Top ten streetwear brands: Best Streetwear Brands 2021: Where to Shop Top Men’s Hypebeast Brands


Best Streetwear Brands 2021: Where to Shop Top Men’s Hypebeast Brands

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Streetwear is a funny word. Most of us – even fashion experts – have trouble defining the catch-all term that includes everything from retro Nikes to Supreme box tees to Carhartt work pants. But we do know that streetwear (whatever that means) is currently the biggest movement in fashion. And it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

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Part of the reason for streetwear’s fluid definition is the massive changes it’s undergone over the years. Most fashionistas would identify the beginning of streetwear with the rise of hip-hop in mainstream culture (so, somewhere in the late eighties and early nineties). The two movements seem to have grown in unison, with streetwear both informing and emerging from rap culture.

And, like hip-hop, streetwear has quickly gone from fringe to mainstream with designers now producing bold logo tees, grail-worthy sneakers and athletic-inspired statement pieces.

In other words, streetwear is now a wide-ranging, long-standing behemoth of a trend. And it isn’t just for rappers and skaters. Whether you’re a dad, a college kid or Travis Scott, you can use streetwear pieces to be more stylish.

What Are the Best Streetwear Brands?

Although streetwear can be tricky to define, there are a few brands that constitute undisputed forces behind the megatrend. Check out the best streetwear brands below for some fresh new additions to your wardrobe.

1. Supreme

With all the hype, resale prices and overall fame of Supreme, it can be easy to forget that Supreme’s pieces are just cool. The New York City brand has been around since 1994, dropping some of, if not the most sought-after pieces in streetwear history. By ditching the ordinary supply-and-demand model, Supreme allowed the resale market to dictate prices. This lead Supreme to join the ranks of Rolex and Luis Vuitton in terms of desirability, and even collaborate with both of those brands (among many others).

Today, Supreme commands designer-level prices, but it’s certainly not impossible to snag pieces like a box tee or a power-statement jacket on sites like Farfetch.

Courtesy Farfetch

Buy: Supreme x The North Face Nuptse Jacket at $2,060

2. Palace

Palace’s combination of elevated skater style, UK streetwear and a sense of humor has yielded some of the coolest skate clothing to date. Some equate Palace as the UK’s answer to Supreme, but, at the moment, Palace is easier to get your hands on and a bit less talked-about than Supreme (maybe for the better).

Aesthetically, Palace is instantly recognizable thanks to its tri-ferg logo, sporty basics and bold statement pieces. We like the brand because you can go low-key with something like a logo sweatshirt (pictured below), or you can go big with, say, a Gore-Tex x Palace rain jacket.

Courtesy Farfetch

Buy: Palace Demando Crew Neck Jumper at $170

3. Off-White

Virgil Abloh’s groundbreaking brand, Off-White, is a perfect example of streetwear’s manifestation as designer clothing. Abloh launched Off-White back in 2013 after being creative director to Kanye West, and quickly gave the high-fashion world the streetwear that it needed. But Off-White didn’t just join the world of designer clothing – it redefined it. Abloh and his team re-imagined high-fashion with hoodies, Nike collaborations and design elements such as ironic, parenthesized labels and bold prints. Even though Louis Vuitton tapped Abloh as their menswear creative director back in 2018, he’s been maintaining Off-White with some craze-worthy pieces including sneakers, accessories and tees.

Courtesy Ssense

Buy: Off-White Mona Lisa T-Shirt at $320

4. Noah

Integrating streetwear into an everyday style used to be tricky for anyone over 25. That is until Noah hit the scene (or really until their comeback in 2015). Founded by ex-Supreme creative director Brendon Babenzien, Noah successfully worked streetstyle aesthetic into clothing for grown-ups. This takes the form of throwback button-ups, pleated chinos, and subtle tees. Noah’s pieces are the type of thing to earn just as much approval in the office as at the skatepark, making it a true unicorn of a brand.

Courtesy Nordstrom

Buy: Noah Short Sleeve Button-Up Shirt at $69

5. Carhartt

Some of the biggest names in streetwear weren’t actually created as streetwear brands. A few brands, such as Carhartt, have been adopted by streetwear culture for their authenticity and previously untapped style potential.

Carhartt has deftly adapted to its new personality as a streetwear label with the launch of Carhartt WIP. While their classics (I.e. work pants and Carhartt logo beanies) are still staples of streetwear, the WIP label is much more wearable for non-construction workers. Carhartt WIP has taken inspiration from skate style – without losing the workwear character – to release great pieces like this refined work jacket or this baseball cap.

Courtesy END.

Buy: Carhartt WIP Detroit Jacket at $209


A Bathing Ape (or BAPE, for short) is one of the longest-standing names in hip-hop fashion. The brand got constant shoutouts in the 2000s from early-days Lil’ Wayne, Pharrell and Clipse, and still gets nods from the likes of Future, Drake and 21 Savage.

Hailing from Tokyo in 1993, BAPE has made a name for itself with bright, bold toy-inspired graphics and off-beat designs (epitomized by their face-covering shark hoodies). Their Bapesta Air Force 1s remain some of the most coveted sneakers in the world, but the Japanese brand also produces some new stuff that modernizes the wonderfully loud character that made BAPE famous. For some statement pieces, check out this disco shirt, or a pink camo tee.

Courtesy Ssense

Buy: BAPE Pink Camo Side Shark T-Shirt at $165


Aimé Leon Dore

Another brand that nails grown-up streetwear is Aimé Leon Dore. Although the pieces are minimal and modern, the brand takes inspiration from all over the place: nineties hip-hop, sportswear and vintage prep all show through in the brand’s collections. Think of the perfect thrift-shop find, only cleaner and better-made, and you’ve got Aimé Leon Dore.

In terms of actual build quality and materials, Aimé Leon Dore does very well. This feel – plus versatile, no-frills designs – means you’ll end up wearing Aimé Leon Dore all the time. Pieces from the New York brand can be hard to come by, but we were able to score some great pieces on Mr. Porter, including this striped sweater and this puffer jacket.

Courtesy Mr. Porter

Buy: Aimé Leon Dore + Woolrich Down… at $750

8. Stüssy

Stüssy defined streetwear as we know it. The brand started in 1980 in Laguna Beach, California, out of Shawn Stussy’s car, and catered to Shawn’s surf buddies (back when surf style wasn’t much of a thing). The brand has since become a go-to not only for surfers but for skaters, hip-hop artists and normal stylish people alike. Despite its age and large-scale distribution, the brand is as cool as ever. In their recent collections, you’ll find things like surf-staple tees, bold Nike x Stüssy puffer pants and skate-inspired jackets.

Courtesy END.

Buy: Stüssy Mini Stripe Crew at $75

9. Nike

Streetwear has birthed countless new brands, but it has also breathed new life into sportswear giants such as Nike. But Nike has set itself apart through the streetstyle boom with the most hyped releases and collabs, teaming up with top-tier brands including Off-White, BAPE and Supreme, as well as artists like Kanye West, Drake and Tom Sachs.

Most of Nike’s offerings are loved by streetwear aficionados, but Nike sneakers are the true royalty of streetstyle – so much so that the coolest releases get scooped up and listed for higher prices on resale sites like eBay.

This year we’re all trying to get our hands on some new SB Dunks and, as usual, some Nike x Off-White Jordans.

Courtesy Farfetch

Buy: Nike SB Dunk Retro Low at $615

10. Heron Preston

Heron Preston (the man) is a silent force in the world of streetwear and hip-hop with sought-after clothing drops, DJing stints at events including Coachella, and mixtapes with Beyoncé. His self-titled label represents the conversion of his multiplicitous career, combining fine art, hip-hop and high fashion. Some liken Heron Preston (the label) to Off-White, but the former has a distinct, workwear-inspired look of its own. They’ve got some great tees, as well as quirky, statement jeans.

Courtesy Ssense

Buy: Heron Preston Embroidered Jeans at $890

25 Best Streetwear Brands You Need To Know (2021 List)

Streetwear has become one of the most popular fashion trends in recent years. Also known as street style, urban clothing has created a revolution that combines comfort, fit, and high-end fashion. Once reserved for skaters, fashionistas and underground countercultures, these street clothing brands have become much more ubiquitous. Modern, trendy and edgy, urban streetwear will elevate your look with the hottest tops, bottoms, sneakers, hoodies, shirts, sportswear, and jackets. Whether you want luxury hype attire from high fashion designers or prefer popular companies with modern street styles, there are many cool clothing brands to consider. To help you find cool urban fashion, we’ve compiled this list of the best streetwear brands you need to know. From underground clothing and affordable lines to name brand designers and luxury labels, explore these top urban fashion companies to find stylish streetwear for men and women!

Best Urban Street Clothing Brands


Renowned for being one of the biggest brands to lead the streetwear revolution, Nike is a household name. Though they’re primarily known for their sneakers, Nike offers a strong streetwear collection including an array of gear and clothing. From high-quality hoodies to fitted joggers, all your street style needs are met by this popular brand.


A street style staple since the early 1990s, Adidas has remained at the top of the pack due to its commitment to first-rate products. Their iconic three-stripe logo is one of the most noticeable in the world and it coolly adorns most items available in their current product range. With notable celebrity collaborations and fresh takes on classic designs, Adidas is one of the most influential streetwear brands.


Taking the world by storm, Supreme is one of the most recognizable streetwear brands. Founded in New York, this popular luxury label is home to countless items bearing the familiar red logo. From jackets and fanny packs to fitted shirts and tracksuits, Supreme is a one-stop destination for all your high-end street style needs.

One of the key things setting this brand apart from the pack is that they release new items every week. If you want to make sure you have the freshest gear around, check out these weekly releases and periodically add new items to your growing collection.


If you’re looking for streetwear centered around innovation, look no further than Vetements. Created by Demna Gvasalia of Balenciaga fame, this brand infuses runway designs with iconic street styles. The perfect blend of couture and culture, this label is preferred by men and women who like high-end fashion pieces in place of traditional streetwear collections.


Stüssy was founded in the early 1980s and is considered one of the original brands in streetwear fashion. Commonly renowned for their extensive t-shirt collection, this label has expanded in recent years to include apparel suitable for skaters and surfers alike. With unique designs and California flare, you’ll feel stylish and comfortable in anything you buy.


Founded by the artistic director of Louis Vuitton, Virgil Abloh, Off-White is a luxury streetwear brand. Gaining inspiration from Kanye West, this brand seamlessly blends fashion-forward designs with street prints and styling. Perfect for those who want items suffused with unique detailing and flattering fits, this iconic label is as exclusive as it gets.


Established in Tokyo and inspired by the UK punk scene, Undercover has remained one of the most popular brands since it was first established in the 1990s. Commonly known for their daring t-shirt designs featuring bold designs and lettering, this label is a solid choice for those who have recently begun to explore the streetwear scene. Purchase a select few items to help build your style profile and discover what this exuberant fashion world has to offer.


HUF is one of the premiere labels specializing in both street and surf styles. Founded in the 1990s by Keith Hufnagel, who previously worked over at Stüssy, this label features relaxed pieces that you can comfortably spend the day wearing. With a mixture of neutral designs and more vibrant selections, every preference is accommodated.


Obey is the preferred streetwear brand for customers who want to make their purchases count. The label’s creator, Shepard Fairey, incorporates a sense of activism into each item he designs for his collections. Designed for both men and women, this brand offers clothing, shoes, bags, and accessories, each of which perfectly embody the street style of your dreams.


Whether you’re a sneakerhead or simply a fan of streetwear as a whole, Kith has you covered. Known for their collaborations with Coca-Cola and similar brands, this label favors urban designs and bold logos. Offering collections for men, women, and children, you’ll find anything from distressed jeans to comfortable hoodies online and in their retail stores.


Encapsulating the LA streetwear scene, Undefeated is your go-to destination for stylish pieces available in neutral color palettes. This label frequently collaborates with other leaders in the street style world, like Nike and Adidas, to create one-of-a-kind pieces. When you’re looking for the best bomber jacket and snapback combo, this is the online store for you.

Gosha Rubchinskiy

With streetwear and sportswear designs at the forefront, Gosh Rubchinskiy is becoming one of the most popular brands in the business. Tying in Post-Soviet inspired designs from Rubchinskiy’s Russian youth, this label is both fashion-forward and eye-catching. Ideal for those who want to incorporate a few eccentric pieces into their existing collection, these urban designs are sure to please.


Combining Avant-garde couture with street culture, A-Cold-Wall* is a London staple. Blurring the lines between traditional streetwear and high fashion, this label sets itself apart from the rest of the pack. When you’re looking for street-inspired silhouettes with forward-thinking designs, you’ll be pleased with the collection offered by this trendy brand.


A Bathing Ape, commonly referred to as BAPE, has been a leading streetwear brand since its inception in 1993. Started in Tokyo, the label is considered a worldwide phenomenon due to its innovative styles. Pairing prints like camouflage with brightly colored graphics, these pieces are suited to those who gravitate toward more daring selections.


People commonly associate Carhartt with their outerwear collection geared toward the working class, but this brand boasts a notable streetwear line as well. Overseen by the division of the company based in the UK, the streetwear ensembles available are as trendy as they are comfortable. These pieces are more contemporary than collections from leading competitors, making it a great option for those who want to elevate their street style.


Inspired by the military and based in Japan, WTAPS is a cutting-edge streetwear brand. Pronounced “double taps”, this brand offers high-quality items suitable for minimalists. If your style revolves around the perfect cargo pants and hoodie combination, you’ll love this utilitarian collection. Featuring neutral colors and conservative designs, this label is more subdued than others but still delivers on value.


Like Supreme, Palace is a reliable brand for all your trendy streetwear needs. Started in the UK in 2010, this label is known for its youthful aesthetic. With fresh designs and stylish pieces, Palace is the preferred destination for those who want to embody the streetwear vibe with an added edge. Buy yourself a pair of snakeskin loafers to pair with a fashion-forward smoking jacket and you’re ready to live your best life.

Cav Empt

Combining fashion trends with music industry influences, Cav Empt has been steadily building its unique collections over the years. Primarily drawing inspiration from Japan’s street style scene, the garments created by this label are vibrant and evocative. Stand out from the crowd in a neon yellow utility jacket or blend into the background with a more neutral sweatshirt selection.

CDG Play

Comme des Garcons, an eccentric presence in the fashion industry, launched their imprint brand CDG Play to house their growing collection of streetwear-inspired looks. Known for their heart-shaped bug logo, which artfully adorns every piece produced by the brand, these pieces are closet staples. Invest in new graphic t-shirts or a standard Breton top and get ready to take the world by storm.


Influenced by the hip-hop scene in Amsterdam, Patta is a brand unlike any other. Featuring an array of items from sneakers to hoodies and everything in between, this label focuses on bold stylistic choices. Most items are loose-fitting and are adorned with large logos or crafted in vibrant colors to really draw the eye. Comfortable and fashion-forward, this streetwear brand is built to last the test of time.

Noah NYC

Noah NYC is a streetwear brand founded by Brendon Babenzien, who formerly worked at the fashion juggernaut Supreme. When you still want to maintain your streetwear looks while adapting to a more mature lifestyle, this is the best collection for you. With items like classic Oxford shirts and corduroy accessories, you’ll look cool and feel refined when you’re wearing this brand.

Heron Preston

Founded by Been Trill in 2016, Heron Preston bends genres and seeks a more unique perspective on common street style trends. For those who love streetwear with a twist, you’re sure to be impressed by the cache of items available from this growing brand. Loose-fitting and eccentrically decorated, each piece makes a loud statement that would be difficult to ignore.

Billionaire Boys Club

A legend in his own right, Pharrell Williams created the iconic Billionaire Boys Club label to house his influential streetwear collection. Featuring out of this world designs using materials from NASA, this brand is equal parts unconventional and fashionable. Most of the items are standard t-shirts, sweatshirts, and jackets, though each is carefully designed and crafted to exude the essence of street style.

10 Deep

Renowned for the quality of their goods, 10 Deep has been a streetwear staple since its inception in the mid-1990s. Each collection is themed based on the season with a rotating array of items available each year. More polished than other labels, typical items include cowl neck sweaters and tapered blazers in muted tones and prints. You’ll look put together and effortlessly cool in anything you choose from this brand.

