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Pentel Tradio Stylo Fountain Pen Black TRJ50

The Pentel Tradio is essentially a luxury refillable version of the old Tetras Stylo (now discontinued), which is itself was an evolution of the classic Fountain Pentel, which is still available. The Tradio features the same flexible delta nib, double-sided with firm or flexible response, and which adapts to the writer’s style.
Supplied with a black refill.

Additional Information
Product Code:PN04593
Advance Mechanism:Capped
Ink Type:Liquid Ink
Item Colour:Black
Refill Type:Refillable
Tip Material:Plastic or Fibre
Tip Type:Porous

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Pentel Tradio Fountain Pen Review

As I removed the cap on the Pentel Tradio Fountain Pen I was surprised by the appearance of the nib.  My eyesight is not quite what it used to be, too many hours sitting in front of computer monitors, but the tip of this pen was just not what I expected to see.  The nib was miniscule, at a close look I could draw a comparison with an arrow.

The Pentel Tradio is a liquid ink filled cartridge pen.  Pentel claim the nib gives a firm feel one side and is flexible on the other.  It’s ergonomically designed, a term that’s often used these days, derived from the greek words ergon nomoi, translated to work & law.  What this basically means I’ve learned, is that it reduces any problems that may arise from writers cramp & can help unfortunate sufferers of conditions like arthritis or carpel tunnel syndrome.  Simply put, ergonomics is the science of making things comfy & easy to live with.

Not being an expert on fountain pens, I found the writing experience here less challenging than some of the traditional FP’s I have reviewed.  The Tradio was comfortable to hold & I discovered a bolder line could be produced with a turn to the left, a lighter touch to the right & the text appeared finer & lighter in colour.  Unfortunately it was not something I could reproduce with ease & therefore may not be noticeable in my writing sample!

To conclude, I found this to be an intriguing pen to review.  The stylish black matt finish on the barrel & chunky cap was subtle, as was the slick grey logo placed just below one of the indentations that act as a window to the nib.  The Pentel Tradio is one of those pens that could quite easily blend into any situation, not tacky, certainly not garish & well balanced.  In my opinion the translucent grip section spoiled the appearance somewhat, I’d have preferred to see a contrasting shade of black or grey, although appreciate that it displays the ink level.

This pen is refillable with MLJ20 refills, cartridges are available in black & blue & apparently are removed & replaced by a quick twist of the barrel, if I have one criticism this wasn’t my experience, try as I might I couldn’t remove it.  Maybe I’m just a wimp, but I asked a friend to no avail.

On a side note, the Pentel Tradio is an updated version of the classic Fountain Pentel which is still available and is one of our recommended fountain pen alternatives.

P.S. There is a video on the Pentel web site of a superb lion being created before your eyes & one of the pens the artist was using was a Tradio Fountain Pen. This was drawn by the artist Igor Lukyanov and you can also see it here on his blog.

Pentel Tradio Pulaman & Stylo “Fountain Pens”

What a throwback! This writing sample was done in my old Behance Dot Grid Journal. I switched to Rhodia Dot Blocs because I was too cheap to cough up $24 for a new Behance Dot Grid Journal when I filled the old one up, plus I already owned several Rhodia Dot Blocs.

Time to write the Tradio review that I thought I’d already done. The  nomenclature of these two pens is screwy from top to bottom; I think the Pentel policy is to arbitrarily switch what is called the Tradio Pulaman and what is called the Stylo on a regular basis in accordance with some arcane and esoteric ritual. The black, refillable Tradio I have is called Tradio PulaMan; for 50 cents more you can get what, according to JetPens, is the exact same pen, but called Tradio Stylo. Meanwhile, the disposable brown model I have says “Pentel Stylo” on the clip; JetPens’ disposable is called and labeled “Pentel PulaMan.”

One of these things is significantly cooler-looking than the other

The disposable is a very simple, retro sort of design, while the refillable model is a much more modern and attractive affair. Basically, everything I said about the Tradio TRF100 design, minus the black pearl coating. This black is a nice, solid-feeling matte black.

These are not so much “grips” as just the sections where you grab the pen…not exactly much went into the grippability aspect of the grip

The smoky translucent grip of the refillable gives something of a clue to the biggest baffling mystery of the naming of these two pens: clearly you can see a feed in there. But rollerballs also have feeds; that doesn’t magically make them fountain pens.

Maybe they’re like cocoa nibs? Maybe that was the “nib” they meant?

This is what they’re calling a nib, such that these things may be called fountain pens. But I don’t think they’re fountain pens any more than a chimpanzee can be said to be a human. They’re similar, they’ve got a common ancestor, but you are dealing with two different branches on the tree. This is some kind of chisel-tip thing, some sort of hard-tip brush or marker-like thing. There is this plastic assembly where the felt/marker/brush tip comes out through the middle…if I were to describe it in terms of a fountain pen, I’d say imagine a nib made of plastic, and instead of a breather hole and slit replace that with some kind of long thin felt marker strip connected to the feed and then devolve into sheer madness and that’s about what it’s like.

