Top 10 wedding planners in the world: 100 Best Wedding Planners in the World: 2018 — Nicholas Purcell Studio


100 Best Wedding Planners in the World: 2018 — Nicholas Purcell Studio


When you have worked in the wedding industry as long as I have you know two things, firstly, that weddings can be terribly hard to organise (and this can detract from fully enjoying the day). Secondly, wedding planners are heroes. If you are going to get married, do yourself a favour and use a planner. Without any doubt they will save you time, money and headache.

I’m Nicholas Purcell, “one of the the world’s best wedding photographers” who has worked with some of the world’s best and most talented wedding planners. 

You may be familiar with my annual Best Wedding Photographers list and similarly this Best Wedding Planner list is intended to honour and recognise these planners who devote their artistry and organisational talents to other people’s weddings. It’s not meant to be scientific in any way nor could it be.

The starting point in compiling this list was reaching out to a handful of wedding planners I respect and asking them to anonymously nominate others. Then I spent a lot of time looking at their work and a thousand other portfolios I’ve come across. I prefer to have personally worked with the planner before including them but sometimes it wasn’t possible and when people’s names keep coming up again and again they can’t be ignored.

Some points to keep in mind. Obviously there are hundreds more excellent planners than are just on this list. It could easily have been a 1000 Best. Also, please keep in mind that almost all planners will work in regions or globally so don’t restrict your search to only those planners located where you want to get married. 

This list will be revised annually and I’m also going to bring you country based lists eg 100 Best Wedding Planners in Italy, so subscribe right so you don’t miss out and if you are a planner and would like to be considered for the 2019 list please email me and say hello.

Photos, where they appear, have been supplied by the wedding planner. Now, on to the list. ..


The 100 Best Wedding Planners in the World: 2018

Top 10 Best Wedding Planners

One Of The Top 10 Best Wedding Planners. Discover Why.


While Design Anarchy is one of the top 10 best wedding planners, in Italy and beyond, we are so much more than just another wedding planning company. Although you’ve probably heard that before, we promise you’ll start to see the Design Anarchy difference almost instantly. When it comes to attention to detail, luxury decor, unbelievable venues and a perfectly coordinated event, there is no comparison.

Don’t believe it yet? View our weddings portfolio or keep reading to experience Design Anarchy for yourself.

The Design Anarchy Process

Design Anarchy does things a little differently.

Because we have a lot of international clientele coming to Italy for destination weddings, we’ve become accustomed to a flexible approach to managing your planning details.

No matter where you are, schedule regular meetings with us a number of ways: in-person, via phone or on Skype. This way, there is less pressure to attend in-person meetings and iron out details that could have easily been done over the phone or video chat.

We want you to be as involved as you want. If you trust us completely – as you should – let us take care of the details and only call when we absolutely need to. If you prefer to have more control, we can call or meet as often as you’d like.



The days leading up to your big day shouldn’t be overwhelming. Let us handle the stressful parts and you get back to enjoying your last few months as an engaged couple.

Part of the way we handle things so smoothly is by getting to know you and your partner well. When you first get in contact with us, you will be asked to fill out a short but in-depth questionnaire that will give us some insight as to who you are and what your vision for your wedding is.

From this we will learn what is most important, what isn’t such a big deal to you guys and the little things we can do to make sure the final product is exactly what you envisioned, or even better.

Is it important that everyone looks great in pictures? We’ll make sure the lighting is ideal.

Is it important that everyone feel welcome? We’ll make sure that every religion feels respected and honoured – or maybe that all of the details are non-denominational if you’d prefer.

Is it important that the kids have room to run and play so the adults can talk freely? We’ll find you the perfect venue for (safe) fun.

Is it most important that the day be as unforgettable as possible? Don’t worry, unconventional is our middle name.


Speaking of unconventional…


What sets Design Anarchy apart as one of the top 10 best wedding planners is our ability to elevate an event above even your wildest imagination and craft the unexpected. We do this many ways; here are just a few:

  • We are not simply wedding planners; we are wedding producers. We put on private, elegant events that are carefully organized, down to the last detail, from a full 360 degrees. That means we look closely at the minute elements as well as the bigger picture. We have successfully produced hundreds of weddings over a decade and know exactly how each element both works together and individually, from experience.
  • We are not simply event space ‘decorators’; we are stylists. By traversing the globe, we have come across the best decor and traditions that make each event unique and beautiful. We specialize in trends and style, crafting an event that looks great, stands out and is functional for everyone attending. By seeing the bigger picture and envisioning it all coming together, we can craft beautifully designed spaces and attendees.
  • We bring together unexpected elements. Instead of combining the usual floral arrangements or bringing out the folding plastic chairs and white tablecloths, we like to create something totally YOU and totally unforgettable. Picture: indoor furniture outside, luxe fabrics and bold colours. Picture: Woven rugs, updated, buffet-style tables overflowing with the freshest ingredients and strings of lights as far as the eye can see. Picture: A rustic table and muted colour pallet, sprawling views and a water taxi coming to whisk you to your honeymoon.
  • We make it easy for you to enjoy yourself. It sounds foolish to say “you should enjoy yourself on your wedding day” because of course, you should! But often, that’s not what ends up happening. Instead, the bride and groom end up handling most of the details, from small to large, and can’t properly enjoy their own party. At Design Anarchy, we manage everything so you don’t have to, starting from the beginning of the planning and going as far as the big day itself.
  • We make the entire process fun. Boring wedding planning is a thing of the future; we want you to enjoy the process, our process, and learn something about yourselves while you do. Be prepared to be surprised by what you discover. We can’t wait to open your eyes.

Top 10 wedding planner for a reason


We didn’t earn a spot as one of the top wedding planners in Italy for nothing. Through tireless searching, countless perfectly orchestrated events and thousands of happy wedding guests, we’ve earned our spot.

Design Anarchy isn’t just an Italian company. Born in Italy with two founders, Eva & Clara, with Italian roots, we have gone beyond just Italy to make a name for ourselves.

We have experience in Bali, Ibiza, Marrakech, London, Amsterdam, Cote d’Azur and more. Our favourite venues in Italy are Capri weddings, Venice, Amalfi, Puglia, Rome and Florence.

Don’t see your dream destination listed? Contact us and we’ll see what we can do.

We cover everything required to bring your dream wedding experience to life, such as venue scouting, event design, entertainment, catering and dining, activities, transfers, accommodation and supervision.

There’s a reason Design Anarchy is one of the top 10 best wedding planners.

New York City’s Top 25 Wedding Planners (2021)

Wedding planning is a big challenge for all couples. If you want to make the most of your wedding prep, it’s best to hire a wedding planner. A professional can make your wedding planning hassle-free and exciting. The right person can fulfill or surpass all your expectations as they know what they are doing.

If you’re searching for dedicated and professional wedding planners in New York City, we have got you covered. Here’s the list of top 25 wedding planners in NYC. Continue reading to find the best wedding planner that suits your taste.

At Elegant Occasions By JoAnn Gregoli, JoAnn provides top-notch wedding planning services to couples in and around the greater New York City metropolitan area. JoAnn also boasts a Master Wedding Planner distinction from the Association of Bridal Consultants, which allows her to offer a truly studied and measured approach to wedding planning to all of her clients.

JoAnn plans New York City-based and destination weddings. Full-service event planning is available, as are month-of event, partial event, and hourly planning services. These services cover everything from scouting locations and conceptualizing the design to coordinating between vendors and venues.


Check out their portfolio

Address: New York, NY 10017

Phone: 212-704-0048

Social: Elegant Occasions By JoAnn Gregoli

Contact : Joann Gregoli

Contact :

Joann Gregoli

LLG Events is a wedding planning company founded six years ago by husband and wife team Paul and Lauren Grech.

They take on up to 30 events per year, ranging from destination weddings all over the world and local weddings in and around New York City. 

The LLG Events team handles the logistics of negotiating with vendors and writing contracts while also designing and mapping out the decor and ambiance of the celebration. With LLG Events, you don’t have to worry about planning stress – they’ll take care of the details, and you take care of enjoying your big day!

Portfolio: Check out their portfolio

Address: 55 Broadway Suite 321, New York, NY 10006

Phone: 516-884-7473

Social: LLG Events

Contact : Lauren & Paul

Contact :

Lauren & Paul

Erganic Design is a wedding company assembled together by founder and creative director Sojourner Auguste.

Sojourner brings her 15 years of industry experience in food & beverage, lifestyle, and boutique fashion to the table. The team of architects, designers, artists, and technology experts at Erganic Design believes in the power of “Event Flow,” a maxim that has proved popular. 

This team boasts a bevy of honors, awards, and acknowledgments from local, statewide, and national publications. Prior events include a fireworks-flanked New Year’s Eve wedding for 60 and a full Manhattan avenue baraat procession closed off to traffic. Erganic Design offers full-service planning, covering vendor selection, floral arrangements, wine pairings, and all else in between.

Portfolio: Check out their portfolio

Address: New York, NY

Phone: 212-206-1503

Social: Erganic Design

Contact : Sojourner Auguste

Contact :

Sojourner Auguste

At Bianca B. Incorporated, Bianca gathers a team with 30 years of combined experience to create weddings that provide clients with a lifetime worth of unforgettable memories. Bianca previously worked as the Director of Event Planning for a major entertainment and production company and combines her corporate professionalism with her genuine passion for creating weddings. This allows her to create celebrations that reflect the true joy and love between her clients. She has worked with a variety of celebrity clients such as Sir Paul McCartney, P. Diddy, Billy Joel, and Sting. Bianca B. Incorporated offers up a series of all-inclusive packages. These include services such as event planning and coordination of vendor selection, hotel rooms, entertainment, and more.

Portfolio: Check out their portfolio

Address: 477 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10022

Phone: 212-757-0939

Social: Bianca B. Incorporated

Contact : Bianca

Contact :


5th Avenue Weddings & Events is a professional team of wedding planners with a combined 15 years of industry experience under their belt. They offer a variety of all-inclusive custom packages that can satisfy any client. They are available to help you with every part of the planning process, from floral arrangements and DJ services to catering. 

This means that the wedding planning process will be completely seamless, and you won’t have to worry about miscommunication. Whether you want a charming, quaint wedding out in nature or a hip, swanky wedding in a New York City ballroom, 5th Avenue Weddings & Events can help you with every step along the way to your big day.

Portfolio: Check out their portfolio

Address: 41 Union Square W #1427, New York, NY 10003

Phone: 646-543-2110

Social: 5th Avenue Weddings & Events

Contact : Meena Lee

Contact :

Meena Lee

Amy Katz Events is an event and wedding planning company owned and operated by Amy Katz. Her diverse team of event experts specializes in distinct areas of the wedding planning process. This vendor offers three all-inclusive packages depending on the extent to which the clients want to plan certain aspects of the wedding themselves. This means that you benefit from loads of flexibility while still gaining planners who are available for anything and everything a client could need from a wedding planner.

Portfolio: Check out their portfolio

Address: 1365 York Avenue, Suite 7B, New York, NY 10021

Phone: 212-535-8859

Social: Amy Katz Events

Contact : Amy Katz

Contact :

Amy Katz

At Lifestyle Maven Events, Alison Semmler brings her born and raised New York City spirit to weddings in and around the greater metropolitan area. With services including full-service planning, partial planning, design, and more, the team at Lifestyle Maven Events is uniquely devoted to customer satisfaction. They are available for both local and destination weddings. 

The Lifestyle Maven Events team can help you with everything from vendors right down to contracts and negotiations. They can also help with designs and special features at your venue, whether it be a rustic farmhouse, a renovated warehouse, or anything in between. 

