Trendy techs: Up To 68% Off on Trendy Techs 3-Ft Braided Mic…


Up To 68% Off on Trendy Techs 3-Ft Braided Mic…

Trendy Techs 3-Ft Braided Micro USB Cable (1-, 2- or 3-Pack)

Micro USB Cable 3Ft Android Charger Braided for Samsung HTC LG Sony

– Build to last: High Quality aluminum connectors can avoid the bending, splitting, breaking problems. Stainless steel head will slot in easily and tightly, won’t get loose or fall out from your device. Toughened fiber wire inside adds extra strength.

– Fast Charge & Sync: Made with High Gauge Low Impedance wires which enable USB cable charges faster than regular USB cables. Supports maximum 2.4 Amp current and transfer data up to 480 M bits via USB 2.0.

– Last Stronger: Encased with Triple-Braided Nylon fiber, which make it have excellent anti-twisting & Abrasion-proof property. Ideal for your heavy daily use.

– Perfect compatibility: Ideal USB cable for Android smartphones windows phones, tablets and other devices with micro USB connectors like Samsung S7/S7+/S6/S6+, HTC, Motorola, Nexus, Nokia, LG, Huawei, Sony, Blackberry, Kindle, Android smartphones and more.

Compact connector head fits most cases.

  • 3ft Micro USB Cable
  • Charge and Sync

Trendy Techs 3-Ft Braided Micro USB Cable (1-, 2- or 3-Pack) Micro USB Gold Universal Single 3

  • Condition: New
  • Dimensions: 2.0 inches (H) x 4.0 inches (W) x 6.0 inches (L)
  • Weight: 4.0 ounces

Trendy Techs 3-Ft Braided Micro USB Cable (1-, 2- or 3-Pack) Micro USB Pink Universal Single 3

  • Condition: New
  • Dimensions: 2.0 inches (H) x 4.0 inches (W) x 6.0 inches (L)
  • Weight: 4.0 ounces

Trendy Techs 3-Ft Braided Micro USB Cable (1-, 2- or 3-Pack) Micro USB Grey Universal Single 3

  • Condition: New
  • Dimensions: 2.0 inches (H) x 4.0 inches (W) x 6.0 inches (L)
  • Weight: 4.0 ounces

Trendy Techs 3-Ft Braided Micro USB Cable (1-, 2- or 3-Pack) Micro USB Silver Universal Single 3

  • Condition: New
  • Dimensions: 2. 0 inches (H) x 4.0 inches (W) x 6.0 inches (L)
  • Weight: 4.0 ounces

Trendy Techs 3-Ft Braided Micro USB Cable (1-, 2- or 3-Pack) Micro USB Gold Universal 2 Pack 3

  • Condition: New
  • Dimensions: 2.0 inches (H) x 4.0 inches (W) x 6.0 inches (L)
  • Weight: 4.0 ounces

Trendy Techs 3-Ft Braided Micro USB Cable (1-, 2- or 3-Pack) Micro USB Pink Universal 2 Pack 3

  • Condition: New
  • Dimensions: 2.0 inches (H) x 4.0 inches (W) x 6.0 inches (L)
  • Weight: 4.0 ounces

Trendy Techs 3-Ft Braided Micro USB Cable (1-, 2- or 3-Pack) Micro USB Grey Universal 2 Pack 3

  • Condition: New
  • Dimensions: 2.0 inches (H) x 4.0 inches (W) x 6.0 inches (L)
  • Weight: 4.0 ounces

Trendy Techs 3-Ft Braided Micro USB Cable (1-, 2- or 3-Pack) Micro USB Silver Universal 2 Pack 3

  • Condition: New
  • Dimensions: 2.0 inches (H) x 4. 0 inches (W) x 6.0 inches (L)
  • Weight: 4.0 ounces

Trendy Techs 3-Ft Braided Micro USB Cable (1-, 2- or 3-Pack) Micro USB Gold Universal 3 Pack 3

  • Condition: New
  • Dimensions: 2.0 inches (H) x 4.0 inches (W) x 6.0 inches (L)
  • Weight: 4.0 ounces

Trendy Techs 3-Ft Braided Micro USB Cable (1-, 2- or 3-Pack) Micro USB Pink Universal 3 Pack 3

  • Condition: New
  • Dimensions: 2.0 inches (H) x 4.0 inches (W) x 6.0 inches (L)
  • Weight: 4.0 ounces

Trendy Techs 3-Ft Braided Micro USB Cable (1-, 2- or 3-Pack) Micro USB Grey Universal 3 Pack 3

  • Condition: New
  • Dimensions: 2.0 inches (H) x 4.0 inches (W) x 6.0 inches (L)
  • Weight: 4.0 ounces

Trendy Techs 3-Ft Braided Micro USB Cable (1-, 2- or 3-Pack) Micro USB Silver Universal 3 Pack 3

  • Condition: New
  • Dimensions: 2.0 inches (H) x 4.0 inches (W) x 6. 0 inches (L)
  • Weight: 4.0 ounces
  • Warranty: 30 days parts warranty provided by LAX Gadgets.
  • Made in China

Trendy tech gifts for the gadget lovers on your list

Gift Guide: Top technology gifts

Technology is topping many wish lists this year, especially as folks spend more time at home. Consumer reporter Steve Noviello has the best tech in this year’s FOX Holiday Gift Guide

DALLAS – Looking for the hottest high tech gifts?  You’ll find them right here!

Bombay Hair Tools 3-in-1 Curling Wand

Get ready to create flawless natural beach waves with this innovative design which allows for crease-free voluminous tide style waves on all hair types.  Plus, the system is completely convertible to suit your needs. Comes with one curling wand, a hair waver attachment, three barrels and even a heat-resistant glove and wand rest!

Buy It: https://bombayhair. com/collections/3-in-1/products/4-in-1-curling-set

Nomad Goods Base Station Pro

This is the game changer you have been waiting for. The Nomad Goods Base Station Pro features FreePower technology which means no more searching for that charging sweet spot. A matrix of 18 coils allows you to simultaneously charge up to three devices anywhere. The modern design, padded leather surface and slim profile make it a great fit to enhance any workspace.

Buy It:

Gunnar Blue Blocking Glasses

2020 has brought with it an increase in screen time.  From gamers to distance learners to Zoom callers, Gunnar blue light blocking computer and gaming glasses improve performance while viewing tablets, smartphones, TV & computers to reduce digital eye strain, fatigue and headaches. Unlike other blue light blocking glasses, Gunnar’s Blue Light Protection Factor tells you exactly how much of the peak blue light spectrum (450nm) is being blocked to protect against symptoms stemming from prolonged screen-staring including migraines, headaches, dry eyes and blurry vision.   It comes in kid and adult sizes.

