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Summer is the season of travel and while some vacations are for rest and relaxation, others are for exploration and discovery. If you are headed off on an expedition, especially of a vast region like Europe or Asia, you will be covering large distances and will want to travel light. A great pen and travel notebook are a fantastic way to record your thoughts, do some doodles, and record all those addresses and train schedules while on the move. We’ve got a selection of perfect portable pens, notebooks, and ink that will fit into your backpack and budget.When living out of a backpack you’ll want items that have the following qualities:

  • durable
  • lightweight
  • easy to refill (cartridges)
  • affordable
  • reliable
  • simple


Pilot Varsity 

  • Inexpensive
  • Durable
  • Disposable
  • Writes well
  • Variety of color options
  • $3 each or comes in a pack of 7 for $21


Midori Traveler’s Notebook – Brown (Passport Size)
  • Made to fit an actual passport, hence the name!
  • Can serve as a passport cover
  • Keep all the info you need in your pocket, name and address of next hostel, train schedule, etc
  • Keep your money in the zippered pocket- it doesn’t look like a wallet so less likely to be stolen
  • Leather is very durable
  • Very respectable paper quality
  • $50.
Carry your pen with you! No rummaging through that jumbled bottom of that backpack for a pen.
  • Keeps your pen right with your notebook
  • Matches the rest of the notebook
  • Fits Kaweco okay, Varsity and Poquito fit better
  • $14.40
  • Tickets, train passes, hotel keys (the plastic kind) can all go into this one place.
  • Made to fit the passport
  • $6.40
  • Strap in any number of accessories you need
  • Put different types of notebooks in there (blank, lined, graph)
  • Skip the bands and just use the elastic on the notebook
  • $4.20



  • Dot grid
  • Great for quick notes, non-permanent things
  • Small, durable cover
  • Paper quality is awesome
  • $3


Clairefontaine Basic Notebooks
  • Alternative to full-on Midori Traveler’s Notebook
  • Clairefontaine paper is fantastic, durable craft covers
  • $7 for a 2 pack


Standard International Cartridges

  • durable
  • lightweight
  • easy to find locally
  • variety of colors/brands
  • standard size across brands
  • easy to use
Brands that have Standard International cartridges:

Ziplock bags

  • Snack bags for pens & ink cartridges
  • Bigger ones are good for notebooks

We hope you enjoyed the video and our selection! Are you taking a backpacking trip this summer? What will you be taking with you?

Write on,

The Goulet Pen Company Team 

The Best Pens for Durable Office and Travel Use

* A good fountain pen tends to leave a lasting impression
* Great to keep at the office or for use on the go
* From swanky to stylish, check out these awesome pens

Although we live in an age where we take notes on our phones and send emails through our computers, you simply can’t deny the appeal of a well-made fountain pen.

Whether you save it for special occasions (think wedding guestbook or signing the contract on a big deal) or you keep it as an accessory on your desk, a good pen tends to make a statement. That’s why we’ve rounded up the eight best pens for everyday use.

1. JinHao 250 Stainless Steel Gold Trim Fountain Pen

This stainless steel fountain pen features a classic style with an above average design. Elegant gold trim mixed with the sleek metallic build create a timeless look. Plus, the refillable cartridge works with most standard inks. Note that this pen does not come with its own ink cartridge.

Image courtesy of Amazon
JinHao 250 Stainless Steel Gold Trim Fountain Pen


2. Pilot MR Retro Pop Collection Fountain Pen

Sporting a fun, retro style, this fountain pen features a sturdy brass barrel and a stainless steel tip. Dipped in a premium matte finish, you’re able to choose from a variety of bright, popping colors to suit your needs. The refillable ink cartridge works with Pilot or Namiki brand inks.

Image courtesy of Amazon
Pilot MR Retro Pop Collection Fountain Pen


3. Kaizhonglai Gel Roller Pen With Gift Box

The sleek design makes this roller pen easy to grip and even easier to refill. With an aluminum and copper build, this pen has a welcome heft to it. More than that, it comes with a host of accessories, including a gift box, two refillable black ink cartridges and a flannelette bag. What more could you ask for?

