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How to Import China Toys? Top 8 Toys Wholesale Markets in China

#8 Guangzhou Toys Wholesale market

Most people know Guangzhou because of the popular fair “The Canton fair” which is located in Guangzhou. People usually get confused that where to find Guangzhou toys wholesale market, this guide will help you find it very easily.

Guangzhou toys wholesale market is not located in just one place, there are almost 4 main toys wholesale markets.

A. Wanling Plaza Guangzhou (万菱广场)

Wan Ling Plaza is located in the ground section on 138.9 m, with a total of 41 layers, the Pearl River

North of the landmark buildings. Negative 1 to 6 layers of fine home accessories, toys wholesale and

The business area of about 40,000 square meters.

Address: NO.39 Jiefang Nan Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou广州市越秀区解放南路39号

B. International Yide Stationery & Toys Plaza Guangzhou(广州国际一德文具玩具精品广场)

In Guangzhou, a German international toy boutique stationery Plaza is located in Guangzhou City Tiancheng Road, Germany Road, and Hoi Chu Road Interchange. The total construction area is of 25,000 square meters and has more than 1,200 shops. It is the largest German International toy boutique stationary plaza in Southern China, with the highest level of improved management level of toys stationery wholesale market. The sections are divided into four main businesses of toys, stationeries, and gifts.

Address: Yuexiu District, Guangzhou City, No. 390, Yi Desi road广州市越秀区一德西路390号

C. Zhonggang Boutique Toys Wholesales Market Guangzhou(中港玩具精品批发城)

This place is a collection of many famous toy boutique wholesale toys. The annual sale of this place exceeds several billion Yuan’s. The main products are toys and stationeries industries.

It is located in front of International Yide Stationery & Toys Plaza.

Address: No.399 Yide Xi Road Yuexiu District Guangzhou广州市越秀区一德西路399号

D. Liwan Toys Wholesale Market(荔湾玩具批发市场)

The Liwan toy wholesale market is in the Guangdong Province. The first section has the size and characteristics of a professional toy wholesale market, which has been operating for over 7 years. The market covers a total area of 2000 square meters, with more than 80 shops located inside it.

Address: No.38 Shiluji, Zhongshanba Road, Liwan District, Guangzhou.


Wholesale Toys Supplier from China, Reliable Suppliers and Manufacturers

Best 20 Wholesale Toys Manufacturers in China

1 Yi Kang Plush Toys Co. Ltd
Yi Kang Plush Toys Co. Ltd is capable to produce over 1 Million Pieces of toys and export to different foreign markets. Built its factory in 2013, occupying an area of 5, 000 square meters. They highly offer toys such as plush puppets, plush toys, keychains, and other related products. They make lots of effort in meeting each customer demand by providing professional customized services.

The company exists more than 10 years in this industry, continuously offers specialized toys for your wholesale orders. They are the number one source of precious plush toys. They are capable to ensure that all toys are safe for children. One of their missions is to make their customers happy and every child happy with all the products.

3 Round Toy Co., Ltd

The Round Toy Co., Ltd is located in the beautiful town with rich culture and long experience- at Yangzhou City, China. Since its foundation in the year 2010, it took benefits from the booming industry and rich materials. Also has turned into a comprehensive enterprise that combines development, research, sale, and production together for wholesale toys.

4 TK Toys & Gifts Co., Ltd

The team`s target is to convinced customers and attains their trust through their satisfying product quality. The company is based in Zhangping, Fujian, China Mainland, covering more than 78, 000 square meters of areas. They are manufacturers and suppliers of wholesale plastic toys, promotion toys, plush toys, and so on. They were overall staffed with 567 devoted employees.

5 Sweet Kids Toy Candy Factory Ltd

Sweet Kids Toy Candy Factory Ltd is the first, most reliable candy toy exporter, supplier, and manufacturer in China since 2002. They already enjoyed a high reputation in the field of candy toys both abroad and local market. Located in Shantou, Guangdong, China, and sold products very well to many regions in great quantity monthly.

6 Fuli Toys Co. Ltd

Fuli Toys Co. Ltd is a company lying in China, particularly in the Quanjiao, Chuzhou City of Anhui. They were specialists and skilled enough to produce cheap plush toys and other related products. The company has 20 years` past experience since established and export the right products around the world. They can directly transport their products to France, Australia, Italy, and so forth.


This company is well recognized as a producer and exporter of plastic toys for more than 15 years now. All the products they offer were ASTM and CE certificate recipients. And already market their products widely to America, Europe, and many other areas all over the world. At lower prices, over 100, 000 kinds of toys were exported successfully.

8 Bestway Magnet Co., Ltd.

This company proudly presents various high-quality toy products to achieve your demands. They also want to cooperate with other companies operating nationwide. All of their products are the world`s best-selling, fast delivery, top-quality at negotiable prices. Certified also by RoHS, Phthalate, 62115, EN71, and Cadnium. The team can accept OEM demands from customers.

9 Sandy International Trade Ltd

Sandy International Trade Ltd is specialized in toys productions and exporting. They are combining manufacture, development, research, and trade services. All the toys products they offer are tested carefully for quality assurance and your satisfaction. The company is consists of a professional team that always ensures the quality and good price of each product before delivered.

10 Sooning Tools Co., Ltd

Sooning Tools Co., Ltd is focused on the entire product processing, exporting, and sales ever since 2009. After many years` long progress, they currently founded a rigorous quality control system. The company as of today already won great praise from satisfied customers from across the country. They are well-known for their outstanding services and top-quality items.

11 Yuan Feng Xing Ye Technology Co., Ltd

Attaining customers` trust from different countries worldwide is the team`s mission. Was established in the year 2010, was known as the most expert plastic toy manufacturer & supplier in China. Throughout the 13 years of rapid development, their production output now becomes strong and already has a very stable raw material supply chain. All the products are approved by LFGB, FDA, RoHS, and BPA free.

12 Zhehua Technology Co., Ltd

Zhehua Technology Co., Ltd is a toy expert supplier and manufacturer in China, founded in the year 2007. The company also owned a professional team major in mold manufacturing, R&D design, production, injection molding, sales service, and assembly. As well, it consists of a total of 300 qualified workers and experienced technicians.

13 Best Century Crafts

In China, Best Century Crafts is continually operating, more focus on toys production, development, and distribution of different markets. Their toy products may include squishy slow rising soft foam toys, antistress squeeze toys, TPR massage ball toys, and there are many others. All the products they produced adopt ASTM and EN—compliant materials. Monthly, they can produce over 500, 000 pcs of different category of toys.

14 Roway International Co., Ltd

Roway International Co., Ltd is a Chinese DIY & Creative toy manufactory. Started its full devotion in this industry since the company establishment in 2010. The team is involved centrally in the toy business for over 20 years now. Mainly produces creative toys, DIY toys, education toys, science toys, and so on. Most of their customers come from the USA, Europe, and other countries.

15 Wisdom Kids International Co., Ltd

Wisdom Kids International Co., Ltd is a wholesale toy supplier, professional exporting factory for more than a decade today. The team`s ultimate goal is to make wooden toys for kids all over the globe. So to ensure kids` safety, they manufacture toys from eco-friendly and safe woods. Wooden toys from here were formaldehyde-free, phthalate-free, non-toxic, and preservative-free.

16 Relipet Manufacturing Co., Ltd

As a Chinese expert toy supplier, Relipet Manufacturing Co., Ltd started its own toy business since 2012. All the toys products from them are high-quality, customizable, and highly guaranteed. As of now, they gained a strong connection with the largest chain markets and brands worldwide. Most of their customers are from the USA, Australia, Europe, and Japan.

17 SageTown Technology Co., Ltd

Started its exporting and manufacturing business in 2003. Sagetown Technology Co., Ltd was professionally engaged in high-quality toy production, research, development, and sales across the world. It is one of the high-tech companies with more than a decade of past history in the industry. They are committed to the toys` availability, quality, and advancement.

18 Vking Rubber & Plastic Technology Co

Vking Rubber & Plastic Technology Co is a wholesaling company of high-quality toys including plastic toys, plush toys, wooden toys, pet toys, and many others. The company now gets approved by SEI and ISO9000: 2008 quality system standards. All the products were exported finely to more than 168 countries around the globe.

19 Yunhe Fengyuan Import & Export Co., Ltd

Yunhe Fengyuan Import & Export Co., Ltd is a factory responsible for overseas trade business. The company was established in the year 1984, covering an area around 120000sq. And currently, there are more than 3000 employees that have the ability to produce a value of near 1 billion RMB yearly. What`s more, they passed certification from ISO9001, GSV, ICTI, FSC, OHSMS18001, ISO14001, etc.

20 Sea Whale Int. Trade (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd

Sea Whale Int. Trade Co., Ltd was originated in nearly 2014. They specialized in pet toys with the finest designs. The company comprises a development group in Mainland China. Selling original products to different countries nationwide. They manufacture according to customers` requirements, supplied enough stocks for their long-term business partners.

How to Find Best Toy Manufacturers in China? Complete Guide 2021🏆

The global toy market is a whopping $80 billion industry. It approximately 85 percent of U.S. toys are manufactured and imported from China. Here is the question: How to Find the Best Toy Manufacturers in China?

In this post, I’m will share about the China toy factories’ distribution. Introduce to you the leading Chinese toy wholesale markets and how to find reliable toy manufacturers in China.

In the end, you will learn how to find the right Chinese toy factories and ensure the toy quality no matter you selling on Amazon, running the Shopify dropshipping store, or the traditional retail and wholesale business.

The Main List of Toys You Can Import From China

To do the toy product research is important before navigating in the China toy wholesale markets. Below we are listing the most popular toys you can buy from China.

  • Wooden Toys, Outdoor toys, Toy vehicle, Candy toys, Toy animal, Action figure, Balloons, Dolls, Plastic toys
  • Educational toys, Classic toys, Baby toys, Electronic pets, Fishing toys, Glass marbles, Light-Up toys
  • R.C. toys, Kitchen toys, Dinosaur toys, Maga toys, Capsule toys, Farm toys, Science toys, Silicone squishy
  • TPR toys, Wooden toys, Electronic toys, Plush toys, Gift toy box, and party toys
  • Teethers and pacifiers, arts and crafts, experimental sets, stuffed and textiles toys, rocking horses, and ride-on toys
  • Games, Puzzles, Toy chests, Magnetic toys, Toy guns, Plastic toys, and projectile toys

After you figure out the high potential toys for your toy import business, then it’s time to explore the Chinese toy wholesale markets and find reliable Chinese toy manufacturers for specific items.

Where are Most Toy Manufacturers in China?

