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10 Best Water Closets & Toilet Bowls in Singapore

Nowadays, toilet bowls, or water closets, can look modern and contemporary, similar to those installed in luxury hotels’ bathrooms. Some even have modern features like soft closing seat covers, seat warmers, some equipped with an in-built bidet spray, or even various automated features. With an extensive variety of toilet bowls available in the market, which then is the best water closet or toilet bowl in Singapore? In our Best of Home series, we have curated the latest 10 Best Toilet Bowls in Singapore, providing quality recommendations to suit your lifestyle and budget. 

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This article was last updated on 7 April 2021.

10 Best Water Closets and Toilet Bowls in Singapore

1. RIGEL 9030S Closed Coupled Water Closet

Ergonomic and stylish

Rigel continues to leverage technology to produce award-winning product designs with higher value and efficiency, one of which is the Rigel WR-R-WC9030S water closet. With its sleek, minimalist look, it can easily blend into any modern bathroom design.

Functionality is great as well, with its carefully designed bowl surface ensuring that water does not splash out of the bowl and that its optimally sized sump hole operates without any clogging.

What we also highly appreciate is that RIgel offers the option to get this water closet in a one-piece or two-piece model, and we can choose between a fully-backed or exposed back design, allowing for a more versatile installation to suit our tastes more.

Hygienic and eco-friendly sanitary ware

We have no qualms about using this toilet even late at night, as from its soft closing seat and cover to flushing, everything operates silently.

One of our favourite features worth gushing about is Rigel’s patented WhirlWash Technology, which lowers water consumption by 22% due to its strong flushing power with low water usage! It is efficiently designed to reach all areas within the water closet despite less water consumed. Additionally, the 9030S has a dual flush system that is certified up to 3 ticks of using only 3.5 L and 2.5L per flush, for a full or reduced flush respectively.

Their water closets are currently equipped with Puraglaze which is a special glaze that prevents stains from forming on the bowl and helps resist odours. Should you wish for added protection, you can opt to add Purashield Technology for anti-bacterial protection.

Convenient and intelligent design for easy maintenance

If you had to frequently scrub your toilet, you’d be thankful for the fully glazed ceramic surface of 9030S. With Rigel’s PuraGlaze Anti-Stain formula, any dirt is easily washed off the surface by simply flushing, thereby preventing stains and odours from developing

The Rigel WC9030S boasts a rimless design that prevents dirt and bacteria from accumulating. Without a rim, dirt will not collect in the inner pan, making cleaning so much easier. Furthermore, the water closet features a flexible pan collar, which fits bathrooms with a trap distance smaller than 10 inches long. Long story short, installation is simple and buyers do not need to worry about dismantling existing WC, as this feature eliminates any downtime for buyers so that they do not have to live without a water closet for even a day.

If you wish to see the 9030S water closet in action, check out the video below.

Why buy this:

  • Minimalist, space-saving, and available in different designs
  • Silent, powerful dual flushing system – lowers water consumption by 22%
  • RiNano Technology for self-disinfection – destroys microorganisms upon contact
  • Rimless, fully glazed ceramic design for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects and 3 years warranty for the cistern mechanism parts

2. Villeroy & Boch Avento Close-coupled Toilet Bowl

Best overall

Our first recommendation is the Villeroy & Boch Avento Close-coupled Toilet Bowl. With a fresh and practical design, it guarantees an excellent value for your money. The seat has SoftClosing and QuickRelease features, while the toilet exterior itself is easy to clean thanks to the smooth sides. Don’t like the thought of wasting water? This toilet features a water-saving dual volume flush!

Washdown pans

Moreover, the washdown pans mean that excretions will be directly enclosed by liquid once it hits the water. No more worrying with follow-up cleaning, as this toilet offers the best hygienic solution. Not to mention that it minimizes odour to make your bathroom smelling fresh.

Why buy this:

  • SoftClosing and QuickRelease cover
  • Easy to clean
  • Washdown pans

3. TOTO LE MUSE Close Coupled Toilet CW811


As one of the world’s biggest and most popular toilet manufacturer, TOTO makes some of the best toilet bowls in Singapore. Among those is the LE MUSE Close Coupled Toilet CW811. What really strikes one from the get-go is the modern style and design that make it the perfect choice for any contemporary bathroom. Furthermore, the efficient dual flush system can help lower your monthly water costs. And who would not want to be a little more environmentally friendly from time to time?

Why buy this:

  • Modern style
  • Dual flush system

4. Mercury-UF OttO

Ceramic material

The Mercury-UF OTTO is a one-piece water closet made from white ceramic. Not only does it feature a soft-closing UF seat cover, but also a low-capacity dual flushing system that could help you save water. The full flush will use around 3.6L of water, while the reduced flush cuts it down to just 2.93L. However, that is not the best thing about this toilet bowl! Yes, it actually comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of 10 years for the internal flushing mechanism.

Why buy this:

  • Soft closing cover
  • Good water-saving water closet in Singapore
  • 10-year warranty

5. American Standard ACACIA

Antibacterial finish

If you often worry about your toilets teeming with bacteria, the American Standard ACACIA will give you peace of mind. Offering total protection, the anti-bacterial finish ensures that the entire toilet will be hygienic. The double vortex provides maximum flushing with minimum water usage, while the hydrophilic technology means there will be no dirt or stains on the ceramic surface. In addition, the Quick Release seat cover lets you replace it without much trouble.

Why buy this:

  • Antibacterial water closet in Singapore
  • Hydrophilic ceramic surface

6. TOTO AVANTE Wall Hung Toilet CW822

Wall hung design

It seems fitting to mention another one of TOTO’s excellent creations – the CW822, a wall-hung model that is sure to look charming in a modern bathroom. Combining a synergy of Cefiontect, rimless design and a tornado flush system, you can expect your toilet to look clean and brand-new after each use. Cefiontect is an ultra-smooth and hydrophilic ceramic glaze that will guarantee no waste or dirt clinging on the bowl!

Tornado flush

The tornado flush is a powerful 360-degree technology that cleans every spot while being incredibly silent. Meanwhile, its rimless design means that your water closet will be easier to clean and limits nooks for germ and mould to grow.

Why buy this:


Dual flush

Founded in 1873, KOHLER is an American manufacturing company known for its high-quality plumbing products. The Ove is another water-saving toilet bowl that features an efficient dual flush system. While the full flush requires 4L of water, use the reduced option to just use 2.6L. We love that it has a skirted bowl design, which makes it much easier to clean and maintain. In terms of design, contemporary styling is apparent in Ove’s modern and sleek exterior.