Image courtesy of Amazon
Kaizhonglai Gel Roller Pen With Gift Box


4. Drawiger Classic Stainless Steel

What sets the Drawiger apart from other pens is its elegantly designed barrel, which provides extra balance and helps you write more comfortably. Add to that the extra fine 0.5mm micro point and stainless steel barrel and you have yourself one incredibly comfy pen that’s a perfect placeholder for any occasion.

Image courtesy of Amazon
Drawiger Classic Stainless Steel


5. Leedemore Natural Handcrafted Rosewood Fountain Pen

Each Leedemore fountain pen is beautifully handcrafted with rosewood, making it both lightweight and corrosion-resistant. Featuring an elegant 0.55mm nib and an extremely comfortable grip, this pen makes a great gift or a great centerpiece. And unlike other fountain pens, this one draws ink directly from the bottle, which helps prevent smears and smudges.

Image courtesy of Amazon
Leedemore Handcrafted Rosewood Fountain Pen


6. Pilot Metropolitan Collection Fountain Pen

This super sleek fountain pen comes in three classy colors and features an extremely high-quality stainless steel nib. With a sturdy build and an extra comfortable base, each pen comes with a Pilot ink cartridge and a Pilot Press Plate Converter. If you fancy this fountain pen, the same company also offers gel rollers and ball point pens.

Image courtesy of Amazon
Pilot Metropolitan Collection Fountain Pen


7. Wordsworth & Bläck Luxury Fountain Pen

This is one seriously suave fountain pen. The timeless design features a 0.5mm nib that sports some incredibly intricate design work. Designed for both left and right-handed writers, the pen itself was made to work smoothly on all types of paper. Each pen comes with an ink converter and stylish gift pouch.

Image courtesy of Amazon


8. Dryden Luxury Bamboo Fountain Pen & Gift Case

Expertly handcrafted and beautifully packaged, this fountain pen is sure to leave a lasting impression. The high-quality bamboo materials mixed with gold-plated accents really help this pen pop, but where this pen really shines is in its weight distribution.

Compatible with standard-sized ink cartridges, this pen also comes with a refillable ink converter.

Image courtesy of Amazon
Dryden Luxury Bamboo Fountain Pen & Gift Case

If you buy something because we told you about it, we may receive compensation from retail partners.

Have Pen, Will Travel by Ruth McNally Barshaw

Ellie McDougal (better known to her friends as Ellie Mc”Doodle” because she loves to draw) is a nearly-twelve-year-old prisoner…of her aunt, uncle, three annoying cousins, and her baby brother, Ben-Ben.

Sentenced to a week-long camping trip with them while her parents are out of town, Ellie is absolutely, positively determined to hate every single minute of the experience. Thank goodness she at least has her sketch journal, in which she records all the excruciating (and okay, very funny) details.

Mosquito bites and trips to the Fred Moose museum she can handle.

But how will she keep her journal from falling into Erick the Enemy’s hands? And what will happen when – gasp – she actually starts having fun?

Part graphic novel, part confessional journal, part wilderness survival guide, Ellie’s story is a treat for young campers, vacationers, or anyone looking for a great summer read.

Ellie McDougal (better known to her friends as Ellie Mc”Doodle” because she loves to draw) is a nearly-twelve-year-old prisoner…of her aunt, uncle, three annoying cousins, and her baby brother, Ben-Ben.

Sentenced to a week-long camping trip with them while her parents are out of town, Ellie is absolutely, positively determined to hate every single minute of the experience. Thank goodness she at least has her sketch journal, in which she records all the excruciating (and okay, very funny) details.

Mosquito bites and trips to the Fred Moose museum she can handle. But how will she keep her journal from falling into Erick the Enemy’s hands? And what will happen when – gasp – she actually starts having fun?

Part graphic novel, part confessional journal, part wilderness survival guide, Ellie’s story is a treat for young campers, vacationers, or anyone looking for a great summer read.

The Best Fountain Pens for Travel – PEBBLE STATIONERY CO.

