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Cycle 6 | America’s Next Top Model

Cycle 6 of America’s Next Top Model premiered on March 8, 2006 on UPN and concluded on May 17, 2006.

Danielle Evans was crowned as the winner of the cycle.



The ages stated are from the start of the contest.

Contestant Age Hometown Eliminated Place
Danielle Evans 20 Little Rock, Arkansas N/A 1
Joanie Dodds 24 Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania Episode 13 2
Jade Cole 26 New York, New York 3
Sara Albert 22 Davis, California Episode 12 4
Furonda Brasfield 24 Stuttgart, Arkansas Episode 11 5
Nnenna Agba 24 Houston, Texas Episode 9 6
Brooke Staricha 22 Corpus Christi, Texas Episode 8 7
Leslie Mancia 18 Higley, Arizona Episode 7 8
Mollie Sue Steenis 25 Tampa, Florida Episode 6 9
Gina Choe 21 Odessa, Florida Episode 5 10
Kari Schmidt 18 Brookings, South Dakota Episode 4 11
Wendy Wiltz 22 New Orleans, Louisiana Episode 3 12
Kathy Hoxit 20 Brevard, North Carolina Episode 2 13

Cycle Overview

Cycle 6: 2006

No. in
No. in
Title Original Air Date
62 1 The Girl Who Learns How to Dance March 8, 2006
63 2 The Girls Go Bald March 8, 2006
The models must be bald for their first photo-shoot; the models participate in a press conference before celebrities.
64 3 The Girl Who Is a True Miss Diva March 15, 2006
The competitors get the opportunity to win a shopping spree at a Los Angeles boutique; the models pose with ice sculptures; one woman lays down some house rules for the others to follow.
65 4 The Girl Who Kissed the Roach March 22, 2006
The models walk the runway for a fashion designer whose spring collection includes a wild accessory: giant Madagascar hissing cockroaches.
66 5 The Girl Who Kissed a Male Model March 29, 2006
The contestants participate in a quick-change photo shoot representing the four seasons; one competitor kisses one of the male models during a photo shoot, stirring up controversy.
67 6 The Girl With Two Bad Takes April 5, 2006
68 7 The Girl Who Has a Temper April 12, 2006
One model loses her temper with one of her competitors; contestants get lessons on advanced runway techniques; the models must show off a line of shoes while dancing.
69 8 The Girl Who Has Surgery April 19, 2006
The contestants get a lesson about the ugly side of modeling and face their ability to handle criticism.
70 9 The Girl Who Is a Model, Not a Masseuse April 26, 2006
The contestants meet with a public relations expert before facing a tough interviewer; an unusual photo shoot overseas.
71 10 The Girl Who Is Going to the Moon
April 26, 2006
Clips and never-before-seen footage from the show’s current season.
72 11 The Girl Who Is Rushed to the Emergency Room May 3, 2006
One of the contestants must go to the emergency room while on location in Thailand; the models compete in a challenge that requires them to perform intricate Thai dance moves.
73 12 The Girls Go to Phuket May 10, 2006
The final four contestants meet Thai designer Pichita Rucksajit, who sends them out to meet and impress local designers.
74 13 The Girl Who Walked Through the Ancient City May 17, 2006
In Bangkok the three remaining models give their best for a commercial and photo shoot; a final runway challenge leads to the season’s winner.


  • This was the last cycle to air on UPN before they merged with The WB to create The CW.
  • The international destinations for this cycle were Bangkok & Phuket, Thailand.


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America’s Next Top Model 6 ANTM Winner Danielle’

I love this show! Cycle 6 of America’s Next Top Model was once again a must-watch show. This season, the winner of ANTM’s “Fairy Tale Come True” as they’ve called it is Danielle. Tyra Banks is the absolute star of the show, watch her make her ‘supermodel’ poses to teach the new models how the pros do it.

Danielle took the top prize over Joanie and Jade. Jade was voted out 3rd, and Joanie took the 2nd spot.

Danielle really proved herself over the course of the show. She was weak in tech beginning but gain strength as the weeks progressed.

Danielle had to deal with tough America’s Next Top Model judges and constant criticism of her accent and a wide gap in her teeth. Danielle finally fixed the gap in her two front teeth to be much smaller (though she never closed it) and has constantly worked on her speech.

See all America’s Next Top Model Winners and their Picture Portfolios and best of season Photos.

Take a look at Danielle Portfolio Pictures. Danielle is now renamed “Dani” by her new modeling agency.

Danielle won America’s Next Top Model Season 6! See her Portfolio Pictures. In contests, Danielle always did a great job, especially in her last runway show, where she was walking on a number of bridges connecting a beautiful runway set over the water in Japan.

America’s Next Top Model Season 6


Danielle: America’s Next Top Model Winner Season 6

Danielle Evans

Joanie: 2nd Place

Joanie Dodds

Jade: 3rd Place

Jade Cole

Danielle’s America’s Next Top Model Season 6 Portfolio pictures!

Dani Evans breaks silence on resurfaced clip of Tyra Banks telling her to have her teeth gap closed

Dani Evans has broken her silence on a resurfaced clip of Tyra Banks scolding her to have the gap in her teeth closed.

The exchange occurred on a 2006 episode of America’s Next Top Model but went viral again this week causing backlash against Tyra.

Dani did get the gap partly closed and won season six, and she said on Instagram Friday that she did it to ‘make a better life for myself’ outside her native Arkansas.

Her side of the story: Dani Evans has broken her silence on a resurfaced clip of Tyra Banks scolding her to have the gap in her teeth closed

Dani revealed that her brother persuaded her to do America’s Next Top Model even though she felt that ‘it’s fake modeling’ and ‘they humiliate girls, terrible idea.’

However her brother framed the opportunity as ‘a one-way ticket out to New York’ away from their hometown of Little Rock, so off she went.

‘With that being said, I had one goal in mind. That one goal was to get out of my hometown, to create a different better life for myself. That was it,’ she said.

‘I wasn’t even hungry, I was starved to get out, you need to understand that, starved. So any and every, the opposition that came my way, I was so deaf to it because I had a goal, and anyone that stood in my way of getting out of Little Rock was gonna get bulldozered over, period,’ Dani explained.

Dredged back up: The exchange occurred on a 2006 episode of America’s Next Top Model but went viral again this week causing backlash against Tyra

She was criticized for her manner of speaking, which she realized after watching footage of herself ‘was just a matter of me enunciating my words, you know what I’m saying? Done, easy, fixed it, moving onto the next.’

The subject of the tooth gap came up when Dani and her runner-up Joanie Sprague visited the dentist for the show.

When the dentist asked if she wanted work done on her teeth, she requested whitening and cleaning, but he ‘repeatedly asked me if I wanna close my gap.’

Dani said she refused, noting to viewers that ‘none of this aired on TV. I’m giving you guys the behind, behind the scenes, right?’

Triumph: Dani did get the gap partly closed and won season six, and she said on Instagram Friday that she did it to ‘make a better life for myself’ outside her native Arkansas

She told the dentist: ‘Naw, bro, super cool, I’m super secure in my gap,’ though she confessed to her Instagram following this Friday that while she was growing up she would ‘cry and ask my mother for braces. We couldn’t afford braces.’