The Hundreds

Founded in California in 2013, The Hundreds is a streetwear label designed to promote the lengthy history of this popular division in fashion. Denim, outerwear, sweatshirts, headwear, fleece and more are offered by this relaxed label in neutral colors with minimal design elements. Dedicated to sharing and honoring street culture, the company also runs a media platform that showcases talent from around the world.

The Top 10 Japanese Streetwear Brands You Need To Know Of | ZenMarket – ZenMarket.


Any fashion-forward individual would know that if you are looking for high-quality streetwear, Japan is one of the best places to find them. Ever since A Bathing Ape (BAPE) exploded onto the scene in the early 1990s, the world has become more and more familiar with Japanese streetwear brands. You will find them on some of your favorite celebrities, from YouTube stars like PewDiePie to singer-songwriter John Mayer.




Today, we are here to introduce you to some of the best Japanese streetwear brands that you need to know of, whether you are a seasoned aficionado or just looking to get started. (Pssst, if you are looking for denim brands, we got you covered.)



KAPITAL got its start in the 1980s as a denim brand and has since grown into one of the more recognizable streetwear labels in the country. They have a bit of a cult following who love the brand’s unconventional, avant-garde-meets-hobo aesthetic. The owners and designers are father-son duo Toshikiyo Hirata and Kiro Hirata, who take special care to ensure each design utilizes traditional Japanese dyeing techniques and crafts.

KAPITAL’s more famous products include their indigo denim products (not surprising, considering the brand is based in Kojima, the denim capital of Japan), as well as their ring coats. They also have a sub-label, KOUNTRY.

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visvim is easily one of the most famous contemporary Japanese streetwear brands on this list. Fans of the brand include well-known entertainers such as Kanye West, John Mayer, Drake, and A$AP Rocky, all of whom have been seen rocking visvim’s most popular product, the FBT. While visvim started off as a footwear manufacturer, they now have a full clothing line which is heavily inspired by founder Hiroki Nakamura’s travels. Nakamura spares no expense in the craftsmanship of his designs as well, using rare textiles and labor-intensive methods to produce truly top-notch products.

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cav empt is short for “caveat emptor”, Latin for buyer beware, but there is nothing to beware of with this streetwear label. A favorite of famous YouTuber PewDiePie, the minds behind this brand are Sk8thing, who is a graphic designer at BAPE, and Toby Feltwell, creative director of Pharrell William’s clothing line. It is of no surprise, then, that the style of cav empt is retro-futuristic, with collections that are driven by bold design. We like to think they’re streetwear for an upmarket crowd.

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What should two retired J-League professional footballers do? Start a clothing brand, apparently. What started off as the Rock Steady bar in Tokyo eventually evolved into the Japanese menswear brand Wacko Maria. The label is heavily inspired by music, particularly the rockabilly subcultures, as well as Latin American styles. Even so, their designs are unique, kitschy and larger-than-life. In particular, their embroidered bomber jackets are a big hit and an ode to classic Japanese street styles.

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If you’re not willing to sacrifice high fashion for punk streetwear, UNDERCOVER is your brand. Their motto, “We make noise, not clothes.” explains their design philosophy — rebellion and disruption are at its core. Jun Takahashi, the label’s founder, blends pop culture with punk aesthetics to create what is one of the more influential Japanese streetwear brands today. It also boasts numerous high-profile collaborations, including with NIKE, Valentino, Doc Martens,  Converse and more.

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An offshoot of the Japanese store Nepenthes, the Needles label is heavily inspired by classic American military clothing and casual wear. Their designs are quirky and tend not to be for everyone, but they have a devoted following who love their bold reworks, contemporary designs and quality to detail. The Nepenthes brand, which was started by buddies Keizo Shimizu and Daiki Suzuki, also has other labels that are just as popular, including Engineered Garments.

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Yohji Yamamoto is one of the most famous Japanese fashion designers. The label takes Japanese minimalism to the next label, with its timeless designs, simplicity and impeccable craftsmanship. They also tend towards being more draped and having a more layered style, with asymmetric silhouettes, drop-crotches, and oversized fits. If you are looking for a vibrant closet though, this label is not for you. Yohji works primarily with black, even in all his collaborations, which include Doc Martens, Adidas, and more.   

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KURO, which simply means “black”, is a relatively new streetwear brand, having debuted only in 2010. Founder Yusuke Yatsuhashi puts Japanese craftsmanship at the forefront of his label, ensuring quality by frequently traveling to the factories to make garments himself. His designs tend to be more minimalist and clean-cut, but are magic in its innovation. He is known in the industry for constantly seeking to develop new original materials, sewing methods and preserve Japanese culture through his collections. All of his products are also 100% made in Japan.  

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If you’re not a fan of the minimalist stylings of Yohji or KURO, then you might just be into FACETASM. The brand chooses not to categorize itself. Instead, each collection is meant to be distinctive from the predecessor, playing off the whimsies of founder and designer Hiromichi Ochiai. Even so, their concept is to express Tokyo street culture in a fun and free way, and if their previous collections are anything to go by, that is exactly what they are doing. Their designs tend to be playful, bold and quirky.

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We’re rounding off the list with what is probably the most famous Japanese streetwear brand out there. It has two offshoot labels, AAPE (by A Bathing Ape) and BAPY (Busy Working Lady), but their main label, BAPE, is the most prominent. Odds are, even if you know nothing about Japanese streetwear, you have seen their popular camo patterned clothing somewhere. Other popular products of theirs include the shark hoodies and insulated snow jackets.

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Top 20 Most Expensive Clothing Brands in the World 2021

There are so many luxurious & expensive clothing brands in the world in 2021 but not each brand should be considered as a rich brand.

Because do you know, to be a labeled high fashion brand, the designer must show their designed dresses in any of the 04 largest annual fashion weeks that take place in Paris, Milan, London, and New York?

Let’s see some highly classified and most expensive clothing brands in 2021 which are also liked by many richest celebrities. The fashion industry is growing very fast and sustaining in the top list is getting harder.

# Here is the top list of most expensive clothing brands in the world 2021

01. Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton

Net Worth: $130 Billion
Brand Country: France
Founded: 1854
Founder: Louis Vuitton
CEO: Michael Burke
Creative Director: Nicolas Ghesquiere
Employees: 121k People
Products: Luxury goods
Headquarter: Paris, France
Parent Organizations: LVMH
Products: View Louis Vuitton Product Prices

With some strong business policy, the Louis Vuitton clothing brand is now empowering the clothing market. This brand possesses the world’s most expensive clothing brand ever! All their products are so unique and demandable that even after not giving any discount on any of their products they do not lose the fame. Louis Vuitton offers its customers handbags that are totally handcrafted with the best material possible. In every season they launch new trends and they burn or shred all their old products to maintain the product’s class, value, and quality. Thus, with a minimal sale target and high manufacturing cost, Louis Vuitton offers the most expensive product.

02. Dior


Net Worth: $68.73 Billion
Brand Country: France
Founded: 16 December 1946
Founder: Christian Dior
Chairman: Bernard Arnault
CEO: Sidney Toledano
Creative Director: Dior Homme and Maria Grazia Chiuri
Brand’s Products: Clothing, handbags, footwear, jewelry, sunglass, fragrances, luxury good, cosmetics, and skin products.
Employees: 163K People
Headquarter: 30 Avenue Montaigne, Paris, France
Parent Organizations: LVMH, Semyrhamis SA
Product Gallery: View Prices of Dior Products

Dior is the first fashion brand that introduces us to the evening gown. Royal fans are there on their list such as Princess Diana. However, this brand focused on women’s wear primarily but now it is also working for men. Only in three years after being founded, this brand made up to five percent of France’s total export revenue. Dior is the top-row cosmetic brand in the world.

03. Gucci


Net Worth: $12 Billion
Brand Country: Italy
Founded: 1921
Founder: Guccio Gucci
CEO: Marco Bizzarri
Creative Director: Alessandro Michele
Brand’s Products: clothing, cosmetics, shoes, accessories, handbags, watches, belts
Employees: 17,157 People
Headquarter: Florence, Tuscany, Italy
Parent Organization: Kering
Best Product: View Gucci Clothing Prices

This Italian brand is now the top-selling brand in the world, which was founded in 1912. Recently it has gone through a revival. Everyone gives credit to Alessandro Michele’s creative strategy. Alessandro is the managing director of the brand. This brand was struggling to take a position in this fashion industry since world war two.

During the 1980s, this brand had faced a very hard time. Now Famous and rich persons are in the fan list of Gucci, who wear their dresses regularly. Such as Rihanna, Brad Pitt, Blake Lively, Rachel Mcadams, Harry styles, Kylie Jenner and Salma Hayak. This brand makes very limited products of a single design.

Therefore, the Gucci user stays unique always. In 2017 London Fashion Week, British model Alexa Chungi walked for the brand. The famous magazine Business Insider had published an article about Gucci titled, The designer comeback of the year in 2018. In the annual product, ranking report Gucci is the only brand that has two product items in the top ten. Everyone loves the brand but not everyone can afford it. Gucci is the most expensive brand in the world now. This international brand has showrooms over 550 worldwide with 3000 employees.

Click here: Most Luxurious Watch Brands in the World in 2021

04. H&M


Net Worth: $12.4 Billion
Brand Country: Sweden
Founded: 1947
Founder: Erling Persson
Owner: Stefan Persson (28%)
CEO: Karl-Johan Persson
Creative Director: Pernilla Wohlfahrt
Employees: 126k People
Brand’s Products: Clothing, accessories
Headquarter: Stockholm, Sweden
View: H&M Clothing Prices

Being a pioneer in fast fashion, H&M is now the world’s other most expensive clothing brand. This brand is also known for its fastest growing and largest clothing retailer. No wonder, with the best quality and ensuring a high manufacturing process this brand offers clothes that are famous across the world. H&M has the capability of launching products according to the new fashion trend in a very fast way. With the demand of the consumers, this clothing brand has gained fame at a formidable rate. Targeting women mostly at a young age, this brand launches fashion collections at an attractive rate that holds its customer flow.

05. Hermes

luxury clothing brands – Hermes

Net Worth: $10 Billion
Brand Country: France
Founded: 1837
Founder: Thierry Hermes
CEO: Axel Dumas
Creative Director: Nadege Vanhee-Cybulski
Employees: 14,284 People
Brand’s Products: High-fashion clothing, retail, accessories manufacture
Headquarter: Paris, France
Parent Organizations: H51
View: Hermes Clothing Prices

This luxurious clothing brand has become one of the most expensive brands and gained its reputation without looking back. The journey of this unique clothing brand is around a century and 77 years and still continuing with full-on dignity. You will be amazed to hear that despite being an online trade brand this clothing company has been able to gain huge fame. The brand is very enthusiastic while protecting the earth and the culture in it. So, you can easily tell that this clothing brand is a philanthropist and very much eager to help to preserve the art and earth as well.

06. Prada


Net Worth: $11.1 Billion
Brand Country: Italy
Founded: 1913
Founder: Mario Prada
CEO: Nicht Wassil
Creative Director: Miuccia Prada, Carlo Mazzi
Employees: 12,414 People
Brand’s Products: Clothing, cosmetics, fashion accessories, jewelry, perfumes, spirits, cell phones, watches, wines.
Headquarter: Milan, Italy
Let’s see: Prada Clothing Prices

Classic Prada Handbag has changed the luck and brought stardom to the brand. Prada started a new-labeled product for younger customers in the name Miu Miu. Many great influencers for example Italian businessperson Chiara Ferragni attended the 2018 Milan Fashion Week with an iconic leather handbag of Prada, Fashion blogger Chen Xiaxue carried one at London Fashion Week. Bella Hadid, Kaia Gerber, Rita Ora, and Hailee Steinfeld are also on their star fan list.

07. Chanel


Net Worth: $7.53 Billion
Brand Country: United Kingdom
Founded: 1909
Founder: Coco Chanel
CEO: Alain Wertheimer
Creative Director: Virginie Viard
Employees: 20,000 People
Brand’s Products: clothes, handbags, sunglasses, footwear, cosmetics, fragrance, jewelry, belts, leather goods
Headquarter: London, United Kingdom
Parent Organization: CHANEL International B. V.
Best Creation: The little black dress
Price: Starting $3,500
Let’s view: Chanel Clothing Prices

Minimalistic clothes for women have been presented by Chanel for the first time after the 19th century. Chanel is the oldest and the first elite class fashion brand. Kaia Gerber walked in 2018 in the Paris Fashion week for Chanel. Many famous public figures have been worked with them. Such as Catherine Deneuve, Vanessa Paradis, Nicole Kidman, Audrey Tautou, Keira Knightley, Kristen Stewart, Margot Robbie, and Marilyn Monroe. Chanel has 310 showrooms throughout the world.

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08. Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren

Net Worth: $7 Billion
Brand Country: United States
Founded: 1967
Founder: Ralph Lauren
CEO: Patrice Louvet
Creative Director: Billy Cotton
Employees: 18,250 People
Brand’s Products: Luxury clothing, Footwear, etc.
Headquarter: New York City, New York, United States
View: Ralph Lauren Products

Ralph Lauren is a clothing brand highly recommended for both boys and girls not only for its unique fashion availability but also for its cheaper price rate. However, because the materials that the brand uses are mostly high quality, the brand has reputed as one of the luxurious clothing brands as well. The brand introduces its customer to vintage art in clothing and the right use as different types of wear.

With unique and sensible fashion quality the brand provides its customer with different ranges of products. However, it creates a big fuss among the customers when it’s time to allow some sales on some vintage products.

09. Burberry


Net Worth: $11.48 Billion
Brand Country: United Kingdom
Founded: 1856
Founder: Thomas Burberry
CEO: Marco Gobbetti
Creative Director: Riccardo Tisci
Employees: 9,892 People
Brand’s Products: Accessories, Clothing, Cosmetics, Perfumes
Headquarter: London, United Kingdom
Best Creation: The Duchess of Cambridge’s dress
Price: Buy Burberry Products at a cheap price

Burberry’s dress is a common thing on celebs now a day. In the list of Burberry’s celebrity fans, they have Rihanna, Madonna, Julia Roberts, and Carey Mulligan. Famous international models like Kendall Jenner, Irina Shayk, and Cara Delevigne are their regular faces for new dresses. In the year 2018, Kendall Jenner walked in the London fashion week. Though Britain is the origin of the brand, it has its showroom worldwide. They have 498 showrooms in total.

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10. Dolce and Gabbana

Dolce and Gabbana

Net Worth: $2 Billion
Brand Country: Italy
Founded: 1985
Founder: Stefano Gabbana, Domenico Dolce
CEO: Alfonso Dolce
Creative Director: Tom Ford
Employees: 3,150 People
Brand’s Products: Clothing, footwear, handbags, sunglasses, watches, jewelry, perfumes, and cosmetics
Headquarter: Milan, Italy
Parent Organization: Dolce & Gabbana Luxembourg S. a.r.l.

Dolce and Gabbana or DG, which is founded in the year 1985, is best known for their trendy high fashioned clothing and accessories. Customers give good reviews about their fabric and other materials. This brand tries to keep its products limited so that its customers can be unique with their extremely expensive products. This brand first started its journey by presenting its dresses, which were for women, at Milan Fashion Week. Later on, in 1992 this brand has launched men’s dresses also.

Many famous celebrities often come in the limelight with D&G dresses, such as Anne Hathaway, Emma Roberts, Eva Mendes, Madonna, and many others. In 2018 at Milan Fashion week Emily Ratajkowski, Ashley Graham and Vittoria Ceretti walked on the red carpet for them. After trolling some high profile celeb such as Selena Gomez and Chiara Ferragni this brand put themselves in different controversies in the recent years. Still, now, they are holding a strong position in the industry.