Why buy this:

8. Baron W888 Toilet Bowl

Affordable price with good quality

For an affordable yet premium toilet bowl, we recommend the Baron W888. It has everything one could wish for from a modern high-performance toilet. The slow-moving seat cover means there will not be any slamming that damages the seat and your eardrums! It is also an S-trap model so that the waste pipe is connected directly to the floor. Additionally, the flushing system is incredibly smooth and can help you save water in the long run.

Why buy this:

  • Slow-moving seat cover
  • Water-saving

9. ROZ 828 1-PC Toilet Bowl


The ROZ 828 1-PC is one of the best toilet bowls in Singapore because not only is it more affordable than our previous option, it’s just as high quality! It offers an excellent water-efficient system that uses up only 3. 9L on full flush. Better yet, that becomes 2.9L on reduced flush. Not to mention that this ROZ toilet comes in two different sizes, so you can choose the perfect one for your space.

Why buy this:

  • Affordable option
  • Reduced flush

10. Tiara 2-Piece Toilet Bowl 208

Budget pick

Lastly, for an affordable water closet in Singapore that will not break the bank, check out the Tiara 2-Piece Toilet Bowl 208, a washdown toilet that features a soft-closing seat cover. It is also an S-trap toilet, but what we love most is that it already has a water-saving system that lets you waste less water. 

Why buy this:

  • Soft-closing seat cover
  • PUB approved


Where to buy a toilet bowl in Singapore?

You used to only be able to buy a toilet bowl in Singapore in retail stores, but now you can purchase them online for the ultimate convenience and even enjoy discounted prices! Lazada and Shopee are my go-to for bathroom products. It is also a great place to compare the price of water closets and toilet bowls in Singapore. 


We hope that our guide on the 10 Best Toilet Bowls in Singapore will help you to buy the best toilet bowl in Singapore. Do also read our other buying guides too. Please do share this along with your friends if you have found this useful. Do look forward to more buying guides that we will be releasing soon!

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Buy Johnson Suisse Products in Malaysia November 2021

Equip Your Homes with Sanitary Ware from Johnson Suisse Malaysia

Having reliable sanitary wear at home is important for us to maintain our hygiene and overall well-being. Acknowledging the importance of equipping our homes with high-quality sanitary ware, Johnson Suisse dedicates itself to providing top-class bathroom solutions to its consumers. Thanks to a stellar history and skilled expertise in sanitary ware, Johnson Suisse has managed to establish itself as a leading brand in the sanitary ware industry in Malaysia.

Johnson Suisse sanitary ware is made from durable, scratch-resistant vitreous china, and is polished with high-quality glaze. As a sign of confidence for the quality of its products, Johnson Suisse offers a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects for all its products. A list of the products manufactured by Johnson Suisse Malaysia are listed and described below:

Water Closets

One product that Johnson Suisse is known for is the water closet, better known as toilets or toilet bowls. The white china and glazed finish add a classy touch to the bathroom. Johnson Suisse has a wide array of water closets available in various styles for you to fix at home including:

  • Close-coupled water closets
  • One-piece water closets
  • Wall-hung water closets
  • Back-to-wall pedestal water closets
  • Low-level pedestal closets
  • Squatting pans

Water Basins / Sinks

Another signature product that Johnson Suisse is known for is water basins. Regardless of how the interior of your washroom looks like, Johnson Suisse has a basin that can complement it perfectly. There are multiple styles of water basins that you can choose from, including:

  • Wall-hung basins
  • Semi-recessed basins
  • Semi inset basins
  • Undercounter basins
  • Over counter basins
  • Countertop basins
  • Pedestals
  • Handicap clinical wall-hung basins
  • Utility sink


Johnson Suisse is also renowned for its inventory of showerheads and fittings. Made from stainless steel, these fittings are functional and durable, able to last for many years at a time. Amongst the products available in this category include:

  • Hand Showers
  • Fixed Hand Showers
  • Shower Columns
  • Bath Spouts
  • Shower Kits
  • Flexible Hoses
  • Wall Outlets
  • Sliding Bars
  • Wall Brackets
  • Pillar Legs
  • Shower Arms
  • Hand Spray Bidets

Bath Tubs

Want to enjoy a nice, warm bubble bath to soothe your tense muscles after a long day’s work? Johnson Suisse also provides bathtubs for you to install at home so that you can destress without needing to go to spas.

Other Quality Bathroom Solutions Offered by Johnson Suisse Malaysia

Besides the products mentioned above, Johnson Suisse also manufactures a vast selection of bidets, faucets, flush valves, and bathroom accessories such as holders and bath racks.

Taking Care of Sanitary Ware

The bathroom is one of the areas in your home that requires the most care as it can house millions of germs and bacteria if it is not properly maintained. Cleaning your bathroom might seem troublesome but it is beneficial for you as an occupant in the long run. Moreover, with proper maintenance, you can be assured that the fixtures in your bathroom will retain their clean and sparkling functionality that lasts for generations. Read on to find out cleaning tips for staple sanitary ware found in your bathroom:

Cleaning Bathroom Sinks

The sink is usually one of the first fixtures seen when you open the bathroom door. Unlike bathtubs and shower spaces, sinks cannot be hidden behind a shower curtain to conceal any unwelcoming mess and grime. Cleaning the sink is not as troublesome as you think. You can clean it with any general-purpose spray cleaner available in the market. Otherwise, a homemade cleaning solution made of vinegar and water (one cup each) should also do the trick. To remove stubborn stains, you should use a mildly abrasive cleaner or a mixture of baking soda and water. Once you are done removing the grime, dry the sink with a soft cloth to keep it gleaming.

Cleaning the Toilet and Toilet Bowl

The importance of keeping your toilet bowl clean should not be underestimated. As it is exposed almost daily to unsanitary excretions and body wastes, it is one of the fixtures that can accumulate grime easily. You can use a general-purpose cleaner or a homemade mixture made of vinegar and water to clean the exterior of the toilet. The bowl should be sanitized by scrubbing with antibacterial toilet cleaner or by using a mix of bleach and water.

Cleaning Showerheads and Faucets

Proper maintenance can ensure that the Johnson Suisse showerheads and faucets can function at optimum conditions for longer periods. The solution for removing accumulated lime from showerheads made with chrome, stainless steel, and other protected metal surfaces effectively is white vinegar. All you need to do is fill a plastic bag with white vinegar. Then, attach the bag over the showerhead and secure it with a rubber band. After about one hour, remove the bag of vinegar and turn on the shower to flush away any excess vinegar and sediment.

Which country is Johnson Suisse from?