Dani’s mother ‘reminded me that my two grandmothers, who I absolutely adored, had gaps. They’re queens. “You’re just like your grandmothers.” You know what? I learned to accept and love my gap, so on Top Model when they wanted to close it I was like: “Naw fam, I’m good.”‘

Then Dani arrived at the exchange between her and Tyra during eliminations, which is to say that clip that went viral this week.

‘Do you really think you can have a CoverGirl contract with a gap in your mouth?’ asked Tyra, saying the look was ‘not marketable.’

Scathing: ‘Do you really think you can have a CoverGirl contract with a gap in your mouth?’ asked Tyra, saying the look was ‘not marketable’

Dani initially insisted she could be a successful model with a gap, then compromised on adjusting the gap ‘a little bit’ though ‘I don’t wanna completely close it.’

‘Well, I guess she just left the “gap” wide open for another girl, baby,’ joked Tyra’s fellow judge Miss J Alexander.

On her Instagram page this Friday Dani said she arrived at eliminations and Tyra said to her: ‘I told you to get your gap closed.’

‘No, you didn’t,’ Dani replied, leading both women to look at the crew for guidance and executive producer Ken Mok to shrug at Dani.

‘In that moment, I knew what was happening – I knew that I was basically set up and not being told that Tyra wants me to get my gap closed, so that it’s good for TV, right?’ Dani explained to fans on her Instagram page.

Meeting them halfway: Dani initially insisted she could be a successful model with a gap, then compromised on adjusting the gap ‘a little bit’ though ‘I don’t wanna completely close it’

‘So in that moment the 19- 20-year-old Danielle stood there realizing that it was my one-way ticket out on this side or keeping my gap on this side and going back to Little Rock, Arkansas. What you think I’m gonna choose fam?’

Dani continued: ‘So Tyra says to me: “If I send you back to the dentist, will you get your gap closed?” And I meet her with another question: “So what you’re saying to me is, if I tell you know, then you’re gonna send me home tonight?”‘

She asserted that ‘that whole fiasco’ with Tyra was filmed ‘about two or three times, which you guys saw none of that on TV.

Dani said of her ‘compromise’ that ‘I was not going to allow something that is physical on my face to stop me from getting out to make a better life for myself. I had a laser-focused goal. Nothing or no one was gonna stand in my way.

Behind the curtain: On Instagram Dani asserted that ‘that whole fiasco’ with Tyra was filmed ‘about two or three times, which you guys saw none of that on TV’

She argued that ‘it wasn’t about copping out – it was about understanding what really carries weight and holds value in my life and teeth was not one of ’em.’

Said Dani: ‘I wasn’t tight because of Tyra’s comment about me not being able to model with a gap. I wasn’t tight about Miss J’s comment about leaving the gap wide open for the next girl. All of that was trivial to me. I’ve heard it all before. What I was tight about is them trying to play me and making good for TV.’

Nowadays though upon reading the social media response to the resurfaced clip she has been struck by ‘the weight it created in other girls who saw that.

Prioritizing: She argued that ‘it wasn’t about copping out – it was about understanding what really carries weight and holds value in my life and teeth was not one of ’em’

In her new video she wanted to ‘take this time to build up and to speak to all my little young queens that saw that episode that were truly affected by Tyra’s words.’

She assured them: ‘You’re beautiful, and I’m not talking about a physical feature. It doesn’t matter if you have a gap, stacked teeth, straight teeth, it matters not. It doesn’t matter if you’re black, brown, white, indifferent, other, it doesn’t matter. What makes you beautiful is in here.’

Dani insisted that ‘it’s not because someone “higher up” says that you’re beautiful. You don’t become a star because someone acknowledges your light. You are light. You are worth. You are valued you are loved. Always stand in your truth and your power and don’t let anyone ever tell you that you’re not.’

‘You’re beautiful’: In her new video she wanted to ‘take this time to build up and to speak to all my little young queens that saw that episode that were truly affected by Tyra’s words’

Tyra Banks Reacts To Old ‘ANTM’ Clip Of Her Criticizing Dani Evans’ Gap 

Tyra Banks Reacts To Old ‘ANTM’ Clip Of Her Criticizing Dani Evans’ Gap

Update #2 (May 9): Tyra Banks has broken her silence after a vintage clip of her slamming “America’s Next Top Model” contestant Dani Evans’s gap.

Tyra Banks seemed to agree with the backlash that she was too harsh and tweeted on Friday (May 8),

“Been seeing the posts about the insensitivity of some past ANTM moments and I agree with you.  Looking back, those were some really off choices. Appreciate your honest feedback and am sending so much love and virtual hugs.”

Original Story: It’s only been a few days since a 2006 clip of “America’s Next Top Model” resurfaced on social media. In the footage, Tyra Banks is seen taunting Cycle 6 contestant and future winner,

Danielle Evans, about the gap between her teeth. Now, Danielle Evans has responded to the controversial clip.

Whilst there’s been a lot of talk about Tyra’s tyranny on ANTM in recent years, there was absolutely a specific type of regulation, silencing and policing that was directed towards Black women on the show, and dark skinned Black women in particular.

— jade bentil (@divanificent) May 5, 2020

She has posted a video on Instagram with the caption,

“My truth
This video isn’t made for unsolicited advice, words, or paragraphs on how YOU would have handled the situation. I’m speaking MY truth aside from anyone’s opinions, beliefs, or input. I chose to use my own platform to speak so I have full control over my narrative. Watch until the very end to understand the purpose as to why I took time to even address the matter.”

In the clip, Danielle Evans actually said she had no plans on speaking out until her fellow model Slick Woods, who also has a gap, reached out to her.

“I appreciate all of the news outlets that reached out to see if I wanted to comment. I honestly didn’t feel it [was] necessary until late last night when I received a message from Slick Woods… I knew in that moment, after reading her words that I have a responsibility to address what really happened and to speak my truth.

Slick Woods

She added,

“This is not a video to discuss my relationship with Tyra.”

Instead, she said the point of the clip was to share her truth and clear up the issue that dates back to 15 years. She reminded fans that her gap wasn’t the only issue she faced. The Little Rock, Arkansas native pointed out that her down south dialect and diction also didn’t sit well with the judges. As for what happened in the episode concerning her gap, she explained:

“We were all going to the dentist as a whole: me and Joanie went first. We get to the dentist and the guy asked me ‘Do you want to get anything done to your teeth?’ I said ‘Yes, clean me up, whiten my teeth.’ He repeatedly asked me if I wanted to close my gap. ‘No I don’t want to close my gap.’ Push pin, none of this aired on TV I’m giving you guys the behind, behind the scenes. He kept asking me if I wanted to close my gap. ‘No bruh. Super cool, I’m super secure with my gap.’ Of course like any other kid I’d be lying if I said I grew up loving my long neck, my jaw bone and my gap. I did not. I hated it all I used to cry and ask my mother for braces. We couldn’t afford braces. What did my mother say to me? She reminded me that my two grandmothers who I absolutely adored had gaps, they’re queens you’re just like your grandmothers. You know what? I learned to accept my gap so on Top Model when they wanted to close it, I said nah fam, I’m good.”

