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As cliché as it sounds, Toy Tag started out as an idea. An idea to house the best, most awesome toys and games and everything else fun, all under one roof. It’s tiring to scour all over for these items in their respective categories, you know. Be it the most cutting-edge gadgetry, the most delightful kid toy, the most stimulating educational game or the most tactical board games, we wanted them all available at one pit stop: which is TOYTAG as you know today.  

The products that we carry undergo a STRINGENT testing process involving chemical reactions, lab coats and maybe a few explosions.

We’re kidding, but we do scour the world over (and we think we’re pretty thorough) for the hottest new products, and if they’re awesome enough, you’ll see it at TOYTAG! Sometimes, our lovely customers such as yourself are also kind enough to notify us of these products. <3

In addition, we won’t forget ‘old’ (they NEVER get old truthfully), tried and tested classics as well. It’s all, well, Play, at its Finest!

Ahhh. You love shopping online; nothing beats kicking back over the couch on your laptop, browsing through some of the hottest new arrivals at

But there comes an item that you’d really really like to see and check out in person before buying. Bummer! And wait, all these products look too darn good… WHICH SHOULD I GET FOR that birthday gift??

That’s why at TOYTAG, we operate both online and retail; we invite you to visit our retail store, where you can get a look and hands-on feel at the products you love! What’s more, have our knowledgeable toy coaches teach you that new game you’ve bought but are clueless about, or have them recommend you a game for that party you’re going to next weekend. Either way, we guarantee that your visit to TOYTAG will be a fun-filled and enjoyable experience.

Beyond all this, our vision is to inspire a culture of creativity and innovation, all by allowing people to rediscover the fun in toys. In all seriousness, lives can become a mindless routine of all work and no play; and where’s the fun in that? That’s where we really hope to make a difference: by injecting fun back into every facet of your lives. It worked wonders for us, and we hope to do the same for all you guys out there. That’s our ultimate goal.

Sustainable & Creative Kids Toys Online in Singapore

Just like our namesake, the Sea Apple tree that grows on the shorelines of Singapore, we believe that simple and analogue toys help children to learn and grow best. With so many kids toy options available on the market today, we have put together a thoughtfully curated online selection of well-made and sustainable toys that we believe are best to make childhood memories with. Play better with these beloved toy brands listed below.

Snuggle Up with a Steiff Soft Toy

Start with the gold standard in soft toy brands. We are proud to carry Steiff, which was founded in 1880 and the company that invented the first ever Teddy Bear. While Steiff is a cult favourite among toy collectors in Singapore and around the world for their prized handmade collectible bears, they also produce a cuddly range of kids soft toys that we carry here at Sea Apple. This range is made with the same commitment to quality and craftmanship that Steiff is famed for, and every toy is instantly recognisable by its trademark yellow “Button in Ear” tag. Shop online for familiar friends like animals, rabbits, or teddies to more unique options like brontosauruses and unicorns.

Reimagine the Real World through Play with Plan Toys’ Eco-Friendly Wooden Toys

For wooden toys, Plan Toys is an eco-friendly and sustainable kids toy brand that we love. Carried both online and at our flagship store in Singapore, Plan Toys’ wooden toys are beautifully made, sustainable, and are high quality with a great price point. We love that they are packaged without plastic, and are manufactured from old rubber trees in Thailand, which is just a stone’s throw away from Singapore.

Recycled Plastic Toys with Green Toys

Help save plastic waste from going to the landfill with these 100% recycled toys made in the US from recycled milk jugs. Green Toys are the type of toys we love at Sea Apple – a simply superior plastic kids toy that is 100% sustainable, 100% safe and tested, and not at all about battery power and blinking lights. Instead, these toys get kids on the ground, with full on imaginative play. Green Toys are also beautifully packaged without plastic in recyclable cardboard printed with minimal colors using soy ink. And we think they come at a great price point too.

Foster Creativity through Play with Our Selection of Quality Kids Toys

Our entire online selection of kids toys enjoys free delivery in Singapore when you spend a minimum of $70. If you are shopping for someone else, consider our gifting options to make your present extra special.