Johnson Suisse started to operate in Malaysia, in 1964. The company provides a complete solution for bathroom products to homes, businesses, and industries. For over 50 years, Johnson Suisse Malaysia has been a leading brand name in Malaysia sanitary ware. The brand commits to provide durable and functional bathroom products that will last for generations.

8 Best Toilet Bowl Cleaners in Malaysia 2021

House-cleaning sure is tedious, with cleaning the toilet bowl dreaded by many. But, it has to be done.

To clean the toilet bowl quickly and efficiently is to use the perfect cleaner. Depending on the surface and the needs of your toilet bowl, these cleaners differ in terms of ingredients and uses. For a quick one-stop information to choosing the best cleaner, here’s a list for you to make use of.

True to its name, this toilet bowl cleaner from Hurri Clean works wonders without the need to scrub! All you have to do is pour a packet of the powder into the tank once in a month, let it sit overnight, flush it and your toilet bowl will look just as new.  

This cleaner is made from real fruit acids and washing soda, so there’s absolutely no harmful chemicals used such as Chlorine and Phosphate. As a result, it can removesthe tank and jet-clogging mold, rust, mineral deposits, grime, and slime. 

Good buy (0)

Bad buy (0)

The great thing about this Natural Flush Cleaner is that it will clean the toilet bowl within seconds. 

Just place it inside the toilet’s tank with water and watch ‘blue water’ flow out and sanitise the bowl when you flush. Doing this will prevent limescale and mildew build up. Feel free to use it for a maximum amount of 2,000 times or until the blue colour fades away.

Good buy (0)

Bad buy (0)

Clorox have always been an evergreen brand in household cleaning thanks to its effectiveness. You can place your bet on this tablet toilet bowl cleaner to give you a clearer mind later. 

To use, simply drop the tablet into your tank and it’l work its magic when you flush. The tablet is quite long lasting and prevents tough stains from forming while cleaning with deodorising effect. Did we tell you that it is bleach-free too? 

Good buy (0)

Bad buy (0)

Toilet rings are one of the hardest parts to clean, particularly because it’s hard to reach. Fret not, the innovative nozzle on this Harpic toilet cleaner will provide easy access to hard-to-reach spaces in a toilet bowl, including the ring.

Besides removing tough stains, it will also give your toilet a refreshing fragrance of lavender. 

Good buy (0)

Bad buy (0)

If you wish to clean grout under the toilet bowl, this cleaner that’s infused with bleach from Clorox will do it well. It is made with a non-abrasive formula that will not scratch your toilet tiles and is absolutely safe to use in septic systems. 

The clinging gel provides thorough and deep cleaning. All you’ll be left with is leaving a sparkling  toilet with a refreshing scent. 

Good buy (0)

Bad buy (0)

This toilet bowl cleaner from Cosway works like a charm to remove stubborn grime, water marks and stains. The cleaner is made with stain-fighting agents in order to clean hard-to-remove water stains. At the same time, it prevents the formation of limescale and mineral deposits. It’s truly a powerful cleaner that kills germs upon contact! 

Good buy (0)

Bad buy (0)

This heavy duty rust cleaner from 3M is no joke, being made with extra-thick clinging formula and very fine grade abrasive particles. All of those gives you a boost in scrubbing power to remove unsightly rust stains in the toilet bowl. 

To use, just have the gel sit on a heavily-stained toilet bowl for awhile, then scrub till clean.

Good buy (0)

Bad buy (0)

Got mold to destroy? This Korean-branded cleaner works by removing fungi with its antibacterial and deodorant functions. It promises a 99.99% of mold removal with no trace!

Good buy (0)

Bad buy (0)

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!

Water Technology | Our Businesses

At LIXIL, we use the power of water to make bathroom and kitchen products that matter to people, today and in the future.

We believe bathrooms are not just functional spaces for cleaning and washing; they are places of personal comfort, relaxation, and transformation. We see kitchens as more than just a necessity to fulfilling our appetites; they are spaces to unlock our inner creativity, curiosity, and joy.

Through our truly differentiated portfolio of global brands including INAX, GROHE and American Standard, as well as product brands in Japan such as RICHELLE and SPAGE, we today cater to all different walks of life. Our brands provide a full suite of designs and technologies responding to consumer needs, from the luxurious to the functional of the spectrum.

Leading the development of our products is our global team of in-house designers, actively exchanging thoughts and ideas across our design centers in Japan, Germany, the US, and Thailand. Projecting lifestyle trends before they become a reality, they are continually integrating them into our designs so that our products are relevant from the start.

Powering our products is our advanced technology, from innovative shower toilets that improve comfort and health, to stylish kitchens that are designed to remain tidy and make movement simpler. We are even innovating digital solutions including first-of-their-kind water sensors that help prevent water leaks. Our truly global production network, built on our manufacturing expertise developed in Japan, is today delivering these products worldwide.

But while pursuing comfort and convenience, we are mindful of consumption of our most precious natural resource, water. The challenge is to reduce water consumption while still giving the user a great experience. We are continually researching and creating solutions that allow us to do more with less, such as changing the shape and design of our products to reduce water usage and protect the world we live in.

At LIXIL, we embrace the evolving role that our water products play in people’s lives, health, and comfort, as well as ensuring sustainability. As a pioneer of our field, we pursue innovation in technology and design to enhance our customers’ experiences and are helping to create the link to good living.

Our Products

Fixtures & Vanities

Ceramic toilets, bidets, urinals, basins, and vanities


Bath tubs, shower enclosures, whirlpools, and wellness solutions

Bathroom Fittings

Single and two-lever faucets and accessories

Showers & Shower Systems

Hand and head showers, thermostats and shower systems

Shower Toilets

Integrated shower toilet systems and seats

System Baths

Pre-fabricated baths for houses, condos, and other projects

Kitchen Systems

Kitchen Systems for houses, condos, and other projects

Smart Products

Smart water sensor and controller

Pro & Commercial

Behind the wall systems and commercial fittings

Kitchen Fittings & Sinks

Kitchen faucets, sinks, and drinking water systems


Beautiful and fire and water resistant functional tiles offering premium design to bathrooms, kitchens and a full range of living spaces

18 Best Toilet Bowls In Singapore That Are Stylish And Functional [2021]

Toilet Bowl Singapore

A modern bathroom design is all about functionality and comfort. A toilet bowl is a key part of any modern bathroom. Without one, guests can’t do their business comfortably!

With so many toilet bowls in Singapore brands to choose from, it’s hard to know where to start when picking the perfect toilet bowl for your space. For example, there are one piece and two piece models that you can consider for your toilets.

Whether you want a sleek and minimalistic look or something that screams luxury, this comprehensive list will help you find the best toilet bowls in Singapore for your needs and budget!