How to buy toys in bulk from china? Where are the Chinese toy industry clusters?

Let’s explore the Chinese toy distribution centers for the most popular toy categories.

Plastic Toys: Chenghai, Shantou City(The Capital of Toys)

We are listing six features of this region(Chenghai) that help you understand why it’s on our top list when manufacturing toys in China.

Feature 1:Toy Industrial Cluster 

Chenghai, Shantou City, is located in the south of China, Guangdong province.

Here you can find the well-established wholesale toy supply chain. It includes the raw material, toy tooling suppliers, toy manufacturers(main point), toy packaging suppliers, toy assembling suppliers. A large number of toy manufacturers in China are based in Shantou which means you can deal with many different Chinese toy traders there.

Feature 2: Competitive Price

Below is an example to show the buying power and why the cost of toys can be significantly lower if you buy and import toys from China.

A Canadian toy importer wants to develop a new mold of the plastic sand tool:

Here is a quote from a Chinese toys manufacturer in Chenghai, Shantou:

The tooling fee for the new pattern is $ 2000.00/design.

FOB Shantou: $ 0.35/pc Qty 10,000 pcs ( FOB Means: Free on Board Trade Term)

$ 0.26/pc Qty 100,000 pcs

$ 0.18/pc Qty 500,000pcs

As you can see, the unit price can be much lower when that’s for a large volume. How can you get the best toy price when buying from Chinese toy manufacturers?

You can ask the toy supplier if they have a kind of “Toy Group Buy” to get the best price!

The data shows that why the plastic toy vendors in China can provide a very competitive price is that they can consolidate the orders from different clients from over the world!

The toy factories in China are ordering plastic raw materials such as PP(Polypropylene), ABS(Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) from the raw material manufacturers in an enormous volume to get a bottom price. The children’s toy wholesalers in china took advantage of receiving various orders from different global buyers to achieve the low cost.

Feature 3:Multiple Choices of  Toy Products

Where do you find the most Chinese toy distributors? Chenghai area, Shantou City. If you ask me, then that would be the answer.

Thousands of plastic wholesale toy suppliers based in the Chenghai Area( large or small), which means you can easily find a toy vendor to work for your project. Some professional Chinese toy manufacturers can provide toy factory audit certificates or meet testing requirements (such as BSCI/EN71-3/GS).

Amazon best-selling products like Wooden kitchen set play toys, KidKraft kitchen, car in kids, a toy car, baby toys, building blocks for kids, bubble wands, toys for infants, toys educational, stem toys, and other kinds of toys are produced in Chenghai, Shantou.

Feature 4: Geographic/Logistics Advantage

The location of Shantou takes advantage of close to Hong Kong and Shenzhen. Google Map Geographic Location.

Hong Kong plays a critical role in spreading the treads of the most popular toys to the manufacturers in mainland China.

Shenzhen wins its particular position by running several largest harbors in the South of China, such as Shekou port and Chiwan Port, and Dachanwan Port.

By location closing to these two cities(H.K. and S.Z.), Shantou benefits from absorbing the new trend of the toys and fast delivery to the shipping port.

Feature 5: The Symbiotic Relationship (Toy Traders and Manufacturers)

From my experience after sourcing thousands of toys in China, I realize it’s not so easy to find or working directly with the China toy manufacturer in Shantou.

The main reason is that the local toy manufacturers are used to work with the local trading company/sourcing agent like OwlSourcing. Some toy wholesale factories in China used to hide in the open market. They don’t need to engage in international trading directly, and they can save costs to avoid building up a new team serving foreign customers.

And meanwhile, the toy trading company or the sourcing agent is responsible for overseas sales. They act like a “Department of Trade” of the toy factory in China.

I call this a symbiotic relationship of the Shantou toy industry.

Why? The Chinese toy manufacturers are accustomed to putting their energy in toy tooling, assembling, new toys designing, toy manufacturing, and their primary customer is local trading companies or China sourcing agents.

Look at the below image, I can hardly find the factory name at the gate of a toy factory in Shantou, especially when visiting small to medium size toy factories. The local toy trading company staff told me that this is common in Shantou, and that’s why it’s so tricky for overseas buyers to find the China toy manufacturers directly.

98% of the China toy suppliers you sourced on Alibaba are toy trading companies or toy sourcing agents. The toy trading companies work as “Chinese toy manufacturers exporters.”

But if they can provide a reasonable price and service, why not?

Feature 6: Shantou Toys Market| Toy Exhibition Centers

You can also find impressive toy exhibition centers in Shantou toys wholesale market. There are over 30 exhibitions where you can find a lot of different toy samples and packaging options from the local toy manufacturers or large trading companies. It’s like a toy trade show, but it runs every day. 

Here are the most popular toys showrooms in the Shantou toy market.

#1 The YS WIN-WIN Exhibition Hall

The showroom is over 16,000 ㎡ where displaying over 1 million toys manufactured by over 3,000 toy manufacturers in China. ( large or small)

You can find various options in the toy showroom and place consolidated orders with different items. The MOQ is low if you can accept the existing toy packaging designed by the vendors. 

#2 The HOTON Exhibition Hall

The exhibition hall is the most historical toys showroom in the Shantou toy market which opened in 2003. They connect with almost all the reputable toy manufacturers in China and displaying the samples in their 15,000 ㎡ showrooms.

It’s easy for you to source a specific product and you can ask for assistance from the sales lady in the exhibition.

#3 The CBH Exhibition Hall

This showroom is quite new in the market when compared with Hoton. It was built in 2017 and with modern decoration. So you can enjoy a comfortable service when you entered this “modern” exhibition where there is a service team with over 100 service staff who are ready to work with you together.

Toy buyers from the E.U. market and the USA loved this exhibition because they can find over 4,000 toys manufacturers displaying their new toy products in the CBH.

The MOQ is 5CTN per item, why not have a look when you landed in China and try to find out more toy suppliers in China?

Click here if you want to read more about the industrial clusters in the South of China.

Where to Find the Stuffed Animal Manufacturers in China?

Three plush toy industrial clusters in China: Yangzhou City, Dongguan City, and Qingdao City

Stuffed animals and plush toys are one of the most popular China export categories.

The Feature of
Yangzhou Plush toy wholesale market:

Yangzhou (Jiangsu Province): Google Map Geographic Location.

There are 30% of the world’s stuffed animals made in Yangzhou. It’s the most significant Chinese stuffed animal manufacturing center. Plush toy importers can find lots of stuffed animal options here with various choices of fabric materials.

Because Yangzhou is close to Shaoxing City( in which, Keqiao Textile Market is the largest fabric material wholesale market in the world). You can find that the textile market with abundant fabric for making the stuffed animals, a lot of the USA college’s stores are buying the mascot from Yangzhou plush toy manufacturers.

Keqiao Textile Market/China Textile Town: Google Map Geographic Location

If you want to know more about Keqiao Textile Market and the top 13 industrial clusters in the east of China, Click here for details.

The Feature of
Dongguan Suffed Animals Wholesale Market:

Dongguan(Guangdong Province): Google Map Geographic Location

Similar to Shantou City, the development of the Dongguan Toy Industry is inseparable from Hong Kong’s prominent position in the international toy industry. Production involves plastic, electronics, wood, puzzle, plush, and other categories of high-end toys, almost all exports to the global market.

Besides Shantou City, Dongguan is another critical wholesale China toys centers in Guangdong Province. ( South of China)

The Dongguan stuffed animal vendors are specialized in developing the new fabric material, enhance the design in the plush toy world to lead the industry.

The Feature of
Qingdao Plush Toy Wholesale Market:

Qingdao( Shandong Province): Google Map Geographic Location

Qingdao is in the North of China and belongs to Shandong Province. It is the city that aims to produce high-end stuffed animals and become the large toy retailer’s favorite OEM toy factories center for plush toys. The plush toy manufacturers in Qingdao desire to work for brands or customers who require a high-quality product instead of focuses on the price.

Where are the Most Wooden Toys Manufacturers in China?

The most professional wooden toy manufacturers are located in Yunhe, Lushui( Zhejiang Province).

Yunhe: Google Map Geographic Location

Advantage 1: Wooden Toy Supply Stability

Most of the workers in the toy factory are local people, which means the suppliers can maintain a high level of labor stability. It helps the toy wholesale suppliers to meet their production schedules.

Advantage 2: Competitive Price of Wood Toys

The local market can supply different types of wood for the suppliers in Yunhe. The wooden toy wholesalers don’t need to purchase raw materials from other places, which helps them took advantage of the cost. Comparing to the big city, the labor cost in Yunhe is the lowest, which makes the supplier’s price more competitive.

Advantage 3: Complete Certifications Testing Qualified

For wooden toy products, the most important certifications are DOF (Declaration of Fumigation), it’s easier and efficient to get the certification as Industrial concentration over there.

Most wooden products like kids’ wooden kitchen, wooden kid set, kids bricks, and Chinese wooden dolls produced in Yunhe. And due to its manufacturing for the global reputable wooden toy distributors so the local toy manufacturers understand well about the specific wooden toy testing protocols for global markets.

Best 3 Electric Remote Control Toys Hubs|Industrial Clusters

Shantou City, Dongguan City, Shenzhen

These three cities are all in Guangdong Province. Back in 1998, David Miller, then president of the International Toy Industry Association and President of the American Toy Manufacturers Association, told the press, “China is the world’s largest toy exporter, Guangdong province in China’s largest toy export region.”

A large number of Chinese toy dealer is based in this region.

From my point of view, Shenzhen represents the future of China manufacturing as you can source almost any products from Shenzhen. The city is like a small “China” and developed itself as the most attractive and unique city in China for its manufacturing and innovation capability.

Shenzhen: Google Map Geographic Location

Small Wholesale Toys: Yiwu Market

Yiwu: Google Map Geographic Location

Yiwu International Trade City/Yiwu Market/ Futian Market is where you can get a bottom price for all kinds of small commodities that you want to sell in your market. It is the largest wholesale market in China, especially for small products. Lots of smart gadgets/wholesale toys china products you saw on Youtube or TikTok are manufactured in Yiwu.

It’s no doubt you can find the best selling Amazon toys in the Yiwu market, but you should know more about the Yiwu market before navigating the market.

Many global buyers are buying cheap toys from the China Yiwu market due to its competitive pricing.

I have shared a post about the Yiwu and how to source the product from the market. Click here for more ideas about Yiwu wholesale market.

How to Import Toys from China? 8 Steps

Here are the steps when you buy wholesale toys from China. Following these steps when you intended to purchase made in China toys.