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11. Valentino


Net Worth: $1.5 Billion
Brand Country: Italy
Founded: 1960
Founder: Valentino Garavani
Owner: Mayhoola for Investments
CEO: Stefano Sassi
Creative Director: Valentino Garavani
Employees: 5,000 People
Products: Clothing, Footwear, Glasses, Perfumes, Watches, Accessories
Headquarter: Via Turati, 16/18, Milan, Italy
Parent Organization: Valentino Fashion Group

This brand has many star fans on their list. Meghan Markle is one of them. Recently on a royal tour of Morocco, she wears a Valentino red dress from Valentino. This brand is famous for making customized wedding dresses. Elizabeth Taylor, Jennifer Lopez, Anne Hathaway, Courtney Cox, and Princess Madeleine of Sweden took their dresses in recent years for their wedding ceremony. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis says that Valentino is her favorite brand. In an award, show of 2019 many high-profile celebs such as Julia Roberts, Gwyneth Paltrow, Cate Blanchett, Penelope Cruz, and Keira knightly wore their dress, which was customized for them only.

12. Off-white


Net Worth: $800 Million
Brand Country: Italy
Founded: 2012
Founder: Virgil Abloh
CEO: Virgil Abloh
Creative Director: Virgil Abloh
Employees: 200 People
Products: Clothing, shoes, accessories, furniture, branding
Headquarter: Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy
Parent Organization: New Guards Group

Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and Hailey Baldwin are regular customers of this brand. As these persons have a huge influence on social media, their purchase normally increases fans of the brand. Many celebrities take their dresses from Off-White for red carpet events. Recently we have seen Romee Strijd, the Dutch model in a dress of this brand. Kanye West says that this brand is very close to her heart.

In the year 2019, we have seen Bella and Gigi Hadid are rocking the stage with Karlie Kloss in the Paris Fashion Week. This brand worked with another famous shoe brand Nike in a project in recent years named the Ten.  For developing the clothing side this brand collaborated with Champion, a famous clothing brand, and made different types of hoodies, tracksuits, fleeces, and t-shirts.

13. Givenchy


Net Worth: $1 Billion
Brand Country: France
Founded: 1952
Founder: Hubert de Givenchy
CEO: Renaud de Lesquen
Creative Director: Matthew Williams
Employees: 500+ People
Brand’s Products: Clothing, Accessories, Perfumes, Cosmetics
Headquarter: Paris, France
Best Creation: Iconic shirtdress
Parent Organization: LVMH

Head designer of this brand Hubert de Givenchy received an award for the most elegant man of the year, which was presented by Audrey Hepburn. This fashion house was born sixty-seven years ago. Later on, many elite persons have worn Givenchy many times.  Such as Lauren Bacall, Greta Garbo, Elizabeth Taylor, Marlene Dietrich, Princess Grace of Monaco, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian, Emma Stone, Julia Roberts, Rooney Mara, and many other famous persons. In a recent year, Kim Kardashian wore Givenchy to the MET Gala, an international program.

In the year 2018, Meghan Markle took her bridal dress for her royal marriage from Givenchy, which was customized by the current artistic director of this brand, Clare Waight Keller.  Vogue magazine had praised them in 2014. In 2019 The New York Times had published an article about them titled A Star is Born. The famous dress which Audrey Hepburn wore in her famous film Breakfast at Tiffany was from Givenchy. The short dress in 1961, the sack dress in 1957, the shirt dress in 1954 were presented by this brand for the first time in the world.

14. Balenciaga


Net Worth: $17.87 Billion (Kering)
Brand Country: France
Founded: 1917
Founder: Cristobal Balenciaga
CEO: Cedric Charbit
Creative Director: Demna Gvasalia
Employees: 1,325 People
Brand’s Products: Women’s wear and tailoring
Headquarter: Paris, France
Parent Organizations: Kering

This is one of the oldest fashion houses. It is founded in 1917 in San Sebastian, Spain. This is the world’s famous brand for its incredible quality and high standard. Balenciaga has been seen on many royal persons. It designed queen Fabiolasdh wedding dress in 1960. Balenciaga is a fashion house where they train new designers. Many famous designers like Oscar de la Renta and Hubert de Givenchy. This brand has designed the French Olympic team’s dress in 1992. Many superstars such as Sinead o’ Connor, Nicole Kidman, Lara Bingle, Kim Kardashian, Kylie Minogue, Madonna, etc have liked the brand.

15. Versace


Net Worth: $5 Billion
Brand Country: Italy
Founded: 1978
Founder: Gianni Versace
CEO: Jonathan Akeroyd
Creative Director: Donatella Versace
Employees: 1,500 People
Brand’s Products: Apparel, accessories
Headquarter: Milan, Italy
Parent Organization: Capri Holdings

If you are a fan of pure leather suits and cannot trust any other brand, then you’ll miss a great chance if you don’t trust the Versace clothing brand. Not only that, this brand has special recommendations for supplying high qualitative Italian materials for clothes. If you notice the logo of the brand you can see that the Greek mythology figure, Medusa, has a great significance as well. However, here is a fun fact that the owner Versace had created a fabric which is a metal mesh. The fabric got a lot of attraction at the time of the ’80s. No wonder why the brand provides only expensive dresses because the buyers are either movie stars or rich people. 

16. Armani


Net Worth: $9.53 Billion
Brand Country: Italy
Founded: 1975
Founders: Giorgio Armani, Sergio Galeotti
CEO: Giorgio Armani
Creative Director: Patrick Robinson
Employees: 7,309 People
Brand’s Products: haute couture, goods, shoes, watches, jewellery, ready-to-wear, leather accessories
Headquarter: Milan, Italy

This Italian fashionable clothing brand has been named after its owner. The clothing brand is famous because it upholds the history of Italy in its wear and cheers up the mood of the buyers. This classic brand provides the best kind of particular wear and it literally helps to boost up the confidence level of the customers.

However, the brand has a separate fan base for menswear. The owner of the brand has a fame for his sagacious taste for clothing. He is also recognized as the designer of classic outfits.

17. Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent

Net Worth: $4.8 Billion
Brand Country: France
Founded: July 1961
Founders: Yves Saint Laurent, Pierre Berge
CEO: Francesca Bellettini
Creative Director: Anthony Vaccarello
Employees: 2,700 People
Brand’s Products: leather goods, shoes, and jewelry
Headquarter: Paris, France
Parent Organization: Kering

The journey of Yves Saint Laurent is not even so long yet, still, it has earned a great deal of recognition for its modern sense of fashion. The brand has grabbed all the tricks and plot of making happy to the generations after generations by manufacturing dresses linking with the up-to-date vibe. Also, the brand is most famous to the girls for the tuxedo jackets.

Besides, the brand is granted the purest leather suits and the quality of these leather suits is famous worldwide. The brand is one of the fastest progressing clothing brands. The diversity it brings in its ready-to-wear dresses is mind-blowing.

18. GAP Inc.


Net Worth: $4.845 Billion
Brand Country: United States
Founded: August 21, 1969
Founders: Donald Fisher, Doris F. Fisher
CEO: Sonia Syngal
Executive Chairman: Bob Martin
Creative Director: Matt Wright
Employees: 135,000 People
Brand’s Products: Apparel, Accessories, Personal care products
Headquarter: San Francisco, California, United States

With tons of new styles, fashions, and fast fashion, Gap is also the most expensive clothing brand in the world. This clothing retailer is struggling from its beginning and its struggles are paid off greatly. The customers of this brand are mainly attracted to its great quality fabric.

Your desired stylish and good quality jeans may be found in the Gap shop. In 1994 this clothing brand made a huge achievement launching the Old Navy and earned billions of money in sales. Since then till now Gap upholds all its achievements with pride and luxury.

19. Guess


Net Worth: $2.7 Billion
Brand Country: United States
Founded: 1981
Founders: Georges Marciano, Maurice Marciano, Paul Marciano, Armand Marciano
CEO: Carlos Alberini
Creative Director: Paul Marciano
Employees: 14,701 People
Brand’s Products: Clothing, accessories
Headquarter: Los Angeles, California, United States

The Marciano brothers have made their dream come true by establishing Guess, the most expensive clothing brand in the world. Guess offers its consumers products that are priceless in quality. The products are high in price but affordable at the same time. If you are a denim lover then you will get your desired one through this brand. They offer huge collections to the customer to choose and all of them are stylish and great in quality. Definitely, this brand is a classic one and highly recommended.

20. Fendi


Net Worth: $640 Million
Brand Country: Italy
Founded: 1925
Founders: Adele Fendi, Edoardo Fendi
CEO: Serge Brunschwig
Creative Director: Silvia Venturini Fendi
Employees: 3,000 People
Brand’s Products: Luxury Clothing
Headquarter: Rome, Italy
Parent Organization: LVMH

Within a very little time, Fendi was tagged as the world’s most expensive clothing brand. This Italian brand allows its consumers to buy dresses and accessories of all kinds. If you are a ready-to-go type person then this brand could be your first choice. Again, for formal attire, you would not get any better from this one. From eyewear to shoes, you will have all accessories that are extremely high-end. They are mostly famous for their leather products. Their shoes, clothes, and bags are the smart solutions to your dressing confusions. 

21. Supreme


Net Worth: $1 Billion
Brand Country: United States
Founded: 1994
Founder: James Jebbia
CEO: James Jebbia
Employees: 500+ People
Brand’s Products: Clothing, shoes, accessories, skateboards
Headquarter: New York City, New York, United States
Parent Organization: VF Corporation

Targeting the youth culture Supreme clothing brand is now slaying the new generation. Thus, this brand is enlisted as one of the most expensive clothing brands in the world. Supreme not only deals with the clothing line it also manufactures skateboards that are desired by all skaters.

This brand is special for its unique business strategy. Once their previous products are sold out they come again with higher prices with the same product. Because of the exclusivity of their product Supreme brand is so much popular. 

22. Levi Strauss & Co.

Levi Strauss & Co.

Net Worth: $4 Billion
Brand Country: United States
Founded: 1853
Founder: Levi Strauss
CEO: Chip Bergh
Creative Director: Renee Perdomo
Employees: 15,100 People
Brand’s Products: Jeans
Headquarter: San Francisco, California, United States

Levi’s denim jeans are everyone’s desire to wear solely because of their comfort and quality. The company Levi Strauss & Co. makes blue jean that is famous worldwide. Thus, this brand is now one of the most expensive and luxurious brands in the world. The label “Levi’s” makes the whole product unique and worth buying. This brand is beyond all of its major competitors and now slaying the clothing market all over the world. According to their product quality undoubtedly this brand is classic and reliable. 

23. Puma


Net Worth: $3 Billion
Brand Country: Germany
Founded: 1948
Founder: Rudolf Dassler
CEO: Bjorn Gulden
Creative Director: June Ambrose
Employees: 13,000 People
Brand’s Products: Apparel, accessories, footwear, sportswear, sports equipment
Headquarter: Herzogenaurach, Germany
Parent Organization: Artemis S.A

Who hasn’t heard the brand name Puma yet? I am sure everybody has. As the largest sportswear manufacturer, Puma has been slaying the market for decades. This brand has good value for money not only on its clothing line but also on footwear. 

The athletes worldwide choose Puma for their fast products. In the sports sector, Puma has drawn a vast impression through its credibility and strength. With higher global revenue Puma products are just amazing.

24. Zara


Net Worth: $300 Million
Brand Country: Spain
Founded: 1975
Founders: Amancio Ortega, Rosalia Mera
CEO: Amancio Ortega
Creative Director: Fabien Baron
Employees: 150k People
Brand’s Products: Clothing
Headquarter: Arteixo (A Coruna), Spain
Parent Organization: Inditex

With a phenomenal and remarkable supply chain, Zara is also one of the most expensive clothing brands in the world. This brand has succeeded immensely in creating great value for its shareholders and customers. By managing the inventory very well Zara tries to sell clothes inexpensively. However, in the latest trends, Zara never fails to offer its customer a larger form of collection in everything maintaining the quality. Thus, wearing a Zara dress would make you feel too good. 

25. Salvatore Ferragamo

Salvatore Ferragamo

Net Worth: $150 Million
Brand Country: Italy
Founded: 1927
Founder: Salvatore Ferragamo
CEO: Micaela le Divelec Lemmi
Creative Director: Massimiliano Giornetti
Employees: 4,000 People
Brand’s Products: Shoes, leather goods, clothing
Headquarter: Florence, Italy
Parent Organization: Ferragamo Finanziaria SpA

With every kind of clothing attire both for men and women, Salvatore Ferragamo has also created its own niche. Hence, this brand is also enlisted as one of the most expensive clothing brands in the world. In their shoes, clothes, eyewear, and timepieces, there is nothing but authenticity and quality.

With Ferragamo name tags and serial numbers, the products prove their authenticity. This enduring fashion brand is now in everyone’s choice list for buying any cloth or any other masterpiece.

These are some of the famous and luxurious fashion clothing brands in the world. They are struggling hard every day to make themselves more secured and updated in the hard fashion industry.

RankBrand NameCountry
01Louis VuittonFrance
07ChanelUnited Kingdom
08Ralph LaurenUnited States
10Dolce and GabbanaItaly

How the best streetwear brands generate fan hype – four lessons to learn

How to hype like a beast

Streetwear brands live and breath hype. You could say that other than the actual clothes, hype is the number one thing most, if not all streetwear brands trade off. How else do you think brands like Supreme can sell things like Supreme logo bricks, fire extinguishers and pinball machines for thousands of pounds?  Or how brands like Palace and Patta can have queues snaking around the corners of their London stores nearly every week for the latest drops?

Yes, it’s partially to do with how nice their clothes are, but it’s mainly to do with just how much hype those brands have managed to generate about everything they do. To give you a bit more insight, we’re going to break down the four top methods streetwear brands use to get their customers as hyped as possible.

Tease on social media

Social media, predictably, is the vital to any streetwear brand in building hype for their latest drop. That’s because most streetwear brands; although firmly mainstream in appeal, rely on the idea of being at the cutting edge of fashion and what’s trending for that season. That’s why most streetwear brands reject traditional channels of fashion advertising like TV or glossy magazines and instead focus purely on social media, teasing new releases with look books and short videos on Instagram to get their fans geared up for an upcoming release.

And the tactic makes sense, because their Gen Z and Millennial target markets spend far more time on and are far more responsive to social media than ever before, which brings us to our next point.

Working with influencers

With social media fast becoming the main form of media that Gen-Z and Millennials engage with, it’s no wonder that the idea of celebrity itself is changing, with ‘influencers’ now becoming just as, if not more popular on social media as traditional sports or film stars.

With fashion influencers always at the forefront of what is considered cool, and with followings that can reach into the millions if not hundreds of thousands, what better way to generate hype for your brand than by getting a big name influencer to wear your latest drop, and have their thousands of fans associate your streetwear brand with one of the coolest fashion icon on Instagram?

For more on fashion and branding, read our interview exploring how BLOK London turned a gym into a powerful lifestyle brand, as well as our guides to the best streetwear influencers and the best sustainable fashion brands in the UK

Secret launches

The streetwear hype game is an oddly polarised one. On the one hand you want everyone to know about your brand, but at the same time you want to constantly give off the aura of exclusivity.

A great way to tick both of those boxes is by holding a secret launch party. You get to invite all the coolest influencers, press and celebrities to your store or a trendy bar or club, give them lots of free alcohol and get an impossibly hip musician, completely decked out in your latest gear, to perform to an intimate yet overwhelmingly fashionable crowd that you’ve arranged on the sly.

Then the day after, when Instagram, Twitter and Facebook is awash with videos, pics and details of your party, the people that were there and how painfully cool it was? Free publicity to millions of potential customers, while still never sacrificing your exclusive vibe.

Limited edition runs

But the ultimate way in which streetwear brands create hype for their clothes, is by simply not having enough to go around.

By only making a limited amount of each piece of clothing per drop, every garment becomes a collectors item, with fans desperate to get their hands on whatever they can each time a brand releases something new. It’s that scarcity that creates such huge snaking queues outside the stores, and what also creates such huge resell prices on eBay, Depop and at vintage markets.

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95 Black-Owned Clothing Brands for 2021


There are tons of ways to be an ally to the Black community, from calling your local officials and demanding change to donating to a Black Lives Matter cause. But another great way to show you love and support is by shopping the amazing Black-owned fashion brands below. Whether they focus on sleek ready-to-wear, straight-up high-fashion gowns, or streetwear, designers of fashion brands like LaQuan Smith, Christopher John Rogers, and Telfar truly take creativity and art to a new level.