Their common ancestor was probably the quill pen

So how do they write? The refillable is leaps and bounds better than the disposable. The disposable is scratchy, catches on the page, and creates little splatters of ink (you can see some in the writing sample). The refillable is much better, but takes way too long to dry. My hand is a mess. This handwritten review is a mess.

Look at this mess. Mess on my hand, mess on the paper. Slow-drying is an understatement

But maybe it’s more of an art pen.

Moleskine sketchbook paper, the only paper that absorbs & distorts pretty much anything you put on it

More suited to smaller drawings, I think, but maybe I’m too baffled by the false fountain pen-ness of it to truly appreciate its use.


The disposable is a bust. The refillable is something worthwhile, but with slow drying times is not a lefty-friendly pen. I may use its rich black ink to draw, but I won’t be using it to write

Pentel Tradio Pulaman Fountain Pen – Black Body – Black Ink at JetPens

Pentel Tradio Stylo Fountain Pen – Black Body – Black Ink – Allegedly identical to the above linked pen but costs 50 cents more??? at JetPens

Pentel Pulaman JM20 Disposable Fountain Pen – Brown Body at JetPens (same as the pen I have here that has Stylo on its clip)

Like this:

Like Loading…


Pentel TRF91 Tradio Fountain Pen Review — The Pen Addict

Can expectations get in the way of a product review? I think the answer is yes, but I try not to let any preconceived notions jump onto the page and screen. I do try to be honest about my true feelings for a product though, whether good or bad. So, my honest, preconceived thoughts of the Pentel TRF91 Tradio Fountain Pen before reviewing it? I thought it would be terrible.

That is one of the reasons it took so long for me to order it – I didn’t want it to be a waste of money. I did like the looks of it, and was generally happy with the similar Pentel Tradio EnerGel Combo Pen, so I bit the bullet and bought one. And you know what? It is better than I expected.

What we have here is a true entry level pen. There are six barrel color choices but only one nib option – medium. It is made to be used with both short and long international cartridges so you could probably find a compatible converter as well. The design is comfortable with just enough style points to set it above more run of the mill pens.

The surprise factor with the Pentel Tradio Fountain Pen is the nib. I don’t have many other M nibs to compare it to, but this one is unbelievably smooth. I think this is what fountain pen people refer to as “glassy” – there is little to no friction or feedback when the nib hits the page. It is as smooth of a writer as you can get.

The one gotcha with the Tradio is when posting the cap. It goes on firmly, or so it seems, but as you write it works its way up the barrel until it is loose. The Tradio Energel did the exact same thing. If you write with the cap posted this might be an annoyance.

Will the Tradio Fountain Pen move ahead of the Lamy Safari as one of the best entry level fountain pens? No, and it is not even close. The Safari offers way too many options to ignore. But the Tradio can hold its own performance-wise, and if you are searching for a good looking, good performing entry level fountain pen you could do much worse.

Pentel Tradio Pen Review – OfficeSupplyGeek

The sleek black body of the Pentel Tradio

Back in April I was going to do a review of the Pentel Tradio, but I misplaced it and then the next day The Pen Addict did his review so I didnt want to double up and go back to back so I put the pen aside for a rainy day.  With a rain delay holding up the start of the Yankee game, I figured this would be my “rainy day” although Im in NJ and the game is being played in Chicago. 🙂  I picked this up

from Writers Bloc for $8, and as a full disclosure, there was no special discount or consideration given to me for the review.

The Pentel Tradio cap with window

Before you even remove the cap from the Tradio, you notice the small window at the top of the pen that allows you to see the unique point on this pen.  The little window is clear and appears on both sides of the cap, and is a nice little touch on the almost entirely black body.  The “Tradio” logo is also spelled out on the cap in a light gray, which I think is nice instead of a stark white on black look.

Close up of the Pentel Tradio tip

Once you remove the cap from the Tradio, you can see the unique shape and make up of the tip that we were just peering at through the window on the cap.  Its kind of a half diamond shape tip that is made of a bock of felt, similar to a highlighter tip, but much thinner.  The section of the pen that holds the felt tip also serves as an indicator of the color of ink, which is important since it is your only indicator and the ink is refillable.

Breakdown of the Pentel Tradio and its components

So speaking of the refillable nature of this pen, the above photo shows each of the three components: cap, cartridge, and body.  The cartridge which I mentioned comes in red, blue, and black is simple and quick to change and can be changed pretty quickly by twisting it in or out.  For a better picture of the refills, you can see them on the Writers Bloc site here.

