a statue or an unattainable ideal, oh no. After all, she is near – warm, lively. I want to walk with her: just go and not stop. Or get ready for a movie, always for a horror movie, and then laugh for the whole session with joy that she is there.Or get out together to a club, just like that, for nothing, not even suspecting that in the midst of a party, in a dance, you will look at her, beautiful and drunk, and you will understand: “this is it.”

And behind this insight – fear and uncertainty. After all, this is not “Pygmalion”, it is something opposite. By the will of the master, not his consciousness, but complexes, insatiable perfectionism and other cockroaches, a regression is more and more clearly outlined: from the ideal to its opposite. The creative ego of the creator deprives the creation of independence, and then exhaustion and sadness comes.Everything ever ends, and is love when something in your beloved annoys you, and you want to remove this something, crippling, limiting, torturing? And how many times will you give in to this impulse before finally deciding to open the cage and let go, let go of this birdie, in pursuit of independence, freedom and peace? They say that he learns from mistakes, and maybe next time you won’t have to make them…. if he will, this next time. Only one thing is clear: a woman is like a universe. The well-known butterfly effect – removed one grain, the whole mountain crumbled.And, before plunging into someone’s soul, it is worth thinking about whether it is even necessary to go on this journey without end?

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December 26, 2012 | 20:08

The Lord sent King Christian to the blessed country of Denmark in 1766 (inventory number – VII). Christian had a number of cute habits – he loved to drink, have fun in the company of sluts, or just jerk off at his leisure, and besides that he considered himself an actor, and loved to quote Shakespeare.As for me – absolutely harmless manners, with the exception of Shakespeare, the quotation of which is evidence of extreme licentiousness. Cruel subjects, for some unknown reason, considered these innocent pranks to be a manifestation of mental illness.

At that time, cross-cousin marriages were in vogue in the royal houses of Europe, Christian married his cousin Caroline (God forgive me) Matilda, who had reached marriageable age (15 years old). A strong unit of Danish society emerged – Christian remained faithful to his premarital habits, and declared that “it is not fashionable to love a wife,” Carolina was gratefully drying out of boredom alone.

It is impossible to avoid historical parallels, the temptation is too great. Five years earlier described events, the Duke of Holstein – Gottorp, better known as Peter III, became the Russian emperor. According to the recollections of contemporaries, Peter loved to drink (the day began with a bottle of beer), did not love his wife, and spent time in the company of a cheerful girl Vorontsova. Peter, like Christian, was considered by many to be crazy, just like Christian, he was not interested in the issues of governing the country, both rulers were awarded by their wives with branchy horns and children born of extramarital affairs.Both Peter and Christian wanted to part with their spouses, and finally Holstein was part of Denmark for a long time, so Peter can be considered a Danish prince. Is this coincidence of fate and characters accidental? Maybe. Intolerant Russian subjects appreciated the emotional impulses of the monarch at their true worth, and Peter died from a blow to the throat with a fork (sorry, from hemorrhoidal colic). The politically correct Danes politely tolerated their monarch, and Christian died happily in complete insanity at the age of 59.

The title of the film fully reflects what is happening – this is a novel, and Voltairian Struense is loved not only by Caroline, but also by the king himself. Christian is shown lonely, useless, and he grabs the doctor with both hands. No, there is no homoeroticism in their relationship, but Christian’s affection for the doctor exceeds that of friendship. Christian cannot spend a minute without Struense, he constantly looks for him with his gaze, in his presence he feels inspiration – do we need any more proof of the king’s love for the court doctor? It is not known what is more dangerous for a courtier in such a situation – the king’s hatred or his love?

The film perfectly shows social inequality and the futility of attempts to overcome it in traditional society.Struensee carries out a series of reforms in the spirit of enlightened absolutism fashionable in the 18th century, the transformations meet with approval from Voltaire himself, but in fact Struensee remains an upstart, and he himself understands this. In the moment preceding the execution, he desperately shouts to the crowd spitting at him – I am the same as you!

It is difficult to say something about Mikkelsen’s acting. In the scene of meeting the king, he betrays Hannibal Lector and arranges a psychoanalysis session, starting with the question – Why do your subjects think you are crazy? This is followed by a cute scene in which the king and the healer are thrown around with quotes from Shakespeare, and a strong male friendship is born.Who is really impressive is the performer of the role of Christian – Fölsgaard. He found the image of an infantile, charmingly charming nerd, ends each phrase with a smug laugh, and in this role he is very organic.