Don’t forget about accessory labels, either, like one-of-a-kind shoe and leather brand Brother Vellies or jewelry company Mateo. They also deserve your attention (365 days a year, I might add, and not just when there’s a national outcry) for their unique takes on classic silhouettes. You’ll find them all below. Oh, and click the links for more than 150 amazing Black-owned beauty brands or fashionable Black influencers to follow on IG. Below, 95 Black-owned fashion brands to shop from because putting your dollars behind your words ensures that these worthy businesses stick around for years and years to come.

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1 Tove Studio

Tove’s dreamy dresses often feature ruching and breezy skirts, so you can channel those romantic vibes.


2 Liberté

This lingerie company has some of the prettiest lacy designs, and the cup sizes go to size H.


3 Edas

Edas knows how to make a statement bag. The designs usually feature a structured silhouette and large buckle on the strap, like this yellow one here.


4 Washington Ave

This vintage store has some seriously cute stuff, and the best part? You won’t run into anyone else wearing the same thing!


5 Le Beau Monde

At this store, you’ll be able to stay on top of all the trends without dropping a ton of money. Like, this gorgeous halter dress is just $28!

Website: shoplebeaumonde. com

6 Zou Xou

This shoe brand, founded by Katherine Theobalds, specializes in small-batch, ethically made footwear. The Mary Janes are some of the most popular styles, but the newest summer sandals—like these check slides—are quickly catching on.


7 Rielli

This relatively new swimwear company launched in 2019 and already has a major celeb fan: Kim Kardashian. The bright smocked one-pieces, bikinis, dresses, and skirts are made for both land and sea.


8 Aaks

Look no further for your newest summer bag. The woven designs of Aaks are sure to get so many compliments when you take yours out for a stroll.


9 Peju Obasa

Another bag brand is Peju Obasa, which includes these cute buckled belt bags that you can also wear over your shoulder.


10 Nicole Shante

If you want to shop for somethin’ a lil more fancy and luxe, get yourself over to Nicole Shante. With bold pant suits and prints, you’ll have the spotlight in any room you walk into.



Delicate gold jewelry is this brand’s bread and butter. Michelle Obama wore the “VOTE” style last year before the election, but it also has tons of other letter options for a personalized touch.


12 Solely Fit

Stefania Okolie created this chic activewear line during COVID—impressive, right?!—and it has some of the softest pieces out there that manage to turn heads. Check out this metallic onesie, here.

Website: mysolelyfit. com

13 LaSette

Need some lingerie? LaSette’s got you (literally) covered with its bras, underwear, and slip dresses.


14 The Oula Company

Distinctive and bold patterns separate this fashion brand from the rest. Designed by Erika Massaquoi, the textiles are sourced responsibly, and the clothes are handmade in the U.S.


15 Danzy

This sporty apparel company has some of the cutest athleisure and activewear out there. It recently partnered with Revolve on this tennis capsule, which includes a pleated skirt, half-zip sweater, and sports bra, all with the preppy logo embroidery.


16 par Bronté Laurent

You’ll find lots of silky, shiny pieces from this designer; plus, her voluminous designs are just so gorgeous.


17 NaClO Apparel

Named after the chemicals that make up bleach (genius!), this new loungewear company launched during the pandemic and offers sweaters, sweats, tanks and more in unique dyed, colorful patterns.


18 White/Space

Wow, this necklace! White/Space has some of the prettiest delicate and sculptural jewelry that make great gifts for someone special…or yourself.


19 Pashko

Welcome, minimalists! You’ll love to browse all day on Pashko’s site and look through comfy tees, sweats, henleys, and more.


20 Ivy Park

Of course you know Bey’s athleisure line Ivy Park. It recently relaunched with Adidas and has some of the coolest, sporty designs with bold colors, like this green set here.


21 Farai London

This brand is known for its signature design of a halter dress with side cutouts, but its newest drop also includes one-shoulder designs, matching sets, and velvet fabrics.


22 Brandon Blackwood

So. Fluffy. Brandon Blackwood’s bags are like works of art with their structured shapes and striking textures, prints, and hues.


23 Re Ona

Clean lines, muted tones, and classic silhouettes are what you’ll find when shopping at Re Ona. All its pieces are staples for your wardrobe, but they have a more updated look.


24 Theophilio

The Brooklyn-based brand launched in 2016 and was created by Jamaican-born designer Edvin Thompson. Some standout pieces include jeans with grommets, fringed headpieces, and ruched mesh mini dresses.


25 Adore Adorn

This demi-fine jewelry brand has all the sparkly rings, necklaces, earrings you could need. How cute are these two-tone enamel pieces?!


26 Zashadu

You’ll find bags that are the epitome of glamour when shopping at this brand. Oh, and each one is handmade in Lagos so you know the craftsmanship is on point.


27 JeBlanc

Chloe x Halle are big fans of this jewelry brand if that helps describe the eclectic vibe of its designs. Quartz crystal, wires, and other baubles and beads are all intertwined on these pretty styles.


28 Octave Jewelry

Statement earrings for your Zoom calls? Check. Octave’s shimmery mother of pearl and quartz materials definitely pack a punch on your lobes.


29 Sammy B

Samantha Black’s eponymous line is one you definitely want on your radar. Beyonce, Gabrielle Union, Megan Thee Stallion, and more have all worn her clothing, FYI.


30 Dana Scott

The Los Angeles-based brand has tons of cozy designs and staples like bike shorts, flannels, and hoodies that you can dress up or down.


31 Fanm Mon

Bet you don’t have a floral dress like THIS. The embroidered linen styles are so unique and are made for frolicking around in warmer weather.


32 Oma the Label

Bold chains and stunning gold pieces, galore! Its pieces are so pretty you’ll really want to pile ’em on.


33 Anima Iris

These geometric bags come in all sorts of shades and textures, each with a circular handle. The brand also has other shapes and sizes including more classic top handles and trendy micro bags.


34 Chelsea Paris

Dress up your feet with some of Chelsea Paris’ creations, like these oh-so cozy looking shearling heels. Designer Theresa Ebagua makes her Nigerian-inspired luxe designs in Italy.

Website: chelseaparis. com

35 Sai Sankoh

Clothes? More like art. That’s how every creation from Sai Sankoh looks, from the over-the-top ruffles to the head-turning prints.


36 Lisa Folawiyo

Traditional Ankara gets a modern update with gorgeous silhouettes like slip dresses and unexpected cutouts.


37 A.Au

Do not let the summer go by without getting a dreamy dress from A.Au. You’ll also find a divine range of tops and bottoms that’ll score you major compliments.


38 Sika

You’ll find everything your closet needs in Sika’s store, from puffer jackets to headbands. The best part: The fabrics used to create every single item are sourced in Ghana.


39 Sunlight Muse

Upgrade your swimwear situation with a bikini that’s anchored with upcycled jelly straps. If you have a mini me, you two can go all matchy-matchy with a design from the girls line.


40 Milano Di Rouge

If matching with bae is more your thing, Milano Di Rouge has a few unisex pieces that are *chef’s kiss* perfection.


41 Salone Monet

Keke’s nude heels are spot-on, thanks to Salone Monet’s inclusive designs. Oh, and Beyoncé’s a fan too.


42 JeBlanc

Nope, you haven’t seen statement jewels until you’ve checked out JeBlanc’s website. The body chains are unbelievably gorge and the earrings will make a pair of jeans and a white T-shirt look like couture.


43 Thrilling

This site curates pieces from vintage stores all across the U.S., so if you want something truly different that no one else has, you’ll want to check it out. You’ll be supporting a small business while being sustainable at the same time.


44 Shades of Shades

Founded by Marsha Douglas-Sydnor, this eyewear company has 14 shades of neutral so that everyone can find a pair of sunnies that matches their skin tone.


45 Chelsea Bravo

Known for her graphic lines and contemporary aesthetic, designer Chelsea Bravo makes simple yet bold pieces that are made to order, so there’s no additional waste.


46 House of Aama

Founded by mother-daughter design duo Rebecca Henry and Akua Shabaka, House of Aama has pieces that look like they come from a different era, like its pretty ’50s-style halter tops or Victorian-esque pussybow dresses.


47 Galerie.LA

Celebrity stylist Dechel McKillian created this retail space in Los Angeles that curates a variety of sustainable brands—but obviously, you don’t have to be in Cali to shop from the store thanks to its amazing online selection.


48 Shekudo

This handcrafted shoe and accessories brand is made by artisans in Lagos, Nigeria, and most of the raw materials are locally sourced, like the recycled insoles, cotton, and leather. These patchwork babies are absolutely stunning.


49 Asata Maisé

This designer transforms vintage fabrics into unique pieces that are made to be photographed. I mean, this whole slideshow of looks is A-R-T. Of course, being a one-person business can be overwhelming, so if you have the means, you can donate to Asata’s GoFundMe, which will provide her with equipment to keep up with demand.


50 Míe

If dreamy, flowy dresses are up your alley, you definitely want to give this brand a follow. All the pretty pieces, including this stunning puff-sleeve red number, are made by local seamstresses and artisans in Lagos, Nigeria, where it’s based.


51 JBD Apparel

Kim Kardashian recently gave this brand a shout-out, and it’s easy to see why she’s a fan of these body-hugging knit sets. All the pieces are handmade to order.


52 Phlemuns

Another celeb fave is this gender-neutral brand designed by James Flemons and based out in Los Angeles. Solange Knowles, Lizzo, Billie Eilish, Clairo, Lil Nas X, Miley Cyrus, and Bella Hadid have all worn its designs.


53 Riot Swim

Looking for a truly standout swimwear piece to add to your summer wardrobe? Check out this label designed by Monti Landers featuring minimalistic silhouettes and shades that blend in seamlessly with darker skin tones.


54 Come Back as a Flower

Specializing in hand-dyed garments, the pieces are ethically made using 100 percent recycled cotton. The brand also does drops of cool vintage tees, and stars like A$AP Rocky and Big Sean have worn its clothes.


55 Humans Before Handles

This jewelry label has some of the cutest accessories for summer (eyeing these seashell ones, wow), and most impressive is the fact that everything is under $50.


56 LaQuan Smith

Here’s a real celeb fave (Rihanna, Beyoncé, and sooo many more have worn his pieces). Go to LaQuan Smith for any of your glam/sexy outfit needs, please! This skin-baring crochet halter is just the tip of the iceberg.


58 Cushnie

Oh, nothing, just some truly luxe and stunning ready-to-wear options for ya. Designer Carly Cushnie’s sleek styles have been worn by the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Ashley Graham, and Lupita Nyong’o, btw.


59 Jade Swim

Need a swimsuit? You’re going to want one of these pretty, minimal designs by former fashion editor and stylist Brittany Kozerski.


60 Christopher John Rogers

The 26-year-old designer from Louisiana was one of the hottest tickets at New York Fashion Week in February 2020, and high-profile ladies like Michelle Obama and Cardi B. have worn his unique, colorful pieces. Find his clothing exclusively at Net-a-Porter online.


61 Mateo New York

Matthew Harris of Mateo New York is a self-taught jewelry designer hailing from Montego Bay, Jamaica, and living in NYC. Shop here for beautifully minimal 14k-gold fine jewelry.


63 Savage X Fenty

Okay, you know we cannot publish this list without Rihanna’s over-the-top lingerie line. Loving this white lace set!


64 Pyer Moss

Founded by designer Kerby Jean-Raymond in 2013, Pyer Moss uses its platform for social change, storytelling, and activism as well as art and design. For shopping, come for the bright, matching suits, glam, and pleated gowns and stay for comfy sweats and jeans.


65 Kenneth Ize

If mixed patterns and prints are your thing, then you absolutely need to know about Kenneth Ize, whose colorful menswear-inspired pieces have some of the prettiest tailoring we’ve ever seen.


66 Lemlem

Founded in 2007 by supermodel, actress, and designer Liya Kebede, Lemlem is a collection of clothing and home goods made exclusively by artisans in Africa.


67 Victor Glemaud

Two words: Knit. Everything. Pretty much need to update every piece in my closet to sweater material thanks to Victor Glemaud’s chic designs.


68 Vavvoune

Just some totally original purses (and other leather accessories) that will get you tons of compliments. Designer Valerie Blaise is self-taught, by the way.


69 Khiry

The luxury jewelry label started by Jameel Mohammed is known for smooth, asymmetrical earrings, rings, and bracelets made to stand out.


71 TLZ L’Femme

Find insanely cool monochromatic looks from designer Aazhia Rhy. Also: Don’t mind me while I set up my entire room to look like this photo shoot.


72 Tier NYC

Do what you want, of course, but also consider copying Winnie Harlow by wearing a trendy eco-conscious sweatsuit by designers Nigeria Ealey, Esaïe Jean-Simon, and Victor James’s surprisingly affordable label Tier NYC.


73 Love, Vera

An inclusive lingerie company—launched in 2018 by Vera Moore and Nate Johnson—with plenty of sexy pieces in a range of sizes? Sign us up.


76 Ashya

Belt bags, crossbody bags, cool passport holders, and prints are what you’ll discover from cofounders Ashley Cimone and Moya Annece.


77 Fe Noel

Beautiful robes, swimsuits, and ready-to-wear from designer Fe Noel will literally make your life a happier place. Gabrielle Union’s also a fan, btw.


78 Andrea Iyamah

There’s quite literally something for everyone (seriously, even brides!) from designer Andrea Iyamah’s stunningly colorful collections. Don’t mind me, just adding this ruffled bikini to cart in 3, 2, 1….


80 Muehleder

Pretty much neoprene everything and super chic, pieces by designer Larissa Muehleder have been worn by Zendaya, Normani, and Issa Rae.


81 Petit Kouraj

These summer-approved woven bags are stunning with their fringe, bright colors, and shell details. Nasrin Jean-Baptiste, a fashion stylist, started the Brooklyn-based brand, and the gorgeous styles are handmade in Haiti.


82 Aliétte

Stylist turned designer Jason Rembert’s first runway show for his label was in February 2019, and a little more than a year later, celebrities like Issa Rae, Taraji P. Henson, Tiffany Haddish, and Cardi B have become big fans of his designs. Just look at the cute insect prints here!

Website: TBA (but you can still look at the latest collection on Moda Operandi)

83 Stella Jean

Stella Jean is recognized as Italy’s first Black fashion designer (she is both Italian and Haitian), and her creations represent the intersection of those two cultures. She often uses bright colors, mixes patterns, and adds a tropical flair to her pieces. This off-the-shoulder dress, for instance, is definitely made to wear on vacation.


84 Nubian Skin

Founded by Ade Hassan, the brand offers lingerie, hosiery, and even swimwear in a range of darker skin tones so Black and brown women can wear a look that blends in seamlessly with their unique shade.


85 Nude Barre

Another hosiery company focusing on diverse shades is Nude Barre. The label was created by Erin Carpenter, a professional dancer who struggled to find tights and undergarments that matched her skin tone. So naturally, she launched her own company to fix it!


86 Romeo Hunte

Michelle Obama, Zendaya, Beyoncé, and Keke Palmer have all worn Hunte’s designs. Saweetie also wore a full look during Milan Fashion Week, seen here. His outerwear definitely makes a statement, and he’s known for using the buffalo-check pattern in many of his clothes.


87 Harwell Godfrey

These bold, sparkly pieces are from designer Lauren Harwell Godfrey and inspired by ancient textiles and patterns. The jewelry often features stones and gems in bright rainbow colors.


88 Coco and Breezy

This eyewear label was started by twins Corianna and Brianna Dotson. They design sunglasses and optical glasses in fun shapes and color combinations, so your eyewear will *really* pop.


89 Wales Bonner

Launched in 2014 by Grace Wales Bonner, the label started as a menswear brand and later expanded into womenswear. The clothing is inspired by European and African history, and the tailoring is basically PERFECTION.


90 Sindiso Khumalo

Sindiso hand-makes her textile patterns with techniques like watercolor and collage, and she focuses on sustainability. The vivid colors and detailed prints come together to make breathtaking designs that also draw from her Zulu and Ndebele heritage.


91 Diarrablu

Founded by Diarra Bousso, the label uses mathematical equations and algorithms to make its graphic prints. The items—jumpsuits, caftans, tunics, dresses, pants, swimsuits, and more—are made in Senegal with a focus on sustainable practices.