STEM Toys Singapore | Curiosity Shop | Science Toys for Kids Singapore

Let’s Explore Kits – Perfect for Curious Kids

Let’s Explore Kits put the fun in learning and let children carry out exciting science experiments at home or school, with family, teachers and friends. In line with the MOE
Science Syllabus
, these kits adopt the inquiry-based approach to learning science that is central to the science curriculum framework.

Accompanying each kit is a well-illustrated Young Science Explorer Guidebook with step-by-step information to help children conduct the experiments. Parents and teachers can help facilitate the experiments with the support of the Facilitator’s Guide.

Air Kit Air is invisible – but it is all around us! It serves many purposes in life – for example, the air keeps fire burning while moving air powers windmills. Learn about the importance of air and its functions with the new ‘Let’s
Explore’ Air Kit.
Simple Machine Kit Use this simple machine to change the direction as well as the strength of a force. Try out the activities in this kit and learn how different machines can help you expand your force through pushing or pulling.
Electricity Kit In a fun and challenging way, this kit guides you in understanding electric circuits and what affects the current flow. Learning about electricity can be electrifying and illuminating!
Magnetism Kit Observe how magnets behave and interact with other materials. You will learn about magnetism and the properties of magnets in a progressive, fun and challenging way.

Check out what’s inside the Let’s Explore Kits here!

My First Lab Kits – For Younger Curious Kids

These kits are scaled-down versions from the original Let’s Explore Kits, intended to nurture a passion for Science learning from a young age. 

Each kit comes with a basic set of components and an Instruction Guide, designed to give first hands-on experience to young learners on fundamental topics in Science. It excites children’s curiosity as they explore amazing Science facts in a fun
way and learn the skills that scientists use to study and make sense of the world around them.

My First Lab on Magnetism With the activities in this kit, children can understand what a magnet is, learn about magnetic poles, attraction and repulsion, and have fun with marble and ring magnets.
My First Lab on Electricity This kit gives meaning to the daily activities of turning on and off switches. Children can build simple circuits and switches, explore batteries and bulbs in series and parallel, and test for conductors and insulators.

Purchase these interesting kits at the Curiosity Shop or Lazada today!

For bulk purchase,

kindly place your order at [email protected]


Check out what’s inside our Let’s Explore Kits in our Unboxing Video!

Singapore Zoo, Singapore – “Zoo in Singapore.

Do not miss. »

I have been to Singapore 4 times and every time I could not help but go to the zoo. It seems that I saw everything at the zoo, but I have never been to Sentosa. Each time the choice between going to the zoo again or to Sentosa for the first time ended in a victory for the Zoo. Favorite Zoo. So in my next visit to Singapore in December 18, my only way there. Yes, tickets have risen in price, they cost 33 Singodolar, and a couple of years ago they cost about 25.Everything becomes more expensive. But Singapore has never been a cheap country. It’s easy to get there, there is so much information on the Internet. Of course it is better to take a bus from the metro. There are two options for how to get there, both from the bus stations.

Buses leave from here to the zoo.

Bus stations are directly built in from the metro. Wait for your bus and let’s go. Recommend, don’t go there on Saturday and Sunday. A lot of Singaporeans with children spend their weekends at the zoo. Believe me, once I got there on Saturday, it was a problem to leave and come, so many people. It is more comfortable, of course, to ride while sitting, the journey takes about 40 minutes, but a weekend trip will not give you the opportunity to find free seats guaranteed. In addition, if it is a weekend, you will have to stand in a very long queue for tickets, and then wander around the zoo among the huge crowds of people. Learned by this fact, I went on Wednesday and rode in a half-empty bus there and even sat and back. Having bought a ticket, first of all, go straight to the store, oh joy with air conditioning, with toys.There is a tradition to always buy a small toy with the words “Singapore Zoo” on it. The store is just a fluffy paradise for children, although I think that adults also get great pleasure from looking at and acquiring fur pleasures. I saw it myself, and what to hide, I, despite my far from pioneer age, belong to this category of adults.