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May 10, 2014 | 00:55


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Secospace TSM Integrated Network Security Management System Solution Overview In the process of informatization, enterprises may face the problem of controlling end-user access to the network and.Moscow 1. Protected management of corporate files on mobile devices 1 Speaker Eduard Popov Head of Sales Support and Promotion of Acronis Software Business Areas Reserved. Confidential information is sent by email.

Samsung Knox 2.0 will make the Galaxy S5 more suitable for corporate use

Features certifications and certifications. XenApp XenDesktop XenMobile Securing the Mobile Workplace White Paper 2 XenApp and XenDesktop bring new levels of enterprise mobility, performance, and productivity.Security aspects in the mobilization of banks Evgeniy Simonovich Architect of business solutions in the field of mobilization What are the problems with mobilization in banks The correct strategy for solving security issues Solutions. Management of corporate and personal mobile devices Alexey Sizov IT architecture development department October

Administration of local networks Lecture 8 Security of network connections 1 Lecture overview Description of functions and utilities of packet filtering List of known ports and applications that use them.Protected microcomputer MKT Scope To date, the development of ICT both in the field of public administration and in commercial structures is aimed at introducing modern information technologies. The role of information security in the company’s activities. How to protect infrastructure with Security Code products.

Tasks of using mobile devices for the use of qualified electronic signature and some ways to solve them Sergey Gruzdev General Director Principles of ensuring the protection of mobile devices in a corporate environment Collaboration September To work with corporate mail, contacts, and calendar on a mobile device, you need to configure your Exchange mailbox settings.

Setting up an Exchange mailbox is only possible for Samsung devices running Android operating system version 5. To set up an Exchange mailbox on a mobile device, follow these steps :. In addition, the platform has become available on wearable devices such as the Samsung Gear S2. This means that even more users will be able to take advantage of Samsung’s security platform. This strategy will now expand beyond Android to include the Tizen operating system.


Samsung KNOX also works seamlessly between IoT devices, open APIs, and development kits. In addition, KNOX is supported by more than providers of corporate mobility management systems around the world. The platform is compatible with all popular SSO and VLAN access solutions, ensuring compatibility with deployed infrastructure and allowing companies to preserve their IT investments. The platform will form the basis for all Samsung corporate services, including solutions for healthcare, automotive, finance and other segments.

Samsung Knox Suite: All-in-one solution built for Enterprise Mobility – Samsung

Samsung announced in February the release of the second version of the Knox 2 platform. The information stored inside is protected from unauthorized access, malicious software and phishing. Samsung Knox makes it possible to use a separate chip to check the integrity of the system and the container, which prevents access to files stored in the protected area in case of attempts to compromise the system.

Knox 2.0 received two new cloud services: Knox EMM and Knox Marketplace

In version Knox 2. Knox 2. From the previous version of Knox, system users will be able to upgrade along with an upgrade to Android KitKat. The new flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy S5, announced at the MWC, will come with Knox 2 pre-installed. Its benefits can only be used by owners of the Galaxy S5 smartphone.

To use Knox, IT services must first enable the appropriate functionality.New features include dedicated Marketplace app storage, cloud-based management and certificate management functions that turn your smartphone into a smart card. The platform is compatible with third-party containers such as the Good Safe Container, as well as Fixmo SafeZone and MobileIron AppConnect containers, which provide the same level of hardware protection as Samsung’s own container.

Each gadget has an optimal screen size for reading text, works for a long time without recharging, supports mobile Internet and is affordable for mass purchase.In addition, the retailer was able to improve the convenience and efficiency of the staff.

Today, every Yves Rocher store in Russia uses at least one tablet. There are several of them in the company’s flagship showroom on Tverskaya Street in Moscow, as the software allows you to use gadgets to help customers.

ldap – ldapadd does not provide “any global superior knowledge” in default configuration


I am installing Prosody and Kaiwa XMPP server in DigitalOcean Droplet.

Kaiwa has a one-click deployment tool using Docker which I tried first, but it didn’t work – probably because I’m using at least 512MB DO VPS and it ran out of memory with half the Docker images started.

I erased all of these images, made a 1GB swap file for my blob, and now follow (as suggested) the Kaiwa GitHub README for a “manual” install, which essentially fetches and configures four Docker images: postgresql , slapd , kaiwa-server and {{X3}}.The PostgreSQL image setup went smoothly and I am having problems with the LDAP sample.


Here are the instructions for configuring the LDAP Docker image:

  $ docker pull nickstenning / slapd
$ docker run -d \
             --name ldap \
             -p 389: 389 \
             -e LDAP_DOMAIN = myorga \
             -e LDAP_ORGANISATION = MyOrganisation \
             -e LDAP_ROOTPASS = mypassword \
             nickstenning / slapd
$ wget https: //raw. githubusercontent.com / digicoop / kaiwa-server / master / users.ldif
$ ldapadd -h localhost -x -D cn = admin, dc = myorga -w mypassword -f users.ldif

(I missed a series of sed commands used to replace demo data in users.ldif with personal data; I get the same error with both datasets.)