92 Daily Paper

Three childhood friends, Jefferson Osei, Abderrahmane Trabsini, and Hussein Suleiman, founded this buzzy Amsterdam-based brand. From its tie-dye pieces to its structured, oversize blazers, there’s a definite streetwear vibe, but it also has low-key items like sweats and T-shirts.


93 Martine Rose

The Jamaican-British designer stared her namesake label in 2007, and although she focuses on menswear, the majority of pieces—e.g., denim jackets, T-shirts, hoodies—are unisex.


94 Lisou

You read the caption! This London-based label is a celeb fave for its whimsical aesthetic and sleek clothing. Head designer Rene Macdonald grew up in Tanzania, and the statement prints and color palettes are influenced by her African travels.


95 Tsemaye Binitie

Nigerian designer Tsemaye (pronounced Shey-mah-yeh) specializes in contemporary pieces, like this beautiful jacquard boiler jumpsuit. He worked for Stella McCartney until he launched his eponymous label in 2009.


Lauren Adhav Associate Fashion Editor I’m Cosmopolitan’s Associate Fashion Editor and write about any and all trends, major celeb fashion moments, and why wide-leg jeans are basically the best.

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The Eight Best Streetwear Shops in Miami 2020

What is streetwear, and what is it about it that makes people pay hundreds, even thousands, of dollars for a pair of shoes? In short, it’s a fashion subculture based on an amalgamation of hip-hop, skateboarding, sports, punk, and plenty of other influences that has evolved into one of the most influential aesthetic movements of the past ten years. Streetwear’s success lies in a collision of high and low culture: The clothes are working class and informal in origin, but the culture of so-called hype around the biggest brands and designers, plus the collectible nature of the clothes, means streetwear fans, sometimes known as hypebeasts, will pay big bucks for the newest, most interesting item from their favorite labels.

No figure symbolizes the rise of streetwear better than Virgil Abloh. The designer began his career in partnership with Kanye West, first at Fendi, where the two interned, and then at West’s creative agency, Donda. Abloh used his association with the rapper to jump-start his brand Off-White, which sells T-shirts for hundreds of dollars and shoes for thousands — that is, once they quickly sell out and are relisted on sites such as Grailed and StockX. He’s now the menswear director at Louis Vuitton, and Off-White recently announced a Miami store will open this spring. You don’t have to wait that long to dive into the culture, however. New Times has put together the best places to shop for streetwear, whether you’re new to the game or a seasoned pro. Let’s link and build, fam.

click to enlarge


Photo by Douglas Markowitz


10 NE First Ave., Miami
Streetwear and skate culture have been intimately intertwined for as long as anyone can remember, so it makes perfect sense that this downtown skate shop has become the epicenter of both scenes in Miami. Skateboard decks line the walls, and the brand’s well-crafted shirts and other merchandise rely on Miami-centric imagery such as hurricanes and logos from the likes of Jupiña, the Heat, and even the iconic Little Havana restaurant Versailles. The trio in charge of Andrew — Adrian Douzmanian, Nick Katz, and Pres Rodriguez — grew up in South Florida and grew the shop out of Peachfuzz, the iconic Miami hip-hop party, as a new place for the streetwear and skating scenes to congregate. It worked, and now the shop has been heralded as a revitalizing factor of Miami’s downtown; Katz also helped open the skate park Lot 11 down the street under an I-95 overpass. But what really makes Andrew a beloved part of local culture is its sense of humor — sure, the store will hold those Travis Scott sneakers for you if you’re desperate to cop ’em, but you might have to sing for your purchase first.
click to enlarge

BAPE Store Miami

Photo by Douglas Markowitz

A Bathing Ape

137 NE 39th St., Miami
The 305 is still waiting for streetwear kingpins Supreme and Off-White, but last year, the beloved Japanese label A Bathing Ape touched down with a Design District flagship and a special-edition capsule collection featuring a unique pink-and-turquoise camo pattern. Founded by designer Tomoaki Nagao (AKA Nigo) in the Japanese street-style epicenter of Harajuku, Tokyo, A Bathing Ape (AKA BAPE) gained worldwide popularity in the mid-2000s thanks to its now-iconic logo, collectible items such as Bapesta sneakers and shark hoodies, and plenty of celebrity cosigns. Nigo marketed the brand in the ’90s by giving shirts to musician friends such as Cornelius and invited the likes of Kanye West and Pharrell Williams to collaborate on special editions, pioneering the now-common fashion practice. Ironically, the brand’s name is a dig at its own consumers: It’s derived from the Japanese saying “a bathing ape in lukewarm water,” which describes someone indulging pointlessly. Of course, pointless indulgence is kind of what Miami’s all about, so BAPE should fit in well here.
click to enlarge

Billionaire Boys Club

Photo by Douglas Markowitz

Billionaire Boys Club

255 NW 25th St., Miami
It doesn’t inspire the same fervent following as Supreme or Off-White, but this brand started in 2003 by Pharrell Williams and BAPE designer Nigo has established quite a footprint for itself via a massive Wynwood outpost in association with Adidas. Both brands can be found here, along with clothes from Commes des Garçons Play, Neighborhood, and Japanese-inspired streetwear and merchandise such as Takashi Murakami plushes and Medicom figures. Because this is Wynwood, a side room houses a selfie-friendly outer-space-themed display featuring a giant astronaut helmet and sneakers floating on magnetic bases. A few Miami-themed items were available on a recent visit, and unlike many streetwear shops, Billionaire Boys Club offers a sale rack.
click to enlarge

Flight Club

Photo by Douglas Markowitz

Flight Club

3910 NE First Ave., Miami
This New York sneaker dealer’s Design District outpost might as well be considered a museum of hype shoes. The latest and greatest sneakers, from Nike’s recent collabs with Sacai to every variety of Yeezy you could imagine, are on display out front. Everything is wrapped in plastic and behind glass while the true merchandise is boxed up in the back behind a steel grate. It makes the browsing experience a bit antiseptic, but the selection is hard to doubt. Flight Club even boasts a column of Florida sports-themed sneakers, which are, presumably, not for sale.
click to enlarge


Photo by Douglas Markowitz


1931 Collins Ave., Miami Beach
Before this famed New York streetwear purveyor expanded to Los Angeles, it landed in South Beach. Nestled between Collins Park and the ocean on Collins Avenue, Kith opened its Miami Beach store in 2016 and has seen a brisk business from tourists and locals ever since. Head honcho Ronnie Fieg opened Kith in Brooklyn in 2011 after becoming well known in streetwear as the brains behind the Brooklyn boutique David X. It was there that Fieg, who’s less a designer than a savvy businessman with a good eye, established his talent of finding unique brand collaborations, a technique that has become a staple of the culture. He began with his own take on the Asics Gel Lyte III, and he has since combined Kith’s in-house line with nearly every brand — fashion or otherwise — under the sun: Adidas and New Balance, Aimé Leon Dore and Versace, and even Power Rangers and Coca-Cola. At the shop, you’ll find Kith-branded merch and collabs as well as a wealth of other brands, such as Hoka, G-Shock, Needles, Heron Preston, Cav Empt, Onitsuka Tiger, and many more. You’ll also find Kith Treats: a concession stand that sells cereal and milk, ice cream, and other confections.
click to enlarge

Lower East Coast

Photo by Douglas Markowitz

Lower East Coast

84 NE 39th St., Miami
Sure, you can buy clothes at this Design District store where arcade machines and old VHS tapes contrast with stark, modernist decor, but what really makes Lower East Coast a draw is the printed matter. This is Miami’s sole importer of iconic Japanese fashion magazines such as Popeye, Go Out, and Lightning which go into the nerdy details and exhaustive research that put the American menswear press to shame. Publications on sports, comics, and art, as well as independent zines, are also available, making LEC one of the most interesting boutique book shops in the city. Streetwear brands such as Central Bookings, Carhartt W.I.P., the Good Company, and LEC’s own line can also be found here.
click to enlarge

Photo by Kristin Bjørnsen

Shoe Gallery

244 NE First Ave., Miami
The oldest shop on this list, downtown mainstay Shoe Gallery has been in business since 1979 and has won Best Sneaker Store in New Times‘ Best of Miami rankings at least twice, in 2012 and 2017. Founder Abram Waserstein started the shop after leaving Cuba, and the place has stayed in the family for three generations, each one keeping in step with changing trends in footwear. In other words, these folks know their stuff, whether you’re looking for the latest ultralimited Nike x Off-White collab or just a pair of everyday sneakers to beat the shit out of.
click to enlarge

Unknwn Wynwood

Photo by Douglas Markowitz


261 NW 26th St., Miami
The one thing that should be “knwn” about this brand is that LeBron James founded it with childhood friends Jaron Kanfer and Frankie Walker Jr. in 2011. Back then, it was a (relatively) humble sneaker shop with a location at Aventura Mall, but last year, it opened a second location — a massive storefront opposite Wynwood Walls — during Miami Art Week. So it’s no surprise the new place is a gleaming destination for high-end streetwear in the arts district. Complete with a basketball court outside and a bronze basketball hoop sculpture in the middle of the showroom, Unknwn carries a mix of streetwear, haute couture, and 305-centric merch. You’ll find BAPE, Comme de Garçons Play, and all kinds of Nikes, but you’ll also get brands that straddle the line between low and high fashion, including Stone Island, Common Projects, and Maison Martin Margiela, as well as one of LeBron’s favorite brands, Thom Browne. Unknwn sells its own line here as well. 90,000 Ten brands of streetwear – Look At Me

The concept of “streetwear” (or otherwise streetwear) originated in the 80s, when skaters, graffiti artists, musicians and other street dwellers could not find suitable things for themselves and decided to do them creating yourself. Over time, street brands have become more and more closely intertwined with the fashion industry, and now they are worthy competitors to other brands: the sports trend continues for several seasons, and fashionistas combine Supreme caps and Vans sneakers with ready-to-wear collections.Look At Me talks about Stussy, Huf, Obey and seven other well-known streetwear brands.


It’s no exaggeration to say that Supreme is one of the most recognizable street brands, if only because of the famous logo that they brand everything with. We are talking not only about clothes, caps and skateboards, but also about small knick-knacks like key rings, dice, cards, bottle openers or mugs. Therefore, even to a person who heard about the existence of the brand for the first time, white letters on a red background will seem familiar.Moreover, for some time now the brand has been worn not only in skate parks, but also combined with dresses from the latest collections. Supreme also became involved with fashion through new acquaintances: Lady Gaga, Frank Ocean and Kate Moss were filmed for them by Terry Richardson.

How It All Began

Supreme turned eighteen this year and started with its first store opened in April 1994 in Manhattan. Its founder, James Jebbia, admitted that he knew little about the culture of skaters and other street youth, rather their rebellious spirit attracted him.For New York skaters, that was enough: they became not only buyers, but also collaborators, friends and staff, gradually forming the Supreme team. For several years Supreme grew up with New York, imbued with the spirit of American youth and developed with it. They later opened their first stores outside the United States: in Japan and the UK.

Supreme in fashion and art

Throughout its history, Supreme has worked with everyone: photographers, artists, sports and fashion brands.Moreover, they produce not only clothes, everything with the Supreme inscription came out: from bicycles and boxing gloves to flashlights and locks. As for clothing, the prints for the brand’s T-shirts were shot by Terry Richardson, the Futura 2000 artist painted the hoodie, and the Japanese Neighborhood came up with the T-shirt. One of their most high-profile collaborations is the collection with Comme des Garçons. Inspired by Supreme’s eagerness to penetrate all areas of production, someone even created a Supreme x Who toumlog with fictional collaborations of the brand.


The Obey brand originated from the same Obey inscription with an evil face, which can often be found on the walls of the house, and more recently in street-style blogs. Shepard Fairey created it when he was young, and it remains popular to this day. Shepard came up with the idea of ​​creating a brand later, but men’s and women’s clothes, recommended by a well-known artist, began to quickly disappear from store shelves.

How it all began

Shepard Fairey first was fond of skate movement and connected his creativity with it, and later began to study illustration professionally.Once a friend taught him how to use a stencil correctly, and for this he came across an image of wrestler Andre the Giant, known in the 80s. A friend didn’t like the picture, but Shepard found something in it. The inscription, which he attached to the image of the wrestler, was first used in the film “Aliens Among Us”, where the world was taken over by aliens and began to impose a way of life on people through advertising and television. This can also explain the ideology of the brand. Well, Obey was reborn as a clothing brand in 2001.

Obey in fashion and art

Collections for Obey, in addition to the artist friends Shepard Fairey, were created by Levi’s, and Generic Surplus made several pairs of women’s and men’s shoes. This fall, the results of another collaboration are outlined – a collection created in conjunction with the Keith Haring Foundation based on drawings and clothes by the artist.


Stussy is one of the oldest streetwear brands and, one might say, the trendsetter of this style.Even though the founder of the company has retired and transferred the reins of management to other hands, Stussy continues to exist successfully for several decades, and you can buy its products not only in brand stores, but also in fashionable department stores, for example, in French Colette.

How It All Began

It all started in 1980 with a guy named Sean Stussy, who lived on the shores of sunny California and was friends with surfers. For them, he made boards, on one of which he wrote his last name with a marker, thus inventing the logo of the future company.He soon began making T-shirts, shorts and baseball caps and selling them from his own car. Things flew very quickly, so in 1980 Stussy officially launched the Stussy brand with his friend Frank Sinatra Jr. (not the singer or even his son). In the 90s, the brand began to spread around the world, and when Stussi got his way, he transferred the affairs of the company to Nicholas Bower and Paul Mittelmann.

Stussy in fashion and art

Stussy himself communicated with many artists and collaborated with them, it still remains a good tradition of the brand (for example, they recently released a collection of T-shirts for which Will Sweeney drew alien musicians).But the most global cooperation with Stussy developed with Nike: in 2001, they created a joint collection for the first time, and since then they have been releasing sneakers every year.


Huf was created by a man who struggled to find his ideal city and could not graduate from college, but put his talent on the right track in time. Having opened a shop for skaters, he had no idea that he would soon have his own clothing line sold all over the world.

How It All Began

Huf was born in San Francisco, but originally as a store. Its founder, professional skateboarder Keith Hafangel (the brand name is his abbreviated surname), moved there from New York in 1992, and ten years later decided to open a store with the best brands of streetwear. All the local skaters began to gather there, things went well, and in 2002 Keith launched Huf as a full-fledged clothing brand. At first, things were found only on residents of San Francisco, but soon the brand spilled over to other cities in the United States, and soon it reached Eastern Europe.


The most famous Huf collaborations are glasses with Ashbury, sneakers with New Balance, Adidas and Nike (Keith Hafangel was especially proud of launching a shoe line), T-shirts with skater and photographer Denis McGrath, and a watch with a schedule days with Skate Mental. Dozens of other fruits of cooperation can be viewed on the brand’s website.


Vans is a company known primarily for footwear, but also produces clothing.The brand has gone through a very long history, since 1966 it managed to go bankrupt and get back on its feet again, lost and gained customers, and it all started with the fact that Paul Van Doren’s mother sent her son to work in a shoe factory so that he would not mess around.

How It All Began

When Paul became deputy director of a factory, lifted her from his knees, and then pulled another out of debt, he got the idea to start his own business. In 1966, he opened a shop where they made custom-made shoes.Soon the first women’s and children’s models appeared, and after a year and a half, the Van Doren Rubber Company factory, as the company was originally called, had more than fifty stores. Most of the brand’s clientele were BMXers and skateboarders, but for some unknown reason, Doren decided to start producing footwear for football players and basketball players, on which he went bankrupt, and soon completely declared himself bankrupt. However, by the nineties, investors were found who undertook to restore Vans. The brand gained popularity again, began to sponsor ska-punk tours and build skate parks with its own money.And with the launch of the Valut line, it finally recovered. Now Vans can be seen on many street style blogs, and fashion editors boldly combine their sneakers with dresses.

Vans in fashion and art

According to the Vans website, in the last five years they have had forty-three collaborations, mainly their partners – artists, musicians and photographers, as well as beloved bands like Sex Pistols, Iron Maiden and Kiss. In 2003, the company launched its most expensive, more fashion-related line, Valut.Every year, a fashion designer or artist is invited to create the collection, among which there were already Luella Bartley, Rebecca Taylor, Donnie Gilis and others. In April of this year, Vans released the sneaker jointly at Kenzo, which definitely proves that the brand is getting closer to fashion.

