Travelers notebook sizes: TRAVELER’S COMPANY TRAVELER’S notebook: A Comprehensive Guide


Guide to Traveler’s Notebook for Beginners -A Wandering Scribbler

The Traveler’s Company traveler’s notebooks are a great place to keep your memories, plans, or notes. This high-quality notebook features smooth, creamy paper and is encased in a luxurious leather cover that ages beautifully with use and time. With a variety of refill options and accessories, you can personalize and build your own custom notebook or planner that fits your lifestyle. It’s a keepsake you’ll look back on for years to come. This guide to Traveler’s Notebook for beginners will help those who feel overwhelmed with all of the options, and those who are looking for new products from Traveler’s Company.

If you’re interested in other Japanese planners, I’ve also written guides for other popular planner options: Hobonichi Techo and Kokuyo Jibun Techo.


What is a Traveler’s Notebook?

Before we get into the different refills, I wanted to start by talking about what a traveler’s notebook even is. Sometimes called the Midori Traveler’s Notebook or Traveler’s Notebook Midori, because Midori rebranded this popular line as its own company, travelers notebooks have notebooks, planners, and other inserts that help you create your own planning system. The great thing about the Traveler’s Notebook system is that they are fully customizable. You can add up to four inserts comfortably at a time and swap them out as you wish for different needs while still keeping the same luxurious leather cover. This is obviously a favorite of travelers because of how easy it is to swap inserts out to write or scrapbook about your current travels.

Traveler’s Notebook Starter Kits

Whether you’re using it to record memories, keep track of travel itineraries, or jot down random observations while on the road, the Traveler’s notebook is an excellent companion to bring with you wherever you go. Its simple and elegant design needs no further embellishment; the beauty of the leather cover speaks for itself. Available in a larger Regular size and smaller Passport size, the Starter Kit includes a blank notebook that features Midori Diary (MD) paper, made with care in Japan, where you can write or sketch to your heart’s content. An elastic band stretches along the spine of the cover, holding the notebook in place, while another band keeps the notebook shut. While the Traveler’s notebook sizes aren’t standard (like a5, b6, etc.) there are plenty of options both from Traveler’s company and alternatives.

This Starter Kit is the perfect starting point for you to customize your notebook. Now you’re ready to add extra notebooks, attach a pen holder, insert zipper pouches, pockets, and the other accessories you see below! Also below, you can see special edition covers from collaborations with Japanese brands or from Traveler’s Factory stores.

Or, for more options, shop on Amazon Japan.

Traveler’s Notebook Size Comparison

As you saw above, Traveler’s Notebooks come in two sizes: Regular and Passport. The Regular size is similar to an A5 Slim at 9″ x 5.7″, while the passport size is unique to Traveler’s Notebook at 5.2″ 3.8″. These two compact sizes make them great for travel or using as your daily carry.

Traveler’s Notebook Refills- Regular Size

Midori Diary Paper Notebooks

Midori put a lot of thought into their signature paper. After much testing and many iterations, the paper is bleed-resistant, feather-resistant, and fountain pen friendly, all contributing to a pleasant writing experience. Refills for the Traveler’s notebook are available in these styles:


Traditional notebook users gravitate toward this classic style. With a 6.5 mm ruling, the lines are ideal for penning your thoughts, travel notes, and anything else you like to keep in your notebook.

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Those who like a little more structure to their notebook will appreciate the 5 x 5 mm grid style of this refill. Use the grid to draw diagrams, charts, and more. The pale gray lines provide a nice guideline that is light enough to not be intrusive.

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If your creativity can’t be contained by lines or grids, we recommend this blank refill. The sky’s the limit, whether it’s doodles or sketches, long meandering thoughts, or a combination of both!

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Cream – Blank

This is the cream-colored version of the Blank refill. Softer on the eyes, it’s a great alternative to white paper.

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Dot Grid

The Dot Grid refill actually features an unobtrusive reticle-style grid, which provides guidelines without getting in the way of your imagination. You can create neat sections, write long entries, or draw to your heart’s content. The sky’s the limit!

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The Traveler’s notebook can be used as a planner, and Traveler’s Company offers a variety of styles for you to keep your schedule organized. All options are printed on smooth Midori Diary paper.

Monthly Planner

With 14 months’ worth of pages, the monthly planner gives you the freedom to fill in your desired dates. Monthly planners are suited for “big picture” people, who like seeing everything at a glance.

Buy on Amazon US or Amazon Japan

Weekly Planner with Memo

For those who like everything to be written down, the weekly planner with memo pages are the best solution. With six months’ worth of pages, this planner features days of the week on the left side and a grid on the right side where you can fit extra memos and notes.

Shop on Amazon US or Amazon Japan.

Weekly Vertical Planner

This updated version of the original weekly planner gives equal scheduling space to all seven days of the week. Travelling isn’t something that only happens on weekdays after all!

Buy now on Amazon US or Amazon Japan.

Daily Planner

Busy bees will enjoy this style of planner! With plenty of space for each day and a 5 x 5 mm grid for you to record or organize your day however you want, even the most hectic of schedules will come together in harmony.

Buy on Amazon US or Amazon Japan

Specialty Paper

Different types of specialty paper are also available for you to include in your Traveler’s notebook.


For those who enjoy sketching, drawing, or watercolors, the Sketch paper provides a smooth, heavyweight surface for your creativity to come to life. The paper is perforated, allowing you to remove any page and mail as a postcard or frame in your room.

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This Lightweight notebook features white Tomoe River paper and is perfect for bringing with you on travels. It’s ultra thin, so it won’t weigh you down.

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Those who love scrapbooking will enjoy the rustic feel of this kraft paper. You can paste maps, photos, tickets, and other items from your travels. You can enjoy this memento for years to come.

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Specifically made for watercolors, this refill is perfect for en plein air artists. Grab a couple of watercolor paints, a trusty water brush, and you’re good to go. The paper is thicker and more textured than the Sketch refill, but it’s also great for pencil and pen sketches. The pages are perforated, so when you create a masterpiece, you can frame it or send it to a loved one!

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Traveler’s Notebook Refills – Passport Size

Midori Diary Paper Notebooks

The refills in the smaller, passport size feature the same fantastic Midori MD paper as in the regular size refills. Here are the MD refills that are available in Passport size:


This paper features a 6.5 ruling, great for archiving memories, travel notes, and more.

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Artists love to use blank sheets to let their imagination run wild with doodles or words, and this pocket size is great for on-the-go inspiration.

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Cream Blank

Like the Blank refill, this plain cream refill is great for letting your creativity flow. The cream is easier on the eyes, making it a great alternative to white paper.

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Dot Grid

Although it’s named Dot Grid, the sheet style is actually a subtle reticle grid! We are huge fans of this style — it provides guidelines when you need it, but doesn’t get in your way when you don’t. You can write, draw, or even section off pages for pasting mementos.

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Like the regular size refills, Traveler’s Company offers planners in the passport size. Here are the planners:

Monthly Planner

You can see your whole schedule at a simple glance with this monthly planner.

Buy on Amazon US or Amazon Japan.

Weekly Planner

The Weekly planner is great for those who need more space to detail their plans.

Shop on Amazon US or Amazon Japan.

Specialty Paper

Traveler’s Company created the same specialty paper refills for the Passport size as the Regular size, shown below. (The photo above features the Dot Grid & Cream MD refills.)


The Sketch paper features a smooth, heavyweight surface that’s perfect for sketching, drawing, and even watercolor painting. The paper is perforated, so you can remove any page and mail as a postcard or frame in your room.

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The Lightweight notebook is filled with white, ultra-thin Tomoe River paper. You can pick up multiple of these to bring with you on travels without weighing you down.

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The Kraft paper refill in the Passport size makes a fun, little scrapbook. It’s the perfect place to paste maps, photos, tickets, and other items from your travels.

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The Watercolor refill is perfect for artists. It’s thick and textured to handle watercolors with ease, but it’s also great for pencil and pen sketches. The pages are perforated so after you’re done drawing, you can take it out and send it to a friend as as hand drawn card.

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Traveler’s Notebook Accessories

Traveler’s Company offers an assortment of accessories to pair with your Traveler’s notebook. These accessories add convenience and utility to your notebook, and you can pick and choose which you need. This allows you to truly create a notebook that’s entirely your own.


After you finish with a notebook, don’t throw it away! Available in both Regular and Passport sizes, this binder stores all your finished notebooks in one place, making a wonderful archive that you can refer to again and again to remember past events. A Traveler’s Notebook binder is perfect for those who want to organize and display your works.

Buy Regular Size: Amazon US, Amazon Japan, Etsy

Buy Passport size on Etsy

Brass Clip

These vintage-inspired clips help keep your Traveler’s notebook open as you use it. Simply open up to the page you want and clip them to the side of the notebook along with the cover. Because they’re made of solid brass, they will develop a patina as you use them. Choose from the TRC logo or an airplane design.

Buy on Etsy or Amazon Japan.

Card File

If you use your Traveler’s notebook on business trips, this card file is a handy place to keep all the business cards you acquire. There are 12 business card pockets that accommodate both standard U.S. and Japanese business cards. This is only available in the Regular size.

Buy on Amazon US or Amazon Japan.

Connecting Bands

You can keep all of your essential notebooks in one place. These connecting bands let you hold two or even three notebooks in one Traveler’s notebook cover. This is an ideal option for those who need more than one type of refill in their notebook.

Buy Regular Size on Amazon US or Amazon Japan

Buy Passport Size on Amazon US or Amazon Japan

Double-Sided Stickers

Create an album of memories using these double-sided stickers. You can paste photos, cards, tickets, maps, and other memorabilia in your Traveler’s notebook to look back at fondly.

Buy on Etsy or Amazon Japan

Film Pocket Sticker

Like the regular Pocket Stickers, Film Pocket Stickers create useful places for you to stow small memorabilia. However, the Film version is more versatile as you can stick the pockets right into your notebook and adjust the number of pockets you have on each page. You can even create a miniature photo album by having a spread with just Film Pocket Stickers.

Buy on Amazon US or Amazon Japan

Kraft Card File

The Kraft Card File has 60 spaces to store business cards, mini Instax photos, or other small pieces of paper, like ticket stubs or stamps. Using the file is a great way to document all the little things you pick up during your travels.

Buy on Etsy or Amazon Japan

Kraft File Folder

With two pockets, the Kraft File Folder is a great place to store maps, itineraries, or other slim items. It comes in two sizes: Passport and Regular.

Buy Regular Size on Amazon US or Amazon Japan

Buy Passport Size on Amazon US or Amazon Japan

Pen Holder

You can keep a pen handy with your notebook using this pen holder! The metal clip slides securely onto the leather cover, giving you a convenient way to store your pen. It holds pens of up to 12 mm in diameter.