After running command ldapadd , I get the following:

  adding new entry "ou = users, dc = example.com"
ldap_add: Server is unwilling to perform (53)
    additional info: no global superior knowledge

Experiments show that if I call ldapadd with user user1 and password user1pass , or if I call it with user admin but wrong admin password, I get another error:

  ldap_bind: Invalid credentials (49)

I assume this means the second command, docker run , worked and my LDAP server recognizes that the admin user and password passed to ldapadd are correct, but for some reason I am asking to attach users to which do not exist in the tree.

I have never used LDAP before and am probably making some stupid mistake. I have read this SO question (openldap “no global excellent knowledge”) and my problem is probably similar – but I would not expect a typo to exist when I use the default config file set by the developers and I have not found it yet …


Peter henry

8 June 2015 at 04:47

It looks like you named the root of your LDAP DIT as dc = myorga .Therefore, an entry that requires ou = users, DC = example.com will not work. You will have to change this accordingly.


8 June 2015 at 03:16

90,000 Companies are uniting! LG & Google and BlackBerry & Samsung

International companies have decided that fighting and litigation is too long and tiring. And although this brings certain benefits and PR – always PR, it is better to combine your efforts and give the user something really cool. We have already written about Apple & IBM, why this is good and why the companies decided to work together. Now a few words about the benefits of cooperation between LG and Google, Samsung and BlackBerry.

LG and Google

Exchange patents – it was with such headlines that the news about the cooperation of the two companies was published. And that’s all true. LG and Google announced the conclusion of a cross-licensing agreement for a period of 10 years, during which the companies have the right to use both existing patents of each other, and those that will receive over the next years.This is how both companies decided to protect themselves from patent trolling and mutual claims, and it also gives both of them more freedom of action in terms of development. Thus, LG and Google will support each other and “untie the hands” of their employees in terms of creating something new. Alain Poe, Google’s deputy general patent attorney, said in a statement that they are delighted to partner with a company like LG as they “can now focus on delivering great products and services to users around the world.”Let me remind you that Google signed a similar agreement this year with Samsung. By the way, about them.

Samsung and BlackBerry

These guys decided not to butt, but fraternize for the sake of safety. And for the sake of fighting Apple, of course, where can we go without it? Blackberries announced a strategic partnership on their website last week. Having presented for the beginning the corporate platform BlackBerry Enterprise Service 12 (BES12), which provides an opportunity for IT-specialists to manage smartphones, the company also announced a partnership with Samsung.In the process, both companies will use each other’s mobile security solutions.

With KNOX, Samsung has created a set of Android devices capable of protecting corporate data not only in software, but also in hardware. BlackBerry brings to the partnership the best-in-class cross-platform mobile enterprise management (EMM) and secure network infrastructure. By working together, companies can offer new enterprise solutions with a mobile component and a high level of security.

With BES12 and Samsung KNOX, customers can enjoy the following benefits:

  • An integrated solution that combines the secure connectivity of its class of BlackBerry devices, applications, and data management capabilities with the security features found in Samsung Galaxy devices.
  • Security enhancements for Android that mitigate threats that bypass application security mechanisms.
  • Complete separation of business and personal data for uncompromising corporate security and employee privacy.
  • Series of kernel security enhancements.
  • Enhanced Workspace user experience for a more flexible approach to enterprise deployments.
  • This solution is expected to be released in early 2015.

Samsung will sell BES12 to general customers, and BlackBerry will offer KNOX as part of its Gold Family subscriptions. Pricing will be announced at launch. And thanks to the collaboration, Samsung will grab a piece of the corporate market, and BlackBerry will strengthen its declining position.

How to Configure App Permissions on Android Phone

Location app Samsung Huawei

Backups can be stored locally or stored in the cloud for easy transfer. Create custom tabs or folders in the app drawer for an ultra-organized feel. Remove apps from the app drawer without deleting them.

10 ways to customize your Samsung smartphone

We’ve come up with a completely new way to dynamically apply the Samsung Huawei Vision Location app to every frame while shooting.It seems that there are four of them again – but these are the other four, now with the possibility of a record tenfold optical zoom. As always, the older Galaxy comes in two flavors – with the proprietary Exynos platform for the whole world and with the current Qualcomm platform, in this case Snapdragon for the United States. Date of treatment: June 24 The situation with LTE networks is somewhat worse, but not critical. They are definitely on new devices and available to models of previous years with One UI. To obtain more accurate information, the application will need to allow access to information about SMS and calls, a common practice for any mobile program.Air humidifier Xiaomi Smartmi Pure Humidifier 2. Quick view. Voice control and search.