In my job, I’ve had a lot of opportunities to travel for work, sometimes interstate and sometimes overseas. Each time I’ve taken fountain pens with me to use whilst travelling, because I find them a joy to use and much less strain on my wrist when writing. However, I always attach a stigma to travelling with fountain pens – mainly because I’m clumsy and forgetful I’m always paranoid I will drop/break my pens or lose them when I travel. My preference is also for a converter (or piston filler) pen and to use ink (from bottles, not cartridges) mainly because I want the experience to be most similar to my normal writing experience. So, my key criteria are for fountain pens for travelling are:

Sturdy – they have to be able to take any knocks and drops that I might subject them to

  • Easily Replaceable, less than ~$150 – if I leave them at a hotel or airport, I want to be able to easily replace them – so no limited editions or difficult to replace Nakayas/Namikis
  • Great writing experience – nothing cheap and nasty – I still want to enjoy my writing experience
  • Reliable nib and ink filling experience – nothing that burps ink and skips/hard starts. I don’t have the patience to try and fix it in en route.
  • Large ink capacity (preferable) – if I can avoid having to refill, then that’s great, but not essential
  • Pull off cap (preferable – at least one pen) – preferable for quick notes, but not essential


1. Pilot Metropolitan

At about $20-30, this pen has a great nib, a high capacity (ish) converter and a sturdy brass pen body, this is arguably my top pick for a travel fountain pen – especially for short trips. If I lose this or drop it, it’s cheap and easy to replace (they are even at the local Officeworks (Office supply store)). Usually, if I travel with more than one pen, this is the one I keep in my handbag that goes with me everywhere for that very reason.


Runner up – Pilot Prera/Kakuno – the Pilot Prera and Kakuno are runner ups in this category. The Prera is a bit more expensive and the Kakuno is a little cheaper, but both have the same nib as the Metropolitan. I have both so if my Metropolitan is dirty or inked with something else, I will take one of these instead. Runner up status is mostly due to its plastic body over the Metropolitan’s brass body.


2. Platinum 3776

For longer trips, I need a nib that incites more excitement out of the writing experience. The Platinum 3776 is one of my top picks here because the nibs are fantastic – a poorer cousin of the Nakaya nibs – very similar experience but the nibs aren’t quite as consistent out of the box. The other bonus is the slip and seal technology which keeps the ink fresh and the cap area airtight. I feel somehow that this prevents leaks on the plane (not sure if that’s just my thinking though).


3. Faber Castell – Loom, Ondoro, Ambition

Similar to the Platinum 3776 pens, I love the feel of the Faber Castell nibs. They provide that tiny little bit of feedback that you would be familiar with if you’ve tried the Platinum, Nakaya or Jowo nibs, which I absolutely love. The lower priced “design” fountain pens (like the Loom and the basic) uses the same nib as the higher end Ondoro and Ambition versions, so there is a range to choose from if you don’t want to pay for the more expensive models. The Loom, Ondoro and Ambition versions all have pull off caps and another big plus is that they fit standard international cartridges if you need more ink during your travels.


4. Pilot Custom 74 (or 91)

The Pilot Custom 74/91 both use the same nib and (I think) are essentially the same pen, except one has a flat top and the other has a round top. I have the 74 and the great thing about this pen is the Con-70 converter ink capacity, at about 1mL. The only downside in my mind, is the nib is springy and can lay down a lot of ink as a result, which means longer drying times, especially on my beloved Tomoe River Paper.


5. Lamy Safari/Lamy Al Star

The Lamy Safari and Al Star (and for that matter Scala and Studio) also make for good travel pens. Lamy is pretty widely known and readily available in most cities that I’ve visited at least, so if you run out of ink, you can top up with cartridges if need be. It’s a little lower down on my list as the diameter is a little large on the Safari and Al Star so they don’t fit in my This is Ground Leatherback and I find the nibs to be quite inconsistent out of the box.


End note 


I love my TWSBI’s – the standard editions are easily replaceable, the nibs perform consistently and write really well and the ink capacity is huge! However, I’ve had TWSBI’s crack on me when I use them and while their customer service is good (they will replace the part for you free of charge, you just pay postage) I don’t want to have to deal with a broken pen while I’m travelling, so they are a no go for me whilst travelling.

