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    20 Free Chalkboard Fonts

    Experimenting and exploring new typefaces provides you a lot of design possibilities that can improve your design in terms of aesthetics.

    That is why having a great collection of fonts is a necessity for us designers.

    Chalkboard fonts are a classic font type that evokes ideas of school days long gone and quaint cafe menu boards. But not all chalkboard fonts are alike. The different fonts below each communicate something different and some may pair better with other fonts in your design.

    This particular collection features 20 amazing chalkboard fonts you can download for free.  Check them out below or bookmark this page for future reference. Load up your font collection and enjoy!

    NOTE: Please take time to read the terms for usage of each featured font from their respective download pages. Some of them are free to use both for personal and commercial use while some are for personal use only.

    DK Crayon Crumble | Download

    PencilPete | Download

    ERASER | Download

    Drawing Guides | Download

    Colored Crayon | Download

    Rudiment | Download

    Whatever it takes | Download

    Smudgie Crayon | Download

    Chalkline Outline | Download

    Mskitokilla | Download

    Rob Graves | Download

    Chalk Hand Lettering Shaded | Download

    KG Ten Thousand Reasons | Download

    Chalkboard | Download

    Clouds of Despair | Download

    Urban Sketch | Download

    Rechtman| Download

    Return To Sender | Download

    Grutch | Download

    KG Second Chances| Download


    | Download 


    Which chalkboard font is your favorite? Share us your thoughts in the comments below.

    Solving Test Issues – Tests – Blackboard – Digital Learning – Academic programmes and student engagement

    Submit a test for a student

    If a student has taken a test but has not managed to submit you are able to complete this process as a tutor.

    1. In the Grade Centre, locate the cell that displays the In Progress icon
    2. Click the dropdown arrow and select View Grade Details
    3. On the Grade Details page, select View Attempt

      Be sure the answers were saved
    4. Select Test Information to expand the section
    5. Select Submit Attempt
    6. Select OK to confirm the attempt submission

    Clear a student’s test attempt

    If you need to clear a students attempt, for example there was a technical issue. You can clear this from the grade centre.

    1. In the Grade Centre, locate the cell that holds the students test
    2. Click the dropdown arrow and select
      View Grade Details
    3. On the Grade Details page, select Clear Attempt
    4. Select OK to confirm and remove the attempt
    5. On the Grade History tab, the action is recorded with “Attempt Grade Cleared.” In the Grade Centre, no grade or icon appears in the student’s test cell.

    Editing a test whilst students are completing it (e.g. during a live exam).

    There’s a typo in the question. Can I reword a question?

    Blackboard will let you edit the question text.

    The updated question will show when looking at completed attempts in the Grade Centre.

    The question will NOT update live for students who are in the middle of completing the test.

    Consider if it is fair to update the question when students are in the middle of submitting.

    E.g. If the question was originally “What event did happen in 1909?” in error, and this was updated to “What event did not happen in 1909?”.

    I picked the wrong option as the correct answer. Can I change which one is marked as correct?

    If you change which option is the correct answer, points for this question will be recalculated for all attempts in the Grade Centre.

    E.g. the option “Austria” was incorrectly marked as the correct answer, you want to change the correct answer to the option “Australia” instead.

    • Students who have already completed the test will have their points for the test recalculated (i. e. if they selected “Austria”, they will no longer score points for this, if they selected “Australia” they will now have points scored for this).

    • Students who are in the middle of the test will be able to continue with the test as usual – points will be calculated after they submit.

    What happens if there are 2 duplicates of the wrong answers? Can I change the text for one?

    Blackboard will let you update the text for the possible answers.

    The updated answer will show when looking at completed attempts in the Grade Centre.

    The possible answer will NOT update live for students who are in the middle of completing the test.

    E.g. the answer “elephant” is listed twice, with both marked as incorrect answers. If a student selects the second “elephant” option which is then updated to “giraffe”, then the updated answer (“giraffe”) will show as their selected attempt for that question after submitting.

    As neither “elephant” nor “giraffe” are considered the correct answer anyway, this does not affect a student’s grade.

    What happens if there are 2 duplicates of the correct answer? Can I change the text for one of these? Can I change which duplicate is marked as correct?

    Blackboard will let you update the text for the possible answers.

    Blackboard will also let you change which answer is considered correct.

    If you change which option is the correct answer, points for this question will be recalculated for all attempts in the Grade Centre.

    Consider manually overriding the marks in these duplicate cases instead so that students are not unfairly penalised.

    E.g. consider a situation with the question “Which colour is in the rainbow?” with 4 possible answers:

    • Answer 1: “Red” (marked as the correct option when setting up the test).
    • Answer 2: “Red” (a duplicate, marked as an incorrect option).
    • Answer 3: “Brown” (marked as an incorrect option).
    • Answer 4: “Silver” (marked as an incorrect option).

    Student A selects Answer 1 and submits the test.

    Student B selects Answer 2. Whilst they are in the process of completing the other questions, a staff member notices there is a duplicate answer. They may consider:

    1. Changing the Answer 2 (from “Red” to “Gold”).

    The updated answer text will not appear for the second student whilst they are completing the exam. They will have selected the correct answer, but when they submit Blackboard will automatically change the selected answer to “Gold”. To staff, Student B will have picked the wrong answer (even if they had answered the question right).

    1. Changing the text for Answer 1 (from “Red” to “Gold”) and selecting Answer 2 as the correct option instead.

    In this case, Student B will score points for selecting the correct option. Student A will have automatically received points for answering the question correctly, but the Grade Centre will recalculate this and dock their points for this answer.To staff, Student A will have picked the wrong answer (even if they had answered the question right).

    To makes things fair for the students and account for the error in the question setup, you can change the points value to 0 for the question for everyone, or manually override the students who correctly selected the “wrong” duplicate so they are awarded the points for this.

    Can I delete a test question that has been set up wrong?