Toy store

Having bought a charming spotted snake for 1 American dollar, it is strange, but the snake was on sale, and this is not so wasteful in Singapore, I was pleased with myself to stomp on. Well, then a delight for the eyes, soul and body. Because there are so many cooling spots along the way. Crocodiles, raccoons, elephants, tigers, deer, giant turtles, a large tribe of monkeys of all breeds and shades, and a beautiful territory that explodes consciousness with a riot of colors. For a long time I stood near a huge pool for a white bear, which was simply not to be found. Such a huge area of ​​this pool. They made him a real piece of the Arctic. I was so happy for him and wished our two white bears Sedov and Aurora from the Krasnoyarsk Zoo Roev Stream at least one-tenth of this territory.The open spaces for the bear are so huge that a kind of amphitheater has been made for people, where they can sit and wait for the moment when the bear deigns to wake up and at least swim. Not many are lucky, I was not lucky this time. He fell for an imitation of the Arctic mountain and categorically, in spite of everyone, slept.

White bear kingdom

The kingdom of the bear.

Of course, further to the beloved monkey tribe, but this is a favorite, provided they are in a cage, or well, very far from me.

It seems to be flirting.

I already have experience of bringing me to a heart attack.

Monkey family

Brought it from Bali and Kuala Lumpur. Long-nosed red-haired handsome noses have always attracted me. These are the ones where the males have big, just huge bellies. Males are extremely arrogant and despotic, distributing slaps and penduli to cubs and females to the left and to the right. Hands just itched to give him up and establish a semblance of justice.But, as they say, in a strange monastery with its own charter … here you would have to deal with people and learn to live in peace.

If I love someone from monkeys, then nosy


Further path to the crocodile terrarium. These living witnesses of dinosaurs really made me believe that they saw dinosaurs. Huge, enormous, imposing, staring at the people behind the glass. I never had any interest in crocodiles at all, but then I stuck to the glass and we looked at each other.And one more uncle in a wheelchair, who was brought up to the glass and he waited for a long time for the crocodile to turn to him. Taki turned at last.

Waiting for the crocodile to turn around

Here it is, eye to eye

Not to list all the animals that you can see, if there are children, then there is a special huge children’s town for them, where the fun just overflows. A huge aerarium for birds.Passing through the iron curtains, you will enter the world of birds and birds of all sizes and colors. They will get tangled under your feet, because this is their land, and you are guests here.

Mini deer. Less chicken.

For the life of me, I forgot who this handsome man with a banana is.

Of course, the equatorial location presupposes the richest flora. I want to touch everything, smell, take pictures and be sure to return for the fifth, tenth, hundredth time.Come here, seeing Singapore, you will preserve these memories for a lifetime, and you will also share your joy with family and friends for many many years. And good, happy memories are like medicine, sometimes it helps. At least, on the viscous frosty Russian evenings, opening the screen of your smartphone, iPad, computer, in the end, just a photo album, looking at these joyful photos, you will fight depression. Checked – works and helps. Finally, read an old Indian saying and you will have nothing to argue with.Just agree.

Thank you for your attention!

Only after the last tree has been cut down, only after the last river has been poisoned, only after the last fish has been caught, only then will you find that money cannot be eaten. An old Indian proverb.

Flights to Singapore (SIN) | Emirates Russia

Believe it or not today, Singapore once stopped only on the way to some other destination. Now everything has changed: this impressive city has become a bustling, vibrant metropolis and one of the most interesting tourist destinations in Asia.

Singapore boasts impressive pieces of architecture such as the Marina Bay Sands Hotel, a world renowned center for the local urban landscape. The rooftop of this building houses the highest infinity pool. Despite its modernity, the city is fraught with treasures of natural beauty. In the rock jungle, oases of greenery such as Gardens by the Bay and Singapore Botanic Gardens have been carefully preserved, as well as a wildlife island in the form of the Singapore Zoo.This zoo is considered one of the best in the world: animals here do not live in cages, but in extensive pens, where their natural habitat is reproduced. And among all this splendor, there are still reminders of the past – ancient temples and tea houses.

However, many travelers to Singapore seek primarily not a feast for the eyes, but a feast of taste. Few cities can match Singapore for culinary delights! Delicacies of the most diverse cuisines of the world – Malay, Indian, Chinese, European and Middle Eastern – await your attention here. Restaurants and cafes in Singapore cater to any budget. Celebrate a big life event at Jaan with a Michelin star, or refresh yourself with a bowl of cheap laksa noodles from a tray at Maxwell Road Food Court.