Buy in on Amazon US or Amazon Japan

Pocket Sticker

Are you always fumbling around for your ticket or membership card? The Pocket Sticker provides a place for you to put small miscellaneous items, such as tickets, cards, or memo notes. It adheres to the inside of the leather cover, so you can access it easily. The Pocket Sticker Set contains three small pockets, while the Large has one that fits in the regular size Traveler’s notebook.

Buy Regular Size on Amazon US or Amazon Japan

Buy Large Size on Amazon US or Amazon Japan

Repair Kit

This repair kit is useful to have in case the elastic band on your notebook gets loose. The kit has extra bands and a metal clasp to repair the spine band that holds the inner notebook in place. You can try out the different colored bands included in the kit to see which suits your style. The elastic bands can also replace the center band that holds the notebook shut.

Buy on Amazon US or Amazon Japan

Sticky Notes

Sticky notes are great for for jotting down notes, quick to-dos, or leaving reminders for family members and friends, and you can keep them on hand with this convenient Sticky Note Set. It comes with a variety of sizes and formats, so you can choose which to use based on your mood or need. Both Regular and Passport sizes are available.

Buy on Amazon US or Amazon Japan

Three-Fold File

This convenient file fits A4-sized paper and folds it neatly into three. Use it to carry itineraries, hotel vouchers, maps, and more. This only comes in the Regular size.

Buy on Etsy or Amazon Japan

Zipper Case

Keep your essentials safe in this zipper case. You can store small flat items, such as tickets and cards securely in the zippered pouch. The other side features pockets for maps or other miscellaneous items. The passport size zipper case has one inner and two outer flap pockets while the regular size zipper case has two large flat pockets.

Buy Regular Size on Amazon US or Amazon Japan

Buy Passport Size on Amazon US or Amazon Japan

Pencil Boards

Pencil boards are a great way to protect the paper underneath the one you’re writing on, and also give you a smooth flat surface to write on. They can also be used as a placeholder to mark your current page.

Buy Regular Size on Amazon US or Amazon Japan

Buy Passport Size on Amazon US or Amazon Japan

How to Install Multiple Traveler’s Notebooks

You don’t have to limit yourself to just one notebook! There are multiple ways to include more notebook refills in your Traveler’s notebook. While we’ve seen notebooks stuffed to the brim, we recommend filling up your notebook with no more than three or four refills depending on the thickness of each refill for ease of use.

Traveler’s notebook Connecting Bands

Traveler’s Company offers these nifty elastic bands to help install multiple notebook refills in one cover. First, insert a refill between the existing rubber band and cover. Then, place the second notebook next to the first. Open both notebooks in the middle and grip those middle pages together. Slide the connecting band through those pages. To install another refill, take the second and third refill and follow the same steps.

Alternately, you can use the connecting bands to attach the first and second refill outside of the notebook, then insert them into the notebook afterwards. The back cover of the first refill and the front cover of the second becomes the middle of the notebook with this arrangement. This provides a more balanced look to your notebook if you only have two refills, but you can continue adding notebooks to your notebook using the techniques above.

Using the Existing Elastic Binding

You can also use the existing binding on the notebook to add an extra refill. Insert the first notebook through the first elastic as usual. Then tug on the second elastic to give yourself more space, and slide the extra refill in.

Additionally, the elastic that comes with the box can be used to add an extra refill. Remove the elastic band from the box and slip it through the cover. Then, insert the refill through the band as you would normally. The downside to this method is that the elastic is visible from the outside, detracting from the clean look of the cover.

Traveler’s Notebook Special Editions

Traveler’s notebook 2021 Planners

Traveler’s Company comes out with dated planners every year as well themed accessories. The theme for 2021 is inspired by books.

Traveler’s Company Travel Tools Collection

2020’s theme was “Travel Tools”, and Traveler’s Company debuted a special Travel Tools Collection. It includes notebook refills, letterpressed stickers and cards, washi tape, and more. This collection is limited edition so grab the items while you can!

Shop on Etsy

Traveler’s Company Factory Green Collection

Traveler’s Company released a collection of pens inspired by inspired by the Traveler’s Company factory, whose doors, floors, and shelves are painted in a similar light green color to evoke a sense of safety and peace of mind. Today, the paint is faded in some areas and darkened in others—a testament to many years of hard work and productivity. In much the same way, the finish of this pen will develop a unique patina over the years, reflecting how you’ve used it. As the paint wears away, the brass underneath will begin to show through.

Shop on Etsy

Traveler’s Factory Limited Editions

Traveler’s Company have Traveler’s Factory stores in Japan that sell the same merchandise listed in this guide, as well as limited edition covers, refills, and accessories that can only be purchased in store and in the specific store you’re in.

If you’re a true Traveler’s Company junkie, the Traveler’s Factory stores should definitely be on your bucket list. There are three locations in Tokyo: Tokyo Station, Narita Airport, and the flagship store in Nakameguro. There is a fourth store in Kyoto. Each location is unique, and a treat to visit for stationery and travel lovers.

I would highly recommend visiting a store yourself if only for the experience, but at the time of writing (June 2021) most travelers are not able to make it to Japan. So if there are certain special edition notebooks you’re interested in, you can purchase them on Etsy from local sellers who go to the store and can ship them to you.

Fair warning though, these special editions are expensive to begin with (even more so than the standard leather covers) so the prices from these sellers are even higher because of their exclusivity and popular demand. So unless you’re an avid collector or lucky enough to have a large budget, I might stick to the standard covers or save up to visit Japan in the future. Depending on where you’re traveling from, it honestly might just be cheaper to fly to Japan to shop for yourself, plus you get the experience of Japan and the Factory stores.

Some of my favorite shops are inukshuk Japan, Stationery Station, and Japaneasy Shopper. All are based in Japan and have a huge selection of Traveler’s Notebook, Hobonichi, and anything else you can only find in Japan. If you’re interested in what else I like on Etsy, check out my profile.

Some of the best limited edition items are the Traveler’s Factory Airport Edition, Traveler’s Factory Station Edition, Traveler’s Factory Kyoto Edition, and the Starbucks Reserve Roastery Tokyo Collab.

Traveler’s Company Alternatives

If you’re looking for a refillable notebook that’s more affordable, not leather, or a different size, there are a few options that you can also consider.

ProductCover MaterialSizeRefill IncludedPriceBuy Now
Kokuyo Systemic Twin Ring NotebookCanvasA5Yes$$Amazon
Robrasim Classic Vintage Leather JournalLeather5. 4″ x 4″ (~Passport TN size)Yes$Amazon
September Leather Traveler’s NotebookLeather8.5″ x 4.5″ (~Regular TN size)Yes$$Amazon
Barns and Noble Voyager NotebookVegan Leather7.75″ x 5″Yes$$Etsy
Handmade Vegan FauxdoriVegan LeatherVarious sizesNo$$$Etsy

What to Put in Your Traveler’s Notebook

There’s no end to the possibilities of your Traveler’s Notebook. One of the greatest thing about the TN system is that you can mix and match, swap out, and customize to whatever works best for you. But if you’re at a loss for what to do with your notebook, or you’re looking for new ideas here are some of the top ideas.

  1. Journal. Spend a little time each day writing down your thoughts or jotting down your notes. Doing all of this in a beautiful leather cover makes it that much more special.
  2. Daily Organizer. Use the calendar insert to keep track of your schedule, add in some pouches or pockets to keep receipts or notes from work or school, and add in another notebook or two to write your to-do lists or
  3. Work Hours or Expenses. Use the notebooks to log your work hours, your expenses, and your overall to-do lists. Keep receipts for taxes in a pouch or added pocket. It’s so easy to use your Traveler’s notebook for work as you can customize it to fit your needs.
  4. Wallet and Appointment Book. I know a few people who actually use a TN as a wallet with pouches and zippered pockets or IDs, cash, and important documents. They also add a notebook to write down anything they might need to remember while away from their main planner or desk.
  5. Health Journal. Keep track of your fitness goals, medical concerns, or overall health.
  6. Art Journal. Paint, draw, or design your notebooks any way that makes you feel creative.
  7. Travel Journal. And finally, the most obvious. Most people probably use the Traveler’s Notebook as an actual travel journal. Because of its slim size and easily interchangeable notebooks, you can take it anywhere with you and switch out the refills for your next trip. Keep track of your itinerary, write down your bucket list, or collect souvenirs in the pouches. The possibilities are endless.

For help with creative journaling or trying different art techniques, I definitely recommend Skillshare. It’s an invaluable tool or ever-increasing courses where you can learn just about anything. You can learn how to watercolor or try calligraphy, and then learn a new language or how to start your own business. Get one month Free Now.

Midori Traveler’s Notebook Passport Size: How I Use It with Field Notes

OK, so yeah. I bit the bullet. I’ve been hearing about the Midori Traveler’s Notebooks for a long time now, and I am kind of surprised at how long I managed to dodge this purchase. The first review I found was this one, which utilized the MTN for a single notebook. That just seemed really unnecessary to me, so I didn’t think much of it.

I then saw Krysty’s review, and saw that it didn’t work out for her, which nixed it automatically for my fickle self. Then, I saw Bea’s post  and it was like a choir of angels (really). I went on an obsessive spiral of timesuck, watching videos and posts of setups and inserts and what-have-you.

Warning: This is a pretty long post about journals and planners, so just a warning before you go any further. The dork is strong in this one.

I got the Midori Traveler’s Notebook Passport Size in Brown. I switched out the brown elastic for the orange one, though I might put the brown one back, because reasons.

I’ve only had this for about a week and a half, so I can’t give you a truly accurate review of how it does in the long-term. However, I’ve been pretty happy with the set-up I ended up sticking with after a few frustrating tries. I’m sure it will change over the course of the year and the next year, though, but that’s fine.

So, like the title says, I use the MTN Passport Size with my Field Notes notebooks. I have amassed quite a stash of these and at some point, I stopped using them, favoring my Rhodia Webnotebook, a desk A5 in black (mainly because of the dot grid and FP-friendly paper), which I also recently stopped using for day-to-day activities. More on this later.

Basically, I thought I could go paperless, but alas. It was not meant to be.

I should note that the Field Notes are quite a bit larger than the Midori inserts (3.5″ x 5.5″ vs. 3.5″ x 4.5″), so for the passport size, I can only actually fit about 3 books inside the cover before it starts to look a little clunky and gets a little tough to write in. I can slip in an extra notebook into the elastic front, if I really need to, but I like having everything tucked inside.

Well, kind of.

The first thing I did to figure out my system (i. e. what to do with the refills) is to list down what I wanted and needed my Midori to do for me. I am very scatterbrained and my brain likes to work in many, many tangents, which made it ultimately hard for me to keep just a single notebook for everything, i.e. the Bullet Journal, which comes into play, too.

