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Typo-Riddled Harry Potter Book Sells For $90,000

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[March 31-April 6th, 2019] Rowling’s typos, a judge’s accidental resignation, cookie boxes filled with spiders, and the rest of the week’s weird news from Ripley’s Believe It or Not!

Harry Potter and the Philospher’s Stone

Though it would eventually have its name changed to Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone for the US release, the first book in J. K. Rowling’s hit series wasn’t a perfect success at the start. British editions were titled Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, and early copies included a few typos. Besides “1 wand” being listed twice in the titular character’s list of necessary school supplies, the likewise title-featured “philosopher” was misspelled on the book’s back cover. A rare copy of this typo-laden book just sold for $90,000 at auction.

Over Before It Began

Former judge Bill McLeod of Houston resigned just three months into the job… on accident. Excited after winning a seat as a county judge, he posted online that he’d love to run for State Supreme Court one day, but despite being an arbiter of the law, he seemed completely unaware of a piece of a provision in the state constitution. If a county judge announces candidacy for another office, it serves as an automatic resignation. Despite his mistake, he has hopes the county commissioners will re-appoint him to his own seat.

Boxes Of Cookies Tarantulas

Philippine customs officials thought they were in for a sweet treat when they opened up some gift-wrapped boxes of cookies from Poland. Instead of oatmeal raisin, however, they encountered 757 live tarantulas! Wildlife laws make it illegal to bring such spiders to the islands, so the owner tried to claim the nearly $6,000 in spiders as a collection.

13-Year-Old Buys His Mom A Car

After weeks of bad luck and heartache, things are looking up for a single mother in Nevada. Krystal Preston’s 13-year-old son bought her a car. She needed transportation to get to work, but wasn’t able to afford it. That’s when her son, William, spotted an ad for a 1999 Chevrolet Metro. He contacted the owner and worked out trading his Xbox and doing yard work all around the neighborhood in exchange for the car.

Skrillex VS Deet

According to research published in the journal Acta Tropica, mosquitoes bite and mate less when listening to Skrillex. The low tones of the dub-step music disrupt female mosquitoes’ sexual appetites and keeps them distracted from finding food. Scientists hope their findings will help pave the way for new ways to control the spread of mosquito-borne illnesses without relying on chemicals.

If Your Copy Of Harry Potter Has A Typo On Page 53, You Could Be £20,000 Richer!

10 August 2017, 14:15 | Updated: 7 December 2018, 10:57

An error in Harry’s shopping list might mean a trip to Gringotts for up to 500 Potterheads!

Right, head over to your bookshelf and pick up that copy of Harry Potter that 95% of the population has (probably. )

Now, turn to page 53 and read the list of Harry’s required equipment for his stint at Hogwarts.

Does your list look like this one? If so, you’re holding an absolute gem in your hands!

If “1 wand” appears at the top AND bottom of the list, then you’ve got one of 500 first edition copies that have an elusive typo!

> FYI, you know we have this epic app that actually allows you to control the radio right?!

Matthew Haley of Bonhams, who deals with fine books and manuscripts, estimates that one of these rare HP1s could fetch between £15,000-£20,000 at auction.

“As the first book in the series, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone has a special place in the affections of the millions of readers across the world and the proof reading error about the wand in the first edition has, of course, become a treasured piece of Harry Potter arcana. Like most enduring books aimed at younger readers, the Harry Potter books also have wide appeal to adults and there is a strong market among collectors for first editions. This copy is in excellent condition –one of the very best I’ve seen– and we’re expecting a lot of interest.”

Oh, and if “1 wand” is only listed once, then you’d be lucky to get 99p on eBay for it… after all, EVERYONE has a copy of this book! 

Ahem…did you by any chance catch the hidden sex scene in the Harry Potter credits?!?

Rare first edition Harry Potter book sells for $34,500 at auction

Written by Emily Dixon, CNN

It didn’t seem like an auspicious purchase at the time: a discarded library book bought for £1 (about $1.20) at a rummage sale, one of a handful picked up to read on vacation.

Except the book happened to be a first edition of “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” (titled “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” in the US), one of only 500 to ever exist and distinguished by its two typos. And on Tuesday, it sold for £28,500 ($34,500) at auction. First editions of the title have commanded even higher prices at auction — a copy which belonged to J.K. Rowling’s first literary agent sold in London earlier this year for £68,812 (currently $83,350). Still, for a £1 investment, £28,500 is a pretty good return.

The misspelling of “philosopher” on the back cover is unique to the first print run. Credit: Hansons

Bought about 20 years ago, the book languished half-forgotten in a closet until its owner, who wants to remain anonymous, decided to raise money to fund a new bathroom. She invited Jim Spencer, a rare books expert at Hansons Auctioneers in Staffordshire, England, to value three boxes of books — one of which contained, in Spencer’s words, the “holy grail of Harry Potter books.”

Spencer is frequently inundated with calls and emails from people who believe they own a first edition Harry Potter book, according to Jill Gallone, head of media at Hansons Auctioneers. At one point, he was receiving “50 emails a day from people all over the world,” Gallone told CNN.

Few, however, are the real deal. Books from the first print run can be distinguished by the two typos: the word “philosopher” is misspelled on the back cover, while the phrase “1 wand” is repeated in an equipment list on page 53. Additionally, on the copyright page, Rowling is identified as “Joanne,” rather than the initials “J.K.”

“You get the book in your hand and you can immediately see these basic typos,” Gallone said.

The repeated phrase “1 wand” on page is another way to identify a first edition. Credit: Hansons

Books from the first print run are so rare, she explained, because “they nearly all went to schools and libraries.” By June 1997, when “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” was first published, Rowling’s manuscript had already been rejected by a series of other publishers. “When the owner bought it all those years ago, nobody knew that Harry Potter would turn out to be this popular,” Gallone said.