Having a snack, you want to look for entertainment further. There are plenty of bars and clubs in Singapore that don’t close until dawn. And in numerous hotels you can relax and unwind after a stormy night. Many hotels are attractions in themselves – for example, the old Raffles Singapore, where Alfred Hitchcock and Ernest Hemingway once had a good time (alas, not together).In addition to luxury chain establishments, there are many small, elegant hotels and hostels for those on a budget.

the best airport in the world. Singapore

CHANGI Opens the way for you to the Asia-Pacific region.
Since its opening, Changi Airport has received the title of the best in one category or another more than 500 times. For many years now, it has been the “Best Airport in the World” by Business Traveler magazine.

Changi is the 6th busiest international airport in the world.
Changi is a global route network:

  • 115 airlines operating regular flights;
  • 90,051 328 destinations;

    90,051 79 countries;

  • 6,990 regular flights per week.

Changi is a first class service that offers a variety of high quality services for work and leisure:

Fun for the whole family

  • The Slide & T3
  • Cinema
  • Musical performances
  • Entertainment Zone


  • Butterfly Garden
  • Orchid Garden
  • Sunflower Garden
  • Fish pond

Business Services

  • Free Internet (24 hours)
  • Internet kiosks
  • Business centers
  • TV & Entertainment

Changi has the most convenient connection between terminals: free travel between T1, T2 and T3 (05:00 – 02:30).

Changi has several transit halls:

  • Plaza Premium Lounge (T1)
  • Ambassador Transit Lounge (T2, T3)
  • Transit hotels
  • Ambassador Transit Hotel (T1, T2 & T3)

At the airport there are more than 350 shops and 160 cafes and restaurants in the common and transit zones.

Singapore Changi Airport – New Shops, Deals and Opportunities.

Most recently, the central Cosmetics & Perfumes store in Terminal 3 opened a unique 2-storey perfume and cosmetics store – Shilla Beauty Loft, where passengers, in addition to shopping, can also enjoy spa facial treatments and get expert advice.

Singapore Free Tour

2.5 hour tour with 2 photo stops


  • Features the Colonial District;
  • the Central Business District;
  • Chinatown;
  • Little India and 2 photo stops at the Merlion Park & ​​Kampong Glam / Malay Heritage Center.

Time: 09.00; 11.30; 14.30; 15.30.

City Sights:

  • Features the Singapore Flyer;
  • The Esplanade;
  • Marina Bay Financial Center;
  • Marina Bay Sands, and 2 photo stops at The Merlion Park and Gardens by the Bay.

Time of the event: 06.00; 07.30.

Free tour conditions:
1. at least 5.5 hoursuntil the next flight (for the City Lights tour – at least 6 hours)
2. registration for tours in transit zones T2 and T3, subject to availability (First-come-first-serve)
3. registration closes in 1 hour. before the tour starts.

Recommended programs for staying transit passengers at the airport

2 – 3 hours

  • Use the FREE internet service and go online or check your email (15 min.)
  • Enjoy a stroll in the world’s first Butterfly Garden at the airport – Terminal 3 (20 min.)
  • Get a FREE foot massage in special chairs located in all terminals (15 min.)
  • Buy fantastic gifts from a wide range of cosmetics, perfumes, souvenirs, toys, books, stylish clothes and accessories (30 min.)
  • Snack at cafes and restaurants offering delicious and healthy food (30 min.)

3-4 hours

  • Receive Doctor Fish Therapy at the Fish Spa & Reflexology in Terminal 1 (30 min. ) Or
  • Take a mud bath with a reflexology foot massage and a deep cleansing massage (full body peeling + shower) at My Foot Reflexology, Terminal 3 (120 min.)
  • Cool off and shower in our Rainforest Room or Ambassador Room, chargeable (20 min.)
  • Challenge yourself to the entertainment zones with the FREE Xbox 360 and PlayStation® 3 in Terminal 2 (30 min.)
  • Shop from a wide variety of clothing and accessories stores, gifts and other goods (1 hour)
  • Enjoy the delicious cuisine of countless restaurants (45 min.)