Portfolio: Check out their portfolio

Address: New York, NY

Phone: 347-915-5634

Social: Lifestyle Maven Events

Contact : Alison Semmler

Contact :

Alison Semmler

Two Kindred Event Planners is a team of well-known wedding planners in New York City. They provide their customers with the unique experience of working with two professional planners for the rate of one. Co-founders Jonathan and Alison will give their best to support you at every step and make your wedding day a great hit. With years of experience, they know what is needed for a successful wedding day event. You can trust the team to give life to your wedding vision.

Portfolio: Check out their portfolio

Address: New York City, New York

Phone: 347-541-5061

Social: Two Kindred Event Planners

Profile: Two Kindred Event Planners

Contact : Alison Szleifer

Contact :

Alison Szleifer

Ultimate USA Weddings is a New York City-based team of wedding planners with a combined 18 years of experience in the industry. First launched in 2000, this business is headed up by twin sisters Sandra and Marisa Pena. Aside from unforgettable New York weddings, they can also accommodate destination weddings, making their services truly well-rounded and highly sought after. Ultimate USA Weddings offers full event planning services, arranging all the logistical and artistic details so that clients can simply focus on their big day ahead.

Portfolio: Check out their portfolio

Address: 303 10th Avenue, Suite 2H, New York, NY 10001

Phone: 917-783-9011

Social: Ultimate USA Weddings

Contact : Sandra & Marisa

Contact :

Sandra & Marisa

Events by Sheavonne is a wedding planning company owned and operated by Sheavonne. She has been transforming wedding visions into tangible realities through her business since 2004. She offers her services as a day-of coordinator, a full wedding planner, and a partial wedding planner for celebrations in and around New York City. Able to work on everything from vendor contracts to venue design, Sheavonne and her team can handle as many aspects of the wedding planning process as her clients request.

Portfolio: Check out their portfolio

Address: New York, NY 10030

Phone: 646-791-0631

Social: Events by Sheavonne

Contact : Sheavonne

Contact :


At RenayMeshell Events, Michelle pioneers a process she brands “EDR: Engage, Design, and Reveal. ” Each of these is a distinct tentpole of the wedding planning process, from vision-boarding to physical execution to overseeing the event itself. Michelle and the RenayMeshell Events team plan celebrations of all shapes and sizes for a stress-free wedding day. Inquiries can be addressed through the contact form on their website. 

Portfolio: Check out their portfolio

Address: New York, NY

Phone: 347-834-7126

Social: RenayMeshell Events

Contact : Michelle Renee

Contact :

Michelle Renee

Firefly Events is a wedding planning company with a team of trusted, time-tested designers who have been collaborating on events since 2011. They work to take the burden off of their clients and facilitate your big day with clarity, communication, and absolute elegance. The team at this wedding planner is perfectly equipped for design planning and full-service planning, taking care of vendors, caterers, designers, and everything in between. Inquiries can be made through the contact form on their website. 

Portfolio: Check out their portfolio

Address: 195 Chrystie St #809c, New York, NY 10002

Phone: 917-921-6052

Social: Firefly Events

Contact : Teissia & Alia

Contact :

Teissia & Alia

Jove Meyer Events is a wedding and event planning company with a team that strives to create original events with a personal touch. Headed up by award-winning Jove Meyer, this business offers full-service wedding planning, as well as design and consulting services. From rustic barnhouse bashes to sophisticated ballroom celebrations, Jove Meyer and his team can bring any wedding vision to life.

Portfolio: Check out their portfolio

Address: Brooklyn, NY 11213

Phone: 949-412-4850

Social: Jove Meyer Events

Contact : Jove Meyer

Contact :

Jove Meyer

At Victorious Events NYC, Victoria Lartey-Williams provides wedding planning services to clients in and around the greater New York City metropolitan area. From narrowing down the venue list to unifying the decor and ambiance to keeping every element of the wedding day to a strict timetable, Victoria and her team are available for anything you need. This team is skilled at maintaining the calm energy needed to make wedding days as seamless and stress-free as possible. Check out the lookbook on their website to get a sense of the kinds of weddings that they have planned previously.

Portfolio: Check out their portfolio

Address: Brooklyn, NY 11205

Phone: 347-559-1581

Social: Victorious Events NYC

Contact : Victoria Lartey-Williams

Contact :

Victoria Lartey-Williams

Tall & Small Events is a Brooklyn-based wedding planning company with a slick, modern style that permeates its aesthetic. They are dedicated to shaping weddings with an emphasis on their clients’ tastes and preferences. The team of designers and planners at Tall & Small Events offers services including full planning and design, partial planning and design, month-of, elopements, and a la carte consulting. This flexibility allows clients to determine the extent to which they need help. It also gives clients lots of freedom to shape their events as they see fit while still stepping in if and when needed.

Portfolio: Check out their portfolio

Address: Brooklyn, NY

Phone: 917-979-3787

Social: Tall & Small Events

Contact : Elodie Duyker

Contact :

Elodie Duyker

Campbell Events is an award-winning Brooklyn-based wedding planning company that has collected a vast array of awards and nods from prestigious wedding publications. Founded by planner Carissa Campbell, the team at Campbell Events lends their professional experience to the weddings that they plan. You can take a look at the gallery of previous weddings available on their website. This vendor can take care of all the little details, from color schemes to vendor management, leaving you to sit back and relax as your wedding takes shape around you.

Portfolio: Check out their portfolio

Address: Brooklyn, NY

Phone: 718-873-5976

Social: Campbell Events

Contact : Carissa

Contact :


Marcy Blum Associates is a team of internationally sought after wedding event planners. They have been featured in Vogue, The New York Times Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar, Martha Stewart Weddings, and Vanity Fair and Women’s Wear Daily. Marcy Blum has more than 30 years of experience and works with his team to plan your big day with humor, style, and innovation. With close attention to details and a touch of elegance, they plan events that make you and your guests feel awe. Hire them today and let them create a seamless, fun, beautiful, surprising, and enjoyable environment.

Portfolio: Check out their portfolio

Address: 55 5th Ave Floor 19, New York, NY 10003

Phone: 212-929-9814

Social: Marcy Blum Associates

Profile: Marcy Blum Associates

Contact : Marcy Blum

Contact :

Marcy Blum

Are you looking for a passionate wedding planner in New York City? Consider looking into Colin Cowie Lifestyle. They are a leading team of wedding planners offering their services in and around NYC. No matter your wedding theme or event size, the professionals of CCL can design and plan events of all kinds. They specialize in offering iconic experiences to couples and their guests with premium planning. The team also guarantees an extravagant celebration that you and your special ones will never forget.

Portfolio: Check out their portfolio

Address: 256 W 36th St 4th floor, New York, NY 10018

Phone: 212-396-9007

Social: Colin Cowie Lifestyle

Profile: Colin Cowie Lifestyle

Contact : Stephan Baroni

Contact :

Stephan Baroni

Cristina Verger Event Planning & Production is a full-service New York City wedding planner. They are the best option for couples who want to host a truly memorable wedding. With over 15 years of hands-on experience in the events and hospitality field, Cristina knows how to make your wedding day unforgettable for every single person involved in it. She and her team artfully plan and create weddings in and around NYC. Regardless of your guest list, they will work with you to schedule an event that reflects elegance, comfort, and impeccable taste. Talk to the team to know more about their services.

Portfolio: Check out their portfolio

Address: 745 5th Avenue, Suite 500 New York, NY 10151

Phone: 212-715-0590

Social: Cristina Verger Event Planning & Production

Profile: Cristina Verger Event Planning & Production

Contact : Cristina Verger

Contact :

Cristina Verger

Chancey Charm Weddings is an excellent spot for sophisticated wedding planning in NYC. Sarah is the name behind this company, and they are one of the leading luxury wedding planning, design, and coordination teams. The team of creatives meticulously designs custom weddings for all couples using their skills. Their planners will work closely with you to know your vision and plan a day that shows your taste and personality. If you want, they can also feature a collection of layouts, color palettes, fabrics, pictures, and sketches so you have a say in every part of your big day.

Portfolio: Check out their portfolio

Address: New York City, New York

Phone: 347-354-4240

Social: Chancey Charm Weddings

Profile: Chancey Charm Weddings

Contact : Sarah Chancey

Contact :

Sarah Chancey

Brilliant Event Planning is a luxury and award-winning wedding planning business for couples that value quality and creativity. They draw their inspiration from their customers and focus on turning unique love stories into one-of-a-kind weddings. The team works collaboratively to make sure your wedding is thoughtful and cohesive. They try their best so that even small details can make a considerable impact on your big day celebration. Overall, Brilliant Event Planning is known for comprehensive wedding planning so that you can have a stress-free and flawless planning experience.

Portfolio: Check out their portfolio

Address: 115 E 23rd Street, 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10010

Phone: 917-789-6656

Social: Brilliant Event Planning

Profile: Brilliant Event Planning

Contact : Chelsea LaFollette

Contact :

Chelsea LaFollette

Ang Weddings & Events is a professional team of wedding planners. They specialize in proper wedding planning in and around NYC. With years of experience, they can help you bring your wedding-day vision to life with customized services. They enjoy working closely with to-be-weds to create elegant, fun, and timeless celebrations with understated luxury. The team also provides detail-oriented, personalized, and professional services throughout the planning process and on the big day. Hire them as your wedding planner and let them ensure no detail is missed.

Portfolio: Check out their portfolio

Address: New York City, New York

Phone: 646-481-8078

Social: Ang Weddings and Events

Profile: Ang Weddings and Events

Contact : Tzo Ai Ang

Contact :

Tzo Ai Ang

Do you want seamless planning for your wedding day? Look no further than Ashley Douglass Events. With extensive experience in design and coordination, they can assist you with proper planning of the most memorable occasion of your life. The team’s motive is to create beautiful, personal, and genuine experiences that inspire couples and guests. All in all, Ashley Douglass Events is the best wedding planner for detailed-oriented wedding couples.

Portfolio: Check out their portfolio

Address: 16 W 23rd St, New York, NY 10010

Phone: 917-748-6281

Social: Ashley Douglass Events

Profile: Ashley Douglass Events

Contact : Sara Fawcett

Contact :

Sara Fawcett

Whether you’re looking for full-planning or partial-planning, the award-winning team of Classic Events is there to fulfill your needs. Danielle Elder and her professionals have been nicknamed Wedding Whisperers by people in the area. With a customized approach from the beginning, they add innate style and sophistication to all aspects of planning to take your overall experience to a whole new level. Visit their business website or talk to the team for more details on their services.

Portfolio: Check out their portfolio

Address: 80 Gold Street, suite 6E New York, NY 10038

Phone: 917-363-2208

Social: Classic Events

Profile: Classic Events

Contact : Danielle Elder

Contact :

Danielle Elder

Kate Edmonds Events is a Manhattan-based wedding planning firm well-known for producing stunning weddings in NYC and beyond. They are dedicated to bringing couples’ wedding visions to fruition. The team is renowned for meticulous attention to seamless execution, details, affordable prices, and always being on-time. They can leave you and your wedding party with memories that will last a lifetime. If you have any doubt, feel free to talk to the team to clear all your concerns.

Portfolio: Check out their portfolio

Address: 244 Madison Avenue, Suite 900, New York, NY 10016

Phone: 212-366-4447

Social: Kate Edmonds Events

Profile: Kate Edmonds Events

Contact : Kate Edmonds

Contact :

Kate Edmonds

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We hope our list of top 10 wedding planners in New York City will help you select the best wedding planner of your choice. No matter which one you pick, make sure to your preferences so that they can understand your likes, dislikes, and taste. This way, they can plan your big day as you want to help you enjoy your special day to the fullest.

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The UK’s Best Wedding Planners: 21 Planners to Know About

Wedding planning is certainly exciting but pulling together your dream celebration can also lead to more than your fair share of stress and sleepless nights. With dozens of suppliers and guests to coordinate, wedding planning can quickly become a full time job – not ideal when most of us already have one of those!