Writing sample of the Pentel Tradio on Levenger paper

With all of the description about the pen itself out of the way, lets take a look at the writing sample above.  The pen itself is very comfortable in the hand and it is fairly light for a pen of this thickness.   Once you start to put pen to paper you can really pick up on the unique way that this pen writes.  The felt nib has a bit of a flex to it, and that in combination with the chiseled shape of the nib, you can get position the pen and use different degrees of pressure to get lines of varying thickness.  As with most felt tip pens, this one does show a significant bit of bleed through so I wouldn’t suggest writing on both sides of a page with it, but the bright vivid blue color of the ink is pretty nice.

If you take a close look at the writing sample you can see one of the things about this pen that was kind of a surprise to me, which is that it creates a bit of spray on the paper.  I think I was able to isolate the reason for this spray of ink, but in order to avoid it completely I have to slow down my natural writing speed and focus intently on holding the pen in a way that doesn’t give that “against the grain” feeling.  This pen wouldn’t work well for me for taking notes, but in terms of using it for sketching or writing something short like labels on tabs I think it would be fine.  Not a bad pen, not a great pen, but I think that it definitely has its place if you have a specific writing or office task in mind.

©2021, Brian Greene. All rights reserved.

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[Pen/Pencil Review] The Pentel Tradio Stylo Fountain Pen – Black Body – Blue Ink – Rhonda Eudaly

Posted by reudaly on February 13, 2012 in Review, writing instruments | ∞

Hey, look…it’s Monday again. That means it’s time to come up with a pen review! I still have a couple from around Christmas that I haven’t reviewed yet – amazing how things get away from us. So…this week is the Pentel Tradio Stylo Fountain Pen – Black Body – Blue Ink. Wow, that is a mouthful, isn’t it.

This is an interesting pen because the name is both accurate and not. It’s only available online in the US – as far as I can tell. I got mine from I bought the blue for me and the black for my husband. The Tradio Stylo runs a bit expensive at first – because you’re buying the barrel and refill. The Tradio has a “standard” black plastic body with a clear plastic window in the cap. Then you’re adding a blue, black, or red “refill which is the ink reservoir, the grip, and the nib all in one. The first round is $9.50 on JetPens, but the refills alone are $4.00.

What’s somewhat inaccurate is to call it a “fountain” pen. It’s not. It’s a felt/porous tip marker like pen. The tip is chiseled like a fountain pen nib, but it’s not a metal nib. It’s not listed with the fountain pens, which at least categorizes it correctly in JetPens. It’s kind of like the disposable calligraphy pens you can get in office and art supply stores for scrapbooks. It does have liquid ink in the reservoir, but I wouldn’t try to refill the reservoir – it’s all one piece. And the reservoir is LARGE, so it’ll write quite a while before it runs out of ink. The color of the ink is rich, but it can speckle if you press hard on scratchy paper, and it does SOUND scratchy.

The Tradio is comfortable to write with. It’s just over 5.5″ capped and just under 6.5″ with the cap posted. It is a ‘medium’ diameter to me – which mean it’s not a slender pen that makes my hand cramp to hold on to it, nor is it bulky. And I haven’t destroyed the nib YET, so it’s a fairly tough porous point nib, but the nib DOES bend.

Since I’m pressed for time today… straight on to the grading…
1. How does it work?.5 – it works well for long-term use, the grip is comfortable, but I’m afraid I’m going to destroy the porous point nib before I run out of ink. Though the ink doesn’t feather, it can speckle/spray on rough paper if you’re not careful.
2. Grip and feel1 – the grip is comfortable. The pen design is meant for long use. The cap posts and seats firmly. There’s no doubt that the cap is secure on the pen. It’s a good length and diameter.
3. Material.5 it’s a solid plastic, but completely plastic. It’s also designed for refilling, so the plastic has to be durable. The nib bends in the refill. I don’t know how long the cap clip with hold up.
4. Overall Design1 – I do like the design. It feels good and comfortable. I’ve gone back to it a few times and found it hard to put down when I start writing with it. You can see the color you’re using. It doesn’t leak. It’s a solid pen
5. Price Point0.5 – if you’re looking for a cheap felt/porous point calligraphy pen, this isn’t it. If you’re thinking it’s a traditional fountain pen. This isn’t it. The initial outlay is kind of pricy for a porous point pen, but it’s a barrel and refill rolled into one at first. The refills may seem pricy, but for the amount of ink in the reservoir, it might even out.

I give it a 3.5 of 5 bronze pencils.

Tags: felt tip, fountain pen, pens, Pentel, Porous Point, Tradio Stylo

Calligraphy fountain pen “Tradio”, Pentel

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Latypov is accused of large-scale fraud, gross violation of order and resistance to the police. He was an activist in the so-called Square of Change, a courtyard in the north of Minsk that became a gathering point for protesters against the results of the country’s presidential elections in the summer of 2020.

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At a court hearing on Tuesday, Latypov said that he spent 51 days in a “press-hut” – a cell where prisoners, at the suggestion of the administration, create unbearable conditions of detention by their cellmates.

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The activist was taken to the hospital unconscious.

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