So, I decided I wanted:

a) a journal
b) a place for writing drafts, and
c) a place for lists

… that was compact, portable, and simple.

I had wanted a separate refill for blog posts, but I decided against it because I figured I could just transfer ideas or outlines from my b refill and into a separate notebook I kept at home. This led me to decide that all single project notebooks would stay at home and all these refills I had would have the pertinent information that I needed with me at all times.


Refill 1: Journal and Brain Dump
This is where the unfiltered thoughts and pasting-in happens. Tread lightly. I like using blank, graph or dot grid FNs for this. I wanted to get back into journaling and just keeping track of the things that happen in a day, since I stopped doing that at some point in the last few years. It’s made me feel a little off, to be honest. I used to carry this ginormous journal around in school,

everyday, like an asshole:

(It expanded to something like an inch and a half or two inches of whining and other dramatic things. Hello, white iBook!)

I put random thoughts, day-to-day stupidity, and some very rudimentary scrapbooking in here. This is also a great way to pretend you’re busy when you’re alone somewhere, waiting for something or someone, haha.

Current in use: Field Notes County Fair New York Blue (Graph)

Refill 2: Drafts and Outlines
One of my 2015 goals is to write more, so this is an answer to that. I use at least a page for each “project,” like blog posts, book reviews, drafts for writing assignments, notes or anything like that. I review this at the end of the day (… or eventually in the week) and transcribe important data into my Evernote account. This essentially contains rough outlines, very informal notes, etc.

The front I’ve used to store some sticky notes I may need, though I find I don’t usually use the cutesy ones. But, you know, just in case.

Current in use: Field Notes Night Sky Book 2: Midsummer (star/cross graph) + sticky notes

Sidenote: Night Sky’s star/cross graph:

Refill 3: Bullet Journal
This is my Bullet Journal. I like using graph FN Notebooks because I have an abundance of those and they are convenient. I ended up needing a Bullet Journal because I love lists and I need day-to-day micromanaging, like a child. I started out using a Traveling Salesman FN, since it used a ledger layout inside, but I decided to leave it at home to transfer “important” lists to from my Bullet Journal.

So, my Bullet Journal is basically a catch-all for all lists, as it’s supposed to be. I struggled with using this after my initial enthusiasm, plainly because I’m lazy. My Bullet Journal Key is on film sticky notes on the first page of Refill 3. These are mostly task and notes-based.

My Bullet Journal setup is very much based on a modified version by Interpuncted Thirty that includes a modified months page that’s more forward planning-friendly. I still kept my Index Page because I’m using this refill/Bullet Journal for other lists, too.

The back page is a tracker for “daily tasks” like flossing (lol), vitamins, achieving my water intake goal (the boring ol’ 8-glass standard), and computer-based things I need to get out of the way everyday to keep on top of things. I know this makes me sound like a crazy person, but I have slid down a pit of doom many times, and I just really want to get myself back on track. I think micromanaging is the way to do that, unfortunately.

Current in use: Field Notes Cold Horizon, opposite the back cover of Field Notes Night Sky


I don’t really have any fancy accessories like

the slide-y pocket (though I’m looking to get that one) for cards and sticky notes or (I ended up getting it, haha) any of the fancy inserts people buy on Etsy or print out for themselves. I just don’t like how the handmade inserts look + I don’t want to bother.

I do use washi tape for decorating and organizing, and I borrow my dad’s Fuji Instax Share SP-1 to print some photos, occasionally, for journaling. Other than that, my MTN is a pretty standard 3-insert deal.


Forward Planning
Right now, I need a visual way to present my plans (ha what plans), and I honestly favor the Weekly Views for calendaring.

For all my forward-planning needs, I got the Evernote x Moleskine Planner for 2015 to try digitizing my manual notes. I was going to just try to solely use my MTN, but then I bought this back in September. I just have a Weekly View, so I mainly rely on my Google Calendar for a monthly overview. I am thinking of printing out a Monthly Grid View and slipping it somewhere with my MTN inserts, just so I have it at hand without having to use technology, heh. I’ll probably make a separate post for that if it ends up working out for me.

Pre-2015, I used this I.DO Weekly Planner (there are similar ones here from Artbox) that you have to input the dates in. I brought this around everywhere but, unfortunately, only sporadically wrote in it. I think I really have an aversion to cutesy stationery after all. In the final stretches of 2014, it’s working out well for me, and I guess that’s what matters.

On one page, there is a weekly view of columns. On the other side, there’s a three-column memo page with a checklist, a blank space, and one with grids. I mainly use this planner for scheduling blog posts, social events, and trips.

Project Planning
For now, this is sort of anything goes territory. I like dedicating a single notebook (i.e. a Field Notes notebook) to larger, more time-consuming projects that have many little tasks (e.g. a web project or a book design) or are continuous (e.g. blog ideas and scheduling). For shorter projects, I file them away in the aforementioned Rhodia Webnotebook. It really all depends on what would suit whatever it is more.


The flaws of this system mainly concern the paper quality of Field Notes and my affinity for Fountain Pens. Some Colors editions (LE Field Notes books) take on FP ink better than others, but I mostly stick to Pilot Frixion Pens (I mainly use the Frixion Ball Slim in black and red, and this Frixion Colors pen/marker set) or the Uni Pin Fine Line Pens (0.05, 0.2, or 0.5) for my Bullet Journal.

My other pen of choice is the LAMY Safari (2013 Neon Yellow!) with an EF nib (OK on County Fair and Night Sky, HORRIBLE BLEEDING MESS on Cold Horizon).

Naturally, I can change the refills, but I mainly wanted to try this system because of my overflowing stash of Field Notes notebooks, so I’m kind of in a bind. (But not really, because this is kind of a minor gripe.)

That’s it. That’s the only thing I don’t like about it, and it’s not even the MTN’s fault.

I plan on posting another update about one month in, and maybe three months, six months, and so on. As you can see, I’m still pretty attached to this system. I just hope it stays that way.

ETA: I’m trying out a modified version of a Spiraldex/Chronodex and holy cow, I waste so much time being idle. It’s a tedious additional task to remember to do, but it’s good to visualize your day and how you spend your time. I think that I underestimated just how much time I waste sitting around, procrastinating. This is, for sure, an eye-opener for me.

I also purchased a zip/cardholder insert where I put my Spiraldex print-outs, a few bills, and washi tape and post-its. I’m in lurve.


Where to Get an MTN: Scribe Writing Essentials (I got mine at Megamall)
How Much? Php 2,295.00
Where to Get Field Notes: I buy mine directly from Field Notes. They ship to the Philippines, but they take a while. They are locally available at the ff:
— Avalon
— My Ticker Tape Parade

This post is affiliate link-free.


TRAVELER’S COMPANY Traveler’s Notebook Leather Passport Size Brown

TRAVELER’S COMPANY Passport Sized Notebook, best suited to… well, travel! Though you can use it for anything you like – including as a cover for your passport – thanks to its versatility!

Let’s start with the outside. The cover is leather, which will age beautifully the more you use it. There is an elastic closure, secured by a metal toggle, which keeps the notebook safely attached to the cover and also holds everything together.

Moving inside, the notebook refill contains staple-bound 80gsm blank sheets of MD (Midori Diary) paper which is bleed- and feather-resistant, and fountain pen-friendly. You can customise your notebook by adding a pen holder or use connecting bands – available separately – to add extra notebook refills.

Dimensions: 100mm x 135mm. Supplied with a spare elastic band inside a cotton bag.

Additional Information
Product Code:TC79260
Item Colour:Brown
Item Material:Leather
Page Layout:Blank
Paper Colour:White
Paper Size:Odd Sizes
Refill Type:Paper

Orders placed before midday Monday to Friday will normally be sent out the same day.

UK Orders

FREE First Class Royal Mail delivery for orders over £25, and just £2.95 for smaller orders. Royal Mail Special Delivery available for £6.95 extra, or FREE with any order over £100 – but note that coronavirus means the usual guarantee doesn’t apply – sorry. No delivery surcharges for Northern Ireland, Highlands & Islands or anywhere else!


International deliveries vary in cost, so you’ll need to add the items you want to your basket, and enter the checkout to see the options for delivery. Prices and payment methods will reflect your country, and many countries have all taxes and duties included to make things easier and more predictable.

Orders over 2kg

For all orders outside the UK, heavy orders may cost more to send, but the shipping cost will be displayed in the checkout before you commit.

More Information

For more, see our Delivery Information page.

Size Matters – Scrapcraftastic

TRAVELER’S NOTEBOOK, RING BINDER and DISC BOUND Planner Insert Sizes (in Inches)

With the variety of stationery sizes available, it can be confusing trying to find the right size insert for the right size planner or traveler’s notebook.

There are differences between the Metric System that the majority of the world uses versus the Customary System (Imperial or Standard System) that we still use here in the United States.

In an effort to visually represent the differences in sizes, I created the original Size Matters video. In this video, I compare and contrast the sizes for Traveler’s Notebooks.

Why Stationery Sizes Matter

Seeing the metric equivalent to insert sizes in inches and understanding why there were slight differences in sizes helps in understanding how to print and cut inserts. Understanding the sizes also helps in determining what size planner or traveler’s notebook will work for you!

Since that original Size Matters video, there have been some changes in the planner stationery world. There are more popular sizes, systems and styles. The 2019 Size Matters video shows the comparisons in vibrant colors and shares sizes in inches, but it also includes ring bound (binder) systems, and disc bound system sizes.

A Size Reference and Guide to Planner Inserts for Traveler’s Notebooks, Ring, Disc and Spiral Bound Planning Systems

This table includes the different stationery and planner insert sizes and what they are called in the planner community.

To further help with sizing issues for planning stationery and inserts, here is a table of measurements with Metric to Inches conversions. All sizes are in inches.

The Open Insert Size column provides the measurement of the full spread or open insert for that size traveler’s notebook insert.