To ensure minimal stress and maximum effect, we recommend bringing in a wedding planner. Your planner will make creating your dream wedding their top priority, with every detail carefully produced to your specification and sourced within your budget. Sounds pretty dreamy, right?

If you’re reading this and wondering if wedding planners are reserved for those with celeb-style budgets or enormous guest lists, think again. There are hundreds of wedding planners out there, each specialising in different kinds of weddings, and we’ve rounded up the very best of the bunch.

From planners who love nothing more than to work on romantic elopements to wedding experts who can whip up a wedding for 300 guests in less than six months, you’re guaranteed to find the planner for you below.

1. Mark Niemierko

The Approach: Counting the likes of Rochelle and Marvin Humes, and James Corden and Julia Carey as previous clients, Mark Niemierko has built a strong reputation for throwing opulent parties and weddings for some of the most discerning couples.

Mark’s approach centres around getting to know his couples personally so that he and his team of Niemierko hosts can deliver a day that is entirely unique and tailored to the individuals. In fact, one of Mark’s top planning tips is to avoid comparisons with others and stick to your own signature style: “Don’t feel the need to keep up with others. Be yourself. There really are no rules anymore, other than keeping your event personal to your taste.”

Stand Out Services: A chauffeur driven day out with Mark to leading bridal boutiques to find the dress, a bespoke venue finding service complete with chauffeur driven venue visits and a Guest Relations Assistant on-hand to help with everything from booking accommodation to ensuring guests get a warm welcome on the big day itself.

Notable Venues: Cliveden House, One Marylebone, Savoy Hotel, Kensington Palace.

Perfect For: London-based couples looking to make their wedding a big event with bags of personal style and wow-factor.

2. Katrina Otter Weddings

Image: Sanshine Photography

The Approach: Katrina Otter describes herself as “detail driven and design obsessed” making her a pretty perfect choice for overseeing the biggest day of your life. The super-organised wedding planner thrives in the weddings and event world, having been in the industry for over 15 years.

Katrina and her team will act as your own personal confidants, planning your big day from the moment you say ‘yes’ to the time you leave the venue and head off on your honeymoon. The focus will be on discussing possibilities and not practicalities, meaning all you need to do is tell the team what you like and they’ll work out how to make it happen – while sending you lots of pictures and updates along the way!

Stand Out Services: Full planning service including apportioning your budget, sourcing the right suppliers for you, delivering a design concept and managing your schedule. A Wedding Day Management service is also available, including on-the-day coordination, starting six weeks before the big day.

Notable Venues: Aynhoe Park, Holywell Hall, Pynes House.

Perfect For: Couples dreaming of an understated yet elegant, quintessentially English country wedding.

READ MORE: The UK’s Most Impressive Country House Wedding Venues

3. My Wedding Fixer

The Approach: My Wedding Fixer was founded by ex-accountant Gloria Darko and specialises in creating stylish weddings that don’t break the bank. If you’re keen to get a planner on board but are worried that you don’t have the funds, Gloria is your woman.

Describing herself as “the wedding planner for the working professionals” who don’t wish to “spend their entire life savings on the wedding”, Gloria knows that pulling together a fun, memorable and aesthetically pleasing day isn’t just something reserved for those with a limitless budget. In fact, Gloria has more than a few tricks up her sleeve when it comes to bringing dream wedding days to life for less.

Stand Out Services: Full wedding planning including budget management, a venue finding service including help booking appointments and understanding contracts, and on-the-day coordination.

Notable Venues: Forty Hall Estate, Grand Connaught Rooms, Morden Hall, The Depot, Clapton Country Club.

Perfect For: Thrifty couples looking to make their budget go further and plan a day that’s full of personality.

4. Love Lydia

The Approach: Having worked for many years in a fast-paced, time-critical environment in London, Lydia turned her impeccable planning and organisational skills to wedding planning. Beginning with friends and family, Lydia used her skills to help loved ones create perfect weddings before word of her meticulous attention to detail and high standards spread to other couples.

The Love Lydia team pride themselves on their ability to plan luxurious, sophisticated and elegant weddings, whether you’re saying ‘I do’ in an intimate church ceremony or hosting a large and lavish Asian wedding. Lydia’s years of experience means she can turn her hand to just about any occasion.

Stand Out Services: Design and styling services, venue and supplier recommendations, on-the-day coordination including an emergency kit with everything needed to iron out any last-minute issues.

Notable Venues: Stoke Park, Brocket Hall, Middle Temple.

Perfect For: Traditional couples looking to host a lavish and elegant wedding day.

5. Perfectly Planned 4 You

The Approach: Based in the urban hub of Hackney (but willing to work on weddings just about anywhere!), Cherelle and the team at Perfectly Planned 4 You are always looking to do things a little differently.

Keeping her finger on the pulse of all that’s innovative and on-trend, Cherelle specialises in giving couples unique, of-the-moment wedding days that will surprise and delight guests. As well as dealing with the fun and whimsical side, the team are also very hands-on and practical, able to solve any common problems or soothe any worries, ensuring you enjoy your wedding planning experience.

Stand Out Services: A curated list of venues and suppliers that match your taste and budget, help finding wedding attire, and budget advice and management.

Notable Venues: Century Club Soho, The Elvetham Hotel, Dalston Heights.

Perfect For: Quirky couples keen to get hitched in unusual, urban or industrial spaces.

READ MORE: The 30 Most Unusual Wedding Venues in London

6. The Stars Inside

Image: Rebecca Carpenter Photography

The Approach: Valentina and The Stars Inside team specialise in intimate weddings and elopements packed with meaningful moments and awe-inspiring ideas. From her dreamy décor to her warm hospitality, every aspect of Valentina’s weddings are thoughtfully created to ensure the best experience for couples and guests alike.

Valentina’s approach focusses on telling your individual story, so there are no set packages or cookie-cutter ideas here. While your wedding will certainly be beautiful, it’s the feeling of homeliness and connection that make The Stars Inside weddings stand out. Basically, if you’d like your wedding to feel like a highly personal, loved-filled get together with those closest to you, Valentina is the planner for you.

Stand Out Services: Elopement and micro wedding planning, contract reviewing, concept creation and design realisation.

Notable Venues: Core Clapton, Euridge Manor, Asylum Chapel.

Perfect For: Deeply romantic couples who are dreaming of an intimate day somewhere far away.

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7. ByChenai

The Approach: As the planning and styling partner at some of London’s most stylish venues, including The London Edition and 10-11 Carlton Terrace House, ByChenai founder Chenai knows a thing or two about pulling together contemporary and stylish celebrations that will wow even the most discerning guests.

Whether you’re thinking of sticking to the city or branching out to leafier spaces in the countryside, Chenai and her team can make your perfect vision a reality. Chenai will take Pinterest boards and magazine cuttings and make them into a fully-realised design concept, as well as deal with all of the admin and budget tracking that comes with completing the task.

Stand Out Services: Rehearsal management, multi-day celebration and accommodation management and assistance, full design concept creation.

Notable Venues: The London Edition, 10-11 Carlton Terrace House, Fforest Farm.

Perfect For: Couples in need of some creative direction and help planning extended celebrations.

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8. La Fête

The Approach: Founded by Charlotte Ricard-Quesada, La Fête specialise in the creation of high-end weddings and exclusive events across the world. Charlotte is fluent in four languages making her the perfect pick for negotiating and organising your destination wedding plans.

Charlotte and the La Fête team have planned everything from intimate Tuscan weddings to London ballroom celebrations and their styled shoots have appeared in Brides magazine and Vogue Japan. So if you’re looking for an unbeatable creative and stylish event, this is the planning team for you.

Stand Out Services: Pre and post-event service, venue and supplier sourcing, expenditure planning service, and styling and creation.

Notable Venues: Fulham Palace, Aynhoe Park, Loseley Park.

Perfect For: Stylish destination weddings and high-end UK celebrations.

9. Charlotte Elise Weddings & Events

Image: Helen Russell Photography

The Approach: Having previously worked as a wedding and event manager at a luxury venue, Charlotte has seen her fair share of weddings and knows exactly how to ensure things go without a hitch.

Based in Cheshire, the Charlotte Elise team are happy to work anywhere in the UK, or even abroad, on large scale weddings or intimate celebrations. Charlotte will take a personal approach when it comes to your wedding, getting a feel for the kind of wedding you’d love and working hard both behind the scenes and in consultations to make sure you tick all of your must-haves, within budget. With Charlotte’s brimming book of contacts and budgeting skills, she’ll draw together the very best suppliers for you to create the day you’ve always dreamed of.

Stand Out Services: Setting up and decorating the venue, venue and supplier sourcing, on-the-day wedding management and destination wedding planning.

Notable Venues: Peckforton Castle, Hilltop Country House, Trinity Buoy Wharf.

Perfect For: Couples marrying in DIY or dry hire venues in need of an expert to help bring their vision to life.

10. Pocketful of Dreams

Image: Benjamin Wheeler Photography

The Approach: Inspired by the beauty of nature and wide open spaces, Pocketful of Dreams specialise in understated elegance. Their creative and design-led approach will appeal to all couples envisioning a stylish wedding day that will stand out from the crowd.

Whether you’re bursting with ideas and just want someone to execute them or you’re not sure which direction to go in and are in need of some inspiration, the company’s founder, Michelle, can help you out. The team will liaise with every supplier and refine every detail, so all you need to do is approve what you like and look forward to your amazing wedding day!

Stand Out Services: Supplier management, creative design and styling service, full on-the-day management.

Notable Venues: Kew Gardens, Broughton Hall, Chiswick House.

Perfect For: Couples dreaming of a showstopping concept that will look picture-perfect.

11. Weddings by Mary

Image: Allister Freeman Photography

The Approach: After 20 years in the industry, Mary is a very safe pair of hands indeed. Drawing upon her previous experience as venue manager for one of Essex’s premier wedding venues and her work as a registrar, Mary is able to effectively plan and execute seamless wedding days while anticipating client needs at every step of the way.

The Weddings by Mary approach is centred around really getting to know clients and ensuring that they enjoy wedding planning – laughter is encouraged! Mary sees herself as a confidant and friend as well as a wedding planner, meticulously planning the details while acting as a sounding board if needs be.

“I take my role as your wedding planner very seriously but there will definitely be much laughter during our planning journey. I want nothing more than for you to feel at ease and fully supported. I’ll become your confidant, as well as a shoulder to cry on if needed,” she says.

Stand Out Services: Guest and invitation management, attendance at all supplier consultations and meetings, budget and payment tracking service.

Notable Venues: Great Lodge, The Old Royal Naval College, Stationers Hall.

Perfect For: Couples keen on a down to earth approach, who want to enjoy their planning as much as their big day!

12. One Curious Dream

The Approach: One Curious Dream is a wedding planning agency based in East Anglia, specialising in weddings in the area and London (although they’re happy to travel further!). Founded by head wedding planner Jo Pyman, One Curious Dream has become the go-to for busy professionals, couples planning from abroad and couples simply looking for a comprehensive yet personal wedding planning service. 

The team at One Curious Dream are happy to help with last-minute planning, multi-day celebrations and destination weddings, so no matter where or how you see your wedding taking place, they can help. The wedding planners will work closely with you, getting to know you so that they can ensure they exceed your expectations. 

Stand Out Services: Multi-day wedding celebration planning, destination wedding planning and full bespoke design service. 

Notable Venues: Sudeley Castle, Pentney Abbey, Alpheton Hall Barns. 

Perfect For: Relaxed couples wanting to host a wow-factor wedding while making it look effortless. 

13. Couture Events

The Approach: With an elite list of previous clients and over 15 years of experience planning luxury weddings and high end birthday parties in some of London and the Home Counties’ most prestigious venues, Couture Events is the ultimate in luxury event planning.