She then addresses the viral elimination scene, Dani says,

“I go forward, Tyra’s like ‘Why didn’t you get your gap closed?’ I’m like huh? She says ‘I told you to get your gap closed.’ I’m like no you didn’t. She looks off camera right to production, which none of you guys never see. I look off stage at the camera right to production Kim Mock gives me one of these [shrugs]. In that moment I knew that I was basically being set up, not being told that Tyra wanted me to get my gap closed so that its good for TV. So in that moment, the 19, 20-year-old Danielle stood there realizing it was my one way ticket out on this side, or keeping my gap on this side and going back to Little Rock, Arkansas. What do you think I’m gonna choose fam? So Tyra says to me, ‘If I send you back to the dentist, will you get your gap closed?’ And I meet her with another question ‘So what you’re saying to me is if I tell you no, then you’re gonna send me home tonight?’”

She said she and Tyra Banks went back and forth multiple times, but what actually aired is Danielle compromising and saying that she doesn’t mind if her gap is closed a little, just not all the way.

“I was not going to allow something that’s physical on my face to stop me from getting out and making something better of myself…It wasn’t about copping out. It was about understanding what really carries weight, holds value in my life, and teeth was not one of them.”

She said she actually didn’t mind Tyra Banks and co-judge Miss Jay’s comments about her gap in the moment. But now that she’s realized that other girls saw that, she feels like she needs to speak up.

Dani ended with giving an inspirational message to the young girls that were discouraged about what Tyra Banks said about Dani’s appearance:

“You’re beautiful. And I’m not talking about the physical features. It doesn’t matter if you have a gap, stacked teeth, straight teeth, it matters not. Doesn’t matter if you’re black, brown, white, indifferent, other. It doesn’t matter. What makes you beautiful is in here. It’s a matter of your self worth, high self worth or low self worth. And no one can establish that except you. So I’m speaking to all of the little girls, if I could love on you right now I would. I want to remind you of your worth. You are a masterpiece. You are so loved you are so adored. You are beautiful. And its not because someone higher up says that you’re beautiful. You don’t become a start because someone acknowledges your light, you are light, you are worth, you are valued, you are loved. Always stand in your truth and power. Don’t let anyone ever tell you you’re not. If you have a goal go for it. Bulldozer anybody and everybody that’s standing in your way that is in opposition of you. Love you guys.”

What are your thoughts about what Danielle Evans said in response to the clip from ANTM going viral? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Danielle Canute: Winner of ‘India’s Next Top Model’

Danielle Canute: Winner of ‘India’s Next Top Model’ | The Times of India
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Danielle Canute: Winner of ‘India’s Next Top Model’
BCCL | Last updated on -Sep 30, 2015, 12:56 ISTShare fbsharetwsharepinshare

01/10Danielle Canute: Winner of ‘India’s Next Top Model’

Tell us about your family background?
I’m currently studying in the second year BA at St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai. I’m the only child. My parents have been really supportive throughout my journey. So much happening to me at such a young age really brought shock waves to them, but I never had to put up a fight or explain anything. They have simply been the best.
by Gayatri Kolwankarreadmore

02/10Danielle Canute: Winner of ‘India’s Next Top Model’

How the journey to India’s Next Top Model started?
I was walking for a fashion show in my parish at Orlem, when one of the judges spotted me and gave me a chance to audition. The journey has been surreal. Along with the judges, the executive producer Akash Sharma and the INTM family have taught me what it is to be professional as well as how to handle challenges in the real life.
by Gayatri Kolwankarreadmore

03/10Danielle Canute: Winner of ‘India’s Next Top Model’

What were your initial thoughts when you first walked the ramp in front of the judges?
I was really very nervous and couldn’t believe it was actually happening. It was so nerve racking as I was a novice.
by Gayatri Kolwankarreadmore

04/10Danielle Canute: Winner of ‘India’s Next Top Model’

Which was the most difficult part of this show and why
The most difficult part of the show was when I had a bad shoot, I thought I let myself and the judges down. That’s when I realised how badly I wanted this and how much I’m willing to give up to make my dreams come true.
by Gayatri Kolwankarreadmore

05/10Danielle Canute: Winner of ‘India’s Next Top Model’

What gave you the edge over other contestants?
I think because I was young and inexperienced I took the directions well.
by Gayatri Kolwankarreadmore

06/10Danielle Canute: Winner of ‘India’s Next Top Model’

Tell us about your rapport with your fellow contestants? Have you found a good friend among them?
The other contestants were really confident and few over confident, which made me feel really lost. I questioned my purpose of being there. But, then I realized how good I was when I saw that it doesn’t matter how much you know, it’s all about how much you do. Gloria was the closest to me on the show.
by Gayatri Kolwankarreadmore

07/10Danielle Canute: Winner of ‘India’s Next Top Model’

Who is your inspiration in life?
My inspiration in life is Lisa Haydon and Cara Delevingne. I want to see myself do just as good as them in the modeling world.
by Gayatri Kolwankarreadmore

08/10Danielle Canute: Winner of ‘India’s Next Top Model’

Among the judges, who was more relaxed and who was difficult to please?
All the four judges were very different. They gave us various perspectives and I think there was never a particular judge who was either relaxed or difficult to please. Their opinions were based on our work.
by Gayatri Kolwankarreadmore

09/10Danielle Canute: Winner of ‘India’s Next Top Model’

Do you think, this show will make your future journey easy?
I think winning the show has opened a lot of doors for me but I also know I can’t rely on this. I have to make my mark and I am working on making each moment better than my last.
by Gayatri Kolwankarreadmore

10/10Danielle Canute: Winner of ‘India’s Next Top Model’

So like every model, is Bollywood the ultimate next big step for you?
Modelling is the only thing on my mind right now. I realized I could become a model thanks to this show. Who knows what else I can do.
by Gayatri Kolwankarreadmore

Daniel Maritz, DLM Model Lifestyle, Career, Wife & Net Worth

The international male model, Daniel Maritz, is recognized for modeling for several top brands such as Suzuki, Asus, Samsung, and Huwaei. More so, he has even appeared in magazines like GQ, FHM, Grazia, Wanted, and Gafencu. Not to mention, Daniel also runs a YouTube channel called DLM Model Lifestyle, where he gives the best tips for guys on style, grooming, fitness, and lifestyle.

The 33 years old Daniel Maritz

There is no doubt that people recognize Daniel well, but there are several secrets of this famous model that are still unknown to his fans. Through this article, we will unveil his age, career, lifestyle, net worth, relationship, and many more. But in the beginning, let’s look at some quick facts.

Who Is Daniel Maritz? – Short Bio

Daniel Maritz was born in Windhoek, Namibia, while he grew up in South Africa with his parents. However, the names and whereabouts of his parents are still in the dark. Furthermore, this handsome has not disclosed his siblings howbeit; he had a brother who died in 2007.