Buy It:

Air Things Wave Plus

We’re all spending lots of time indoors, but how’s your air quality?  The Airthings Wave Plus is the first smart air quality monitor to measure six indoor air factors – radon, carbon dioxide (CO2), airborne chemicals (TVOCs), humidity, temperature and air pressure. The companion app offers advanced analytics and its 16-month battery life means you can install it anywhere! 

Buy It:

iDevices Instinct

Instinct is the smart light switch with Alexa built-in, which means it can be your personal assistant for anything. Need to set a timer, add to your shopping list, or get the latest news and weather updates? Instinct has your back. It installs just like a standard switch (single pole only), and includes a screw less faceplate for a seamless, modern finish.

Buy It:

Good Cook Digital Thermometer

This rapid response probe measures temperature in three seconds or less. Cooking, baking and even candy making, you’re covered. Plus, its IP65 rating means it is dust tight and water resistant so you can store it outside with your grill making you more likely to use it and less likely to lose it!

Buy It:

Bushnell Golf Wing Man Speaker

DJ and course caddy… this one has it all. The Bushnell Wingman features high-quality audio for your playlist PLUS it also delivers on course GPS distances.  The BITE magnetic cart mount provides easy access to 36,000+ preloaded courses included when paired to the free Bushnell Golf app!

Buy It:

Tech Taffy

Tech Taffy is a miracle cleaning compound for keyboards, electronics, car vents & crevices. It busts dust & battles bacteria plus it’s totally reusable.   Just pinch off a chunk of this magical goo, press & lift.  You’ll see Tech Taffy eat up the crumbs & dust before your eyes. Place the chunk back in the container & tighten the lid after each use. When a full layer of Tech Taffy is discolored & full of lots of visible gunk, dispose of it & move on to the next layer.

Buy It:

Tripleheader USB Power

Everyone in 2020 just needs to come together!  Here’s one way to make that happen.  This three-tipped cable creates a charging hotspot for both Apple and Andriod devices.  No more fighting with family or friends… just use the connector that’s right for the gadget at hand. Charge your iPad, iPhone, your uncle’s old Android device, then your BFF’s shiny new Android.

Buy It:

MagTac LED Rechargeable Flashlight

The 671-Lumen MAGLITE LED MAGTAC Rechargeable Flashlight with Crowned Bezel is an advanced lighting tool powered by a high-capacity Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) rechargeable battery engineered for long service life with a 2. 5-hour charge time. The crowned-bezel version comes with a detachable pocket clip and a USB powered mountable charging base.

Buy It:

Yoto Player

Yoto Player is a carefully connected screen-free audio player that is controlled with physical playing cards that when inserted into the audio player will play stories, music, activities, podcasts and radio. Yoto gives children the freedom to decide what they want to play or listen to in a safe environment.  Large dials make it easy to change volume and skip forward/back. Best of all, it’s kid-tested for durability and parent-tested for easy setup.

Buy It:  

Sandstone Wireless Charger

You no longer have to sacrifice form for function. The Sandstone Wireless Charger is made from natural stone shaped using diamond-tipped blades.  Because its natural, it won’t harm the quality of air within your home like some plastic based chargers that may omit harmful VOCs. These chargers are green in addition to being durable, easy to clean and absolutely beautiful in any room.

Buy It:

Aura Picture Frame

Just because you can’t physically be together in 2020, doesn’t mean you can’t see each other.  The 10.1″ Aura Picture Frame lets you instantly share photos with ease from your phone to the frame via their easy-to-use app. Invite unlimited friends and family to share pictures to your frame or send photos to their frames all via WiFi.  It’s Alexa compatible and unlimited free digital photo storage means no subscription costs or added on fees.

Buy It:

Vissles Monitor

Be twice as productive when you add a second (touch)screen to your laptop or supersize your phone screen.  Thanks to two full-featured USB-C ports and a mini HDMI port, Vissles-M can be hooked up to a laptop, desktop, mobile device, or game console. It works perfectly with MacBook, Windows, Linux OS. Vissles-M, your best choice for a secondary monitor.

Buy It:

Travel Tech Case

Meet the solution to your tech travel nightmares. Easily organize small devices, chargers and accessories with this vegan leather tech case. Never lose your chargers or USB drives again. Embroider up to three initials for no extra cost.

Buy It:

iRig Video Creator HD Bundle

Create truly professional video and live-streams for any platform or simply be the best looking one on your next Zoom call. iKlip Grip Pro multi-function stand lets you shoot from the perfect angle, iRig Mic HD 2 digital condenser microphone captures radio-ready audio and 10” LED ring light offers color temp and brightness to create any mood. It works with all your favorite smartphone apps right out of the box.

Buy It: https://amzn. to/37evBIs  

Tertill Weeding Robot

Created by the inventor of Roomba, Tertill is the garden weeding robot that requires no storage or plugs!  It lives in the garden and is solar powered to weed every day.  Complete with a rugged waterproof shell and is smart enough to know what to weed and what to keep!

Buy It:

Arlo Essential XL Spotlight Camera

See the essential details, day or night. Arlo Essential XL Spotlight Camera captures video in 1080p resolution, with an integrated spotlight and color night vision. Wire-free and weather-resistant, Arlo Essential XL Spotlight Camera works indoors or out. DIY set it up is a snap.  Get notifications on your smartphone when your camera spots something and view recorded video clips directly from your phone.  Speak to visitors with clear, two-way audio. It has a 12-month rechargeable battery life.

Buy It: https://amzn. to/3fOsNEp

Shure AONIC50 Headphones

Engineered from decades of professional experiece with no cords and no wires, Shure AONIC50 headphones are just pure listening anywhere you go.  A favorite of Adam Levine’s, these adjustable noise cancellation headphones mean a truly immersive listening experience with the ability to hear the outside world with the flip of a switch. They have 20 hours of battery life, fold flat for portability with a protective carrying case and 3.5mm analog audio inputs to stay connected to any device, including airplane entertainment systems, or USB-C digital input for charging and High-Resolution audio.

Buy It:

Cannon Power Shot Zoom

This first ever compact telephoto monocular from Cannon was created as a convenient imaging tool to explore the world and embrace the beauty of the outdoors.  Get 100mm, 400mm and 800mm telephoto viewing plus capture images and videos and download them to the companion app or microSD card.