Founder Susannah Parker prides herself on her unflappable, calm and discreet working style, ensuring that her clients are totally relaxed and able to enjoy every moment of their special day, stress-free. Specialising in five-star hotel, stately home and luxury marquee weddings, Couture Events is the place to go for opulent celebrations.

Stand Out Services: Venue and supplier sourcing, accommodation and transport management, schedule and timeline creation.

Notable Venues: Froyle Park Country Estate, Two Temple Place, Euridge Manor.

Perfect For: London and South East based couples looking to host a luxurious country house or hotel wedding.

14. Lindy Dowling Wedding & Event Planners

The Approach: Mainly focussed on weddings in London, the Home Counties and the Cotswolds, Lindy and her team are true wedding specialists with a large and varied portfolio. “I have experience with all budgets, luxury weddings, UK destination weddings, same sex weddings, marquee weddings, Jewish weddings, Asian weddings, Russian weddings, Nigerian weddings…pretty much every wedding you can imagine over the years and I have loved being a part of each one,” she says.

Lindy also has plenty of experience in putting together events at short notice, with a proven track record in planning weddings with as little as two months to spare – pretty impressive!

Stand Out Services: Budget analysis and supplier payment plans, hotel and transport reservations, design services and management of RSVPs and dietary requirements.

Notable Venues: Petersham Nurseries, The Dorchester, Notley Abbey.

Perfect For: Couples wanting to pull together a luxury day in a short time frame.

15. Pink Palms

Image: Parrot & Pineapple

The Approach: With a background in interior design and styling, Ashleigh of Pink Palms knows a thing or two about styling a space to its best potential. Ashleigh believes that in many ways your wedding should be like your home: somewhere you feel totally relaxed and comfortable and that visually represents you.

Having lived in vibrant Los Angeles – the inspiration behind the moniker – Ashleigh fell in love with pink skies, palms and daring design, leading to her decision to create Pink Palms. Ashleigh isn’t all about the looks, though, with a background working as a Cardiothoracic Critical Care Nurse (yes, you read that right!) she’s also used to handling family dynamics and staying cool in high-pressure environments – skills that are essential when planning a wedding. Ashleigh will work hard to get to know you and the most important people involved in the wedding, acting as a friend and confidante as well as a planner.

Stand Out Services: Venue and supplier searches, wedding party fashion styling, use of Aisle Planner software allowing you to allocate tasks to both Ashleigh and members of your wedding party.

Notable Venues: Euridge Manor, Botley Hill Barn, Protein Studios.

Perfect For: Couples after a show-stopping wedding that’s as fun as it is stylish!

16. Dita Rosted Events

The Approach: Specialising in the unique and unconventional, Dita Rosted Events is the place to go if you fancy hosting a wedding that’s a little out of the ordinary. Based in London, Dita boasts a wealth of connections with quirky and unusual suppliers thanks to her history of throwing weddings and events at warehouses, galleries and even antique shops!

Dita can help with everything from sourcing cool caterers and bars to gorgeous design and styling as well as planning, and coordinating on the day.

Stand Out Services: Hand-picked events team, bar operation, design, styling and production.

Notable Venues: Core Clapton, Trinity Buoy Wharf, Brixton East.

Perfect For: Quirky couples planning a DIY event in a unique dry hire venue.

17. Olive Sky Weddings & Events

The Approach: Having worked with big business names such as Rolls Royce, Facebook and Channel 4 on their events, any couple that books with Olive Sky Weddings & Events can rest assured that their weddings are in expert hands.

The Olive Sky team have a far reaching contact book, having planned weddings in Croatia, Cannes, Barbados, Barcelona and Kefalonia as well as the UK. They specialise in old-school, romantic, understated elegance and creating one-off events that are like no others you have seen. So if you’re starting to feel that every wedding you attend is a little samey and you’re keen to pull something surprising out of the bag, we’d get in touch with Olive Sky.

Stand Out Services: Negotiating services, budget management, inspiration boards and hand-drawn design sketches.

Notable Venues: Claridges, Hedsor House, Cowdray House.

Perfect For: Showstopping destination weddings with big production values.

18. Revelry Events

The Approach: Located in both London and Scotland but very willing to travel the rest of the UK and overseas (bonus points for always off-setting their carbon emissions when they travel), Revelry Events love creating boundary-pushing, rule-breaking weddings.

The Revelry team, Holly and Susannah, pride themselves on not only their organisational and planning skills, but their trend-led focus. The duo keep their fingers on the pulse of what’s new and now, helping them to keep on creating unique and surprising events. With that said, they’re also passionate about ensuring your day is personal to you, so everything about your day will be approved by you and designed especially for you.

Stand Out Services: Full design proposal, assistance with wedding website set-up and management, venue and supplier finding service.

Notable Venues: Nonsuch Mansion, Middle Temple Hall, The Old Royal Naval College.

Perfect For: Couples who love to be on top of the latest trends and don’t want to be tied to tradition.

19. Scarlet Events

Image: Jada Poon Photography

The Approach: Scarlet Events can plan anything from an intimate, romantic wedding to an opulent celebration on a grand scale. However big your event, if you plan it with the Scarlet Events team it’s guaranteed to be both luxurious and unforgettable – that’s what they specialise in!

Scarlet Events are very much international luxury wedding planners, so if none of their suggested venues here in the UK take your fancy, they will have plenty of options abroad for you. From a French chateau to a yacht off the coast of Monte Carlo, the team have plenty of outside-the-box tricks up their sleeves. Scarlet Events are also well-versed in planning Chinese, Arabic, and mixed-faith weddings and know exactly how to ensure cultural and traditional pillars are incorporated appropriately.

Stand Out Services: Event styling and design, lighting and production design and execution, international venue sourcing and entertainment management.

Notable Venues: The Ritz, The Savoy, Kensington Palace, The Natural History Museum.

Perfect For: Big-budget weddings in highly luxurious locations.

20. SW Events

Image: Tell Me Your Story Photography

The Approach: Specialising in Asian weddings, LaToya and Ajay of SW Events work hard to ensure that their weddings embrace the cultural and the individual eccentricities that make couples unique. For this husband and wife pairing, weddings are all about being true to your personality and so they dedicate time to getting to know each and every couple over the course of the planning process.

SW Events will work to find the right suppliers for you at the right cost and are happy to do all of the legwork before final decision making is handed over to you. They pride themselves on their high standards and meticulous planning but they’re also keen to keep communication with clients fun and laughter-filled, ensuring an enjoyable planning experience.

Stand Out Services: Ceremony, reception, Mehndi and Sangeet management, creative design and guest coordination.

Notable Venues: Blenheim Palace, The Victoria and Albert Museum, Cliveden House.

Perfect For: Couples wanting to host a traditional Asian wedding with plenty of fun and personality.

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21. Studio Chi

The Approach: A wedding designer first and foremost, Chioma of Studio Chi specialises in designing and curating stunning weddings for discerning couples. Chioma can design and install your flowers, sort your décor and design, and create your stationery, ensuring that every detail works in harmony and is of the same impeccable quality.

You can book Studio Chi for a luxury design and floristry package or opt for full planning and styling services – the service you receive will be totally bespoke and in-line with your needs. Artistry is at the centre of everything Chioma does, so if you’re looking to transform just about any space into a dreamy wedding setting, she’s the woman for you.

Stand Out Services: Luxury floristry and stationery design, design concept and execution, supplier sourcing.

Notable Venues: Royal Horticultural Halls: Lindley Hall and Lawrence Hall.

Perfect For: Couples looking to add wow-factor to the styling and design of their big day.

Found a planner you like? You’re going to want to prepare your Pinterest board for your first consultation. The 21 biggest wedding trends for 2021 is a great place to start!

12 Reasons NOT to Become a Wedding Planner

There is no doubt that being a wedding planner can be fun and incredibly rewarding. Going to catering and cake tastings, choosing linens and helping clients decide on the perfect centerpieces are absolutely fun. Seeing months of hard work come together on a perfect wedding day is one of the most rewarding experiences many wedding planners experience in their careers.

Being a wedding planner also has great perks such as being invited to all the industry parties, going to uber fun conferences and staying at incredible hotels while you “tour” the event space. We also get to work with wonderful clients on one of the most important days in their life.

Having a career as a wedding planner can seem pretty glamorous but there are definitely reasons why you wouldn’t want to become a wedding planner. There are days when I can hardly believe I get paid to do something I love so much but there are also days when there is not enough money in the world to make me plan or coordinate a particular wedding again.

What to consider before deciding to become a wedding planner:

1) Weekend and evening work

Weekend events and evening client meetings take time away from family and friends. Being a wedding planner means having a work schedule that doesn’t match the standard 9-5 weekday gig.

If you own your business, you can set boundaries to help with this and plan other types of events to balance your schedule. However, the reality is that 95% of weddings happen on Saturdays and many of your clients need to meet after work for planning meetings.

2) Physical and mental hard work

Working on the wedding day is HARD work. I remember my first wedding so well. I was beyond excited to work with my first clients but had no idea I would be so completely exhausted at the end of the night.

Spending 10-15 hours on your feet and being mentally “on” is exhausting no matter how good of shape you are in. And it gets harder as you get older.

3) Wedding hangover

It’s how you feel the day after a wedding. It’s like you ran a race then went out drinking all night. In reality, you are dehydrated, sore, and tired from working a wedding (see #2).

4) Tough clients

As much as you try to weed out the clients who aren’t ideal clients, there will be some who slip through the cracks. Having difficult clients can take its toll mentally. It’s already a stressful job but when you have clients who add to that stress, you will question why you chose this career. You have to be able to walk away from the wrong client when your intuition tells you something is wrong.

5) Emotional connection

It’s an intense industry with emotional brides and emotional mothers on a very emotional day. Many planners grow close to their clients which means you work harder because you care so much (this is a good thing).

On the flip side, it is hard not to take it personally if something goes wrong or if your clients are not 100% happy with your services or ideas. If you get your feelings hurt easily, this might not be the profession for you.

6) It’s not your wedding

Working with clients means making THEIR dream and vision come true. This can be a challenge for some event planners who want to keep recreating their own wedding or imposing their vision on clients.

You will end up planning a wedding that doesn’t fit your style or taste and you have to be okay with that. Luckily, you get to choose which weddings and events to show in your wedding planning portfolio.

7) Extreme patience

If you don’t have patience, determination, and thick skin, a career in wedding planning is probably not a good fit. It will take a few years before you are comfortable in your business and comfortable working with engaged couples. Then it will take a few more years to get your name established, make a decent living, and start seeing referrals.

8) You are not a “people” person

Planners work with many different kinds of clients and vendors. The wedding industry is very social and being a planner is probably the most social vendor category in the industry.

If you are introverted, shy, or don’t like to be around people, being a planner could be a difficult career choice. This isn’t to say that you can’t overcome those personality traits, but it is something to consider. Being an event planner may be the encouragement you need to overcome shyness.

9) Not able to handle stress

Being a wedding and event planner has been listed by CNBC as the 5th most stressful career. Out of ALL careers!

Many of us choose this career because we thrive on the excitement, the challenge, and the madness that happens on the wedding day. We live to solve problems, keep everything on time, and manage 20+ vendors without breaking a sweat.

If you can handle stress AND keep your cool, this might be a good career for you.

10) Multitasking and organization

Being a wedding planner takes multi-tasking and organization to a whole new level. Not only do you have to multi-task and remember the million things on your mind, you have to think and act quickly. During the planning process, you could be working with 10-20 different couples at a time.

If you aren’t extremely organized, it will show in your work and in your reputation. If you are working with 10 couples to plan their wedding and each couple has at least 10 wedding vendors, you may be communicating with up to 100 people in a week!