    No – whilst students are currently taking the test, Blackboard will not let you delete a test question.

    Changing a question after the test has finished and regrading

    Very occasionally you may need to change a question after the test has attempts. Some examples of this are:

    • The wrong points value was given for the question
    • The incorrect answer was marked as correct
    • You may want to to delete a question all together if you find it has a substantial error

    Blackboard is able to take these changes to regrade existing attempts.

    You do this by editing the test questions in the test canvas found in the course tools> Test, surveys and pools.

    Once the changes are made it will prompt you that you are changing questions where attempts have already been made. Confirm to accept the changes and re-grade the existing attempts.

    Grade Tests | Blackboard Help

    Test submissions list page

    The submissions list page displays all enrolled students. You can search for a student or a group and select how many items to display on the page. The system remembers your selection, so if you leave and come back, the setting is retained in the next session. You can select which page to view at the bottom of the screen.

    Use the Filter menu to display only those submissions that need grading. At this time, you can filter by All statuses and Needs grading. The Filter menu doesn’t appear for group and discussion items.

    If you chose to enable anonymous grading on a test, a message appears stating anonymous grading is in progress. The submissions list only includes a list of those students who’ve made a submission. All student information is hidden and student pictures are replaced with the general silhouette. Students who’ve submitted are assigned “Anonymous Student” and a number, such as Anonymous Student 244260. The submissions are in a random order—not ordered by submission date.

    More on anonymous grading

    Keep track of all submissions on one page. Quickly see which attempts are ready to grade. Student profile pictures appear with a red circle when they have late submissions or the due date has passed with no attempt submitted.

    Access the details. Review the instructions and settings at any time. For example, select the Content and Settings link to return to the test page.

    View students with accommodations. You can set accommodations for individual students and exempt them from requirements, such as assessment due dates and time limits. Use accommodations to help students progress in the course even though they may have difficulty with some requirements. In the gradebook and roster, icons appear next to the names of students with accommodations.

    More on accommodations

    Review the conversation. Select the Open class conversation icon to see what students are saying.

    Start grading. Select student names to access their individual submissions, and assign grades and provide feedback. Type a numeric value of no more than five digits. You can include two additional digits after a decimal point. You can also assign grades directly on this page. These grades are override grades. An override label appears next to the grade. After you assign a value, click anywhere outside the grade area to save.

    More on override grades

    Ready to post grades? Post appears next to each grade that you haven’t released yet. You can choose which grades to post and when. Posted grades appear with a Posted message in the column. You can also grade all submissions for an item in succession and then select Post all grades to release all grades in one action.

    When you post grades, students can view them and any feedback you provided. All feedback for all attempts, even ungraded attempts, shows to students.

    If you chose not to show correct answers for automatically scored questions, return to the assessment settings panel and select the Show correct answers check box.

    More on showing correct answers

    From a student’s submission page, access the menu next to the grade pill to add an exception for the test. An exception includes additional attempts or extended access, even if the test is hidden from other students. You can also add exceptions after you post grades.

    More on assessment exceptions

    View submission timestamps

    When you start or review grading, you can point to a submission timestamp to view more information. Timestamps appear on students’ submission pages and on their attempts panels when you’ve allowed multiple attempts for an assessment.

    For example, on a student’s submission page, you can view when the student made the submission and when you posted the grade. The timestamp appears in red with a “late” label after the due date passes.

    For multiple attempts, on the Submissions list page, select a student’s name to open the attempts panel. Point to a timestamp to view the additional information.

    Feedback panel

    Open an attempt. On the Submission page, select the feedback icon to open the feedback panel. The panel remains in place as you scroll through the assignment and add overall feedback and a grade.

    When you post grades, students can view them and any feedback you provided. All feedback for all attempts, even ungraded attempts, shows to students.

    Insert a feedback recording in the editor

    You can embed an audio or video recording of your feedback in the editor as you grade attempts. The recording option appears in the feedback editor for most graded items in your course. Students watch or listen to your feedback alongside any text you include.

    This feature isn’t supported on all browsers. For the best experience, use Chrome or Firefox.

    More on adding audio/video feedback

    Student’s submission page

    Access student submissions from the test submissions list page.

    Review student work. Student answers appear for each question. Students can also add comments and files to the end of their tests. You can’t change the points an individual student earned for an automatically graded question.

    See a count of how many you’ve graded. As you grade each submission and move on to the next one, you can view your progress in the upper-right corner.

    Navigate to other submissions. Use the arrows to move to another submission ready for grading.

    View the rubric. If you associated a rubric with this test, select the rubric icon within the empty grade pill to view the criteria. The screen adjusts so you can view the student’s submission alongside the rubric.

    More on grading with rubrics

    Grade, provide feedback, and post. Assign points for each question. You can use up to two decimal places. Click anywhere outside the grade pill to save. When you’ve finished, the total appears at the top of the test. A test’s score consists of the sum total of all the questions’ points.

    More on grade pills

    Access the menu next to the grade pill to select the options. Select the feedback icon to add a note with suggestions, encouragement, and overall feedback about the submission. Post the grade or delete the submission. You can also give the student an exception on this test. An exception includes additional attempts or extended access, even if the test is hidden from other students.

    From a student’s submission, you can open a question’s menu and select Edit/Regrade to make changes or give full credit to everyone. These edits affect everyone’s tests. You receive a warning after you save your changes if student submissions exist and regrading will occur.

    More on editing and regrading a test

    What do students see? After you grade tests and post the results, students can view their scores on their grades pages or in the activity stream. They can also access the test, their submissions, your feedback, and their grades from the Course Content page.

