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18 Best Water Bottles of 2021

Train yourself to drink the right amount of water every day with our roundup of the healthiest water bottles on the market – from BPA-free to stainless steel and even smart bottle options.

It pretty much goes without saying that drinking enough water is one of the easiest steps you can add to your daily wellness routine to improve your overall wellbeing.

Being adequately hydrated will not only stop you from getting headaches or feeling faint, it also can lead to clearer skin, a healthier heart and more effective weight loss. Plus, it can reduce fatigue and maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

There can be a lot of obstacles that get in the way of proper hydration, one of which is not having any water on you to hydrate with – so naturally, the solution is keeping a water bottle on you at all times. Buying a reusable one will stop you from wasting money on disposable ones (and contributing to plastic waste!), but with so many types of water bottles now on the market, how can you tell which one is best?

We’ve done the research to break down the healthiest drink bottle options that will help you hydrate in the best and most aesthetically pleasing way possible.

BPA-free water bottles

You’ve probably heard the acronym “BPA” being thrown around a lot in regards to water bottles (and plastics in general) – but have you ever stopped to consider what it actually means? BPA stands for bisphenol A, which is an industrial chemical that’s historically been added to a lot of products including containers and even hygiene products for strengthening reasons.

According to the Mayo Clinic, BPA is slightly concerning because there’s a chance it can seep into the food or drink your containers are holding, and it could affect the brain and prostate glands of fetuses, infants and childrens. It’s also been linked to increased blood pressure – yikes.

That explains the interest in BPA-free plastics, which are free from the chemical and therefore potentially less harmful for your body.

Why they’re better for you: They cut out the potentially toxic chemical BPA from the plastic.

Our top picks: Welleco Hydrator Bottle ($35), Rolla Bottle Roll Small Water Bottle ($40) and CamelBak 750mL Eddy Drink Bottle ($28).

Glass water bottles

Cutting out the toxins from your plastics is all well and good, but if you’re looking for a slightly more eco-friendly option, glass water bottles are the way to go. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I always think that it just feels nicer to drink from glass rather than plastic anyway (even if it’s just for the aesthetic of it all).

Glass water bottles may be a little on the heavier side, but they do have some winning benefits to outweigh that downside (pun intended). Not only are they made from natural materials (i.e. glass) that are recyclable, eco-friendly, and sustainable, they’re also generally dishwasher safe. Plus, there’s no nasty BPA-like chemicals hiding in the glass that could leach into your drink or make it taste weird either.

Why they’re better for you: They’re eco-friendly and don’t have any toxins to leak into your water, plus they don’t hold any gross chemical flavours.

Our top picks: Paperchase Floral Glass Water Bottle ($29. 95), Squireme Chromatic Collection 500mL glass bottle ($59.95), and Porter Water Bottle ($69.95).

Insulated water bottles

Want to get a bang for your buck? Insulated water bottles are a great pick, because they’ll work for any beverage you might want. Pour in your morning tea or coffee and take it on your commute, or just opt for some ice cold water for a hot summers’ day and you’ll find that the temperature is maintained for hours on end for a satisfying sip every time.

Seriously, they’re no joke – some models, like the Klean Kanteen TKWide, offer up to 135 hours of cold insulation and 38 hours of heat. And the added benefit of the insulation is that you’ll avoid condensation on the outside of the bottle that could drench whatever’s in your bag, as well as keeping leak-free, which is definitely a plus.

Why they’re better for you: They keep your water cool and quenching, and will save you money on a reusable coffee cup – all while avoiding leaks.

Our top picks: S’well Insulated Thermal Drinking Bottle ($42), Klean Kanteen TKWide 64oz Bottle ($99.95), and Lululemon Back to Life Sport Bottle ($55).

Stainless steel water bottles

I switched to a stainless steel water bottle last year, and haven’t looked back since.

Stainless steel is eco-friendly as it can be recycled and requires little energy to be manufactured. Plus being plastic-free, there’s no nasty chemicals lying in wait. Most of them can be washed in the dishwasher if you’re lazy (which I definitely am), and they’re also pretty good insulators – the effect isn’t quite as long-lasting as actual insulated designs, but definitely more so than your average water bottle.

An added benefit for klutzes like me is that this option is super durable. I have dropped my cheap Typo stainless steel water bottle countless times since buying it, including once onto my own head (ridiculous, I know), and it’s held up remarkably well. There might be a few tiny scratches and dents but nothing that can get in the way of my hydration, which is fab.

Why they’re better for you: They’re toxin-free, eco-friendly, long-lasting and can keep your water cool for longer.

Our top picks: Typo Metal Drink Bottle ($34.99), and All Fenix Double Walled Stainless Steel Water Bottle ($29), and BBBYO Stainless Steel Water Bottle ($39).

Crystal water bottles

This one might sound a little out-there and woo-woo, but hey – don’t knock it ’til you try it. I never even knew crystal-infused water bottles were a thing until my coworker proudly rocked up to work with her new one, which has a little amethyst crystal contained in glass at the bottom.

Crystals are all the rage in the wellness world for their supposed healing energies and ~vibes~ that they can add to your life. When it comes to these water bottles, the benefit depends on the type of crystals and the intentions you set for them with each sip you take – rose quartz is for loving energy, amethyst promotes calm, and citrine apparently boosts self-esteem.

And look, even if the so-called health benefits aren’t all they’re cracked up to be, crystal water bottles are PRETTY, damn it! And maybe that prettiness might inspire you to drink enough water, which would be a health benefit in and of itself.

Why they’re better for you: They can add good vibes and energy to your day (or just encourage you to drink more ’cause they’re cute).

Our top picks: Glacce Crystal Elixir Water Bottle ($112.80), Maaemo Citrine Crystal Infusion Water Bottle ($110), and Psychic Sisters Amethyst Crystal Water Bottle ($80).

Smart water bottles

We’re really living in the future, and smart bottles prove it.

They are what they sound like: water bottles with smart capabilities. Depending on the model, these capabilities range from tracking how often you fill the bottle, to reminding you to drink your required daily intake.

Some of the models are indeed super smart – like the ICEWATER 3-in-1 Smart Bottle, which not only fulfils the bare minimum water bottle requirement of, you know, holding water – but it also glows on the hour to remind you to take a sip, and has a built-in bluetooth speaker with resonant bass. I mean, you can’t get much more high tech than that – it’s great for anyone who loves working out in the great outdoors with their own soundtrack, but who is also guilty of forgetting to hydrate as often as they should.

Why they’re better for you: They can track your water intake and/or remind you to actually drink your daily fill.

Our top picks: ICEWATER 3-in-1 Smart Water Bottle ($59.04), Joseph Joseph Dot Hydration-Tracking Bottle ($19.99), and Hidrate Spark 3 Smart Bottle ($109.95).

Is it ok to refill plastic water bottles?

While it might seem like a cheap and cheerful attempt at sustainability, refilling the plastic water bottle you bought at the convenience store isn’t the healthiest choice for you or the planet. Seeing as your average disposable plastic bottle isn’t BPA-free, there’s a risk of nasty chemicals like BPA itself leaching into your water if you keep refilling it. Additionally, harmful bacteria can grow really quickly in this toxic plastic environment. On the whole, it’s safer to just buy a bottle specifically designed to be reused.

How often should I wash my water bottle?

If you really want to keep yourself safe from germs and other nasties, it’s best to wash your water bottle everyday – even if you’re just using it for water! If you’re using your bottle for other beverages (especially coffee or tea, if it’s an insulated one), you should wash it after every use to avoid any lingering taste or rancid milk.

What is the safest material for water bottles?

There’s no one answer for the one and only safest material, but stainless steel and glass are probably your best bets – unlike plastic, they don’t contain nasty toxins or chemicals that can leach into your drink, plus they keep water tasting fresher for longer.

Want more wellness tips? These are the sheets that will give you the best sleep of your life. Plus, these are the 7 best oil diffusers for sleep, stress and sex.

This article was originally published on October 19, 2020 and was updated on January 18, 2021.

Any products featured in this article are selected by our editors, who don’t play favourites. If you buy something, we may get a cut of the sale. Learn more.

Best reusable water bottles | CHOICE

Reusable water bottles are convenient, help reduce plastic waste, and can even save you money as you don’t need to buy bottled water when you’re on the go. 

But with so many options available, it can be difficult to choose the right bottle for you. 

We recruited 30 CHOICE staff to road-test 14 stainless steel reusable bottles from brands including Avanti, S’well, Frank Green and Decor, to see how well they performed and how easy they were to use. 

On this page:

Which is the best reusable water bottle?

Oasis Insulated Drink Bottle (500mL)
  • RRP: $32.95
  • CHOICE Score: 80%
  • Ease of use score: 86% 
  • Keeps water cool for 5 hours: Yes
Good to know:
  • Highest CHOICE Score
  • Second highest score for ease of drinking
  • Double-wall insulated stainless steel
  • Hot and cold liquids
Triallist comments:

The simplicity of this bottle is what really appeals to me.

Sleek, smooth lines – nothing fancy, just a straightforward water bottle. The narrow opening means you’d need a bottle brush to clean it properly. But it kept my water cool and the opening was easy to drink out of. 

How the other bottles performed

The products are listed below from highest to lowest score. 

Thermos Vacuum Insulated Hydration Bottle (530mL)
  • RRP: $35
  • CHOICE Score: 78%
  • Ease of use score: 84%
  • Keeps water cool for 5 hours: Yes
Good to know:
  • Double-wall insulated stainless steel
  • Cold liquids only
  • Equal third-highest score for ease of drinking
Triallist comments:

It definitely isn’t as stylish or pretty as some of the other bottles I’ve seen, it looks a bit like something my dad would take camping. But the pop top and spout is super easy to open and drink with one hand and it makes a great popping sound when you open it. Good for travelling and walking, but maybe not that handy for running.