4 – 5 hours

  • Soak up the sun and swim in the rooftop pool at Terminal 1 (60 min.)
  • Visit beauty salons at any of the terminals (45 min.)
  • Watch a blockbuster movie in the FREE Cinema in Terminals 2 and 3 (2 hours)
  • Rediscover the beauty of nature in one of Changi’s themed gardens located in all terminals (15 min.)
  • Enjoy healthy food and relax at Harry’s Bar or Hard Rock Cafe in Terminal 3 (45 min. )

More than 5 hours

  • Sign up for a FREE Tour of Singapore in Terminals 2 and 3 and immerse yourself in his world: breathe his air, look at
  • Singapore Tourist Attractions & Heritage (2.5 hours)
  • Taste a variety of Asian and International cuisine at the airport cafes and restaurants (45 min.)
  • Shop from a wide variety of clothing and accessory stores, gifts and other merchandise (1 hour)
  • Take a nap in one of our quiet Lounges or stay in one of our transit hotels (1 hour)

Further journey from Changi

Singapore Changi Airport is the main gateway to the resorts of Asia (all within 2-4 hours of flight): Thailand, Cambodia, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Laos.

When traveling through Changi, visit:


  • Located 45 km southeast of Singapore and located on the largest Indonesian islands, Riau
  • Offers combined holiday: city + beach resort
  • Availability: 55 minutes by ferry
  • 10 international resorts to choose from (ex. , Club Med, Banyan Tree, etc.)
  • 3 golf clubs, beaches and 7 spas
  • Wide range of lively tropical entertainment programs
  • Interesting attractions (e.g. Elephant Park, carting, etc.)

Johor Bahru (Malaysia)

  • Daily buses from Changi airport to Johor Bahru.
  • New Family Theme Parks in Johor Bahru, Malaysia.
  • Legoland Malaysia, Hello Kitty Town and Little Big Club.

Take a cruise from Singapore
Marina Bay Cruise Center Singapore is located in Marina Bay
Cruise Center (at S $ 500 million) opened in October 2012
Can handle the world’s largest cruise ships (including the Oasis & Voyager with a capacity of up to 5,000)

The Singapore Cruise Center @ Habourfront is located near Sentosa Island, one of Singapore’s most iconic landmarks
Upgraded 2012 (S $ 14M)
Home to Star Cruises – Super Star Virgo

Development and New Projects
Investment in development.
Over the past 30 years, Changi has always anticipated his expansion needs. This approach ensured the success of Changi as an air hub.

40 years Hello Kitty – the cat that conquered the world

  • Michael Fitzpatrick
  • BBC Culture

Photo author, Getty

This pussy is already 40, but its popularity is not declining … Correspondent

BBC Culture shares how Hello Kitty grew into a $ 7 billion brand.

After Japan, the epidemic came to Singapore. What kind of virus was it? The Hello Kitty craze. In 2000, when a McDonald’s restaurant in Singapore ran out of toys representing everyone’s favorite, fans rebelled and started a scuffle. Seven people were injured, three were taken to hospitals …

Modern representatives of the human race – both children and adults – are almost universally held captive by the charm of “Kitty-chan” (this name is more often used in Japan), which has become one of the most recognizable images in the world.

Hello Kitty turns 40 this fall, and now we can say for sure that she was the “Trojan horse” thanks to which Japanese cartoon characters are so popular all over the world. In any toy store, from Marrakech to Honolulu, you can easily find the legendary cat with a red bow.

For the query “Mickey Mouse” Google returns about 23 million results. If you search for “Hello Kitty”, there will be 10 million more results – and this is just a copyrighted drawing that does not originally have any storyline behind it.

Photo by Getty

There are many Kitty-shaped guitars and even Hello Kitty tombstones. Once drawn by artist and designer Yuko Shimuzu for preschool children, this cat has inspired celebrities such as Lady Gaga.

Surprisingly, Hello Kitty owes its worldwide popularity not so much to advertising as to word of mouth. Hello Kitty is featured on more than 50,000 products that are sold in more than 70 countries around the world, and the brand value is estimated at $ 7 billion.Sanrio, the company that owns the copyright for Hello Kitty, earns about $ 759 million annually from just using the brand.

But how did we all end up at the mercy of this kitty?