11) Ego

Confidence in yourself is a big key to your success in event planning. A big ego is not.

12) No passion

Don’t embark on a wedding planning career unless you are passionate about it. To be successful and thrive, you have to LOVE what you do. Many planners make incredible sacrifices to be successful. This just doesn’t happen without BIG passion. Along with passion, integrity is just as important.

After so much positive feedback on this post, I am sharing 3 more reasons why you may not want to become a wedding planner. Enjoy!

13) Making long-term commitments

When you first book a new client, it’s time to celebrate victory and rejoice in a new booking. It’s exciting and you can’t wait to get started. Until you realize the client can’t make decisions to save her life, changes her mind endlessly, and her wedding ideas are stuck in the 1980’s.

Despite these less-than-desirable-traits, you made a long-term commitment to work with this couple for a year or more to plan the perfect wedding day. You may need to bite your tongue many times and tough it out to get through the planning process with this client.

14) Negotiation and mediation

The wedding planning process is filled with negotiations and mediation. You may be negotiating with wedding vendors about your client’s contract, mediating the style of centerpiece between the couple and their parents, negotiating last minute rain plans with the rental company, or mediating a battle over types of appetizers with the couple. If you hate mediating and negotiating, becoming a wedding planner isn’t the right career path for you.

15) Business makes no sense to you

Many wedding planners own their own business. If you are not a “big picture” thinker and don’t have any desire to start a wedding planning business or learn marketing, accounting, networking, and finance, owning a wedding planning business probably is not a good fit for you.

You can still work in the wedding industry but will be better suited to working at a hotel, for an event planning company, or at wedding venue where you can focus solely on the clients instead of running a business in addition to planning and designing weddings.

Whenever you own a business, your income can fluctuate greatly. The typical salary for wedding planners is broad, depending on where you live and what types of services you offer. You may have years where you make a significant income and other years where you barely scrape by.

I could write a post with 500 great reasons to be a wedding planner but I wanted to share the not-so-glorious side with our readers. If you are thinking about becoming a wedding and event planner, these are great things to keep in mind.

Ready to start your own wedding planning business?

The 25 Steps to Start Your Wedding Planning Business guide is a comprehensive 70-page guidebook and worksheets that include each step necessary to start your own wedding planning business.

This guidebook is perfect for aspiring wedding planners who are ready to start their own profitable and sustainable wedding planning business.

Learn more and get immediate access!

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Having fun at your own daughter’s wedding always seemed like a dream to me. I was always worried about the food, decor, guests, rooms but team Tamarind made my dream a reality. They helped me overcome all those little worries of planning and organising a wedding. I would like to thank everyone who made this wedding a perfect one for me and my family. Every function was smooth; from the guest welcome to the departure, the overall experience was amazing and indeed an unforgettable one. Keep up the good work!

Rajesh Agarwal

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the sincere effort, the passion, the enthusiasm, the love, the excitement and zeal and your sharp execution skills that contributed hugely to the success of NayaChand wedding! Will always remember you ALL, with the utmost respect and love. You are all nestled in my heart!
Love to Bossy too – he is one of a kind!!”
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We do not have enough words of gratitude for the extreme care, love, and efficiency that you have all extended to us. Everything was above and beyond spectacular!! From communicating before the trip with a sweet and prompt Henrika to being picked up by a Smiling Angel and looked after by a proficient Uday to the lovely Riya who sat with us during our hairdressing sessions!! Everyone exuded a warmth I have never seen before!! And finally, Mahesh … your hands on approach, hearty smile and ever joking manner is merely a lovely outer persona to an inner hardworking, team building, amazing boss! (I can never again hear the words “hey bossy” without thinking of you!!) also, How do I not mention your beautiful n heartwarming daughter… was lovely to see a father n Beti duo so much in sync! May Tamarind Global grow and prosper into TAMARIND UNIVERSAL !!

A Satisfied Guest [Event in Croatia]

“Choosing an event company for our wedding was one of the most important decisions we took. From the very beginning, it seemed to be a good fit with Tamarind Global, especially as communication was easy and transparent. Mahesh along with a rockstar team led by Kunal, Vince and Sneh were a dream to work with, always prompt in responding and most important always on the same page. I was a hands-on bride, but even if wasn’t our wedding was in fantastic hands. It always felt that like the Tamarind team would give up their sleep and meals to make sure that everything was perfect and I couldn’t have asked for more. If I had to do it all over again, I wouldn’t change a thing.”

Isheta Salgaocar

“Working with Tamarind was a fun experience, even though wedding planning can be really stressful. I still vividly remember we would have meetings with the entire family and the team became part of us, by the end they knew each one of us our likes and dislikes and really became part of the celebration. All of us were really sure of what we wanted and very involved in the planning and those months of endless meetings were just a big party, and I think that’s so important as wedding planners to be able to join in the family and really make everyone comfortable and make the whole wedding planning experience memorable. The team was a bunch of really warm and pleasant people, and that really makes all the difference. They weren’t just doing it cause it was their job, they built a relationship with us and really wanted to see us happy!”

Ridhiema Goenka

“Tamarind Global is a team that turned into a family to make my dream wedding come true! Could not have asked for anything more!”

Khushali Golechha

#RISONI #09/01/2017 #WaldorfAstoria RAK. A wedding which introduced us to the Tamarind Global Team

“Being a destination wedding to get all the guests in a vacation mood is essential and I can vouch for the hospitality team of Tamarind for the same. Coordinating from invitations to collaterals to RSVPs, helping us take calls for themes, decor, and logistics, show flows to coordinating events, keeping the Bride and the Groom happy and the parents satisfied, running for last minute coverups, and still making sure that people of all ages get their share of fun. I think Tamarind deserves a super special thanks from the whole Jain Family for making this event a success.It was a lot of fun and a great experience for me working with Tamarind. The warmth and understanding we received from Kunal and Sneh will always remain in my heart.Sorry guys (especially to Sneh), as I know I have been really a pain for u all, me and Saloni will miss u a lot.All the best to Maheshji and the Gang for all the upcoming weddings and events … Make memories because that’s what people cherish forever.”

Shweta – The Bride’s Sister-in-Law

“Tamarind global is a one-stop shop for managing any celebrations be it a milestone birthday, anniversary or a destination wedding. They beautifully manage the logistics, hospitality, decor, entertainment, and food and help the host to enjoy the celebrations. Their teams are not only skilled at what they do and also provide emotional support during stressful situations which are inevitable during such events. They bring unique ideas which help make every occasion special. The wedding of our son in Bahrain was nothing less than a dream wedding which was beautifully put together by them. Since it was our first event at such a big scale they guided us with their experience to make all important decisions.”

Smita Jatia

“My family and I were lucky enough to have tamarind helping us to plan both my sisters and my weddings. And the way they executed both of these were beyond doubt, awesome. Sure every planner inevitably makes mistakes or some vendor somewhere will screw up some aspect of their job, but crisis management is something that they do very well. (I’m quite sure we beat any wedding in terms of hospital visits, but TG definitely made sure each party was more rocking than the last!!). Our decor, entertainment, hospitality, and the food was on point and the best part for sure was the way they made themselves part of our family in every way possible. I don’t think we could’ve had better planners than tamarind global, and more specifically Mahesh, Eddie and Kunal who definitely went above and beyond what any of us can ever expect or ask for.”

Madhur Gupta

“Wow…now that’s a great team to work with!! They know exactly what we need and what they need. Its been a great pleasure working with TEAM TAMARIND and look forward to doing more work together….keep up the great work!!”

Savio Mendonca (Event Arena, Middle East)

“Tamarind Global as a wedding planning company is absolutely one of the best planning companies I’ve worked with since the inception of my company, The Photo Diary. They plan grand luxurious weddings so effortlessly, that they make it look almost too easy. Working with them as a wedding photographer and videographer and capturing the sheer scale and festivities of their events is nothing but pure pleasure. Kunal is excellent with not only planning and delivering spectacular weddings but also with coordinating with vendors and following up and keeping accounts of every single detail related to the event. Keep up the good work and we hope to work with you on future projects”

Manisha Ajgoankar (The Photo Diary)

“As a service provider, I’ve worked with a plethora of event planners but there is a certain warmth in Tamarind team that makes it a pleasure to be in an event organized by them. Right from making sure all production gets done on time (rather before time!) to simple things like arranging hot meals and transport for other vendors. Says a lot about attention to detail, doesn’t it? Mahesh carries the sensibilities of a seasoned professional and the energy of a young go-getter. The team reflects the same character. Kudos guys, keep it up!”

Anand Rathi (Reels and Frames)

“With Tamarind’s fantastic help and efforts, we pulled off a beautiful wedding in Bahrain for which I have now got so much positive feedback. Every guest had only nice things to say about all the arrangements including the transfers and the hospitality. All in all, you and your entire team deserve a ‘standing ovation’ for a job well done! As there are no other words to say thank you any better, all I’ll say is “THANK YOU” from bottom of my heart!”

Mona And Russellbhai Mehta

“We really appreciate all the efforts undertaken by Tamarind throughout the event. Your promptness, coordination and thorough professionalism are truly commendable. Thank you to the entire team for performing an exceptional job and leaving us with memories that we will always treasure. it as an absolute pleasure to have you on board for #ThePatPatWedding”

Rajendra Pate

“Thank you Tamarind for being a great helping hand in successfully executing Shradha and Naman’s Udaipur wedding. It was a fairy-tale wedding and a dream come true for the families. From creating a detailed show flow for each event to the hospitality given to our guests, the entire dedicated team did their best! Was a pleasure to work your your warm and friendly team!”

The Binani Family

Top 50 Wedding Planners- Price, Info, Review

Find Expert Wedding Planners @ ShaadiSaga

Wedding planners help in organizing the wedding right from the word Go. Being the most special day in your life, it is essential to be careful while hiring them. Where earlier, family members used to divide responsibilities and provide support for the bride and groom today’s hectic lifestyles have done away with this practice and left lesser time for anyone to be involved intricately in planning a home wedding. Thus, most people opt for experts who can take care of everything from your wedding guest list to your vendor contact list to wedding day timeline. It is the famous wedding planners who become your eyes, ears and hands to executing your most beautiful day into an equally beautiful memory.
We at ShaadiSaga have the best wedding planners in India who have necessary skills and experience and ensure high quality work always. We will pair with experts who provide full range of services- from full wedding planning to partial wedding planning.

Types of Wedding Planning Services

Full Wedding Planning – As the name suggests, the whole planning is arranged by experts from the smallest details to the most opulent requirements till the wedding takes place. They will include determining the wedding budget, discussing the number of guests, selection and booking of venue, hiring vendors, coordinating with everyone and more. All you need to do is discuss everything in detail and let them know your preferences.
Partial Wedding Planning – This planning includes specific services depending on the client’s needs. The planners will only arrange the services you request and will charge accordingly. There will be no inputs from their side in other arrangements.
Coordination Wedding Planning – A best wedding planners can also work as a coordinator who helps manage vendors and other services. You can hire such services after you have booked wedding vendors and other services.
Consultants – Consultation services, while planning a wedding, are often preferred by many. These services include budgets, preferences and requirements discussions in order to meet the expectations of the client.

Guide to Hire Best Wedding Planner

When it comes to booking wedding planner, there are many things that every couple needs to keep in mind. They are:

Things to keep in mind before booking wedding planners online

Do research depending upon you needs.Know the different types of wedding planners in India. Decide your budget based on your personal preferences.
Book the services at least 3-4 months before your wedding to avoid any confusion. You can consult them even 6 months in advance to get a clear idea of budget and everything else.Reach out to us for any query or suggestions.

Things to discuss with the wedding planner before booking

You need to discuss all your preferences and other requirements with them. This will help you plan your wedding the way you wanted.
Let them know your budget, and what functions/events are you planning to have for your wedding. Inform them about the number of guests, dates and duration of various wedding events. Ask for references to be sure of their work.