Before proceeding with this list, you can also check out some of the other amazing articles we’ve created:

1. Villeroy & Boch Avento Close-Coupled Toilet Bowl

Villeroy & Boch Avento Close-coupled Toilet Bowl – Toilet Bowl Singapore

This is the perfect toilet for any home. With a modern design and durable exterior, it will be sure to exceed your expectations in every way possible!

The SoftClosing feature ensures that you won’t have to worry about banging toilet seats anymore. The exterior of the toilet is also easy to clean thanks to its smooth sides.

This toilet bowl also includes a dual volume flush feature which saves water and makes it an amazing investment. Overall, this is one of the best toilet bowl Singapore options for any modern bathroom.

The innovative design of the washdown pans in this toilet means that you no longer have to worry about follow-up cleaning!

The pan collar helps to ensure that excretions are flushed down smoothly. This helps to reduce odour and provides a great hygienic solution to keep your bathroom smelling fresh and clean.

Check out more information on this toilet bowl here

2. TOTO LE MUSE Close Coupled Toilet CW811

TOTO LE MUSE Close Coupled Toilet CW811 – Toilet Bowl Singapore

Founded in 1917 by Kazuchika Okura, TOTO is the world’s largest toilet manufacturer.

Driven by Japan’s spirit of perfection, the company has not only pioneered the development of modern sanitary ware, but it has also changed the way we experience the bathroom.

The TOTO brand is definitely one of the most prominent and popular toilet bowl brands in Singapore with great customer service.

TOTO produces some of the best toilet bowls in Singapore, and the TOTO LE MUSE Close Coupled Toilet CW811 is definitely one of them.

This toilet bowl features an advanced dual flushing system which can help you save money on water consumption while still being stylishly modern.

This enables your bathroom to be more environmentally friendly with the increased efficiency and lower water wastage.

The TOTO LE MUSE Close Coupled Toilet CW811 is definitely one of the top toilet bowls in Singapore that you should consider to install for its amazing technology and modern style.

Check out more information on this product here

3. RIGEL W3-R-WC9030S Water Closet

RIGEL WC9030S Water Closet – Toilet Bowl Singapore

As a Singapore-based company, Rigel Technology specializes in developing innovative and eco-friendly bathroom solutions – encompassing design, manufacturing, marketing & supply of green restroom products.

In addition, the company is well known for its great service and product variety.

The RIGEL W3-R-WC9030S Closed Coupled Water Closet is packed with multiple product features in a beautiful and minimalistic design. The product features a closed coupled low capacity dual flushing system water closet to improve water consumption efficiency.

In addition, its Dual Flush system to allow different options for appropriate water usage. It even has a chrome plated push type button and a rimless design that prevents dirt accumulation. This allows for easy cleaning and maintenance of the toilet bowl.

The flushing type includes the WhirlWash Flushing Technology that allows for improved flushing efficiency and helps to lower water consumption.

If you would like to see the RIGEL W3-R-WC9030S water closet in action, check out the video below:

RIGEL W3-R-WC9030S Water Closet – Toilet Bowl Singapore

Check out more information on this product here

4. American Standard Acacia SupaSleek Close Coupled Toilet

American Standard Acacia SupaSleek Close Coupled Toilet – Toilet Bowl Singapore

When it comes to the finer details, nothing comes close to the Acacia SupaSleek™ Collection. Every curve is thoughtfully crafted, every gear is meticulously assembled.

Equipped with HygieneClean system, Acacia SupaSleek is designed for discerning taste and maximum performance with uncompromising technology. The best has just elevated for the better.

This toilet will give you complete peace of mind as it offers total protection and ensures the entire surface remains free from bacteria due to its anti-bacterial finish.

With a double vortex flush to save water and keep things clean, this toilet makes washing it down a breeze with minimal effort.

Furthermore, the Quick Release seat cover makes replacement of it really easy so you can always have fresh ones ready at hand to change to when needed.

Check out the video below to understand more about the American Standard Acacia toilet bowl’s amazing flushing performance:

American Standard Acacia SupaSleek Close Coupled Toilet – Toilet Bowl Singapore

Check out more information on this product here


KOHLER Ove – Toilet Bowl Singapore

Since 1873, Kohler Co. has been improving the level of gracious living by providing exceptional products and service for their customers’ homes and their lifestyles. 

The KOHLER Ove features several unique features that will make it a great toilet bowl Singapore option. The first feature is its skirted apron bowl design which minimizes the growth of germs and bacteria, allowing for optimal hygiene in your bathroom.

The second feature is its Quiet-Close toilet seat that closes slowly and quietly without slamming.

The third and perhaps its most important feature is its efficient dual flushing system that helps in water saving and is compliant with LEED and Green Building certifications standards.

Check out more information on this product here

6. Mercury-UF OTTO Water Closet

Mercury-UF OTTO Water Closet – Toilet Bowl Singapore

The Mercury-UF OTTO is a one piece water closet toilet made from ceramic that has a soft-closing seat cover and dual flush system.

With the full flush using 3.6 liters and the reduced flush only using 2.93 liters, you will notice a significant difference in your water bill after switching from a standard toilet to a high-efficiency one like this model.

However, it’s not just this toilet bowl’s price that will wow you! This toilet has a 10-year warranty for replacement and servicing vital components, such as its internal flushing mechanism.

Overall, the Mercury-UF OTTO Water Closet is a great toilet bowl choice to include in your bathrooms.

7. Tiara 208 2-Piece Toilet Bowl

Tiara 208 2-Piece Toilet Bowl – Toilet Bowl Singapore

The affordable Tiara 2-Piece Toilet Bowl 208 is a washdown toilet that features an innovative soft-closing seat cover.

It is an S-trap toilet, that has a water saving system installed that allows you to use less water.

Tiara’s passion is to offer high quality ceramic sanitary wares and accessories to suit your lifestyle in terms of style, ease of use, elegance, comfort, space saving, great service and quality assurance.

Their design team, staffed by professionals with a wealth of experience, considers not only the functionality of toilet bowls but also their suitability to contemporary design needs.

8. TOTO AVANTE Wall Hung Toilet CW822

TOTO AVANTE Wall Hung Toilet CW822 – Toilet Bowl Singapore

The TOTO AVANTE Wall Hung Toilet is another great model created by TOTO that features a wall-hung design that will give the interior of your bathroom a modern and suitable look.

This model features CEFIONTECT, an ultra-smooth ceramic glaze that coats the toilet bowl surface.

Much like the brand’s approach to making your toilet look clean and brand-new after each use, innovation is a key part of what sets the CEFIONTECT technology apart from competitors.