Buy It:

Steve Noviello’s 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

2020 has been a pretty crazy year. But one thing you can count on is Steve Noviello’s Holiday Gift Guide. Get ideas for adults, tweens and everyone in between. He even has gifts to bring the family closer even if you have to be far apart, plus tech and holiday housewares that will want to make you stay indoors.

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Trendy Tech – Shelby Living Magazine

By Madoline Markham
Photos by Kathryn Bell

Tech Candy might make phone chargers and other electronic accessories, but you won’t find their products at Best Buy. That’s because its niche is all about the design factor needed to succeed in local gift stores and national retailers like Hallmark, Nordstrom, Dillard’s, Barnes & Noble and Books-A-Million—all aimed at a primarily female audience. “We take something that is inherently technological and somewhat confusing and make it simpler with beautiful design that pops. We create solutions that are as sellable and giftable as possible ” says April Mraz, half of the female duo behind OCG Products, the company that created and owns the Tech Candy brand.

“I often say we are missionaries from the technology world to the accessories world,” adds her business partner Cherie Stine. For example, the team sourced a grey putty used in keyboard and cup holders to pick up crumbs, sold in plain grey packs. “We noticed it was a cool product, but it was boring and uninspired,” Cherie explains. “April designed a similar product in ombre colors, contained in a fun container with fantastic copy. It removes all of the debris from computer keyboards and car vents. We call it Tech Taffy. It’s beautiful when you see it stacked in pyramids at the cash register at gift stores.” In fact, it landed in The Container Store’s Stocking Stuffer Guide for 2020.

The company got its start back in 2009 when most cell phone cases were basic black, and most notably, not attractive. So April and Cherie, who had both worked in advertising, developed cases with interchangeable designs and colors that were both functional and beautiful. And the Tech Candy brand took off from there, migrating into what the team calls “techcessories” with a feminine aesthetic.

The products all have clever names too. The Bad Guy Blocker, for example, is a “web curtain” that opens and shuts your camera so you can have it closed when you don’t want to be seen—and is far more elegant than a post-it note. Also popular in their product line in the Power House, a round charging station that looks nice next to your couch, and a smaller Power Trip that charges multiple devices at once—all in colors such as Bright Pink, Light Mint and Light Slate. Clean Up Your Act, a cute pack of antimicrobial wipes to clean phones, sold out of all 12,000 units they had in stock when the COVID-19 pandemic began. (Thank goodness, they’ve restocked since.)

In the early days of Tech Candy, Cherie’s daughter, Sienna (now 16), and April’s son, Martin (now 13), would play in the Tech Candy warehouse and made forts out of boxes. Today the company has outsourced their fulfillment to a warehouse in Indianapolis, but their office remains in Mt Laurel, the neighborhood where they were both living when they first met and decided to team up. (Cherie has since moved, but April is on her fourth house in the neighborhood.)

The duo’s unofficial morning meeting room is at Jimbo’s Soda Fountain right in the middle of town. “If someone sits at our table everyone else will look at them like, ‘You better not sit there,’” Cherie says. Each morning it’s scrambled eggs with cheese and tomatoes and whole grain toast for April and either a waffle or biscuit for Cherie (April notes that she “waffles” between the two). It’s there that they touch base on what’s happened overnight with their factories in China and update each other on the previous day’s progress.

April, the company’s “Design Darling,” handles the visual side of things, designing products and packaging and managing branding, websites and advertising. Once the product is created, then Cherie and her team of sales reps determine where and how to sell it, while Cherie, the OCG Products “Sales Stalker,” oversees the warehouse. The duo say they complement each other well, and because they are the only two decision makers, they can move quickly. “We generally agree 80 percent of the time, and when we don’t, we negotiate fast,” April says. “We can have a 10-minute meeting on how to name a product,” Cherie adds.

Even a decade into the business, they never know which products will take off. “It surprises us,” Cherie says. “We go to market with new products every six months, and we make internal bets on what will perform.” “We will think we will have a winner, and then it’s crickets,” April says. And other times it’s just the opposite.

In 2018, Tech Candy got a big break when several of their products were featured nationally on ABC’s Good Morning America. In the past two years, they have been on the show 10 times, with additional placement on ABC’s The View, where they were featured as a COVID-19 Small Business. During one of those placements alone, they sold 43,000 units of product. Tech Candy is scheduled to next appear in December on Good Morning America too.

Some of their favorite success stories are more personal. Once, Cherie was having dinner at a restaurant at the MGM Hotel in Las Vegas when she noticed a woman at the table next to them had a Tech Candy case, and then she noticed another woman at another table had one too. A few years ago, when April and Cherie attended the Grammys in LA, the duo spotted a Tech Candy case on an attendee’s phone at the official after party. “We almost lost it,” April recalls.

They have also seen their phone cases on the TV show Nashville and their To Have & To Hold phone-back wallet on the Hallmark movie Christmas Matchmakers. Sometimes they’ll find an uptick of sales and only afterward discover it’s because a TikTok or Instagram influencer talked up one of their products and went viral.

Time will tell where their two new product lines end up appearing. This spring they debuted Distill Brand Sanitizing Elixir, a high-end, giftable hand sanitizer sold in luxury glass bottles. The elixir features essential oil blends like Rosemary Mint and Lavender Cream and is made and bottled virtually down the road from Tech Candy HQ at Iron City Distillery in Leeds. And as if one brand wasn’t enough to launch in 2020, they have also created another fitting for this year where year-over-year purchase of puzzles are reported up 370 percent: a line of luxury wooden heirloom puzzles under the brand Trove. Yes, they are actually made of wood. Plus, six are sold in a glass apothecary jar meant for display before and after puzzling, and three are available in a Pass-It-Pouch where each puzzler signs his or her name and that encourages passing it on.

As their new lines show, for April and Cherie there’s no such thing as boredom, even during a quarantine. “We are serial entrepreneurs,” Cherie says. “Every week we are pitching each other new ideas. We are in the head space where everywhere we look, we imagine a product that can solve a problem.” And they will certainly solve it in a beautiful way too.

To learn more about or to shop the OCG Products brands, visit, and

April & Cherie’s Top Products

We asked the Tech Candy founders about their favorite products in their everyday lives.

Take Charge
Cherie’s Favorite

This battery pack charges your phone, and you can press a button to see, on the digital display, how much power remains. It charges with induction, so there’s no need to plug your phone in if you have a newer Qi-enabled phone. Often Cherie uses it to charge her phone while carrying it in her purse.

To Have and To Hold
April’s Favorite

This wallet attachment rides on the back of your phone or case and holds credit cards and an ID. Plus, it boasts a colorful strap that allows you to hold your phone and is available in four fun colors. Gone are the times April drops her phone on the pavement (or on her own face in bed). April finds it extra handy for online shopping while at her desk or on the couch and rarely finds the need to carry a purse any more.