S’well Insulated Drink Bottle (500mL)
  • RRP: $75
  • CHOICE Score: 76%
  • Ease of use score: 81%
  • Keeps water cool for 5 hours: Yes
Good to know:
  • Triple-wall insulated stainless steel
  • Hot and cold liquids
  • Equal third-highest score for ease of drinking
Triallist comments:

Very easy to use and drink from. The mouth of the bottle isn’t too wide so I didn’t splash water on myself, but it’s too small to make it an easy clean – you’d need a bottle brush.

Frank Green Ceramic Reusable Bottle (595mL)
  • RRP: $49.95
  • CHOICE Score: 73%
  • Ease of use score: 70%
  • Keeps water cool for 5 hours: Yes 
Good to know:
  • Triple-wall insulated 
  • Hot and cold liquids
Triallist comments:

Very stylish looking. The push-down button to open the bottle takes a bit of getting used to – it only moves a fraction so it can be hard to figure out at a glance if it’s open or closed. The hole to drink from is quite small so you don’t get much water at once, but the flow was good. The lid is a pain to clean – it comes apart but is difficult to put back together – but that’s not as important when it’s only used for water and not milky coffee that can smell and get mouldy. I’m not a fan of Frank Green coffee cups for that reason, but I found this bottle pleasant to use. 

Avanti Fluid Insulated Bottle (500mL)
  • RRP: $36
  • CHOICE Score: 71%
  • Ease of use score: 77%
  • Keeps water cool for 5 hours: Yes
Good to know:
  • Same CHOICE Score as Target bottle
  • Twin-wall insulated stainless steel
  • Hot and cold liquids
Triallist comments:

Beautiful to look at and I got lots of compliments about the banksia pattern. Simple shape and design and it’s easy to drink out of, but it’s badly weighted and tips over easily. There was also a bit of a metallic taste and smell after a while. It’s fine, but not my favourite.

Target Insulated Drink Bottle (600mL)
  • RRP: $12
  • CHOICE Score: 71%
  • Ease of use score: 79%
  • Keeps water cool for 5 hours: Yes
Good to know:
  • Same CHOICE Score as Avanti bottle
  • Insulated stainless steel
  • Hot and cold liquids
Triallist comments:

Solid bottle with no frills and I liked the handle on the lid. The opening was a little too big – I had to tilt it just right to drink without bumping my nose – and it made an unpleasant sound every time I opened or closed it, which made it difficult to drink discreetly in meetings or other quiet environments. Otherwise it’s pretty straightforward to use. 

Cheeki Classic Single Wall Bottle (500mL)
  • RRP: $27. 95
  • CHOICE Score: 70%
  • Ease of use score: 91%
  • Keeps water cool for 5 hours: No
Good to know:
  • Highest ease of use score
  • Single-wall stainless steel (Cheeki also sell insulated water bottles)
  • Dishwasher-friendly insulated lid
  • Hot and cold liquids
Triallist comments:

Small, chunky, not aimed at the fashion-conscious. The lid is easy to open and close, the handle is good to hold onto, and it’s very simple to clean. When filling with cold water the condensation was instantaneous. But it was easy to drink out of as the opening is slightly larger than normal, but not so large the water spills out over me.

Kathmandu Top Ring Insulated Drink Bottle (590mL)
  • RRP: $49.98
  • CHOICE Score: 69%
  • Ease of use score: 79%
  • Keeps water cool for 5 hours: Yes
Good to know:
  • Double-wall stainless steel
  • Hot and cold liquids
Triallist comments:

Large, utilitarian (ugly but functional) design.

The lid has two sections – a large opening (good for adding ice) and a smaller opening so you can drink easily. Very easy to dismantle and clean, but wasn’t able to securely place it in my car’s cup holder. Overall a bit too bulky and ugly for me to want to use.

Kmart Double Wall-Insulated Bottle (500mL)
  • RRP: $7
  • CHOICE Score: 67%
  • Ease of use score: 72%
  • Keeps water cool for 5 hours: Yes
Good to know:
  • Double-wall insulated stainless steel
  • Hot and cold liquids
  • Cheapest bottle we tested
Triallist comments:

I liked it better than I thought I would. It’s very simple, with no bells and whistles. The lid unscrews easily but the steel rim opening is a little sharp on the mouth. You’ll need a bottle brush to clean it thoroughly, but it’s solid, durable and didn’t leak. 

Klean Kanteen Insulated Classic (592mL)
  • RRP: $48. 95
  • CHOICE Score: 63%
  • Ease of use score: 68%
  • Keeps water cool for 5 hours: Yes
Good to know:
  • Hot and cold liquids
  • Double-wall stainless steel
Triallist comments:

It looks like a bright red fire extinguisher, but otherwise it’s a pretty stock standard bottle. The mouthpiece was very large, which resulted in some pretty bad spills – I wouldn’t attempt a sip while walking or on a bus. I also had some difficulty opening and closing the lid, but the carry handle is useful.

Decor Pumped Soft Touch Stainless Steel Bottle (500mL)
  • RRP: $11
  • CHOICE Score: 59%
  • Ease of use score: 67%
  • Keep water cool for 5 hours: No
Good to know:
  • Cold liquids only
  • Stainless steel
Triallist comments:

Love the colour and the matte finish, but it was difficult to drink out of. The straw mouthpiece needs to be fully extended in order for the water to flow, but if you don’t fold it down properly water can leak from it. I eventually just took the lid off and drank directly from the bottle. The carry handle is also strangely designed – not enough space for fingers to slip under handle when the straw is closed, but OK when open. The lid and straw also look like a bit of a germ and mould trap – you’ll need a special brush to clean the straw properly.

Sistema To Go Stainless Steel Bottle (600mL)
  • RRP: $12
  • CHOICE Score: 46%
  • Ease of use score: 57%
  • Keeping water cool for 5 hours: No
Good to know:
  • Cold liquids
  • Stainless steel
Triallist comments:

Relatively easy to clean by hand. Medium-sized neck easy to fill or slip small ice cubes into. Fits snugly in bottle pouch of backpack and OK in handbag. But it’s difficult to open the drinking nozzle without unscrewing the cap entirely, meaning potential leaks. And the water flow was too slow – very annoying if you’re thirsty and want a good gulp of water.

Typo sip top metal drink bottle (500mL)
  • RRP: $29.99
  • CHOICE Score: 37%
  • Ease of use score: 43%
  • Keeps water cool for 5 hours: Yes
Good to know:
  • Lowest score for ease of drinking
  • Double-wall metal
  • Hot or cold liquids
Triallist comments:

The nozzle needs to either be opened with your hands (full of germs) or your teeth (which tends to deform the mechanism). You have to suck really hard on the  nozzle to get any water out – it took 19.75 seconds to extract a single mouthful of water. I ended up drinking from it with the lid off. My kids liked it, but I feel sorry for anyone who’s spent money on this bottle.

Sigg Hot & Cold One Accent bottle (500mL)
  • RRP: $50
  • CHOICE Score: 34%
  • Ease of use score: 41%
  • Keeps water cool for 5 hours: Yes
Good to know:
  • Lowest CHOICE Score
  • Second-lowest score for ease of drinking
  • Lowest score for ease of cleaning
  • Hot and cold liquids
  • Double-wall insulated stainless steel
  • Comes with a tea filter
Triallist comments:

I didn’t think I could have strong opinions on water bottles. I was wrong! This is the worst water bottle I’ve ever used. Over-complicated, difficult to open, difficult to drink from, ugly, heavy, clunky. The lid is very hard to unscrew so if you had any hand weakness it would be nearly impossible. And it comes with instructions! I’m sorry, but if a water bottle needs instructions it’s not a good water bottle. I don’t know if there’s a score low enough to adequately convey how deeply I loathe this water bottle. It makes me feel stupid, and thirsty, and enraged.

What to look for


We tested stainless steel bottles as they’re sturdy and generally resistant to smells and stains, unlike some glass or plastic bottles, and many are insulated – ideal for the hot Australian summer. 

But some of the water bottles we tested also contain plastic or silicone elements, usually in the lid or on the exterior of the bottle.


The three single-walled bottles in our test didn’t keep water cool for 5 hours. So if this is important to you, you might want to consider buying a bottle with double- or triple-wall insulation. 


Aside from the variation in design and pattern of the water bottles we tested, we thought it was interesting that they varied greatly in height.

That’s partly explained by the differing volumes each bottle holds, but the tallest bottle (Typo, 29cm) had the same 500mL volume as the shortest (Cheeki, 19. 5cm).

So if you’re looking for a bottle that will fit easily into a small bag or handbag, the height of the bottle is worth taking into account.

Size it up

See how the height of each reusable water bottle compares

Cheeki: 19.5cm

Sistema: 20.3

Decor: 22.5

Frank Green: 22.5cm

Thermos: 25cm

Oasis: 25.3cm

Target: 25.5cm

Kmart: 25.5cm

Avanti: 26cm

S’well: 26

Sigg: 26.5cm

Kathmandu: 28cm

Klean Kanteen: 28cm

Typo: 29cm

How much could you save by switching to a reusable water bottle?

If you’re inclined to buy water in single-use plastic bottles when you’re out and about, getting into the habit of carrying a reusable water bottle could save you a significant chunk of money. 

If you buy three single-use bottles of water a week, switching to a reusable bottle costing $12 could save you nearly $160 in the first year of use, not to mention a mountain of landfill.

How much could you save by switching to a reusable water bottle?

1 x reusable water bottle


Sistema To Go Stainless Steel Bottle


Stainless steel


156 x single-us water bottles


Coles Natural Spring Water



Single use



(Savings based on buying three single-use bottles per week over the course of a year. Single-use water bottle price $1.10 based on 600mL bottle from Coles. Prices correct as of December 2019.)

Cleaning tips

It’s important to clean your bottle thoroughly with warm soapy water to get rid of any mould or germs and eliminate odours. 