    3 horrible ways typos could alter the course of your life

    The United Federation of Teachers director of staff Ellie Engler called out the union secretary Howard Schoor for his alleged “deviceiveness” — or, what she probably meant to write, “divisiveness” — in two e-mails obtained by The New York Post this week, and originally written last August. A spokeswoman for the UFT said the organization does not comment on internal communications. Whether you’re a teacher, union representative or — for that matter, a writer — bad spelling can embarrass you. But there are other ways it can alter the course of your life. This British man, Nigel Lang, said his life was ruined when police mistook him for someone else due to a typo.

    That wouldn’t be the first time. While 8 in 10 American adults consider themselves typo-free, 7 in 10 say they often find mistakes in written correspondence from others, according to a recent survey of the grammar gripes of more than 2,000 adults by Dictionary.com. When given a list of commonly misspelled words, almost 4 in 10 Americans (38%) say they are most bothered by the misspelling of February (without the first “r”), followed “definitely” and the word “receive” (when the “i” and “e” are inverted.)

    “It pays to make grammar your BFF,” says Steve Langerud, workplace consultant and principal of Steve Langerud & Associates in Grinnell, Iowa. (BFF is an acronym used on social media and via text for “Best Friend Forever.) “It’s a mistake to carry over the poor spelling and grammar used in social media into your professional life,” he says. “Employers and customers are quick to jump on people who make bad spelling mistakes, even when they frequently use poor spelling and grammar themselves.

    Firstly, it’s bad for business. Customers are less likely to trust (and spend money) with online retailers that misspell words, which can translate into millions of dollars for sites with bad grammar, one U.K.-based study found. Michele Forzley, senior scholar at the O’Neill Institute for National and Global Health Law at Georgetown University Law Center, says that bad spelling on the packaging of goods being sold online could also be the sign that an antique or designer product is actually a fake.

    Don’t miss: Is the Internet killing English?

    Secondly, it can cost you a job. Nearly 50% of hiring managers will dismiss a job application with words misspelled on a resume or cover letter, according to jobs listing site CareerBuilder.com. “Sharing a resume with spelling errors would certainly prevent you from getting a first round job interview in any of the companies where I’ve worked as a manager,” says Peter Hildick-Smith, president of market researcher Codex Group. (They include a utilities company, a media firm and a cereal manufacturer.)

    And finally, spelling mistakes on social media or on dating sites can damage your reputation and cost singletons the prospect of meeting someone who would — bad spelling aside — otherwise be a good match. A line like “I’m very independant” (sic) could be a death knell for your dating prospects. Some 43% of online daters said bad spelling is a “major turnoff,” according to a 2013 survey of 1,700 adults by Kibin, a proofreading and editing service. In fact, one-third actually found good grammar sexy.

    Also see: The huge difference between what men and women read

    These days, people — even professional writers — can get away with not knowing how to spell. “Since a phone or computer can auto-correct bad spelling, it’s quite easy to hide the fact that one cannot spell,” says Robert Weil, editor-in-chief and publishing director of Liveright & Co., a division of W.W. Norton & Co. publishing company. “A writer is no longer required to have the kind of impeccable spelling that was once demanded. Over the years, I’ve discovered some brilliant writers who just can’t spell, but by and large, these writers are few and far between.”

    But that doesn’t go for other workers. Weil once worked for a chairman who could go “apoplectic” if he spotted typographical errors on submission cards, in which assistants had to list the manuscript and proposal submissions. “If he spotted a typo, he would often have the assistant summarily summoned to the meeting and lectured on why precise spelling was so important,” he says. “For example, 50,000 book jackets once needed to be reprinted because an author’s name had been misspelled on the jacket.”

    Blackboard now offering over half a million open educational resources to K-12 students

    Edtech services providers Blackboard and OpenEd announced Wednesday they are teaming up to integrate OpenEd’s online digital content library with Blackboard’s learning management systems and solutions.

    “Over half a million” of OpenEd’s free, openly licensed resources, produced by the assessment organization ACT, are now available at no additional cost to Blackboard’s K-12 customers who use Blackboard Open Content, the company’s cloud-based learning object repository.

    More than 10 million students and teachers across K-12 and higher ed have access to that repository, a spokesperson for Blackboard told EdScoop. While she could not provide numbers for K-12 alone, it’s clear many of those 10 million learners will be able to take advantage of the OpenEd content.

    The resources, which span videos, games, quizzes, homework assignments and lesson plans, align with state educational standards, including Common Core, and have been vetted for quality assurance, according to Blackboard.

    “ACT and Blackboard share the belief that educational resources should be seamlessly integrated into learning platforms to make teachers’ lives easier,” said Adam Blum, chief architect of OpenEd. “We are excited about OpenEd’s resources being available in one of the most widely used LMS platforms today.”

    Teachers and students using Blackboard Learn, Moodlerooms and Blackboard Classroom can use Blackboard Open Content to access hundreds of thousands of openly licensed educational materials covering every major subject, including math, English/language arts, social studies and science.

    Through this partnership with OpenEd, Blackboard may begin to compete with other free digital content libraries like Amazon Inspire and OER Commons, which aim to level the playing field for students and teachers by creating equal access to high quality educational materials.

    “Blackboard is committed to enriching instruction and making teachers’ lives easier through the seamless integration of high quality digital content into our learning management systems,” said Katie Blot, chief strategy officer at Blackboard, in a statement.

    Correction: This article originally stated Blackboard users would gain access to “over a million” open educational resources from OpenEd, due to a typo in Blackboard’s official statement announcing the partnership. The correct estimate is “over half a million.”