Metric to Inches Sizes

Approx Insert Sizes

Open Insert Sizes
A5, Half Letter, Half Page, Half Sheet, No. 8 5.8 x 8.3 5.5 x 8.5 8.5 x 11
Cahier, Standard Wide,
Large, No. 7
5 x 8.25 5 x 8.25 10 x 8.25
Standard, Regular,
Midori (original), No. 6
4.33 x 8.25 4.25 x 8. 25 8.5 x 8.25
B6 Slim 4.33 x 7 4.25 x 7 8.5 x 7
B6, No. 5 4.9 x 6.9 5 x 7 10 x 7
Personal, No. 4 3.7 x 6.7 3.75 x 6.75 7.5 x 6.75
A6, No. 3 4.13 x 5.85 4 x 68 x 6
Passport, No. 2 3.4 x 4.9 3.5 x 5 7 x 5
Pocket, Field Notes, No. 1 3.5 x 5.5 3.5 x 5.5 7 x 5.5
Micro, No. 03 x 43 x 4 6 x 4
Nano2.5 x 3.52.5 x 3.55 x 3.5


Metric to Inches Sizes

Approx Insert Sizes
A4, Letter, Full Page, Full Sheet 8. 27 x 11.69 8.5 x 11
A5 Wide, Cloud, Classic7 x 8.6 7 x 8.675
A5, A5 Rings, Half Letter, Half Page, Half Sheet 5.83 x 8.27 5.5 x 8.5
B6, B6 Rings4.9 x 6.95 x 7
Personal Wide4.75 x 6.754.75 x 6.75
Personal, Personal Rings3.7 x 6.73.75 x 6.75
A7, Pocket, Pocket Rings 3.2 x 4.73.25 x 4.75


Metric to Inches Sizes

Approx Insert Sizes
A4, Letter, Full Page, Full Sheet, Big 8.27 × 11.69 8.5 x 11
Classic7 x 9.257 x 9.25
Skinny Classic, Classic Half Sheet4. 125 x 9.254.125 x 9.25
A5, Half Letter, Junior, Half Page, Half Sheet5.8 x 8.35.5 x 8.5
Mini4.625 x 74.625 x 7
Skinny Mini, Mini Half Sheet2.643 x 72.643 x 7
Micro3 x 43 x 4

Hard Cover Case Bound

Metric to Inches Sizes
Hobonichi Weeks3.5 x 7.125
PP Weeks, Print Pression Weeks3.375 x 7.25





My Planner Perfect delivery just arrived, now what?

First, congrats! This is very exciting. We’ve included an insert in your package that gives you a brief break down to help you get started. Jenny has also provided videos you can follow for each product:  Plan Books, Word of the Month plan books, Project Me, Affirmations Journal, Devotional Kits and Errand Runners.

We also encourage you to join our Planner Perfect Fans Group on Facebook to network, bond and document your journey with your new friends!


I need to speak to someone about my order. Who do I contact?

Please contact us through this form, and we’ll have a Planner Perfect rep get back to you as quickly as possible.


Will you ever come out with different sizes?

For now we offer the wide, narrow and personal. Designs by Planner Perfect keeps the Planner Perfect Method in mind when creating planners and journals for the room needed to write a better story.


What is the Planner Perfect Method?

The Planner Perfect Method was created by Jenny Penton to provide women with a fresh start each month. The Plan Books are formatted with a the month’s calendar, goal prompt, and daily prompt for daily planning. Keeping goals scripted with intent and by month enables women to achieve their goals easier and gives them a momentum to continue goal setting each month. The Planner Perfect plan books are created around this method. For more information visit our blog and click on The Planner Perfect Method for more information.


What size are Traveler’s Notebook fit your planners and journals best?

We offer sizes: wide, narrow and personal books.

Our wide books fit wide and A5 travelers notebooks (TNs). If you want to stuff your travelers notebook with more than 4 books, I would suggest the A5 size.

Our narrow books fit narrow TNs beautifully

Our personal books fit personal TNs and B6 Slim. I personally recommend the B6 for it is slighter wider then the personal and will provide just enough overhang to protect your books.


Do you have to buy a Traveler’s Notebook to use your books?

No, not at all. All of our journals and plan books are beautiful on their own. But if you like to keep several books together in one place then Traveler’s Notebooks are the way to go and protects and wraps them beautifully.


With so many companies selling Traveler’s Notebooks, who do you recommend?

There are a lot of amazing artisans to choose from and it can get overwhelming.  Though I hate to play favorites, I have to say my go-to is the from the Chic Sparrow—they fit my books beautifully, they are well made and never disappoint.


Do your planners and journals take paints and markers well?

Yes!! Our books are made with strathmore paper and can take all mediums beautifully such as watercolor and acrylic to Tombow and fountain pens. Have a wonderful time scripting your life and journaling to your hearts content!


How often do you release new product?

Designs by Planner Perfect launches new art work and graphic prints for plan books and journals, seasonally. We also have launches for workbooks and journals with specific eCourses and classes for personal development at different times throughout the year. Receiving our newsletter is the best way to stay informed of all things new with Designs by Planner Perfect. You can sign-up here!

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I’m new to Planner Perfect, where should I begin to write a better story?

I would start with our Plan Kit and a WREN journal. The plan book kit gives you 3 months of plan books and the option for a goal book. The Wren is our journal that coincides with our Project Me group on Facebook. The Project Me group as well as the Planner Perfect fans group are a fantastic way to begin your planner perfect journey. A group that gives you videos and live chats to declutter your soul from anything that could be preventing you from becoming who you were called to be and inspires you to care for you again. I would recommend joining Project Me and Planner Perfect fans on Facebook for support and videos on starting your journey using the PPM and keeps you inspired.


I heard you have an affiliate program. How do I learn more and get involved?

Go here for more information about our exciting affiliate program!


If you we didn’t cover any of our questions here, contact us and a member of our team will get back to you shortly!

How to Use a Traveler’s Notebook

Have you ever used a traveler’s notebook as part of your creative practice? Today we will be discussing how to use a traveler’s notebook to elevate your creative practice.

What is a Traveler’s Notebook?

The Midori style traveler notebook that kicked off the craze started in 2005, but the concept of a traveler’s notebook or journal has been around for a long time. They were used for taking notes and observations when people were traveling.

A traveler’s journal includes a notebook cover that has an elastic strung through the middle to hold a notebook, or notebooks in place. The covers can be made of a variety of materials, including leather, canvas, or cloth. With these elastics, a variety of notebooks can be inserted into the notebook cover and can be easily removed or replaced.

Notebook Inserts

The notebook inserts can have much variation from brand to brand. These notebooks (also known as signatures) are made by cutting, folding, and trimming paper. A coversheet can be added, and the signature is then stapled or sewn to create an insert for a traveler’s journal.

These signatures come in a large range of options and sizes. These include a range of plain paper, ruled paper and specialty paper. There are also options for calendar inserts, pockets and other things that can be added to a traveler’s notebook.

Traveler’s Notebook Closure

Traveler’s notebooks often comes with an elastic that wraps around the book to secure it shut. This is a preferred option as over time the notebook can get bulky. This keeps the book tidy and loose papers within the journal from slipping out.

Traveler’s Notebook Sizes

Traveler’s notebooks come in many shapes and sizes. It is important to be aware of this when buying signatures for your book. Depending on the brand, many books can have similar sizing, but the sizing is not universal. My favorite sizes for these books are 7.75” by 5”, 6” by 4.75” and 8” by 6.”

How to Use these In Your Creative Practice

So how can you use a traveler’s notebook in your creative practice? There are a variety of ways that I use these notebooks to create art and record my daily thoughts.   

Small Scrapbook

Try using your traveler’s notebook as a small scrapbook. You can add photos, stamps, ephemera, and other items that you find in your travels and daily life. What makes the traveler’s journal so useful for scrapbooking is that the format is smaller than an average journal or scrapbooking layout. This makes it quicker, easier and a little less formal. The traveler’s notebook is perfect for sharing the stories and thoughts that we experience throughout our day.

Art Journal

Your traveler’s notebook can be a great option for an art journal. Be aware of the thickness of the paper in your notebook. Depending on the weight of the paper, this will affect what materials you can use in your art journal. I use a 32lb smooth writing paper in my journal, which takes paint well. I generally use heavy body paints when working in my notebooks to ensure that it does not buckle or warp the paper.

Another option is gluing Gelli prints or other art prints into your journal. This will make the pages and the notebook thicker but will also allow you to use heavier mediums in your notebook on top of the prints.  

Journal or General Notebook

The traveler’s notebook is a great option for use as a journal or general notebook. These individual signatures can be used as separate notebooks, which allows you to have several notebooks of different topics in the same traveler’s journal.

Sketching/ Calligraphy

By using a traveler’s notebook as a sketchbook or a place to practice calligraphy this is a great way to always have a sketchbook with you. Be sure to use a high quality, smooth paper in your notebook for sketching. Choosing a paper that will take a variety of inks, and that will not bleed through or damage your pens is important to consider when choosing a signature or notebook insert.  

Where to Purchase Your Traveler’s Notebook

There are a variety of traveler’s notebooks available on the market. If you search for traveler’s journals online, there are a variety of sizes and brands. Pay attention to the covers and sizes of the signatures to make sure that the signatures will fit the notebook. I love making my own traveler’s journals and have some available for purchase at my hopalongstudio store on Etsy.

The traveler’s notebooks that I create are made from high quality cotton and durable interfacing. These are handmade in my studio, sewn by hand and scotch guarded for durability. Each book comes with 4 signatures with 40 pages each. The signatures are also handmade and sewn instead of stapled. I have included my favorite 32 lb, super smooth, white writing paper in these books. This paper works well with brush pens, fountain pens and light applications of paint.

What Do You Think?

Have you used a traveler’s notebook before? If not, do you think you might give one a try? These notebooks can be a great tool for aiding your creative self-care practice. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to write them below or contact me directly. I hope that you find some time for creative self-care this week!

Midori Traveler’s Notebook : Setup Guide and Hacks

How to setup Traveler’s Notebooks:

Design Your Notebook As You Like!

The Traveler’s Notebook is full of endless customization possibilities. Customize traveler’s notebooks for all needs with a variety of inserts, refills and travel tools for ultimate personalization! Use TNs as a flexible bullet journal, travel diary , journal or a simple planner.

  1. Traveler’s Notebook Cover

    Regular and Passport Sizes
    Cover Colors
    Limited Edition Covers

  2. Notebook Inserts and Refills

    Plan and schedule with weekly and monthly diary inserts and capture memories through journaling.

  3. Essential Tools

    Connecting Bands to hold everything together
    Add pockets, pouches, folder inserts to increase functionality and organization for stationery, washi tape, stickers and ephemera.

  4. Customize with Accessories

    The joy in ultimate notebook personalization!
    Charms, Tabs, Embossing, Stamping

  5. TN Setup Ideas

    Travel Journal, Bullet Journal, Planner, Diary

Customize Traveler’s Notebook : Traveler’s Factory Naka Meguro

1. Traveler’s Notebook Covers

The Traveler’s Notebook leather cover is individually unique.

Each cover will age beautifully through use, the leather texture changes over time depending on how you keep and handle it, each scratch and blemish adding a truly personalized patina.