CEFIONTECT is hydrophilic, which allows water to spread easily over the toilet bowl and allows waste particles to wash away easily. The toilet’s microscopic ridges are also smaller than the waste particles, meaning that there is no place for waste to get caught.

This wall hung toilet also has the Tornado Flush dynamic water jet system that cleans more effectively, reduces flushing noise and eliminates splashing of water.

9. Saniton Indica ST2999-SC3122

Saniton Indica ST2999-SC3122 – Toilet Bowl Singapore

The Saniton Indica is an affordable toilet bowl option that features a popular design suitable for a variety of bathroom designs and settings.

This 2-piece toilet bowl has a dual flush system for greater water usage flexibility. The flushing is also quiet, ensuring minimal sound disturbances to your bathroom.

Furthermore, this model is also easy to install and maintain, saving you time when servicing your toilets.

With so many different toilets to choose from and different price point, Saniton Indica is a great option that you can consider to install in your home.

10. ROZ 828 1-PC Toilet Bowl

ROZ 828 1-PC Toilet Bowl – Toilet Bowl Singapore

The ROZ 828 1-PC is a cost effective option for toilets in Singapore due to it being cheaper and of the same quality than many other toilets in the market.

The toilet has an excellent water saving flushing system that uses only 3.9L on full flush and 2.9L on reduced flush.

This one piece toilet bowl comes in two different sizes that you can choose from to fit into your bathrooms.

11. Baron W888 Toilet Bowl

Baron W888 Toilet Bowl – Toilet Bowl Singapore

If you’re looking for a high-performance toilet bowl at an affordable price, we recommend the Baron W888.

The slow-moving seat cover means it won’t slam; that prevents damage to the toilet bowl – both for you and your ears!

This toilet is designed to make cleaning easier with an S-trap design that connects the waste pipe directly to the floor.

Furthermore, the flush system is very smooth and can help in long-term water saving.

12. Velin A3392

Velin A3392 – Toilet Bowl Singapore

The Velin A3392 is a one-piece toilet bowl with a flush button and a basic design. This is ideal for individuals searching for a cheap toilet bowl that delivers on features.

In this toilet bowl, the Geberit flushing mechanism is linked with a UREA soft closing seat cover. It also includes rough-in S-traps with lengths of 150mm, 250mm, and 180mm.

Velin A3392 is one of the most popular toilet bowls on the market. Aside from its low price, it delivers outstanding performance. Even though this toilet bowl lacks a rim, the flushing is smooth, the seat is spotless, and water covers all surfaces when flushed.

13. Gallant Series WC9030S

Gallant Series WC9030S – Toilet Bowl Singapore

The Gallant toilet is a rimless one-piece toilet bowl with germs and dirt trapped by the design. This toilet bowl also contains whirlwash technology, which results in a powerful and high-impact flush while using little water.

The Rigel Gallant Series WC9030S has a soft-closing seat cover made of high-quality urea material, an improved hydrophilic composition that prevents stains and grime, and whirlwashing technology that cleans all surfaces without splashing.

Unlike other toilet bowls, the design is suitable for a variety of bathroom walls, and the toilet uses a small amount of water yet has a tremendous effect when flushing.

14. Subway 2.0 Close-coupled Toilet Bowl

Subway 2.0 Close-coupled Toilet Bowl – Toilet Bowl Singapore

The Subway 2.0 Close Coupled Toilet is a toilet with a beautiful design that is perfect for any bathroom. This floor-standing toilet may be used in any bathroom and takes less than an hour to install.

The ViProtect sound insulation in this toilet bowl effectively prevents sound transmission within the bathroom and between the toilet and the wall, making it suitable with all existing toilet attachments. The lustrous surface of this toilet bowl is due to its hygienic ceramic construction.

To assure the customer’s comfort, the Subway 2.0 Close-coupled Toilet Bowl comes with a variety of combination possibilities. Because of its superb style and functions, it is ideal for any type of bathroom.

15. ECO Water Closet

ECO Water Closet – Toilet Bowl Singapore

The ECO water closet is a toilet bowl with a sink on top that is designed to save water. Because the flushing water comes from the same source as the faucet water, this is certain to be water-saving.

This toilet bowl has a PP seat cover that closes softly and a dual-flushing system for water conservation. The basin’s water is redirected to the cistern for flushing and only consumes 3.5L of water for a full flush and 2.5L for a reduced flush, according to the manufacturer.

The ECO water closet is a one-of-a-kind design that conserves both water and space. It’s also quite easy to use, and with all of the extra features, it’s a good investment.

16. Eurocosmo Wall Hung Toilet

Eurocosmo Wall Hung Toilet – Toilet Bowl Singapore

This toilet bowl is perfect for people who enjoy toilets with a beautiful and sophisticated look. The color and performance are also fantastic, taking it to a new level altogether. A toilet bowl is an excellent addition to any modern bathroom.

The Eurocosmo Wall Hung Toilet’s PowerFlush function guarantees a proper flush every time. For cleaning, the rimless design makes it simpler to clean and more beautiful, and the D-shaped soft closure seat may be removed and replaced for extra thorough cleaning.

This toilet bowl is simple to mount and has a quiet triple vortex flush. The lack of a rim makes it simpler to keep clean, as does the design.

17. Roca Nexo Two Piece Toilet Bowl

Roca Nexo Two Piece Toilet Bowl – Toilet Bowl Singapore

This toilet bowl is beautiful and would complement any decor. The dimensions were meticulously planned to give a clean, elegant appearance.

The Roca Nexo Two-piece Toilet Bowl comes with a fixing kit and a washdown flushing system when purchased. The circular form of the toilet bowl necessitates a dual outlet type and floor standing installation.

It’s also a fantastic option because it works well. The flushing is quite powerful, and the design is gorgeous.

18. W888 Toilet Bowl

W888 Toilet Bowl – Toilet Bowl Singapore

The W888 Toilet Bowl is a one-piece toilet bowl with a minimalist design and excellent performance. The toilet bowl may be utilized in any setting to provide the customer with comfort.

The W888 toilet bowl has a floor-mounted S-trap and a UREA seat cover that softens the closing. A full flush uses 3.80 liters of water, while a reduced flush uses 2.50 liters. Finally, this toilet bowl is long-lasting thanks to the Geberit flushing mechanism.

Although this toilet bowl’s design is modest, it works well. The flushing system is fantastic, and the water that washes the bowl fully cleanses its entire surface.

Toilet Bowl Singapore

Choosing the right toilet bowl for your bathroom can be a difficult task. With so many different toilet bowls on offer, it’s hard to know where to start.