Pilot Vanishing Point

The Pilot Vanishing Point is an obvious choice due to the convenience of the click mechanism and its reasonable price point. The only reason it typically doesn’t make my suitcase is that the filler hole is really high up on the nib, so if I need to pack ink to go with it, I need to make sure that the vial is really full and the converter has a very small capacity. Having said that you could always just use cartridges.


Faber-Castell Connector Pen Travel Suitcase of 40

The colouring pen that’s also a constructional toy is now available in a Travel Suitcase. Contains 40 different colours of connectable felt-tip colouring pens, 6 Connector clips and a ‘passport’. The perfect gift for kids who love to colour or draw.

The pen caps clip to each other so are easy to keep together. Bright ink colours are water-based and coloured with food dyes, so can be easily washed out of most fabrics. The extra pen clips allow you to make your pens into all sorts of imaginative shapes.

Additional Information
Product Code:FC74502
Advance Mechanism:Capped
Ink Type:Liquid Ink
Refill Type:Disposable
Tip Material:Plastic or Fibre
Tip Type:Porous

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International deliveries vary in cost, so you’ll need to add the items you want to your basket, and enter the checkout to see the options for delivery. Prices and payment methods will reflect your country, and many countries have all taxes and duties included to make things easier and more predictable.

Orders over 2kg

For all orders outside the UK, heavy orders may cost more to send, but the shipping cost will be displayed in the checkout before you commit.

More Information

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Business Reading Pen Machine Learning Educational World Travel Toys

11 Languages ​​Business Reading Pen Worldwide Travel Business Reading Pen

Business Reading Pen is a multifunctional pen that provides multi-language, rich content, practical functions. It can also read aloud when you point to a printed page. He can be your good academic assistant, your guide and your business partner.It is an indispensable tool for traveling abroad!

Pen for learning 11 languages: a good companion for traveling around the world.

No matter where and when you are, you can use it. When you don’t understand others, you can refer to this reading pen and audiobook. When you don’t know how to express yourself, you can refer to this reading pen and audiobook … Languages ​​are optional, we can add any language you need.

11 languages ​​for your option:












Your language


1. MP3


2. Listening, reading, repetition, translation function

3. Energy saving ——- Automatically turns off when no operation for about 5 minutes

4. Customize the content as you like, you can use it as a language learning machine or as a guide, mp3 player or translator, etc.

OEM / ODM Service

1. You simply select the forms and books, and we will complete all the work according to your requirements (include the client’s logo and corporate information on the pens and books).Any language can also be made.

2. If you have your own books, you can choose one of two ways: one – you provide us with your design and voice, we will add codes for the books and compile the data. We both can print books.

Another way is that we provide you with our software and training for adding codes and composing data. You do all the work yourself. We just make the handles for you.

There is a pen, there will be a journey | Fashion translation | Articles | Pechorin.

There is a handle, there will be a trip

(translated from English by Polina Polezhaeva: Simon Van Booy, Have pen, will travel, Writer’s Digest, July / August 2020, pp. 36-38)

Travel can be one of the main sources of inspiration for a writer. Bestselling author Simon Van Boy tells how travel around the world breathed life into his writing.

In one of her poems, the poet Anne Michaels wrote: “… if you do not live in the country where you were born, then your life is history. ”

Another favorite writer of mine, Samuel Beckett, spent most of his life not in his native Ireland, but in France, where over time he began to write works in French.

A significant part of Vladimir Nabokov’s life was spent in the United States, where he taught at Wellesley College, until he received American citizenship. His best novel, Lolita, published in 1955, was written in the United States.

Emily Dickinson and Emily Brontë barely, but nevertheless, left their home, and I am sure that travel, exile, or just the desire to escape from the familiar and familiar world deeply affects the writer and his work. I am also sure that none of my twelve novels would have seen the light of day if it had not been for those strange, completely random, sometimes unpleasant, and sometimes intimate meetings that happened to me in different parts of the world.

As far as my experience can tell, when the author is visited by inspiration, the work is successful.Once, a couple of months after meeting my future wife, we started our summer vacation. She refused my offer to go somewhere for a month or two.