  • Bottles with narrow necks or drinking straws will generally need to be cleaned with a bottle brush or straw brush. 
  • You can also soak tricky parts such as drinking straws and lids using effervescent water-cleaning or sterilising tablets.
  • When cleaning the lid, pay particular attention to any nooks and crannies, or complicated locking mechanisms. 
  • Leave your bottle to dry with the lid off – keeping the lid on could trap humidity and odours inside.

How we test

User trial 

30 CHOICE staff were recruited to each trial five different reusable water bottles. Triallists used each bottle over two days – drinking out of it, refilling it, cleaning it (hand wash only) – then completed a survey form for the bottle, which included giving each bottle an overall rating out of 10. Each bottle was trialled 10 times in total.

How we chose our products

When we first start looking at trialling water bottles, we were overwhelmed with the number of different products available. To narrow our selection, we chose stainless steel reusable bottles ranging in volume from 500 to 600mL. (Where there was more than one option from a brand, we selected a bottle at random.) While this isn’t an exhaustive trial of all the different bottles available, we chose products that range in price, features and design to better reflect people’s differing requirements. 


Ease of use is made up of ease of drinking (70%) and ease of cleaning (30%). 

Keeps water cool for 5 hours is based on the results of our lab thermal test. Each water bottle was filled with cold water (4℃) and then placed in a 30℃ oven for five hours. The temperature of the water in each bottle was then measured. 

2021 Holiday Gift Guide: Teenagers, In-Laws and Teachers

Who’s left on your holiday gift list? There are always a few people who are stumpers, so this week (on Instagram), we asked who you needed ideas for. Your answers: in-laws, teachers, and most of all tweens/teens. Here are a bunch of suggestions, most of which are under $30…


The timeless question forever and always is, what are teenagers into?! Curious, I asked six teens to divulge what’s on their wishlists. Their text replies came swiftly and included “anything Glossier,” “a Nintendo Switch,” and “CANDLES.” Gift cards for video games and sweaters were big, too. We love you, teens! You’re doing a great job.


For your favorite co-workers, consider treating them to fudge-y brownies for their 4 p.m. snack or sending them a dad hat to make them laugh out loud. Even better, make a donation in their name to the ACLU, which fights every day to make the world a better place.


Great teachers make the world go round. (I cried tears of gratitude during our Zoom conferences this year!) To show appreciation, “I love gift cards paired with thoughtful notes,” says a teacher named Whitney. “Also, emailing our bosses to let them know how much you appreciate us or sharing an anecdote about something we did for your child is THE BEST.” Keep in mind: “Teachers have allllll the mugs,” says Katie, as well as “millions of apple and pencil and other teacher-themed ornaments,” adds Heidi.


For those hard-to-buy-for family members, consider a gift certificate to a fun restaurant in their neighborhood, 100% pure dark maple syrup for Sunday pancakes, or supporting an organization in 56 cities that connects thousands of people to amazing nature experiences. And, if you’re in doubt, you can’t go wrong with socks! 

Thoughts? Are these helpful? Any other stumpers on your list?

Note: If you buy something through our links, we may earn an affiliate commission, at no cost to you. We recommend only products we genuinely like. Thank you so much.

P.S. Last year’s hard-to-shop-for guide, and the complete 2021 Cup of Jo gift guide!

(Top photo from The Babysitters Club/Netflix.)


Las Vegas distillery inspired by Nevada’s history

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — In a town known for its drinking, a lot of that alcohol is shipped from elsewhere into Las Vegas. But there are some locals making their own.

13 Action News Anchor Todd Quinones introduces us to one Nevada Built distillery reaching back into our state’s past to help fuel big plans for their future.


Nevada law may prohibit them from distilling from scratch, but that doesn’t stop the owners of Nevada H&C Distillery from making their spirits stand out.

“This reminds me of junior high science. Only a lot better,” said Todd.

“There’s a lot of chemistry to it, you know,” said co-founder Aaron Chepenik. He’s a sort of mad scientist, aging and blending their Smoke Wagon Bourbon.

“What is this? Can I smell this?” asked Todd.

“Sure, this is four years of the third floor,” said Aaron.

“This smell is pretty good to me right now,” said Todd.

Evidently, it tastes pretty good, too. Recently, this Nevada Built company has won several double golds in the prestigious San Francisco World Spirits Competition.


Nevada H&C Distillery

Aaron and his business partner, Jonathan Hensleigh, started the company in 2010.

“The rise of the sales, our sales have been shocking… It’s sort of a classic overnight success story, 10 years in the making,” said Jonathan.

The national recognition from their awards has only boosted Aaron’s rising fame on Instagram.


“I get comments in posts where people are like, ‘I didn’t want to like this because of all the hype, but man it’s so good,'” said Aaron. “The response from the bourbon community, everybody loves it and loves what we’re doing. It’s really cool. It’s been a lot of fun.”

But despite all the attention, you may be hard-pressed to find many people in the valley who are aware Nevada H&C Distillery even exists.

“What do you say to people who say, ‘Wait a minute, there’s bourbon being made in Nevada?’ It seems like no one really knows this,” asked Todd.

“Locally, the local recognition is, I would say, less than the national recognition, for sure. It’s weird,” said Aaron.

Weird because their marketing is all about the Battle Born State.

Their unique bottles are covered by sagebrush, Nevada’s state flower. Their vodka has a replica of a silver dollar that was minted in Carson City in the late 1800s as part of the famous silver Comstock Lode discovery.

“So we actually got permission from United States Treasury to trademark the replica of the Morgan silver dollar,” said Aaron.


Nevada H&C Distillery

But the friends who started the Griffin bar on East Freemont Street are determined to be a household name in Southern Nevada.


They crank out their Smoke Wagon Bourbon and their Silver Dollar Vodka from inside their distillery off Bonanza Road near Interstate15.

“So we’re doing about 110 [to] 115,000 five-liter cases per year and only 11 states,” said Aaron.

Nevada H&C Distillery is about to get even bigger.

The company is moving to a new facility, hiring up to 50 people for the new location where they’ll offer tours, kind of like the Las Vegas bourbon version of Ethel M Chocolates in Henderson.

Learn more about Nevada H&C Distilling Co. on nevadadistilling.com.

Cocktails inspired by classic Christmas movies in Vancouver

Macauley Culkin slaps his own cheeks and screams in the bathroom mirror. Buddy the Elf turns the department store toy section into a Christmas fever dream for Santa’s arrival. Flick takes the dare and gets his tongue stuck to a frosty pole. John McClane utters the timeless festive greeting: “Yippee Ki Yay…” well, you know the rest.

Christmas movies are part of the modern holiday tradition, and while there are hundreds to help you feel warm and bright, one Vancouver cocktail bar narrowed it down to a dozen classics and came up with the absolutely perfect drinks to match each one, all for your spirited sipping this festive season.

Award-winning bartender Andrew Kong is shaking and stirring things up this holiday season at H Tasting Lounge with his inventive roster called the “12 Cocktails of Christmas Movies.” Featuring familiar films and lots of festive flavours, the imaginative line-up of boozy (and some not-boozy versions) bevs is sure to get cocktail lovers feeling the holiday spirit.

Focused predominantly on the holiday flicks you love from the 80s and 90s – with room for the enduring charm of the beloved stop-motion animated Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer – you can cozy up by the H Tasting Lounge fireplace and drink boozy tributes to movies like Love Actually, Scrooged, and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

For some of his whimsical creations, Kong got quite literal, like with the “lactose intolerant girl” in The Santa Clause: The “Lactose Intolerant” cocktail is a creamy non-dairy concoction of Maker’s Mark Bourbon, lactose-free cream cheese, soy milk, rooibos tea, lemon, and vanilla.

And it’s hard to forget naive Buddy in Elf picking the gum off the subway station railing and giving it a taste; that’s how Kong came to create the “Free Subway Bubblegum,” a bright blue beverage featuring El Tequileño Reposado tequila, Stump gin, lemon, bubblegum, and mint. (A kid-friendly or non-imbiber version pares it down to lemon, bubblegum, and mint with the addition of soda and grapefruit for a fun option called “Sugarfree Bubblegum.”)

A spirit-free drink, called “Sugarfree Bubblegum,” (left) is an alternate option inspired by the movie Elf, while the “Glacier Gulch” from The Polar Express features Bornholmer Akvavit, Bitter Bianco, Esquimalt Dry Vermouth, Juniper Condensed Milk, Nordic Tea Blend, Skyr, and Cranberry Bitters. Lindsay William-Ross / Vancouver Is Awesome

Kong says he got to work on the holiday drink list of the summer, which has involved making all sorts of components in-house, like the Pepsi reduction that comes into play in the “Thief Trap” – inspired by Home Alone.

To help guests navigate the terrain, a beautiful story-book like guidebook serves as the menu, and the drinks are even plotted out like a map so that you know where on the intensity and flavour profile scale you might land. 

Not surprisingly, one of the more potent options is the “Rye Hard,” which is inspired by – you guessed it, Die Hard – that has a fun DIY component: You get to pull off the tiny bottle of Underberg bitters strapped to your individual glass-bottled cocktail and do the final pour yourself. “Yippe Ki Yay,” indeed! 