Hansons Auctioneers expected the book to take between £20,000 and £30,000, but the owner had doubts. No one had placed an advanced bid online, so she assumed interest was low. That proved not to be the case: “There were three phone bidders that really battled it out to own the book,” Gallone said. Ultimately, it was won by a private collector in the UK, who also wants to remain anonymous.

The front cover of the rare book. Credit: Hansons

One reason for the book’s immense value? “It’s just simply that people love the Harry Potter stories all over the world. Rowling wrote a story that the whole world loved,” Gallone said. “This is a book from the very start of her journey.”

The buyer needn’t be a Potterhead to appreciate their purchase, however — as one of just 500, the book should be a sound financial investment. “It’s only likely to go up in value,” Gallone said.

Harry Potter copy with typo’s value estimated to be up to ₹26 lakhs

London: An extremely rare proof copy  of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone with a typographical error is being put up for auction and is currently at the hammer price of £26,000 or 26 lakhs (approx. )

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone is the first book in J.K. Rowling’s acclaimed and best-selling Harry Potter series. It features the adventures of Harry Potter, a boy wizard, and is the book that spawned the famous Wizarding World created by Rowling.


The book has a typo on the title page that misidentifies the author’s name as ‘J.A. Rowling’ instead of ‘J.K. Rowling’. As reported by the auction house Ewbank, it has been stated that the book is one of the only 200 trial copies that was printed to be reviewed by the publisher Bloomsbury- the publishing house that debuted the Harry Potter Series in the United Kingdom- before the book’s official release on June 26, 1997.

“Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, Bloomsbury, 1997, by J.K. Rowling, uncorrected proof copy of the first edition book in original white and yellow wrappers, one of approximately 200 copies produced, includes error to title page “J.A Rowling”, 224pp, numbered 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1,” stated Ewbank’s official website, that lists the book as Lot 297.


Though the auction house had previously estimated the book’s monetary worth to be around $2,600 to $5,600 or ₹1.9 lakhs to ₹4.2 lakhs, the hammer price has increased to £26,000 or 26 lakhs.

Versions of the book with other typos have been auctioned off for high prices before as well. As reported by the Independent, 500 copies of the first edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone contains an error where in the list of school supplies Harry needs for Hogwarts, item “1 wand” is listed twice. One of these copies was auctioned off in London, with an estimated worth between £15,000-20,000 or ₹15 lakhs to ₹20 lakhs.


Harry Potter book with typos sells for over $50,000

While rummaging around a top table sale for holiday reads about 20 years ago, a woman picked up an old library book for less than $2 (£1).

Now, it’s pulled some magic only Harry Potter could summon, selling at an auction in Staffordshire, UK on Thursday for a staggering $50,875 (£28,500).

That’s because it is a Harry Potter book – in fact, a first edition of the very first in the series, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

A Harry Potter book with typos in it sold at auction this week for over $50,000 (Hansons)

But this is no ordinary book, this one includes two typos and one mistake. And, it’s one of only 500 to exist.

The 54-year-old office worker seller and the private collector who purchased the novel over the phone, both wanted to remain anonymous.

However, the seller did say the result completely exceeded any of her expectations.

“I can’t believe it. It’s what I’d hoped for but I never really believed my book would make that price,” she said, according to ITV News.

Rather fittingly but by “pure luck” according to the Hansons auctioneer, the book went under the gavel on author J.K. Rowling’s birthday, the same birthday she gave Harry Potter himself.

The equipment list calls for ‘one wand’ twice (Hansons)There is a spelling error on the back cover too (Hansons)

Other first editions of the same book have gone for more but more than $50K for a book that cost a couple bucks — typos and all — isn’t too bad.

Apparently, the book had just been sitting, half-forgotten, in a closet.

That is, until its owner realised she might be able to sell it to pay for a new bathroom.

She met up with a rare books expert who confirmed it was the real deal — and a private collector in the UK snatched it up faster than you can say “expelliarmus.”

In case you’re wondering what the mistakes in the book are:

*”One wand” is listed twice in an equipment list on page 53

*The word philosopher is misspelled on the back cover.

*And on the copyright page, Rowling is identified by her full first name ‘Joanne’, instead of by her initials ‘J.K’

One of the mistakes is the use of J.K. Rowling’s full name in the back of the book (Hansons)


Hardcover first edition, first printing and First US Edition. Not a remainder, book club or ex-library copy. The second Harry Potter novel. All First Printing points are present: First printing with full number line “10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 9/9 0/0 1 2 3 4, Printed in the U. S.A. 37, First American Edition, June 1999″ stated on copyright page and Code 51795 above smaller barcode line on rear jacket panel. The “Year 2” imprint IS NOT present on the spine or jacket. (The “Year 2” was added on later printings. If “Year 2” appears on the spine, it IS NOT a first printing.) First printing typo with “ancestor” instead of “decedent” on page 332. The “Also By..” list on the ffep also includes the typo “Sorceror’s” instead of “Sorcerer’s” in “Harry Potter and the Sorceror’s Stone” title, corrected in later editions and sequels. Blue boards with embossed diamond quilt pattern, green cloth with silver letting on spine and red end papers. Near fine copy in fine jacket. Top edge of page block shows minor handling-related smudge near spine with minimal shelf wear at head and heel of spine. This copy appears to have been read once by a very careful owner, then put away on the book shelf. This copy is bright, square and without the usual dedications inscribed by previous owners. Jacket price of $17.95 is intact, without tears or other stains and the now iconic jacket illustration by Mary GrandPre. A wonderful copy and rare to find copies now in fine condition.