Moreover, Daniel completed high school in his home country, and then he moved to England for a few years. But with the shocking death of his brother, Maritz returned to South Africa, where he later studied Psychology at Unisa University and pursued his modeling career.

Not to mention, Daniel carries a South African nationality, while he belongs to white ethnicity.

Age, Height, Body Measurements – How Old Is Daniel Maritz?

Well, this handsome hunk celebrates his birthday on the 17th of October each year, which means he is Libra by his zodiac sign, which makes him intelligent, charming, and fascinates by balanced and symmetrical life. Not to forget, he is 33 years old since he was born in 1986.

The 186 cm tall YouTuber Daniel Maritz

Talking about Maritz, he has the height of every guy’s dreams, i.e., the model stands a towering height of 186 cm, which is the plus point to his modeling career. Besides that, this south African wears a shoe size of 9.5 (UK) and a suit the size of 42L.

The hunk has kept himself quite healthy and fit; moreover, the size of his chest and waist is 105 cm and 82 cm, respectively. To get the ripped body, he regularly hits the gym and follows a balanced diet strictly.

Dasha Taran Age, Height, Body, Career, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Instagram>>

Furthermore, we can not stop mentioning his chiseled jawline, handsome face, well-trimmed beard, luscious dark brown hair, and captivating blue eyes, vital assets to complete his outlook.

Being a model, he is extremely conscious about his physical looks so that he does not limit her going to the gym, following the diets, taking care of skin, dressing, and grooming.

Professional Love

Maritz is one of the few South African models who have a tremendous international modeling career, and he has been managed by Boss Models Johannesburg for over a decade.

Not to forget, while studying psychology in college, Daniel found a modeling competition in his hometown, where he participated. Once the program ended, one of the modeling scouts called him then asked him to lose his weight first and get into shape.

International male model Daniel Maritz

Once, he got a muscular body, then he went to an agency in the hometown where he was booked because of his good looks. Meanwhile, the career of Maritz skyrocketed after he walked for various designers at SA Fashion Week 2007. That fame even led him to appear on the TV show called Glitterati.

From 2008, his career went international. This handsome model featured campaigns for Huwaei, Polo, Hart Schaffner Marx, Speedo, Charriol, Pierre Cardin, and Satchi Skechers, Felix Buhler, Jack Nicklaus, Lynx, and many more.

More than that, Daniel even went to appear in magazines such as  GQ, FHM, Grazia, Wanted, Gafencu, and some others. As of now, this 33 years old guy even did tv commercials for Suzuki, Asus, Samsung, Remia BBQ sauce, Edgars, Debonairs, and the TV soapie – The Wild.

Hu Yitian Movies, Age, Height, Body, Career, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Instagram>>

In December 2017, Daniel started his own Youtube channel called DLM Model Lifestyle. From this challenge, this model gives the best tips for guys on style, grooming, fitness, lifestyle, and even motivates people that anyone can achieve their goals.

As of now, 532k people have subscribed to his channel, and there are over 21 million views on his videos.

Daniel Maritz – Personal Life and Wife

Talking about his personal life, this International male model is a married man. He is married to Nikita Maritz for almost a decade. At first, the couple met in 2007, then immediately started dating each other.

Daniel Maritz with wife Nikita

Being an International model, Daniel has to travel to different countries more often, and they have to stay away from each other for several months sometimes. Still, the duo has maintained their relationship quite well besides some challenges.

Armando Cabral Age, Height, Footwear Designer, Girlfriend, Net Worth, IG>>

Currently, they are living in Cape Town, South Africa, happily and joyfully.

Net Worth, Income, and Lifestyle

Being a famous model for over a decade, there’s no doubt that Daniel owns a pretty impressive fortune in his account. But as of now, this model has not disclosed his exact net worth.

Model Daniel Maritz

Likewise, he has not shared details regarding his cars, income, house, and lifestyle yet. But there is no denying that he is living a luxurious life.

Social Media Reach

Instagram: 57.3k Followers

Youtube: 532k Subscribers

Danielle Canute wins the first season of ‘India’s Next Top Model’

Mumbai: Danielle Canute has emerged as the winner of the first season of fashion-based reality TV show ‘India’s Next Top Model’.

The 18-year-old aspiring model from Mumbai was the youngest contestant on the show and saw off competition from Gloria Tep and Rushali Rai to win the title.

Calling her journey a “roller coaster” ride, Danielle said she never expected to be named the winner of the show but is happy that her hard work has paid off. “The journey was a roller coaster for me. I had never modelled before the show. I never thought I would make it to the first round, so for me winning the competition is a dream come true,” Danielle told PTI.

The BA second year student from St Xavier’s College, Mumbai, was extremely shy in the beginning of the show. She opened up and gradually won several competitions during the course of the MTV show, which was hosted by model actress Lisa Haydon.

“I understood that there is no point racking my brain out and thinking too much about the posing. It should come naturally and I realised that eventually. I learnt a lot about modelling and thanks to this show I know now that I love it and I am going to pursue it very seriously,” she said.

When asked who was her biggest competition on the show, Danielle said, “It has to be Gloria. But I am going to miss

her a lot as she was my room mate and she really behaved like my mother and took care of me.”

As a winner, she has received one year contract with bling talent management agency, a spread in Graiza magazine

and is also the online face for Tresseme India for a year.

Danielle, who idolises Lisa and British supermodel Cara Delevingne, said she is not thinking about joining films like most models do and will focus on building her career as a top catwalk star.

“I don’t think I am going to try for acting right now. I just want to focus on my modelling career and try to make a name for myself like my idols.”

‘India’s Next Top Model’ is an Indian version of Tyra Banks-created 2003 American reality television series

‘America’s Next Top Model’. The show was judged by Lisa and Dabboo Ratnani and mentored by Anusha Dandekar.

Daniel Bernhard – biography, date of birth, place of birth, filmography, clips

Daniel Bernhardt was born on August 31, 1965 in Bern, Switzerland. Started studying martial arts (kung fu and karate) at the age of 15. After graduating from high school, he studied architectural design for four years in Bern and received his degree. At the same time, he opened a martial arts school with the intention to devote his life to this occupation. After graduation, Daniel moved to Paris and began his modeling career.He has worked for fashion designers such as Montana, Mugler, Boss, Ferre, Bogner, Cerruti, Versace, Jaene Barnes (his photographs have been published in Vogue, Elle, GQ, Max, Interview, Cosmopolitan magazines) and has established himself as a top model international level. After working in Paris, London, Tokyo, New York and Milan, at the age of 25, Bernhardt moved to New York, where he was invited to film with J.-C. Van Damme in a TV commercial for Gianni Versace. After two years, prompted to study acting, Daniel moved to Los Angeles.Here he begins to study taekwondo according to an expanded program under the guidance of the great master Hee Il Ho (Nee Il Cho), holder of a ninth degree black belt in taekwondo and a member of the Black Belt Hall of Fame. On the screen since 1995. He became famous for his participation in the films “Bloodsport-2,3”. Hobbies: Martial arts, photography, horseback riding, fishing and scripting (Daniel has already completed one script called The Lightning Kid and is working on the second, The Shaolin Monk) …Daniel has two brothers: Dirk (Dirk) and Cliff (Cliff), who starred with him in “Bloodsport II” in small roles. Favorite movie: “Braveheart” with Mel Gibson.