Full menu of the “12 Cocktails of Christmas Movies” at H Tasting Lounge 

1. Network President (Scrooged)
‘Champagne’ Mionetto Treviso Brut Prosecco, Demerara, Menta Branca, Bitters, Black Olive Brine
2. Total Agony of Love (Love Actually)
Smirnoff Vanilla Vodka, Frangelico, Love Buzz Sour Reduction, Lemon, Oat Milk, Pinot Noir Soda
3. Yukon Cornelius (Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer)
Tanqueray 10, Stump Gin, Yellow Chartreuse, Elderflower Cordial, Wintergreen, Gold Dust
4. 39-and-a-Half Foot Pole (The Grinch)
Noteworthy Gin, Crème de Cacao, Mint, Mint Chocolate Ice Cream
5. Glacier Gulch (Polar Express)
Bornholmer Akvavit, Bitter Bianco, Esquimalt Dry Vermouth, Juniper Condensed Milk, Nordic Tea Blend, Skyr, Cranberry Bitters
6. Thief Trap (Home Alone)
Olmeca Altos Plata Tequila, Galliano Ristretto, Pepsi Reduction, Whey & Collagen Powder, Cherry Soda

7. Free Subway Bubblegum (Elf)
El Tequileño Reposado Tequila, Stump Gin, Lemon, Bubblegum, Mint
8. Don’t Hog the Nog (National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation)
Maker’s Mark Bourbon, Hennessy VS Cognac, Torres 5yr Brandy, Goslings Black Seal Rum, Hart & Sons 151 Rum, Cream & Milk, Egg Yolks, Spices
9. Lactose Intolerant (The Santa Clause)
Maker’s Mark Bourbon, Lactose-Free Cream Cheese, Soy Milk, Rooibos Tea, Lemon, Vanilla
10. Rye Hard (Die Hard)
Rittenhouse Rye, Cherry Heering, Jägermeister, Underberg
11. Oh Fudge (A Christmas Story)
Angostura 5 yr Rum, Fernet Branca, Lucano Caffé, Brown Butter Falernum, Housemade Hot Chocolate, Bitters
12. Pumpkin Grog (The Nightmare Before Christmas)
Sparrow Rum, Jameson Irish Whiskey, Hart & Sons 151 Rum, Pumpkin Spice, Cold Brew Coffee

The “12 Cocktails of Christmas Movies” are available at H Tasting Lounge (at the Westin Bayshore) now through Dec. 25, 2021. 

Local Man Sets Himself on Fire Near Hudson River in New York

The quick actions of a group of Hudson Valley workers may have saved the man’s life.

On Thursday around 2:30 p.m. City of Poughkeepsie 911 received calls reporting a man that set himself on fire.

Police were told the man set himself on fire near the shore at Waryas Park.

Police were told the man set himself on fire near the shore at Waryas Park.

Responding officers found the victim, a 31-year-old Wappinger Falls man, with severe burns to his head, back and arms.

Responding officers found the victim, a 31-year-old Wappinger Falls man, with severe burns to his head, back and arms.

Several City of Poughkeepsie Department of Public Works (DPW) employees who were working in the park reported the man walked to the shore poured gas on himself and then lit himself on fire.

The workers ran over and used water from the Hudson River to extinguish the fire.

The workers ran over and used water from the Hudson River to extinguish the fire.

The man was then treated at the scene by EMS and City Fire personnel and transported to Mid Hudson Regional Hospital where he is listed in critical condition.

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90,000 Cristiano Ronaldo removed Coca-Cola from the table: UEFA called on to respect the sponsors of Euro 2020 – news Ukraine, Food

The Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) asked the players of the teams participating in Euro 2020 not to remove the drink bottles of the tournament sponsors from the table at press conferences. This happened after some football players removed bottles of sponsors’ products during press conferences, Bloomberg reported.

“This is important because sponsor income is important to the tournament and to European football,” said Euro 2020 Tournament Director Martin Kallen.He added that UEFA “communicated with the teams about this.”

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Euro 2020 Director Cullen added that national federations could be fined for further incidents. While UEFA will not impose fines on individual players, Cullen stressed that there is “always the possibility” that national federations will receive financial penalties for further incidents.

Cullen noted that tournament rules require that UEFA’s promises to sponsors be respected.At the same time, players with religious objections “do not need to have a bottle with them.” Also, media managers at each of the 11 stadiums in Europe will have to help with the removal of beer bottles before the arrival of a Muslim player.

According to Bloomberg, all 24 teams participating in Euro 2020 will receive part of the money from sponsors of Coca-Cola, Heineken and 10 other companies. Sponsors contribute almost € 2 billion to UEFA’s overall tournament earnings. The teams will also share € 371 million in UEFA prize money.They are usually directed towards bonus payments to players. During Euro 2016, UEFA received 483 million euros from sponsorship deals with 10 partners.

  • On Monday 14 June, football players Cristiano Ronaldo removed bottles of Coca-Cola and Heineken beer from the cameras during a press conference. Ronaldo previously stated that he does not consume sugar and advised him to drink water. The bottle of Heineken beer was also removed from the table by Paul Pogba (France), who does not drink alcohol. On Wednesday, this was repeated by football player Manuel Locatelli (Italy).

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Alexander Myasishchev

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Drinks for the summer heat

We have read the cookbooks of the 18th – early 20th centuries and found interesting recipes for soft drinks that were prepared by our ancestors. Sour cakes, apple compote, berry jelly, fizzy, lemon kvass – taste with the portal “Culture.RF “.


Dmitry Sevryukov. Lemonade (fragment). 2014. Private collection

“Take ten fresh lemons and wipe off the zest, squeeze the juice into a press, and put the squeezed lemon bark in a saucepan, pour water in proportion and boil for a few time, strain, then take three cups of tea water and pour over sugar ; make a syrup from 4 pounds of sugar (1 pound – about 400 grams. – Ed. ) and put the squeezed juice in the same place, cook usually like a syrup; and a cold (that is, cooling. – Approx. ed. ), pour into a bottle. ”

Nikolay Yatsenkov, The Newest and Complete Cookbook. Moscow, 1791

Sour cakes

Nikolai Lukashuk. Noon. Khlebnaya Square (fragment). 2003. Private collection

Sour shti, or cabbage soup, – an old Russian drink; highly carbonated honey malt non-alcoholic; otherwise – effervescent kvass.

“Take half a four (a four is an old measure of volume, just over 2.5 buckets. – Approx.ed. ) rye malt, half wheat malt, half yash malt (barley – Approx. Ed. ), half sinful flour, half wheat four, rye four and coarse quarter. Boil water measuring three tubs for three on it all of the above and, having covered the vat, let it stand for six hours, then pour two tubs of cold water on it, stir well and as it stands, strain through a sieve and pour into a barrel, put four bundles in it German mint (peppermint. – Approx.ed. ), fermenting thicker. When it turns sour, pour it into bottles, putting two raisins and a piece of sugar in each. ”

“Russian household distiller, brewer, mead brewer, vodka master, fermentor, vinegar, and wine cellar”. St. Petersburg, 1792

Apple compote

Boris Kustodiev. Apple orchard (detail). 1918. Tomsk Regional Art Museum, Tomsk

“Having taken out the middle of 20 good apples with a cartridge (with a hollow tube – Approx. Ed. ), peel them off the skin, boil the apples in water and then, selecting them on a sieve, strain, putting 1 ½ lb [ounce] sugar, white wine glass, cinnamon, cloves 2 evils [otnik] each (1 spool – about 4 grams.- Approx. ed. ), boil the syrup thicker; picking 2 lbs. [ounce] of grapes and putting it in syrup, add lemon peel to it and let it brew; then put the apples on a dish so that the middle of it is empty, in which put grapes and apples stuffed with cinnamon and cloves; Tighten the syrup, pour it over the compote, boil ½ f [ounce] of sugar on caramel and, pouring it over anything, cover the compote with it. ”

“A complete cook and confectioner, or a Russian grocery store, collected and composed from his own experiments and observations by Gerasim Stepanov.”Moscow, 1834

Cold coffee

Boris Kustodiev. On the terrace (detail). 1906. Nizhny Novgorod Art Museum, Nizhny Novgorod

“Make coffee, as stated in the book. 2, on page XXIII *, measure out the required number of cups in a stone dish, add sugar and boiled cream to taste, then pour into an ice cream dish tucked into ice and, without closing, twirl, scraping the edges of the mold with a spatula, and when it begins to freeze, put a little whipped cream, stir and pour into cups cold for coffee, put on saucers and serve in the usual way after dinner.Cold coffee is served during the summer months. ”

* From book 2, p. 23: “Measure in a French pot of roasted and ground coffee with a grill as many tablespoons as you should have cups of coffee, pour in the same amount of boiling water and, when the boiling water passes through the coffee into the coffee pot, pour the second and the third time, and then pour into cups, put sugar to taste (3 moderate pieces per cup) put in saucers with spoons and serve on a tray; boiled cream is served in a creamer. “

Ignatiy Radetsky, “Almanac of Gastronomes”. St. Petersburg, 1852

Sugar-free raspberry juice

Vladimir Makovsky. They make jam (fragment). 1876. State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow

“Put raspberries or strawberries in a jar with a hole at the bottom, tie them with paper on top, insert them into the oven after the loaves. When the berries rise, release the juice, cool and pour into bottles along the neck.