8 Trendy Tech Accessories You Need – Talk Clean Magazine

It’s hard to stay up-to-date with what’s new in tech and the current boss babe trends. Well, that’s where we come in: to help you nail the new

smart casual dress code with a few fun accessories. We rounded up 8 trendy tech accessories you need to make your life a little easier, and a lot more FAB!

Brand: Caseify
Price: $ 120
Meet a UV Sanitizer that disinfects germs that live on your phone’s surface. Casetify’s high-efficiency UV Sanitizer kills germs on your smartphone with six Mercury-free UV lamps. Breathe easy knowing your beloved phone is safe from those nasty germs. Disclaimer: this products is not proven to kill coronavirus.

Brand: Janet Gwen
Price: $ 20
This airpod case has a trendy twist of marble that will catch anyones eye! The terrazzo stone is made of marble chips and has just the right amount of color. It comes with a gold, trendy hook for easy carry.

Brand: Heyday (available at Target)
Price: $ 29.99
Bring a polished feel to your everyday aesthetic with this heyday™ Apple Watch Band. You’ll have a sleek, timeless look to just about any occasion, helping you take on work mornings and nights out. Plus, the watch includes tools to adjust the fit for secure wear, making it comfortable throughout your day.

Brand: Dagne Dover
Price: $ 135 (Small)

This bag is perfect for travel work events! Keep things organized with an air mesh tablet sleeve, two air mesh interior pockets, two zipper exterior pockets, and a key leash. Whether you’re using the Small Dakota as a travel accessory or conference must-have, its an essential piece a working boss-babe should have!

Brand: Tinsel
Price: $ 199

Say hello to the world’s first audio necklace. Tinsel has made headphones that are truly wearable by blending bold jewelry design with high-quality earbuds. The Dipper is a necklace for when you want to look FAB, or headphones when you’re ready to be a boss: take phone calls, listen to music, or talk to Siri. It’s ready when you are.

Brand: Lamicall
Price: $ 11.99

The perfect desk accessory to simplify your life with a chic and simple phone stand. Made with aluminum, its smooth edge and polished surface makes it portable, lightweight, and sturdy. Fits all Iphones and Androids.

Brand: Colour Banana
Price: $82

Check out this high-quality, lightweight, and trendy hard shell matte macbook pro case, Iphone case, and keyboard cover. It fully wraps around the perimeter of your laptop and phone for added protection. It has simple clip-on/off design without the added risk of harming your tech during application. Not to mention, who doesn’t love a matching laptop and phone case moment.

It’s time to add something special your day. Take a minute to live out loud, to power your look, and let your style speak volumes.

Yours Truly,


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Trendy Tech CEO

t Published Jan. 10, 2015 with gameplays

Houston expert: Is virtual reality just trendy tech or a viable business solution?

It has been – and for a while, will be – everywhere. The words: COVID-19, coronavirus and pandemic. According to an article by Holly Else in Nature, “coined in April by Madhukar Pai, a tuberculosis researcher at McGill University in Montreal, Canada, ‘covidization’ describes the distorting impact of the pandemic on the way science is funded, produced, published and reported on.”

Pai identifies three problem areas within “covidization.”

Where’d the money go?

“The first is funders diverting or delaying money from curiosity-driven research and handing it to pandemic-related proposals.” This can make researchers feel like their work is no longer critical if it doesn’t have anything to do with the coronavirus. For instance, Lis Evered, a researcher who studies peri-operative cognitive disorders in older people, said in the same Nature article: “I was carrying around this burden of thinking that I’m a complete failure because I’m not leading the charge on curing COVID. It felt like my work was not important anymore.”

Qualified or not?

“The second problem is scientists from different fields now researching and publishing on epidemiology, infectious diseases and immunology — areas in which they might be poorly qualified.” As irritating as it is dangerous, the host of self-proclaimed experts discipline-hop and suddenly are experts on a virus without the credentials to back them up. “Irritating” is right: we’ve all read the Huffington Post articles that proclaim smugly they are “scientists” or “researchers,” only to discover with some simple googling that the person has a Ph.D. in Victorian literature or something else unrelated.

An aside — this is not to say the soft sciences can’t weigh in on COVID-19. For example, Ezemenari Obasi in the Department of Psychological, Health, & Learning Sciences at University of Houston is doing research to combat vaccine hesitancy in Black and Latinx communities in the city, by listening to their fears.

It’s raining…COVID research?

“The third is that, given the deluge of research done under the umbrella of COVID-19 often published as unreviewed preprints, it’s increasingly hard for the public, media and policymakers to distinguish reliable evidence from the rest.” This is the burden which comes from an excess of information at our fingertips.

In Science magazine, Kai Kupferschmidt writes: “New England Journal of Medicine Editor-in-Chief Eric Rubin concedes there is a tension between rigor and speed. The journal’s review process for COVID-19 papers, he notes, is basically the same as always but much faster. ‘We and authors could do a more careful job if we had more time,’ he wrote in an email. ‘But, for now, physicians are dealing with a crisis and the best quality information available quickly is better than perfect information that can’t be accessed until it’s not helpful.'”

“Blogs and preprint servers mean that half-baked ideas and poor-quality research do not have to pass peer review, [Pai] says. For instance, studies from non-experts have appeared on how eating cucumber and cabbage can protect against the coronavirus.”

The big idea

Know and believe that your research is important, whether it is COVID-related or not. Stay away from dubious “research findings” that might not be in a person’s wheelhouse. And whatever you do, stay healthy – mentally and physically. History shows that every other health crisis has run its course from Spanish Influenza to Zika to the swine flu. The “covidization” of our culture will one day come to an end.


This article originally appeared on the University of Houston’s The Big Idea. Sarah Hill, the author of this piece, is the communications manager for the UH Division of Research.

90,000 How does fashion use technology? – Poster Daily

The hunt for millennials was announced long ago: not only new styles, styles and colors are being used, but also technologies. Virtual fitting, sneakers controlled by a smartphone, glowing dresses and outfits that cannot be touched live – we tell you what brands go to for the sake of comfort, environmental friendliness and wow effect.

Comfort and health

In 2016, fashion journalists talked a lot about the young company Emel + Aris, which raised £ 100,000 to create a fabric that can change color depending on music and looks.Alas, expectations were not met. Their website now offers a “smart coat” that is warmed up with a polymer and runs on batteries. However, it is impossible to buy it either – the site has not been updated since that very year.