Additional scroll effects, unread data and others. First, make sure that AOD is turned on, and then click on it and in the dropped settings change the style and color of the clock display on the lock screen. Traditionally, the status bar is located at the top of the screen and displays all the vital functions of the smartphone, here you can find out the time, monitor the battery level and see how reliable the mobile connection is.When you receive a lot of notifications, this overload of unnecessary information makes it difficult to quickly find out the basic information. One of the most interesting visual features of Samsung smartphones is screen edge lighting.

This feature looks especially good in the flagship Galaxy S10, which has rounded edges on the sides of the display, they light up when you receive an incoming call or text message. Here you can select different effects, colors, opacity, width and duration.When you swipe on the right edge of the screen, your favorite apps and contacts appear, you can not only change the content of this element, but also add and remove entire panels.

If you own a Samsung Galaxy S10, you can change the screen resolution when convenient. This will allow not only to achieve the optimal size of the displayed information, but also to save battery power when you set a lower resolution. The fact that I have several phones is another matter, but even if they were asked to show my main phone, I would have done it without delay. Do you know why? The answer lies in the fact that I am using the built-in personal data protection system built on KNOX from Samsung.

It sounded heavy, but in reality it is very simple and easy.

Android applications for finding base stations 3G and 4G

Use HUAWEI’s Phone Clone App to send all data from your old smartphone to your new one quickly and effortlessly. The plug-in is not installed for the Samsung Gear app. The Samsung Gear S3 is already paired with another device.Huawei phone already.

We each have data that we consider critical – bank accounts, payment details, family information, personal photos and videos, finally, these can be applications that can say a lot about us and our addictions. Someone turns on separate phones in order to store various information on them, which is not related to everyday life.

The division into a regular and a corporate or special phone is logical, but often leads to confusion, and the question of whether there is always a chance to hack a second phone does not disappear anywhere.It seems to me that using several smartphones for security purposes, people at some point get confused themselves and stop doing it seriously. The main breach in the security of personal data is the inability of people to maintain it constantly, day after day, at the same level.

You need to have a strong motivation to keep your data safe, and very few have it. An ordinary person habitually waved his hand at his own safety and believes that a fingerprint sensor or a face unlock will be enough, because these methods guarantee the protection of the contents of the device.But if you imagine that someone is using your hand by force and unlocking the device, then it turns out that all its contents immediately become available to intruders?

It is believed that it is impossible to protect against this, and therefore you do not need to keep anything of value in your phone. This statement is true for many smartphones, but fundamentally wrong for Samsung smartphones, since they have created a secure environment for all the data that you consider valuable.

The KNOX encryption system creates a separate, secure section in the phone’s memory.This is not standard Android encryption, which has not gone anywhere, it is additional crypto protection, which is distinguished by a high level. In a closed room, all this is really convenient, but on the street, it is rather problematic.

  • Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra smartphone review: half a step from the throne / Smartphones.
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  • Compare watches: Huawei Watch GT2 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy Watch4;
  • Mobile phone monitor on a mobile phone.
  • How to spy on WhatsApp from another mobile phone.

Both watches keep track of their owner’s heart rate throughout the day. By default Huawei does this continuously, Samsung saves battery power every five minutes. Of course, these settings can be changed. As it should be, there is a pedometer, sleep monitoring, breathing exercises and general activity rings that should be closed during the day.

New features include blood oxygen measurement for both models and Samsung menstrual cycle tracking.Another new Samsung feature is fall detection. Both models are weather resistant. A big plus for my Samsung watch is for music: among other things, it supports the Spotify app, through which you can download playlists. With navigation, both watches are all right, as well as with an abundance of dial options, of which there are probably hundreds.

Winner in this category: Samsung. Price Winner: Huawei. From a rational point of view, my sympathy belongs to the Huawei watch.They have an incredibly durable battery, a respectable look, great build, and a reasonable price. The main disadvantages: they do not support third-party applications, such as Spotify, and they do not accurately measure the pulse. The first defect seems to be fixed soon, but with the second one will have to wait until the watch learns to interact with an external heart rate monitor.

As for Samsung watches, they are certainly very advanced, with a bright screen and one of the best in their class. To match these qualities and a considerable price.Their main drawback is a weak battery. If you agree to charge your watch every night and carry the charging stand with you everywhere, then the flag is in your hands. For me, this is an insurmountable obstacle.