– What about the job? She asked.

“Well,” I replied. – I don’t know how flexible your schedule is, but for a writer a full-fledged vacation is an important job.

The words sounded as stupid then as they sound now. But believe me, this is pure truth. In the end, we got together on three weeks: the first we spent in Paris, and then we went to the French villages – that’s when the idea of ​​the novel The Illusion of Disunity came to me (and along with the image of the main character, Mr. Hugo).It happened like this: my wife and I were walking along the Bridge of Arts, which was completely hung with locks – lovers for years clinging them to its fences. I remember leaning over the railing and staring into the water. The Seine has been a source of inspiration for me for many years: for example, the story “Little Birds” from “The Secret Life of Lovers” I wrote in Paris in a little over two weeks, which I spent there with friends.

For a few moments I gazed at the whimsically swirling waves, and then a man sleeping on the shore caught my eye.He was a disheveled gentleman (possibly homeless) with a strange, twisted head. I immediately felt deep compassion and love for this person, as if some part of me recognized him. It was like the child I was in a past life saw in him as a father or a beloved uncle.

Of course, I did not know this man. But he touched my heart so much that it became obvious that I had to tell his story. I felt I had to do it. I’m sure I’m not the only writer who is inspired to a new job by a sudden explosion of empathy for another person.Often, when I tell his story, I am imbued with sincere love, although in fact I do not know anything about him. It may sound strange, but as I write, indifference to others gives way to a sense of connectedness. I think this feeling is also conveyed to the reader.

For example, Charles Dickens, who championed the rights of children and described the tragic stories of their lives in the novels “Great Expectations” and “Oliver Twist”, managed to make a significant impact on the reading community. Perhaps the powers that be did pay attention to Dickens’s ideas.

In my experience, empathy is the foundation of many literary masterpieces, and it is not about belittling a character, but a great opportunity for the reader to understand what life is like in someone else’s shoes. Empathy is the path to a better, just world. As Mark Twain said: “Travel is destructive to prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness, and that is why people need it so desperately. It is impossible to acquire broad, healthy and merciful views on people and things, huddled in one tiny corner of the earth for life. “

Paris will later appear as a separate hero in Father’s Day (2016). The novel takes place both in the French capital and in a seedy working-class town on Long Island. After reading this book, I wanted the reader to feel that even the ugliest place can be beautiful if love lives in it. Therefore, in the novel, all the sights of Paris stand side by side with different parts of Long Island. This neighborhood raises the question: can a place be considered beautiful only because of its past?

An impressive part of the story in this book takes place in the garden of Versailles.Once I was wandering there with my wife and daughter, and an interesting thought occurred to me: after all, the palace of the French king is not at all a symbol of prosperity. This is a symbol of poverty, since all this wealth was acquired at the expense of his people. Versailles may indeed be an architectural wonder, but socially it is one of the ugliest buildings in the world. I still love this corner of Paris, but the tension I felt during the family outing gave me an idea of ​​the contradictory settings on Father’s Day.

If you are not familiar with this novel, do not be sad, it has not gained much popularity.Although, judging by the letters from readers, it turned out to be very important for them: someone wrote that Father’s Day helped him to forgive and understand his alcoholic parent, someone said that he was finally able to forgive himself. Therefore, I think this is one of my best books: always remember that the goal of any writer is not profit, but truth.

Travel is a fertile ground for a writer. And the point is not only that the author is in an unfamiliar place, among unfamiliar buildings, smells and sounds – the point is also that during your travels you do not worry about whether your daughter had lunch when she has to visit the dentist. and whether you removed the plates from the dishwasher.

I absolutely agree with Joyce Carol Oates, who believes that the main enemy of the modern writer is the inability to concentrate. It takes all your attention to write a brilliant or just a good book, and it now and then jumps to other people’s photos, in which someone is eating brownies. Even if you have a sweet tooth, this daily continuous visual noise can simply ruin the writer in you. Unplug your phone or set aside fifteen minutes for social media every night, otherwise your thinking and creativity will forever remain at the level of the sandbox.