Daniel Bernhardt was born on August 31, 1965 in Bern, Switzerland. Started studying martial arts (kung fu and karate) at the age of 15. After graduating from high school, he studied architectural design for four years in Bern and received his degree. At the same time, he opened a martial arts school with the intention to devote his life to this occupation.After graduation, Daniel moved to Paris and began his modeling career. He has worked for fashion designers such as Montana, Mugler, Boss, Ferre, Bogner, Cerruti, Versace, Jaene Barnes (his photographs have been published in Vogue, Elle, GQ, Max, Interview, Cosmopolitan magazines) and has established himself as a top model international level. After working in Paris, London, Tokyo, New York and Milan, at the age of 25, Bernhardt moved to New York, where he was invited to film since

CollapseRead more 90,000 America’s Next Top Model, Season 6 is… What’s America’s Next Top Model, Season 6?
America’s Top Model
Season 6

Reality show

Author (s)

Tyra Banks

Lead (s)

Tyra Banks

Country of origin




Number of issues



42 – 48 min

TV Channel (s)


Broadcast period

From 8 March 2006 to 17 May 2006

America’s Next Top Model Season 6 is the sixth season of America’s Next Top Model.The show was broadcast on UPN from March 8 to May 17, 2006.

Prizes for this season were:

  • Contract with Ford Models
  • Elle Magazine spread
  • $ 100,000 Contract with CoverGirl Cosmetics

The judges in the sixth season were presenter Tyra Banks, supermodel Twiggy, photographer Nigel Barker, trainer of all famous models Jay Alexander or Miss Jay. This season, the girls traveled to Bangkok, Thailand.The winner was 20-year-old Daniel Evans from Little Rock, Arkansas.


(age indicated at the time of the competition)

Participant Age Place of birth Departure
Catherine “Keti” Hawksith 20 Brevard, NC In Episode 2
Wendy Wiltz 22 New Orleans, Louisina In Episode 3
Keri Schmidt 18 Brooklyn, South Dakota In Episode 4
Jina Cho 21 Odessa, Florida In Episode 5
Molly Sue Steinis-Gondi 25 Tampa, FL In Episode 6
Alejandra “Leslie” Manchia 18 Higley, AZ In Episode 7
Brooke Starich 21 Corpus Christi, TX In Episode 8
Nnenna Agba [1] 24 Houston, TX In Episode 9
Faronda Bradfield 24 Stuttgard, Arkansas In Episode 11
Sara Albert 21 Davis, CA In Episode 12
Jade Cole 26 New York, New York In Episode 13
Joan Anne “Joan” Dodds [2] 24 Bever Falls, PA Finalist
Daniel “Dani” Evans 20 Little Rock, Arkansas Winner


Calling girls to referee
Seat Episode
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 11 12 13
1 Jade Nnenna Brooke Jade Faronda Faronda Joan Joan Daniel Joan Joan Joan Daniel
2 Sara Sara Daniel Daniel Joan Sara Jade Faronda Jade Sara Jade Daniel Joan
3 Molly Sue Leslie Nnenna Brooke Daniel Leslie Nnenna Nnenna Sara Daniel Daniel Jade
4 Leslie Joan Keri Joan Leslie Daniel Faronda Sara Joan Jade Sara
5 Joan Keri Faronda Molly Sue Jade Nnenna Daniel Daniel Faronda Faronda
6 Nnenna Daniel Gina Sara Molly Sue Joan Brooke Jade Nnenna
7 Keri Jade Molly Sue Faronda Sara Brooke Sara Brooke
8 Brooke Molly Sue Leslie Leslie Nnenna Jade Leslie
9 Daniel Brooke Sara Nnenna Brooke Molly Sue
10 Keti Gina Joan Gina Gina
11 Faronda Wendy Jade Keri
12 Gina Faronda Wendy
13 Wendy Keti
Participant excluded
Contestant won show
The participant won the competition
Contestant won the competition and left the show




90,000 filmography, photo, biography. Actor, Producer, Writer.

Born September 30, 1974 in California, USA. His father moved to America from Shanghai in 1949, his mother studied in New York, and they soon got married. Daniel has two sisters. Parents raised their beloved son as a real man in the best Chinese traditions, found teachers who taught him martial arts from the age of 8. Daniel fueled himself with Jackie Chan films and raved about becoming a hero like that.At the university, where he studied to be an architect, he opened a wushu section, he managed to interest not only his classmates, but also other students in oriental martial arts.

In 1997, Daniel came to his historical homeland, which he had dreamed of for many years. He came to Hong Kong. The first place where his sister took him was a fashion show. It happened by chance, but it was there that Daniel was immediately noticed and invited to work as a model. On the catwalk, filmmaker Yong-fan saw the future movie star in the colorful young man.Daniel successfully played in the Movie “Handsome” and immediately got a new role in the movie “Glass City”. He was invited to presentations, shows, premieres, and, once, at one of these events, Daniel met his idol Jackie Chan.

Their first collaboration was the film “Police of the Future”. Jackie Chan taught Daniel not to be afraid to try himself in different genres and experiment as much as possible. And, however, Daniel began a completely different life. He entered the theater stage, undertook to produce TV shows and films, of course, continued to actively act himself, and also created a music group and recorded several albums.The actor laughs at his fate and does not believe in success, because he seriously studied only as an architect and devoted years to oriental martial arts. Today Daniel Wu is one of the most popular Asian new wave actors. He has over 60 major film roles. Among the most famous films are “Magnificent”, “Around the World in 80 Days”, “$ 30,000,000 Baby”.

Daniel Wu is also the official face of several global brands. As a fashion designer, he created his own clothing collection. It is dedicated to San Francisco, the city where Daniel grew up, to the places with which he is forever connected.It is known that this versatile person maintains his column on the Internet and has millions of subscribers. Wu is married to Lisa Selezner, the couple have a child and posh homes in Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong.

Daniel Radcliffe for the first time in 7 years spoke about the other half: “We are boring”

25 January 2020 10:00 Katerina Danilenko

British actor Daniel Radcliffe

social network Instagram

The actor did not advertise his personal life for many years.

Read alsoEx-participant of the show “X Factor” canceled the death sentence in Malaysia Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe has been in a relationship with American actress Erin Dark for almost 7 years, but the couple is in no hurry to officially register the marriage. In a recent interview, the favorite of millions decided to open the curtain of his personal life and talk about his chosen one.

The actor remembered that he met his beloved on the set of the film “Kill Your Way”, since then they have been inseparable.Only next to Erin can he be himself.

I grew up thinking that I was a nerdy nerd and doing boring things. I thought I couldn’t be like that with a girl. But how wonderful it is to realize that everything is exactly the opposite for me. I can be myself and she doesn’t judge me. She even likes it, she’s having fun. It’s fantastic,
– said the man with delight.