Author Name: Rowling, J. K.

Edition: First Edition

ISBN Number: 0439064864

ISBN-13: 9780439064866

Illustrator: GrandPre, Mary

Location Published: Scholastic Press: 1999

Binding: Hardcover

Book Condition: Near Fine

Jacket Condition: Fine

Type: Book


Seller ID: 004351

Keywords: childrens books, harry potter, j k rowling books

A copy of ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’ book is selling for US$91,000 because of typos

Who knew committing a spelling mistake could potentially rake in tons of profits.

Just ask these auctioneers who recently sold the first edition of JK Rowling’s first book, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone for a whopping US$88,000 (£68,800).

This copy was among the first 500 editions of the book which had to be reprinted thanks to multiple printing errors when the book was first published in the United Kingdom in 1997.

JK Rowling’s series has captured the imagination of millions of people worldwide. IMAGE: MuggleNet

Among the errors which led this to be the most expensive copy to date after it was sold to a bidder at Bonhams Auction House in Knightsbridge, London are:

  • Misspelling the title Harry Potter and the Philospher’s Stone on the back cover.
  • The name of the author is written as Joanne Rowling instead of JK Rowling.
  • “1 wand” is repeated twice in Harry’s school equipment list.
  • This is also a signed copy.

Clearly, someone had not proofread the copies thoroughly. 22 years later, auctioneers are raking in profits.

Here’s how the first edition of the book looks like. IMAGE: Buzz.ie

Typically this rare copy usually sells between US$52,000 to US$78,000. Provided it is in mint condition, of course.

According to reports, around 300 of the copies were sent to libraries. The remaining 200 are in the possession of a lucky few.

Here’s how to determine if you’re in possession of the rare copy:

  • The book has to be published by Bloomsbury.
  • Publishing date has to be 1997.
  • Print line on the page must read: “10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1”
  • Page 53. The words “1 wand” is repeated in Harry’s school supplies list.

The next time someone points out a grammar mistake, show them this post. But only if you’re JK Rowling, of course.

Cover image sourced from Buzz.ie.

90,000 The first “Harry Potter” now costs $ 35,000. Because of the typos!

The first edition of Harry Potter sold at auction for almost $ 35,000, and not so long ago it cost only one pound. Only 500 books in the whole world can bring the owners that kind of money, and it’s all about typos.

I can’t believe it. I counted on this, but in fact I could not believe that my book could cost so much, – said the former owner of the book – a 54-year-old office employee (he did not want to give his name), according to the auction house Hansons Auctioneers.

Back in 1997, he bought a volume of “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” at a bookstore in Staffordshire for one pound so that there was something to read on vacation. Then the Briton put the book in the closet and forgot about it for many years.

After the story of the boy with the scar was loved all over the world, and J.K. Rowling’s books came out in multi-million copies, it occurred to the anonymous author that the old book could now cost more than a pound, and he invited an appraiser (especially since he had a lot of other old ).Although the owner’s expectations were still modest.

When I realized how much it might cost, I thought that if the price went up still, then it would be possible to make a good repair in the bathroom.

The appraiser from Hansons Auctioneers also had no particular expectations. Someone calls him every week and says he wants to sell the first edition of Harry Potter. Although only 500 books were released in the first print run.

But there is something that allows you to accurately determine whether this very edition is true in front of you: typos.In the books that all collectors are chasing after, the word “philosophical” on the back cover omits the second O.

And on page 53, in the list of items that Hogwarts students need, a magic wand is mentioned twice.

A client called me to evaluate three boxes of his books. She was there – the holy grail of the Harry Potter books! I was so thrilled. Every appraiser dreams of finding it.

The auction took place on July 31, the birthday of Harry Potter and J. K. Rowling herself.”Philosopher’s Stone” was bought by a certain British collector and gave 28.5 thousand pounds for it (34.5 thousand dollars, and with taxes in general more than 40 thousand). Moreover, there were two more wealthy applicants for the book, so the auction was rather fierce.

Recently on Twitter we discussed inconsistencies in the plot of books about the wizard and found a lot of funny and ridiculous there. And before that, fans were promised as many as four new books about the world of Harry Potter. They will be related to the subjects that Hogwarts students study.

90,000 15 inconsistencies and mistakes in “Harry Potter” that no one noticed for almost 20 years / AdMe

Such a large-scale franchise like “Harry Potter” is not immune from plot inconsistencies and logical errors. Some of them were allowed by the author of the books herself, for example, the bloopers that arose because of the Time-Turner, which fans have dubbed the most unfortunate invention of the magical universe. But most of the plot holes were given to us by films, especially in those places where they deviated from the canon for the sake of entertainment.

We at Bright Side were sincerely surprised how we didn’t notice these errors and inconsistencies before. We are in a hurry to share the findings with you: what if you missed them too? And from the bonus, you will finally find out what Neville forgot, whose reminder turned red.

Why are there such weird safety rules at Hogwarts?

Heroes of “Harry Potter” throughout history persistently call Hogwarts the safest place in the wizarding world. Indeed, the students at the school are only engaged in traumatic sports, participate in deadly competitions, fight monsters and dark magicians.

But regarding visiting a safe village, the rules are strict as never before: no Hogsmeade without the permission of parents or guardians. Why, then, does no one require the consent of adults, for example, to participate in the Triwizard Tournament, which would be very logical?

Why does Harry leave for school a month early?

Few people noticed this temporary inconsistency in the first film. Hagrid picks up Harry from the Dursleys on the boy’s birthday, which is July 31st. The heroes go to Diagon Alley, where Hagrid buys Harry an owl, congratulating him on his 11th birthday.This proves that it’s still the same day. Immediately after that, the forester gives the boy a train ticket, Potter, with the help of the Weasley, finds the platform and leaves for Hogwarts. But it’s still the same day – July 31!