The Midori TN covers come in two sizes:

Available TN Leather Cover Colors
Midori Traveler’s Notebook Covers :
Olive Limited Edition, Camel, Blue (2015 Edition), Black, Brown
Midori TN Limited Editions
Midori Traveler’s Notebook Passport Size Army Edition
Traveler’s Factory Japan Limited Editions
Midori Traveler’s Notebook Travelers Factory Airport
  • Tokyo Station Edition
  • Kyoto Edition

2. Traveler’s Notebook Inserts

TN Notebook Refills
Midori Traveler’s Notebook Refills and Inserts for Passport and Regular Size

Customize your notebook with inserts and refills.

TN Insert : Kraft Folders
TN Insert : Zipper Pouches

Clear zipper cases for extra storage to hold stationery items and tools.

Fourrouf x TF – Travelers Notebook Paper Cloth Zipper Cases: Blue, Olive, Mustard

3. Essential Tools

  • Connecting Bands
  • Brass Pen & Pen Holder
  • Writing Board
  • Sticker Pockets
  • Index Markers
Connecting Bands
Midori Travelers Notebook Accessory Connecting Bands
Brass Pen & Pen Holder
Traveler’s Notebook Accessory – Brass Pen

The Midori Brass Pens can be stored compactly by attaching it to the Traveler’s Notebook using the pen holder clip, allowing it to be easily used when traveling.

Also available in pencil.

Writing Board
Travel Tool: Writing Board

Pencil Board Shitajiki – provides a flat and smooth writing service, perfect for writing on the go. Can also be used to provide lines for blank pages, ruler, and bookmark.

Index Markers
Traveler’s Notebook Accessories : Index and Page Marker

Index Markers come in a variety of choices. Brass, Magnetic and Stickers. Use to find key pages easily.

Sticker Index Tabs
Sticker Pockets
Traveler’s Notebook Cover Pocket Sticker

Corner flap pocket [size 3 x 3 inches ; 7.5 x 7.5 cm] with an adhesive backing to stick them to the TN Leather cover. Fits regular and passport size covers.

Store tickets, cards, notes and access it conveniently.

4. Customize

Customize TN Cover

Customize Traveler’s Notebook Cover Guide

Check out the above guide on ways to customize your notebook cover, the Black Traveler’s Notebook in passport size is painted with Kakeru Blue Paint.

5. Traveler’s Notebook Setup Ideas

Bullet Journal Setup Guide Travel Journal Setup Guide

Traveler’s Factory

Narita Airport
Tokyo Station

Traveler’s Notebook Covers made in Chiang Mai, Thailand

90,000 Travel laptop. Notebook [secrets of effective use]

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Notebook The laptop has one big plus – it is mobile. You can take it with you wherever you go, even to another city. However, the laptop also has minor drawbacks, first of all, the screen. Even if the laptop is quite large, some users still miss the


Notebook Portable computers, or laptops, are very popular due to their portability and high quality of information input and storage.The modern market is saturated with portable computers, they are in great demand, their sales volumes are rapidly

How to choose a laptop

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Laptop and office peripherals Typically, a laptop in an office is used quasi-stationary, that is, most of the time is on the desktop, only occasionally traveling with its owner, for example, to a meeting room.In this case, connect the

to the laptop.

2.10. How to choose a


2.10. How to choose a laptop These are the basic requirements for a modern laptop: High-quality display Comfortable keyboard Upgradability At a minimum, it should be possible to replace the RAM module and hard disk. Acceptable battery life for you

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90,000 8 important differences between a netbook and a laptop

Laptops, ultrabooks, netbooks – all these portable devices help to make work and play more convenient. The average person may not know the difference between them, but when choosing a personal computer, it is very important to choose a device that will fully meet the needs.Today we will look at what a netbook is and what are its differences from a laptop?


The visible difference between a netbook and a laptop lies in its significantly smaller display size, body thickness, and weight. If the diagonal of a standard laptop can reach 20 inches and fully replace a monitor, for example, a candy bar, then for a netbook this parameter is 12 inches maximum. This makes the device lighter and more compact. However, a small screen will not allow you to enjoy a detailed image, so watching movies, playing and working with tables on it is not very convenient.

Modern models have such a thin case that it, a netbook, fits into any bag and even a pocket. This feature is good for travelers, because the netbook is convenient to use in cafes, transport and other places. It was created for those who need to quickly type a message, read an article, view files even in extreme situations.

Interesting to read: How to choose a netbook

Specifications or “iron filling”

In choosing a personal PC, size matters, but not as significant as the technical parameters of devices.The latest generation of well-known laptop brands also boasts an ultra-thin and mobile body. What is the difference between laptop and netbook hardware:

  • Processor power . Portable personal computers are designed with the understanding that the device is not intended for full-fledged, but for additional work. Therefore, developers are developing more in reducing the size than in equipping the gadget with modern technologies. Often, the lineup of netbooks has an Intel Atom processor, which is one of the weakest on the market.The advantage of such equipment is low energy consumption, and the disadvantage is the impossibility of working with heavy programs.

Some compact laptops of the Apple, Lenovo and Asus brands also run on more powerful hardware – Core m3 and i3, but they are more expensive.

  • Video card . The graphics capabilities of the netbook are limited, as the devices have a poor quality controller. New applications and games will not run on low-budget devices, and on more expensive devices, the work will not be as fast and stable as on gaming laptops.Netbooks are not suitable for gamers and graphic designers, photographers and editors who work with complex software.

  • Hard disk size . Portable laptops have a lot less hard drive capacity and are slower to operate. SSD drives in netbooks are less than 700GB, while standard personal PCs can be up to 4TB. Such disk capacity is needed for those who work with a large number of files, download various programs, watch a lot of audio and video content.To complement office work or use the device to communicate on social networks, 200 GB, which is available in every netbook, is enough.
  • The amount of RAM . The RAM on modern laptop models, for example, Asus and Dell, reaches 4 GB, which is enough for work. Netbooks, on the other hand, do not replace the computer and do not meet the need for powerful hardware. Designed for quick communication, they are more like a functional tablet with a keyboard. Therefore, if you need to work with a large number of files and programs open at the same time, then it is better to choose the largest amount of RAM.For normal use without much workload, you can do with 2 GB of RAM.

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Laptop and netbook keyboard

The larger the device, the larger the display and keys. Regular laptops have a functional keyboard similar to that of a stationary device, and models with a display over 20 inches are also equipped with special gaming keys.

As for netbooks, due to the small size of the case, the keyboard is incomplete, lacking some “hot keys”, additional digital layout and device control buttons.The keys themselves are small and there is no distance between them for easy typing of large texts. If the choice between a laptop or a netbook is in front of an office worker, then the last gadget is inferior to the first.

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Difference between laptop and netbook software

Technical parameters of netbooks are weaker, therefore standard operating systems and programs are not suitable for their full-fledged work.For a smoother and more productive use, the device comes with Linux by default, which is lighter and more optimized for low-power PCs.

Lack of the system in the complexity of the work, as well as the limited application market. For newer models of netbooks, a specially cut down Windows operating system is installed. Laptops don’t have this problem – any user-friendly software system can be installed on them and it will work properly.

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Pricing for laptops with a large display and compact laptops with a thin case is different: a high-performance netbook with an average performance will cost less than a low-budget laptop.For comfortable work or quick search for information on the Internet while traveling, a netbook is a good price-to-power ratio of hardware. This gadget is suitable for those who need a device more than a tablet, but less than a computer with an affordable price tag.

Which is better: a netbook or a laptop?

Laptops are more suitable for full-fledged work in one place (home or office), as well as for movie nights and games. They have more powerful specifications, larger display diagonal, and better graphics adapters, controllers and video cards.Even if the model is low-budget, over time, it is improved and a more modern “filling” is put. The capacity of the battery is enough to complete work processes in the event of a sudden voltage failure and loss of power, and the device is used from the mains.

Netbooks gained popularity not because of the hardware, but because of their small size. Small, thin body weighing up to 1.5 kg is convenient to carry everywhere in your bag, briefcase and in a large pocket. It is indispensable for urgent travel, travel and communication devices outside the home.The netbook is convenient to use in places without power grid coverage, as the battery lasts up to 10 hours of intensive work. The disadvantage of such a PC is that even if desired, it cannot be improved (the case cannot be disassembled, the parts are soldered). Users will not be pleased with the lack of an optical drive for viewing files on disks and fewer USB ports.

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To decide which is better – a netbook or a laptop, the individual needs of the buyer are taken into account.For gamers, designers, programmers and geeks a netbook will not be enough, but for travelers and inexperienced users without hardware requirements, the device will do. A portable mini-gadget is sold at an affordable price, which also plays a role in the purchase.

Learn more about netbooks in video

How to choose a laptop bag

There are many models on the market of various shapes and sizes, styles of execution, from different materials.The price of bags can differ tenfold, and it is not always clear what caused such a difference, are there any significant differences between different models, are they all equally comfortable and functional? , belt and other accessories, is a thing by which the taste and status of the wearer is judged.

Basic models

The right choice starts with the type of accessory. It can be executed as:

  • Classic bag with handle and shoulder strap – can be carried in the hand and on the shoulder;
  • backpack with two shoulder straps;
  • briefcase with one carry handle.

The classic model will perfectly complement a casual look, and go well with casual wear. This choice is optimal for those who are not limited by the requirements of a strict dress code. It is convenient to travel to work with her, including by public transport.

It is very convenient to use the backpack on long trips, it allows you to free your hands. But in public transport, when driving in a dense traffic of people, an expensive gadget can be stolen.

It is advisable for office workers, managers, high-ranking officials, lawyers who are required to comply with a business dress code to choose portfolios. They have a representative look and are harmoniously combined with a formal suit.

How to choose the right size for your laptop bag?

Before purchasing, you need to know the dimensions of your laptop. The main parameter is the diagonal of the screen, measured in inches. The most common models are designed for carrying gadgets with a diagonal of 14-15 inches.You can also buy a model with a screen diagonal of 10; eleven; 12; 13; 16; 17 inches or more. Choosing the right shape for your bag is just as important. With the same diagonal size, the length and width of the sides can be different.

How do I know which bag size is right for a particular model? Study the dimensions carefully, and make sure that none of them are smaller than the gadget. The next step is how to determine the size of the bag, taking into account the peculiarities of use. On the Internet, you can find recommendations to select it clearly according to the size of the gadget.Other resources are advised to take with some margin. The last tip will allow you to place other objects in it, but at the same time, the surface of the laptop is damaged more quickly, more often it is scratched.


The choice of laptop bag largely depends on which material is preferred:

  • genuine leather;
  • leatherette;
  • textiles – nylon or polyester;
  • hard plastic.

Products made of genuine leather look very presentable, but it is visually difficult to determine the quality of the workmanship. To avoid disappointment, buy only well-known brands such as Samsonite.

Leatherette – such products are much cheaper and less durable, but they are just as practical. It is important to correctly determine the quality of the material and tailoring, which is guaranteed by the brand.