  1. Find the high potential toy product for the target market
  2. Source the product through the online wholesale site or from the wholesale market
  3. Check the sample effect
  4. Approve the sample and issue the deposit
  5. Hire an agent or third party inspector to issue the inspection
  6. Coordinate with shipping forwarder to confirm the shipping method and tariffs
  7. Down payment to the vendor and arrange the shipping
  8. Check the shipping documents(B.L., Commercial Inv, and Packing List)

Import Toys: U.S. and EU Market Product Compliance

It’s critical to ensure the global importers to purchase safe toys for the specific market. To understand the local compliance for toys

is essential when you import toys from China. Here are the examples for the U.S. and E.U. market:

U.S Market: 

CPSIA( Consumer product safety improvement act): It’s referring to the lead content/phthalates test, and the labeling test.

ASTM F963: This one is about mechanical/physical testing, flammability testing, and chemical testing.

It’s essential to check in your market place to find out if the testing result is a must before selling those toy products.

E.U. (European Union) Market: 

All the toys exporting to the E.U. market should be complied with the toy safety directive ( EN71 -1, 2, 3) and with a CE Mark on the product.

Always inform your vendor about the final selling market the tell them to share with you about the certificate they have. It saves your cost to conduct new testing, which costs a lot.


China Fairs: Attend China Toys Trade Show to find Toy Factory

Canton Fair Spring Session:

Guangzhou: Google Map Geographic Location

Apr.15-May.03 2020(delayed due to the COVID 19)

Complete guide about product sourcing at Canton Fair, please check my post of Canton Fair.

HongKong Mega Show:

20-23 Oct 2020 for wholesale toys session

You would find lots of children’s toys wholesale suppliers at the HK Mega Show.

Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre

Over the past twenty-eight years, the MEGA SHOW Series has established its reputation as the most critical showcase and sourcing hub for Made in Asia products in Hong Kong every October.

Yiwu Expo:

21-25 Oct

Yiwu International Expo Center

Exhibition Area: 100,000 ㎡
International Standard Booths: 3,600
Quality Exhibitors: 2,000
Visitors: 200,000

For details about how to product sourcing in Yiwu market/Futian Market, please click here for more information.

China International Toy Fair:

21-23, Oct 2020

Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC)

80,437 professional buyers from over 134 countries and regions

2,326 exhibitors/toy wholesalers China, 220,000 sqm exhibition area

How to Find a Suitable Toy Factory When Importing Goods from China?

The first tip is that you need to evaluate your business and your target before exploring the China toy wholesale market.

No1: Attend the China Fairs to get the Right Vendor

You have learned that you can get professional toys China manufacturers by attending the China Fairs like Canton Fair, HongKong Mega Show,

Toy China|China Toy Fair, and the Yiwu Expo..etc.

It’s no doubt that you can meet with a professional Chinese toy exporter who works in the same industry and willing to quote the price based on your request for the toys.

No2: Sourcing the Wholesale Kids’ Toys on China Wholesale Sites

Online sourcing becomes the mainstream when we want to find a toy factory for some specific products.

You can access the enormous Chinese Wholesale websites like Alibaba, Made-in-China, and Global Sources for detailed information.

Plenty of China manufacturer toys wholesale info and Alibaba toys factory are listing on these best China wholesale sites.

Sourcing through the online china wholesale marketplace would drive more value to your China import business.

My post about Alibaba revealed how Alibaba suppliers are ranking on this largest B2B wholesale site. Click here for detailed information.

No3: Find a Sourcing Agent to Find the Best China Toys

It’s not easy to work with Chinese vendors if you are the foreign importers — for example, the language barrier and the cultural Difference. The qualified China sourcing agent or trading company has been working in the industry for many years, and they can help you find the best toy factory when buying from China wholesale suppliers.

The critical thing is that they can help you to control the risks when importing from China and avoid scams!

No4: Use the Search Engine and Social Media to Find China Toy Supplier

More companies enhance social media marketing, such as promoting their service on Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, and Twitter…etc. So why not use social media to find more wholesale china suppliers and get more clues about the China toys/Children toys China supplier. Search engine giant like Google is always one of the best ways to find a toy factory in China. You can target the different keywords related to your product to see if you can find China wholesale suppliers in the same industry.

No5: Go to Your Friends

There are so many companies that are importing from China or other Asian countries. Why not ask their advice if you want to source a toy supplier in China? They may provide you with valuable information about wholesale toy manufacturers in China!

6 Steps to Conduct Chinese Toy Quality Check when Buying From a Chinese Toy Factory

It’s time to focus on the quality after you found suitable toy manufacturers in China.

Quality control is a priority for all the importers when attempted to buy directly from China wholesale markets. You need to check the product’s quality and resolve it in China rather than solve the problem in your overseas warehouse.

I will list the critical six steps you should implement when conducting the product quality no matter buy from Chinese suppliers or other toy manufacturers.

Below points are essential when import from China toy manufacturers.

  1. Signed Sample Process

The sign production sample is one of the most crucial ways of quality control. It related to the quality level of the whole order. To keep the quality at the same level and stable, you need to sign a sample to the supplier before starting production. This allows you to keep tracking the sample quality and evidence to show what are the qualified products when necessary.

The supplier needs to follow and refer to the signed sample during production, product size, color, weight, construction, package, and all the other requirements that should be the same as the signed sample.

5 Tips about the signed sample:

1). Should pass the chemical and mechanical testing which will be issued by 3rd party (For example TUV, SGS, ITS) according to the required standard ( For instance: EN71 or ASTM )

2). It should meet the agreed terms of the product, such as product dimension, material, color, weight, construction, packaging..etc.

3). The signed sample should be completely packed (final product with the final packaging)

4). The customer needs to approve or make a stamp on the example and forward it to the supplier for reference.

5). The supplier should correctly keep the signed sample at the proper place, refer to it when necessary.

  1. Product Testing Process

You may hear that some retailers or chain stores would ask for the “PASS” testing report before issuing the order to the Chinese suppliers. The “pass” report is to make sure the wholesale toys fulled qualified accord the local chemical compliance about the materials or other detailed protocols.

The product testing work usually conducted in the testing labs such as B.V. (BUREAU VERITAS) or SGS. Some customers will issue two testings before shipment: pre-production testing and production testing.

Pre-production testing:

The Factory needs to produce a batch of products (a few quantities but enough for testing). The products no need to be completely packed, but at least are the final products (product size, color, weight, construction). And then forward the picked samples to the lab for testing. The supplier should not start any production before getting the pass report.

Production testing:

We suggest customers go to the Factory and pick the testing samples when the Factory finished 20~50% of the products and forward the samples to the lab for testing. The shipment will not be released unless the final testing report is available (also the final inspection report).

  1. Online Inspection Necessity(3 checking points)

Why is the online/onsite inspection needed? You can check the quality level and find a quality issue in the production line. The quality issues can still be improved, and the most important thing is that both the suppliers and customers can benefit from it; it can help them to save re-work cost and time.

Online inspection checking points:

1). Product specifications: Products size, color, weight, construction, package, shipping marks, etc.

2). Quality checking: You need to check the product’s function, overall look, and find all the potential quality issues which can be found during mass production, discussing together with the supplier for improvement. Taking pictures of the un-qualified samples for record and make them as a reference when issuing final inspection.

3). Production status and schedule: online review is not just for the quality checking and product specifications checking, but also for the production status and timing. By online verification, it helps customers to figure out the products can be shipped on time or not, and the customer can be prepared or make a plan B in advance.

  1. Final Inspection 5 Steps Detail Procedure

Definition: The customer sends their Q.C. staff  (or a third party) to the appointed location to issue the final inspection. Checking all the related points according to SOP (Standard operating procedure), judge the products are accepted or rejected according to AQL standard level.

Detail Checking Points and Procedure:(5 steps)

1). Inspection location. The supplier should not sub-contract any of the products without the customer’s permission. Q.C. needs to report on time if the sub-contractor exists and double-check with customers if it’s necessary to continue inspecting.

2). Before starting the inspection, Q.C. needs to check the whole quantities have been finished already or not. Usually, the wholesale suppliers should complete the mass production, and at least 90% packed into export cartons. Q.C. has the right to reject the inspection If the products are not enough to control, and the supplier needs to pay for the inspection cost (traveling expense).

3). Product specifications: same as online inspection.

4). Quality checking: procedure the same as online inspection, but Q.C. needs to count and list all the quality issues found during the investigation, take some pictures of each and seal some samples for customer double confirm if necessary.

5). Q.C. needs to provide an inspection report with all the quality issues listed on it and states the inspection result (Pass/Pending/Fail), have the supplier’s responsible person signing it. Sealed samples will have to be sent out before Q.C. leaving the Factory, unique mark on the parcel in need, in case the supplier switch the examples.

  1. Sealed samples for record

Q.C. staff will always have to seal some examples for recording, no matter the inspection is pass or not, send the samples to the customer and 3rd party or lab. Generally, the samples need to be placed in a proper way and place and kept for at least two years (depends on the warranty period).

  1. Shipment Release Upon Your Approval

The shipment can release when getting the approved final result of testing and inspection.

China Import: Issue Quality Inspection Before Shipping From China

Procedure for PSI. (Pre-inspection before shipment)

Use the AQL standard (Acceptable Quality Limit) as the basis of inspection.

How to Define Quality Issues Types? Define 3 Quality Issues


1). Critical Quality Issue:

All the points that related to personal injury or safety issues, such as small parts, electric shock. It may cause product recall and safety issues.

2). Major Quality Issue:

All the problems regarding the product’s function or have an impact on product selling. Such as no music and light-duty of electric toys, Bluetooth function doesn’t work, components assembling issue. Major quality issues might also cause products to recall, and consumers complain.

3). Minor Quality Issue:

All the other quality issues, no significant influence on the function and product selling, but have an impact on the product’s overall look, scratches, dirty marks. It might also cause consumers to complain and ask for a refund or exchange.

How to Issue Inspections without an Office or Any Staff in China?

Sometimes it has been for a while since the quality issue occurs, and the suppliers keep saying that they are working on it. They are just wasting time, while problems must be solved immediately. What would you do at this point?

You may say that you can work with a 3rd party company to issue the inspection. But are you sure the problems can be solved correctly by the third-party service? Yes and no, they may help to find the product’s defective points but might not able to provide the solution to solve the quality issue. Another option is to work with the sourcing agent in China.

Quality Inspection by the 3rd Party Organization and China Sourcing Agency?

The service charge by the third party may not seem so friendly to small business. And we don’t suggest you start a new office in China if your margin is not enough to cover the office cost.

Instead of that, you can work with a third-party company or an export-import sourcing agent to monitor your business in China.