Radcliffe noted that sometimes, due to the nature of the profession, they have to part for a relatively long period of time, but they find a way out to always support each other.

We endlessly Skype. Couples of actors always have this moment: there is a distance between them. We are now having the longest separation period compared to previous ones. And I am very grateful for having Skype and FaceTime,
– said Daniel. Read alsoThe winner of the “Top Model in Ukrainian” became “Miss Universe” The actor assures that the press will not be able to catch them with their beloved for something interesting, they lead a very mundane life.
We do ridiculously boring things.I have never been seen doing any interesting, unusual activities. Therefore, it remains only to write: “Daniel and Erin bought a yoga mat.” But it doesn’t bother her at all, and I’m very happy. It seems to me that my boringness makes me more upset,
– summed up Radcliffe.


90,000 Top 10 James Bond Girls | Daniel Craig and Leah Seydoux

Since 1962, fans of Ian Fleming have been watching the adventures of James Bond. Since then, the performers of the role of the legendary MI-6 agent have changed several times: Sean Connery, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan, Daniel Craig.And to count how many actresses and models have played Bond’s friends, there are not enough fingers and toes.

Sometimes the girls appeared next to the spy for only a few minutes, helped him and quickly disappeared, completing an important mission. Other ladies have become for the main character of the movie saga more than a passing hobby. What kind of lovers of agent 007 managed to stand out from the crowd of beauties and forever inscribe their names in the history of “Bondiana”? On October 7, the long-awaited Russian premiere of No Time to Die will take place, and we remember James Bond’s brightest friends.

Lea Seydoux – Madeleine Swann Lea Seydoux became Bond’s girlfriend in two films

James Bond’s “new” girlfriend has a number of advantages over his previous lovers. First, psychologist Madeleine Swann easily won the title of the most mysterious lady of the super agent: her dark past haunted not only Bond himself, but also his enemies. Secondly, for the sake of this woman, the spy sacrificed his career and left the game for a long time. Thirdly, the Frenchwoman Lea Seydoux sincerely believed that she did not correspond to the canons of the cinema saga at all, since she was not an ideal beauty.

In the 25th film about super agent Madeleine Swann has to reveal her main secret

“Most often this is a completely stereotypical heroine. As soon as she appears in the frame, it is immediately clear that she will have quick sex with an agent and, possibly, an equally quick death. This time, fortunately, things are different. The girl is needed not for furniture, but to participate in complex political intrigues. She performs on an equal footing with Bond, moreover, she does not need him at all. She has her own plans for life, and she herself is able to cope with them.Madeleine is perhaps the greatest feminist of all Bond girls, ”concluded the actress.

It is also surprising that after filming in “007: Specter” Lea Seydoux returned to the role of the beloved spy in the last film “No Time to Die”, although usually in each tape a new girlfriend appears next to Bond. The Life of Adele star has already been dubbed the first actress to break the rules of the movie saga and play the super agent’s partner twice. However, this is not entirely true: in the distant 60s, Eunice Gason, who embodied the image of Sylvia Trench on the screen, helped James both in Doctor No and in the next film From Russia with Love.

Monica Bellucci – Lucia Schiarra Monica Bellucci became one of Bond’s darlings at 51

The actress has long been recognized as a sex symbol, and in her native Italy she is a cult personality. However, few expected that Monica would become one of Bond’s darlings at 51. The actress who played the widow Lucia Schiarra in the film “007: Specter” ironed that she could not be called an agent’s girlfriend, but it was quite logical to call her a woman. And so it happened that Bellucci was dubbed the “most experienced” beloved of the spy.

do not missFans did not recognize the aged Monica Bellucci

“Viewers will see that women on the screen may have wrinkles, some imperfections, but they are still seductive. This is a modern concept. My heroine Lucia is wearing a corset not to hide something, but to show: even at 50 a woman has the right to be a woman, ”the artist said.

Monica is already used to breaking stereotypes: she gave birth to her first daughter at 39, and the second at 45. After the divorce, the actress managed to maintain her friendship with Vincent Cassel, who exchanged her for the young Tina Kunaki.And although Bellucci is now going through a difficult period, since in the summer of 2019 she broke up with her young lover Nicholas Lefebvre, fans have no doubt that after 60 she will be able to find personal happiness.

Olga Kurylenko – Camilla Montes Kurylenko became the “most chaste” Bond girl

For her role in “Quantum of Solace” Kurylenko received the unspoken title of “most chaste” Bond girl: there is not a single bed scene with her in the film. Participation in the film undoubtedly increased the popularity of the actress, who previously starred in low-budget art-house films.

Olga often gets fatal heroines

In general, the artist’s biography resembles the tale of Cinderella. The girl from Berdyansk lived very modestly, was brought up by her mother and grandmother and could not think about a career in Hollywood. However, luck smiled at the provincial: as a teenager, she became a model, at 16 she moved to Paris and began filming for the covers of major glossy magazines. It is not surprising that directors became interested in an attractive woman in the 2000s.

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Kurylenko was married twice, and in 2015 gave birth to a son, Alexander, from journalist Max Benitz.After breaking up with the child’s father, the actress lived for several years with Argentine artist Ben Cura in London, but last year she parted ways with him. However, then the fans of the star were more concerned not with her heart matters, but with her state of health: in mid-March 2020, Olga was diagnosed with a coronavirus. Soon, the Bond girl assured her subscribers that she had recovered.

Eva Green – Vesper Lind Vesper Lind betrayed James Bond, but saved his life

In the rating of the most significant women for James Bond, Vesper Lind from Casino Royale could have taken the first line.In the story, an employee of the British Treasury goes with agent 007 to a card tournament. Her main responsibility is to control the millions entrusted to Bond. At first, the relationship between the spy and the heroine Eva Green is not easy, but in the end their confrontation turns into a whirlwind romance. Towards the end of the story, James escapes with his beloved to Venice and decides to leave the service, but then it turns out that Vesper is playing a double game. She steals money from the government, and then ends up being held hostage by criminals to whom she was supposed to hand it over.

In Proxima, Eva Green played the role of astronaut

The situation takes a tragic turn: Lind’s house collapses and begins to sink under the water. Bond desperately tries to save her, but Vesper is killed. In the end, it turns out that the girl promised to give money to the criminals in exchange for the life of James, and she herself was going to certain death. The intensity of passions is off scale, as is the level of Bond’s anguish.

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For Eva Green, the role of Vesper did not become the brightest in her career: she was preceded by work in “The Dreamers” by Bernardo Bertolucci and “Kingdom of Heaven” by Ridley Scott.But according to Empire magazine, Vesper Lind took the ninth line in the list of the sexiest characters. However, the actress never pursued popularity, preferring to play in independent films. So, in the film “Proxima”, shown the year before last at a festival in Toronto, she played an astronaut. Well, in Scary Tales, loved by the audience, the artist reincarnated as a medium, Vanessa Ives.