    Math 3081: Probability and Statistics

    Lecture Slides
    These are the slides used during the lectures. They will usually be posted ahead of the lecture time.
    Date Material
    Mon, Jun 29th
    Tue, Jun 30th
    Wed, Jul 1st
    Thu, Jul 2nd
    Lecture 1: Welcome + Sets and Counting (Notes 1.1)
    Lecture 2: Counting Principles (Notes 1.2) [Typos fixed]
    Lecture 3: Sample Spaces and Probability (Notes 1.3.1-1.3.3) [Typos fixed]
    Lecture 4: Conditional Probability (Notes 1.3.3+1.4.1) [More typos fixed]
    Mon, Jul 6th
    Tue, Jul 7th
    Wed, Jul 8th
    Thu, Jul 9th
    Lecture 5: Independence (Notes 1.4.2) [Typos fixed]
    Lecture 6: Bayes’ Formula and Applications of Probability (Notes 1. 4.3) [Typos fixed]
    Lecture 7: Discrete Random Variables, Part 1 (Notes 2.1.1-2.1.3) [Typos fixed]
    Lecture 8: Discrete Random Variables, Part 2 (Notes 2.1.3-2.1.5)
    Mon, Jul 13th
    Tue, Jul 14th
    Wed, Jul 15th
    Thu, Jul 16th
    Lecture 9: Continuous Random Variables, Part 1 (Notes 2.1.6-2.2.1) [Typos fixed]
    Lecture 10: Continuous Random Variables, Part 2 (Notes 2.2.2-2.2.3) [Updated]
    Lecture 11: Continuous Random Variables, Part 3 (Notes 2.2.3-2.2.4) [Typos fixed]
    Lecture 12: The Normal Distribution and Central Limit Theorem (Notes 2.3.1-2.3.2)
    Mon, Jul 20th
    Tue, Jul 21st
    Wed, Jul 22nd
    Thu, Jul 23rd
    Lecture 13: Applications of the Central Limit Theorem (Notes 2.3.2) [Typos fixed]
    Lecture 14: Poisson and Exponential Distributions (Notes 2.3.3-2.3.4) [Typos fixed]
    Lecture 15: Maximum Likelihood Estimates (Notes 3. 1.1-3.1.2) [Typos fixed]
    Lecture 16: Properties of Estimators: Bias and Efficiency (Notes 3.1.2-3.1.3)
    Mon, Jul 27th
    Tue, Jul 28th
    Wed, Jul 29th
    Thu, Jul 30th
    Lecture 17: Confidence Intervals, Part 1 (Notes 3.2.1) [Updated]
    Lecture 18: Confidence Intervals, Part 2 (Notes 3.2.2) [Typos fixed]
    Lecture 19: Hypothesis Testing and z Tests (Notes 4.1.1-4.1.2) [Updated]
    Lecture 20: More z Tests (Notes 4.1.2-4.1.3) [Typos fixed]
    Mon, Aug 3rd
    Tue, Aug 4th
    Wed, Aug 5th
    Thu, Aug 6th
    Lecture 21: Unknown Proportion + Testing Errors (Notes 4.1.3-4.1.4) [Typos fixed]
    Lecture 22: Testing Errors + t Distributions (Notes 4.1.4-4.2.1) [Updated]
    Lecture 23: t Distributions and Confidence Intervals (Notes 4.2.1-4.2.2)
    Lecture 24: One-Sample t Tests (Notes 4.2.3) [Typos fixed]
    Mon, Aug 10th
    Tue, Aug 11th
    Wed, Aug 12th
    Lecture 25: Two-Sample t Tests (Notes 4. 2.4)
    Lecture 26: Robustness and the χ2 Distribution (Notes 4.2.5-4.3.2)
    Lecture 27: The χ2 Tests for Goodness-of-Fit and Independence (Notes 4.3.2-4.3.3)
    90,000 Obscene typo. On the blackboard of the cultural heritage site of Udmurtia, a swear word almost appeared Nadezhda Rysyeva
    Jokes can be composed in Udmurtia about how, in compliance with the law on languages, tablets and signs are translated from Russian into Udmurt. The hired specialists do not translate them as they should and as they would like, but as they can. As a result, the product at the exit, similar to “checkmate”, causes a state close to hysterics. Like, for example, a full house at a cultural heritage site.

    MUP “SPDU” sent the chairman of the council of an apartment building in Izhevsk a demand – to add to the Russian-language version of the plate, which says that the house is an object of cultural heritage, translated into Udmurt.

    It would seem an excellent initiative, it remains only to approve this decision at a meeting of the council of home owners. But, having read the text in the Udmurt language, which the management company kindly provided as an attachment, the woman was wary. It seemed to her that she had been insulted.

    “The municipal unitary enterprise has sent a formidable letter that it is necessary to change the sign on the house,” said the chairman of the house council, showing the document, a copy of which is at the disposal of the editorial office. – The sign that they sent me with the Udmurt translation will definitely not be posted.I can’t even show it to people, it’s written in swear words. Ybso! It cannot be read in another way, it is a dissonant word. I looked for it in the dictionary of the Udmurt language, typed it in an online translator, and asked many Udmurts. They say there is no such word. ”

    Nevertheless, Nadezhda Andreeva, a specialist from the MUP “SPDU”, confidently answered in a telephone conversation that the translation for them was allegedly compiled at the Udmurt State University, so they treated the text without a shadow of doubt.

    So, the word is “ybso”.Indeed, when pronouncing, it seems that on occasion it can be used as a swearing.

    We decided to go the practical way. To insure the knowledge of the Udmurt language, we used all imaginable and inconceivable Udmurt-Russian dictionaries (Russian-Udmurt too), Yandex. Translator”. All as one repeat: no, they have not heard.

    It seems that even the all-knowing Google, when faced with this word, was slightly embarrassed. But everything stored in the halls of the electronic mind was ejected outside after a while.Among the slag of the World Wide Web, information was found about a certain “YBSO”. Only of a chemical nature. It denotes yttrium-barium-copper oxide, the meaning of which, perhaps, does not fit with the information about the historical monument in the Udmurt language.

    As a result, we managed to reach the truth and understand what kind of incident happened with the usual Udmurt word.