Products made of nylon or polyester attract with an affordable cost with good quality and high wear resistance.

Hard plastic provides maximum protection for gadgets, but such products are not very comfortable to carry in hands for a long time.

Degree of protection

The main function of a laptop bag is to provide protection from adverse external influences, how do you choose a laptop bag that will provide it? The following characteristics should be assessed:

  • water resistance;
  • shock absorbing properties.

To protect laptop computers from moisture, manufacturers use moisture-resistant materials – polyester and nylon, leather, plastic, and the gadget will not get wet even in a heavy downpour.Other materials are impregnated with special water-repellent compounds. Such impregnation is sufficient for a short walk in rain or snow. The best mechanical protection is provided by plastic cases, but bags made of leather and leatherette significantly soften the force of impacts. High-quality products made of nylon and polyester, additionally go through the process of reinforcement with metal threads and effectively protect electronic devices.

Protection against damage

Every owner strives to keep his laptop looking like new for as long as possible.But scuffs on the surface, small scratches let you know how long the gadget has been used. If you store and carry it in a case, backpack or case, there will be much less such microdamage. You just need to choose the right bag, carefully examining how its internal space is organized. The gadget compartment should hold it securely and be lined with a soft, smooth fabric.

In expensive models, the inner compartment can have reinforced walls, including those made using innovative technology with the installation of air bags.This avoids not only scratches when touching keys and coins, but also provides additional protection in case of falls, bumps, and moisture.

What else is important to pay attention to?

When deciding which bag to choose, you should pay attention to the thoroughness of the processing of the seams and high-quality accessories. Most well-known manufacturers do not use plastic zippers and other elements – only metal ones.

Another important point on how to choose the right bag is the number of additional external and internal pockets.For business people, it is advisable to purchase more capacious models in which you can carry not only a laptop, a mouse, but also various papers. Travel models may have compartments for keys, documents, camera, phone, charger.

AZUR air | Baggage and hand luggage

Transportation of animals and birds is carried out by prior agreement with the Airline, as well as with the permission of the countries of arrival or transit for international flights.

Questions of the rules for the carriage of animals or birds on international flights are governed by the legislation of the state of entry, exit, transit. For more information, we recommend contacting the consulate of the country that is the point of exit, entry or transit.

You should agree on the transportation of an animal or bird with the tour operator when booking or purchasing a tour.

You can get acquainted with the tariffs for this service here.

With the permission of the Airline, it is allowed to transport animals in the cabin of the aircraft. Pets weighing no more than 8 kg (taking into account the weight of the container for transportation and dimensions of no more than 115 cm in three dimensions) are accepted for carriage in the cabin. The airline has the right to refuse carriage of an animal in the aircraft cabin, if this carriage has not been agreed in advance.

Animals over 8 kg are transported only in the luggage compartment in a cage.

When transporting a pet (bird) in the aircraft cabin or in the aircraft hold, it must be placed in a packing container (cage or basket) of sufficient size with air access (with the exception of guide dogs). The bottom of the container (cage or basket) must be waterproof and covered with absorbent material. Bird cages should be covered with a dense, opaque cloth. The sum of three dimensions of the container / cage when transporting an animal in the aircraft cabin should not exceed 115 cm, and when transporting in the baggage and cargo hold – 203 cm.The container for carrying animals (birds) must have carrying handles.

You must take care of your pet yourself during the trip, feed, water and take care of him in a timely manner. Remember that airlines are not responsible for the health of your pet.

Guide dogs accompanying blind / deaf passengers are transported in the aircraft cabin free of charge in excess of the established free baggage allowance, if there is a document confirming the special training of a guide dog of appropriate training, and a certificate from the veterinary service, provided that such a dog there is a collar and muzzle.They are located in the back rows of the passenger compartment and must be tied to the owner’s seat at his feet. The dog must be notified in advance.

Required documents:

A passenger accompanying an animal (bird) during transportation on the Airline’s flights must have and submit, upon registration of a passenger ticket, valid documents (certificates) on the health of the animal (bird) issued by the competent health authorities, as well as an export, import and transit permit for international air transportation.

Documents issued only by state veterinary hospitals within 5 days from the date of issue and before the start of transportation, sale, storage are recognized as valid. For transportation of an animal by air, an anti-rabies vaccination must be made no earlier than a year and no later than a month before transportation.

We recommend that passengers traveling with pets arrive at the airport of departure well in advance, no later than 2 hours before the departure of the flight to complete all formalities.

Before registering, you need to go through veterinary control by contacting the Veterinary Control Service of the airport of departure.

For more information on the transportation of animals, please contact the veterinary control service at the airport of departure.

How to choose a laptop bag?

Every third family in the modern world has a laptop on the table.Often, a laptop is not personal, but a family property, and it does not move anywhere from its place. But if a laptop is your personal means of rest or work, then, one way or another, you sometimes take it with you, while really wanting it to last longer. For the safety of the laptop and its convenient transportation, a bag-case for it can become your indispensable assistant.

The purpose of laptop bags is as varied as their range. These are backpacks with special compartments for travelers, which allow you to carry a lot of personal items with you, except for a laptop; and business cases, which will certainly form part of your official image; and light bright bags with a shoulder strap, which are sure to appeal to lovely ladies.As for the materials of bags, their choice is also wide: leather, nylon, plastic, aluminum, suede.

In order to choose a laptop bag, you need to pay attention to several parameters.

Bag type

Deciding on the type of bag for your laptop is very simple by answering the questions: “What is your lifestyle? Where do you take your laptop with you? ” Most often, we travel with a laptop within the same city, so the most popular option are bags with a cross-body shoulder strap and a pair of regular handles.In such bags, it is easy to carry a laptop over short distances, they do not interfere with public transport, throwing the bag over your shoulder, you free your hands. In addition, the color range of such bags is the widest, and you can easily find the one that suits you.

Business laptop bag in classic design made of genuine leather is an ideal option, allowing you to come with it both to business meetings and meetings with friends. It borders on the convenience of a business case, but, unfortunately, it looks confident only in the hands of a strong half of humanity.

Folders are also convenient for a business person, the only purpose of which is to carry a laptop from one place to another. They will provide the necessary protection against scratches, but not impact.

Backpacks will appeal to lovers of an active lifestyle, in addition, now there are “urban” backpacks, which include a laptop compartment, small shapes and bright sports colors.

When choosing the type of bag, remember – the main thing is that it is convenient for you!

Laptop bag dimensions

This is the most important parameter that you should pay attention to after you have decided on the type of bag.The size of your future laptop bag depends on the size of the screen diagonal, it usually ranges from 10 to 18 inches.

When buying a laptop, you probably paid attention to this parameter. But if the laptop was bought a long time ago, and the bag was needed only now, then you can determine the diagonal:

  • picking up a regular ruler. We measure the screen size diagonally and remember the math lessons at school: 1 inch = 2.54 cm. Using simple calculations, we get the desired size.
  • without a ruler by looking at the laptop specifications in the manual or on the box. There is also an option for the laziest: you can just turn the laptop over, see the full model name and google its diagonal. And then look at this table and find the size you want.

It should be borne in mind that usually bags with the specified characteristic “for 15-inch laptops” are suitable for both 14- and 16-inch laptops.The laptop should fit easily into the bag and, preferably, be secured with special straps inside. This will provide complete protection from scratches, so you do not need to choose a bag that is oversized.

Manufacturers make bags with a small margin to make the laptop easy to reach. If you are going to carry a charger, a mouse, folders with documents and other things in addition to a laptop with you, choose a bag with a large number of compartments.

Bag material

The quality of protection of the laptop from scratches and bumps, as well as its weight, depends on the correctly chosen material of the bag.

The best material for bags for this purpose is genuine leather. It allows the bag to “breathe” and you can wear it any time of the year. In addition, such a bag is waterproof, which is also one of the main factors when choosing a bag. Leather bags are versatile, making them a great option for frequent and daily wear. These bags look formal and elegant, suitable for both businessmen and business women.

Hard plastic and aluminum cases provide the best impact protection.But their disadvantage is the extra weight in the hand. Black briefcases and briefcases can resemble small suitcases, which will become relevant for lovers of retro style.

Nylon or polyester bags are the lightest in weight and are also great for everyday use. The textile bags have a special waterproof coating to protect your laptop from rain.

In our shop Mister Vollet there are bags made of genuine leather, which are distinguished by an unsurpassed finish and quality of tailoring.These bags are durable and will reliably protect your laptop.

In addition, for lovers of a bright and unobtrusive style, we present to your attention textile bags with colored finishing.

Finishing quality

The quality of the finish must be impeccable. The seams on the bag should be perfectly stitched, the sides should be sealed. There should be no plastic fasteners or locks on the bag – such recklessness can cost your laptop your life.


It’s great, of course, to buy a laptop bag from the same company that made it, but such bags are usually much more expensive. Bags from fashionable well-known brands will not necessarily become comfortable for you. The most optimal choice will be a bag, matched to your needs and hobbies, so do not rush to make a choice.

We hope our tips have helped you decide which laptop bag to use. Or maybe our special section will help with this?

90,000 Luggage

Questions and Answers

Can I bring a coat, towel or blanket into the cabin?

Yes, you can bring the following personal items on board free of charge: a coat or blanket, a mobile phone, books and magazines to read during the flight, goods from duty-free shops, meals during the flight for children under two years old, a pair of crutches for passengers with physical disabilities.

{{$ t (‘faq-close’)}}

What will happen to my suitcase on wheels if it is sent to the hold due to operational restrictions?

The suitcase on wheels will be sent to the luggage compartment free of charge and you can collect it on the luggage belt at the destination airport.

{{$ t (‘faq-close’)}}

Can I take one piece of hand luggage no more than 40 x 30 x 20 cm into the aircraft cabin without the WIZZ Priority service? Is there a weight limit for small carry-on baggage?

You can take hand luggage up to 40 x 30 x 20 cm and weigh up to 10 kg into the aircraft cabin without the WIZZ Priority service.Such luggage must fit under the seat in the front.

{{$ t (‘faq-close’)}}

What if my carry-on bag (40 x 30 x 20 cm) does not fit in the luggage meter?

If a passenger has not booked the WIZZ Priority service and their carry-on baggage is larger than 40 x 30 x 20 cm, they must pay EUR 25 (excess baggage fee) at the gate.If your carry-on baggage does not exceed 55 x 40 x 23 cm, you can take it on board, provided it can be stowed away in the overhead bin. If there is no room, carry-on baggage will be sent to the hold. Before that, passengers will be able to pick up their personal belongings.

{{$ t (‘faq-close’)}}

What if I have WIZZ Priority but my wheeled suitcase (55 x 40 x 23 cm) does not fit in the luggage meter?