2)Types of service:

Sourcing agents in China can provide all types of service in the whole circle of the supply chain. Including sourcing, projects development, merchandising, factory audit, orders management, inspection, shipment, and transportation. It can release your hand and focus more on sales. Third-party companies are usually focusing on specific services like factory inspection, audit, or testing.


If you are a buyer or wholesaler, you might confront this kind of situation when buying from China:  no one can handle the problems when there is an issue. The third-party can find the product issue, but they are not responsible for solving the issue or charge at high rates. China sourcing agents for import-export work flexibly and can tailor-make your service.


These two organizations conduct toy inspections at different angles when submitting a result.

Third-party is going to send you an inspection report but no solution on it if there are defective points. China sourcing agents are global sourcing experts, specializing in solving problems and providing professional sourcing and quality control solutions for the customers.

China Toy Import: Small Parts for Toys and Children’s Products

How is this happening?

The boy is choking because of a small part. What are the little pieces of toys?

Definition of Small Parts:

A small portion is anything that fits entirely into a specially designed test cylinder 2.25 inches long by 1.25 inches wide that approximate the size of the fully expanded throat of a child under three years old. (See the following picture). See 16 CFR 1501.4 A small part can be:

  1. A whole toy or article
  2. A separate section of a toy, game, or another item
  3. A piece of a toy or object that breaks off during testing simulates use or abuse by children

It only counts as small if it falls into the cylinder with its weight. It means if we fold it and put it in the bottle, it is still not a tiny part.

What is the Purpose of Small Parts Regulation?

This regulation prevents deaths and injuries to children under three from choking on, inhaling, or swallowing small objects they may “mouth.” It bans toys and other articles for use by children under three years old and that are or have small parts or that produce small pieces when broken.

Small part testing, according to EN 71-1, section 5.1:

Soft-filled toys with components made of rigid material (e.g., plastic eyes) shall not produce

any parts which, whatever their position, fit entirely in the small part cylinder specified

Below. This requirement applies before and after the following tests:

  • torque test according to EN 71-1, section 8.3 – torque force: 0.34 mm
  • tension test (general) according to EN 71-1, section – tension force: 90 N
  • drop test according to EN 71-1, section 8.5 – five times, height: 85 cm
  • impact test according to EN 71-1, section 8.7 – weight: 1 kg

Any Potential Small Parts May Cause Products Recall:

A product recall occurs when a product found to be harmful or otherwise dangerous to consumers. The term can relate to any number of products from food, medicine, or health and beauty aids, to electronics, appliances, furniture, and even vehicles. In other cases, the product may need to return to the manufacturer for a complete replacement or refund.

The following dates are the numbers that the products had been recalled in Europe, 2016.

As you can see, 39% is because of the safety problem of choking. Small parts problems are getting more and more severe in the toy field, especially in the E.U. market.

It indicates how important to implement toy quality control in China or other manufacturing countries.

Toys Safe Prevention: Real Case Conducted by OwlSourcing 

It’s essential to issue toy inspection in China and prevent these potential small parts issues when import toys from China.

How can we prevent this problem and conduct toy quality control in China?

Currently, we always use Double Security/Multiple Toy Protection solutions to improve the item, which means double ways to keep the small parts coming from the issue.

Today, I would like to show you an example of how we were providing a toy protection solution for our customer’s case.

It’s a plastic rattle and used as an accessory for plush toys, including some small plastic balls inside the transparent, which sorted as small parts. According to the original design, the open parts were just ultrasonic welding.

Later on, we decided to do some changes to improve it, and there are the following steps:

Step 1: We plan to make a new mold for the transparent part with four pins on the connecting position to fix the two regions; this is the first security to keep the small plastic balls coming from the transparent cover.

Step 2: We inject a plastic ring around the pins and cover the connecting position, then it keeps the transparent ball stay still even the pins broken.

Step 3: we put the out ring upon the item to ensure the inside components are safe.

Above is a simple case to show how to avoid the toy safety problem. Both the toy trading companies/sourcing agents and the toy factories should work closely with the customers from worldwide to prevent the small parts issue. We should always protect the final users: the lovely kids.

You must make sure you can import the toys safely from China wholesale market without the potential quality issue.


You need to know about the toy markets before import toys from China. If you want to start a toy product sourcing then you can ask for supports from OwlSourcing.

I hope you can have a general idea about the China toy factories’ location’s distribution and how to source the toys from China, which can help you to understand where you can get the most competitive price. You can get a good toy factory through both sourcing online and offline(visiting the toy wholesale market/toy trade show or Alibaba).

Evaluation of your business is also a priority for you to do before approaching the toy wholesalers in China. You need to find out who’s most suitable for your business: either they are toy factories, trading companies, or sourcing agents.

In the end, you should be responsible for the safety aspects of the toys, so a detailed review of the product is essential when starting your project in China.

Do you have any comments to share with me about the toys or kids’ products? Please leave a comment to us!

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Toys Wholesale Market in Yiwu China


  • 2,000+ shops. Products from all over China. Huge variety.
  • Over 60% shops has some stock.
  •  MOQ low to 1 carton per item.
  • Open 7 days a week.

Location / Address.:

From Gate 9 to Gate 18, Floor 1, Section C1, D1, E1 of Yiwu International Trade City.

Products Available:

  • General toys
  • Flush toys
  • Stuffed toys
  • Electric toys
  • Educational toys
  • Holiday and party toys

MOQ & Stock:

  • MOQ low to 1 carton / 200USD by value.
  • Over 60% shops have some stock.

Here are some stock pictures and prices:

plush toys middle size,Unit Price(RMB) 4.8 , 12pcs in one opp bag , MOQ: 1 bag plush toys small size, Unit Price(RMB) ¥4.80 , 12pcs in one opp bag , MOQ: 1 bag plush toys big size, Unit Price(RMB) ¥90.00 , 1.3m , MOQ: 5pcs plush toys key chain, Unit Price(RMB) ¥1.50 , 6cm , MOQ: 1200pcs/bag electronic toys, Unit Price(RMB) ¥21.00 , MOQ: 96pcs/CTN fly ufo toy,Unit Price(RMB) ¥98.00 , 12pcs/2CTN , MOQ: 2CTN puffy ball,Unit Price(RMB) ¥1.10 , 576pcs/CTN , MOQ: 2CTN toy doll w sound, Unit Price(RMB) ¥27.00 , 24pcs/CTN , MOQ: 5CTN educational toys, Unit Price(RMB) ¥158.00 , 12box/CTN , MOQ: 1CTN figure toys, Unit Price(RMB) ¥24.80 , 72card/CTN , MOQ: 1CTN building toys, Unit Price(RMB) ¥1.90 , 576box/CTN , MOQ: 1CTN

Price Reference:

Below is a few price lists for your reference:


Related Links

Contact Us:

* We DO NOT sell most of the products you see on this site DIRECT. The pictures are from Yiwu market. NOT our own products. 

However, we may help you find out similar products if you provide product

pictures, details & specs, quantity, and target price. 50USD/day sourcing fee may apply. Thank you!

Phone/WhatsApp/WeChat: +86 180 5896 2885

Email: [email protected] ;

Or leave us a message below:

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TonySourcing Launches All-in-One Supply Service for Toy Wholesalers & Amazon Sellers

Leading toys sourcing service provider, TonySourcing, announces the launch of TonySourcing AMAZON TOYS PROJECT (TATP), all-in-one service to supply toy wholesalers with a variety of top quality toys

Press Release – updated: Dec 21, 2020

YIWU, China, December 21, 2020 ( – TonySourcing has again reiterated their goal of helping toy wholesalers in different parts of the world get the best buying and selling experience with the launch of an all-inclusive toy sourcing service, TonySourcing AMAZON TOYS PROJECT (TATP), for Amazon toy sellers. The newly launched service will provide toy wholesalers with a plethora of premium quality toys at relatively affordable rates, helping wholesalers to meet the diverse needs of their customers while improving their sales and profits.

“More and more amazon toys seller hope to get one-stop services like right toys supply, labeling, testing support, and FBA shipping, then we are here

to help import toys from China!” Tony Chen, CEO of TonySourcing said.

The global toy market has continued to grow over the years due to increasing demand from parents worldwide. The case is not particularly different in the United States, with a recent report estimating toy sales in the country to have hit US$13.7 billion in the first three quarters of 2020. The figures can be largely attributed to changing consumer behavior associated with lockdowns and school closures. The recently launched service by the TonySourcing team aims to get more quality toys to consumers by helping wholesalers have access to as many varieties of toys as possible.

TonySourcing AMAZON TOYS PROJECT (TATP) was launched after the company received several toys idea of amazon seller requirement online. The sourcing process adheres strictly to the quality control requirements as issued by Amazon as well as the package and label standards. The company also employs the expertise of a professional lab to certify that the products are ASTM F963 & CPC compliant before shipping them to Amazon FBA directly.

The one-stop toys wholesale supply allows sellers to leverage TonySourcing’s vast inventory and connection, giving them access to over 5,000 toy factories in China and millions of toys, including brand name educational toys, toy cars, crafts, toys for babies, kitchen toys, sports toys, dinosaurs, and a host of others.

For more information about the TonySourcing AMAZON TOYS PROJECT (TATP) and other solutions from the sourcing company, please visit –

Media Contact

Company Name:

Contact Person: Tony Chen

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +86-152-6860-9198

Country: China


Source: TonySourcing

Guangzhou Toy Market-The Best China Toys Market

There are many toy suppliers in Guangzhou Of China,So high possibility you can buy the toys at wholesale prices from guangzhou toy wholesale market directly.

Guangzhou toys wholesale market supply all toys from plastic toys, metal toys, plush toys and different theme,
they are The anime goods toys, baby toys, novelty deformation toys, educational toys, model toys and traditional children’s toys.

TOP 4 Guangzhou Toy Wholesale Market

Where To Buy Toys Wholesale At Guangzhou?Come To see the market as below:

  • Wanling Toy Wholesale Market(Onelink Plaza)
  • Debao Trade Toy Wholesale Market Square(Debao Promotional Products Wholesale Market)
  • Guangzhou Liwan Toys Wholesale Market
  • Haizhu Toys Wholesale Market

Wanling Toy Wholesale Market(Onelink Plaza)

Wanling Toy Wholesale Market(Onelink Plaza) buldding is a bulding which have 41 layers, you can drive the car and there is a underground parking,
you can find the toy wholesale market accessories or all the toy related products here.

Debao Promotional Products Wholesale Market

This wholesale market is a professional toy gift market. you can buy the paper-based products, such as lanterns, lights, rainbow, ribbons, pennants, garland, madder, windmills, festive holiday items, wedding gifts, stocking and so on.