There is no such inconsistency in the book: after Hagrid’s visit and shopping in Diagon Alley, Harry returned to the Dursleys for another month.

Why doesn’t Harry see the phastrals after the murder of Quirrell?

In the pursuit of entertainment, the creators of the first film showed the death of Quirrell quite unsuccessfully.It turned out that Harry deliberately kills the professor, and he crumbles to dust before his eyes. Even if we omit the moral aspect of an 11-year-old boy committing willful murder, questions remain. For example, why didn’t Harry see the thestrals after that, which everyone who saw death can see?

In the book, again, there is no such inconsistency: Harry does not kill Quirrell, but only fights with him, and then loses consciousness and does not see the moment of his death.

How do the professors know that it was Ginny who stole the basilisk?

When the teachers see the inscription: “Her skeleton will lie in the Room forever”, they immediately report that the monster has kidnapped Ginny Weasley.But after all, they did not carry out any roll call of students, there are no additional signatures on the wall either. So how did the professors know who exactly the basilisk had dragged into the dungeon?

Why did Lucius Malfoy bring Dobby to Hogwarts?

House elves are also house elves – they serve as the family estate to which they are attached, and cannot leave it without the command of the owner. Obviously in this scene Malfoy told Dobby to go to the castle with him, but why? It looks like it’s solely so Harry can free him.

Why didn’t the contestants who failed the trial be eliminated from the Triwizard Tournament?

The rules of the Triwizard Tournament turned out to be very unsportsmanlike. When Fleur Delacour from Beauxbatons failed to pass the second test, she was not removed from the Tournament. It turns out that the champions could not have passed the first 2 tasks at all and came straight to the third round. After all, the only punishment for this would be a later entrance to the labyrinth, and inside all the contestants the same dangers would still await.

How does the Portal Cup work?

Usually, after a single use of the portal, it loses its properties and is thrown away as simple garbage. In the fourth book, the author mentioned that after the wizards arrived at the Quidditch World Cup, their portals were thrown into a special box for used portals.

Why didn’t the Goblet of Fire cease being a portal after taking the guys to the cemetery? Why does he return Harry and Cedric not to the labyrinth, but beyond? And why does it cease to be a portal immediately after that? In one of the following shots, Cornelius Fudge is clearly seen grabbing the Cup.It would be funny if he threw the minister to Voldemort.

Why is the house of the Black blood freaks in the Muggle Quarter of London?

The magical Black family has always boasted of their purebloodness and contempt for ordinary people. So why is their ancestral home located in the Muggle quarter of London, and even right between two Muggle houses? Either the Blacks’ ancestor, who settled in this building, was not such a guardian of the purity of blood, or the desire to live in the center of London overpowered these prejudices.

How could Dumbledore not have guessed that Voldemort created the Horcruxes?

The film “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” does not very well portray the moment when the heroes learn about the Horcruxes. For the sake of epicness, Dumbledore says the phrase: “I could not have imagined this.” But he had already seen the Horcrux Diary, and he definitely guessed what it was.

There is no such inconsistency in the book: the most important information that Dumbledore learns from Slughorn’s memories was not the fact of the creation of the Horcruxes, but their number.It looks much more logical.

Why did Pettigrew become the keeper of the Potter house, and not Dumbledore or James himself?

From the books about Harry Potter, we know that the owner himself can become the keeper of the secret of his house. For example, Arthur and Bill Weasley were the guardians of Burrow and Shell Cottage, respectively. So why didn’t James, Lily or Dumbledore himself become the guardian of the Potter house, who would definitely not give away the secret to Voldemort?

According to one theory, Dumbledore himself set it up.He specifically advised the Potters to make Pettigrew the guardian, knowing that he would betray his friends, they would die, but their death would be the beginning of the end of Voldemort.

How did James and Sirius end up with Gryffindor uniforms?

In the post-distribution scene, Lily sits down at a table between James and Sirius. She is dressed in the standard Hogwarts uniform, and the boys are already wearing Gryffindor robes and ties. But after all, they are all first years, that is, they have just been assigned and should not yet have faculty insignia.

Why are Lily and James killed by the noseless Voldemort?

The film “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II” demonstrates that, about to kill Harry’s parents, Voldemort comes to Godric’s Hollow already in a noseless guise. But after all, he became so only after the revival, and at the time of this scene he should have been an ordinary old man.

Why did Harry only feel Umbridge’s medallion in the courtroom?

When Harry and Hermione, in the guise of ministerial workers, are in the courtroom, Potter reports that he feels the presence of a medallion – it hangs around Umbridge’s neck.But the characters had just traveled together in an elevator and were much closer to each other. Why didn’t Harry even then feel the locket and rip it off Umbridge in the elevator, without witnesses?

Why don’t the characters have the same eye color?

Immediately after the release of the first part, the fans repeatedly swore at the color of Harry Potter’s eyes – Daniel Radcliffe’s eyes are blue, and not green, as it should be according to the canon. And only the audience resigned themselves to this discrepancy, as in the role of little Lily Potter, the directors shot a brown-eyed, not a blue-eyed actress.And after that, how can you justify the constant mention that Harry has his mother’s eyes?

By the way, in such a scenario, blue-eyed Tom Felton, who has repeatedly claimed the role of Harry, could have played the character with the same success, only he could have repainted his hair.

Where did the London Eye come from in the film?

In one of the landscape scenes of the eighth film, you can see the London Eye Ferris wheel. It is quite famous, most Britons know that it was opened only in 2000.And the action of the eighth part, as you know, takes place in 1997.