This is why we have created this list of best toilet bowls in Singapore that are worth considering based on their features and price point.

You might also want to consider the size of your bathroom when choosing a new toilet bowl as well as any other factors such as colour scheme or theme before making your selection!

These toilets are guaranteed to provide a fresh new bathroom arrangement that will be easy on your feet. In addition, they offer all of these features at competitive prices so you can get them installed without breaking the bank.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to buy a toilet bowl in Singapore?

There are many great places that you can purchase a toilet bowl in Singapore. For the best prices, you can purchase your toilet bowl online via e-commerce platforms such as Lazada and Shopee. These online platforms are a great place to compare the prices of toilet bowls in Singapore quickly and easily

If you prefer to have a touch and feel of different toilet bowls in Singapore, you can visit physical showroom stores such as Wasser Bath, Bacera Bathroom and Kitchen Connoisseur or Fullsun Marketing.

How much is a toilet bowl in Singapore?

A toilet bowl in Singapore ranges from as low as SGD 500 to as high as SGD 1000. The price will depend on the brand and model of toilet bowl you have chosen and the features the product possesses.

How to choose toilet bowls in Singapore?

To choose a toilet bowl in Singapore, you should consider the size of your bathroom and how much space is available for installation. The colour scheme or theme of your bathroom might also be an important factor to take into account when choosing a new toilet bowl.

What’s the difference between a 1 piece toilet and a 2-piece toilet?

A one piece toilet is installed as a single unit to the floor which means that it has no additional parts needed for installation. A two-piece toilet bowl kit will consist of two parts: the complete set of fixtures and an extra tank that is installed separately from the rest.

How does a Tornado Flush dynamic water jet system work?

The Tornado Flush dynamic water jet system works by rotating 360 degrees at high speed. It can clean more efficiently and saves you time.

Reckitt | Protect, heal and nurture


The world’s most loved and trusted brands

Our brands fall into three categories: Hygiene, Health and Nutrition. Each is in a unique position to make a difference in the world. Together, they protect, heal and nurture individuals, families and communities, to live cleaner and healthier lives through our products and educational initiatives.




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Air Wick has been making homes feel fresh since its launch in the 1940s. We provide consumers with the opportunity to tell a story through the scent of their home. Our range of fragrances and devices are used all over the world.

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Calgon has been trusted to protect the vital parts of washing machines from limescale and dirt build-up for over 50 years. It’s the only water softener recommended by leading washing machine manufacturers.




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A powerful surface cleaner that revolutionised cleaning the home on its launch in 68 countries in just one year. The brand has evolved over the years to give consumers the versatility of moderating power for both light and tough cleaning.

Cillit Bang



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Move Free

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Move Free

Victory Limited time for free shipping Tailgate Tampa Bay Buccaneers Super LV Bowl Champions Ma

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Victory Tailgate Tampa Bay Buccaneers Super Bowl LV Champions Ma

  • Make sure this fits
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90,000 Whose Build? A useful curiosity. Articles

Should such importance be attached to the assembly site? After all, regardless of where (Europe or Asia) the assembly of this or that device was made, the warranty period of service is the same. This means that the likelihood of breakdowns is allowed both there and there. And if this happens, then the warranty or the amount of compensation does not differ either.

Economics is an exact science, and it claims that you can reduce the cost of production by reducing production costs.It is for this reason that all established brands seek to establish production in countries with a skilled but inexpensive workforce. The launch of such enterprises is taken very seriously. The production lines and all processes are debugged by specially trained people, and the working personnel are trained by experienced trainers. Ready-to-use production is not launched until it has passed the mandatory certification in accordance with international standards, which, among other things, regulate the plant’s friendliness to the environment and consumer properties of the products.

One such plant can produce products of several brands at once, both budget and premium models. In order to give answers to questions of concern to many buyers, we will figure out where the equipment of world famous brands is assembled.

Purebred German brands Bosch and Siemens, united in the BSH Bosch und Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH concern, which also has a line of elite Gaggenau equipment in its arsenal, has 41 factories in 13 countries, including Europe, the USA, Asia and Latin America.Each of the enterprises is designed to “serve” the surrounding area, taking into account the preferences, climate and other features of the region. For example, Russians and Ukrainians prefer refrigerators with a freezer downstairs, as well as narrow washing machines due to small bathrooms and similar kitchens. Based on these features, the plant in St. Petersburg has been producing Bosch and Siemens refrigerators for us since 2007, and since 2012 – washing machines.

In our market you can also find Bosch and Siemens home appliances assembled in Turkey, Germany, Spain, Poland, France and China (where can you go without it).

The Swedish company AB Electrolux owns the German brand of household appliances AEG and the Italian brand Zanussi, and it also manufactures appliances under its own brand name Electrolux. The assembly is carried out at factories in Sweden, Germany, Italy, Spain, Hungary, France, Poland, Ukraine and other countries. You can find out the exact place of assembly of equipment on the official websites of Electrolux, AEG and Zanussi.

The Italian company Indesit Company produces the popular Indesit and Hotpoint-Ariston equipment.The assembly is carried out at 16 factories, 8 of which are located in Italy, and 8 in other countries (Turkey, Russia, Great Britain, Poland). The Russian plant is located in Lipetsk. It produces washing machines and refrigerators of both brands. Washing machine Indesit, which has the letter “L” at the end of the index, for example, Indesit PWSE 6127 S (CIS) .L speaks of Lipetsk assembly. Refrigerators and freezers are also assembled in Turkey and Poland, dishwashers and cookers in Poland and Italy, ovens and hobs Hotpoint-Ariston and Indesit are produced in their homeland, Italy.

Hansa household appliances are assembled at the factories of Amica Wronki S.A. in Poland, although the Hansa trademark belongs to the German company Magotra Handelsgeselshaft. It so happened historically that from the very beginning all production was organized by the Germans in neighboring Poland. With all this, hardly anyone will turn the tongue to accuse this technique of failure, lack of quality and innovation.

Gorenje has Slovenian roots and owns brands such as Asko, Korting and Mora.The factories of the company are located in Slovenia, Serbia, Czech Republic, Sweden. Large household appliances (refrigerators, freezers, water heaters) are manufactured in Slovenia and Serbia, kitchen stoves in the Czech Republic, small household appliances in China.

The American Whirlpool trademark began to conquer the hearts of Europeans relatively recently. Thirteen factories of the company are scattered around the world, including now Europe.