“Kitty’s appeal is that emotionally, she’s a blank slate. According to one of the brand’s designers,” Kitty feels the way you do, “explains Roland Nozomu Kelts, author of the book. “Japanamerica: How Japanese Pop Culture Invaded the United States”.- We create our own projections in relation to this kitten, without a mouth, with a muzzle that does not express anything. It becomes the ideal interactive toy, doll, or marketing tool in an era where interactivity is not only possible, but imperative. ” joy and happiness without substantiating them on a deep intellectual level, “Kazuo Tohmatsu, head of public relations for Sanrio, told BBC Culture.- Hello Kitty doesn’t make judgments. It allows you to feel what you are feeling without making you wonder why you are feeling it. ”

Sanrio earns its revenue by selling licenses to other companies to manufacture products using the Hello Kitty brand.“ Thanks to the variety and availability of products. Hello Kitty is easy to incorporate into your daily life, bringing the kawaii culture that it largely represents, ”says Michelle Nguyen, licensed to use the character for her company Chubby Bunny Accessories.This is why Forbes magazine has named Hello Kitty products as one of the best-selling licensed products in the history of the entertainment industry.

Photo by Getty

Kitty is so popular that in 2008 she was chosen to be the diplomatic representative of Japan – the official ambassador of tourism in China and Hong Kong. This happened as part of a government campaign called Cool Japan, “Cool Japan”, whose task was to strengthen Japan’s “soft power” – that is, its intellectual, cultural and informational influence on the world around it.The idea to popularize comics manga, anime and other aspects of Japanese pop culture suddenly came from local bureaucrats, who decided that the export of cultural property could close the gap in Japan’s economy during the crisis of the 1990s.

Instead of wabi-sabi aesthetics (roughly translated from Japanese as “humble simplicity”) and tea ceremonies, Japanese pop culture has become the symbol of Japan, promoting the achievements of local business. The products of the previous generation only reminded the Japanese of their former arrogance and the bubble economy, which burst, destroying the aggressive image of high-tech Japan.

Since the 1990s, many in this nation have dreamed of a more feminine culture – hence the craze for “kawaii” (Japanese word meaning “cute”, “adorable”. Rhymes with “Hawaii”). For residents of megacities, “kawaii” serves as a kind of protective barrier in an inhospitable urban environment.

Today’s Japanese companies are focusing on shaping the kawaii image, says Yasuko Nakamura, president of Tokyo-based marketing company Boom Planning.”Japanese products have to be kawaii from the start in order to please women. In Japan, women control purchasing power. Even if a woman does not buy the item herself — say, when it comes to a car — her opinion weighs heavily in the final decision,” Nakamura explains. …

Rule the World

But how did Hello Kitty manage to gain such a strong position in Europe and the United States?

Perhaps this is because Western democracies over the past decade have faced problems that are already familiar to the Japanese: deflation, increased workloads with lower wages, an aging population, and an unhealthy obsession with youth.Even the once obstinate Britons have succumbed to the charm of Hello Kitty – the possible reasons for this phenomenon are cited by Nick Curry, a musician and cultural expert living in Osaka.

“Hello Kitty symbolizes the basic Japanese virtues: complaisance, harmony, enterprise, sweetness, naturalness, fertility, affluence and the desire to avoid aggression,” says Curry. “She [also] personifies the irresistible idiocy of the consumer culture that has become an integral part of us. we shop, we are driven by almost the same reflexes that make us reach for a big-eyed fluffy kitten to pet him. “

Photo author, Getty

Perhaps this desire is the same for all cultures.

But not everyone in the West is happy about the commercialization of life – the same can be said about some Japanese. There are pockets of resistance to Kitty’s tyranny, and advanced Japanese animation characters are poised to challenge the reign of this naive idol.

One of the opponents of the ubiquitous kitty created a website called Kitty Hell. It contains examples of a manic obsession with a mouthless character, the victims of which were the blogger’s Japanese wife and other people.The site features, say, Kitty-shaped tattoos. As the author mockingly notes, “Sanrio has invented the Hello Kitty virus that pushes people to do it.”

“I’m just stressing the absurdity of Hello Kitty merchandise and fan behavior,” the anonymous blogger told the BBC.

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