Harsh fans have noticed a few more similar inconsistencies. For example, by the time the sixth part was in effect, the bridge that destroyed Voldemort and some other structures did not yet exist. Also, ahead of time, some brands of cars, models of equipment, etc. appear in the film.

Bonus # 1: rendering errors

Films have not been without graphics jambs. In the first part, when Oliver Wood shows Harry the Quidditch balls, he looks anywhere but at the Snitch.And in the fourth film, the Patil twins, apparently, did not decide on which of them the spider would sit. When it is drawn on the girl on the left, her sister moves her hands strangely, taking off someone who has not been painted on her.

In some scenes, attentive viewers noticed stunt doubles. In the first film, these are Hagrid and Ron. And in the third part, in the scene with Boggart, Daniel Radcliffe’s understudy appears.

And here is another Time-Turner error. In the same scene, which the characters experience twice, the pitcher breaks down in completely different ways.

Bonus # 2: What Did Neville Forgot?

Unlike the book, the film explained exactly what Neville forgot when his reminder turned red. In this frame, you can see that all the students are sitting at the table in full school uniform, only Neville is in a jumper. Here’s the answer that readers of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone were looking for: Neville forgot to put on his robes.

What inconsistencies in Harry Potter have you noticed?

90,000 Daniel Radcliffe told who he would like to be in the restart of “Harry Potter”

https: // ria.ru / 20210805 / danielradcliffe-1744476158.html

Daniel Radcliffe told who he would like to be in the restart of “Harry Potter”

Daniel Radcliffe told who he would like to be in the restart of “Harry Potter” – RIA Novosti, 08/05/2021 9000 Daniel Radcliffe told who he would like to be in the restart of “Harry Potter”

Daniel Radcliffe, who gained worldwide fame after playing Harry Potter in a series of films, told who else of the characters he would like to play in the possible… RIA Novosti, 08/05/2021

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MOSCOW, Aug 5 – RIA Novosti.Daniel Radcliffe, who gained worldwide fame for his role as Harry Potter in the film series, has revealed who else he would like to play in a possible relaunch of the franchise, ET reports citing the Happy sad confused podcast. The actor added that the scenes with Gary Oldman (Black) and David Thewlis (Lupine) are some of his “favorite memories” of the Harry Potter films. The recording of the podcast was also attended by Daniel Radcliffe’s colleagues from the TV series “Miracle Workers” Geraldine Viswanathan and Karan Sonya.They also told who they would like to be reincarnated in “Harry Potter”. ScreenRant notes that in January 2021, rumors appeared on the Web that Warner Bros. was allegedly developing a Harry Potter series for HBO Max, but this information was not confirmed. Films about the adventures of a wizard and his friends, based on a series of books by writer J.K. Rowling, were released from 2011 to 2011. In total, all eight paintings brought the creators $ 9.2 billion, making this franchise one of the highest grossing in the world.


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Funny typos – Wattpad

Boy-who-embroidered (a strawberry with a cross)

Voldemort (bull’s-eye!)

Nagayka (and her brothers Vintik Shpuntik and Hatchet)

Garr (as well as Moll, Dark and others)

Cornelius Minced meat (you can’t escape fate)

“Germinator!” (Ron called her offended, rubbing his bruised elbow)

Snow was falling outside the window (and Harry, Ron and Hermione watched this spectacle with affection)

Fenrir Plum (as well as Antonin Yablochny, Bellatrix Cherry, and Lucius Tomato – our juices are the best! Look for packaging with a black label!)

Gemini Fred and… Fred

Harry Jam Potter (and varieties: Hermione Jam Granger and Dolores Jam Umbridge)

Aragorn (underground nickname of Aragog)

Sevastopol Snape (yeah, you can also Simferopol)

Pepsy Parkinson (Cola Malfoy, Sprite Zabini, Fanta Goyle)

Madame Pomry (the very same for the school nurse)

Lily Advance (such a good surname, cash)

Ruin of Ravenclaw (apparently the oldest of the founders, poorly preserved)

Lord Waldrecord (oh, how!)

Dumblebrough (bro!)

Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vera (uh, what about an uncle? Rather, a second aunt)

Mirror of Einali (and a mirror with a secret)

Serpent Vasyalisk (eh, Vasya, Vasya…)

Zlatopups (hybrid of Neville and Locons)

St. Mango (and Branch: Hospital of St. Banana and Orange)

Diagnosis-lane (Analysis-lane)



Donald Weasley (Ronald Duck)

Ron Uweisley (I’m the only one wondering where he was “taken”?)

Snerverus Safe (0_O)

Sirius Byak (since Sirius Byaka, Snape wrote fanfiction)

Processor Snape

Our dear supply manager Argus Filich (dear person)

Potion Jam (new item at Hogwarts)

Victor There (here, here, everywhere)

Fleur Dela Cours (why should she share chickens?)

Cornelia Fudge (best friend Umbridge, yeah)

Chao Chang (bye, bye!)

Lavender Down (there is some truth in every joke…)

Booze (how does Harry drink his owl !?)

Voldemarat (Volodya-Marat?)

Marauders (marauders from diora)

90,000 25 bizarre mistakes in the Harry Potter series only spotted by true fans

The series “ Harry Potter ” has been a worldwide phenomenon for more than 20 years. Ever since Harry Potter and Sorcerer’s Stone hit the world’s bookshelves in 1997, this magical franchise has captivated readers and audiences all over the world.To this day, thanks to the success of the new Fantastic Beasts series, new generations of Potterheads are being created. With original books recognized as classics and their film adaptations still incredibly popular, the Wizard Boy and his Wizarding World seem to be here!