And – travel. Spend the weekend at least in the neighboring town, which you can reach by car. Get out of your comfort zone, forget about the internet, open up to people and perhaps their weirdness – you will get more than you can imagine – both as a writer and as a person.

Official site of the Tourist Cashback Program

Not an offer. The coordinator is the Federal Agency for Tourism. The operator for the payment (return of part of the cost of the tourist service) is NSPK JSC.To receive a cashback before paying for a tourist service, you must register in the loyalty program of the Mir payment system on the website

In accordance with the Rules of the Operator’s promotion “Promotion of affordable domestic tourist trips through reimbursement of a part of the cost of paid tourist services under the Loyalty Program for Mir cardholders”: the period of purchase of tourist services is from 00:01 16.06.2021 to 23:59 31.08. 2021 (Moscow time), subject to the start of the trip 01.10.2021 and its end until 24.12.2021 The amount of the payment is 20% of the cost of the paid tourist service, but not more than 20,000 rubles for one purchase.

In accordance with the Rules of the Operator’s action “Stimulating affordable domestic tourist trips in organizing children’s recreation and their recovery through reimbursement of a part of the cost of paid tourist services under the Loyalty Program for Mir cardholders: the period of purchasing tourist services from 00:01 on 05/25/2021 until 23:59 on 31.08.2021 (Moscow time), subject to the end of the trip by 15.09.2021. The amount of the payment is 50% of the cost of the paid tourist service, but not more than 20,000 rubles for one purchase.

1. Decree of June 11, 2021 No. 906 “On approval of the Rules for the implementation in 2021 from the federal budget of one-time social payments to citizens in order to partially compensate for the costs associated with payment for tourist services in organizations for the recreation of children and their recovery”

2. Order of June 11, 2021 No. 1576-r “On the allocation of budgetary funds to Rosturizm for the implementation of one-time social payments to citizens in order to partially compensate for costs”

3.Decree of March 13, 2021 No. 360 “On Amendments to the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 1200 of August 10, 2020”

4. Order of March 13, 2021 No. 590-r “On Amendments to the Order of the Federal Agency on tourism of August 11, 2020 No. 240-Pr-20 “On the establishment of the list of constituent entities of the Russian Federation, in the territories of which the tourist service is provided, the timing of its provision, as well as on the determination of the period of payment for the cost of the tourist service” “

5.Order of March 16, No. 80-Pr-21 “On the establishment of the list of constituent entities of the Russian Federation, on the territories of which the tourist service is provided, the terms of its provision, as well as on the determination of the period of payment for the cost of the tourist service”

6. Resolution of May 19, 2021 No. No. 759 “On approval of the Rules for the provision of subsidies from the federal budget to the National System of Payment Cards Joint Stock Company in 2021 for the implementation of a program to support affordable domestic tourist trips in organizing children’s recreation and their recovery through reimbursement of part of the cost of paid tourist services”

7.Order dated May 21, 2021 No. 187-Pr21 “On determining the period of payment for the cost of tourist services and establishing the list of constituent entities of the Russian Federation on whose territory the tourist service is provided”

8. Order dated June 11, 2021 No. 219-Pr21 “On the establishment of a list of constituent entities of the Russian Federation, in whose territories the tourist service is provided, the timing of its provision, as well as the determination of the period of payment for the cost of the tourist service “

90,000 museums, art sites, design blocks and entertainment for children


Dubai is a place that can offer the tourist literally everything – from sunny beaches and shopping to a rich cultural program. Artists from all over the world are exhibited in galleries in the emirate, the Dubai Opera poster is replete with bright shows, and the annual Art Dubai exhibition has established itself as the largest art event in the Middle East. Along with this, Dubai is also rich in museums that will allow you to travel not only to the past of the emirate, but also to its future.We have compiled for you a selection of interesting cultural sites in Dubai. Save to bookmarks!


To understand where Dubai began, visit the Dubai Museum. It is located in the oldest building in the city – in the Al Fahidi Fort, built in 1787.

Today this building would be called multifunctional: the fortress defended, served as the residence of the rulers, and was also a prison and a place for storing an arsenal of weapons.