A Bathing Ape

A Bathing Ape is a Japanese brand with an American soul. Having existed for nineteen years, Bape, as it is more commonly called, has managed to infiltrate only two cities outside Japan – London and New York.And it’s not that the company is doing badly. Quite the opposite, many simply cannot get the brand’s things, since they are of very good quality and are produced in limited quantities, sometimes even in a single copy. But on rap artists, clothes and shoes can be found often: Bape was worn by Jay Z, Lil Wayne, Pharrell Williams and many others. Fashionists love Bape primarily for its favorite camouflage brand.

How It All Began

In 1993, Tamaoki Nagao, aka Nigo, who had been a fan of American culture since childhood, launched the A Bathing Ape brand.He chose this name not only because he was very fond of the film “Planet of the Apes”, but also as a reference to the Japanese saying “Bathing in warm water”, which means the desire of young people to work less and follow fashion trends more. These very young people became the focus group of the aspiring brand: Nigo opened his first store in the fashionable Harajuku district of Tokyo. The brand quickly became popular, in part because it was very difficult to get it, and soon a second store opened in New York, and in 2005 another in London.As much as the designer loves America, Japan is visible in his collections with might and main due to bright colors and materials.

A Bathing Ape in fashion and art

The second joint collection of Bape and the American brand Undefeated will soon be released, and Colette have released T-shirts with them. They also used the Marvel character Spider-Man as a print for caps, bags, T-shirts and iPhone cases this summer.


The Mishka brand, which usually catches the eye with its name written in Cyrillic, has mixed in itself all subcultures over the past thirty years.Known primarily for psychedelic prints, she has gone from being a t-shirt maker to a full-fledged clothing line.

How it all began

The history of the brand begins in 2003, when Mikhail Bortnik, who moved from Russia to New York when he was two years old, together with his friend Greg Rivera, decides to create a brand. The name “Mishka” is both a reference to his name and to the brand’s logo – an angry bear drawn in the graffiti style. At first they only made T-shirts, but the popularity of prints led to an expansion of production, and in 2007 they began producing complete collections of clothing.Now Mishka stores are scattered all over the world, including in Russia.

Mishka in fashion and art

Together with other brands of clothing Mishka created one or several items, and especially for the second season of How to Make It in America they released three T-shirts. In addition, they supported the musical project Check Your Ponytail in several ways.


Sixpack – the first European brand on our list – started fourteen years ago and not very well.Their first store had to be closed, and success came on the second try. The essence of Sixpack was originally not about building a business, but a kind of way of distributing art, but this did not stop them from creating a successful brand.

K ak it all started

The Sixpack story begins with the French graffiti artist Lionel Vivier, who worked for a time in an independent cinema, which influenced his work. In 1998, he decides to open his own store, but the attempt fails.After some time, he changes the concept and launches a completely new project, leaving only the old name. Graffiti friends helped him with T-shirt prints, and when things got better, he expanded the line to produce casual clothes and books. Lionel admitted that he is inspired by fashion brands like Filippa K, Maison Martin Margiela, Henrik Vibskov and Cacharel. In collections, their influence is imperceptible, but this does not make the fubolki worse.

Sixpack in fashion and art

Sixpack’s partners are mainly artists or musicians.For special projects they have a Sixpack Projects blog. They also co-directed the thirty-minute film It Was On Earth That I Knew Joy with Jean-Baptiste de Lobier.

The Hundreds

California brand The Hundreds opened its doors less than ten years ago, but already ranks with its older brothers in the creation of streetwear. Inspired by skateboarding and surfing, their clothes are not devoid of a sense of humor – just remember the answers to their frequently asked questions.

How It All Began

The Hundreds was named after the founding brothers – Bob and Ben Handreds. In 2003, in Los Angeles, they launched the brand and immediately divided the responsibilities: Bob is in the production, and Ben is in the business plan. Thanks to this, the brothers outstripped their competitors in a short time and are now sold in four cities in the United States. They are also known for their logo – a painted bomb named Adam. For news and brand ideas, visit the brothers’ blog.

The Hundreds in Fashion and Arts

The Hundreds has a kind request not to offer them any collaboration, but they have several collaborations. For example, watches for Casio, prints from the artist team The Seventh Letter and Don Pendelton.


The name of the Swedish brand WeSC in its full version sounds like We Are the Superlative Conspiracy, that is, “We are the greatest secret conspiracy.”Perhaps this is so, because a whole team of unknown designers is working on the company’s collections. It is worth paying attention to them, if only because they released the car and sent it to the capitals of Europe.

Fall 2012 – Superlative Spaces! from WeSC on Vimeo.

How it all started

WeSC was created by Greger Heigelin in Stockholm in 1998, but they come up with things, as already mentioned, by a whole team of skaters, artists, musicians and actors called Weactivists.Indeed, he remembers the conspiracy a little. Nevertheless, due to such a number of connections, it was easier for them to spread, and already in the late 90s, the brand’s things appeared on the covers of magazines. Now WeSC are sold all over the world, including in Russia, and apart from clothes they are famous for their headphones. They also have a Russian-language twitter.

WeSC in fashion and art

In terms of collaborations, WeSC have succeeded more than others: in addition to prints from various music artists, they released headphones with Fendi, sneakers with Adidas and even a small Mercedes-Benz Smart car.They have also been working with actor Jason Lee for a long time, who is known to us from many films and the TV series “My Name Is Earl”. For WeSC, he starred in a lookbook, invented headphones and a USB flash drive.

TOP of the best men’s clothing brands, the highest quality and fashion brands

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There are a huge number of brands of menswear. They can be divided into groups according to different principles – by style, product cost, country of origin, or other characteristics.But the most important characteristic of a menswear brand is its popularity.


French menswear brand that specializes in classic style. Lacoste products are elite and have a fairly high cost, which allows their owners, in addition to good taste, to demonstrate their high social status. Lacoste clothing is designed for men who love conservative style and discreet colors.


This Dutch menswear brand is known all over the world.The company is engaged in sewing youth clothing, but often produces collections of classic style. The average price category of the products is designed for a youth audience who loves to dress stylishly and be in trend.



This British brand is engaged in the production of mens and womens clothing in street style, grunge and vintage directions. The cost of production also belongs to the average price range available to young people. Men’s collections are distinguished not only by fashion trends, but also by the tastes of the audience, which the brand carefully monitors.


This brand of menswear has existed since 1945, when the founders of the brand opened the first store in Rome selling clothes for men. The brand’s products are produced in different styles – among the collections you can find both strict and classic wardrobe items, as well as ultra-fashionable and modern lines of everyday clothing.



Tommy Hilfiger is one of the best-selling menswear brands and is very popular in many countries around the world.The brand’s products are designed for men of different ages and statuses. The collections of the brand include youth clothing, classic suits for men and casual wardrobe items. In addition, Tommy Hilfiger is known for its quality accessories.


Now the Adidas company creates trends in sports, fashion, music, culture. But let’s rewind time and find out how it all began

Adi Dassler founded adidas in August 1949. After the arrival of the “three stripes”, the life of the athletes changed dramatically.At this time, professional athletes had a new invented equipment. In the 50s, the company created the first boot with a nylon sole. In the next decade, the iconic adidas tracksuit thundered and became a street fashion icon.

The 80s are a time for innovation. All spheres of life began to interact with each other. The artists began performing in the brand’s products. Added cushioning and flexible support for the foot.

In the 90s and 00s, a new era began for the company.Three stripes have become an integral part of the logo. The Predator Cup has made a splash among professional footballers. The Supernova Cushion M is considered a ’00s running classic. Collaborations with famous designers began.

Now the brand produces products from recycled plastic and actively fights for human rights and freedoms. The Futurecraft 4D outsole and the energizing Boost material are the next step in the sport.


This brand has made a successful transition from military uniform to casual wear.Alpha Industries’ rule is military quality standards. Therefore, the clothes are comfortable, functional, practical and reliable. In addition, the military style has been quite popular lately.

Samuel Gelber, founder of the company, enlists the support of Herman “Breezy” Wynn. Thanks to the second, the brand was able to survive the first year. Hermann Wynn provided the production with materials and equipment. A significant role was played by John Nighthammer – a specialist in product quality control.

In the 80s the company got its own logo – three horizontal lines and the inscription “Alpha Industries”.After a while, the full name in the logo was changed to the laconic “A”, which is used to this day.

The brand is closest to street fashion. Alpha Industries is refining the already traditional silhouettes without changing its style. The M65 and MA-1 jackets are best known.


The history of the company began back in 1894. Barbour is a family business. Now it is owned by the fifth generation of the dynasty. The brand supports the unique values ​​of British culture.

The founder of Barbour is Galloway John Barbour, who was born on a farm in Scotland. At the age of 20, John left his home, went to work in the manufacturing business, got married and started raising 11 children. At first, the family shop sold only outerwear and underwear.

By 1904, the business was firmly on its feet and expanded more and more. Seventy years later, the company received its first Royal Prize from the Duke of Edinburgh. The brand has become famous all over the world.

Barbour strives to make functional and quality items fashionable as well. They produce mens and womens clothing for everyday life. The classic cobbled jackets are still handcrafted. More than one hundred thousand copies of them are sold throughout the year.

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein is one of those brands that stay afloat for several decades, while developing and transforming. In 1968 Calvin Klein created his own company.In the same year, the vice president of the retailer Bonwit Teller saw Klein’s raincoat, made a decent order, and even invested in advertising. It is thanks to this that things from Kelvin were on the shelves of the leading boutiques in New York.

In the 70th year, Calvin Klein held a show for the first time, thanks to which he joined the names of big fashion. Only seven years later, the designer launched the men’s line. Already in 1982, Kelvin released a collection of lingerie. Sales grew at a tremendous rate. In 2003, Calvin Klein was bought by the PVH Corporation.

The company strives to maintain its reputation as a leader in American fashion and is distinguished by its laconic style and innovative design. The brand has combined bold and progressive ideals with a seductive and minimalist aesthetic.


The Kappa logo, composed of naked silhouettes of a man and a woman, can match the fame of the “three stripes”.

It all started with socks and underwear in the Italian town of Turin. In 1916, Abramo Vitale founded the Calzificio Torinese company.Closer to the 50s, sales began to increase, and demand continued to grow. As a result, the company name was changed to Kappa.

In the 60s, it was decided to switch to the creation of casual wear. Kappa used explicit imagery in its advertisements, which outraged the religious segment of the population, but attracted the attention of young Europeans. Since the 70s and years, the company has sponsored many sports teams.

Closer to the 00s, Kappa clothing became part of the everyday image of young people. And the 222 “banda” suit is one of the most popular wardrobe items.

Now the brand’s mission is to introduce people to an active lifestyle. Product design is in line with world fashion trends.


The history of the Dutch brand Mexx begins in 1980. It was then that Rattan Chadha, an immigrant from India, founded his company. But then it was divided into 2 youth brands: for men Mustache and for women Emanuelle. After 6 years, Rattan nevertheless merged into one. He took the first letters from the names of old brands and added “xx”, which means a kiss.

In the 90s, the brand began selling clothes for children and newborns. They also began to produce a line of sportswear for men and women. Currently Mexx manufactures accessories, household goods, shoes and perfumes.

The brand symbolizes new impressions, emotions and optimism that charge you to change the world for the better. Mexx promotes an active lifestyle and vitality. The company does not divide people by social status. Mexx creates quality products for real people.

90,000 Catalog of the best brands in the world – StyleTopik

One of the most famous American brands Calvin Klein today is presented on the international market with men’s and women’s collections of clothing, footwear, accessories and perfumes. It all started with an ordinary workshop in New York. Calvin Klein, founder and art director of Calvin Klein, was born in 1942 in one of the New York boroughs. At the age of eighteen, he graduated from the Higher School of Arts and continued his studies at the Institute of Technology Maud.The idea to found his own workshop came to Kelvin as a child, but he was able to realize his dream only in 1968, when, together with his childhood friend, Barry Schwartz, they rented an office in a hotel in New York. Initially, the designer focused only on men’s clothing, which earned him recognition in the fashion world. But, in 1970, Klein began to develop a women’s clothing collection. For the first time, the designer adapted a man’s suit for a woman’s silhouette, which caused a real revolution in the fashion world. In 1973, Calvin Klein received the Coty Award for Most Immaculately Made Apparel.1978 was a decisive year for the Calvin Klein fashion house, since it was at this time that the world saw jeans that changed the minds of millions of people. Calvin Klein jeans – skinny, stylish and modern – were first released in black. In 1982, the designer develops a men’s lingerie collection. The advertising campaign for this collection caused controversy and condemnation from the Americans, because for the first time, half-naked male bodies were presented in advertising as an object of aesthetics. By the way, this is not the only scandal associated with the Calvin Klein brand.The attraction of underage models for advertising, the use of erotic scenes and even blasphemy – all this was in the advertising campaign of Calvin Klein and all this was strongly condemned by the society. But, no matter what, the Calvin Klein fashion house has an army of fans all over the world and never ceases to delight them with new, even more provocative collections. Calvin Klein clothing is a choice of bold, stylish and modern people.

What does street fashion look like in France?

If one day we told fashion experts that streetwear would become a trend all over the world, they would probably laugh at us.But the facts are clear: Today, most of the big ready-made franchises and even celebrities who are considered fashion icons are wearing products from the Streetwear movement.

Street fashion originated in the 70s and 80s in the United States, mainly in New York and California. Indeed, this style of clothing draws its influence from the hip-hop movement in the suburbs of New York and skateboarding fashion, that is, the clothes that all skaters, surfers and all other burgundy sports wear. Initially, it is the complete opposite of other fashion phenomena: it is a kind of abandonment of the glamor, glitz and glamor of haute couture and contributes to greater comfort and taste for sports.But it also helps to express urban culture and the humble origins of disadvantaged areas. A baggy oversized tee for ghetto youth, skinny jeans and colorful tees for California slip kings are street fashion.

Three protagonists of the film La Een, which had a huge impact on the French street fashion movement.

Today, streetwear has evolved and even inspires creators. Brands like Stussy, Bape or Supreme offer much more expensive items than before, because this style touches more social categories that have funds and are looking for the latest innovations that others do not already have.

France did not stand aside and had its share of successful streetwear brands. How did this clothing fashion cross the Atlantic and find its way into our wardrobes? From the bad guy aspect to the current trend, back to the brands and personalities who created streetwear in France!

Rappers, great advertising for brands!

Streetwear arrived in France in the 90’s, directly inspired by the United States, mainly as the standard-bearers of French rappers who are very much inspired by the United States hip-hop movement.

In many cases, brand creators used their network of friends to launch their brand. Simple strategy: ask them to wear their brand in their music video or on stage to promote it. Lucky bet!



This is the case, for example, with the Bullrot brand, which was launched in the late 1990s and immediately became the number 1 brand in France. The brand was based on an image of a dog that could be quickly identified.Most importantly, the creators used one of their childhood friends, rapper Don Choa from La Fonky Family. It’s the jackpot! After wearing one of their T-shirts in one of his music videos, the brand had a turnover of around € 20 million and even managed to export the goods. It is one of the first French streetwear brands.

Bullrot Classic Sweatshirt


Behind Daya is a young man from the suburb of Mohammed Dia, who launched his brand in 1998.He grew up with several friends who he saw become rap stars in France, such as Doc Gineko, Arsenic or Stomy Bugsy, who are all members of the collective sector. A. In addition to the cool and creative brand image, he manages to collaborate with the Ä Sector team and dress them up. These rappers are at the peak of their art and sales at the time, and again it is a great publicity stunt that has become one of the favorite brands of young people.



In 1998, Joey Starr, who was then the big rap star in the group Supreme NTM, decided to take advantage of his fame and launch his own clothing brand.Success is guaranteed! The suburban youth, as fans of the group and getting to know themselves through the rapper’s stories and experiences, directly align themselves with the brand and its values. The brand even allows itself the luxury of launching new products like glasses, suitcases or stationery, and has a variety of retail outlets.