Uniqlo uses Heat Tech technology to keep even thin fabrics warm. It works like this: the fibers absorb body heat and heat up. We developed the fabric together with the Toray textile company, and this year the collaboration will mark sixteen years. However, the affair did not end with one technological collaboration: the companies created fabrics that can cool, absorb moisture and dry quickly.

Brands such as Gore-Tex, Schoeller, Holden, The North Face are seriously concerned about moisture protection. Everyone is trying to create technology that will not only resist moisture, but also reduce the weight of the product – which is incredibly important in a hike. The Canadian brand Du / er has achieved great success in this – its trousers weigh only 170 grams (usually trousers weigh about 300 grams – Approx. Ed. ).

Nike is also ready to show off an abundance of innovation. They have Anti-Clog technology to keep dirt from sticking, Air Max cushioning with a pressurized air tank in the outsole, FlyEase for easy on and off, and Dri-Fit fabric to regulate moisture.

adidas prides itself on the Boost design: the outsole consists of 2,000 polyurethane capsules, each with its own cushioning capacity. They are not affected by the weather, therefore they retain the ability to soften the load at any temperature.


Louis Vuitton Resort 2020

© Thomas Concordia / Getty Images

1 of 3

Maison Margiela Spring 2019 Ready-to-Wear

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Maison Margiela Spring 2019 Ready-to-Wear

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Fashion has been trying on gadgets, perhaps, since they appeared.Of the latter, Louis Vuitton bags with built-in screens and Maison Margiela shoes can be noted. From a distance, such clothes look quite futuristic, but upon closer inspection, they are absolutely useless. On the screens of the LV bag, you can familiarize yourself with the assortment of the online store of the brand, and use the Maison Margiela “technology” only as a mount for the phone.

Alas, history remembers many unsuccessful attempts to introduce gadgets into fashion. In 2017, Shiftwear announced a sneaker capable of displaying user-defined designs on an embedded screen.But today the brand’s domain has ceased to exist, and no one remembers the new product.

Another application for information technology was found in the resell market. Entrupy has created an application that can detect whether the bag is real or fake. To do this, the startup employees spent the first four years only collecting information for training artificial intelligence. Today the program is able to distinguish a fake with an accuracy of 99.1%. To do this, you need to take a few photos inside the bag and outside.

Nike calls itself the most technologically advanced company. In January, they released the Adapt BB sneaker with a self-locking feature made possible by Electric Adaptable Reaction Lacing technology. In addition to tying the laces, the model can customize the fit and change the lighting colors using the Nike Adapt app. These sneakers are charged using a special mat that comes with the kit.The Adapt BBs were quickly disassembled, but can sometimes be traced back to Grailed.

This was not the end of Nike’s experiments with gadgets. Perseverance led them to create a jersey that could be scanned with the NikeConnect app for basketball tickets, access to early releases, and videos of NBA highlights.

Tommy Hilfinger has a different story: they released a collection with an integrated chip that reads how often a customer wore a particular item.And all this for the sake of earning points under the loyalty program.

Wah effect

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For the Met Gala 2019, Tommy Hilfinger created several outfits at once, but the most memorable was the one for Zendaya. Especially for her image of Cinderella, the designers outfitted the star with a corset consisting of microcircuits and a petticoat with LED backlighting.With a wave of the wand with the activation button, the dress changed color and began to glow. However, this is not the first luminous dress on the red carpet of the Costume Institute ball – in 2016 Claire Danes appeared in something similar.

At the last show, Iris van Herpen presented a couture collection called Hypnosis. Thanks to the kinetics, the decorations and some elements of the outfits came into motion. The entire process of creation took about six months, during which time the designers of the brands, sculptor Anthony Hove and architect Philip Beasley showed the world a collection cut from silk, aluminum, stainless steel and gears.

Hereinafter Iris van Herpen Fall 2019 Couture

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“The Bully of English Fashion” Alexander McQueen has repeatedly resorted to technology for his shows.During the demonstration of the collection “Culloden’s Widow” on the catwalk appeared a hologram of Kate Moss in a floating dress. And six years earlier, McQueen made another technological attack on the fashion world, painting the dress of model and former ballerina Shalom Harlow with the help of robots.

Social subtext

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Beatrice Sangster-Bullers, a graduate of Central Saint Martins, has created clothes that can change depending on the mood of the wearer.To do this, you will have to put on an electroencephalogram bracelet on your head, which will read brain waves. The collection not only raised issues of artificial intelligence and mental health, but was also created using recycled materials, including Singtex, which is made from coffee grounds.

Today, the production of clothing made from recycled materials is already becoming mainstream. When in 2017 Emma Watson appeared at the premiere of the movie “Beauty and the Beast” in a dress made of plastic bottles, the world gasped, but in 2019 this will not surprise anyone.Tommy Hilfiger, Everlane, Antonio Berardi, Patagonia, adidas, H&M and many others have hit the eco-theme. They use bags, plastic bottles, plastic bottles collected from the beach, straws, containers and other recyclable material.

New reality

The industry begins to make money not only on physical things. The same Nike released Jordan sneakers that could only be worn in the Fortnite game.Incidentally, this shooter makes $ 300 million a month, thanks in large part to the sale of skins.

The Scandinavians went even further. Not only have they canceled Fashion Week, they are now selling virtual clothes – exclusively for Instagram bows. The Carlings brand offers 19 garments ranging from € 10 to € 30, which are converted into a 3D image upon purchase. It will not be difficult to take photoshopping such, and the benefits to nature are colossal.

Hereinafter – Carlings virtual clothes

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True, this does not mean that virtual clothing will help save money.In May of this year, Richard Ma, a top executive in Toronto, bought his wife a dress for $ 9,500. One “but”: the outfit was not real. The dress was designed like an Instagram mask – Richard’s wife made a photo shoot, and Dapper Labs imposed a purchase on the resulting frames.

While the beauty industry is taking advantage of online fitting opportunities, the fashion market is just embracing this art. So far, only Gucci and Nike have started developing a virtual collection, but who knows, maybe very soon the world will prefer to spend money only for the visualization of the product, and not for its availability.After all, there are people who buy clothes just for the sake of a couple of frames on Instagram.

Asos has not yet learned how to dress up customers in virtual clothes, but have managed to create an augmented reality application that reproduces the passage of a model in the brand’s clothing when the camera is pointed at the surface. True, the meaning of this technology is not clear.

90,000 Fashion and technology: Global Change Award 2019 news

Lab-grown leather, clothes that can grow by several sizes, a self-functioning system for recycling things … No, this is not a scenario of a fantastic film, but technologies-winners of the Global Change Award 2019 …The award, founded by the non-profit organization H&M Foundation, turns four years old this year. And now, along with the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform, it is launching a new initiative that allows consumers to vote for the most deserving contestants with a dollar. You can also support your favorite idea.