Debao Toy Wholesale Market Square

Guangzhou Liwan Toys Wholesale Market

Here we have some adivce before you start your trip to Guangzhou Toy Market

1: Do not double-check your product in wholesale stores
as long as the quantity of order is correct, you can request a replacement if any problems (of course not too far away from the time of purchase).
the wholesaler may see you as a novice and troublemaker so they may do not want to build a long-term dealings with you

2: Wholesalers And Manufacturers’s Profit Is Low
General rate will be from 2% to 3%, 5%,If you requires manufacturers or wholesaler a 20% discount on the wholesale price,they may see you as a freshman..

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6 Best Dropshipping Toys Suppliers in USA/China


Settling for a wholesale supplier for your products is not a decision you just make anyhow. What makes it a serious commercial decision is basically price competition, product delivery, customer satisfaction, and a host of others. As a result of an uneven market level, it is hard for sellers to choose reliable dropshipping toy suppliers. Therefore, sellers need to get proper information as to how they can choose reliable dropshipping toy suppliers. This article does that. It also introduces 6 best toys wholesale suppliers to interested dropshippers both in the USA and China.



Criteria on How to Choose Reliable Wholesale Suppliers

To make sure your enterprise runs effortlessly, you need to consider certain requirements on how you can choose dependable wholesale providers. A number of these criteria are as follows:

The Products and Brand:

Reliable wholesalers are those with good track records of producing and delivering quality products. It may be an issue getting to find one with this criterion, but you are less likely to go wrong with a wholesaler whose brand is already established. They have a name to protect and, as such, will be up and running to be best to their customers.


Dependable shipping:

A reliable supplier has to be at the top of her game when it comes to delivery. Ensure to do your findings on their length of time for them to ship to buyers. Also, you make inquiries about their method of shipping, and if they provide fast/express shipping in case you need fast delivery. You should not know if there is an alternative for cases of unforeseen delays.


Customer Support:

How do they attend to the needs of their customers in cases when issues arise or clarification is needed on grey areas of their service(s)? Do they have a timely response record? These questions are important to ask before striking a deal. A good wholesaler should have a readily available customer team that educates their clients and respond accordingly to arising issues that may occur.



3 Best Dropshipping Toys Suppliers in the USA

Dropshipping toys USA is a great business that E-Commerce proprietors can venture into. But toy dropshippers usa must know the best suppliers to deal with. The following are the best dropshipping toys suppliers you can find in the USA:

Anyone who wants to dropship toys usa can find quality products on The company has its registration in Bethel, United States of America. It hosts a comprehensive listing for confirmed toy suppliers and dropshippers each on a single platform. Notably, toys take priority in their stock of items, just as the name implies. This is to say they have another broad array of products too, but toys dominate over these others. Their business prototype is basic and directs the moment you discover a supplier from their almanac. After that, you can click some links and carry out transactions right on from their site.


A & A Company

For A & A, the emphasis on producing toys lies in safety, design, and comfort. Any review about toys dropshipping USA is incomplete without A & A. These qualities bring out the best in their toy products. Further, the wholesale toy company brings to bear their great experience in toy production each time. This company likewise offers premium value for every of their product. They charge only affordable prices for every product you order. What’s more, A & A Company ensure they simplify custom strategy upon a client requesting the minimum order. Toy dropshippers usa can enjoy reliable and outstanding dropshipping service. However, this order must be as much as $150 for a buyer coming for the first time. is a well-known supplier of products having their registration in California, US. With the short time offers which usually come with the fresh arrivals, the wholesale supplier delivers only high-quality items for dropshipping toys usa. These items include educational toys, sports toys, cooking toys, plush toys, and common toys and toy accessories.

The dropship arrangement lets you bring custom items from their full data feed inventory functioning in your site. What you only need to do is place some order after the buyer orders. Afterward, they work out the warehousing and delivery expressly to your customer.


3 Best Dropshipping Toys Suppliers in China

China is overtaking the dropshipping market all over the Asian continent via its competitive packages and particularly, toys. How to dropship from China? Here are 3 of China’s best dropshipping toys suppliers.

With more than 20,000 classy profitable SKUs and other endearing highlights, remains one of the best toys dropshipping platform you can get. Basically, they help dropshippers fulfill their dropshipping trade from items, stores, and delivery to aftersales services. GoTen dropshipping platform has stress-free round-the-clock post-sales services. Moreover, there is expert system support on the ground. Delivery happens in 2 – 7 days. You can have a dispatch made through local warehouses within 24 hours.

No product on ever escapes its thorough quality control checks. They ensure they vet both products and their suppliers before adding to their site. This makes the sites providing items for dropshipping suitable to work with. Importantly, you can easily add items on GoTen platform, and placing orders too is way easy. The wholesale platform features a completely automated platform for every product and supplier. has local warehouses all over the continents. Due to GoTen’s presence in most parts of the world, your buyers can have their products within a few days. This is a plus for you. Buyers begin to see your brand as a dependable business. In fact, studies have shown that buyers are always coming back to patronize stores that deliver fast. And with they coming back to buy more, your profit margins increase by the day.


AliExpress features varieties of products on its platform. This includes day-children fashionable toys to adult-based toys. Thus, AliExpress boasts of a viable network of suppliers and buyers. The merits of choosing AliExpress are compelling. They also secure their backend combination with your toy dropshipping store. To market AliExpress’s products, it is a requirement you set up a store like Amazon or eBay before you can dropship. The countless number of products coupled with the fairly-priced items make using AliExpress exquisite all the way. You’ll also have the advantage of increasing your profits with such an enabling platform in AliExpress dropshipping.



Their suppliers have every product you require to sell to your customers. Moreover, the suppliers professionally handle their partner’s enterprises. They are uptight with quality products.

Other reasons to go for ChinaBrands are no minimum order quantity restrictions, you can integrate your online store with the backend of the supplier, convenient return policy in place, affordable price offer, and ChinaBrands boast of excellent customer help.


Top 8 Amazon Best Selling Toys for Dropshipping

1. Stars Inflatable Castle 

2. Supercar Building Block

3. 100 pcs Wooden Train Set

4. Laser Gun

5. All-Terrain Vehicle

6. Cotton Yurt Tent

7. Climbing Rope Swing

8. Beautiful Simulation Baby Golden Curly Girl

All these toys can be sourced from GoTen dropshipping platform, start dropshipping toys on!


To profitably dropship toys like most other items, requires knowing tips on how to choose reliable wholesale dropshipping toys suppliers in the USA and China. It is crucial you also know those who are genuinely best. Following the content here helps you just with that.



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Toys From China Wholesale (Cheap)

Monster high


ABC, counting, geometry

Accessories for girls

Antistress, crush

Crossbows, bows

Badminton, tennis

Jewelry, beads, jewelry

Binoculars, spy kits, special agent




Helicopters, airplanes

Water weapon

Water games

Water transport

Air Transport

Volleyball basketball

Garages, parking lots, overpasses, stations


Golf, cricket, baseball, curling

Slides, houses, sandboxes, tables for water games


Children’s costumes for role-playing games

Houses for dolls

Houses and furniture

Wind instruments

Railways, trains

Railways, trains

Animals – jumpers

Animals, birds, insects and others

Clockwork toys

Sound posters, rugs

Traffic signs


Game weapon

Play sets, houses for animals, characters

Bath toys, plastisol

Outdoor games

Interactive animals, characters

Interactive toys (up to 3 years old)

Kaleidoscopes, telescopes

Horse carriages, transport for dolls


Rollers – tolokars

Skittles, small towns, ring throws, bowling

Keyboard instruments

Puzzle mats

Collectible Models

Carriages for dolls

Constructors and prefabricated models with a screwdriver

Toy containers, boxes, boxes, accessories


Barbie dolls

Dolls, dolls interactive, functional

Puppet show


Lizunas, toffee, hedgehogs

Boats, cutters


Cars, buses, motorcycles

Furniture for dolls, accessories


Mobiles, carousels, arches, stretch marks, suspensions


Musical hammers

Easels, drawing boards

Musical instruments


Soft toy

Soft educational toy


Jumping ball (rubber), balls-transformers

Balls Basketball

Volleyball balls

Rubber balls, jumping balls, PVC, plastic

Football balls

Photo and video set

Army kits, toy soldiers

Creator’s Kit

Doctor, Veterinarian Kits

PVC Animal Sets

Tool kits, workshops

Explorer, Magic, and Experiment Kits

Kitchen sets, bistro

Sets of horses, ponies

Sets of cars, motorcycles, special services

Sets of musical instruments

Weapon sets, melee weapons

Police, firefighter, rescue kits

Cookware sets

Product kits

Knights, cowboys, pirates sets

Stylist, hairdresser sets

Supermarket, shop sets

Mistress, nanny sets

Inflatable products, Intex, Bestway


Stickers, transfers, tattoos

Table games

Board sports games


Educational games for toddlers and preschoolers

Clothes for dolls

Musical weapon, battery operated

Weapons with soft bullets, balls, suction cups, discs

Jigsaw puzzles

Tents, playpens, houses

Pyramids (plastic)


Players, tape recorders, microphones, smartphones

Rattles, teethers (plastic)

Gift wrapping, holiday accessories

Bullets, caps


Rainbow springs

Developing rugs (textiles)


Drawing, painting, stained glass


Rollers, skateboards




Prefabricated models

Lamps, bedside lamps, projectors, baby monitors

Glow sticks, bracelets, breezes

Ropes, hoops

Sorters, logic toys

Special equipment

Stringed instruments

Bags, backpacks, pencil cases, folders, aprons for work


Tanks, robots, transformers

Cars, carts

Phones, wrist watches, glasses

Tetrises, tamogoche

Transport and special equipment used mechanisms (plastic)

Transport and special equipment inertial

Electrified transport and special equipment

Remote controlled transport and construction equipment

Transformers, robots


Percussion instruments

Hero Figures

Figures, characters

Fingerboards, spinners

Football, hockey

Walkers, jumpers, auto accessories

Chess, backgammon, checkers

Electric cars

Batteries, flashlights, flash drives


Quality Cheap China Toys For Many Purposes

About Product & Suppliers:
 Enjoy a variety of kids entertainment on by buying  cheap china toys . Children tend to be curious all the time, always learning and learning something new. Parents and educators can help their children grow and understand their surroundings by purchasing educational toys. Customers rely on quality as the product suppliers are the leading brands in the market.  cheap china toys . also available at both retail and wholesale levels at cost-effective prices based on order specifications. Buy one or a hundred.