Halle Berry – Jinx Halle Berry starred in some really hot scenes

It’s not hard to guess why Jinx is called the most exotic super spy girl, looking at the sultry heroine against the backdrop of hot beaches.Throughout the film Die, But Not Now, an American intelligence agent constantly risked her life, got into a fight with another of James’s girlfriend, the insidious Miranda, and in the finale ended up in bed with Bond.

Halle Berry broke three ribs on the set of John Wick III

For Halle Berry, filming in the movie saga was just another item on her list of victories. In 1986, she became the first African-American woman to compete in the Miss World competition, and in 2002 she received an Oscar for her role in the film Monster’s Ball.”Gothic”, “Catwoman”, “John Wick 3” – on the account of the actress dozens of striking works.

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Holly had a brilliant career, but there was no stability in her love life. Three marriages of the star ended in divorce, and she prefers not to talk about new novels.

Ursula Andress – Hanny Ryder Ursula Andress became the first female super spy

The Swiss model will forever go down in Bond history as the first female agent of 007.She got into the cinema thanks to her lover – an aspiring French actor. With him, Ursula ran away from home at the age of 17, putting Interpol on her ears, to which her mother immediately turned. For some time Andress starred in the crowd, until she received an invitation from Terence Young to the film “Doctor No”.

Now the artist enjoys life in a small Swiss town

Ursula played a shell diver who helped James Bond on the island of Crab Key. The famous scene where Hanni Ryder emerges from the water in a dazzling white swimsuit has become a cult scene in the history of cinema.This episode was repeated by Halle Berry 40 years after the release of “Doctor No”. In 2001, Ryder’s bikini was sold at auction for £ 35,000.

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Thanks to her participation in Bond, Ursula became a sought-after actress, style icon and … a desirable woman. She had romance with James Dean, directed by John Derek, spent eight years with Jean-Paul Belmondo, whom she called her main love. Now 85, she retired 15 years ago and enjoys life in a quiet provincial Swiss town.

Shirley Eaton – Jill Masterson Shirley Eaton became widely known for her participation in the film “Goldfinger”

Although her participation in the film “Goldfinger” brought wide popularity to Shirley Eaton, it was not the heroine of the actress herself that was most remembered by the audience, but the scene of her death. For the final episode, the artist’s body was covered with gold paint, which took make-up artists an hour and a half. Only Shirley’s belly remained intact – otherwise the authors of the project risked to really kill her, because a violation of heat transfer is very dangerous.Fortunately, the shooting went well and Eaton was not harmed.

The actress ended her career early

The natural continuation of the theme of the “golden girl” was a photo session in a glossy magazine. Shirley was expected to play new bright roles, but after participating in the films Ten Little Indians and The Girl from Rio, she completed her film career and devoted herself to her family.

Claudine Auger – Domino Derval Claudine Auger got to the site of “Fireball” quite by accident The actress took the death of her husband hard and survived him by only two years

Many actresses were ready to sell their souls to the devil, just to become a part of the movie saga, but Claudine Auger got to the site of “Fireball” quite by accident.In the Bahamas, a spectacular brunette was noticed on the beach by one of the scriptwriters of the fourth episode of Bond. The man’s eye turned out to be trained: in 1958, Claudine took second place in a beauty contest and was just beginning to build a career as an artist.

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However, the success of the actress after the role of Domino was associated not with talents, but with a successful marriage: Claudine became the wife of director Pierre Gaspard-Hui. In the 80s, the artist divorced the playwright and married businessman Peter Brent.The death of her lover in 2017 was a hard blow for Auger. She survived the chosen one by only two years and died on December 18, 2019.

Diana Rigg – Tracy de Vincenzo Diana Rigg became the only wife of Bond

The film “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” is considered one of the most disastrous in the history of “Bond”. The role of agent 007 went to Australian George Lazenby: he was successful in the modeling business and fit according to external data, but the artist’s play turned out to be frankly weak.In addition, Lazenby constantly quarreled with the director, screenwriters and work colleagues.

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Only the theme of the superspy’s wedding saved the picture. Tracey de Vincenzo became the only woman who managed to “ring” the main character of the epic. Alas, in the role of husband, James did not stay long: the villains killed his wife. Then the audience first saw the courageous Bond crying.

The star played the role of Olenna Tyrell in “Game of Thrones”

In the future, Diana Rigg repeatedly demonstrated her talents to the public.She played a lot in the theater, and in 1997 won an Emmy for Best Supporting Actor in the TV series Rebecca. Modern audiences remember well the star in the image of Olenna Tyrell from Game of Thrones.

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Unfortunately, in the spring of 2020, the actress was diagnosed with cancer in the last stage, and she burned out from the disease in just six months. On the morning of September 10, the 82-year-old artist passed away, which broke the hearts of her colleagues and loved ones.

Carole Bouquet – Melina Havelock Carole Bouquet starred in the film with Roger Moore

Buquet’s partner in the film “For Your Eyes Only” was Roger Moore, and after the film screenings, the audience unanimously insisted that the actors look perfect with each other.Melina Havelock was remembered by the public as a representative of a special “caste” of Bond’s partners – girls on the warpath. Armed with a crossbow, Melina takes revenge on the villains for the death of her parents and enlists the support of agent 007, whom, by the way, she saves herself more than once during the development of the plot. Cold and dangerous, such a woman could not help but be included in the list of the most unusual girlfriends of a super spy.

Now actress 64

After “For Your Eyes Only”, Carole Bouquet appeared in the legendary film “Bingo-Bongo” with Adriano Celentano and became the leading model of a large fashion brand.In 1990, she received the Cesar Prize for Too Beautiful for You. In total, the artist has played in more than 50 tapes.

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Her personal life turned out to be no less intense than creative. Bouquet was married to producer Jean-Pierre Rassam and bore him a son, Dimitri. In the late 80s, the actress divorced and began an affair with a photographer, to whom she presented an heir, Louis. Since the mid-90s, the star lived with Gerard Depardieu, however, this relationship ended in a scandalous separation in 2005.

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Daniel Craig Will Smith & Sandra Bullock: How Much Hollywood’s Biggest Actors Earn

Variety, an American magazine about the world of show business, has published an investigation into the salaries of the largest Hollywood movie stars.It is not only about how much popular actors get, but also about the impact of streaming services on their fees. We retell the most important of their material.

Ten years ago the actors knew that their well-being depends on the success of the film at the box office – this phenomenon is called “the first gross dollar” (the project participant receives a percentage of the box office from the first day of the box office). Even the biggest stars could be left without money, and it was possible to find out for sure about this only after the premiere of the film.However, the situation was corrected by the digital revolution.

Interesting re Hollywood talent remuneration is adapting to modern movie streaming. Doesn’t seem sustainable / good business, but what do I know. I’ll never get ‘first dollar gross’ tho. Imagine a game director getting bonus before game recoups dev costs.https: //

– Jas Purewal (@gamerlaw) August 18, 2021

“Interestingly, talent rewards in Hollywood are adapting to modern movie streaming.It doesn’t sound like sustainable or good business, but what do I know. I will never get my first gross dollar. Imagine that the game director receives a bonus before the game pays for the development costs. ”

The emergence of streaming platforms, and especially their increased popularity against the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic, has become a kind of safety cushion. The debut of the tape on the big screens now has a less significant role, because the actors began to pay steadily for filming from the income that comes from the numerous streaming subscribers.