If the suitcase on wheels weighs more than 10 kg or exceeds the standard dimensions (55 x 40 x 23 cm), the passenger must pay an excess baggage surcharge of EUR 60 at the gate.The suitcase will be sent to the hold.

{{$ t (‘faq-close’)}}

Can I take a handbag instead of a backpack?

Yes, each passenger is entitled to take on board one piece of hand luggage up to 40 x 30 x 20 cm (for example, laptop bag, handbag or small backpack) free of charge. Such luggage stows away under the seat in the front.

{{$ t (‘faq-close’)}}

How can I pay for baggage over the Internet?

If you need more space, add checked baggage to your booking by paying the applicable fee. You can add up to three pieces of checked baggage online and three more at the airport. Please note that a passenger can only have one type of baggage per flight (for example, one piece of baggage x 10 kg, two pieces of baggage x 20 kg each, three pieces of baggage x 32 kg each).

{{$ t (‘faq-close’)}}

Can I bring an extra piece of carry-on baggage if I am traveling with an infant?

Yes, an adult traveling with an infant can take on board an additional piece of carry-on baggage (40 x 30 x 20 cm).

{{$ t (‘faq-close’)}}

If I add the WIZZ Priority service, do you guarantee that I can take my carry-on luggage and wheeled suitcase into the cabin for the duration of the flight? Is it possible that my baggage will not be accepted?

If you have purchased the WIZZ Priority service (or the WIZZ GO or WIZZ Plus package), your carry-on baggage (40 x 30 x 20 cm) and suitcase on wheels (55 x 40 x 23 cm; not necessarily on wheels, but in accordance with the allowed size and weight) will be accepted for carriage in the cabin.Baggage may not be accepted only due to exceeding operational limits.

{{$ t (‘faq-close’)}}

If I do not add WIZZ Priority to my booking, how can I take medicines, documents and money on the plane? Can I additionally take a small bag or wallet with me?

All passengers are entitled to take on board one piece of hand luggage (40 x 30 x 20 cm) with personal belongings free of charge.We recommend that you remove your essentials from your checked baggage and take them with you to the cabin.

{{$ t (‘faq-close’)}}

What if WIZZ Priority is no longer available?

In this case, you can choose one of three options: purchase the package at the time of booking, add checked baggage to the application, or take only small carry-on baggage (40 x 30 x 20 cm) with you.Passengers who have not booked additional services can take one piece of hand luggage (40 x 30 x 20 cm) into the aircraft cabin free of charge.

{{$ t (‘faq-close’)}}

Where is carry-on baggage (40 x 30 x 20 cm) stowed away on board the aircraft?

Carry-on baggage must be stowed away under the seat in the front or on the top shelf if there is room left after boarding.

{{$ t (‘faq-close’)}}

How many pieces of baggage can I check in?

You can check in up to six pieces of baggage.

There is a fee for each one: three units can be paid online, and the rest at a higher rate at the airport. You can add additional pieces of baggage to your booking request on the website, in the app or via the Wizz Air Call Center.Please note that a passenger can only have one type of baggage per flight (for example, one piece of baggage x 10 kg, two pieces of baggage x 20 kg each, three pieces of baggage x 32 kg each).

{{$ t (‘faq-close’)}}

Will the baggage fee be refunded if I check in less baggage than I paid for?

If you check in less baggage than you paid for, the baggage fee will not be refunded.

{{$ t (‘faq-close’)}}

How can I pay for additional pieces of baggage if a booking has already been made?

You can add baggage to your booking request on our website or via the Wizz Air Call Center. Please note that you may need to pay an additional fee to the ground handling agent when checking in your baggage at the airport.The exact information on these fees can be obtained from the airport.

{{$ t (‘faq-close’)}}

Is checked baggage included in my ticket price?

Checked baggage is not included in the Basic fare, but is included in the WIZZ GO and WIZZ Plus packages.

{{$ t (‘faq-close’)}}

I have booked a piece of baggage weighing up to 32 kg.Can I add luggage up to 20 kg to it? How to do it?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to check in two different types of baggage. But you can add one more piece of heavy luggage.

{{$ t (‘faq-close’)}}

In addition to carry-on luggage, can I bring something else, such as a laptop bag?

No.Each passenger has the right to take on board one piece of hand luggage no more than 40 x 30 x 20 cm free of charge.

The WIZZ Priority service gives the right to take on board hand luggage (40 x 30 x 20 cm) and an additional suitcase on wheels (55 x 40 x 23 cm; not necessarily on wheels, but according to the permitted size and weight). The service can be purchased separately or as part of the WIZZ Privilege Pass, WIZZ GO or WIZZ Plus. You are guaranteed to be able to take both pieces of baggage into the cabin, as long as it does not contradict operational restrictions.

All passengers are advised to take essential items (such as personal hygiene products, passports and other documents) and valuables such as jewelry, telephones, cameras, etc. into the cabin.

Laptops and portable electronic devices should be taken with them to the salon.

{{$ t (‘faq-close’)}}

Is it possible that my carry-on baggage will not be accepted for carriage in the aircraft cabin?

Passengers can take on board one piece of carry-on baggage (40 x 30 x 20 cm) free of charge, which is carried in the cabin and stowed under the front seat.

The WIZZ Priority service entitles you to take on board your carry-on baggage (40 x 30 x 20 cm) and an extra wheeled suitcase (55 x 40 x 23 cm; not necessarily on wheels, but according to the size and weight allowed) free of charge. The service can be purchased separately or as part of the WIZZ Privilege Pass, WIZZ GO or WIZZ Plus. You are guaranteed to be able to take both pieces of baggage into the cabin, if it is permissible from the point of view of operational restrictions.

All passengers are advised to take essential items (such as personal hygiene products, passports and other documents) and valuables, such as jewelry, telephones, cameras, etc., into the cabin.d.

{{$ t (‘faq-close’)}}

After my carry-on baggage was sent to the hold, my personal items (medicine, jewelry, laptop) were missing or damaged. Can I get compensation? Will the conditions of carriage of checked baggage be taken into account in this case?

If your carry-on baggage has been stolen or damaged after it was sent to the hold, you can report it at the drop-off counter or at the baggage retrieval counter.We do not compensate for valuables (items not allowed in the hold) such as jewelry or laptops. We recommend that you do not check these items in your luggage, but take them with you to the salon.

{{$ t (‘faq-close’)}}

What if the suitcase containing my food is sent to the hold?

Snacks and drinks are sold on board, but if you want to take your food with you, we recommend that you remove the food from your suitcase before placing it in the hold.

{{$ t (‘faq-close’)}}

Can I carry liquids in my carry-on baggage?

Liquids are allowed for carriage in carry-on baggage only subject to the following restrictions established by law:

  • the liquid must be in containers with a volume of not more than 100 ml, while the total volume must not exceed 1 liter;
  • All containers must fit freely in a transparent, tight-fitting plastic bag measuring 20 x 20 cm.
  • This plastic bag must be shown separately to security personnel.

All fluids that do not meet the above requirements will be seized by airport security personnel during screening.

{{$ t (‘faq-close’)}}

How do I carry medicines?

All passengers are advised to take essential items (for example, personal hygiene products and medicines) into the cabin.If your carry-on baggage is checked-in baggage, you can take your personal items to the cabin without purchasing the WIZZ Priority service.

Medicines in liquid form must meet the safety requirements for carrying liquids on board. When bringing essential medicines (such as insulin), be sure to bring a medical certificate stating that you cannot do without this medicine. You may be asked to present it at airport security.

Please note that the crew will not be able to keep your medicines cool.

{{$ t (‘faq-close’)}}

Can I take my pet on a Wizz Air flight?

We do not allow any animals to be transported, except for guide dogs traveling with the owner. To take a guide dog with you, you must have documents with you, drawn up in accordance with the requirements of the legislation of the countries of departure, destination and intermediate stops.The owner of the dog is responsible for observing all the necessary conditions.

Emotional Support Animals are not permitted on Wizz Air.

Please note: if you intend to bring your assistance dog, please let us know via the Wizz Air Call Center.

{{$ t (‘faq-close’)}}

How to transport fragile items (for example, dishes) or items of irregular shape or size?

If you intend to transport non-standard items, please contact the Wizz Air Call Center at the time of booking.Such items will only be accepted for carriage with our permission.

If you do not report the carriage of items with non-standard characteristics, we may refuse carriage or disclaim responsibility for the loss, destruction, damage and delay in the release of such baggage.

For a list of unacceptable items, see the General Conditions of Carriage (section 14.3).

{{$ t (‘faq-close’)}}

What should I do if my baggage is damaged during transportation?

Complete the damage report on arrival without leaving the transit area.Return damaged items for repair and take a receipt. We will reimburse repair costs based on this check.

If the damage cannot be repaired, ask the repair shop for written confirmation stating the type and value of your belongings in your luggage. Follow the instructions that you will receive when you issue the deed at the counter at the airport.

{{$ t (‘faq-close’)}}

What to do if your baggage is lost?

Without leaving the transit area, contact the employee at the baggage claim or search counter.Our ground handling agent will issue you with a delayed baggage claim. If necessary, you can file an insurance claim or claim based on it.

The certificate must indicate the value of the baggage. You will be given a special number, which must be indicated in any correspondence with us. Follow the instructions that you will be given at the airport when filling out the form.

{{$ t (‘faq-close’)}}

My belongings remained on board.Where can I go?

Immediately contact the lost and found office of the airport of departure and destination.

{{$ t (‘faq-close’)}}

Can I take valuables on board?

Yes, you can take them. If you decide not to sign up for WIZZ Priority and check in your carry-on baggage, bring your essentials (such as personal hygiene products, medicines, passports, and other documents) to the salon, as well as valuables such as jewelry, phones, cameras, etc.

The total size of all personal belongings must not exceed 40 x 30 x 20 cm.

{{$ t (‘faq-close’)}}

What if I only have a small bag? Can I take a backpack on board?

Passengers can carry one piece of carry-on baggage free of charge. Carry-on baggage less than 40 x 30 x 20 cm can be taken into the cabin, but must be stowed under the front seat.

{{$ t (‘faq-close’)}}

Can I take a small bag into the cabin if my carry-on baggage is checked in?

If you have not purchased the WIZZ Priority service and have checked in your carry-on baggage as checked baggage, you will not be allowed to take additional small carry-on baggage into the cabin. In such cases, we recommend that you collect essential items (such as personal hygiene products, medicines, passports and other documents) and valuables from your carry-on baggage, such as jewelry, phones, cameras, etc.The total size of all personal belongings must not exceed 40 x 30 x 20 cm.

{{$ t (‘faq-close’)}}

If I only bring carry-on baggage and check in online, do I still need to go to the check-in counter?