Hire the right wedding planners @ ShaadiSaga

We will connect you with one of the best wedding planners online, who will ensure higher customer satisfaction rate.
Our experts use the best planning tools, wedding ideas, to make your event memorable. You can choose from a wide variety of services, such as Full Wedding Planning, Partial Wedding Planning, Coordination, and consultation. We will also pair you with a ShaadiSaga wedding manager, who will assist you find the best wedding planner according to your personal preferences. You will get wedding planning services at negotiating prices with us.

Wedding Planning Pricing

There is no fixed fee or industry standard to compare the service pricing but after taking a quick look at the available list of wedding planner packages, you will get some idea of prices . The cost of wedding planners will depend on your requirements. Full wedding planners will cost higher than consultants. ShaadiSaga provides an entire list of vendors and helps you in negotiating prices and selecting an ideal wedding planning expert.

Other Services provided by Shaadisaga

Wedding Venues: Choosing the wedding venue can be a tricky task, but with ShaadiSaga wedding manager, find the best wedding venue to match your dream.
Wedding Decorators: Get every corner of your wedding venue decorated perfectly with minute detailing.
Wedding Invitation: Invite the guests in style with stylish and traditional wedding invites.
Wedding videography: Find an ace videographer to record wedding in style and to shoot pre-wedding video.
Choreographers: Prepare dance performances and enjoy the wedding.
Wedding Planners: Let the wedding planners capture every fun, emotional and interesting moment.
Bridal Makeup Artists: Hire a professional bridal makeup artist and get dolled up for your wedding day.
Mehndi Artists: Choose a design and let the mehndi artist do the rest.
Lehenga Designer: Design your dream outfit as per the latest design trends.

90,000 TOP10 Wedding organizers working abroad!

Many couples choose another city or even another country for their wedding, and this is great. Firstly, this is a great way to fulfill an old dream of a trip to some country, secondly, it is combining a wedding and a honeymoon , and thirdly, of course, the wedding turns out to be very special if it takes place in a special place. Organization of weddings abroad has many pitfalls in addition to those that, in principle, exist when organizing an event, so it will not be easy to do without the help of professionals.The professional organizer already has a network of contacts with verified suppliers, so you will be insured against unexpected disruptions and overlaps. At the same time, the specialist knows better the specifics of the market of the country where you are planning to celebrate your wedding. Today we present the best wedding agencies that can help you organize your wedding abroad **!

** Note: This list is not a preference rating.All listed companies are recommended by Zankyou. The list is in alphabetical order!



BM weddings & events – Visit Website

A worldwide wedding and event organization with over 10 years of professional experience. It adheres to classics of impeccable service , while maintaining a creative and sophisticated approach to work and treating each event with special care.“Life is made up of moments, and our goal is to make your event the Moment that you and your guests will remember forever!”

Learn more about “BM weddings & events”

BM weddings & events

Learn more about “BM weddings & events” Learn more about “BM weddings & events”

BM weddings & events

Learn more about “BM weddings & events” Learn more about “BM weddings & events”

BM weddings & events

Learn more about “BM weddings & events”

Honey Wedding – Visit Website

Professionalism, love for our work and unlimited creativity allow HoneyWedding wedding agency to be the leader in organizing weddings in Europe for almost ten years. All the best that can be offered for weddings in the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and France, has already been selected and tested for you . The Honey Wedding team always works individually: “Creating a unique concept, we think through every detail, weaving the love story of a couple with dreams of the perfect wedding day . Our unlimited creativity, professionalism, impeccable taste and love for our work allows us to implement the most complex and beautiful projects.»

Learn more about “Honey Wedding”

Honey Wedding

Learn more about “Honey Wedding” Learn more about “Honey Wedding”

Honey Wedding

Learn more about “Honey Wedding”

Rosmarin Weddings & Events – Visit Website

An agency based in Corfu that deals with weddings not only on the said island, but also throughout Greece .The agency offers personalized wedding planning , attention to detail and special requests for couples. The agency’s specialists have extensive experience in organizing both small, cozy weddings for two, and large-scale events with a large number of guests. Realizing the complexity of wedding planning abroad, the organizers of Rosmarin Weddings and Events take care of all the key points, as well as all the little headaches of the brides.

Learn more about “Rosmarin Weddings & Events”

Rosmarin Weddings & Events

Learn more about “Rosmarin Weddings & Events” Learn more about “Rosmarin Weddings & Events”

Rosmarin Weddings & Events

Learn more about “Rosmarin Weddings & Events” Learn more about “Rosmarin Weddings & Events”

Rosmarin Weddings & Events

Learn more about “Rosmarin Weddings & Events”

Special Wedding – Visit Website

Special Wedding wedding agency is a lifestyle and a way of thinking.Every wedding created here is handmade. From the interweaving of stories, details, nuances, a warm atmosphere of love, happiness and kindness arises. These weddings are memorable because they are really special. Today the geography of Special Wedding weddings numbers 3 continents and 16 countries , and the agency writes about the events of the world’s leading wedding and FASHION publications. “We don’t just help our clients avoid the hassle of organizing a wedding on their own – our wedding agency offers the best.For this Special Wedding cooperates only with the most professional, proven specialists. Special Wedding will always find the perfect ingredients for your dream wedding. We are open to new ideas , we create trends and are ready to implement even the most complex creative tasks. ”

Learn more about “Special Wedding”

Special Wedding

Learn more about “Special Wedding” Learn more about “Special Wedding”

Special Wedding

Learn more about “Special Wedding” Learn more about “Special Wedding”

Special Wedding

Learn more about “Special Wedding”

Studio Victorias – Visit Site

The agency operates in Portugal and organizes weddings of various formats, but believes that the coolest thing in every project is to become “own” for the couple .That is why here they approach planning and organization with all responsibility, paying attention to both large and seemingly small issues. “Each pair is unique: with its own wishes, history, priorities and limitations. Often international, from different parts of the Earth, from different cultures. And the most interesting and exciting thing in the wedding preparation process is to combine traditions, mentality and make the wedding unforgettable . ”

Learn more about “Studio Victorias”

Studio Victorias

Learn more about “Studio Victorias” Learn more about “Studio Victorias”

Studio Victorias

Learn more about “Studio Victorias” Learn more about “Studio Victorias”

Studio Victorias

Learn more about “Studio Victorias”

Vzaimno – Visit Website

Team, in love with their business and Georgia. The agency cites many advantages of a wedding in this beautiful mountainous country, but one of the most important is perhaps the unexpected cost-effectiveness: “You will be surprised, but the cost of a two-day wedding weekenda in Georgia is equal to the cost of an average wedding in St. Petersburg.” Since the agency also operates in the northern capital, they can state this with full confidence. If you have long dreamed of Georgia, you have someone to rely on! In each of their projects, they pay attention to the history of the couple : their life, features, preferences.”The best wedding inspiration is you!”

Learn more about “Vzaimno”


Learn more about “Vzaimno” Learn more about “Vzaimno”


Learn more about “Vzaimno” Learn more about “Vzaimno”


Learn more about “Vzaimno”

WeDoAgency – Visit Website

A team of like-minded people with experience in organizing social ceremonies for famous glossy magazines, knowledge of show business and cinema technologies, able to create both large-scale multifunctional events and chamber atmospheric events .Constantly improving our professionalism and the level of projects, from year to year we confirm our status as a top wedding agency in Moscow and Russia. The team also has status events in Croatia, Montenegro and Italy.

“We always tell newlyweds about warmth and atmosphere at the wedding . About how important the inner humor of a couple and guests is. That an ideal wedding is not just a banquet and a concert of famous artists, but unusual music and video numbers, director’s links between blocks of the entertainment program.Unobtrusively, lightly and with humor, so that everyone present has fun, and newlyweds – pleasant memories for a lifetime!

Learn more about “WeDoAgency”


Learn more about “WeDoAgency” Find out more about “WeDoAgency”


Find out more about “WeDoAgency” Learn more about “WeDoAgency”


Learn more about “WeDoAgency”

Be Happy – Visit Website

Wedding Agency Be happy for more than 10 years has been organizing weddings and other events.Today, the geography of their work is not limited only to our country – Italy, Spain, Greece, the Czech Republic are already explored territories, where the team can organize the perfect holiday of your dreams. But do not be limited only to these countries, because the agency operates around the world and is ready to select the ideal location , conduct an inspection to make sure that the site meets all the requirements, help with filing documents, assemble a harmonious team of local and imported contractors.All this, of course, with thoughtful logistics, comfort and five-star service.

Learn more about “Be happy”

Be happy

Learn more about “Be happy” Learn more about “Be happy”

Be happy

Learn more about “Be happy” Learn more about “Be happy”

Be happy

Learn more about “Be happy”

Two Bananas – Visit Website

The case when you can entrust the organization of your wedding and honeymoon to one team.Two Bananas is an officially registered travel company, which has been involved in weddings and photo sessions in the Dominican Republic for 7 years, including . Choose from two service packages – a wedding on Amor Beach or Saona Island. “We have already included in the price of the wedding package everything you need and even more for a perfect wedding . Professional Russian stylist, photo, video, transfer, drinks, fruits, beautiful decor of your choice and much more. Write to us, and together we will create for you an unforgettable ceremony in the Dominican Republic! ”

Learn more about Two Bananas

Two Bananas

Learn more about Two Bananas

Two Bananas

Two Bananas

For Two – Visit Website

A team working around the world : the agency has accreditation at European sites, they speak different languages, and they also know all the pitfalls of Moscow and field projects.The agency does everything to ensure that every day of preparation for the wedding and the holiday itself are filled with of your feelings, emotions, stories close to you in spirit , which is why the agency is called “For Two”. “We do not make standard offers, we listen to your wishes and create what suits you best. We have increased requirements for service providers, this gives you confidence in a decent result. ”

Turnkey wedding organization 2021

Wedding organization from the best organizers

We deeply respect and appreciate the work of wedding organizers.We know for sure how difficult it is sometimes to coordinate creative professionals, balance their schedules, and arrange well-coordinated work at a holiday. We see how the success of the event depends on the correctly selected hosts, photographers, videographers, decorators. We feel that the work with the organizers from year to year has been perfected, thought out and planned.

Working with an agency on a turnkey basis is the key to a high-quality successful celebration. We recommend the best of the best, professional agencies with an impeccable quality of work, with whom we have worked personally and they know us inside and out.We are very confident in each other’s services, value our reputation and do not throw words down the drain. These are the agencies you can trust to organize your special day and date. Professionals who love to create, organize and come up with ideas that will surprise both you and your guests. The preparation and decoration of your wedding is in good hands!

Don’t panic bride – Since 2016 Don’t panic bride agency has been creating weddings where there are no clear frames, everything is possible, as long as it is “about you”, tastefully and harmoniously.Its creator, Yulia Fedorova, encourages you to abandon traditions that are alien to you and create your own, preserving the best: family values, comfort, real emotions and sincerity. Yulia tries to be not only an organizer, but also a friend, to create an easy atmosphere without panic and fuss, so that the preparation period was a joy. It is important for her to take part in every stage of organizing a wedding, because all of them – from the selection of the venue and the team to the selection of buttons on the wedding dress – are important.

TOBELOVE – The events created by TOBELOVE are unique and reflect the couple: their inner world, desires and feelings.We want the wedding to be a personal, incomparable story of two people, where guests will immerse themselves in a special atmosphere and get memories for a lifetime. Our wedding projects can be easily distinguished from the background of others: they differ in the depth of the idea, author’s scripts, extraordinary atmosphere and bright forms. They combine the art of theater and cinema, show, fashion, modern technology and any, even the most daring ideas. In TOBELOVE there are no frameworks and limitations – only an endless desire to make our clients’ dreams come true.