Some put this juice on a window on the sunny side for a whole week, then filter it into bottles.Close the bottles tightly, grind them up, keep them in the cellar in the summer, and in the dry cellars in the winter, tipping the bottles with their necks into the dry sand. ”

Elena Molokhovets, “A Gift for Young Housewives”. St. Petersburg, 1866

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Berry jelly

Nikolay Bykovsky. In the country. Girl peeling berries (detail). 1880. State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow

“Mash 1 lb [ounce] of some fresh berries with a wooden crust: raspberries, cherries, red currants, dilute with 3 glasses of water, stir, boil on the stove, strain through a cloth, add ½ juice lemon, 2 cups caster sugar, boil again.Dissolve 1 cup of potato flour with 1 cup of ripened berry juice, stir in the jelly, stirring it with a spoon, let it bubble, serve hot or cold. ”

Alexandra Toliverova, Anna Salnikova, “Cookbook for young housewives. Lenten and modest “Home table”. St. Petersburg, 1880

Refreshing drink from oranges with lemons

Alexander Sulimov. Oranges (fragment). 2008. Private collection

“Remove the zest from 4 oranges and 2 lemons.Squeeze the juice out of them into a separate bowl and filter it through passing paper (putting it in a strainer) so that the juice is not cloudy. Boil 2 lb [ounces] sugar syrup with 2 cups of water, adding the skimmed rind to the syrup to taste like the rind. Strain it, pour in juice, dilute with cold water to taste, pour into decanters, cool. ”

Vera Filatova, “A new allowance for housewives.” S. Mikhailovka, 1893

Almond milk

Tatiana Gavrikova. Milk with strawberries (detail).2017. Private collection

“Take half a pound of almonds, clean them, wash them in cold water, put them in a mortar, looking at their size, add a little water and crumb (water is added to keep the almonds from oily). When you crush all the almonds, squeeze it, then put it in a mortar again and crush it, dilute it, squeeze it, repeating in this way up to three times; half a pound can be used to make two bottles of milk. Dilute with boiled water, but the water should be warm, not hot; for taste, put a little bitter almonds; It is better to crush almonds in a marble mortar, and in the absence of it, you can also in a copper one, but clean it thoroughly and do not dilute it in a mortar, but only crush it.In the same way, milk is made from walnuts, pine nuts and simple ones, adding a little bitter almonds or peach kernels. Pine nut kernels, adding a little bitter almonds or peach kernel kernels to them, you can replace almonds, using them in all dishes where almonds are used, turning off blancmange. ”

Jan Gurvich and Elena Retz, “A cookbook for all housewives: The art of cooking for self-preparation without the help of a kitchen master, more than 1347 different cookery dishes …”.Moscow, 1883-1884


Anton Katyshev. Lemonade (fragment). 2012. Private collection

“Wash the full sieve of black currant leaves, boil with boiling water. Place 6 pounds of sugar, 6 pitted lemons on 30 bottles of water, cover with a napkin, let cool like steamed milk. Dip a glass of yeast, leave in a warm place until bubbles appear. Put in clean bottles according to the zest, pour into bottles, (filter), cork, tie. When cool, put on ice.Give out: 6 pounds of sugar sand, 6 lemons, 1 glass of yeast, raisins. ”

Sofya Dragomirova, “To help housewives: Recipes for different dishes and preparations.” St. Petersburg, 1909

Lemon kvass

Victor Savin. Two and a half lemons (fragment). 2014. Private collection

“Kvass available for sale is very often prepared slovenly and from raw water, which is often harmful to health, not to mention the fact that drinking such kvass is not particularly pleasant.Therefore, it is better to make kvass at home. “

” Take ten lemons and peel half of them and cut into slices, and cut the rest with zest and carefully remove the seeds. Place these lemons in a large earthenware jar, add 3 pounds of sugar and ¼ pounds of raisins, and pour the bucket over the boiling water. The next day, dissolve 1/16 lb yeast in warm water and pour into a jar. Let stand for a day and pour into bottles through muslin; put 1 raisin in each bottle and seal well, tying the corks with wire.Store bottles in a cool place in a lying position. It is recommended to take bottles from champagne, as a thin bottle of kvass can break. ”

N. Dmitrievich, “Jams, jellies, sorbets, liqueurs, pastilles and other preparations from berries and fruits: 150 recipes, tested many times by the best housewives” (from the series “Every housewife needs!”). Odessa, 1910

Author: Tatiana Grigorieva

Coca-Cola is testing paper bottles – Sey-Hai

A major beverage manufacturer prepares to test unusual packaging.Coca-Cola will soon be testing paper bottles for its drinks as part of its zero waste plan.

The reason is clear: in 2020, the charity Break Free From Plastic recognized Coca-Cola as the main pollutant (in terms of plastic emissions). The company generates more waste than Pepsi and Nestle.

The new bottle, produced in partnership with Danish startup Paboco (short for Paper Bottle Company), aims to support the giant’s goal of no waste by 2030.Yes, not everything will be covered by the production of paper packaging: the company is very much relying on recycling and reuse.

In progress

News of the partnership between Paboco and Coca-Cola first surfaced last summer. The first samples of the new packaging will appear in Hungary. They will pack the AdeZ fruit drink. Paboco will create about 2 thousand bottles that will be sold through the online store.

The initial test will feature the current prototype of Paboco and Coca-Cola: solid paper + 100% recycled plastic.However, the ultimate goal is to create a solution that is completely free of plastic. Michael Michelsen, business development manager at Paboco, said the paper bottle’s design needed some work.

Paper-based packaging solutions will soon become commonplace: the world continues to distance itself from plastic. Last year, Diageo introduced the “world’s first” paper-based spirits bottle for its Johnnie Walker whiskey brand.

But things get more complicated for Coca-Cola: carbonated drinks pose unique challenges to packaging solutions.Carbonated drinks are bottled under pressure. Paper lids don’t hold up to pressure – so far plastic is the only solution.

“Let’s hope Coca-Cola is not planning to make the problem worse”

Some designers were skeptical about the news.

“It’s not a good idea to call it a paper bottle,” says Joe Barnard, Founder and Creative Director of Morrama Product Design Studio. – This is a clear hybrid of materials. And although they claim that the plastic is 100% recycled, they said nothing about the origin of the paper. “

Barnard suggests to Coca-Cola that they simply switch their entire offering to 100% recycled plastic – much easier and more honest. Using paper does not mean sustainable packaging. She cites the example of Tetra-Pak, the company that introduced the first paper packaging to the beverage market over 60 years ago. However, even this material is not recyclable in all regions of the UK.

“The growing demand for recycled plastic will help us move faster to a model that does not use clean plastic and does not require cutting down trees.Let’s hope Coca-Cola has no plans to aggravate the problem [experienced by Tetra-Pak]. ”

Meanwhile, Generous Minds designer and Packadore Collective partner Ronald Leverissa says replacing plastic with paper should reduce the company’s carbon footprint, the reality is “often much more difficult.”

“These innovation reports would be much more valuable if they were accompanied by life cycle assessments that explain where the ‘waste’ is generated, how much, and what the carbon footprint of that waste is,” he says.

Leverissa says recycling solutions require a systems approach. And the solution of one company often does not solve the problem itself: it is more important and useful for humanity, for example, for people to use their reusable bottles, and not buy new ones every time (albeit paper ones).

“We have to find combinations that ultimately make the packaging 100% recyclable. But even such temporary solutions will give the society an impetus to interest in learning. ”


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90,000 4 design errors, for which they are fined

Stores often use the wrong price tags.Small retailers are limited by price. Supermarkets use three marketing techniques per price tag: stock price, value for regular customers, and yellow. All of them violate the rules of registration and risk getting a fine of up to 500,000 rubles. We will tell you how to correctly design and print a price tag and avoid expensive mistakes. Supplier
Price tags

What the correct price tags look like

A price tag is placed and glued on the display case for each product.The Russian government has determined the rules by which price tags are drawn up. On price tags in the decree of the government of the Russian Federation

One product – one price tag. The store places a price tag for each item. You can’t just put food on display and give the price when the customer asks. This would be a violation of consumer rights.

The supermarket did not put a price tag on the pudding. Most buyers will check the price with the seller, but someone can complain to Rospotrebnadzor.Then the store will be fined

The rules allow not to show the price only for differential trading. When a seller walks along a train carriage with a cart or stands with trays of vegetables at the subway, price tags are not needed on the product. He must have a price list – a list of goods with prices, with a signature and date. It is shown at the first request of the buyer.

One price tag – one price. There should be only one price on the price tag. Stores often add two – old and promotional, general and special, for loyalty card holders.It is illegal.

The left price tag breaks the rules: the old price before the promotion was indicated on it. On the right, the price is one – this is according to the rules

Uniform style. Price tags are drawn up in the same style. This means that they must match:

  • size and shape;
  • color. May be yellow or red, but one for all price tags;
  • font. Same size, style and writing method – pen or printer;
  • material.

It is not necessary to print labels on paper.Information can be written in another medium:

  • electronic scoreboard,
  • slate board,
  • information stand.

The difference between price tags in one store is permissible only in price and name.

Promotional price tag attracts attention, but violates the rules of uniformity and one price

Mandatory information. Each price tag indicates:

  • product name;
  • grade. It is needed when the same product has different types;
  • price in rubles per weight or unit.For example, for a bottle or 100 gr.

Individual items require detailed labels. For products, these are composition, nutritional value, weight, volume, storage conditions and date of manufacture. What information about goods is needed on the labels

Previously, the rules required to put an organization seal, store employee signature and date on each price tag. Now it is not needed. In addition to the required information, the store can place any other information: brand name, printing date, barcode.

Such a price tag can be configured and printed in the Dreamkas Accounting service

Error 1. Goods without price tags -10,000 ₽

It happens that a store does not display price tags on the window. Or there is a price tag, but there is not enough information on it, it is incorrect. All of this violates consumer rights.

For such a violation, the store will, at best, get off with a warning, at worst – the directors will be fined 500–1,000 rubles, the company – 5,000–10,000 rubles. Violation of the consumer’s right to information about a product in the Code of Administrative Offenses

In the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, a buyer complained to Rospotrebnadzor about a store owned by an individual entrepreneur.There were no price tags on the goods.

The inspection body carried out an inspection and issued an order to add price tags. The store director was fined a minimum amount of 500 rubles.


Error 2. There is no uniform style -30,000 ₽

Large stores often deliberately make different price tags. This is how they inform about discounts, new products. The background is painted in red and yellow. The second price is added – according to the loyal customer’s card. All of this helps to manage customer attention and increase profits.

For a discrepancy in the registration of price tags, the director will be fined 1,000-3,000 rubles, the company – 10,000-30,000 rubles. Violation of the rules for registration of price tags in the Administrative Code

In the Republic of Mari El, Rospotrebnadzor checked a perfume shop. Uniform price tags with the name and price have not been issued for perfumes and eau de toilette.

The company was fined the minimum amount of RUB 10,000.


Error 3. The price at the checkout and the check does not match -50,000 ₽

It happens that the price tag shows 99 rubles, but after the purchase the price is 150 rubles.The buyer will be indignant and ask to break through the goods at the stated price. The seller cannot justify himself by the fact that the prices were changed at the beginning of the shift, and they did not have time to update the price tags. A dissatisfied buyer will file a complaint with Rospotrebnadzor.