Yes. However, if you do not complete the WIZZ Priority service and your carry-on baggage size exceeds 40 x 30 x 20 cm, you will need to pay an additional fee at the check-in counter.In this case, you will pick up your carry-on baggage from the baggage belt at the arrival airport. Carry-on baggage less than 40 x 30 x 20 cm can be taken into the cabin, but must be stowed under the front seat.

{{$ t (‘faq-close’)}}

Can I bring my skiing or snowboarding equipment with me?

Yes, you can bring skiing or snowboarding equipment as checked baggage.In this case, an additional charge of EUR 30 per passenger will be charged for each piece of baggage per flight.

{{$ t (‘faq-close’)}}

Can I take two sets of equipment with me at once: for skiing and snowboarding?

No, you can only take one set of sports equipment per passenger per flight.

{{$ t (‘faq-close’)}}

Can I bring skiing and snowboarding equipment without packaging?

No, skiing and snowboarding equipment must be packed in special bags or covers.Please note that we do not provide packaging materials.

{{$ t (‘faq-close’)}}

Can you guarantee that my sports equipment will definitely be approved for carriage?

No. Unfortunately, the number of places for sports equipment is limited. We recommend that you indicate this category of baggage immediately when making a booking request.

{{$ t (‘faq-close’)}}

What if my skiing or snowboarding equipment is damaged after the flight?

We are not responsible for damage to fragile items during transportation. Baggage containing such items must be carried as checked baggage with a limited liability tag.

{{$ t (‘faq-close’)}}

Can I add skiing or snowboarding equipment after making a reservation?

Yes, you can add such equipment to the application up to three hours before departure via the Internet or the Wizz Air Call Center.Please note that Wizz Air Call Center will charge additional service charges. Such fees are non-refundable.

{{$ t (‘faq-close’)}}

What kind of sports equipment can I take with me?

You can take one set or unit of the following sports equipment:

  • Equipment for skiing or snowboarding.
  • Bicycle packed in a special transport bag (wheels and pedals must be removed and handlebars turned parallel to the bike body). A bike with flat tires can be packed in a cardboard box.
  • Golf equipment.
  • Diving equipment, provided that the following requirements are met:

o the diving cylinder is empty;

o the pressure in the cylinder is equal to atmospheric;

o power source or bulb removed from lamp;

o The lamp switch is fixed in the off position.

  • Jumping poles packed in fabric bags. Max. dimensions:

o width – 0.25 m;

o height – 0.25 m;

o length – 5.309 m.

  • Surfing and windsurfing equipment.

OTHER TYPES of sports equipment not listed above require a special permit from Wizz Air. To get it, please call our Call Center no later than 72 hours before departure.

Unless otherwise stated, the dimensions of sports equipment must not exceed the following values:

  • width – 1.499 m;
  • height – 1.194 m;
  • length – 1.715 m.

The weight of the sports equipment must not exceed 32 kg.

{{$ t (‘faq-close’)}}

Can I take a helmet, boots, etc. in addition to skis?

Yes, you can take a complete set of equipment, but it must be packed in one bag for transportation. The maximum weight is 32 kg, the dimensions are not limited. Unpacked equipment is not allowed for transportation.

{{$ t (‘faq-close’)}}

Can I take an avalanche backpack with me?

Yes, you can take your avalanche backpack with you to the cabin or check it in the hold, but this baggage cannot be checked in as sports equipment. Please note that size restrictions apply for carry-on and checked baggage. More information can be found here: https: // / ru-ru / informatsiya-i-uslugi / informatsiya-o-poezdke / bagazh # /. When transporting the avalanche backpack, the following conditions must be observed:

  • The compressed air cylinder may only be transported if it is filled with non-flammable gas.
  • Carbon dioxide and helium are allowed for carriage.
  • The electric fan can be taken with you if the type and capacity of the battery meet our requirements. You can read about the shipping of lithium-ion batteries here: https: // / ru-ru / informatsiya-i-uslugi / informatsiya-o-poezdke / bagazh # /.
{{$ t (‘faq-close’)}}

What are the maximum dimensions for items carried on board when purchasing an extra seat?

If you have purchased an extra seat, you can take on board an item no larger than 66 x 44 x 75 or 18 x 48 x 117 cm. The exact size depends on the shape (prism, cone, cylinder, ellipsoid).You can call our Information Center to find out the permissible sizes.

Before traveling, we recommend that you contact the airport of departure and receive a final confirmation that the item you have chosen will be allowed to be checked by the security service. The fact is that in relation to some things there may be special restrictions (for example, related to appearance, packaging or size), according to which you may need additional agreements with the airport administration to conduct security checks.

{{$ t (‘faq-close’)}} 90,000 Best Travel Laptop Backpacks & Briefcases of 2020 – China-Phone.Info

Laptops are abandoned when traveling. Between the TSA, preparing for additional pre-flight work, and jumping in overhead storage, having the right bag is imperative. It is also convenient to have a bag in which you can easily place your laptop for security purposes. So what should you look for in a laptop bag?

Ideally you want something protective, with additional compartments for organizing and storing accessories.You also want something that suits your personal style and is easy to transport. The waterproof material won’t hurt either. Check out our list below to find the perfect laptop travel bag including backpacks and briefcases.



There is a good reason why travelers love Tortuga bags. They are well built from high-strength and weather-resistant fabrics and have a comfortable shape. The new Tortuga Setout series, which we have used on almost all of our travels lately, has become our favorite.The Setout Backpack not only can hold a 17-inch laptop and accessories, but it also has a ton of room for clothes. In fact, it meets the carry-on size requirements, but can hold clothes for a week if you pack it properly.

There are also many additional pockets for accessories, and a hip strap helps to distribute weight evenly when the bag is fully loaded (it also has a compartment for things you need to access frequently, such as your phone or passport).From interior padding to zip closure, the Setout feels surprisingly strong. For techies traveling from their suitcases, Setout is perfect. For short trips, the Setout also comes in a smaller size called the Setout Divide ($ 179). No clothes? Tortuga has a Laptop Backpack ($ 125) that features all the best qualities of other Tortuga Setout bags minus the extra space.

Backpack Hynes Eagle 38L

This Weekender Polyester Backpack is one of the best short-haul options we’ve seen, with pockets and straps for everything you need, whether you’re on a pro travel filled with electronics or join friends for a quick excursion.It has a top handle, side handle and adjustable, concealable shoulder straps, no matter how you want to hold them, as well as two sets of compression straps to secure all your items – and of course, it’s designed to fit into aircraft overhead bays without any hassle. … The laptop bag is housed in a spacious front organizer and fits 15 “and ultra-slim 17” laptop models. The bag also comes with handy packing cubes that allow you to divide your main space into different compartments.

Osprey Ozone Duplex

Ozone Duplex is like two bags. One, called the Daypack, has padded storage for a laptop and tablet, as well as other essentials. The luggage bag, which is attached to the top of the backpack, provides space for clothes and other equipment. The idea is that when you get to your destination, you can detach and leave your luggage bag in your room while the Daypack functions like a regular backpack. The cargo bag also has a separate shoulder strap if you wish to carry each separately.However, the Osprey Ozone is gender specific – there are two versions, one for men (duplex 65) and one for women (duplex 60). Either way, if you tend to carry two bags, Ozone Duplex is a great two-in-one solution.

Everki Titan

Titanium is a colossal backpack that can hold an 18.4-inch laptop. This makes it ideal for those with a large gaming laptop who travels frequently. In addition, the bag has several large compartments, so you can store many things, including accessories for laptops and other devices (tablets, PDAs, etc.)Etc.). The tablet pocket is even lined with felt, making it secure for any screen.

While such a large backpack may seem terrible for safety, the Titan opens 180 degrees so it can easily move through the sorting machine. The innovative package design also makes it easy to navigate the compartments and grip the specific device you want at any time. It might not be the right choice for every consumer, but those with giant laptops and an assortment of gadgets will appreciate Titan’s plentiful pockets and smart organization.

Timbuk2 Collective Festival

We love a good bag. But if we are given a lot of volume, we will use every inch of it, and this is not very good for the weight. If you want to pack light – just technical stuff please – or need a second, smaller bag to accompany your bag or carry-on, we recommend using the Timbuk2 Collective Festival. It has room for a 13-inch laptop, a few accessories, and a change of clothes. The bag and straps are also made of durable materials.As the name suggests, it is intended for festival goers. So the laptop pocket can be used to moisturize the bladder, it comes with a rain poncho that does a double function; it keeps your bag dry and can be used as a blanket.

SwissGear SA9998

This Swiss Gear model is the perfect package for traveling around the world while keeping your laptop safe. Includes a padded laptop sleeve for storing laptops up to 15 inches.It also has room for pretty much everything else, including office supplies, water bottles, a change of clothes, toiletries, and so on. Padded shoulder straps keep the pack easy, while the higher grade ballistic nylon surface prepares the backpack for more rugged conditions when needed. If your definition of travel is ambitious and you need a backpack to keep up, this Swiss Gear is worth checking out!

Mancro Waterproof Laptop Bag

Simple, affordable and ideal for rainy cities, this Mancro bag fits laptops up to 17 inches and comes with a built-in USB charging port.There are also over 10 compartments to accommodate tablets, phones, chargers, folders, clothes, water bottles and anything else you might need on the go. The design strikes a pleasant space, making this bag suitable for a business meeting, fairs, school and everything in between. If you’ve been trying to find an inexpensive laptop bag that still has all the features you need for a busy life / travel plan, you can’t go wrong with the Mancro’s waterproof option.


Lodis Accessories Audrey Brer Briefcase with Laptop Pocket

For those of you interested in style, it’s not much better than this elite shoulder bag that features a padded laptop compartment, five easily accessible card slots and plenty of pockets to store phones, notebooks, cosmetics and whatever else you need. may be needed while traveling.Note that the device and card pockets are also RFID protected to prevent unauthorized connections. The shoulder strap is removable so you can wear it however you want. Other shades available include red and toffee.

Alienware Vindicator 17 ″ Mobile Briefcase

Using the same design cues and emblematic logo as Alienware gaming laptops and desktops, Vindicator can accommodate 18-inch Alienware laptop and other models with ease.The bag has a compartment for easy access, as well as another one with ample space to store all your play gear and equipment. It’s perfect for travelers heading to E3, PAX, Comic-Con, or any gaming convention. Mobile Edge also makes a bunch of other checkpoint-friendly bags (he calls them ScanFast) for different users other than gamers.

Tumi Alpha 3 T-Pass Notebook Medium Brief

Superior elegance for the business traveler, the Tumi Alpha 3 opens and folds to pass through checkpoint scanners.Alpha-3 is also made from Tumi’s FXT ballistic nylon, which is durable yet soft. Features include a padded laptop compartment, removable padded shoulder strap and a waterproof-lined external U-Zip pocket.

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