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Royal Brites White Tri-Fold Foam Board (22×28)

Royal Brites White Tri-Fold Foam Board (22×28) – 1 ct

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From the Manufacturer


Item No. 8017968

Royal Brites White Tri-Fold Foam Board is lightweight, sturdy and easy to handle. Perfect for science fair projects, business presentations, crafts and more. The board size is 36 x 48 inches open and 36 x 24 inches closed. Pair with our Royal Brites Poster Boards sold separately.

  • Ideal for Science Fair projects and business presentations
  • Lightweight, sturdy and easy to handle
  • Made in USA


More Information
Product Name Royal Brites White Tri-Fold Foam Board (22×28) – 1 ct
Package Count 1
Container Type box
Country of Manufacture United States
Prop 65 No




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Science fair trifold poster board

The trifold templates are specifically designed for professional trifold poster board presentations. They are properly sized and designed to maximize visual impact and make your presentation look as good as possible.

If the document you submit for printing is approved and your poster board is paid for before 12:00pm (PST), we will ship it by the following business day.

The price includes printing, mounting, packaging and free FedEx Ground shipping. Faster shipping options include Overnight, Second Day and Third day delivery.


“My trifold poster was amazing!”

A poster presentation is a requirement for the collection of the Clinical Nurse Leader certification associated with the Master’s component of my Doctorate in Nursing Practice program. I was very worried that with all of the other impending deadlines, I would not have time to fuss with the artistic details of this poster. was so amazingly user-friendly and manageable that not only was my TriFold poster perfect, it was amazing!!

What a welcomed stress reducer!


D. Cogan

University of San Francisco School of Nursing and Health Professions



“trifold presentation was gorgeous!”

Our Director had her trifold presentation done by you and it was gorgeous! The price for these is very reasonable, especially considering how beautiful they are. I was pleased with the service over the phone, and won’t hesitate to use your services again the next time we need one!


B. Wright

Inter-Lakes Health Inc.



“1st place in Science Symposium”

Does winning 1st place in The Harbor School Science Symposium say anything about the quality of their work?  My research and amazing trifold poster seal the deal.

The creative director even made last minute suggestions. I will always use them for my posters.


C. Bea

The Harbor School



“So pleased with how well my trifold poster looks”

I was so pleased with how well my trifold poster looks!! It is bright and very professional and I look forward to many conference participants taking a close look at it. Thank you!!


M. Grandinetti

Wilkes University



“You guys are AMAZING!!!”

You guys are AMAZING!!! The customer service is unbeatable and the shipping speed is extremely FAST!!!! I found a small little spot wrong with the corner of my trifold board & you shipped me a whole brand new one for free, the same day and I received it in 2 days!!!!!! AMAZING!! I will never use anyone else!!


A. Neyman

Fit One Gym



“I couldn’t be happier with the results”

I was very pleased with the ease of ordering and speed of the order from file submission to home delivery.

The poster-board itself is very durable and professional looking. I got the 36″x48″ trifold per requirement for my research presentation for graduate school. I couldn’t be happier with the results. I will definitely spread the word.


J. Milburn II

Malone University



Eco Brites – Too Cool Tri-Fold Poster Board, 28 x 40, White/White, 12/Carton

BPA Free

Dolphin Blue’s products are healthy for you and the planet. This item is made with plastics that are free of the chemical BPA. BPA is an endocrine disruptor and has been linked to health problems like cancer, physiological dysfunction, heart disease, and developmental defects in children.

Carbon Neutral Plus

Dolphin Blue’s products are made in the most energy efficient and responsible methods. Products made Carbon Neutral Plus are created in ways that reduce carbon emissions and conserve Earth’s natural resources and habitats. These products have reduced carbon footprints through investments in energy conservation and renewable energy resources.

Dishwasher Safe

Dolphin Blue’s products are healthy for you and the planet. This item is dishwasher safe and will not leech harmful chemicals into your household and environment when exposed to high heat.

FSC Certified

Dolphin Blue’s products are made with responsibly harvested and managed resources. Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified products adhere to quality standards that mandate responsible forestry and social awareness in procuring materials for production. Buying products made through conscious production choices creates an ethical relationship between the producers, resources, and consumers of a product.

Green Seal Certified

Dolphin Blue’s products safeguard the environment. Green Seal certified products contain a host of environmental qualities, like containing a minimum of 30% post-consumer recycled content, being processed without chlorine, and packed in materials with minimal chemical levels. All Green Seal products are certified and monitored to assure their sustainable attributes.

Green-e Renewable Energy

Dolphin Blue’s products are made in the most energy efficient and responsible methods. Products made Carbon Neutral Plus are created in ways that reduce carbon emissions and conserve Earth’s natural resources and habitats. These products have reduced carbon footprints through investments in energy conservation and renewable energy resources.