For counting consumers, the store director will pay a fine of 10,000-30,000 rubles, the company – 20,000-50,000 rubles. Fraud of the buyer in the Code of Administrative Offenses

In Altai, the buyer complained to Rospotrebnadzor about the distribution network. On the price tag, the store employees indicated the discount price for the “2 + 1” promotion.The buyer tried to buy the product at the stock price twice. The first time the discount was 33% instead of 33.3%, the second – the goods were sold at full price, although the promotion was still valid. The buyer attached receipts to the complaint.

The store manager explained the error as a technical failure at the checkout. The inspectors did not accept the explanation and fined the store 20,000 rubles.


Error 4. Incorrect information -500,000 ₽

Stores do not always correctly indicate the name of the product, grade and information on the label.The date of manufacture and the composition of the product are often confused.

If the seller did not inform the buyer about the consumer properties and quality of the goods, the store director will be fined 1,200-2,000 rubles, the company – 100,000-500,000 rubles. The second paragraph of the article on cheating the buyer in the Administrative Code

In Moscow, Rospotrebnadzor checked the chain store and found a violation. The date of manufacture on the label of the grilled chicken did not match the date in the finished product rejection log. For this, the companies were fined 300,000 rubles.

The store appealed against the fine in the arbitration court, but the court sided with Rospotrebnadzor. The fine had to be paid.


Print price tags according to the rules

In the Dreamkas Cabinet, the user prints price tags immediately after receiving the goods or at any other time.

The service configures the size of the price tag, displaying additional attributes, such as the name of the store and the barcode.


How to get fined

Check. For errors in the price tags, they are fined after the buyer’s complaint. Rospotrebnadzor employees receive a written request and conduct an unscheduled check. Usually they check not only price tags, but also medical books, information on labels, compliance of goods with an expiration date and other possible violations.

Fine. After checking, the director of the store is issued a prescription and a case on an administrative offense is initiated – the violation is qualified and a fine is imposed.

If there are several violations, the penalties are summed up.Let’s say in a store some products don’t have a price tag, while others have different price tags. Then the company can be fined 10,000 rubles under article 14.8 of the Administrative Code and 30,000 rubles – at 14.15 Administrative Code. In total, the fine will be 40,000 rubles.

Court. The store can challenge the fine in court or reduce the punishment. But this requires the expense of lawyers and often does not bring results.

We recommend that you draw up and print price tags for all goods at once after acceptance and assignment of the retail price. If there is a mistake in the price tag, it is better to admit it and agree with the buyer to resolve the dispute on the spot.

What you need to know about registration of price tags

  1. Price tags are put on the showcase of every product, you can’t live without them.
  2. For retail trade, the price list is used.
  3. According to the rules, the price tags are drawn up in the same style. On paper, electronic board, slate board or information board.
  4. The price at the checkout and in the price tag must match.
  5. In the price tag indicate the name, grade of goods. If necessary, labels with detailed information are glued to the products.

Everything from receipt of goods to printing price tags

Accept goods according to the invoice – the service will add them to the database for accounting of balances. Immediately after that, you can set prices, discounts and print price tags.

Replace the inventory system, Excel and other programs with one service.


90,000 Ukrainian startup Chill & Cheers came out on Indiegogo with a smart device for quickly cooling drinks to a predetermined temperature

Ukrainian startup Chill & Cheers has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to fund the release of a smart device for quick cooling of drinks.A small device, comparable in size to a home coffee machine, allows you to cool any liquid with an accuracy of one degree in just a few minutes.

Initially, the device was conceived exclusively for cooling wine, since this drink requires a specific serving temperature to reveal the ideal taste. But later, the Chill & Cheers team expanded the scope of the gadget for almost any drink, be it wine, beer, vodka, cola, water, whiskey or gin. All that is required is to pour the desired drink into the device, set the required temperature using the buttons on the device or using the smartphone application and press “Start”.Having cooled the drink to the desired temperature, Chill & Cheers will maintain this temperature for as long as necessary in the event that the user is distracted and forgot to pour the drink into the glass.

The mobile application not only serves to control the device, but also contains an extensive database of recommended temperatures for serving a particular drink. Choosing, for example, wine, the user then selects among red, white or pink, dry, semi-sweet or dessert.The application also allows you to save the user’s temperature preferences and create a database of favorites and most frequently used temperatures. The app is available for Android and iOS platforms.

“When developing Chill & Cheers, we focused primarily on simplicity and usability. As a result, you no longer need wet and slippery ice or cold water to cool your drink, and there will be no wet bottles and water droplets on your clothes or furniture. Using Chill & Cheers is no more difficult than using an ordinary electric kettle, ”says co-founder Pavel Gaiduk.

Notable about Chill & Cheers is that it does not use ice, water or CFCs for cooling – it only requires electricity to run. The device can be used not only at home but also at parties, bars, hotels, gyms, salons and other places.

As noted by the developers of Chill & Cheers, at the moment they have a working prototype of the device for cooling drinks, but it needs minor modifications before it becomes serial.

“Batch production assumes a certain minimum order volume, so we decided to use crowdfunding as a tool for the initial fundraising and ordering. To finalize the product and start the minimum production, we plan to raise $ 40,000. In addition, crowdfunding is an excellent channel for obtaining feedback on product improvement before starting production. During the campaign period, the consumer can purchase the cooler at a special promotional price. We are proud that Chill & Cheers will be a truly Ukrainian product not only from the point of view of the idea, but also from the point of view of production, ”says the founder of the project Yevhen Lopatin.

The Chill & Cheers Indiegogo campaign will continue for another 2 months. At the time of preparation of the material, only 2 backers supported the project for a total of $ 584.

Source: AIN

bottles, caps, drinking, apple juice, crate

bottles, caps, drinking, apple juice, crate | Pikist bottles, caps, drinking, apple juice, cratePublic Domain

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Load more 90,000 60 Interesting Facts About Oktoberfest | Travel Tips for Germany | DW

What was Albert Einstein doing at the Munich Oktoberfest – long before he proposed his theory of relativity and won the Nobel Prize in physics? We will give the answer to this question at the very end, but for now let’s, as they say, “learn the materiel” so that there is something to surprise the interlocutors with a glass of beer, demonstrating deep, versatile and interesting knowledge about Oktoberfest during small talk.

1. To warm up, let’s start with the fact that Oktoberfest in Munich is not only the largest beer festival, but also a folk festival in the world. Who would doubt that.

2. More than six million people visit Oktoberfest in two weeks. The year 1985 has turned out to be a record year, when over seven million visitors have visited it.

3. The Munich beer festival owes its appearance not to the national drink of the Germans, that is, beer, but to the wedding of Crown Prince Ludwig I, the future King of Bavaria, and Princess Teresa in October 1810.

4. Even the most inveterate Oktoberfest fans hardly know or will be able to give the bride’s full name without hesitation, but we will try: Teresa Charlotte Louise Friderica Amalia of Saxe-Hildburghausen.

5. The wedding of Ludwig and Teresa was celebrated for a whole week. The celebrations ended with demonstration horse rides on antique chariots. The venue for these races was a field on the outskirts of Munich.

6. On October 17, 1810, about 30 thousand people gathered in this field – almost the entire population of Munich, which then had 40 thousand inhabitants.The folk holiday on the occasion of the wedding of the Bavarian heir to the throne was a success. The people were delighted.

7. The very next day the groom’s father, the Bavarian king Maximilian I ordered to name this field in honor of the bride Theresienwiese’s meadow and supported the idea of ​​holding such races here every year in memory of this joyful event in the dynastic history of the Wittelsbach family.

8. In the next year, 1811, the holiday was celebrated for two days in a row.From year to year, the scale of Oktoberfest has increased. The Munich people liked him.

9. In 1818, a carousel was first installed on the Oktoberfest grounds to entertain the public. It was a step in the right direction. Now there are almost 170 different attractions operating here: from the Ferris wheel to roller coasters.

10. Over the more than two centuries of its existence, Oktoberfest has been canceled or carried out very modestly 24 times. It was first canceled in 1813 due to the Napoleonic occupation, in 1873 due to cholera, in 1923 due to hyperinflation, and in 1914-1918 and 1939-1945 due to world wars.

11. The traditions of modern Oktoberfest took shape sometime in the late 19th century. Then it was decided to start this two-week holiday earlier, in September, capturing only the first October weekend, for the sake of warmer weather.

12. Chariot rides at Oktoberfest have not been arranged for a long time, but the holiday opens with a colorful procession through the city, in which groups in folk costumes and horse carts loaded with wooden beer barrels participate.This procession is broadcast throughout Germany.

13. In real life, wooden barrels have long been replaced by large metal cisterns, and a 250-meter underground pipeline was even laid at Oktoberfest for the uninterrupted supply of the largest beer tent, which can accommodate ten thousand visitors.

14. This pipeline pumps beer, cooled to four degrees Celsius, from a huge tank with a volume of 100 thousand liters, installed next door, outside Teresa Meadow.

15. Beer is brought to other tents by tank trucks with a volume of 3,000 to 12,000 liters. On one trip from the brewery, such a car can take up to nine hours to get to the place, get through the crowds of visitors and pump strategic cargo into the local tanks.

16. In total, almost a dozen large beer tents and more than two dozen smaller pavilions are erected for the Oktoberfest in Teresa’s meadow.

17. All beer tents and pavilions of the Oktoberfest in Munich can accommodate almost 120 thousand guests at once.

18. Although Oktoberfest is considered an international holiday, the share of foreign visitors is no more than 20 percent. The majority are Bavarians, residents of Munich and the surrounding area.

19. Among foreign visitors, guests from the USA, Great Britain, Austria, France and Switzerland are in the lead. According to the organizers, guests from more than 60 countries of the world come here every year.