Royal Wear

In early 2000, a brand that became a symbol of streetwear also emerged: Royal Wear. Also launched by rapper Sally Sephill, who simply put his logo and his product name on the T-shirts.Thanks to his network of friends who are also artists, but especially because he got noticed by investors, his brand is taking off. The brand has expanded to a variety of fashion products including jewelry, for example. Although a bit tacky today, it is a staple brand in 2000 streetwear!

Royal Wear


Ünkut is the brand of the controversial rapper Booba. It is a brand at the crossroads of American standards and European sobriety. It combines urban code with trendy and creative designs.Today Ünkut has managed to develop not only in France, but also in Europe and even in Africa. It is more than a clothing brand, it is a lifestyle!

Booba wears his Ünkut brand

Streetwear new sexy

At the end of 2000, several sports brands made a strong comeback, while they lost momentum, became real fashion trends and even revive well-dressed people.

Le Coq Sportif

Le Coq Sportif

It is the symbol of French sports.He has sponsored many famous athletes in their careers such as the Tour de France racers, the French national rugby team, and especially Yannick Noah, the emblematic French tennis player who won Roland Garros under the Coq Sportif colors. The emblem of the brand is also this rooster on a tricolor background in the colors of France, as a national symbol! After years of decline, the brand returns at the end of 2000 to become a fashion brand, offering fashionable designs that have found their audience. Everyone dresses in Le Coq Sportif, designs multiply and come in different colors.The brand, originally offering sportswear, has become a real trend!

Tennis player Yannick Noah wearing Le Coq Sportif


The case of the Lacoste brand is very specific. It was originally a BCBG brand dedicated to tennis players, offering elegant and personable French class items. Therefore, for wealthy clients, this is a rather advantageous positioning. But in the late 90s and early 2000s, the brand undergoes a somewhat unexpected turn: it becomes the favorite brand of young dysfunctional suburbs, classified as “thugs”, not particularly valuable for the brand! It boils down to the “Lacoste tracksuit” phenomenon, the brand image at a low price point… Fortunately, around 2010, the brand returned again, releasing new contemporary collections and adopting its iconic codes for a young, trendy and avant-garde clientele. … It’s a pretty elegant brand with a minimalist and simple design, in all colors and cuts, from the iconic polo shirt to sweaters and shirts.

Lacoste Polo, available in various colors

Streetwear sets the tone

Fashion and streetwear culture are indivisible today. Hip-hop artists make headlines in the world’s leading fashion magazines, and streetwear brands go with traditional haute couture brands on catwalks and fashion shows.Luxury brands are even joining streetwear brands, as was the case with the recent collaboration between Louis Vuitton and Supreme. The trends have changed somewhat: today, cuts are more curved, collections are more sophisticated, and confectionery is a little more processed. Now, dressing in streetwear can be expensive, which is paradoxical when we look at the movement’s humble origins. More and more young brands are emerging that are streetwear masterpieces today.


It all started with New York rapper A $ AP Rocky popping up all over the place with Pigalle branding. Since then, the brand has literally skyrocketed! She used the talents of Lesage’s embroidery workshops to craft her pieces. This brand is a wonderful union of good taste and streetwear that has already gained popularity among American rappers.

A $ AP Rocky wearing the Pigalle brand

Poise and Pearls

Poyz & Pirlz is a young French brand that has chosen a vintage style reminiscent of the streetwear atmosphere of the 90s.Whether it’s a comfortable fit reminiscent of streetwear in the early days, a choice of design or a choice of fabric, the brand immerses us in the atmosphere of the 90s.

Poise and Pearls



Wasted is a bit of streetwear rock brand. It is a volunteer vintage brand that takes inspiration from 90 rock trends that have been updated to date. The brand’s typography expresses this attitude, which reminds us of a punk style like a London thrift store.


There are many other new French brands that cannot be mentioned. However, if you’re interested in streetwear culture, you’ve probably heard of these brands!

Between modern and vintage, streetwear has certainly been a trend in recent years, and with many independent creators emerging, streetwear still has a bright future. And as we often say in streetwear culture, “It’s not about what you wear, but how you wear it!”

90,000 15 best showrooms in Kiev | Trendy-U

When the opportunity to go shopping suddenly disappears, you begin to appreciate the hours when you could spend time shopping.Of course, for many, shopping online is already a familiar and convenient business, and many hours of walking around shopping centers is a continuous torment. But the opportunity to try on the thing you like, touch it, see the lines and accessories has not yet been canceled. It is also an opportunity to visit small concept stores, where you get inspired by the atmosphere and beautiful things. Therefore, we are sharing with you a list of the best showrooms in the capital, where you can buy things made in Ukraine .

482 store – shoes and clothes of Ukrainian designers

Store of Ukrainian brands 482 Store

100% Ukrainian showroom.For 6 years of its existence, the 482 store has fallen in love with very many people of Kiev and not only. The shop owners recently summed up their work and calculated that 10 thousand receipts were printed and about 20 thousand units of Ukrainian brand clothing were sold. Today the 482 store continues to partner with 240 brands. The store presents clothes in casual style, sport chic, there are classics, and retro models, and much more.

Address: Kiev, st. Saksaganskogo, 37.


Apartment 31 – showroom for young Ukrainian designers

Apartment 31 – showroom for young Ukrainian designers

Conceptual showroom on one of the central cozy streets of Kiev.Here are collected clothes, shoes and accessories of young Ukrainian designers. The owners of Apartment 31 call their showroom an epicenter of beauty and a place of power for young talents. For stylish and modern things, right here. If shoes with square heels, colored faux fur coats or knitted suits are in fashion, then you will surely find all these things in the Kvartira 31 showroom.

Address: Kiev, st. Reitarskaya, 8-5



Uamade – a community of Ukrainian designers

Showroom not only for clothes and footwear of Ukrainian manufacturers, but also for various accessories, souvenirs, tableware, stationery and many other useful and interesting things.In fact, Uamade is not just a store, but a whole community of talented and creative people. It all started with a festival in 2013 and has grown into a whole chain of stores throughout Kiev, own production and popularity outside of Ukraine.

Address: Kiev, pl. Nezalezhnosti, shopping center “Globus”, 1st line
pl. Sportivnaya, 1, 3rd floor
More addresses and information on Instagram

Must have – branded Ukrainian clothing

Must have – showroom of branded Ukrainian clothing

Must have calls itself the first Ukrainian mass-market of women’s clothing.The brand has been known on the market since 2010 and has its own production. The creators of the Must have showroom network Anna Kovalenko and Anastasia Yankovenko believe that the dreams of their customers must come true and strictly monitor the variety of collections and their compliance with the latest squeaks of the world catwalks.

Address: Kiev, st. V.Vinnichenko, 14
st. Antonovich, 176

More information and addresses on the site Must have

Pulp – showroom for girls’ clothes from Ukrainian brands

Pulp – a store of stylish clothes, accessories and ceramics

A romantic girlish showroom can delight any, well, almost any girl, if she loves everything tender and cuddly.Here you can buy not only clothes and accessories, but also various cute little things that will not only be useful, but also inspire you to a happy day. A showroom with things from Ukrainian masters from time to time becomes a workshop where you can learn how to make interesting things yourself. For ceramics, exclusive jewelry, niche clothing, you are here.

Address: Kiev, st. Proriznaya, 11-B, office 21

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The best Ukrainian brands of care cosmetics

Lyana – Ukrainian knitwear shop

Liana – Ukrainian knitwear brand

This is a Ukrainian knitwear store.Things are made in a laconic minimalistic style. Here you will find sweaters, dresses, skirts, jumpers, knee-highs, cardigans from high quality knitwear. We can safely recommend the brand, as we have tested it on ourselves.

Address: Prospect Pobedy, 136, 3rd floor, TC VMB


The blue knitted suit of the Ukrainian manufacturer Promin

The Ukrainian clothing manufacturer is a brand of the Lviv knitted clothing factory, which has been operating since 1939. Promin are comfortable things for travel and at home, for walks and parties.We would like to note the quality of things – the clothes are well worn, retain a presentable look after many washes and are pleasant to the touch. The brand’s designers experiment with shapes, colors and prints, so each new collection of the brand is something unusual and stylish.

Address: Kiev, st. Nikolay Lavrukhin, 4, SEC RayON.
More information and addresses on Instagram

All yours

All Svoi – a store of Ukrainian brands

Perhaps one of the most famous showrooms in Kiev, which contains a huge number of shoes, clothes and accessories of Ukrainian manufacturers.This is the largest platform that was founded 5 years ago and today has grown in several directions: clothing and footwear, home and decor, ceramics, gastronomy, baby products, jewelry and gifts. Only in the store on Khreshchatyk are products from 260 manufacturers.

Address: st. Khreshchatyk, 27 and 34.

Kachorovska Store & Cafe

Shop of Ukrainian designer Kachorovska

The people of Kiev have long known well the unique concept of shoe stores by designer Alina Kacharovskaya.Here you can try on several pairs of shoes and choose the right one, and try a handbag and coffee with fresh pastries. Kachorovska stores are a whole world, once in which you will not want to leave later.

Address: st. Velyka Vasylkivska, 14
More information and addresses on Instagram


Image from the Kiev concept store Hvoya

Another concept store that is based in Kiev and sells handmade shoes and bags. The store collaborates with distinctive designers who create cool quality items.The assortment is very often updated, the owner of the store tries to select not only very comfortable, but also beautiful models, in which you can appear at a party, in the office at work, and even at home, meeting your beloved friends.

Address: Velyka Zhytomyrska, 30a Kiev

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Scarf Hermès

Syndicate – streetwear brand


Comfortable Unisex Streetwear Brand Syndicate

Get stylish and comfortable streetwear for you at Syndicate.This Kiev brand produces small collections of T-shirts, caps, hats, sweatshirts and other sportswear. The collections are inspired by rebellion, raves, avant-garde, street style of the world’s fashion capitals.

Address: st. Reitarskaya, 21/13

Okno vo dvor

Window to the courtyard – showroom of Ukrainian brands from all over the country

Concept store of the best Ukrainian designers. Here you can find clothes, footwear and accessories of manufacturers from all over Ukraine. More than 200 brands are located under one roof and this is not the limit.The team carefully selects interesting accessories and clothes for us so that we can create cool and unique looks.

Address: per. Mikhailovsky, 24
Page in FB

Oh My Look

Ukrainian service for renting dresses Oh My Look

We hope that you are for a reasonable consumption, which means that you will like the service for renting Oh My Look clothes. The service is presented not only in Ukraine, but also in other countries. In Oh My Look, you can rent not only dresses for a gala event, but also outerwear, suits, overalls, and accessories.The project offers things not only from Ukrainian manufacturers, but also from leading world brands.

Address: st. Kazimir Malevich, 86p

Showroom Blanknote

Blanknote Showroom is a creative space where you can become the owner of handmade leather goods. Leather bags, backpacks, wallets and purses, travel cases – the variety of accessories from the Ukrainian manufacturer is impressive.

Showroom Blanknote

Here, in the very center of Kiev, master classes are held, where everyone can create a unique thing on their own.Sometimes the showroom turns into a cinema for watching interesting films, sometimes – into a buffet table and a meeting place for old and new friends. There are also several photo zones in Blanknote.

Address: Kiev, st. Pushkinskaya 8a

Kiev showroom Wardrobe Made in Ukraine

In the showroom Wardrobe Made in Ukraine you can buy clothes, shoes and accessories from more than forty Ukrainian designers. This literally means that regardless of your age and size, no matter what you come for – a formal business suit, a fashionable blouse in a romantic style, or a comfortable tracksuit – you will not leave empty-handed.

Kiev showroom Wardrobe Made in Ukraine

In addition to the showroom itself, the range of which is replenished with new products almost every day, any item, accessory or pair of shoes can be ordered in the online store, and your goods will be sent by mail. If you don’t guess the size, you will receive your money back within five days.

And yet the main advantage of the showroom Wardrobe Made in Ukraine is the collections of clothes and stylish footwear presented in it.

Address: Kiev, st.Lipkovsky, 35A


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90,000 list of the most famous and popular

Let’s briefly review the main brands of children’s clothing, whose products are most popular.


Rapidly gaining momentum, the modern brand Acoola offers a full range of children’s essentials: from underwear to outerwear, including special styles for school (uniform), leisure and swimming.The main direction – children 2-14 years old in the style of “adults”, but there is also a separate line 0-2. Our own design bureau produces up to 10 full-length collections a year.

Acoola online store • Official website


Domestic brand of things for newborns, as well as collections for babies (1.5+). Everything you need from birth. It is made from proven, tested hypoallergenic fabrics and accessories – safe both in materials and in use.It is famous for its high quality at affordable prices.

Babyglory online store • Official site

Boom By Orby

The Russian brand Boom By Orby (more often you can find just Boom on labels) specializes in outerwear for any weather. The products are divided into lines 0-2, “preschoolers”, “teenagers”. The most advanced developments in the field of insulation, impregnation, increasing strength are used, while observing the highest safety requirements.

Boom online store

Bossa Nova

High-quality Russian knitwear for age groups 0-14. Bright prints, own designs. Bossa Nova production is located in the Russian Federation, which guarantees a high level of consumer qualities and safety.

Bossa Nova online store • Official site

Button Blue

A fairly young, but already very popular brand, Button Blue, offers toys and clothes for children.The brand belongs to the well-known holding Gulliver, so the production of things for children (3-14) is not something new and unknown for them. Products based on cotton are produced under this label.

Button Blue online store • Official website


One of the few domestic companies that has gone far beyond the borders of the country – there are Charmante stores, including in Poland and France.The brand specializes in beachwear for children and adults, but is now taking on new levels with other styles including lingerie and seasonal outerwear.

Charmante online store • Official website


Cherubino Russian cotton jersey is designed for age groups 0-2, 2-7 and 7-14 years old. An amazing combination of the design created by the European bureau and the quality achieved in the domestic production.

Cherubino online store • Official website


The famous Italian brand Chicco has been known to Russian parents for more than one decade. The brand offers a high-quality and safe range of everything that children from 0 to 3 years old need: clothes, care products, toys, strollers and much, much more.

Chicco online store • Official website


The brand is originally from Poland, but has confidently conquered Eastern Europe.Coccodrillo is comfortable, high quality and functional footwear and clothing for children of different age groups.

Coccodrillo online store • Official website


High quality knitwear for children of different ages. A distinctive feature of Crockid underwear is a special seamless production technology that allows you to create the most comfortable and safe clothes.

Crocid online store • Official site http: //

De Salitto

The magic of Italian style transferred to children’s clothes – this is how many critics describe De Salitto clothes. In addition to comfort and safety, the brand offers bright, trendy clothing designs for everyday and special occasions.

De Salitto online store • Official website


The famous American brand, one of the directions of which is products for children.The Gap brand produces a wide range of everything that kids need in a stylish, sometimes informal design.

Gap online store • Official website


A large Russian brand known on the market for several decades. Gulliver children’s clothes are not only of the highest quality, they are also a school style. the clothes are made in the most up-to-date design, in the style “like in adults”. Available for all ages.Most popular with teenagers.

Gulliver online store • Official website


Fashion, innovation and Scandinavian reliability – these parameters come together to create Huppa’s most popular baby clothes. The history of the company goes back to its ninth decade. The clothing line is divided into groups: 0-4 and 4-18 years old.

Huppa online store • Official website


A popular and quite “adult” domestic brand presents special children’s clothing lines Incity Kids.The range includes fashionable items for any occasion, as well as school uniforms.

Incity online store • Official website


Special apparel for explorers – Kerry’s superior kids’ Casual is crafted using durable, waterproof yet breathable materials. For walking and sports with the opportunity to be in a snowdrift, puddle or bushes, but keep your clothes.

Kerry online store • Official site https: // /

Lassie By Reima

Subsidiary brand of Finnish Reima, specializing in frost-resistant clothing for children. Everything so that kids can feel comfortable even at temperatures down to -40 degrees. The main direction is outerwear.

Lassie online store

Leader Kids

The Leader Kids brand from East Asia presents the widest selection of children’s clothes. The assortment includes clothes, shoes, toys, as well as cribs, strollers, playpens and other things a child needs.

Leader Kids online store

Lucky Child

Children’s brand “full cycle”, that is, Lucky Child products are all the things a child needs for all possible ages. Designer clothes with a unique and recognizable style.