The awards ceremony took place today at the Stockholm City Hall, where the Nobel Prize is presented annually. The winners were selected from a record 6,640 entries (up from 2,600 last year) from 182 countries.All of them offered one or another solution on the way to a brighter future and were worthy of the main prize.

“The winning examples prove that the fashion industry can minimize its environmental impact,” says Karl-Johan Persson, Board Member of the H&M Foundation and CEO of H&M. “Now it’s up to the manufacturers how soon they will be able to introduce these developments to the masses,” adds Eric Bang, head of innovation at the H&M Foundation.

Five winners will share a grant of one million euros, and at the same time the amount that can be raised through crowdfunding.They will also have access to an annual development program supported by the consulting firm Accenture and the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. The main goal is to bring all these innovative technologies to market as soon as possible.

Here are five winners of this year’s Global Change Awards who will shape the future of the fashion industry.

The Loop Scoop,

The first prize-winner of this year to win the biggest cash bonus of € 300,000, offers technology that will keep the circular economy in fashion.At the initial stage, the system determines how certain materials, cut and production format affect the ecosystem of the planet. All details are saved as a special circularity.ID card, which can then be used by buyers and garment recyclers.

The Loop Scoop,

Sane Membrane, dimpora

Despite the fact that outdoor clothing has recently become a fashion trend, it must, firstly, remain functional, and secondly, it must serve for a long time.However, the chemicals that provide it with these qualities are very hazardous to the environment. The Swiss company dimpora offers a worthy alternative – a non-toxic, biodegradable material based on minerals and without fluorine in the composition. The innovative micro-thin membrane protects against bad weather and will not harm the planet.

Sustainable Sting, Green Nettle Textile

The Kenyan company Green Nettle Textile plans to kill two birds with one stone: to contribute to the sustainable development of fashion and improve the economy of their country.Using common nettle as raw material, which is abundant in the African region, the guys create fabric like flax, and from the remains they make paper and dyes. Importantly, such a project will provide jobs for 200 thousand small farms across the country.

Sustainable Sting, Green Nettle Textile

Clothes That Grow, Petit Pli

During the first two years of life, a child changes on average seven sizes of clothes, which provokes not only serious financial spending on the part of the parents, but also the problem of overconsumption.British brand Petit Pli creates things that literally grow with the baby, which means that the number of unnecessary clothes in the world is decreasing. The design is based on the principles of origami and space engineering, and these things look very nice.

Clothes That Grow, Petit Pli

Lab Leather, Le Qara

The environmental impact of leather production is well known, but vegan leather is not the only natural material today. Using flowers and fruits, the Peruvian brand Le Qara creates a material that is literally indistinguishable from real leather: texture, color, thickness – everything looks incredibly realistic.And of course, this “skin” is 100 percent biodegradable.

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Science Fiction Legacy: Modern Technologies in Fashion

“Let’s create the clothes of the future – it will be simple and happy, it will please the body”

Giacomo Balla “Manifesto on the clothes of the people of the future”, 1913

Many of us, in childhood, read to the point of obscurity by the fantastic stories of Robert Heinlein, Henry Kutner and Isaac Asimov, and when we got older – George Martin, James Ballard or Stnaislav Lem.In addition to amazing storylines, exotic characters such as a family of aliens, replicants and intergalactic wandering freaks, these works came across amazing descriptions of innovative clothing of the future – these were bioregulated suits, and transforming outfits, and smart materials that adapt to the environment and the wearer himself. , and all kinds of recyclable structures.

A few days ago, the Dutch startup The Fabricant unveiled the world’s first digital dress, created in collaboration with artist Joanna Jaskovski and Dapper Labs.The dress is made using the blockchain system and is called Iridescence ( trans. From English – overflow ) – it shimmers beautifully, like jellyfish and fantastic sea clams, and can be “worn” in photos and videos. An amazing creation inspired us to remember what other modern technologies have been used in fashion for the last few years – finally, the most daring ideas of science fiction writers of the last century have become a real reality, and the thought of the near future fascinates even more than when fantasies about the distant coming.

3D printing

For the Chanel Fall / Winter 2015/16 collection, Karl Lagerfeld created classic 3D printed tweed jackets. Big bets were placed on this technology and it justified itself more and more every year. Earlier, in 2013, Dita Von Teese showed off the world’s first printed dress at the opening party for the Ace Hotel in New York. Collections of luxurious volumetric works created using 3D technologies are created by Danish designer Iris Van Erpen and even the latest couture collection, in which 90% of the work was done by hand, is built on the principle of 3D sculptures.Printed Nike vapor Laser Talon, Adidas Futurecraft, Ander Armor and New Balance joggers fit seamlessly into our daily routine. And the technology was invented back in 1983, by the executive director of 3d Systems, Chuck Hull – later he patented an apparatus for stereolithography, which became the prototype of modern printing devices.

Virtual world and artificial intelligence

At the Alexander McQueen fall-winter 2006/07 show, Kate Moss appeared in a gorgeous flying dress, but in fact it turned out that it was her hologram – this show became one of the most memorable in history.In 2011, the Burberry Prorsum show took place, which was broadcast live at several special venues around the world – you could watch the show wearing special 3D glasses with a live effect. Today, the industry has gone even further and now we are dealing with an independent generation of digital models – characters living in cyberspace and having their own life stories – this is the most famous of the created models Lil Mikela, who was chosen as her muse by cult makeup artist Pat McGrath and dark-skinned colleague Shudu Graham , and others created in the last year of the model.Virtual influencers give interviews with might and main, showcasing clothes from the latest collections of Versace, Gucci, Balenciaga and other leading fashion houses. It is possible that soon virtual avatars will walk among us, like Rick Deckard’s assistant in the film – Joy’s hologram in the movie Blade Runner (1982).

Smart materials and kinetic clothing

This development has been with us for a long time – back in the 2000s, Geox created a special shoe with a breathable sole and a special Amphibiox coating that did not allow shoes to get wet in the rain.Several years ago, Grado Zero Espace developed a thread made up of 38% cypress fibers and partly regular cotton to create a true antibacterial fabric that will not grow moldy. But that’s not all, following the cypress fabric, the same company created Oricalco memory fabric from a fiber obtained from a titanium alloy – the result is amazing: for example, when the temperature rises, the sleeves in a product made of such fabric automatically become shorter. Montreal-based designer Ying Gao created completely cosmic dresses, which are covered with yuachrom from the finest needles that change their direction under the influence of sound vibrations – wave dresses are obtained.Also, more recently, designer Lauren Bowker from London is working on a special type of sensory fabric that will change its color depending on the psycho-emotional state of a person wearing a thing made of this material.