    “The word ‘ybso’ does not exist in the Udmurt language. Apparently, someone decided to change the correct version and inserted “b” instead of the letter “”, – noted Elizaveta Lozhkina, chief specialist-expert of the Ministry of National Policy of the Urals.- The proposal should sound like this: “Ulosvyl yӧso sinpelmet”. This translates as ‘a monument of regional significance’. ”

    By the way, besides a gross error in the word “yӧso”, there are other blunders in the text. For example, the letter “ӥ” is translated as “y” in two cases, although these are completely different letters. It’s like, for example, instead of the word “person” write “pizza” or in the word monument replace the letter “p” with “m”.

    Why did this happen? According to our experts, such errors most often appear at the time of reprinting a source by a specialist of some organization who does not speak the national language.As a rule, it costs them nothing to replace the letter “ӧ” with “b”. It turns out that this fruit of creativity of an “obscene” nature could appear on the wall of a historic house. And then the homeowners would be obliged to reprint the inscription. Naturally, at their expense.

    Unfortunately, such cases are not uncommon on the territory of the region and there are no-no translation errors, and they do occur. I recall the case with the “Board of Honor”, located on the Central Square of Izhevsk, which, due to the carelessness of the executors of the order, at the moment turned into a “Board of Shame”.

    “The Udmurt language, despite its state status, is often not taken very seriously at the official level,” explained Aleksey Arzamazov, candidate of philological sciences, translator and publicist. – I myself tried to find out who, which institutions are translating the texts of signs, documents into the Udmurt language, and did not receive a direct answer. Obviously, there is no single coordinating center for translations. As a result, there is a great fragmentation and distortion of the final result. Often the “Udmurt tablets” are lexically and grammatically scalped from the Russian language – the linguistic specificity of the Udmurt language is not taken into account ”.

    The solution to this linguistic problem, according to Arzamazov, is possible if translations are carried out in scientific centers specializing in the study of Udmurt. These include, for example, the Udmurt Institute of History, Language and Literature of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

    Meanwhile, translations into Udmurt should not have “nightmare” the republic so much. Since the Minnats UR without any problems and, by the way, in a short time – 10 days – can make a high-quality translation from Russian into Udmurt, both for a private person and for a commercial or budget structure, completely free of charge.And what is important – without blunders, perceived by those who do not know the language as foul language.

    Organizations, including MUP “SPDU”, need only contact the department and not be too lazy to download freely available applications with the Udmurt alphabet. Otherwise
    “The Metropolitan will lay a raven on the head of His Imperial Majesty,” and the chairman will become a traitor. In general, we wanted the best, but it turned out as always.

    90,000 Internet users pointed to a typo on memorial plaques in the center of Voronezh.Latest news from Voronezh and region

    A post dedicated to Voronezh appeared in the “Orthodoxy and Idiomarketing” group on the VKontakte social network on Monday, November 13th. A public subscriber who is fighting for literacy published a photo of the memorial plaques located on Mira Street 3. The boards are dedicated to Heroes of the USSR: Major General Georgy Zakharov, Colonels Vasily Kochetov, Alexander Novikov and Grigory Kiyashko. A gross mistake was made on both boards at once – “The Heroes of the Soviet Union lived in this house.”

    It can be seen that someone tried to disguise the extra letter – the yellow paint has been erased on it. The mistake is noticed only by attentive passers-by. Most Voronezh residents do not pay attention to what is written on the boards. Four out of five people who were asked by RIA Voronezh journalists to stop and check if there were any mistakes on the blackboard did not notice them. And one passer-by said that he saw a mistake in the patronymic “Grigorievich”. According to the young man, it should be written without a soft sign.

    In the city department of culture, RIA Voronezh correspondents were informed that the information boards on Mira Street, 3, were installed at the expense of the mayor’s office in 2003.

    – These are technical errors. Apparently, when the master was working on the boards, he made a typo and added an extra letter “t”. Of course, there should be no mistakes on commemorative plaques, but we will not replace them in an instant. We will look for a sponsor who will help make new plaques, ”said Vladimir Kolodyazhny, Chief Specialist of the Department of Educational Activities and Cultural Heritage.

    Photo – Mikhail Kiryanov (from archive)

    According to Vladimir Razmustov, Candidate of Historical Sciences, mistakes on blackboards – grammatical and factual – are not uncommon in Voronezh.

    – For example, on a memorial plaque to Valentin Kukolkin, a scout of the people’s militia battalion, it is indicated that he died on September 17, 1942, in fact, according to documents and memoirs, it happened on September 18. And on September 17, Daniil Kutsygin died, but, apparently, when this board was hung in the 1980s, they decided to bury the heroes in one day. There should be no such mistakes, but the board for Kukolkin, most likely, will not be altered. Another mistake is connected with the pilot Artyusha Ogonjanyan, who sent a downed burning plane into the accumulation of enemy tanks on the territory of the village of Zemlyansk, Semiluksky region.On the memorial plaque, which was installed in 2013, on the street signs and even on the slab of the mass grave in Zemlyansk, the pilot’s surname is indicated with an error: Ogandzhanyan, and correctly Ogonjanyan. It seems to be a trifle, at first glance, a typo, but it is impossible to find Voronezh Ogandzhanyan’s defender in the generalized data bank “Memorial”. For a long time I could not understand why there is no information about this pilot. Really nothing about him has survived. Then the thought of a typo came, I began to try different options and found our hero, – Vladimir Razmustov recalled.

    Photo – Elena Minnibaeva (from archive)

    But the strangest situation, according to the historian, is associated with the street and the board of the pilot Zamkin. In fact, there was no defender of Voronezh with such a surname, but a memorial plaque and a street named in his honor exist.

    – There is no data on a pilot with the surname Zamkin in the Memorial database. But in the list of irrecoverable losses there is an aviation mechanic Khamkin, and 99% of Khamkin, for some reason, was replaced by Zamkin.Local historians periodically resent this issue – the street of a non-existent person. This is a Voronezh incident, which they talk about with a grin, and no one from the current government wants to put an end to this matter. The error is either in the military document, which is unlikely, or in the city ordinance. Or the letter was deliberately changed so that the hero’s surname was euphonic and did not cause ridicule over the board and the street, – added Vladimir Razmustov.