Machines made in Asia are rarely inferior to European ones in terms of assembly quality or the introduction of the latest technologies, and sometimes even surpass well-known manufacturers.Japanese brands Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Sharp, Hitachi, Toshiba, Daikin, Supra have long convinced everyone about the quality of their products. Although some 40-50 years ago, the attitude to Japanese technology was no better than it is to Chinese today. Korean brands Samsung, LG, Daewoo reached a very high level. Chinese manufacturers TCL, Haier, Gree are gaining more and more worldwide appreciation. It was Asian brands that at one time offered the world such innovations as direct drive and inverter technologies.

When looking closely at a refrigerator, stove or air conditioner, keep in mind that spare parts and components may be produced, for example, in China, and the assembly of the device itself may be carried out somewhere in Europe. In this case, it is very difficult to assert who exactly created the device, and we can confidently say only what the professionals did.

How to train a cat to go to the toilet

It takes a lot of time and patience to instill in a kitten correct and healthy habits, especially in matters of toilet hygiene.How to train a kitten or cat to the toilet and consolidate this skill – in this article.

The cat goes to the toilet, not to the tray: pluses

The benefits of walking a cat on the toilet include:

  1. No need to clean the tray. One press of the flush button and the toilet is clean.
  2. Pet stops scattering litter during burial. Loose filler often remains on the paws and is carried around the house.
  3. Save money and time.Once the cat is toilet trained, the costs of keeping it are significantly reduced. You no longer need to buy cat litter, and your free time can be spent on pleasant things.
  4. Psychological development of a kitten. When a pet learns new commands, it develops mental abilities and remembers many things.

The cat goes to the toilet, not to the tray: cons

Some owners are ready to immediately replace the tray with a toilet. But in the process of accustoming to it, cats often get confused and start going to the toilet in different places.And this is not the only negative:

  1. You will have to wash off the pet every time, otherwise a pungent toilet smell will hover throughout the apartment. In addition, cats are clean, and if the toilet smells bad, they will look for another place.
  2. When a person and a cat go to the same toilet, it is unhygienic.
  3. Do not close the toilet door, or lower the toilet lid. The cat can accidentally slam the light lid when jumping and get scared.
  4. Cats hate the smell of chemicals and toilet fresheners. Most likely, you will have to give up using the usual household chemicals. This will complicate the hygienic treatment of the bathroom.
  5. If you succeed in teaching a kitten to the toilet in an apartment, during its transportation, problems may arise with how to go to the toilet on the road. The cat may refuse to sit on the litter box or “forget” about the toilet in a new apartment or house.
  6. Kittens under three months old find it difficult to use the toilet due to their size.They may not be dexterous enough to climb the toilet. For sick, old or pregnant adult cats, this is also problematic. A weakened cat will not be able to balance on the edge of the toilet for long.
  7. If your pet originally went into a litter or sand tray, it will look for burial places during toilet training.
  8. The owner may not notice changes in the color and volume of urine if the pet goes to the toilet. The cat may develop kidney and urinary tract diseases that are difficult to guess if it does not go to the litter box.
  9. A cat runs the risk of injury to its paws if a jump is unsuccessful. Even if the outcome is favorable, she will experience stress and will begin to associate the toilet with danger.
  10. If several cats live in the apartment at once, they can protest against sharing the toilet.

How to train a cat or cat to go to the toilet: step by step instructions

There are several sequential steps that show how to train a kitten to go to the toilet.You should not deal with this issue with very tiny babies. At an early age, they are not yet ready to practice this feline skill. Step-by-step instructions will be helpful for training older cats.

  1. The tray should be next to the toilet. It should be moved closer every few days so that the cat remembers the new litter spot.
  2. When she gets used to a new place, it is necessary to gradually increase the height of her tray by 1-2 cm. You can put a box or a stack of newspapers under it, lifting a little bit every day.If your pet is uncomfortable walking into the litter box at a new height, you need to return it to its original place and wait a few days.
  3. When the animal starts to walk properly into the raised litter box, the owner must figure out how to train the cat to use the litter box after the litter box. First you need to put it on the toilet and pour a little filler. Once your cat gets used to jumping in there and using the litter box at a new height, you can remove it.
  4. You can put a cardboard homemade seat on the toilet with a hole 5-7 cm in diameter in the middle.After the cat has learned to go to the toilet, it is recommended to remove the cardboard and put a special toilet pad for cats or a regular seat.

The first thing a cat or a cat should be comfortable doing their business. And if the owner has learned how to train the cat to the toilet, the pet will use this useful skill without fail.

Air Freshener Dispenser TN VED codes (2020): 3924

9, 8509800000, 33074

soaps, air fresheners, sanitary bags 3924


Household products made of plastics with the TORK marking: dispensers for towels, toilet paper, napkins, soap, air fresheners. 3924


Household items made of plastics with the Tork mark: dispensers for toilet paper, towels, napkins, sheets, toilet seat covers, liquid soap, air fresheners. 3924


Household items made of plastics marked “TORK”: dispensers for toilet paper, towels, napkins, sheets, toilet seat pads, soap, air fresheners. 3924


Household goods made of polymeric materials marked “Tork”: holders (dispensers) for towels, toilet paper, napkins, soap, air freshener 3924


Household items made of plastics with the Tork label: dispensers – dispensers, dispensers for toilet paper, towels, napkins, sheets, toilet seat liners, soap, air fresheners, buckets, baskets. 3924


Household goods made of plastics with the TORK marking: dispensers for toilet paper, towels, soap, air fresheners. 3924


Household items made of polymeric materials with the Tork mark: dispensers for toilet paper, towels, napkins, sheets, toilet seat pads, soap, air fresheners, sanitary bags. 3924


Household items made of plastics marked “TORK”: dispensers for toilet paper, towels, napkins, sheets, toilet bowls, soap, air fresheners, sanitary bags. 3924


Household items made of plastics marked “TORK”: dispensers, dispensers for toilet paper, towels, napkins, sheets, toilet seat pads, soap, air fresheners, buckets, baskets. 3924


Automatic dispensers for non-household use: dispensers for air fresheners for automatic spraying, trade mark “LIME” 8509800000
Household items made of plastics, marked “TORK”: dispensers for toilet paper, towels, napkins, sheets, toilet seat pads, soap, air fresheners. 3924


Household electrical appliances: automatic spray dispensers for spraying air freshener 8509800000
Automatic aerosol dispenser (air freshener), 8509800000
Electromechanical machines for industrial and household purposes with built-in electric motor: dispenser (electronic) for air freshener (powered by batteries), trademark KIMBERLY-CLARK PROFESSIONAL, series AQU 8509800000
Automatic Liquid Soap and Air Freshener Dispensers, Rubbermaid Commercial Products, 8509800000
Tork-labeled plastic household items: dispensers for towels, toilet paper, napkins, soap, air fresheners 3924