In the second half of the 20th century, fashion designer André Courrej was at the forefront of futuristic fashion, mixed with innovation and fantasies about the future. In the coming future, the creative directors of the Courreges brand, designers Sebastian Meyer and Arnaud Vailan create collections that the couturier himself dreamed of – a couple of years ago they presented coats equipped with heating systems, which, nevertheless, do not give themselves away and do not affect aesthetic appearance of products.Well, next year we will go on sale of Puma Fit Intelligence sneakers, which, according to all forecasts, will lace up themselves on the foot.

“Smart” technologies to optimize the impact of the environment on our body are used in ever wider areas – medical, military (uniform with motion sensors, navigators and transmission of data on the state of soldiers, pilots and sailors), in high and pret-a- porter fashion. We are sure that these numerous developments will sooner or later be useful to all mankind in the conditions of life somewhere outside the planet Earth.

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90,000 historical experience – new technologies-2016 »

On May 26, within the framework of the XIX International Scientific Conference “Fashion and Design: Historical Experience – New Technologies-2016” , Leading Lecturer of the Department of Costume Design BIEPP Olga Evgenievna Denisova made a report “Acquaintance with ” old acquaintances ” at a meeting held at the Russian Ethnographic Museum.

Every year, the event brings together distinguished experts representing various scientific areas in the field of history, theory and practice of costume design and textiles. At the meetings, the problems of studying historical and traditional clothing, as well as trends in the development of modern fashion are actively discussed.

The topic of the article by Olga Evgenievna Denisova “Acquaintance with“ old acquaintances ”. Research Practice for Freshmen Designers ” describes the developed teaching methodology applied in practice.

The first lessons are designed to teach collective work, conduct research, students must learn to share the information they have received with each other. The next stage is aimed at revealing figurative thinking. Each student chooses a separate type of “old friend” accessories. After careful research, the student builds his associative array associated with the chosen thing, trying to use the resulting images to create an author’s collection in the future.

Thus, step by step, completing the work plans, for graduation students embody their ideas and fantasies in a number of independent collections. The personal style formed over the years of study, the acquired individual “chips” and techniques, help graduates subsequently to create their own brand on their basis, to be recognizable at various Russian and foreign fashion events.

Olga Evgenievna Denisova clearly demonstrated the results of her many years of work at BIEPP, showing to the audience the collection of 2016 graduates:

Designer: Sidorova Inna

Topic: Development of a collection of modern women’s clothing pret-a-porter based on the study of the traditional costume of Mongolian monks.

Collection name: “Spices”

Designer: Mayer Polina

Topic: Development of a collection of experimental clothes using modular design. The module is a square.

Collection name: “Insomnia”

Designer: Radyuk Olesya

Topic: Development of an environmentally friendly collection of modern clothing made from natural materials.

Collection name: “Through the cut”

The collections aroused keen interest among the participants and guests of the conference. At the request of those present, the models performed a defile around the hall so that everyone could carefully familiarize themselves with the presented models of clothes. Each of the featured collections received a lot of positive reviews.

During the demonstration of the latest collection, the first Vice-Rector of BIEPP Reife Alexander Evgenievich , at the request of the audience, spoke in detail about the history of the creation of the Department of Costume Design BIEPP

Head of the Department of Costume Design Sofia Veniaminovna Azarkhi, a well-known artist in the field of contemporary art and theatrical costume, author of the book “Fashionable People.Towards the history of artistic gestures ”is the author of numerous articles in periodicals about art and fashion, author and host of the program“ High Fashion with Sophia Azarchi ”on the Neva-FM radio station. Participant of more than 60 collective exhibitions in Russia and abroad, author of 11 personal exhibitions. Works are in the museum collections of St. Petersburg, in the collection of the theater library of St. Petersburg, in the collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Turku (Finland) “Aboa Vetus / Ars Nova”.

Olga Evgenievna Denisova studied with Sofia Veniaminovna Azarkhi, a graduate of BIEPP, began teaching at her institute in 2010.

Since 2002, a participant in various exhibitions, shows, competitions, festivals.


  • Gold diploma of the Fifth St. Petersburg Design Biennale “MODULOR”, for the collective collection “Time Machine”.

  • 1st place and the Grand Prix of the XI International Competition for Young Fashion Designers “Admiralty Needle”. For the collection “Nelly Pavlovna’s Diaries” in collaboration with Olga Markovich and Alena Kuznetsova.

  • Laureate of the National Prize in the field of the fashion industry in the “Debut” nomination of the International Fashion Festival “Velvet Seasons in Sochi”. Collection “Diaries of Nelly Pavlovna” in collaboration with Olga Markovich and Alena Kuznetsova.

  • Laureate of the 1st degree in the “Haute Couture” nomination of the II International Competition “Fashion Style Design Project”. For the Silent Whisper collection, in collaboration with Polina Zaslavskaya.

  • Finalist of the International Competition for Young Designers “DESIGN DEBUT-2012” project in the nomination “Design of Costume and Accessories”.

Congratulations to Olga Evgenievna Denisova with a successful performance, we wish you further success in creating personal collections, implementing interesting and non-standard teaching methods, and talented students.

We wish the authors of the collections presented at the conference to further develop, hone their skills, and reach the world’s famous catwalks as soon as possible.

The article by Olga Evgenievna Denisova can be found in the collection: “Fashion and design: historical experience – new technologies” materials of the international scientific conference St. Petersburg 2016.

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90,000 Fashion Tech: How Digital Technologies Are Changing the Format of the Fashion Industry

Technology is an unambiguous vector of success for the development of various types of business.The current representatives of the so-called generations Y and Z, young people born in the mid-90s and early 2000s, will soon form the main demand of the markets. And it is they who will dictate another fashion – also high-tech.

Snezhana Paderina is a designer working at the intersection of fashion and technology. After graduating from a prestigious university in America, she was one of the first in Russia to start printing clothes using a 3D printer. Jewelry and even shoes are created in this way.

“Interdisciplinary design is the future of the entire creative industry. Now 3D printing, 3D scanning, visualization can transform the industry, reduce material consumption, that is, it is a more environmentally friendly agenda. We shorten the production cycle and are able to produce forms that could not even have been imagined before, ”says the designer.