Some of cheap china toys . The store features internationally renowned brands whose products support learning with silicone toys. Customers are provided with several assistive tools to help them select their preferred product. Buy according to type, material, gender, price and supplier certificate.

The toys featured on serve multiple purposes for both buyers and recipients. When children play with quality toys, it can help develop children's skills and intelligence by increasing literacy, memorization, and even hand-eye coordination skills.Children also acquire problem-solving and social skills when they interact with toys, especially when they play with other children. Finally, these toys are safe for children to use and are made from non-toxic, environmentally friendly materials.

The cheap china toys . on offers value, quality and convenience. These products offer significant entertainment and educational benefits for children of all ages. Customers can also choose between ready-to-ship and paid sample options upon purchase to ensure the best fit for different needs.

How to Import Toys from China: A Complete Guide

How to import toys from China: the complete guide

Many importers do not supply toys just because the assortment of products is very large and from the outside it seems difficult. Another reason is that many countries have strict rules regarding the import of toys, which can cause many problems in the process.

But in reality, importing toys is not that difficult.You just need to choose the right product line and find the right suppliers.

In this article, you will learn how to select products, find suitable suppliers, and how to avoid problems when importing toys from China.

Chapter 1: Which toys to choose for business?

As a rule, the majority of importers prefer to transport classic toys such as balls, cars, plush animals, because they are all in great and stable demand every year.There is no need to worry about sales as there are always customers who want to buy them.

Popular Hits in the Toy Market of Past Years

In addition, every year there are the most popular toys such as rainbow loom bracelet kits in 2013-2014, kinetic sand and balancing segway scooters in 2014-2015, fidget spinner and interactive finger monkey monkey during 2017-2018, rose bears in 2018-2019, etc. If you can see the potential of similar products and import them earlier than your competitors, you will make a lot of money, while others will just start them sell.At the time of the peak of mass sales, you will already begin to search for new hype products.

Googlr trends spikes in demand for hype products

Chapter 2: Where most of China’s toy factories are located

Chinese toy factories are located in different locations according to the different kinds of toys they produce.

Main regions for the production of various kinds of toys

Below I will list the 5 main regions for the production of toys in China.

1. Chenghai City in Guangdong Province – World Toy Capital

If you specialize in the toy supply business and constantly purchase in large quantities, then Chenghai is the best choice. You can find toy companies, factories, products and services all over the city.

1.1 Which toy manufacturers are located in Chenghai

Many world companies buy toys in Chenghai.Major toy categories include:

a. Chinese children’s toys
b. Plastic toys
c. Chinese electronic toys
High-tech toys

This means that if you run a remote control toy business and your suppliers are located in Shenzhen, Guangzhou or Hangzhou, their price is likely to be higher than in Chenghai. This is because 90% of these factories are forced to buy toy accessories in Chenghai, which in turn raises the cost of production.

Kids toys drones quadcopters are produced in both Chenghai and Shenzhen

For example, if a factory in Chenghai wants to make a remote control car for you, they just need to purchase basic accessories from local PCB factories, wheel factories, etc. and then collect them. They don’t need to buy accessories outside of Chenghai. Thus, the cost will be significantly reduced, a lot of time will be saved, and the quality will be guaranteed.

1.2 How do toy manufacturers in Chenghai work? How do I find them?

Most factories in Chenghai do not have their own sales department and their English skills are also not very good. Therefore, toy factories located in Chenghai usually send their samples to trading companies. They end up uploading all the products to their Alibaba pages or personal websites and placing orders in these factories for foreigners. Of course, there are also a few large toy companies that have their own 1,000 square meter showrooms.Customers can visit their showroom, select products, and place orders.

In addition, there are also many showrooms in Chenghai where factories display samples by renting display cases (one rack costs between $ 500 and $ 1000 per year). If you are interested in a product demonstration there, the companies will offer you full factory contact information. But most of the factories don’t have good English speaking salespeople, so you’d better ask a Chinese translator for help.

Another interesting feature is that during your visit you can put most of the toys you like in the basket and pick them up for free. Companies also offer free lunch like McDonald’s or KFC, free drinks, and even free cigarettes. Such a good service because toy factories pay them a fairly large percentage of their sales annually.

Trading companies and showrooms are located in every corner of Chenghai, and you can get information about them from the hotel you are staying at.

2. Yiwu – cheap and small toys

2.1 What categories of toys are produced in Yiwu

Yiwu toy factories mainly produce inexpensive toys. These include bracelets, baby jewelry, magic sand, spinners, etc. If you want to find these small items, then Yiwu is the right place.

Like Chenghai, Yiwu also manufactures a variety of plastic toys. Besides household items and inexpensive plastic toys, there are many circle, inflatable boat factories in Yiwu, such as the Floating Flamingo, which was in very high demand a few years ago.

You can find toy factories and suppliers in the Yiwu Wholesale Market. But if you are not familiar with the city, then it is better to hire an agent to help you.

Maybe you want to ask me if it is possible to find Yiwu suppliers on Alibaba. Of course have. There are many Yiwu suppliers on Alibaba, and you need to determine if the suppliers are real factories or not. In my experience, if a factory produces many different toys, then it is probably not the real one. Because a real factory produces a specific product, not many.

2.2 Comprehensive comparison between Yiwu and Chenghai

Regardless of the price, Yiwu collects the most complete categories of toys. You can easily find plush toys, plastic toys, simple electronic toys, and more at the lowest price. There are suppliers of high-tech toys on the market, but the price is not very good. Because there are no manufacturers of sophisticated remote control toys and high-tech toys in Yiwu.

Generally, the price of Yiwu toys is the lowest, but the quality is not as good as you expect.

Take a plastic toy as an example; The materials, gloss and color of plastic toys produced in Chenghai are much better than in Yiwu. Of course, the price in Yiwu will be half that in Chenghai. To summarize, you must strike a balance between price and quality in accordance with your actual requirements.

If you personally visit China, and your specialization is the production of plastic or electronic toys, you can go to Chenghai.

If toys are just a part of your business and you want to buy many other products, then Yiwu is the right place.Because it is very convenient to buy all products in their wholesale market. Even if you buy Chenghai-made toys in Yiwu, the price here will not be much different from buying in Chenghai.

3. Yangzhou / Qingdao – plush and stuffed animals

Although you can find plush toy manufacturers in Chenghai and Yiwu, the scale is relatively small. And in recent years, these plush and stuffed toy manufacturers have gradually moved to China’s Jiangxi Province (neighboring Zhejiang Province) due to the high production costs.

If you have a large order, I suggest you go to Yongjia directly. You can stay there for about 1-2 days and visit factories with a local guide in the area. Generally, some factories in Yongjia and Wenzhou have their own stalls in the Yiwu market, so you can also visit the Yiwu market directly to find educational toy manufacturers.

4. Yongjia, Zhejiang Province: China’s Learning and Playground Capital for Children

Qiaoxia, a small town located in Yongjia City, is the main place where educational toys for children are made in China.If you are planning to visit China to find suppliers for such toys, you should go to Qiaoxia City, as there are many factories there. If you are looking for suppliers on the Internet, it is best to check their location in China and make sure they are from Wenzhou City, because Yongjia belongs to Wenzhou.

5. Yunhe, Lishui – Wooden Toy City

Yunhe is rich in trees, which led to the development of the wooden toy industry. There are many wooden toy factories in the area.In addition, there is a toy market in Yunhe where you can find a supplier.

However, I advise you to hire an interpreter or agent to help you follow up on the production. Because there are very few foreigners who visit Yunhe and only a few locals can speak English.

Yunhe has several large factories that supply toys to many famous brands overseas. However, it is almost impossible to make your own custom products there.If you need just such a product, then it is better to spend 1-2 days to find a small factory under the guidance of a local guide.

Chapter 3: Two main wholesale toy market in China

I would like to introduce you to two main Chinese toy markets:

  1. Yiwu Market
  2. Guangzhou Market

These two markets have their own characteristics. You just need to choose the one that suits your requirement.

Yiwu Wholesale Market Toy District

Many toys are produced in Yiwu City and nearby cities.Yiwu Wholesale Market has many toy suppliers from all over China, including toy suppliers from Chenghai. Finding toys is very convenient, as a wholesale market is like a large shopping center.

Yiwu Market has a total of five districts. Most of the Chinese toy factories are based at on the first floor of the first district of . Here you can find any toy you want. The Yiwu toy market is divided into four parts:

1) ordinary toys area
2) electric toys area
3) plush toys area
4) inflatable toys area

You can search for suppliers in different areas depending on the type of toy you are want to.

Layout of the goods of the 1st section of the Futien market in Yiwu

In the Yiwu market, similar goods are collected in one specific area. Thus, you can easily find the same product in different kiosks, which is very convenient for you when it comes to comparing price and quality. In the Yiwu market, many toy manufacturers only know a few simple English words. They usually discuss the price with a calculator.

Most often, the MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) of a product is more than $ 200.If it is a relatively expensive toy, such as a drone, then the MOQ may be small.

When you ask suppliers for a price, their offer for 1000 items and 5000 items may be the same. This shouldn’t surprise you. Because suppliers don’t know if you can place an order and what your real and specific needs are. They should communicate with you in detail and calculate the cost.

One thing that you should pay more attention to is that many toy suppliers do not provide certification.If you do not have experience in importing toys from China or your own forwarding activities, then you will face many difficulties in the import process.

Guangzhou Wholesale Toy Markets

Unlike the Yiwu toy market, which brings together many toy suppliers, the Guangzhou wholesale toy markets are scattered and each market is in a separate small building.

There are several small buildings on Yide Road in Guangzhou. But the classification of toys in these buildings is rather confusing.MOQ is also relatively low, but the price is much higher. Usually buyers from Southeast Asia come there to purchase a product.

Guangzhou OneLink Toy & Gift Center

There are only a few real factories in Guangzhou markets. So if you want to find a real toy factory, I don’t recommend going there. Also, the suppliers in the wholesale toy markets in Guangzhou do not speak English very well, so you need to find a Chinese translator as a purchasing agent to help you communicate with the suppliers.

In particular, if you mainly want to buy clothes, bags, watches, jewelry and a small amount of toys, then you can buy them all at the wholesale toy market in Guangzhou.

However, if you have a larger order, for example, you want to pay more than $ 1000 for each type of toy, then I suggest you go to the Chenghai or Yiwu markets. Because the Guangzhou wholesale toy market is only suitable for those who buy toys in small quantities.