  1. Quick order.
  2. WhatsApp Two hooks Mobile phone?
  3. Espia System for Android?
  4. Xiaomi Mi Smart Scale 2.
  5. Installing applications from unknown sources on Android, Xiaomi, Samsung, Huawei and Honor.

For your information, both models can be paired with iPhones. This rule also applies to wireless headphones. CAT S Two miniature athletes. Comparison: Samsung A3 vs. Samsung J7 We use cookies on our website. You can refuse them at any time by changing the settings of your web browser and deleting the saved cookies.

Report a typo

Read the details. Preinstalled applications are a problem for all Android smartphones with proprietary skins.One UI allows you to hide them and not clutter up your desktop. Select the icons you don’t need, and they will disappear from the desktop. The function is not implemented in the best way.

Samsung KNOX – a protected folder with applications, files and even cryptocurrency

Two icons will appear on the desktop, linked to different accounts. Press and hold its icon in the notification shade, the brightness slider will appear on the screen. You can adjust it depending on the ambient light. You can put videos up to 15 seconds on the lock screen.

In Facebook Messenger on Android, when a message is received, a pop-up window with the sender’s avatar appears on the screen. In One UI, this is possible with any application. Denis Markov May 21, – Camera shutter button A common problem with large smartphones: it is difficult to reach the shutter button or the volume rocker when holding outstretched hand.

Jinhao 159 – penmania.ru

This dreadnought, and this is what is [not] officially called the Jinhao 159 fountain pen, came to me by accident.A like-minded person from Australia sent it to me at a low price, with the words – “try it, you will tell it later.” Well I should try – is our profession is my hobby. So, the Chinese dreadnought of the 159 series, released at the Jinhao shipyards, cuts through the paper waves, flaunting the black sides of the hull lines …


What a ship, though! The size of the handle is impressive at first glance. The black “cigar” of the 159th side was definitely “copied” from the “icon” (one of) the pens, Montblanc 149.If you put these two handles side by side, you will have to look for differences in size …

For the perception of the size of the pen, especially if you have not held the 149th Mont Blanc in your hands for a long time, I placed another brother in a cigar case next to it, Sailor 1911 Standard. There is a difference?

In general, nice white metal design details slightly set off not only the dimensions of the case, but also its very deep black lacquer coating.

And the coating is not easy.That is, the coverage is without riddles, of course. It is simply applied to a metal case. Yes, this very big cigar is made of metal. Weights – appropriate!

In the hand, because of the size, it lies remarkably, powerfully. Weight is too big, in my opinion. But this is already a matter of taste or habit.

The length of the pen is sufficient for comfortable writing without a cap. But if you prefer to put on the cap when writing, this option is also possible – the cap is securely held by friction on the pen.

Handle length closed / without cap / with cap on 148/126/162 mm. Case diameter max – 16 mm. Weight 46 g.

Filling system

Here you are, of course, not Mont Blanc 149, and the dreadnought uses a cartridge-converter refueling system that is standard for modern times. International standard, no surprises. Cartridges are readily available. And the converter is immediately included in the Jinhao 159 package, which is nice.

Pen and writing

Standard nib on the 159th

writes well, I guess.But I could not feel it myself, because the pen came to me already with tuning. This powerful case, in every sense, carried a nib from xfountainpens.com. And not standard, but stub, that is, flat. Of the decorations on the nib, there is an ornate pattern, and the inscriptions KNOX Germany. Well, a flat tip, without an iridium ball, of course …

Tucked in a pen, put it on the paper … Wow, this is a letter! The pen writes quite pleasantly, with a velvety “aftertaste”. Well, the flat pen pleases with the variability of the line width.

I – with a question to the sender of this miracle: “Michael, do all these Knox nibs write so wonderful?”

The e-mailman, regardless of the distance to Australia, quickly brought the answer: “Well, yes, the nibs are not bad, but this pen, which you got, I brought a little myself” 🙂

And I was about to buy a handful of these feathers, because they are inexpensive, a little less than 10 USD per feather. But, alas, does not offer a revision from Michael xfountainpens …


No, there is no typo in the subtitle. Reason It seems that I was a little upset that the same KNOX nib as on my copy is not included with every “cigar” of caliber 159. But the cost of the entire pen is less than the cost of this nib! You can buy Jinhao 159 fountain pen on ebay for 8-12 USD including shipping from China! This is not the price for such a powerful weighty case, albeit an unoriginal design.

Well, you can modify the pen yourself if you want. It’s not that difficult … I’ll tell you a little later, if you’re interested …


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