Since 1996, the industry standard for movie stars has been a salary of $ 20 million per picture. Everyone looked up to Jim Carrey, who earned exactly the same amount for his role in the comedy “The Cable Guy” by Ben Stiller. The film grossed over $ 102 million on a budget of $ 47 million

“Now talent gets as much as possible at the entrance, because the traditional path to OTC profits is disappearing as conglomerates create boxes of content war to feed global platforms.”

This amount is still more for headliners of films made for theatrical release.For example, Sandra Bullock received $ 20 million for the lead role in Lost City of D from Paramount, Brad Pitt for participation in the High Speed ​​Train from Sony, and Chris Hemsworth for Thor: Love and Thunder from Disney (all films will be released for hire in 2022).

However, this figure is rather sliding. Chris Pine will earn about $ 11.5 million for Paramount’s promising Dungeon Dragons franchise, and Robert Pattinson will earn $ 3 million for the lead role in Batman.

Five years ago, that kind of income would have given the actors top spots in the ratings, but compared to the royalties offered by Netflix, Amazon and other streams, they simply fade.At the top of the list is Daniel Craig with $ 100 million in revenue.

I want to work in Film hire me !!

– Josh “Build a dream & the dream will build you” Ⓥ (@ jdo8302) August 19, 2021

“I want to work in the cinema, hire me!”

Craig received this amount thanks to the sale of two sequels to the detective film Knives Out, Ryan Johnson.Netflix is ​​reimbursing movie stars for planned domestic box office grosses that they might receive if the films were released exclusively in theaters.

“I’ve done a grueling job of reporting stellar salaries and have to say this is a bad day for Daniel Craig’s heirs,” study author Matt Donnelly tweeted.

The fact is that literally the day before it became known that Craig does not plan to leave a lot of money for the next generation.He is sure that “the idea of ​​inheritance is tasteless” and the fortune is worth spending in life or donating to charity. Considering that Daniel Craig will receive $ 100 million for just one film franchise (and the whole world is waiting for a sequel about James Bond with his participation), he has every chance of fulfilling both plans.

Luckily for the kids of other big movie stars, Craig isn’t the only actor to make an astonishing amount of money. Dwayne Johnson, who will star in Amazon Studios’ Red One, is in second place in the salary rankings.According to estimates by Variety insiders, the actor has already received an advance payment of $ 30 million, and after filming is completed, this figure may rise to 50 million.

Will Smith and Denzel Washington will receive $ 40 million each for their participation in King Richard and The Devil in Detail, respectively. The fourth line of the top is shared by Leonardo DiCaprio (“Don’t Look Up”) and Mark Wahlberg (“Spencer’s Justice”) with a salary of $ 30 million. Rounding out the top five are Jennifer Lawrence (Don’t Look Up) and Julia Roberts (Leave the World Behind), each with a $ 25 million fee.

In the era of the pandemic, some films began to be shown simultaneously on online platforms and in cinemas, which sparked a riot among actors, whose income fell sharply. Tom Cruise is one of the few stars making money from both formats. For his role in Top Gun: Maverick, he will receive $ 13 million in streaming (that is, before the release), but the film is likely to become a hit at the box office on the big screens, and Cruise’s fee will increase significantly.

“These numbers are indicative, terrible economic model”

90,000 Daniel Wellington: a watchmaking empire in six years

05 July 2017 at 17:00

We tell how the watch brand of an entrepreneur from Stockholm won first place in the rating of the fastest growing companies in Europe

Daniel Wellington

Creation date 2011

Headquarters Stockholm, Sweden

Founder Philip Tusander

Swedish Phenomenon

Daniel Wellington has been featured in business publications for the past three years.The reason for this is the dizzying rise in popularity and money turnover, which made it possible to take the first lines of the ratings in Scandinavia and Europe as a whole. In 2017, DW topped the list of 5,000 fastest growing companies, showing 4,695% growth in three years, and revenue for 2015 was 155.8 million euros. Such a case is interesting both from the side of business and from the side of fashion trends.

Philip Tusander – founder of Daniel Wellington

How did it happen that the largest niche remained unoccupied for decades? Even the Swatch Group, which has been leading the watch industry since the 1980s, could not get ahead of a young Swedish entrepreneur named Philip Tusander.In 2011, he collected an accumulated 200,000 Swedish kronor ($ 24,000), drew a logo in Photoshop, designed a watch with NATO straps, launched a small online store and went on a journey – upon returning home, the 26-year-old entrepreneur found more than six hundred orders. Soon their number exceeded one million annually.

Get on your feet

No magic coincidence or influential behind-the-scenes support. Before reaching success, Philip was fired from several jobs and decided to pursue a business school diploma.During his studies, he founded companies selling ties and plastic watches, and in the year he graduated, he launched the third, fateful project – Daniel Wellington. The laconic preppy design combined with an affordable price was the main reason for taking a significant share of the market. The younger generation is not ready to pay for luxurious Swiss movements, but they also do not want to look ridiculous in cheap imitations of expensive brands – the Daniel Wellington watch offered an ideal compromise.

The most expensive apartments in Stockholm were bought by Tyusander on business profits

Get recognition

An important aspect of Daniel Wellington’s development is the focus on social media.Instead of buying all advertising in a row, the brand exchanges hours for PR in one or another Instagram account. Money is paid only to the most influential – otherwise the product itself is sufficient. Preference is given to bloggers of small and medium size, since the group effect from them is more profitable than spot and costly advertising from stars. Parallel to this, DW encourages regular shoppers to upload pictures of their watches online, gaining access to an incessant stream of user-generated content.Today, the brand’s official Instagram account has 3.3 million followers, 4.32 times more than Swatch.

2011 was one of the most successful years for starting a business, including watchmaking – the world economy was recovering from the financial crisis, launching a new cycle of growth that continues to this day. According to analysts from Euromonitor, 40 million analog quartz watches were sold in the US alone in 2014, an increase of 7 million from 2009. Total industry revenues in the same period rose from $ 3.7 billion to $ 5.

Become international

Although Daniel Wellington is a European company, its influence is visible throughout the world. Production is based in a factory in China, where Japanese quartz movements Miyota are used for the filling, and offices are located in Los Angeles, New York, Stockholm, Hong Kong and Shenzhen. From the Faroe Islands and Andorra to America’s largest boutiques such as Bloomingdale and Nordstrom, starting with sales at local Swedish retailers, Philip Tusander has grown to over 6,000 locations.

Daniel Wellington pop-up store in New York

The main achievement is that Philip is still the one and only owner of the company. Growth did not require private investors or more experienced corporations – the entire result was achieved exclusively by the Daniel Wellington team, which today numbers more than a hundred people. Having created a worthy alternative to the traditional mastodons of the industry, Tyusander continues to experiment, diluting the range with more advanced innovations.However, they all retain the sophisticated preppy style for which DW watches have received so much recognition.

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