Chapter 4 Major Toy Exhibitions in China

24.07.2019 – 26.07.2019
CBME China 2019 – Children-Baby-Maternity Exp o (Shanghai)
Shanghai International Exhibition of Products for Children, Babies and Pregnant Women

24.07.2019 – 26.07.2019
CKF 2019 – Cool Kids Fashion (Shanghai)
Shanghai International Children’s Fashion Show

16.10.2019 – 18.10.2019
China Kids Expo 2019 (Shanghai)
Shanghai International Stroller and Baby Products Exhibition

16.10.2019 – 18.10.2019
China Toy Expo 2019 (Shanghai)
Shanghai International Exhibition of Toys and Products for Children’s Creativity and Development

20.10.2019 – 23.10.2019
Mega Show 2019 Part 1 (Hong Kong)
Hong Kong International Exhibition of Toys, Gifts, Souvenirs, Home Goods

21.10.2019 – 24.10.2019
Yiwu Fair (Yiwu)
Yiwu Fair is one of the largest, most influential and most productive product fairs in China

23.10.2019 – 27.10.2019
Canton Fair 2019 Autumn Phase 2 (Guangzhou)
Guangzhou Autumn Import and Export Fair (2nd stage)

12/25/2019 – 12/28/2019
Hong Kong Toys Expo 2019 Winter (Hong Kong)
Hong Kong International Toy Show

April 2020
Chenghai International Toys & Gift Fair (Chenghai)
Chenghai International Toy Fair

You can learn more about toy exhibitions and announcements of other thematic exhibitions in China in the OPEN CHINA Telegram channel

Chapter 5: How to Search toy suppliers from china online

Don’t let Chinese online suppliers fool you as they all say they are factories and can make whatever toys you like.In fact, most suppliers can be contacted through online trading companies. Because the scale of many Chinese toy factories is usually small and most of their orders come from trading companies. Some toy factories also have stores on Alibaba, but they rarely receive orders from foreign buyers.

You can also find many large and professional toy factories at fairs like Canton Fair in Guangzhou and Global Sources in Hong Kong.

Finding suppliers online is the only way unless you are traveling to China and I suggest using

Some people want to find suppliers on a small platform like Aliexpress or DHgate, but I do not recommend purchasing toys from such sites as they choose international express as their shipping method. Since the cost of toys is small, but the size of the product is quite bulky, the shipping cost increases with the use of air and express shipping.Sometimes it turns out to be even higher than the price of the product itself. So, the most economical shipping method is sea freight and purchasing in large quantities (at least 2-3 cubic meters), otherwise your average shipping costs for each product will be very high.

Chapter 5: What problems can arise when importing toys from China

Toys are commonly used by children, so many countries have strict regulations and high demands on toys.Other than that, there are other issues that make importing toys a little more difficult. Here are some of the main problems that can arise when importing toys from China.

1. Compliance and Security Issue

Certification and safety are the biggest of all concerns and different countries have different required standards for imported toys. Here are some of the certifications required by the US and EU to import toys.

United States: ASTM F963 : Mechanical / Physical Testing, Flammability Testing, and Chemical Testing. CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act): Lead and Phthalates Test, Labeling Test.

European Union toys exported to Europe must comply with the Toy Safety Directive ( EN 71 -1.2.3 ) and bear the CE mark.

If you are importing a large number of toys, it is better for you to pass all necessary tests. But if the number of toys is small, then the costs for all these tests are very high. The best way is to ask your suppliers to provide reports of these tests that they have done in the past to ensure that their products meet safety standards.If the suppliers cannot provide them, then you had better find others who have test reports.

Suppliers in China do not usually carry out all of these tests, most of them do part 1, 2 and 3 of the EN 71 test and the phthalates test. When you receive the EN 71 test report from them, carefully check if it includes part 3 of EN71 , which is the most important, and can prove that the hazardous substances in the products are within the required limits. Some vendors will not test part 3 because they fear the test might fail.

In addition, many companies conduct CE testing in China, so you also need to check which test laboratory the report is from. Renowned establishments such as SGS, ITS and TUV will do the best. Some suppliers may offer reports from a small Chinese test lab to save money, but these may not be accepted by imported countries.

2. Inspection of goods required in China

When exported to other countries, toys must undergo a quality inspection of goods, the cost is $ 300-350 per container.If you ship by LCL, and the cost depends on the material and volume of the toy, as a rule, it cannot be less than $ 150.

3. Design violation problem

Many factories like to print some famous cartoon characters in their toy products. For example, two identical school bags: one printed with minions, and the other not. The first one can be sold at a higher price and the demand for it is higher than for the second one.

Unless the suppliers have received permission from the animation company, all of these toys with animated characters are prohibited.Your products will be inspected by Chinese and foreign customs. Once they find out that you do not have a license, they will confiscate them.

Even if you are lucky enough to go through customs, you will face the same problems as above when selling these unauthorized toys.

Therefore, if you want to import toys printed with famous animation characters, you need to make sure that your supplier has permission to do so. If it is not there, you can switch to another supplier or refuse this product if it could pose a threat to the security of your business.

4. The problem of delivery of toys from China

Sea shipping is the most economical way for toys because their weight is usually light and the size of the product is always large. If you plan to import less than 3 cubic meters. m of toys in each batch, it is better to buy from the local market than directly import from China. Because the average cost of each toy product including freight and inspection will be very high.

You can learn how to find reliable suppliers of toys in China, build effective communication and long-term relationships, order goods under your own brand, correctly arrange a deal and control quality, and also deliver goods to your country according to a white scheme at online training “Bayer “.Detailed program, options for participation packages and prices at link

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Adapted and amended translation of article

90,000 Toys From China Wholesale – Marketplace in Yiwu

One of the best places in China to buy toys in bulk is the Futien International Market in Yiwu City.

More than 3000 trading companies and manufacturers have their showrooms in District 1 of the Wholesale Market.

District (District) No. 1 of the Wholesale Market in Yiwu China

Yiwu Market and Exhibition is a very convenient place to buy toys in China.In a few days you can visit a huge number of showrooms, about 2500 thousand . See samples, negotiate terms, get to know suppliers and manufacturers directly.

On the market you will not find only “branded” toys from well-known world manufacturers. (although if you search well, with the help of a good agent you can find copies of them). There are factories that offer licensed toys from Disney, Marvel, DC Comix and others. There may be problems with official delivery to Russia if you do not have a license to trade the respective brands, but the prohibitions can be circumvented.

For the rest – a huge selection: soft toys, plastic toys, sets for children’s creativity, construction sets, costumes for the holidays, electric toys – cars, helicopters, quadcopters and much more.

This is what the showroom of a small toy supplier in the Yiwu market looks like.

The toys that are now in a “trend” are always in the most conspicuous place – they have a boom in sales in certain countries. For example, the trend of 2018 – dolls “LOL” – the market was simply overwhelmed with them. Trends change quickly.In the market in Yiwu, this can be tracked instantly and get into a wave.

Minimum order quantity – about five boxes from one seller, you can have different types of toys. They trade in wholesale here, it is almost impossible to buy 5 or 10 pieces – it is not interesting for suppliers. Sometimes it turns out to agree on a smaller quantity, but in any case, it is absolutely unrealistic to buy less than one box of one type.

Prices and quality are very different. There are high quality toys, but the price is higher.There are toys of very poor quality at low prices. It all depends on your requirements – you will definitely find a product in Yiwu that meets your price / quality criteria.

“Kinetic” sand and other trendy products for children from one of the suppliers

One thing is for sure – in Yiwu prices for toys are lower than in Guangzhou and other cities in China.

Manufacturers are ready to make toys specifically for your order – you can give them your own packaging design, agree on the quality of materials, create your own kind of toys.

Many large wholesale companies in Russia began their journey precisely with the purchase of toys at the wholesale market-exhibition in Yiwu. It’s not too late for you to start or expand your business, just come.


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Chinese toys at wholesale prices with delivery across Ukraine – Toys wholesale

Manytoys online presents a wide selection of bright and inexpensive children’s toys from China from a warehouse in Odessa on the 7 km market with delivery throughout Ukraine. We can offer you to buy cheap toys in bulk. On our website you will find a wide range of toys from children’s toy furniture and accessories to children’s bicycles and vehicles, board games and educational wooden toys, products for newborns and schoolchildren, puzzles and constructors, Intex products and sports products, products for school and creativity …Buying cheap toys in bulk from China does not mean that you are buying a priori a low-quality product. Our online store ManyToys offers only high-quality products from trusted suppliers of children’s toys. You can order toys in bulk on our website with convenient and fast delivery throughout Ukraine or with pickup from our wholesale base.

Many of you have formed a convincing opinion that the goods, and in particular toys made in China, are not of high quality, but we want to prove to you that this is far from the case.

Why it is worth buying children’s toys in bulk China

In the recent past, goods that poured into our market in large quantities were purchased indiscriminately, since then it was necessary to satisfy the demand of the buyer. The lack of competition in the market also played a role, which allowed low-quality Chinese goods to flood our counters. Nowadays, when the Chinese manufacturers of children’s toys, like us, are interested in long-term cooperation and regular deliveries, they began to pay great attention to the quality and safety of toys for children.In turn, we, as importers, visit manufacturing plants in China, monitor the quality of manufactured goods, study specialized business exhibitions, look for new suppliers with quality goods, regularly monitor the Chinese toy market for new products and interesting offers.

It is an indisputable fact that many global brands locate their production facilities in China, due to the availability of modern production facilities with low labor costs, which has a positive effect on the quality of the goods produced.

Availability of international quality certificates, imported toys, as well as mandatory certification and inspection by the sanitary services of our country allows the buyer to purchase a safe high-quality product. To meet the growing demands of our little customers, our wholesale toy suppliers offer us only high-quality, safe products for young consumers.

Order cheap children’s toys in bulk from us. We guarantee the lowest prices in Ukraine and the best quality.Become our regular customer, and we will become your reliable wholesaler of children’s toys.

Enjoy your shopping!

How to Import Toys from China: Shantou Business Tour |

How does purchasing in China begin? From the definition of a product niche, a profile of the future business! And then comes the stage of searching for suppliers. Of course, you can find them on online B2B platforms too: or But after you have decided on the category of goods for purchases, it is better to go to China yourself.To visit a city or province, where they are engaged in the production of the things you need. On the spot, it is easier to determine the business prospects and personally communicate with potential suppliers. Directly at the factory, in the wholesale specialized markets, you can get the best price and not miss the mark with quality.

Everyone knows that production in China is a cluster one. One city specializes in furniture, in another they create plumbing, in a third there are ceramists, in a fourth – shoe makers.Every city is Tula or Gus Khrustalny. Everyone has their own pride. This is a striking feature of China, which is difficult to pass by. Therefore, we decided to acquaint you with the categories of Chinese goods that are popular with importers and the clusters of their production.