Of course, even the most popular books and films are not perfect, as plot holes, typing errors and continuity errors are easy to find if you know where to look. Some Potterheads even spent hours leafing through books, so it’s no surprise that they eventually find mistakes.J.K. Rowling may be an amazing author, but she is infallible, like the rest of us. While some of the mistakes in the Harry Potter books were easily corrected in later editions, others were so deeply involved in the plot that they had to stay put, for better or for worse. If you’re wondering exactly where the mistakes are in Harry Potter , don’t worry, we got you covered. Some of them are pretty obvious when you first read the books, but others are a little harder to spot.That said, none of these mistakes detract from the fact that the Harry Potter episode is pretty incredible, imperfections and all! Here are 25 ridiculous mistakes in the Harry Potter series that only true fans have noticed:

25 Hagrid and Harry’s detour

If you look closely enough, you can find a hole at the very beginning of the first book about Harry Potter . As we all know, after Voldemort destroys Lily and James Potter, Hagrid arrives at the scene to drive away the orphaned Harry.

The book says that Hagrid lifts Harry up around sunrise on the morning of November 1st. However, he would not drop Harry off at the Dursleys’ house until “almost midnight” that same night. Where did Harry and Hagrid go in those missing hours? Nobody knows!

24 days and dates

Throughout the Harry Potter series , the various days and dates given by J.K. Rowling just don’t add up. For example, “ Philosopher’s Stone ” states that Harry’s birthday this year (July 31, 1991) was Tuesday.

However, in the real world it was Wednesday. It is later claimed that Harry’s Hogwarts classes began on September 2, but due to the fact that July 31 is Tuesday, that day will be Sunday. Why did Harry have lessons over the weekend? It does not make sense!

23 winking boa constrictor

One of the most memorable scenes in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone is when Harry accidentally released a boa constrictor from a boa at the zoo. Harry also has a conversation with his new sliding friend, it was an early hint that he is Parselmouth.During their exchange of words, well, hisses, the snake presumably winks at Harry.

However, snakes do not have eyelids. This would make them physically impossible to wink at. If snakes in the universe Harry Potter are somehow biologically indistinguishable from “real” snakes, this is a pretty serious hoax!

22 How many wands?

When Harry finally receives the Hogwarts letter at Philosopher’s Stone , he comes up with a list of magic items that he needs to buy.In the first edition of the books, the item “1 wand” appears twice, but this has been corrected in later copies.

Another error that was later corrected was the title of the book A Thousand Magic Herbs and Mushrooms. Although correctly entered on the shopping list, it is later referred to as “One Hundred Magical Herbs and Mushrooms.” How many herbs and mushrooms are there, JK? Stop embarrassing us!

21 dungeon troll

This particular hole in the storyline of Philosopher’s Stone has been raised repeatedly by fans.When he discovers that there is a troll in the dungeon, Professor Dumbledore responds by sending all the students back to their dorms.

However, the Slytherin House is in a dungeon near where the troll is. Dumbledore is sending a full quarter of his students on the path of danger! Does he really dislike Slytherins a lot, or did J.K.Rowling just not think of this plan? Hopefully the last one.

20 Inaccurate Cover

The UK editions of the Harry Potter books have a few notable mistakes when it comes to their cover.For example, the original cover of Philosopher’s Stone depicts Harry wearing a Gryffindor scarf as he board the Hogwarts Express. Where did he get this scarf when it’s not even sorted yet?

Meanwhile, on the first cover of Chamber of Secrets Hedwig is portrayed as an owl, not a snowy owl. Guys, do your owl look right!

19 Nearly Headless Nick’s “Age”

In the original of the Chamber of Secrets , confusion has arisen regarding the “age” of Nearly Headless Nick – as a ghost anyway, and in the book Nick invites Harry to his 500th party in honor of the Day of death.

However, in Philosopher’s Stone , the ghostly keeper claimed that he had not eaten for nearly 400 years, implying that he had been deceased for so long. This is a century-old discrepancy in his age! This mistake was eventually corrected, although, as in later editions of the first book, “almost 400 years” was changed to “almost 500 years.”

18 unobserving moan of myrtle

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets introduced us to Moaning Myrtle, a ghost who lived in a girls’ bathroom on the first floor of Hogwarts.The book shows that this bathroom contains the entrance to the Chamber of Secrets.

Since Myrtle lives in the bathroom, you’d think she noticed Ginny visiting the bathroom under the influence of Tom Riddle, or at least heard the basilisk move in the pipes below her. However, she either did not see or hear anything, or did not mention these important events to Harry. Good, Myrtle!

17 Hogwarts Pipes

Speaking of basilisk, how did he get around Hogwarts using the piping system? This snake is huge as hell.

The pipes, of course, could not be wide enough to accommodate them. If they were, the walls of Hogwarts would be very thick! Also, how did the Basilisk get in and out of the pipes when attacking students? These logistic questions have never been answered by J.K. Rowling in the books or anywhere else, and to be honest, this is one pretty big hole in the plot that needs filling.

16 What is that hiss?

We have already mentioned that the basilisk traveled around Hogwarts using pipes.In doing so, he will receive a hiss, as Harry will be able to understand what is at stake thanks to his Parselmouth abilities. Initially, he thought he was hearing voices, but the truth was much more frightening.

Anyway, if Harry could hear the “talking basilisk,” why couldn’t his classmates hear the loud hiss coming from the walls of Hogwarts? Of course, such a large snake will make a loud enough noise! We know it was loud enough for Harry to hear it, so why didn’t anyone else hear that sound?

15 Ancestor of Slytherin

One of the biggest mysteries in Harry Potter and Chamber of Secrets is the identity of the Slytherin heir, with some Hogwarts students suspecting Harry because of his ability to speak Parseltongue.In turn, Harry himself suspects that this is Draco Malfoy.