20. One billion euros – approximately the same amount spent in Munich in two weeks by Oktoberfest visitors on beer, fried chicken, sausages, hotels, taxis, public transport, shopping, souvenirs, entertainment, other primary needs and other excesses.

21. About ten years ago, some entrepreneurs wanted to launch a bus shuttle between Theresa Meadow and Munich’s largest brothel, but the authorities did not issue permission.

22. We cannot say anything about the prices in brothels, but the rates for hotel rooms in Munich during the Oktoberfest almost doubled and averaged almost 300 euros per room.

23. Advertising and lobbying activities are prohibited on the Oktoberfest grounds. In 2006, this ban was violated by Paris Hilton. She tried to advertise sparkling wine in aluminum cans, for which she was declared persona non grata at Oktoberfest.

24. Of course, real champagne at Oktoberfest, if desired, can also be found and drunk (140 euros per bottle, simple sparkling wine – 40 euros), but from glasses, not aluminum cans. Beer is poured into weighty liter mugs – Maß or Maßkrug.

25. For the Oktoberfest in Munich, a special type of beer is brewed, slightly stronger than the traditional one. One liter of such beer, according to local experts, is equivalent to eight shots of schnapps. Stacks, however, are different. We will not check.

26. The Oktoberfest guests drank a record amount of beer in 2014 – 7.7 million liters, that is, an average of 1.2 cups per brother … sister, other family members and other visitors.

27. In 2018, a liter mug of beer at Oktoberfest cost more than 11 euros. In 2002, when instead of the German mark they began to pay with the single European currency, a mug cost 6.30 – 6.80 euros, and in the very distant 1971 – less than three marks.

28. After the foam has settled, do you insist on adding beer? The permitted underfill per liter mug is one hundred milliliters at Oktoberfest. Consumer advocates are trying to fight against this lavish rule, calculating that visitors pay 5.4 million euros for underfilled beer in two weeks.

29. In Germany, they still recall the words of the former Bavarian Prime Minister Gunter Beckstein, who in 2008 in all seriousness stated that after two liter glasses of beer, slowly drunk in six to seven hours, it is quite possible to go home for driving a car.

30. Very important information not only for visitors to Oktoberfest. In Germany, there is a border for drivers – 0.5 ppm. In the event of an accident, a blood alcohol level of 0.3 ppm or more is an aggravating factor.

Photo gallery: Oktoberfest in pictures and numbers

  • Oktoberfest beer festival in Munich

    Made in Bavaria

    The image of a typical German has been taking shape for centuries.For more than two centuries, the annual Munich Oktoberfest has contributed to the creation and maintenance of this image. Millions of guests, river beer, sausages, chickens on spits, leather pants, one dirndl more beautiful than the other … “Small” Oktoberfests are held all over the world – from America to China, but we will tell you about the main and original.

  • Oktoberfest Beer Festival in Munich


    Oktoberfest opens with a solemn parade, the main participants of which are societies and clubs that support the traditions of national Bavarian costumes (Trachtenvereine), brass bands, as well as carts with beer barrels.The barrels are symbolically taken to the main place of the festival.

  • Oktoberfest Beer Festival in Munich

    Live broadcast

    Up to ten thousand people in folk costumes from all regions of Bavaria pass through the city. The opening of the Oktoberfest, of course, is televised live, and not only by the regional Bavarian channel, but also by the First German Television (ARD) throughout Germany.

  • Oktoberfest Beer Festival in Munich


    The first Oktoberfest took place on October 17, 1810.The occasion for the national holiday was the wedding of the future Bavarian King Ludwig I and Princess Teresa. On a field near Munich, which since then bears the name of the bride – Theresienwiese, horse races were organized in honor of the newlyweds. The Bavarian word “Wiesn” (meadow) became the second name of the Oktoberfest.

  • Oktoberfest Beer Festival in Munich

    At the tables – 119 thousand people

    14 large beer pavilions-tents are installed in Teresa’s meadow, each of which can accommodate several thousand visitors.The largest of them is designed for 10 thousand people. More than two dozen small pavilions are also set up: pubs, cafes and snack bars – up to 500 people. The total number of seats at the Oktoberfest tables is about 119 thousand.

  • Oktoberfest Beer Festival in Munich


    10-12-14 … Oktoberfest waiters manage to endure an unbearable number of heavy beer mugs from the point of view of untrained citizens. Each has a liter of beer, and the thick glass mug itself weighs a lot.A total of about 13 thousand waiters, bartenders, cooks and other service personnel work at the festival.

  • Oktoberfest Beer Festival in Munich

    O’zapft is!

    On the first day, the opening ceremony of the holiday takes place – the opening of the first barrel. Traditionally, this honorable duty is performed by the burgomaster of Munich. He must drive a crane into the barrel with a wooden mallet. This usually takes two or three hits. Raising the first mug, the burgomaster calls: “O’zapft is!”, That is, “Poured!” – of course, in the Bavarian dialect.

  • Oktoberfest Beer Festival in Munich

    How much is beer?

    According to the organizers of the holiday, in 2019 the price of a liter mug of beer (Maß Bier) at the Munich Oktoberfest averaged 11.5 euros. A lot of beer has flowed under the bridge since the time (in 1971) a liter cost 2.95 German marks. And even in 2002 they paid 6.8 euros for a mug.

  • Oktoberfest Beer Festival in Munich


    About 7 million liters of beer are brewed especially for Oktoberfest in Munich.In 1980, guests of the holiday drank 3.8 million liter cups in two weeks, in 2017 – 7.5 million.

  • Oktoberfest beer festival in Munich

    Tired sleep

    Unfortunately, not all visitors can correctly assess the capabilities of their bodies. At best, they have to sleep peacefully on the lawns, but it can be worse. Plots about the hard work of orderlies, security guards and the police at Oktoberfest have long become an obligatory part of television coverage during and after the holiday.

  • Oktoberfest Beer Festival in Munich

    Lost and Found

    The more people, the more losses. During the 2017 holiday, more than 4,000 items were handed over to the lost and found office at Oktoberfest. Among them – 1300 IDs, 620 items of clothing, 600 wallets, 520 mobile phones. We managed to return every quarter find to the hostess or owner.

  • Oktoberfest Beer Festival in Munich

    Gastronomic Summary

    In 2017, Oktoberfest guests ate 127 bulls and 59 calves cooked on a spit.

  • Oktoberfest Beer Festival in Munich

    Keeping pace with the times

    Oktoberfest is not only a sea of ​​beer and mountains of meat. The holiday keeps up with the times, not being limited to traditional pork knuckles. Several years ago, vegan dishes appeared on the menu. There is evidence that over the past two years, the number of people who refuse products of animal origin has increased in Germany from 600 thousand to 900 thousand people.

  • Oktoberfest Beer Festival in Munich

    Trendy Dirndl

    In recent years, more and more Oktoberfest guests have come in traditional Bavarian costumes. Men wear the famous leather shorts, women wear the dirndl. Many folk women’s dresses are sewn according to classical patterns, but taking into account the current fashion.

  • Oktoberfest Beer Festival in Munich

    Opening hours

    On weekdays, beer is served in large beer tents from 10 am to 11:30 pm, and on weekends beer thirsty guests are served an hour earlier.At 23:30, everything closes in Teresa’s meadow, and the most persistent visitors move to the usual Munich pubs, pubs and restaurants.

  • Oktoberfest Beer Festival in Munich

    Souvenir mugs

    Every year Oktoberfest organizers release special commemorative mugs with new emblems – glass and clay, with or without lids.

  • Oktoberfest Beer Festival in Munich

    Gingerbread Order

    Typical gifts for this kind of German holidays are large gingerbread (Lebkuchen) with different inscriptions: romantic, humorous, just funny or standard.

  • Oktoberfest Beer Festival in Munich

    Festivities in 1896

    What festivities without attractions! As you can see in this old postcard from Oktoberfest in 1896, carousels were already in high demand in Munich. If you look closely, in addition to the shooting gallery in the foreground, you can find tents with “Giant Child”, “Cannibal” and “Sea Monster” here, as well as buy Turkish honey.

  • Oktoberfest Beer Festival in Munich


    Classic roller coasters, swings and merry-go-rounds continue to be popular, but cannibals and other monsters in our times are no longer surprising.However, it is much more pleasant instead of them just to look at Munich from a large Ferris wheel or from the height of a roller coaster.

  • Oktoberfest Beer Festival in Munich


    In recent years, the number of visitors to Oktoberfest has been around 5.6 – 6.5 million. The record year was 1985, when the Oktoberfest was attended by more than seven million people.

    Author: Maxim Nelyubin

31. Almost every second visitor to Oktoberfest gets to Teresa Meadow by train – about three million passengers.Only on city trains (S-Bahn) – 100 thousand people a day. The Deutsche Bahn schedule includes about 500 additional trains at this time.

32. Bavarian dialect of the German language – as they say, a thing in itself. When you see the word “Wiesn” everywhere during Oktoberfest, don’t be surprised: it’s not a typo, but the Bavarian version of the German word “meadow” (Wiese). “To go to the meadow” (Auf die Wiesn gehen) means “to go to the Oktoberfest”.

33. A total of about 13 thousand people work at the festival – waiters, bartenders, cooks, security guards, operators of attractions and so on.

34. Each waiter travels, on average, about 10 kilometers per shift. On weekdays, he delivers about 100 liter mugs of beer, on weekends – up to 300 mugs. Plus other drinks and different dishes like fried chicken (10-12 euros each) and sausages (7-8 euros each).

35. At a time, waiters usually serve about 10-12 liter mugs.An empty mug weighs at least 1.3 kilograms (some are more massive) + a liter of beer each = up to 27.6 kilograms.

36. Oliver Stryumpfeld has been the waiter champion of the Oktoberfest for many years. In 2017, he broke his own record. The official jury counted 29 full cups with a total weight of over 70 kilograms. True, he overturned two on the way.