Markevich Event – The Markevich Event Agency in Moscow is a union of creative people who can change reality, bringing in it notes of positive, unrestrained fun, celebration and good mood. Our projects are always fanned by the work of a close-knit team of professionals, whose creative potential is always directed in the right direction at the event. We strive to combine tradition and innovation, deleting everything unnecessary, outdated and obsolete from the celebration scenario.

Russian Wedding Group – The RWG philosophy is based on the emotions and unforgettable impressions of the newlyweds and their guests.And the basis is the desires of the bride and groom! And our best reward is sincere grateful feedback from the participants in our projects (often invited guests become our clients). We know how to listen carefully and correctly hear each of our couples, find individual solutions that are based precisely on the desires of lovers. We are not limited by geography, style or scale!

For Two – Wedding Studio “For Two” is about you. About your love, stylish personality and dreams.About organizing a celebration that will be remembered for a lifetime. To make a big event in the life of the bride and groom a highlight that will not happen again, but will forever become a good memory.

Wedding agency of Lilia Gorlanova – Wedding agency of Lilia Gorlanova on the market since 2010. Three years after its launch, the agency became the winner of the prestigious Wedding Awards for wedding business professionals in the Best Wedding Agency nomination. During this time, Lilia’s wedding company has organized more than 350 events in Russia and abroad: France, Italy, Austria, Cyprus, Maldives, Thailand.

Cheers – Cheers believe that on their wedding day, the bride and groom have only one job: to feel happy and shine. The organizers know very well what kind of atmosphere should be for this at the celebration, and how important it is for the outside to be in harmony with the inside. A wedding planner is a person who makes preparation easy in every sense. This means that there will always be an expert from the Cheers team next to the bride and groom. He knows how to make a wedding “out of time”, he will be able to calculate the budget and schedule the event, direct and control everything that happens, maintain and give a sense of calmness.

GRAY CHIC Wedding – GRAY CHIC is a laconic chic with shades of gray St. Petersburg sky, a combination of monochrome and classic aesthetics. The agency was founded in 2016 and since then the team has organized and hosted weddings and events in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Italy, Georgia, Iceland and Norway.

Celebrate It! – For our Team, flawless wedding organization is more than just taking all the worries about this day on yourself and giving you the opportunity to enjoy every minute.A well-chosen site, a rationally distributed budget, precisely selected contractors, elegant decor and memorable details, comfort for a couple and guests, thoughtful timing and coordination by a professional team are the unconditional foundation of every event organized by us. But there is something more behind all projects. Every little thing matters to us because we create your memories.

Morozova Wedding is the only agency whose head has experience in all areas of the event industry.the product we create is a love story. It is broadcast in every detail: in the work of the team, in relation to the couple, in the attention to detail. We have developed our own credo: “EXTRAORDINARY CARE”. This means that we work for the result and exceed the expectations of not only the couple, but the entire team. This is the best recommendation for us. This is why we become friends with couples for many years.

Organization of turnkey weddings, organization of VIP weddings in Moscow

Organization of turnkey weddings, organization of VIP weddings in Moscow – Caramel Wedding Agency

Wedding Agency Karamel is included in the list of the best agencies in Moscow.For us, organizing a wedding is a story thought out from start to finish. The story of your day, which we create with great care and love. Our weddings are becoming the best, everyone is talking about them, and for several years now our events have won the title of “Best Wedding of the Year” by Wedding magazine.


This year, the wedding agency “Caramel” became the winner of the Wedding Awards 2017 in the most important nomination “The best wedding agency in Russia”.

Hello friends! We are very glad that you came to visit us! Our wedding agency is a team of people in love with their business. And if you are thinking about organizing a wedding, then here, on the pages of our website, you can find out more about us, our work, what a modern wedding is, the latest trends, the principles of our wedding agency in organizing and holding wedding events, see different styles our wedding celebrations, to feel their elegance, beauty and unique style.Organization of weddings is indeed a difficult process, but we so want it to bring you no less pleasure than the day of the celebration itself. One of the most pleasant words that we hear from our newlyweds after their wedding is the words that they are a little sad, because the preparation is over, and there is no longer a need to come to the wedding agency to, for example, choose invitations or discuss the timing of the day. … We really want the work of our wedding agency to inspire you to create your unforgettable and unique wedding day! To do this, we have collected the most interesting, beautiful and memorable moments from our weddings in detailed photo reports that we would like to share with you.


Wedding Agency “Caramel” has been successfully organizing turnkey weddings in Moscow for over 10 years and is included in the top list of the best agencies. Each of our projects becomes a bright event in the wedding world, we set the bar and the level to which our colleagues are striving in many ways in the future. The celebrations organized by us are frequent guests on the pages of wedding publications, permanent finalists and winners of the Wedding magazine “Wedding of the Year” contest, they are published in top Western wedding blogs.But, to be honest, our biggest and most important achievement is the words of gratitude to our couples, their sincere emotions, which they express to us upon completion. It is incredibly energizing and inspiring! Indeed, from the very beginning of our work, organizing a wedding for us is, first of all, you, such lovers and touching, your relationships, characters, feelings and experiences. And, of course, you are all very different, with different views and wishes, but we are surprisingly lucky to have people who come to us, they really inspire us, and we always try to find our own approach to everyone.This is probably why our wedding agency has such a large percentage of clients who come to us, as they say, through word of mouth.)

We have extensive experience in organizing turnkey weddings, and this allows us to create our weddings, avoiding many mistakes. Every day we try to monitor and find something new and interesting in the wedding world, develop and test new interesting services, because the organization of VIP weddings is the result of the work of a team of super-professionals!

Our wedding agency makes celebrations very different in scope and style.And we love it incredibly! For example, once we made a big four-day country celebration with a lot of artists and stars, very complex logistics, where every day guests got to new locations and decorations, which unnoticed for everyone at night replaced each other, modifying our site beyond recognition. All the guests present at this wedding had the feeling that every time in the morning they find themselves in some new place. The scale of this event was amazing, and the number of contractors on it was several times higher than the total number of guests! This is a truly VIP turnkey wedding organization! And a week later, our wedding agency held a very beautiful small wedding in a cozy country restaurant.The couple had a wedding that day, and when later they read vows to each other, it was touching to tears. And we equally love and appreciate each of these two weddings. These two completely different celebrations are united by the fact that both of them were organized by us with love, professionally and at a very high level.

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How is the work with our wedding agency organized in the process of preparing for the celebration? In short, the organization of a wedding in Moscow with us will look something like this:

  1. any wedding organization begins with choosing a place and the first thing our wedding agency does is to find the ideal venues for your celebration (unless, of course, you have found your ideal place before meeting us), and since we know absolutely all the best places for weddings, it usually does not take a lot of time;
  2. we invite you to a meeting at our office, where over a cup of delicious tea or coffee we will tell you about ourselves, our weddings, approach, financial components of the wedding, budget planning and learn more about you, your desires, dreams and preferences;
  3. we come up with and develop an aesthetic concept for your celebration;
    we are engaged in the development of corporate identity and printing;
    we pay attention to your images and style;
    we are booking key contractors for our holiday;
    we think over the entertainment program of the evening and add interesting moves and chips;
    we solve logistics problems of the day;
    finalizing timing and estimate;
  4. our team of professional wedding planners accompanies you “from and to” on the day of the celebration and fully controls all stages of the wedding day;
  5. you enjoy one of the best days of your life, each other, the beauty around, the festive atmosphere and communication with guests and loved ones.

But in fact, behind these few points is the full-scale, daily and painstaking work of our team, which in the final invariably leads us to the perfect result and the wedding you dreamed of!



A wonderful year, such beautiful lovers and happy couples surrounded us. Sometimes we don’t even believe that all this was done by us.Each project has a part of our heart and each very, very much of our love.

© Wedding Agency Caramel, 2008-2021. All rights reserved. map of site 90,000 Wedding Agency “Be Happy” – organization of a turnkey wedding in St. Petersburg

Wedding agency “Be Happy”:

organization of a turnkey wedding in St. Petersburg

Our wedding agency in St. Petersburg has been organizing turnkey weddings for over 12 years.During this time, we have accumulated vast experience in all aspects of preparing and conducting weddings. We work only with the most reliable contractors and sites, develop a unique concept for each wedding, guarantee a high level of service and an ideal result. That is why we can safely call ourselves one of the best wedding agencies in St. Petersburg.

Awards and achievements speak of the success of our wedding agency:

  • Winners in the category “Best Regional Wedding Project” of the All-Russian Wedding Awards in 2019
  • Finalists in the category “Best project up to 1.5 million” at the international White Awards in 2019
  • Finalists in the category “Best Wedding Agency” at the international White Awards in 2019
  • Finalists in the nomination “Best project with a budget of up to 8 mln.”International White Awards in 2019.
  • Finalist in the category “Best Regional Wedding Agency” of the All-Russian Wedding Awards in 2018
  • Shortlist in the category “Best Regional Project” of the All-Russian Wedding Awards in 2018
  • “Best Regional Wedding Agency” according to the authoritative international wedding magazine White Sposa in 2017
  • “Best Wedding Agency” Zankyou International Awards 2016 and 2017
  • Shortlist in the category “Best Regional Agency” at the All-Russian Wedding Awards
  • Top-12 best wedding agencies in St. Petersburg, according to the authoritative wedding magazine Style Wedding
  • Member of the Expert Council of the SpbWedAwards 2016
  • Showman Awards Spb Jury Member

We provide services for organizing weddings in St. Petersburg on a turnkey basis, including with remote preparation, as well as planning and holding weddings abroad.There are no barriers for the agency “Be Schastly”: our professional team is happy to organize your ideal wedding anywhere in the world. You just have to choose a place, and we will take care of all other worries.

We will be happy to create your unique wedding!

90,000 6 must-read books for wedding planners

We all agree that business books are not the most exciting reading. But if you decide to devote some time to them and start learning the nuances of this wedding business, you will find that you can pick up many interesting ideas from them.

A wedding planner should know absolutely everything related to the world of weddings, and an alternative option for this is to read such books.

Here are some of the best wedding planning books for you to find inspiration, suggestions, and first-hand advice from other organizers. This is the library every wedding planner should have!

Vintage Wedding Style

This book is required reading.It explains how to blend personal style with vintage style – a brilliant idea for any ceremony. Written by stylist Elizabeth Demos, the book is replete with countless photographs of real or symbolic weddings that can inspire you.

Creative ideas, over 200 images, and material sourcing tips are great help to create and organize an unforgettable wedding.

The Knot Guide to Destination Weddings

A must-read for all wedding planners.Written by Carly Roney, the book is great for educating readers about all the steps required to organize a wedding in different locations.

It is important to rent a space or find accommodation for guests until the budget for the wedding and honeymoon is determined. In addition, in this book you will find everything you need to find suppliers and all the details you need to implement a wedding abroad.

How to Win Friends and Influence People

Hidden behind a title that might discourage anyone to read it, this book is a great guide to starting and growing a business.It is very easy to read and also teaches you how to influence and attract leads from an entrepreneurial perspective.


She tells the story of an ambitious young man named Joe who is hungry for success. Joe is truly ambitious, although sometimes he feels like the harder he works, the further he seems to be from achieving his goals.

It may seem to you that this book has nothing to do with the topic of weddings, but the values ​​that are reflected in it are very important for the organizer, especially if you are just starting out.

Yes, I do! (Yes!)

From a wedding dress to a wedding dance. With this book you can start designing any wedding, as it shows the basic concepts for organizing an event of this magnitude and some helpful tips. Brilliant wedding ideas for the couple’s personal style.

Handmade Wedding

This amazing book includes over 50 wedding ideas and suggestions, from more classic and modern celebrations to more traditional and homely ones.In this guide, you’ll find everything you need to inspire and adapt to the tastes and preferences of the bride and groom.