    Found a mistake? Select it with the mouse and press Ctrl + Enter

    A memorial plaque to Yuri Luzhkov was opened in Moscow

    https: // ria.ru / 20201210 / moskva-1588593777.html

    A memorial plaque to Yuri Luzhkov was opened in Moscow

    A memorial plaque to Yuri Luzhkov was opened in Moscow – RIA Novosti, 10.12.2020

    A memorial plaque to Yuri Luzhkov was opened in Moscow Memorial plaque to Yuri Luzhkov


    Yuri Luzhkov was opened in the center of the capital on Thursday, a year after his death, RIA Novosti correspondent reports. RIA Novosti, 10.12.2020

    2020-12-10T14: 04

    2020-12-10T14: 04

    2020-12-10T14: 04



    Yuri Luzhkov

    Igor Schegolev

    Moscow city ​​duma

    bolshoi theater

    alexey shaposhnikov

    / html / head / meta [@ name = ‘og: title’] / @ content

    / html / head / meta [@ name = ‘og: description’] / @content

    https: // cdn21. img.ria.ru/images/07e4/0c/0a/1588589346_0-0: 3082:1734_1920x0_80_0_0_3d82392339cfbfb279419104226155f7.jpg

    MOSCOW, Dec 10 – RIA Novosti. A memorial plaque to the former mayor of Moscow Yuri Luzhkov was opened in the center of the capital on Thursday, a year after his death, RIA Novosti reports. It was opened by the widow of Luzhkov Elena Baturina, the plenipotentiary of the President of the Russian Federation in the Central Federal District Igor Shchegolev, the chairman of the Moscow City Duma Alexei Shaposhnikov.“Today many words have been said about the hardest, most difficult period in which Yuri Mikhailovich headed the capital of our Motherland. Those were some of the most difficult years for us, for Muscovites … Thank God, this is all in the past, this is in the past thanks to the work of Yuri Mikhailovich Luzhkov. A bright politician, public figure and strong business executive. Thanks to all his qualities, Moscow developed, grew, became the best city in the world, “Shaposhnikov said. State and public figures, colleagues, friends, relatives of Luzhkov laid flowers at the memorial plaque.The authors of the memorial plaque were the sculptor, Honored Artist of Russia Igor Burganov and Honored Architect of Russia Igor Voskresensky. Luzhkov died on December 10, 2019 at the age of 83. The decree perpetuating his memory was signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin on February 13, 2020. Luzhkov headed the capital’s government for 18 years. During the years of his tenure as mayor, serious social and economic transformations took place in the capital, decisions defining the appearance of the city were made: the Cathedral of Christ the Savior was restored, the Bolshoi Theater and Gostiny Dvor, Manezhnaya Square were restored, the parks Tsaritsyno and Kolomenskoye were reconstructed, the Victory Park on Poklonnaya was opened. mountain, the Moscow Ring Road was reconstructed, the Third Transport Ring was put into operation, the first program for the resettlement of five-story buildings was implemented.



    https://ria.ru/20200214/1564687323. html


    RIA Novosti

    [email protected]

    7 495 645-6601

    FSUE MIA “Russia Today”

    https: //xn--c1acbl2abdlkab1og.xardsn/p1ai/awardsn/–p1ai/awards


    RIA Novosti

    [email protected]

    7 495 645-6601

    FSUE MIA “Russia Today”

    https: // xn – c1acbl2abdlkab1og.xn – p1ai / awards /




    https: //xn--c1acbl2abdlkab1og.xn--p1ai/

    RIA Novosti

    [email protected]

    7 495 645-6601

    FSUE MIA “Russia Today”

    https: //xn--c1acbl2abdlkab1og.xn--p1ai/awards/

    https: // cdn22 .img.ria.ru / images / 07e4 / 0c / 0a / 1588589346_0: 0: 2732: 2048_1920x0_80_0_0_2c09e80999cb33780c9592206f058b41.jpg

    RIA Novosti

    [email protected]

    7 495 645-6601

    FSUE MIA Rossiya Segodnya

    https: //xn--c1acbl2abdlkab1og.xn--p1ai/awards/

    RIA Novosti

    [email protected]

    7 495 645-6601

    FSUE MIA “Russia Today”

    https: //xn--c1acbl2abdlkab1og.xn--p1ai/awards/

    Society, Moscow, Yuri Luzhkov , Igor Shchegolev, Moscow City Duma, Bolshoi Theater, Alexey Shaposhnikov

    How to get to the City Hall of Fame.Parsing

    Today, on June 10, at an extraordinary meeting of the Municipal Council, the deputies, by a majority vote, decided to establish the City Board of Honor. She will appear on the renewed Derunov Square. Let’s figure out whose portrait can appear on it, and what needs to be done for this.

    Who can get on the Hall of Fame?

    According to the position, portraits of people who have made a significant contribution to the development of industry, architecture, housing and communal services, culture, education, sports, the media, law enforcement agencies and other spheres of Rybinsk are placed on the Board of Honor.

    The candidate must have outstanding achievements in work, or show “courage, dedication in protecting the Motherland and citizens.” The calculation takes into account the results of the previous year, taking into account the data for the current year. Placing on the Board is a kind of encouragement for citizens to be an example.

    How many places on the Board?


    Who can nominate candidates?

    Local government bodies, labor collectives, public associations and organizations, as well as honorary citizens of Rybinsk.

    Please tell us how to nominate a candidate.

    A petition must be submitted to the name of the head of the city. It should be accompanied by the personal consent of the candidate for the processing of personal data and documents confirming the merits. Further, the papers are transferred to the commission, which conducts the selection. The final approval is made by the deputies of the Municipal Council.