In the 70s, Al Fahidi Fort received the status of a museum. Now colorful installations tell the story of the history, industries and cultural heritage of Dubai before the beginning of the oil age.

Continue your journey through Dubai’s past at the Al Shindahga Museum on the shores of Dubai Creek. It will definitely appeal to those who love interactive museums.

Dubai Creek: Birth of a City is a multimedia exhibit featuring interactive videos, historical photographs and artifacts that tell the history of the region.

By the way, we recommend purchasing a complex ticket to both museums. The ticket will cost 40 dirhams and is available both at the box office and on the official website.

To immerse yourself in the traditions of the emirate and taste authentic cuisine, visit the Sheikh Mohammed Center for Cultural Understanding (SMCCU). It is located in the historic Al Fahidi district in an old mansion with a wind tower.

SMCCU regularly hosts events dedicated to the study of the cultural heritage of Dubai.Visiting the cultural center is very popular among tourists, so we recommend planning your visit in advance.

Find out more about the modern history of Dubai at the Etihad Museum located in the Jumeirah area. The museum is divided into several interactive zones. The Etihad Museum also has a library, education center, exhibition hall and restaurant.

Acquaintance with the Etihad Museum will also be interesting for fans of architecture – an unusual building is a unique exhibit in itself.The curved roof symbolizes the page of the constitution, and the seven columns represent the handles with which it was signed. The location of the museum was also not chosen by chance – in 1971 Union House stood on this place, where the UAE constitution was signed.


Now we will orientate the places for those who like contemporary art and art projects. For design and creativity, we go to the Design Quarter, or d3 for short.This is a creative urban space, home to design studios, stylish cafes, restaurants, galleries, souvenir shops and showrooms.

Throughout the year, d3 hosts creative workshops such as calligraphy and collage, and in November, d3’s main event, the Dubai Deisgn Week, is held. Every year Dubai Deisgn Week brings together creative people from all over the world. The program includes installations, opening talks, workshops and creative entertainment for visitors of all ages.

For creative inspiration, we go to the Al Quoz area, which emerged on the site of former industrial warehouses. The art epicenter here is the Alserkal Avenue complex, which houses modern art galleries, trendy cafes and the independent cinema Cinema Akil. Alserkal Avenue hosts seminars, discussions, film screenings and festivals all year round.

In addition to renowned galleries such as Carbon 12 Dubai, Isabelle Van den Eynde Gallery and Green, Alserkal Avenue is home to Dubai’s first private contemporary art museum, the Salsali Private Museum.

We also recommend visiting the Jameel Arts Center, one of Dubai’s most creative independent art venues. The three-story project by London-based architecture firm Serie Architects is already being hailed as Dubai’s new cultural hub. It hosts many interesting exhibitions, seminars and lectures. There are several levels of gallery space inside, and a sculpture park in the adjacent territory.


The largest digital art gallery in the Arabian Gulf opened at The Dubai Mall this summer.The immersive exhibition Infinity des Lumières spans over 3,000 square meters, where world-renowned masterpieces of art come to life around the viewer.

The captivating performance includes over 3 thousand images that literally surround the viewer. Among the works are paintings by Van Gogh, Monet, Chagall, Dali, as well as works of Japanese painting of the 19th century.


If children are bored with museums and exhibitions, it doesn’t matter – we share ideas on how to diversify family leisure in Dubai.On the list of unusual children’s entertainment is the interactive game museum OliOli.

It got its name from the Hawaiian word Oli, which means joy. Two floors of interactive entertainment will awaken children’s curiosity, imagination and interest in the world around them. The museum features eight thematic zones: “Air”, “Water”, “Toshi’s Web”, “Creative Laboratory”, “Park of the Future”, “Fortress”, “Gallery for Kids” and “Cars and Ramps”.

In total, OliOli has over 40 interactive objects! And we can assure you that this is not only fun, but also rewarding – experts in the field of child psychology and education took part in the development of the experimental play space OliOli.

An equally exciting adventure awaits adults and children in the Museum of Illusions. The largest exposition in the world is presented in Dubai!

There are 80 objects here – optical illusions, holograms and mirrors to touch and take pictures with which it is very much even allowed.

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