Electronic aerosol air freshener dispenser, electronic toilet paper dispenser, 8509800000
Household items made of plastics marked “TORK”: dispensers, dispensers for toilet paper, towels, napkins, sheets, toilet seat pads, soap, air fresheners, buckets, baskets. 3924


Household items made of plastics marked “TORK”: dispensers, dispensers for toilet paper, towels, napkins, sheets, toilet lining, soap, air fresheners, buckets. 3924


Household items made of plastics marked “TORK”: dispensers for toilet paper, towels, napkins, sheets, toilet seat pads, soap, air fresheners 3924


Household goods made of plastics with the TORK marking: dispensers for toilet paper, towels, napkins, sheets, toilet bowls, liquid soap, air fresheners. 3924


Household chemicals in aerosol packaging: Fine Life brand air fresheners (replaceable bottles for an automatic dispenser) Alpine meadows, Juicy citrus, Flower mood, Chocolate fantasy 33074

Sanitary and hygienic equipment of the BINELE trademark: dispensers for soap, foam soaps, spray liquids, dispensers for air fresheners, 3922


Household products made of polymeric materials, marked “Tork”: dispensers for towels, napkins, toilet paper, soap, air freshener. 3924


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If you are installing a bidet, then everything is easier. A couple of holes for hairpins, two more for the outlet of cold and hot water, well, and a sewer hole, which here will be much smaller than that of a toilet.

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90,000 can tena wet wipes be flushed in the toilet

Work environment

Cooperation partner

Is it possible to flush a tampon or a lining down the toilet: what will happen…- can tena wet wipes be flushed in the toilet , Dec 17, 2019 · Can it be flushed down the toilet? 1. Wet wipes … Many people do not want to throw wet wipes in the basket if they are used for hygiene purposes. … that filler should be in the toilet … 15+ things that should never end up in … Sep 22, 2018 · Can the filler be flushed down the toilet. Dye. Why not: Despite the fact that many paints are liquid products, this is not a reason to pour them down the drain.And for this there are several …

Poorly flushed toilet: what to do and why it …

Do the responsible act and throw diapers and wet wipes in the bin. 8. Tablets. Do not flush any medication down the toilet, including tablets.

Do you throw wet napkins down the toilet? – Counselor …

Yes, and I wash the tea leaves down the kitchen sink, but only because they built the house themselves and my husband said it was okay, they used some kind of superpipes, there were no blockages in nine years.

Things not to be flushed down the toilet: dymontiger …

Apr 27, 2018 Can toilet paper be flushed down the toilet Toilet paper can sometimes clog the toilet. This applies primarily to older, tougher types …

15+ things that should never get into …

Sep 22, 2018 · Can the backfiller be flushed down the toilet Paint Why not: that many paints are liquid products – this is by no means a reason to pour them down the drain.

How to use a public toilet without harming …

Jun 05, 2019 · The public toilet seems like a real minefield. A wet floor, an unpleasant smell and booths that seem to have collected all the bacteria in the world. You definitely shouldn’t sit on the toilet, and even to the lumpy soap on the sink …

Bring it to the bucket! What cannot be thrown into the sewer …

Blockages in the sewer most often occur because residents throw objects into the toilet that must not be thrown there! You don’t want to be in the epicenter of a disaster –

Is it harmful to sit on the toilet for a long time – answer to question

Throw away wet wipes…. 13 things that must not be flushed down the toilet, otherwise you will have problems … can you sit on the toilet for a long time, spent long enough and serious ones …

My girlfriend is using too much toilet paper …

Apr 16 , 2020 Disposable napkins are always available, but, as for me, kitchen towels and toilet paper rolls …

12 items that should not be thrown into the toilet under no circumstances

Feb 23, 2020 12 items that under no circumstances should be thrown down the toilet – 12 things that should never be flushed down the sink, so as not to have to deal with a plumber. Receive one most read article in the mail once a day.

Read: Nursing Care Needs – Tips …

Jun 19, 2020 · When you might need special tools. For daily hygiene. For the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers. In case of violation of urination and defecation. In case of impaired respiratory function.

Fragrance for the toilet

It is important for all of us that the toilet not only smells good, but is also crystal clean. … Can wet wipes be flushed down the toilet; Toilet chair for the elderly…

Things not to be flushed down the toilet: dymontiger …

Apr 27, 2018 · Can toilet paper be flushed down the toilet Toilet paper can sometimes clog the toilet. This applies primarily to older, tougher types of toilet paper.

What is the best way to decorate a toilet in an apartment: How to decorate walls in …

Do you need furniture in a toilet? If space permits, why not. For example, instead of a small sink, you can install a washbasin, then …

All about toilet paper – features of different types…

Mar 21, 2021 · Today we will talk about hygiene, or rather, about toilet paper. Despite the seeming external primitiveness of this subject, it has a description and important characteristics that should be taken into account. Today we clearly …

Is it possible to flush a tampon down the toilet, what will happen …

Is it possible to flush a tampon down the toilet. Tampons are not toilet paper. They do not break down into small components in water. As a result, you can get a blockage in the sewer pipe.

Poor toilet flushing: what to do and why…

Take responsibility and throw diapers and wet wipes in the trash can. 8. Tablets. Do not flush any medication down the toilet, including tablets.

teach how to wash UNITAZ quickly and smoothly

Dec 09, 2010 · And in the kitchen, and in the bathroom, and in the toilet. In foreign countries, they are also made in good houses, it is very convenient. But there were …

How to remove a greasy stain from a painted wall …

Can stains be removed with a napkin with salt and an iron? If the stain is not old it is possible, but also in this case it is possible to get rid of the wallpaper -…

For the toilet, fragrance

It is important for all of us that the toilet not only smells good, but is also crystal clean…. Can wet wipes be flushed down the toilet; Toilet chair for the elderly …

All about toilet paper – features of different types …

Mar 21, 2021 · Today we will talk about hygiene, or rather, about toilet paper. Despite the seeming external primitiveness of this subject, it has a description and important characteristics that should be taken into account. Today we clearly …

How to treat an apartment against coronavirus?

You can find isopropyl alcohol in hardware stores, in the solvent department.However, the cheapest source of alcohol in households is denatured alcohol, that is …

Toilet flushes poorly: what to do and why …

Take the responsibility and throw diapers and wet wipes in the bin. 8. Tablets. Do not flush any medication down the toilet, including tablets.

Very important clarification | Peekaboo

Mar 11, 2021 · A very important clarification – the post of the pick-up OPExXx. Comments – 164, saves – 10.Join the discussion or publish your post!

Euron Care Wipes Wet .

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