    How long does this process take?

    According to the regulations, applications and documents must be sent before April 1st.Another month is given for the formation of the commission. She must make decisions on candidates within 30 calendar days from the date of the start of her work. After that, the head of Rybinsk has 10 days to submit the issue for consideration to the Municipal Council.

    All procedures must be completed before the City Day.

    The first of April in 2021 has already passed. Portraits will not appear this year?

    Should appear. For this year, the administration proposes to carry out the procedures in a short time and have time to do everything in three weeks.Acceptance of applications will end on June 18th. And by July 1, the list of candidates is expected to be submitted to the Municipal Council.

    Can you tell us more about the commission that will make decisions on the nomination?

    It should consist of 14 people appointed by the head of the city and the chairman of the Municipal Council. From the head it will include seven municipal employees and public figures, from the chairman – seven deputies. The chairman of the commission will be the head.

    A candidacy will be considered approved if more than half of the members of the commission voted for it.

    What can prevent you from getting on the Board of Honor?

    Criminal record outstanding or unreleased.

    I got on the Hall of Fame. It’s forever?

    No. Portraits are placed on the Board for a year. It is possible to get there again, but not earlier than in five years.

    Can a portrait be removed ahead of schedule?

    Yes, the regulation provides for this. The reason may be a court verdict, discovered false information about a person or their falsification, as well as a personal statement of a citizen about being removed from the Board of Honor.

    What will happen to the portrait after a year has passed?

    The photo will be handed over to the citizen. The portrait of those who were “removed” ahead of schedule will be kept in the administration.

    90,000 Why did a German assault rifle appear on the Kalashnikov monument
    • Daria Napeeva
    • BBC Russian service

    Photo caption,

    The diagram is located on the back of the monument

    Sculptor Salavat the monument to Mikhail Kalashnikov, in a conversation with the Russian service BBC admitted that the monument could be mistakenly depicted a diagram of the German assault rifle “Sturmgever”.He expressed his willingness to make edits to the composition if the error is confirmed.

    On the eve of the historian Yuri Pasholok on his Facebook page, he said that he noticed on one of the elements of the monument to the famous Soviet gunsmith an explosion-diagram of the German StG 44 machine gun. This diagram is located on the back of the monument, which depicts various modifications of the Kalashnikov assault rifle.

    “The error could have crept in. We consulted with the experts [when working on the monument]. But if there is another specialist who thinks differently, we will gratefully accept the information from him, if something is wrong, we will correct it.But there is no malicious intent that someone slipped some goat, devil or devil, there is no such thing “, – said Shcherbakov.

    ” Could I be mistaken? I could. Could he [Pasholok] be wrong? So far, I have the impression that he is wrong. But I did not meet with him, “- added the sculptor.

    He noted that when working on the monument he turned to museums and archives, but” they took something from the Internet. ” , – said Shcherbakov.

    “I think he [pointed out the mistake] is a patriot, for sure, so we will find a common language with him.Maybe we can even bring in something else on his advice, “the sculptor concluded.

    Photo author, Valery Sharifulin / TASS

    Photo caption,

    Salavat Shcherbakov at the opening of the Kalashnikov monument in Moscow

    What is on one of the elements of the monument depicts the Sturmgever scheme, also confirmed by the expert on small arms, the official Internet representative of the Kalashnikov concern Maxim Popenker.

    “I do not know why this scheme was there – because of someone’s incompetence or by malicious intent.But it needs to be removed from there. Ideally – take the “consultants” who missed it, give them sandpaper in their hands, and let them wash it clean, “he wrote on Facebook.

    Errors have been found in Shcherbakov’s works not for the first time. his authorship – “Farewell to a Slav” at the Belorussky railway station in Moscow – a German rifle “Mauser” was seen. Subsequently, the rifle was cut down from the monument. have already admitted that the error has taken place and promised that it will be corrected.

    “We want to thank the person who noticed this drawing, because until today we were not specialists in the device his apprentice got something wrong, “Vladislav Kononov, the executive director of the Russian Military and Industrial Organization, told the Moscow agency.

    He added that the customer had only one requirement – for the model of the machine that is in the hands of Kalashnikov.”Everything else is a flight of creative imagination of the sculptor and his assistants, so let them figure it out, they will now correct this mistake,” Kononov emphasized.

    At the same time, he noted that the incident that occurred confirms that Kalashnikov was an independent designer and did not rely on other people’s developments.

    “Thanks to a mistake made through the fault of the sculptor, everyone who wants to see that the StG and the Kalashnikov assault rifle are completely different assault rifles, and it is categorically wrong to accuse Kalashnikov of borrowing,” the director of the RVIO concluded.

    Kalashnikov versus Schmeisser

    The version according to which Kalashnikov copied his assault rifle from the German StG-44 assault rifle designed by Hugo Schmeisser appears regularly and is now actively discussed on the Internet again.

    Supporters of this hypothesis point to the external similarity of the StG-44 and AK, as well as to the fact that the design of the Soviet machine gun appeared in the post-war period, when a group of German engineers headed by Schmeisser worked in Izhevsk.

    Photo author, Getty Images

    Photo caption,

    The Kalashnikov assault rifle is considered the most widespread small arms in the world

    Hereditary gunsmith Schmeisser, captured by the Americans, was forcibly sent to the USSR in 1946 to transfer his experience. In 1949, the first Kalashnikov assault rifle of 7.62 mm caliber, which in the West is called the AK-47, was adopted by the Soviet army.

    Despite the external similarity, the design of the StG-44 and AK are very different.The fundamental differences are in the design of the receiver, the arrangement of the locking unit and the firing mechanism, the arrangement and fastening of the store, the fire translator and the safety device.

    Experts note that the Kalashnikov assault rifle turned out to be lighter than the Sturmgever, structurally more flexible and more reliable, which made it the most widespread small arms in the world.