However, the true identity of the heir is revealed at the end of the book when Dumbledore tells Harry that Voldemort is the heir of Salazar Slytherin. Well, he does it in later editions of the book, at least. In the first edition, a typo meant that Dumbledore called Voldemort the ancestor of Slytherin! Unless there is some time travel going on, this is simply not possible.

14 Lunar Calendar

At Prisoner of Azkaban Hogwarts gets another new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor: Remus Lupine.He is a kind person and a good teacher, but also a werewolf. The full moon appears every 28 days, which means that Lupine must experience the effects of his lycanthropy about once a month.

However, Lupine’s “illnesses” described in the book do not follow this pattern. He seems to be experiencing them as the plot requires, rather than at regular intervals! Looks like poor planning on the part of J.K. Rowling …

13 Hermione Swivel

Have you ever wanted to attend so many classes that you had to travel back in time to get to them? Hermione Granger did this in Prisoner of Azkaban , using her loyal Time Lord.It was not an easy year for her.

This whole time travel left her visibly exhausted! How did Hermione manage to convince her teachers that time travel to class was a good idea? This doesn’t sound like a healthy or sustainable solution! In fact, having additional classes running at the same time was a bad idea in itself.

12 Secretary

During the First Wizarding War, the Potters used Fidelia’s Charm to hide their location from Voldemort.The only person who knew where they were was Peter Pettigrew (their Secret Guardian), but he eventually betrayed them.

However, when the Potters met their doom, everyone assumed that Sirius Black was the Keeper of the Secret and therefore a traitor. Since it was Dumbledore who cast the Potters’ Fidelius spell, didn’t he know that Pettigrew was the true keeper of secrets? Or was the identity of the Keeper of the Secret unknown even to the spellcaster? Nobody knows.

11 Dudley on PlayStation

Dudley The Dursleys must be one of the most annoying, spoiled kids in fictional history.His parents buy him whatever he asks for, but he doesn’t seem to show any gratitude.

In fact, at the start of the Cup of Fire , Harry tells Sirius that Dudley recently threw his PlayStation out of a window during a tantrum. The problem is, the PlayStation hadn’t even been released at the time of the book’s release! Goblet of Fire starts in 1994 and the PlayStation was released in Europe in 1995.

10 Mrs. Weasley’s Cooking

Mrs. Weasley is a kind of home goddess.It must have been quite difficult for her to look after at least seven children, even using magic to help her! She has often seen her prepare amazing meals for her brood and also for Harry when he visits.

However, in Goblet of Fire , she appears to be breaking one of the magical rules while cooking. Gump’s law of spontaneous transformation states that food cannot be created using magic. Despite this, Mrs. Weasley manages to pour the sauce out of her stick.This shouldn’t be possible!

9 Wand Order Error

The so-called “stick order error” is well known to fans of Harry Potter . During the duel between Harry and Voldemort at the end of the Goblet of Fire , their wands have a Priori Incantatem effect. This results in an “echo” showing Voldemort’s last victims. Their spirit emerges from his wand, from the very last person onwards.

However, the order of these spirits is not correct.James Potter appears before Lily despite being killed first. Their spirit should appear the other way around!

8 school days Bellatrix

In Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix J.K. Rowling made a small mistake when discussing Bellatrix Lestrange’s school days. Sirius tells Harry that Bellatrix and Severus Snape interacted with the same people when they were in school together.

However, this should not be possible due to their age. Bellatrix left Hogwarts no later than 1970, and Snape began studying there in 1971.Therefore, they could not be in the same friendship group at school, since their time there did not overlap at all.

7 Can prefects withhold points?

At Order of the Phoenix Ron, Hermione and Draco all become Prefects, much to Harry’s first annoyance. As a result, they all get new responsibilities, including the ability to deduct points for the house – or Draco’s claim anyway!

He subtracts Hermione’s points when he overhears her swearing by Professor Umbridge.However, Hufflepuff student Ernie Macmillan argues that the prefects can’t actually hold down the glasses, and Draco says nonsense. This contradicts the fact that in Secret Room Percy Weasley takes Ron’s glasses away. So what’s the deal? Can prefects withhold points or not, JK?

6 Harry Astronomy Exam

Near the end of his fifth year at Hogwarts, Harry (like all of his classmates) is taking the OWL exams, and one of the subjects he tested in is astronomy.As part of the exam, Harry must visit the Astronomy Tower at 11 pm and observe various stars and planets. However, some of the “observations” he makes are physically impossible.

For example, he supposedly spots the planet Venus at midnight. This is despite the fact that it can only be observed at sunrise or sunset. Did Harry fake his observations, or did JK Rowling just do a huge astronomical stupidity? Probably the last one!

5 Hermione’s owls

Speaking of owls, Hermione Granger, aka the greatest witch of her age, predictably excelled in her fifth year.In Half-Blood Prince , Ron reveals that Hermione received 10 outstanding marks and one exceeding expectations for a total of 11 qualifications. This is damn impressive!

This is especially incredible considering that Hermione only took 10 lessons. J.K. Rowling clearly forgot that Hermione dropped out of Divination in her third year, increasing the total number of lessons from 11 to 10. However, this error was corrected in later versions of the book.

4 Rules Accio

Accio should be one of the most convenient spells in the universe Harry Potter .This allows you to instantly call distant objects (or close ones if you’re especially lazy).

However, the exact rules surrounding the spell are somewhat inconsistent. In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows , Ted Tonks uses a spell to summon salmon from the river, but since then J.K. Rowling has argued that Accho only works with inanimate objects, not living things. What is it, JK ?!