37. The average earnings of waiters for two weeks of hard work at Oktoberfest is about 5500 euros, including tips.

38. Since 1956, a Catholic service has been held at Oktoberfest one day in the morning, primarily for those who work here. Participants of the service can not only pray, but also baptize children, and children can take the first communion or go through confirmation.

39. Many employees of the companies and attractions working at Oktoberfest live here with their families for several weeks. According to the law, during school time, children are required to attend classes, which they do.About 40 of these students temporarily attend the two nearest schools.

40. The German postal concern Deutsche Post opens a special post office in Teresa’s Meadow. For two weeks of Oktoberfest, about 130 thousand postcards, letters, parcels and parcels are accepted and processed here. Souvenirs are usually sent to the latter.

41. In order to reduce the amount of waste, at Oktoberfest a few years ago, disposable tableware was abandoned, after which the volume of waste was halved – to about 120 tons.

42. The holiday, which is attended by six million people, needs toilets. In total, there are about 900 urinals and nearly 1000 booth seats on the Oktoberfest grounds, which can be used by visitors of all genders.

43. Those who try to relieve themselves in the wrong place will face a fine at Oktoberfest – up to 1000 (!) Euros. If you’re lucky – only 100 euros. It is imposed by the police, you must pay immediately.

44. Oktoberfest has its own first aid station. Up to 15 doctors and 150 orderlies from the Red Cross are on duty here at the same time. In total during the holiday – about 2300 people. Most work on a voluntary basis.

45. In 2017, about 7000 guests sought medical help during the Oktoberfest. Half of them were helped by orderlies, the other half needed the help of doctors, including emergency surgery – in 1883 cases.

46. The record among medical teams was set in 2017: 28 calls per shift and 32 kilometers on foot through the Oktoberfest grounds with emergency backpacks and a gurney.

47. The number of patients with severe alcohol intoxication during the Oktoberfest 2017 amounted to 670 people, of which ten are adolescents under the age of 16. Most of these patients were able to leave the clinic after one to two hours.

48. Oktoberfest guests who have drunk too much beer are taken to the medical unit on special gurneys, protected from prying eyes by yellow covers.Popularly referred to as “bananas” (“Banane”), “meadow taxis” (“Wiesntaxi”) or “yellow coffins” (“gelber Sarg”).

49. Some tipsy visitors and visitors throw off their clothes for joy, scattering wardrobe items in different directions – until they are left with what their mother gave birth to. At Oktoberfest, disposable pants are in store for such would-be exhibitionists.

50. Although a souvenir mug can be bought at souvenir stalls, some Oktoberfest visitors try to get theirs out of the tent for free.About 120-130 thousand times during a holiday, such attempts are prevented by security guards, in some years this figure goes off scale for two hundred thousand.

51. In two weeks, Oktoberfest visitors eat about 120 bulls and 60 calves cooked on a spit. There are about 350 thousand pork sausages, twice as many fried chicken, and about 80 thousand rolls. The numbers change from year to year, but the impressive scale remains.

52. During one of the recent Oktoberfest holidays, five children and fourteen teenagers were found and returned to their parents.In recent years, the number of such cases has been decreasing due to the widespread use of mobile communications.

53. In 2017, more than 4,000 items were handed over to the lost and found office at Oktoberfest, including 1,300 documents, 620 items of clothing, 600 wallets, 520 telephones, as well as keychains, umbrellas, bags, cameras, and so on. About 1000 of them were returned to their owners.

54. Among the unusual items handed over to the lost property office are two rowing oars, a child car seat, two blood sugar meters, a crutch, two wedding rings, one license plate and a tenor horn.

55. Not all residents of the Bavarian capital are delighted when they hear about Oktoberfest. About 27 thousand Munich residents even take special leave for this time in order to get away from the city.

56. The number of tents on the Oktoberfest grounds is limited. The installation license costs two million euros, but this permission can only be obtained if one of the organizers of the holiday decides to leave Oktoberfest. The waiting time is about 20 years.

57. Oktoberfest is considered officially open after the current mayor of Munich uncorks the first 200-liter barrel – he hammers into it a beer tap with a special wooden mallet. For the first time such a ceremony took place in 1950.

58. Christian Ude (2005, 2008, 2013), as well as Dieter Reiter (2015, 2016), did it most quickly – two striking workshops each. Most of the strokes – 17 or even 19 – to drive the crane in, it took during the first such ceremony in 1950, Thomas Wimmer.

59. Driving in the tap and filling the first mug, without even waiting for the foam to settle, the mayor of Munich must notify the public of this by shouting “O’zapft is!” In Bavarian dialect. – “Poured!” One mayor in the 1970s disgraced himself by mixing up the vowels: “I’zapft os!” This is still remembered.

60. In 1896, 17-year-old Albert Einstein worked on Teresa’s Meadow during the preparations for the Oktoberfest. The future Nobel Prize winner screwed in the bulbs here supplied by the firm of his father, Hermann Einstein, one of the pioneers of electrical engineering in Germany.

Photo gallery: Bavarian fashion for Oktoberfest

  • Dress code for Oktoberfest

    Tradition in step with fashion

    For women – blouse, fitted dress with corset, wide skirt and apron for men (dirndl) pants (lederhosen) – without them the famous Oktoberfest in Munich is simply unthinkable. But traditional Bavarian costume keeps up with fashion.

  • Dress code for Oktoberfest

    Classic version

    Two-tone Vichy check flashes on the pages of fashion magazines in recent years.But in the case of the Bavarian costume, this is not a tribute to fashion, but a classic. This country-style print can be seen not only on dirndles, but also on men’s shirts.

  • Dress code for Oktoberfest

    A little tenderness

    For those who prefer to stick to tradition, red, bright pink, blue or green are the perfect solution. The freshest trend, however, is pastel colors. The trend is light pink, light blue, menthol, pistachio, copper, as well as nude and taupe colors, which are demonstrated by the models of the Stuttgart brand Kinga Mathe.

  • Dress code for Oktoberfest

    Geometry and botany

    The Bavarian cage is diluted with polka dots and a longitudinal stripe, recently often shown on the catwalk shows in Berlin or Milan. But the floral ornament has acquired a special relevance, giving romance alongside and causing nostalgia for the past. In the photo: CocoVero brand dirndli.

  • Dress code for Oktoberfest

    Floral style

    Flowers inspired the designers of the MarJo brand.This print adds romance and flirtatiousness to the outfit, while evoking nostalgia for the past.

  • Dress code for Oktoberfest

    Modesty adorns

    In some collections, the appeal to the past is embodied in the restraint of the cut. The skirt should be midi. A deep neckline gives way to a stand-up collar or a small V-neckline. The blouse or the dirndl itself, buttoned up with all the buttons, gives special severity to the outfit.

  • Dress code for Oktoberfest

    Experiments with material

    Traditionally, dirndl is sewn from cotton.But in recent years, designers have been experimenting with fabrics of various structures. At Oktoberfest 2017, in particular, one could see silk, satin, taffeta, jacquard and guipure. The Kinga Mathe brand, for example, uses lace not only for the blouse, but also for the “little black” dirndle.

  • Dress code for Oktoberfest

    Vintage chic

    If the apron is made of silk, velvet or other material with a noble matte sheen. If the buttons are made of metal.The trend is a minimum of decorative details. However, some are indispensable …

  • Dress code for Oktoberfest

    Bow tongue

    The bow remains an important detail that helps to tie not only an apron at the waist, but also acquaintances at Oktoberfest. By where it is attached, you can tell if you are open to flirting.

  • Dress code for Oktoberfest

    Bow tongue

    If the bow is on the right – the interested person has no chance, on the left – you are actively searching.Only widows tie the bow at the back, and virgins tie the front in the center.

  • Dress code for Oktoberfest

    Graceful record

    Speaking of the trend towards brevity, one cannot fail to mention the dirndl created by the Munich-based manufacturer Kinga Mathe. Last season, it was already named the most expensive in the world. The cost of the “Grace” model, in honor of the style icon Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco, is 27,500 euros. Handwork, the finest silk and buttons made of gold and natural stone, one of which is framed with diamonds, gives dirndl value.

  • Dress code for Oktoberfest

    Haute couture for Oktoberfest

    But there is also a trend that is opposite to minimalism. German celebrity designer Lola Paltinger is known for her unusual interpretation of traditional costume that opens the door to a world of fantasy.

  • Dress code for Oktoberfest

    In a fantasy world

    Her dirndle models are studded with bright embroidery, decorative stitching, fabric flowers and beads.Mainly German celebrities appear in them at Oktoberfest.

  • Dress Code for Oktoberfest

    Dirndl for Stars

    Would Herzine of Cambridge Kate wear such an outfit? At least the designer dreams of creating an outfit for her too. In the meantime, Katy Perry, Salma Hayek and Paris Hilton appeared in public in Lola Paltinger’s dirndles.

  • Dress code for Oktoberfest

    Lederhosen for hipsters

    However, you can dress completely differently at Oktoberfest.Street style has also influenced the designers of traditional Bavarian clothing. So, the Krüger brand offers fashionistas short shorts that imitate men’s lederhosen. Available in both leather and trendy denim. T-shirts and hoodies with Oktoberfest insignia are also becoming more common on Terezin Meadow.

  • Dress code for Oktoberfest

    All-terrain sneakers

    An important attribute of street style is sneakers. Now they can be safely worn with a dirndl or lederhosen.Especially for the holiday, Adidas created the München MIG model. Shoes, as the manufacturer assures, repels not only dirt and water, but also beer. The embroidery on the back imitates the lederhosen pattern. And the German “Prost” is a hint for those who raise their glass.

  • Dress code for Oktoberfest

    For all occasions

    In 2018, the world’s largest beer festival Oktoberfest will last until October 7th. But this does not mean that after him the dirndl and lederhosen will be forgotten for a whole year.

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