    News – the city of Ryazan on the city site RZN.info

    SEC Premier was evacuated in Ryazan

    Firefighters checked the performance of the warning and evacuation systems.

    The Premier shopping and entertainment center was evacuated in Ryazan. Messages about this appeared on social networks around noon on Wednesday 28 March. The press service of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations told RZN.info that the shopping center is “undergoing a planned check.”

    “We did not have a task to completely evacuate the shopping center. We checked the performance of the warning and evacuation systems. When the sound signals were turned on, people began to leave the play area of ​​the third floor of the shopping center. After that we notified the visitors that it was a training alert, ”the Ministry of Emergency Situations said.

    The shopping center is now back to business as usual.

    As a reminder, earlier the Globus shopping center was evacuated to Ryazan. Inspections of shopping centers began across the country after a fire in Kemerovo that claimed 64 lives.

    On the eve of the “Premiere” RZN.info correspondent checked the availability of fire exits and stairs. It turned out that the single signs that show where the emergency exit is located are far from being located everywhere, are not duplicated on the columns, and sometimes merge with the wall.

    The corridor through which people should run to escape the fire leads to the roof, then again to the stairs directed downward. The general condition of the stairs is like an unfinished construction site. This can be seen from the condition of the ventilation pipe behind the door leading to the escape stairs. An employee of the mall noted that “the state of the box does not affect its work.

    Read the full text of the article in the “Publications” section.

    Video from the Ryazan News VKontakte group


    was found on a new memorial plaque in Ryazan

    The author of the memorial plaque was not named.

    A mistake was found on a new memorial plaque in Ryazan. A plaque in memory of the head of the Globus design bureau Nikolai Ponomarev was installed on Wednesday, December 6, on the facade of the building.

    RBC Globus was written on the blackboard instead of RBC Globus. The Ryazan branch of the Union of Artists of Russia was involved in correcting the typo.

    Indicate the author of the memorial plaque with an error to the RZN correspondent. info was refused there.

    A memorial plaque was unveiled in memory of the head of the Globus Design Bureau

    On Wednesday, December 6, a memorial plaque was inaugurated at the entrance to the Ryazan design bureau “Globus”.

    On Wednesday, December 6, a memorial plaque was inaugurated at the entrance to the Ryazan design bureau “Globus”. The plaque was installed in memory of Nikolai Ponomarev, who ran the enterprise from 1989 to 2011, the website of the mayor’s office reported.

    At the opening ceremony, Deputy Head of the City Administration Igor Tishin said: “Nikolai Nikolayevich made an invaluable contribution to the development of the defense industry of the region and Russia. In difficult times for the country, he was able not only to save the enterprise, but to raise production to a new level, and today about one and a half thousand people work here. “

    Flowers were laid at the memorial plaque.

    Photo from the website of the mayor’s office

    Two SUVs collided at the intersection near the Globus shopping center

    The accident occurred on Wednesday evening.

    On Wednesday evening, October 25, two SUVs collided at the intersection near the Globus shopping center. A photo from the scene of the accident was published in the “Roads of Ryazan” group.

    There is no official data on road accidents yet.

    A memorial plaque to the Hero of the Soviet Union was opened in the Barnaul Medical College

    A solemn event dedicated to the opening of a memorial plaque named after Vera Kashcheeva, a medical instructor, participant of the Great Patriotic War, Hero of the Soviet Union, was held at the Barnaul Medical College. The event is timed to coincide with the 75th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War. The initiative of the staff of the medical college to open a commemorative plaque was implemented with the support of the Fund of the Hero of Russia Vladimir Anatolyevich Shamanov “Defenders of the Fatherland” and the administration of the Barnaultransmash plant.

    The meeting was attended by Deputy Minister of Health of the Altai Territory Vladimir Leshchenko, deputy of the AKZS, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Hero of Russia Foundation Vladimir Anatolyevich Shamanov “Defenders of the Fatherland” Artyom Shamkov, General Director of OJSC HC “Barnaultransmash” Andrey Dunyushkin, Deputy Head of the Oktyabrsky District Administration for Social Issues Galina Brovko , administration, teachers and students of the Barnaul Basic Medical College.

    “Vera Kashcheeva is a graduate of the paramedic and midwife school, the only woman of the 39th Guards Rifle Division to be awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union. Your admission to medical school and your choice of this profession already deserve respect. Learn to be sincere, capable of perceiving the experiences of your neighbor, cultivate responsibility, a sincere understanding of your duty to other people, the realization that you can and should help a person to become healthy.This is especially important today in the current epidemiological conditions, ”said Deputy Minister of Health Volodymyr Leshchenko.

    Artyom Shamkov emphasized that Vera Sergeevna Kashcheeva is a great woman who saved the lives of thousands of soldiers during the war. This commemorative plaque fulfills an important mission – it reminds us of a person, a nurse, who performed a feat in the name of saving the lives of other people!

    “2020 is a special year. We are celebrating the 75th anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War, the Medical College celebrates its 90th anniversary.And it just so happened that a memorial plaque to V.S. Kascheeva. This is a great honor for the college! We honor the memory of all graduates of our college who defended their homeland on the fronts of the Great Patriotic War. They will forever remain in the memory of generations of students and teachers of our educational institution ”- said the director of the college Olga Bondarenko.

    The honored guests of the solemn meeting laid flowers at the memorial plaque and honored the memory of the Hero of the Soviet Union Vera Kashcheyeva with a minute of silence.

    Reference: Vera Kashcheyeva, since 1942, a medical instructor in a company of the 120th Guards Rifle Regiment of the 39th Guards Rifle Division, reached Berlin itself. She took part in the battles of Stalingrad, Kharkov, was wounded, for courage and courage she was awarded the Order of the Red Star, medals “For Courage” and “For Military Merit”. The famous feat Vera Kashcheeva made when crossing the Dnieper in the fall of 1943.

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