3 A Pointless Plan

The Battle of the Seven Potters is just one of many tragic sequences in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows .Hedwig and Mad Eye Moody meet their ends and George Weasley loses his hearing.

An intricate plan is devised to try and get Harry safely to the Burrow as he cannot Apparate or use the portkey from the Dursleys’ house. The thing is, Harry could easily walk down the street and take a portkey from there. Thus, many unfavorable circumstances could have been prevented in this way!

2 Modified Epilogue

The ending of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows gave us a glimpse into the life of the title character 19 years after he defeated Voldemort.When they take their kids to Platform 9 and 3/4, Harry and Ginny run into the Weasley Granger clan along the way. JK Rowling’s hit scene Harry Potter and the Cursed Child begins with this epilogue.

However, this situation somewhat changes the events described in the book. Certain lines are spoken by different characters, and Albus Severus elaborates on the reasons why he does not want to be in Slytherin. Who needs continuity, right?

1 so many spelling mistakes

Even the most severely edited book series can contain strange spelling mistakes here and there, and the Harry Potter books are no exception! The first editions of every novel contain spelling errors, and often the names of the characters are the subject of this nonsense!

For example, Percy Weasley becomes “Perry”, Snape becomes “Snipe” and Dumbledore becomes “Dumblefore”.Needless to say, these errors were corrected in later editions of the books – when eagle-eyed readers saw them, of course!


90,000 Nizhny Novgorod libraries will join the international action “Harry Potter Night”

February 4, 2021 World Harry Potter Night will be held, which will be joined by fans of books about the young wizard from different countries.The action is annually organized by the British publishing house Bloomsbury, thanks to which readers have learned the story of Harry. Libraries of Nizhny Novgorod, by tradition, will also join the action. They prepared thematic events, contests and master classes for Nizhny Novgorod residents. Most of them will be held online.

“This year the theme of the Night -” Diagon Alley “is one of the most significant places for potter fans, the heart and focus of the life of the British magic community, because it contains almost all the infrastructure necessary for wizards,” – said the librarians.

At 14.00 in the Library and Leisure Center of the Avtozavodsky District (44b Molodezhny Ave.) and online a literary party “Back to Hogwarts” will be held. “Not only ingenuity is welcome (Hagrid will meet you with his riddles), but also imaginative thinking. The program of the Night will be rich: a prediction lesson, a master class in secret writing, making an owl and mandrake, magic chess, ”the library said.

At 17.00 the staff of the library “Center for Family Reading” of the Avtozavodsky District will offer together online-making a magic wand, a broom “Lightning” and a key to protect the philosopher’s stone.And then everyone is welcome to discuss illustrations and artists from the Harry Potter universe.

In the children’s library named after Stanyukovich, Avtozavodsky district, The World Harry Potter Night will be held in two formats – both in social networks and in the library space (49 Kosmicheskaya st.). Employees have prepared a laptop game and a flash mob, and older potter lovers will love the Road to Hogwarts quest and the brand new Universe of Harry Potter photo zone.
Potter fans await in the libraries of the city and 5 February .

From 11.00 to 13.00 employees of the library. V.P. Kataeva of Prioksky district will hold a literary program “Time of Magic”. The event will be streamed here. “We invite all fans of magic to immerse themselves in the magical world created by British writer J.K. Rowling. Participants will learn how the Harry Potter books differ from the films of the same name and reflect on what is better, ”the librarians said. In addition, at the event it will be possible to make a magic wand with your own hands.This will require a wooden stick, a glue gun, paints, glitter and fantasy. You must register for an online meeting using this link.

At 16.00 children’s libraries of the Leninsky District invite children of primary, secondary school age and their parents to the virtual “Harry Potter Night” – 2021. “Participants of the event will plunge into the universe of a young magician and wizard by taking part in the master class” Transport for Quidditch “And having made” Pass to the world of magic “with your own hands.Everyone will be able to take part in the Harry Potter: The Magic of Reincarnation Selfie Contest. To do this, you just need to put on a hat, glasses, pick up a magic object, take a photo and send it to the library. Participants will vote for the best photo in the image of their favorite hero. Also, all comers will find an entertaining game “There is never too much magic”, for this you need to follow the link.

At 18.00 “Smart Library” of the Central Library System of the Kanavinsky District will conduct a live broadcast on the topic “Online Tips: Harry Potter Recipes” in the format of a literary review.

“World Harry Potter Night” will be held in children’s libraries of the Moscow Region February 1

Russia. Moscow. December 7, 2016. Russian version of the eighth book about Harry Potter –

Source: RIAMO

More than 80 children’s libraries of the Moscow region, including the Moscow Regional Children’s Library, will join the World Night of Harry Potter action, admirers of the young wizard will take part in quests, flash mobs, carnival costume contests and other entertainments, the press service of the regional Ministry of Culture reports.

As specified in the message, the action was organized by the British publishing house Bloomsbury, thanks to which readers learned the story of the growing up of a brave wizard. The theme of the action in 2018 is “Fantastic Beasts”.

“On the first of February there will be an action“ World Night of Harry Potter ”, which will be joined by fans of books about the famous wizard from different countries. Young fans of Hogwarts and its unusual inhabitants can themselves dress in school robes, arm themselves with witchcraft wands, take mail owls with them, have a fun party and become participants in a flash mob dedicated to Harry Potter and other heroes of the J.K. Rowling series of books, ”the message says.

The “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter” action will take place in the Moscow Regional State Children’s Library and 85 municipal children’s libraries in the Moscow Region. As part of the action, cultural and educational events, thematic exhibitions of book illustrations, quests, flash mobs, board game tournaments, contests of carnival costumes and fantastic selfies, master classes in face painting and much more will be held, added to the material.

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