Now Snezhana supervises a whole coworking space for Fashion Tech-specialists like her. It was opened in St. Petersburg by one of the clothing manufacturers in order to find new talents.After all, what now looks futuristic has huge potential in the market. According to the National Technology Initiative association, the volume of this market in the world by 2035 will amount to $ 2.2 trillion.

“Here we are waiting for everyone who works in the traditional fashion and just in the IT field. Both designers and developers of software solutions for service. We opened in June, we had a startup pitch, and after meeting with investors, one received an investment from an Internet Solutions Development Fund. There is definitely a potential.Petersburg as a historically innovative city and as a channel to the Baltic, we see great potential in this, ”said Anna Prokhorova, Director of Creative Space Development.

In the new space, you can work for free, listen to lectures on virtual clothes and smart fabrics, try to create things on a 3D printer and even your own virtual avatars using a full-size 3D scanner. The service brings together retailers, brands and stylists. And everything is built on the most verified client data.

“There are now statistics that more than 76% of millennials and so-called buzzers want to see a personalized customer experience in a product, so that when you go to a website or mobile application, you can see only what matches only your preferences. This generation in 2025 will account for 60% of all sales in the fashion industry, so this is a big challenge for retailers, for brands, to transform and, in fact, it is like the foundation of any business, “said the founder of Fashion-Tech service Kim Sanzhiev.

So far, we see only the beginning of these changes. When Fashoin companies understand digital technology, the industry will almost completely change the format.

Photo and video: TV channel “Saint Petersburg”

Trendy technology or hi-tech fashion | AFTERNOON

Fashion trends are often associated with advances in technology. New materials interact with old ones, and new needs force fashion to evolve.Which tendencies will enter our life tomorrow (the day after tomorrow)?

Safety first!

In high-risk situations, whether it be cycling or fighting fires, clothing can take care of our health. Take, for example, the cyclist airbag created by Anna Haupt and Teresa Ahlstin. This system, more like a high-tech scarf, turns into an airbag in a matter of seconds.When folded, it provides more visibility than any existing alternative (and looks much more presentable than the usual bicycle helmets).

Yes, and fires did not go without saying at the beginning – designers Ashwin Rajan and Kevin Cannon developed the so-called “Frontline Gloves” – network gloves that give rescuers the ability to communicate with each other in limited visibility.

Using a certain gesture, firefighters can indicate if additional resources are needed for evacuation, coordinate their actions in search of victims, etc.


The need to recycle materials is becoming more and more important these days.

And designers are ready to give new life to things. SegraSegra is a Czech company that recycles used bicycle cameras to create stylish jackets and T-shirts.

Photo from

Photo from

Boring? How about the work of New Zealander Emma Whiteside, who made a large combo robe out of recycled radiator copper?

Photo from the makezine

Photo from


When we move, walk, run or dance, our activity can be converted into electrical energy.

A small group of enterprising inventors decided to use clothing to collect this kinetic energy and then use it to charge smart watches, mp3 players and other gadgets.

Another industrial designer enthusiast, Soledad Martin is working on a prototype for placing “energy harnesses” in shoes, allowing the wearer of any pair to recharge their phone battery while walking or running.

And recently, Rafael Rosencrantz presented a running suit with a built-in mp3 player that runs exclusively on the kinetic energy generated by the athlete.

Solar energy has also not been forgotten by designers.

For example, Andrew Schneider designed his “sunny” bikini with an emphasis on sex appeal. Swedish designer student Mae Yokoyama has taken the technology in a more high fashion fashion with a solar plate necklace.

Well, Diffus is offering fashionistas an Eclipse handbag with a solar battery:

Environmental responsibility

The environment is changing, and fashion can track these changes.

Take the climate dress from Diffus, for example, a system that monitors air pollution levels and provides feedback in the form of LED lighting. When the air is heavily polluted, the light inside this dress pulsates to alert the wearer and those nearby.

A similar system developed by Ning Lama and Susan Ngo also monitors air quality, but in a slightly more visual way – the color of the image of the lungs on the front of the shirt changes.

Finally, the work of Stijn Ossevoort, less functional, but no less spectacular – a dress that lights up when sensors detect a gust of wind.

3D printing

3D printing technology is still in its early stages, but has already made its way into the world of fashion.

Everything from shoes to bikinis can now be retrieved from the printer.

Attention to people with disabilities

Soon, people with disabilities will be able to solve some of their problems through specialized clothing, and some designers are already moving in this direction.

Anna Bieniek’s “Feel the Time” watch is a simple Braille clock concept that allows people with visual impairments to always have a precise time orientation.Inventor Pedro Nakazato Andrade has created a futuristic cast that uses a built-in EMG meter to track the stage of bone healing and reports progress on a website.

Photo from

Photo from

Finally, a special thimble was created for the visually impaired, which translates information from the outside world into Braille text, which is “displayed” on the user’s finger.


Some of the trendy techno projects focus on visual impact rather than functionality, but this has always been the norm for fashion design.

Fashion designer Wei-Chieh Shih has created a suit with multiple rows of lasers stretched across the back of the mod. The costume will be especially effective in a smoky space, so it is more likely intended for parties in nightclubs.

We invite applicants to study under the educational program “Image Technologies in the Fashion and Beauty Industry”

Program is aimed at training specialists, teachers of vocational training in areas: design and modeling of clothing, hairdressing and make-up, creation of individual and corporate style and image.

Future graduates are capable of the following activities:

  • teaching in professional programs training, secondary vocational education, additional vocational education, professional development and retraining programs aimed at the formation and development of the competencies of specialists in the field of fashion, beauty and image-making;
  • Image Consulting to create a personal, corporate style of a client, a company in media space, fashion industry, blogging, publishing;
  • Model Design clothes of various assortment groups, their author’s support and promotion in the media space;
  • execution of hairdressing salons, dressing rooms, post-work shops and make-up services using modern means and technologies.

B the learning process, students acquire professional competencies in areas of designing an imaginative solution for a client, a company, namely, acquire experience in teaching, making up, hairstyles, accessories and apparel products, design and manufacture of clothing using computer-aided design systems.

Graduates, depending on the chosen and mastered elective module, they can implement yourself and carry out professional activities as:

  • teacher of vocational training;
  • teacher of additional education;
  • clothing designer;
  • Costume Designer
  • constructor;
  • hairdresser-fashion designer, stylist;
  • technologist;
  • hairdressing professionals art;
  • masters of the art of learning;
  • masters of face art, body art;
  • make-up artist;
  • makeup artist;
  • stylist-image maker;
  • image consultant;
  • Marketing Specialist.

We invite everyone to learn the skill of creating beauty!

We are waiting for you!

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