In addition, you will read everything about choosing the necessary materials, inspiring photos for each of the 50 ideas presented and diagrams and graphics with detailed instructions.

90,000 Best wedding photographers in Moscow: top-20 rating

When the moment comes to choose a wedding photographer, each couple is looking for someone who can capture and preserve all the events and emotions of the most important day better than others.Only a real professional who knows and loves his job can feel the mood of lovers and their loved ones, not to miss the funny and touching moments. There are many, no, even a lot of good wedding photographers in Moscow, but how can you find the one? Especially for those who are looking, we have compiled a selection of the 20 best wedding photographers working in Moscow. You no longer need to scour the Internet and call agencies. Just choose.

Since autumn 2016,, with the support of Sony, launched the portal of the best wedding photographers WeddingPro.Photographers with more than 3 years of experience and more than 15 wedding photography are invited to participate. The portal members are provided with special conditions for testing and subsequent purchase of photographic equipment, PR on and in social networks, live orders.

1. Artem Kondratenkov

Artem is one of the Top 15 wedding photographers in Russia according to MyWed, makes field shots in other cities and abroad, actively participates in competitions and associations of wedding photographers of various levels.For example, in 2010 he became the winner of the professional competition of wedding photography “Bi May Bride 2010” in the category “Album” (Moscow), and in 2011 – the winner of the competition of wedding photography BWPA (professional competition of wedding photographers in Belarus) in the nomination “Best reportage Photo”. In wedding photo shoots, Artyom manages to create a relaxed atmosphere in the frame, allowing the newlyweds and guests to show their character and charisma.

2.Alexander Nozdrin

Alexander has professional account of more than 700 wedding photo sessions, in which he skillfully combines the experience of reportage, staged and studio shooting. In Alexander’s photographs, even the most staged scenes look natural and dynamic. In 2014, Alexander was awarded the title of Master of Wedding and Family Photography, and is the only Russian photographer to receive the Grand Prix at the WPPI (Wedding & Portrait Photographers International) international competition.

3. Galina Nabatnikova

Galina, who usually works in tandem with Gennady Granin, describes her work as “elegant cinematic photojournalism.” And this is a very accurate description – her shots really often look like screenshots of movie scenes, they have real movement and life in them. It is impossible not to note the portraits of brides that Galina makes with a special approach to each girl. Gennady and Galina are winners of the First National Award “Best Photographer of the Year” in 2009, numerous winners of competitions of the World Association of Professional Wedding Photographers (ISPWP).

4. Rustam Khadzhibaev

Rustam has been professionally engaged in photography for about 20 years, having worked in various genres: advertising, fashion photography, reporting. For the last 9 years he has been working as a wedding photographer and in his photo shoots he combines artistry, energy, joy of the moments and sincerity of emotions. According to Rustam, wedding photography is an excellent example, first of all, of portrait photography, because it is in a solemn and joyful atmosphere that each person shows himself from his best side.

5. Katya Mukhina

Katya calls herself a wedding photographer without borders – since 2003 she has worked on more than 500 weddings in Russia and around the world. Katya loves to create unique and magical pictures, photographing couples with passion and love of adventure. In 2011 she was recognized as the most creative wedding photographer at the MyWed photo conference (first place in the Idea! Competition for the most creative love photo). In 2013 she was nominated by the editors of AMERICAN PHOTO magazine for the Top 10 Best Wedding Photographers in the world.Represents Canon in Europe and Russia as a wedding photographer.

6. Daria Bulavina

Daria is a member of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia, a participant in international exhibitions and an author of books on photography. Today she is known as one of the best photographers in Moscow. Daria has an established photographic sketch, thanks to which graceful pictures are created, filled with the solemnity of the moment. She has her own photography school and several personal photo exhibitions that have taken place.

7. Denis Kalinichenko

Denis Kalinichenko has already been included in the Top 30 best wedding photographers according to our magazine in 2013, and again appeared in the list of the best by right. His main focus is wedding and family photography, which he really excels at. During the wedding shooting, Denis manages to pay attention to absolutely everything: the details of the solemn atmosphere, guests, feast, the atmosphere of the holiday and, of course, the newlyweds.

8. Yulia Buruleva

Julia is a professional photographer, she was educated in the field of photography as a photo artist. Perhaps this is what largely determines how strong Julia is in her field: professional work with composition, light and color, with people in the frame – all this is in her photographs. Julia has been involved in wedding photography for more than eight years, and more than once she has become a nominee and prize-winner in specialized contests of various levels.In 2010, Julia became the winner of the Annual Competition of the Association of Wedding Photographers in the category “Best Wedding Photographer”.

9. Alexander Vasilev

Alexander Vasilev did not come to wedding photography right away, this was preceded by a long creative path. For a long time he lived in the United States, absorbing the best aspects of American culture. Alexander believes that this is what largely influenced the style of his photographs: his works have become bright, emotional, with elements of stock photography and a touch of “journalism”.In wedding photography, Alexander focuses on staging, but the staging itself is of a reportage nature, the so-called “staged reportage”. The photographer believes that each wedding is unique and inimitable, it itself dictates the mood and genre of future pictures.

10. Lilia Gorlanova

Lilia came to photography from the world of fashion, in the field of which she has a higher art education. That is why Lilia considers the creative component to be the most important in her photographs.Specializes in portrait photography. In wedding photography, Lilia loves most of all to feel like a part of what is happening – she conveys the emotions of happy people and the surrounding beauty with the help of photography. Lilia is a full member and prize-winner of international associations of wedding photographers. In 2011, she won the MyWed Award and was named Photographer of the Year.

11. Alexey Kinyapin

Finalist of the MyWed Award 2012, organizer of his own master classes, Alexey Kinyapin is considered one of the most successful wedding photographers in Russia.Alexey loves to photograph happy people, preserving these moments for their family history. From April to November, Aleksey photographs weddings, and in winter he travels and does travel photography.

12.Sergey Zaporozhets

As Sergei said in an interview, if he were not a photographer, he would be an inventor. The craving for invention is also visible in his works – atypical angles could be called Sergei’s calling card. As Sergei himself says, good photography is born where light, perspective and mood converge.His style is a mix of creative production and wedding photojournalism. Noticing details, showing the ordinary in an unusual light – this is what Sergei does best.

13. Konstantin Gribov

Konstantin discovered photography as a child, he took his first steps in photography under the guidance of his grandfather. One of the brightest childhood impressions he calls the moment when an image began to appear on a white sheet of paper … Today all Konstantin’s photographs are so vivid that you just want to reach out and touch the jets of water, jump up with the audience of the concert or give another cookie to the adorable little boy …Konstantin loves to shoot individual photo stories. In such a situation, the shot is not made for the sake of the shot, but is used as a means of expressing some thought. In essence, it is a story written in photographic language.

14. Sergey Khvatynets

A graduate of the Sergei Novozhilov School of Wedding Photography, Sergei Khvatynets is one of the most interesting and successful wedding photographers in Russia. As Sergei himself says about his work, he photographs dreams of love about romance, captures the most beautiful state of a person in the camera lens – the state of love that reigns at weddings.

15. Anastasia Beloglazova

In each new shoot of the newlyweds, Anastasia sees an opportunity to take a fresh look at the process of creating a photograph, find new colors and place accents in a different way. In her pictures, she tries not only to convey the emotions of the newlyweds at the happiest moment of their lives, but also to bring a piece of her own mood. This is what makes photographs unique.

16.Alexey Malyshev

Alexey Malyshev considers the most important thing in wedding photography to be the opportunity to relive a happy day. He never gets tired of looking for new angles and ideas for pictures, uses chances and hunts for real emotions. Alexey is a member and multiple winner of the famous world association of wedding photographers FearlessPhotographers.

17. Andrey Nastasenko

Andrey has his own very balanced approach to the shooting process, he knows how to make the day easier for a couple: somewhere to support, and somewhere to enhance emotions.Pays attention to everything and everything that happens at the wedding. Therefore, his photographs are so real, alive. Andrey entered the Top 50 FearlessPhotographers in 2014, is a photographer in 2014 according to Wedlife.

18. Slava Semyonov

Light, lively, sincere and ideal from the point of view of composition photographs, in which all the participants of the celebration look like “from the cover” – Slava Semyonov succeeds best of all.In each Slavin photo, the emotions of the most important day come to life thanks to professional work with everything that becomes a part of it. Happy guests and newlyweds, smiles, hugs, dances, interior details and outfits – in the hands of Slava, everything becomes one beautiful photo story.

19. Dmitry Svarovsky

Dmitry surprisingly guesses the mood of each couple, knows how to work with people in the frame, which can be seen in his photographs; has a fine nature and good taste.His works, which cannot be called stereotyped, differ from the works of other photographers by playing with color and saturation. Dmitry considers unusual color and compositional solutions, creative experiments and an individual approach to newlyweds to be the key to good shots. All these moments he tries to take into account and use during shooting.

20. Ksenia Bulanova

Author of two personal exhibitions, participant and diploma winner of more than ten photo exhibitions of the CIS and Europe, Ksenia Bulanova in her works strives to avoid stereotypes and patterns, knows how to find an individual approach to each pair.The photo stories that Ksenia creates make it possible to travel back in time and relive all those emotions and feelings. Favorite genre – artistic portrait photography; Ksenia thinks that the whole world can be conveyed in a portrait of one person. At the fourth open international photo award “Best Photographer” Ksenia took 1st place in the “Wedding / Love Story” nomination.

Since autumn 2016,, with the support of Sony, launched the portal of the best wedding photographers WeddingPro.Photographers with more than 3 years of experience and more than 15 wedding photography are invited to participate. The portal members are provided with special conditions for testing and subsequent purchase of photographic equipment, PR on and in social networks, live orders.

90,558 90,000 Wedding with bloggers in Nur-Sultan: the organizers were fined: August 13, 2021, 18:59

The organizers of a wedding with several Instagram bloggers in Nur-Sultan were fined 87,510 tenge. According to the Department of Sanitary and Epidemiological Control of Nur-Sultan, blogger Islam Zhanabylov, as the organizer of the toy, fully admitted his guilt and was brought to administrative responsibility, Tengrinews

“On the fact of violation of restrictive and quarantine measures in Nur-Sultan on August 9, 2021, namely the organization and holding of a wedding in the Dilu PLAZA restaurant, organized by Zhanabylov Islam and Zhanabylov Erbolat, on August 13, 2021, materials were received from the district police department. According to Zhanabylov’s explanatory note Islam, he was the organizer of this family event, he fully admitted his guilt and was brought to administrative responsibility under Part 1 of Article 425 of the Administrative Offenses Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the form of an administrative fine in the amount of 30 MCI in the amount of 87,510 tenge, “DSEK reported.

It is reported that, according to Yerbolat Zhanabylov’s explanatory letter, he was not the organizer of this wedding, but was only a guest at the event.

However, for being without a mask in a public place, Zhanabylov was brought to administrative responsibility in the form of an administrative fine in the amount of 30 MCI in the amount of 87,510 tenge.

“In connection with the full admission of guilt by the Zhanabylovs, Islam and Yerbolat were given the opportunity to pay an administrative fine in an abbreviated manner within 7 days in the amount of 43,755 tenge.Also under consideration in the Department of Sanitary and Epidemiological Control of the Esil District is the material received in relation to the business entity who allowed this mass family event to be held at the Dilu PLAZA restaurant, “added DSEK.

Previously, the police were interested in a video of a wedding involving several Instagram bloggers in Nur-Sultan.

Videos from the festive event appeared on the Instagram page of blogger Islam Zhanabylov.

The wedding was attended by guests and invited artists.Judging by the video, the holiday took place in one of the restaurants in the capital.

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