We begin with an excursion to the east coast of China, where the toy capital of the Celestial Empire is located in the Guangdong province – Shantou urban district. It was once famous for sugar and opium. Now Shantou has a different “specialty”: here, in the suburb of Chenghai, most of the world’s inexpensive toys are produced.If you are seriously involved in the toy business, your road is to Chenghai. Otherwise, you will have to buy the same toys from suppliers in Shenzhen, Guangzhou or Hangzhou at times more expensive. After all, they themselves buy them in Chenghai.

Shantou and its suburb Chenghai are located in the east of Guangdong province, at the mouth of the Hanjiang River. You can get to Shantou from Shenzhen or Guangzhou, where planes fly from many major cities in Russia. Chenghai Wholesale Markets are 18 km from Shantou Train Station.You can take a taxi. Or take a bus.

Chenghai is the most densely populated area in China. On an area of ​​345 sq. km 750 thousand people live here. And most are employed in the toy industry

Almost every foreigner in Chenghai is a toy importer. Handicraft industries coexist with huge factories, where they create hundreds of thousands of different games and gifts. Many of these toys can be found (more expensive, of course) on Alibaba, with items from 1,600 Chenghai sellers here.This is a virtual version of the hundreds of wholesale toy markets and retail showrooms that are at every turn in Shantou.

Some statistics: Chenghai accounts for about 70% of all toy production in China. The annual volume of the local toy industry is $ 4.95 billion. More than 83% of toys are exported. From 2003 to 2016, the toy industry in Chenghai grew by an average of 14% per year. The products are exported to more than 140 countries and regions of the world.

Basically, local showrooms are trade pavilions of wholesale companies, not factories.But don’t worry: buying toys from Chenghai wholesalers is quite convenient, as they have already established relationships with thousands of manufacturers. Some of Chenghai’s large wholesalers have over a million SKUs in their prices. While some manufacturers release no more than ten varieties of reliable hits.

Chenghai factories usually send free samples to trading companies. Those, in turn, upload all products to the pages of their stores on the same Alibaba and place orders at factories, accumulating orders from buyers.

It is autumn now and it is too late to buy New Year’s assortment. But keep in mind when planning your purchases for next year: Chenghai manufacturers and traders offer over ten thousand items of New Year’s decorations and carnival costumes! As well as airplanes, cars, dolls, soft toys, construction sets. Several factories in Chenghai are engaged in the production of radio-controlled toys: helicopters, cars, ships, quadcopters, etc. Here you will find almost all of China’s smart innovative electronic toys.Other factories produce classic models of cars and other vehicles. It is from Chenghai that they bring cheap analogs of Lego and all kinds of building constructors. Classics are also in stable demand (the same balls, balloons, kaleidoscopes, etc.): according to statistics, most importers buy just such toys. And finally, Chenghai can rightfully be called the heart of the puzzle and puzzle industry.

In this toy city it is easy to imagine yourself in the place of Zhenya from Kataev’s “Seven-colored flower”.Remember how she tore off one of the petals and wished “that all the toys in the world become hers.” And the toys were felled, felled, felled … In Chenghai there are at least 7 thousand enterprises, one way or another connected with the industry of toys and gifts. The roads are crowded with wagons carrying numerous boxes and boxes of toys to the nearest ports. Chenghai’s toy assortment grows with 100 new products every month. So, the first toy drones were created in a company from Chenghai in the spring of 2014.

Until you visited Chenghai, it is difficult to imagine that toys are often sold here by weight – at the lowest price. The cheapest toys are, of course, from manufacturers.

Among the many retail pavilions in Chenghai, the two largest wholesale markets stand out: Baoao Toys City and Chenghai Plastic City . Over 2000 stores are waiting for you on the first market. If you make toys yourself and are looking for a variety of materials and raw materials (for example, the same eyes and eyelashes for dolls), then Baoao Toys City is your choice: more than 300 stores sell “component parts” of toys here (about 800 thousand in total).names of goods). And a significant part of Chenghai’s factories produce exactly accessories and raw materials for toys.

Chenghai Plastic City has more manufacturers than Baoao Toys City . Therefore, toys are cheaper here. After all, their stocks are updated directly from the assembly line. So for wholesale buyers of toys in a small assortment, Chenghai Plastic City is paradise. Well, as you guessed from the name, plastic toys and gifts are most widely represented here.

Both markets in Chenghai have their own logistics centers. The toys are shipped in containers and wagons. The minimum batch from the factory is from 5 boxes of the same type.

Ideal for the purchase of toys and showrooms. For example, Hoton Exhibition Hall, opened back in 2003. Here, on an area of ​​15 thousand square meters. meters, tens of thousands of toys and gifts are presented. At Hoton, you can get information on all Chenghai toy manufacturers in one place. And not only Chenghai, but China as a whole.

Competitor of Hoton Exhibition Hall – CBH Exhibition Hall. Here are, as a rule, high quality toys, individually wrapped. In addition to several thousand toys from trading companies, you will find here data on more than 4000 toy manufacturers from China.

Even better toys await you at the YS WIN-WIN showroom. This showroom is preferred by buyers from Japan, EU countries and USA. Here you will not only be presented with the best toys from 3000 suppliers, but will also help you with container formation and transportation.

In addition to large showrooms, Shantou has many specialized exhibition halls. One contains mostly guided models, the other contains sets for scientific experiments and hobbies, and the third contains dinosaur figures and toys for swimming.

During your visit to the showroom, you will be assigned a personal manager who will help you with the choice of toys, sampling and negotiations with suppliers. Having scanned the code on the toy you are interested in, the manager will receive all the necessary information about it and provide it to you.At any time, you can pause your tour of the showroom to, for example, have lunch, sit in the break room, or walk with a supplier to the meeting room. If your order is rather interesting and large, the showroom staff will arrange negotiations with a factory representative for you, and you can discuss the contract and delivery details. During your visit to the showroom, you can put samples of toys in the basket, which you will then take with you completely free of charge. In addition, toy factories pay showrooms to feed toy buyers at McDonald’s or KFC.So lunch is free too.

Guangdong Provincial Government Support Shantou Toy Manufacturers. Subsidizes their participation in various exhibitions and fairs: Canton Fair, Shanghai Toy Fair, Hong Kong Gift and Toy Fair, Yiwu Fair. Shantou also has its own exhibition. The major toy manufacturers of Chenghai are sure to participate in it. It is called the Chenghai International Toys & Gift Fair (held at the Chenghai Exhibition Center or Baoao International Toy City).

This is the most convenient place to meet suppliers live. In 2019, the exhibition took place in April. More than 1000 manufacturers and trading companies participated in it, presenting over 80 thousand toys and gifts. Every year, more and more remote-controlled toys and various robots can be found at the exhibition. Here, as at the famous Shanghai International Toy Fair, the largest in Asia, you immediately understand that modern Chinese toys are innovative, high-tech and safe products.They are no longer associated with cheap consumer goods, and manufacturers and wholesalers are always ready to confirm the quality with many certificates. Worldwide recognition of Chinese brands is just around the corner.

In the meantime, the import of Chinese toys into our country is still one of the most difficult types of import, although hazardous materials have not been used at Chinese toy factories for a long time. Consumers have nothing to fear. But the importer will have to go through a costly and time-consuming toy certification procedure.However, all risks will pay off: high-quality toys from China remain in demand and a marginal product.

This can be seen on the example of our case.

We will continue to introduce you to the geography of Chinese imports in the next article.

Successful purchases!

Children’s toys wholesale from China to Russia. Suppliers in Moscow

Profitable cooperation

Wholesale toys from China go in huge streams to all regions of the world.According to statistics, seven out of ten are produced there. Since every child wants to get a variety of games in dozens of options, and most parents, for various reasons, strive to please them. There can be a huge variety of reasons:

  • birthday;
  • New Year;
  • March eighth or February twenty-third;
  • gift when visiting a visit;
  • a reason to improve your mood.

It is not surprising that business people have taken into account the wishes of the consumer, and in an effort to establish a commodity flow, they are looking for a trusted companion to buy children’s toys from China in bulk.Chinese toy parts are also in high demand. Properly organized traffic flows do not fail and a carefully calculated volume must be received by the required date. Our organization will become a reliable assistant, arranging the functioning of the transportation process within the framework of the contract. We will carefully transport any cargo: whole or groupage. The result will certainly delight partners with speed and high level of service.

Delivery options

Businessmen looking for suppliers of toys from China to Russia do not need to explain the benefits of such partnerships.These are significant gains, especially during the holiday season. Therefore, it is worth making a choice how to deliver the goods to the place of sale:

  1. by sea;
  2. by road;
  3. by air service.

There are advantages to any method. Depending on the time frame, our clients can choose the one that suits their needs individually.

Sending by sea

When you need to buy wholesale toys from China and send a serious volume in a lot, it makes sense to consider shipping by water.This is how the largest consignments are delivered. This is an extremely advantageous offer for an entrepreneur who has time to wait, since it is the journey by sea that takes the most time. Compensate for the time spent, prices, which have become one of the lowest. Buy wholesale toys from China to send them by sea should be when:

  • You can receive an order after a certain period;
  • should save on transportation costs;
  • a lot of goods are transported.

Our organization provides delivery directly through the ports of St. Petersburg, Vladivostok and Ust-Luga. Today it can be sent to Novosibirsk and Crimea. The cheapest toys are sent by water in bulk from China in large quantities to get the most benefit. Such sea mail is a well-established mechanism by which our company will ensure the smooth functioning of any business process. Large wholesale toys from China are most profitable to transport in this way.

Shipped By Air

Carrying out wholesale supplies of toys from China without intermediaries, we will quickly transport your order by air. It is advisable to use air transportation if:

  • the amount is relatively small;
  • has an expiration date;
  • there is a need for tight deadlines.

This type of shipment is more expensive, but it can be delivered quickly. Such transportation is justified when sending a large number of new products on the pre-holiday days.The time it takes for popular toys from China to be delivered is approximately five days.

Road transport

Transportation by road, carried out by China Cargo, is the most popular among entrepreneurs who send small orders. Prices for services are low and there is no link to the schedule of sea and air transport. Merits:

  1. saving time for loading and unloading;
  2. the ability to change the route while moving;
  3. low prices for transport services.

Having chosen cheap toys from China as an object of entrepreneurial activity, novice business people with lots of small wholesale who order relatively small types of shipments do not need high transport costs. To carry out road transport, it is necessary to follow international requirements. The car must have all the permits, besides, not everyone is suitable for commercial use in terms of technical characteristics.China Cargo ensures an uninterrupted flow of traffic, observing all the formalities.

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