Lucky Child online store • Official website

Mango Kids

Children’s clothing line of the famous Spanish brand Mango.With the necessary safety, things are created in the style of “Mini me”, that is, adult design, but specially created for young, rapidly developing organisms.

Mango Kids online store • Official website


The Spanish brand Mayoral has been around for over half a century. The main direction is casual for children and teenagers (up to 16 years old), but separate lines represent things for newborns, shoes and beachwear.

Mayoral online store • Official website


Modis, a wide domestic chain of family clothes, presents separate lines for children and adolescents. The assortment includes almost everything a child needs: from basic wardrobe to ultra original, trendy items.

Modis online store • Official website

Noble People

Noble People’s unique, colorful and kid-loved clothing is primarily designed for the outdoors.Whether it’s warm or cold, for outdoor activities or less mobility – everyone will find in the assortment everything that is necessary for a particular occasion.

Noble People online store • Official site


Beauty, convenience and attractive price – these three qualities are combined in OPTOP baby clothes. A team of young promising designers annually creates several collections of topical, colorful and therefore very popular collections.

Optop online store


For almost two decades, the Russian (both in origin and location of production) brand Orby has been dedicated to the safety and comfort of childhood. The clothes of this brand are always beautiful, comfortable and designed for different age groups.

Orby online store • Official website


Under the domestic brand Pelican, things are produced for women, but there are also special, very wide collections of children’s clothing.The assortment is divided into groups: “from 1 year old”, “kindergarten”, “school”.

Pelican online store • Official website

Pepe Jeans London

Already from the name it is clear that Pepe Jeans London is a brand from Britain, and the main activity is denim clothing. The company has a separate line for children, which includes not only denim items, but also clothes made from other materials.

Pepe Jeans online store • Official site https: //


Brand with Italian roots. Having production facilities both in Europe, Asia and in Russia. The two main directions in children’s products are everyday convenience and school uniforms.

Pinetti online store


Originally a German brand with production sites located in Southeast Asia. Specializes in Children’s Casual and Sport Style in the range of 0-7 years old.

Play Today online store • Official site http: // /


For more than 70 years, this Finnish brand has lived by the principle: “Children should walk in any weather!”. All activities of the brand are dedicated to streetwear, designed for any, even the most unpleasant weather – the company specializes in outerwear.

Reimas online store • Official website


This Australian brand offers special clothing for women who prefer extreme activities: surfing, snowboarding, climbing, etc.There is also a line for young athletes, made in compliance with all safety standards.

Roxy online store • Official site


The family brand SELA also presents individual collections for children. The assortment includes everything you need in three age groups: “newborns”, “under 12 years old” and “adolescents”.

SELA online store • Official website

Silver Spoon

“Children should be able to dress in elegant classics” – this is how the domestic brand Silver Spoon proclaims, presenting collections of clothing and school uniforms in the style of comfortable and safe Classic.

Silver Spoon online store • Official website


Domestic brand mainly specializing in clothing for school attendance. The assortment of things of various price and design solutions.

Sky Like online store • Official website

Street Gang

“Street gang” – this is how the name of this Italian label is translated, and in many respects it corresponds to reality.The brand offers children stylish designer clothes in Street Style, but there are also classic models.

Street Gang online store

Sweet Berry

For over 10 years, Sweet Berry has been delighting its fans with stylish baby clothes. The wide range covers groups 1-3 and 3-8 years old, and under the separate Luminoso brand also teenagers 9-14 years old.

Sweet Berry online store • Official site

To Be Too

This Italian brand specializes in models for little fashionistas.It is girls who are the target audience of To Be Too, who are offered the most colorful outfits of the most trendy design.

To Be Too online store

United Colors Of Benetto

An eminent and rather scandalous Italian-American company. At the same time, separate collections are created for children, and, despite the advertising shocking, things are produced in compliance with all quality and safety standards.

Benetton online store • Official site https: //


Vitacci offers clothing and footwear for children. A separate line presents children’s accessories – belts, braces, scarves and much, much more.

Vitachi online store • Official website

Zara Kids

Another well-known brand of budget items that produces separate children’s collections. Zara Kids is originally from Spain, but the brand is represented in almost all countries of the world.

Official website

Luxury Brands

Expensive luxury fashion brands are also engaged in the production of children’s things, the release of individual collections for babies.


The famous brand from Great Britain, renowned for its inimitable style. The clothes are created in various directions while maintaining the “adult” style of the brand.

Burberry online store • Official website https: //


Originally aimed at manufacturing for children, the French Catimini has long established itself as a leading position in the world. Today, the brand’s clothing can be bought in more than 40 countries.

Catimini online store


Jeans are undoubtedly the hallmark of Italian Diesel. But the dominance of denim is long over, and today the brand offers the widest range of clothing, footwear and much more, including for children.

Diesel online store • Official website


The luxury of Italian classics evokes a desire to possess it not only among adults, but also among children. Wanting to please its little fans, Gucci releases special children’s collections every season.

Gucci online store • Official website


Another “denim” and very well-known brand.Guess is from the USA, and the brand’s children’s lines fully express the expression of America and the style of France, the birthplace of the brand’s designers.

Brand history • Guess online store • Official website


The famous French label Kenzo also could not ignore the children. Luxury clothing, footwear and accessories are periodically presented in different price categories.

Kenzo online store • Official site https: //

Stella McCartney

One of the youngest British luxury brands, Stella McCartney’s collections deservedly amaze both adults and children. Therefore, in terms of popularity, these products have already surpassed many of the most prestigious colleagues.

Stella McCartney online store • Official website

Twin Set

This world famous brand is best known for its handmade knitwear.Soft, comfortable Twin Set items are adored by both children and their parents.

Twin Set online store • Official website

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90,000 KITH – Ronnie Feig’s Top 10 Collaborations

Share: Ronnie Feig hates the word collaboration. “It doesn’t convey the essence,” he told Complex in 2014. […]

“, “articleBody”: “Ronnie Feig hates the word collaboration. It doesn’t convey the essence,” he told Complex in 2014.The first brand he collaborated with was Asics. This happened in 2007 thanks to his work at David Z. Then Feig helped the brand revive the Asics Gel Lyte III sneaker. Feig was originally known for working with sneaker brands and releasing updated silhouettes from their archives. But that all changed when he launched his first clothing line, KITH. Whether he’s working with Versace, Russell Athletic, or Bergdorf Goodman, Feig always knows how to turn a classic model into something a young audience will buy.Proof of this is his Spring / Summer 2020 Ready-to-Wear show at Cipriani Restaurant in downtown New York, featuring products from collaborations with Disney, Rhude, Ksubi, Def Jam and 4Dimension. But before this collection hits the market, let’s go back in time and take a look at the 10 best KITH collaborations by Complex. Best KITH Collaborations: KITH x Levi’s KITH x adidas Soccer KITH x Columbia Sportswear KITH x Russell Athletic KITH x Coca-Cola KITH x Tommy Hilfiger KITH x Nike KITH x Mitchell & Ness KITH x Bergdorf Goodman KITH x Versace 10.KITH x Levi’s Fall / Winter 2018 In December 2018, the KITH x Levi’s collaboration unveiled a whole new interpretation of the denim brand’s iconic silhouettes. The line includes denim jackets and trousers 501 ST with a translucent printed KITH logo. Feig also added a co-branded KITH and Levi’s patch to the sleeve of each jacket, available in a different color. The launch of the collection took place in the KITH SoHo store, where customers were given the opportunity to add patches and embroidery to clothing or apply paint to it.Instead of just printing its logo, it offered shoppers a new interactive experience. KITH apparel is less expensive than Supreme’s on resale, but the $ 295 jacket from this collection retails on StockX for $ 430. 9. KITH x adidas Soccer Spring / Summer 2018 In 2016, KITH, in collaboration with adidas Soccer, aimed to create soccer equipment that could be worn both on and off the pitch. The first two collections were not bad, but more memorable was the patriotic design of the third collection, released in June 2018.The line included tracksuits with gold KITH and adidas branding and three stripes in various color combinations, jerseys and soccer shorts updated with camouflage prints. Soccer is not adidas’ strongest lineup, but Feig remained true to the sport and infused it with streetwear details. In addition, the collaboration created a jersey for Miami Flamingos, LA Rays and New York Cobras football clubs, each of which was unique.Feig gave himself entirely to a collaboration that went beyond simple clothing. KITH x Columbia Sportswear Fall / Winter 2015 Bugaboo Jacket The brand has collaborated with Columbia Sportswear on numerous occasions over the past few years, but their first work – the revival of the Bugaboo ski jacket that was released in 2015 – is the best. Feig knew, perhaps better than the brand itself, what a silhouette had to look like to be successful in the marketplace. The collaboration made it possible to bring his idea to life. Columbia Sportswear designed the ski jacket that would become a staple of late 80s New York style.This jacket made it to the top 10 of Kith’s best collaborations thanks to Feig’s use of Columbia’s patented 3-in-1 technology, with little or no change to its original 1986 design. This means that there are three different jackets in one model that can be worn in different climates. Feig added the KITH branding to the jacket along with two-way zippers and released it in three color options, including an original blue silhouette with a pink accent. The collaborators also re-released the Bugaboo hat and gloves.Feig used his market knowledge and opened the eyes of the sleeping brand. Through a successful partnership, he continued to manufacture capsule products with Columbia Sportswear. 7. KITH x Russell Athletic Spring / Summer 2019 What sets KITH apart from other streetwear brands is its premium quality and attention to detail. A perfect example of this is the KITH x Russell Athletic collaboration, released in April this year. The KITH team developed a thick fleece that was made in the USA.Feig picked up a palette of colors for things from the archives and vintage collections of Russell Athletic. KITH has combined the logos by placing their own in the Russell brand R. The branding featured in the collection of fleece sweatshirts, sweatpants, shorts and T-shirts was minimalist. Although the collection included over 96 pieces, KITH limited the number of each silhouette to 100 pieces. Each of his stores featured an exclusive color palette. Feig turned basic sweatshirts and cotton tees into something special and limited.Over the past few years, Russell has worked with streetwear designers such as Rhude’s Ruigi Viyasenor and Visitors On Earth’s Tracey Mills. While these collaborations were strong, Feig’s work had a greater impact through marketing and sales at KITH stores throughout the United States. KITH x Coca-Cola Spring / Summer 2019 When working with a large corporate company like Coca-Cola, which is not a clothing brand or fashion, the product can look cheap.But Feig designed the Ready-to-Wear collection with meticulous attention to detail. From the first collection of KITH x Coca-Cola Fall / Winter 2016 to the present, each new collaboration only gets better, presenting something new. For the fourth collaborative collection released in August this year and inspired by Hawaii, Feig played with color, resized the KITH and Coca-Cola logos, and introduced an everyday assortment. Feig used the classic Coca-Cola name branding, popular back in the 80s, and added patchwork details to it.The basketball shorts featured a combination of Hawaiian floral prints with the KITH and Coca-Cola logos applied. The shirt and shorts set was complemented with images of various Coca-Cola bottles. Since the collection was inspired by Hawaii, the brand opened a store at the Royal Hawaiian Center in Waikiki and ran a surfing competition. Rather than developing a merch for such a big partner that many streetwear brands seek to partner with, Feig proposed an entire wardrobe and combined it with opening a store in a new region.5. KITH x Tommy Hilfiger Fall / Winter 2018 Feig has been a Tommy Hilfiger fan ever since he was a teenager, so it’s no surprise that he collaborated with the legendary designer. Hilfiger works with the rappers and artists who wear his products and understands the impact they have on his brand, which makes the partnership with KITH even more meaningful. Unveiled at the third annual KITH Park fashion show, the collaboration showcases a change to the classic Tommy Hilfiger design.The red, white, blue box logo was replaced with the KITH branding used on denim jackets and down jackets. Feig and Tommy Hilfiger talked about the fact that the value of a brand should not be determined by the logo, but by its ability to create something elusive, something that cannot be bought for any money. KITH and Tommy Hilfiger have released high quality tracksuits, polos and jackets. This collection led to another collaboration for Spring / Summer 2019. Feig not only presented a strong product, but also told a story that significantly narrowed the gap between him and Tommy Hilfiger.4. KITH x Nike Fall / Winter 2017 Take Flight Feig’s KITH x Nike Fall / Winter 2017 collection was inspired by his childhood, which he spent cycling in Queens and wearing Uptempo while everyone else was wearing Air Jordan. The collection included the Air Pippen I sneakers, classic Nike track jackets updated with a leopard print on the chest, and leopard swoosh sweatpants. On T-shirts, he replaced the Just Do It sports brand with his company’s Just Us slogan.The collection merged the aesthetics of KITH with a fleece-lined Nike blazer. Nike doesn’t often let anyone change its iconic Just Do It line. This collaboration showed the brand’s trust in the designer and its impact on sportswear. In 2017 New York Fashion Week, LeBron James and Scottie Pippen took the runway during the KITH runway show, showing special versions of their signature sneakers, designed by Ronnie Feig. This collection was inspired by Nike from the 90s and underlined by the influence of KITH.Cameos of legendary NBA stars spoke of how relevant and popular the KITH brand is. 3. KITH x Mitchell & Ness Spring / Summer 2018 It’s not easy to get basketball Hall of Fame member Allen Iverson to leave his signature on clothes or shoes. It must be authentic and worthy of his attention. So when Iverson, whose name carries more weight than KITH and Mitchell & Ness, appeared in the catalog of the joint collection in May 2018, it became clear that the star believed in the product and in Feig. This was a real win for the brand.The collection introduced a more sophisticated take on retro sportswear. The line has been split into seven colors, each paying homage to the big sports teams based in the cities where KITH has flagships. This again made sportswear limited and special. For example, the capsule, inspired by the New York Knicks, included orange and blue basketball shorts with a little KITH branding on each side. The line also includes warm satin jackets and trousers, as well as mesh T-shirts.Mitchell & Ness has a history of collaborating with streetwear designers, but Feig excels at making each collection a special event, not just a product launch. 2. KITH x Bergdorf Goodman Spring / Summer 2017 Haute couture rarely works in streetwear style, but if it does, it usually just copies something rather than collaborating directly with streetwear brands. So the fact that legendary luxury department store Bergdorf Goodman, based in New York and collaborating with brands such as Gucci, Prada and Rick Owens, asked Feig to open a KITH store demonstrates how the brand has risen over the past few years.KITH also has temporary outlets in Selfridges, Hirshleifers and a store in Fred Segal in Los Angeles. Feig was able to leverage his brand’s popularity in a high-end company among multi-year luxury stores. The KITH x Bergdorf Goodman collaboration, now numbering five releases, could have been completely neutral, but so far their joint collections have been authentic for both sides. An offer in September 2016 to open his own store inside a department store, as well as a co-branded KITH and Bergdorf collection, once again proved that Feig is famous among companies and brands.Bergdorf Goodman for the first time allowed a designer to use the company’s logo on the outside of a garment and add his own branding to it. The first collection of tracksuits, sweatshirts and T-shirts, presented in a rich palette of colors – dark green, blue, burgundy and black – was good, but we think the second capsule is the best. For the lookbook, Feig filmed The Sopranos’ actor Michael Imperioli. He wore bespoke jacquard tracksuits and Bergdorf Goodman baseball caps.Feig continued to bring in actors from classic New York films, including Ray Liotta from Nice Guys, Wood Harris from Paid In Full, and Chazz Palminteri from The Bronx Tale, to shoot campaigns that reimagined Bergdorf and created the cultural moments that define KITH as a brand. 1. KITH x Versace Fall / Winter 2018 Among all the brand’s collaborations over the past eight years, its Fall / Winter 2018 collection with the fashion house Versace, which has left an indelible mark on hip-hop and fashion, has the loudest position in the world of streetwear.From legendary Tupac at the Versace fashion show in 1995 to Migos hitting the hit Versace, the collaboration leveraged the Italian brand’s cultural heritage and made it more accessible to the KITH audience, allowing a guest designer to redesign his classic jellyfish head for the first time in Versace history. … Feig splashed the KITH logo in her eyes and placed the image on the back of a denim jacket. He used the luxury brand’s vibrant prints on blazers and sweatshirts, and designed jeans, sneakers and sets with their co-branding Versace and KITH.

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