Made In USA

Dolphin Blue’s products are only made in the United States. Buying American made products is important in fostering strong local economies. Buying local provides jobs for your neighbors and creates prosperity for your community. Sourcing only American made items significantly reduces the environmental footprint of our products, saving great amounts of fuel and resources otherwise used to transport foreign made products from overseas.

Melamine Free

Dolphin Blue’s products are healthy for you and the planet. This item is free of the chemical Melamine. Consumption of melamine has been linked to cancer and reproductive dysfunction.

No Animal Testing

Dolphin Blue values the planet and all of its inhabitants. We ensure that this product was not tested on animals and did not involve the cruel or inhuman treatment of our furry (or not so furry) friends.

Post Consumer Recycled Material

Dolphin Blue provides only products containing at least 20% post-consumer recycled (PCR) content, with most containing 100%. Post-consumer recycled material facilitates environmentally responsible use of our resources. PCR products eliminate the need to harvest virgin material, lessen the waste produced in manufacturing new products, decrease landfill destined waste and establish sustainable consumption of our goods.

Processed Chlorine Free

Dolphin Blue provides only the most environmentally conscious products. Processed Chlorine Free means this item is whitened without chlorine or chlorine-containing compounds. Buying PCF products helps prevent chlorine produced dioxins and toxins from entering our ecosystem, which deteriorate the environment and pose health risks to our immune and reproductive systems.


This item contains recycled materials.


Dolphin Blue believes in re-use as a means to a healthy, happy planet. This product is made of remanufactured materials, saving significant amounts of resources, energy expenditure, and waste production otherwise used and created when making an originally manufactured product. It’s also guaranteed to work!

Soy Ink

Dolphin Blue prints responsibly. Printing with soy based ink reduces the creation of volatile organic compounds that diminish our air quality. Soy oil, used in making soy printing ink, is a renewable resource and decreases extraction and use of environmentally harmful petrochemicals.

How to Make My Tri-Fold Board Presentation Awesome

Making an excellent tri-fold board presentation depends in large part on ensuring that the needs of your audience are taken into account. To that end, you should make every effort to design concise and comprehensive materials that can be easily displayed on a tri-fold board. Communicating this information with clarity will further guarantee your audience’s attention and interest. The ultimate success of a tri-fold board presentation depends on a combination of the presenter’s creative skills and the strength of the content.

1 Research

Research, organize and prepare the content of you presentation. Making a draft of all of the main points that will be used in the display prior to beginning the actual work of assembling the display’s physical components will give you a chance to experiment with where the content should be placed. Present the topic in a logical order in order to guarantee coherence.

2 Make use of simplified charts

Make use of simplified charts, graphs and diagrams to give clarity to the information you are presenting. Using well-designed figures and tables will help emphasize your key points. The use of photos, illustrations and 3-D objects will also help make an attractive and interesting display. Keep in mind that you should use a large format for the main ideas and supporting photographs, charts and graphs. At the same time, use only short and crisp words to explain key concepts.

3 Think

Think of a catchy title for your presentation. Use clear subtitles and simple captions to enable easy comprehension. Be sure to include only pertinent information in the presentation; doing so will ensure clarity and conciseness. You can always include any extraneous — but still important — information in additional hand-outs.

4 Design the tri-fold board

Design the tri-fold board using colors and contrasts that don’t impair data readability. To improve readability, be sure to print text in dark ink on a light background. Make use of font variation to highlight key points. Use color borders on every section on display. Get creative and use crayons, poster colors, paints and markers to make the display colorful and eye-catching.

5 Use construction paper

Use construction paper as a base or background material on the tri-fold display board before mounting any other materials. Utilize glue to mount only the finished materials and remember that neatness counts when assembling the final components for display. You should laminate the finished display in order to ensure a longer shelf life.

GEO27367B | Eco Brites 27367B Too Cool Tri-Fold Poster Board, 24 x 36, White/White

Dual-hinge technology allows for two usable display surfaces. Works well with paints, adhesives and markers. Great for school projects and business presentations. Art Board Type: Presentation & Project Board – Tri-Fold; Material(s): Corrugated Paperboard;

Art Board Thickness      :      1/4″
Art Board Type      :      Presentation & Project Board – Tri-Fold
Board Size (W x H)      :      24″ x 36″
Board Size Open (W x H)      :      36″ x 48″
Color(s)      :      White/White
Global Product Type      :      Art Boards-Presentation & Project Board – Tri-Fold
Material(s)      :      Corrugated Paperboard
Post-Consumer Recycled Content Percent      :      50%
Pre-Consumer Recycled Content Percent      :      30%
Total Recycled Content Percent      :      80%
  • Dual-hinge technology allows for two usable display surfaces.
  • Works well with paints, adhesives and markers.
  • Ideal for school projects and business presentations.

Black Tri Fold Poster Board

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Elmer’s 36″ X 48″ Trifold Foam Presentation Board Black

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